Jeffersonian Republican. (Stroudsburg, Pa.) 1840-1853, August 07, 1840, Image 4

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    J E FF E RS ON 1 AN UE ; k lahiciltf.
I'tiftrfulreGd the following testimonials
of Harrisons worili.
(General Harrison' has done
iroie for his country yh less
com?x?Ji satinn for it than any man
4 i
living-: President Madison.
The following tribute of praise
Y?as paid to General Harrison in it of the officers who
fought under his banner at the
battle of Tippecanoe :
"should our country again re
quire cur services to oppose a civ-
iJized or
foe, we should
Josiah Sneelins:,
march under General Harrison
with the most perfect confidence
of victory and fame.
Joel ( 'out,
I?. "B. Burton, O. G JBurton,
Nathan Adams, C. Fuller,
A. Hawkins, G Gooding,
II! Burchstead, J. I). Foster,
Hi; sea Blood.
To the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States
. I lay before Congress, two let
ters received from Goverror liar
nson oi the J naiana i erritory, re
porting the particiuars and the is
sue of the expedition under his
command, notice of which, was ta
ken in my communication oi'No
rem her 5.
"AT tr.1 - .. I ...m .1 t rJst ir. -m-Jbi
Cleanse and Parifv : iSndv. eiv- .mme commcncca ivunme Mju:noer?m
The application of tlie principal of PU-R GA-1 HFttp t j- . . . , '. . .
'nnv uli,,,. ji i.i r.i ? . JL lllv Ladies' Companion, established m Mav.
LION be ing allowed to be one of the greatest 1834-a popular and highly esteemed magazhtebf
utility in the cure and prevention of disease, it General Literature and the Finn Arts: hmhufthh
is of the utmost consequence to as certain what with gorgeous and costly engravings on steel, and
medicine is capable ol producing the elieet de
sired, in the easiest, ai.d at the same time, in
the most effectual manner, It has no longer
to contend with the blind prejudices of the
public ; it is only with those lew who are still
determined to be "killed according to rule,"
like the ,peqple of old, " who would have" a
" King to reign over them." But, thanks to
the circulation of newspapers thanks to the
general diffusion of knowledge, which enables
nineteen twentieths of the PEOPLE to read
and judge for themselves now we no longer
'believe in swallowing that d eadly mineral,
Mercury professing to cure, but uuiversally lea
ving us in a worse condition after its use.
We no longer believe in the absurd notion
thatlnflamations of any kind can be cured by I
abstracting our lile OUR BLOOD, it is now
Hnderstood that an Inllamation is a wise ordi
nance of Nature a signal that she requires the
assistance of purgative medicine to ease her
of the oppressive burden, which she proves by
the high fever and the strong pulse, is wanted
to be removed. In other words, the body calls
Brandreth's Vegetable Universal Pills require
skill in their administration ; the printed direc
tions only have to be observed and they des
cribe the just proportion of the dose to the
magnitude of the disease to be cured
the Quarterly fashions ; and also with Fashiona
ble and popular Music; arranged for the Piano
Forte, and Guitar.
Since the publication of the number for Novem
ber, the demand- for the Ladies' Companion has
been unprecedented and beyond the most sanguine
anucjpauons. iu me commencement oi the vol
ume an additional number of copies were printed,
which was considered at the time adequate to sa
tisfy all the orders which might be received, and
leave a considerable number on hand for subse
quent calls. The publisher is more than gratified
in stating that the whole of an edition of six thou
sand, five hundred copies, was completely exhaus
ted before the issuing of the third number of the
volume; and, consequently, he was compelled to
reprint a second edition ol two thousand copies,
making the circulation of the Ladies' Companion
eight thousand five hundred, at the termination of
the tenth volume. In consequence of this great
and unparalleled increase of new subscribers, he
has determined to commence the new volume for
the .ensuing year with thirteen thousand : hoping
that he will thus be enabled to supply all the de
mands for the Ladies' Companion, as well as those
disappointed in commencing with the tenth vol
ume. The proprietor feels grateful for that 'en
couragement which has been so lavishly bestowed
upon his magazine, and at the same time he be-rs
to assure the readers of the Ladies' Companion,?
that it is determined resolution to meet it with a
corresponding liberality to merit its continuance.
