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Wood and myself on our way to reconnoitre the
Sandusky bay, and to have conference with
Commodore Perry on the subject of our joint
operations against the enemy. That conversa
tion is, perhaps, the better recollected, inasmuch
as it has often been referred to in our stiDse-
the war. and from
"1 " w . WW..W..W -
the fact that vnu did the .compliment to say
that you made a memorandum of the principle
upon which I had acted in respect to a meeting
of field officers, with lingadier enenu va3,
which took place soon after my arrival from
Fort Meigs and but a few weeks alter your
eallant defence of Fort Stephenson, which took
place while I was at rori .ueigs.
In reDlv to my inquiries respecting Genera
Harrison's plan of operations at Tippecanoe,
vou replied, that the selection of his position
was the best to be found near the place of en
campment; that his formation of tho different
corps of the army in tne encampment, was mauo
with a view to hold every officer and every
man readv for action upon the ground where
x J
they slept. That General Harrison's vigilance
had previously been the subject of remark and
admiration among the troops, and it was that night
increased. That you had several opportunities
of seeing him in the forepart of the night, and
at or near the time the battle commenced.
That you saw him frequently in the course of
the battle, and heard him giving his orders, anu
with great distinctness animating his troops
and that no man could have been more collect
ed or fearless in battle than Harrison was upon
that occasion.
In soeakinsr of the battle of Fort Meigs,
"iMlvTajor Wood and yourself occurred in the opin-
'sKm - . l " TT...nn'f nlxn fir AaCatna tunc
ion mai uen. naiiiauu o v..
unexceptionable, and that the victory was far
more important in immediate results and ulti
mate consequences than had been conceded,
even by many of the friends of the General;
that a shade had been cast over that victory, by
the untoward disaster of the loss of Col. Dud
ley and his regiment, who, after defeating the
British on the left bank of the river, were led
into an ambuscade of Tecumseh'a Indians,
where they were cut off in an attempt to do more
than they had been ordered to do. It was not
possible, as Wood and yourself believed, for the
General to restrain or save them -occupied as
he was on the right bank of the river, in the
hottest of the battle, near a mile from the point
where the ambuscade was formed on the left
bu both assured me that the movement of Col
udley and his regiment was contrary to the
orders of the General, who had no means of
correcting the fatal error into which the impct
uosity of his fine corps of brave Kentucky vol
unteers had led them.
m In respect to rort btephenson, you and Ala-
Bior Wood than whom L have never known a
Jf more gallant, nor a more promising officer, and
who afterwards repeatedly covered himself with
imperishable fame in battle under my command
at Fort Erie, concurred amy in tne opinion mat
it would, or might have been, attended with la
I tal consequences to the North-Western frontier,
for Gen. Harrison to have broken up the nucleus
of the army, then assembling at Camp Seneca,
and marched to your assistance at Fort Stephen
son. His general and held officers were re
ported to have expressed the same opinion in a
council of war at the time ot attack, l ou ex
pressed then, and subsequently, your satisfac
lion, and that of your officers and men, that you
;were permitted to continue the conflict alone
lajor Wood and myself sustained you in this
nmpression. l ou were bom ot tne opinion mat
movement on the part of the beneral with the
ninstructed troops, such as most of these with
im at the time were known to be, might put in
the power of Tecumseh, and his army of sav-
ges reported to be upwards of three thousand
F to cripple, and possibly overpower, the troops
at Camp Seneca, it not in the intervening thick
woodlands. In this event the frontier, for ma
nv hundreds of miles, would have been laid
open to savage depredation which could not
have been checked belore the arrival of th
chivalry of Kentucky under Governor Shelby.
That gallant army did not arrive until the mid
dle of September, 1813.
The loss of the nucleus of Harrison's army at
Camp Seneca, at any time before the arrival of
Gov. Shelby, might have protracted our opera
tions upon that frontier, until the following year,
when we might have Found such reinforcements
on the part oi England as to nave rendered it
impractible for us to profit by Perry's brilliant
victory on Lake Erie.
