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THERE is but one watch manufactory ,
in Pennsylvania.
A PROFANE exchange calls Thanks
giving St. Turkey's Day.
WE would call special attention to
a Char Coal Furnace for sale.
THE wires of the American Union
Telegraph Company have been put up through
DAME FASHION now considers
pinched waists absolutely vulgar. That settles
tight lacing.
Go TO J. F. T. Stehle's for Satchels,
at 25 cents.
IT is claimed that Senator Blaine
has sent sixty-five mail bags full of his speeches
to the South.
A PACK of a dozen wolves are
making things lively in the neighborhood of
Bradford, McKean county.
MILK suffered an increase in price
the first of this month, of about thirty-three
per cent, over summer rates.
THOSE who take the lead in pushing
their business through the newspapers gener
ally take the lead in everything else.
IT is said that more than twenty
barns have been burned in Indiana county in
the last three months, nearly all of them by
WE need a Henry Bergh in Butler.
Cases of cruelty to animals come under our no
ticc every few days, and some one should see
that the law on the subject is enforced.
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coming Poultry Fair to be held here, free of
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*tyles of Hats.
A THANKSGIVING service will be
held on Thursday morning next, with an ap
propriate sermon by the rector, D. I. Edwards,
at St. Peter's P. E. Church, in the morning at
J1 o'clock. A general invitation is extended
to all.
WHEN a man named Koonse got
drunk and went to sleep on a railroad track
near Altoona, and when a train of cars cut him
to pieces, there was furnished a stronger tem
perance lecture than John B. Gough can ever
UNDERWEAR of all kinds, from 25
cents up, at Charles R. Grieb's.
A COLORED man at Smyrna, Del.,
bought a stamped quilt and used it on the bed
in which he slept with his wife and child. In
the morning the child was found to be dead,
having sucked poisonous dyes from the quilt
during the night.
ALL kinds of Gloves, at
WHEN a newspaper paragraph opens
in language as soft as the bosom of love, and
as sweet as the tinkle of a woodland brook,
it is always safe to conclude that the virtues
of some patent medicine are harnessed on to
the end.— Harritburg Telegraph.
GRATE tile, flue rings and fire brick,
at J. Niggle A Bro.'s
lr potatoes show sign of rotting in :
the cellar, they should be carefully looked over '
and the rotten ones removed. If left they will 1
spread the infection among the rest of the
potatoes and infest the air of the cellar with
unhealthy and disagreeable odors.
FRESH home made mince meat, at
A MAN who declines a United States
Senatorship on account of ill-health, or on anv
other account, is so rare nowadays that Mr. F.
C. Beaman, of Michigan, who has done this
thing, ought to be an object of universal atten
tion if he sufficiently recovers to go about
SILK Handkerchiefs, cheap, at
THE Southern Republican Associa
tion at Washington retired its presiding officer
a few nights ago so as to get some one in his
stead who had "the ear of the President." Pigs
and school boys 'may be lead by the ear, but
we expect better things of Hayes, and he will
no doubt resent the attempt, as Jackson did
when a man once sought to lead him by the
DABRS, the celebrated Pittsburgh
Photographer, is very busy making fine Photo
graphs for Holiday presents. Any of our read
ers visiting Pittsburgh, should find time to
visit his rooms and see what fine pictures are
made in this age of progress. In the giving of
graceful and stylish positions, Mr. Dabbshas
no superior, and the effect and finish of hia
pictures are perfect.
MEN'S youths' and children's soft
and stiff Hats, from 25 cents up, at Charles R.
PENNIES are scarce, it seems. Not
long ago a request for SI,OOO of pennies came
from San Francisco to the Philadelphia Mint.
But the Mint had been busy coining dollars,
t and needed pennies itself. Philadelphia is the
only place where the smallest coin of the
countrv is made. It was stated the other day
that $35,000 worth of pennies could be dis
posed of in a week, so great was the demand.
WILLIAM ALAND, Merchant Tailor,
has just opened the largest line of woolens for
men and boys wear ever offered in Butler.
IT is often the case that farmers lose
the reward of their labor from carelessness in
storing their crops. Corn is packed in large
bulks, when it is sure to heat and be damaged.
Potatoes, which should be fully dry, are packed
away wet and sobby in dampcellars. Pumpkins,
which should be thickly covered with straw,
are left uncovered to be frozen. Thoughtfnl
ness and care are as necessary in storing crops
as in making them.
SHAFTS, finished and rough, at the
J. Niggle & Bro.'s Hardware Store, Jefferson
street, Butler, Pa.
BY mistake, the list of traverse
jurors for the second week of next regular term
of Court, commencing Monday, Dec. Bth, was
published as having been drawn for the third
week commencing Dec. 15th, and vice vrrta.
Traverse jurors for next Court will please
notice the mistake and govern themselves ac
cordingly. The name of J. D. Gumpper, for
Clearfield township, 2nd week, Dec. Bth, was
omitted in mistake from the list.
WHEN in need of' a fine Suit of
Clothing, call on Charles Gardner. No. 19
Federal street, Allegheny City.
IN an interview with a correspon
dent of the Louisville Couricr-Journal General
Grant delivered himself as follows: "In
whatever position I may in future be placed,
while always determined to support the Na
tional Union, I am for those and only thre
things which will allay all bitterness of the
past—all sectional animosities—and those
which will make us a united, great people
■uch as we are now really believed to be by the
great nations of the old world."
6 AFTER much opposition and many
0 delays the new French cable has been suecess
fully laid, and on Monday evening of last week
congratulatory messages were exchanged
: through it between North Eastham, Massa
chusetts, and Brest, France. The steamer Far
aday landed the American shore end on the
coaxt of Cape Cod on Sunday, and next day
effected the final splice with the end of the
main cable to St. Pierre and Brest. At North
. East ham the shore end of the cable connects
' with the land lines of the new American I nion
Company to all parts of the country.
■ IF VOU want good Winter Caps at
19c., go" to J. F. T. Stehle's.
TIIF. Poultry Association, of this
place, will give an exhibition of stock, or hold
what is called a Fair, in the Old Fellows' Hall,
commencing on Tuesday, Dec. 9th, and con
tinuing day and night, till Dec. 12th, inclusive.
We believe this is an enterprise worthy of pub
lic attention and patronage. We should aim
to improve our poultry, the same as any other
live stock. In the vicinity of cities where
choice poultry is raised, good prices are ob
tained at the markets. Here, poor prices are
obtained for the reason that the fowls are in
ferior. We know, by experience, that the
greater part of the dressed poultry left at our
stores, is not worth carrying home.
LATEST styles in Men's, Youths'and
Children's Caps, at Charles It. Grieb's.
A BRADFORD (Pa.) man claims to
have solved the following puzzle, for which a
French nobleman offered a prize of 20,000
francs. Let our readers try to make the figure,
without lifting the pencil from the paper or
interfering with any line or portion of a line
previously made. Here it is :
i I
I ! ' !
I DEEM it my duty to acquaint suf
fering humanity with the fact that ST. JACOBS
OIL is the most beneficial remedy ever intro
duced; this I have practically tested. For the
past sixteen years I have suffered with Rheu
matism, and so severely that I was often robbed
of my night's rest. A change of weather would
have*the most painful effect on me, for then I
could move neither hands nor feet. I tried
everv known remedy, but of no avail; at last
somebody recommended ST. JACOBS OIL, and
I concluded to try it, but with little hope for
relief. Having hardly used half a bottle, the
pains diminished, and to-day I am well and
hardy once more. The small "sum of fifty cents
had cured me. TIIOMAS OTT, St. Bonifuct, Pa.
IT will be difficult for the public to
feel a great interest in the Courtney-llanlan
boat race next month at Washington. These
contests are rapidly degenerating into mere
gambling operations, where honesty is little
regarded, and trickery is the rule of action.
The prize ring, once considered a manly sport,
and an institution decent people could patron
ize, became at last only the resort of the vile
and the worthless, because of the character of
its principals and actors. Matches of all kinds
that develop manly strength, excite lawful
emulation and National pride are to be en
couraged, but the moment they become merely
schemes for supporting usless men in idleness i
at the expense or the public, encouraging bet- ,
ting, gambling, frauds, drjnking, rowdyism
and crime, they should be abolished. Any
more dirty business ou the part of the Court
ney-Hanl'an people, and they will be brushed
out of public sight hereafter with contempt.
