M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, April 04, 1863, Image 2

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01iii:040i , no , nok , ahrtlys. l so , fortunate:
,„. if - ,:iiit, * ! l ,4i4i,t , hr! '. .4o,t_itsianelly.• ,• .I:lO. , "was 'of. ,
;'';'', '' :n"o.gitift: f ,i,4l4i' o ld firrj.jit . ai;:.;i ec &it ry,
t').4 tE, "iiiiaciele.:blielftii r'itto.k, tiPOhlt, ' The
i. , ..Xk**iikitJr4kl(i*fi**di.',lii'qiOars'iiii4 ii , ady
•- !.'tkiiiiioiiiiiiii,t .4600 ! . Ih i; ptke:•detifitoried• ty-,
'':.; ik Co44ihtla, 0;06 ~r a t her I! s ti!ti , ' '..‘ .: . :r tift two,
/, "'it;iiiiity;:o l oiljfiiki! - Ei - i'p 0 0 T hi: ..'!'n1l! f.g i i) •P'L.
*'t 00i n tr a tt,Oi*On s ,to tbs . ,: le rr y• ~, coni pa ii y
kyri ioliq?.)y, sttipatat es Id. tithe, the::bci'af. - at
~,,, , vocrit ti* C tiptain : : a i-the.' t;spirtt),ion Of the t ~n
•;; , .iii . f.e‘t - 10 - hot , I.lt
,cottree Aft er that .tbe Captain
i:'.4lstitt4j,4.lintiossible.to , s ell • the entliraCtOr the
'..":',110 . t sit any prii•e. -When* t he, ton days w;, i.e . up
J '-I..'PlevOptiactor's , _b,l*.cithern-14w litiught thij Lai(
...-Tikr-S1 ooirmid sold bei to ih • - co t - - i • h''
: rett - I'Or;OoFet'onient Use et :30,000. 'Flow' they
"-l . 4V- ( 40 , ( 6 # . ii r otrii i' 11':111e - net • len r ne . d,.. ill; - €1 -iiiri
if9t . likely . to fOr,eOtito'iinie to come. • But 'pin .
, ':."Pi t Y:rf i fe. i *: . : frem.thie ho* easy it ieio "inpke •
; ‘ ; :#totteir!,'lf *On,arelonlY in _the. .'line 'of. .
liionedititi."—...Piit. & traion. • , '
........ ,
(tory rest of an,lltnols Ctr colt 4turge.
friirri.the War Eripartnien t,. , c'a
; , Tiiiitoni,camtnindarit of thig post, was directed
Illinciis, and 'arrests'
..SOljtsblia'rles:ri..Chinata hie, of the
CirCo it,..f4forliarbtiring :and prot ec ting
deteiteri s ."-.the facts reprF.sent:
,eti . to . us' iheiet, Four deserters,'Jarnes
irtioni"and'qugh'ScotiCof the 130th I Mil—
,ltotillelor 'Of the 31stIllinuis,. Milton trivet,
'of ,the Veit ..and Sohn 'X'anner, of the
' 31:116.1111noit, were arrested • hy
. .twoseigeanls.
14th ifliliatitr; tiCting tinder the ins , rae.
Timm of Capt; Lindstey, of, that regiment, whO
. ,
dOailed tipol 'that seryaiee..
plaint *as filed bilore.. a -justice of the peace
theAwnsergeants for .kidnapping, and
hti .. ct was transferred 'to Judge Const '
dismisied. the 'deserters : . open d i d
'giobnd of their hating been illegally arrested
010 held the-sergeants to hall'opon the - chip
These facts,were Tepresented . to .the'Fejleral
iuthorities, and:aOrder waa immediately is
sued to General Wright for . the arrest of Judge.
'Constable for - the discharie ofthe iieS'erters,* not
`tit holding
act, wider the laws.! of Illinois,
`tit holding thesse'rgeantelo bail lorlcidespoina . .
Upop-the receiprel the.orcler,' bol.•Cah:ington
detached'ixbout.two hundred men to assist 'ititil
in makinaihe arreit. . • •
'•' Theditactiment rettiyned to the •city, with
'Judge Copstablo and the.'de . aerters in charge,
yeslardq aft4noim.. The . ' offence, • of judge
Constable was entnmitted in Illinois t antrthe
'United States District Cqurtof that , State hue
suritidtctiehof the case. 'll6 probably be
reached to . that State - for trial,find.ln the mean
-tin) e.held opportukiitY
'hold 'pouct:in thebalatica of his circuit' without
'4l'etrittieht th•the:'pai ties interested.: This is
the first arrest:et he kitul;anl 'the : date] mien
; tip") of i sett e es in :controversy, the •contliei
'of State and . natiohal.authoritY; will doubtless
excite a diep. interest in the public !hind. •
The'Richmond Euquirer and Newyork
Tribune shake bands. •
The following , . article :from . " the •Ftichrnotid
slEuqyerer,. of tho - 7th, .shoWs what perfect.
aceord rescsits' .between the rebels -and . :the
medicals,, They'are.each others best triends.
-Behold therit
. shrike hands: • ,
The Now 'York '
.7lerald of . the. 3d, in an
.-article on:• Sia ator . .. Stunner's resoled:3ns-
. .
11'061 foreign inedifatio'n-resolutionahicli
the Herald calla in. attack 'o'n..Selyard and .
16 Adthinistration ,- ----uaes.thii language:.
''We treat the Senate • will. vote . down tfie
resolutions.' Mr. Seward and the :President
the, fesoftition of ' the Union kith . or
without slaveryi Sumner and •bie• ean
lspitatOre, ineluding'Oreeley, regard the Ilidon
~with slavery in It aft' ft iovenftat with death
*nil an , agreement with and will never
. partnitits,restoiation if.they can help, it:. '.
We lilegin . to love ; those, worthy consr:iinlois
. . . . .
einc!uding Greeley)..; Ire alio iigarti :the afi,
.Pisioti 'at a' covenant with death and titt :
.!eat: • 44,€/a hell; • Only' end . hell were
iii the same region' where Satan .of old' must er
ed his hOft- , -”in -the tegions. of the Nortfr." ,
We ids°, •like the inestimable, coneiiirators
aforesaid: i ,'W)ll,never iiprrnit, the restoration of
that•foul coienent and agreement, if we• can
Treyentit.: Therefore, go ahead. co.nstiiratork..