The work appears m beautiful new type, printed
on the finest nacer : smoothly nressed. and nesf.1v
i I J 2. i " J
Let all persons read the ioiiowing opinion ol sutencu m ananusome coyer,
a gentleman who well knows the .quality -of The Ladies' Companion contains a larger quan
p;ilc 1 tity of reading than any other magazine issued in
in uus country, anu us subscription price is only
inree aoiiars a year, wniie tne great combination
on Tins
TTT3 Thfi first, column shrvu-s tho T? ps wriprp. flip Pn1pc 'itv!.T?nm,Lt:
-l . 1 ini 1.1 -rr m - v
.-complied wren l he second, tne .Legal lolls.
se rms
This medicine is acknowleged to be one of
the most valuable over discovered, as a Purifi
er of the Blood and Fluids. It is superior to
Sarsaparilla7 whether as sudorific or alterative.
It stands infinitely before all the preparations
or combinations of Mercury. -Its Purgative
powers alone are of incalculable value ; for
those Pills may be taken daily, FOR ANY
PERIOD, and instead of weakening by the
cathartic effect, they add strength, by taking!
w . imft,i awav tne cause oi weauness. i nere is no
Millie It IS deeply lamented U0d Mercury does, which these Pills do not
that SO many lives ItaTe been lost likewise; but they have none of the miserable
and LIMBS are
. i i i ;.t .l .r.i t
.jv.. IllH paraiyzea no; ouiin inesieau oi inese dis-
yt 'ltll satisfaction the dauntless messing symptoms, new life and vigor is ani-
; mate and evident m every movement of the bo-' of the usual embellishment. It is the determina-
are indeed a ' tion of the proprietor, that these fashion plates
utherto unknown. It hte-
undergo no change, as it will
ot the same Lditors as
in tlie action which took place Oil J effecisofihat Dbadly Specific.
. ,. mi i aie not miured: the BONNES ai
the 7th Ustimo Congress Will See not paralyzed-no; butintheste
"Vritll satisfaction the daiintleSS 'messing symptoms, new life and
cL.Tf .,.1 f 7.,. ; mate and evident in every ntovetn
spirit and fonitude displaced byfd BRANDRET'HS PILLS
of talent secured fur the coming year will render
it unequalled by any other periodical.
Splendid Steel Engravings, prepared by Mr. A.
Dick, ornament the work one of which accompa
nies each number. These plates are entirely- new,
and are engraved at a heavy expense by one of the
best arstists in America, expressly for the maga
zine. 1 he designs are selected with a view of in
teresting the general reader, and enhancing the
value of tlie work, lor its superior pictoral embel
lishments. It is with pride the proprietor announ
ces that the Ladies1 Companion is the only maga
zine published, in which new and elegaut steel
plates appear regularly. I hose accompanying
other monthly periodicals, arc generally first worn
out m annuals. In addition to the engravings
mentioned, a correct plate of the Quarterly Fash
ions for Ladies, will appear in the June, Septem
ber, December, and March numbers, independent
every aCS riimon Or I lie tl'OOnS en- 1 L.viversal Rfxedy for thev cure oonositft dis- shall appear ima style i
r,l , n.,l 'eases: Ihev cure INFLAMMATORY and rary character will
'tu. c.a i.i,!i lucu tujiioicu, ' - remain under the charge
nriniltiS-S vhich nistlllf.-lllnfvd nT P'rro xr c?td a rn a b v i 'pi heietotore. Articles
. - -"3 ; " iAV.;t!" A : XUKy UU1U distinguished writers, will
tlieir comma nder on every trvmir u Y htjjS 1 AK 1 and OUiNfe 1 1 1 u i i uix al in numbers,amonT w
. . ill 1 ii - m x 11 h i noir xtriii n i lrn 1 1 iiincn i ami
I V L J. 1 iJ 1 Ji .J KJ .A J V- y Mill . tl V Cll 1 lilOO I lUl 1UU
occasion requiring the utmost ex
ertioti of valor and discipline.
J.ames Mokroe.
W5Jjfgeon:ilec. IS, 1811.
The Sichmnnd Enquirer, now
TiOTV -next to the Glohe. high in
the confidence ol' the administra-
tion, said :
4t General Harrisons letter tells
us every tiling ve wish to know a
bout the ofScers, except himself,
he does justice to every one hut
Harrison and the world must
therefore do iustice to the man
who is too modestto do justice to
General Antliony Wayne in
a letter to the Secretary of War
giving an o&cinl account of this
sanguinary Indion Battle in 1792,
said :
uMy faithful and gallant Lieu
tenant IIARllf SON rendered me
most essential service by commu
nicating my orders in evrey direc
tion, and by his conduct and bra
very exciting the troops to press
-1Q r
James Madison, in a special
message to Congress in ISi l, con
ceriihig tiie battle of Tippecanoe
w Whtlo it is deepiy lamented
ftfct hh iny vakiabie lives have
ywien lostrn the action which took
pjace on tiie 7th nhimo, Congress
vriil eee with satisfaction the
dmmtlejss spirit of fortitude victo-i-fgnsly
displayed by every de s
Cff5tion"of troops engaged, a.s well
tlie collected firmness whleh dis
tinguished their Commander, on
apparently opposite diseases, because they
Cj.i:a::se and Purify the Blood ; provided
however, Nature Is not beyond all Human As
sistance. .For years this medicine has been be
fore the public in the United States ; wherev
6r it has been introduced, it has superseded all
other remedies.
