M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, September 23, 1865, Image 2

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    - - - 47 %1MM
~ , i „ ,,i O4 • . 4l nteti rptt e ;ol 4 .ere of , Melterinn cuunly
nee ifireilepesletti ‘ tireet et thei'v'f•geespee t tto in
e.eit &dint* electid ; Scitiirda3r, the 23ri
iruitantral4 - OrSseti6peison,s,...•frpm each
• 241 *MatisliiiiIorrtiierienilhem in a Gminty' co..
5,7 1 , 4 6,,VVt0Pp belfheld , at , the 'Court ' House, in
•ronfetbOorti on ' Taerlday the 26th day of "Sep
t. .-,•er•ibleofbei,"titz'l3 Iti?doOr P.lit.;,for the purpose of
Cotinly'officers, and the transaction
•_ l ';` t " , 'fro any tingsii„tba; may come before it.
• • Th'erlcjgiltot committees are f Arrested to
ne. ; inbre,publie'notibe-•"of , the: timu
a nd -place of
in'their several town
' 1: , • '
"Tb‘following persons;were , selected by tlie
Rounty Convention:of last year, to , act as such
Committees: •
t d R'S t
• 'het por 'Armstrong an . or• -
'''”'Lib'flrty—P. I - I..Arnolil and T. McDowell'
• titrii.'etle.-J doldrige
Ifianill(On—J A Anderson and Wm Blew
B Oviatt and J L Bean
• • ` - Britclfisrd-- A K Johnson and Isaac Willett:
•• .N.Srwial- 2 -J'G Wye,. rind A Ifiaear
hildre,d—N,Dennis and Allen Cummings
Gres- 7 -C Smith and Dr , G W Mosher
Corkilon--E S Sunderlin
Gallup and ()rrin Perry -
St.rg'esin t —re ter Barns
, % - - .4)nnin—Otteilows_arid T
,(By . ,orderof Co. Committee.)
„ , J. B. OVIATT, Chairman.
:Ac.OIDENT. 7 -Yesterda . y, bile 'engitred'i9
,14rirthpriog•;' Otto
eliect! of :timber; which
`?,itile'ered Upfa tionn to
day" bis bo'dy . is entirely numb, below the hilrt.
• .—.._
" I I •
. • AAID ottlitmus. ie • very su ea ), at
Mr. Cornelius
ittlidAsteri to Erie on business and had returned
as tar as\Warreri 'When he was, talcen • stldeliiy
taken.tolC.Ane, where he died on
ifaied.'•,...no was.brought to
Forniers . vdtlei, • and •• buried on
-•: , 1 •
10.4Ve celled on Gierohn; at Olean, the
io'theikio . y;and Foet i d him; at the. Oldstolid and
6Ver,i'Vliermid customers ' . 'just
repivied,,trom , the city their commodious store
inrairi f . iejtall .overtlowing,.. .Thosis
101.nemfor;tho: pArpOite of,trading,•. should not
t i,,PE,Tnoi.sgat..Honsn..—We Kase no ,hesitancy
jot iteiomritentting''thie hotel' as . every' way
Wayt•hy, of
. rfaticiriain travellingpubli c
Cl - 114Piiintia,• formerly of lbs. pubes . house,.
if • indefatigablein. his forte
rrnikr guetii :Somfoitabli. •In this•he sue.'
needN• if anions qiiesticnia this tat Lain 'riay
nisi therpeutiltiana House. •
- ''''RWiiilitio Tmitni.—The Republicans have
. • noii , Made their State, ;Districi• and County
; • nominations , :. For county Commissioner . ; A,
• : . ' P,, z l3rewer. is ietrominated; for, Auditor,.. S.. Q.
• Terney;,Surstepor,.W..K.',Xingt Coronet, Dr.
".}3. l 6..ollisi . .'ASSemblY;:,John
,Dratksi,' Judge,
. 111 11 1,03" WillraMs;: State . Senator; Warren
aft,Te l tt rt , Of tWeqiialifications•oGthe ditre.rent.
• • ,
' 90)+114 mtrt,f , halt not :...now speak,. with ong
. . ••ic i ceptipo,• • , ;,The.dernociay'intend to elect the
• ; • Staiteand-cabriti - Olfieer", and.the people are in.
• . - "leNglitett,Tif.thaf..rOsOc t,.. With: those. whc; are
. -.
to serve. tbetii;,ittatsid . orthoae . who are • not.
' , Untipiii:ly, — ..,there;ji3One..offiee,;.that of. State
Senelor,t;that thi.'democracy' fiavi no bc;pe of
.''. fillingptherifore'we roust.besinterested" In tbe .
..• ,chttliitier ii . nd' . .iiii:alificitions of IbefttepOblican
neiVee,::,- . tipi this •iinpertant offiCe• the. Repub..
- • licio'''h.A\N nominated .Weirrew: Cowles, and
• •villictitt;st‘mercifoll intervention of :Protiidenc
in itu'i'. Teti di ; ' RC': w ill . .lere A e 11t the ' counties, of
ticlii i :P4te,i;,,Clintori 8n:1.111c/teen, - in the,
• ' Seitt:lifir7,thretiietrs ensuing. -• ... : . •
.. ' ....
-• The gantletnanlnade his eptieerance hereit
bottliviii:l3s2otild wait'sCioW alter admitted to'
. , .
• practice in our courts ;;' since which he Was been
the reciPitprof important andlucrative;offices,
..,. the gilt of, tlie,ricptiblican part y.; Personally
`fiesta hot Urn: to win oe,.confidence of hie ac.
Nflosmtances, , and would , not have, been entice
'. I;attegithtpublic trusts and responsibilities, in
. ...a' heitillterittite': of pbblie `sentiment, by any
• paiti.' JOlfi.in"Wo . to be . a crazy spiritualist',
• , ayse:oltei: lif red gigzanddisheliever 'of the Sa
'erecvSntiPtityas.;,.'lllii,-;*ilitarY history, which
. the 'Muer' Piltdia•h Fe' ig 1 . 4 lit 4 . 10 • as desirable,
lackitieso"lo4ba(ln detail; ~.'•Ntlilethe State
• drafi,WVSpetiding our hero obtained'' i certificate
, or-e*prp i tio"..; Soon 'eftii•iboyve've! a4iikain's
comm comiSiim Wwt obtaiWeirfor him,andaitCr'tho .
