M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, November 14, 1863, Image 1

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VOL. '5 •
;:41' . ticai . :(f0 . tilit.::g1*to.'ct,4t.','
.rwiL.lB4llD . . EVE R Y .IAT LiRDA . Y • Dtoiitil
Ey '3:41; CIVIATy,
4nm; 8: 001iNEW name salon
TERM 6; -- - le Adlanoo.
Rates of Advertising.
Oolaniut one pear.:.. • • •-• •••• ** • * ',1"..! 7. •• • •
..) , S „". . • ; , . ...
-- - • • • - •••••• •:”. 7 ' 7 .:.",.'“". • ' ''';'' - •
.4 •, .iii mob tus
ki , ; nix it re'of . 12 13 n es - ordeal; ;3. insqi ;:iaturi;..i. 4 , -..F.P 1...!' 1
- tlinh a til..)...eque ci . t inßo.r .. t lon, 4,.., ..,,, I . • , ..,:,...• . 4 . ... « .,,ti1,' , W ‘.
.' . a niness CA r4.1A,..w.ii.1i pa..per.....',..,'....;44: . A.:.,.::..... 6 • '.•
' • ttu le or liza re' , i'VerliVi I 1:11;11 :illiftitilitthelbiboie " ratii-A
'T•ir'q•T'•l i hi?' AcaY , Acr•-4 .. .6!•'" °1:g45 13/ M ,ll° 'l l / 061 1, 4 ; 1i '
1 %.1.1/•' , 6li6gis.felotis*lll lie , i!riertt.r.l6b6i.ed , :i6.l,ift...q
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'-: ''
' /31IS111 CO% . Igtrcctarp ~..
*. • mtot
Pll3oicion ontl•Surgeon, Hinetlipnrt. Pa.:. will Attend to al
coil+ with proniptne,s. Otli9o.two .oinors
north of the 'Democrat ••
Striethport. 11' ri."Patt Go.. Pif • E. S . - sfitads',.. prnprietor
r—oppoAfto the Ootirt llitu 4 e: A: new, :ILrgo, col-41°0W
pue 41) , I fitriiishitl hou•te. • • :
r • A. ..T..V3IIRSE.. ..• .
.Order iu Flovri.:. Tin Warw. Japanned Ware: wen •
end•t . ar ilia FOC.: I. Cinitom
work ;Vane to oritio.ietin the shortect natiarii tend in the .
. most mula•tant.tal.inatater.. • ' • :' , • •-,
Dertlei . ict Dry. onodp , Groderio, Crock;ry;'lll2d ware
Dontg. (Tlitss. Nile 'Olt. &e., &
-East de.gfthrPublic yqunre, :meth wort Pa. •• •
, I__]ArrlNGS ' AL() 0-N T: .
tlE:S.U.l3SCßl43F.Rhountr's,ta.the Piiblir
that h,. has ptirchu.tl the stock of th'; ,
loon trti . merry kept by W . . H. Baker, We. 4 side
Public Square,
where he IS prepareti to refresh iIITIPT .nihn
.with all the.itlellea ••ra kept at 'a first
ela'Qs REST AIM VNT. • •
_ _ _ .
Fiturrs, cHEF.SE,&C.,
FritSl - I O . I7STIcRS served, to order . ; eitti• r
raw or rotalti.4l ' .
'Tho'se. whci. `favor me with their patirmatee
, shall 'have
. M.-e'ause to eAritplain;either as to
pricef 'quhlity.
nethrOt, Sept 2 011;1803: • . - •
THCII4:;t• MI.:011:NICAI: PA 17 F:R Is THE ;NVGIt LT?
•• P,NT : I-1 17EA11., ' •
• : ' Volbine New Series. • '
. . .. . ~ . .
.- . ..A . tieri., yolutrieof this •witielP.eirculateil pa
per. comrrenees on -thejst ot:Januel . y.."F;vory.
mumtie.r. rotiiains sixteen Jiiiii.es of
. useful info' r•
iniition, and l'rorri
,fi've to teti.origiaal engravine.s
of new iriveplions and diseoveries, all of .which
are prepared — eixpressly for its , colaions.
To:Tbe •:tlPchdriic' and . Manitbictiirt , r! . •
fcii'tt..l . 2.otl - siii any .of iii , tlitinica
think of doint! the
SCIENTiric .X.117,11:10.!,N• . ' It • F .j x : cen t, s
poi w6rl;;ev.. - ry 'outlier :cont.aiiio
tenOrigralt•iiigs 11l lIP tv .. , Mole blitOS ilnd 1:1 t' 111
boils,-,wh ic h b . ” fiillllll . i . fl tiny - 0' r'
It is ati - i ., sttiblis - bt,t - IriP.e rot qty . pith;
.i . iibei's'toingt , t,t, htit...origti - ittF .
t class - the xi f:,
atid - etigrtived by, i -, xpefi.mend .pyrsoti,4'
theiF.cwn Orrtvigion:
To tile. Invenior!
.The iNMERItiAN . is•
pensable to inventor, a 5, it not only
ains ilescruitiohs - al neaily'all the ,
hest inventions as 'they eni^i! • 0 ,1 ; • bat each
nutither contains au
,U7lirilil Lister! he Clainte
of all the, t isiitied (iota the United Staios
Patant-ctllice . doiitte, the iiveek..presiQllS'; • thri,
giving; a . ..ecierect liistory of the progress
ve.ntiuns.in this: country: We are also rer'eiv :
tniz, every ,vi'nek.:the bet:srioititidlouenlos of
Crest Germiiiiy thus'
nlaeipz in 01ir.p09sPSSii;;h'ill:tillifis'O'itn - spiii9"g'
iii iuirhiiniral science and art in old
enuidiiiiS; We shall continue'. to. tilt-icier to
exteticts:4orn'. these jour
nalsof i.Vhafever we, may ,de.iitt - fo(' interest to
oar renders.-
Chemists, • Architects,: ;Millwrights,
The : SCF:N"'IFIC AMERICAN witl',:be
found a tnost uSeltul Journal :to . fhe . m.. :Al . l the
new disee,ries.of science 'Of chr.Mniitiy ,Ore
ory,en in, its columns, and' the ,itifetsts (4 of;the
Arehfteet dnit'CSePiintkare Ito( aiierlnoliedt' all
the . new ,iovenlionS and diSi•Mrhil'cls"'opnei tain
ing . to•these p,tirSttits being,. published lrom
week t o week. , ; P'seful nmi Pi act leaf. informa•
tion pertaining to the int.iiests, of Milfwrights
tpid•Mil I. : owners will. he foundlpuld.stied ih the
SCIENTIFIC A 111EitICAN •WhiCll.infOi'Maltion they
cannot Oa:A*011y ribpain frOm any other •souree .
