M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, May 23, 1863, Image 2

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. 1_ * s ee , Otvrs 1 0 the GoVein
',' •.ttieti!'3l4,:.'tfiii -,,. , , : ..,, n ;4.i. 9 . Pict ion-a ry d6fit • i ts
thitit: . :;:i(t''-'Pidelity.'to a priace :.or abrcr
far; hilaband
gfaia,:igi , rha'onty'defiaitio'iv't ha t. .ii.i•eo;anal
heni.'the reference . . to
:thcobtigationa . bl. a citlzfn , "Of.thia . :coutp :country" to
9Ovarrineat, is obyibusly'improper. It ex
pitteri.".ienttinient; not ,a-:priaaiple or . rulei and
means inniinly attachment, tn. devot ion to tile.
„, ,
supiyrior; a' duty we nee d
is . to.• oOr. i t lea'
fidelity, to. President or,qov
taitio . ritt thitt:fioM'anY,:flomerican catkin •
eatute,those.officersere the mere: Instruipents
geople . put in execution their
Itar.eMbodied In , constitutions and
loa a ? and their:ioperiers-onty. by virtue of thei
'Oleial•trast . they,are temperarilY.chosen to ad.;•
Mittittett - '..Ne_one
. tiho.holdsotlice,in the'. zift
kopleilehiesetiant, the 'President, - 1s:
: reqoirett,to.'glye tattledge of , iloyelty?! to him.
The prescrilied imevery such ' . ease, 'is...to
tXppert tire nadtut o,u.and laws; . and
ibargeflie,dttleis of his..tiffice
Ile owes no duty or service Whatev'r to,lbe Pres -
Tlris May:seem to lie_mere .
caviling those . .who, perhaps unthinkingly,
are.:in the Proctice of using the ',word . in
question .:I;tut, when. we , remember. tbe terse
diatinguisheo'::.flbilolo.pher, that
.‘,Werila "toe tAirs,srs . ,',',-perhapa,our objections may
6 1 17,016 as is they . appear. .If we • re ,
.IliseV . thit'efarriiliiirit) 'with the, representative
oten.idett Boon' predisposes the mind accept
Ali; idea . itself, . we: find a sufficieht teaser) .for.
disliliiitg the.tvord loyalty, as at present applied,
If; as the crierzealool adherents'of the present
idininistration—the office-holders; contractors
unrid`the:rdependent chielly.—.Woulci have 'tis•
• te:belieee,, we.ere bound to regard, the. Presi-,
dent'as - the..GoVernment and to yield implicit
univieitioning'Cibedience to ell•his digtg, hi 'the
shape of orders, proclamations, we
must: acquiesce in, consent to, and. even 'api
his acts however, arbitrary, imwat:-.
.rtinted'and anden:litutional they, may be in
ourl.udgMent,-Iftwe Must make the e xercise
of our, personal-uti'd political rights. dependent
• npen'his Will and pleasure, instead of upon fixed
fundamental.law .Which is an obliglitery ..upon_
hiakas. it is upon the liutriblest citizen—if, in'
abort we ere to except the monarchical dogma
•of the "Divine right. of and. its
lary; "the King can. 'do no wrong," then ine
deed kyalty becoineiiour imperative dury, and
disloyalty seditious end treasonable. tint
. thinks to the spirit of freedom' that still lives
the breasts of the American pimple, they ha've.
net Yet - been intimidated into • slavish .sulimis—
skin to arbitrary power, . whether • exercised
by Presidential edict or by tke more demon
.strative exhibition. of Military, ilictatcO'ship,-, r
sante • •sturdy .love.of !independence . . that
'nerved •our fashef•to throWolf the yoke that op
'pressed 'them in the days'of '.6, and establish
the right of ifelf-government; survives in their
children,, and will be . suffleient,- we *hope 'and
prtiy,fo protect them from the , encroachments
. and assumptions of thoSe who,' .upon the: plea
,Of timilitarrnecessiiy;" are using all' the Means
thatthe temporary administration of the Gov,
ernment gives them, to 'subvert our free insti
lotion's, and stihgtit tailor them a consolidatO
central government; based opcin the idea of eb•
• jeet'.submission to c<the powers. that be." The_
only supreme authcirity they •recognize;'• is-t. hat
of the .Constittition,and . Lows of their' own ma
king:. ;These constitut e , the Government, which
they•are bound to support:* Fidelity to them is
theiihigheet end most sacred dutyr tchile Joy,-
atty to. the persons-of 'those who . administer,
therti, , is a spurious test, set up by' designing
m'en, to entrap theninto the surrender-of th'eir .
•dearest, constitutional . rights. Liberty is
'more enobling sentim ent,'and fitter to .be eller
istied by•Aniericaris, than the foreign,' courtly.,
'feeling .of icyolty. - It isMore tharythat-'-it is.
•a . preeious reatityi which . cannot .be .too jeal—
ously guarded; or too.itoutly maintained ag'rist
every, even the smallest ,` . encroachinent,i such
as that Which:lurks uniler•the fair sounding but
inapplicable'word, whose •use .we have depre
Ga..zetiEG , .
Eatit - & . Piirrsmitto• R. it..--The• section of
thisroad from_Midillesex to New Castle: has
been lei' to Contractors, rind is to'be completed
• by the Ist . of November At , or near New
„Castle a jtinqion Will be' made with railroads
_from Pittsbdrg and Cincinnati, giving us' direct
Cominunicatiort with thciie cities. The Erie
Ss Tittsbtirj R. Ft.;, when Completed, will be
'the shortest 0811 W e -route between the South
.pre: .cities . • and •New • Arork, and 'es''- such
Mast.beceme aitirgely travelled, th oroughfare. .
