M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, September 12, 1863, Image 2

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le: , C Maxi. ' tee:
~.keiiii Yl , '!iilire ; plead n
.-',.. afai .jea,ain '"'' here v oirehonil "err' tiitilore
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the pu
, oiii'oll ll 4iall.in:ilvair - i4 4 vier which 'nciairlit' n
lletajWiiiid; we'i t aw the storm, and we then I
Aniiiklall that party .which ‘ hail lust iehitiiieur a
• ' IthlialtstOiOtbriiation'ia.ilaita - Viih ilia - in ail en
ditiairirelkilitealittitj he ' ;'illjaiiii'ty i'.',..of,ti ' tears'
l'. , eiripoil,lo4l6l. : , tio T. 'plrayerc :were .:miieket!, and
.i.; -, weiwerri , tptil.that We were nnttrne to the Ull.l
. , . .
,heett..theloterv,eo•int Pe'riO(i!
men- of . the. country'
tosissisrrietl , yo,blhotly ifra v est How much
' 'reoutiOnt itati-tiel4l spronil aver the luno! ,Whil
41119nY tad met \ 1115.1i),• When the
Wi r rh4ll'bilff : bfaight to attother of its :stages,
• 11 t R bliean re appea o our eptt
4iisildn'to juin us.,in:in effort to save the
..''Theo, too, our a pp t j a l s . were
But ;.I,Aiuili but dwel l. upon the Aniker
side of the Suit as ha's.heein ou► histo-
ryf some good bid eesulte from IN. for we here
,lhernediei, vales . o,u'rtights 'and -.rd.." ppreciate
rite ineariaielitil worth of our ins:titiltions; and
those; who etigMatized its'as Union' „savers, are
gia+l . 46 talk' f maintainitig.the Union and
rho istipermack of the
,Constituthm... For this
„rim grateful; although our Petitions Might
hive been received Ofore.gruciensly... At Syra
cuse & ifew . dirt riga they :resolved. to , uphold
the.Unictri.% This I accept as.a. good omen. Al.
though with'- . Words harsh' And just toward
.myself, most heartilY:do I weleorne t his • prorn , ,
ise ori.their part, Lam not•witilost hope as to
'the finite, The has taught. all - men the'
high dutrortnaintaining the'Constitution; for .
that; andthat onlyi; will resultin 'establishing
the,Unien upon a firmer baisi and the rights of
the Stites upon . a . .Settled foundation.'
I knots that the acts of the last Congreis
origittatlng in inToi And baneful: in their influ,.
encipes as miny of thein have. heep, alarme4.l the
land. 'They.soaght the'eantralizatitinol power.
` . `.' , Elsit 1 have never doubted the iesi lti. for those
, very maliares are.ta overthrow. their theorieS
Ofjoieetiltnptit.:lt will be loti;itithut..ibe ideus-
.nres adapted to enlarge and cent ralize d hepii
ere of the General Government, cannot, in the
endoestrein ..the right's of the Stutei;. the
Statea.ars the neteral soitrcei of the powers of .
, the .General :GoVernment, and, although Pot
-..doWn, they will, rite -again.. Out -(tethers "saw
:Abet if the.Guvern men t .a t tenipted the • eNerci se
ofptierera other and greater than those seemed.,
'to it under. the ' Const ittit ion ,it mint(' 'imperil
• sitordestroyAisell. .Let . us, see it they :were
few Months ego the Goveretnent
,adopted measurer relative to, the currency, to
indemnity and, Confiscation, and else the Con-.
"Caption Act,•if 1 may be allovvedto soterm it'.
lApplanse.j, .1 have had no. views, no secrets',
no correspondence, which I' ha venot slibmittecl I
"rest cheerfully to public err . .
'1 there expressed the opinion that when the . :
'ConseriptiomAct should be putinto operation
thatect which threatens :the inte!grity of
Statetand trenches upon -their . persona) rights,
opposed es kis, to the genii's of a tree Govern
ment---. 1 then, said that.when they :entered upon 'I
.its enfOrcernent they. would be bathed; bekause !
Waves inconsistent. with the nature Moiir•Gov.
ernment. One year ago, the people had voluii.i•
tarily given one tnillimrel Men, and, had. pour= I.