: reguipiKi; nutitbee:•c4f . ; tilrn 'were obtained, .our
, 4 .,patKvf!'4that Waato be.4-feli hack, • in .good
ortletS;liliclithe : iiirinentect ilorterie list.i; took his.
Pisoblanitio4o.v.,iiiectiarged .his dtity, yield
. ,up biori'reilif,ibli:defence'ot iiii:country, - while
...114r.jilicliiilee lietVed .11i !Conn try in.: the. less,daw;
~ ,•. ' gr'Oiltildirlifet:i4.,Ol,"cting ;CountY.Treesurer,
', -- Ilfrid4Ahts..)i.aft cii.lo6:i iseiMiseiOn was given
, •.,,the.Gii'+wriMel6 04100 &Alin i fed "n u mber of
7 1 . ;;i 1 OtriAtRINOthilVilki4he•(}iiitritititiciti Of 'ciiinasis-;
%J.::4 1 44 ,,,..:**-ii')44o°*iii°'ii4.'Yiiiil''.o'.Wti" tWitt"S.
' ', ? . 0 01r4 1",, ~ii*ta : i i4 o4 ' .'. i! OC,l l 4' ' , fkatgr—
''''444l4:ll4o.i."oo°sl...'te-t4iTtio°RA9 with.
. i ti, l' .4. , r4iii ' 4 i ' . : l4 ri- ,77 4n4R,Z, if i 4Fgipi4.?c, • !....
:Sl,kit,s ~; : ,.0 # 1 : ‘4.i.,,qti1i44,...:,i11':Yvjt4.
4'fi::sl.., :,01....41: rl3•ll:!;,B4mii,r,ip,tkiA*,tl.c..4.
Vrt,"llll ,lf OPtiefft'4 „ % - „,wirlilOpio.v.*go
ftont:conni4ction the're-i!! one
. . • ~
1 4. bii'.biogrniher. , %4A4inglie!r t rect,iu)44 t r0,.
•yt de° PC f. •`thjs courfty;. iV t ite
!Rol nifirei. A
:nn s tjerm; a nd ` hitiqtal re.Z
4 conljks!,yon , neonnot r of by . lorpi.;
iu44it: fray in 4in:
• 04k s v i ka Olg Iniview the den re 40,
las otifor..)4Bl . ... i pine
qiirt,j , :ltieeil, or elii/el-") fores.v,i;•nie,...:}ki;,.
• frii4dit , ind finci 'himself creiliterl.
on the quota of gi:iO - OOnnty,,,kn'ying ins7fartily
'm'oiF'y the people . tio:;!uml:::Elisowned;
• neighbors to Monist'
-snore:lntln:.(rionri.:;lo!ifyin'ned . ;nninlmr. As:Our
neighlibriOWiitio.wny fails, to.#ive •aetairs of
'the inilitvy„corper ;. ihiti ir pirfint to §ennt o . 7 .
rrialtonois,•:we'. inten d
n ith loos Ond: . roriliniscenons:furniOnfikk:hin
;In fegitrfl
ChitinO!or in civil.ntat inn I,inquirOi sa rein
ed 'the .s.c.Au.ditors':l3.eport,-;",:ilrea(!y::011.;:
The Afiderio6; .:elotfuntryi,..piipeals to ctthe
loyal men of this district'i.to give the nominee .
their ,hearty:snmiort, ihouCever..repagnent . to
.thCir.fielings.,•Thus.dppealed to . 'we'darC not
hope : Air any . .thing but a Mottifking:resnit.,
'• Asa citizen of. the county sn'e have a right
lo.piMent against the'honor of.i.gcreditine'the
abont•tOlbe Senntiii to , McKean county: - , She
does dOes not claim not 'present:his.
nartteand Most :restiebtfull,ic be . gs,to be ei
cuied. justice to out; peoplp.vre. feel it
lostite:thit -.they,. are perfectly.s .. villing to
linquish all 'interest . and . tiropertylin the delilev..
rrienti of the distingushed. 'ebaiacter, b . Of yin
'the pist future' , to Erie:_county,=wherei t
is 'rightfully and Most rrOpcity,vested.
. .
The,-fl iferees representing the
Setiatorial district eomposed . - -ol the counties. of
inton,.M'Kerin; Potterland „ Tioga, in,
anee orprevinns',public tio'tiee snot at tha."-Fal.:
on House, in lock Ilavivt,.on TitOsday. even-
Sept. 11303.... After .balloting and: full
ennsal ta thin, nn S.,R Mita an 'PEA?, of
tnek-Ilnyeri;:vi•ag tine ni moo gly norriknaied as
thePernoerritie•candidate for Senator, • Of.the•
nomination; the. Clinton pentr'
4frat .
rrl lie notninee' for . Senator. Fs • . ti gentleman
in the...viger of life and: t iritilleet,a Pi nnsyllita
nian by -birth, eiliicatioo, and . . blood, i
prominent and
.able lawyer; an honest man,
. . . .„
er.ettc,elfictent end successful in all he tinder,
talus, o rs
and-unspotted pargenal Character,
an 'elerptent 'Ffifliorand•a'firm and deternnined
,it the Oeinberritsofthe 'other cotintie4
distrie,f ilittyas,.i,\;ellas.those' el
,Clintofy.he • will he elected, and' if.: the' people
-generally of . the dist' consillt: their own, interests th . ey will ail vote for- him. '
. .Fiat srays. .As the time for holding the *eicc,
tion 'draws near, every map-whopa ys. t he . .l,enkt
:attentionto the ..befit of t tie
.ers a breakin,fai*ay of .the thick - clouds of fari- 7
a "and a return of thousands 'the gpdd
oldDemncratic The names of John Fitch
ttnil,Ritbert Fulton will live-through.. till.r.tirrie;
se long as:senions 'ref en(l . .t he rivers - fun,
while the pen ivbn deciied . tbeir'effiirti'lo op
ply steam' us n pionelling-power; wilt be forgot= .
ten or.bnve.ulrently been. So.it'is and vViirlie
With iliose:tiho laid MC! fomul , ations and ,ficle
Upon the principles of. the D9inecratic:•iiarty.
