Wyoming County Whig. (Tunkhannock, Pa.) 1849-1852, June 13, 1849, Image 1

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OLT 13 ED IV E Eia,Lyt
, zapctuFes lgound Mon.
111 ziestly
. ,
.11-joice,, youn.• titan, in thy youth, and
to:thy heart Seer - thee in the days of thy
-voutn,,anti• _in,,tbe ways of Thine
heart, and in the f.ight of:thine eyes; hut
know thou, thut•-for ail . these things ;Cod
will bring tree into jud gment. Encl. 9.;
I. An to yenture- the delicate task of
reprehension. 'always unwelciame, but
peculiarly offensive upon topics of pub
lic atmis.entent. I. am anxious, in 'l i e
beginning. to put myself iright with the
young. If I satisfy myself. Ch r istian
and,tt e Seta rentmunity,
nttt satisfv.them, my success will be Tike
n physician's. whose presCripti,ons please
himself, and the relations, and do.good
to everybody except -the ipaticati—he
Allow me, first of all, to satisfy you
that I am not meddling 'with matters
which do not concern me. This is the
intpces. inn Which the pai;rons - aral part
ners of criminal amusenienis study to
tiliko upon your titlndS , . .'Percyi(ep
'resent n.iir duty to be in Ike chui cli v +ta•
king care of doctrines, and of our -Own
members. When mote than this is at
tempted when. we - speak a word for
.yao. who are not church r naembers, we
are mt t .with the surly answer, "Why
do you ntedtlle with things which dOn't
concern you, ? If you do riot,ertjoy.these
pleasures, why do you mole . sl those Who
do I .114 nut men do os they please
to a free. country, without bi:ing hung
up in a gibbet of public remark 2" It is
-conveniently forgotten, I suppose, that
in it_ free coin-al-y. 7 we have ; the same
tight to Criticise pleaSure,!which others
hare to enjoy it. bidet-0, you and I
b.ob know, young. gentleawn, that in
rolT-e-lionse e tirelf - ta, und. in -convivial
t sasls noc;n rita I, all! ChU reit is regarded
la lo hotter than a Spectacled old bed-
iinpertinern , Qyes. are spying
vf. t .chod-, o s . lmisitii , .s9. Wilier own; and
yt tin, too odd or too homely to be tempt
d h.-nelf, with
~roropoisory virtue,
T rials at the joyous daliiinces of the
moil: and („ilty. Religion is called a
non, with mloomy vestments; and
the Church a cloister. where igndrance
is deemed initocence, and which !sends
oat querulous reprehensions of a vorld,
which it knows nothing iibont, and has
professedly abandoned!. This is pretty
end is onk...defective, it not being . true.
The Church is not a.Cloister, nor her
members recluses, nor ire our censures
ut visa Intertneddring. Not to dwell
iu generaliiies., la us 'take a plain and
coat (110tI case
. strollinz company'offer to educate
our youth; and to shoW the community
the road of Moralky. Which, probably
they have not seen thernselves for tiven-'
ty years: We cannot help laughing tit,
2enerosity so much above one's means:;
and when they proceed to hew and
heck eack other with rusty iron, to
teach our. boys , valor; and diesk up
practical mountebanks, to teach theoret
ical virtue; it we laugh somewhat more,
they taro-upon us testily: Do you fnin
your own business, and leave us . wit
ours. - ; 'We do norinierfere' foith your
preaehing,-do you lealo ine our aeting,.
