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    T4R~ MESSRS. J. WEAVER 4 CO., No 116 j
Sinithfield street, Pittsburgh, are our agents in
the two eities for the soliciting of advertise
ments for this paper.
New Advertisements To-Day.
American Agriculturist. i, l( .tiori
Bank Stock anil Railroad Bonds at A "it ion.
Valuable Farm in Middle*'* Township For
or's Notice—Estate of Wm. Johnston,
Local and General.
THEBK were 104 entries at the Poul
try Exhibition.
UNDERWEAR of all kinds, from 2N
cents u|>, at Charles R. Grieb's.
LANCASTER and York couuties are
fighting over which raises the best Havana
Two of the Bonanza silver mines
Yellow .lack ami Hale and Noreross-have
been sold.
IN some sections of this State they
have commenced killing sorrow- as a dainty
dish for the tabic.
EQUAL parts of turpentine and spir
its of ammonia will take out paint spots trom
anv kind of clothing.
FLOCB. feed and all farm products,
that we may need, are always taken at this
office on cccoui.ts due.
THE three States which pay most
revenue to the postal service are Pennsylvania,
Illinois and New \ork.
THE fact that the victors are in the
habit of dining off their exhtlar
ation to the war now raging in West Africa.
AT the international dairy fair now
. y. ltp Vnrk there is a herd of nine
Jer'ey'cow*, worth $1,500 each, and a bull worth
You might as well back a mule up
against a bee-hive and tell him not tokickas
to tell a woman about a wedding and expect
silence. —Ex.
] W H \NNA, a former resident of
Mercer, has struck a bonanza, having
Interest in two mining properties ot ( entral,
Col., for $220,000.
IT is now time for the neglected anil
depraved small boy to become good
anil attend Sunday School regularly, thnst
nias will soon be here.
THE Maine election, or a portion of
it having got into the Courts, the quarrel will
doubtless be kept alive until the next Presi
dential campaign ends.
A LARGE car shop has just raised the
wa<-es of its craploves without having been
requested to do so. There is more than one
way of preventing a strike.
AT Hanover, the other day, a boy
struck a comrade below the knee with a
stone. Fever ensued, and the poor little s
l'ererdied that awful death, lockjaw.
THE woman who doesn t begin now
to answer that she is just thirty yea" old may
be caught napping next year when the censu
takers start oat to pillage the country.
PITTSBURGH'S defaulting lawyer, S.
K W. Gill, is anxious to return home. He <>f
feres his creditors forty cents on the dollar.
Many of them have agreed to the pro|»o»ition
THOSE ladies who have grown left
handed in the back from stooping to pick up
trails, will learn with feelings of gratitude
that short dresses are becoming fashionable
IF you want Dress Gloves, if you |
want Street Gloves, if you want Driving Gloves
or Mittens, if you want Working Glovea or
Mittens, you can buy theiu at Charles Ik.
As NEXT vear is leap year, we hope
the ladies will" take possession of the street
orners and crowd the loafers off who have
filled the position so faithfully these muny ,
years.— Ex.
THE new Pullman palace cars are
very luxurious, costing each $15,000. Ordi
nary passenger cars cost $4,000; drawing-room
ears, $8,000; mail and baggage cars, *2,000;
box cars, S4OO.
MESSRS. HART and Leedom answer
the communication of Ferd. Reiber, Esq., in
another place. They claim that they are col
lectin# money for the J. C. Lee patent, and not
the Joel Lee or Teal patent.
ONE of the largest stocks of Ameri
can Movements and American Cases, both Gold
and Silver, ever offered in Butler, is to be seen
at E. Grieb's, which were all purchased before
the late rise in Watches, and will be sold at
the old rates.
THE securities of the First National
Bank of Butler, Pa., pledged with the Fifth
National Bank of Pittrburgh, Pa., on redis
counted notes, will he sold by the latter bank
at auction, Dec. 24tli, 1879, as per notice in
another column of this paper.
THE Carrier of the CITIZEN requests
n's to sav that he will offer to his friends and
patronsthis year something very attractive in
the shape of a ncatlv illustrated work, entitled
"A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
to which'he besjieaks their attention.
JOHN WELCH, undertaker of Mem
phis, is a real hero. He remained at his post
during the yellow fever epidemic, and buried
the dead, frequently without assistance, inter
ring some davs as high as 150 bodies in twen
ty-four hoursj working the entire night to ac
complish the terrible task.
LATEST styles in Men's, Youths'and
Children's Caps, at Charles R. Grieb's.
township, lost his pocket book, in Butler, on
Saturday last, containing from $25 to S3O and
some papers. The loss is a very gerious one to
the old gentleman, and it is to be_ hoped the
finder will return it to liiin, for which ne will
receive his thanks and a reward of *5.
WE invite special attention to the
advertisement of the Orange Jndd Co. The
subject of Fencing interests every one, and
much valuable information on this and many
other subjects, with 900" engravings, are to lie
given in the 39th Volume of the American A<i
ricutturist. See what the publishers offer.
Go TO J. F. T. Stehle's for Satchels,
at 25 cents.
IT is not very complimentary to the
New Castle female form that a man over there
mistook his wife for a cow, a few days ago, and
knocked her down with a club. He was
unloading corn fodder, and when his wife came
up to the rear end of the load to help him, he
threw a club at her, with the result as stated.
A DISPATCH from Akron, Ohio, gays:
"The Atlantic and Great Western Railway will
be sold in Akron ou January 6, under fore
closure proceedings. The date was fixed to
day in pursuance of private telegrams announc
ing the completion of the reorganization syndi
cate in London. The liabilities of the road are
about $70,000,000."
