M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, April 23, 1864, Image 1

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~'.:,i'll.t.iiqii:tici4iitti- , 3Diii,tocrot
By : J.
SFFICE, S. E. CORNER OF Pt:o4p „Eikt7Aim
TERMS: - 82.00 in Advance
Rates of Aavertising'
oluromone year.
h • tt
1, 1 <I
" " .. . -
" ," • .... .
. t ~• 10 01.
'lto Demirel)? 12 linen or Jeep, A invertions, .1 WY
anti,equeat . ...... . • : •25
ut Wens lude, with 00
ule or' figure work will be double the above rates .
Twelve linen tirerier type, or eight linen nonpareil, is
rated a' square.. . .
fJ These terms will be . nfrietlY adhered -to-.'„,dfl
I.l3tt6iii . Css.''.g4rectoril;
THE SUBSCRInErt announces to.the POO:
that'he has purchased the'stock - of•thess4.
Non formerly kept by VV. H. 13 . aleer,1VVest Eide
Public Square,
w.here he ia . prepared 'to refresh tite inner 'man
with 'all the Aelicacea usually kept at :-11 first
elasi RESTAUR:A NT, ':* .• • • ,
•' FRUITS, CHEESE, &C., &C..
FRESH OYSTERS 'served, to order, either
raw,or cooked. ' • . •• s•
Thoss who .favOr m,e with their patronage
shall hi.ve no cause to complain, eithar.as to
prices or quality. •
• ' l ' ; , , • , L; WORDLN
! S;r4.oipori ) Sept..2):th,
Arroattet AT Lam, Prilethpdtt, hl'Kean County, 'Pa.
Agent for Messrs: Keating do Co'e Lands.' . .Attend
eapecially to the Collection'of halms; Examlnatitiil o
Land'Titles; Payment of Mae's. and bu.6inesa Tula
..tag to Real Estate. .Office in Hamlin Block .'
DR.. W. Y. M'CQY, .
- 7 Sniethport; • Pa. , • '
PORTAGE, McKean Co, Pa
'THE SUBSC:RIBER - flatters hiniseil. friam
long pxperienes: that he cannot be excelled, in
the basitteis... :..• •
' .Particular attention b,e paid to CUSTOM
WORK. foi the converikence of thp4e . .: living
at a rlistance„wiihing to have Shares
,'arrtingemeuts have been' triade-With . L."ll. Dol
tey; at Port Allegany, who will take - . the
Cery.of 'the' firydes and" he T t eather 134 re
turned to his Stote, when ninned. .
The largistsprice will be paid lor , Hyde , eith,
er. eash,..LEATFIER, BOOTS, SHOES, or
HARNESS, left, at..Doltey.'s 'or hiy Cann y. '
, • .Entire satisfaction gieed; •• .
-COnnected.witlymy. tunnery I have a.Boot &
Shoe factory', and ilarnes.S. Shop, ~, •
Portage; Pa ~ 3, 1362. vC)..By 1. • .
"The oldest:and beet of the'Weeklies."
. .
The PenPrleiors et the Sato day Evenin,g, POj—w)licli
paper m now lu Ai Forty;thitll - 31.!—wmild simply nn•
Jonas in their. l'rol•peetun lor lnlll, . that; they dasiell'
inalntainiog lot tl,o it weekly the high ehdracier Allis al,
realy acquired as ~. .. ... ,' • . ~, .- • • .
. .
1' 1' ire Class Literary . Paper:
• They hare reason tu belie 1e tliat,the slorte,' of MRS.
ii:OQD,author of •• Ly bile)! &of Mt. IHIADDON;
author utl , Mennen Victor. A.c.; MARION HARLAND.
author of "Alone? .A; T 0%% N •
EIEN...; and numerous other excellent writers hare , been
generally regardeilas possessing the greatest merit rind
the Most abserbing interes%, and d.lesy de..Lm mere', in;:
'for The Post libeheTutuie a s in the Past, the best StOriss,
Sketches, and gthei Li/ernry .Nooel ties which they - can'
posilltly obtain, . They intend. commencing - in. the .first
paper In Janti try, ,•., . • .•
Autb•Jr or , !Er,t !.ynue,'"!
from aducitlce etereplyfo . ruat•sted to us from
This, atoil , will 'Cc called '
GRAY;`-`oswAairi" ,
and wilibe Abe len4tti-'of tolerner's, Pride" and
• • , }lent. Lynne." .• • *- •
. addition to' the' Boris; written expressly for The
Peet' its Editor also strives to lay heflre.iis readers, the
Led Stories from the English Periodicale,-and gives In ltd•
ditton to the Tales and Sketches, gnoro or' less airricul
biral Matter; with a Riddle, Receipt, News, and Market
Dapartaiaata, every week • • . .
. . '~IACH I NIi
••-.. . ' '
lreivill giee to any nerson needle,., t hirty subscriptions
ttoThe Pest and Sixty Dollars. ono Of iti,:: 4 s''.4 . - .WU..
sea's Celebrated Sairiwg Illabhines: . lilleil . asto:Y eell
for Forty-Sys Dollars', The .machines will be select,:
• mew at the .manutlfctory, in New' York, boied and - for-.
.warded free of cost, te ith . ihe'ex cept ion of fri ight. ~ t
• rt a procuring the subscribeis for this l'remium we pre
t fer.that the thirty subscribere Should be procurred at the
coeliac terms of.TwO Dollars for etc}', bnt -where . this
done, they may be procurred et our club rates,
' and thabalance of the Sixty Dullsrs forwarded to us in
' cash by the person desiring the machine... The paper AVM
J be sent to different Poet Office.; if desires. . -Every per
Alen' celloating maims should send them With the money
.as testa. obtained so that the subscribern may begin at .