1 ou have repeatedly assured me that the cor
respondence between Gen. Harrison and your
self was not intended by you for publication,
and that you had shown it only to such persons
las vou considered to oe me mutual menus oi
- i . t .i i i r
both Gen. Harrison and yourself, and that you
believed the General's apparent neglect to do
ou and your officers and men that justice which
3'ou deemed yourself and them entitled to, was
not the result of any design on his part to in
jure you or them.
Unwilling as I am to appear m the newspa
pers, or 10 interfere in any way with the politi-
cal controversy 7 HIM is now going on oenween
iha advocates and the opponent m presem
viunmMMim, not strictly compauuie wiui my
official station, I can never hesitate to do an act
timet W synh whom I have served m
the defence of our belo'M country, and more
especially when slandered, as Gen, Harrison
Us been, by the blind votaries of the evil epir-
t of party many of whom 1 know were mere
dandies, who have never, to my knowledge, seen
he flash of an enemy's gun nor even made an
ilbrt to enter a big swamp in search of a foe.
With great esteem, your friend, j
Oil. George Giiogian.
K boxes Box IUosins, just receive! and far sale
jtroudsburg, Aug. l-i, 104
Retaliation. The Baltimore Sun
noire liof i Virn f " vonr rtrrn n imnnrr
ocy o - - j -b-, -1 T v
lady Of that CltV WaS engaged tO be
married, and the day was fixed. The
dav arrived but tho o-entleman was
not to De tound. Again, recentrr, tne
it t .-i r -i i . ,i
iaay aa tne iaimiess lover met, me
promise was renewed go a uuy nanieu.
.1 O. - .1 -I
Hie day, the bridegroom, every body
onI atratr fViinrr firriVPri ftVP.Pnf" tho
l-X-VJ. WTWV UHft V---... J
bride, and she in her turn non inventus
"What do you think of the news
from Maine? said a Whig to a loco-
foco on Frida'. "'Tis all a lie," said
the Loco. "Lie!" thundered the Whig,
nvo such He n.s wi c. pnnsii this
x. i n
0 r -
crnvHrii iiiiim, in iln cm i iimi.kmii r-rf?7-
Bunker Hill-Liberal Donation
The treasurer of the Bunker HilJ
Monument Association has received
a donation of Ten Thousand Dollars
from Amos Lawrence, Esq,
At Flatbrook, New Jersey, on Tuesday the
3d mst., by Benjamin Shoemaker, Esq. Mr.
ion Huston, of Stroud township, Monroe
COUntV. a.. to Alis.s Sarah Hir.T nf Hp fnnnnr
ry, Mr. John Walters, to Miss Layixa Has-
ton, all of Stroud township, Monroe county.
Harrison's Specific Ointment.
The great celebrity of this unrivalled Composi
tion especially in the Northern States leaves
the proprietor but little need to say any thine: in
its favon for it has been generally conceded to it,
that it is beyond all comparison the best remedy
lor external complaints that has ever been discov-
ered. Indeed the speed and certainty of its oper-
wounds, corns, fever sores, chilblains, white swel-
mgs, biles, piles, spider and snake bites &c.
immediately yield to its apparantly super human
inuueiice. iiius 11 propeny appneu 11 win remove
an inveterate, corn or break and heal a bile in five
aays, win auay anu penectiy cure an ulcer 111 two
weeks ; and the most desperate cases of white
swelling that can beimagmed have been destroyed
by it in less than two months. In the biles of
poisonous reptiles its efficacy is truly surprising;
ana even iu uiu una 01 a ruoia oog, ior 11 appiiea
in iime, 11s powers 01 attraction are so wonderiui
that they will at once arrest the poison and thus
prevent it lrom pervading the system. It is like-
wise greatly superior to any medicine heretofore
J! 1 r . 1 i v 1 1 t .1-1 f
uiscoverea ior me cnaieu oacKs ana nmos 01 horses
ior leuera, ring worms, cnappea lips, and m
snort ior every external oodity evil that may Jail
to tno lot 01 man or beast.
lhe DroDHetor has received at least a
certificates and other documents, in favor of his
" Sveafic Ointment" unwards a hnndrfirl nf which
were written by respectable members of the Med-
. . r
ical acuity ; and in selecting from this pile the
following samples, he was governed more bv their
oreviiy, tnan tneir contents, as they all breath the
. 1 i . ... . I
same spirit of eulogy and satisfaction.
