M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, October 22, 1864, Image 1

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VOL. 5; '‘
.;:'" By J. 2 - ..OViATT,
TERM'S: - .$2 'OO la Advance.
. .
. . •
. . . • • . . . .
. _
Rates 'of Advertising. ~. ..., --. .•
.- 6 . Oluirie one ' year....:. '' .. • . ~ . ; ; ... ; ... ... ....; ..: $35 00
.Y.: ,r "i. , .. 'it,.• • .. 4‘ .-.... . .. . ...... , ... :. . ."1200
3: .. ..,, :Arm:lentils.. ' ' - ' ' •20 00
flur egUire'ot,l2'liiiiii or less, 3 , iusertionsi ; . :.1 50
Ws:'h,:litillreOdetitincertion .., :" .—.-.' .25
.. ,
...di loess, earAls, wit i paper'.... .. .... ............... 00
• 10 ale or figure.. week will be &able the above rates:
'TWolle =Hoes Beerier. type,- or. eight' ines.eonpareil is
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rated a square:, *. -..-- . '
, ftr' Theme trms will be 4.1.11e* adbered to. Ell ' •
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~6110111tS.S. Eltreftol.l).- ,
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—. . .
, . .
• : - .. 'L. -W. DI - SOX; • • . •-• • .
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.... .
Drale . in Stovea;:Tin Ware,, aaupaned Ware . ; &c., west
enitot Abe, Public Vonore., Finetlipert, P.i.• • Customl
work done to order , an nu oliortest notice, and in the
' . most substantial manner. •',',.• - • . ~ - -• • :
I:realer in Dry 'DUCAR, -DrOCertem, 'Crockery', qtardir ,re
Donis; Sluieu, fiats. Cnpa„Glußß, Kai IR. Cilsho. ',!‘c
East Ride; of the public Square ; Sinetlipor . t, Ea. ' •
• •
Nearthe PAt.4en;le,r Depot,• , . • •
EL)1144, NEW!.I79RIC
J M. Miller,. • •
'• •
. .
Portirt wit) be in atecrhinhee orr the arrivat..er each
/1,4, tolake charge cit 'llagqage. not ,e o l3.filot.'guesta to
the hona4.'
::. f: . - j_.; .'.ii.:. i- . -'_ E 2i_ T.E.I, ;'.
PORTAGE, McKean CO.,.Pa•
71-10. , StJ:I3:337tIBER flatter: hi ir gpti..redm
Itiek , Stii.tietie.". that he caniitit•Le exce.fled,
,apentien . Lill he pail to CUSTOM
WORK,' . :•For the, enlivenietic nf . the‘ , 'e living
et a- itt,stauce *ishing t01i4 . !; taening on shares grrtinEen!'eO.tstiar , i•!.been rooe h 'L . . - 13: TOl
al tort tale the ^de
li very of 't he L!;ither
Ferried_ to Ils..Stpre;•who:'
.. . . . ,
.. .
-.Tlielayges.t priro willlie , ill id foc }brit., ,ith . .
..r in CHEIi,.LEATHER, 1300:1'S', SfiCiES, •or
IjA4NESS,Ieft at Dolby's tit , my tannery... .
' Entire ElitlSi!Oillil..giV , l.• - .•
Ccipnectod , Nilth my tonorryl ba , .:p a lino't &
Shoe factory; 'and.liain‘., ,, i,Shi , p.. .•' . , ....-
. . .
'• • ....' . - .1...7.: PEA.•. ti: '',
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... PortAg,o, Pa., is7Ov, 3, 1803. y5,...E./y.1.. '.''
71liA•TII\.TG SALOON . ;
nfIIE SU 3SC4ll3l.:ll.ai;hotinee . te he Pebri
•ihtit he haspere h P steek , t lie . se—
leen: foirr ,bottl by' 1C.,11. side
i'liblic:: $4lO-i?'..e;:
he is . prypaiod, torfre , .. li the knot.' !nail'
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riaSS,TAFIST,Aurp .
ALL coNFT,;c:TioNiorFs,.NEITs;
Fizu.rrs; (7.1.1F,R . 5E, &t:,:„.8:(.1
ERISL-1 OYST I.lnB . serviil;.tn" order; eitll,l
T.tmii. who I . ar . or tA'it,h their 'patroii7l)
shoal twve - nd coos . ° to 'compluie,.eithei as to
pricea n;•,qmtlity
S:ppi ipoit, Sepi 21th,
"Tho.olde'Ot and ties I: of iho"Wootliosly
. .
.. . . .
. The Peoprletors of the Sniteiday T.cning Post—which
paper ;snow in , tr Forty-lhirl Ylor!—'would simply' an-,
mounce in their. P roFE;eo,il R' tot; 1061', that they denten
maintaining tot 0 ir it weekly the high eharaoter it has al,.
readYaenuired atr ' . ' .. •. . .
. .
A: Firm- Clast4 ,iterary-Pa:rier! • •
They liaiereason to belie ,o that the a torms• of ' MRS:
WOOD,. author of •• Haat 14. me," &el MISS tiIIADDON,
iuthoilif "Xlenorb4 Victor' '
author of "Alone," &c ; ,:,IISS VIRGINIA A..• TOW N.
sr.N 0,, and numerous otherescellent Writers . have been
generally regarded - is possessing the. greatest merit and
the most absorbing intertistusnd they Aleitgn procuring
for The - P,031 in the futuroagin the past, the hest StOriss,
Sketili . es, and other - LitrrnryNorelifes Which they can
posaildo obtain.. They intend - commencing in the trot
• A NEW.NOVELitri AIRS;V001),.
. .
•• - • • Auttrsr of ".F.l,it tyrino,"'&e., • •
'rani ndiMnce soeeti, ir-prOosty foriMirried' io, us from
• This mo'ry
"OswALID: Q - RA:N.7,7
and wilt tkt the • lOn; Mr or .g , i - e . rnoy'a . . Pride , ' and
. .