ALL kinds of Stove and Flue pipe
to be had at the Hardware Store of
MR. N". SHISHKIN, the Russian Min- |
ister at Washington, writes to a New York
paper the following remedy for diphtheria. ,
For children of one year, for internal use every (
one or two hours, as follows : Natr. benzoic,
pur. 5.0 solv. in aq. distillat aq. menth. piper. |
ana 40.0 syr. cort. aur. 10.0. For children from j
one to three years old, from seven to eight
grammes for 100 grammes of distilled water, (
with some syrup; for children from three to j
seven years old, ten to fifteen grammes, and for
grown" persons from fifteen to twenty-five j
grammes for each 100 grammes. Besides this (
he (a Russian phvsician) uses also with great (
success the insufflation on the diphtherial mem
brane through a glass tube in serious cases ,
every three hours, in light cases three times a ]
day of the natr. benzoic pulver. For grown ,
people he prescribes, for gargling, a dilution of
ten grammes of this pulver for 200 grammes
of water. The effect of the remedy is rapid.
After twenty-four or thirty-six hours the fever- '
ish symptoms disappear completely and the |
temperature and pulse become normal.
IF you want to be well in spite of
yourself use Kidney-Wort. Cures Kidney dis
eases like a charm.
SELDOM has any public gathering in ,
the United States contained as many distin- .
guished eivihaus and warriors as were in the 1
procession that attended the ceremony of un- S
veiling the Tliomis statue, at Washington, D.
C., last Wednesday. The dead hero deserved
all the honors offered or implied by the demon
stration,for he was of the rarest mould and every '
inch a man. Although without a single quality (
that attracted by its brilliancv his character >
embodied every attribute of the true soldier 1
and good citizen, and in all he was great. Full t
of strength, knowledge, industry, loyalty and
endurance, he was equally remarkable for the
modesty and patience which kept the world ]
from rating him at his true value until the
war had nearly ended. To distinguish among
the heroes upon our glorious roll of honor
would seem invidious were it not that those
still living are the most earnest in saying, what
the country will yet agree upon, that the war
did not discover any great character more sym- j
metrical and harmonious than that of George <
11. Thomas.
"FATHER and mother being afflicted ;
with asthma, two bottles of 'Sellers' Cough
Syrup' has given them a new lease of life."
THE November tempest that fell 6
upon Lake Ontario lust Tuesday tore asunder .
and sank a fleet of barges, with loss of life '
to thirty-one persons. The wreck was in the J
most dangerous part of the Lake—the lower end j
where there are rock-bound islands and shoals. ,
There the storm-caught mariner finds himself
perplexed. As a rule he puts for the open lake 1
or turns down into the St. Lawrence River. ]
In this case, however, the barges seem to have <
become unmanageable, and the end was soon '
reached. This is the third disaster in those <
waters within a few months. The s
of the yatch Josephine in midsummer cost half
a score of pleasure seekers their lives; mis- '
management of the yatch Nortliwind resulted 1
in the drawing of nine youths in August. In
this latest catastrophe the obvious blunder was
in starting out in the face of a gale, to pass
through one of the most dangerous stretches of
water in the entire chain of great lakes. Every <
lake skipper knows the perils of November "
navigation. They were greatly increased when •
tugs undertook to tow barges from one end of 1
Ontario to the other.
SLEIGH and Bob runners can be had
at the J. Niggle & Bro.'s Hardware Store, Jef
ferson street.
SOME of our young men are trying
to arrange for a course of lectures in this town
this winter. Lectures are very welcome iu
small towns, where public amusements are
scarce, but good lecturers are scarce. We
know of but one lecturer in the United
States at present, who is drawing paying audi- |
ences, and that is an Englishman named
Proctor, who is lecturing on astronomy. Mr.
Proctor's lectures, which bring together so
handsome an attendance, may be criticised by
closely scientific astronomers as dealing rather
with the imaginative wonders than the cold
facts of astronomy. But the Englishman has (
a rare and beautiful art of awakening and stim
ulating popular interest in a science which, in
its details, employs the driest and most difficult '
mathematics. He knows just how far and
when to give results without explaining the
processes by which they are reached, and his
object is not to teach astronomy, but to give
the people a conception of the magnitude of
the universe. He may tell them nothing very
new, but he gives them what enlarges and ex
tends their ideas, and furnishes them with
material for profitable anil elevating thought.
He is a lecturer worth having.
CONGRESS passed a law in July,
1870, authorizing the registration of trade
marks in the Patent Office and giving legal and
equitable remedies for their protection for a
term of thirty years, with a right to renewal
for a like period. More than five thousand
have since been registered and several hundred
petitions for the privilege are pending. The
centennial year was particularly prolific of
thein. Now the Supreme Court sponges out
this whole body of legislation and all the
fancied rights founded in it. In three cases in
which opinions were read last week by Justice
Miller at Washington the judges declare that
thev find no authority in the Constitution for
Federal legislation on the subject, unless it
may be in pursuance of the duty of Congress to
pass laws necessary to give full effect to treaties.
This point was not involved in either of the
cases and is left untouched by the Court. We
have treaties ou the subject with most of the
principal Governments in Europe, some of
them framed upon the principle of reciprocity
with the statute declared unconstitutional, and
with Great Britain and Canada we have ar
rangements founded in reciprocal legislation
without any diplomatic convention.
®Jpe WniL»v : Slttfcl**, P«.» 3&attemfe*xr 2GU tS?$.
t I JORDAN SHEATS, a negro, was to
- | have been hauged at Danielsville, Ga., on the
c j 24th of last month, for the killing of a white
1 ; man named Ledbetter, but was respited by the
- Governor. The circumstances of the homicide,
- | as brought out at the trial, present curious re
j j semblances to the recent tragedy in Montclair.
r I Sheats was in the employ of Joseph Williams,
;| a planter. He quarreled with his employer,
i prepared to leave the plantation, an 1, with
j I that object, brought a wagon to his cabin to
I I convey his household goods. illiams was
very angry at the negro for leaving so uncere
moniously. He wont tithe cabin, accompanied
' by his sous and by Ledbetter, a white man in
his service. The' quarrel was renewed, and
Ledbetter told Williams that before he would
' let a negro talk to him in that way he fl-ould
1 kill him • then, turning to Williams' son, he
i said : "\Y here is your gun ? If I had it_ here I
would kill him, anyhow." Young Williams
told Ledbetter where the gun could be found.
Ledbetter got it and came back with it. Then
Sheats, who had got his gun in the meantime,
shot Ledbetter dead. It was claimed on the
part of the prosecution that Ledbetter meant
no harm to Sheats, and that the killing was
murder. The jury so found, and Sheats is un
der sentence of death.
WANTED to bay for manufacture, at
Roessing's Tannery, a large stock of Beef
Hides of every description and weight, at
highest market price paid by any person in the
A PENNSYLVANIA preacher writes
to the New York Witness, about a queer
church which he has discovered in a thriving
city situated between the Atlantic seaboard and
the Mississippi River. Its congregation of
1,5i.)0 souls is eomjx>sed, he affirms, of "whole
sale and retail liquor dealers, saloonkeeper*,
hotel keepers, gamblers, cock fighters, and
every other stamp down to the self righteous
Pharisee." Some of the elders and deacons
keep drinking places, and the pastor, a Doctor
of Divinity, is controlled by them in his
preaching. Another church in the same town,
the preacher affirms, is run by a rich beer
brewer; while the pastor of still another
church was so drunk, the other Sunday even
ing, that he hardly could staud in his pulpit.
These things have scandalized the reverend
correspondent of the not a little, and,
searching about for the explanation, he thinks
he has found it in—of all things in the world!
—the growing habit among fashionable preach
ers of lecturing on scientific and philosophical
subjects, tlierwy spoiling the relish of the
people for the plain Gospel. We don't quite
see the relation of cause and effect here. One
thing seems clear enough though—that the
Pennsylvania preacher should lose no time in
sending the address of this community of wine
bibbing, beer-guzzling, gambling and cock
fighting professors of religion to some active
temperance reformer.
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Has the best and cheapest of Ready
made Clothing, in Allegheny City.
The Paper to Take.
If you want a pajier which will keep you
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events in the Old and the New World ;
If you want a papar which has decided con
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If you want a paper which is bold and reso
lute in defending the principles of the Repub
lican party ;
If you want a paper which gives the most
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Suit of Clothing, west of the Moun
At 50 Cents,
Brocade Cashmeres, all colors, at
The Temple of Fashion.
This is no meaningless phrase when
applied to the Merchant Tailoring es
tablishment of H. H. Niemaun, 101
Smithfield street, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mr.
N. has the reputation of being a first
class artist in his line, and indeed it
requires considerable artistic skill to .
suit the tastes of the young men of
the present age. We arc satisfied the
gentleman named has no superiors and t
indeed few equals in the Smoky City, j
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buying fall or winter clothing should
not fail to call in and examine the fine f
Stock of Piece Goods before purchasing 1
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them is at Sperber's, Nos. 90 and 92 '
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m » ---o- 1
At 45 Cents,
All-wool Black Cashmeres, at
John Ommert
Is the leading Merchant Tailor of
Allegheny City. No. 141 Federal
Consumption Cured.