They will live iu history.forever, airthe: great'
'moving spirits in a - plan 'of Government' which
mado VS'irgreitt, p ospefous . an 1 'a . •. happy 'Pest—
Azive years iig,o'the.opposilicin obtained power
•andentereil upon. the .admiillstra GO of public
;affairs. ','The .radicals 'of that. party : ruled' the .
and lor Mai etban four years h 'scene of
conhisiun, bloodSlied'and tyranny reigned, such .
as haino„parnifek . Theitipperters.of theDern
ocraticjaith hake been trodden under foot,'spat .
Upon and abused with almutality and. savage.
ness'which inetint ehterrnination; .:Lt was net
southern treason which, the radicals so much
'sought to conquer,:as it,was . .tO silence all.
time , the.• Democratic :parry:: It was :net - a
Union, of the: State, •and a ni•ipetoity 'of the
GoVernirieht and the old . .Constitution (boy .s 4
mitcii revered: and . fonglit for, .so.minfli .s as •it
_Wits the..ilestructien . of the party Which had al
ways 'beep faithful.totheinterest and •wellare .
'of. the Whole people... Dernocrats have kit•onlY
lieen malignerin:speeeh, but they' have. Ilreti
.arrested nail Imprisonedfor eltercising . fdrictions
gliaranteadiliy the Oonstitution . of:thia country,
and the less liberal .krkvqrritnenz. of England,
vii:' The liberty. of speech and :of thc.'press:
The press has . been sublect‘til to whirrid and the
caprices:of moherwhile rnerybf :the', opposition
and offirifilii,:teo, - fiave looked on with.eatisfac . '
tidn and:lnfinite' - Bur, nevertheless,
the old party has stood by Frs.-eider% `both in
the lield , and out of it,..andits motto :is to-day
as,it:hrie,always'beent “The•Ccinstitution the,:
Onioty,. one Cotint ry,'n
.. glorious destiny!"
As we.have said„the'.party' was., for lyears:l
under.a . .clond; ,but that cloud is breaking' Al.
though U the'opposit loniticceeded in the last.elee..
tion,*the.victory is turned Over . .to'the DemOcr
acy....Andrew Johnson is a - Democrat. He ' is
.walkingin•Sthe in. the fiaotsteps.ole , the flutidere•
and leader.. of the party, Radicalism and ; fa
aticism is - chafing itself to'. death against the
.barriers that have sprung ' up between 't hem
:and the adMiniitiatiOn they 'so fondly 'hoped
was theirs to use and - harlg•ir. The' minds of
,the people are settling.back into the Oltrehan 7 l
nets. Civil law is beginning to ridc.i.,Military
power is less, , tnecessity" than - torinerly. :The
men who, urged the . - disregard dish , ' or the
forms of law.ovill...pass'itway.to•be, forgotten,'
er.known'enly . as'enetnies of.. the. Government;
while'thenames: those ,*ho suffered their
•abusearid tyrannY will live, as Fitch , and
ton's will, though all :.time:' ;Their:forte Was
'..team, Dist of Dernooracy to' perpetuate's goy ,
ernment Nvorihy .to live under,. to light for, to
defence. Men have turned 'aside
.fror? l , '!! Pn'i Ph . rsued•s — phati.toin, which they
die . coVer..Wos all
s e, phantom.' ;Hundreds - of
:ttoosarlas'have stood .hy'their,iinienti. faith,
'and kept the . ilres bright', and Mae beds warm,
through AIL this' night cif
.darknese and fanati--
Dernociacy' • stilHiveti s and thousands • who
left the fold are
.coming, , heck to- embrace: its
faith;to *urn] blole amt . to-nestle in
the warm bed thatias been kept
Deniocrati have been iniprisoned, their . Aiu
sitiess ruined ; and. their reperty destroyed; but
-the principles tiler : suffered : tor are only those
by which tide geyernment can be perpetuated,
and the rights of thepeciple'Maintained.
With till•tife l prejudice, the. fraud and exeite
-theniJiine, year ago; Pennsylvania' gave tive
. majority.
I Tbis year, -with,the..piejetlietitkiitt excitement
ier*wed;liest we hope OW Trawl, too,. we .0411
certifinly 4
catry the liatiA442&qtr ',,r„..4Pt
aer;010 1 ;
0 1
The signs ate most chstetfor The t ligitt z it
,breakitag.L-Trarreo, LeilgeT. r 4. : ,”
Af'... 1 4,i ---- ; 1- T ---- • - •,• - •-- - ~..0 . ..'. .. --=----: El '
Ilftic ou York Aboltil Stattunyoution4:;
Sif dec rqk. , N. Y., Sept. 2p . XThe Crniii.en ,
;lion vv organized by the mhoice of. HO:—
Chatihcey M. Depew, for priaident, he 1)41414 ,
Jus evimisly witlidt awn his . naine as a candjdate,
for Secretary - of State. , d '
• Major Ponerol,Frencire - . Bfirlow was' nom
inated.for Secretary of „State; receiving iqi
~ t)tf.,,,, : ptilinst,4l#2l l fim.?GSntiral 'V. Hfr. Van
;;.:Warti OtTili, araiiiiilii, firurJohn IT. furter .
of_Alabany, \VCili nominated for„Jiplges of tlie ,
Court of:Appeals by: acclarrintion. Thoi. U.; l
Ilillhonse, of Ontario, nominated for controller
Cog - Howland, of • DllO/090,noiiiinilled for.."l'rea
surer; Attorney .. Geileral, General. lorries 11.
Alai tinda le; Surveyoe - Generu I, J. Platt, Good
sell; Canal Commissioner, Robert C. Dorn, of
cheriectedy: State Prison Inspector, 'General
Barnurrwof Onorulagna; Cleik of Court of Ap-
peals, Henry'Jones, of Cat lasagna. ' 1
To the People of Pennsylvania
80bt..19, 1865::
Yop are ulioii:lhe...eve of ; al -po'st.'importsni
. .
13oth polilical organizarion have announced
their platforms, ':and presented.. their'eandi
datai fur,:ipur sii(fiagei, • , .. •- . . -- P
The Democratic party dititinctly:iffirme"
support of he policy of reeonstruction , ..adoptcd
by. President. Johnson, rind ‘.alinounces . its
position to negro . suffrage: :arid °negro 'equal:.
