M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, January 31, 1863, Image 2

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''illil i 'tit Stitt ,tot - ge, SKI . for . : the:' Ji!te!!ifi
7,iiii,/ifitiiiilriMittes of m , k;,.n, Elk
i/Si:. ' ?Mid is ,read) 'tOrnceiVe .
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. f t 4 it'Si' ,4 7 ': • ' • ' . 1 01 i".""' - i — r - '''''''''''' ; ~ 1 3
r Ati4;:ii;lATlNki•• 4 %.i WI ti the;statement
1 1 ,4. Snore. ini`regard le the nt . tempt of Simon
Ciiiiißiiiiiiiiiniiiiinliitin•thiSenote:'' , It iii:n'
altli*,•o4.*Wirl'ilrtaMinl , statement, and tells
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,1410Pilien.SilliPi It 'iliaild: , bs• -understood,
i,OllllF4'. ~,iiiiiiitidiSiMitti;irhich is Republican,
,- kktei*Cikiiiiii-etininis4 go "frito j att 'oti.itiOn
'suillou' 0 ,11$ Repablican mould be elected; benee , it
hirt-- * ifi f ilfett tkilln* their ti'i'Ve Itecviv'eii,
' 11 0 1 ' 1 11;" '!"'it4 fiitiie",if the 'ihnin
trnSlON!!**4'iClh?” ( *rtti , thai 0 4, ItTPiihiirl!'
liiiinilitts is( the Legislature, withiit•enexcep 7
tikiiCismiiiiindltrir eistruptions.'nf•Simori,.- in
*Milt modal tilleninntiotiori in catmint' dependent :
414 4.;;,4; • ,‘ • it),1.r .7 . , ‘ , .- th l vi d Wilnint'Wits
tiii , , isitce l 'it iiiii*ptitiiiiani' but be inteld
lei cf ipt iiiir, Perboaratie - vote.; it . ) ' th e mean
t iMis''ll7 l 'irtsir •tutainmetid , .that CaMeron bid
liikiMMil44l*?V're.4iidg to ' trust the abortion,
a.Mittli#o l , l l 7 44 l! • . { :4o 6 ifi.itd 1 °:. % .l i:t on br•
1114,01,1 . 0
14" asgeolllll,the:? “1. ..,,'Arh!n 'the Fomr.
Mitt.* inpiteted
_Simon Catneron, , received the
i;tt iiiiii,etMd'efeiyinientber Iwee pledged to
ft ,110i;''' fitr. iiiPoit f i; irink'it ' wail found
I.l4.! ,. . l l lll 44tolidAheinr lihrYl'.irony hi! vote* ',
Ilk auk sir titizenoi espeninlty, ; those pro"
. Riss4 to'bol berneof' and; Iwo:if—our ehorcii
11 04, lighli 1 1 1!fi '6o'o ' pay'MinisteroHto.con.
.46../.4 l lfleiCitivlilife fe ' rlding• :, l'f! ' i hittir
liimnikiiiiMmminly ,instrunemia I In building ,up
ii ,
mkkilliMg Pewit; tts . the'. Republican- parry. --
Wilt 'tilteltlilintintin to desecrater theii :epee in
601(04 ifiii' r t iii,up,f•paity: !i•il b is corruption
ettilinstt,im v.,alled an, isolated coati the !Lillie,
sool.4theders in . the State, Ot .ii,enosyivania ire'
plilitift• t tat sitimptid 'tend; .and the Na-,
tiMildielitinisirition tit entire than impliceied..
- -I:l.tpy,te, 5.,1, ..., : 1 - 4 ,,,, •. ~_ .! ,
_.., ; . ,
etilikt*UglillT roin.77T ll ! 6 :4 le ,Fi WU°, was ,
liblk is so attempt to • tan alleged desgr m
teit,'':iilittrlkil 'iro r neyi i rei ?tilt titi' ' edunty,l. A is t
wiv ii i tW_ o l. i .,±y . .. / P ie #! ir ' ons '
losii, t . Imp,*4kmpf , fifli--n_7 , i!,•: 2 ,;,;.',.l ::
bi,,Aptdishoin 4 Plurtottit it'd, 14 JCPPWn 'lO
ads* frialedviiiif ibiationtr, hair, ing (ont:rip
oktit i yitifietho Ailtiliiii:!ios , ittisiiii •thiivplaiei ,
e h, 04: 41 t l igt ".: ; ,;' ;:t :-*:;,. 'E
.",',., 1 ..:.' ( :!,.','" ' '
ATTTITIT TO Anasse•Dxstnuress:—One night
.t nu
' the'house
.... _
,li ."
...4014 1 40 ;i 4i0.i0f,Mlii!sl'3' ; ' Wi,
egsagoa,lntelthst:tba Inypeoni.OVaosaint 11 1 , Pert!)
4 0 4 belortilsii.** Mira Cadets led in thif ; house:
luntrk,trit was, dispnted 'l4 . Ms..; Grime's,
motif lila.' In iii. Winkle )oiiaiii !ninake th'eir
. .
010 , 014,00 .0 1011 k !!!!4°ln • itieng!kihf,'s l °ot
Iftgt.faggetissad pitt 'parry got Arithin: the boas,
*1444 gii 'Sea .inittilltre. 'grim's, - :erherenpotit
- . 4 709,41 1 4 04f" 4 4 i l!;l, i #7 ii 'Yo :t4defan
'l,loSiiWi _saterflY7 . lT4litt. !o!iti in'.
a , •de..
noltiltVirithe• alititi. of Di'latosh was arrested
• Illt@ll/tllll4l9i,Too..Allegagy, , bat atieeeeded in
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...:iro. .... tutted:Out; 6 101,Ticirs xrzpi
...***4:l4o4o 4otiairanit ;and :inn tery; ~,,- A
liiiithoP,Witis . tili ti l ityheit;rty:Tusitiee• Wilkins,
4,1141411 -1 1 k.* 1- b a r'( it .° tf.."C'ltiti'rxieOt
.tiat ainkiiketi 'Want aliirwrilhkrrePiet• • :-.