.We learn that it is': the intention' of. the .. corn
party .', to have coal brought , in over the. 'road
this fall, and they are - pushing . the 'work - for
- ward tisiapidly as possible, in "order to attain
thitobject: The pier at this city ie beinke•-
•• reeled under the direCtion of lilessrs..• James
:'and JOhn Casey; tWo . .well known contractors.
• be from a thousand to 'thirteen _hundred
• feetlh length; and bdilt in the mast substan
. tial• Style'. The depth of watei along :the. pier,
.variessfrom 9 tO 19,feet, according to,•the • disr
tance.frem the-, . Observer,,,,
'.. * ".l4:ORE' RAILROAD CONSOI,IDATiON.—An zotimqt•
'aVt . ..,firoverinent.The
. inee!ing prominat
Rejtroad men, %Vett ti•as in . session in Cleve-
Week, termin '
at'ed its business on'Sat
tirdafinigbf, and .adjourned. The' Ileiald• un
derstituds. tharthereiult has heen an arrange
for the; consolidation; of the earnings Of
the Bilitle Erie; Cleyeland'Sc.: Erie, Cleve—
land Sr Toleddand Cloieland;COlumbus
clnnati Railro . ads;- This consolidation is of
greater inmottlince,than any haYe yet no—
ticed, as the 'roads.
.interest comprise .Ihe
best.paying.rallroad stock in the country, and
Shp agreement will.: Settle.a' great , many
.c.ulties'andjealousies that have exised between
Vie Management 'of the . various' rOaas.--
P 4 . 0,1224 th • • •
' . 1.116 object or this - .Movement, we ar e in
fOrMeii, t o insure a• more
.tho - roagh . Compet-i•
tine "with liie* . :A.'•& G. W. R.'lt , which is
;sironi effort to . secure, the 'trade 'of
ondenne‘ halt
LA rPIaY carre
Wood and
~.ril•rtt 'Ca.'n,ii!:l.* between Fernand o ... in
. '
, t v 'a i it n a ga: ll o g f mn aseeehttee!ts. Wilsopeasohnissluept;
• n ' 'eat deal to saY of thiel tr eed a the
46Ifb.!4'elivhi4dn'bigerranlant at the Nl3r i l mio responds.
' ''.
' ill
Foehn red.handed•trai
, liriraihnl' -r''ion iefer se I e lk the blood at
.rr4 4.,titreltrutt?eittligkrl
.„,P4,,ai.neel-rettenot sal'. la
•Zket'ttd'iroir.r“'",,r_e° i n th e habit of tree—
.-,; ifir'diu-fr4 ‘•',le44l` ql„,ll,Bshilit placing
_the "as'
oit4iiiiii.all,4 •,, , l'it si.ho Per P
•Atlfigtialo,o66''i.l."'4l4tireetly, aaTrPann
':tiki' ' ''' idiattl *t e e t i l Y ` 94 6; RiP!3t W11;9t;
,i4krvileill,,,,tattliiirpilinai'Y ien ,. a
lila- , 'tte t as 01 . 1 e °.' .:
' ° ~.M,41. ,,,:...fi,g4,1ii"6e5d,h. odd Maltose. •
I- '„#.ol/F,'-ba,
~"'',,• '' • '
.1.e.,,'.. ..,`, ',,
go l uitti) Zonorrat,
;.Saturday, May 16b 1863
gis,trrir . 'Volt • —Provos .
Or tills. tate have Veen..tippOinted
yehoiO' day .it to carry
. puf the proviiiOos
of' 'the Conscription
has receiv e d the eppointment
i\larshal' of this Congreslionet District. .Tho,
PliirOelphia D patch . h4,s ttse , .follo'vC . ing par
ticuiars'oi iheAennerlti which, the ilreit is to
Paeh provoit'nutishal has" jurisilictiOn over . e
, • . •
Concressional . diatriet • ;lie may . appoint.,tivo
deputies, or more if, reeessary, at 'salaries of:
riot.mbre'Asain'sp7.lo per:yrioith each,,four spe 7
cialoflicere'ar, .ileteeliag -.arid arresting , spies
and.desqyters, it 'from s4o' to s6s.pei:•thontl,
each,- depending their usefulness; enrolling
.hot e?tefiedi . ng. sp• lief...day (or the
time actually °Mph:led; and sPecioi guards for,
deserters, at . ' hot. more, than $1 perllaY;
besides their 'actual e4penies.... All the aPpoint-
Merits are:madp sul;ject io the ap proval of the:
Provost Marshal General', who is•tio be .guided'
`bythe representative'in Congress.Trom.the dis
Pursuant to.a notice given by W. Cowles,
late .Superintenttiot of..donimon etiOols for the
county of •M'..Kean, Sitte of 'PennsYlvaaiti, for.
the election of a person.for County SU perintOad
ent for the'term.of three yeare,.the pireetors
of. the SeVeral tewnships : of said county met,
this 4th day orMay-.18(33, ut the Court House
in Sinethport and.organi'zed by, choosing.E. M.
Hoviard Preeident, end J: Betio- Secretary. "•
Motion made 'that i,hicenlary.of do. Superin
tentlent be fixed:nt s3oo:—•carried.'.. •
. Oct - notion the Convention proCeeded. to nom.
inaie candidates for"CO. Superintendent; when
the follow i,ng : gentlemen . .Were deli nominated:
J. F.. Cone, M. A..Sprague, L..R.
'C. Backus, C. Cornfoitb,HW.. Chrisman,. and
Job Miller.
On motion the norniMitions closed and . the
conileptiiin proceeded ' . • .
On the fast.ballot the vote stooil—J.. - CQIIe
10; M.. A.. Sprague, 5; L. R., Wisner `C•
Cornhirth, 26; 'W.I. chrismap; C. Beek
tis,,*2; Job Miller.- 1. . .