York is 24 j, Bjoadway. In Philadelphia,
No. 8, North Third Street.
25 cents per bo:: with directions'
Druggists.never made Agents.
VTJpBeware of Counterfeits.
Each of Dr. Brandreth's Agents-has an en
graved certificate, dated within the twelve months
next preceding. These certificates are renew
ed regularly; therefore when over twelve
months old they no longer guarantee the genu
ineness of the medicine.
GEN'TS. Certificates of agency are held by the fol
lowing persons who are constituted agents for
UN1VERSALPILLS. Purchase of them on
ly in Monroe and Pike counties.
" Stroudsburgh, RICHARD S. STAPLES.
" Dutottsburg, LUKE BRODHEAD.
New Marketville, TROXEL & SCHOCH.
" Ding3man's Ferry, A. STOLL fc Co.
" BushkiJI, PETERS & LA BAR.
Remember if yon purchase ofany otrfer ipcr
son or persons in Monroe and Pike Counties
vou will be sure to obtain a Counterfeit.
June 26, 1840.---ly. f-
The Carding and Fulling business, will be car
ried on by the subscriber at the above named stand
and he would be pleased to receive the patronage
of his old customers and the publick gencia'lly.
The price of wool carding will be 1 cents cash or G
cer.ts trust per pound. Wool or cloth will be at
ken away and returned when fiinshed at J. D. &
C. itfalvin's stole, &troudsburg, on -Saturday of
every weeK, wnere ihose indebted to the late.hrm,
can meet the subscriber and settle their accounts.
John A. Dimmick.
EushUill, June 1st.
. 1
requiring tne
0 r
Ttious of Y&iQf aud discipline. n
rTE53B Copartnership hetetofore existing be
5L tveen the subscribers under the name& firm
of Sanford and Dwvnicc, is this day by mutual
consent dissolved. All those having claims against
said firm, are, requested to call and receive their
pay ; and all those indebted to said firm can set
tle their accounts with either of the subscribers
until the first day of jSeptember next.
Bushkill June 1st 1640. - '
Of alldnds "jxealty- exeputejcli a
this Office '
from the pens of the mosl
appear in the forthcom
hich may be enumerated the
mff: Sirs. Holland, imma u. Embury,
Irvdia 11. bigouruey, trances b. Usgood,
Ellet, Caroline Orne. Seba Smith. Mrs. Harring
ton, Ann S. Stevens, Miss Hannah F. Gould, Ma
ry Ann Browne, Charlotte Cushman, Mary Emily
Jackson, Henry W. Herbert, author of 'Cromwell,'
&c. Professor J II Ingraham, author of 4 Burton,'
'Capt. Kidd,' &c, Professor II W Longfellow,
author of 1 Outre Mer,' Ym,E Burton, Chief Jus
tice Mellen, John Neal, Park Benjamin, Grenville
Mellen, N C Brooks, A M, George P Morris, Ro
bert Hamilton, Isaac C Pray, Wm Comstock, Hi
ram B Tennis, Rev J H Clinch, James Brooks,
Albert Pike, F A Durivage, Henry F Harrington,
together with several others, with whom negotia
tions are .pending. They will hereafter be an
nounced. Mrs. Arm S. Stephens, )
William V Snoicden, V Editors.
Henry F. Harrington, j
The Musical Department of the Ladies' Compa
nion has ever commanded a large share of atten
tion, and has been looked upon with no little in
terest by its readers, and more especially the La
dies, whom the publisher is anxious to please. It
will continue to be a subject of more than usual
care to him,"' and to the Professor under whoso su
pervision it is placed, to ' make that portion of the
magazine deserving of the countenance ofevery
'lover of music!
Tae Wdrk in General. Of every department an
equally careful supervision will be strictly exer
cised by the Editors, and all appropriate expendi
tures will be liberally bestowed, as it is the de
sign of the publisher, with the aid of his contribu
tors and the advice of his friends to make the La
dies Companion distinguished for the beauty and
accuracy of its typography, the variety and high
tone of its literary articles, the quality and value
of its music, and the unequal splendor of its pic
toral embellishments, and the accuracy of its quar
terly fashions. The proprietor pledges himself to
use all honorable means to maintainthe superiori
ty, which the Ladies' Companion has obtained.