The Orin of 9everniitants they Want..
. . •
It itionald be kept before the people .that the
:.AbOlitiOnista have, resolved to , change the form
aphis governnient; They want more power
: ; t bait the Constitution gives them; and they
~Vil!.haie it:unless arrested in time. by the
.people. They are not Set uPulous as to. the
.means they use, and are now endeavoring to
4a6LiFt Xhi#! . :niY, so th'a't the bayonet may have
:'more poteney.in settling'the question than the
'ltis to . the b'ay'onet they are-now up
.. {alsehbod and Ilattety, and, if the
bayonet should yield to ' their. appeals—WiliCh
'rte wilt not yet believe—the people. will be co,
eiced‘ by the bayonet and the power..of the
'ballot be lost. In that event we shall have n
fornsof 'government, established giving great
'power to the rulers and freedom to the
,people—irtothpr words,we.shall have a Central
''Despotism; without .a vestige of, State rights
kw,- if any, popular rights, and no re—
'a raiping . power at'all but the. despot's Will;
.:Thisla.:"whai the Abolition - leaders are- strivl
0:1 . 6 Philadelphia Press
"Ailot er prineiple must 'certainly be •em
'.lmiiiitd in our 'reorganized from of government.
' 4 l" belrrien ; Who -. shape the legiilatiOn of this
•cislin4l, whan - ,the war., is past, must rernem;
be! that what: we:want ie power and strength.
Th8'0461671' will bo to. combine the forms of Re.
Ppt3l"e:peiierovtent with. the powers of a IVlrinar.
shied gylvtii2u4n't." .
In the same, strain the North 7 Ainerirau re-
tgThis, war 'hes already shrlivn 'the bsurdi•
ty o goreniMeitt 'Mille: 'limited
.Imteirs; it
.the!tem . that .the powir or every got er . ument :ought
se itarttilast.be 11NLIMITED . ;" : • , ,
. . .
' .This is clear enough r ive think, for the, most
ghtnee intelleci • fo comprehend; and if. the peo•
refuse to be'; warned agiainst the.,encroach- .
merits upon :their rights 'contemplated by the
ihey must take the conSequenc'es.
lye. shill do' our part . to defeat the projeCt.
..., k ainkiclielihal.have. nothing to reproach our—
,:,sselves.with.L.Pairiot & Union, . . •
' I 44,IM , WAP OIL .'Remora . -The Oil
I ,c!ilOcir.nysins4 in,. bein g pushed: down 'tepidly.
i,1 ,- i ;yligir t riktpeykitle''te, Oil Pity.: ' Operations . hive
:. d •e4remneensed en, the Meadville and Frank
it.,expteted; be in
The Pennsylvania
',lppipy . ,%4l.Ye;tlilsoatmounced. their
V4oolollooCtii ,
the nit region with n
... "40 1 /0.4 4 0. 41, 1V , AFt; fflorirog . !rummer..
firm tountv pent° crat
aturday, April 4; 1863:
§eßit:ic;')?.i.no.leN:--:-The•eljtieif reit" les
iieetien . ef , the'Staie ho'eu•
, .
Derwieirt tie eniils,.:...We lin ve.el?rrit ; .( l .
eitiee,-tovik9 ero fireet.:Aheli . -
tiop..hereiorete.• Tho2 , enflieihendi".tile • r.p.
idly inereeeing. eye.ky . where; - .ntid . ..&•i)l:ptierly
exteririinete ihe Oeteher.
price of.,Sof - ar
lAill ti n itoubtei'.ly• atiinolate•the'•people to.: the
mannfactnri.of maple angur: . • it is , necessa'r ' y
ikeictimes; to incOnie'.our hoine tnatitifii'etures
as are pleaaied „aM
increased activity • among our citziols :in that
INTURTAST rtIESOf.tit9IN,S.-011 ' llie first 'Nig!
tO:tlayi Will be, found the resolutions lidoptrd
by the Aieeinbly . of recommend-
appoilitmekt of Pe:ace*.Coinroisphinfirsi
also reioluthio.s Leg . isfattire - 2,2;.f, .Penn—
RESTO'RNTILEY.--L4•. believe a I : o.B6)l . :iiidrie of
the Uniori State's to -:be still 'of Possible
• Ochievmentj but r not . .,thronghwai. t the
autset of the tivar the secession element vi as iu
the, IninOrtfy sonthern State; exceia.,•
perhaps, South•.l.l3a . r,olititt.; That this:it no Inn,
ger co is attributable to the 'existence of War
against the people of-. those' State . 4.•
. .A' War:
whichtbeyre'Presentai tinjust- 7 .lhat invadeo
their homes, arid is is aged in a • wanton and re,
vengeful 'spirit, a - ntl'fcr .their i on. • '•li
would be kitty to expect. an Uttioti-feeting.to
evince itseff war rages in all its.fury 11
still exists : iteVertheless;..und .•I t it- is not . ,
•more PreValent.is.fairly.eltargeable to the
and. lanatieismrthat, has .ruled'oar.governmiu.tt.
' eaMint;be•..expeeted•tltat out: goveraittent
tint! that .Ijavia..vovz tittunt . will ever r.store. tbe
Uition; ihcp'can-neverb•gtcc iixceptuprin.lbe
terinsorepa'ration. 'l36th . g,overninettto are
• the OhstacleS to a restoration, and both oreth In
be actuated-by the same desire lo: - sUbvert 'th : e n
conotiCatlOn and change its character. - - In- flit ,
south.the Voiee , and the wishes :or the• p . 1;41.,
were stilliut by their leaders, who are:itow . lnaso ..
tore of, the situation: ,In the. - Itorthllie same
n i tie . ropte,d (out yet .oritirely aCeotri...
ptished), and thOsanne arguments uscd—“rnii ,
Itisevldeni-the onlyt hOpe for the
the country, Is .wit h 'the peoples Vt'ere•-thOy•
left free.:•to act -.throughout -all the - States, we .
should have.no fear-;t• lt-May hr
'asked -how Oati..:this' eiTectiql; Simply .by , a
Convention.. of States... . By that nieans . ,
•Union Was fOrmed,and the general.Gollernment:
created, and by : that. means: alone Can if, be..re . -
stor'ed and .n coPstittitionni governirkent mafn
iuiudd. And no\v'is a fOvoraide time, while
the. border . States'still adliete .. and•before
North.‘VestOrn States are driveti to desperatiOn;
delay only increases ourdtfficaltieS'and render's
the restoration, mareLopidnba.