'Upon these, TILE REAL ISSUR• OF Tlik . cnivvidg,
theßepublican anibigeous, ittican—
Aidates are mute, its central authority. is
Vtre believe that, it is. tti..•knoW
:their set,iiiinent." l arid that, they who seek 'yotir
support' shoul4(be frank , in:, :hp exPrtssion; of
thci'r' opinions..
• • •
. .
Cat!' you stistainltheYresidthit by . ! ;•otin r , for :
who refuse:to . e'ndorse his, policy?' Will
'you hazard the.siipeiiorityolytr;-rarehy
tingfOr thOse..,wholate 'unwilling to •proelnim
their ketief: ivy., the iofertority '.of* 'the
PEA.+.crtzTu..ov Pu!iNsi-t..vir;tAi . •
I?rt.•si Ituene.upon'your antagonists the 'vital
issues. of the .tatripaign• •'
Thrringh.the iwessand.on the. , :rostrurn; , in'
the, field and in'llie worli shop,' dernank shat they
shalt uns.tVer. '.;
'Are ijoit.for or eigrri'irxt President.. :Tolol.4o€l's
podiry,yol rpcchistruclion?.' .
# 4.0!..rn, f0r0r.42 - inst negro.,cm.fra,:r awl or.:
:Sro • • • • '
. I.ly order of the' Deniecratie Stet, , Central
11. MA
E =E=tl
..Nr.vi Yong, Sept, 14 :—The: 11;4141t1' special
t .ie on!. erelornl here'that'iM ie conteinplated .
by. the. Presittetit to entirly withdraw the troops
s fro'tn, t he. Smith in a „short time; eaving • tie
tates'ltely'lro Jebellion to reoriani2e on the
basis of civil 'gnyernnieht; , peacefnlly; ,as they
stookbeforo the late war, with the -'exception
of slavery..
• i .
:This policy s said .to have. arisen through
the good sense of the' tending - Southern 'men
theinselfs,in 'limiting the firesent' .position of
affairs asdiscloied , in the interview .between
President,Johnsan arid a , Considerable number
of leading • men at.. the ,White house the
Thus the late slave states. will• have hardire
sdldier left among, them, save stich'as may., be
'required to garrison the severalforts, and (hese,
As in" Northern states, will be'retained inactive
only. for 'the purpose of.meeting emergen
cy that lyiay. anse the'action of foreign'
. .
. .
.... .
Ult. MATTERS 0.11.:IN ,icEN . Z,VA.—.I.Ost spring
Aye announced that oil had been found in a well
on 'the Konzuwateek. .-Such, was the fi4ct; kilt
tionf.some'cause not fury 'explained to ms, ..the
.Vvell'has not been -nidtle . to. yield any great
quantitY.of oil:' Quite reeentlY,liowevar,'Mr
'Critt. Marsh was given, full ehaige of the well;
and merit to
,Work with energy, to .properly
tube%it. 'An .. 'A experienced. 'oil man .was employ
ed.: l'inVivell Was re-tubed. and the inirnlnng
corninenced.lUst Week 'with .enceuraging 'pros,
pkts. At lirSt , the yield .W4s slight,: but as
the ivo l ik progressed it inerea,reil: end on SA
announced to he yielding. 4: bat rel
every three hours:.. Everything an well;
w hen the
:seed-bag . htirst 'end the tiding...had- to be:. With./
ari l wn.: • Th 6 lust' onr and a ball :before: the
,bursting.otihe bug a barrerand.a. half Of OilWaS
.obtained,:with an inereased'show . of
. gos. • The
tubing put down and pumpin . .. - r,!stimed
to-day: The'oil is,of the hest of. ilbminoting
There,is' no doubt but' that..they
have paying:well iii Kcw.zeta, and .the .inba
.pects.aredajr.fot its being a flowing , The
work' in tlie•othertvells along; ohil
in almost all of them the indicationslie good.—.
IVarripil " ' ' • : . • •
, PMPORTANT 'roSot.orsits,7-Assome • misappre7
hension.prevaile reSPeetihg. bounty lands giant
ell by Congress to disehargeil:Seldiers, 'we would
advise all otir. discharged Vollmteers, , who hold
their , .diicharge - against selling them
to brokers, shavers'pr shysters, as, grants of
land:rest upon these:discharges. If any , good
illtato'be.derived Iroin'the land grants the soldiers
are the patties that . should.receive..them. , The,
present Congress'hasgi veil .loffiCers and . soldiers.
homesteed.ot 160 acreeol.land, only charging
the expense orgiVing; amounting -to sheet a
*lithe an,acre; and : the Commissioner ot
General Land Office Who is" to prescribe the
4 , regulations. for giving proper,effect to the pro
visions.orthe act, to enalilJ. persons .in the.,
United States military or, service to take
steps, while absent . : on duly, 'to secure tor.therm,
selves honneeteads on- the public lands they
'take an oath - andlapp'oint an agent: Upon these
heir*, tiled-by the'wile. Or repfesentati.ve'rit..the
Land .01licrr.,.“the Same Will take effect from
the date .of 'filling, end it.regular in all respects
the entry will have legal inspection froththat
time, provided ihe fe:e. (slo).and Ci?tninissi tr!s
are paid.. 'NO. taxes are chargeable' ve
years, and no;liability , ter . debts. •• The'culttya-,
tion maybe done:trY another. "Soldiers in eer
.vice, need not occuy the land whileiin
end after being mostered'ont hive • months
in - which to ,occupy ,the •.. , •.• .
ente a melancholy Illustration of the effect of
partisanship . . It deelares that the Democrats
have adopted the prineipres 'and the'candidate...
df the Republicans. and in an 'agony 'lest it
shouid lose party'powe,r, calls'on ite readers to
"save the State" frifnUthe effect of these ; prin,
dries, and candidates! I : . • .
~.yI~MGn~Fi ! ~ / gnkT~w'a'~'~'
„,'...`,-;” • ''.
', • - '.o@ AND -,3,i5: ....--'',:
T` . .brarti -;ohn,' Thititer ak . "A.,_ rfmliultj
3oio'ph • 'Ai t.erlCowltin m G." i. Ilpssell4
Jame .121 ciJiiii r. 1.4' m ilifilli , 'Pkait.: l
...i / Gallpp . .A. D., . g i . , . A E A; impso.;
Dar.ioe,.Kiniiey Niles,' 'y iarnelitni; Deake ,
'l'.....R.Fields IVillimr,
„iken fit Oselsi, Whee
ler 4`..D. •Citolr. ' .Pete;cAck ley' Pliiiii, ~. Pettit !
