M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, June 20, 1863, Image 1

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,By J. 13. OViATT; • ',
ovrtue,•s. • I,:;,.CORNEi . : . 617-1'1:131.10
, 1‘14:1 , ,,: ,. ..:;:-. ....:. 4 . 1 ;
. 5 5 :
.i n :14f(1.V1160
.ite.tes of ti si3ig•
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ar —.-. , .., .. . • .
-Ci,lunin - one s'e ' ' 335 On
- -. ' 20 On
. . .
1. • '‘..l ' kilt Mol.tli. '. ' '
.x • •I 1' •I• ! •: ..... • . •'...• •• ...... ' .... .• •• . i 1 '. 2 09
One square of
. 12 , 111. i . ,,, /l . les.. 'd ...ii I.4tiens
}esh inili•opiold in • Ortj . n.';..: , ........ :,........... - .26
'lluilini—ii'e - ...:drii. at'll - Irli•er.• •• • • ••• ; •••.—.....• .••• • 6 On ,
Itals'nr ilisii e aiis.w..l.l be. oiniible 1 in 3 a bove rat,
To' dee liiies..llresicr'' , yir ~ or , bight lines nonpareil, is
rate lit liquiito: . . r . : . . ... .
.. ".
IL,i - 'no , e iiiiiii. will be -,t.riely adhered: N. Xi . -
.iit7,ip - ,m..',EirectO*
• ~ • igt. .Y •
Rif : ....r
Sun thjx,rt, Pa
DR. L. R,
• .
. .. • :
.. •
Ithysician end Surgeon. Smethport. l'a . , i' . .l 11 . al tOid trial
professional cells irifli prutripinc , e. : Office Vire doors
north of the Deinpcnit Office, i- ~ ..-. ,7i• ..
.. . ,
. . , . .
arr.ethport.3l`lcuan Co.. Pt, 'l. S .1110otri Proprietor
~..' ./ppri6ite, the tlourt Ilottqe.,: . A now, large, eoranntli
. one and n'ellfurnighed hodse:' ...
.. . , .
. .
. .
~ .
.. . .
•• : • ;. li: J. NOVRSE, : , ... ' :,•., • ' -• •
. ~.. . .
Driitr. in . S.tove4,.Tip Mire, Jappaned Were. '3.c.. west
11r the Public .s quare. • Zintethpert, Pa,' curitom
• iv rit . ildne to order on•thi shortest notice, and . in the
• most sitbstential nienner:. ••• ••• .. „' • .. , .•
• .
. . . . . ,
Deftlcrin Dry. Goods, Groceries, Ci•ocice6 - , Hard Ware.,
Iloots t Shueil, Hat,i, caps,•Glitisa, Mai. OUR &C.,' , 5:C . .•
`East Ride'uf the Public Squure,liniethtfo'rt, Pi."..,_
Bni.opr 1-O.IILIN
ATTORNEY AT TrAIY, 4 Solothpok t, Qhunty, Pa.,
Agent for lllemrs. Heating .A. Llb`a .Idands. Attends
espocially to the Collection of•Uainis; Ilm'arninntion of
. Land Titles; Piqment of Taxes..nnd all hush:less relft
ting to Real Estate Office in Ilarulin Black. - • r
1863's Specialty-.
. 7
"Correct with Fp!ritielnquectwitli ease,
Intent*to reaten, or polite.to please)?
. .
It is with, no fear of War's'effect; upon their
literary' fortunes; that the; publisher's 'of TM:
Nriw*Ytorii:: sliteunx . acknowledge the unwa
vering loyalty of their, TWO Ill7Nnlit:r. TIMIISAND
sunsculeans; and announce to' them, and to all, -
dhnfr IRE Ncw'Ynuic..iklidainey tor this' year,
(1563) . will he richer every luxury of Pelite
Literature than ever Irefore: It is no upstart ,
.peculation, 'Pe temporary ttsensatierri,'.' .but a
'first class literary .weekly,,,which
. has•been fa 7.
milrar to the United.StateS for a quarter of a
century.; arld.vklille • the yrkshy-washy mush
room prints, of ye'sterrlaY,nre cutting downlheir
talent.even whrle.they raise their subscription"-
SKtv,Youst Aluffeenv maintains all
its, glfttlt Staff of Romancers;Pdets, - Humorists.;
I;: , :sayists; Story-Tellers:Y:lJ d Editors, and..pro
rnis--3.,to'make it*Srill greater for 1863. •:
• .
I t onifi piper for evet y home. 'll5 forty
fOit11)11, of reailina matter per week eonslit'ute
1111 ii"vorAneled.. • •
V , roOtt-ttio.,. at 111i
o 1• o I • ot colobi no. to' .pt-,
'..• Ni I) tiF.N.T.! \WATT
tl,lOl l
.1 y' s , •-: ,t . •;t2.llipt
Nl:w Y It.; •Slt•i:t-'l , :v .• -
, • t • i—y•.;
V •1),a)..y.