Bat sofily-'—may net religious people
amuse theniselves With very diverting'
men? I hope it is not bigotry to have
e'yonnd 'ears: I hope it :is 110 t fariati;
cism, in the 'use of these exiellenti,sen4
sea, for unto judge that throwing one's'
heel's higher than their head allancirig, 1
- is - not exactly the wiy to teach virtue to
: 'oar daughters; and that wamen,.wlumel
genial warmth of temperament has led
them into a 'generosity something too l
great, are not the persons to teach' vir-J
tue,.at any rate. Ph.. : ! no; waste told,
Christians must not know. thatialhthis
is very . Christiani nu& 'to
think that men who are -kings and
dukes and philosophers; on, the Stage;
are ev*if thei , gattiibie
aimight, aid are ariiiik all day; and if
inen nrll'sn used to. comedy, .that their'
life becomes a perpetual farce•on moral
ity, we have ,no.right to laugh ,at.,this
extra professional.acting! ; ; • •1
Are ree,meddlers, whri only Seek the'
good of our own families, )lital , of our,
own , community.where we live and ex-1
pect todje . ? or ;they, who wander tip,
and down without ties - of social ennnec-
Lion, and without aitn,,except of money
to be gathered off from men's vices ?
1 ant anxious to put all religious men
in their right positiqn before you; and
in this controversy between.them and'
the; gay world, to show Lou the facts
upon both sides. ,A. floating population.
in pairs or. coinpanies; , - without lea Vt.
asked, blow the trumpet fur all our
youth to flock to their banners! Are
they related 'to them'7—are they con
cerned in the welfare' of our idwri?—do
they live among us?-410 tnev hear any
part of our burdens?—do they rare fa`r
our substantial citizt od,
r streets; build put schools. ; .o r p r . : :
all our municipal laws; and- the young
men are ours; our sons, our brothers,
our wards,clerks;' or apprentices: they
are living in outhouses, obr stores, our
shops, and we are their guardians, and
take care of them in herilth, and watch
them in sickness; yet every vagabond
Who floats in hither, swearsjand swag
gerS,'as if they were all his: rind when
they offer to corrupt nil these . retitir, we
paying thern round sums of Money for
it, and if we get courage - finally to say
that we fad rather not ; that industry
and honesty are better than expert kna
very—they turn upon ns in gr.at in
dignatiori with. don't yau Mind
your otenbusinest—what are yrakmed
dling with iota ()juju for?
I will suppose a ea s.:
pains-taking, I saved enough mu
hey to buy a little gardea spot. I put
all around it good fence-1 put the
spade into it arid rnelicov tiie :Rol I full
Jeep; I go to the nursery mut pick out
choice fruit treesl Rini abroad Dud
select the best seeds of the rdrest vego
!Ales; and so my gardfn:thrivrs. .1
know every
.inch of it, for I have wat
eted ev e ry inch with sweat." One mor
ning I am awakened by a tnixeiJ sound
of sawing. digging, and,dtiting; , and
. .
I looking out, I see a dozcii men at work
in my glirckn. •1 run diti and find
ono man sating nut a huge hole in the
Fence._ "Nlv dear sir: l %olot are you do
ing this hieh Itne.e• is very
ronblesome to climb over; '1 am fixing
an easier Way for folks to get iu." A n -
other man 11-.. s headed driwn several
choice trees, and is putties feu' ,rafts.
"Sir, what are you chan..Tug, the kind
for ?" "Oh, this kind don't suit me; '1
like a new kind.", One man is digging
up my beans. to plant trick IF ; another
is rooting upmy •straWberries,m put in
pursly; and ailed& is, destroying my
currants, and gooseberries, and rasp.
beiries, to Plant mustard and Jamestown
weed. At last. I lose all patience, and
cry °tit, "Well, gentlemen, this will
never do.lwill never inlee this .
. rat ,
abominable - imposition; you are ruin
ins' my .garden.". One of them says.
"You old hypoeritical,bigot! do mind
your business, and let. • US enjoy our:
selves. Take care of your house, and
do not pry into our . pleasures."