For five years he has steadily pursued a. course of
improvement, and he flatters himselt that his pre
sent facilities arc such as to give the work eminent
advantages over ali other publications
From the foregoing it will be perceived that ihc
Ladies' Companion embraces every department
wi'hin the range of Belles-Lcttres and the Fine
Arts : and no exertions or expense will be deemed
too great to render the work equal to any other
extant. The flattering and general testimonials
of nearly every contemporary journal in the United
States, and in fact, maiy on the other side of the
Atlantic, have strongly asserted the undeniable
claims of the Ladies' Companion to the support of
the public generally. Tlu re is no work that give
its readers such n great return for their money.
Terms Three Dollars a year in advance, or Foi
Dollars during the year.
No subscription received for less than a year.
Letters must be postpaid, otherwise the jpostagc
is deducted, and credit given only for the balance
Address " WM. SNOWDEN,
109 Fulton street. New York.
Articles, per ton, per mile.
Merchandize, Sugar, Molasses, and
Flour, Weal, Grain, Salted Provi
sions, Pot and' Pearl Ashes.
Hay in bundles, pressed,
Hydraulic Cement, going towards
tide water on the capacity of boat
carrying it,
Do. do. Stone unburnt on the capa
city of boa. carrying it,
Hydraulic cement -going from tide
Ground Tanner's Bark, , .
Ungruund do. do.
Iron Castings.
Irorf up the canal,
Do. down the canal,
Pig Tron up the canal,
Cotton, baies or bags,
Hides (not to exceed 2 1G for any
distance) per ton, er mile,
Common Brick, Stone, Lime, Sand,
Potter's Clay, Ashes & Iron Ore,
Brick and Fire Stone,
Anthracite Coal down the canal,
per ton, per mile,
Do. do. up the canal on tlie capaci-
ty of the boat carrying it, per ton
per mile.
Charcoal (not to exceed $1 50 for
any distance,
Marble, Mill, and other manufactu
ring stones,
Hoop poles, in boats,
Fence Pus's and Rails, in floats;
per ton, per mile,
j Hoop poles, split or shaved in boats,
Lath, split or sawed, in boats,
Staves and Heading, sawed or man
ufactured, in boats,
Do. do. rived or split in boats (not
to exceed I dollar per ton for any
distance,) per ton, per mile,
Staves and Heading in rafts,
Hoop Pole, posts, rails and lath in
Manufactured wood for the first 25
miles (thence 2 1-2 cents, but not
to exceed 81 75 for any distance
on canal,)
Materials for making crates for
Glass waro per ton, per mile,
per 100 eft. per mile.
Pine andplain maple, for the first
25 miles (thence 11-2 cents per
mile, but not to exceed $1 for any
Hemlock, for first 25 miles, (theece
1 cent, but not exceed $ ,75 for
any distance,)
Oak and Ash, for the first 25 miles,
(thence 1 1-2 cent per mile, but
Cts. ts
3 4
2 4
U"-2 4
21,-2 4
1 4
4 4
4 4
11-2 4
2 4
11-2 4
3 4
3 4
2 4
2 4
3 4
1 4
11-2 4
11-2 8
8 8
2 4
3 4
11-2 4
1 4
21-2 4
1 4
3 9-10 4
11-2 4
4 4
3 4
3 4
11-2 4
2 4
13-4 4
not to exceed $1 50 foi any dis
tance.) "
iuapie, utierry, White woodland all
timber not enunierated, (but nut
to exceed 2 fOaVydistance,)
TT Wper 100 c.fcel per mile.
Hemlock i
Ship Timber,
All timber not enumerated, -
per 1000 ft. board measure wr-mile.
Pine, plain maple, and bass wood
lor (or first 25 miles, (thence If
cent per mile, but not to exceed
$1 for anv distance.)
Hemlock for first 25 miles (thence
1 cent per mile, but not to ex
ceed 75 cents for anv distance,)
Cherry and white wood, but not to
exceed $1 75 for anv distance,
Curled and specked maple, but not
to exceed b2 tor any distance.
Ash, oak, and all timber not enumer
ated, for first 25. miles, thence 1
1-2 cent per mile, but not to ex
ceed Si 25 for any distance,
per 1000 ft. 0. ?n. per mile.
Pine, plain Maple and Bass wood,
Oak, ash, and all not enumerated,
per 1 000 ver mile
Pine, for the first 25 miles, (thence
3 nulls per mile for remaining
Hemlock, for first 25 miles (thence
2 mills per mile for remaining
per 1000 per mile.
Pino or Hemlock,
ver cord ver mile.
