Wyoming County Whig. (Tunkhannock, Pa.) 1849-1852, October 30, 1850, Image 4

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    ~:~-~~.~,'~~~Ei~t'.~4~E A~IOT - EiEI~~~ ,., ;x~,:.,.
.• ~ •
The Counfy
compAllY,'“hebrporated.bk Acp Pe'nbsylya.
nia Lettis!attire, approved April 9.6,'1850, iSnow
drb . ady ur- teceiie dpplications- for insitrance, ph' 'the
mutual principle, on InoFt kinds of prop , cit'st exiio4d
. .,to.#,strnction by fur': All who Insure to this Ciro:
patty. Will 'share in the prank and and (Tell
will have a vote in - I the election of oilicerzi,.:—a;ccess
to. the books at all 'Limes,—and a' voite in dir/ctini,
, its (Terminus. •• . • '
The following are'the Directors for the 'year ensu,
-'2,8:-Df.PHEUPS; JABEZ JENKriqs, •
oppicetts. • i
President, SHERM A INT D. PHELPS.'
Treasurer, JOHNBUNNELL; '•
• , .'Sectetary, MILTON DANA.
S. H. TAYLOI3, General iAgent,.
Not,thore than - $2OOO taken 'in one .ylsk,, and no
Steam - or other extra-nazardons property lin,n red.
Amount of athtance premium on $lOOO safe farm
property r for a fwe'-years'-insuranee, 9.4.5 p, including
surveyand -- poliey, Other property acconiingio ri,t;
To avoidlitigation, a by-law bas hem, tlopted•that
the Company shall bejesponsible for the correctness . ;
of all 'surveys made by their Agents. Nti sub-agent:
allowed; •- " ,
t • ..*
Acting 'upon' the',Plan of taking no buildings not .
kecuretti.and ha! .lOr6e adopting the
most economical plari,of expenditures; the Direct Ors
confidently anticipatethatinsurance in yyoming,' .
Company tuill'Prove as Safe and as cheap as in any
one in the Slate. •
Applicatids'for insurance or for agencies to be ad
dressed to R. R. Limo; Chairman :ExeCutiyeDom.•; l
mime; or to . MILTON - DANA, Sec. •-
, Tankhannock, June 5, 1850.
• ,
I. i -i•
ClArtcr . verpcltlaY—Caeli Sitstent,e_apitai
$2611,000. I,' '
OFFICE Istio: - 9.8, - MiIICHATS' PtIi.CHANGE,
PfIii.ADELPIII A. i 1 .
"PHIS Company is organize d opom the, "-mixed
. I.•.princinte„ stork and mutual, which' cum[
-features offer to insured Members donbie the,. usual
security. The cash spt em of pavrnOnis has also '
been adopted, thus avoiding the hea 'y drawl a at+
created by unpaid premium notes.
_T e tahle rates
of premium, upon which its . .policies:a a being issu
-ed; is the only scale experience has prOven should.
be adopted as affording requisite security to the in
,sured.'aitti an undintbted gnaranty of th 4 . perpetuity
,T Mich institutions. 'Life insurance, veo - v properlsi,
is arresting the attention of the world.. Trite public
however; in their- commendable willingness to col
brace and employ„its wise and salutary , provisiomi,
should make nitimate'security* the'primary and nin.ll
imporlant"object, which can only be attained by so
adjusting the premiunis as to anticipate Unexpected
losses and fluctuations of every kind.. It - is the pur
pose of this company - annually to credit,"npon the
policies of the holders and books of the company such
an amount of profits as shall not affect the stability
or impair the sacredness of its contracts' ;—thus -the
-h - ofder of a policy of several years standing maybe
'entitled t.) an amount considerably exceeding the nri
-ginal insurance: Premiurits may; at Ithe`, op..lort of
the be' made annually, 'semi-annually,, or
quarterly. PoliciesAviH at , all
titnes ild..ikuichased
by the company at a' fair valuation. Married wo
,rnen can insure the lives of their husband; free from
the claims of creditors'. A creditor mav',insitre :the
'life of 'a debtor: . Insurance may be effected for a
term of years DI 'for life; also on two joint livET, the
money, to be paid on the death of the fir& of irtst.—
Tfie . folloWing, is a sample of the rates per annum ;
s I-
Pts ',fait - year: 7 years. for li fe i Ase.for 1 vearl I s- a 2111.
20 ' 0.21 204.6 el 77 140 WM ,st.t.fl e32e
30 . , 1;31 . 1,3:• 2,36 I. Ell 1,46 !2O ' 4,0)
The above k the amount payable on $lOO insur
ance:l'6e following,a re the officers of the company:
Annanst W. TnosirsoN,ll. Pres'L
CHAS. G. IMLAY, Sec: and .Trea.