C'olvinj'BarretiG. C:','Coleman.P. M., : L ' og'e-
joy ;William.',..;.:''y
• y IT A VESOF. ! 4
:113ditholOtrievtt,44,•Youtlif, Arthur,'ForOthe
D. L, LIt!IP
Jas: !L nicw R. A;; Ni ri..:PariSh Los=.
.ter,'Granktd,L.El . .,',Keys 0; E:, Ecy.“): J.,
Otto, Jas, D.,. Clar . k-.Danieil d S.,
°repo Torrence oMitt § . .4',7Lerinard -• J. P.
Martin Adam, Whiptile!Altidd; Foste r D...
-Wort:Fran - 6S; Cimpbell Byron
Bally Williann,. , Henry,. ',.:Srovlf
Bubbs William, Boicard John, Dicice . i:iton•E.
HLi Be'llOWs Cornin; 'Juno
Briggs q..V11,.i Abbey:N.Starks . .. Ly
•• . .
. .
Outea..-41oty strange it le'. that tlts.:men
who are Bo eager to tone down the • distinctiOn
between vvbites and-blackii-end - make them all
equal at the 'ballotbox, - arri-atwork with' equal.
persistency build .
rich T
end poor. o this end 'the et4.eriup• 'and
. tax .laws ere so arranged that - while' the 'larch ?
ers aturtnechanies - are taxed on' all 'the . ) , pm
:Once the •riCh bondholdera are exempted' !ruin
bearing their shares of , the expense the golf.;
. .
. ..CrisarrAtim,—We • have recently
(earned of a very simple antl'eheap process of
. .making.Chainpaign Wine directly, from apple's;
and as, the coming furnish.ari. abund
ance of the'neceisary Material, the recipe mey
prove interestinglo farmers and protitahle:to
The juiecils. preSied directly', !rritn'soUndap . -
ples without previous grinding,, because the
braising Of •thir i.n,a,short : time discolors
the"juice,‘ mid produces Stich' `chemical,
changes, by exposure to the atmosphere; 'Qs to
preveni.the practical working oltheprocese,
'while ;lie julee, pressed' from. seem) , apples .is
'nearlr as.limpid as-water. :••• • •
.1• . .
juicertina.directlj," fromth,e press ipto is
„filter, consisting of suitable 'box , abont a feat .
.deep by. six,inehei • squari . tilled:with a,'mix
turnol Milyerized. Charcoaland - , clean Sand err,
fine gravel, about half:and half.', - A thin layer
of straw is'put :into tha.liqx before, it, is filled
with. tire. filter ing material' and : the bettorri of
ttle box is perforated with' fine holes. . •
:The juice Tias'aeS thrthigh thia.filter into bat.
ties,,which Should be iminedialely'corked to
..excliala• the atmosphere,•which gives it_the ap.
• pearance of the real champaign;. and eurin
iormant who , has .used the process; assures us
that the wine alter - remaining: in the cellar a
while presents the action and flavor Of, the lin-
Ported article, with theadvantage of being,. a'
much.rpore Ifealthy.beyerrige,;•whiie its eost
does not•exceed two ernrd'a quart brittle 'where
,apples'are plenty. Imported.champaign of the
commonest quality; cannot be bought in. this •
• market Irian lass than two to three dollars' ,a
,bottle,.while Ws . genuineness and parity • are
very questionable, to say the least. •
To crush and press apples at-one. operation
requires a very powerful.Presa. ' "We halieex.•
amines a portable arrangement of the:kind,
quite simple and cheapen(' well adapted, to this
process, as it is sufficiently. powerful to crush
'and press the hardest apples, having a. pressing
,of .10,000.pounda.with LO pounds* weight
applied to the crank.' preSs'Would• be'
:good to 'extract th'e juice, from. grapes, :Ail
would not break the seeds, arid therebylVve
bad !layer to the..wine. •
This,press is manufactured •and sold, whoic
:Sale,•and „retail, flallßeed .e.c•Co.,. , 5..57
Liberty-street, New' Y . ork.—..itmf
. .
[The. Pretiareferreil to above Will be . :fotitf
advertised • in.anOther.cOlatno of this paper.—
'Ageuts woUld:•like to circalate . an useful
invention. would do WiL;ll to read .this•adVertise
.ment'and send or - Farmers, who
'have orchards shOuld /bake eliote 6 . 1 the (they:a
N .
CTECE in hereby given that an eloctinn . of.a
of Trustees for the &net lipori Cemetery Assoc:ins
til-In Mlle° •of 'P. Yord, Ffq . in
Sinothriert,. Pa, op • the, Ocean.' day
,of,October 1565.
Stockholders, and -all•who wish t9:su iscrlbei, are. res: ,
pestfullY reijuested•to be present. % .'• •
•• .• • P.. FORD 'P.C., /acne •
Smethpnrt, Sept.. " 24,
,1645 . ;.. . ' •
0. Proprietor, dlenn,,N. Y. :Stites !me
this }muse for Portvil le. Onion nna . Binelhirot t::'
Itono ii now, Furniture: new, andall in iomplete order
. .
. .
_, ..
ATTORNET'AZ LAIVi. ' t. , metlipolt, Atfli'enn .County, Pa.,
Agent foi Irdssis. Heating Zfc Co'S Lands. Attends
especially t. the Collection or Llaims; Ilaativination of
' Land Titles; Payment of Taxon-and all ..Ifosicteinf. reld.
tug ty,Real F.staf.o. Mice, pa Hamlin Block. • .
DR, .C,: W,:RODBINS-'• • .' •
..• 001tWiti . PLA16 . . , •
• , ,
~ .., •
24eai thiiPasaseqger •PepO, ,
/. hf. huller,.
- .
• Porters wlll.be In attendance on, the anial'Of.each
train s to take; charge Of Baggage athrecinduCt ineets to
frii-lE,Subseriber haiinepurehrised : ihis*el
statid,and're-farriTslied and re-Tit
'tail the. House, is prepared to, i.nteifain Board
era and the Traveling pahiic:. • . :
Will be well•supplied, arid everything done
to merit a liberal abare.or.patronage: :Raft
men• will alWaysthid the.i , lateh-string" oaf..