• • once to iecelve ilials papers,, and not become
. dbautisfied
.with the delay...When' the. whole number of names (thir...
•ty,) and the whole amount of money (Sixty dollared is re
• eseilved, the machine will beauty forwarded - .. .
. . • ..
.:.1 copy; one.year, .. . : . . . ................ .. . „........$ 2.00
'. 2 coplem, One year,.............. ' • 3 00
' 4 copies, one year. ' 600
.. 8 copies, sol one to getter-up or club, ...; . ,
..... 1.2.110.
:20 copies, and qua to getter•up of, club "—..--. t 9 00
"Ace copy of Tao Poo( add olio of The Ladles. ' .
Coneuinptive sufferers will receive a-valuable
' , prescription' . for the nurer .61 Ponadmpiion,
'Asthma, 13 . ronchitlii, and all Throat' •ainl,Lung
-affections, (free of chargc,). hy sending • their
4ileiress t 0 .7; , ' • .
• •f..C . ' ' -'Rev. k. A. WiLSON,- • • •
• :• Williamaburgh,
. o • Kipp Co., New, Yorks
. . .
. .
•Aininit :Uncap, bf,
. .
. [l:! . .rorn the I s leW.Yotk•NeW•lNfatlon.) : 1 . •
Wnall.rec . rflle . c.tthat:wort,hyeitiien ofAti' 7
efts who: •lianished Aristides solely becatti,ellt
annoVeilitim to hear. the epliheT, T.the.Just,?.'
eonstautly:eonpled with 'his "name . ; We-hive
all-beep : STruck• by .1111,4 s'-range speeirnew Of
liticaflibetty,:and by th,e•laek of judgment fti
The . application. - If..was nr i ottbecause
dfin ruritriety given tolhe : naine ola :citizen -01
fhe:republic Might. after a time,' prove danger--
on4,•nor . because. the •.epithet was
titte.tionalile;; that the wolthicitizen Of-Greece..
banished Aristides, Ile*oqld riot evewdisetiss
the•M.ltter; . the epithet annoyed him, and that:
was' enough :• to, ostracize •its iinfOrinnate
beirer-: , .. In thilfwe see' an - P'xcess of .liberty
Now, we are' annoyed and irritated .at
c. ing.t he words Abraham Lincoln and honesty.
always coupled 'together; .bnt . beinvinore gen
,etouS than the -excellent'. Athenian citizen A- -
foyegaiii, the propose, beinre.ostracizing honest
'Aye from.the '.White HOuse,- to consider
call right to — surnartie of Ti-Iliinesu.'f. To.. call
,one man honest out of .pOpulation of. thirty
so -.Much. of a..compliment to.
him:as a:sarcasm upon- all the rest. — Let•us
look into his . ..honesty 'and copahilily . • 'Alter,
three years of Prifient . Silenee we.have a right,
:and it ls•Moreover:our duty.' Mr. Lintoin i :to.
examine your acts and sho : w them to the na-:
tion. -I . 'otie,oirprertee : if.by confiding the.fate of
otir cause; the hOnorof our arms, and the lives
of our ions to men
. having no :higher Claim
such trust than a host of .yotersat-tneir Com
inand, 'whose support yoficoveted—iri order' to
advance . the
~Welfare. o f the. nation.'.
allowed you to further 3 . ;our . pnlit
cal and : personal interests, and. to transfor.m
into heroes men WhoSe : inefficiency has swal
lowed up :thousands of lives: and '
.millions; of
treastire,-'so that' y.Oh might he able to !dazzle
t he eYes'of the •People: with victories :far more
than real. : We hive permit Ted you to sacrifice
fried patriots, whose popularity alarmed yoU
and whuse..energy disappointed ,y-Our .
lions; • • •
. .
. . .
.. W. baye ;a lio tyed Yon . to decisive the pople;
we hOre let you , traniforto-Ilisgr:ieeful deleat.i.
into t : ietoilerana.. een we; made no, outcry
when you Were. reoaeed to.beg' exoneration for
acts' whieh belie eternally disgfaced the honor.
of our arms. Your have•bieri.utioble either. to
. -
. . .
foresee or torestifli*.inythiug: What . .I.as he
cone'd the'ii,ition's enihusidsm? . Wilt.: •haYr•
you done vrjt.h.the immense ..resouree, tinpre-,
c'edenti.l.in history, that the.nritkn haS lavish:
ly ejven you? . . . ' ''. •:. •. • : ' '
You are now•appealiag to conscrintion, and
we will not _ enter it.to a discussion of the
ciple•itSelf,•hut we:will tell . yonthatyou sho'd
have' foreseen th.tt the 'day must'come when
you ,would need thees-men, and that you were
to blaMe in not callir" , fort hem .wheit the pen
pie's enthUsiasm was first aroused,. When they
•certainly would trot have.been' refused . you.---.;
Yon are to tilame,inasinuch-. as .throu gh par
in'capacay.and personal schemes,.the necessity,
fo:. - such:an. appe - s1 has : became a. 'queitidri bf
pablic.salety. . You:aretd - hhitne for "depriving
1.1 . of the services of :whose popularity;
st irbulated that Citthusiasni... •• ..• .•
• You have' told i he. country Oat : hot . h -, •the , ru .
helfion and slavery 'were, dead: you have- told
the people ihattliefortes•cif the rebels were.
reilrecil:hy desertion, and-that they ;could' dot
lie recruited; fed, ncir . nod yet 'yoil nre
forced to act'upon the defenSive, being .threat:
enell a't all poidts, . •• • • . •
'Whede ,, er ydd hayO..diipe:ted the fiction . of
our troMis; . therhaVe-been 'u.niformly illlsllC.r
cesSfur; . .you hlß'e perpetually' ofliqed us. the
wretched :spectacle of -splentiid 'resources and
eicelfent chalice's of success sacrificed to inea
pi.rityL: The'enly 'success which you come
near attaining, , hirtthc.ccedit of which we
. . .