Cal forth their treasure in unexa'tnpled prolusion
tor the prosecutton.of the:veer.' Every School
district, every township contributed. men and.;
means without . stint.. Why? Because ;called,
upon by the Government? RathCr because pro. i.
napted by
. thekwill of the'pPople. . Our. govern..
ment was, alined with' a military' power um
*rivalled by, any other nation. But forgetting
thiatts strength depends upon the I - mulet-will
theypursued.e course ill . eolloiloo9 I with he' no
turleofoUr institutions. Wit made • the. i;:ktie
with them at that very time when they had-iit'
their cOnamand 'the largest military 'force on
the *lobs; and we .beat them. In. those nets
which, they stiposed were Calculated to' shrug_,
then. them,. und . perhaps' weaken localit ipso hey.)
failed'. One year.ugo our State gave 120,000
men, to the war, atilt Neiv York. City cont:libut
rd• moat liberally in men end :money 'at that
elate: How is it now/ ,DO men go as Cheerlolly
now is theta.. No. 'Tina Onvernment, riround
;which . nne - men,so cheei tulle rallied; I
aro...lnds it irecessaiy.tomse it utmost power
to drag alai , thousand into -the.. field... to this!
itrength orlweakneinf Suecess.orrfailure? The
State of:New York, since the.: first of last . Jan
wary, hall rained upward of 12,000 volunteers,
which is rirora'than twice the.riuMbe,r that will
seer be eirried . out of the State byllie con.crip=-
' tioe. .1 doret aay how many 'go as substitutes,"
forlthat equivalent :to volunteering:. "Bet
venture to.predict that they will never get 6;000
to go because'they have been, drafted under the
• provisions .of that law, am full. of hope for
the future, : becanse I believe that a.Governnient
that passes beyond the lugitimate bounds of its
power,' 'int. far from endangering• perManently.
the rights of the States, simply. endangers the
eightitind . strength of itself., end 'thii lesson
once-learned by all'will -result •in a return to
just:prinoiples. The glory and,. strennth a•
people 'most 4, the hearts on a people: 1 am
-convinced that the Union will be preserved arid
rights of all therStatis• Mairitainedi. because
oar opponents wilt 'be . driven.• back from their
eisumptionn. by sheer. necessity and sad . ea.;-
. .
terms daily New York • Tiores.cOOtains a 14-
I.te! from; a.. Correspondent, deacribing a visit to
Port Delaware, in which occurs the following;
1, :,14: 1 goilig through the barracics,•my eye was
!arrested ; try,' *remarkably good looking,young
fellow,.and it occurred to me to inquire. of him
it it' would not be wile on his, part to leave the
'rebel service and ;take the oath of allegiance to
-the United States.— "f .What would you tbink.of
man," 'he replied, rrwho would•'take two
nether . This'As a common _sentiment :among
the prisoners. Their direcrentleimple.natures.
'capable of appreciating an oath, and incapable
et diairiMination hetween' ihe of a
righteous and voluntary o ath, haiint onoe•con
tented to the'confederate tribute, for the most
part contieue.te4o.,so,,' and like, the natures of
• • imirrrivv .mindedt men the world• over, defylargu;
menri. and thin it is, thathe-tnyriad'of captives
• &tidbit ttelearaire, haunted by verniin, and con=
. "Airredritbarten.isiciosures of trodden; clay; regard
the above question as:the test of patriotic end-,
Arrenee k end decline loin free.' if . they must
be fareawern. ~• . '
'Sines ,the dared the man 'who was surprised.
diacnyar,that.he.bad all 'his' life been talking
wiudo.nokthinli .thera has been anything
'territtri: more. .nav4,..thtin the atio've:• The utter
rrtiiiorioctottestesie : ot, kis . morel obilgoity
ibe caOnintende ripen the 'simple . ..every,
,;d;y hon tt;yof;theeorifederateivezt rernel pig u-, '
have written tiferrirelves4town asses
here A : roan : who ad t
for keepine theirsolemn.oaths:
Gina. lorge crpp Of: ein oe Is
4144 til 11.!'Ornlinine . •
•,. . . ,
$ 1$ ..6••••••.• •-•
Sept. 1,1861
R I.:8 6
' • •
HORA - 1 1 .10
• - .
:.:.'FciR. ciovF. - Rrou ; •
G ED fit --W. 0:0 D,W. A R:D
:•• • suPtiEmEA;ciunT, -- •
. . •
• ..• Dist.rict. - In4.Coqnty_NonHnittioilti
; • if/VER.:Of Cloaifiel4l Cnanty 1
A. X: BENTol%,(o!MaKnsip County ) •
• .:••• • , •• .
. • ••• M it - •••'•
. •
• , • • . 11'.1i0TIIONO'1' A Y.. • . :
,*., •• . • •. • ••:
... • -.
commissioniEßs; • .
• -G t .ll. Gre,T,Err; (3. yenta..; ,
. • • 'itj•:co ": :•.
G EOR.G EW . • W I.;
• . . • . - • .
• . . •
• , R. WISH' .:
.'• " , • t,isrr.icr yerottsmv.
JOHN C. 13 AC01.76.. :
l'he 14 te frostshavu'thine
ago various' In . cali!iei." . ":lO . ll_linois, lour,
Wisconsin andNtinneso6,.thorosa k.
The are:greatly in:
: •
.thryernor . todd, ! of•oliio;•hus: been notified by
Provost Mtrtsbiril Getritral Fry that.ortters have
been gi%etrdo'proceed with the draft :in that
State: f. lwiiiiotala a little above twelve !hon
santl.- , :' •
Frthn . t!v...ry . part of .tite..Siip . 0
dot cha4ring accoots.•..TtreDemoc'racy
again tinitail MO with . their of I watcltu•nrd of
e . pd.lit‘%;s; or (ivr , rwhel{tiitig
the negro.eghnluy,
It R-pnbliean
neeily'eniteil iii the lieystonn'State..