WHEN out buying Holiday presents
drop in Charles R. Grieb's Hat and Cap Store.
THE request of Ouray will be par
tially granted. The Cabinet decided that the
Utes who engaged in the White River massacre
might be- tried outside of Colorado and New
Mexico. Ouray says the Colorado people hate
the Indians too' badly to give them a fair trial,
and asked that the prisoners might be trans
ported to Washington.
A SMALL boy of the period recently
entered a Butler establishment and called for a
porous plaster The article being delivered, he
was about walking off without the formality of
payment, when the clerk inquired, "Shall I
put on the book ?" "On the book ?" responded
the boy with an air of surprise ; "No, its to be
put on my back !"
WORKING and Dress Shirts of all
kinds, from 20 cents up, at Charles B. Grieb's.
A CORRESPONDENT gives 297 bales
of hay (which is correct) as the answer to the
hay and car question, which appeared in the
CITIZEN two weeks ago. He also proposes the
following question : How many cannon balls,
six inches in diameter, could be put into a box
car, 3'JJ feet long, 7J feet wide, anu t>J feet high,
inside measurement ?
SENATOR WALLACE, of this State,
and Representative Blackburn, of Kentucky,
pave not set a good example in having their
quartered on the public as clerks of com
mittees in the Senate and House respectively.
Mpptomism was one of the voret features of
Grantism, and probably more than anything
else, raised the gorge and excited the wrath of
Charles Sumner.
A SOLID Silver Ca»e and a Genuine
American Movement as low as $lO, at
I EVERYBODY should at once pro-1
pare for the coming holidays, as they are
swiftly approaching, and what is nicer or m.>re
appropriate than a fancy piece of Silverware
or a nice piece of Jewelry to give to your
friends as a present. E. Grieb has a fine selec
tion of the above named artieles, which will
lie sold at very low prices, and will be en
graved free of eharge, it purchased during the
Cot'RT commenced again on Mon
dav, Judge Bredin presiding, and Associates
Storey and Dodds on the Bench. Civil cases are
being tried and at this writing (Tuesday noon) |
an ejectment suit is lieing heard, in which \> :n. j
J. Graham, in right of his wife, is plaintiff, I
and Samuel Polhemus and others are defend- ;
ants, being for a part of the old Turk prop- |
ertv in Centre township. Full proceedings .
will be given next week.
ASK for the So So Hat, at
OUR Canadian neighbors are at last j
beginning to have trouble with tlieir Indians, i
who are said to lve starving, and wh » resemb.e '
our own redskins in objecting strenuously to •
that form of extinction. "Feed us or tight us,
they say to the Canadian Government, old
Crow, the Chief of the hungry Ilhickfeet,
seems to be an aboriginal humorist. lie cap
tured one of the mounted policeman, ami kept
him without food for four or th e davs, simply
to show him what the sensation was like.
ALL kinds of Gloves, ot
AT a meeting held at Castlerea, in
Ireland, lately, to promote the agitation in
favor of a radical change in the Irish land
laws, one of the speakers said "that the rents
which the landlords got for the past year or
two did not come from the soil, but from Amer
ica." As we understand this, the reference
was to money sent from this country by toe
thrifty sons and daughters here of families
resident in Ireland—money sent to help the old
fidks at home by dutiful children who have
prospered in the New World.
GRATE tile, flue rings and fire brick,
at J. Niggle & Bro.'s
IN the matter of twisting the eagle's
tail until that proud bird of freedom shrieks
again, Senator Buriisid-' is an expert. In his
recent speech about the Isthmus 1 anal, the fat
Rhode Island Senator demonstrate 1 to his own
satisfaction that, if worse came to worst, no
foreign power can pos i'lly land on our shores
an aruiv large enough for the purpose ot a
serious invasion, and that bv the aid ot torpe
does and other like modern improvements the
harbors of our seaport cities ean easily be
barred to hostile fleets.
SILK Handkerchiefs, cheap, at
A MAN named Toettel, who was
hanged lately, in Grayson countv, Texas,
made the extraordinary request that his execu
tion should lake place* in public, instead of in
the jail yard, as designed by the Sheriff. The
motive for the request has not .been explained.
Perhaps Toettel liked company; perhaps, like
many criminals, he hankered for notoriety ; or
agaiiij he may have wished to be made an
awful example of. At any rate, it would have
been just as well not to have gratified him, tor
experience has shown that public executions
have a depraving and demoralizing effect UJKIII
those who witness them.
THE latest styles in Neckwear, at
Charles R. Grieb's.
WHEN the young lady in Texas
refuses to dance with the young prominent
citizen of that State, the results are liable to
lie of a violent nature. The young lady at
Waeo, for instance, who ventured to decline to
trip the light fantastic with a spirited young
inan, exposed her own, its well as the lives of
all the other persons present. One gentleman
was, in fact, killed outright and several seri
ously wounded, while the young lady herself
had the exhilerating experience of having a
revolver snapped twice in her face. This is
not an agreeable social usage, yet il iion the
whole rather preferable to the custom of fight
ing duels in churches during service which
prevails in the same State.
IF you want good Winter Caps at
19c., go to J. F. T. Stehle's.
IN some States hangings no longer
occur on Friday, the change being designed to
relieve the odium attatching to the sixth day of
the week as "hangman's dav." But no effec
tual change has yet been made in the mechan
ism of public executions to render impossible
the bunglings that so freequently mark them.
When the Sheriff cut the rojie at Andrew-
Tracy's hanging, the man dropped, but struck
on his feet —then fell to the floor. The knot
had slipped. He was seized and passed up
through the hole to the scaffold, and ten min
utes later, with another rope, was hanged
again. Scenes like this occur not once or twice
every year, but dozens of times. Can such an
execution of the law be termed anything but
barbarous ?