Fellow-titizens! I own that no man
- couldio iniade your garden" het Myr/ I
are alkowed•thus to invade, 'ur
and destroy our:enildwn. • ou
let them evade -your laws, 'fleece and
demoralize you: and you sit down uri•
der their 'railing, as though you were
tbe intruders!—just as if the man, who
drives a thief ont of hisetionse,ouOn to
ask the rascal's pardon,fOr_interfering
with his-little plans of: pleasure, and
profit!. ; - "
Every parent base right--everY'eit
izen end every minister . - bas tlw. saritr
iight, to-expose traps, which %cis
to 'Bet than; the'same right to Freitag.
mischief, - ,Which Men beve.to Tint- it;
TU-NKHANNOCK,.:P.A . ,', , IVNE,-1 . 3,..1849,
the sane right to,attack:y ice, %vhich vice
has to attack•virthei a better right to
save otir sons and brothers, and corn•
pinions, than artful tu r Fn have to des
troy them.
,The necessity of arrinsement, is ntl
mikted on ali hands.. . There is. an np
petite-of the eye, Of the ear, hod oft tier .1
sense, for which God has pro% tiro! t o,
material: Gaiety of every dente , . this
sidiof . puerile whoksorne to
the body, to t he mind, p rid to : the roor
als. .Nature is a ; v:w r.7};,l:ltqcy of to:: n
.ly enjoyments
God's works it! ti -,r. Oro,
f, tr..%
ebarm k t4‘ and (I and
d.isps of nature, stresottacts%e cpskt!i•
sof beauty more Jim!) IS n., I v
(or In,re utifity.
(Joni n %%;ithout gorgeous cloud-; IV , tl
advanet- tow:.
; ity iipOst 11,1 v. fj.pur
tshed w;thout iiyininWtz ; flowers have
existed without odor,i and fruit 'without
odor, and without flivor. When
I have journeyed through forests. when
ten thousand shrubs and vines exist
without apparent use; through pi at
ries, ‘vtiose undulations exhibit sheets
of flowers innumerable. and ahSolui. lv
dnizling the eye ‘vith their prod
of beauty—beauty, not. a tithe of whicti
is ever seen by man— I h'tvt• slid it 1?
plain that 1,,t1 iF;
fond of beauty. and the earth us tuu.l f 2 r •
kn, as an acre is In 'n's hu
Afif . us like...Hillis...lf; to be-ptras. d
he universal he:tiny-of the world -He
YES nrldy SCI,`
r, Ow wf:nt
, xt':i-u•::.•.o :4)
With muc i,
, Lyon tht bro:141 fi J with
fIuI•VCIS, scented 3vith MOTs. h, allt,ent in
eolop, voc.il with e-choMc , and re-, otr,
mg melody. I Like uiy staid agam-t
deariorallz.mg pleasure. is it noi
enonah that our Ether's hou s se is so
full of dear delights. that we must wan
der prodigal to he swine-herd:for busks, ,
and to thesiough farLlrink?---when the
trees of God's heritage bend over our
head, tied solicit our hand to pluck . the
golden fruitage, must we still go in
search of the apples of Sodom—outside
fair and inside ashes ?
Alen shall crowd, to the Circus. to
hear clowns, and see rare feats of horse.,
manship; but 'a bird rtia , poise beneath
t hp 'very sun. tit' • 11014 'downward.
swoop from the high heaven; then flit
with-..ztacehil ease 'hither and thither;
pouring liquid song as itit were a per
ennial fountain Of sound-1 - 11)nm cares .
for that.
Upon the stage of life, the vaster?t
tragedies are porforriliog io ' eyrry act;
nations pitching htadloo. to their
;cltastropher; ethers. raining vou.th
Iniforols to b•-ain ! , (tr.r :r et
. is.tence. The . word ;oi-it v'i , is - foti
of exciting tot , ..est.
' • ;tr.
t.t.‘ 13:Hfeft
(;)rf , !:. !.
t vr ..i..sy on4l . 2ltiolii. dB ilif!.:lloo2.i/liii,
If'S . till', 1V ifitr-rlOf 111 . /Aid - snoiniPr !..,,
:I: n i.. - To , Pits tract The :in r IA lii!')