Albany, July 9, 1837.
To. Dr Harrison, Sir- I use your Specific Oint
ment in my practice and cordially recommend it
as a most efficient remedy for lumors, Ulcers,
White Swellings. Scrofula, Rheumatic Pains.
Chapped Face, Lips and Hands ; and for" general
and external complaints. 1 write flii3 at the re-
quest of your agent here, who furnishes me with
the article, and am pleased to have it in my power
to award honor to merit.
Extract of a Letter from Dr. J. V. Sanders. )
of Louisville. Kv. October R. lftrr. C
ji t j , r ti
j ,1 cT Ti c e 1 rr , o
a am uieuureu iu say, uiui ior Jineumatic rains
fi. n- t "7 louraiw, jiarr won s ope-
"v.' 1 f"4l ha9. n? suPe,ilor' lflndeed s
dicines as known and prescribed in this country."
. rbt
Extract of a letter from Dr Potts, of Utica, N Y.
Dated July 28, 1838
" Harrison's 'Specific Ointment" is, in my opin
ion, a most important discovery; and is particular
ly efficient in scrofulas, ulcers, sore legs, erup
t ons, and general outward complaints, speak of
IIS IrtGrits from nn Tnorifnrr rf fm- vonro " I
its merits from an experience of four years
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 4, 1838.
To Dr. Harrison, Dear Sir. 1 write to con
gratulate you on the extraordinary virtue of yonr
' Specific Ointment,' in tho curing of burns. A
little boy of mine, 4 years old, fell against the
fire-place three weeks since, when his clothes bc-
becauc ignited, and he was instantly enveloped
in names. Alter some dihicultv the lire was e-
tinguished, but not before the poor little fellow's
lower extremities were almost covered with a con-
tmual blister. Having much faith in your oint-
T- 1. i .. J ...
mcnifi immediately purchased three boxes, which
I applied unsparingly, according to your direc
tions in such cases ; and it is with great pleasure
and gratitude, that I am able to inform vou that it
allayed the pain in a few hours; and in ten days
had effected a complete cure. I need scarcelv
add, that it ought to be in the possession of eve
ry family, as there is no telling when such acci
dents may occur. Yours respectfully,
A supply of this valuable Ointment just received
and lor sale, by
Stroudsburg, Nov. 0, 1810.
A general assortment of Russia Nail Rods.
Hand Iron, English Blister, Cast and shear
Steel, Rolled and Round Iron, for sale by
Stroudsb Aug. M, 18.0,
To the Farmers of Monroe.
Good clean seed Wheat for sale by the sub
Stroudsburh, Aug. ?8, 1840,
Tako notice that have applied to the Judges
of the Court nf Common Pleas of the Countv
of Monroe, for the benefit of the Act made for
the relief of insolvent Debtors, and that the
" ,;k -it""c" u-j j
icucmuci iicai, at o ClUCK ill iiic luiunuuin iui
hearinjr mo and mv creditor8 at the court house
I . V . J
in the borough of Stroudsburg, where my cred
ors may attend if they think proper.
I AUiN Jt-K 11. r Ibfi
C!....1U AT r -en . .
",,uu usuu xuv- ' AOW-"u c
The partnership of the undersigned hereto
lore trading under the firm of Hexry, Jok
DAN Sl Co.. was flissnlvpil hv nnitnnl rnnspnt
on the 29th of August last,
Jons Jordax, Jr. fc John F. Wolle, two
"' lUD wo Fail"c,a uu, luuiwueu iu
1 1" name ui mu laio urm in iuo seiuemeni oi
.1 -
ineir ousine3s.
G, 1840.
Stroudsburg, Nov
Stoves for sale by
Stroudsburg, Oct. 2, 1840.
Stagnation of the IMood.