Subjeets in 'which planters and farmers Are, in
tereited will he lound discussed in the Self:N.
TIFICi MERICAriI; most of the :itriprovetinent , in
• *e.riettltural implements beingilluslrated
To mail sobsCribeis: 7 —Three DoPorn n Wfir,
or One Dollar Tor foot. Months.' The vol.
.umes commence on the first of January and
Specimen copies Will be 'sent gratis. to any
part of, the country. - : ••• ' ,
Weslent and . Canadian money or,lPost-oMce
starnprtairen at par_ tor sUbsCriptions. Cana.:
dian subscribers!,vill pleas!, to remit •25 cents
extra on..each year's subicription to pre-pay
MUNN & C 0.,, Publishers, •
• No , sr .Park-row. Now Torii'
Letter ; .om - ITon, James W. Wall.
• 13114trac4oN, 1963.
• • •. • .
To 11.14N0ri.....r01vi P. Naglpi . M. , T. Qgzirdiand
Philander Deed, Committee
. ,
. as . .
invitation to Addresa • a
mass meeting.of.the Dimperacy cif the city of
New Yoflcito , be held ai.tl e Cooper.luatitute on
'WedneOtiy evening' next, is this moMent re—
ceived. It vvOlti.gire me reat.pleaitt . re to I , ) p
preseni,butt heietated condition of my throat,.
ct ellectof a sere cold recently contracted
at.. public meit:i4s:prevents me:
.The' reeettt political results in Ohio and Penn:
eY,ltittnia ptpy.e,ari,arky,twothin,ge. the
litmeniale•influeodee of the'earrupting: Microt:.
lige of iiiramprinciplesl, reckless Attrainisti at iiin;
*j.iind;,l3econd, that iteclip•al . - suffering
and suffirjentli.fulict "1" -
An;llV - imini
C. strationb. eixereisinglimiers ,, ant.
known+:ip the oMitirotionihkiitig at its 4.listi6l
~ ;,01.ailt..0soureea.in men and.*tioney . .tif 'the
erywere, ;tali:tat inn
o'r tite Jacobins, of , France (luting the Reign , .at
Terrnr,t , Committe.es ot,.Public These
hy..e ayi•iein at Ii and uhii ndoried.e,carnp , •
rino, tiee:s l iViny. to, a cc ' o'mplish " ',Oat • revolu :
titinurk . ;org:tn.ititinn.a.ined —i , T,IIE—TEOTEC I
71E, ccingei, gEti,9 Ea; pr, ,Tll El E. CIIIMR4.';,
heliel f ;hoWeverOhat
will;. frcf fir,oc . iaeiyAhat2 l ,o6,,E . kret did ~o.entu•
ally-a' ,full exportire their : .crimes
own '• .overwhelming overthim:y.
11 , 11i4.1Ungtitigi:Of tite . iptlrnityn lieeitneei • d r -
'ent'in..dasOiom' their prbtotipe, , threCommittee
ut . .Pfibiie*teljr•or . ll93t Listen td .
ten "dpinineintoCy. Words of Verginand: •
. • "The .g reat...body M are so
e,l by,ihe rtish . Mey.Mt., 1 , 11 cir,tße OE .
1117 -itytxi.r A4 . INUISPF!NSAIILWFoIt I'eI3I.;IOSAFETY.
THINE J A R ,. us , DEN . .IuNCE YOU A 5 D/5-
1.6YA1., 'l'o THENATIDNAI.ITV.. * . .YOU'AIii FREE, HItT
rr.o.uss YOU, DOW DOWN BEE , RE' 111 E ., IDOL THAT
The' 'irnch•RPvolioioti did, in the words - .or
the ,same noble, :.Sitturn.
sticcessfnllY devricr all his • progeny.". So
evenfriallij tvi this, IA retehed Abolition redolir
origimitinit ire the •sanie wild •fai'dircisn
oh tit liberiy arid' .ermatity; and ifispbiying in
all its policy ille•tmme love of despotism.'The
, Lorre of Si/veiled Su -pine," h ;eh ga eg
mately such trerrendems'powers.to "The Con't
mittee of • Public .safety," will soon 'be'pru-•
claimed, if, Indeed; it doers - not alreridy exist.—
Under that infamous law no. person'. in France
bad any thence of safety. but. in going the' ut- -
rn .
iu;t le4lll ol .. reeolutionayy fury. - ..Those who
resisted •ii/ere'crushed beneath its bloody wheels..
But it is not alone' in:. the. despotism of the •
hriur in our civil..rifairi dint the Abolition
robins hilire become such. startling initiators of •
the 'tevoliitiorrists of 1793. In • our finantial
policy We are'repeating• to the letter the histo
ry:of thoSe times. • • An inflated paper currency
haiherrisherit he preciaris metals from Our Midst,.
and every day is 'Making the rich richer - ond
the pool-poorer. •. During the.,heights of. the
per eirprinsiPri:in the: French 'Revolution, from
the humane. iisire".rif assignats,'the tendency to
gambling cif.'every,srirt Prodigiously increased.
Men•wholart the sWord of Damocles . suspend
•eti over theirhiads sought to'Profit the'mOst by,
the. numerous chances Ottnaking money which
'the rapid, rise and tall o f assignats, and the,
bounifless prottiskin of articles of lirxriry,tirotight:
111' . 1) 'the market. The -. Bortr.e. of .P.r . ric was
crO :aided. With hart( ets;•rev nl Ition ists; ei.ile Van t
prir;srs, , tined nobles. and - urlyenturers of ewer{'
:lescriptimr.. agnifiCent equipages, wirrisx
iiivsmiswEity - nsr; : r9cirts Six- iiiox•ruS .14;F0T.F1..
ma.fe their appearance 'every
,alteriforin mum,
the public drives..