An old physician retired from practice, hav
ing had placed in his hands by an East India
missionary the formula of a simple vegetable
remedy for the sj>eedy and permanent enre for
Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma, and
all Throat and Lung Affections, also a positive
and radical cure for Nervous Debility and all
Nervous complaints, after having tested its
wonderful curative powers in thousands of
cases, has felt it his duty to make it known to
his suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive ,
and a desire to relieve human suffering, I will
send free of charge to all who desire it, this
recipe, in German, French or English, with full
directions for preparing and using. Sent by
mail by addressing with stamp, l.aming this
paper, W. W. SHEARER, 149 Power's Jilock,
Rochester, N. Y.
Children's Clothing-,
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Prices, at Charles Gardner's, No. 19
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Fall and Winter Clothing, do not fail
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to give as a holiday present than a fine
picture of yourself. Tho best place to
get a photograph or portrait is at Sper
her's, Xos. 00 and Federal street,
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Children'* Clonks.
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John Omrnert,
Of No. 141 Federal street, Allegheny
City, has just received his second lot
of Fall and Winter goods. He is con
sidered the most popular Merchant
Tailor in the town, and will guarantee
you a perfect tit.
Fine Photography.
The Cartes—Cabinets and Portraits
—made by Spcrber, of Xos. 00 and 02
Federal street, Allegheny, are elegant
and finely finished, and are perfect like
nesses. _
Dolman*! Oaltusin*!
Immense stock, at
TUMORS, erysipelas, mercurial dis
eases, scrofula, and general debility cured by
"Dr. Lindsey's Blood Searcher."
"Lies 1 Big Lies 1"
Not so fast, my friend ; for if you
would see the strong, healthy, bloom
ing men, women and children that
have been raised from beds of sickness,
suffering and almost death, the use
of Hop Bitters, you would say "Truth,
glorious truth." See "Truths in an
other column.
I ;
Is the most efficient Remedy before the
public for the cure of Oou«*hs, Colds, <tc.
It is from slight colils, wlileh most per
sons deem of but little importance, and
neglect, that many serious diseases arise.
Neglected colds soon pass into the acute
stagc.and if prompt and e/flcient remedies
are not many cases become Chron
ic or Confirmed Bronchitis.
It is especially adapted in the cure of
children, on account of Its mild e fleet, us
it contains nothing that would injure the
youngest child.
But a single trial will convince you. Sold
bv all dealers Trial Size cts. I~irge
bottle SI. OO.
FAHNESTOCK BROS., Pro'a, I'ittsburs.
I Sal Sj and U^Cure.
1 A vegetable preparation ami the only snre
2 remedy in tne w»iid for Dilate,
3 stiiii ALL KiUi;e,t, Liver, una
Urinary DUj .w«.
tffcdTestimonial* oi' the highest order In proof
of these statements.
IMTFor tb«* euro of call for War
ner*N SaIV 4*«iro.
tUTFor the cure of IlrigSti'* and the other
diseases, call for Wurucr'M Halo Kidney
and LlvcrCaw.
It is the best lilool Purifier, and stimulates
every function to more healthful action, and
is thus a benefit in all diseases.
It cures Kerofulou* and other skin Erup
tion* and Diseases, iuciud.ug lA
t-ers and other %«re«.
H I>.vHpo|»sia. WVnUnw ofllie Stomnch,
■ i'oDKtipalion, WirainwH, tienfrul A#ebil-
D itv• etc.. are cured by the Wnfr Kilters. It is
■ unequaled as an app3t?zera >'l regular tonic.
I Bottles of two sizes ; prices, oo*•. ami fel.OO.
I Qnckly give and to the suffering,
j cures ifojida' Ijc end \( ui prevents
K tpilepllr Fft f «, «:»«! relievesHfervnui Prot»-
£ tration brouffl.t on by excessive dr.nk, over-
F2 worlc, menial shocks, and other causes.
E Powerful as it is to stop pain and soothe dis-
I t'irhed Nerves, it luver injures the system,
re whether taken :r ima'.l or doses.
9 Bottles of two sizes; prices, 50c. and §I.OO.
H Are an inimediate and active stimulus for a
n Torpid Liver, and cure Cosiiveneei, Dyspepsia. Bil
m A iouscets. Bilious Diar-
H jHitfrfH (Old rhcta, Malaria, Fever
1 Proprietor*.
g f ' i'^ nA ' op i Pamphlet
Sliei'iff's Hale-
By virtue of a writ of Lev. Fit. issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas of Butler county,
ami to me directed, there will be exposed to
Public Sale, at the premises, in the borough of
Petrolia, Butler county, Pa., on
Thursday, Nuvembsr 27, 1579,
at 1 o'clock, P. M., the following described
projierty, to wit:
[E. D. Ko. 232, Dec. Term, 187!); M. X. Miles,
All the right, title, interest and claim of Jas.
Hart of,'in and to all that certain leasehold
estate situate in the borough of Petrolia, Butler
county, Pa., Being a part of the Reno Ileal Es
tate farm and bounded and described as fol
lows : l>einir lot No. N-'t as per plan of lots on
Railroad street, made by John \V. \\ iek, and
bounded on the north by Main street, east by
Railroad street, south by lot No. 140 and west
bv lot Xo. 81, being 22 l'eet on Main street and
40 feet on Railroad street, corner lot over Hear
creek, together with the certain two-story
building erected thereon, 22x40 leet, excepting
and reserving the room fronting on Main street,
first floor, extending back from Main street ten
feet; thence toward Railroad street to end occu
pied bv John Dill lor term of original lease.
Seized and taken in execution as the property
of James Ilart at suit of John Dill, Assignee.
\VM. 11. HOFFMAN, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, IJutler, I'a., Nov. 10, 187 i*.
Kojice in Furliiion.
In the matter of the petition of F. J. O'Don
nell for partition of the Real Estate of
Mary O'Donnell, dee'd.
Butter County ».«:
r, —■ And now to wit, Oct. Bth, 1870,
■I SEAL. > petition presented.
( —' ) Now, therefore, you Francis J. 0,-
Donnel,Michael McGinleyand Ellen McGinley,
Bridget Jane Forquer, and Wm. Forquer, John
Bole, the purchaser of Edward O'Donnell's
interest; Emma and Martha O'Donnell and
Francis Slator, Guardian of the said miners,
Eliza O'Donnell, Sarah Isubell Gillespie, wife
of Mannassas Gillespie, dee'd, Mary Elvira
Ilenson, Win. Benson, John Sylvester O'Don
nell, you and each of you, are cited to be and
appear at an Orphans' Court to be held at But
ler, in and for the County of Butler, on the Ist
day of Dec., 187!>, to show cause, if any you
may have, whv a partition of the real estate
of Mary O'Donnell, dee'd, of which you are
heirs and representatives, should not be made
as prayed for.
Returnable to next term.
Witness the Hon. E. McJunkin, President
Judge, at Butler, this 17th day of October,
I.K7!* W. A. WRIGHT,
novl3-3t Clerk.
Notice to Supervisors and All
Others Interested.
The following road petitions will be presented
for confirmation on Wednesday, the 3rd day of
December, 1879 :
Road in Middlesex township, beginning at a
point at or near the spnnghoute of John Fred
leys, to a point at or near the northwestern
boundary of the burial grounds of the United
Presbyterian Church of Glade Mill, in said
Road in Washington township, beginning at a
point on the Billiard mill and Suubury road on
the line between Samuel Hilliard and heiis of S.
G. Meals, and to connect at or near the end of a
lane leading from David Stewart's house with a
road leading from Christie bridge to Sunbury,
in Cherry township
nl2-3t) W. A. WRIOHT. Clerk of Conrt.
Slu'i-iil *s
; By virtue of sundry writs of Fieri Facias.
J Venditioni Exponas. Levari Farias. >Vc.. issued
(.ut of the Court of Common Pleas cf Butler
| county and to me direcled. there will be ex
; pose 1 to Public Sale at the C >:irt House, ii. the
' borouu'a of B uler, on
o MDnday, December Ist, 1373,
0 at one o'clock, P. M.. the following described
property, at- follows:
£D No 117 lf.fi. 180 Dec Terra. 1879. Miller A
' I Bro.. T CJ Campbell. Att'ys.
I All tl o right. title, intere.-t and claim of Rob
i ert MeC ndiena of. in and to a lot of ground
situate in the borough of B itler. Butler county,
j Pa., containing 40x100 feet, more or less. 1 ouud-
I. ! ed north by Pearl street. oast 1-y Washington
. street, south '..y Kalev and west by other lot of
■ defendant Seized and taken in OXBCU ion as
■ the property of Robert McCandless at the suit
T of Batler Savings liauk, John Berg A Co. and
[ Joseph Douthctt.