-i!TT To take Irobn.yoii, is doe
•that jou, haee :displayed :in
f(TrribirTg • Chailei''bf. base, Inagerly
r.i.reats, , an& reraniiiiiisaiiresdiare.s . acceeif..ll
each other with -ii tba great
ost showman of 'modern immense ,
rdrirty of Oselirnstaneas 'is only . egifalkl by
be iitatit it y. Of I he. resit]
.Wire have: •
Sh.t maa's .recon'aoissit nee.
•' r.conniii-saner. • ,
. TbornaS' reronliorsianae: •
Kilpatrick,s regotinoissanco.
- S.) maids 'reconnoissance...
• • Gilmar.'s•Chafle.r.ton reconnoissance.
Theresiitt ise'i , erywheve the' earn.; ridicu
lous and . The sole concession we
can' make to, your , hrinetiy is, het • you ha . v.e .
iriMinved upon . the change of base in - 1802; you.
destroy fewer s=oldiers' and.• burn less
,of the.
property. Y. .
How is it, that after . three.‘years of hieom
parable victories,:accarding .to Halledes face.
boils expression, "unprecedented in' the ; milk
tarry. history .of nations,” you are
,stil I ponder :
ing how to.preserve. the national Capital and
your bases of operation?. , • .
Is it a reward for'such inccess,ler the rich:e,
v,ment of such results, that you -now ask the
nation 'to passe vote:of confidence arid re-elect
y ou for cnother, berhaps.another, term? :
In.your.inangural aadrese l you gave,a.: very
Striking 'illustration. of your peculiar honesty'
liy plinriging 'yourself,' in . accordance 'thP
well.khowit'prlnciples of the_ party - which had
elected you; not . to - setiie another term; you
sabl.this in a manner 'which none 'of Your'stip•
porters then 'underatood; 'but .your words were'
evidently designated to hear:a:double meaning,
asthat, if you should find - the' iweets'Of . office:
more enticing than you posssiblv - anticipated,
'you might (mange your porpaie'without seem
-ing your'promiae.. Ctindid people
wilieee.itt. this' a- good . deal more evidence of
cnoning.thanorheneelY• • • . •
.The whole
,is .this, • you .: are' . leading
the nation quietly .to ite'destructitin by deceiy
ing the.people Elate the dangers which threaten
it. the'first part'. of
.t . ha .catinpaign. of. 1862
Yeti geined Ail vent ages which
,you were -unable
to utiliie or even retain in. 1863: ' '••
• .
You Bllcs:iliced the entire' West for ',the cap:
tUre of Vicksburg, and then you proclaim. to
thelonr•winds that the Kisiiisippi,is free, vt bile
not a single steamboat can navigate it without
being attacked or perhaps burned, and without
every, paisenger.havint. the fear•of death• or
captivity before his eyes. ••
!.SA.IE.THF,',9 . PT,..-:M%E . ANT .. .CQUNTY; PA . ,,...5 . ATURDAYi., A,P:1.34E; : : 23'; - :'](£o4'..•
, . • .• -
'l'd serve the ends of,Your ,cause,' yen have
made a hero out of a . man upon whom you have
Lavished everything, ^who had' every obstacle
remoked froin his path, and' who was promptly'
.turnished. with reinforcements and ' suPplfes,
vvhile • Rosectans could get'''none; .and wbp:bas'
sea rceiy••heen,able• to hold, With' 'the Irrimeni4
reSditrcei at 'his command,
.the ground which
his predecessor gained in spite' of..you ..by. his
:You hove offered us th.e distressingspectacle'
of the Sect ifice of' merit to.c'aprice and pe.rson= .
political interests, and this in a, republic,' in
the name mid , under • the plea of. popular save
. And .ran the climax, 'yoti- - are. obliged. to .
hear definitions hit«. this:, onciol!tional
• loyal man is' one who,' , ' rtithough not satisfied
with the measures' taken by .the government;
approve them.ull. and 'gives thetri his. constant
It seems almost • incredible: . Are We in Pon
stantinople; in St.. retersburg,'ln Rnma, .or :in
Parisi 'Arelre-the . descendants of. those. proud
Saxons 'who refused, to .succurnb to ailr - yoke,
or the illeg:itimat e'ofrspring or c-aillinals:aeelc
. ing . to secure fortime'atill greatness In: , a pe'r'.
newel woiship?. Are . We , deacerid=
ants orrbose.diciplei of 'Luther. and .Calyii2,.
i.ehe•rother than'suhj&ct.their reason foa'n on
thority which' they despised,'p'referred- , to &sr-.
patriat&theniselves to those shores'Whereohio!
the agency. of liberty, they founded ournatien•
al greatness which you are' now .striving to
drown in a' sea ol.cowardice.and . odurtatiOn,
corruption &nil : incompetency? .Were Our
cestors to visit -the:earth, they would certain-'
ly2be.surprised to see that ; : eighty years after
the. resolution whieb gave life arid libeitY to
the.nOtion, the'LinColdpisityeould find no other .
definiton of loyalty than•a' blind submission to
the decrees of the governMent. ,. ... ;-
But we . .heve•eeercised . thii •b4nd andmiute
submissiOri . during . three years;.'. during three
years we have kept silent—and what was' niore
generous t hari 'silence?, ' •
. .
ritild true railieal.pat . riots said noilonfilince,
"We have.not:lpst . confidence' in ,Fremont.-
What has he done or said fo . r . a'kea'r paet/".