The repeated changes in the atmosphere, by act
inS as they do uPon tllc consistence and quality ot
'"- uw?u' u,uu. U1 "'5 u'U8lWMU u"u ",a-
lifeiiant disorders. The blood irom a state ot health
1 - . 1 ; 1 1 - . .l. r
Thus it loses its purity: its circulation is itnpe
(led; the channels of life are clogged; the lowels be
come c'ostwe. and it not an immediate attack of
some malignant fever, headache, nausea, loss of
appetite, and a general debility of the whole frame
are sure to lollow
It requires the tempest and the tornado to bring
about a state of purity in the ocean, when it3 wa
trs hennrnfi stagnant- and it will reouire reneat
ed evacuation by tho stomach and bowels before
the blood can be relieved of its accumulated im-
Jtfranaretl S V eg6tabl6 Universal JPlllSj
should be taken, then there will be no danger: be-
cause they purge from the stomach and bowels
these humors which are the cause ot stagnation.
cleanse the blood from all immiritics. remove everv
cause of pain or weakness, and preserve the consti
tutibn in a state of health and vigor that caiisual
changes cannot effect.
Dr. Brandreth's Office for the exclusive sale of
his Vegetable Universal Pills, in Philadelphia, is
at jo. 8, iNorth Eighth street. Trice 25 cents per
For sale by Richard S. Staples, in Strouds
burg; in Milford by J. 11. Brodhead, and in Mon-
roe and Pike counties by agents published if! an
I. J a r
other part ol this naoer
October 10, 1840
mir'ivl SfnT?!? tfP A ra'73!rlTi(f,!Ac?,
nHIIE Subscriber not willing to be behind the
J- times, has just received at ins btore in the
n. .1 1" r-. . . -1 1 i i
DorouS11 01 oirouasourg, a large ana veiy superior
assortment 01
Fresh Snriiisr and Summer Goods,
consistinc: amonsr other thinss of Challv, Mouslin
d' Lains of various patterns, some of wiiich are as
low as 30 cts. per yard. A very elegant assort
ment of Chintzes, Lawns, Dress Handkerchiefs,
Silk and Cotton Gloves, Parasols, &c. &c. Also,
a good supply of superfino
U W '
Black, Blue, BfOwn, Olive, and other choice col
ours, being an assortment in which every one may
find his choice, both as regards price and quality
Single and double milled Cassimers, Merino Cas
simers, summer Cloths, Silk Satin and Marseilles
Vestings, Linen Drillings of various styles, &c.&c.
The above goods are fresh from Philadelphia,
and "'ere selected to suit the taste and please the
,ancv 01 llose wno mW WIS?. 10 0u-v at cneaP Pn
ces- Sootls o a superior quality.
rni ..i,A :u :,..:. i.: 1
aiio suustiiuci Hiv lies ma -uaiuiiiuia ami mo
i.i: 11.. . 11 --.,1 : r .1
wuuuu liuiiuiuiiv, iu uuu aim uAaiiunu ivi iiiem
selves when he v;jH be happy io accommodate
them at low prices for cash, or for country pro-
tluce. WlJiLlAM iUASTIiURN
Stroudsburg, Aug. 11, 1810.
Came to the premises of the subscriber on the
als0 me while and red spotted Heifer. The J
.1 - . , . -
Tflth met 1 Sitrrnrc nftn n m-mriln Ihn illin- ynA
eror owners tnereoi are rcquestea to comeiorward,
prove property, and take them away, otherwise they
111.11 !
win oe soiu according to taw.
Stroud tsp. Oct. 16, 1810.
What is that we call the Constitution J The
constitution is evidently that which constitutes,
ancf that which constitutes is the blood. We, there-
ret know that the blood is the constitution, and
.!.. 1 1 , a'm . ..I.
that a good or bad constitution is neither more nor
less than a good or bad state ol the blood. There is
no person who, having lost health, does not wish to
have it restored. Use then (he proper means. Ex
pel with Purgative Medicine all currupt humors
from the body, and the blessing, Health, will be
the certain result: for all pains or unpleasant feel
ings proceed from the presence of corrupt or vi
tiated humors, which are the real cause of every
disease, and therefore the only disease to which the
human frame is subject, because they clog up lhe
veins and arteries, and prevent the free circulation
ol the blood.