-;E DNo 117. 1G". 180 Dec Term. 1870. Miller A
t I Bro.. T C Campbell, Att'ys.
I All the right, title, interest an l claim of Rob
' eit McCandless of. in and to a lot of ground
situate in the borough of Butler. Butler county.
Pa . containing 40x150 fert. more orle.-s. hound
ed north by Petri street, east by MeCandless,
south bv vacant lot and west by Haley and otl>er
5 lot of defendant. Seized and t:iken in execu
, | tion as tlie property of Robert McCandless at
' the suit of Butler Savings Bank, John Borg A
1 ; Co. and Joseph Doatliett.
■ ED No 117. 16fi. 180 Dec Term. 1873. Miller A
Bro., T C Campbell, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Rob
ert McCmdless cf. in and to 2 acres of land,
mo v e or less, situated in Penn township. Butler
county. Pa., bounded north bv II y. east by
public road, south by A G Campbeli. and west
by David Douthett ; two fr»me dwelling houses
and frame stable erected thereon. Seized ai d
taken in execution as thi property of Robert
McCandless at the suit of Butler Savings Bank,
John Berg A- Co. and Joseph Douthett.
ED No 117. li"6. 1«0 Term. 1879. Miller A
Bro., T C Campbell Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claiai cf Rob
ert McCandless of, iu and to 55 acres of lan l.
more or less. situated in Penn township. Butler
county. Pa., bounded north by John Brown, east
by Dutchtown road, south by Amos Mates, and
west byDcrsey heirs: frame house, frame stable,
log bouse, log stable and orchard thereon.
Seized and lakfii in execution as the property of
Robert McCandless at the suit of Butler Savings
Bank, John Berg A Co. and Joseph Douthett.
ED No 184. Dec T, 1879. Jobn M Greer, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest an 1 claim of T M
Gill of, in and to 225 acres of lan 1. more or Jess,
situated in Slipperyroek township. Butler coun
ty. Pa., bounded north by Hiraiu Gill, east by
John Kerr and Thomas Kerr's ii«irs, sonfh by
Wm Bingham et al. and west by Harvey Christ
ley et al; two dwelling bouses. franM barn,
soring house, granary, wood house and two
orchards thereon; mostly cleared. Seized and
taken iu execution as the property of T M Gill
at the suit of A J Bard, administrator of Mar
garet Diven. deceased.
ED No 38. Dec T.. 1879. T C Campbell. Att'y.
All tlie right, tit'e. interest and cUi.n of F M
Eastman of, in and to 5 acres of land, more or
less, situated in Butler borough. Butler county.
Pa., bounded north by Penn street, cast by Mrs
Mitchell, south by Dr Dieffenbacher, and west
by Mercer road: under fence. Seized and taken
in execution as the property of F M Eastman at
the suit of John Berg A Co.
ED No 33, Dec T. 1879. T C Citrpbfll, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of F Si
Eastman of, in and to all that certain niece or
parcel of land, situate in Summit township.
Butler county. Pa., bounded and described as
follows : beginning at a stone on the northwest
comer, thence by land of Walter Bin lev (now
Duffy i, north 68 degrees east 105 7-10 perches
to a stone on tho northeast corner, .thence by
lands of Collins heirs north I % degrees west
81 5-10 perches to a post on the souti eas*: corner,
thence by lands of James Kearns north 89de
grees 133 210 perches to a post on the south
west corner, thence by lands of Goorge Reiber
south) 4 deg. 83 5-10 perches, thence from this
point westward the distance of 30 perches to
the Butler and Washington road, and fr.im said
road back again by a parallel line to the west
boundary line of said tract, thsreby giving and
hereby including a road two rods wide and 30
rods long from said west boundary line of tho
tract of land, thence by lands of Robert TTeury
(now Duffy) south degrees west 56 6-10
perches to a stone on the northwest corner the
place or beginning, containing 9) acres, nr>ra or
iess; two-story frame dwelling house, framo
barn and orchard thereon; about 50 acres
cleared. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of F M Eastman at the suit of John
Berg A Co.
ED No 115, Dec T. 1879. John M Greer. Att'y.
All the right, title, iutcrest and claim of Eliz
abeth Steel of. iu and to 2 acres of land, more
or less, situated in Butler boronsb. B;itler coun
ty, Pa., bounded north by L Z Mitchell, east by
road; two-etory frame dwelling house and frame
stable thereon erected. Seized and takon in ex
ecution as the property of Elizabeth Stool at
the suit of John Lawail for iu.e.
EDNo6. 62 A 63. Dec Term. 1870. Georgo W
Fleeger. T C Campbell. Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and ciaim of Jaa
S Craig of, in and to 12 acres of land, more or
less, situated in Concord township. Butler coun
ty, Pa., bounded north by Wilson et al, east bv
Dr Conn et al, south by Asa Say. and west by
Christy; two board houses and burl stable
there u. Seized and taken iu execution as the
property of James S Train at the s.lit of John
Morrow and Howard Hamilton.
ED No 123, Dec Term, 1879. George W Flee
ger, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Wm
SI Abrams and J Y Foster of. iu and to all that
certain tract or parcel of land situate and lying
in Fairview township. Butler county. Pa , bound
ed ami described as follows : beginning at a post
thence by lands of Adams north 30 minutes west
180 perches to a po6t. and thence by lands of
Wm Rodger* and Nancy Da.ighertv south 83 de
grees and 30 minutes east 19( 7-10 perches to a
post, thence by lands of Matthew Banks south
t>o minutes east 180 perches (also by lands of
widow Smith) to a post and thence by 1 mils of
Mamuel Riddle north 89 degrees and 30 minutes
west 190 7-10 perches to the place of beginning,
containing 214 acres and 80 perches, more or
l«es- Seized and taken in execution as the
property of Wm M Abiams and J Y Foster at
the suit of Citizens Savings Bank of East Brady,
Clarion county. Pa.
ED No 186, Dec Term, 1879. John M Miller A
Bro, Ait'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Rob
ert Vanderliu of. in and to all that certain parcel
or tract cf land situate iu Venango and Marion
townships. Butler county. Pa., bounded and le
scribed as follows : beginning at the southwest
corner at a post, thence by tho lands of Neal
Gormley aud Dickson Atwell north 203 7-10
perches to a post ou the public road leading
from said Atwel's to graded road, thence along
said public road 70% degrees east 52 perches to
a post set on the road, thence south 81 degreos
east cl 2-10 perches to a post set in said graded
road, thence along said graded load north 48
degrees eatt 92 perches to a post, in said graded
road, thence by lands of said Robert Vanderlin
along s tid graded road north 51% degrees east
46 2-10 perches to a post in said graded road
thence by lands of Samuel Fleming. Wm Bran
don and Michael Conway south 173 7-10 perches
to a hickory, thence by lands of John Jamison
97 6-10 perches to a post, tlieuce by lands of
Stephen Vanderliu and Joseph Cummins we.st
176 8-10 perches to place of beginning, contain
ing 253 acres and 40 perches. Seized and ♦ iken
iu execution as the property of Robert Vander
liu at the suit of Mary C Durant.
ED No 18G, Dec Term, 1879. Jobn M Miller A
Bro.. Att'ys.
All the ricbt. title, interent and claim of Rob
ert Vanderlin of, in and to all that certain piece
or parcel of land in Venango township, Butier
county. Pa., beginning at a post thence west by
lands of Dickson Atwell 214 0-10 perches to an
irouwood. thenco by lands of Wm Osborne's
heirs 2ll)j perches to a po-it, thonce south by
lands of James Conner's heirs and others 150
6-10 perches to a post, thence 44% degiees west
along graded road 46 2-10 perclies to a post,
tlieuce south 48 degrees a!org said road 9-!
perches to a post, thonce north 84 degrees west
along public road tll}{ porches to a post, thence
7 % degrees west 52 perches to the place of be
pinning, containing 2>3 acres a-id allowance.
Seized anil taken in execution as tha property of
Robert Vanderliu at the suit of Mary C Duraut.
E. D. Nos. 51, 17S, 175. 211. 212 A 213, Dec
Term. 1879. John M. Greer. T. A S.,
and Ferd. ltciber, Att'ys
All tho right, title, interest and claim of An
drew Campbell of, in aud to 350 acres of land,
more or less, situated in Allegheny township,
Butler county, Pa., bounded on The north by
lauds of Coulter Gibson, east by lands of
Hulings, south by lauds of Gibsou A Fleming,
ami west by lands of Blyoiiiler A Campbell;
three frame dwelling houses, one framo barn,
two coal banks aud orchard ther«on; about 2; 10
acres cleared. Seized and taken in execution as
tho property of Andrew Campbell at the suit of
Nettie Waun, It M McCall for use, Join Berg
A Co et al.