,The trade.: in jewelry: .arid
silks tvasrenorMoriS in its Profits. Thi'S. rapid
fru-rids - el df • wealth. produced the Most
eitravaganCe, nod tor-eddy. underinined fh ,
public •rriurals. 'This pictdre is the . reproduced
picture of
,to day, which every .bour in our
cities is missing before the gaze of their inhabit'
ants,' ednow,,ist hen, mistake the fie it loos
tor. tbe,real, and in the,'crinstorit employment of . .
thetiour, romparatively high, wageS, and ten'' ,
porury contentment, think flint all, this apps'
rest. prosperity•reats upon a firm.•fnutidrition.-7-
Tim. Ni!hite • ried cruxti.gleamidgiin.the eurishine,
:fiat Sultatare, is not More treacherous. The
slopes.of Vesiivius • neVerloniced more ;.tesplen
derit In beauty than just 'before' the mountain',
belched forth', for . ..the ..first time, 'its silvery
shower, that seal4.4.llerculaneurri • in, lava
for ceriturie's, 'and' cOverruf POmPeil, our
in rt•iliOtiver 'of bor-itsheii. AS sure as that Odd
reigns, the late, financially, 'of reeOlutiotrary
France roast he ours sonner.or later, 6r:llY:with
tenfold 'aggravation.. What, was that feta—
Blasted.by a :ruinous systemor paper currency,
and crushed in the grasp of 'relentless despotism,.
munufacturing•indastry: waswithered and com
mercial capital annibilaierlappreciation2went
On notweithstanding "
to ar:reSit.'lt t he, assigmi ts
of the•Grovernritent shOtilit be; considered` a le.
gril'.tende'r'aidilli'erittitit.cfrig jmnisnoient
years..f n.irods cOratqat ahould
exeharoje:rini;mfant,iii. of' - Orgnl!f :.fcir.:'d
0 - sho n o
ask a larger price for arry, article of:merchruirlize,
if the price tyute paid defter, thqn• it . raid in
the'pr'ecloris Metals. - The once opulent capital
ists, 'ruined by the sale of the public securities, -
deprived of their properly fictitious-pap.-r,
paid by their debtors in .a nominal currency,
'were completely destroyed; whilst the misers:
ble 14r,e; fheat. , lU out . of •t 1 mo . st all their'
cornes 'by the payment'oftheir annuities inirs%
signets, wandered about in utter despair, sup
porting it miserable existerice by charity, or
terminating it by -acts . of -suicide.: :The.. poor
reci:ivefltheir wages merely, in paper - curtency.
so frightfully depreciated tharthey;,were .Unti
ble•to pUrchase the necestarbis of- life, and no
perishedby thritiandsof starvation, or took
the highway for a livelihood:. ••
Vlihe,ti that same cop which phortrance drain
gel to the last dregs.shallbe. - frill tOrtis; and our
pe.offle have tasted. o , 'the' terrible ',bitterness
that lles at the bottom; that may poisibly
wakenfrom•the blind stupor "that now seems
to numb every faculty, or from the cra zy dele!;
. dom. that .causei them to 'look ' upon. the mad
AbolitiOn'polVey now spline thi boor 10 the On-
.5111,.3 -- !Y.PHPO.R.'I.'...M'icK . AN .cqUINTY;.:' . .r.A:,. ;'SATLJ. WoAir, ',..,59Y1 - 0/03 Eft ,I`4?' . 1.,.:503,
ly salvation.for the country. 1 The promies 4 ot
•ihe'..mad 'Men to.'whoM • they .. .have'. listened
in reii,ard . to the War; a speedy.terminetion ; haye.
provej - I eMitentl3l.ane.diserseefuliy..
predictions of 't hose; who haite- conseionslf
posed it, in•their 'accuiate..fulfilnienr;seerii , ,:to
have 'firna . rnited..liy•the Spirit. of: Prophecy,
would:readily: seem as if the hes.v..iestibf..F.t - 4-;
.*.irie - Ots - Heaven' (feminine:re- - spit - Ist
...a . • people,.
~ ‘THAT THFY. Sit 0 U1;1? p,F. MADE. TO _TAT/TX' Pt A
LIE," has-fallen upon this nation ' . That ono.
- 641; charlatan, Chase, In •a . recent• speech in .
:Cineinnetti, predicted once agatn;.‘ , lhe speedy •
, - e . ru'i.hir,g nut when •he' I:nows
that it is no nearer
pionafigs *topaV are toai. iqlet9pti9n. The eyes .
of•the people. are,liowst.4"
Sealed: They yeti . Men
as trees musr
- come; :when they "shall see • ciparik the'y
haye.been 'fltitiettilind, When
hour ' eotsei.
let tteseAbolitipo.fanalies.bewere.„TOgei
oI tton th y .ttioV4an f
rommiact to dep ur. .i
ot B.olo #..rPti.""Y•
Yours, very; truly,•
r., r,r • ' W. 'WALL.
. .
. .
Whore now are the Hebrew Children.
Not %%here they . iiiine.Were,.geOund doWn in
the dust . by.,peiseptition alnd , intolerance . . .No
'longer is t..he Jew.found only:among Old Chithiti.
secon'd hand b rog ens d CaSt 'off hernash'i"
Sin re the cotrurwocem! . ..aCcirlitii present
the•ct,ildren Of Isre - rdt,htiveflplay:ed-a' , hanit .
in the great gaMe of all mat ions'aeCnnd no.
other people on earth.,. Who is fhtimost pow
erful man.in•tlie:vv'orld at this:present :writing
.Ntif Loms Napoleon or even the Autocrat. ; Nn
King, •Emperor or. Potentate, but a dark-eyed
snit of themafriarchs. ROthseh.9(l, the. Bitilter.' ,
t hewarid Of,whose wealth affoids '.the' sinews
of war" to : half the crowned ifeads of Christen
dom. Wtio organized that rnysterions fiusSian
'diplomacy that so alarmed Western .Eutone, a
feiv Yrars . The descendants of; Mores.