' • • , 'Emit Lynne. ,, .. •
In addition. to the , Storie, written expressly fqr 'The
:Post, its Editor alniistrives to lity.ber..re.itn renders, the
Lent Stories from thedinglish pOriodients, and piyealu ad- -
ditinn' to.tho 'Titles - and Sketebes, erne or less Airrissl-
4ural hlatter,-with a Riddle, Iteeetrit, News, tint Market
_Departments; every it ask • ' . •
EW IN M A.(.) A.SNEOft Al LS
•;•We will give to any person sending thirlYstihseiiptibits
to The Post end Sixty Dollars, one of Wheeler War
. sort's Celebrated Sewing • - Ruch as. they Sell.
for.Fdrty.flife Dollars.
.Tbe m a chines will be ' Selectol.
new at:the mannfactory,
.in• New Yuck, boxed and for
warded.freti of cost, with. the exception offrright.
•prbou ring the subscribers for thie Premium we Pre
fer that the thirty antiscribers altould be procurred at the
regular terms of Two 1)011044 ,for each lint wherre thik
crtunot tic done, they maybe preen r red'at. our club rates,
and the balance of the Sixty Dollars forwarded to us ill
cash.by, the person desiring the. machine. The paper
lie sent to different L'ost Offices if destred. livery per •
eon collecting moues shoo M send .them :with the Money
i t slast ne obtained• eq that the subscribers may begln at
once to receive thelifpapera, and not become dissatisfied
• with•the delay; ' When the'whole number of nairies (tide
ty.) and the whole AMOlllit of money i,SistV dollars;) is re
ceived, the machine viiil be duly forwarded ' •••• ,
. ••
••1 copy.,•ono.year '
•2 co pies, Able year, - . :3' 00
4 coviss,, nuclear ' "....: .... ..,1 • fi 00
- s'copleo, arkl.hne to gottor-pl, of club, .... .... ~. il 00
VI cameo., NIA cum to frotter•up et dot, - .."......—= 28 00
..,... . 0'? copy:of 17, t N sr, and nuo of ThR . La rly's • ... . .
. , , . .: • •:'— : .• ; ~. ' i'rtind ; "( wr
• .
. ,
. .
Ikprescribcd 'duty, as well as long.e.stablish
id usage, impels us to address you in • regard
. te . tbe'question's .'the
!inns 'now .at hand.. In diseharging,this duty,
we Shall sneak 'plainly ,and:eindidly what we
• • • ..,. , .
Iri this;
. ,
thelairest, rithesi, and (Until lately)
favored - laud of all - .the.: earth;. here;
where the last foniptints .had_
been planted; in this, land..'alone. - the
Christian nations of the' woilifi—ihel fell 'spirit
of war - is'now raging. :, Our priitid ••and :drieieL
arnpled eerier of prosperity as i•ration has
been thutt rudely 'checked; our industry; 'that.
is. not ilevoterito the purposes 4af a destructive
war, his become..Paralyzeil; . our-linaneial
eerns have been throWn into utter. contit;•iori.
and debaseMent; we belie licriceforthp.robab..
ly. forever—to stagger . tinder: •a' - load.' of debt
greater,..and under, taxation more.anerous, their ,
that of any other•natio . n on' the . glober' confi
dence in the stability•nf our institutions is eye.
rYwhere., Sadly: diminished—in • 'fine; gloomy
'forebodings. us to the..tut are; .em
barraisment,amid.istr.ess.hriee taken the place
of the" happy: ft ace; confidence, security
Order . ,' and contentment. ive so lately enjoyed.
.Nor can hope find resting-place
lemPlating the At,EN wlib'noWcontrol Our . ' Gov
ernment. and .administer if.s,l'avvar.and„ it' turns
siekened and sadly away from- the. audacity,
arrogance and • tyranny it finds in high • places,
even ip'the.'very the riot ion. • Social
.lett in governineet, atheista• in religiiin; Men
who-are freelovers.in,cine sphere, and fre . e
.thieves In another; renegades -in • realitics,..and
Scoffers at every . . Weil-Settled principle of, pub
lie right and priVaie virtue, 110iV t way the
destinies of this Republic, and ar e . crushingotit.
the very, lir. of • AmeriCan freedom', •
• For threeloug,.fearful year.. have the hest
blood 'and. sternest efforst of our neorde :been.
freely green 'in a•civif war Wh . lch.liaS no'•par•
allel in . the histery•of . the w0r1d . ... When this . '
`euftrineuced, • ihe' Democratic party in, the
No'rt . h,,as such, 'Was prostrate under resent
defeat,.whieli. resulted from „Ira' own 'unfert•
unate divisions.: • But what a grand'and
ing spectacle was 'Presented en hearing the
first-thunder rebellielivat ars! Political arid
partsian' feelings. even• in that hour•of 'party .
iat ion, were all laid upon' the altar --of .
of. the country, and . the sun. of.,the Heaven.
pevershone upen.•lite anited,'
resolute,' and determined: than those•'..of the
Northern States at the 'period . we:refer, to..' ,
• Whatever' Mioirt have ibuen the .views of
.the Nochern Deinneracy in:regard. to .thi.
cause's which tilt,imatley ergendered. this
tinhappy•st rife; howeVer,mlich in : their inmost
they deplored themail and reckless career
01 Abair , ionisrrn•howet.er' deep was.: their, de•
te;:tatinti•of the conifie of tb u rre party leaderii,
irk. , hair been . for Yeats. s Vt' PP ping . up all. the,
lor Irrug elements of ".bigotry • and fatiat[-
ci their r vile§t eflir+s aga'.n.st
the rip:tits, interests; and i'nstitittion l . of the
S~ulhern.people,-Ls.. ill, the . .atfempt• of a pot . -
t of that p...noe.in :cons , (pence, to • hreak
.lown the ' 'l4 of' the Constitution'over
ihe. country, arid destroy. Federal coin- .
paci,'Was criminal act a hick •coUld .
roleratridor It-. amplest - reinedies.