E D No 107, Dec Term, 1879. Brandon &
Greer, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Eli/,
abetli Allisou of, in a*'d to thirty acres ol land,
more or less, situated ill Wlntleld township,
Bu'ler county, Pa, l>< uuded north by public
road running from llannahstown to Denny's
mill, east by lands ol Jas B Kennedy's heirs,
south t>y lands ol Henry Frank, and west by
lands of Mrs Vogelcy's heirs. Seized mid taken
ill execution as the property of Elizabeth Alli
son at suit of Joseph and Mary Johnston.
E D No 47, Dec Term, 1879. W D Brandon,
All the right, title, interest aud cla'rn of
Jacob Millisou ot. In and to tlf'y acres ot land,
more or less, situate iu Muddy creek township,
Butler county, I'a, bounded north by Birzely,
e.ist by same, soulli by Truesdale aud west by
Truesdale and \V: Ight; log house, log b.iru and
orchard thereou. Seized aud taken in execu
tion as the property ol Jacob Millisou at suit
of Alexander Wrisrht.
E D No 113, Dec Term, 1879. John M Greer,
: I All the riuht, title, interest and claim of Fred
Rauscbcr of, in and to a lot of ground situated
r iu tlu boronth of Butler, Butler county. Pa,
; cotit lininir ICO 'eel fiont by 180 feet back,
' : bounded north by Pearl street,e st l>y an alley,
j south by M Sullivan aud west by Washington
street; a nvo-steiy frame dwelling house, coal
[ shed and suioke house i hereon erected. S- iaced
• and taken in execution a- the property of Fred
j Rnuscher at suit of Tru-tecs of St Joseph's
. Church, No Hi Oakland, Butler couuty. Pa.
' E D No 179, Dec Term, 187.). W A Forqner,
| All the ri r|il, lii.'c, interest and claim of A C
: Williams of, in aud to thirty-six acres of land,
more or less, siluat- d in Allegheuy town*lii;;.
j Butler county. Pa, boun 'ed north ' v II Kohl
| inyer, east by Ctoss, smth by A Kelly aud
wet-t Ijy A Brittuiu ; two oil wells,
| two b i'ers, two engines, boiler and engine
I houses, derricks, tuleng, tanks, rod',
i (rune barn, log l on-e. large fruiie b >ardi. ir
j hou~e and ten sii! :ll board houses II.IMVOU.
| Seized and taken in exei uii u as the property
I of A C >\ ii'iatL- at suit of Foster it lloil nan.
E 1) No 235, Dec T. rui, 1S7!). T. C. Campbell,
All ihe riebt, ti.lc, iutcrest and claim of J.is
Met;rath of, in and to two hundred acres of
laud, more or les*,-ituate l hi Centre township.
Butler couuty. Pa. bounded eortls br S il Rid r
and John Mi ikeley, cast by Pine Tract, south
• y Bi.iine heirs and west by Geo McCanuiess
and Wiu Allison ; al>nut tlf'iy acres cleared, two
log iwid one frame dwelling houses, one fl ruring
mill, h.tru and outbuildings thereon Seized
and I keE in execution as the propeityof
McGralb at suit of John M (ire r for use.
E D No 237, D c Term, 1870. \V II 11 Riddle,
All the title, interest aud cliirn of J 1.
Sproule of, tn and to seventy five acres of laud,
more or less, situate in Fait view township. But
ler county, I'a. bono.le.l north by Samuel Rid
d!e et al., ea<t bv Mrs Edwards el al., south by
J P Campbell farm (DOW owned by W S Mc-
Cullough et al.) and farm of 11 1. Tai lor & Co,
and west by 1 uids known as the Foid and
Craig farms, b-inir part ol the oil Kiukaid
farms: a livo-sti rj brick hou-e, Ir.tme si ible
and other outbuildings thereon. Seized aud
taken in execution as the property of J L
Sprogle at suit of Robert Kiukaid.
E D Nos -25 & 227, Dec Terra, 1579. Miller &
Bro. and Ferd Reil>er, Att'ys.
All the riy;lit, title, in crest and claim ol Sam
uel VVaiker 01. In ai.d t > a lot or parcel id
ground situate iu ihe borough ol Bu:!er. Butler
county, Pa, containing 00x180 feet, more or
less, bounded north by street, eat by an alley,
south by John Iluselton, and west by M liu or
ULjli street; a two-story frame dwelling house
thiTcon erected. Seized aud taken in execution
as the proper y of Samuel Walker at the suit of
Clarence Walker lor use, and Jonn Berg <& Co.
E D Nos 225 & 227, De? Term, 1879, Miller &
Bro and Ferd Reiber, Att'ys.
All the ri:ht, title, iutcrest and claim of Sam
uel Walker of, in and to eight acres of land,
more or iess, ,-itnate in Butler borough, Butler
county. Pa, bou ided uorili by lauds of Henry
Wagner, east by street and Baucis' machine
shop, s.iu:h by Mifflin street and west by lan:!s
of 11 I Klinirler; brlek dwelling house, frame
stable and outbuildings theieon c eetcd. Seized
and taken iu exc anion as tlie property ol Sam
uel Walker at suit of Clarence Walker for use,
and Jobu Berg and Co.
E I) No IG7, Doc Term, 1879. Lev Mt-Qiiis
tiou, Att'y.
All the risrht, title, interest and claim of Jas
Tlioru and Wm McCuidy ot, iu and to one hun
dred and scveuleen acres aud ten perclies of
land, more oi less, situated iu Jackson town
ship, Butler county. Pa. boii ided north by Ira
Staufl'er, east bv Jacob Fvdler, south bv An
drew Ziouler aud west by John Ha-e; thirty
five acres woodland, a Iwo-story brick house,
two frame barns, a one-story lraiuc hou.se, coal
bank, lime quarry and good orchard tlicrc-on.
Seized aud taken in execution as the property
of James Thorn and Win MeC :riy at suit, ol
L McCnrdy and Catharine MeCurdy.
E D Nos 181 & 182, Dec Term, 1879. Miller &
B r o, Att'ys.
All the ri lit, lirle, interest and claim of J W
Christy of, in and to nineiy-six aeses of land,
more or less, situate in Cherry t wn.-liip. But
ler county, Pa, bounded north by land" of
Kelly, easi by Sullivan Bros, south by William
Dobsou et :d, and west by Josiah Hall; mostly
cleared, a small plank dwelling house aud small
stable thereon. Seized and taken i' execution
as the property of J W Christy at suit ol rt'n
Campbell, Jr.
E D Nos 181 & 182, Dec Term, 1579. Miller &
Bro., Att'ys.
All the ri:ht. title, interest aud claim of J W
Christy of, in an I to twS hundred and seventv
five acres of laud, more or less, situate In Clay
township, But'er county. Pa. bounded north by
John Wilson, east by James Wolford, south by
Rciiec-ca MeKiselck et al. and west by J -I Mil
ler et al ; mostly cleared, frame dwelling hou-e,
loir barn, granary, ivcron shed and other out
buildings thereon. SeiZ'J 1 and taken in exeeu
liou as the property of J VV Christy at suit of i
Win Campbell, Jr.
E D No 238, Dec Term, 1879. T C Campbell,
All the right, title, interej-t and claim of J F
Timmeny of, in :>tid to a lot or oarcel of land
situate in the borouirh ot Butler, B.Jtler county,
Pa, being lot No 4 in Dauirherty plan of lots,
and bounded north by J It Truxnll, east by Elm
street, south by G W Fleeger and west by an
nil y, containing 4ti by 72 feet, more or less.
Seized and taken in execution as tlie property
ol J F Tiiuiucny at suit of John M Greer for
E D Nos 114 Si 110, Dec Term, 1870. John M [
Greer Att'i.
All ihe right, till , interest and claim of II
Sengeli'b of, in and to thirty-eight acres ol iaud,
more or less, t itualed io Lanca-ter township,
Butb-r county, la, bounded north by Cornelius
Btighley, east by Diviil Matthews, south by
Walter Seolt and west by George Dindinger ;
mostly cleared, frame house, loir barn and o eh- ,
aril ihereon. Seized aud taken in execution as ,
the property ol 'I Senge'ob at suil ol Jaiues
Newtou aud S W Bailey, partners ao Newton iX
F, D Nos 94 & 124. Dec Term, 1879. Ferd
Reiber and N Bla:k, Att'ys. !