' JAMES DURNO,Gen.Agenifor Penn'a.
Exemmuso FarstclAws.
. ,
Tinkliannnoelc, Jos. A. LrsiAst, M. D.
_Montrose, J. BLACKNiAN, 14. D.
-1-All necessary information, together -'wish
blanks:ps . nsEttlqs, Lte. only be_ , rained- gratis by
aPPIYIng to ,', - S. EL TAYLOR, Agent.
THE publishers of the SCIENTIF
CAN , respeetfully 'give nbtice that the, V,lt Volume.
of this valuable Journal .will be cominenccd on the
21st-of September;'Offering, a favorable , opportunity,:
for, all to subscribe-who talte an interest.in the pro
gress and develOpment of the IVleehanics, Arts and
Matbfaeliares of oni;country. The of the
Scientific American is too" well linoWn _throughout
the cartmtry tu.require a detailed ineotint. of the va
rious's-abject:: discuSed through.itv,coluitms.
The aim of theptlbliz-liers iihsrolwaysbeen ti ren
der it the most thoroith and useful scientific lour-,
nate!) the country ;,and to judge of this;' coutpar.i
ingits titeulatibrt and influence with other pobtica
dohs of the sante "class, thei have the unequis 4 ,ocal
evidence of its value as the ;leading - .exponent of the
Arts and Sciences. • ' -
It will be-published weekly-as ,
heretofore in guar-,
to form on' firie paper,. affording at the end ati the
over 400 pates, with an Index, and front', 500, to 600
ENGRAVINGS described by letters of reference; besides
a vast amount -. 61, practical. inforrontitmtconcerning
-the progress of SCiP.NTIFIC and Itlcca'AvicAt. In-
ISEACTIIRING in its various branches. Bgrieniiture,
Masonry, Botany- -in short it einbraces i the entire
range of the Arts r and Sciences.
It also posseAses 'oriainal feathre hot foUtid in
any othet weekly.journal in the cuurilry,.,Niz, an of
ficial list of PATENT CLAMS, prepared rpret , slk for
its columns 'at the Patent Office ' tfins constithting it
the"AMEßlCA . Nl3.apeirony' or Irivarcriok;s:'
In 'connection with the publishing department, the
publishers transact the most extensive. Horne and
Foreign Patent business done in this-country ; eon
se4uerttly their facilities must be correspondingly
per for.
, ,
'TERNIfiI 'per annum, in advance—:-$1 'll4 six
Letters.nuist be patt, paid a'nd.4iiectO4 to
• ! MUNN ee:
L Ptib. Scientific Americap, 724 iFultdn St..
Arty person who will send ns four subscribers for
six months, at our regtilar ,rates shall be entitled to
one copy th
fore same , irmgrft of ? time ; oY we will
furnish 10 copies for 6 mouths- for
• 10 '' 12" c 15
15 ," •12 • 4 ' 22
• 20 . 12 " - • 38
PlitAillUM.—Anv . person Sendino• us ' l three sub
scr bf i bers - Will be entified to a ropy_ " History
of Propellers and Steam Navigation,",. pablisberl
wookform, noW in press, to b:•ready about the first
of October. it will be one.off' 'the most complete
forks - -- - upon the scilicet ever ~,i- z i.ted,"arirl *ill contain
oaf 20 engravings: '
• rr2lirlirONAglirtt l X. 'J
, ,p:orten.hp Ituf, na(tte'ocltriEliCf;APrlts 'faticed7
with, ityonne ;inert of the inane or'S. i P:„Tirsvoserul.:: ,
and ?„uset'tilititutietiv snit Itp 2 . a Sars4latrithi,nWhiele .
thesv call .fli,..Towasend'arsanosparllla, iltnomittallag It
• VlENlTlNE4frrigibisk ke.'ThierosVnkend Is no doctor
. and 'neve'r,i , vas; hat wits formerly a worker ott
it. canes, and the like. a.sstnes the title
of: tlir. for I e Of gain ing 'credit for what he is - •
tan.r lie Isinlso sending oat cards headed, "Tricks. o.
QuiSgka," lb which be says. I have sold the use ot .
Inv 'iloneieor aaVeall. I will give Si P. Townsend
65oqII,hej7wlil iirodtme one single, tailitary proof of •
thin l'litsliatotantion the public pot he deeeitied
andilai rehaso bi 4 the GENUINE, OICIGINAL
()Li) Dr. Jacob Townsend's Sarsepartlia, having on it •
the'Old Dintikenein; family twit br arms; and tide
stivinture shu n ts the coat of arms. • -
JAconti:rth4e6iii ; •
Frine4,4l•o,9tc, 1O Nassau-at., ,Nere inr.k 'city
•ll -oh
f l Ta townsand
-• , ,
• • •
tig i
'i` ' "'GENUINE - '
.1. .„
t •.