•.'• 1.1, Ili'' , F01C,., AI i. and
• •
I I I, a day . 11111 . .
• •, lII ' I'd llf
• ,
1 0 1'
Nl;:rci-:l•rtv'Nov , lotte fop
•he. Ni;% , ; . :,) o.M..,1••••0 - •' a 'thf.' is6llP
3, !5(53
The EL;irese or 4..);tE,
00WRIt," CAMPILIELL,??,,.gw.
, &It
• •
The.produ'etions of this di:stinguished nutheres
need no eulogy. Public ()Onion has long . :since
pionouneed them superior to any other nov
elettei published .on this side or the Atlantic
41 . tut the'true test of their merit is fountl'io the
fact that - they ore engetly.repioduced; after
their p'uhlicatioi in the ' Msecuay.,: - by 'the
• Englieb press. We may odd that the new tale
'Victoria," is fully equal inipterost depth
0 plot to either Of those which hai , e secured
Ito large -a share or public apprOal., and We . C . an
earnestly recommend it 'to all story-readers , •
T,ur:'Nr.'ih Vous . M Ell . cllltY is •softl' by all, sews .
prip‘licar 'dealers in .America.subscribers, it is rft;g'ularly . rnaileil every Satur
day. morning, for $2 a. jean, thre'e copies for .
$5; six copies for $9; eight copies for $ . 12, with
q'rr extrit copy„fres,AO the getter tip of. he club,
Six ',roodtbs'-subscriptiOns re'eeiveck, Ahear
write plainly eke.nrimet of yortr POst Djice, COun
ty and: State: We . take the notes of allsolvent
.bankS at. par. Pa y ment mustinvariabl'y• be in
Specinnen 'copies sent •free to
.Address all letters and remittatices;posr paid
proprietors of Me Neu. l . -9rk Alar . cier'y.;
.113 Ftiltoti street, New York . City.
. .
'Resolutions o 4 the' Domocratic.State Committee
. .
At a meethig ofthe Deritocratie State Corn-
Triittee;. held al. the..Delacan Meuse at 'Albany,
.Lin 'l'harsday, May 2gth,l£36p,' the rcilloywitt;
resoltaiot)s weri,.after 1 . 911 .consideration,
•atiimeo.ly uilopteil:• ' ' •
~ ,
.This.Cornimitee deem it: the , ixpresslen . 01
thef vieivapon..the atthis
Writ' tifitipiopriate anti ,Ipp4anited. by :the cir
euititalice.s of the-country: . •:. '
.11e.solyorlohai - apprOve
the inll , iwimt by the last
• 'teThat they'svill'ectatirinatoriarler the . Gov- .
4iinmept their sinoire anal . inito'd support in the.
use M rill legitimate means to sappeess
lioo.anil to resrm;* tile Union as it
,Vie, ' arid .
rintintaiathe Constitution asr'it. i. believin
thnt sacrectinstrument, foundeil wisdom
otirtathe'rs; eloaws:the "constiuted authori#ies .
with :full pool r to•TaerOmplish • such 'purpose."
: szoot6-311OVE:ittiST FOIL' PEACE...
Reselyed,:l:,That' we Nunes . tly desire ihe
restoration of peace- to our: beloved r ouni ry,„
now so longdesolated;by the scourge of this
unnatural arid fratricidal ware '2 '
2,• That the terms . of peace,. .: . when:. made,.
rnii=t necessarily determine:the future .charaet
er of our ,go;rerninent,,the 'condition of cur
ple.and the desdny.of our 'countok: . •
3. That' wa have not, faith in the . views, the
purposes : orthe capacity of the dominant party,
to'determine.cinestions of y ital importance. to
the,.liberties, the rights and the haPpinesi . oP
the . A'n^erican people. • • . •
That we hold that it is as ineapable.ofmak.::
.ing an honorable, beneficent peace, as.•experi...
ence has shown it, to..be wiiging. successful
• . . .
4. T.hat,asthe inauguration . •bf affirinative
peace movements at this: time 'by: those who
who have no powet 'give .•efFect•.to . ' their
.views j might afford, the dominaat party:a •pre•
text, in conspiracy 'with) the Southerni Con
fediiritcy, to:Make a peace by "the epatatioti; of,
the States--i-and-Whereas the. Democratic and
ant) cOnseryation• Masses .'cif our s peopli•:, •who
are opprised to any terms of peace,. which 'fail
to restorethe'Linion; and save•tho'Constitution,•
hesitate to trust that measure to •the • hand 4. of
those wlib are - bostile to, both—we' deem this
alitoccasion•tO protect'against themegotiation
of a peade by the Administration, except • upoit
the basis of a "preservation•'!of. the Union and
Of the Governm e nt established by .the •Con-
- Whereas, the Republican., party, through'
their' journals, and through their accustomed
speakers, ,at an . organized meeting . recently
held'the city et
. Gtica,. have openly declared
that this Government ought to-place the Nilt
taty above the Civil' and dourbal atititOrity obit
it ought nut' to he. held', in • check, by the Gon
-st itut ion of the
. United Sfates; or. of the 'States;
and OP( it tilay.tightfully disregard the laws
of the i land,.by suppressing freedom of speeetr,
vliolatingthe.horni.s of our •citizen.,: and de-
Priving them of; their: liberties,; 'Without 'due
procesa of •law,'or trial by-jury;
the great .end
.of tree goveinmenta...i.a. to
secure to ihe,people the rights .of persons . , of
property, of . t.he fireside, of speech, -and public
thsctission and of religious' and political opinion;
Therefore; in behaif of the Union. loving,' and
.law abiding citizens' of tiffs State; we repel and
denounce the ''slavish, , cowardly and . "de'stiotic
principles thus puf forth. hy ,a assernz
binge; vrhich appropriately assumes the 6 1bYal"
de,signation.nader which, the Tones of ,the. Re
volut ion : proclaimed,. their Unconditiona I 'slip.