THE largest Stock of Half 110.-e
ever offered in Butler, you can find at
IT has seemed to us that the word
"catch." as applied to clover seed germination,
is unfortunate, because misleading, since it
justifies the impression t'oat a good deal rests
upon chance. It may be observed that if the
seed is good, and properly sown, tln-re is no
chance about the "eatcli" if the soil is in a
S roper condition to insure it. If the soil is too
ry, it may germinate, but the young plants
may dry up and die for want of moisture. If
the"soil'is too poor, they may germinate all the
same but starve to death. It may be safely
acted upon that if the soil is mellow and rich,
clover sown either in fall or spring will prove
a "good catch," the same as any other seeds,
and that when it fails, the cause, except it may
be excessively dry weather, is within the con
trol of the farmer.
SLEIGH and Bob runners cau be had
at the J. Niggle A Bro.'s Hardware Store, Jef
ferson street.
A FAMILY living near Congruity,
Westmoreland county, were suddenly taken
sick, and for some time they were at a loss as
to the cause, but, it was noticed that when any
meml>er of the family partook of the cider con
tained in a barrel which they had purchased
from a neighbor and stored away for wine use,
they invariably became very siek. The man
from whom the eider had been purchased was
finally sent for aud requested to give some ex
planation of the mystery and his method of
manufacturing eider. He was unable to throw
any light on the subject, declared that it had
been manufactured in the usual way, and pro
ceeded to take a hearty draught of it. In a
little while lie, too, l>ecame very sick, and it
was then determined to make a thorough ex
amination of the barrel, which was done forth
with, aud to their utterable horror and disgust,
a huge copperhead snake, in a bad state of
decomposition was brought forth, which fully
explained the mysterious sickness of that
MEN'S and Boys' Winter Caps front
17c. up, at Charles It. Grieb's.
Wheal! Wheat!
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter <fc Boos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTER k Boos.
John Ommert
Has a superior assortment of Ileady
inade Clothing on his counters, and is
selling suits at extremely low figures.
Call on him at 141 Federal street, Al
legheny City.
THE practice of eating snow and ire,
so common among the school-children of
the Northern States, is a fruitful cause
of catarrh. It is common to see bovs
and girls devour a snow-ball as though
it were an apple, or an icicle as eagerly
as a bit of candy. The hard palate which
forms the roof of the mouth also forms
the floor of the nostrils, and is no thicker
than pasteboard. The chilling effect of
snow and ice brought freely in contact
with this thin partition, the upper cover
ing of which is a sensitive secreting
membrane, made up almost wholly of
line blood-vessels and nerves, produces
a congestion, often succeeded by chronic
| inflammation. As a consequence, these
, snow and ice-eating boys and girls al
: most always have "colds in the head"
1 and running uosts. This is the founda
tion and origin of one of the most disa
, greeable, persistent and incurable affec
■ lions to which the people of the North
' are subject—nasal catarrh. Catarrh is
. said to lead to consumption. Whether
f this is so or not, the chilling of the na
j sal membranes, u part of whose func
tion it is to warm the air in its passage
, to the lungs, cannot but injure those
. organ* particularly in people of a deJU
I cate constitution.
Ptx£L*xr : it title*, fl«. t lUeojrofecei? If, XBt?.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
One beautiful feature of the modern cele
bration ot" the greatest holiday time of ( hris
tendom, is that of gift making. Ouceayear
I at least the fountain of generosity in the human
heart is stirred and all the unclean and i rippled
1 passions and emotions, lave in it and are puri
-1 tied, at lea*t for the time. Everywhere, as we
1 write, hearts are busy, inventing, planning,
I dreaming, choosing and discussing how l>est to
I give. To give is settled, but how and what are
| questions not readily answered. Now, while
• all Mill* merchants are busy dressing in extra
i attractiveness their stores of goods, while they
' are putting to the front their holiday articles,
! a few words of description and suggestion, to
their patrons and our readers will prove inter
esting' and useful. Below will be found variety
enough, in character, quality and price to suit
anybody and everybody, a.id will certainly
answer the question "Where to buy Christinas
Large store from the front windows to the top
most shelves, is ouc mass ot splendid goods.
Cloaks, Dolmans, Cashmeres, Hoods, Scarfs,
f ace- and BLACK SII.KS, and countless other
things we cannot name. But in his silk depart
ment we saw what would make the heart of
anv woman glad. Family silks, soft us the
tabled golden fleece, aud cheap as cheap can
bo. A handsome dress pattern of these blacx
silks ean be bought for 5i.25 per yard, and for
elegance and durability they cannot be excelled
anywhere. Mr. Bitter is making a holiday
specialty of these silks, and feels that he can
offer to* his customers a better bargain than
ever before. Father, husband, brothers and
mothers, you can make no more acceptable
present than a rich, soft, and handsome silk,
trom one of these superb pieces. They are the
best goods made, which fact has been estab
lished bv the test of years. A tour of holiday
shopping is incomplete without a long call at
The elegant show cases of this establishment
aro resplendent with rich and handsome Arti
cles of silver and gold. So fine does the place
look that words are weak and worthless to des
cribe it. The elegauc3 must be seen to be ap
preciated. Their display of plated ware, bear
ing the stamp of the famous Rogers A Bros,
manufactory, comprises all the newest designs,
and some of them are most beautiful. In this
line their prices have been reduced almost 20
per cent.; handsome fake I'oskets which have
brought .■?">.■}'' i arc now selling for $4.50, ami
those worth <5, tliev offer for $4, and so with
Card Receivers, Water Sets, Castors, etc. I'IKHI
a verv large assortment ot Teaspoons, table
spoons, Knives and Forks they are offering
special inducements. \\ ith softie of the finest
Clocks ever ollercd in this city, they have
lowered the prices one-third, and time piece
which sold for .sJ, they are giving away at $4,
and so all through. Why, to show how cheap
things are at Grieb's, they sell a hrst-class
stem-winder watch for isfi.so. Go to ' *rieb s,
for elegant gifts.