'lO ;Dr. To*usefl is now about 7U Yeats Of .a , T4'e,
and ; has - Ilan; beet', finnWn as the AUTHOR and Dis ~
.t 4 END :IA d.t.tAPAItiLLA." Being pout, he was emir.
petled to limit its manufacture, by which romans, j.: ~
has[been kept 'out of market. and the sales circtfm
, ticohed to khoso'only who had proved Its worth, anti
knoWn its] value. It had reached the ears of many,
nevertheicJss, as those persons who had been healed
of sore diseases, and saved from death, proclaimed
Its eicelleoce and Wonderful
ktowipg, ittaty, years ace. that, he ;had by hit
shill, science and experience, devised an article which
wheld• bel - of . "incalculable nay antage to mankind
whet) the means. wouid.he furnished to brine, It into
nnikersar Watley, When its Inectithable chines Would
be 4nown and appreciated. This time has come, the
. ~ ,meseis nre,.s2spplied, this .
• GEritid aria .quallied Preparation
is rpanufactureil on the largest scale, and Is called ,
for throUghout }he length and breadth of theland, es
pecially es-it' is found - Incapable' of degeneration or
Unlike yonnt P. Townsend's, It improves with
age; and never changes. lint for the, better ; because it
j is, prepared n /mien t,„fir principles by a scientific wan.
' The highestknOwled4e of Chemistry , and the latest
. , discoveries 4 1 the art, have all been brought into
reqtdsition ip the mantithrtme of the Old Dr's Stir,
se.phrilia. :Tile Sarsapririihs runt, it Is weWtcriown to
medical men, contains tinny Inediclnnt properties. and
i -, sonic pmpertles,which are inert or useless, turd others,
Which if Teti:dried in prepAnng It for one, prodnce '
. fermentation' and - arid, which lninjurious to the
aysietn. &MU pf .t. h o Vmperties of Sgsapurrilln are
so volatile, that they entirely evaporate and are lost
in ihe , preparation, if they are not preserved by a set:-
I 1 entefir process; known only to those experienced In '
its mminfacture. Moreover. these volatile principles, ,
which fly oil: in i vapor, or no an exhalation, under
' heat, are she Very essential ozediccil properties of the
r : toot, which give to [toll its value.
Any person can hall or stew the root till they go.
a dark colored liquid. which is more from the cote
ring matter in the mot than from one thing else;
they can then strain this insipid or vapid liquid,
• sweeten with sour molasses, and then call it" SAP.-
. .. SAPARILLA EXTRACT or SYltUl'." Butsticeis ~
not the article knots n arf.he
so prepared, that all the Inert pmperties of
• the 4arsaparlllo - reot are firm. removed, every thing
II capable of becoming acid, or of fermentation, is ez
tracted arid rejected; then every particle of medical
i virtue is secured in a pure and concentrated form;
and thus it ii rendered incapiible of losing any at
its valuableand healingtmperues. Prepared in this
L I ' way, it Is made the molt towerfal agent in the
1H! ' Cure of innumerable diseases.
Hetite the nelson why Itte'hear commendations on
every side in its, favor Mt men, women and children.
, .I,lre tied it doing wonder* In the care of CONS MVP
• ITIONS., PINPL'ES, 11140TClIESAnd all affections .
I Rising from
, potrzernies a, marvellous efficacy in ell complaints
' arising from Indigestion, nom -Rcidtty in
the Sousse.%
from unequal , circulation. determinatit'n of to
the' head, pilffitatiorof the heart, cold feet and han 43,1
cold chills and hot Ilaihes nversthe body. It has not Its
egad in COLDS and COUGITS ; anti promotes easy
expectoration end gentle perspiration. relaxing stric-
titres of the itut. throat, and every other tart.
Bud nottling is it., excellence more manifestly
ac m altdacknowledged than in all hinds and stages at
It works wonders •Irt , Cases' of Mao? -11trus. CT
Whites. Failing of the Womb, Ol.ntructud Suppressed
or Painful ..111enani, irrehrearity the menstrual pe
= rioda, and thelllkei and is as effectual in curing all
; the forms of ..IKidary.Diseszes. „
' By m140'011.4 oliitructiomi. and rezalating the gene
-.. •
rat syitem. It gives tone and strength in the wliciter
body, and thus cores all forms of
Nervotus diseases and debility,
and thus phresenm.ur relteves a great variety of other
maladies, as Spiaal Irritation,Xeuraccrin, St. Vitus 'a
Dance, Stacennte. Epifcptic- Fag. Convulsions, &e.
it cleanses the blood, excites the liver to healthy
action, tones the stomach, and gives good digestion _
relieves the bosvels,.of totyor and consOparina, al
lays, fritiatiithatien, purifies the skin, erjaitllsea the
cirenlatina or the Mood, tirmlueing genite warmth
t . equally all over the body. a nd theSnsensible petspirtv.