port. of the Administration of thesfoe.orGreat
.Britain.' 'And ue charge that rattly of the, act-.
get t op . saitl meeting.Nvcie • in-,
'fluene , l by
. peetiniary 'and personal - interests,'
ennfrael oil-stocks: ' • •
.• .
I?eoltil,i. That we accept thit issue thus ten
dere,f .ac. by a rty which proclaims its' con
,tr.lop[ nt -ir e Con , ritntion and the La we; and
tl..•t WlO cti hefiire the people of .thig State .
;110 of coantty, with ' hill. cot:full:net ,. that
rho; - 'trill•rlirnW:a.way, those princip!cs of.
civil amt . !el.uinitd librtty, taught , to them
'thy n at am! iioott II) e of 'the, country and • in.'
enrpnrat , d in the-inund,!t ions . and flame' work.
n.• arty... 1,1,11010
Ilia t • not only he ''disorgii Major.
pi jimmies by the :teidiners of file. Ail
ra ruin', the 'a ary: act : ,
eateulatoil to inspire, dhe friends .
of,Coostitir imial • govorriment , dhiriuviintit Ibe
with Th.; ifispri)sar of Cunven
lions o th pdriplo hy,armed.foree; ihe'simpres
.ion of oublM
. tlie• iirreq of•eiviliadis
rind clergymaid for opiiiinn.dittered in the forum
and OM. .et net
,punishdrintd the coercion • and 'fakilleadiiin
ofthd votes:Of sold] c; .
with opprril , rions . s'tizms, of en offieer • of. a'
New Ildropshire . re'giinent, for fhe 'caren.SO of
'voting the J)ernociiitic , t icket -are'. nes. which
rim 'through the whole code : of dr;stiofie sys•
.tems:anidturo the' guaranties of • Constitutional
libertyinto ri maelrery ankh' seate.• ,
Resolved, That while 'we do' not object do.
- the, rightful 'exercise of Military .Law ; within
the lines of . w.arlike operations, or amid the
scenes , . of. irsurreeitonarY stile,..wf maintain
.that heyond those limits; the Civil Law,is sup
reme, and
. that those- who 'seek ;to prostrate
it hy• forie od•nrms aVetiaitots tai the Country
and the Consd
. •
1r T ,111;
I,?e.Colved, That we rcenenize - in the states
manlike let tei-of Governor Seymour to the la,te
Albany meetieg, a ,noble defense of ther-rn
eirdes of . Civil T:iberty, to which•we'pledge .our
firm anti "Atnanimous . support;
CDiorv:vAti, Jane 1-1.- 7 Mh. Stevens, deptifY
prOvesCriayslial,-anil . .Mr. :Clayfjeld, a • detee
rive, accomparded'hy an eniollingofficer, 'Were
fired upon near Mannyille;Rush'eountry,'..lndi r
yesterday, - •by a putter men hidden in 'a
wheat, field. Mr. Stevens • Was killed, and - Mr.
dinyfield • mortally wounded, and. afterwards
died. The enrolling -officer was, shot twice
through the. clothing; knit_ escaped uninjured..
TI,Vo corepanies.left Indianapolis yeSteiday- for
the scene of murder. A soldier was shot - by a
deserter ht•
. Shelbyville yesterday while•at
emptiug to arrest •him.. . • •
.• • •
, • The military authorities of Kentucky are
nrrestitg wives; sisters and daughters °Umbels,
and sending, them' bi;yond nur lines., Oiier, one
itendred'were sent South • during the week.
5NP1711:11',0RT . ,: . ..31'.K.E.A, .C : QUNTY,. TA., SYPTJI3,PAY.;. JUNE;. : . 2.1c).;-.;:,-..1:,5.0,
FIRST4-SOi . l . olo' OP Tllfi GOVERNMENT
• For tho Miner.