Among the most acceptable Holiday Tokens,
as experience has shown, are to be ranked the
superbly bound and illustrated (lift Books, es
pecially those of intrinsic excellence, such as
Ileineman has provided in great abundance
and varietv. He has also Library Sets of
Standard Authors, and an immense variety of
.Juveniles, of the latest and handsomest issues,
down to Picture Books for the very little folks.
To his Variety Goods, suitable for Holiday
purposes, it would require a column to do jus
tice ; as for instance, over 200 styles oi I'ape
teries in all grades and prices, 150 styles of
Photograph Albums, an unsurpassed assort
ment "of Pocketbooks, Pressing Case", Card
Cases, Jewelrv Cases, Cigar Cases, Glove and
Handkerchief"Boxes, Diaries. Portfolios, Chess
men and Boards, Checkers, ( tames, Gold Pens
and Holders, Fanev Baskets, Japanese Goods,
&p., &c. Call without delay at H. C. Heine
There is no subject in which, during this
chepry Christmas season, more people are in
terested in than in that of Christinas toys. It
is disenssed in every home, no matter how
high or how low; on the fringes as well as
the centres of civilization; in every land
where the Christian has been heard. Xo
sweeter gift has been given to the world by
any nation than this annual custom of present
making to children aud friends, and you will
not find in any other store in Butler so large
and appropriate a stock ot toys for t hristmiis
presents as at Stehle's. To their large
dolls, doll-heads, miniature furniture, minia
ture table sets, wagons, hobby horses, toy pis
tols, and a thousand other things, they have
lately added a stock of fur caps, both sealskin
and imitation for ladies and gents, and there
could be no handsomer presents ma le than one
of these. By all means give Mr. Stelile a call
before Christmas.
And Gents' Furnisher, has just opened an ete
gxnt assortment of goods in his line, bought ex
pressly for the JMidoy Trxlc, and comprising
all the /ruling attractions in fine good*. We
mention some of these, suitable fur /trcscnts.
Men's and Children's Caps and Turbans, Silk
Handkerchiefs, ami a choice line of Neckwear
for gentlemen. The Jim*t line of Gents' (Hurt s
in the city. Broadway Silk Hats, soft and still'
Hats, warm winter Caps. The "well-to-do
farmer," and the "Dashing young man" in
need of something nice, can find it at Greib's.
Kris Kringle has just completed his Christ
mas route, and last evening made a four of the
establishment of J. Keck, and a well-filled
pack of Berlin and Vienna holiday goods,
novel, attractive and useful, will comprise his
luggage as he moves from house to house on
Christmas morning. Mr. Keck got in just
"As he laid his finger aside his nose.
Gave a nod, and up the chimney he rose
and while he does not know what Kris took,
he does know that he left a splendid stock ot
Albums, Juvenile Books, Stationary Boxes,
etc., sufficient to supply hundreds ot" families.
Call and see for yourselves.
A Cfcri3tmas Gift
Of an Overcoat lo your little boy will
be sure to please hint, especially if it
is made by 11. 11. Niemann, of 101
Smithtield street, Pittsburgh.
Wheal ! H'lieal!
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter & l>oos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTER Hi Boos.
First Edition, 103,000.
So rapidly are orders increasing for the DE
CEMIIER SCBIHNKR that it is thought the first
edition of 103,000 will not supply the demand.
One cause of the recent increase in eireiilation,
by which one hundred thousand November
numbers were sold in two weeks, is undoubt
edly due to the growing interest in the two
serials, Henry James, .Ir.'s "Confidence,"
which is one of his most fascinating character
studies, and George W. Cable's novel of New
Orleans life, "TheGrandissimes." This latter,
begun in November, will be the leading serial
story of the year. Mr. Cable's "Old Creole
Days" has attracted wide attention, and this,
his first novel, promises to be among the strong
est and most important works of fiction that
have yet appeared in American literature. A
new serial storv by Mrs. Burnett, author of
"That Li,** «' i.'jirrii'*" has aNo been secured
and will begin in an early number. The
special attractions of the December number in
clude twenty poems by American women, com
prising verse by many of our most prominent
women writers; "Two Visits to Victor Hugo,"
by 11. 11. Bovesen, with a large portrait en
gravel by Cole; an illustrated description qf
the Johns Hopkins University, and an interest
ing paper by Burroughs on "Nature and the
Poets." "The New Capitol at Albany" is
critically described in an .irticly of eighteen
pages, with the aid of twenty-three drawings,
and there arc illustrated papers on "Coffee
Culture in Brazil," "Sucees* with Small
. Fruits," etc., etc.
"The lteign of Peter the Great,'' by Eugene
Schuyler, will begin in the February number.
The illustrations for the first of this splendid
series of Historical Papers are now almost
completed, and include reproductions of fa
. mous Russian paintings, cut oil the wood by
i American engravers, who are pronounced by
the /MIHIOH Saturday llerieir "the best in the
world." Sold, and subscriptions received, by
book-sellers and news-dealers, at ?4 a year, H5
cents a number. "A Portfolio of Proof Im
pressions" of the best engravings from the
I pages of SCRIIINIM: and ST. NICHOLAS (edi
-1 tion limited to f.ooo)' have been ready since
. December Ist. Price £lO. See Decemlier
S< 'RLBN'KK for extended notices.