Aatim and Malachi. Who
.is drivfng, on : that
mighty r;wolutioli:•which : is at this moment
.shaking the EmPire'c;f RosSia, and initking...thn
rroWneo hea ! ls'..ojthe.(Mfitinent : f r el as if they,
were on a volcano? We ansWer,fhe sons and
daight.rs of Jet ',Solent'. Who are at •I he head
of the principal universities of' Europe? The .
fnte..Ritssian Minister of, Finance, the' great
Men(fizah of Snaiti : ---the late. Prime Minister of
•F, ;thee, •.Walewski Who. mere M.irshals -
Sault .and Massena? ,Jews, JewS,.ever)i one of_
rh ern. Who a r : e the most opitlent • ineichants
'of flewYntli,,Philittlolphia,-St.fmuis, 6i k rinrit ,
rd.:Chicago, Fic• I.They' are thrifty, econos,
m'zing•petipr, • •Bat very few of them are ever
found in the Alms Hons.... From whence come
our warblers; who are the Teipsicnores of this
generation, and who th'e:Rostnis; Meyerheersi.
and.Mendelsohns? The ofT.Pririg of Levi, Je
hoiachaii;*ant.l Eleazer.. There is not on'.or
chestra from Madrid to St...Petershurg, th'at is .
not 'crowned. with f voice of. .f.bron arid,
Almost every.. great , composer',
skrllwi musician; almost every voice' ths t rav—
ishes, the world with its' witchery, your. Pasta.
and Grisi.all•Sprang from the root of Jessie, mill
come from the tribe •that once peOpled tfie
plains of'Galsied, Betlmbase - and Salome. • As
a philanthropist; we.. rejoice at these. things;
they indicate that no longer is a..konvidedg.e of
the‘true God spread among the' chlldreMaf the
prOmise, With consecrated faggoti and: diVine
ILLEFAL VOTINO.—The *dut . e'ry on the part of
the s Unfolt Abolitionists abbot' at-.
tructs'sorne'ettentian in,fiolifical circles in.Yorlt•
:contit'y: IVe were . Positivefib illegal votes were
cast for.the•Dertioeralie Mid -Ifxcept
few pic'ked lot longhed men, in the Service,' whose
•rtfght to. vote Was,.to.treat.t fiesrna I ter
at lea , ,t doubtful, none weresii=l•o9 Oither side;
~illf in thifi s'quifte'ufnl Open field' we en 'f,f yood•
ward 2 :357 ' , lid 'fiffY,'.. , 13,581. • vpre,
yznost 1.1.700. the
Thts-eoirntV'efurof;(l.•in 1902, to the board
of revenue 15.770 '•
Now, 1. propose to take a look . at the • , :mte or.
'a sister county,.'which did oily vote dor World- .
ward, - n Qhfiwrh r,w illesal Vall4 may. In; done
out of Bradford county; so aptly illustrate! how
,was done in your roceof-rorre9 , oodent,
"Easton, in 'his defence of Obi Nort hiriopfon,—
For !hi% purpose.". we. .w ill duke Xeliang'c county.
In 1802)tpollefl 4.402 voles, giving Cochran
7.0 majority'. :The•numher nl returneil 111
hetare thie vote was 6,275. 1863 tltls roan ty .
polled '6,274 votes, 'Curtin ti rriajori:ty of
•31f. ' AUClOre's estimate aenilo.the.New.Yolfk.
Tribune 'Alkyd •fo`r' , 3o6!.' • • •
York,' a.: Democratic 13',:581
votes Out:rilla tax list: or 18,7701' leaving fur.
.widows•orphana,non rCside:ots . ,- .4. &c
ifoold , aot vote, 5:105 , person!. •.' "., ..•
V.ernmeo,ii . Union Abolition enmity,. polls
274 votes out of a tux .list ni,6,275, leaving (or
widows, orphan's, nori.residents, sick, &c., who
could nouvote; person! : A county 'contain: .
irig;o,lfio sndls, ddes: not often pre:let-4'90 clean
billMthealth;aa , this , Talk. abdut Cuba,
*,teira..dr•tiM:Southmf Prance, pot them 'all. to-'I
eetbcri.and , onrthe , score of.htialthyenanito rAn
beat ,themmu.t of-sight... :We qtwition . .,'Who,thef
strychnine "'book,' all:that IthViying
We daitircto it:kw/putt alOngside i our ; ancient .
friend, Northampton; in-4)1;634 , 4,am]; ask our
. oylPonetott not to , cofilftrnOt.aczikibet of,111.o441 :
voting. so lofty t ahairwhen they come. to ikw;j9g,
-Upon it; Oterwilhfee.l
,-Th , blp)lig BoHelttt graphically sketches
she condition of 'f eon...seep: . • • . .
"There is a portion of this State so devasta....
ie.,' by the civil war is to be practically aban
.by the toot of man. The men are slum—.
Bering at Shiloh', Corinth and Stone River; the
se . rvanwhave gained their treetlonm. the women
and childreoave . iled lb more remote precincts.
.Pal ing behind the roiling, foOtsteps ol human
ity come the fool-footed' beasts and the:creel);
ing things. The liix makes his burrnw ;Under
the ruined dwellings where a happy people
once.d welt. The set pent 'crawls.,,pm. eC, th.t. dom.
01 the chuiCh end the schoolhouse., The Mu- ,
rid chatters int] 'builds, his neat.opon 'the lama
tree in the old yard, once noisy, with the mirth
of children. The.gan is rotting in the cool
spring . . The patridge. whistles from the ridge.
pole of the cabin'. The wild bee' seeks. the
storehouise.for his honey, fearless, of detetimi
by the "human eye. Allis returning 4a ' tate:
nature. What a . monument or the ra#ag of
War. • •
..: • :,
• A.s. the first yeir. at - the ;A inerican :civil- wpr
I hiidi sd.is.Oilillop •IT klvaine.to Mcii
ry Ward Bcechrr..The clriCal..
who hiive.he'en sent to 'advardte'tha Isrortfierri.
cause inE.neland . buy.e:tietei . ioa'fed. .The eVa •
pishop's 'mission :was a t.' worst; but
csilent failure it•aiinply cnllaptetl frotn
put 'the - .blazing :preacher's lectures,
thungli e9uallrfiiiling' to addreS. the. Englis
„mind by argdment,"'*hite'they stirpass in .val
,garity.alni . firiOadtihca:‘the. 'Bishop's
water apciloiloarileilinpa'inore v refiec4' ,
'the preseritaiipoor..Of the cianfest... , :I;fre" . vittir'!
shrts.bdeonii -bloody, Mote . •WiCked, - . SOW
IVlr..Bercher is . itulte worthy hs.latter
, his'cause:.; . .To fie stile, his speech at Ecoroi9
ovres:..satriethint of
I .it nspecial chardcter to the aasociut ham 'Or
...It is only natural-that...lr :.speskef on:
form .-reckon.