Relative to, the itssessment of the
Income tax..
olaxginngt. ho assessed and
in.' the: district in - :Which assessed
. ~
per Sen .reside,s: . ...' ; The. place . ..where ti person
.person. votes;: or is entitled , to Si:ete; is deem ,
ed his : residence.' When not it Noter; he
place. whero . tax ;On tic!l'Sollol: . Property - is
Paid is, held to be the place - of
In cases . ... Of. limited part tiq . rsli ips, :formed
witli Ow condition: that na.diy . ision . Of prof-,
,its Made until.the eXpiration:of th(;•
partnerships,. *eh me . raberpfsucli firm yfil .
lie required to • return his sha re . of . profits
arising from..: such business, for the year
1862, as, had they .so. desired:, a. diviSion of
Coubl.ha:ve been made; ;* •
Pains or. profits realized from:the stile 'Of
prOperty' during the. 'year '1862; which .ProT
pertywas purchased before the ExCise Law
went into effect, should be: returned as in-.
cOrrie,fOr the year
.4 Merchant's return of Me:Mid should
-Cco'.ol' the husiness . :of the year.. 1862,
ding 'Preyions .yenrti, Uncollected accounts
must. be esti mated. • •. .
, 'Physicians. and law.ycrs :shoidd . include
actlz'l.l recni pis •for scri;ices ren d e red,i ti• . 16 6 2,
tOgether wlthniCnstiniate of . unrealiied,
continien . t income (hie to that year. .• .
Dividends and interest payable in •1 . 86.2,
ShOldd be returned 'as income . for that year,
no !natter when declared.
Dividends derived froni 0s stock are tax
able ni; income. • " • .
. Ineothe 'Jeri ‘ed 'froM.coal mines mustbe
i'tittlxned,nithough a tax has beCn previously.
liaicl C)11 °the :coal produced. •. No deduction
can Made.beCar.se of the diminished val
actual or supposed, - Of the 'coal vei.ri or
by the process of mining. : Rent: de
rived, fr - or . n:q6ai mines is' &eine; •
Preminins paid fol.. life. insuranee.shall
notl)eallowed as a dedtictiOri in statement
of income.'
• • Tensions reei:ived frOM the United States
Government must be retnrne4 other
income subject to inxnticin.• • • . - • .
• .. , - . •-.-
Old 'debts, form evl:t . considered hope I , q,-sly
lost, but:paid thee. time covered by.
the return of
,income, should be included,
in . l his sintement: • . • • ,
: .DeLO'considered hopelesily•lost. on' the
31st: of Deeeniher,, 1E42; and due to th
siness; if subsequently . paid, they . must
inelnded in the.:return_ for the year in ,whieli
iii: or " dcr to give full effect to the . prOviso
to the 01st section of thti.net of Jnly..lst
1562, repecting: the tnx orthat portion of
iOcurne'derived . .from United•:Statei securi
ties, itfs.directed dint when income is deli- .
veil [Way .fro,tu . fliese.tind froloother
spitrces,.' the - $6OO. Other: alloy tines
undo bylaw 'shall be dedUcted, ns.far as
possible, from that Po:lion. of income
from other. sourCesand subject' to three
per, cent t.rx., •
dt".duction cm) Gc rrlldwetlfrom /the
taxti . l)lii . ineoine for
s;ltion or n b to t' S Yl
' A. i . : 1111 . 11 r ;E, %t . )1011, t i rauu. !.1 !..cfitri) Of the
mti•otnCof 10. 0 ,11):• , ...s111111
;1 116 w ,•,1 - t o (lightei thort•frolu
oNim nrid cnttiu
no of
proil lice" 4: vtP,I
•ILll:prodifeti6ni of!I of'wlintiutttiry oi•
kind E.zoitei.. • -:•• ••• •
The account. of stock Sold' hy, n• ••farrner
since December .31st :1E432, should'. not be
inclUded in: the present :ns , ';essinent,'GUt the
profits realiiedi thereby
. Must : be. accounted
for in bis l liet Year's 'return, •\Vbere lie
has included in his :returns. produce raised
by and' fed in .whole or part to stock
subsequently sold, he ninst:nceount : for_ the
gain realized by, the . feeding aml :selling :of
said . stock . When he'has 110. included.the .
produce So fed, be. Must' return, ns Trofits,
the dilkenee•between 'the raltie: of 'said
stock on the 31st of December;. 1 . 80 1i and.
the amount realized for them.
• Fettilizersinirchaseil by flinners; to main
tain their land: in present .p . roductive condi-:
tion,.wiilbe Considered.' as "repairs"in esti;
mating income. • •
Interest shOnkl.he considere.l as ineoMe_
when unle•s it is collectable and
remains unimid..by the consent or agree
ment of the creditor,
.Losses - incurred in .the prosecution of bu
siness, nrc'n . fnir offset to giiins derived from
business; but not from those portions of in
come 6 rived Iran 4xed* . investmentS, such
nfi bonds, Mortgnges, rents, and the like. • .•
PrOperty- nand in busineas and fUrnishing
profits, when destioyed by , fire, intly,be the= stored,. nt the expense of tl,„;;Oprofits;to the .
condition' when destroyed ;j , insured, the
difference between' instirtince , Oceivo'
amount eipendecl in restoration al
l owe d . ~"
The. increased 616e:0 , 01 A -
new.' buildhig . :
by . p eiln it tie n t
!KI to enpitni.ot interest:,
The . :coigiident 'fund : of , l trinriuriictu
186%,. and pbtilistribtited; should.