Mr. Coroforth Wits th9relliredeelaroll'elected
upOn t.he , antiounceceOt of ..whieh;the' tOnVeri,.
thin mOde ti ierrerul stampede, with" the excep
tion of f i ve who responded to the motion to ad 7
. • rt.: M. HOWARD, Prea'r.
'• • ••• • • •
J: I:. DEAN, ec'i
• • .
Smatliport,: May 401; a 863.
Sentiment For The Tithes
Under no: po3.sibleenzergencpi' not even. in- LP'
'syrrectluni ,OR AMID THE.:•THROF,S OF
CIVIL WAR, inn Mir
.Govern inept pistil:l off.
interferedm with Me Fr'eidpninf Speech vr of
, .
riore'lltah•lt :eaa with the rieedoon
o'fthe/allot. • The, licentioamesr of the tongue
and of the,. pen i.F.a 'a,tnor Oil &minted iota
the licintioaess poieter.--F. P.
BLAIR . , San., father of the piasint i'ostmaster—
Gineral, and the intimate friend of Gen. ..Jack.
The Reason Why.
The reason %vhyflie government . . issues no
war bulletins, keeping the . `people correctly
informed of the progress *of our arms -on the
RapPabarinock, or elseivhere when - . n. great
battle is. pending is'thus stated by'the Rochester
11Warbiilletins should :be .- isseed_ and the
barriade aware of the army's. pro
greisand :Operations, .then . everybody could
buy and sell stocks Kith..the. same profit as
gentlemen inside the -administratiOn . ring; end
-that would be very Caripi.opetY.
Prom 'special' despatces of the 21st
great concern 'was felt in .Washington for the
safety of Gen. Grant's army in consetinence of
news, Which Was credited, to .the: effect that
while gen.. Grant is advancing on Vicsburg,
Gen.. Pemberton is .receiiting. heavy reinforce.
.thents froth Gen. Bragg and froth other points.
The' next netvs from, Vicksburg will .probably
be of. the kraiest impoitance
Gov. Curtin isgivin'g every..encouragenient
, for.tbe forniation of regiment's to defend Wash
ington and rennsylvania, . - - •
A KO Westtetter mentions - that forty cap =
turgid craft are now in that,port;
The - •GovernmenCis . informed that a.heavy
trade is r gping, on' atMatamOras and Other ports
on the Rio Grande, for the benefit of the South
ern Confederacy. The vessels nre clearMl at
Mexicanbustom House's: Scarc'ely any inter
rupt:ion to this trade can be e ff ected. •
Gen. Oriint!S official report announeint-th the
captare by him'of Jackson, Miss., on• May
has been . received at Washington.
The loss by the recent Tire at Oil , City,
'amounts t 051 2 .5,000. , • .
Two hundred clerical and abeut three hun
red lay delegates from .
the .Episcopal churches
in the' diocese of .penneylvanln will meet in
Convention 'on . next 'Tuesday afternoon.' '
A regiment, of rebels crossed the Rappahan
nock on •Satordaynight, , t 5 miles below . Fal- ,
mouthoo protect the passage of medical and
Other supplies from Baltimore' for Rebel dn..—
They accomplished their r purPose without in
terruption, and captured - eight prisoners from a
scouting party of our cavalry.. • •
A Seneca Or Vatuatox.—Many a good, ice
man 'has felt inerti6ed when she called her
guests . 'to the table to find that her' biscuits
were like so much• lead, wholly Unfit 'to be
eaten. 'The discovery "always comes totilate
to be 'remedied
.for that oCcasion, yousewives
who use Deland & Co.'S CheMical Saleratue;.
are never , aubjecte&tri chagrin and iliaappoint.
ment in . this way. • , '
void 111nr5114116.. •
' 'Theinatiuctionsfor Provner..,Ntarshalli . and
others under the ConscriMion Law are abpitt :
'to be issued 'by' : the Wrir Depaitment,:The.'
follovVingie am extract ftom the regulations :in
'regard.fo, evenrdions: ...• • • ,
The following diseases and infirmities are
those which tliaq'tia . lifj , • for nnlitsrS , service,
and. (or Which only , drafted Men are to be
"rejected as, physically
,or' mentally: unfit for
the seevice,'"viz:: • ' •
I. Manifest 'imbecility nr.inaanitY.
Epilepsy. For this disability the, state:
meet of '.the drafted 'mon is 'unseMeient 'and
the faet.eiest be established by . the duly uttejt
edatfidevit of a•phisidian of good staildieg oho
has attended him in a
. gf:nqral O F of .one , litpb;' or, ebb
renl their'existenee to' be edequately detor,
mined.. • • ' • .
4 Acute arorganic . dieenses Of the . brian or
spinal cord; of the heart. orlungi; of -the. stom
ach 'or intestines; of-the. livefOr. spleen;: - Of the
kidneys'pr bladder, Stifficient to have:impaired.
the,general health,:or 80 . to
leave no reasonable doubt of the man's incapac- -
ity for . military service. ••. , • '
5 Confirrned.constiniptioni ctincerv'aneurisin
of the large, arteries. . .
- 6 Inveterate and eitensi.ve'd . isease Of the skin
which Will neci;sinry : innpair'his 'efficiency ns a
7 Decided fetiblenesS•areonatitutfon,i.wheth—
er nati4qi. of dequirad. ; • •
B•Scroluta or .conatitutional' syphilis; 'which
has rOistad:treatrndnt 'and seriously ., impaired
his geaeial . • -
9 Habitual: nd•cOnfirmed•- intemPerance
. or
sokitarYi;ice, Iwo - degree.sbflicient to have ma , -,
terially enfeebled the constitation.-f, •
,10 Chronic -Rheutinitiim: • Unless . matilfestod
•by pOsitive
.cha nge'of. structure, .wastiig Of. the
affected linib; puffiness or distortiOn oil the'
joints does . not exemp.' impaired, spintion 'pl
the joints and ContraCtion olthe alieged .
to arise from rheumatism, and in which the pu
trition of thelimlas is not inanifestly 'impaired,
fire,to be proved by exalt - 4111100o' while in a
state of amothesitt induced byefther only.