51,1"giniirince - and .prejufiiras of .his hrAi`•ers i
We should .iln even . Mr, .BenchsW injustice hl
.supposing that he reslty.beliv - es [butspoil vs* .
I meeting is ii. ve the,Silig,Ftest
larations of English opirtiorri,4,-11
. .
• • Irmay ha ve: atr if elt-t he'• 0 000 ot
single Man 'Of nathe. itrlifititinif"htand fiytirne.ra
and .he:ctinfier " hrirt 7 (Of
somehow or otliob It cool', the'F'ea 01;0
ffrongharn Wifit4rKSTco .
which: _Was ,represedtell' hy"Tinfeslior'Netsitiiri`
and IVlr.'New•rnim
'last , ha rangue ;, and-he 'reetipi'!Aird in. the:ctip,: -
ital.Whai he hittrtaitf in . ifresing,....ftir":dtniref
irripatientfinattentive' andinettprible.(whil'e . .it
lasted).of leading flallaWi'sMithlle A'ges,
'extraCiing the root of impossible goal - 00 yrhur
the canscS.that made Glanhy-Interestin2..pitil
he•di snot c,+re to
.intriiretl into. ,i - te let his-p-aiter kimw, in will.
Yert jog way, that one book suited his turn and
.fancy, and Ikat; -ariotlia..t: did :hot; hal never.
committed hittsolt to a reason. 'And no dotibt
'such no opinion froma superior, man bet4!r
worth ',hay Mg than 'the . careful criticisms of a
arnall.' pedantic " mind; .btt It stint
-and he who likes add dblikos -on deliberate
conscious igrounds - has 4 tacurtil
~‘yllict) the
other is without„ and which, in• . Snite of the
glihneas with which .cciieries-ilisciiss'bdoks, is
wanting' to avast nuinhPr'of rriinds. Even a
child„ll-irpossess the . cr-l'icallaCulty,tin.con•
,s , Musly rogardi ti book as a work or art .and
distitign . ishes between the subject:and, th e.
fenmapce, which a good mat y p•-i-ons never
do as long as the), livr;, nit! this difference will
largely. infinenee the chn ceml • honks. • ,-,. .
'For instance,, a - boy ',of ' t Wolve .rn•-ets 'with
Arlbnn's Speetatot. AI : he 'has he..gifrof . reC• ; ”
ngnisin sin author when- he'cotnes•in the way.
of one--if, he can be so'la'r caught by.lusines,
of thought; delicacy of hurnor, and eloquence
and-grace of exprersion, that these•yr . til secure
attention end interest apart Iron' the immedi
ate artraCtion'orthe subject, then' is-nn syn.
.bryocritic; unit though, of 'course,'' it-doei not)
do to 'haw nit opposite Conclusion from the fart;
that at . an early age,. the wholti thing, is alien,
lo.him, and takes nu hold on thought or, fancy,
yet in so lai .tlf he manifeq4 distaste for a book
-written in a ehataiing style, and pe - rfect in it=
way, he gives mi .- prornise. of future-.discern-
!Wept in the'matter of execution: It is true
that ecitirtsm 'Should exercise Itself ,
'tdre and fitness of: the subject.as . well as on the.
way .in which it is. worked out-yet the-execu
tion is the..more coryimon• field for its exerchie.
Thus it 'is ' . generally: for -tyant of the . Critical
faculty that, the crowd . 'picture' gallery'
gathers round the',most, showy dint Sentimental
subjects....and passes , by simple or homely
'omen 'of nature and life.Wnich are admirable
jor the palOtor'sclose, and • iniaginatice'-'reinlor• •
ing*of 'them—for Iris 11a c,ing . calight the
points co troth and In'aitty . :
presents in a koott comp , :bensice-Absett4tion,
and worked thein our. ,with the . whale skill' Or.
There is brie Morelolo 01“...110pf!...
.11r: Beeda . .;r.claimed•fdr.flieNdh.. It is'iba;
. toit lost mid ritest, p a r, K itts :The
Sentirerni• triritory, ifelongs to tine
tintailpsnr4.:. co hyf means;
bullet thi , m . l.4lsci.....iiii;trdand
"I'sli- . .territOrY is a sacred tense con - in - ifled to
th'e . g,nardian_diip,ol . Linceln'add his ralbi
net', atuf they . are bound toskeri it by the hal:
I.o.ved .toinisrry . nt the' and .slatudtei
till the Ittriiltorn
, j;.he territory, ifiat,ts ours." Strange doctrine
this to be it,indtratnil 0 hmoi al., gt . niiii4; • si rein•
g ti l . lrefa nnon ce ,by, ni a w . calls
hirnsrlf , :mposzer oti:ha,s . gospel 'Of .p•luCe and
charity; stratigedcilre'thinalerr;d into the,•,ert.•
Of an•andience Meeting m a. hail whiedi writes
~ l ove tlie brethren" oVe . .rita •• But
strenges‘t ; of allis rational being
should soripOse tlibfssuch an.. argument would
avail telt a people' trho gave - every
port to. We Neapolitan and who sr. a:
this ver rriomenthal dispn4ad 'to did thit.ea
lis e rte, vvbp.eatabliahatt.thg. Belgian throne
on' the basis of a.successnil rebellion, and. 'who
joyfully .recognized'. those:iliouth .