I'ee.bein9eroie .State Cenventi9n . 7of Nett.
"Turk T torsrlay heieipe.:norni
eittett.e State tie'ket. ettnoit
prevutled,amrthe.pat!y is fullyeejted end•ron_
tident of eueeesi,iit becoming election, The.
following persons tvere-nnirtinatpsf:.• '
SeCreiaCy of State, I).. R. St. Contr.all
er,-rfrilard .E;QhtirC-h; • Attorney 'Uereril, M.
B.Chattiplin; State - .tiielPeer, Van R. Rirth=•
TreasUrer, Wm., 13. Lewis; Catial-Cotn—
rnission'efr, W. V. ItiSpectot'pr State
103. ~" •
From Ciliiitleston thre,e.
•o'clock rrt Tuaday, the elghtii instant.. • Theie
were captured by o . eut e l liilirore, at Fort
Wagner, sevonty : fiveinen; nineteen R u ns and
lame.+tninottt of cuiliitance stores.... Coil:-
feilOra!e tho'
otil.)i , itronall:tOyCe holds it• •Five Monitors and
..the' I t closiilee encoceiV-FOrt -Moultrie 'and. the
hatterivs-13ne knit 111;1111(egafli•ir:01:11 . 6
:IN the. niikining till !Wu' iii the it iteynopii tin
A shell tram Olie'oi :the , Mimi tors tilt . -
. I - dented. io .the Fort- Moultrie which
the sou ihwesteirt:parapet . was . h
Giuneral:r‘iiluiorti has tninhi 'his'ollicial• report
.cin the evacuation of Morris J,latid.• •-, ••-'
FINK WOOL AND SIIRKI!.I'iI/5/1.;0111/1fr.'- : , Ve hilve
received a Windgbe.aring this title, published by
-C. M. Sii:xten. It consists' by. He
nry B.'•Randell; D:,:read beton! .
,the . Newl
York, State Agricultural Soriety,.Feb. 12,1802
sod matters . , of, interest to bieedeis •of Fine
Sheep:: A portioriof ..the work is - devoted to
Abe .btstory of different Iriiportations this
coin try; en;fl a Fornperisquor the•valnes of- the
several breedirolfirie-wooled sheep,: frith' valu-
able suggeitiops upon the breeding and Ir an.
agement ofaheeßl.- contei!in Statistics
in reference to woo! culture, imports, prices of
line wool troth 1840, to August
Price 75 cts. • Address C. M. SOXPeilli Agri—
Publisher;'N, Y. ,
• C,OII;NTY: TweeTa r —Both parties : have no .v
made their nominations, e nd the ,
but to choose:w•hoin' they have • to 'serve
• 1,6 contrasting, the merits and' qualifications
of the Candidates, we claim the Detnocrata base
•niade the best selection; but we do' not ,intend
tend to confine the canvass alone toahe person
al qualifications, or morality of the opposing
candidates. We.hadthe issue fairly presented,
to us when the Republicans had their conven.
tion; which was an ittieconditional support, of
•the present policy of the government to put'
down.irbellion," including, of course, all the
aibitary •and destructi've measures 'of negro
emancipation, and equality,: of confiscation,
snspension of 11.113 S coneus at the.will of the
President, or his tools.. We were also informed,
repeatedly, that it was 'the first business to,
tsput down coPperheads," a name given: to• all
• ccinservatiViiesewho prate of the Constitution."
To vote the Abolition ticket'is to give our ad-.
herance to that (Tolley", which aims to subvert
our'present freeinstitutions, and on the plea of
giving freedom to the blacks, make slaves of us'
• r
Ne, however, word of rernonstrnna
against the practice of nominating for oflices
importance and trust, strangers • and non•resi
denta. Of
_this Om area portion of the Repub
lican nominees. Mr. Bell, the - candidate. tin
Representative is a. Jesideneof the State of
New York. W. 'Brown, who was.-nomina
ted for. Register andßecorder,Js not, nor.neve r
has: heen,.a, eit izen..of the County. We feel. i t.