•11 Pain,•whe . ther simulating heada-che, .neu-.
ralgy in.any of its, frirms . , rhetnitatism;-luinlia
gi),or.tiffections'of the trluseles,bones:nr joipts.
is a symptom of diserise.soe.aiilyThretended, that
it is 'not to.be.admittsd as' n•cause for exemp
tion unless accompanied willrioanifestdchnge
merit of the geoeral'health, wasting of a _limb,
or other positive signs or disqualifying local
. .
. . .
I'4 Greet injuries .o . r.i.lisenses . 'ihe oC
e'asioning impairment of the intellectual fatik'
ties', , or, ether .rniinifest nervous or
spasmodic - symptoms. - .
. . . .
13-total loss.of .sight; • loss of •sight •or right
eye;• sa!aract;' los's of claystalline.. lehs 0.11104.
I.l.other serious diseases of the . eye affect log
its integrity andmie,'e.,g.:. chronic Opthillinid
fistula lac,hryrnol is, :ptosis;:(il real,) ectropion,
entropion,'&e... Myopia utiless„veiy decided. or.
depending.upbn some structural. change i.n the
eye, rs not . a.cause. for exemption,.
.15 Loss Of 'nse; deferm.ity of nose- so,. great
es seriously to ohs; rtict respiiati.oM °Erna,
pendent 'upon caries in progress.. " ' •
-.lt3'Complete deafness: , This disability' must
not be admitted on the mere stateMent of the
drafted man, but Must be proVeil.GY the, exist
ence ol.positive' disease or by- other- SattSfaeto—
ry evidence. PUrulent.ottorhcea.'
. .
17. caries of the superior or inferior maxilla,
of the nasal-or palate -bones,: if in -progress;
leftl"palate, (bony;) extensive loss oh, sabstance
of the cheeks, or salivary- 'fistula. . • -
~'lB. 'Dumbness; permanent loss•of voice; not
to'be adriiitted without clear. and satisfactory
19: TOW Ip.,a of tonguqmutillation or par—
tial -loss of tongue,- irovided'the mutillation ' be
'extenSitio enough to interfere witly . the neces
sary. tide of the '.organ.. • • • ' '
. 20. ilypertrophy . Or atrophyr of the 'longue,
sufficienrin a degree to impair speech or •de
glution;: obiiinate :chronic ulceration 61, the
21: Stiirriniering, if execessive and confirm
ed; tobe'established,by satisfactory.. evidence,
under oath . . • ' • :
. 2ft.. Loss all •sullicrent: number...cit. teeth to '
prevent propel inastfeatil)ll of loon and ~ teaKing_
the cartridge.' . . ~ .• . ' ..., . :....- .
23..Incuroble•deformities or 'loss. of part of
either jaw,hindering.bitting on the .cartridge
or limper. •mostieation, or grqatly :injuring.
speech; anehylosis of, lower jaw. .. ' •
21.•Tamors of the neck, impending.':respira
lion or deglution,. fistula of lay) nx or troches;
torticoll . is; if of long standing and 'well..mark
'ed....: .
. ,
, .. .25. Deformity of the chest . sOfficient, to . im
pede respiration, or to prevent the, carrying of
arms rind military ' .equipments,; caries of •the
.' • 26 . .. Deficient amplitude and power Of - expaM•
aloft 'Of chest. A than fiire feet three inches
(roiniMum atandard height. for the regular . ar' ,
my) : should not Measure less . tpan , thirty inch
es in . eireum.terenee 'immediatley above tile.
nipples,,and have an.expansi.vb ,, tno.bility of
not "less than two inches: : . . : • .. '
2,7. Abdomen grossly. protuberant; exces
Ove obesity;,herina, either . : inguinal or lemo
28. Artificial 'anus stricture of the rectum;
prolapses enni. Vistula•in alio is not a posi—
tive disqualillication,but may he. so if exten—
sive or Zomplicatediwith visceral disease.
. 29. Old and ulcerated internal hemorrhoids,
If is degree sufficient to impair the rnan?s
ciency. External hemorrhoids • are no cause
for exemption.. , •
"30. Total loss or nearly total loss of perils;
'epispedia or h . ypospadia at' the
.middle or near
the root of the penis..,
31. Incurable permanent organic -stricture
of. the uretha, •in Which the urine is passed
drop by drop,' or which is complicated .by'
ease of the 'bladder; urinary fistula. Recent
or spasmodic stricture of the uretha *doe's not
exempt. _
32. Incontinence of urine, being a 'disease
frequently feigned and of 'rare occurrence, is
not of itself u cause for: exemption. Stone' in
in the bladder., ascertained ,by the introduc
tion of . the Metallic catheter, is 'a postive dis
• 33 Loss or complete atrophy of both testicles
from any' cause; .permanent retention' of one
or both testicles within theinguinal.carnalybut
voluntary retraction does not exempt.
34. Confirmed or malignant sarcocele hYdro
cele, if complcated with organic disease Of, the,
testicle. Varieocele and crisocele are not, in
theinselves,- disqualiliying. • ' '
, •3.. Excessive in teriur or posterior curvature
of the spine; caries of the spine. • .
37. Wounds, fractures, tumors, atrophy. of a
irrib ot: chronic dieense cd the joints .or bones
that would impede marching or prevent con—
tinnous muscular exertion.