We can.see no reasonable, oblepirin aim
armtstice, and direet tifirieill to the ... poople, Who;
.are coyruioontto - .pettl our dilfiOul A ma
jority Of . the NOrtliv.in people ate;•tindintbteilly
in favor. of notion; aril there :rema na
with; our rulers .one -spark-
,of:patrlotisrii ht
st.atespanship .w;e lbok to see itadopted.. Sup
posethaCCOurse to and the WOr . sh.citild he .
: res•uthed - , Would the Union canoe sutler by this
attetritt'io . solve our. thfliOuliies Withnuf furthe r
bla'odshed; on the coot i - !..ls.reasonubletO
suppole weaken the sects
sion elefrient, while . it
,would'tinite' thO 'people
of the- Northern States;l as,: ono man,- for til'e
ogvigorotis prosecitt . lOnlor the war." •
, EQUALIT-r Ct".irdillg,'l.o Mr..
trneolna standeril, /rundrri/,,rlollara .. .i's the
price we now paying' for . .nr:grees.. Under.
'the Con s cription et
the some price—failing to fork over
they 0e,9 . t enter the reeks-cif:that 'arroy }rich
Tad ißevenajellel'us not to ~r est Ore thetTO.
ion as it wds',"::Thuri we have ix rrectiii
hihitiOn of the 4..erittality'of
, itrehmond papers of :a late -date; stto;A:. that
considerable apprehension is telt 'in the-South
or. account Of the -rapid -decrease - of rood..
the great difficulty, if .not,frnpriSsibility of sup
'plying enough for, consumption.. A : frOititioti
was ofi'ered•on the Ilth instant in the Ctingreis
of the,Confederacy hy Mr.:Conrad; propoaine,
terms of pence, and Was referred to Corn : .
-mitten on Foreign'Afrairs. In effect it pro
,iiifes that "the - Semite .and - Homae of •flepre•
sentatives of the Confederate States do there-
fore resolve-that they Will cordially cooperate
with the'Executive ,in, arty • Measures - be may
adept, consistent with the honor r the dignity
And inder;endence of I heae States, tending to a
speedy restoration of peace, with ail - Or with
any of the States of the Federal Union."'
That proviscni about tiindependeoce spoils the
whole thing., Serairote,inependence is out . of
- the question. •JiMependence
iii the Union:hitt
There were. 2.9 A nieriCan mercantile see-going
crairepurted durink the past Month hs 'totally
bait or missing. They comprised 1 steamer; 7'
ships, barks,..s bries.and 10' sehonners.
these 15 were wrecked, 1
, 5 burned, 1 .foUndercl
3 abandlined,.l eopsized,and 4 are missing. 1
fi,enrrEaliExt." - RrisoLliTiox.--This ia
of the Indlan . a .I , Coppertientl" resolutinni:; let
every man compare it with the resolutions
the "Loyal tenguei:"
Resoled, That. notwithstanding...our :went
'ofcConfirience in the administrations wo yef
hereby Pledge ourselves to pimpresithe• rebel
lion at the,South and restore to the govern
ment. the'proPer and full exercise . of its legiti
mate-authority. • ••
. . .
. .
• 'The Moine:Legislature. adjourned .on.. We.,
dnesday last. ":It paised a series oeresolutionsY
Pledging support•to - the national government;
and In its ordinary- legislation was unusually ;
ripe frorn• partisan bias.:' • - • '
.S. : rAr;a.n.linpireu..H,,,T:sp: 10
:Ab l e yeiir ugo..l,rectienitier•tbe
.I.lle iaing
Mani a: it lain 'a pitrtiebiat• spite to
:era , T betruin , te , ll iii . toriettts;• nod the.4ribil
••tv • a 9 iiile."!li 4 l' • ••• t Oleo - %visited': itiys • i• I f
nd tototly thotittlit • tiefiiiia .
cocoa r'nud Cli a' •, he •:11(iv
dreary llrii>r-ila.s':; tified - , to 5een4...1.--ttibUgi:t
ihr 'vir•tq •
and soon toll enonigh 100 a I ti.ii•••. lice ••
to my cost:. • -Winter 1111w.gbol and
(tilt olhope •t wits to r. • Wr:. Were lie...omit .
tfieitee oer .e'utOpaitrii :on the : lot
Flail' ea get we 'all .we to mint :t ..11.-bel";Jiittl .
strew, • them rii:what aiateriat,we:.srere .nide•
'§t rt (414 lie 1 00) • 0r..1,,i-oh;.:, %re:, hopral to
trie.et them int Cepliir t•ille, retrieve thee bat•
tle ol . .13g11 liriYi. ..11ow_ebeerieltk•„‘Vir
the tnire•,anil• aim id,. Dirty 'lii
find•at•iiiight that thir,• • •iii4ll • This
'.warible•(llll( thin •of lii " 1 k,..! • • •• .1(3•'‘'•'••-
e3,i,e'rleitined•th'e'il•tlf•ettee hot iveeit • being*, '561.1
• tiietsitt.4 , l•lYlit • rt.‘3; l, . l .iei ;3.
moreplointy .telt tr.an'sreii;•tying,,i,l4 the
l oot I a in. is •iiil..vi etougli fo read a bout; t .it .
practicat.expei ienee is ;motion thing,. to talk,
•As there iva•s. no ettetriy - at Centerville
!Li fight, We, is nre reheiht.lo: toga r.olll•eilinit
iigiete'vee stayed one.iiak,'ort.rt ben esrvonietwerl
ntiftraniiititig. • All • su ironer • ivitl it ill . tot
trot tigli4o rot 111 I rdl,:ii•jllVlle
next'. All
,%e. asked wits to ineet.the•iiibels in'
• it /ai r "nd•vie•-"•oll6l;rnitli'e scarce.-.