(* . T: 4.•«+- '
ailothor eoloont wilt be
itig geneiolly
Obot.4*# !PI'S I the Bode.--
WirelM,counl3l wiU nos
be beiirof is this good 'Work.. Toorwineeting
40114165 i
vittlW 541 -4 , , ; nal.
glAiiiitaititiiii.,- , Tbe people'of Sneed):
liiosaiiiiit *liiiriitday ' eiiiiing la se,
Ititik# fileilli.SrOs)*P4:011P1141;11,7741'1114'!11,
Itlidity-4eeeediforty 'al.: , 7:, , ,. i Char, 1 o(1 liontii9
* 0111;00 1 111/Ifn 401 Istitqattimpr te'r.ielfoarl the
*liiipiki4 ) ther'iiirtiiiiiiiiilli4aii4ni& '-' tit. ,
. '4l,l4 ‘4ll i ii fi li4gool..ilii , 3 4 ,itti r #l: 7 rOfr:
: .
lab assertion that misery eaused, i gh, yesx,, and
abaveryatenttlat4etbwimbefore we bora have;
..'•piellibilftweisteil:thaferming of negroso to as 1,
tikAir . tilittitikslis.bu!c ill! . 0, Pm ,ittitleffil, •
of i '.:;tabil *stel: Attie' /bnaiinity:: in this
Viakiiii iiii'i:4oiiiiiid when ' t; is ' kici'wn;
~.-,l t i rv l b111 2 .,4t., ;',VI I: ~ 4.. i r ._• l •
rflooti,uk_, 41, , PI imi, *IF; 7 1 T 4 ' !tm Y• IP ,
siedialOgilererili mother and, rother ' , are of she :
stsialkfi),ilibi eatiriely *titled
, r he co w. 4
Itgg!l l it l tt l 4i l g47):gtr;:'
"Oa_ . . ,
~ , ..., 1141 11 104 1 r 41 izikoki with, the plea
iNgt eitirfeatifeiseeiputbleliaticaorBtate!lioes add
iiiiiV iniciiitirilillaiWitilit &Hiatt ;'the . *yet'
•TaAirililitiWlWitird wgidi , tiiii , i,ii hid'
0 0041004. 1 440 3 , Me . lo l 4,l l AßltAif NV:4' l = o°'
' ' 011144tWailtilleritkimpan etnielsee. i
' .. 1 ..L.‘ ' . - WO* ii'lliffilitb est. Widow,. that.
• 'AV .:1 jritiiisitdor4,iii lieiisoldliii.',
, • _.;' ~,- - -- 4/ft : 1 , ,I I.', , ' at: .r.in,tr . 3,l , r, ,
Of .41001410nif IN saiisAlsransfee Olt >dbctiitl4ll
fee ' ' aiiiiiiikilikeloii , g ieit !Wbijiiriti!)of. a*
• i 4 . # .thl ithic . "`ib4try'llitirilithe 'its' sal's'',
.., • 111 I 1t - , t lp in Uti aiiisiiktoi the iiiiliiito;.,
111 :, , , 717 :
4 1 44 11 4-4, , ii i . : iil 4 '' jl i. qi49 l;n.
... ..,,,rfAit**'lnlitilitokt kern&
°74o o l k44o l »ii! ,l o'.'y'oli'hi
`40..)11 : ii - jit=r , A4.ii,,4h , ! iiiisiiii4i:
~ 1 114);00. 0 , , '_444i4,60,iiiitioisiti4 ;;Un t orvo
141 10 1110011 ** 4 rw ( littleitijfitrther ries:.
..; ) Strit4f ;iiiiijA hr ki# 4 ,..iwiti„iiiouk
_. A 1
;,;hifi 6 ' , — .,.. ~ Ir l iC ief risi li k l g i lt :l l44 o l4o o.i
• tii 6, $ ..-I,' ''' - 0 4 Pireflit'afttittaeittea, , ,o0
'... 71 k lytirttiminieli Mitleiii,
;,, #.,,
~,,c , ,,a , ,. ~,; , _i_
. 0 . **of, ..0.;11 . 4 , 21u,; : ,3.i e , i
- , - , omsll, ,
....IT- a rrion , .'
'!,, i ' lll '' , 3E4;O* OS. .0 10 . 0 ,siC Ihellog i
,; , -. 1 • 1 4„, ',-,.`"VaL , eigity3O c t eo l.'. , '''
4,; . • •
danspiat Ififerai ivas sunk tit
o,lvegt,, tie 17 14 bt vessel ,supposed'
tit be 444, Alakitne:
iireutntkkneikas hitaled'siret iheier: The
ein*ni with isix
•cther.itiede - ra4tJawiers, were off 'Halirettion on
the 17th, When.i strange.vessel .appeared. in .
'tint The'. Hat terms 'got uridir Way, to
peak her, and, in answer to her Who.111:4!
gout'.? the:strange: vessel .replied,' iiHer Ma
jesty,',a eftnost,•sinitd...
staneanityWithwhiek she poured , a Ik - roadside
.iniotke' , llatteres:,•wkich . ..sunkie nine: falhoms
of:water: The BroOktyn pin-Seed tkeit,rankei,
but test sight of her soon lifter; coming
on. I . lll,,klat;erlis,vetii!" transport Jeisel, car-
Ming fog' fill i Cana.,
. • - •
',.. , Wheelllo.p:bed cavalry,rnide ,ts dash at,..a
irkintof Cain on. : tbe railroad between Nashville
Sanday,:entlineceet9:le de
itreying two of their); . ' • . .
- Senator.Wade introduced bill, on Monday to
eatiblieh national itiard iof . taco -hundred
and filly reenienii,'witti one hundred and'fifty
men to 'sib company' and. ten companies to
each regiment, equal. to 37.5,000 men. The
guard is to be , aubjeit to the call of the Presi
dent during .iebellion or invasion 'cii any armed
aesistatiCe to the:Governinent, and at all other
time under, the control of the Sie . fes.
