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ThouIits on the Sub-Treasury.
Messrs. Editors. The other morning, as
the writer, lay1 in his bed, reflecting upon the
all-absorbing topics which now agitate this Un
ion from one end to the other, the following
thoughts passed before his mind. The Sub
Treasury scheme was atone time predominant,
and while thinking of it in ono point of view,
a singular but natural analogy struck me as ex
isting between it and one of the parables intro5
duced into a discourse by our Saviour.
You will recollect that at one time he was
enforcing the duty that every one should make1
a nroner use of the talents entrusted to his care,
and illustrated it by a parable, the substance of
which was as follows: A nobleman was called
from his house to a foreign land, and on leav
ing, divided his money among his servants,
which each one was to take crare of, that is his
own portion, until his master's return. When he
returned he called them to account for the mo
ney he had deposited in their hands. The
first man had increased his pound to ten,, an
other to five, &c. To each of these ho gave
his commendation, and exalted them to stations
of greater importance. The last man who was
called up produced the money that had been
left him, rolled up in a napkin. His master
remonstrated with him for not using the mon
ey to some advantage. Luke xix. chap., 23d
v. " Wherefore then gavest not thou my mo
ney into the bank, that at my coming I might
have required mine own with usury V This
last word in the original, tokos, rather means
the interest which may accrue in a lawful way.
The man had nothing to answer. 1 he pound
was handed over to him who had gained ten
pounds, and the former was punished accord
ing to his deserts.
Now this will apply with re mark able po in t
edness to the manner in which the people of
the United States, the master, has been recent
ly treated by its servants, the the present Gov
ernment. The former entrusted its money to
the care of the latter, and what is the result 1
Has the money been returned with interest?
No: it has been taken out of the "bank," and
the present executive representative of the
Government proposes putting it into iron chests,
which will keep it to no better advantage to
any one than did the napkin of the man in the
parable. The people are calling their servaut
to an account, and finding this state of things,
will they not take the " pound" from him, en
trust it to better hands, and cast him into utter
obscurity ? K. S. i .
There's no doubt that hundreds of office-holders
are preparing to run away. It is said that
every Sub-Treasurer's leg grew an inch upon
the reception of the news from Maine.
Three years ago, the Loco-Focos, after eve
tv election, used to boast of what they had done.
Now, after every election, they boast of what
they intend to do.
"I'll go with my party, if it goes to the dev
il," said Gov. Fairfield before the Maine elec
tion. Did his Excellency find his old club
footed friend in good health and spirits?
The Pennsylvania Mercury, m its ragd
against Maine, calls it 'the land of onions.' We
do not wonder that the poor Loco-Focos think
it an onion State. Every breeze from it brin?s
tears into their eyes.
The Editor of the Bridgeport Statesman says
,that he shall watch "closely the movements of
oco-Focoism during the whole of the coming
T . . 1 t I f
ear. m mat case ne win oe more persever-
g than the Irishman who watched the flock
of wild geese an hour after they were out of sigh.
TTPThe Loco-Focos may walk upon nails
and spikes without fear. They cannot have
the lockjaw. Their under jaws hang too low
for that.
SiOcofoco Riot at Buffalo.
Nearly a column of the Buffalo com
mercial Advertiser of the 8th instant
is occupied with accounts of outrages
committed by the locofocos of that city,
on the anniversary of the battle of the
Thames. Thev attacked ladies in
! their carriages, pelting them with rot
ten eggs, and other missiles; struck
idown peaceable and unoffending citi-
jzens with bludgeons; and after keeping
, the city in a continuaL state ot contu
sion during the day, consummated
I their work by the murder of one of their
own party in a drunken row. The
name of the murdered individual was
Jonas Jone, a foreigner, and under
age. The melee in which he lost his
life, tok place at a low groggery.
The storekeepers in the lower part of
the city were compelled to shut up
their stores, in order to save their prop
erty from destruction. It is stated
that the leaders of "the party" made
no effort to check the rioters.