•. Kendal Creek, January 2, .1.860. •. . 38-ly
Al MUST 1111 1 01TANT .DINC01117: !
WE 'are makinga single maChine which Combines the
best and eireapest portable Wine and.Cider . •Press
the drying, ClotheS Wringer, and the Tnest'PeaerfulLift
4rig.Jaci in the world., • IL in the. only 'preen sataptedlii
uiting A puler tlhampaizru, which is now regarded WI . ono
of The most Important discoveries of the age: •'A good
'agent wanted in .every county, Lowborn we:;will 'hold
out such' Ind ucemente 11$11.0.ip aute, t6liloo before Christ.
'man. The Ord one Making aPplication'front.ttey'cotinty .
shall have the exclusive . agency .: -4./ttilV. particulars,
terms, etc. by Circular.. •
Addre,se • •',' HALL, IttED & , ,
Ito. sq, liberty otrietl
111 iNtit
suillrywr endiprponl
- heated 'alit olthk. Co • f .floss
Icßean county Pennsibra diome d ed, I. w i lt
1: lipase in Sale, e r outcry OM
ouin Smethiort on DI the 46th ptitin.
.r 1861 at one Weide fo , ogfideseri
p Defendant's right, • • 'Oll interest ti : .followirnr,
tut Bestate . ,ailuate 1 township of. Tord,'Opu
yof BleKeauriod. Ste f Penasytrati oundoll'e
described as ,follnirit,: wit,BAttnnie pat_o64ll.g
Maple at the North, Wiet s coreer. of 16i N0.''(202), two
hundred and t we,theneo 50uth.,(106.)-,oint:htindrod":4oda
noire or to a post;3lthW'Weiit . Mt 1,2) one' bun.
drefl.;4twenty one and One halt rods-more' or • lees to a
rput,)thenee North .(10.1);onehu faired end .one rbda
'more or Ups to ,e post,.thence North (17.1.2) .. serenten
and One half degrees: : Weat.(s3 141: tiftyAlrretiand,orieL
halt rode or ,esa.t e o, vest Orr tho read, - tliehro` by.
mild 'road North (67 - 11) fifty Sarin and 'on e hnlF tie- .
grew' East (5 240) fire and. two tentiiii reds nibrdor less
tea post( thence East.(l2 4,10) twelve and four tenths
rods wort) or. lees to a post. thence: - North
•groes' East (0 .1-10)13ine.and.mis tetlthm rtida flier° . r
less tire post On'the.road, , thence by , 'the' ?dad . Wirth
,(87..1.2) fifty sevenrind:one half degrees East . (10:324)101
'ten and thirty-twd one hundredths tckle..thore or less to a
prd, theueo , Nnuth'• (20) !twenty degrees. Bast
'.(11 . 63.100) fourteen a 0 •-eighty' eight one ;hundredths
rods more or lesale a imst,' thence. Northl69:3-4) fifty
eight and three ffio rths egrees Effst.(o 10400) bine and
sixteen one huneredths rods more or leas' to,a.. pont,:
thenne.Sontli (15 3:41 - fifteen and three ,fourths dogriga •
East (62 7.1.104,1iixt040 and ahvonty two one bon,'
dredtheiroda more or LeVi'te a pest, thence East
soieaty 'eight rods morn or tow to .ihn place or begin...,
' hing;.contalning•pf 2.10 ) ninety ono - and. two tootlisl
scree more or lest: 'being pots of lota numbered (173,
331) one hundredendeercnty three 'aiarthree
sod thirt,yone.andh part of warrant.•rnumbered (3108)
thiee.thbusand four hundretand'nioety . eight; and bah:Bg,
a part of the hinds conveyed' to D. Kingsbury by Dana
R. , Origgs.et, al, Trustees or U. S. 'Land Company, by . ,
'deed dated Nov. 20 A. D. 1850 and recorded in Beton.
dees Ofßee.of said Counter - of McKean 'in Book '"A"
..page 275, 276, and.277f with .about • thirtyactes 'lMpro"
...red, one Framertarn.anda fa* Aprils Trees. • .
. Selind„ taken in execution and wilt. be cold an the/pro
perty of 9, I'. and:Enter Lincoln 'it the cult 'or A, N.
Taylor. ;• • ~ .
All thn ' t piece, parcel, or tract of lainl,•eittitile;
and being . the'Cominonwealth . Perinsyliania and lo
the 'county of McKean; Bounded'as
South West corner of lot No. 102 of allotment 'of
Keating !arida conveyed to P. Gallup," thence by Past
line- thereof North one hundred and Aftf , perches to•
-North' East corner of NOW lot. in South line of. lot -252
conveyed to 4144,Y;therasualinattiy , Soutli Itnetrof lot
rtrandlOt 1.02 c.oureyed to P. Gallup one, Mind:ed. His
and siK.tetalmi. perches to a,nont, - thence Shoth'hY'Weitt
fide, of lot 191, conveyed to .1.". Gallup - and' 'N0;,195
veyed to 0. - 11..lIarens • ono hundred fifty net:alma: to.
:South West corner of said lot ',105, thence' West,' rme
hundrectsix and-six tenthsperches to the place Of begin-.
sing; Containing .one huridred acres strict measure
more or less, being. lot NO. 49 of allotment of the
lands to Keating' hirruship
. and part of Warrant No.
.•••Reiztid, taken in exeention and trill he sold an the pro
perty•of 0+ 'Willard, of the stilt of J. Darling.' • •
, r
The•followlnti . or. ' Of land Flituate in The
TOwpahipofitradfoidi hounded and described
. riOunded 'on the. North tittle by' the •liratifi,rd. and
•Ttirf ort Road, oh the Went by lands 'owned .by.•
On Ik I ns, on the 'Sett 01 by lands fortnerly, own ed by 0
Hyde; on the East •Ify tridnut . Sriytter'i lahi. All Ile-
Preyed': containing . abouthalf an acre of land, xvith-tne
'Frame Hu r use anione . Fittine . .llar:tt, ' (I.tulainititha
, . . . .