38 Anchylosis or irreducible dislocation of
the shoulder , wi Knee ., or ankle
.39 Ai.oscolor or cotonentis 'contrtretion4 from
wounds or tmns, fn . tiPp - ei!:euflicieilt to. prev:-...
uPpful.motion'of n limb..-:.
19 TotitlAtti9 - of:a thumhtioss cf.bugbal nha
Ibnz of right thumb.. ;: • •••
• .. •
41, TOtal liitte..or two fitiger,S' be same. ha nd,
4'3 Total : lnes isf , , , indexlinger — . of • riglit 11 , 119(1;
43 Loss.: of the Nist.:4mLiedanil
.the ting . e.re• of sight • .
• 44Perrne.nent r exten'sinn or, permanent coy—
trsi!tibp .of ohy:fing'er - except: th'e...little
finir,ers . ndlik , ri•nt or .
'• 45Totpl'Ines:of e 0 her :gr.efit tne;.l9es . of,any
.tliree . tbes .On . the .sarne..loot; all the • toos joined'
together. ; • • •• ' .
. .
~. , I G:The'gieot too rossittg the other foe. with'
g!fiat • titomine t ice of. I he.' artieala flop- of fhe
toetiktorsal bone,affifilisl•pholanx of . : the .groat.
17 Oviirridj6g . Or ' - sniter'p . o3itiop"..of all' the
43 Veirmitient. retraction-of the last 'phalaox
of one.of the toes so that the tree border of the
hears noon the gfounti; no fiexiOn a`t'a right
angle of the' iirst'phalanx of a:toe upori'a.second
with antiehlosis .of this,attieulation. • '
•• 49-,.club leet;: Frilly .•• feeT,, where the
arch ii.so far effaced that the tuberofiity of the
scanheid botie . tonches the ground; and the- line
of ste,tleO. runs along,.t he whole internal border
of:the oot With.greai piominence.d the inapt
ankle; but ordinaiy; large, ililshaped or flt
do not-exempt. • •• • , • ;
. . .
50.• Varicoie - yeins . or inferiOr extremities,
if .not large and num — etnus,..haVin*..efusters of
knots, nrictaccOmpaninil-With cluonie swelling
51 chyonie:uieets; extentrrive,Aperr'andarthei
erit cicatrices of lom.'er
86 NO certificate of a phisi . ..cian.or surgeon is
to iferecciybd.in:siiiMort'of any point ; in, the
,c . lairn of drafted' men from exerripihla: military,
s . ervice,•iinles.s tlie..factS a•n d stalernent..th'erein .
Set forth are affirmed or sworn to before abhor
friag!Strifte cormient
87 The .e,seiripts tinder the first
section the het:for enrolling end - calling
but the national torees.,..ete.,4lll - generally •• be'
abffi . ciyntly'vien J zt i o wn to•the board to obviate ,
the nebessity of cvidenbe ; wit') regard to '11 1 `m•
Should,' however, the'hoard consider, it denies=
sang in any case, the'cOrprriisSiott,or •cerfificate
Of uflicb of any. persbn claiming 't.Korription
the kovision mentioned may be r...quircil to
be shown.. •
89 To establish exemption rinder:the second
third,, fourth liftb,ued sixt li and provision of sec ,
lien 9. of the•act for enrolling • and calling oat
the national f'orc.e's . ,.,&e:i the board shall require
the affidavits of - the . persons seeking. to bn. ex—
empt limbo( t;vo respectable men (heads of m•
reOlitigirt the district,- that the. man in
question is' "the' only grin • liable to, military
duty of a widoW.ilependent 'oli . diis labor. for
support," •the only - Soma( age .'or infirm par
•eu t or parents dependent-upon - him. for: support,
or otherwise', according, to thdpaiticulai.' provi.
, . • • •
sioreof the section under whie . h the exemption
is 'claimed,. These iiffirlavits-: will. be. made
according t6 - The-fortns:hereinitfter• prescribed,
•• •
and must in 'all Cases be •taken before civil,
magistrate duly. anthirrized to administer oaths..
These fornis of atli lnvit shall be Imblished,
,the briar!d of enrollment• in -the
. neWspapers
.the distrint,•for•the information' of the public,'
when a.draft.ix . Ordered. : • • •
.po. Persons' claiming exemPtion from earoll
meet must lurnish clear proof ortheir - right': to.
.ktiCh exemption. They will'be.enrcilled where
the proof of:their exemption is • not..c.reiir and
conclusiy . c.' • . •
"The beSotrir which WeleomesDi.spotiSm or tho
Rage whieli welcomes Anarchy. ,, • - 1
The. history of: these • times , will date .the
downfall of ourinsiitutionspr it. ,ehroncile ..
serious and, uSeitil lessons. for ',the..American
people. Whether' the •*experience •pt the' pat'
two yea' s 'are to•lorm ouly an •interregnuM et:
anorinilous and instructive oppression, execii—
.vielikness and•follY, or Whether: they are,
to. be the ,beginning of FL new' order of things,.
reintiiiis to he seen. Whichever way •the • se-••
quel may prove' itself, the heedless and' idle
usurpations. of our . r rulers wlikh have . .wantonly
stirred . up strife, and; conte.ntion .
among us . , in'
Mi-hourof our extrerheity and trial; Cannot. but
form the. bllbie.O. of inuch..adria?.endent • to ,the
future, Stinfentiid• our history, as •the apathy.