A boy, whose honesty is more to be recotn
mendeu his ingenuity, once carried some
buttcr4o a merchant in a coUniry village to ex
change for toods. The butl-r having a very
beautiful appearance, and the merchant oenlg
desirous ol procuring such lor his own use, invi
1 ted tlie boy to bring him all the butter his moth
ler had to soaro. "I think." said lhe boy, "she
can't spare any more, for she said she would
not have spared this, only a rat fell into the cream,
and she did not like to use it herself."
A good education is a better safeguard for
Hberiy than a standing army of severe laws.
The right way to settle Disputed Ac
counts 4 A soft answer turncth a
way wrath.'
Mr. Editor: The following was related
many years since to the writer, by one of the
parties, who was a very respectable citizen of
Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, since de
ceased: During the Presidential term of Thomas Jef
ferson, two young men of Pennsylvania took a
lease from him of his merchant mill, at Monti
cello, one of the stipulations of which was that
the landlord should erect for their use, within a
given period, a cooper's shop. The time for the
meetingof Congress soon arriving, the President
had to repair to Washington, to attend to his of
ficial duties, where he remained for a long time
absorbed in national concerns and the building
of the cooper's shop was entirely forgotten by
him; not so with his tenants, whoso daily wants
constantly reminded them of the provisions con
tained in the lease; and finally they determined
to erect it themselves, and to charge the cost to
their landlord.
On the return of the President to his mansion,
the parties met to settle a long account current,
which had been running during his absence;
the items were gone over and scrutinized one
by one, and all were found satisfactory but that
of the charge for building the cooper's shop,
which he objected to, alleging that he could have
erected it with his own workmen. Several at
tempts were made to effect a settlement, but
they always failed when they come td the coop
er's shop; the young men became warm and
zealous in the affair, and the parties instead of
getting nearer together, found themselves at ev
ery interview wider apart.
In this state of affairs, the father of the young
men, who was a mild, affable conciliating gen
tleman, possessing some knowledge of the world
and its ways, arrived on a visit to his sons, who
informed him of their difficulty with their land
lord. He requested them to itave it to him, ob
serving that he thought he couhl effect an ami
cable settlement in the case. This course was
accordingly acceded to, and in due time he wait
ed on the President with the account which
was scanned and agreed to, except the charge
for building the shop, which he said with some
firmness, he should not allow for reasons stated.
His opponent observing his apparent decision
on the subject, very gravely remarked: 'well
friend Jefferson, it always has been my practice
through life to yield, rather than contend.1 Im
mediately on this remark being made, the Pres
ident's chin fell on his breast for an instant, and
then raising his head in an erect position, he ob
served in a very emphatic manner, 'a very good
principle, Mr. Shoemaker, and 1 can carry it as
far as you can; let the account lor the coopers
shop be allowed.' Thus ended the difficulty,
and the parties continued their friendly regard
for each other till death separated them; and cul
tivation of a similar disposiiion to 'follow peace
will all men,' would terminate thousands of dif
ficulties every year, and add much to the hap
piness of individuals, and tend to promote the
general harmony and order of society. Far
mers Cabinet.
In the Borough of Easton, on Thursday the
loth inst., by the Rev. John Grav, Mr. ELI
PRICE, of Mauch Chunk, to Miss ELIZA
MILLER, of the former place.
The subscribers will offer at public sale on
Saturday the 31st day of October, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon, at the house of William Henry,
everal four and two horses Wagons, Harness,
nine plate
of different sizes, a variety of Axes, Merchan
dize, and other articles.
ALSO, At the same time and place, a quan
tity of household and kitchen furniture by Wil
liam Henry.
October 16, 1810.
Came to the premises of the subscriber on the
10th inst., 2 Steers, one a brindle, the other a red,
also one white and red spotted Heifer- The own
eror owners thereof are requested to come forward,
prove property, and take them away, otherwise they
will be sold according to law.
Stroud tsp. Oct. 10, 1840.
What is that we call the Constitution ? The
constitution is evidently that which constitutes,
and that which constitutes is the blood. We, there
fore, know lhat the blood is the constitution, and
that a good or bad constitution is neither more nor
less than a good or bad state of the blood. There is
no person who, having lost health, does not wish to
have it restored. Use then the proper means. Ex
pel with Purgative Medicine all currupt humors
from the body, and the blessing, Health, will be
the certain result: for all pains or unpleasant feel
ings proceed from the presence of corrupt or vi
tiated humors, which are the real cause of every
disease, and therefore the only disease to which the
human frame is subject, because they clog up the,
veins and arteries, and prevent the free circulation
of the blood.