S( KIBNER & Co., New YorTi.
» For the Holidays.
i Fancy Necklaces au<l Chains, Cameo, Ame
thyst, and other stoqe ttings, also lxickets,
' Pendants, Crosses and Charms of all kinds, ami
a fine stock of SilwrwarM*. at E. Grieb's.
HKI.H IN BITLKK OS F»EC. !», 10, 11 ANI> 1 -
[ 1.1'.11T HRWIMA FOWLS.
5 L<t. S. S. Ffoliinwin. Mercer, I'M.
Jnd. Same.
Ist. S. S. Rohiu«on.
L'nd. John S. Campbell, Bntlvr.
l*i. S. S. Robinson.
Ist. S. S. Robinson.
' 2nd. 11. 11. Cravens, Millerstown.
l«t. W. T. M.'chlm- Bntler.
' l»t. W. T. Meclilinif.
Ist. S. S. Robinson.
2nd. Same.
3rd. W. T. Mpclilintr.
Ist. S. S. Robinson.
2nd. Saint*.
' Ist. 11. S. Klingler, Butler.
WHITK < »cn.'N FOWI.S.
Ist. A. L. Jteiber, lliitier.
It. B. R. liAMK I'OW I,S.
Ist. Hamuel Toy. Fi.xbur^.
2nd. Same.
:?rd. Win. Aland, Butler.
n. B. It. UAMK CHl< Ks,
Ist. Wm. Aland.
2nd. S. R. Smitli. Foxbiirj;.
Sr.l. W. A. Wright, Butler.
Ist. Tbeo. Pane, Itutler.
2nd. K. A. Woodberrv, Erie.
Ist. Samuel Toy.
2nd. Samuel Toy.
Ist. IIHZ« McConnell, North L.ibertv, Mer
eer county.
2nd. K. A. Woodborrv.
Ist. John S. < liunpbell.
2nd. Win. Brown, Kittanning.
3rd. Walter Butler.
Ist. Haze Met'oanell.
Ist. A. I'. Christie.
Ist. W. T. Mechlins;.
Ist. (i. Christie. Butler.
2nd. W. A. Wright.
:>rd. Lee MeAbov, llutler.
Ist. Haze McConnell.
Ist. C. A. Sullivan.
2nd. John Butler.
WHITE I.U .HORN c;tl< K'S.
Ist. W. T. Meehling.
2,1,1. Adam HatlVier, Butler.
Ist. W. T. Mechlin^.
Ist. Haze MeCoonell.
Wil li (1 EESK.
Ist. Haze McConnell.
Ist. Haze McConnell.
Ist. Haze McConnell.
Ist. Theo. Pape.
Best cock on exhibition, (B. B. R. Game),
score i'.'ii point? : Samuel Toy.
Best Hen on exhibition, (part Cochin), senre
!»2 points; S. S. Robinson.
Best Coekrel on exhibition (B. B. R. Game.),
score !>4i points: Win. Aland.
Best Pullet on exhibition, (Is. B. R. Game),
score 901 points; Win. Aland.
Best collection made bv one person ; S. S.
Second best collection made by one person ;
Haze McConnell.
Mr. R ibinson exhibited a Part Cochin Cock
which scored !V> points.
Mr. McConnell exhibited some of the finest
Geese ever shown in our county.
Thos. Tregoninji, Foxburg, oue pair B. I>. R.
Gam os.
Samuel Toy, Foxburg, one pair B. 11. 1!.
S. C. Bell, Foxburg, one Plymouth Rock
Bogus Certificates.
It is no vile drugged stuff, pretend
ing to be made of wonderful foreign
roots, barks, Arc., and puffed up by long
bogus certificates of pretended miracu
lous cures, but a simple, pure, effective
medicine, made of well known valuable
remedies, that furnishes its own eerti
'ficatcs by its cures. We refer to llop
Bitters, the purest and best of medi
cines. See "Truths" and ' Proverbs,"
in another column.
Mr. Taylor's Lecture.
The first lecture under the auspices
of the Young Men's Lecture Associa
tion was delivered by Rev. Alfred
Taylor, of New York, in a very pleas
ing and courteous manner. He dis
played and criticised the manners of
' different classes and professions, show-
I iug how ridiculous people sometimes
I act. That men ofteu talk one thing,
while their tone or gesture say or mean
another. He showed a decided aver
sion to the use of tobacco, and ex
pressed, in hi> jocular way, how this
useless and offensive habit insinuated
itself into every circle and calling, from
the street car to the parlor—the bane
[ of line carpets; the opposite of cleanli
l ness and good manners. To a casual
listener, who but scans the surface, the
lecture might seem nothing more thai:
a pleasing criticism on bad manners,
but close investigation shows, under
the thin veil of humor, a well-pre
pared moral lesson for us all, He re*
; buked, in a mild way, the unfeeling,
selfish spirit that would appear to the
I world charitable and fair, and is not
' withstanding a whited sepulchre, re
j vcaling, in spite of itself, the true in
! wardncss of an obseijuoous, contracted
! soul. This was exemplified in his
story of the man who would take
orphans in "his arms," when his subse
• quent conduct showed everything else
' than charity; and the example of the
woman whose "good morning" saluta
tion, by the freezing tone in which she
uttered it, like the iceberg of the poles,
■ congeals, obstructs and shuts out the
' warmth and vitality of social life. He
' spoke of home, and how by cruelty
r and mismanagement of parents, it could
'| be transformed from happiness to
! I misery. He compared good manners
r! to machinery well lubricated—grace ol
■ motion, urbanity of deportment, and
i kindness to our race ; such as should
j characterize those who would follow
> the Golden Rule, which is, in our
t opinion, the true touchstone of manners.