The President has Oetermined that the
toren width' of the Pacific . railroad and' all' its
branches be fire feet.'
• Acipulgo, Mexico, was hot - 1411,0*d for::ihrea
'days brfoui s Fiench vine!. of 'War and taken
on the'l9th...' The French. landed a few men
andspiked the guns, when'the fleet lett.-114r
ieen Meaicans,were
s killed—the peopleaband.
stied the town: : ". •
Hon: Lemuel"•. 13owden, of Williamskew
Virginia, bits been elicied U. S:Serattcir by the
Legislature ol ‘ iyeat Virginia.
Our gunboats on the Mississippi harts'. sharp .
itigagennent with the rebels onAhe Bayou Tee
he on the ,14th inst.; in . whtch they captured a
number Of the rebels; ,bUt unfortunately we lost
the.commander of the expedition, Tomas !trl'—
`ean Buchanan, who-was. shot through the
'rlead from the enmity's rifle pit.
• - . The progrsinme of the adininetiation is said
V ber-4 vigorous prosecution 'of thewar; Maj.
General Hooker, to attack Rictlanond, :Ore bad
- • , .. . ,
:better. get there first:) Rosecrins to he hea v ily
reinforced._ Vic ksburg.and Port..BUdeon , to' be
acteckedbY overwhelming foree;;, t h e AfiSt;iss' -
.ippi,lohe clearsd,of . the _enemy; ! these' plane
falling ) tfMadMinistration will accept the. me=
;diction of , Napoleon and re'regoise • the in—
depend elms. of tbe,Boo t h ern Confederacy, they
agreeing . to gradual . emancipation. this • is
what Bennett. says. , . , °, , • .
'l.4vAN.L.Tertuary 14, 1863.
isiof a highly inters.
ag and e*giting ibaractei.
-Frenehnonimuniegion -betvieen . Vera Cruz
'and Oriznbalis been completely out off by the
ft(oxiesit perrillae, end can only be re-stablish
rid and kept op by the French
,posting strong
guards; al, slang the route.
Th9!mean'guerritlas are in strong force a ll
,the read, andWorrythe the French ati
'ceaaingly. . •
It as, eported that the French have 'again
been repulsed and, driven- back. from before r!ii
bla, with great loss. •
• . . .
• The . FrenCh gensral's •(Berthier's-j vanguard,
fout:tkousand strong, was completely surpris- 7
id eight bandied Mexican Cavalry, ,and rtb•- •
oUt two thorisand of • the Freach troops Wire
killed and,w,oniided. ' ' • • . •
' Several •Ftench. officers were token by the
lasio - and driigged ' •
The 'prospects of the French look exceedingly
he'd."' They con .get no iupplies from the coun
try ', and they are surroanded by a' roost deter
rained enemy, 'who wiichtevery opportunity to
trace idvaniage ittthin• ' • • '
NU French giddier 'Can strity .2 frorn -, his his'
w = ithout being: lathicied'ind draiged off by lame
some Itfezioan inerrills' who .is •on the - Watch
for hinto , ' • • , ,
• The'small poz, in its .most •milignant form,
•Its , brolten'east in ,Tere Cruz, and. e • , lazaretto is.
tiding !milt' for thie'elase of patienti,' ,,, ..;:
Our`jurat crop i5 : 64410440 Make its'
smranco,in : nierket. •
,Th#,.erop ptortnees to bear
rer lower one. ' , • .•• . . ,•
nie ioarkete bereave ilutted.with' Notthern
jirO4iiirei..aaCt 'files of all ailiclel'aie:made at
minoullfieel!* - '
L.t et 411 . . Iliesaier . Denies.
~ , ,
lilS.:Hayes, or Chicago, delivere,d et apeech in
the Hall of 'Representatives at Springfield "
the 18th' inst. Afr 4 Hayti produced for,,the.first
'ttitie•lii letter 'iddrtsted - Iry him by • the late
,Senalot Douglas ! . which slums Hie"
vr~tich that enli`titeneq , tiny `far seeing ." itsties4
men phced ciforts,o f Certain rtidical
.the. North in 1860. . ,•• •;1
af, • i.„ ,W4switorori,. Pee. pcf.viieq.
• tiny. Dear 'Sir—• • • You will have re-.
calved my proposed amendment to the donsti.:
ttsOrm, you receive this.
~The South
Would' take mrProposition it the Republicans
would agree to it., But . the extremes, North
Finktis t • hat& offi and are precipitating the
eountrit into , reeelytion!end civil
do no.act which resogniaes or
eonntenancen the doctrine of'seciesion, my pal-.
16+iipeace, and ',Will not Consider the question
of Wit until , every' e ff ort hal been - made • for
.• • •
..peace eid , e4l hope , eball hive' vinishn4%.. When
..that-time Omen, if , unbortenately it shall come;,
tken:do:, what ; ,it beCoines in Ainerican
(nets.' 'Many
of the Repliblicali leadera •desire
'Of therliiitrit''ind urge viene.iinaini of aie:4
eonspliahlor disunionk'lwhili,.othersiasli Union
men in..co94: l lilb t tia.FP,APvii,MkOrd the
,oliitwkiar ; oo.compromise on t t!rkinmi! of mutual
coneessiOrWerdisnlifon end wit.; ire evitable
"'l piefeM'ir'fii"t rind jiii&CoMprontilei• ahali
mike iOpeeik,iti ! si few: ••
-'1! Yogis ttuly; . • - "D(HatldeFr
r‘S.' 8, Earl."