Bruihlrctlfs Vegetable Universal Pills cure this
disease: because they remove the corrupt or vi
tiated humors by the stomach and bowels, leaving
the good humors to give life and health to tho bo
dy. It is morally impossible that they can fail to
cure, provided Nature is not entirely exhausted.
Dr.'Brandreth's Offico for the sale of his pills
in Philadelphia, is No. 8, North Eighth street.
Sold in Stroudsburg, by RrciiAim S. Staples,
m Milford, by J. II. BaomiEAO, and in Monroe and
Pike couutles, by the agents published in another
part of this paper.
October 10, 1810,
Doct, Joseph Priestly Peters'
Celebrated Vegetable Antibilous Pills,
are daily effecting some of the most astonishing
and wonderful cures that have ever been known,
the town and country are filled with their praise,
the Palace and Poor-house alike echo with their vir
tues in all climates and under all temperatures
they still retain their wonderful virtues.
Breathes there the man who may not be occa
sasionally benefited by the use of Peters1 Pills ?
No, assuredly not ; for the human frame, like any
other structure, will fall into confusion and ruin,
if neglected ; but, by the aid of medicine judi
ciously applied, it is enabled to preserve a heal
thy and even tone ; and it ia the firt of well-tested
public opinion, that Dr. Peters' pills are the me-
dicine of medicines in the prevention or cure of
the general diseases which the human tenement
i. uiuiuuuidi iu.
Do men in robust health require medicine? Cer-
tainly, for the very excess of health begets cer-
tain diseases unless duly regulated. If the blood
ia suffered to run riot without correcting laxatives,
costiveness, megrin, biles, scurvy, spleen, pimples,
furred tongue, or offensive breath, are the inevita
ble consequences ; for exuberance of health, like
over-rich soil, becomes rank, and prone to the pro
duction of weeds, if care is not taken to have it
judiciously moderated
Jjut healthy men have an antipathy to the very
name of medicine)! And no wonder, for nineteen-
tvventieths of all the medicines in the world com
mence operations by making the people very stick, Extract of a letter by Br. Joseph Williams, of Bur
whom it was intended they should make very well; lington, Vl. July 9, 1837.
and thus in most cases the cure is considered rather T cordially recommend Peters' Pilk aa a mild-
worse than the disease. But Dr. Peters' Pills is
the celebrated and particular exception to this al- dicine. They are peculiarly influential in cos
most universal rule. In them there is no gripe, tiveness and all the usual diseases of the digestive
no nausea, no sickness of any kind; nay, they are organs."
absolutely very pleasant to the taste, and rest as v,'t n- vj 1 f..
quietly on the stomach as so many confits of green
peas, even when their operations are as sudden and
effective, as if they were as disagreeable and as
sickening as an old fashioned bolus. Thus the
man who uses Peters' Pills, and where is the
man that does not use them 1 expels headaches,
fevers, blue devils, blotches, pimples, &c. &c. and
makes his blood course as limpid and as gently
through his veins as a mountain rivulet, without
having put himself to any more inconvenience in
taking the medicine than he would have done in I
swallowing so many black currants.-. .1
Should ladies take Dr. Peters' Pills 1 Doubt-
lessly they should, for they not only assure them
of health, complacency ol spirits, and every bod-
ily comfort but through their miraculous agency Stat ive them the preferenc8 to all other kind,
in the purification of the blood, speedily remove Prepred bv Joseph Priestly Peters, M. D. in
every thing pertaining to harshness, pimples, or ventQr and sole monrietor. No ton T.ihertv street.
casual scurvy, from the flesh, animates the eye,
and gives an elasticity and a vigor to the limbs,
and the general carriage ; and hence, when you
see a lady with a cheek 01 velvet soitness, a pure
lily and carnation complexion, and an easy & grace
ful bearing, the general inference to be drawn is,
that she is her own physician, and very particular
in the choico oi her medicine : and the especial
one that she is a patron of Peters' Pills.