L Mr. Taylor seems to possess to a high
' degree one characteristic in keeping
I with his subject, and that is a heart
- full of cheerfulness, so becoming to
" every gentleman, and speaking to the
' world of "I'eace on earth and good
. will to men."
s 10,000 bushels of Rye wanted at
i Walter & Boos' .Mill, to be ground
; into flour. 75 cents paid per bushel.
e Call on Charles Gardner,
j Xo. 19 Federal street, Allegheny City,
t when you desire a fashionable suit ot
- Clothing at sls.
•' Agents Herald & Tremont Spoon Cc
y Our readers cannot fail to see the advertise'
5 ments of above firms in our columns. Qur ad
i- vertising agents who sem| us these advertise
e ments say they are well acquainted with the
i- advertisers ami can vouch tor their responsi
e bility. Head their advertisements and invesi
r iu some of their liberal offers, or take at
John Qmmert,
Xo. Federal street, Allegheny
City, is the only man in this Stati
*j that has been honored with an ordoi
for a suit of clothing from Gen. Grant
Court Proceedings Last Week.
;, John Cress, Surety of the l'esiee; Margaret
Cress, his wife, prosecutor. Settled by the
j parties.
Fred Beikirt, Surety of the IVice; Joseph
; Say lor, prosecutor. IVfendant di« -hantcd and
prosecutor to pay the costs.
Jacob Shields, Surety ofthel'ence; proseeu
! lor. Will. Watson. Defendant to pay the c- sts
j ami give Iwiil in to keep the peace one
year. ,
I Caroline Strut! anil \\ ni. Strait. Surety of
llie Peace, on on;h of Anna 1!. Slrutt. Settled j
I by the parties.
Charles llewins, indicted for ail aggravated ]
; assault and battery on <S. Kappler. Plead j
guiltv to assault and battcrv and lined >"» and 1
I costs! ' j
; Same defendant was found guilty ol assault ■
J and battery. 011 the person of C. 11. Shoup, and j
j lined and costs.
i William Story, indicted for forging a jtidg- •
1 inent note, was found guilty by the jury and
! motion for a new trial entertained by the
1 Court.
J. 11. Bowman, charged with perjury 011
1 oath of Owen Brndv. Failed to put in aa ap
pearance and hi- bail was forfeited,
j The same was done in case of J. <>. Marshall,
j indicted for lalse pretense on oath of Henry
1 J,.eli hart.
William Story, churned u.:!i eiul»rt - .zleiiient
by public officer, as Treasurer of the School
I I*uiul of Fairview township; was tried by jury
| and a verdict of guilty. Motion t'-.r new trial.
J. C. Lennahaii was tried 011 a charge of
1 larceny, preferred l>v J. C. Hall. The jury ae
j <|uitli*d the defendant.
I lav id Als\vo-th and Amlrew Robertson
j were charged with maliciously breaking down |
| the fence of T. J. Alsworlh. This ease settled ;
j by tile parties.
Francis Chase, indicted for selling li«|tior |
without licca. e. Wa.s found guilty i.nd sen
tenced to pav a fine of si'o.l.
William and Caroline Strutt. each had Kills |
. preferred against them by Anna B. Slrutt, for
assault and linttery. Both eases settled by the
S. 11. Wallace, charge.! by >l. J. Welsh,
with assault and iiatterv. Plead guilty and
sentenced to pay a tine of >s> and costs.
The ?ame defendant pli-ad guilty to a charge
of selling liquor in violation of law, and lined
Or. Calvin Cook, indicted for the violation
of the license law, did not see fit to appear and
his recognizance was forfeited.
E. J. Salt, charged with faise pretense by
Allen Wilson, was acquitted of the charge,
and prosecutor to pay the costs.
Samuel (!. W. Brown was charged with em
bezzlement by W. W. Kainev. Nol. pros, on
payment of costs bv defendant.
in case of John T. Perdue, charged with per
jury, 011 oath of 11. S. Long, the Court on mo
tion quashed the bill and directed the defend
ant to be discharged.
John Conlev, charged by C. Bright, with
falsely obtaining signature to a note, was
found' guilty. Motion for a new trial euti-r
--t lined by the Court.
Thomas McKamv, indicted for larceny, on
ouh of J. M. Sloan, was found not guilty.
Henry Timhlin was indicted for assault and
battery, 011 oath of A. Ilott. The jury acquitted
defendant, putting one-third of the costs on
him and two-thirds on the prosecutor.
Rye! Itye!
10,000 bushels of Rve wanted at
Walter & Roos' Mill, to he ground
into flour. 75 cents paid per bushel.
» WALTKR & Boos.
Lovers of Art.
The nicest and most complete dis
play of Photo-Portraits ever shown in
these two cities, is 011 exhibition at
• the studio of Mr. J. Sperber, Xos. DO
. and 92 Federal street, Allegheny. Par
ties wishing to patronize Mr. Sperber
■ can rest assured that they will receive
t the best of attention, and that all or
ders will be promptly and faithfully
Wheal! Wheal!
The highest Pittsburgh market price
paid for Wheat, at Walter k Boos'
Mill, Butler, Pa. WALTER A" Boos.
■ The Wonderful Christmas Number
> of St. Nionolas.
- This monthly magazine for girls and boys,
- edited by Mrs. Marv Ma pes I lodge, has grown
, , in circulation so rapidly as to warrant a perma
! nent increase in size, tiegiiiulng with Novem
i her. The Christmas number, now almost ready,
- : has a special holidav cover, and is the largest
, j and most beautiful issue of any magazine for
girls and lmys ever published, containing more
" than one hundred pages and ninety-five pie
' t tires.