; , 14l`ll ' iitft I.;Tii)eql. ',; i7i*i.i' ittf:7 . li , ; , r lil'ltrS
i:t .- r;' - `'Si" , i'll7, ' i , vffclitittoir,i ' vrii, imin sot . . ,
dont - cir'eS'to come; . Ohen•God - diaiii% \ 'sfProposals for carring':th& mails P'
'atizes; wheri'ittitiOns'aCt:e or all the ha- taitned 'Mrs, Partingtoni in a tone of
Yana kind conspire. to educe thevastra• -vi
uousindigation, as she , happened to
i •
tastrophe, men sleep nhitsnnre:iind hi 0:40, °met: an.advertisnient in one of
the busy scene oon. ' nil 1m.114. ! fi. aot h,)'t i I tie-
.01;r5..,..-flas it-cone ro4 his,. ',that
91 )0) i. Jr l oititrffolit ill, its . v , :iiiciin , t o -.t ds p r unfOttinate fennile - . titters : tare
nificenei,:to huht (jilt Sony,LC;liidl , .:l!g . hti3O [lo he. oi ls; beiist.nt hunferi r .nre tn , coFry
bole-iind gaze at drunken plat;:is, or 1 u hoot "rick r,f,..4cod_foi:. - nothing,;'nnkle
cry At. the pitenus. vittne of 'hfirrof§ . ',.iri `; rin;n-n our Ineo„?" . . : She th.R..vt•ito`wri
i lkitc.:. •It , is' niv - ohipvi . thi:U. not- •to , tlit' - .0 r,:. sour 1 . 05 . c hi - si/y1 l'ilint.' the'
)\ ,6,
' le - r nun g : froin' pi (NI s'o ii...but cbiir- an "tioft. rintlit - :a:z a .hrutligOn±::
from 441 - isa",:!l - ii'sv ptiltfjo r. IF. ; , ;:f.o l. ifk irsSrin :! rail 4 1 EM iqh ,ex - c'4ed, at -the degrading.
their injuiratento, but-t 9 iotiettse Ithern ) i proposition... -: -., t , i -,,,', - ',, .. 1. ;,. ~ ..
$1,50, per 'Year, if paid in Advance. •
t..:11 17 )1
~" ~ '` t
by r. jetting the counterfeit and the vile.
Of grmibling, I have already stiff
eiently spoWen . Of cockfighting, bear
baiting. and pugilistic contests. I need to
speak , but little. These are the desper
perate.exenemisdn.s of debauched men ;
hot n 1 num 1 );:e - cmles dPsperately
pe..ett Lrenteelly . e.rittii•
crie spre-ajsliis t2ail upon surh
Vt* tv rs -al first ; thrSi.
items are but the zit if into wh, h flo
Ftrt•a!l!S It rl.t I p: .
c• r!(-:
%;:' h.,(.1.,1
~ i ,kitatisl , ,
0 1 11 , ju.,0t) nr.• cx
‘q• \ ICI &I. It I, .111
( ^r niin+,ca
- "nary Sir."
Try," waspever copqnered
It is recorded of .Dr. 1 3 ,11cy, one of
the brightest ornaments. of !he Christian
church, that tvhile in colleae, he wi:s
inclined in idleness. and dissipatitin.
aie morning a rich-and dissioted
At' t,i , !dt•tit cBtur. into hid mons with
!•ingol tr r.proof —• P.)l h.i vt•
!!ifr , f•ll: - Sipittlor) r:ift 6 a fiord
•:. I S.P. - 0111 , 1iii ruthiri7 If I V.OII. lo
Sr;?;}' lIVS . Af Yritt 1)1
;Orli! to . nri erniArv•e--Ar.,l
%%Atli this t I h bfOn !;',' pi 't \. i..-
thr. tvirtie ntid n
1 , 1 m.• (! flly t, ‘:liirlimr - S') 'you
I hr •11 , -; 111H' nr:trp.r.l
tion:vvivz i:7,ttiecli.ii6 - rf:f4r.rn;±kilin wi
th+ , frini thr,t liE beei:mo or,e of
~•or-r1i%,2 s 10-ea; :P f ;1,1(1
`hn , •-t - ft! Cirts ., 4ll.tk fof.d
ie httli 4,Yl4":yf '
ilrtoo•f ; ro , r
11 , 1 1 . di:11 (,"
, li_ •II
.:Lf: .1.;;;p1%. , 0tti. r a I,
,J. , lll) , •raiely form , d mid which
never fur a rnmni.ni. wavered.
perhaps the eye of soine young men.