All Ihe right, tile, interest and claim of;
Christian Leopold of, in and to 220x150 feet of
land, more or le-", situate in Millerstown bor- |
cu_rh, iluticr corf'ity. Pa, hounde-l north by J I
D Aldinger, east by an alley, south by Slip- j ;
peryrock slreet and xvest. by John Class ; seven j
board or plank houses, and a I ,r_re t ■ o-s:ory j |
frame building, used as a hotel, erected tli reou. j
Seized and taken in bxeculion as the property |
of <"hrist:-»u Leopold at suit of A Jam ii 1 and i ,
0 Barnhart.
E D No 212, Dec Term 1879. Reiber, Att'y.
All tie light, title, interest and clai n of Jas
Kelly of. in and to one hundred acres of land,
more or less, situated in Concord township, j
Butler county, Pa, bounded north by II ite M :
Kuh'i, cast by Matthew Morrow, south by Ju-| ]
cob Pis >r and we-1 by John A Campbell; frame l i
house, log birn and orchard thereon, mostly
cleared. Seized ai.-d taken in execution as the ! i
proper!v of James Kelly at suit ol John Berg
A Co.
E D No 234, Dec Term. 1879. Williams &
MilcheP, Atty's.
All the riiriit, title, interest and claim of W |
15 Sedwic-k ut. iu aud to thirty -seven aeres of j i
land, more or less, situated in Allegheuy town- , i
ship. But ler :-onnty. Pa, bound d north by C j
Martin et al, east, by Anderson, south by !
Jimi-ou and west by Jamison , three i
frame dwelling houses and two stables ihcreon
erected; mostly cleared. Seized and taken in i
execution as the property of W B Sedwiek at !
suit ol Scott A Craig.
ED No 2515, Dec T. 1879. T C Canroboll. Att'y.
All the right, fit!?, interest and claim of C as
McCandless of. ia and to all that certain lot or j
parcel of ground situate ui the borough of But- j
ler, Butler county. Pa., sama baing !'>'S Nos. 3 j
and 4 in Iluselton plan of lots in said borough
of Butler, bounded north by an alley. oa.-t by j
an alley, south by lot No 2 iu Baid plan of lots I
owned by Dr O M Zimmerman, aud west by I
Main or High street, having erected thereon |
one two-story brick dwelling louse with mansard j
roof, frame stab's and outbuildings. Seized !
and taken in execution as the property of Oh as j
Me andless at the suit of Henry B Cullum, Re- |
ceiver of First National Bank. Butler, Pa.
ED No 225, Dec T, 1879. T C Campbell. Att'y.
Ad the right, title, interest and clum of Ciias
McCandless of. iu and to 100 acres and 7 perches
of land, more or less, situated in Washington
township Butler couuty. Pa., boun led north by
lands of Sam tie 1 Hiiliard et al., east by lan Is of
Hon E McJuiikin, soulli by lands of Jno Stoops,
ami west by lands of same, being what is known
as the Hannah farm: about 80 acres cleared,
frame house, frame stable, coal batik and orch
ard thereon. Seized and taken in exccnti n as
the property of Charles McCandless at tho suit
of Henry B" Cullum. Receiver of First National
Bank, Butler, Pa.
ED No 228, Dec T. 1879. T C Campbell, Att'y.
All the light, title, interest and claim of Chas
McCandless of. iu and to 25 acres of land, more
or less, situated iu Butler borough. Butler coun
ty. Pa , bounded north by Capt J O'Donntdl's
heirs, east bystreet and alley, south by Chartes
McCandless and H C Heineman. and west by
public road: frame bouse, framo stable and
other outbuildings thereon erected. Seized and
taken iu execution as the property of Charles
McCandless at the suit of H jury B Cullum, Re
ceiver of First National Bank. Butler, Pa.
ED No 22t>, Dec T, 1879. T C Campbell, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Chas
McCandless of. in and to 5 acres of iaud, more
or less, situated iu Butler borough, Butler conn
tv, Pa., bounded north by lands of Charles Mc-
Candless cast by an alley, south by lands of
Joseph B Bredin, and West by lands of H C
Heineman. Seized aud taken in execution a<
the property of Charles McCandless at the suit
of Henry B' Cullum. ltecoiver of First National
1 Bank. Butler. Pa.
• EP No 236, Pee T. 1579. T C Campbell. Att'y.
All the right. title interest and claim of Chas
I McPandle-s • >f. in and to I'J acres nf luul, nioro
I or less. situate- lin Butler b.irong'a, B a'ler eouu
, ty, Ij. bounded north by Connoqueneesing
, creek, east by sam? south by Mrs Nancy Bredin,
, an 1 wetl Lv an alley ami street: frame house,
i frame barn aud other outbuildings thereou
I erectod. Seize! an I t iKhu in execution n» tlie
I property of Charles McCaitdless at the suit of
Henry D Cull. i:u. Receiver of Firs,! Nation a)
, Bank, Butlc-r. I'a.
IEI) So 226, Deo T. 1879. T C Campbell. Atfy.
All the right, tit interest and claim of Chas
: McCan iWh of, in and to ait tli-it certain pieco
or parcul of land situate in Penn tow.iship, !< u
ler county. Pa., bounded as foilov.b: beginning
at a jh et at the northeast corner on lauds of
j Mrs Bnlford tlieuco by lauds of sauie south '1
j degrees c>t 179 perches to a post. thm.ee by
i lat i< 1.-« of Rankin sou ill 89 degrees #f»t 1M
j peroh-es t j a post, thence by lan !s of .Jas Pick
i fin north 2 degrees Wert 179 perches to a po t,
i tunicc by !rand" of 1 hoe liubinson or Charlt**
MeCandless an l ot hero :: -th 89 degrees cant
porches to the nlace of beginning, contai i
ing i.'t! acres aud 7S perches, more or less; log
liou-■*. lor barn aud large orchard thereon;
tnOct y cleared. Seized and taken in execution
ar the property of Ch tries McCandlcss at the
f lit of Heurj li Callum. Receiver of First
National iJaL'k, Butler, Pa.
E I) No 220. Pec T. H79. T G Campbell. Att'v.
Al! the light, title, interest and claim of Chas j
McCandle s of. i i and to all that certain pie e
or paicel of land situate iu Peun township, But
ler county. Pa , bounded as follows: beginning
at the northea.-t corner of the foregoing lands
at a i>ost thence north I deg. west &i}-£ perches
a! mg !&> ds of llrs Bulford to a white-oak.
thence along lands of Ncglev's heirs et al noitli
ss'., degtees west 1! perches to an iron wood
sapliiic. thence along the same north 8 > degrees
we t 13 perches to a post, the' ce along lands of
same n rih 1)9 degrees west 12 parches to three
maples, thence along lands of same north 80
degrees west l'-j' perches to a cherry, tiience
along lands of saiue, same c mn-e. 21 perches to
a white-oak, thence we.-t 18 perches to a crab
tree (corner), thence south still along lands
formerly of same 11 4 ' perches to a post, thence
north 87 degrees east -14 perch -s along
lands formerly of to white oak sa|>-
Ung. t'.enco south 23 degrees east 75 perches by
lands of to white-oak. (hence south
degrees east 72 perch's to a post nt the
place of l» ginning, containing 6t> acres aud 40
lurches, more or Jess; log house, bam and
la go orchard thereou ; nustlv cleared. Seized
and tafcon in execution as the property of Chas
McCandlcss et the suit of Ilem y B Cullum, Be
ceiver of First National Batik. Butler. Pa.
EP No 123 .t 127. Pec Term. 1879. T C Camp
bell, T.ev McQuistion, Att'ys.
Al! the right, title, interei-t and c'aim of Wai
Johnston of. in and to 51 acres of land, more
or less, sitmted iu Adims township. Butler
county. Pa., bounded north by Samuel Pivi Json
and Johnston's heirs, east by Joim Cashd liar
and A C Stewart, south by joiiu Irvin's heir-,
au l Wfs- by Johnston's heirs; frame house, log
barn and an orchard of between 3 and 4 hundred
trees thereon. Seized an l taken in execution
a« the property of Wm Johnston at Ibo suit of
Allen Wiiron for use, and Thomas McCafferty.
E P No 10J, Pec Term. 1579. Hancock A Poulv,
All the right, title, interest and claim of Jas
M Bredin of. iu an to P. 7 acres of land, more or
less, situated in Washington township. Butler
county Pa., bounded rorth bv James Hiirgius,
east by Wm P Miller, south by Sto.er, aud west
by P-itiick Kelly: log house and log barn there
ou erected; ma-tly cleared. Seize! and takeu
in execution as the property of Janes M Bredin
at the suit of Charles Henderson and Margaret
Heuderson iu of Margaret Henderson.