Brandrctlfs Vegetable Universal Pills cure this
disease: because they remove the corrupt or vi
tiated humors by the stomach and bowels, leaving
the good humors to give life and health to the bo
dy. It is morally impossible that they can fail to
CUre, provided Nature is not entirely exhausted.
J7, JJrandreth's Office for the sale of his pills
in Philadelphia, Is No. 8, North Eighth street.
Sold in Stroudsburg, by RrciiAUD S. -Staples,
in Milford, by J. H. Broohead, and in Monroe and
Pike couuties, by the agents published in another
part of this paper.
October 10, 1840.
For sale at fliis- office.
Stoves for sale by
Stroudsburg, Oct. 2, 1840.
Respectfully announces to the citizens of
Stroudsburg and surrounding neighborhood, that
he will remain a short time in this place, at the
public house of Stroud J. Hollinshead, where
ho will be happy to render his professional ser
vices to those who need and value Dental oper
ations; persons waited upon at their dwellings
if requested. He respectfully solicits that ear
ly application be made as he intends to visit
Milford in Pike county.
Stroudsburg, Oct. 2, 1840.
The subscriber respectfully informs the citizens
of Stroudshurg and its vicinity, that he intends
opening a stall in Elizabeth street, opposite Mrs.
Eagles' tavern ; where he will be at all times pre
pared to supply those who may favor him with a
call, with meat of the best quality, and on the most
reasonable terms.
Stroudsburg, Oct. 9, 1840.
Stagnation of the Blood.
The repeated changes in the atmosphere, by act
ing as they do upon the consistence and quality of
the blood, give occasion lor the most tatal ana ma
licnant disorders. The blood from a state of health
becomes stagnant and is plunged into a state of
Thus it loses its purity: its circulation is impe
ded: the channels of life are clogged; the bowels be
come costive, and if not an immediate attack of
some malignant fever, headache, nausea, loss ol
appetite, and a general debility of the whole frame
are sure to follow.
It requires the tempest and the tornado to bring
about a state of purity m the ocean, when it3 wa
ters become stagnant; and it will require repeat
ed evacuation by the stomach and bowels before
the blood can be relieved of its accumulated im
purity. BrandretJCs Vegetable Universal Pills,
should be taken, then there Will be no danger; be
cause they purge from the stomach and bowels
these humors which are the cause of stagnation,
cleanse the blood from all impurities, remove every
cause of pain or weakness, and preserve the consti
tution in a state of health and vigor that cdusual
chances cannot effect.
Dr. Brandreth's Office for the exclusive sale of
his Vegetable Universal Pills, in Philadelphia, is
at No. 8, North Eighth street. Price 25 cents per
For sale by Richard S. Staples, in Strouds
burg; in Milford by J. II. Brodhcad, and in Mon
roe and Pike counties by agents published in an
other part of this paper.
October 10, 1840.
THE Subscriber not willing to be behind the
times, has just received at his Store in the
Borough of Stroudsburg, a large and very superior
assortment of
Fresh Spring and Hummer Goods,
consisting among other things of Chally, Mouslin
d' Lains of various patterns, some of which are as
low as 30 cts. per yard. A very elegant assort
ment of Chintzes, Lawns, Dress Handkerchiefs,
Silk and Cotton Gloves, Parasols, Sic. &c. Also,
a good supply of superfino
Black, Blue, Brown, Olive, and other choice col
ours, being an assortment'in which every one may
find his choice, both as regards price and quality.
Single and double milled Cassimers, Merino Cas
simers, summer Cloths, Silk Satin and Marseilles
Testings, Linen Drillings of various styles, &c.&c.
The above goods are fresh from Philadelphia,
and were selected to suit the taste and please the
fancy of those who may wish to buy at cheap pri
ces, goods of a superior quality.