:1111;14 inclined to disttiptilion, mayfall
?Jima these hasty, lines—and will they
not be induced to stop a moment and
count cost of idleness nod vice, and
calculate, tOOO few of thO aft vantages of
industry and untiring perseveranc in
weft doing I The example, of Paley
ought never by such individuals to be
forgotten.— Watchtower
stemn.cr Empire struck, [near isicwhurg,
recuntly j and %while sinking, two moth
ers snocto.a tvli.lt they sown:zed to be
Ito it r).% n ipiaps
MN, 14 l he! de Smted
writs 1),',1 the child to her 1,0,, , .r0 unrl
I,c'gh ; ‘Vf:lll(!._tilv Oh rus
rs until it hit a;! •;,1 i,,s!
;(1. 1 ) ,
li„: u;~if~,...,ti
,„(). p Vf fi ffll
4 •Whew-eW-ew rrwhistled MG Jose-
Ph Bruce, or perhaps we should rather,.
say Joe Bruce, for, as he was a nice,
easy- fellow, nobody' thought of_allowiug
him .more than half his name, or of any
0)41 . 4 else thatlielboged.tehiin:—Al see
by the paper that Hawk & Harpy have
nwint to have secured my
debt v" -, eria!" - He left his eoltee
thilAi.nuk, , turrl'ub=d over thr.thmsbold
iud w:nt 21 lon to the countmg
i toran of liars!; Oae half
that speed on the clay before would have
h is hi—:is it WaS, he was just
in Gus t o put fus name at the bottom
Li dozen and a half preferre'd - ones',
to ieceive ten per cent. He 'vent back
to his unfinished breakfast with what
noir ire he' migtt .
-Why did you neglectthts se lone,
Mr, Bruce 7" said his helpmeet, and
' comforter, ,
~~~~.'s~ its;
meant to have attended to it yester•
day, my dear.",
"You meant That is alwayssour
way Mr. Bruce. You careleisly neg
lea your business to the last moment,
;Ind then put you rself in a hast nod a tieat
for nnthinL!, my dear."
Really, Mrs. Bruce-L,"
But Nits, Bruce did not allow him
chance Lim to deli.nd himself. -On
,rw . w(-11t rn the most ar-iftrovPd conjuLinl
11,:iorwr, to ber.lte km for his careless•
dud inottt nucn
Nits Bruce—"
And i was really Mrs.. Bruce, for
wof the feollnine, and none of the:
gender:could - Itaye kept pace'
w r hiq. Ciqtainiy easy Joe could
'a .0.. The chi:ter of a cotton-mill would •
lea have been a circumstnce to the din
siJe foist d —nal. we doubt whether a
philippic aaMost some of those said
41,1 i Is, fi oni the longs or Benton Tenons,
c old have i.,een heirrd above her voice.
JO , j.ii.dlcd a ci; ) „ir-case cut of his
clap rd t on the fender
—and ii alntos . Ff n • Ejned that the smoke
rideri.d his ; impervious to the
,tifeatrings of that gentle lamb, hisspouse,
so placid was his countenance, as the
vapor escaped in graceful volumes from
his mouth. People overshoot.themark
sometimes--Mrs. Bruce - did. Had she
spared her oration, the morning's loss
would have induced her husband to
have been punctual - to his business, for
one day et. least. As it was, he took a
sort of pride in.negtecting it tinder her
--Breeze away, Mrs. Bruce"
‘.Breeze away, sir ! Breeze away!
wish I could impart one tittle ofmy
energy to you,,,Mr. Bruce—l=l"
Bruce spraniii to his feet,samf crastt
,n elegant mantle _clock Alwyn
ti t loh !he hearth. •
I herr., 11 i.. Bruce '!