E P No 100. Pec Term 1379. Hancock A Ponlv,
All the right, title, interest and claim of Jas
M Bredin of. in a-d to (-0 ac es of land, m ire or
less, situated in Washington township, Butler
county. Pa., bounded north by Wm Patterson,
east by Lewis Patterson, south by Bobert Petti
grcw; an 1 west bv James Higgins; log house
and log barn thereon ere'.-ted; mostly cleared-
Seized an 1 taken in execution ?.s the property of
James M P.redin at the sui: of Charles Hender
son and Margaret Henderson in right of Marga
rot Henderson.
E D No 100, Pec Term. 1879. Hancock ,t Punlv,
All the right, title, interest and clai.n of Jas
M Bredin of. in and to a lot of ground situated
in the borough of Butler, Butler county, Pa.,
containing 20 town lots, said piece of i;round
being bounded on the north by Herman J Berg,
cast by Hib Citlsoiij eumetery and George Itei
ber. soivii iiy the Kitt tailing rovl and Jefferson
street, and west by Mouron street, said piece of
ground containing about 5 acros. itore or le«.
and being laid out in town lots according to plan
of J*mes M Bredin; lots to by so!d are as follows:
lot No 10 being 51x160 feet fronting south o.i
Jefferson street, a two-story frame dwelling
house thereon erected; No 9, 50xlo0 fuet. front
ing on Jefferson street. with a two-story fram9
dwelling h luxe and outbuildings thereou orected;
part of !■•!. No sof said plan, being east end of
said lot, bounded north by Jefferson street, east
by George Beiber. south iiy Kitt&nning road and
west by patt of samo, lieing about o'JxlitO feet.
Viitli atwo-story frame dwelling house and frame
stable thereon erected. Also the following de
scribed lota of ground in said plan: Lota Nod S,
4. 5'A 11. each fronting on JefTjrsou street.
s!'xlt>o feet Inck to College street; lots No 1!,
14, 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 22, 23. 21 A 25, each
fronting on College strett. 5dx171 feet back to
land of Herman J Berg. Seized and taken "u
execution as tiie pioperty of Jam -h \I Bredui at
the suit of nhirles Hen lcrson and Margajet
Henderson in right of Margaret Henderson.
EP No 2-10, Pec T. 1879. J M Thompson, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Jan
Wilson. Jr.. of. iu and to a lot or parcoi of land
situated io Jefferson township. Batter couuty,
l'a., containing 10 ' acres, more or less, adj >:ii
:ns lards of .~ Haktr, Jacob Keck. John
l.iukhard and others; log duelling I'.OHse and
barn thereon. .Seized and taken iu execution an
the property o? Jaraes iVilsou, Jr., at the suit
e>f 11 1' Scott.
E P No 240. Pec T. 1979. J M Thompson. Att'y.
Al! the right, title, intere.-t and claim of Jas
Wilson, Jr.. of, in and to 19) acres of land, more
or less, situated iu Gakland township, Butler
county; Pa., adjoining lands of John Wliitmeyer.
Johu II Neyman, James Phillips' heirs et'al-:
frame house and frame barn thereon; about 50
acres cleared. Seized and taken in execution as
the propc ty of James Wiison, Jr., at the suit
of It P Scott.
E P No 240. Pec 'l', 1879. J M Thompson, Att'y.
Ail tiie right, title, interact and cl.uui of Jas
Wilson, Jr., of, iu and to 50 acres of land, situ
a < d in Summit township. Uut'er county, Pa.,
adjoining Johu Beer, N Cumuiings and others;
log house and log barn thoneou: about 25 acres
cleared. Seized and taken in execution as the
property of James Wilson, Jr., at the suit of B
P Scott.
E. P No. 118, Dy Term 1879. J M Thompson,
T C Campbell. AtF' s.
Al : the right title, interest aud claim of Hiram '
B >ker of. in aud to 110 acres of land, more or
less, situated in Centra township. liutler county.
PA., hounded north by lands of Andrew Albert,
east by lands of Joseph Brewster's hjirs. south
by lands formerly of John Cres:s. aid west by
lands of Thomas Stewart et al ; a new frame i
house aud barn goo 1 coal bank aid :ipp!e and 1
peach orchard; aNv.it 75 acres cleared. Seized
and taken in execution as the propart vof Hiram
Baker at the suit of II P Sijott and Michael Mo-
F. P No 191 Pec T. 1979. Lev McQuistion, Att'y.
All the right, title, interest and claim of C F
Smith of, in and to all that certain piece or j ar
ea! of lan 1 s tinted i.i Suuimit township. Butler
county, Pa , containing one-half acre on tlio '
south si.-'e of tiie Butler and Coylesville road;
one dwelling house 21x28 feet, oua dwelling -
houso 20x16 oet. ous store housa 20x36 feet and
one stable 20x20 feet thereou erected. Seized
and taken in execution as the property of C F
Smith at the suit of Benedict K ..-t.
E P Nos 313 & 24!>, Dec Term, 1 SOU. WA
Forqjer, Atl'y.
All the rijht. title, interest and .V.iiui ol Hugh
McLaughlin o!, in and to two hundred acres ol
lau , more or less, situated in Slippei yroek
township, IS liler county. Pa, bounded north
by binds of W McLiiigtiUu and Chas MeGan 1-
les», ea-t by I! CritcliSow and W Keuirk, south
by \V M inlsoii aud d T Cli iu ller and wesi by
John T ivlor ; about Hid acre- cleared, balance
iu li.u'ier, with a two-Morv frame house, log
barn an 1 orchard thereou. Seiz -d and taken iu
execution as the pro e ty ol' McLaugh
lin :u suit of W G McLiughlln and M A
E I) Nos 143 100, P, cTom, 1 -<7O. W A
Forquer, Atl'y.
All the i iirbt, title, interest c! dm of W
A Smith ot, in and to titty four acres ot land,
more or lcs», situated iu Wintield township,
Duller county, I'a, bounded nor; h by lands ot
Arch McCall, east by E A llelmliold, south by
Win Gypiier nd west by Peter Cypher; Irauie
house, log barn, wagou ehed.eo n crib, pig pen
aud orchard Illereou. Seiz-d and taken ill ex
ecution as the property ot W A Smith at suit of
M J Mcßridcond Buiumel Bros lor lue.
E I) Nos 223 & 224, Dec Term, lSV'.t. GA &
A T Black, Atty's.
Ail the rii,ht, title, interest and claim ol Jan
Hilliard of, iu and to one hundred acres of laud,
more or less, fituate iu Washington township.
Butler county, I'a, bounded north by Patrick
Kelly and W P Miller, e.ft by Hon E MeJun
kiu, south by Peter llillind and west by .lerry
Milliard; mostly cleared, frame house, frame
barn, coil hunk, orchard and vineyard thereou.
Seized and t iken in exeeut on as the properly
ol »anies Hilliard at suit ol Johu McCalleu,'
Win Sliirn, Kx'r, &c.
E P No 243, Pec Term. 1879.
All the right, title, intere-t an I claim of A N
McCandloss. Matilda Jane McGandless, owners.
•Vc , and A N McCandloss, c infractor, 01. iu and
to a certain lot within the borough of Butler,
Butler county. Pa . beiug 52 feet front and 75
feet deep, bounded north by Jefferson street,
east by George Heiber. south by Kittanuing road
and west by George Sehaffiior; also a cert tin
I building beiug a dwelling house two stories high
with basement, 16 feet front by 22 feet deep.
[ Se.ized and taken in execntion lis the property
of A N MeCandlews and Matilda Jine McCand
i less, owners. ,ti, and A N McC*:idle«s», con
■ tractor, at the suit of George Welwr.
EP No 249. Pec Term, 1879. J M Greer, Att'y.
All i he tit e. interest and ulai.n of Frad •
Hoss of. in and to a certain piecse or par
cel of liii 1 situ ite i in Bttler Dwuihip. B ltlar
c muty. Pa , bonded an! describ»l as follows:
commencing at tin B Uler and Naw Castle road
thence north 14 degrees eaet 51 perches ti a
stone pile, thence s nito 8!) degrees east
perches to a post, thence so ith 2 degrees east
69 perches to a poet, t hence north j » degress
west 9.' perches to the place of begiuuiog. cjn
taiuiug 33 acres, iu >re or l»s:; log uo.ise, frame
stable, outbuilding* and fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken in oxeeution as the property of
| Fredeiick Boss at the suit of George It iss for
, uee of Win Watson.
E D No 211, Dee Term, 18T9. Ferd Beiber,
All the title, interval and claim of Geo
| Mi.Candies- ot, in and to ail that rerlaiu piei-e
I ot jrnjn id situate iu Butler borough, Butler
county. Pa. consisting ot lots Nos 14,15 and 10
in Kobert Graham's plan ot lots in said l»or
ou.'h, and bounded uorth bv Uuloa stieel, east
by an alley, south by nn alley aud w*st tv an
alley, fronting on »:.id Union str-ct 186<i feet
and extending back Irom sai Union street 150
leet, hiving thereon erected a two-story Iruine
dwelling house, outbuildings, <kc. Seized and
taKe i iu exccuiiou as the properly of George
McCandle-s at suit ol Haryey Colbert.