-tor. the Wro . r.gs not':only.
h4r, bat ar baud. 1 . tniainns •cif
coterir:lrail Cecurileil • their •in a
general popular aga.initt 41i,t4harn
Lincoln arid 'the ion • who •arippirred,
him and his. 'nrse • %vs,
Deermaratb• majority' in one, it not htftl brillooll •
es•fof .Congr . es , i,f would him*
owe'rleae to inflict airy perrhaiient c'il'on: fire
The right ..seeessicrn,', claimed.. by .the
South as. the: remedy fOr: their
'polilicaf crest',
with hiSs latest trireath,'and: by, many others
-of :9'9..ablest statesmen in all, s,ectifins of .1 he
Union.'. the Constitution a compact; if
-you will—as does Jefferson in : the. •Kerrlurky
fesolutiuns of 1898--birt. it:: is a compact of
,made with each 'other as
having•no Vtglif - of seres4ien - ,, norninat•ell
or ciinstifitted fn 'the bond." • The U . irron
Jorrned .waS•itf:fts nature, if not in term, per
petual.' Secession, then, in- view, of the com
pact, is sitnply Revolution; aarl . the.brealcing np
of the Onion .onr. fathers
. had.: - begtieathed' its,
was, under all the.circuMstances.we hive de•
tailed; and the thousand - other considerations.
and' consequences . which - I , niust crowd every
.incalligrni•and patriotic mind,. -not only
. trea-,
-.son at laW,nit'agninat the•bry,hories of Man
kind: We' could not . 'then --ersil vet
nsvin wri.r..-consent to it.
Irit Spirit" of. determined .loyialty-to the
ConstiJulicin• and -the taws, the :Democracy- of
the NorthovithscarcelY excentation,.' rely.
ink upon 't he pledges given. by -President tin
roln, yielded-him their ready' - add 'efficient 'sup
port.. What, were some of those- nledges?-
1 7 ) . it; his oaths-of "office: -cif will • Support
The Constiruticin-of theUnitei!: States, .go help
'me-God." Then 'in tiis
..Inauguyal - . o idaress,
And with' thisriolemo abjuration frec.4 Upon his
lips; he said: • . ,
I do but opotefroinOne. of nip !needles. when I dec
lare that 'lliave no purpose, directly•or'in directly, to
interfere with the institution of. slavery i the stales
Where it exists. I REf.TEVF I HAVN - NO LAWFUL
TO DU SO.' , Thom who nominated evil elected Me. did
so' with full knowledge that 'I mole this and BIM ilar
declaratinne,•and have never recanted .them. ROW
reiterate the . - d entithents and In doing on.. Lord) , prose
upon the public attention the must conclusive . .evidence
of which• the case fie sunc'eptiblei that the property, peace
ant security of no section are to.be in 'any wise endan.
gored by the now-incoming Administration L. add. tan
that ail' . prntertion which, consistently with .the'
Cons( ituti t and , the bites can be given.. will be Cheer ,
fully gly .1 to all the' Stales, when. lawfully demanded,
for wh evar.cause—as cheerfully to one sebtion ao to
These repeated pi,hlic pledges, lit - ought
untarily . to the standard raised in behalf of the,
Union,•hundrqs of thousands of es .hravo men
as - ever breasted a - bayonet. nrmiee - thus
raised .vi'ern. , ..precipititted. on the South,• with
Varied fortunes of victory and .defeatf and wart,
civil.war—ulw.ay,s' the . most bloody
. .of 'all hir ,
man strifehas.ever Sincr;raged over' sored of
the tairest'pOrtitinsatlitit unhappy. region.
'flutthe..longcliefiShe.ti echemes lof (anat. :
ektn:foi the extinction African -- servitude
041 not lie given.up.' No . .:rilatter if 'Massa
chusetts,' six or: sei , enty, licirs since, :did
Sell gloves to the tteeple,of . ,the Soittlern States,
'under. .the guarantees•of COnstitutioni , .vithich'
she helped AO forin—st it asset..tingeda:Stine • '-`•
hot WI 4'n n ear' and out , Of .
dateidditetl7l.Oec thWy eontir not', the
would rsrirl r' front off the:
. bend,"':..The.;
gallant 'three thousand ' of Nev,:
England”--(worthy.disciplel Of the Prince
Peace!) 'rallied to a man, the new crusade
of fanaticism,:end wrought, side by'aide, with .
infidels, who havefor . years been 'in the daily
habit' of 2ineerin. at'.. the • Christiab's faith
ridiculing the . Christian'S , Siblc; And blasithern
.ing the Christian's Ood! ••••: •.' • '' •
• The . .feara of , our timid' and facile- President
were" worked upon;' as well•as his Va•inty and
desire.of. re-elect ion,• by the extreme: 'and rad,
ice! members Of hls•party . , and , the . emencip;t—
-t ion • end:confiscation . : measures . 'were' forced
upon him, andnriada . a part of 'his.policy - in..the
'eonduct- th e efflyt of the
frierula of peace• put forth. in. Congress. was
defeated. , Thelostility of the Abolition lead
ers to:serfdom% in'. the• Smith—to employ the
.words . .of the lamented DintglaS- 7 :ewes strong
er than their fidelity•to• . the Constitutiqn."
They believed that a disruption of :the .Union
'would draw afterit, as an inevitable cense-,
quence, civil-war,
,servile insurrection's, and
finally,•throngh thele,-an
,utter extinction or
slaVery in all the S'outhern Stales; and,.it: would
seem, they: acted . eVen on this . terrible belief.'
Look at the record:.:O. i the 18th day of.
December,!lB6o;•Senator.Ctittendoni Of Ken •
tuCky, the bosom (dentin( Henry Clay. in. his
life-time; -introddeed' into..the Senate of the
Welted States'a . serles . of reaolutions, as' a' basis •
of hettlemant between the two sections,: of the
Union, The secession cif South 'Carolina' took
place on the 20th Of . the same Mont h,• and her.
membeis of doagress.retired from their place,..
tVe.are thus particular reference to this
subject; because' obi opponents : , through their
Central l'ornmiqe”.ip this State, have introdu-•
eed itint • a late address t 4, yom• and there is a
‘necious effort made in that addiesi to turn. a ;
side from the - Republieens,• the just obloquy
reproach. which the defeat of Senator .