That Clock
h !have months svithout
ra": would have'
• meant 7 Mr. - Br'uce,
•m•.n! i pAv no-r
v ! You nieqint' indee'd
Brjtc, Gr , izod his hat and ,
minutt.s be was on - 'Change.
world reed. in his face - any:
of itte Late tnaitinionial breeze,
(I 0. hod v : mob Id - Iviire stisper!t:ed front
e!,ii*t,nrtnet; . itt , tt - :Fla &i[lur pl
Earl *in his.debt,E4s:3ke
4. Well ; 'tVli.
• . :they**'
"Who 2" • •
~O ur frend Check pin g re-e was cho. 7
sep Presidrni the-btink, this
itig. One vote would iiave, stopped
- -
t•flow . very onlocky. ttoeant to
have been 'prfent to' Vote for Check
"Never mitO s Bruce," :7.4 another.
area lucky man. The -news
00he great fire at Speeiiiiille has just
reit chkl town hy e,prcss; cod .Icocgrlt,
ulako you- that you Facially insured"
Easy ha Brio
No. 24.
"Not a penny I' said Bruce. -"My
policy expired last-week, and I mown"
have got it renewed this morning:.
Joe posted home in no very happy
humor. When an easy man' is 'fairly
up, he is the most uneasy and unreason.
rs, - Brace, - by ..ataiiag at Emilie la ,
hear you siold;'l . have lost" thatisaads,
I meant to. hate got insured thia.morn
log-1 did not—Speedvlle burned
dowe, nadl am a beggar."
"Why did you not . do it yesterday)
Mr. Bruce I"
py 4; i i was , thinking of Haw
.. * .and
"Thinhing ! Why did .y - oti , hot sea
cure vuumlol.'
" "I meant to; bilti—" •
"But—use no buts- 9 •
"Your are in excellent spirits; &Int
Bruce." .
"Never in better!'
"Vaniy fine; madam. 'We are 'beg;
Mrs. Bruce sat down, clapped her
feet on the fender, after her husbands
manner in the miming.,
"We are beggars, Madam," Bruce
"Very good--1 will take rily'guitati
and you shall shoulder the three thil.
dren. We'll play under Mr. Hawk's
window Etrst and then under Mr. Nov
py:s, and then we will beg , ohr way td
`Speedville, to play to the ashes of what
was once your factory_—'l-which you
meant to have instired. I Should - like
begging above all things."
"You abominable woman Ishall,go
"Don't I beseech you, Mr. Bruce.
They put mad beggars in Bedlam."
Bruce sprang for the d00t.,--H is wird
intercepted him. "Here, Joseph, is a
paper I meant to have stfown this mor
"A policy ! And dated yesterday!"
_."Yes you meant to get it renewed to
day-1 meant itshould be done yester-
day—so I told yourelerk, front, you, to
do it. Am I notin abominebleamman?"
When I said so, I was in a pet. I
"No more of that, Joseph. Now tell
me who is first on Hawks & Harpy's
assignment." ,
"Your brother." -
%His-claim covers you both."
"You are an , angel !"
Easy. Joe became an altered mandile
wifewas released from her watch over
his out-door business. She died some
years before him--but we are half in
clined to suspect, that after,her death AM
partially relapsed into his old habits _ --so
true it is, that habit is a second , nature.
Both were. buried . in the graveyard at
Speedville, and our , suspicionsare fourt-.
ded on something Hite the following
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. - "Where are we, to dig Mr. 4-rut.e'ti
don't knowexactly. His will says ;
next to his wife."
1 1 Where was she laid 1" „ •
I ,lhat I don't know., Easy- J oe
wayssuid he meant t o place an obelisk
(wet her, but it never waidone.",„
- Destiny is always oftnprO importance
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