Cord wood, from one to ten miles,
(and lor every additional mile 1
cent per cord, but not to exceed
50 cents per cord for any distance
on the canal.
Articles not enumerated going from
tide water per ton,
Articles going towards tide water,
Pleasure boats, on the capacity of
tne boat,
' per ?nile on the boat.
Going towards tide water,
Coming from tide water,
3 1-2
N. B. When toll is charged per ton on the capacity of the Boat io adci
ional charge will be made for mileage on said boat.
-1 hercbyforbid all persons trusting my wife
Dorothy, orrany acpount whatever as I will pay
ho (Tebt3 ot her contracting after this dto .
.borenzo tumpp:
tftroua tgp: jurj.e 5 11340
WBiioJcsaJL remI Rc&iiil
npMiC subscriber respectfully informs the citi
fi zens of Stroudsburg and the public generally,
that he has taken the shop recently occupied by
James Palmer, on Jhzabeth street, nearly opposite
the Stroudsburg House, in this Borough, where
Jie intends carrying on the Cabinet Slaking busi-;
ness in all its various branches.
He shall keep constantly on hand or make to or-;
der all ki ""ds of fourniture : !
Sideboards, Siareaus, Sofas, Centrc
iallcs, r4akfust and IMuiiig Tables,
WasSi Stands, I2cdsteads,-&c. &c.
together with every other article usually at
such establishments ; all of which he will sell at
the Easton prices.
As his materials will be of the best quality, and
all articles manufactured at his establishment will
be done by first rate workmen, he confidently as
sures the public that his endeavors to render gen
eral satisfaction will not be unrewarded.
He respectfully invites the public to call and ex
amine his stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Chairs, Settees, &c. will be kept constantly on
hand anu lor sale.
Stroudsburg. Jan. 15, 1810.
40 per ton.
Notice to ISoatman.
npHE Delaware and Hudson Canal Comnnnvl
JL will pay the following freight for transporting
wvu. twill AJ.UUOUUlV to AbUllUUUVj Jil WlVli lVlJlUj
the ensuing season, vr. :
Running Company's boats with an
agreement to purchase and paying
SlO each trip on said boat, and
making rot less than 10 trips with
said boat during the season.
Running Company's boats with an
agreement to purchase and paying
$10, each trip on said boat and ma-'
king a trip in ten days or less, $1 40 do.
.Running Company's boats with an
agreement to purchase and paying
10 each trip on said boat, and mar
king a trip in 11 days, Si 35 do.
Running Company1!? boats with an
agreement to purcha&eand paying
$10 each trip on said boat,aud over
11 days making atrip, $1 30 do.
Individuals running their own boats in the coal
business will be paid the same freight as company
Application for boats can bo made totho Collec
tors and Superintendents on the line of canal.
R. F, LORD, Engineer.
OfTioe f Del. & Hud. Ca. Co..
MarchOth, 1840.
Printed at.thisL
ness and despatch.
Office with neat-
rrilljE Subscriber respectfully informs the pub
JL lie, that he is prepared to execute all kinds ot
I'lain & a'asaasaerataS IPaiiatijag,
at his shop nearly opposite the store of William
li.astburn, where all orders mhjs line willbe thank
fully received and punctually attended to.
Stroudsburg, Jan. 15, 1839.
Paper Maifigrmgr,
In all its various branches will be punctually
attended to.
J. P.
THE Co-partnership heretofore existing be
tween the subscribers trading under the firm
of STOLL & BRODHEAD, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent- 1 he business of the late firm
will be settled by either of the subscribers, either
being duly authorized to settle the same.
All persons indebted to the firm of Stoll & Bro!
head are particularly requested to mako settle
ment on or beiore the first day of April next.
Was lost on Thursday, atho 21st inst. t
tween Stroudsburg and John Brown's Tannop
a large fair grain Calf Skin Pocket Book, coi
taming one SoO bill on the Easton Bank, oi
$3 bill on the Goshen bank, one noto of hai
against John Brown for one hundred dohV
payable one day after date, and dated 23d
March, 1840, and one note of hand aan
Samuel Bogart for'Hwenty dollars, dated M
9th, 1838. Any person finding said joc .
book and returning it to tho subscriber
John Brown's, shall receive the almw rrw
Smithfield, May 22. 1840. 3i
AH porous are hereby eautiow d ?
(chasing either of the above notes, !n i,, : .
son, as aaid notos were obtained m !. v '", ;
May 27, 1840.
For sale by bo subscriber,
Stroudsburg, Feb. 14, 1840.
100 Corda of Wood, in lota
Enquire of HENRY, JORDAN AC.
June 101840.