Crittenden's prop isition 'his:, fastened' 'moo,
their party; .
The offered "eorriprot iise. weuld,•in. terms,
have'sealed more than three !aim hrof ell . our
territorial domain. against slavery forever-•—•
pineing.ithOut 960,000 miles' under.' the..provi
sions.of the Ordinance of I.7S7,initre recently
known as. he 'Wilmot Proviso"--les , !fi4 . the ,
remainin - e 300,000 mile's subiert to whatever
laws these whossetiled upon' it might establish
for ~ themselves, .' . whenever, they hecarne
'State. , All the other feature's of the. piopos.ed
compromise 'Werenothing:but re-aflirmances. of
.the plainest powers'und.provisionsrof the Con
stitution, 'save, po7,sibly, the fair and equitable
stipulation that'sla very should , net be abolisited
in the trial rist of Columbia, as lonrr, us it exist.
etl in Maryland, and tir,radnfa, the two States .
.which had ceded that District to the' General.
Government. • .. •
. the .15th - , o f January; „Senafor.
Clarke, n leadin.gf Republican, tnotied to a,ment
Ihe.Crittention's proPosition..by striking' nut.
all of 'the material, provisiens;— : cettairdy all
that contained the olive-hrench of peace, and
inserting a single re'so!utton. breathing ‘t a r and'
threats toward the' South. This time - mitt - tent
was Carried by . a, vote 0125 in - farm., • all
publiCa.ris, agtflest - .23 Derrateratic
Buf,.saks the address:of flit; 12eptihhean.Coni7
titittee—ctsix Southern Senators tefused.to'volf,
at - all on the proposed amendrnenti” ankihe.n,
with a degree of enol assitiaM-c remafkable
even ill 111.5, tttrtec,,•it goes 'o
it the pect:'
pl 4 .:tif.Peansylvan . i. r. ."that the IX- 5,N/111-
r:in .tnen voletl'itgeiOst : the.Clatk ittrielidm'enf,
it yeMild.t aye - ,betin defttatett;:antl4he. Critten•-.
don comProtnikt misfit , have peen s !05'1'. dp
and carried - by• ttte same i • - mtl.joylt•c" • G , !.neral
'Mits faith this AtltireS!, ',cannot
cot' . ) , proud ot his own Slinre.in record,
or tie wouldnot hive ItOen kept. out-of rieW : t he
-fact that he iti,melivotediec this 'very
:nmentltnentotml the, same day moved . re . Cll I) •
bide.; atii!rii and:then ; when :o;is ritte.d ion .II6IS
called tip; only, three days afterward!, /te : voter/
riga/it:a 1,1.5 (Mil iOn . Iti was:
carded, hOwe - ver, -with the aid of of least: tats,'
(Johnson:ant! Slidell) of the "six". hiatrWtl, rind
.the Compromise wus.agitin, it? Ana's/ 990: before
the Sona•te. •It: was: •••finally , taken, up . oh the
.3d of March, and• defeated—Marty of the South-
ern Seputor having•WithdraWn'trom the Senatu
ih the' interim, th ell' States having seeede4 'from'
the Union.'
dress knows just 'as'ivell'as did Senator Cam.
erod,whci sustained the Clark 'amendment, that I I
it . required ap ..two-thirds rote tri - give vitality' ,
to the . Co ittendon Compromise.Re knave,
too,`that everY..tepublican yotei'including. his
own„:in the . Senatei'Was..giVeri• against the
measure in effect, from first to, lest. •
knows further,. that ."tbe•• Republican Sena trtrs
refused Senator Bigler 'a proposal subtint .
this (vitiation to•a vete, of the.people 'as inst roc'.
tiVe'of.Congiess.. He kr:ow.S , . also that. Mr.
Clemens, of Virg inia,
. .
the.l7th . of .rehruary•
before that'State*adopted secession, „endeavor,
.ed, in the .. . House of Representatives 'at Wash
Jo . cbtain.a, similar arrangement it that
body to test the question of compromise before
the. people, and it was 'voted down by . :112 Re,
publierms.against 80 Demoerats—every Repub
ticans in. the... House voting in,:the 'negative.4-
They would not—they did not dare . to trust the
people,.thelegitimate source of power,' on this
':question! '
At the hazard of furnishing unnecessary'
proof . on' ..attention to • the
Clear-and explicit. eVidtiric.e.' of Senator Pugh,
a contemporary .of. the 'author of.the. Address,
in the Senate of. the United .Sr.itee. In
. the
course of his speech in the S.mate,• in Igarch;
•• . •
.1861. • •• • . •••
. .
' The Crittenden prOpeeltion has been endorsed by, the
almost unanlmoue vote of the . Le gialitture of Kentucky,
It line been endereed by the' noble and Crimmonweelth of
Virginia. 1 t has been petitioned for by a larger .nemb or
of the elnetors of the United States than any proposition
that - wee over before Congress.% .• I believe in nty heart
to day Ilia it NVOUId ,enrry.an oval ivhelinini majority of
the'peenle of my State, aye, sir, of nearly every State in
the Union. •II elm e Senates From the State of Mis•
einsippi left this another, I heard ode of them, ,who ea
st, tni3p Atleast tube President:of the Southern 'Coltfetier.
eey, 'impose to, accept it, and Milrin, If that
'preposition could receive the vote* it' ottglit. td 'receive
frein the other aide of the chamber • Therefore, of
Your proPositione;all:of your lantendmenta, knowing no
I do, and knowing that the hietorlim wilt write It down—
at any time before the ••-tirr t of January, .a two-bhirde
vote for the tiritteinion reaolutions in thiseltamiter would
h t oe saved every State in the Union except South 'Cir..
Georgia would be hereby herropresen tat Iva, and
toulsino t—thole two great States-whielt at tenet would
have broken the whole oolumni,of secesslon+Oltine pag e
' .
Upcin the came point, on. the saint .