Ti twined .ns Oiyt: of the income of the, stock
The udisti:ibuted earnings 'of a - Corpora:
Lion, range. previous to . September Ist 1802,
% - v.hether-the.corperation is reirluirett to: pny, •
Ink on dividends ; or no(;atuisild not be con
aS.the income, of •the stOckholders`,.'
no - I:Should the corporation be required .
make return. of said:.,resei•vec earnings as
trustees under section 03 of th6.Ekeise lanar: •
.1 The income
,of fiterary, scientific, or otiier
institutions,: n tbcfhands:of.trlis , .
teeS; . or other's is:ndt subject to income
personbonrde mid •rents: a room .
:or roOms,.the . rent Thereof in lieu of rent of
sbould:Leidectucted from die amount
of income. subject. to 'taxation:
Losses sustiiipeOn )tisinesss4.ce•Decern
ber.;3lsi, 1862, will , not' enter the in
corne:askssment for 1862. • ' •
Interest'on honered capital, itsco in . bus
may be. deducted frotn jacome. •
• If a planter returns all his farm products
he -will be, alhiwea to (leduct the actual cx.: ,
. • •
pense, of s' Misting and
,elotbing.his slaves.
legatees are not,requii•ed to return their
legacies nS incOme, Thereis a. special tax'
on:logeic.s . of 'Personal property., in section
. . .
. . .
_ The ineonr; tatis iissemed..uton the ne
tunl income of iniliviVitals...Fir - ms,ni:stich
will not make i:eturns:
The profits Or.a- manufacturer: from his
husiness.are not exempt from income tax io
consequence of his. having..paid the' (*else
tax- imposed by law- upon articles manufac
tured by him.,•, • . • • ,
As bridge,. telegraPh, steep), and ferry.
boat coMpanies •or corporations; arc.-not
anthorizt.d by law to Withhold and . pay .:to
Government nay tax,npon interest paid, or,
iiiyidend...de . elared . by thein; nil incOme:o
,individunts derived from -.these SOUrces,- i is
liable to - income ; • . •
•:. Ali persons .'neglecting or refusing . to
make return of incorile*;, - except in cnie of
sickness,. are bronglit within the. pew:IWO .
prescribed by the 11 th' section (It :the: act
of 4ity:.lst; 1802, viz: an. addition of 50
per cent, to the.nrnount ascertained; by the .
Assistant .asseASOr, tipop sitelr inforinntiorins
he enti.obtain n o penalty :of $lOO .to be
received for the United Stntes,' with cost.; of
• Ass6ssoriutiLDist..
.VRTlnrdlgtiani Going kichmond..
The Chat tan . nOga Rebel of
*gr. V.llen.lighani Wag still at Shelbyville
priyoe - libuse. He
4 0 to Vii it ibilvio.nAdy.or two.. Fla' is is
6.1 Awl...rifled as.totlie precise point; bt i will
e•• • • . .
• In eilitoriiit on' the 27th thS.Re4si
• -
. .
++j( Vellenikgham. cornets South of. hie
Own.uccoril, declares himself a, 'southern Irian
unit for the:southern cause, and also' desirous
of th,!.prpret . ital separation of the'
. South • from,
the. Nor , h, then we are for mOdrig him a gen ,
eras of division. tO lead the first advance across
the Ohio.. If he Is not so in sentiment, what
in the name of liberty 'dOes he. here • in
and ofwhat use - is . he ;duet" •.. •
• YeA, if he will—but he wont.. It would be
harilto.say talent; c , in• [IV • name of. liberty,"
Vallandigham is doing in in the. name
. of tyranny and 'Enilitary,mob 7 laur: . he has been
eirited,, and may the , I,ord.pertect him and see
him through?. May the prophetic lines . now
farniliar to the nation in all their: fullness and
force prove true—may the debt ; this injured
man owes to:his oppressors one day be paid: '
The renowned Anhelition leader,. the most
talented and elorinent . man:amOng.them all, ih
a recent speech'at.. .
c.W,ho can adequately teli the value and se.
credoess of- unfettered lips . ? Who
,can fitly
describe the enormity of the crime of its viola—.
tion? . Free speech, the 'v'ery instrument, th'e
bulwark,' he' bright . constitnmale flower 'of . all
liberty! 'The time to assert Tight.t . is when; .they
are denied. Those
,wli6.should assert them - ore
thnsa—to whorit 'they -ate—denied. And. that
community which: dares„notsprotect its:hum:
,blest and its most hated Citizen in' the free. ut
teratice of his opinions,' however hurtful, is a
gang of braves." , • • . :
.worng the deluded, fanatic may be
is the coarse which he has selong. persistently
purshed in regard fo:the instantaneous
tion of slavery and immediate elevation of. the.