The subscriber invites his customers and the
public generally, to call and examine for them
selves, when he will be happy io accommodate
them at low prices for cash, or for country pro
Stroudsburg, .Aug. 14, 1840.
boxes Box Raisins, just received and for sale
Stroudsburg, Aug. 14, 1810.
Hj f barrels Mackerel, just received
JLP and for sale, by
Stroudsburg, Aug. 14, 1840.
nnilE spring term of the above named insti
JL tution commenced on Monday, the 4th day of
May ; and is conducted by Miss OTary- H.
Thomas, late of Troy Female Seminary, an
experienced and well qualified teacher.
The branches taught at this Seminary, are
Natural Philoso
phy, m
French Latin,
Spanish Italian
The Seminary being; endowed by the, State, in
struction is afforded at the reduced rate of tiuc
doliars per quarter, inclusive of all branches.
Having rented the spacious stone buiiding, for
merly occupied as the mate Academy, the Trus
tees are now propared to receive any number ol
young ladies that may apply, from all parts of thi
Board, in respectable families, can be obtained
on reasonable terms.
The Trustees, with the fullest confidence, com
mend the Stroudsburg Female Seminary to the
patronage of the public.
(Attest) Wsr P. "Vail Sec'y.
Boct. Joseph Priestly Peters
Celebrated Vegetable Antibilous Pills,
are daily effecting some of the most astonishing
and wonderful cures that have ever been known,
the town and country are filed with their praise3
the Palace and Poor-house alike echo with their vir
tues in all climates and under all temperatures
they still retain their wonderful virtues.
Breathes there the man who may not be occa-
sasionally benefited by the use of Peters Pills ?
JNo, assuredly not : lor tne human -trame, like any-
other structure, will fall into confusion and ruin,
if neglected ; but, by the aid of medicine judi
ciously applied, it is enabled to preserve a heal
thy and evon tone; and iti3 the hrt ot won-tested
public opinion, that Dr. Peters' puis are the me
dicine of medicines in the prevention or cure of
the ceneral diseases which the human tenement
is incidental to.
Do men in robust health require medicine? Cer
tainly, lor the very excess of health bejrets cer
tain diseases unless duly regulated. If the blood
is suffered to run riot without correcting laxatives,
costiveness, megrin, biles, scurvy, spleen, pimples,
furred tongue, or offensive breath, are the mevita
ble consequences ; for exuberance of health, like
over-rich soil, becomes rank, and prone to the pro
duction of weeds, if care is not taken to have it
judiciously moderated.
But healthy men have an antipaihv to the very
name of medicinej! And no wonder, for nineteen
twentieths of all the medicines in the world com
mence operations by making the people very sick:
whom it was intended they should make very well
and thus in most cases the cure is considered rather
worse than the disease. But Dr. Peters' Pills is
the celebrated and particular exception to this al
most universal rule, in them there is no gripe
no nausea, no sickness of any kind; nay, they are
absolutely very pleasant to the taste, and rest as
quietly on the stomach as so many confita of green
peas, even when their operations are as sudden and
effective, as if they were as disagreeable and as
sickening as an old fashioned bolus. Thus the
man who U3es Peters' Pills, and where is the
man that docs not use them 1 expels headaches,
fevers, blue devils, blotches, pimples, &c. &c. and
makes his blood course as limpid and as gently
through his veins as a mountain rivulet, without
hanng put himself to any more inconvenience in
taking the medicine than he would have done in
swallowing so many black currants
Should ladies take Dr. Peters' Pills? Doubt
lessly they should, for they not only assure them
of health, complacency of spirits, and every bod
ily comfort, but through their miraculous agency
in the purification of the blood, speedily remove
every thing pertaining to harshness, pimples, or
casual scurvy, from the flesh, animates uie eye,
and gives an elasticity and a vigor to the limbs,
and the general carnage ; and hence, when you
see a lady with a cheek of velvet softness, a pure
lily and carnation complexion, and an easy & grace
ful bearing, the EeneraHinference to be drawn is,
that she is her own physician, and very particular
in the choice of her medicine ; and the especial
one, that she is a patron of Peters' Pills.