Sejzetr;takaitin 'Execution 'and n'ill-he sol,t s.e..tht
propertyo of G. .W.. C'Obine. at the sett Of C. 0. Melvin
SIIEPIFY"WOFITiek . , : Inetliprorcypid..ll, ..1565.. ' •.., '
- .A. N. LILI,IttRIDGE : Sher! fr
. .
, •
>j WHEREAS the Hon: Robert - G. White .
NV President Judge; and the . Bons.
lint and N. Peabody. Assoblate Juidges of the
Courts of GYer Sc . terminer end -Genera!' Jail
'Delivery, Quarter -Sessions of the Peace,: Or-.
phansr:Courtand Court of Comrrion Pleas for
the'County of Al'Kea!ihavelSSned their precept
bearing ....date -Friday, • the thittieth • day: of
June;,- in -the . -year of :Our Lord: . one' thou
sand eight hundred and sixty-four; and to
. .me
directed,. for - holding n : Court of: Oyer and-
Terminer and General Jed - Delivery, Quarter
Sessions. of the' Pea . ce, 04hans' Court;. and
Court of-Common PleaS, IR the iterotigh of
Smethport,. on`Monday, the-2.7111..daY of -Sep
, ..
temheu, instant, and .to continue one.week:-
Notice:is therefore lierehygi ven.to the*Coro
ners, Justices' of ' t:he -Peace .and Constables
within the county, thatthey be theeand fh,ore
in their proper perseusi . t.l.o
said day,:mith'lheir-tolls, reCords;inquisitiems;
-examinations, and other remembrances, to di,
those things, which their otliceS•apperiain to be :
And those wha r'e bound by _ their:rec.'
.agniiances..to Prosecutethe prisoners that are or .
shall be:iti the jail of said county,', .M'lilean,•
are:to be-then and tbere-16. - prosecoteagstiust; l
them aS'tvillbe.imst . .- • •
Ilated at Smethport, 'th"Bth • day- Of Sept.
1595, and the 88th year or' the -.lndepend
ence-of the United Statei of . A.Meric4;
. N, Siren?: '
• . -
. .. •
• .
• • •
. ' •• No'Vrm.year
Alnthinfi Otto .. .so DR Rentiott.i W. . • - ..'
d4Weesed— 53 June 3857
7 W Stanka • vs Edward Swa alien C'Bl Dee '1461.
William K•King - and Cs 0,13 Plitt rgiison and...
Myelin Hail • ,Jas. Joh Minn . 60 Well 1862
Deckwith use of Gvs Inn It. Chadwick; • '
Corwin .:• • Otis irons,' 'and
• • • . Olive Irons • Ad's •
" • ' •• Of (1 Irons rilee , sl.72 •June
011ver John Son • •vs.oeorgo Stiekla :44 Dao 156.4.
liorace Coleman' '• vs lieubon and' Y 0• "
Taylor ' 15leb 7863
Daniel Kingsbury. . .'•. ' .
use of J Wheeler vs David DeGolier 46 Bopl. 18.01
Clark • ' ,va Dlair.find lrouno • 3-1')oc 1863
AlidmusSinas • .*:•• vs Alvin thinker 1 Feb 1801
Susan II Karr ' "vs David Morse • - 26"FeW•
MUM, trtioloy • Daniel Dural •" '3B June Isol.
011111 AV v.s James McCord ' un e
J•P 'Clark • • 'Ts Ilrewster•Fraemen '67 June•lB6l
If Vol tnutmuve of, be D Freeman.whe was'
.11 Du ller ••• • , imp:ended with J• .
. .
. .
. • '• . B Bart ' . - .19 Eept 'IS6I
. .
, Williani Dullock Ye Joshua gmiill. ".", pz .14c 186 i
1Y s Waggoner• ' : vii John Etitberfota 06 June 180
.11.10. R. OLIADWICK, YrottOy/
Bmetliort, Sept. 6,18 w, ~ ; ..., • • . • -. , . , '..
'NEW Slant -FOR 1865 & 1866.
NNADLITN New i'atant DllPilk
. .
THIS IN.y.OrrioN,coomintirof Cerise - (or two) Et.-
lank° HGehlbtrlNEti STII6),'PPRINGEI, 'ingeniously Iles:,
MID TIGHTLY. and- iIIIMLT together' VMS' to ma
king the TOUGHISST, Inest st.awrie and zees
rms SPIHHO ever used.They•seldont ; naND' , 11811 Alt,
like the'single Springs, 'and consequently preserve their
perfect and heautitui 'shape mar., than twice pa long as
any Single Spring . Skirt that ever Iran or caff.be ",
The wonderful ilealtiility and great comfort end plea-'
.aura to any Lady woarrng:thelmplex Elliptic Skirt will
I:e•experienced particularly In 'llll. - ciowded:.essembiles,•
Operas,Carriagesi,Erailroad Cars;, Church - Pews, Arm
•Chaire, for Promenade and Mouse Drene,a3 the Skirt
can be folded when in uselo necupfa. small'space•ne
easily and conveniently as eSilk or Muslin Dress. -•. ' •
' A Eady haring .enjoyed the Pleasure, Comfort , and
irrnit'..Convenience of• wearing the Duplex Elliptic
Steel Spring ilkittfor. a singteday will never afterwards
willingly:4l9one° with their utet.. : 'For Children, Misses
And rounglatiltes they.areatiporior to all others -• • ,
' 'THE' MOOPS 'are covered with' 'plydoeble ,twisted.
thread and will wear twiceret long as Alir single •yerp
coveing Whichle used on all Single.•Stoel ithop Skirts
The three bottom rods an every Skirt aro also-Double
'Steel, and twice or double covered le prevent the cog:
Ming from wearing off the 'Milli when dragging down
etairs, stone stops, dth.ovhich they are constakly
subject to when in use. •
:.. Proprietor
:lltarenipdeat the nor and elegani Corded Tapes,
and 'are the best . quality In overy' giving to. the
weernitherinest graceful and iier,ebt shape possible, and
.are unquentlonahly the llghtent, nand desirable,-- CI)1,11.
fortableendieceilernlcal Skirt ever inado.. •-• ' •: •
the Invention, and'SOLE I IANI/FACUREIL9, 07 CHAN . -
BERS,and 70'dc
.81.1 t CADE STIREETS,'New Yoik.
FOE SALE in all First Clean Steven in thin City, and
throtighout the 'United Staten and Canada, IlaYaha .4e.