Lion ; relaxes all strictures and tightness. removes all
.obstractions, and invigorates the entire mervous sys
tem'. Is not this then the
• Medicine yoia pre-eminently need ?
• But ean any or these things be said of F.t. ?own
*end . ; Inferior article ?This ytiniirman's liquid is not
•20 be
because of one GRAND FACT, that one is INCAPA
While the ether DOES; souring, fermenting, and blow
fag the bottles containing it into fragments ; the sour,
, acid liquid osplqdine, and damaging other goods I—
, Must not this borrilild compound be poisonous to the
system?—" What I pet arid roil, a system already dis
eased with acid! What causes Dyspepsia hut acid ?
Do see not, all know thatihen food soars In -on:
,stomachs,whit - mischief produces 7 thselence,
heartburn, palpitation of t e besot, flier complaint:
titanium, dysentery. colic, and corruption of the blend?
What is Scrofula but an acid humor In the body I
What produces all the humors which tiring on Erup
tions of the Skin, Scald Ileadt, Salt Rheum, Err'
elpelas, White Swellings, Fever Sores, and all ulcer
talons Inteirnal and erternall It is twilling under
heaven, bit an acid substance, which LAM. and
thus spoils till the fluids of the tasty, more or less.
'What catim•Rheuirtatisin hut a wan or acid timid,
which insinuates itialf between the joints rind else
. where, irritating and inflaming the tiellenta tissues
upon which it acts 7 So of nervous , diseases. of in,
purity of the,hlood. Of deranged cliculationi and near
' , ly all 010 ailinents which taint human natire.
Noir Is ir not luarible to make and sell, and in
.finitely .rorse to use this ~
' and yet he would fain have it undFstood that Obi
Jacob Tor:mead's ,Ornaias. original Sarsaparilla,
is an 111111TATMIC of his inferior preparation!!
. Beacon' forbid that we should deal in an article
which 'would bear the 'most distant resemblance to
$. Townsend's artids! and which should brim:,
down upon the Old Dr. such n mountain load of corn
plaints and criminarionir front Agents whir have sold,
and porctraserd who have used S. P.. Townsend's
We wish lt understood. because IL Is the - alitottite
'natl.!. P. Townie:net aftiele and Old Dr. Jacob
1 - Townsend's Sarsalmflwo are'hcarra-mideepart and
fetid" dissimilar; that they in every par
; slcular, basing not one ir:ngle, thing in mourners.
I As S. P. 'Posksend Is nrt doctor, and never was,
l is en chemist. no 'pharmaceutist—hums no more of
medicitse or disease than arrymher common, u widen
t title, unprofessninal man, yrhasestarantsc can the pub
: lie haVe that they are receiving a genuine scientific
. rrattlaine. 'containing all the virtues of the articles
used la preparing it, end which are /neap-We of
changes which might render them the AGENTS c
DISOta instead of health.
But erhot- else shouldlexpetted front one wbi
I - , knowitiothine eonfpamtivety of medicine or disease
Icrentdres a pemon of elpetienca um 'cnok.. end
; • ammo Itp even ,e - conimon' d "'cent Meal. ' touch
more important if it that the persons wholuanefecture
medicine; designed for •
Weak tomaichs- nn. a enteekled. Sys
: tem*,
ahould 'knew well ire Medi - Cm! properties of plants,
the hmt,notnrier emiceetra Antattd - Pletulrig their
At i, cm, 'sive Itnewle,dge of the
' - ,Arerlette ebeasesitifdas erect t he human system, and
1 , bow twzdaptsetriedies to the se disediesi, • •
- fcM:SAIE the:1 7 0T OFF IcE
ttilq , -iutis uf the pulmonary organs occosioned by
cold' Tot mucti'praise cannot be bestowed upon
thisietnedv, and the proprietor urges any one aril ic
tesi,;Acith airy of the above complaints, to Secure it at
on e. ; - L
: ?.I 1'14; !ITT s Pil AUL I' PlL.LStbibles•t fain ,
ikT physic noW in the country lair ,sick head-ache,
- chstiveness, carrying' off ' diseased bumotls, and re
!tori ng • heali li.
—Fur removing female pbstructions peculiar to the
sex, arising from cold q general- weakapss of the
svNtern ; also for - fetnitlesioi costive ,habits of body,
dyspeptic or •serCoui symi , Mms, debilitated females.