'St '1,1.1 Ave; t
IV . e' Itairttareheil three goys wily •, Ci ht
Lard rcat-bets lo'rat;,:iml lien days . - with Eoili.
•ing to•••••:311; %ye fought..Ott day Firtita.:•• v,•it
•einply'atorniteh., t)tiringoisiou train hog been
seoptiereit,.iiiiii not hibg'was.:lis ought : us, to eat..
tioituitiay innining'chir•ang.with - •it,sbowera
thaslcet 'Pot 'no tti•tihti4•eUt S.ttnt , •
n.y fell pot irtoppa,• tint starki;il
- Ilnit he ••1:voril, . rye,' - mill ',yi e hell'
'bade to Ceittervill3;,.there. wegot wine 'rotten
emelto4S to etie,ilitil•Atariclity night, we :lay in.
the t illePits with thit'Avati•ir !fp' to t - itil•
it roiried all night. .Tilesilak.Were ive all day
without anything to eat, and iit•iikttlit mar
bark to Hill. :We their kink' a trdnip
thrtiegli more 'tie, c• - •t•
'bet had niatehing iiii,:ig; : then again'
lye ivere °4 • 11 " til " ! ` ). Vuguii•'• • • •\' , C.l'onittit the
•rehels•,oltzinst every-day . tin
Otti , anil the
'weittlier•ktilib. •trien %vele Without.
stioi•a or proper riot 19 eke i ern c:,ttn
. t.i - ,0111)1 , . • • ,1 I rail nil tket: itit1 . 1;01•:: •
%von) tlitotnzh the ' , viten'', ol .s tf.'.)
t Ave 'not a Tent ol !non •••
though the rn-n•ha,trtelit aeon tent
still' they•wanlii •not•liave titt;il,l•l , l • bitt;
lIP n%* roni.t , row' .1: L ! y, day
ilicrirboving a; •Irge .t...0 ,1 y •
tininey and girl rietlo:s • to• sveitr• Th:•
,t 1 , 011 , VIc•TI• to ee
,elyd I • t 'a k liv
whil e I hu :o11011i:ve 10;j!..1111
bn'eveiy: iit ; Viri:inia. iv-re stinken
of iu eenteilipiible34#tros,.. a•••• •
in,. 'we•fo be•ringtallitis
nil chicken r thie‘•est ' • Let tii.• Ireo,i mien nl
Washington ragstver..• They can. I IP; 4-;
see, is nrit•ol the hatilshipS Icuilipiath,, but'
beeatiap Cliak ate tint April eiriati•il by cotin.
try. • The oitly•Getieforthe army any coo.'
tiger-ice in, •1 hey iemitveil toreause . h t ? %vas 1-v--
entnit . ig to popular wh . it tie nials•Ses, thii cense
41tieiFe was Ito• ins•aet e at Frez.l.; irk Om!
I'ha'te fie searcely eitengli lest-or boy; regiment
tor a•ernporal • Tin! flint that are
are .I.yorii ont and •iltspiiiteil tif•Y
be kept in the 't hose IleA'‘' • .1'P:61111'1AS
I.liat air 111111:11. xv i 50 nt about
itrt he city oil! -of iliinget'ri tO• r a y. „T he too
pnnnt, of BOrklaiis . inein city. gtnue.`,in4
to-keep tiwo I lint.ean't• (;I,iNvl,..ttotn
.rtnininti ninny. • Eiteln one iye.it a it hate
: toil as long as a is 1111. •%N•
to. : v.•4
• P.•4l,iiris
tL:iir is iitcnssaryi• it 1 •go fain Ism ry,. . •
1 he vitstintr here. in NN'asliingqori
a;rn , )st , every . .ility mot
• i•ar-
Ti, runt tint f ever,
soy' - :*.A I:1;1,10p •
Very effeeiltil, I' pi e , •inite•hissi.iiti•ebo.ve•
Greeley is in the city liaTirbing•anot lire .1
• bubo 'plat. i , pri••=ll,lth [nail I
ili lIA' city; feat afe
2.04' fly .'11 • 0;11) Ole
itioi.t they get is ti bri•keo head it•ltley
••• • • ..• ();
, .
. .
Mat iih. $ '••
Dr:Art Paarislsb-7'n day
lUnespme one, I .corteltided to' Write to you (al
'thong:h . 1 had previously resolved n(it to Write
until I grit'azt aussver -to. the Jastleiter •1
wrote.-you.), The weather stillteinittpuete la tat,
unit are.the'prayerS 'the - two,. r•ars
'tegiinents) that will pont mutt so Until thtir
bitne Of. eillisrtnet4 terminale's. "l'hat will be
for, us you niay li.asSineti; !Jody—
en. linotys it wilb•he Air tree. i neVer want to
see tinOtherltehel,•ittid. When 1 'wriftit Lis; I If;-
lies , e that I w rite,b-he continents of is
of t bwo
.year • s'bnen't nod I. shonib,, oot • -.be
sill - prised it it,tv,rs t he' Wisit of tie whpie: i tmy,
i.do not niean to have }top lilac troto this
I •want.ii Sotal;ern . C'on:l;derezey no,
fal'fri!tn - it! f.t he, powur...al SV•ii wo 'd ,
stop fight hitt. for he .4. 1 y and livl
to put down the t.thellion . would stay:anl see.
the thing thrriugh or die iii' sei ring toy .colin;
Cob hon•.when thy rno
instead of tor the 'constitution of the liniien
Spites as I swore' to when I ~ .nli. s toift thenl say
that as soon' as I cap get out shall mis t zi - s
Sarrilly do so. l'iesid e nt ' fi nd opt in
time that the army (or a portion '6f it 'lli Last)
did not : enlist to *ma ke the i.iirturni.'hetter•tlian a
White roan; Hof one did not. .-I have' a
'chance bib see and I do say that, (as tar . :5..1
- . .ha've seen) the nigger is hitter off binder the
eyes othig overstterarid master titan he- wo'il,
be if he were tree. - In corning doWn Iron')
renton tc(this:phiee last December, . eliatte'ed
to run aeross about a don (Hides and female's)
working in a'eprolieltit- I askeu nue, 'a girl
altotit fifteen years old-if she had a kind mater.