Leaving health out of the question, should poets,-
novelists, editors, machinists, and men of genius
and science m general, patronise Peters Pills 1
Unquestionably, for the vigor which they impart
to the frame, exercises a most wholesome influ- Eastburn, where all orders m hisline will bethank
ence upon the intellect : and the writer of this fully received and punctually attended to.
feels justified in saying, that any person about to
carry out an idea, whether of composition or in
vention, will have a more lucid understanding of
his subject, and think better and more to the point
on it, after he has vivified his system by a dose of
from one to lour 01 Peters pills- Persons m bu
siness, merchants, store keepers, clerks, specula
tors, &c. Will derive great advantage from them
on the same principle; lor ll the mind is not buoy
ant, no man can attend to the usual pursuits of
lifV with nt'P norcnir-mtv. lnrimtiom rnrl nloncnro-
:d eVei: ; uZ? h l
thn fneiilties. and freeiii(r them from nartininatincT
in the laneuor, decay, and imperfectibilty of their
mortal abode as Dr. Peters' pills.
To what may be attributed these singular and
wonderiui etlects I Why, to their mysterious and
inevitablo action upon the chyle, and that particu-
lar region oi tne system wnence me living nuia is
generated; for thus they do not only purify the
uioou, out create pure uiuuu, me it-suu ui wiuwi is
healthy veins, arteries, and other lunctions, unob-
scureu vision, urm uuu p"ipy miiuuui anu
clnnr clrin. nnd thn rnnsenuent hnovnnrv of heart.
j ..:; rr .1 ..!.. it U .U Jl
v...... ...w 1 J J 1
feeling, and action. In short, whether we take
them as a matter of health, business, feeling,
leave our houses without a regular supply of Pe-
ters' puis.
More than six millions oi doxcs oi tnese ceie-
mr .I "ti . .!., 1.1
brated nills have been sold in the United States,
Canada's, Texas, Mexico, and the West Indies,
since January 1835. The certificates that have
oeen presunieu to ine propnuior, exceed u,uuu,
upwards of 500 of which are from regular prac-
tising physicians who are the most competent
. j r I
Thefollo1vig ate but a few taken at
from a pile of complimentary epistles forwarded
tr Tir Tfltrrs hv rftonlnr nhvsicians. toucmnrr the I
efficacy of his pills. He feels proud and grate
ful in being able to lay such documents before the
New Urlcans, April 24, 1837.
Dear Sir As an old classmate of yonrs in Yale
college, I take the liberty ot opening a correspon
I learn that you are making a fortune by the sale
ot your puis, wnicn l trust is the case as l am i in
ly aware that through them you are conferring a
great blessing on the public.
1 mysell am among those who have been pecul-
any uenemeu uy meir use. once my aniyai
lere i had been subject to severe bilious attacks,
which had nearly brought me to the grave, but
fand 1 acknowledge it with gratitude.) a few box-
es of your pills have completely restored me. I
tr- it nikifl 5! II lr TTft'nrlnpliR I
,uuiu uuu uiui nidi i-iiui ufjv.. 1
and sour stomach is almost miraculous.
11. M. SHEPERD, M. D.
Clarkesville, Mecklenberg Co., Va., Feb. 7, 537,
Dear Sir. I embrace this opportunity of ex
pressing to you my pleasure at the unrivalled suc
cess of your pills in this section of the country.
It ia the general fault of those who vend patent
medicines to say too much in their favor ; but in
regard to !your pills I am firmly persuaded that
they deserve far more praise than you seem in
clined to give them. Six months ago they wcr.i
scarcely known here, and yet at present there j
no other medicine that can compare with them in
popularity. In Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, de
rangement of the Biliary organs, and obstinate
constipation of the bowels, I know of no aperient
more prompt and efficacious; ar. 1 1 have had con
siderable experience m all these complaints
I would add that their mildness nud certainty of
action render them a safe and efficient purgative
for weekly individuals; and that they may be giv
en at all times without apprehension of any of
those injurious consequences which so frequently
attend the application of calomel, or blue pill. On
the whole 1 consider your Vegetable Pjlls an in
valuable discovery. Very respectfully,
5. . HARRIS, M. I).