'due eitii.eh's 0f... the eminty,. without respect
to parts', that ou'rown tieopli he..entrtistnd with
We have a lwayS oppoittl the ptse,
tie/ with the DerrioerStie jitttty. ;t is but pout
niteouragernent.to tax, , yera, who have long
• pa
resided here, to' see - their business n
hiirairangerb; and adVenliiress, ,•
The DeMOcraiii.'parti rind ife nominees are
itrrnyed:Oh the, side ol . the,CohititiitiOn apd - ,;the
the. rese'rvation of Out reput9ican
thijime, perionalr,rreedom s , doMibance
the'of white yeeei, - whieh Ye: sof
liefeht yvithhi the peppi e of ,the
'epunty to:deterthitie them .to'once .more giye
...lit the presepe s e of the.dreat.Peril :of .the na-1
tkon, iiiconseimenee of corruption 'and :iris=
manar,eineet .Of . .our almost'
.trilling,to speak of :douilty matters. We will
.venture:hovveVer, to.siir.w word in'yegard. to
elfiee''Of , Treifinier thi..Party..minageMeni,
We will go - hack to'.iBsB;
When. Mr. Persona was confirmed in the office
by ajudi - cial decisien.: Mr. Williatris,..the:oitt
going; treasdrer;sittled up honorably, .although
it was undeistand Mr. PiirsOes received
fain' notes in lieu Of motie'y: yeari after
into the dis . charge of the duties
o(that otfi.ce; When . orderswere presented. lei'
vvhieir it was kriown the money should be "in
the ireasury..:The'riew trea.i±urer refused pay
imeni; elairriing... the old. treasurerhai not 'paid
over • while Mr. Parsons. claimed that.he held
receipte . for',ill' moneys .:in his heilds.. The
publiC,Were.awere that air' was,,oe :right, .hut
iverencit . alloWed to learn - the - true We :
aSked, - repeatedli,tobe allowed to publish the
but Were denied access to
At a later. period; :11 - ndgMeni•was :en!
tered.agaihst thodefehlting:treestirer, for some
$5,000 . ,..ab0ut.0ne hitlf of the
. we have.aaidinrelation the office. at
Abut ; Tiros, is.a tiuellistony of t,hN. last incum-
It is know by.ja few• peisonir'that there
is a . leak; but. who know The "hictS..•:. We
not .wish'to.be hurs l i, bag irnist...say that . the
COmmisSioners, and Auditor' haVelbeen remiss
in tint bringing 'fiefaiilting officers to account.
.'rhe.'iijs payers' shOuld, at least - lie infrirmod
in regard to the matter:.. rf.:paitivi fedirig .
}irould.ehield .and covet up ticl.l , defaults, it is
line 'the people 'filled the. , •offices Comiri is
sinner and. Auditor wiTh'inriii-.w.ho a..e riot thus
.politically bound.
• FORTlt!isti .MONItOE, Sept ..1),•1,863.
Theßichmond Ingtiirer.of Sept. S, contains
the followitig:• . '• ••
.C.IIA [MERTON, Sep[, 7, 18(ip
.•Morrisland- was evacuated yesterday after
noon,. The enemy butl:'itilv,iinced their .sappers
'up TO, the, moat'Of IVaiinit . r, and if being, itnpcni:'.
stifle to,hold.it; Beatiteciiid ordered its evecua- .
Lion, wbiclt took place at 'noon. 'The' enemy.
hold Cuniteiiig's.Pitint, in hill view of • I he city.
Heavy tieing is now. piing on, betweon obrbat-.
teriew ou Sullivaii',.fslatid, hoit Moultrie. and
Oat. , .• . •
, .
• . . ATLANTA, Serit.7; 17;n1.•
The enemy isnetive above +ml Chatlu
. ,
..; A fem.' of the enemy are at Waxelmtehie, and
another force is ;IAV ane ing on Ron*,
The lollogin~ is ore the . R.ii!hipond,
of the - ' . • •
. ,
' CHARLES ro:v, Sept.. '7, 4363.
• The boinbardionnt• waa'kt;pt up, N.V it bout' .
terinlssiou,•alldity yesterday and tar into - the .
tlight... - Abnitt. 150 of i,r,ln.li were killed and
wounded et tiatteiies Wagner and Gregg. •
The attempt to assault Battery Gregg. Was re-:
pulsed before .the' enerriy " had completed their
landing . ; Great havnc is 'supposed to have been
Made in 'the enemy"B..boats by, our grape and
• At dark, on Wednesday, the enemy having
advanced their sappers up Co [ho o ver) , moats of
'Wagner; and it being -,impossible
,to :hold the
-island longer, • Qen. • Beauregard ordered
,its evacuation, which was executed between 8
F....M. and 1-A.51. With inccess; , 'We spiked
the guns 'of Wagner and Gregg and withdrew
noiselessly in forty barges,.- Only,, one • barge,
containing twelve inen,"was.captured. •.
' l'he enemy- now hot& Ciimenings 7 Point, in
full . view of the-city.... All quiet this morning;
Cii:~naesxox, Sept . 7LNoon
, A dispatch from Major Stephen Elliott, com
manding Fort Sumpter, announces . that a .flag
of truce; demanding. the immediate surrender
of that fort,.has just been-received from •Adniii•-•
ral Dahlgren'by,Liint. Brown of the' steamer
Palmeto.State: • ' • •
Gen. Beeuregard 'has telegiaphed, to Major
Elliott to reply to Dahlgren.that he tan have
Fort Sumpter When he takes it and holds it,
.and that in the 'meantime stch_ demands, are
pderile and unhecoming.