;,,,......-...... , •:.g/,,, ,
AT''' , QcTOrt;lV422 4 ." Boa,
ti' "vtlice the paertit trOtrigfilftrittaitiitill
eald that it
p ..ettna 4lattba an,painted '
oa, yob Id ntirlf saved' an""tho+att
Carolina, firmly believe It weld& 4,1%..
don propollition Wee not in accordance wit.
views. I avowed tuy readiness rind IfilgOrtlCLA tki hewn)!
In order to sate the Union; If we etnild quite upon it.
1 eau eonarns the Fenster's declaration that Davie hint.
self, when on the Consntitteo of Thirteen , wna ready at
all thong to comp:Maine rt the Crittenden proposit ion . .
1 will go further and say that liar Tumid was also.-
IlloWpreposterous' at 'tgis 'then, this
attempt of one of the leading actors in that
eventful drama thasto strifle conscience, and
so seek to rescue his eci-conspirators from the
recorded verdict•of history, and the 'deserved
and inevitable condemnation of a betrayed pea..
pie The controlling , •spirita of the Republican
pa'rty never meant peace—never sought peace
from first to last, at anytime, or in any , form,
saveupon the one drear.aral devilish condition
of turning loose Inver our land three and a half
millions of black semi-barbariatis under the
specious pretense of freedom; while in reality,
it was only to tear so many of these poor crea
tureraway from_their hornet of comparative
happiness and peace, to find,storyation, misery
find death in an inhospitable clime! -
President Lincoln has but recently derlared,
in very definite terms, -he will listen to no
propositinn for pence which does no include
tit's A friean nowithstanding those
plain constitutional prohibitions of all right on
the part of the General 'Government thus in
tervene, which he himself, with the oath of
ofli;efreth upoh his lips, declared' he' "had aa
legal right and no lercetionn to disregard.
If, we were to,credit the ravings of the chief
advisers of the President, or, nt least,. those
I l vho seem to' in fl uence him most fully—sum
mer, Beecher anai Phillips--hurnan reason . ..has
been making. F '
uch rapid - progress in.thi.se let
ter days, that the bat t en of human perfection
must he near at hand. But also! ;,tvvlien we
'look hopefully for the blessed gale which it to
hear is onward in its coutse, we, hear
bet the food breath of the tempaatt i lsee nothing
all iroond us hut' the angry and troubled sea
everywhere sparkling with foam and surging
in its madness; and We arc tempted to ask,
can this indeed be,-.` • s
saw', wind and.„., the sturrn fulfilling, his
'There men are'miatalten and. mad, or . are
traitors orthedeenest:dyeolerierving - a ;trait
or's darkest . d o om. This' eritiality of the black
and white' Maces which they : 4lre, seeking .es • .
tablish, in this emintry is• a n abaerd' and idly
drearn, %v.lneha:t.rief contrast of their: preg
ass and peculiarities must dispel from every .
ihoughtful mind. ' • "..
A little more tharf tlrio eenttiriesaince,.when
our fathers first planted a few perms 'of . ..our
rat scattered Pointa . along. tbe North Amer-.
ican epast;the whore nuMberikthat race in the.
'old world "did - " not exceed , Eife.
,laod,, Sk.olland and WaleS then: ilutnhered . fewer
inhabitants than Newyoik, Pennsylianta and
.ohiodo Mark 'Abe ..progiels; id•Vortii
Am.rica arthls .a .wholesome
Celt there aie at' lealt thirty mil-'
• liOn's,:andl . l. the world (coaresking . .there. ! also
the:SaMeinfusion,) from eieity.to ninety mil
lions of pedoe; sohistantially .. Anglo '.Sazon...in
their ! origrt. . We,a re everY where thni
ir4, - the
. tnorri sluggishraces., Or.hernming
eyery'Side; and at the cor'reat . rates of
i'nr reuse, in..onelondred, and: fifty 'Years '.frorn
this run, liP to 'efght.:;:ttroNd rniltiens
of hnmanspeaking the' erime , ',lon
glia,ge;r,joicing in the.,.s.eine high ititellectnal
ealtu:e, sn'd mute inherent : are!
inalienable ebaracterkstietf .• •
.On the other handi the ; African racet.is nev,
pFonf 'of • its- eapacity,
for, a self•sustalned ciVilization• Since the
Sun first shone on thS t t continent it Vas remain-:
,in /11 .same state. of mentai.gloom..,
fbbtol, - iinltitituous,'ind 'indolent by- nature,
the .iyerrean has ncVCr.aivanced a, single step
yond' him rm;ii savage original.:
. Slaveri . haf:
ryer leers and to tlei.c horer .. eontia firs, to• he,
condition, thJoughoutevery clime can call Ali
'own! And y et they 'have had as , many:
tunities . .drimprovement as the inhabitants of
Asia or of Europe. Along the shores' ot the.
Me•diterl3lleall 'was omm concentrated:the,
Liferatdre arl, Science Ceth—
age, the ivial Orimperial -Rome in alLthe atts,
of eornitierce and existed , fOr man
year s ori s the"AfrieSn'boider.. :The , Baraenes,
moo polislied , rnce of ttielt tithe, founded and
Anatiltained foi 'centuries a . .. c'ontipokis
Still, forall this;the.Aiiican has Continued
'pro 'I on .t`tir'On',o his liing night: of. barbarismi,
and thus, human probablity, he will .c . Ort•
Wine forever. Tell us not that 'his want . of
..•. ••••, •.; long'
progress.m mvilizltion the.resnit
tahished bindagp. tOr centuries, was Four
'dwn•rae4 bound, to the edrth., under various
rpodifiications of predidl .yiisalatf.e.. • But the ,
vehite, inne expanded,' and mounted shove an
its biirthens,•and tratnmels,anii finally; in this
"reached the full fruition -of ictiuti—
.liCßll freeool7l. . • - • •
We.irantihis mental inferioritY.of the Af
rican--,.(ive forbear, in the spirit of sobriety,
any physical 'contemplation or d 611 t.r. - a
•not 'give a.t.otninant race the right to. conVey,
him frorn his C'wn•benighted•.lsnd to a. foreign
bondage, even under the fOrms 61 a
. purchaso
from -his, African master.' Bui - this natural
inferiority must be considered, by..the states
manin.frarning lavrs, and adorting Con.titu-,
lions for human envernmenr.. In Pennsylvania
we Italie always - affirmed this inferiority in our,
timdatneetal laws; and the !tame has been done
in almost all-the States of the Tirti . on--
generally ex - Finding the: African from the iiiht
of safTrage.,' This necessity of duly regarding,
the laws of races, is.thus forcildy'..coMmented
upon by..l.arnarine (a scholar and'a statesman;
always in favor - of man's largeSt liherti) in a
'recent world •.• • :: • - •
The more I litre travelol, the more I- am convinced
that races of torn form.the great iCei"it - of men and. mon.