TeartilAcx.4--The Uoitrd States •1' America
way jle 6tiy;'likened a t h epresent. moment to
i , ,
ra naii,:who,'having a journey. to , take throakh
4 &Marry
, arilinawn to . him, has megiected ' to
follow,the,'Oreciono cilexpirieneed '
. tiavelere,
1141,1:mid pri,attention to the guide pasts, and
has gone ,
Ott.,,in his own. ,
way until
,hie pauses
euddenlyeri the verge *of a'precipiefi r 'and looks'
.ii-the depths beleve, into vithich one 'more step.
will plunge • . •
. There may seem to.htin 'to be yet a' narrow
.riathulong the edge of the chaste.:. Shall he take
it 7 , He will find it immissible to follew it far,
and if Ale' geie on , '. it wilt' soon, be . impossible
to turn back,. :There is but one course for him
to Mantle: .It dci torn hack now; retrace his
path •to the point•at which be. left the right
road, and there find safety,' . *..
It iinnecesiery to apply:, the inalogy.• The
Mind at•once graspiit: Butmen are, not wholly
ready: to believethat ruin is so imminent • Or,
iftbey,believe it; they do not take the idea bogie
to . their "heatts.: Thek•dci not ;act` as:' if they,
believed, A '..heay.Y,::desponcling,'desperate•
Condition•of mind goassessfed:them.: They go•on.
;With builiness,•plessore--4he.ordinary employ-.
ments•lnd. enjoyments of life—and try to •shut.
out of : their. view, and thotighti the : terrible
political iitate, of, their cimutry.
• But this
duty? . Is'- : crfuriget • Is • this. honroable,-
boneit, patriptie sensible: ,
• T he', men on whom to-day the .responaihility
,of laving the: ointry rests With more weight
than On' any others,.are the conservative. Re—
publieans... We are *standing on the% verge of
the, precipice.' .11. we are to he turned:beck' it
must be by their interference, They and, they
aloneeari lead the men who have our fete in
'their hands' to turn back to safety,. It is of no
use for,Demoerateto attempt Their wain—
ingeare ridiculed, then . demends are pronounc : -
sidrdisloyel,•factious. • So long as the conserve-.
tiveßepithlicans• remain silent members of their
•party,...tust . sei long 'they add - the.weight of their
influence to the forward Pressure." It is in vein
that they attempt, ' to escape responsibility by
• -
denying.that they approve the:present erierse..
They: are held' by the Administration and by
the world to epprovelt because of their silence. ,
..fri : Contiecticut and New Hampshire we are Op
-I.proaching elections. What" will conservative
Republicans dodo those States?• they vote
for-the radicil ticket? ..Wily they stay at borne
and • say cii'do nothing? Do they thilaescepe re
'ponSibility if, by any chance the. Administration
receive from those States an eppioval of the'
Vadical prograinitie? • ' • . •
. 'Gentlemen, it is too late I. hesitate,..or to ,
cast Off responSitiility. One or, the other, side ..
must now . be taken by every, honest • man.
- Either you approve? he neat step into, the abyss
or iris.. your duty an men, as patriots, as Ameri.
cans, huebande, bintheis, fathere—by'every
!bond which . eon be narne4it,is your. 'duty to
speak ont, plainly,, ind .to endeavor .by united
eencetted action to stay theswift progress we
are now 'making•to ruin. • . . .
Look into the , clfriths that yaven before you.
Behold the inevitable future. Remember that'
wise : Men' vitroteour guide-book long . ago, and
we. have neglected it. .Remember that the na
tions who have gone.before set •np monuments
;In the way, that cannot be, mislaken, •except
•willful., Go to . theAdministration Which • you
;placed in power, and warn it to turn back. DO
;not :go singly, •and 'feebly, hut for once 'let 'us
.hear froth the entire land the, voice . of 'conser
vative 'Republicans *ready to rescue themselves
it' not :their. party from the ineffaceable dis
grace of having caused* the. destroctin of the
noblest .•of Hunan governments' by' a •pervist-
Mice iu the folly and madness o(radicalistn.
Tae inArtrilarLANE . .-Captain 'Han . num,
Bostori',,.sitiling miter of the Harriet Lane;
Will the only survivin,g efficer of that 'gunboat
after, her, capture at Galveston:: A • letter from
Captain-Lavender, , ef the U.S. steam transport
Saxon, to a frier . .S..in this city, dated New, Or
leans, January 8, says:—is I have just returned
from Galveston, where I *Unsalted the defeat
arid capture 'of 'the Harriet. Lane... Captain
liannum came On board th . elVest fi eld after the
fight; on : his e parol of honor, and reported that
'of 180 men, he had. Only .11 left when besnr- -
-rendered to the rebels. She . was attecked•by
three rebel boats containing. more •than 700
men; after 'sinking one boat: and keeping. the.
otherfrat bay ter about two bourii, they hoarded '
her over 'the bides :rind ..sterni and . therr.the
butohery commenced. The 4 rst gun was. fired
at half past S. A: M. : She Was boarded et half
past '5, • At 8 the firing ceased under a Ilag . Ol
'truce. The. Harriet Lane was net supprised;
but.fought as enly brave men cauld fight.--
Capt: H. is.now a.prisorter,nt Hoitston or Gal—
vestono! .• •
NVESTIGATiNtI COIIiMITT6E.---The following :
resolntiona paisedthe House of Representatives'
tilatriaburg, on, Tuesday last, by: a .vote • of
4 ayes. to 37 /Kiel; all the Deinocruts preient
.trotlng.for 'them, and ' elf Republicans against
Ihetp..We'notice that Mi. VINCENT, of. this
.county,. wait'the only' mernber
.of the . House
who spoke against.thc resolution.s: .