negm'M 'equality, -social.: and political; .with
.the.whites,•ttiere is much truth and. iound sense
in :AO abotts4einatics. ficontemporary well
, •• , • ,
,•• • 4T•rt'''•
'•••, 4 4•,,: • 4•iii , 44( , 01 , 0.41,
1•14; iioll4
-,14„ . . 41 4 ,,
4 4 -;,4,6
• ‘• • . • , •
. . ,
fahe time to asseil right is:lade:id, when!"
they, are denied? Thisis a truth that his riot
Imen'apprepiated as it ough,t te be inihis
try:: It.is intimes of danger. aud• strati :
inotinti;.or wireed : vitilehte, that .the jsreinir-;
vition'of Fri rights beeiniiie 'of practical
and vitalirnportrinee.„ cat Wititj
the Cons titnt better in'timeof Pelkie.:ikea*
' _; r
A;Single, issue : of realm.
inino titatlY,fatit.enitimhs of-nanies, Kotir kill.
;.d, wounded before •Nieksbarg.
It ii , Wortfif of note that loostof the "would. ,.
ate 'pharaeteriied,as '4i,seVere.n..Medicafnen
say ihe:proPrittion of..wountle,,of this,:charanter
ir enormously great, and 'a scribe:, to thi
use of explosive, balls by the rebelt.-`'.!rbeie
are miniature permission shell' lvhich 'explede
afterlitriking the objnot. In
.cOnseguenccit is
found that whenever a bullet enters - near a
bone, that bone is always. shattered, and am.
potations become decessaii to save life.
;eons say they have seen scores., of legs and
arms taken off within the last.few days which.
might have been 'saved, :had the
"enemy used
the missiles ordinarily in Ulir. The':22tl' loWa
regiment; 'which went *into the • memorable ':
charge of Friday (22dj withfour hundred:Men,
come outiwith less .than- two hundred:' The
'Opth Illinois went into action at 2 o'clock P.M.
with 250 Muthetit: the Mei
,of, the-20th, in
this engagetnent, is eully:thirty—tbree • pet, cent
of the nuinber with which they entered the
' A Chicago Tiwo writer gives the following
statement of Gen. MeClernand's antler: in the
ascault on. Friday, May 2:2:I, at
: Vicksburg:
itGen. Mcrlernitml on Friday sent a dispatch
to Gen. Grom saying he had taken three. of
the enemy's forts in the front, and liked' for
linveeia.minhd this negro -business and
'probed it to the-bottom," said the President',
irt 'reply to an upplication olsome . Captain . who
wanted to..faise a negro 'regiment. '"lt's - the
same thing with'all . of:you. " If Lgave... you an.:.
thority to reiseihicregiment the.resolt Would
he . ..that you would get:.Colonelis pay for several
months, and I would get—not d nigg •
• Indiana and Mielliga . n hi6..e linen. formed in.
a Military diat.rict, Gen:O. IL Wileozin . cam•
' •
. . .
Ari.order has . been jawed permitting, ladies
and Children to golo, and return from the South
under . certain regalatiOns:. These going South•
carinotyeturn until the Close or ~the .. war and
those coming North muit'subscribeta.the oath
or allegianee to . .the National Government.,..
•Gen. Pemberton, in command .of Vlck ' sburg,•
haiiieon charged, with being ',lll. traitor .to the
Confederacy. He alluded to this charge, in a
:speech to his troops as. follOws: . •
"You have heard that: .was incompetent
and b traitor, and that it was my intention to
sell Vicksbarg. :Follow me and you will sea
the cost at which I sell'Vickirborg. . Whin
*the last . poun.l primer, bacon, and flour; ' the
last grain of corn; the last cow, and. bog and
horse and Jog shall have been conaurriedi .and
Abe laiit Man shall haye,perished in the trench
es then end einlir then, will I sell Vicksburk"."
A mitehl ' n umber 'number of-two. years and
nine month's men were bent home during .May
from thearmy of the Potomac; and the.Depart
,ment of Washington than was at first anticipat
ed. From the•official - feeord 'in appears, that
8,901, men.Of New Yark regiments (tyro yeara,)
and .10,593 Pennsylvania. (nine mouths men).
passed throUgh:Washingfon for
,their respect
ive States. during May, - making a total of
10094. Rut there were received and sent to'
the field and ConValscrnt camp 5,000. soldiers,
thus reducing the 'number. somewhat... •
A frightful accident occurred on the Kentricky ,
central Railroad, at Nicholasville., on Saturday
afternoon. The locomotive XentOn,- attached
to the passenger , train. which was to' have .'left
Nieholasville that afternoon for Covington,
plotted her boiler, instantly, killing. Dili soldiers
and wounding twelve of fifteen °theta,' some
of whom have since died.. •
A Cottraintettorr.--The ripened :ill-treat
thent of enroled officer Joseph INckerson, of
Brecknock township, Befits county, and .hi°
subsequent resignation in cotptcquencc,.
eially contradicted in the Reading Eagle., by
:the woyost marshal. Mr... Henry S. Ritpp, who
alleges that the'enridlment proceeded 111 quietly
in.Brecknock as in and other tosynship. in the
country, and the whole enrophentWas.comple
ted in one day. • , : .