What could hedo? What could he say?. :He
has dune.for.you what EtutlE.4..and :Sigel have
done; .wliat we...have all. done;he has been
charitable 'enotigh to beep silence; and that ,is
More than he should have 'done. ;In
,t he e .
to lac
of so much incapacity, patriot;
ism alone has kept us ...silent.... f.acli time that
a fresh delear or freib concession to fOreign.po-
VOrS I:;iought an indignant exclamation to out
lips, we restrained - it4 utterance: And yet
have much grief, an d , love, and admiration, ac-'
companied each heta comb of . tbese Unknown
heroes, martyr to -theix cinintry,... Who . have
fallen,, through the'incompetency and the cold
insatiable ambition of - the -men .Whose mission
it was to lead our sons' • to , ,victory, but who
tising••binderP•by.. political considerations for
their persOnal advancement, led•them only to
a profitles - S d«ath. - • • . ' •
• And you havj not displayed more .falent , o•r.
etieigy ahroad, .Napoleon has trampled upon
the rights of .a friendly .republic; he haa'inso•
lentlf'notified us of a blockade of the :Mex . ican
coast, anti throsgl the Monroe - ne in oss
W• er A' 11 Ain e'r
iea, he .who lays%down thelikv., or he .whia'aub.
mite to the same? .Is it,tiandlC . cin.•the 111 . ,•:nr
the successor of Wdshi . tigton?
..,•. • • • .
God alone . , Iry ItOitawiq, opon the country
inexhaustiblemateral wean It; ani . that • ardent
patriotisn - twhich every
has ..aavett the colintryfrom the,i•uin . roto Which
ynitceeltishness Would plonge•it..• This is the
Fe 6 et of the difference between 'your country'
ant - that of the .Soutir.•. • ,
. .
.We have been. imposed upon :long etniugh.—
The ruin ivhich You' have:been unable to au
cnrrplish intry years, would.certainly be fully
consiirimriated yo li to retrain, in power
four yea hi2lOnger, Your Military, doV.ertiors
and their Provost 'Marshala - overt ide I he. laws,
all d the" echo the urined.-heel rings fifth na
dearly now in Arneriercisii(Franee'pr
tria.' have encrol. hed.hpoh.•nur . liberty
. vvilhou securing 'victo,ry., and velnuit have
both. .
You have dishonored us abroad. by Shame,
ess' miicoacepftoo as to our true - condition.
Places that we occupied in 1862 &re now again
in,,t he hands of . the' rebels,. 'and . God knows
whether preparations . your. for the aPproaching
Campaign are,ade . quate..l Corruption has entrr
ed ,into every*itepartmenrci(.youf.•ridmint.tili:.,
tion,.fenderitig it a very Atigean stable, whieh
needs a •Hercriles as your successor:' IT is time
for the light to•shinelorrh arid for the truth'. to
frilly appear, so that, all sincere' Patriots, all,
men who lriok.fdr nothing lorther than the ad;
vancement' of .their.•country end of .liberty,
may rally in One. compact' . bo.iy..around the.
gicatyriticiple - of,liheratism,lind forth - a I:berhl'
.party really worthy of.the name.. Sucn a man
'can only save the country..
.Away with rill the iinposters' who have_
waded the temple of libel - Ty,' and turned it into
a voting-market.' let there be.an,end of this .
ridiculous farceof.uncOmlitiorial lOyalty'„which
is only fit to secure the Yote'of these foals, who,
instead of . (Vying to the root of the matter,'
blintly believe; all the 'interested' 'falsehoods
pliblished.try journals that are paid to applaud
•and 'submit, whofl ,, rright . ' or wrong..
Mr. Lincoln's honestY is.of strange. descrip—
lion, . It consists in nearly ruining , ' the country
and in disregarding its interests in order- to
make sure ofpower'for lour years longer: To
our eyes, the.mariwho has doprived. non
try of the service of . sorne of its • best citizens,
hai.beennnable to make any better
. use
olthe increilitble resources confided. to him,
and who, atter agitating so mahy public (pies
liens .withciut solving one. of them; disregards
his own utter incspscity, is,•of all the. citizens
Of the'United'States,,the - least holiest slid .the
most dangerous. • . •
•• But even, if President Lincoln were the bon •
est .man that his paid .organs represent him to
be; how. dengerotts'weuld his' re-election prove
to theltberties,ol the people,' under existing
circumstances, surrounded as' be' is, • With the
ipilitary influences that, he has' at his 'back!—
Let us remember the teachings of:history, and
the initarices of feigned or real imbecility, : all
of'which have, resulted in despotism. Siitus
V.; the half Stupid monk ,krk his cell,. and .N.i;
poleon 111 the sottish ,debauchi 'belong to ',the
Same school; - .The men,:who have had •to en
dure them, elected them as. important , individ.;
uals,.wbose'election would give time:forretlec
lion' and considerstion.':it" will soon be sixteen
years that.'France'llas reflected arid, pondered
over herlost liberty. • Fearing .the unknown
and .shrinking from the perturbation's iacident
hhh • '
rri to c ancre t ey• avead t despotism and'ruin,
which are leadmgthem itievitably. to the most
terribli We f"of all eVolutions-ihtit -history . .h . as
. . .
hithetto • , ; .
EtnbuirasOng-the.Administratio . u:
. .
. . .
'There never was, in thia cnuntry, certainly,
.and probably in ro other, an •adminiitrOion
as easily as•Mr; 14ineolnla.