Charlotte. N. C, January 1. 1837
Dear Sir 1 have made frequent use of your
pius in the incipient stage of Bilious Fever, and
obstinato constipation of the bowels; also in the
enlargement ol thp .uln-n f'l.v-ntV TKcnoco- f
the Liver. Sick IleadaH.n. r.Pnnmi T.PhiHtv nmi
jn all cases have found them to be very effective,
j n nnyn r T)
Mccklenbcrg Co., Va., February 7. 1837.
Ilaving used Dr. Peters' Pills in mv practices.
for the last twelve months, 1 take pleasure in-giving
my testimony of their good effects in cases of
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Bilious Fevers, ani
other diseases, produced by inactivity of the livei.
Ihey are a sale and mild aperient, beiiit; .the
best article of the kind I have ever used.
1v effective, and in no rase dniirrernus fainilv me-
trcal Q September, 29, 1836
T . , s
I never knew a single patent medicine that I
could put the slightest confidence in but Dr Peters'
v egeiaoie pwia, wnicn are reaiiy a yamauie air
covery. I have no hesitation in having 11 Known
inat u,se them extensively in my practice, ior an
complaints, (and tney are. not a few ) which have
their source 111 the impurity of the blood.-'
Extract of a letter from Dr Pye, of Quebec, L. C,
March 6, 1837
"For bilious fevers, sick headaches, torpidity of
the bowels, and enlargement of the snleen. Dr Pe-
ters' pills are an excellent medicine."
T. nco wTm , , th co -lll1vlo p;ii- ; -
New York.
. 1 x - j '
These Valuable Pills can be obtained of Doct.
Samuel Stokes and . D. & C Malvin's, Strouds
burg, only agents for Monroe county.
Stroudsburg, October 23, 1840.
FT1HE Subscriber respectfully informs the pub
JL lie, that he 13 prepared to execute all kinds 01
Plain & Ornamental Paintziir,
Crlaziiisr, &c.
at his shop nearly opposite the store of William
Stroudsburg,' an. 15, 1839.
Paper Hanging:,
In all its various branches will be punctually
attended to. .J P.
The house and lot now (irninipd hv Wm
H ear tne vi1 0f Stroudsburg, Monroe
I 31 SJ
county, Pennsylvania. Enquire on the prem
August 7, 1840. 3m
& inMJSksi
rTlHE snrintr term of the nhnve nnmed inctJ.
X tution commenced on Monday, the 4th dav of
Mav ? and is conducted hv M s TTInrv IT.
Thomas, late of Troy Female Seminary, an
experienced and well qualified teacher.
Th hranrhps tnnaht nt thic Spminnru-
i ffpfifljijfj
I -ZUlLllllJ
T . w" '
I TT7- ,
French, Latin,
Spanish cf Italian
vreograpliy ',
fflfltWCll JPhUosO
j languages,
The Seminary bcintr endowed by the State, in
struction is afforded at the reduced rate of twe
doliars per quarter, inclusive of all branches.
Havincr rented the sDacious stone buiidinff. for-
merly occupied as the male Academy, the Trus-
i. - ........ ,
"""" "r'v,
Board, in respectable families, can be obtainell
on reasonable torms.
The Trustees, with the fullest confidence, com
mend the Stroudsburg Female Seminary to the
patronage of the public.
JUMiN nuJsiUiN, rres i.
(Attest) Wm P. Vail, Sec'y.
Respectfully announces to the oh- t.
s,rnu,uuur nnii qrfmnljnif nAinl.i.r
, ... rfi-mftlw tt ftW t: , .
, .. , Pct m nua jnan ; .
?uu"?t """ 011.D J-HollixsHISAO. vln ?f
" will oe nappy t0 render hia nrofossimml .t .:
vices to those who need and Yalqo Dental oper.
m.uiio, poiauu. wiiiteu upon at their uweiiin-
if requested, He rospeotfully solicits that ear
y,. l'Jcation oe made as. no intends to vis4
r . r.r.1 i i . i
-Yilllord in Pike county.
Stroudsburg, Oct. 2, 1840.
1 .ft1 uarros No. 3, Mackerel, just recefrr .
A " and for sale, by i
btroudsburg, Aug. 14, 1840;