Rit PPE R T I's E VE- WA 177...t?,--F4 weal; or
inflamed eyes, warranted superior to any lin. g:71€7111
TER, for pain ur wealtness in the breasa, side, ur
RAI'PER rrs Ii aThll'alb—The great woo:7)-
1611er, irurremLe(/ toier-rwrev worms wAcn then exist.
sprains, Rheumatic pains, cramps, numhriess, stiff
ness or weakness of the joints, swellings, quinsy
or sore MI oat—the ercules4 ren:dy n j Lke aPR•
r.9 -The above eelebrated. Medicines for sate by
die fol!owing A.gebts : C. E. LATHROP and JNO.
EL. BOGA la, Tod, honnwk ; Capwell, fly & Co.
itetorpti Ile ; Slum. liattersor. & Co. ilbilodon Cen
tre; J. Lyons A:: Son, Montrose: Thomas Jackson
:_;:ringrdic ; Kerlin iv.; Ashley, Brooklyn.
'July 15, 1850,
- t c..." 5 ``,/r" , ,,,„ec `, 4a. 4' ZZI\T*7 •
Commedicing I,ailh, the Atli .I‘ 4 o.
The original projectorand proprietor Graham's
llagaz Lae, havingagainlassumed the entie manage
ment of I,biq faydrite- periodical, purpotiss to com
mence a new voltim sot Unrivalled Excellence, with
the number IorJU:LY. • The early copies Will b t rea
dy tur the mails, stk., and will be il,lll4rated with
thie most sp'ertltid set of En,graring.s that Ore crer ap
peared itt an Auterittin Wear. Defying di l e proudest
English Annuals TO excel in magnificence khese beau
tiful specimens of arti,tic skill.
Colored in the unapproachable style of he French
Artists, will be rei4urned and will represel ' nt correct
ly the elegant goods forwarded to this country to
Mess. L. J. Levy & Co. of Philadelphia, 4nri Stew
art of New York. The evidence of their authenti
city will he found on the counters of these gentle
men, simultaneously with the Monthly publication
of Graham's Magazine. Extensive arrangements—
with the concurrence of thitse gentlemcn,are now be
ing,.made in Paris, to forward prOmptly • these cor
rect, and elegant plates, which will he a department
of "Graham's Magazine," that will set at defiance
all attempts at imitation or competition.
Our hhrmer list of Yallialde contributors are re-en
gaged, and arrangement's are perfected for a series
of most
from such writers a's the following :
Henry W. LongfeLoW, W. Gilmore Simms, J.
Russell Lowell, E. P. Whipple, J M. Legare, Geo.
D. Prentice ' Alfred B. 'Street, N. P. Willis, - Will.
Cul'en Flrrarit, Nathaniel Hawtqrne, William H.
Herbert, Jas.' Pennirriore Coopkr,• Richard Penn
Smith, J. M. Morehouse, Henry,B. Hirst.
MN.- Lydia H. Signorney, Nis. E. C. Kinney,
MN: E. J. Eames, MN. Elizabe t l . th Oakec Smith,
Mrs. Jtiseph C. Neal, Mrs. Ann ..‘, Stephens, N/iSs
Emma C. Eanbury, Miss Enna Duval, Mrs. Sala
Smith. -
1 Great- Chance far Three Dollar', Subscriber)! •
We will , end three dollar stihscr L tbers, to the new
volume, to commence with the July number, a very
sclendid new plate, called " The Pirst Prayer," or
Bullet's mittrniti.-ent print of " Cblist blessing little
Celtldren," just fiuMeti to a very Masterly
large cabinet picture.
• 134 Chenut st. Phila,
May 8, 1850.
•••• MI • .1s #.4 Alk lmr Mom
,I\4 wi-W4s.hia
AT a meeting of the Prosi,lent and Managers of
the Tunkhannoek..Bridge Co. at Tunkhannock,
pursuant to notice previously given, f it was
Rani - cell, That burti:s be' opened tot subscription io
the capital - stock pf,,the...conapatay.,. in order to sup
ply fife additionalamount required for the speedy
erection of a suitable and substantial Bridge across
the river at Tunkhannock; and thht the 'President
tie requested to ael efliciently;and ale to procure the
services of such other; persons as ay be necessary
and Suitable to'carry.out the intet4ions herein ex
pressed. i s,
nesoirmti, That these, proccedingslbe duly recorded
in 'the Books of the Company, anti pUblished in the
Newstiapers.of Wyoming county.
E. FIAP.DING, Prest. "
-T .' T
Hir,ll. OCUM,
, ~..
, .
Attest: - P. M. psTEtalotrt.
B. V. - Dttrhaat, Clerk. - I Managers.
Feb.2B, 1849.-9-tf.. , 1 . .
ca - ( 3! Lg u. az, e va
BEING now supplied with a han&orne assort
ment of new ancl!fasiiienable
and having seuiie - eiPercenee in theart of
1FP20204735C95E11211 4 :Ww 9
the subscriber 1.9 prepared to: execute all kinds of
abbl'alED . -3413 lima g
Handbills Caid's*:-Mbels &c St.c &c
1 , 0 •
la:gigl Style antoft leasonable
Public patronage, reApeerfully soliCited.