: Every- inan who votes'in - opnosition tn . the.
Abolition. t icket; 'or glisienta in the sligheatde:
th:rdelroin : the' general.- policy; ct.. any :given.
ineasnre, cirthe . Adroinintra icna—,ever . V ona who.
eipress a invelne spetidy, and hortorahle'peape,
i.i!...nrertizs war-if war rriuSt Ibe-for the Con :
it ittitio .. anfi Union, rather than emane
. devn'ention and disunion—
every: one wbo.nbjeein fu..9)e snspensiorr of 4-
6eas eprmisli(StittokupinOlested by ?he enemy,
where Ahern tolbe
Cott of justice, or :thilt it isn
. .
wrong., menjfest violatiCiri: of iew..arki justice
ribditet - end inciprisen. men,.-under
tnilitAry orderi, without charge,or
short'ev,ery free "roan who 'precis: iemainir.g.
free-to becbming
theorji, ‘e.mbarrasies" the adminisiiii•
tion, arid consequently is u rekiel:skinpathizer
and . semi‘trailori" •".•,
• It-is even rriore,than this: ~ '
. .
We send representatives . to Congress to rep
resent their eunstit'nency and
.the - countty, not
the President—end yet,' 'noW, every, Member
who offers a revolution
. ar moves' an inquiry .
adverse to the views of the Majority, is diiect
ly charged with the design of ...embarrassing"
the odminist ration:
.'• •
And. it has become even' wOrse ihdatthii
. .
No member can 'n o w even attempt; to amel
iorate ;he'condit ion of the soldiers,..witheut se
•eriously i‘embarrassing" Mr: LincOln . and his
Cabinet., A hiwweel•ago Mr. 'beevsOn,' we
repres•-riting the whole • Pernoetatic
voice'of the House,.oftered a' reaolution to pay
soldiers and• sailors'in gold; irrc . onSequetce,.ot
the'great depreciation of goveriiment,,green
;b'acks; by ••which' depreciatiOM.they received,
'instead of the thirtee'm dollars per month•alinW
ed..tilein bylaw, hut 'n - fraction over eight dol.
lama pet month. , This Was • denounced as
ackerne:of the COpperimads . to trembarrass the
administration," and .‘inted' down by ,the •sid•
diet's frien.ds," . f h 2 A bolition majority.:•
The other daY; in the. Senate, of. •this State,
Mr.. Hopkins, of :Washington county, liitrothic
eirn resolution instructibi the ComMittee on
Federal R. , latien to' bring in.a joint'qesoltition
initructing, our:. Senators and reqiirstin'g our.
Representatives in Coi gress to• vote 'for a law'
requiring • the..'payMent
.of rinmcoMmissioned
offices.and•privates'in . the service .of the •
ernment, in coin or, its equivalent: Imnie•
diittely he. was •charged witty making - an at:
tempt to c.embarress • the. government,'.-'...and
neat excitement prevailed among the g. , scildiet'l
friends" ir. end. outside the Senate.' ~
. .
. .
• - Yet the resiilutiolioply conte.nplate4 . the sol
iiiei's thirteen . itallars'per month in manw;..ns
the act of CongreSs . prescribes, - instead.ofeight
d0,11.45.0nd a . fatxconts per. rnontiv,.wihich' they
inci‘il. receive, in. viiijation of.thai laiC. • • .
There. was no , toincombe"in this, is hris
been.'alleged; but only on brines, efloit to • per=
lot tri'un . iirt of simphr - jostler to the soyier,
'wh,ich: his exelosii;e mriends" refuse to cid. •
The soldiers .$Blll learn' by,ancl•by who are
heir real and , ibd heir , s / hcrioms friends.
: But mustn't this be e. very rick;qty.adminis-.
'ration which . eeery h‘nestVtenitt to do
ice so painfully "eatharroises7".
••: ' [From' urital . of Commerce.j ,
Wet gone away beyond. the lake issues
.which were so - diligetitly kept' ,before the 'per).
ple forneallyi runt eelears.• The: ingenuity of
pnliticians•cnir.demagogues *3a succeSilid, in
persuading men that there
,Washrit ane• . queri,
lion hefore.them and Aar • a qu'estiort•
porting:the governtrynt'.. • I.i'was tie sharp, and
it Cannot be deiiird that it' was a aucces4til
trick of the leaders'ar the radicarparty,
the tmortle that •to support the admit' iitra,ion
of Mr. Lincoln inall'its'measures Wris•• equiva
lent to supporting, the **rgovernment."...There
were men.' who honesty lieliei•ed •tt.rti' those
Measures Would, ba rainortg,' lint they were
'`Never mind that; your
. .duty , ,, • to - support
thenni" and
.the people went'and :siipporfed
them;•.by small majorities,. indeed,
: but . by
wetit a.
:One_ I lie road:to Coin. . . • •
. Ther'e . ,wes the fieaneial inei“tii-es - of the
ailinieiptrat ion, for instances..: The most atren•
'ions . eXert ions. which Were . Made to. persiiMle
men of
. thought. 'and' experience . . Mexamine .
these tnensures, before adopting rind :support.,
ins 'them; were iir The: blind• rush'
~ ‘oppprirt.the administration",earried
it. The'wfiole paper money schema, was admi
t& i; every' suggestion; Whim' or fancy,. of 'the
ad.Liniatfation.. were' ,4 stippOttnitr,',..the winrn•
ings'of experience' were' treated as treasonable,
and—the tesulf is liclort 4 us.
There Were other schemes and .plans of the
Washington.admintitratinn which were equal...