Leaving health out of the question, should poets,
novelists, editors, machinists, and men of genius
and science in general, patronise Peters' Pills 1
Unquestionably, lor the vigor which they impart
to the frame, exercises a most wholesome influ
ence upon the intellect : and the writer of this
feels justified in saying, that any person about to
carry out an idea, whether of composition or In
vention, will have a more lucid understanding of
his subject, and think better and more to the point
on it, after he has vivified his system by a dose of
from one to four of Jfeters pills- .Persons in bu
siness, merchants, store keepers, clerks, specula
tors, &c. will derive great advantage from them
on the same principle; for if the mind is not buoy
ant, no man can attend to the usual pursuits of
life with due perspicuity, judgment, and pleasure;
and there is nothing in the world, at least that has
been ever discovered, so efficient in brightening
the faculties, and freeing them from participating
in the languor, decay, and imperfectibilty of their
mortal abode as Dr. Peters' pills.
To what may be attributed theso singular and
wonderful effects 1 Why, to their mysterious and
inevitable action upon the chyle, and that particu
lar region oflthe system whence the living fluid is
generated ; for thus they do not only purify the
blood, but create pure blood, the issue of which is
healthy veins, arteries) and other functions, unob
scured vision, firm and pulpy flesh, smooth and
clear skin, and the consequent buoyancy of heart,
feeling, and action. In short, whether we take-
them as a matter of health, business, feeling or
personal appearance, there is none of us should
leave our houses without a regular supply of Pe
ters' Pills.
More than six millions of boxes of these cele
brated pills have been sold in the United States,
Canada's, Texas, Mexico, and the West Indies,
since January 1835. The certificates that have
been presented to the proprietor, exceed 20,000,
upwards of 500 of which are from regular prac
tising physicians who are the most competent
judges of their merits.
The following are but a few taken at random,
from a pile of complimentary epistles forwarded
to Dr. Peters by regular physicians, touching the
efficacy of his pills. He feels proud and grate
ful in being able to lay such documents before 'the
New Orleans, April 24, 1837.
Dear Sir As an old classmate of yonrs in Yale
college, I take the liberty of opening a correspon
dence. I learn that you are making a fortune by tho sale,
of your pills, which I trust is the case as I am ful
ly aware that through them you are conferring a
great blessing on the public.
I myself arn among thos who have been pecul
iarly benefited by their use. Since my arrival
here I had been subject to severe bilious attacks,
which had nearly brought me to the grave, but
(and I acknowledge it with gratitude,) a few box
es of your pills have completely restored me. I
would add that their effect upon Sick Headache
and sour stomach is almost miraculous.
Willi sentiments of esteem,
Clarkesville, Mecklenberg Co., Va.,Feb. 7, 1837.
Dear Sir. I embrace this opportunity of ex
pressing to you my pleasure at the unrivalled suc
cess of your pills in this section of the country.
It is the general fault of those who vend patent
medicines to say op much in their favor ; but in
Lregard,rtd your pills L am firmly, persuaded that
luujr ucsouc iai mure praise tnan-you seem in
clined to give them. Six months ago thev were
scarcely known here, and yet at proaent there is
uu umer muuiciu ujuv im compare witn them m
popularity. In Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, de
rangement of the Biliary organs, and obatinate
constipation of the bowels, I know of no aperient
more prompt anu emcacious; ami i havo had con
siderable experience m ail -these complaints
1 would add that their mildness and certainty ol
action render them a safe and efficient purgative
lor weekly individuals; and. that they may be giv
ea at all times without apprehension of- any of
those injurious consequences which so frequently
attend the application ot calomel, or blue pill. Un
the whole I consider your Vegetable Pills an in
valuable discovery. v ery respectfully.
S. ii. xLARiilis, M. JJ.
Charlotte, N. C, January 1, 1837
Dear Sir I have made frequent use of your
pills in the incipient stage of Bilious Fever,' and
obstinate constipation of the bowels; also in tho
enlargement of the Spleen, Chronic Diseases of
the Liver, Sick Headache, General Debility, and
in all cases have found them to bo very effective
J. D. BOYD, M. D.
Mecklenberg Co., Va., February 7. 1837.