E D Nos 72. 73 A 74. Dec Term, 1879. J N <fe
F S ''urvianee, Att'ys. Te-t Fi Fa from Al
legheny countv, Pa, ED No 31, Dec
Term. 1879. Blak« ly it Bing
ham, Attorneys.
A,I the right, title, interest and claim of The
Pittsburgh, New Cast : e A Lake Erie Railroad
Co upauy of, iu and to all that certain piece or
parcel ot laud situate in the borough ol Zel
iono; le, Butler i-ounty, Pa, coutaiuing one-half
acre, more or less, bound d north by Bistiic,
east by Bentel, south by Wallace and west by
same; . (raine building erected therein, 20x20
feet, aud used us a depot aud station house.
Seized and taken iu execution in the property
ol The Pittsburgh, New Castle and Lake Erie
K.i Iroad Company at suit of S K Johnston,
James 8 Negiey lor use.
E P Nos 72, 73 & 74, Dee Term. 1879. J N ft
F S' l'urviancc, Att'ys. Te-<t Fl Fa from Al
legheny county, Pa, E D No 21, Dec
Term, 1879. Blakelyft Biugham,
All tl e right, title, interest and claim of The
PilUburjth, New Cuslle * Lake Erie ltailroad
Company of, in aud to all that certain piece or
pare-el ot srround situate in the borough ot Har
mony, Butler county, Pa, containing one-half
acre, more or less, bounded north by Jacob
Wise, ea-t lv Otto, south by E:ias Ziegler and
west by Spring avenue ; a board or plank but d
iug thereon, 12x40 feei, used as an engine
houses. Seized and taken in execution as the
property e-l The Pittsburgh, New Cisllc «V Like
Erie K tilroad Couipiny nt suit ol S K Johns
ton, James S Negb-y lor use.
E D Nos 73, 73 ft 74, Dec Term, 1979. J N ft
F S Purvianee, Att'ys. Test Fi Fa from Al
legheny county, Pa, No 21, Dec Perm,
1879, Blakely ft Bingham, Atl'yi.
All the riirht, title, interest aud claim of The
Pittsburgh, New Castle ft Lake Erie Railroad
Company 01, in mid to all that certain piece or
pare-el of land situate in J:ickson township,
Butler county, Pa, containing 350 squ ire feet,
more or less, bounded north by Johu Bayhiser
and Mrs Nixon, cist by Breakneck creek, south
')y Franklin road aud wesi by Harmony road;
station house, 20x40 feet, erected th.reoa.
Seized and taken in execution as the properly
of The Pittsburgh, New Castle it Lake Erio
Railroad Company at suit ol S R Johnston,
James S Negiey lor use.
E P Nos 72, 73 ft 74, Dec Term, 1879. J N ft
F S Purvianee, Att'ys. Tesl Fi Fa from Al
legheny county, Pa. No 21, Dee Term,
1879, Blakely ft Bingham, Au'ys.
All the rUhl, title, interest and claim of T'ia
Pittsburgh, New Castle ft Like Erie Raiiroad
Company of, in and to all tint certain piece or
parcel of laud situate in Ad mis towuship, But
ler county. Pa. containing 30x59 feet, more or
less, bounded north by Frecport and Beaver
road, ea-t by railroad, south aud west by John
Downey. Seized aud tukeu In execution as the
property ot The Pittsburgh, New Castle ft
Lake Erie Klilroid Company at suit ol 8 R
Joh >stou, James S Negiey for use.
The following uiuU be strictly complied with
when propeity is stricken down :
1. When tin plaintiff or other lien creditors
become the purchaser, the costs on the writs
must be paid, mid a list of the li-ns, iucluding
1110 tga e searches on ibe properly sold, to
gether with such lien creditor's rcce-ipt* lor the
amount ol the proceeds of the sale of such
portion thereof as he may claim, must be fur
nished the Sheiiif.
2. All bids must be paid in full.
3. All sales not settled immediately will !>e
continued uutil I o'clock, L». M., of next day,
at which time all pioperty not settled lor will
lie put up a.:d sold at the cxpenso and
risk of the person to whom first sold.
•See Purdon's Digest. 9th edition, page 446,
and Smith's Forms, pasre 384.
novl'3-3t] Sheriff of Butler County.
Widows' Appraisements.
Tiia following appraisements of personal prop
erty set apart for the benefit ot the widows of
decedents have been filed in the office of th®
Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Butler county;
Elizabeth Snyder. $285 85-
Mary Grossmau. $3 )0 09.
Bvlieia Moore, *30;) 00.
Mary Landers, §IBO 00.
The above will be pre-erted far confirmation
on Wednesdav, the 3rd dav of December, 1879.
novi2-fdJ Clerk of Orphans' Court.
Register's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the following final
and other aceouuts of executors, administrators
aud guardians have been filed in the Register's
olnce, according to law. and will be predftuted to
Court for confirmation and allowance on
Wednesday, the 3rd day of December, A. D. 1379,
at 2 o'eioek. P. M-:
1. Final account of Jacob Cooper and James
M. Lindsey, Executors of Wm. Reed, dee'd,
late of Jackson township.
2. Final and distribution account of Win.
P. Braham, Admistrator (le bmtia mi it of Geo.
B. Midl»erry, dee'd, late of Marion township.
3. Final account of Wm. P. Braham, Aum'r
of Orsen Midberry, (lec'd, late of Marion tp.
-1. F.nal account of Orsen Midberry, dee'd,
Adm'r of George B. Midberrv, dee'd, late of
Marion township, as filed by \Vin. P. Braham,
Adm'r of the said Orson Midberry, dee'd.
5. Final account of Robert L. Black, Adm'r
of Robert MeCamey, dee'd, late of Venango
6. Final account of Henry Pillow, Ex'r or
John Pillow, dee'd, late of" Conuoquenessing
7. Final account of Mary Slator and Francis
Slator, Executors of Daniel Slator, dee'd, late
of Donegal township.
8. Final acevunt of William Neely, Adm'r
C. T. A. of Jane Neely, deceased, late of Cran
berry township.
9. Final account of Robert Riddle and Bern.
Douthett, Executors of James Norris, dee'd,
late ol" Clinton township.
10. Final account of Martin G. Thompson,
Adm'r of Robert P. Thompson, deceased, late
of Sliopcryrock township.
It. Final account of 11. 11. Goucher, Adm'r
of W. K. Potts, dee'd, late of Butler borough.
12. Account of Win. Neely, Ex'r of Samuel
Neely, dee'd, late of Cranberry township.
lit." Distribution account of George W. Still
wagon, Ex'r of Jacob Stillwagon, dee'd, late of
Slippervrock township.
14. First anil final account of Robert Ilogg,
Guardian of Jeremiah Elliott, minor child of
George Elliott, dee'd.
15. Final and distribution account of Nancy
Patterson, Trustee appointed by the Orphans'
Court to make sale of the real estate of Samuel
S tough ton, dee'd, late of Clay township.
lti. Filial account of J. C. Slianor, Guardian
of Susan M. Sliiever (now Shanor), minor
daughter of Henry Shiever, late of Zelienople
17. Final and distribution accouutof Matthew
S. Ray and John C. Ray, Ex'rs of John Ray,
dee'd, late of Fairview township.
IS. Final account of Emil Maurhoff, Ex'r
of J. G. Koegler, dee'd, late of Jefferson tp.
ns] H. H. GALLAGHEB. Register.
KxecutorfT Notice.
Letters testamentary on the estate of Jacob
Snyder, dee'd, late ol Middlesex township,
Butler e-ounly, Pa., having 1 een granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to s.ild estate will please make pay.
incut, an I any having claims atrainst the same
will present theui duly authenticated for settle
WM. SNYDER, Bakcrstowu,
novl9 Executors.
Notice is hereby given that A. M. Cornelius,
Assignee of Iteinhart Fulic, ban filed his final
account in the ofHce of the I'rothou.>t*ry of tn#
Common Pleas Court of Butler county, ana that
the «am 3 will be presented U> »*id ™
conlirmitiou and allowance ou the Sri I day of
December next. A. RuasELL.
novs-4t* Prothonotary.
Administrator'* Wotlce,
Letters of administration on the estate of
Mrs. Sarah M. Slianor, dee'd, late of Centra
township, Butler Co . I'a.. having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons knowing thena
selvos indebteJ to said estate will pleise make
immediate payment, and any having claims
will present them dnlv authenticated for settle
ment. DANIEL SHANOH, Adm'r.
nnrt Biffler. Bnrt»>r Ob., Pa.