101oubtful. -The whole plan et. putting doWn.
a 'rebellidn by liroclarnation, Of destroying an
enemy. by uniting-and condensing-.his fcricles,
of ending ir war Or law and Union bY making
,new lawito•fient for; end new-principles of
-union to, increase the labor -and dillioulty.--
Thiti whole plan was just as fair a subject of
examination end discussion ,e - s :the . titinical.
plan. But no.' Men must not think of it, must
not discuss it, must only !support," it. 'And
there is not a manin the iengtlf and breadth of
the land, in his sober senses, who,. believes the
Work'of restoring the - Union - has advanced; by.
his plan, one step,in tliree years of war. • We'
have posdivelYgatned nothing toward Orion.
We haye.'spent. - our . thousands of millions Of .
money, we , - ha . ve:dp . wn our hundreds of
thousands-of precious livesy and we 'have the
war: before' us . as:,Gerce , and. deadly' AL . -three .
years agn, r the end apparenfly.ns -far 'aWay in
the'bittle.cloilds and blood mists; • , :,•
It . 'viri4 . a: great grea' deceif t . that
idea of placing absolute power in the hands Cif
one man,.and then renuiring blind . support of
his will or his whims as air.equivelent to • sup.-
porting the goVernment.of the United, States.
This government is not a one man or one Mind.
government. It•should have teen the. salemn
duty and care ofevriy man to watch - and guard
firm invasion'ever3r.one: Or the:principles on .
„ .
, . * . ' .. **
:' * '''
” * '•
, ' ' *.'
1: 4 1
, ' ' . • i
. 41 ' ' ' **,
'' - ,
~, ,
which our fonnilation'rests. There should have
been open; fre&and thorough-discuesion .of:ey
erY. step tbe ,war. crtishing...of
iron . was; in 1861;the end,Or prosperity for..the
Am,^riean'peonle...•T4e.guNyension discus=
oorhwa:s tuiteathiolotiv. to national :intisreiSC.O successr
',But now ,we have paseed' out into ti 'hew life.
The approach oi the presidemtial Afflict') has
induced men totalk; The' krappnort" of Mr:
is no longer..the supporr.of.the coiern-.
Went, The feiendeof Mr.:.Cbste. and.Geneial
Pletriont see terrible Wrongs'in his ailminietra;
.There,are numerous error , now
.: . m.istakes. Do . the. men: of the
Chase party who 'ofe daily .e..xposini these er'•
roes resit) , tintlerston'll'iihat they' Mean 'in. 11l
their lengthrand breath? . Whe n
. the friends o(
Mr:-Chase tell Us that Mr. Lincoin's•
(ration has been weak, •vaciliatini; uncertain,
do - they know.that this avenge:ion' means that
the lives, of our-.young men by thousands have
heen thrown away . , literally. and ibeelutrly
thrown n^'R Y.: for t hese 'errors and vacillations . ?
ii has been no small:for Mr. Lincoln , to,
make n mistake. Every Thistsk., has cost .
blood-:- pi] reovartn, kmerienn.hlood: . And ev
eryniistitlee V . yas. l 4osedll4lh . e' uiiited votes,. of
bie.party, tellin`eiiTitokos ell right and we hail
'no right to criticise', or. to advise differently!
'Who is respongible for these - errors rint . their
nwful cOsir. - Ndr.u.lone the. President, but ev
ery.inan who forbade Opposition and free die
And what are men. now doing. who admit
that, in its keatest plans,. Of finance ar of. .war; _
the administration has been wrong? Semi, of
them are acting on the idea that they May . yet
cling to the administration and savetheir s oWil
pet interests Trom . destructlon.,..ls this public'
spir it, natriotism,, , nnyihing
.that can be adrnir
edl:.; When will men lenrn that .they. cannot'
.guide their Country . by their own personal . In.,
tereJts?'• If the 'hankers of the country ,see
ruin staring them'in ihe face, and expect to
save their Own fortunes by . indueint the art
ministratioli to changi its - piiins a little to suit
them and their pet itistitutions, while they
"support ii," What 'sort of public' spirit is there
in such a course? -•
. .
. . .
Gentlemen' the only .way to save Yourbanks,,
the' only way to re'for ' m the finances 'of the
Country,- the only way , to save .the :Union, the
only vray to bring the war tn . a. peaceful and
successful conelusinn, la'' to' f ake .y,otir stand
openly and'rwsnfully against, the. entire course.
or the administration. Re-elect' the', present
Odministrat iom. continue the pre , sent policy, and'
ruin is inevitable. The only Sal vationle in.an
entire-Change. This ie p!etn truth.. It Hi:kiln.
for you to seek 4'..3 save , your • ba nki and'•eave
your property by.blowing.hot •and cold—going
lot the administration where it doee not 'halm
your, pockets, and , against..where it dove: harm
there; . Be ripen, faithful.. The •chaszn
in the forum is open.;,Bring..whether is dear!
est,to . you and throw it If your banks must
godotin to insure the'sitecess the. administra•
;ion.pld, boldly ,hurl i ltitem • down :into the
abyss. - Tbie' Would lie worthy - of petriotsj end
would prove your sincerity even' It yun were
mistaken, ...But if this:sacrifice' which is - de . ,
mantled of you. is vain;. it you •do not believe
that dtitY.atiti patr:olistn'refaire 'it, then. take
- your stand like hnneit; men. With the . opposi
tion, and let us-this . fall place the United States
eit' the .. - old-founiliitinti,eit Uninti 'and constito- .
linnet So we shall : save the.cOuntr
save•yoti!, property with it,, nve,the.American
Union TO be again•la light in the world,•atiel a
resting, place for all nations. • • •
. article.