States. : ,Which only claimed Ow aarite freedom
That the Confederate rebels' . arh'fi.ghting . .fo:`,
Russia may bluster with 'MP, — r
May say.of Poland, 4,.the ja i oy . ra . 4l„i„ .
Austria may .sAy of fliftigary or . .ientre;.. , ,the•
1 errit ory, on) s .!?tand,:and . :rtAke}r . ; ' anji
POrtligarand Spain have said, trttita fed:4oos
oura.' - ' But the answer Of England,
.was, not,
tillia , hot; to bid the . r op.pTssar.9 . d - speed,'
even fo give moral sympathy' to,th ; ictrina
that it is the dui) , Of ill . Imperial.. State to co
erre !)y,' the sword . areluctabt . .and unwilling
population.;.. Tire nation which . has just cheer
surriindeted the lonian Island's, mod whjt.h .
'is perfectly ready and • willing•tO giye .any
anal every colony and dependency' of; the -Brig.
lisp Crown as soon Al 'it ohm - ries to believe,.Or
to'tancy, that it is Otrong,enoogh fo'welkrtlone
andlo p.m destruction oriO. :prosperity..its.
'‘r a yn.gaii;" is hardly likely to be influenced fly
this 'recommendation or . the duties of .despot:
ism.- as Mr. Beecher assumed; on tills: .
°Cession at least, the part of a mere' teacher;
we in are turnloust deliver an:ethical
We cannot See the. morality of .1+ war •carriecf
on avowedly forconqtteat and empite. :We fail
to 'nndi‘ratand.the morality of a,, contest, in
Which war contra ctors . and gamhlera...tir* Mitr.
only gainers. ..We scarcely appreciate
. I'lll4 of a ,W4r W'arch-droins . • the heet;:hlOorcif
half a "continent, aod'filladhe :happy 10140,
our oWnkinstrien with.mourning and w.eefi . litg;
for it. is an actual fact;thongh one , whfch Mr.
.Beecher seems tv forgeti that the mein of Car.
~ .
. .
. .....,
.. . .
... . . . . . . . .
.olina ore qiiite Ili rpuch:of•our-own.bl4)(l o s the
rn.n of - Masachtlietts, intl, - pe'rhntig more . F4.
- - W.‘i'e:re 1 , !1,3'1% , to perrTive that thC curiae . of .
human freedom is.inoph furtlier.etl,-hy...the on
tirionto,e of.'a state oft • ~; , iin which litary,
rO•rony i6torf.tr6! with the ' : .tribanals,
the freedom of the press, 'liberty ' of ...Filepi.,,l , -4 .
and the rigiit :of opeO. delherittiori:,!'
. 1V enri••
.00t as:yet bi! Rot to feel thot 'iti irtin I :tau. .i,a'Alt.•
good exchange. tor.ihe lialienii:qp.'rpui T !'"%te.V.
Unmoral - 4 - roundu, .t ben; the. JV'ritt . ,1,...1,er . q:,t,14 5, 1
does no!.ree'6titroettd.it.self 'to tin.',. Ifor. do t to
.Nort h ,, n. r rd, it seem'' to ,6 a • T'n' . 'll'e .tiiirrtfi;t ''A
i . ipod e ti,: o l MI tii9ll!,',l MP ; ' SOtkifr4 . 46 ' ,it iirttekiall
'4111'4 Mr.. , itniittreertreelY'r.!rtithfol.;',"'.. , Thbilt"',.
i'li,i,lilieoci graf.ile,ot.....rpok : h,e„' kit' ,11 r r i . l3agell l ,4
,a . pi.ii.i , - , j);! , .10.,,bny5i, r , ,, , 1 1 001 - ipi..e:tpAe.i;:
, etiiiiiits 'riiaaitra fel" ' ii4l Joi . i'r,.., '4 , nltl' may 11N I
boitr,thVtdiptiOrt.i;*. , viii,rii'O ' • . per,verii , '.en'oOli,:li'fri
-rtiink. that:nu treplrlatni:of. blrit'.4l,and , a-ifood
. .
,Of,,,illitf;lic:e;,cpaftscia,tjort, , ,,,otur!.ll?r,.;raptrie arid
lu , ft'poured over.`-a 'whole (jam ittent;."e'ven in the:
irtrarests'of.-dorolity. le.a-.yery•higli . Rei'Fi‘tp
:I)lo , joi , that , ll(ll , liifleil'A 'Nig Nile/4 1 ; 1 7'f! iii) that
1' .. * 101 !1e ,06, ;0tt h.'; 1 10 1 ' 1 .. VI yitnelil4lon iiiiili bviisiii. , ,
l'" ) 1 i ' 3 P 8 ( 1 ",711f 3 , i.49kic,191.,i+.41.404.!44.,Puxq..nul
1 1; i g b. , 6 o 4 f lij in rictrop—ll l inv%;n i ntlt,ll- .Abra , : i
jlidt'At,tile6TticoVilbii".stAtii,tayikivi4i. -- • '.,''.
..: • ... -- '. Lir if . .; 1 3 Vi . 't, ', !..Irt 44'2
'w'orrafroplapif : "
I ; ~- A,e bens I.a•,gc4dAvtl l t ait 0ut61.4 Ifelryttort „'.ol
t P ropily, r.., .. A. Itotta a . 4..9 ,ittfor t h,ts 0,, , t litrisa n rld cil A
I'.ir f ri, that, lo! is : . worth '64, thooSand dollop
it 'fiirriliS`WOFth'eteN't'ibotliniifilf a •In'zirse.' ihre'e
. . , ~..
htinilted,.aild sir on enillesslYi• "Thts'ia' all' very
• . . . . .
well in' Its way..• But Ought not 'the '.rpiestion
tout pm sornetimeethe . et herway,-how.much
is a man's •m . oney wortli?• •There•br a:.ivitler
.range in .be valne• Of .money then mostpersons
think. And 'mown littkeinqUiry I.suepect,that
it . will be found:thatull persons who'possess It
ha Vt.' a . wavof . : rneastiri mg ii,. not
.by dollars, bit!