TUNVIANNOCK, Nov. 11349.
COLE AGENC.Y.;--Dr. Wrig,fit'o Indian Vegeta,
1.7b1e Pills in Tunkhannock; by_
.4 U. BoLLus.:
;only, t 7, 109.
'•'' - - •
• ,-„imorrAirs r
• -Life Pills And Phoenix' Biiteis.`
-These Medicines haire now been before the
.public for a period of FIFTEEN yEAEs f and •
• •
daring that time havemainiained n; high charac
ter in almost every part of the globe for their ex
. trumiireary and immediate power of restoring per
feet health to persons suffering under nearly every
kind of disease to which the human frame is liable.
• of certificated instants, the' have 'even re'cued
sufferers froth the viiy Verge 'of art untimely •
grave, after all the deeepthre nostrums of th 6 day
had utterly' failed ;int' to many thousanda they
have permanently secured that uniform enjoy
' meat of health, without which life itself IS 'but
a 'partial . blessiag. S% great, indeed, has , their
efficacy invariably and-infallibly proved, that it
has appeared scarcely less than miraculous to
those who were acquainted with the beautifully ,
philosophical principles upon which they areicom
• . 'pounded, and upon which they consequently act
• It was to their manifest ,rfud sensible action in
purifying.the springs and channels of life, and en
duing them with renewed tuna and. vigor, that
they were indebted for,their name.
Unlike the host of pernicious quackeries which
boast of vegetable ingredients, the LIFE MEDI.
CINEs are purely and solely vegetable; and
contain neither Mercury, nor Antimony; nor
Arsenic, nor any other mineral, in any; form
whatever. They are entirely composed of ex
- tracts from rare and powerful plants, the virtues
of which, though long knoWn to several Indian
tribes, and recently to sonic eminent pharmaceu
tical chemists, are altogether unknown to the
• ignorant pretenders to medical science; and were
never before admit *gtered in so happily eificacique
a combination.
The first operation e 5 to Loosen from the. coats
of the stomach and bowels the . various impuri
ties and crudities constantly, settling round them ;
and to remove the hardened fieces which collect
in the convolutions of the small intestines. Other
medicines only partially cleanse these, and leave
such collected masses behind to produce habitual
Costiveness, with all its train of evils, or sudden
Diarrhma with its imminent dangers. This fact-
is well-known to all regular anatomists - who•ex
aniine the human bowels after death; and hence
the prejudice of these well-informed men against
the quack medicines of the age. The second
effect of the VEGETABLE LIFE MEDI.
OWES is to cleanse the kidneys and the blad
der ; and, by this menus, the liver and lungs,
the healthful action of which entirely depends
upon the regularity of the urinary organs. The
blood, which takes its red color from the agency
of the liver and lungs, before it posses into the
heart,-being thus purified by them, and nonri....shed
by food conning from a clean storitach, courses
freely through the veins, renewe every part of
the system, and triumphantly mounts the ban
- ner of health in the blooming cheek.
The following are among the distressing va
riety of htinian diseases in which the vEGE.
TABLE LIFE EIEDIDINEs are well known -
to be infallible.
• DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the _
first arid second stomachs, and creating a tow of
pure healthy bile, instead of the stale and acrid
kind flatulency, Loss OF APPF.TITE
ANXIETY, LANGUOR., and Mm.micnots, which '
are the general symptoms of Dyspepsia, will
vanish, as a natural consequence of its cure,
Costiveness, by cleansing the whole length
of the intestines with a solvent process, and
without violence; all violent purges leave the
bowels costive within two days.
Diarrhea and Cholera,' by removing the
sharp acrid fluids by which these complaints are
occasioned, and by promoting the lubricative se
cretion of the mucous membrane.
Also worms, :4 uir'..ccong Ronk tne tunings
of the bowels- the slimy matter to which these ''•
creatures adhere.
A s th m a and Consumption,. by relieving the
air-vessels of the , lungs front the mucous which
even slight colds will or esion, and which, if not
1 removed, becomes hardened, and produces these
1 dreadful diseases.
tpz 177.
Scurvy, Ulcers, and Inveterate So res by
the perfect purity which tftose LIFE Billiail
ciNEs give to the blood, and all the humors.
Scorbutic Eruptions and Bad Complex
ion% by their alterative effect upon the fluid that
feed the skin, and the morbid state of which occa
sions all eruptive complaints, sallow, cloudy, and,
other disagreeable complexions.
The use of these Pills for a very short time
will effect au entire cure of Salt Rheum, and a
strikin g improvement in the clearness of the skin.