ni rs: - :1410. is not so capable of education as philosophers
linagirt,, , The influence of tiovernment and laws has
lees power rsdically, than is supposed, over the inagners
and iodinate of any people.' -While the primitlie Consti•
tution .and blood of the race have always their influence,.
and manliest themselves thodsands ot'yeirs'efterwaida
lu the physical formation and habits of a particular family
or tribe. -Human nature flows in. rivers arid. streams in
the ocean of humanity; but its lintel's reingle*.bu t
-sometimes. they oeverwni ogle, and it :emerges • 'firths,
like the Rhone f - rom the Lake of Geneva,• with „its Om
taste aud'color: Here is indeed, tin.ahiss of thought and
metitation,.aul at theaame . tline q'grand secret for leg
ista,taie: As tang as they keep the spirit of, the race in
eisto they . succeed but they fail when they etriee noiii et
this nataral pre-dispoiltion: nature is - stronger
they air
' • •
But. Why thus enlargi upini a topic which
'lin n (Teri
co pi ecor i bin to . 'al...
purposep4rpo of . tAe.oFi!l tahr:ds ~,plia' delitipif;;l:e!i .
'law! ' , mirk fraiernat blooff&eirj-i11ii, 1 .41,1: 4 1;
stit tit ion and ihe '.retieriad:4iehte: a 1,106 it We
and Jhe tielitile hay, e; beetj,, nionlqn ' j!lr; , ;
under foot lot, tliia,,botly imnalt , stilt; ‘ .'„.
edicts :ouch tis•would.annelfr•• ; `a,r .. ;•,§bitii 4, 'ritit.
monarch in. Kni;land,• 'bairn been rii,i,u. y;cithe,
Pno6id en t , and- pritiab t to . bn•nn ilk jfi tneg.rila',:
Secretary •Seivard!e'boael •to ' "4•' , I.4 . otiir
g.l'can tonch'ol orn, 6 e - ba ''it any Iminileflit
and ordsr..to .c . ._ ayreated any ei !;(11••240 :'lll,
ion n trjo,e'-Lha a been all ton frequently real izedt
The extent to. which t he - :Party: auprinrfirig .
,tbePreildent'are eo li. naßro ' •
.(1011 0 .. finds memorable illuitiation. in' the
proposition made .by'Secretary CaMeron, the
firslof .the. several oitupents of the Wore of
SeCretary. - 4 War lindor Pi•esident .Lincalit,• T 4
He'tnoly proposed; in his. first.nnd •lasi annual
romrnenieation, to Jree, and then to,. orn.l.:the
whole kask.Popttlation of the South, and , t urn
them 1l their'white 'neater& hia Work..
indiscriminate'butcheryr. This; truly' infernal
suggestion. was not adopted .by. the.. President
when , firk . proposed, but it has , since been 'act:
•ed upon in more instancos..than: one: .• •
• , We have charged .the• party :lit' . present .its
power, fullow.eitizene; with, tyr anny tfa
utpaion...We NOW go further; . and soleMnly
a asert:olir :ia a deliberate`''de- -
sign to: change- the •character, it.net the. ,form .
Or our Recr.rnm:mt. • The leading leapersin . ;the
support. orthe Administration:Openly! advocate
a mod;bation which Will place greater po - w ere.
in.the hands of . .the - Prosidentopd.if their advice
; Omni i be. nriOpted by the f ..opie,..in short'
time the' heins will tie,firmly riv,oted, and • our
litrertlPe certipleely suhVerl ed.....rh0 Philarlel
.ptlie'Prass. not long since remerked; •
• •
. .
Another principle' must cectiluly. be emtmlied:ln nUr
reorganizel form nrk:overniriant: ....The men who thane_
the legiAlttion of this country when the war is.patt must
remember th.tt.what.we went it 'power iced streritith
.Theprattent be . tn .ibutbirte • the' Ibtmi of Repub.
Government with the powers of , a Monarchical
Govern Melt 1, • • • .
. , .
• About the sametime; as 'if ' fby .concerti Nye'
End M ihd North. American: • . • . •
' • • • • .
.. • . • .
Th Itt•irtir bag alrehdy'slinwn.the absurdity et...a Got.
ernment with listrited pothers; it. has shown. that. eke
pow,eraf every Chveyitmera' ought
,be 'and ,-sabist: he
UULISIITaa.' • • : , • •
. . .
• Stich drietrinei,'efi these..'wuntil.:•have
With rebuke even:o the howls. of • the ;eider .