Weeiiinc•rnn,'Sept; 9,,1863
The saleof,confiscated property here,belong
ing to various 'parties no in the South took
place to-day and generally brought high prices . .
Mhe amount realized froin this sole was aboUt
am credibly informed that general McClel
lan has been put upon retired- pay. :This fact
clearly indicates that the. Administration dries
not intend to place him in active service again.
Petit larcencies,burglaries and Wholesale rob
beries of Government property' abound here.—
Our police. records.show a c condition of society
really alarming. '• , . . •
The gambling establishments' here are again
in full blast, having obtained permission to keep
open, except on Sundays. •
.• .
A portion of Gen Lee'sforces are known to
have moved South to re-enforce weak points.
The Army of the Potomac is • being rapidly
filled:up with conscripts ; and substitutes; but
there is at present no indication of an' early
move :pt.
- :11 • ation received, here states that the
boy •• izens of the' Eastern Section of North
a Ina are preparing a memorial to the Na-,
I authorities • asking them to take mess
es for bolding an eleCtion for Representatives
in Congress from the SeCond
-PINenv4AT,II, Sept. 9, 1863,
',Some excitement wai created in Columbus
this afternoon, occasioned by a cavalryman tear
ing down a Vallandgham tlag.
• Certain unusual military demonstrations' in
St. Louis,:last week, are said,to have been oc
casioned by the discovery of a plot to burr, the
. •
Olflsal Report of, Genial Rosedrans
. .
, • tim
asuTos Sept: •9 .1863.
Gen,4teseeranS!s report • of. t4'001:41••
tion..n Middle Tennessee is officially
gated,. Ift einbiaces . the preliminaries :which
'resulted in drivii:g. the Iteliele•out •uf that per—
tion.otithe kornthe oe6uPation . Mar— .
, • .
•Ireesticirty, a paint c of two. hiMilreil:
tenth' the rienrifat point of supplies...:
Our. total loss,Wits . 462 'wow : ied' Find
13 Missing: We caphfred mu ny small arins•,.
threereilied seige pieees . without carriegee;
bides. u rule desl feyecl.•by. the, cav•iilry, end in
ipieriertriaster',iitore 'fp:tents, 89' flys, and
3Aol:l;saelci of corn arid corn • .•
..Theltotal ntiritlier•of' prisoners taicen Was. S 9
cominissiorrd, °inters, and, 1,57 n0n-commis-
shined officers and pri vates. ; •
t 863
.16 the United States District Court this morn
ingi4ndge Cadwalibler delivered an opinion in
thir:case in 'which the:. rowers: of the' Board
very Bnroßnient.was raised . The Very
'elaborate, one; and, revieWedst he whole,adt; de
claring its constitutionality beyond question.—
In regard to.the administration of the powers
conferred upon . the..Boerde. of.. Enrollment; the
*Judge deeides'in . substance, that: •
‘ , A statute which, in relation, to • summary
proCeedings . before . a 'military cOmmisaioni en
acts that •ite decision. shall be a final does , not
necessacily.make the qtiestiOn conclusive as to
the right which wits in question. .• - •
The provitiiuirs ol.t he l ith sPction•• of • the
act of Congress of 3d March, , 1563, 43. 75.,. re
squiring Ihr presentation by' drafted perSointof
all elaiins of exemption to theDoaril of Enroll=
menti•and making,..the Board's decision filiatolo
not in the case ol,an exempt whose C:iairn of ex. erription . - htie . been duly , presented, to the Board
and disallowed; precludethestibseqneld consid;
eratton. under, a 'writ of habeas ,cotpus, of the
question•of his . right of exemptions'_
What to do with l 4a "Greea-Rack."
, There - is justriow,a *ay of living one' of MT:
cle Samuel's-paper Dollaie.,sO get baek
the worth of riony"gold drillais 'in a single-year.
Every body has heard. of Seth Boyden's: wonderl
new Strawbery.e . From all accounts, it is a
Marvelous thing—the berries neerly largei
as •hen's eggs, and as good es they
Dialers were after it, offering as high as $3OO
the plants", to -- epecul are 'upon;. but We are
glad to krioW rhit the 'entefprisilig 'Publisher. of
• the A'a.' , riedricAg.-icidfirregt got the start of them
sand bonglit all the , plants, and -is multiplying
.thein iii order ti rbaiivirie.ie to his hUoscil-.
berN! Th.ie, is, in effect a iron giit -to. the public
—for the'iiitric4/ii ;•i'vt costing' only a . dollar a
year, is. of itself worth , mirny dollars to , every
one, as we'..can••testify, having :ourselves, long
been a reader Mr- it. :To those 'unaegriainted
wills it we, would say t hat.t he Agricliltaliat is
a large Spurnel, of-32 pagds - in every pe nther,
beautifiilly , got up, amt. is illustrated with inanY
pleasital • instructive:'Fograv which.ings, - are'
akine-worth.he wholejeost., The pages are 1it....