Common Colds and hime nz e will always be
cured by one dose, or by two even in the worst
PILES, As a remedy for this most distressing
a n d obstinate malady, the VEGETABLE LIFE
=onus deserve a distinct and emphatic
recommendation. It is well-known to hundreds
in this city, that the former proprietor of these -
valuable Medicines was himself afflicted with this
• compaint for upwards of THIRTY-ME YEARS ; and
that he tried in vain every remedy prescribed
Within the whole compass of the llfateria Medica.
Ile however at length tried the Medicine which
is now effered to the public, and he was cared in
a very short time, after his recovery had been pro
nounced not only improbable, but absolutely im
possible, by any human means.
For this scourge of the western country these
Medicines will s be found a safe, speedy, and , cer.,
twin remedy. Other medicines leave the system
subject to a return of the disease—a cure by these
medicines is permanent-LTRY THEM, BE
Bilious Fevers and Liver Complaints.
General Debility, LOPS OF APPETITE, AND
DIHEAsEs of I E sim..r.s—these medicines have been
used with the most beneficial results in cases of
this description :—Kr.co's Evil. and Scitotrut:A, in
its worst forms, yields to the mild yet powerful.
action of these remarkable Medicines. Maur
Swears, Nimmons DEnrurv, NEnvons - COSI
PAyrratt's CoLtu, aro speedily cured.
. Persons whose constitutions have become im
paired by the injudicious use of MERCURY, will
find these :tledicines a perfect cure, as they never
fail to eradicate .from-?ho system all the etre - Ms of
Mercury infinitely sooner than the most-powerful
preparations of Sarsaparilla., A single trial will
place them beyond the reach of competition, in
the'estintution of every patient.
Severave late been discovered, and their
nefarious authors arrested, both in [Welty of New
York and dbroad.
But of no one who is' not an *Erman=
ra Prepared and sold by Dr. W. B. MOFFAT,
- 336 Broadway, New Yotk: •", ! , t,
PA., t
Geipral Agent'for-Wyoming County.-
. January.% 185,0,1
-,:-- ,:-. 'ffloFgsBl;oß BARRY,?S:. • ••;'
Ificeptierous . or :Medicated - Convonmiq
ENDORSED by th e first Professional talent .inithe .
L'4 United States ,
. its efficacy attested bythO6a - nds
of well known cittzeni, sold at a price which pittces
it within the reach of every family; recommended by
journals-of the , best standing ; in- the conntly;lhr
specific 'Mid widely, different purposes andevery where
in demand. Barry's Tricopherous may Eielearlcisly
pronounced, on the most incoatestible evidenee,,The
best, the cheapest, the most popular pteparatiorflor -
restoring and beautifying the hpir,:cradicating:.scurf
and dandruff,, and curing all diseases of the skin,.
the'niuscles and glands; which has eVerbeen . ailed
to the public eitherin the old,world or new. 'ltstands
alone—"lt has no brother and is likatio,brother" -
A. volume of, authentic ,and analytical,-proof 4f 11,1.
value' accoMpanies every bottle. ' To gainsay lA,
recortf is impossihle, for every purchaser adda , •a t .
more to the legion of, witnesses arrayed - in itabe
half, . The philosophy Of its operation is simple. 'lts
first action is upon the skin. It gently stimulatesey
ery torpid vessel, and enables nature,. by ~_vigialqns,
- healthful effort, to' throw &Tatty inflantmation, erup
tion or exfoliation of the External membranes. IF
the inflahnnation be caused by a cut,, sprain,, or
bruise, the effect is the same. TIM absorbents;are
invigorated, the extravasted blond itv scion takenJup,
and.all pain and discoloratiOn is realm ed. "In Rheu
matism, swelling of. the glands, and. all alretilbos
of the integuments, it acts specifically through:the
pores and absorbents upon the seat of the (liSeise.
Its wonderful effect in renewing; glossing, , atul beau
tifying the hair, are all produced thro' its primary
influence upon the skin of _the head. • The invigora
ting fluid enables the sip to - perform its functiins
properly. The scurf, an d dandruff which a .sluigtsh
circulation has . allowed t accumulate, Ire thrown ,
'off; the ,vegetativ - ePrinelple finds its way to die vfgs - •
idles in which the hair is rooted, and they are' sup
plied . as , it were with an elixir/fifer, which. strength
ens, moistens, glosses, and beautifies every fiber i ltin-
HI 'each particular hair" becomes a healthy and
elastic, filament. The 'same fertilizing:, prittOple
which ' causes existing hair td grow, stimulates.the
latent roots, and thus the fibres Which bade •fatten
out are soon replaced by_ new ones. Remember that
this double antidote—this specific for diseases (Attie
kin, and matchless beautifier of the hair is sold
from fifty to one hundred per cent cheat er - than
- any other preparation for the hair out.