Is7,kve York• trod./ Teproduces .nn
it ntirn by:HorneeGreelei and iiiitilfified (man
app , ared . th . e:peppli. : (Whi4s . ,aral
Dernocrato•tinited in tfie:suppor . f of the
t . iy in.thn H
; war., .Thq artela enitt
led .S4I.IHORI:EDI3E . %Y.AR" and reads'a*.fot
. . .
. The humane, tefrecting, 'redder :of a moo's
history is
.sicir;nedby the,cankontly recurring
detiils °ebonies and butch accounts
of the ItOppiness sacrificed, t . he pricationa'.cn4
(1°1.0; by tbouarindsafter thonkonrs irr gather.
nig 'from renioie carriers of the.earth to maim
and slaug,hter each'OthCr.
. ,
Meie,ilepievily,-however keel, is not enough
to account Tot IhiT.' No devils could be• foiind
silly enough Thaido torment 'themselves first;
then one anedlier. • She 6. madness is the least
explanation that nate. ' •
-7,otikinty'elosely and ateadily at -the tnktfor,-
woitatect:the 'cause of. this' horfible .
at deist a au re clue to Ifrar ravager iwtion4,
r7.giet4 ' and destriq* reople, but str . cowthei!s -guy•
era r.ealit'fnierc amid
.ehablcs aohi
rich, ir fiCcoriket•tpitic the cjiciact of pi liiiderid
'•• ; •
1 he to lgiiig of the commissary' or contraefor .
is rup t .hly.trunstorrned•into' a baroniaal . castle . ;
his suddenly acquired estate ;fattened with .
the gore of 'conailless soldiera; ttie tearS' of .
nurnerriblo. widows' 'and orebani
thonsandshre shivering and freezieg'Tor the
want of the humble dwellings which war has
destroyed, his tamilyrests secure inlordlyhnlls
and revels in hocary. • ' '
13inke,!.ve believe, said of this class, that by
means of war "their equipages shine like me
teors; their palaces rise like, exhalations.."—
Wril can they • afford- to. prate of patriotism,
"right or wrong," and'bribe venal orators with
some share of their pfundeetr, inflame the pas-
sions of the multitudes, rind- fool. them
in o enlisting to'he - shot 'at.for some .begglloy.
shilling M so a'clay, and that often unpaid.
Will the 'Masi never become wise. enough to
eteot and scout swiedipe game orimur
Sp . ppeke gevdrement tol be iive4l;• - er riro-
Okte—ti.ease by itome.ibe uneuppoiable,,--3.ed
therefore, in danger of incurring.popular. odiuth
or contempt. -It desires . to be strong in ,the
public'conli Wee, bit without .the virtue Or ca
pacity to deserve . that confidence. ft has one
unfailing resort--to pick a quarrel with some
Other. gov.ernment. That at. once withdraws
public attention form itsown mimeo, op : vices;
givesit a hold on the poPularteelings;.•etiablpa.
. . .
ita'satellites to call upon the. people. to , issup .,
pert the courary"—that is 'to rally around and
uphold the executi v e vvgatever he".may pro
attipp dLall watchfulness' let .
aside—cppropriistiona , are made by'' millions,
and the purse Ind s . worflasait tinreasirvedly,inte
1 .
the . snils,ot.the nhieCtriagistrste.to,be wielded
• ,4,4'4
at tie pleasure—the 'latter attains(' his, eh/mills
tbe farmer in behalf of his Wend,. "!, • , F
question the poliry Mg pieties ill
his course ire,gt once diermeirieed traqteiiosii'd
inetnifor of elariailistry. • .
,Thus thousands baked bi•otlicejridriiiii;(
to crylup the War; all murmurs.' ate:. stifled,
tresaanhablei and,'when a( last ditastefor utter .
'exhaust ion . of resources`` compels , a !slant
peace, a cOuntlesa, of pensioners, Cripple's,
'place,men, and .sfund.,hulders ete,'ptovided; to
eat up the avails of honest labor for", gni Or :
. a.
hundred:yeaii to come. , •,'
The poor:mon'. children' must.:go ,to .
hungry and glow up in
• Ignoraice,, in",•ardite
that thelavorites, of rulers t i ny alit tei.in
deli" and stare,.and riot thosvoils of, a
...Such is
. a small portion °film cost of. iharin..
furious cheat styled glory.
Greeley, it will be observed, is not Apatiting.
of any- partirular War, but of war in genarlit i =,,,..
The/ism/4 observes that .firci , mpeh good "sense
was never eleitwhere uttered by' Mr:: Greeley
since he was born a dark , infant (vtde , Partona)
nor ever. will be Agairi : the, w rath, of. an'
r , !ltrriged and deluded Populace brings,' hint
hi, l as t, speech and confession.",,
. . ,
PA nr.tiatatiT . ,,ar 11 . '1.6 . A Toil:161d, ,Ma Int;
paper ielle . tis that 'on attme .qtiestiOn' of :loCal,
interest,:andet dlscuisiOn'id,the 4egislatute of
that, States, one day ias; • week, .Ale ! , Barka r
made alurioes onalaughy on -the . ignctrena'.olr
the benighied people of ;York County,' tie Ng%
dibeovered it; on a rolltirettinir,ivhich 4e , made
among them, last:.(all. ! .
- .