.and. the . .voluntary relinquishmeht
of all tratlitiomi rights and usages 'by a people ',
boastful of their freedom and proud of the
achievements of :their fathers,' inay..be read
with the profoundest wonder and regret. ••'
•It is not..within the `compass 'of any man's
vision to diScover and . predict,in•the . midst of
these, present convillsiOns, 'what course our his
tory is taking*,• Theseasou is one of 'experi—
ment and uncertainty;•the 'being Made
directly to test the yirtue•of the people; if that
Jails great changeS its. our . prink • hgiti: The,
most rational view of
,our 'condition,
is that WhiCh rests it upon'the power•not 'alone
oll,veittendirstrumentS, not upon the 'effect of
geogr . aphical I . drnits anCdivisons, not Upon •any
physical force to compel obedience
,to existing
law, lent upon the spiritnf amity, concord and
. agreement among the people, upon the power .
behinidthe'exigencies of the past, alive to the
exigencies of•the - present, upon the wiseand
salutary•apd•constant ‘ollin,,adies . s Which must
be made to pervade the- country,- to corn
premise, nll differences,. to' adjust cOnfict
ing interests; an .eager and ••
~ e ver•upperrnost
desire to maintain; in spirit and rn triith,• 'the,
perfect UNITY or THE NATION. • .
So excellent has sucha:doetrine proVen hit
herto., that alias been-the - sole burden of the
framers ofour written Constitution, so power
full has it appealed to the candor and good sense
of a great, people that it has- broughrus success
fully tbi'ough every ordeal of our history, to the
be pining of.the present era; in' almost •nndi
lutbed tranquility,thrOngh unptiralleled progress'
and prosperity:
. A rejection of such a doctrine
now •implies change' at Once mapY forins
and observances of law and order we had, been
.taught.to cling to and respect-•-So.' complete
revolution in the public mind that from being it
self-the independent motive power of eur whole'
trfachinely of national life and ,gOverninent, it
must be made to become only .the, hibricatiing
medium bfusnrpation . and oppression; -Titere
is no half-way when changes . once begin . in times
'like these—the Choice lies between.a.strict ob
servance of'alt the aokin pledges- which . have
bound the . people and.their; rnlers . :reciprocalle'
together in the past,and maintained the present
system olotirgovernment, and a, sudden and
disastrous . disruption - , a breaking,up of laws and
-usage which, from'having stood so firmly
tofore all thetrials.from poverty to wealth, froM
wo and suffering to Peace and plenty, we know
may be adequate' alike to all the neresAtin
which:are upon' us now, and 'a breaking down
of that brave: and generous' spirit . among the
People which has carried tis through 'every mt.-
tional vicissitude and been equal to every.mt
tional ernergeocya forced but obedient servili
ty, or an open and desperate resistance which.
M 2 M!!!
.may.plunie uvled pei ye; into a fallible intestine
sfrogglctybieh most •be the prayed: and'eo
deAor f;vefy , ..fraepattitir to avert •
•The wisdom.of 0 - twinesent •natio,nat : •edmin
AstratiOn has - not : taught 'it to:obis - le - by the.law
'and the Oonstitnion which he's SWOrti • •-to
atirninister and which: the - pe9ple - haye fOrnished
men and ,meadsand are pouting oat their blood
It has
_chosen. . .
part'from la joftastires ;•to govern: e
strain the people.from, whein ':ij derives ' t!xis
-tefice,- to whom it. must leak el•Witya• for .sup
port.: It.has' exalted. itself.- above - .the pii.wer
delegatitil . .to if, under, the charter of 'the role
.010 s . libehies.:'lt'bas forsworn'. olleigance• to
'the ,supreme :authority 'of .the lavi';, it has
forgotten its relations 'to, 'the people ond"dis
carded the' ebligation • 'that- .it''
public confidence and respect . ; in a Word;. • has
chOsen to break ''the,
,pledges tint re.
ceived in failljihnil maintain.. the
Constitution, , : the
.1 - i • glit freedorir*;carcely,
cut riktedjo its keeping, - but to iistirp-phwers
not granted in- our• laws' mid .statutes,-
throw .the public liberties soul erect the deepot
ism ef.its °vim Will out the-'ruins ti Free
Republic., .founded' atone .dn'" the.yill 'of . the
It is idle to:-attempt. : fo. - obschre the design
.of the deSperate coterie of :demagogues - : whom'
their..partisans call:the Governthent; th ey'-are ,
aitcl..v et], rind.are4lready.opefilk pat.:in' opera . -
SeWardje lioa'st - ,"111y : lor4 I cair.ring
'a..bell and cider the arrest of a citizen jii Ohio,"
• has •been'practically carried out Within.the 'last
terf.dayS. against - the "sneak- .
'lug traitors at lidine",-Ilalleck's glossary,- ell.
Who'do not agree with'
nd submit to the, infa
mous and - besotted bigot of hiS own, and Sew- .
ard's'striPti. at.l.V.ashingtonHhas heeninitiated'
in stirring up the..angry blood aid .pasSiiins of.
the, soltlierein the field, by the forced introduc-,
I.ion.of politics and paitisan . Mints into the rir•-,
my. :The three principarstatutes' passed•at the
:last Cculgress through the. 'instigation
,of the . ad
ministration .by. a :titiimorary• represelitation el
a considefable. Minority Of the peoplethe Act
•'of - Indemnity ; the .Conscription ,Act - rind. the
Banking Law—each having' features' in direct
violation of the Colistitution.,;:and all. tending
Ito centralize undue poWers the hands and al
the dircretion Of men who•have proven them,'-
selves only. fit tO•tie.it rir,the proscription and.
oppression of their.'oivn•-i)effp . le; ore but part's .
pt. the feartul drama whiett we are enacting *. as
'nation, and which carried to ,its close, must
end iii actual . anaicliy,•or fi nd. ifs:more eriti
catastrophe. in the accomplished purpose
of steadily' encroaching despotism 7 -the final
•supremac . y• of. Force over the Preedoth and
:Equality, the inalienable• rights - or:the .soe-,
ereign frecithen of the nation. The rancorous
.diviions Which the . adininistration has been
mainly instrernentalin.bringing about.