Cuba; Aldsten,,tiouth
.Anieriai, an I the Wont ' • .•
• ~11:i- d fuqulre ser the i•aplet Ellitptte - tor double).
The Mason it Maxi] he Ciblawk drone, forti.dif
! 'Croat etylee,,Adepted•to atereq and, neellhar r . 111t11110, for
'lsBo.to. $6OO each.. TIMETY,FINE , , GOLD ..Cr :SILVER.
MEDALS, or otter Oaf premiqtal awarded_ them— , MI "
titted Cetalogues free. Maresa MASONA, MAM4jI,
- 1 4 , 11 TO!, Or.MASP*PROTHEAS,: Nip yoirC, • . - •
• • .Ir. 4
11 . - . ' E SEA SEA' 4AII
eture erfertittactiO for sew
. P ~,l, . A
If 1
g all ki # presetfted to,l e met i
Can ~ . te, a c i ,ee compsrise. with any
Ses Nactiii e io thiynite. , tates.
The " eea'Mae Ines, %vit, all their vali.a—
DWI. improvements;erit 'rely- ove - rrome all irn—
perfectiu ns. .They are.'
- - - 1 -1- - .1 ,, •--,- - -- 4 .E..—ri ,, - -.,..--,
viii . iiili-it•M'aiviiiliet,rinv.,`Rk ' 4)oFies.
Simple'in cohstraCti9n;drii.able in,all their fiarts
and Rea.dilrlinderitood, .•They liveteer2
tainty ol stitch on all klnds of fahricl4,,alC.are
ii'dpterl to a wide'rarige of work without changie
or adjustment. Using all Irintle of il'lff l ,•ffil,.L.
Will. ./P7
. n, 1?c/I, Jiin(4. Girthrr, 'Brai4, : lcirk,
Qtri7t, Co, il, an II in fact en, aII lin dsrvii ii•orlr re. ,
united hi Families. or ftfannfiscrUkqe.. l ;They
make the,INT,PRTIccK SHurrEzsT4Tcli,
.which cannothe excepmf for, fierriiieseolastici
tiAtfiiatiilitk ind'et,.. 6 , ,..w;:pf 4i1W1:,., ,
The' Have Received the Higheet. Trbirtiiinr;s•
in, every,instance, wltere,they have been e,:rflib
ited in:competition . with .nth( t -, s,,terylas4 Ma
chines. We invite all PersOns)in Item:eh 'of an
instrument to execute , anylihd Of Seyittli Imw
done, b y IV,I de hin e ft:o q
V,; ipe4e tbirin,lisnd.moke
awe Oey sPeure :the best, by proving the:. WEED
before before purchriiing. The 'ompanibeing
&lily liienped, the,lMachines :are Protected
ligitinst infringements or '.litigation: , ~,, r I ''
4.O• , —*PIF:RSONS AT A DIST A NCE 7.,,,C,Sii•or
der by mail with perfect confidence 7that th e
MI ACIIINE will reach . them shfelv; 4nd - that
they"ill be able to manage it, to iheir _entire•
satisiaction, with'no Other ,aili than , thh' Printed
instructions accompanying . each Iflsehiqq.;- De -
scrinti v,e. Cieeillafs, ,together with :Specimens of
Work, will Uri furnished to all, who detiir'tthem
lly mail•iii otherivie:' —." ' . ' 4 ,
--RiMi - ABLE , ':A GENTS "IVAN:fE.P,in
'all ; loci:aided ; - S.tites;;Uid:oo,
'British provinces; coba.,,.llioco,,Cardral.:i . and
,South Anderica, AYe.st Israndi'itri;tbejla
horns Island.; to. wildtlLv4,.':off;'i:ollF;At
E neigetkc...d) :will.'find f
payink reliable. Si e. ng blichiries
ha vo :becoin e n•necessitrri.Cvery.farniW,„'"
rnanufaclVo n:,grea3,
lA•hieh'ive pries':— No. 2VFannilj ,
$3O 2; Extrify-00" . ; NO . -2;1-Talt.Pns'a;$Q5
and $7 . 5',3 No. 3 $5; and
weoasoviig leach ino co., 5clC Broadway,N, Y.
(13ox 2t6lll.'qki.;•
Pulmonary C onaninpti on a Curable Abeam) !I l
. .
" Tlte , undersign - ea .ha Ving.been Teetered, to
health few weeks,.hy, a very; simple retie
dy; after . having :50'4.701 several years, with...a
severe.lang affectidii; and that dread.-'disease,
(;oitsomption—'is,anxintis. iu make known to his.
fellowsudere,re the reeans of cares, '-.•
'To all who deiire it Le:will send.acopyef the
prescription' used (ire :a:4;f chapte.l).:Wiih the'di-
rections. for' preparing: and ':using the -same,.
which, they will find a Sure- Cure-,-1.3r coniatnri
lioniAst bins, Bronctii.tisiCon.ghs,',Co . l4;.&c.
The.only ohjwcl, - of iheadv.ertiier in sending the
Prescription is to• benefit • the afflicted, and
. „. .
spreadinformation which he conceives •to •he
in-Valuable; and he hOpei every, suffer er try
his rernedy;.as•-it will cost them nkhing, and
may prove a
.hlessing.'.:, :• • • - • •,:
Willfamehurg, -
. ,
• ` • , • Kings County
• • ' • . • New Yoik.
No, ), Lorze•Eilmlly•Wringer, .• $12,00 .
•'6 .." 10,00;
. 66 •-• 8,5 . 0
No. 3, Small' •• •. "
No.• 8, Large Hotel' •
No: 18, Medium u adfy i.tti run steam . 2 0,00
!, • ) or hand •
No s . giind 3 halve. no Cogs. 'All others
tbegsizia .in priya - te
Ora age..latitl. the .A eri ca n. tutist
says of itte
. . .
child can reailily:wrir i a tubipll. , or . :•
clothes in a felit It' is in. reality a , •
STRENGTH SAVEIit The.saving of garments -
will' alone , pay ir large p r centagn on, itn cost.k.
We think the machine much more'than PAYS
FOR . ITSELF.-EYEttY YF:AR in the ',slivin'g of, - ;
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like in ge . nci al cons(ruction, but - we consider' it .
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. : :JOSEPH Ei DEVITT...Sr. COMPANY. ,".• ~
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