Shtbsaiii' Yes sal deal sight hotter than'olu
massii down in Sout,earline!'' I then asked
her if she had to wink ' hard, she 'said; • ciYes•
Bahl sornetirnes . "„ , I then' said..wlty not run
rway arid ;et , your Irneilorn. Iler answer vies
‘.4(inny!. 1).3p I w tr.lab. do one to bake ea re
of i tnel.no sahl 'no; neither run a wa.y.l ) • I went
away ti little inorelhoughirpfiliatCl. ear - rte . :there
.1. tell ye ii. 1.114 NMI/ 01' Of this. '••
iNly. health is good bind rive tit hopes of seeing
you in'obout tWo "maul th's. •
• . .Your.tiffee't son, •
.• G. L. Y. •
. .
BEI.Lti - LANPING ? ISt II ;63.
Dear Aant.—Yo I may think' it Some What
strange' to receive a leitr•.r from me,'hut it is all
plain enotia.h to me. 'The fact of it is, I am
one (lithe worst hands in the world. to 'write
letters, - nnd hardly ever write ill Can. help it
and as' I woe thinking .to'.dasy that I had , ought
to write t6.you, I concluded to' make, the trial;
but I ilo not It'n4w howl ithall...euee.erld; • but - .3 t
toilt sliai?t of }la I isno.oarnowe
edtiritty . worth.'
T h
. ey art! F.ofnel .
lilth.0 . 01(1 fror;pq
.:101,1rnittiOlt•-noiN onth: iii theirplaiie,...lloi
Itei>rYt. hifyoj.,betiri ( relieved lunul' gone
, t-Iltivatt ittnib , " Hats
hourir welt outi I sit %%.
'idai,l)'eliei - th;•:nlbei''iltiy; bc. entio, d6ltn unit
'Stayed all tug Inv;
t healthy ne I.:l3,prionols.
Ilr f'ays. 'hey ate ; etlearrip,oilntily two -or three
Itide They sired Yrisetly haul
s'lrf gut 111 - Oke:in 'rho
•4.oLne here. :it.s.nowed 1.11111 rained all nitilo,.llll.l
:theyFord:no teit . s to *get' Owle . ll' -bat Pel cap le
,1 . 1).1...4 y P . d . yt• Inv and kwunp. of ,it .
ttalpriot , o:.you'lmew tbal tvas nt the I.l6s
the. lr t.I heac'd ltvin ititn his &dint
WI 11. We lire -gettiint, noxious tee the. ftist
of.ilext,,Mity, for t %Ye ...slot II bo tree nirli
an'ia.rt 01; "Then l"colt<t n ititi it: ti ill he tin
Ii hr.lot' 'erlinothingl - ii" , Sitli , s : Soil thr;r:o
There a re:ei.erhi butid(p d .t hein•nt.tliis land;
ion: to do_ tali f.;111! duty . . -Their s oN'erninent.pnys
hord't t :both
.. nod
Noitint; aril inie:.ollller,etin do more in one day
than :They get, better rat ion.s nod
mute ot' . .ibein't Lipp . The NorTheiii•
snout hi, a niiger
al i en 10l do'wn'hielo•noil them; II
it, viand.l ilo - scirini of t hein•iz.ocal:to t:orne dOwn
li•trenild n'urs'e three:ye - Iff ,- ; I.lcurina , it the
:Ind I ii , Ver.wiis .entiy.ort• • . 111eir
enn=e.' I. suripo,e you' are It ving
hig thPre nbout tit,-se ilay.sl
. 1, I
qe9 • .••
I reniain 'yopr's'n „
. • .
. ,
. .
ho . fel I Irt t
I:i yc ,, trs and 1 . 77 • ' • • •
•. !Ind noblo 'boy;
• • lo ! her All, ber . enr illy joy. • • I
lln 9 , l*i. Ifer irith the. ',tit tin illkh • ,
impe. it pm) • .
in a mgatio,
i., he ' . ,
No a! ant , mat - rite In hair% tha spat .
• (No litaTizar L ital. !lc t,roty.) •
hert- yttath!Ol ftt!l
that Idol day, .
tio , y
it,,l •'
uNtII:1:,,',..1( . ): , ;1:-: . ( - 4 : ,,, : . 7. rt',,tr,s:p.N
( . 111 . •;'- rl! piston.
.'ll O V. , t);•
j...;.t of
• :o .
6f . t
brought ti; 1..3a . rt0 1 . 110 , dy
rne,i v • •
e 'oni - vn , qi4nably e and
it t poi.O.;L'i•, non.h t I
11,e; aThuiws . tr.oi:;fi trnuld stand iii
o . dnvir of it n•a t no I paft - :0;
plot to It ,uma•ur ii.