by its'velne in trdme sort .of pleasure or article,
. man earns a thotivand dollars, and
to hiniself—i here,. that puts. Me one - step out 91
debt. Money to' him-is a means of personal
liberty.'.'A' man iii (lOW is not a: freemarf.--
The borrOwer is's servent-to the lender." -
..•.•Another,nian , .sees'in a . thotriind..dollars a
sting little homestead,•n home for his . childrem
a - shelter to his•old age, a place to live ini;aari
. ,
a cood•pince But his -neighbor Only
secs •one mc the, gelden..cliain of
west I h... It Arty ninethottiand• last
month,' he is wort n-. tort y'.l his; and his.joy is in
rhe . gtrowininumerals....-.He imngines, how it
-will sorind; - full, round And heartY,,,when, Mein
sny'tthe is worth n hundred, ihntreend drillers:"
:Nay, when it•roiries 'to thut;.he. thinkaillea a
['eller aiqml-thati one, • and five hundred thou,
stint' is - ri sound most ripiticartri the - ,ear,-..-thri'
_he loves e.vemberter vet•to calrit 1n.11 . a mill:
toil! "The wnril million •cuti a ' great swath in
Men's imaginations.. Ail this eatlmate,olannu•
ey is sh:ter ambition.' • The.man is' Vain: . He
thinlismuch if. hiniself on account of money;
not Al- cbaraCter. A roan. whois openly . prond
ill moneY,iti secretly. contemptuous. of the
whObaVe none; - 2 • : ..• .. . •
Another man wishes to see the .world.-e..
Every dolor:Means Europa.. : Two l ' housanA
drillars meens Egypt,' Palestine and Oreece. ..
• Boys dealing in small sin*. reeken ihe•same
way..• A penn . y:menns a -;stirlt 01-candy;• - a
sticpence is but another' term for a, hallt shilling
'means kite, and fifty' cents a jaclinife.' ' ::••.:
..- Theioung..“CraCk" setts.in; his • money a
• Oreletoto wagortanda fast nag,.ri rousing, trot,
a jolly drunk; and 'a sniesiiing party. ..• . •
-.. Bit miny,anil 'many a' Weary soul sees in
every shilling,..bread, rent;. haul, clothes.—
'There be thournitids whi, hold on to. virtue by'
hands of dollars; :Se 'few: moresaire there—a few
less and they are' Inst . . • Their gay sisters see
leglb - er•4l•l?ats anti royol silleq in their; . Money,
or their father's and, briFband's: ' . '
.• • .
' ;The poor scholnr pas'‘trs:daily . ...hy: the stall,
where hooks tempt his•povetty, :Poor ClOthes
lie iS r:onterit 0 wea; plain, rind even meager
tl.iv' hit ii. %Oiling; to sithsist upon; and lis: for
al l the gay. d ki.. i par ions and i it! ra va.rta °twilit es
- of
.frist ] lonable life, heinoki. Upon them with. ?
oureven underirainlin t t what they wean, -. as,ri
child 'looks upon the milky way in the heavens,
a g,irwtog - . land of . far' away, and uneipliired
woorlers.• ..nut oh; - those• "honk;! ha, Molts
longingly at, InorMne... : . Fle peers at them-With'
a i4,;elle:64v.”tiies4 ;it night...Fit' irnattioes.nese•
dt;vices for eu truing a new '.4loll . tire.. r .ll,e.poisdees
whether there. is not smile: nevi. eConoinkwehich
CifO.e.iveji fell'. drillings.. And whetvg.ohtlitiok
a il,tst brings.a sears, of . ..dollars to hirn, , with a
fervor of •hate duesthe..getritl . 'of them . ,i• fairly.
rrioningfo the. stall; and bearing at every•stett,
lost ann .- at : fortun;Ar MO . :Of/1114 se iee tha,Priai.'
Wasteful • •renut• • that r.ighi:saite - tori:mtvih ail
enip , !Kri , cl.in pouiring .
'er . ...643 royar: . ! , instire
iirmke:itro what • his money 'is :wnrtii.' -But
others 'see' ditTerent.visinns: . , AVioneyt ,means'
(lowers to.sorne. -NeWrOses, theintestedAlia•
tir;n;tw eamelia, ..or ot hers' on . rheitrAit houri
itamiol•flowere thaitfilithetioriaoa.paradisa==
tite:gatslen..,';:;t,..,4 ~ ,;•ri!,sic,t. • :•. ; -to: L . g .
tt , , , Setnamien sev teneyavingt l in . mOney; -',lime
pictuses;:• some! yore rotrilft Or iitd.boolrsi 'MM.
curious m ies a Is. Otherscwhen , Yowsay M(111844
Yli k Vt_ If I 'kt , l.; ,, Ari,Pq/ TM 41 ) •eilrt -fitdt 49 t.io In q •
ant pluetnins;tand,fiaQc , cittins., ; •,. Arid, we hem
l'4 1 ::i cirliii' btd i evit that igere tire 'Annie,' poor
Wee - Chita Who`; not ' Orin t eift l ttsti Ih s title' insanity , .
'en.pretty Mardi all thinitibrthine.:o•'.:l;•"' l ?-! . , ••
„iprt ~thera;.a-fe 11Ohlerti;alxihtiCie0 be,,seeni
thrOnghthe.gpirien lens,of wenit h;,,infatheit end
Mother pliced in 'comfort in .olliage; rk, young
iiian•helped throirgh . College 'Or • established' in
inisine.s; a friend extriented'frerniiiir;; erinei
woman saved Irony beggary, land made a, 'sup
. hefore God for mereies,'•on yritrr, h-ad,
every day' that she lives;,the . irl,: , and unfortp . ..
nate succored, the orphan 'eduented, the sc:heal ..
founded,. the village lined with shade trees, - a•
free, librari•eitablisheri, Mute thousand such.
things: 7 A - Man is;not• known gyStrow much he
has, but b'y What that monef,is worth.to him:
If 'it is worth only'selfishriess, meanness," siin
giness, Vanity and hairghty..state, .1 man is not
richif he own p million•dollare.: If it; means
generosity,. public' 'spirit, .'social ' 'comfort and,
refinement, then .he. is rich' On - is - few hundred.