Having used Dr. Peters' Pills in my practice
for the last twelve months, 1 take pleasure in giv
ing my testimony of their good effects in cases of
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Bilious fevers, and
other diseases, produced by inactivity Qf ihelivei
They are a safe and mild aperient, being Jthe
best article of the kind I have ever used.
Extract of a letter by Dr. Joseph Williams, of Bur
lington, Vt.July 9, 1837.
"I cordially recommend Peters' Pills as a mild
ly effective, and in no case dangerous family me
dicine. They are peculiarly influential in cos
tiveness and all the usual diseases of the digestive-
Extract of a letter from Dr Edicard Smithy of Mon
treal, If. C. Septemberi 29, 1836
" I never knfew a single patent medicine that I
could put the slightest confidence in but Dr Peters
Vegetable pills, which are really a valuable dis
covery. I have no hesitation in having it known
that 1 use them extensively in my practice, for alt
complaints, (and they are not a few,) which have
their source in the impurity of the blood."
Extract of a letter froth DrPye, of Quebec, L. C,
March 6, 1837
u For bilious fevers, sick headaches, torpidity of
the bowels, and enlargement of the spleen, Dr Pe
ters' pills are an excellent medicine."
Those who have used these valuable Pills in this
State, give them the preference to all other kind.
Prepared by Joseph Priestly Peters, W. D. in
ventor and sole proprietor, No. 129 Liberty street,
New York.
These Valuable Pills can be obtained of Doct.
Samuel Stokes and J. D. & C Malvin's, Strouds
burg, only agents for Monroe county.
Stroudsburg, October 23, 1810.
FTHIIE Subscriber respectfully informs the puh
JL lie, lhat he i3 prepared to execute all kinds ox
Plain & Ornamental Paiuilsig
Glazing, Sec.
at his shop nearly opposite the store of Wiliinm
Eastburn, where all orders in his line wilibethank
fully received and punctually attended to.
Stroudsburg) an. 15, 1839.
Paper Hanging,
In all its various branches will be punctually
attended to. .J P.
The house and lot now occupied byJWm.
Henry near the village of Stroudsburg, Monroe
county, Pennsylvania. Enquire on the prem
August 7, 1840. 3m
.Wholesale and Retail
AWn XjOOKIXG-G&ASS iwawufac
TOBY. THE subscriber respectfully informs the citi
zens of Stroudsburg and the public generally,
that he has taken the shop recently occupied by
James Palmer, on Elizabeth street, nearly opposite
the Stroudsburg House, in this Borough, where
he intends carrying on the Cabinet Making busi
ness In all its various branches.
He shall keep constantly on hand or make to or
der all kinds of fourniturc :
Sideboards, Bureaus, ofa$, Centre
tables, Breakfast and JMniiig Tables,
Wasli Stands, Bedsteads, &c. &c.
together with every other article usually kept a1
such establishments ; all of which he will sell a1
the Easton prices.
As his materials will be of the best quality, and
all articles manufactured at his establishment will
be done by first rate workmen, he confidently as
sures the public that his endeavors to render gen
eral satisfaction will not be unrewarded.
He respectfully invites tho public to call and ex
amine his stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Chairs, Settees, &c. will be kept constantly on
hand and for sale.
Stroud sburg, an. 15, 1840..
The co-partnership heretofore existing betwrer
(he subscribers at Bushkill, under the firm of Wal
lace & New man, is this day dissolved by nmtu.,1
consent. The books, notes and accounts- mc U .
in the hands of Thomas J. Newman. Also a.
those having demands against said firm vi pt
sent them to Thomas J. Newman for settlenMM.t.
Bushkill, June 10, 1S40.
N' B. The business will be carried ono: 1 "
at the old stand by T. J. NEW .MA..
A ceneral assortment of Russia Nail
XjL Band Iron, English Blister, Cast and sho ii
Steel, Roled and Rqund Iron, for safe by
Stroudsburg, Aug. M, 1810.
To the Farmers of Monroe.
Good clean seed Wheat for sale by the sud
Stroudsburgh, Aug. 28, 1840.