1.1 . ,Cre 1 P.'lll)t.S ' Io p
jni.evrnt dm) lot: in
t ,:tnpt
't o ~pprrv,.. r bout whirh
is icor;-‘.llt.rn.frail
;Ind iniplaw4; in Inc t e .e
• ,:of the
tPttao:t In contjwle. , t)...F.9 , to tVhdt -
I intro I ti, carry: it' if it
'.cc' out; .t!) s6t do I:no , v,
ii a ;;,,1 w {•:1 ,
1 3 ,06 "rry :1..a1 \V 'n • .rtot y
' . until:v.o . rifpc. , iod't , i-c! , ;.511, , ,- -.11,i5p0t
Vq,i lot.
ccc I al{
a , It
;MA VAVri,
1M: lid r7l)t
any ot
t•' I i4ll?i , :66! t
1 , ..1(t,.
t,r) con ,
t n.t . a.ltern'itty't , of sob.oitt -
on,1 ! .61.1(21)
t Decs, nye tic.t . rleparod-to "say; :but_ vv,
to Ihit p.e,tee
-of Ow
NA aP. P . 1 7 911 undo ylat, a party
:oflegroes. :mostly . froM.ond -of'toivn, became
quit e exeited . ,tftd,r• ddspOsing-„of considerable
• ‘ . . , •fotty fad," started from.the Village,„no the de
pot, Mr the ptirp nor, asthey openly avowed, of
Nionot.fr.S.fa:s.o, at . the depot:
they had started for ahe depot, they made their
threats-, witha.fnstok in possession of imeomd
knives -In the posseionofdite re s . . of the
that theydntended to an
:4 ,ll dge.th , y had ago imd him, whicd, however,
woo of no importance: 'On hrriving'. 'ad
. 11.1 r.
lia:si,r, , ;heise, they' leturildCh.,-a/c-ed, .and used
rtldlthe means pos • sible to .gai n o mitt ance, but.
'of no •aveid. 'they then, vent to the' railroad
h shop, : and- knives.; •
illtre iedriulting the • hithready, that ihay•Ncera far
I he imrrit . ; , p,' of killing „I—to, and scatted back to
*the.scene (Tactic) . .. On rr ing': a t he;;:,,bouSe
they lomol the door fastened, and imme"diateky•
commeneed' - their cries of vengeance •In,m‘t
whoa Rmaann • Who. MIS in. the house,
came up to the window:and•dold themdheY•had
better 'keep still, when one ofdhe party drew a
pistol and shot at. him, .113 e ball entering the
window casing, 'abotidoite inch from the edge
which, had it cleated,. Wolifil have hilted him
:instantly. Oflii.ers had arrived by. : this -time,
aad altei much .reskdance, the-party were
'hun.tn custody, but not. until seine 01. dbeto
were.st rued: severed -difpe,da cool their
fever,' . r.vhich be
necessarily eitatecd
older to bring about sehtnissiim on their : part.'
:Pliny 'were brie do the .village and put in
the lockup, atter.a severe:tiine• ‘Vith dhetm at
t he:door olthis "Cooker," where theY'aftempt-.
ad- to•dilaYe themselves Scarce
. by Means for
which they are indebted the shape
o f • Th • eirpicflect fadled-,.and they'
we're cuulined.`"Phis (tl,lecloasrlity) ,Marnieg,
'they; ware' brought 'before •Jiistica : Meachemi .
anddlre going . .Ontuwe.go to press.
They skroold stiff tr . the just penalty of the laws.
and we hope;it will .he administered to, them.
Wit bout me r cy • . .-LO f cats ,Timcs.
. . .
The negro expedition to, Florida undo' '.Cols.
Hige;inson . and .Montgomery 'is reported by
Gen. Saxton to linvesureeedeil, .
?LSI 1 I p.p1.7 TILE NW : MITI%
'When tho - fnieorit9.: t4t.supported. Mr,
for.Presklent uchieVogliuches, and were
,etithliel :molar 1110 for.ms al . the Corslitotihn
*Piece hip] ripatiiist end
.the votes: of nearly thirds of the ! people, :
flie'y.iaitiated a policy hrsee.tfietel oral '.Paitisun
eep4l,ly elefel'clefienee - popular .:
whidr . II j e .te ti ke ena;
• . . . ... ..
•Sti oe'e .;li'it,l.th.t f Mt...l,ir.roln sliould Min . n.
, roft• jOt . Of Lis .011.51 i I ilii . ;Vlill I iOlhi . • breans;s or
. th.i m
iloool , ot lii,: , ol.;ciip•o. Rut if wils hi51.,1,--
ry tp spelt oirt,..Roil Oonfoitp !O•ti.•,•lie'leiloi;will.
Therc!. %%: . es no to i•I ohil , g.lhe e.h. 1 9 .1.0 er ,of .the
e.sin'esOop.pt T he yob) ie:
,s , '9 l iti'.l . yl. , t:: llits rep—.'
r ., ,ol;it,iv.tticrion'ot . 1:ho r.reillrp::ll ies V1'01f! • ... ri
flonol.-try,oxptess it: • Donelus ,iv,es 'rezi,ly to he
l!ord,•aii . ..l.,si n •oh - e in Isp.Ptitoyora I 1qc.c , rii:%..1:041
wus.fof the Ern ie'o.'on 'du , hi 5:1,1 Qr:. i'., flip r 0 Fll 1:I' :
IThe rnajoi.ity or iff• sopporirs'of 131 t (.I;ii.rhhle
‘l'lPTC!'l.'nioo men. • A , In re - nittrnrity... of '.Mi.
li.frlk•eln's.6.‘ya'stippoiter.s.m.re oppoSed to A hot i
l'''et the new.Plo:-.4lefit:i iosteed of•eOrifoiminiz.
11.10 pokey''io il hitimh public ''seniltne.nt,. , retr.z
towoil it do‘6l to the sznalit,i••.r.tnoasufe 61'..f.te—
tioli. 'Tie prochtimed the •Chie...lo iilailor,m-.-- , .
Ile tli i s'et.iiniitilfth . e noih'ority.ol the.Uniled Sint es
1 ebtills.. tie . •set alio' tto 'lout: .111;QO iii 'll- •
. ..11 - I , IISO ma,jority'thertih• of irpelty mrephome,
• litl..rnioority.. ,
.% - ~.., • ',.... .: . . .
, . .
. . .
. . .
i . l'lten - followttd .t . irO 'f..!..rasrddim Tarl(r. biit--- , •
a , ;. , ..ki a 9 . t. znventre—,t , xt.nitu:ddrntii Ib t• ' . i'...qi-I;.;,ess
• of tw nation bY ...et•tiona . l cairnlily: '••
.. ':
. . . .. .
. .
• Aii,il'ilricri : lll,in have licil n com.titnare . d:tbn sp .
othi4 triraFtnes which Form 11)16yo'b , :ie.n. c.n.-
cciiveclin the " vi•ry . .iiii-it cif: hatst: agAittst . Ji),.