You put yonr'hsed . on.ajrnan'a heart to'find otit
whtit.he is worth;.not into his picket,
.... ...... ,
WHAT PENNSYLVANIA. niq . DONZ.--Uf. tale 11,
soltliors rsjss(l fer warsinee it was ,
i; ' i•iiiiimene.ed,'2oo,3s6 'have beyn i't!rnishetl by
Penngylvanio. Of thiti puniber,. 191,257 are
'thrim.yesri' six New
►end Stites together haveraisitl 160,6412, brio;
19,654 less than'Pennoylvania Cane. • •
'..i.V7An*DE5t nottiers.". : L..:vluch . empty prßi9e
bestowed upon whai'nfai bett".•:
ernts," by the Aholitionicts. • Theie",iliWni:.
Detttectivs? are
.wondroue fine
beenuie they help
.tq•yetnin' povret
in the. hands of thope who nye doing their hestt• .
ro de!trny the country, lintleT .one Of thoSe
Democrats" up'for. ottfce; and 44e.
boV de fitrel.:' The'lecent
ifiidelits 1;111 tittrlt, Demo.%
ir4jic},ca • pflicia!efor,,G, Qv' ernor,,ii. 4
mdne wors.yet,se:wnr_ne,sten . y,y mote.
inAlfl,6a6 l -ifft; -voriteoi:tiic*r.rnY bi•qtng. quite
iia.rge o e ainst him piprortionitely t
s ottninst.Nrallnufilgi:umsindhe4for of Ohro.:
I ', e 9 . :t hnt ce r.ic y, wit q
Tu1t1e.;..:A1..i . 144,00...
enpug,i,f tO
if :a vhnli:Jiolitfaaf'nfoifitiun'hV
•initA . l,t
will frtut!reqUire •en•
d ors e mem iteilikleir#o4lo9/kif&picoi, preen; -
" I ' ' . :111 . - i s tr, lrill l 46krlt'' .n r" n 00 41 ,1(
t un e Lon Rpiall
csh-.111:0,-.:;;:test*, 24, N0:5.M)41 2 -1.1 lti
. rr-i•
4 Fazsp—
f Mum{ OfFfoicut AT Rreinuoir);-,—Theinlolltetit.
rniou. cbramiolliipyttLiacopta,corifiiteiLin .the ,
.? I ,,fl2lll"4•P' s !gftllttitte . t.t.lilh, Q sittl f r
”.er . geni.ral eit • 0w„,' . .....e,0t0ne,e,,,,1f es.
141iilli4;141erif 11441 1 e, 1 *StiOit •
ttontt, 28:tnejore,.240 capta foe, 203•4fi'its .
'teriiiltiltoß9.34llo4oo4.4lPlgelliilllo3inti 9 naval of.
majorlty3ll,the ofllitra areifeelby OW) •
Meefttrn,4trmles,.rytenfnf-t`lhem " boring
en•pt:ikredf.',ltirkemanga. Ctlllo .I,ooQ,suits'oft,
clothe.; nod 1,500, blanketceent, by our igetvelni.'.
Menrfot the deft Pure Uniod prisoners in Rich
mond 'have tolely arrived, and` been ,tieliv.eited.. •
to 13:rigedier General Neal Dow, by tsbom they
will be dietribute . d.—P/iiig. keg,
CITT ;11P SALT Laxi.—lTtah,icontitine
torrid twelve thotisand inhabitants.. It• Is. sit.
uated abbut tvitenty , mile,: from 'the lake, ! .on
valley es' smooth and if level as the • lake_ it--
eel f. ' Thia valley Is.: nearly surroutuled •by
•mountains:. The Wahsatch- range-whicli is o
spur of the Rocky Mountains—extendt; along
the east aide from. Utah Lsketo Salt Lake; o
distance of seventy On chelvest are Altai
Oquirrh. Mountains, and lout hvvest the Ceder
mountain', extending. to Lake Utah,from which
••runs ihe river Jordan emptyintinto.Saftleage.
This is a beaut iful• stream of coldi. Clear, freisb
water, running through a country of green peas
and - thick • shrubbery. Utah Lake resembles.
Lake George, being about the game size . ' and
equelly•es beautiful. It esihgulet feab 'that
three rtiers r .the Jordain, Bear,end
Bine,' Spring and Willtiw creeks, :AO several
other smaller strearns of fresh- ,•vveter, empty .
into * Salt , . Lake, but do not freehen the 'Witter.
thiiileast. • Thkplain or. tielley of:Salt lake' is'
minio•ed to bavo . been• once water, covered'
like the lake.' The view Of the city, and, sure
rounding country frond the,top of the.:theatre,
or from. the Millie - tit camp-some; two rleti. up
on' the ,side ot the mountitlnj--tie on e of.tbe Moat
beautiful. the eye - ever looked 'upon, or the Int
eginatlon _ever , • conceived 6f: • The - camp •his
been located there with a view' of ectinmending
the city, in case of Waf. • The camp ground le
. a sort of Plateau or. Plain.•of several •acresi
which is fortified'. With trenches, rifle Pits, &c.
'A'neat . alone momiment is' erecting :by the
Soldiers of the cainP,'lnlionor.of thettOenty-one
soldiers,' a -lieutenant and major, 'who . were
killed last sodas , by the Indiana, at the battle
of Bear river.. • : ; • • -
."‘THE BRCIA1:0 ARRQW."—"Many . have doubt
less ingiiireirthe signifieanieof ithe:broad'ar..
row' which has heen:Put upon the rebel ramp .
by the British authorities': *lt indicates 'poses
ession.by her Majesty. .The broa,l•arrow.
qiivernment.Mark sometivbat in the shape.bf r an.:
arrow heed,,which . stamped, eit,„nr.Otber;
wise. fixed'on . all solid materials used id list
Majesty s 's'ships ordockyards, id order to Pre
ventembezzlement of.royal - naval : stores; 'Th.*
mdtk :was..nsautnetl. at . the time. 011ie Edwards
(vvben the .arrow' was eonsideted the • most
powirful weapon of 'attack) as distinguilhint .
.theiproperty . of the King. TO be Sound in pns•
session or•any property thus marked Clio
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It is expected that the portion of the 'Atlantic - .
and Great Weste'rri;Railway - between; Akron;
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