..`:Wttartais, It is of vital importance to the
perpetuity of our.free institutions and. to . the
citizens of.Penasylvania that the electoriar
franchise be preserved inviolate;
And - whereas i it, has been extensively reporied
!tad is believed by many; that unlawful means
were employed to procure the election of a UM
ied States Senator on'Tuesday last; • • , •
And whstTar t It is due .to those on whom sUs . -
picion may rest; MI also to the eitizens.of this
great Commonwealth', that this subjeci be-in
vestigated; therefoie, •
Resolved, That a committee of five •be ap
pointed to examine the facts' in the case, with
authority to send for peroons and papers„ and
that they reporrto this House. '
. Vst.usniz Girt.—Mrs. Gen. McClellin has
been presented with a- beautiful residence
In the suburbs of the city of New York.—
Among the subscribers to this McClellan .ten•
timonial are the of Pos. - Morgan, Wm.-
B. Astor,' Mr. AePinwall,'and 'others equally
distinguished; The New' York Herald thinks
it (Thighly probable that the people will here
after endorse this munificent gilt of so many
patriotic 'citizens by , conferring on General
McClellan th annuity 'for four years of $25,000
s year,' together with the use of a fine resi
dence in , the District of: Columbia,. now occu-,
pied by Mr. and Mn.i Lincoln. . •
hatocson °wrestOss.--Much bas been Said
of the. Abolition -outrages in 'Delaware, bat it
appears to have been much worse in Missouri.
Bayonets stood around the polls in. many
places. preventing every one from voting who,
was not an Abolitionist. In the State• where
110,000 votes are polled , at'Ordinaryr'alections;
/nix 86,009, sole!, were , east: 'Companies of
the 12th; regiment Misiouri enrolled tiOlun
,trters voted several. days after the 4th day - Of
November, and.' minors . and , aliens Ws,re'. per-
Mittesl to. vote, and.. all.,Cotittted' and'. certified
.from Perry county. • ..In other •
•ceseti, ' neither
itdges•nor clerks were swoon.. This. i s *he .
the Abolition ists
, „call ~ connitig 1)44 to Abe
pone . ), of the /others !" • • .. :* • •
if'Keirr C 0.,. ..RESPECTVILT BliOWETll:—Taist
Theisars, Thel unhiPpY.condition ofthe'dottn.
try at thin time: is due to .canees vihici); in the
opinion of:Mitiiotlc - men, require for' thiir
oectiodaeitain anendinents to the:existing
Constitution ofthe United Statei„ fol.:" el
(doting Olhvhich, When deemed proper,' the' Con . —
stitnfiod itself mikei arnple .legaf and. Peaceful
pro Visions; And .Wherecii, several - Stich amend
-merits-have been regubirly proposed before the
Congress of the United b'y.. an' eminent
Statesman without leading to definitive 'action
on thipartet that Honorable 'body; .Therefore
ear neat l y desire end . request that in the .
terest of peace and harmony; . the, Le giSlature
of Pennsylvaniddo,now enact a, donstitetien
for the holding.of convention
of the people ef the tinitedSteteSi: to: consider
and - efieet such:measures of picifiCation.ried re.;
union :as may arrest tee disnord.and
political wounds whieh..nOw divide* 'and. are
rapidly ruining,opY.Coontiy—it Coiintry faVnr .
ed by God beyond all Others; and
lees:destroyed bY,.its own orioles, to live thin%
ciut all time th. beacodstar - of hops td . ellNa4
tions end the heaven ..regenera
tor of mankind. 'And to this end y our petit ion
. • -.• , .
era pray t h a t' your Honorable body will take
the lead in this grert movement, inviting all of
. •
the other States to nnite . with Pennsylvania - in
this only, remaining. means for - eccomplishing,a
purposdso much desired .. by us—and would
doubtless meet with a WORLD WIDE .APPI!.OIIAL.
And es in duty - bound we will ever pray. • .
'l3utthe.great secret of the poiver.the.ieb
elglies'jnthe-fitct that they . .trive. •a I ..ibrce of
slaves; whdie jaboi• the whole.whitei,i.6pura
tien''can'be Support ed.— IVa3h.l'it von, qhrObiele:
The Adininistration.organ finds a. thousand
reasons fo: the iticeess Of the . rebels, -beta'use
they are. determined not totodk in the right 'di—
,rection 'for, the core 7 ---the incapacity the Pres
ident;.his Cabinet,' and our Generals.' The
SOuth suecemi "beeause.they . are gOverned with'
sagacity and led with:skill and courage. The
ICorthfaile, because it la governed by imbeciles
aid fanatics,. who misdirect afErirs In the field
as well, as in the. Cabinet. True, the Southerr.
States have slaVes at work, they alWa'ys
have had.. They have 3',000,000 ; the loyal'
Statesunder LINCOLN'S Proclarnatiiin„
000; But the *productiveness of the .two „sec
tions has not altered the' fortunes of the war.—
The'ctitting off Of the Siouthern . market has-kept
the 'Northetri productions' at home, so that we.
have had meats, corn', wheat, ~/ egetaLtles anti
fruits at fe , s;er retes than inforrnersear*S.' The.
nroductionsof food in the'South, on the other
hatid, has been scant and uncertain, and has'
caused enormous prices. .Wellave been able
to put into the field.one•third More, men than
,the.Contederates, and to sustain. them at one..
third the cost. We have not done it; but the
cause is not to' he found in the , existence of sla
very on one side, or in any. inferiority, of White
abor.—N. Y. Argus
CAiiss pip tifsci,—rA . few days ago: the
leading radical paper in this city concluded an
article as 'follow's: .