A tome; bit , hey wer . e•the, natural. Precii,tiOrt!
of Th e i.wer power" which has. been • Made •tii
uve . iricln. the most eipitesit doctrines : or the
CMlStitution.•• The very .vvrthigs, in feet, corn
pNined, of by nur fathers.,; and' enumerated in
th'eir declaration against the Eitgiish Monareh,.
have been revi'ved.upon their.snns. This Ad•••
ministratien.bas: Its. own
.oath bound pledges, and•sought . ..ni.e/.01.10f, i n
itotatiore upon the eetahlislied principles ihr
Governnient;" it has 'fasteied . a . .t.ipirit of 'p n•-•
'croaehtrient rohteh tends to' Cons'aidate de•
partntentsef the • Govern:v:li. ire pad thus :
cr:tate,idtatever. the forms many Lai a:. real .deipot :
iin;":.it has tendered , ithe.'iniliteiry'sniierior
to fh.,3 eiv.a•Poieer..!!', superseded ;in .a"
reign oilawlefs reree the , sechrity , proscribed
by - .law. a•eainst• seizure and. iMprisonment
.trnithoret : ripe proeris • f I.t has Verily
.icrectrcl oPeee,f arid 'sent'
tratoitz uS .erva . rurs of (.; . ffi yrs,' to harass one 'peo.;
•ple.and;eat ilici; .spbstun'es." I3y .
tons Conscription • it, has digit ibutcd'• its
,tents ainung.;the - people., 'hacked by: bayonets
and'clntlird. ;Kith ;ilise - retiiitierli. powers, over
the libeities; if •not the tii•es of our eitiiene.'—
“ho,;,,:orrered•lar e .ai pries of troops.' anroagst
•tts.'." •It has t.imne.sed lases rtt one
coeaent." .chosen and purehasod:
•advnearers are new cla'moro'us fat 'Pk strongoi
Government,'lther "oar charter's tai4n
al:toy, our :twit raitiitade !critical:Asher!, (Ord the
pdtvei:i of our Govrrninent' V:trreti fititdatnent4-
Iy.s'. these, we.submit,• fellow citizens, are
air outhern features fairly eichibited,r of that'
"stronger, coir/.rnm'ent," which our forefathers,
appealiog •. , to.. the •§uprenne. JUde . e, Of , the.
World," r;ight : y.yeari ago, jdedvrd their
their fortunes' and their sacred honor". to it!
aside 'forever. , '• • • •.,
• We have before spoken, felletv•eitla ns,
The the depressed condition of thr . , country. The
Mountain of delit*hich has been' pitied.' tip so,
i•ericlessly, cannot be than three' thousand
milliens of drillers, when all is fairly counted.
bf*this, Pennsyl.vania?s 'share will be..at least•
one tenth otthe Wh01e,•0r . 5390;06P,000. The
animal interest upon this surri(tnore easily ee
timated than paid) wills be .:about ''eighteen
dollars. T.liiP, 'added . to the annual
interest' , of out former debt, :mak' on aggre
gri'te , inCefest hancetotth, le he
borne by the people*.of doMmonvireath,
'seated in round nuenbers,.erf twenty millions' . of
dollars! We cannot ..hei.thten •the picture of
the stern reality, Which an inexorable arithmet-.
ival.caleulation' rives. 'Some make, evere-a'
deeper debfand a darker prospectof the future.
Taxation always, falls ,heaviest upon Jabor;
it Will now grind" the poor to the very earth..=
And yet the mock phtlarithicriiists of the..day
are incietisingthla taxation, and urging 'on , a
system of measures, Which, under the pretense
of arnelurating the condition of , the Afridan,
carried on much longer,. practically
enalave . the labor ing . white mun and starve his
family. AO besides this, if the forcible.aboli
thin of brindage atthe Booth • ± , hould
it, will ',ally be 'to bring the whi , e Working
men: and women of"the North into competition
in the...same paths of labor with the African
they have been.toxed and beggared to. bring
here and - soppott fimengettrel . , .•
• •
Th'e fevefed Capitalist, •wha has, money to
lend to the Administration, Iferi his Wadi, up-s
on Which iii,ere is no teLiation; and thus is in.
.creased the burdens of 'the laboring and mid
dle clatises.' But we forbear
,to pursue .this
melancholy. train of facts and'.reasoning,. and
' ,turn to' the Mere ,grafeful "eirnerrietation of
how, we , can•do something for the' correction of
these evils. ..
. It Must be plain, fellow-cittgens, the only
• hope that Conservative men can have cleaving
the,COu7try frOm impending anarchy and ulti
mate ruin, by,nnitingW4th the. Democratic.
partY—thennly.party pow leO thir is. truly
iional in its character and : conservative °ia. its.
aim:; the only. party in• the• eptiri!ry , that -.hap
,d;' ,. : . ' . '::;':', ,, i'i'•!.:'.-."'! , .;...-: .,
•e.tibiib I
. , 4 .4 1 117.--
~.tt, f
ti to, oorci to. it •hi e•trietri
4 i- 1 . 1 o . 'l° Il"i 4 ,,ilaa
i. 4 gratefiir •
feridenee, t fie - Manly .OrMnenia'
rxhibiterl ant eepricially,and
darkest ;Irodii•';s
true principles u( tip',,Co:ietitufion, will-;drawn,,<.'
dn d • h im tli? Zion fi entit •
'never' be betrnyed;,"'• 3
Htsiands at ihietnotrient -
.staiodi :wholly.aloiaf Iron . ) intrigq,•;; ; :fle.ta
t)y.'rni ties 'or, contracts .with-merc, iarliren!. • .'
turei .in: political life. lie
for which-he bar.been heated; but his allalenß+'•_*
fold iitha noiseless:tenor of hiittarliiii??lriehli.4,
the - ember' ariarrienti which•tramMet the
snit str hit intio candidate:llot efilce.; Vier,' 'it
defeat slit:mitt fell in his lot • in.:ibis
. (iivitie.h we cannot: belleive,)
with the 'conseidushess hdving . ....tmPlnreiti . :tlit,„ , : - -
melee aid; pleitrfed•in advance. he plecel:•
would'liiintlis gift, ii.elceted‘ and. that -I hose . '
who, had espoused his cause even'fiiiti.'this.
acted Iron) iimpathy..eitt breve; •.• •
perSeCtltoo,. and hotic , nrianf, - • acted fr00r . ..i .: •
pritieiple and love of :cotintry,:acekink no re- •
ward or future favors: ;who...hat. •
named for the Presidency:dvslies
o ne, Artninly, ha •coir rtettit less,.ehd
-11* additional reason ivhyhe should; be, and
will he preferred by the thookhlial. and the up. •
The varnished reports.o rivali'in..eoromOn.dt"
the surinressed. and distorted feets-of 'a'partiatin .