He bald that arrioni, other things'heiligeover4'
'ed the people . of:YOrk County' had ,abaniloned ,
all belief in the txt:ge . rinrof the anil he
mingled hip• mock' and safirita,l lan,)eptetiona
with the antionneeient of ihis regretful diseov:-.
abOut, the the'people in that part.ol: the':
Staff!. 'osl hie tekir,i his seat, Mi. .Gloodwin'i,
a' member froM ti town' in that . .Connty, rime,
and said.that the experience cif the gentlemen .
tea( fall might have been true, but' that since
the vipit orthat member to Yot ihe' people,
there, to a man, had recovered their ..coinvie..
lions, and had act tbeleaat doubt that thtre
was a,devil about! •. . . .
. The Rev.-Dr.Breckinridge, in . a,,speech at
Danville Kititueliyi having asserted thairtoV;-,.
Biamlette,had prepared a prociamaikarc,(Whick.' •
he afterward
.withdrew) calling on tbe •
forcibly to resist' the execution of oegrO
rollnieot law, the 'Louisville Jduriaof seyst,
4 , We state with the utmost positiveness, asWe
are stating, ,thatGov. -2 4raMlitte
hati prepared no rraclarrintion 'other :then 'the
one heisined before' he sawDr.' Breekinridge,. •
and that he called the Doctor. to F . riii , kfoO net .
Valenti) frortehim, what to de,.butto endetkicii
to engage him : in, carrying out .
ready , determined.. We • make this staternent -
'in perfect candor, op peisonaloknowletige.".' .
. . . .
STAT , E.—Our 'friehdi Will no dotibt •be .gl . ad. to
hear that there is a bill ready and . fibrilar to he .
preaented to the Lel;iilatore, for "thi better.
government r: : organ'tation• o the -Militia'
. i ,
forces of outtate, Which, asrfan asi. vde eon'
judge, is based ova Most. excellent.. plan . ..of'.
'economy' and justice. - • It slfrect on the mode is'
which all in. ihe age' .of 'vigor- and manhood
B fi n nlif prisrleipare in . the 'defence, of our
and provides proper sehenie fortrain'ng. andi
instructibrito.bring the troops to. the highest'
degree :d effiCiency, for the.purpoae,of protect,,
log nor families and our fittines. - --.lt expose.'
fraud and cotruption, and eitoblislies n sound
system oforgakizeil adminatration throtighout'
the whole:131111e State force: . •
• We cheerfully give it our hearty aupportirte
jyre anticipate :•mtirli good revolting trom ' its'
being adopted bY•I he Leg . alatute. ; •
A FreciFight for Fremont:- '•
ThA. German.. Republicans haVe gone' into
the Fremont mo . vemet t , with a• Will.: They.
hava bqi-ome.•Fo thoroughly in enrneat'that
it is plain nothing can ever lirditce.
:vole for Lincoln.. Indeed; their : whore -hove-`'
Meet is . more, of a 'prote4 'against ..:him' than
an advocacy :of. any other 'candidate; eThe"
spirit of the Geirrfans • can be judged by '
following extract from e-apeech made :
Casper RUIZ at a radical . meet ing..in 'Chiesgoe- •
Said he ':did •not ••think theta' 'Was , .
.aingle.rnan present at the meeting 'Who yro'hV
standup and say that Abraham Linnoln•ehold ., • • .
'he re-elected' President of thE United Staistii. , --:! • .
Be hail,tolti the ,people' of . this cOuntri.-thet ,
the best, policy for the•country Was•'n6 ,, policy'
of all. ri.ittighter.l SO far as he (Mr:, Butt) ,
was personally..•gencerned, 4ur:did , flnet .want... '
any -sackman for President of the United. . • -
States. tUheere:] • thOught.. that Abra• .
ham Lincoln.was 'the weakige'
,arts, worst seats . •
flint ever filled 'the Yresaleittial (Great,:'
cheering.] ,•He .had no merits, that wera War—
'thy of emt6tion, and ho f fne :pore than'
arb r. , (Loud Laughte and,,apPlanse.):Re
considered, hint a perfect [Renewed!,'
applause.] , • .•
, I L '
• had come from 'the' 'little', town or, • •
Springfield, and ha.ucted ask, if he hair,noer, .• • -
seen ai y other place,; lie had tried'. to'
the generals in't he field; but ,
signally failed. The generals . .,i'he:i'O.e,r,e-joi.: •
distant from , always VvOn ,
battles, while those. who Were , near..tlie...•capi 7 "
el'-el ways, lost, theta,„ [ttoltd Vhee.ri..] • • • •
g.meral once came -under the ; 'l)(ightinii;
duence*Of Line* he' was Sure; lose every
thing.: fie Wei decidedly oPpctied ~ •
nomination .or L.incale: at'. theijialtimore'.4p-. • • •
sention, and, in. :the'. event .of Prfcnln' • Wit* • '.
re . -eles.ted, be' %Saida dread, iha • Contiegninaasi. , •
Cameron would 'be SO t b'e
the Cabinet, •this'••nnuntry .
reprOach aflvert.cotiniil yin at:
wished see; Fremont' ponitritibSts! • .
alit' hie eleel4red .filim'ee?i .
any one, except I.4fidis
[Grind .c iiers:]. • -
in thr power aectirtilhe"-
next :President of dplin'C,hi,tie%f jremorlt;; suit' '
seatesutned hi, solid; gienst,
The teading:;:iifihia;
is a good':
On ip native Xinpubliein.ciiilit,',‘;''• ••••: •
people of . The Cbaileittnnsi,*43tiftilff
at s 2 iP o ti hitadolACl*?&kkE9+ l 4 l -!..2•# 114: • 0 1WN .- :•;P:, t
city: y 'is
10! •• • !fl i rtti l ll" , ,, .?.tr•Z l WV;•''t,
• !.?••• 3 • !•••••7'it-,
J,(_ ~~~
- ~-..,‘.•?.,, ,. ...nb.