'three months more ofearnest , fighting shall
not serve to make a Sertouaimpression on the
the'end of that term shall find ;us ' no
further' advaneed.than its beginning-41. some
malignant. Fate I;ati deereed that the' tdohd and
treas.ure of the nation shall evet: be squandered
in fruitiess'efforts—let us bow 'to our destiny',
and make:the best attainable 'peace,
It .has heretofore been the wor.st.form of tree
eon to give comfort to the enemy; but
herein a paragraph over which all rebeldom is
in ectosies, and sympathizers every Where be
gin to predict, an early peifee,- with 'the bide
.pendenee of the Southern Confederacy recog-=
nixed:, Hire is what they. say in.Canadas '
We have 'never been very sanguine 'of an early
peace; and vve are not now disposed to.over-es
timate those appearances which indicate an
early cessation Of hostilities. But' we think
there are, at, least, Some uadeubted premoni—
tions of a'desire onthe.part of the North to cry
enough?' We do notrefer now; ,to
the wide -spread feeling of hostility-to the Ad—
ministration which manifests itself so' plainly
'every day in Various ports of the .North,: Nor
'do we baseour supposition
.on the. immunity
from arrest andimprisonment with. Which. the
most outspoken linguage against the war is ut—
tered in the free States.' These . - tire :floating
.orywe which 'show Which wartheiwind blows.-
But there is someting eVen more tangilfle . than
these, and that is the remarkable change which
hits,comioierthe tone of The leading Republi—
'Thus discourses the Torento Leader in refer—
ence to the Tribine',f artiele referred to Obove,
which it-regards as "the exponent of the.views
'and opinions of a class of persossin the Mirth
who have now a controlling 'influence in the
administration of the affairs of the Union," and
therefore of an importance 'which cannot be
over estimated
.. It:is true that, es alleged, great changes
have taken place in the pnblic . mind Within the
last few months; otherwise, such a . proriosition
as' that stated by: the Tribune would .net, be
tolerated,' either by the gpvernment
Thurlow . Weed,.for more than . thirty years.a
prominent leading. Republican of New York,
and for more than twenty years; we belieye,
connected with , the Republican State organ at
Aibany, - in the :Evening Journal of the' . l7tri
ma k es.the following remarks on the e ff ect of
the emancipation proclatriatiori; and the position
and tendency . of , Abolitionism. • • •
• t•Clur 'logic' teaches that, when Abolition Or
emancipation is presented affirmatively •aikan
object or reason for the . warthe North will be
divided; that wh , n it comes to ba Understood,
as' many seek to hive it understood, that Abo
litionor emancipation . , coaucils preVail
administration . , the government will lose the
power to proseCute'the war; • . and thnt finally,
when, the policy of those whom the people ever
rejected as politicians ;predominates in . the.nd.
ministration, our , Union arid . government are
lost and rebellion .and'alevery triumph.
; "Our diatinctioe is. a 'plain one—so , plain
that .thOse who run may reed,' "if they
The whole North ivas united,' and may be re
'united, in'a war to crush rebellion end presereo
the . government. The North iivrcot, and cannot
be, united in prosecutirig,n 4 n Abolition
• war.=
The ..people lict not accept or :follow •
guidis' politicians--suides: Who ,•WOUld not
even hisve slaves Iree•iinless by stealing, them,
_en ticinethem to runaway; end ,, follow them
in 4.c:resale- which 'is not: only to , cost us our .
Union and our . government,•but ;silt is always
.tfie rate Orfanetieism,,..to iniere end precipitate
its own discomfiture. :Abolitionists were,, as If
GOverrforiif South Carolina confessed, the 'best,
friends' of secession. ',They are new, praeff.
-tally, the chest friends' of rehellion.7
pondent of the Si. Louis bernocrat at Is , lapoleon
Ark., Jan. llth writes ris - follovvir.. • • •
°About 5,000 prisoners have, already been
,shipped to Cairo; nnd.nthers are being brought
in.eVery day: ,Aldthe a.mrouni,
lion and cannon of. the enemy *fell intoHnur
hands; while all the boats have. been leaded'to
repletion with captured', hdrses, 'mules, corn,
continent, andother commissary stores.. Eight
hundred:mtdes constitute but.one item .in the
list of spoils. `'And in 'addition to this, tens of
thousands Of.bushels of corn have
.been burnt,
besides Over a hundred wagons, foi: Which there'
was no room,' on board the transports: The ri r
fle-pits, works, and fort have all been destroyed
and thd.Pch•cannofagain be made as strong-a
point of defense:: • ' •
. .
yesterilaysibe.work . of.deatruction at. the
Post was completed; 'and all the .stores, • that
.the.trensports Would hold, had been: loaded.—
Twenty more steamers ' could easily haie been
'filled had.they been here. ''This mo&ning , the .
Jait of the fleet came•down to this place,..leay.,
ing behind it Many a sad 'remembrance for the
rebels. -Ninolean is almost entirely deserted
by theinhabitants,lhey being afraid to encoun
ter, even • in.. friendly ' relations, the 'terrible
Yankees, who had done, such' fearfnl work at
the Post.. The stores.and shops' bad 'all been
emptied 'of their contents,' which have been,
carried away. Our soldiers have now . brokend
into them, and are fist tearjng-theda doWn.
GeatreiMeClernard.haslieerrleinfarced since
arrival here, 'end; now 'goes. doivn .the ri Vcr
leaving it open hehlnd him, and intending to
open . it in front of him if he receives proper co::
cipliriat If Ito does. net, miirk m . y•' ivord , • le
will. .• If Banks' and-Grant do net do their
share .prenntly, this expedition %011'meet.wilh
TA VIRTUR•Pf sundry writs of. Veudilioni Exponus
and, alias nth! i final Expiatas' issued out of the
Court ii Common - Pleas , of M'lean comity,. lip..;:and
to me directed; I shall expos° iii public' sale 'by veniliic
and .olitery, 'at the Court Ilvmse, the:ltoriitigh df
Sinelhport; on Monday, the 2.3 ii day of. February, 1563; .
at one o'clock,P. M. of said day, the, following described
Real E'stato, te, melt:. • • •"•• •••• • • •
The following real' estate .in Corydon Township,' Mc-.
Kean County, Pa., •lz: W,.rrant:lio• 3721 .ro,ntaining one
thoiisand acres more or lessi about eight acres Unproved
•one framed house, one shanty barn. one siw mill in goosi
order for huskies:4.: :
Inquidthin Vved,• ' " ' '
• Seised. taken jo execution and will be sold as the prop;
ertri of.R.' P. Bailey at the suit of' John N. IlungerfcriT
—at eo—
.All of the Derendantli inierest in • ii•dertain Railroad
track ind • ground to Which the same is located in •ilhaul•
ford Township, ctnimancing.'on the road leading '
,'up the
Tuningwant Creek at Or near the'land of Jong :roots,
and rnuningsouthwarilly thpiugh hathard' 'B. Foster's
land; about eighty rods long and 'ten feet w:itlO more or
less, to the northwest line of late! of IL.' Chamberlain , be
the same more or less, . . . . .