The New. York • World has" the following
June 10, 1868:,-LThe Gmi
ernor this morning issued an-unconstitlitioanl
and 'revolntionnry proclamation, proroguing the
Legislature until 1865.. '.The . Republicans' left
the. heir and thereby broke the quorum in each
but.. the Democrats 'refused to recoanize . the
prorogation; and continued th , e session:
The GovernoOs pretext is that.there is .a this
-agreament-et wean the two Houses on. the sub . -.
ject olatijournmeat; and there was no, podia-.
r entail' disagreement whateyer.
•. The Democrats, in': the. afternoon; • finding.
themselves powerless to do qn y hither. business
entered a-protest von the 'record recitingthe
facts; and arraigning:the Governor .for •hs *Us
urpation and unconstitutional.ticts,and informaly
leit,,ihe 'seats, net recognizing an adjonrnment,
but :a a revolutionary breaking up of the.Legisla-
The Governor's proklamation' was intended
.to and.did defeat the ona hundred thonsand dol
lar appropriation.for sick and wounded soldiers.
The ftnalpassave - a that : hill was 'pending in
the llonsewhen it dissolved. • •
There' i,s.great excitement here.oo deepin
9ignatiOn against the Cleverncir. • •••
. . . .
-Color:cram June .13.—The'apecia,1 of- the
Carnmarer'ai, Indianapolis, June 13th, states that
the murderers of provosfruarshal Steavens have
been airested and .bronght to .thaf plate. :A
man was hung till 'almost Weld's's by a crowd
of excited citizens in the vicinity.of the twit—
der;-for using traitorous language. A company
of cavalry hes, been sent. to Johnson county to
aid the enrollment... , - .
NEve . Yottr, lime 12. The government offl—
'6oB have .set the. deserters to . .work • lOsding
the transports dining the ottilre of the steyi—
dores, end have a company of regulars tO pro—
tect them, - . .
~ :;:::NEWS MEWL'
• - : - :• - Mi'd.linti!i,'4 0 3 .';+.40iteti.'ffe*),N•wiit 1 . .
Criefti4 a titAilir in.'', qttertnip ;loin bette4 : .
era the Probtiht/t AO ..t!i4t (#O. 61 0 16 , liti - :b.4.- f't '
lei will
.'bei q
. ed*ithii . , iOr:4 . ** :: ir,r' .., 'q .t ''
far iiro'; ,.,: '4`4. - ' ,. '' . :o'' -'" ,, 1 , ..':.,.'
W•eirtiAi9i; . veifiiOn'iaiihj , 4 , lil4o l;l.
I!aclaan - : - ",..Ouriako*inflOiVe'lilialfr, , .aniiataitr„l6'!'i', 4
c.Onairdefilit'litiOiii!ill'Allini;, l .4i, , .#o o '.' NOW: .
which would inieeinpltitaitt Old ;Ortiei,t;'"gablet f..-ft`r•
the 'Oilier 6 .1 . tiiii' 6 0 4. : - ! . .rtii,iftioiiiiC* l ',# lo o l .'4
the rebels : anvil - 64E cild:oga' , taiititi=feesib.olot . ...'
thereafter,' : - ,k'deetirier4aiii:_ahearr;-40,risCiagi
small ',lfaitiaii3O%':`;'-',l:%'‘f•f.."':''C A 7 ,pit,
'. ' , , , • ,
....' ;.- -,, , n....2: , ~ ' 1, :.,,4 1 .A:'! 1 ,
~ ,MICIC,TMO•OrigOITOALqW . , ... .'.,
Nev Yorki4unao.—All meeting Of , 0 4q1.0"
ls .'2. v
today, Renee G reeler, Alf the 11VOSWeaente .; ,, c ; ,'i - •!
firooka ()Lille 'EITIRISS WM. C. Praire ) '' iit' th'ir:;.!;,,.'
ICITJIMAL ClEe . COMMERCI, ' and vegeta . 'etbertat.), l
. .
were present, and 'resolution; were . allopts4pio‘;S*
the.,effeet that We recognize and allirittheltve,,JA-;.`
ty of fidelty to •the Censtieution•igevernatins , ~:-..
and laws of the country: :,..?.... '' " 9 l'; ' .;?:-;
That treason and. rebellion; apd: , erinses r,thati , ',., l .l
while we empbatically.diselalinind'4dely: our'. ~ .i.
right, as inhering in' joutnali4s to ineit . ,iii'adire-7 ~ ~„
eate,.atiet r aphold er justify tresson,':;er. , 'Shell! , .; -:,
tv . ti:tespeetfttily,, hut firnali; ';. t 10:•.
or,.the Oreia 'to eritleise . freoly.'ind` , :ifear..!