: among.
the tieoplemith-taking leagues, and. threats.
of violence against their neighbors -rife in the
mouth's 'of. men banded together under the ex
pres,s patronge and.aptirovai of the'jiational au
dimities,. are seed 'of discord ,SoWn ti bear
the (fist fruits of popular convulsi.M - and the'aid
the ;Projected infamy of a Reign of Terror,
Evidences are not' wanting on' - every hand . , to.
prove .What - a mer?ly speculatis;eint6.rest might
readdrifivine in fhu tendency -of. the times.
'coming..danger the eye and ear of
is' ilfjeohardy : are. 'senses sometimes painlully
acute. . Unless the conserliative : 'Men 'of: the
country. are equal to the' einergenCy,the dark'
Hour olou(exti emity *will be upon its before
we citmavert:it. Unless the' • people' arouse
thethselves to a ftill - sense of . the threatened
peril Which approaches—if thtfy fail to movide.
against it •by -rec9orSe in their. combined
strength to*the only. refugp•which is left them,
the, balkix , boxwe : may' look to see, the *memo- ,
table prediction verified'' which we IraVe
'q iot
.ed'at the.beginning—We 'shall :anticipate "the
despair which . welcomes deepotism, • or , the.
rage which welorrieS 'anarchy."—Zatripi
Gov. SEynouff's":LraTim TO T!I E,. VA LL,C , O)IO.
HAIM 11rEETT'N N .- 7 . A.L . 101.N :) , fay 17.—The .
frig is tile of Gov•e • rilOr Seymour
Vallandigharo meeting lasi.nightf • '
Teannot atteud the: meeting at the Ciipitol
'this evening, but.l - illish;to suite: my..opinion
iiiregard td the drres:tfl(Mf. Vallandigharn: Ir
is. act. Which has brought. dishrinor upon our
country. It' is full: of. danger. to our persons
and our homes. • Itbenrs•upon itsl root a icon
laW and initree. • Acting up.
oil fife evidence.of detailed. informers Stir ink(
ng.frorri the light Of in' the' darkn e ss
armed Men ,violated the I:house of an
American bore him away
to*military trial, eariduCted without those•sule-'.
gUards•knOwmto thO . prOceedings :of our judicial:
tribunals. The Transaction: involved a ,series
of offenses against' our most sacred rights. It
'interfered with, the freedom of speech;
lestedOUrrights to be seCOrein'our homes ag'hst
unreasonable searches arifi..lefiuies; it '`pro
nounced-sentence with Out trial, ve•otie,sviiich
was a mockery, which insulted, as well as.
Wronged. :Thiperpetratore now seek to ltm=
pose punishment, not for an' offense
law. but fur the disregard of an' invalid rder pu
orth M . themtter disregard of the:i nciples of
civil liberty. If this proceeding is approved
by the gOvernment, and sust aired by, the peo=
t . de, it is . not merely ,a step toward revolution'—
it is . revolution; it' will not only lead to military
dospotism—it establishes .. military despotism.
In this aspect it must . be accepted, .or. in' this
aspect !ejected. .If it is upheld, our , liberties
are overthrown, the safety of our persons, se
c tiritY . of our prOperty.Will s .hereaftet depend up-.
on the arbitrary- will cif SLICh rilers 'as
may be placed. Over us, While, our "constitutional
guatantees be broken. down. .• - .
Even now the. Governors andcoUrts of ionic
of, the great Western Stat'es- have 'Sunk into in;
significance before the despotie.poWers - elaimed
and exercised hy.tnilittiry mei). who have .been
sentintotheir borders.. It is a fearfull thing to
nereese thedanger.which . llOW overhangs
by treating the hiw; and,, the
Stu te authorities' Withcon teMpt. The people
of this country new wait. 'With the deepest
anxiety' the administration 'open 'these acts:
Having given . it 'w geneious support in the
Conduct of the Ni•ar, we pose to see 'what
kind of governmentit is for which we 'are asked
to 'pour. ,out our blood -.and' our treasures.
Thu action of the adrnipistrittion 'will deter
mine in the one-half of the. 'peo
ple of the loyal States whethei this w.tf is lung
eiho put dawn rebellion a . t the South ' Or destroy
•free instttutiorffi gt, the North. We,loo!i,for its.
decision'vrith' the .mosr'seler4
The resolution aaopted.phint '4o:the devotion'
shown':by the,- DemoC.rats'.deiiri"(AWO•Yeirs
eirPresi, a determination to,
tit:vote - the : it' energies to the cauke.lotthe'.Union•
denounce the aSsumptionol,..moarY,.po.wer
ihe ayrestof4l.r,:-Vallandlo,* ; assert the right
oliree. discussion. • TheY,say' s that:in • thei
tion of Ale. S'yfriCurt4...people . gorule.runed the'
. •
syitem olarbitilFry,nrres, sucl. eull,
.uporr• the
President to restore Vallandigham
They-direCt a copy' Of the iesolptions tor
tie sent lolhe' President, wity the ttsitirance of
•the desire of the.nieetinglg shppoit the govern
rne'nt' 'every.cMistitbrianal and lawful . mea
Snip losnppress . -•— -
. .
•Tmtaini.f: Acoint . :icr.-7-On-Ttiesday
evening, 19th irist;,-aa the Eipreis;trarn - on,the
'Atlantic .4 e,.Great.W.estern Railroail,'ilue.at Sal
ainarira at J:00 ii.M.,wriScrOssi . ng: the bridge
over the Littie*-Vallek.creekabOat .forty 'roils.
west of the station,
.the' bridge' give way- pre
eiiiitatirig. the baggage.. and
,passenger. ear- into
'the stream . , w holly ; dennalishidg them. Sianir..
Oreen; . News'lloy,..was taken from the 'rains ,
dead: 'Oliver Coney,.. Baggag e : Master,: ha's
sfnce.died of his injulies..". The frillOwing.Were:
the other casualties so• far as we have. leartic'd
Horace Bent, back broken, not expeeted . to live.