Sold, in large bottles, nree 25 cents, at the prin
cipal office, 137 Broadway,. New-York ; Childs Ilis
Co., Phila.; Browt., Boston; Pontier &ll:tartlets,
Baltimore; Elaviland & Elarrall, ChatlestOn. For
;ale, also, by' Druggists throughout the' United
States and Canada; and, by
' Tnnkhannock. Nov. 2Sth. vln47:
A poszli - ce an lover failing Remaly, for
Whether Internal, External.-Blfrd or Bleeding
Scrofula, White Swellings, Ulcers and ;Ulcera
ted Sore Throat; Canker Sore i Mouth; Rheu
matism, Cantaneous Diseases,
Mercurial Affeciionsi 4-e.
Also for scalds, burns, cuts, sprains',, bruisei, etc.- 11
We feel justified in proclaiming
that of all medicines ever brought before t 4 public,
NONE have ever been more beneficial to-afflicted hu
manity than "Myers' Liquid Cure." - _-.114 know
that this is saying a great deal, but if we were. - to.
‘vrite volomes r we conld not say the much itt praise
of this health-restoring, life-preserving Remedy.—
Hundreds, nay thousands, hips the happy hour
when first they were made acquainted With its 'tran
scendent virtues; and our present purpose is to in
form other thousands, how and where they may ob
tain that relief, which they perhaps have long sought
or in vain.
The superior , excellence of this preparatiqn over
all other medicines for the speedy and permanent
cure of PILES, is well known to all who have tested
it. It had been provethin thousands ol instances, and
o cure the
and we are confident it . •
if used a proper length of time according to direc—
tions. As a proof of our entire confidence in its effii
cacv, we assure all purchaFers that, if, after a proper
trial, it proves ineffectual, the money paid fur it will
be Returned.
The “Liquid Cure" is an effectual remedy for
Ringworms, Biles. Pimples,Barber's Itch, Frosted
Limbs. Chilblains, Salt Rheum., Musquito Bites,
Stings of Poisonous Insects, &c., and for Cutaneous
Diseases of every description.
It is both safe and effectual for
giving immediate and permanent relief.
No preparation now before the public can Surpass
the excellence of the "Liquid. Cure." for Scalds
Burns, Cuts, sprains, bruises, swellings, ace.
Its effects as a
Real Pain Killer are Magical;
Every family in the .and should Provide them
selves with this invaluable preparation, the -cheap
ness of which places it within the reach of .a.ll.
Full directions acc.ompany.each bottle.
Pamphlets, containin^ b copies of certificates frotm
those who have tested the .'Liquid Cnre" may be had
"Gratis" °four authorized agents. t,
"Myers' Liquid Cure" is prepared only by
• 21 Spruce street, New York.'
For Sate nt the Pon Office in Tunkhannnek
by C. E. LATHROP, general Agen.t tor Wy
inning, County. •
Raymond's OREGE.oivpiik.
r‘IJES'iION : what's - your pills good for 1 An
swer : They are good in Many cases to leave the
Doctors at home in - }leace, - to tend the plow and fol:
low their agricultural pursuits nnmolesta.
Q. Will thby cure everything 'I
A. No, but they will relieve as ; many family vim
plaints asnny other pill in thel), S., and are war
ranted to cure the dysentery if taken accordingto
directions. This mediCirte is the invention °fa eel,
ebrated and learned physician living dear the Call.
skill mountains, New York. win, bear it's owry
credit if used enough to feel'its effects, and bun
dreds of respectable names as any in . the , counties of
Luzerne and Wyoming could he presented to the
public as a recommend to ibis : but the proprie
tor would forbear, as ft is generally, calculated that
those who purchase pills; small in size, at a cent)
each, do also pay the printers . !bills,&,o.
The OREGON pills are'6: two kindi;
Dyspeptic, the other Arrij-BWiatis—are in ade by.lgura
RAYMOND-••and sold by - °
Phelps, Durhain,Osterhouts, TunkhannockiGor
denier, "Nicholsbn;li. C Smith, Eaton). Eiswortlh,
P.irling, Washington •,' 'C Sturilevarw, A I( napp,
gville; Ivilehoopany;. Gulick, Palls
~'fwoutt, D Austin ;Northtnoreland; Benjamin /a,
n - ner, 'Exeter; H 'Woodhouse, New .Troy; «—.
GittleeVe,'Wilkisbarrei; Benedict, Pittstong
Win n,Providence'; Gardner dc Co , Ekbingto
Wells,',Dundnift BOboalr,' Dirnoo4c • For sale als
at the VorVilice, Tunlr. '
V I Z 13 E 3:11
for sateat true Tclegrap4
Store, , grail 11. 11004i1a.
Tonkliannoils, rti). 4.
521 y