lesslitbo Mete of those. charged With the
ministritiOn,Or - the geiletnnisint and of theirely—,
ii and'rnilitary subotdlnateii•and that an r y•Yrn:
itation of this rigitt, crentod'by.the Iseeemeitiea
Ofvnaroitioiild ,bc . ::.cqiifin'Cd : to; ihe'' lOCiditii4.",('..,'
where .bostillties .exist,• or arc:..imriieditteli . :. ;„,
Daniel Webster in . one of his irenispeeelitsi." - ;',
makes nee uf the fullo:ving, language.
ten constitutions innctify
. and• confirm . great,
principles, but the iatter are prior in eilatenca
to tbo Wirier; Tfie,httloiss torjiato sct.the
of rights, _ the trial , by Pry, are surer bitlivarka
of right and libertythan written conatjtutions. ;r 4
The establtstinient of. our (reit institution. in
!he griduul work or time and: eFpertenee, ,not' l ,l-`
tha • Jrnmediete .any , • written' inetpw.'
•And yet all these princiPles, *hatisas eorpoii ;•':
bill of rights, trielJury, which were.priorits" '
eiiitence to •wri „,,nitstientions, tho.gradutf:
Work oftinie an ,theiro yak' • '
and only solid roundations.ot ireedom,'Volth th. •
written 'constitutput in which they are embod—
ied; have beenssleprawayby the hand let
power, under the false plea of military nineset-'
ty, and the Anierican'peeple, the
halal:arias they had etacted . against the' 'en:4.
eroachtnents of the Executive,; are .a's mien'
setts .te-day as the peasant* of Rosilo,
will stultify bimself. by denying thls,'vahen the'''
( set is patent to•all thaty.no „rnitit, ‘ in ..the Joy=
al States dare utter sintirnents In 'clillPinv
m o;
me of the Administration, (except the, Myst ,
of that party,] without,euhjeeting himself is ,
military seizure; trial;and fiunistiment? '„
Somebody says youni tidy should shwas •
ask (our questions before accepting the bpnd
any young'man, .
&lows: Is he -firrsterablif
Is he kind of ain't Can he support mi. nom- - ;
fortnbiy? Does be take * Paper/ •
011 it GEN GA Ne iv York hylopended .
(Al.olition) any': Generale do not thrlee
under the drip of the capitol.. At ,thirty"
hours' distance from Washington armlei an 4
generals succeed. At twenty'bours, they must
hold their own; at within sit hoMise %key are •
as dead es a field of wheat 'under the .. ehatlear
of upal-trees." • ' •
Rerstotton In IlHuatel
Gov. Yates, of Illinois, has undertaken
,the ,
part of a rule r‘by the Grace of Goal,"andbitseed
a proclamation dissolving the r.egislatate, of .
that State until 18651 Tbe Republican mem—
hers fail in with the usurpation and broke up
the quorum; the Democrats were therefore,
powerless, except,to protest, whichl,
upon the record. They then infoup
'. left
their seats, not recognizing an ad t ent,
but a revolutionary breaking up of Hui Lecisr • •
lattice. r,'
The 'pretext lor the Goverior's iciton was
chat there WAS a.disagreemeot between the two ,
houses as to the •time of adjournment, and that
in such case he.is authorized by the Constin• -•
tion to adjourn the Legislature. , But though..,
the two houses had voted for different Jaye of '
adjournment, they hid still the right and power
to reconsider their , action, ' to appoint torn- ,
mittees of coulerence, and to agree upon a new
day of adjournment. The houses could not be
said to have dissgreed until each had fired its
day and reselvntl to adhere to it. end the lower '
house had , not done this.
There was, thrrefoie, E 0 disagreement in thi
meaning of the Constitui ion, and the action, of
Gov. Yates was an•u:pation of power vevolp.
tionnry in chniacter. The Governors • "chief
object seems' to have been ."to defeat an;appr,op. •
ration for sick nil wounded soldiers,. ,
He succeeded in doing it, for which favor than,.
friends of soldiers'will , probably nut
,give him •
many thanks. '
1..00a eon Younser.ves..-.411)Ce the intiodue"
Lion of De. Land de Co.'el-pmiiii:c4,siiiritoi . , ,, . ,
the common and Inferior sitiejas ;celled 1141..
ratue, have continued to And tbeivrayfoL. ..,..;•,, '
ket; biit none need be deceived 'Nina will ; I ''''
,_ir; .
for theniselves. The •genleisC:Jitiiili 4.,:d'i ler-:';
up in bright red papers, 'aild: ili;'..fikl4iteettit , ',''.
thOse'vrho have seen one, package, will IlwaYs.k..
knovir'when they, sea, rintithere.i , ,Calb far.; Da..;.... '
Land $5 Co.'s Chemical Militates; lad' ifyinas-,7,
do not find, it wbCrer . ynir,iielei,''ool 0 '11 ;0, ii . :-'..., : : •'•'•
it there iS something : erroag,ior it vin pf; iff4: 4 , - ..,‘
by all • retailers;':at a. fair profiti AO !lhej,•i'..:;' , l
'should, not be without it. :. -• .; ‘: • • ~i- :4-A . ,-.
E M N.