It contains twelve short stories by J. T. j
WIXTEI; KELI.O<;<:, and others; also the first |
3 chapters of a Serial Story bv LOI IKA M. AL- |
corr, written ia the author's liest vein, and the 1
" tecond installment of a capital serial for the ,
1 ; boys, by WILLIAM O. STOI»I)AIU>, to run some
. ! months. (A long story, also for boys, by |
! NOAH BROOKS, author of "The Boy Emi- I
" i grants," will begin soon.) JOHN GKEEM.KAK
f WHITTIEK contributes 11 long poem, while
. ' Lucv I.AHCOM and MAKY M we* DonoEarc .
. | also represented in verse. There is a Christmas
' i Plav for Festivals, by EIIWARD F.UI.I.ESTON ; |
i I an illustrated art-paper on THORVALPSEN, and i
1 | an account, with twelve pictures, of the lilc and |
| doings of New York Telegraph Boys,
• i Ursr wE DiiRE, KNAI S, M.\RY HALT.OCK 1
1 ! LEOYAKH urc among the artists-represented.
I liny lllii nuHtbrr <!)'.<( frf ir'ntl XI. Xirfwl'ix
' j ifilly in. Your newsdealer will supply it and
3 | take your subscription for the year, or the
! money may be sent in check, I'. O. order or
■ | registered letter to the publishers. Price, A"
' | a year, 'lb cents a number.
; I SCUIRNEI: & Co., 743 Broadway, New York,
j Charles Gardner,
r Of 111 Federal street, Allegheny City,
- 1 will make a fine suit of Clothing for
• j |esd than any other Merchant Tailor in
, j that city.
A Town Entirely Destroyed.
" i A tire broke out last Friday evening j
" j at well 4, belonging to K, (i, Kmeraon, !
1 in Red Rock, McKean county, this ,
s j State. The well had been cleaned :
2 j preparatory to torpedoing and was ]
" | left open. Superintendent Nason, of j
J 1 the' Emerson lease, passed by with a .
13 j lantern and the <*as ignited and set fire !
"j to the rig. The well made a How and
13 j the burning oil ran down hill to a 2">o
- | barrel tank, which caught lire. The
p j fire communicated with a 25,000-barrel
R ' iron tank, which was soon in a blaze
r | and burned steadily until 5 o'clock this
''■ morning. Rivers of oil flowed down
0 | the valley and through the Main street
s ! of Red Rock, burning all the business
f | and private houses of the town. Three
1 hundred families are homeless and
' there is great suffering.
v The scene at the village after the
r fire had consumed all there was to
'• feed on was simply appalling. A
dense black cloud hung over the sur
? rounding country, and nothing but
blackened beams and still smoking
0 ruins showed the site of what had
0 been not long before a thriving village.
' Relief committees have been formed to
render aid at Gilmore, Derrick, and
j Bradford.— K.r.
t Kye! Rye!
' 10.000 bushels of Rye wanted at
'• Walter & Boos' Mill, to lie ground
into flour. To cents paid per bushel.
WALTER & Boos.
. LADIES' Solid Gold Watches at £l">
'f and upwards, at E. Grieb's.
A Photograph,
o Made by Dablfs, the celebrated Ritts
s- burgli Photographer, will make an ae-
J" peptablc Christmas present.
f. Keady-Made Clothirigr,
st <lf the latest style, and at lowest
n prices, at Charles Gardner's, 10 Fed
eral street, Allegheny City.
y Hide Market.
e S. Schamberg, butcher, pays the
*r best price for Beef Hides, Skins and
t. l'elts in Butler.
Next d..or t.. Savings Hank,
: Butler, Pa.|
in fact SUITS suitable for each and every one that is in want ol' a Suit. Also a very full line of 4 m HHIMJ
FURrJISHINS GOODS, THUIffKS, all bought in the East by Mr. Schncideman in person, and will "be SO Id. a.t less than any CrOmpetitoz* can 71OW buy them. '\J h-j | |
_ 11. X K 11 > KMAX. '
r >r
i¥eis. 83, 85 and 87 Smuhficld Street.
Our object i< First, Last and AI way* to give the Verv Rest Clothing for
tin- \ cry Least .Money, thereby com! -ining Kleganee and K'ouotnv.
Po always have a stock so Complete in Assortment, >o Reliable in (Qual
ity, out! so Low in Price, that we can suit THK TYSTKS 'I'll'? W WTS
The crowds that have kept our salesmen l»usy for weeks past an an in
disputable evidence of the certain satisfaction that awaits all who buy of u.-.
By dealing fairly and generously with the people we have established an
enormous trade, whose good will individually we will endeavor our utmost to
At SI.OO - - Men's Overcoats, at - - £1 r»D
At 1,90 - Men's Chinchilla. Overcoats, at - 100
At _,SO - Men's Union Beaver Overcoats, at - 2.8(1
At •>./0 - - Men's Worsted Overcoats, at - - 3.70
At 4.50 - - Men's Fur Denver Overcoats, at - - 4,59
At o. 0 - Men's Scotch Cheviot Overcoats, at - 5.30
At (i 60 - Men's Fine Diagonal Overcoats, iit - GGO
At 7.80 - Men's English Chinchilla Overcoats, at - 7.80
Men's Imported Worsted Overcoats, from $8 40 to *lo 1<».
Our Assortment of ileus Reversible Overcoats. ( Isters and l ister
ettes, Embrares Over KM) Different Styles. Ranging
from SMO to Sls.Cifl.
At $2.20 - Men's Iron Twist Suits, at - £2.20
At .'>.lo - Mens Worsted Suits, at. - 3JO
At 1..')0 - Men's Scotch Cheviot Suits at - 4.00
At -.40 Men's Extra Fine ('assinaere Suits at -5.!()
Men's Fine Diagonal and Imported Worsted Suits, from S7.GO
to $1.6.70.