Toplilf„..:Mail Agent, legllarokeni.M. A.
Heminingway, E xpress Messenger,..wounded;
E. Jonei ma --‘.Fenton, badly injured;.
den; Conductor, and "..--Farmer,.
, "slightly
.inj a red .- . -- . 0/eo ii'..4dvettisar . . , . .
.TIUI3LIC . NOTICE is hereby given that lir
fil:catiOn has been. made to the Court • of,
Common Pleas of M'ltean 'County for a charter
of IneorporatiOn.of .the I, .SMettport Cetnntery•
• Soci'ety,P. and if .no.stilficient reason . should . be
shown.to the.. contrary, a, charter vOll. be de—
'creed-at the next oterm.of said Court to be held,
at Smethpot., the fourth Monday ofljune
• •.. JN0.11. - CHA
. ,
• .Mav 23, 180. " .
IXTHEREAS the Tron...nribert :•.G. ite
• Wl' PreSiclent;Judge, and the. tion.S.. J. Dar •
lin~'and N. .Peabody Associate Judges of the
Cent-is of Oyer '&. Terininer and. General.. Jail
Deliveiy,:Qua7ter. Sessions:6f the. Veace, Or
jihatis' Court and Court of Common Pleas for
the County of Al'Keanhave:isstied their preperit',.
bearing (Fate Friday, - the twenty seventh day - of
Tebytiary, in :the year of onr.:Lord one.thou-
Sand'eight, hundred. and sixty-threel,and io me
directed; foi • holding a Court or Oyer and
TerMieer and General Jail. Delivery, Q.harter
Sessinns of the Beace; 'Orphans' Court; and
Court of Common Pleas, the Borough of
Sinethport., on 19.orday,, the 22d day 'of June .
next, and to continue one week: • ,•.
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Coro-
hers, Justices of , Peace and- Constables . :
within the county; that they be then and there
hi their preperperioni;at M. of •
said:day, with 'their:rolls . ; records, iuquisitinns,
examinations, and other remernbrancei; to do.
these •things: Ivltictr.their effices - appertain 'to . be:
done.' . And thUS : e•who :Urelitiund by their' re.c
ognizimee.s to prosecute t he prisoners . that.nre or, .
.shall be ,in the
_jail said county of Itl'Kean,'
'are to be Then and there to' prosecute against
them'ai Will be just. . . • , • '
• pated . at. Srhethport, this•23d•day of :ay,
1863, and the Stith , yedr of the,lhlepend
.qoce, of the: United• States of 'America. •
'. ; •
,••. JAS. E." BLAIR:, 'Sheriff. •
tip STF.PS TO ..HThe• New•
Yoik 71 irl,l cone lodes. an !a rticle — on this!! spb
4.ect•as ,
. .
. .
to. a)r'that:''n bold ',bml man
tisnarp.(power; but %lir:h.' is -. not - . :the
Every People .h,as Precisely t he.instiintions . it
deserves, anal,
• :froM the Philadelphia
Presr and the N'ew York Timr:ll.the •institit
tionS of
. A'ilsiria,,are cAnseiti'M : to' rnatty
than-the 'liberty • which has 'been our foMI:
That in the, heat of debatea : man should
sometimes say'or do a foo/ish thing . • - Must be
expeeted,.nnd may h excused; bu.t that a newa.•
prier, 'edited by
.a Malt opposition
and eitetflated mpng infellirtnnt -Mem. Shptild
clevi; not only. without' horror, brit 'with saris
!action, - the arrest . and deportation: of' a ',man'
torus expresqlon or opinion at MeStlng,"
„is the strongest A'viderice of the' decay of that
public virtue:and' t hat spirit -of liberiy
:which,pemocratty•isa'dri,arn." • •
POLITICAL COANCES,- A recent speaker' thus .
illustrates the mutability of party
. "Platforrni'' .
—"lf - they change their platform a - lew times'
more, theirnandidates wont, know , to whom
they belong, They. will be like the negro. boy
who was on the.'Mississippi
,ste a mboat. A
gentleman said •to film, "Come..heremy lad;
would not you to be my boy?" ~ ‘Yes, mas'r."
"Who is.your master now?". 'Well, I dun" no
miler.. I did belong to .Mar's Smith this
morning; but he is.down in the'. cabin playing
poker, and so I. dun'no whose niggeyl.
IN V.A. L.ID . • ' •
.i'uhlisbed for the benefit, and na . lyatning and
•who suffer &wit Nervous: Preniatnre
Decay .or Manhood,' etc., ..supplying at the
By dn•e who . has • eured'himself after ••being
put to great expense and Injury through me&.
lea' humbug and quackery:: • •
By enclosing a . past.paid :addressed envelope,
single conies may he had of•the author..
• :Bedford, kings Coutity.,ll,. Y.
• .(Les..2llqaities crEirear.). '
1, John B. Ogden, M. D., author and publish
er of the above, work, do hereby.-promise - and .•
agree to 'send (free of ,charge)- to any , young ' ,
man who will write for it, a sample copy for - •
perusal. The proper study,of mankind is. Man.
. This valuable work is issued and -sent forth
for: the 'benefit of the suffering hurnanity.,
treats in-simple language on all _the eliseasia
of Erior. Mcludint; Seminal Weakness,. Ne.r
-votioDebility,lndigestion,lVlelancholly, mave n ity, Wasting Decay, Impotency, &c.,&c.-70iY
-ing sale, speedy, and effectual prescriptions; toe
their. permanent cure, together.-with much vai—
dable information.- • All who favor me • with a
desire to read my work. shall receive a sample .
copy by return mail, free of charge.. •
' Address
No. 60. Nassau Si., New Yoik.