• •
' 'Seized,.taken in execution and 'will be sold aathe prop.
erty AnthicinyFay,'Sarimel W. Bradley,. Benj. Barker
and 8..80n0 er r at the suit . of Benjamin •Chamberlain;
6. E; warner , .nha scott and 0. V. B Harm
. The following veal estate viz: Lot No. 5 and south part
of lot No', Sin' Keating. survey,' contai pintr,lsB fibres 'of
land bounded as . follows: North by'l-n(1 of (3.. D: Gilbert
and the Tittiangwaht Creek, tiouthb,i , lands of •L . Ward,
and Stephen Seward, 'and west•by lands of S. S. Dittman,
about 65 acres improved. one framed house,. one framed
barn .3 nicest uantity of fruit teees and known as the Hef
tier Brook fartn:' •,
At.sn—Another tract of land, bounded north by land of
L. S. Foster,- easy by land .of lienjaMin., Chamberlain.
:Muth by land of Archibald Brown and west by', the .To
•nangivarit Creek; Containing g 0 acres, about ten acres
improved and known awaits Brookmire lot. •. • • •
stars—Another tract of land bounded north by land, of
Archibald Brown,.east by land of Benj. Chamberlain lied
J. F. Melvin's Estate, snutliby land 'of F. MOTION
Mutate And west by the ''Punangwant 'Creek;, Coatainiag
one hundred and.thirty. 'acres, about sixty-five acres ha.'
• proved;one framed barn with three sheds - Attached,. one
large horse barn, one corn• trotise and' work. shop, one.
framed hog pen and grain -house, and' one nice dwelling
house,.a large quantity • ef fruiLtrees... •
,' •
Also--Another tract of larerboonded east by land of
F.,Meivin; deceased;.south - by land of O. Hogle, west
by-land of O,C. Melvin, north by. the higlrway, contain.'
Lag" seventy two square. rods ofland be the same' mote or
lees; one fronted house, one framed bard and a , quanta)"
of fruit trees, good *ell of vva,a ,
i end known tie the Gait
prown . property , all improved. • • . . •'
ALso—Another tract of land bounded South by hind•of
E.. Parsons, west and north hyland of Daniel..Kingeberr
and east by the highway; containing ahont one half .of
sera of land all improved;' situated in the village Of Bracts.
ford,'McKean Co. Pa; • • • • • • .
• Azsh—Another tract Orland bounded south by land of
•P.,Abbott, east And -north by land of Daniel Kingsbury
west by land of Werner and Oharnberlairi, containing
,forty four and onehaff acrea, be the Salim more or' less;
one acre impirivcd, one log bongo, one lag barn,' all the.
above described lands situated intbe• Township • of Brad
ford; McKean CA, Pa. (Irqisition waived.) • '
' Seized . . taken In eiedution and will be Sold. as the piop . ..
erty.,of.Joseph F. Clark at the'suit of Wallkill Bank r also
Snyder and Grubb: • " - • , •
The. fol yea! lodate. si luate in •the Borenglf •of
SmetliPort,.oOunty.of McKean and'Statc-of Pennsylvania
via: That part of ialtuire.No (tS) aeventy nine, the gen.
coal plan • of Said town" within the following boundariesL
13egiiming at the Borth west corner of saidskplars, thence .
east one hundred and ninety two, feet, • to the betiding
nownecupied-by Levi Wells, being seventy two feet from
the north east - corner amid square, thence sixteen.perch
es.tOthiSouth Pne of saidaquare, thence west one hen.
•dredbinety,two feet to the eolith went 'corner Of 'said
square, thence north sixteen perches, to the beginniog;
Containing one acre and twenty six perches niore or less;
, now occupied by David -R. Bennett, all impressed,. One
large tavern house, two horse barns, one grocery stare .
and-dwelling house and other out houies. . • „ •
lequteltioo waived'. •• ~. . . • •
' • Seized; taken in exoeutinn and, will be sold ea theprop-'
arty of. E. S. Mason At the Suit of I. B. Warner, , .• -•
• , •
• The following real , eetate,• beginning at Pont corner
being the south east corner ofiend conveyed.to Chord's
Corwin; thence by line ofsaid lot went one hundred perch;
es and two tenths of a perch to a poet corner, being, the
north east corner of alot conveyed to David Crow, EN ,
thence byline of said .lutoouth one hundred and twenty
perches to's post coruer„,tbence east one hundred thirty
three perches and three tenths of a perch to a post .cor•
ner, being the-south west corner of a lot. conveyed' to
WlMani lluslingame, thence by line-of said lot and.laud
conveyed to Salmon Id.. Rose, north one hundred, and'
twenty perches to post corner, thence east ten - .porehes
to a post corner, thence north two perches to a, post car
tier-being the south east corner of land conveyed. to'.
Phordis Corwfn, thence west twenty two rods and two
tenth,' of a rod to a post corner in the line of the rood,'
being the South-west corner of land conveyed to Chordis
Corwin, thence north by the line of said lot'-twenty dye,
mde to a post corner, thence, Muth fifty one and a half
degrees wont two rods 'more or lean to 'a post corner 16.
the road In the line of G. Corwin's land, thence by lino
of acid land south twenty (tight , perches to the -place rif
beginningicon touting onchundred acres and one hundred
and four perches and one tenth of a perch of land more
or lees about fifty acres improved,, two framed ..h.nses,
two framod barns, a nice orchard, good founts in of water
situated in koating Tonnehip, McKean County, Pa.
...4110—Anothei tract'of land,commenciug at tho south
east corner of land of William Williams lot No.lBl thence
along - the line ofaald lot went 61 5'40 rode,
thence eolith
1.2, rods, to the - north west corner of lot of Thomas' Lan.