!Hi Til 12 a Ili/ 'llli.il ni Di.nionrc,e . v, and , of • hostclity
In the piincipins 'upon • 14iicii our Veclerativ..'.
. 'lnund;•d.... . . • . •
I.% . ‘cs the-boast 0t..0ne . . of liartisios . 2ot
this r7e wile t! ain ; t'ih' tilcl ronstin+iiooal faith,
t Con2ress. tvlli . eli..haq just: - chised,, hai
est a 1 I iSliecl'ti ..:t.stetit of leen t snit tc ,
the . most illira'ot never
e.eivecrof:..They e r reet.l not 111.Tnited Scales
lank;bid p' scheme . '•of ccttreney
relatth Mt! . i MP' ev-ry. t4l f 6. Vtfly ot
the Ststt. , .. snit crushing pcit. eoMperteg . State
They nested notit:debt
trier "ly, but Mt eternal dOit; t
mnrnlitpaper tender for all deli
. .
1 , 01, • mc . r , ly• a.. Pr9i,e;ive
TAr ono:•
W ion
11,t1:lt:•”1'01 , ...1 - ;;;c1:11..,;,'
m . ore on; .0
Hni7 l '= et,jr,y 11-. • '11;;. , ,v
mdl officeis kg-410111,i Ty mtd.,tl
- e:11,:'1
. ror• , y ovir
r 16.! t'itd •A I 11;•V t
I 1 Srstrll . 4 iSf,z:alitl,alWlll:t'd fir pvi
f, , , r
of Ow no:tlnr.ity I lorg,
ao.l I,atitt2l No
in rdti
to, discover. tt,f.
'Jog !bit Not.ll,
1r...,1 .1,1111,11 to (Irkpi,p, , , , ttt
pixi•ltiOo(l I . ll.tiivip,tt.tOn .01 alo:iiii."ll..itt . o u.
and •In . carhible of it, if
it .in i 1.14 4.111'111(1s., Coq
their sol.f.'col.c , .tt.tvod •
. .
n111 , 11;1 i • -• . rvi.;,-.; 1)0 .
tria , ze ,, , 11,
iLi• y i ",
i hose vojii* ;1;111 , ,
pNnptr.: •
tite Sl:d,'s . .ohd 17, d—;;t!,
(if Illiki v Oilsrpicll4llaml
p:lir.rt to 111' , •rr
•C,ths.t ion;
out:of ihr. toad'
•11:2 of • I)cvtonci:ley ! • , •
- p v
;.y sin
" I ;%10 1::i 111
rP, • .
11: h
I)! I
oky tot: , P.ftird 14.1.1?!...v,,Nt,
Th ,o l.!'nr:
111 i• - 4 :I , :: , :rn ithri Owy*.wo
.• •
G:U.D:7I,I_ , VRY :
.02 .. °NEWS
• ,
•'•Officatinforifirtrion Vas bi , en received : of Cpl
oriel ,Conner.'s se•ircte'liatfle arid 401 , mtlid• vic
tory on `Wear' i‘la . shingtoti Tel rrtory..
Orirce t match of 110 Jr; Mid,
wi . a.tir, and throng!) deep • :suoirs, in • which
seventy-six o) his men o re diSllllll,l by Irni,'ri.
feel; he and his grillarrt•haralof Miry two
attached. three hundred lfirliair.ivari Mr,
in th . eir;stionc - liold,. prpl • alter..a • bard fini , ;lit
battle of foni.hosirs, ikstroyert.the cottrii• hand,
leaving two jiti - infreiLnnil wenty-fnur.
upon ti 'Our lane fouriceMizilled .
•and Mity-116w wounded. These' Indian, had.
Inurdered'seveill . miners
'and we're.a •pirrtY.6f. the satrie , hand .who had
bee . .tria.sacreing emigrants on- the:
,mail route for the. last fifteen '•
years, iiiid;trie
principal actin s and leaders'in the horrid Crimes,
of the, pant summer. Du ring 'Colo nel•Coo rier's
march, no assistance . WaS - ; rendered by, the:
Mormons, whO• seemed, indisposed.r'lte says;
to divulge any information' regarding the - 111.,
(Hans,. and'charged enormoOs, .pi ices for every
article futhislied his, command.
The news from the Altisissippi.thig
ink is"di=mat: The
.taibel 'reports ot n naval
ti a h ter at. Vjekburg.are Conti met!. apptiat
that on Wednesday,' last two of:our minas .
attemteal rim the' ba teriei there. One
'nf them •was.linociiptl 'into splinters, and the
other, disabled by a shot through her. steam
drum, iyiattul"att4 .. thit merry' of the,..c o rrent.
t.trget lor. the. rebel .artillerlsts; until t•iire•
came -near the tumid, of the 'cur ulf, where She
was:toWeil,out of range.. -- The Inns of 'mail is
riot t, et.kuown. lettrnHtitat on their
way up the .rivor: thellarttorthiml Ath;ttn.,,,
pneanntrp , t'a bittery much more formfildide
than any ul tho , o , rut pot t,Hullson, from Which
they .received seti'ons. damage. 'To colt t h e
climax, it is reported. that'the 'Fitittilower Riyer
e'xpetlition' has returtietl to Ynontni •Port
nut }Hiving . • acromplkhed '• • ottieet..• Thus
last siatement,..bovvver we are, inclined to
• From Fol tress .111,Mrde,' by . every. fr'esh
;privet frnin the Smith; •we get news •as to
the evacuation of Richmond, which said
ji. tro ress. ' •.
A Qin: inn.] 6:despatch that the rebel
ire I etreA from Kentucky' in. hot . haste: -
• An ent husias tin , mass meeting was held in
Washington last in . the ball
. .Of the.
Muse of R. , piTeentatives. .
Governor Seymour sent . •a message .to the
States Senate, yesterday.urgipg them
.to take
immediate aefiett . in..fayor of paying the
toros . t:pn:the St - nte debt ingold; We rare
!he • .pre . ssuie upon.. our - sol . u . mne tilts
hot: perin4 to print.it. , IC
cot 5t77,n00 to col ry out the 'Goveinor,% .
sn,gast;stioo,- that is it 'trifling
niittier 'when ..the of *thC Slate is
. .