Bargains in Boys' and Children's Overcoats and Ulsters, of
Every Conceivable Style and Quality, Ranging
from sl.lO to $5.90!
At £2.50 - (rents' All-Wool Pants to Order iit - $2 50
From 4.G0 Gents' All-Wool Worsted and Diagonal Pants to 8.10
At 12.•»() - (rents All-WoolSuits to Order sit - 12.30
Cents Chinchilla, Worsted and Scotch Cheviot Overcoats to
Order, from £l2 to 23.80.
Perfect Fit "Warranted.
Determined to please, we waijt it distinctly understood that when we ad
vertise anything' we have it, and when we advertise a price we charge no
more. An inspection, which costs nothing, will prove what we claim.
The Leading acd Popular Clothing House,
Cheapsst Corner, 83, 85 and 87 Smitlifield St.. Fittaburgh,
J. & O. F. KECK,
Have Just Received and Keep Constantly on Hand all the
Foreign & Ooiii.estic
\ J Which they fire making up to order in the latest styles and
laHa I'i f* hest workmanlike manner, at the most reasonable prices. All
fCSy j jjft a work guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Stf a _'jpfll Rememlier the place.
J. A O. F. KKCH. Mnin SI., Huilcr, Pa.
The Tim© lias Come
When Every One in Need of Dry Gocds Goes Direct to
108 & 102 FEDERAL STREET, AllE6HEff.
Uav ing Made Very Largo Purchases in the Kastern Cities Before the Late
Advance in Prices Took I'lace, We are Able to Offer
Our Goods as Low Ever.
A very and full lino ot' Cashmeres at i Don't he alarmed about the Inte advance in
lijc., 1.5 c. and 2V. ' Domestic Dry Goods. we nre selling everything
Cashmeres, very wide, line qualitv, we oiler as ' ow !ls heretofore. _
in all colors and shades, at 25c. I Beautiful Dar.v 1 rints at;» and'de. _
... , ~ ~ , ~ lsleachedaud I nhlcaohed Musliusat i/c.
\\ e ofler an All-wool ( ashmere,good quality, j Vf .
at loe., -15 c. and HV. J <;,. IV Twilled Flannel at 10, 15. and 20e.
At 40c,, 72c. anil Soc., we are selling an All- i All-wool < ountry I - lunnel, only 2 Sc.
wool French Cashmere, superior in quality t-i ' Canton Flannel '• 1, t- i. 10 and 12}e.
anv offered elsewhere, at even higher priees. Good < rash •>, (j,, ,s aud UK;.
" . ... \ i - i Tahle Damask lt>, 20 aud 2.5 c.
I.xtra hue All-wool 1 reueh ( ashmere, which Xnrkcv lted Tnhle Dam >s< ; . fast colors, oulv
■we are selling at'St, is generally acknowledged Cl , nl „'
to be equal to any offered elsewhere at s'l,.'ts. f,' llv ,. „„ extra bargain in White Bed
Black and Colored Silks, 55, CM, 75C. and >1 «<'nilts, which we are selling at .50, 75c. and >l.
We have a decided bargain in Black Hn*! Colored and white, St,S2aiid^t.
Grain S.lk, at si, *1.50 and S2. All-wool country B.ankct* cheaper that.ever.
our stock in Cloaks and Shawls is larger I ° nr e,fccl J \ u tJents; I nderwear.s
.. ii .« • . . I more complete than cvit, and will be solJ ai
than ever ana embraces everything imaginable. . 1 . ~ , • V . «•
• I )>rice.> uhieli will a>tonish the purchaser. We
Cloaks (rotu S2.>K) to >2". have also very decided bargains iu t!loves amt
Shall* from SI to Slo. ! Hosiery.
Jjjs*r* > \\'e would call special attention to our very large stock of Plaids
and low-priced Dress (J >ods, which we are selling at s.j. 10 and 12i cents.
They are of a very beautiful design, and some of these go.nl- would be cheap
at twice their cost.
100 A 102 Federal Nlrcel. Allegheny.
Xotiee to Creditors.
In the matter of the asaiguiuant of P SfcDois
nl<l for the benofit of creditors, C. I'. 37:1.
Jt'ne Term, IH7H.
Petition of I. N. Graham, Assignee, foi leave to
recouvev, Ac., and to be discharged.
Now, Dec. 1, 187!). ordered t u.it notice he
given to creditors of paid assignor and otlier
panies interested, by pnblicati jii tor t .vo suc
cessive weeks in at least one newspaper pub
lishtd in the borough of Butler; that the prayer
of the foregoing petition wi'l be granted, and
decree made as prayed for. unless objections
thereto are filed ou or bo/oru the 15tli inst.
Br tste Cocht.
dec3-2t A. KI'SSEJLL, Proth'y,
C-~ ) A WKEK. tU a day at home easily nude.
~ Costly Outfit free. Address Turn A Co..
Angpihta. Mim'e. deeply
74 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Special Designs made to harmonise with hui
roundings of cvoiy apartment of your homo
for Window Decorations, tlio tieheut flections
an 1 latest devils in l!aw Sillts, Matins. Jutes.
Cie|n»ts, esc. I.ico Curtains, from the choapest
to the vary finest of all grades at very low
price.- : I.aco Lambrequin* made to order to fit
anv sUtil Window, in tiie very latent designs ;
CoMii. cs and Cornice I'olos, i).;<l > Bottom Shades,
in various designs, Redding*. Comforts, rillowa,
Mo-qnito Bars. etc. - 0c22-oiu