committee Of Con'gresst-the' constnn.t jealousy
and•malignant 'd'ispollition
~at.. every, Istcp', .ot.
thotie who Wait d his suet:teas and,,dreided„tis
nt; p tilasity,' hive all faded in blissiiti his Mili
tary. renuta thin. .Iniellic'eitimen,''everywheri,.
in every land,' have lead the lib6ll opony this ,
accomplished aoldier,• colt -with 'a •sietrvning
sense lif.thelr injustice and. venality,.
cotintry,;they .have penetrated .hearts'
'our soldiery- end the people Ot.'isigeq Only
'kindle there a Winder and highe rffathe Of detibt:
•sion. to their intended .victim;. and, tbe..,Worl4.
ere lope . , wilt wiiriess wit tytpitatiation,. the re:-
ward• which they will mete out . national ,
. . ,
.The eminent statesmen wbo
. hsts been no=
Minated•lor the eaearid l nhice on' - Our
•has lang'been Corieritencius 'in "the :legislative • •.'
,branch of the Government:• R emembering
years, mew men ittpUi•country haVe ever re- -.-
ached a higher pdsitien fn the respect ai,a . 6cin;: •
fidence of the public. . - ,NO•paan . in the present ,
Congress passessah a
le . v reaterclextent:e.dhuse • .
gifts of orato r y and. accomplishments of states...
manship, that amply jag lily' the' wideipepular , '
it'y nrid,estcem. with .which 'he is ev,eryWhc;TP
regarded in d he • eect inn of the Union' ihat • gi've : . •
hihi birth. Ile, like our 'Presidential tiafulf.. •-•
date ' . ..erriphatieally belong's:to the'votfun: mum
of this country. These riiiminaticincere
sentially, nomination.. The Tact, of
youth should give u deer interest, if Uoaiible,
to this Oise, in•the, struggle now at hand:— ,i•
Thp'wholeof activotfe •tiefore - thern,.'witti
,all it pursuits., , ' hopes and.' ei.jnypente.„,,,Let
..thrrn weigh well,•recent.;end,passirtg events.- •
und merit' the. rapid il&fintie 'PoWei
let'them resoltitely.,tee to . it, .thae.lll.. wise, and
beneficieut institution - of the - r nre , ment of •t0r!: . .." .
Mer been:toe their •own ante -heritage,
and thst - Ulthetr.
• .• . •
• Pinally,•fello,w-.cifizens o; Pefinsylitania,.
'ell vial:see and crAntiffiiti 6, it leUl Yolir pnWer•
disiolvedhe elniVds noiv'.llireat'en•'•to ' .•
Debi t hro'w-Ol I toil'', brightesthcipiest,ii:ll . 4 . lf bit
406 our country a long. might of -storm ,end
darkness. Against °carpi none 'end "Me,' ••
which we ,
are conscious. of having •bur.teci'im
-perfectly depicted, let ne:array- 'ourselves' fp • •
combined strength. The election: of buir:-Con'.. •
gressianal,legislative.and •Coonty.tiOcrita in . •
()Holier is•of the tite,hest
would succeed 'in the • Proiidential 'contest in
NoveMber. '.•Suceetur here will
Consei vative men of other. States ! , '",, - Pefeai
alarm'and . dishtn'rten. '.lris•the nwrv- -of . the .. •
Pennsylvania Demoerney,- aint.tbrise•whe iMite
with 'tte, to trite R ritiaTtON,' if We Vconld
not bring on premattirely, that. which''' .'auie.
to folio* in.the and, tf finally . we OIL
vr 19 tr0t. ,, ..1%e• despait rek rirriorrs4'.4spor.
isni, or tly . rakninkichnPritomes.itukiithii.!!•.4 r i
'. Let our WatchwOrds be' Wan .(if we•iritust • -
have it) fo'r the ,Irii4l, - ,legitlirtaKcitiectiM snub ,
a war, and PinNi? fOr 'Pr .4 1141. ' . ollll#- first'
moment' that peace can restore' -
to to us•the'' tom.;
ynon heritage of a, united 11130 rjr; tor •,the im
perishable glory•Of the old (Thicirdand the con•
shut ion unimpairede'wiih • sympathy for our
soldiers in the field untror . their tritils..aftd. den.
gers —ready 'ever do. aid. and to . hottr4'.hem—
, cannotipn
. 11 sibly
. be buttes: done, =teen:.in
giving our best efforts in endeavoring-::.:to :en'
Modify the' grounds - .1 . a... atinglie.•••they. are
nknintaining, as that it•sliall eppearpitrely just
hefore Men, and in the eight-of Godt:.;-••• •
• We implore, thert; all Who 'lever . peace • arid'
order;•ill whii wish to seer industry successful
' ant property„Secnre; all who' , ore,- - willifiV . .ro
support • wise, Legisliition7 -, ?!rtue, sod':
constitutional libel ty; al) who wislito'leid pros
perour lives themselves; 'and enjoy' in littiet the
fruits of •their own induStry;. all -whe.wish . to
• transmit their In.:merry and, blesetnp,, O s !
free institutions to their ibil.iten;
ail .theseto te •With for the
con nt ry,.the Wiancir rourrit rk-rfer TrYstico,lififeiz
'rr and LAW. if i:Majiiityrofthe
thus be Int sdo themselves,
to see Ont. chiteiry• Vesumlnt: *ith;'renevired:
ANC HAPPY—the pride of citiOriejiiriffi•
he•sidmiiatiriti Of ihe Werld!-. •
fly order got thelitemocriticSt to benfrel
C.'ll. WAItD, Chas
R.. J. Ilemrlin.r., Secrolaryl' ' •
Henry Winter,Davitr,,iiiiiiiii,thit'ltir;
cols is incapable of ; proily adminiatdrinjethei
gcriernmiit, bat pap,
ted;Benj. Waildand themeWtbit,litiiidi
him,.are the F. l oaidiiiitii and .rn7efd - ilit the ;'144.7'
• •