.Fiillyfilled with many thingsplain practical
reliable inforination upoe - everYthing cos:net:tett'
with' of the household, the garilen;rinil
the farm—including -a very'pleasant and .
trarive Depar:ineut. fir Childreriwtid C~euth .hat
is barely Siripassed.by - iiiiy 'of the protesa«-dly .
Children's Magazine.... 'rue theiiiiinikiefeseiii,r,
friars end s i l 2llestions in • the Agriciiltural ist,'
all prepared by practical - Working inen and Wo•-•
mem wlio•knoW what they arc t-ulltiug about— .
cannet fail to b 4 worth many dollars. to every.
reader, whether' restdiiig in City; Yilla r, or
Country. - . The're are =special reason; for - siih • -;••
scribing now; Pirst,,The rule fOr distributing
the Strawberyplants is, , tfirsi come first serv
ed,". and Second, every new subscriber for She
23iCanetial Volinne.(that is, for -186 (.) -.sill get
the'rennaining nutribeifi of this year'free. • Take,
"our advice then, and send at oitce.in ihp'Zrub=
lisher; (Orange.Juttal,.4l. Turk RoW,.
ty) and seem,: thdpaper, and the Cxtrariiiinfiers, ,
and also-an-early place in, thel great Strdwhery
-list. 'lf the plantd.are to come to you by mail,
they"can sa fitly do,senlan extra five dents to •
.cover the meilitig.•''Those desiring th see the
Airdculturalist, before subscribing, can 'get - a
postpaid "copy by seniiiiig.a the-Publish
'A RIPIA.ILICABLE PnEnicriox‘,.-Henry Laurens
Was President of .the 'Continental Congress in
1770. • In 1186 he was sent. as Minister to Hol
land. On his way hP was captured, andimpris
oned in'tbetower of London for'ldurteen months.
When Lord. Shelburne hecanne Tremier,,Lau-'
reran . was brought upon habeas corpus' and ro-
I cased. 'After his release'he was treated with
great kindness and respek by the' British au
thorities'. 'He dined with . d Lor •Shelburne:--
After dinner , the conversation turned on the
separation 'of - the two countries. Lord Shel
burne remarked: .
.‘,l am softy for your people.". , <Why so?"'
asked. Laurens. .!Tney will !dose the 'habeas
Corm's," was the reply.... "Lose; the habeas
Corpus!" said Laurens. “Yes," said 'Lord
Shelburne. - "We purchased it with centuries
of wrangling, many years of fighting, and h'ati
confirmed by at least fifty, acts of Parliament:
All this taught the nation, its, value; and it is so
ingrained into their ereed,as the very founda—
lion of their liberty, that nO.man or party will
ever dare trample on it. Your people will pick
it up, and attempt to use it; but, having. 'cost
them nothing,.they will not , know how to 'ap
preciate it. At the first great internal feud.
that you have . , the majority will trample upon
it,:and:the people will permit it to be done, and
so will go. yout liberty.--Published Journal of
Henry Laurens. • .
• A Goon NAstE.-2•The Abolition party has a
good name. It . is an A.bolition.party in tact.'
If has abolished the Constitution 'of the Uni
ted States. • . • , . •
It has abolished the good feelings • which
bound the, North and South together. '
It has abolished the, Union of the States.
It has' abolished the - he/bear iorptes. •
It has abolished the right of trial by jury..
It has abolished gold and silver: coin from
It'has abolished lOw prices for all anklet! of'
domestic use. - • . • .
It has , abolished,the lives of. tens of thousand',
of bra . Ve white men. . , •
•• It has abolished peace and'seeuritk through
out the 'count' y. • '.
It'has abolished the' respect we commanded
abroad as a nation.. . •
. .
It his, in fact,'abillished 'about all it can
abolish; and, tbe.next thing, it . will abolish.it—
s#ll. rite r.r• t. ' Uie iurn ' •
EXPECisiye.--The - * lrald - Of
Filday last, !rays; in reference 'to the 'draft in
that . City,:statenlslnnd and .I;ting . Is!anti:
4, 4 re hear from .a military parson of- great
judgment'and experience that 'the
. .conicripts
will cost _the government, expenaei taken
into 'Consideration - , between fotir and five thou
sand dollar'ssame apiece.' The . imount . of
money would havcriroatired.es vcq,unteere five
time's the nninber of men, and the- adininistri—
tion vvou!ci have aroused
. • .
Menci.—This.:adage ie only good
when Time is available and. improved to father
. 344 of :life. • Time,, wi!h'oot health to im-
'prove yield but little money.. How , can
one expect to po'deess'healtb tOfmpreve Opie;
if accustomed to eating heavy and .unwholesome
bread,.such as all are liable to have who do not
use the ChemiCal Saleratas male land sold at.