.. .
111' , t Le urriyal- of . I.liii,4lnuse, ‘l'elia'we. traie ,
(hiy:s Lehr - ney;`.4:-Irorh: 'Europe::: The, 'Pull.4l'
luizu I,ll,evi;on - 'has: rt.suu:;-,1 ' the istu:et 7 ., of i!:
lio tri hiuldri ven r . ..al'rgi v en* . 1 ist : . •to' . st rive ipies7 :
t ious in.
.th'e' vid:iuelOf the'..G . :eal
no. i)i,q;,t4.). 01. I , , , ,Linif hoi neeredited:.udeuts
to .foroilin governruolts,..apti. issued ,luffi.unai
Thy comtitin,mof thtt, A rmy of •Oa Potomac
is rt•prosf•nted . ti!. ;licpatrh .. froM head . —
qua et.:tr;:, r . .h Tlfo • ernamyta . "ear ri p,
display • t ips-al v. $ p:ry. i t Ile. ••:11 . 1p 'main
. altont . -ftiteen
miles frtirrt *-.F.roderickA,
ittg,•*, i hough .
fr . Mco Itt'ts . rpfoot 40'61 near Port
Roy are . o , Ming• to :by cote
a.liefeilant. My!. thraa srtigt , ants,• . all
(rpm onp.cOMpapy, came trito"Our.. lines, 'and
.hundrails_ of oth , re :woOld come: bat • fitr the
.difljeult tps he Ra mat tinock. The
riesotors report great stitiariOg to the rebel
army, aid'ninth elionflactibn at - 114mo: the troops.
1181111:iiint : Of floor .antl a quartcrof a pound.
of Inttal'conititute - their daily • rat lons•
•: from lkiiirfieei,borO to the .29th
..saS•A therels reason to. helieviilltat Iran-bora,
with B,ooo.trinuMeti jai:laity and cavalry; has,
moved to he
,Ctinbe'rlit.ml -river below
iptererMf navit.tation... The rehels
ore Salti enneentrattng
.in 'front- to resist
the-ativam;ti lloSeeriins, rot', to attack'
hint. .They are fortified at Tullahoma; Si eVen-,
.5011 an.{l I;6'd: report, ttntjess than . .66,1100
stronir.:' Ilt-aggi's • in, command of the: army,
Leatlgnarti.ts are at .Atalanta,
A fortreFs 'Aionroe, letter.of .;the 28th re—
po rte lthe , sale . arrival of the ironclad Keokuk
Port' Royal. • • ' • •
It ais:o sfalesthaj an extensive. fire :occurred
nt ItirhironA PA . () . d estroying
o,ct ly ,000,npti 1‘;Islods of corn: .
• T i.,. rei.,e!•:-.vere in; Betivecn the Black;
• P.: , .h0 • umbers.. are
• ..i f r11...1.11,:1t , •
C . o.- I's; ;7. • , r Vet arrived at New
~11,7 on orn Royal, .I;vhenee..
,h e 5a, , ,e.1 nn 11.± . `24 , u. , c:itp4my - faster
. is
.tvh o brr,ve,, , ht reri7its tint fl ! q
ef.!le , 5i..11,-et Pir.bteen
re:ie,ot ;y5115y I,e;inh , flyit , g;
r 1 /' , r 1 1 1,. '10,5 oT 'All the
01:th":. - thitt".(hii must
ari-T Jinni the IMfl:ll,ll,lir, , rit of FehtS . Umpter,
.confirmed by the
'tint eyen lu:number;
porr.f . toy-,,1 t y for. vh.tt tear
- th e n. .0.,1111,.'i..:;,,11 . 1..:t.0n illshefi' end • ex--
v. sin lii nine o'Clock .
)h;-;t: trhert,
.the ;hip; seas . thirty:-fiye
off . • '
to I! frraa ftctir - ini.:r.:::4lt: has nor
in , nn pa hi that the Oh.f.naiaall
5' , !..1 at as P• Co.,
nIl thatiis aiiinail--'that it is
h.. this , rifonot be
of IFv. chemists
• 14) it Is a' (,et
iu•if is the most
[1)! , ./uz con
-4' Hro-- , co.-id?l,lv.proof That an•.tie:
n•gairr r, of !be', acticle... It
tronllfacrtirets at
Volt:; 'at 1e—
lu,-n ( •
•,r I
. • 77. k. Li ;, ',I , 1 i,, lire I.3l(!tid ,". was
I,;:tt Li might 10 112 ht.
A: krikw not only
•!I,A .Tit.. , i.,looy'l:ot that tlioas.e
j M•i!. v . of tlit , that
I , tt - Vo flair bailie
it, ILi:vc . ar , r! 11. Thp celArtttPil .Dr.
1. fr • A LowA 'ho,sJa,l . reaar:l to this
o,l;itla .a to 'cure
I , :xti•Art
'ireip , t t :il iTiiis.tookt reasons,-
and it ter vow by our own
5,1.1 , in At: wo tuke.iiny
w e bay(' novrtilic 1.54 sev,-4'al'amilsheori.under:
nbli;:ritioar. to the !•I(i4 ..4 . yr , 4; for. the' re—
' fir.whioti Inc rommlios neyer tail to afford us
whoa wo aro obligrd to have recourse _ to.therh,
- 7 4 Cat holie; •
At the residenoii el the.- father, R.
Willizi . msv : itle,:Elh county',
Pe., Op the' t nth b 3 J. H. Sterrett,
Mr. SlL.ts oi Vox township to,piis.
-01.1 sq: J..l3nowN, of -the fernier place:'.'• •
nicasnre we acknowledge the.
roOctirt,,.with the above notice', :of the dollar:
This return do the :custom of. 'better times,.
when the printer Was alWays remembered, is
encouraging. The happy'entiple haye l our beta
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.I(ThEPII HORSE, Lot° Shell'.
Smothp'ort, Dec. 110).1862..
' NEW Sons, march 30