.wholesale by. D. B. Del,a r lid and Co.,'Fairport,
p;fortroe Co.. Nevi.YOrk:? Thiaisjost the ar
title Co. be Used, and we commend to all good .
houseivives. 9ook'giocers hav'e it...
: . DIED. •
. ,
.' In' Liberty towns h ip, the' Sth.. init, Jew;
Vis,Srcir;E, aged 45 yea ys• • • _ •
. A rthe•resi s denee .ol.Hon. .1. Hnimei., in •Irer
iinr • Jiijy
.d;'lB63,•TitomAs •
•Aiocio, aged EiTy'4ar4, months.
....• •
IWELL PAY. CASH tor' any quantity . ' of
Ettlts delivered at tn.y.Stcrif
'Vale° Atvir.h •to contract. for one. thoosind
-bashers of jiOtatoes, to'r cash.
Sept. 12, ' - • • L. ,W: - MASON.
. .
•. •
• .• , .
Teachers' Institute
. . . .
The:Teichirilnstitute of At'Keen.
q ill meet at •ttie Court FlOtree of Tuesilay. Oct,
I . 3tii. at nine ii'clOck.a..rn:, oral cloc 'Friday,
Each teacher should entire protiided with a
set. of .. text honks, al=n an •rniginal 'essay. tom
subjects pertnipitic to Education and Tea Ching..
It is PxpPrted . .t tine aevaral disiifignished grin
ticmeh from abroad will be . trresen . r.
econings.will be deiroted lo . .f.ectures.
rNidinc of Essays and discussions,- The last
tlsys.ex4 . r . cises . will consist of the inspection of
. . . .
• It, is - hoped there will be a full attendance, RC
those ‘ivishin.r,to teach wi'l need this onportimi
ty.foritpriroiement: priard an rooms can be
had on reasonable terms_ : '... • : ... ,•'
No:1." Large.FamilyWridger,• •• • $lO,OO
No. 2 . , , 140th0rri.. , . . 7,00
No. 24 f. • • 6, ;‘, '••'6 00
• 5,50
No. B,.Large Hotel '4' 4 . • 1 : 1,00
No. 18, Metlium Laundry 3 to rtu! Ffearn./ . 18,00
No. 22, Large or Ildrid.•
No . s; 21 1 ' tinti•-3: have ..ho Coggs.. - All ~'Othe• r s.
sre rranted, -- • .
'No 2 is the size generally used in private
. • " • ,
Or Judd or the•Atnerican
s'ays'ot he'
• •
, child ean •readil wring out a tubluil'. of .
•clnrlies in a:few It is'•in reality 'U.
.CLO I'N '
,STRENGTH SAVER! The saving of gartnenti
will alone pay a large`per eentage on its' cost.
We think the . rfiaehine.'mneh more•th;an PAYS
FOR ITSELF EVERY YEAR in the Shying of
garnientst There are several kinds, nearly a
like in general construction, hut we consider it'
unnertant that the wringer lie fitted with Co;,S
,a Mass of marrnents may clog the roll- .
ers,.and the rollers upon the 'crank shaft: slip
and.teur the elothes, or the rUbber break brae
'rem the shaft.' Our own is' orie of the • first
make, end is'as gomfas newafteillearly,FOOß
Every Wringer with Cog Wheels is Warranted
in'every Particular. ,
A good CA NVASSER wanted i f i;eyery. town
o"*.Pri Receipt of the: price from places
whehe no one is selling; we will send the Wring
For -paiticulare erid circulars . address
IL C. BROWNING; 347 Broadway N ... Y.-
I would respectftilly announce .to the citizens
of McKean and. adjoining counties that they
can do as, well in Smethport, in the Stove and
Tin-ware line. as in Olean. I alien, at all
'times, have on hand a large stock or.
Sheet Aron. Copper;Ware,
Hoof - Aron and llansc-kcepers llard 7 Warc, &c .&a.
Job'Woik, .
of all.kinds done with dispatch E and in h 'Baths
tory mariner;at the lowest possible prices.
Orders 'proMptly attendedto.•• .
Give.' me . call—at the blinding known as
"Side Hill Tin Store"—formerly occupied .by
A. S.'Nourse—Smethport, Pa. , • .
• May 1,.1863. L. iV.MASON,
41 • Greatly Reduced .pricerh
506 BroaawaY,
. .
. ,
Manufacfure the most perfect Machine for sew
in;, of all kinds; evei'presentid ie . , the Aniefi—
can public, and Cha . leue,e-compailson . ..with'any
Sewing Machine 'made in the.UnitedStates., ,
The:. We•ed .Machines, with ;all :their NalUll
able i O
mprOveimitts, rrely.' overcome ` a ll im—
.11.1iey "- • . . •
. . . .
Family Mitn.l./Aieetring urposes,
Sifhple ilieiriirti"
and Understood. They Kay! :cer-•
tainty of stitch onrall kinds of fabrics, rind'i'are
tlapte&to.a Wide Mogen( work without . cbangel .
.or adjnstment. Using all, kinds .of ThreSd,—.-
Will Fell „Bit r id; Gather, Tart,
"Quilt; cord, and in fact.n'o all kinds. of. work re--
golf ed by Ftroilifs' or 'Manufacturers, They
which ciltufut beeficelled for.liirmne.es; elaetici
and eleganCe.O.finiSh...•,. • ".
They Have Received the Highect Fierniume !
in ~e very, instance, where'they hayebeerfaxhib
iteil 4n coninetitioii with rithi standard.. Ma
iiivite.all4tersons-iir.search. of an•
instroment.tivexecute iirry Itind•ol Sevying pow'
clone by MChinery, tryitiSpeci - therp,,and
iliey.s.:,ito:n the ben . , by:proying the . WEED
before belore•piirchasing.. •The'Compank being
litcenseil, the Machines . are p r otected
egainst..intiingerrients.or litigation.• . •
-..E•PERSONS - .AT . A, DISTANCE, can: or
by' MA. %vith peifect confidence that, the
M4CII.INE will - reach, thorn :safely, and 'that
they .ivdl'he aisle, to manage•it.to their entire
safistact On; with no o . ther.aid Thanttio„ d
ins!enc . fitMs ac company in,. each Machine,. De-
Seriptiv - o'Circulars, In:fetter with
be . furnished to all Who . desire thOm'
by mail' or otherwis'e. • • •
all localiti'es in. the . . United States., Conadas,
British, ,provinces; Cuba,- Ileorveo, General and
Smth' AMeriza, West Vntlia Islands 'and' the-Ba'-
barna Nand., to whom offer GittErr.•lN.:-
DucEm . ENT. Energetic men Will find it
have become a
. ns:eeitsiiy in every family.
rpainifacttire great' variety of styles, from
which we give a feW prices . ::—No. 2,, Family,
$5O ; E,irt a -,.560' NO 4, Half Case, $B5.
8 101 $75 ; , No. : 7 5,& 4; Manufacturing; Irs and
$B5. • ..
Weed 6e*ing:Mach in Co., 506 Broadway Y
( 0x:.2,0,11 . (Mice.)
Manifacturers of Photographic Materials,
13.11, 0 Al) \ VAV N. Y
. . ,
' • ,Qur Catioiiiie now etTliwaicPs • considerWy .
ovOr'FQUR TOUSA NV. diffcrent sa,hjects (in
which nililit ians ii . recon.iniiiilly..bein,4 :model nf'•
'•72 Major t;;rineriii,, , .125 SLittm,en, : : •
l9:I/Biii4. Gr"ni.tals;: ' ' 127•DiCine . .., ' ' .' :
259 Ccrronel.; • • .HS Authors, •
8t Lieut. Cirinne!s.• 30' lrtisis~ r.
296* Oth;q• °Meet's,. I'l2 •
'GO Wavy Officers' • •d 6 lieurninenf Worrieff,
147 Pruminert FUreien
f>.,500.C0PE.5,.0F WORKS . O . F ART,
Including reprUdircrions of the molit 'celebrated:
Eneravings,Painirrig's Statues, Brii.
'sent on receipt of Sfamr.: :n', order for . .One
Dozerf.PlC'i'UßES from our Catalogue will be
fitted oil receipt. of and sent by,
. Of theise we manufacture a great -variety,
ranging in price from 50 . eenta to
Our ALBUMS have the reputation of being•
superior in beauty amt durability to any others.
The,smaller kinds can be. sent safely by inail at
a postage of six cents per 07.:
The more evp' ensh;b'eap.be sent, by .expreis
Sterecq . .pes& .Ster co pit,Vi 010
Our Catalogue of these willbosent to any:
••• aildresson receipt of Stamp..
E.' : ,T, H. ANTHONI%
Manufacturers of Photographic Materials,
Friends or ~relatives of. prominent military
men will confera Javen by sending. us their
likenesses to copy: They . will be kept careful
ly and returned uninjured. • ' • .
Congregations to , present to their Pastor, or for
other imposes, with suitable inscriptions, &c.
The Perfection of Meohanism.
One of the prettiest,..most convenient ' , and
decitfedly the best and cheapest timepiece'for
general and reliable use, ever offered. It has .
within it and cot:necked 'with its machinery, its
own winding attachment; rendering a key en- •
tirelV unnecessary. The cases of this Watch
are. composed of two metals, the outer one .
being fine 16.corat• gold. It.,has the im
proved ruby action lever movement, and
warranted an accurate timepiece.. Price, super
bly enpraved., , nor case of a hall dozen, $204.
00. Simple Watches, in neat morocco boxes, for /
those proposing to buy at wholesale, $35, sent
by express, with bill payable on delii7ery.,Sol
diets must remit payment in adiance, as we
cannot collect from those 'in the Air My. Ad
dress •
HUBBARD BROS. & CO., SOLE Imrortfurts,.
( 6 weeks.) •