Meg No, 214, thence esstb:y the line 'afield lot 61 5-10
rode • thence north st lr rods •to the • .place of beginning;
containing twenty oneacres and six tenths unimproved.
Situated in thetoWnship °Meeting, McKean Co., Pa. ;, •
.Inquisition•Waive4... • ' •" •• •
Seized'. taken in eiecutiOn and Will be sold as the prep ;
ertv- of111;11.. William. and' William' Williams at the eult
DOT. POD, Carter, „ • •
. . .
.., . • .
--.- . . •
usuayroutine.and ins afar . ,
Tholeflawing real estate. -bounded- on . the ninth by r expensive moderof
Elm Street eastby. land of 3,'JCBigford, south by land treatment, .without success,. considers .it his
of Daniel Kingsbury, west by - land erns:snail O. Norton; Sacred duty to comMuniente.to his 'afflicted fel— .
being six rods by twelve, containing 71 square rods, . lie. . , . •
. . • • • • : • ” •
ing village lot :No. 138. warrant No.l33l6,.fdtuntedln the low creaures oe IVIT:ANS OF OURtr. - • ne,nce, on,
village of Bradford, McKean County, Pa., all Improved; the.receipt.of an, addressed enu.elope, lie 'will:
ALen-,One other lot bonsided. north and east 'by lands
send (free) a copy of - the prescription used.- 7
of P; L Webster, on the smith by Elm Street, on the
west by Chestnut Street, being, five. rods 13 links 'by Di . rect, to Da., JOHN M.., bAGNALL,- 1815.
eleven rods 22'1Inks, containing about elitylive . Knees Fulton .treet, BiatAilyn, N..'1% • ' .
lob, being village lot N0,,125. Ms warrant , No. 33014 - 111 - . ,
. .
. .
. .
naiad In thevillige s of Bradford, MeFean. County ,' Pa:;
a i l improved., .••• •
„ . •• •• .
Inquisltionitaivid; . . • • . e •
,' /Resod, takersin execntionand wiltbe sold rui the
erty of T. NI Cole al- the suit of Mara 'Korth, - now for
Office Smetbport, Jan 31st, 1863:- • , •
the Use of Risley Brother.; " • ••
Sheriff • •
•' . • • JAMES Shertf.- • •
-.. • SIIERIFF.'S. , I3ALES. , , I:. •
DT VIRTUE of sundr y white of Lefliii linied'
IJI•out of the' ()aril .ef. - Ceminon .Plean. of McKean
county, Pa., and.to me:directed, there will. be exposed
to. bale. by public outcry, at'the Court Ronne, in the
Bormigh'ef Sinethport,' on Monday, the 23d -daY-of PO;
ruary 1863, at 'one n'elock,- P. etriald day, the fel::
lowing. Real,Estatetto; to -•..-.. • • .' •'•
All that certain 10t or piece - of .groundknown :'the-
•r George Lord , Let,'" represented -to ..contain
One - .hundred.. and-'-twenty serenacres to e tbe
tritrnshiri.of Lafayette i .County and State aforesaid neon
pie d William;Bullock and be:united .;and• descr ibed an
follows, to wit: .•Beinglinnwin'.on the map . attached to'
the article of agreement from the trustees ,of the. estate
of thelate William•llingbam to said - Bullock as lot num—
bor. (Op) ninety - six, bounded the north . by 'whet are '
known as "farm lands," lot number 97, on, the neat. 'ky,
the “Binghambinds,". on•the South and east bylands of
Daniel, Kingsbury and Tidds; on the' west
. hj ,. lands of
Tidds; beingthe same lands described 'in a onatrant,-bn.
Widlam Bullock and wife and John S.-King, bear—
Ing , drite the 17th _day of November, 18GO; the 'seme :pre ,
miens conveyed to said-linflockby the trustee rt -of the
'Bingham estate-by deed dated JulY 20th 1857.-
Seized,-taken in execution, and:will be gold cc the
proerty of:John thesnit of 'Milian" - Bullock '
for the use . of Joshua Smith. • . ' • .
411 thetwenty one undivided twenty fifth parts:of all.
thane certaiii-meces or parcels of, land knosyn• as "the
Lafayette coallande,” and bounded and described -as M
iners; Beginning at the northeast corner of lot--No. 115
forte' hundred end fifteen] of the allotment of the Bing
ham Linde in Lafayette TownilitiOleffean County-Penn , .
sylvania, convoyed to Jameationd and :running thenee..
East one. hundred and I.eh 'perches, thence rielith along .
line of lot No. 117 (one hundred -an I - sarenteen)'.one.
hundred and eighty porcine. silence East ninety six per ••
.cues and five tenths of a Perch, thence 'N,,rth - one de-'
greet' 15, minutes asst, ore hundred and - seventy-Rvp
perches and Seven tenths of a perch, thence along the
East litroOf lot No 1-10 (one" hundred and sixteen) . North
One degree thirty minutes East pee hundred' and eighty
eight perches and six 1 enths'nf a perch,. thence hinith
one degree fifteen minntes`East..ene.hundred•and : eiglitY••
-eight perches and seven tenths of a perch, .thence Enst,
one hundred - and-thirty eight parches and shi teethe
Of a perch thence South two hundred and eighteen rods -
or . ..perahes, thence East. two hundred and • eighteen •
perches,. thence Smith four hundred 'nod seventy four.
perches,- thence" West five hundred and - severity eget *.
-perches, thence along the east line of lot No. 115 tone
hundred and fifteen) . aforesaid- Northtbree huntred and •
teirty four perches and eight tenths, of a..perelt to the
place of beginning; Containing ifiiteen Imndred'aisd one
nal.fortirds gee hundredth rcres,he the same more 'or
loss, it being part of lot bio 118 [one hundred and etch.:
ieent• of ,the allotment of Alin Itinghant lands In Lality—
etfe and Keating towtishiPs,• McKean- cennty,"Peen'a.:
arid parts oftiarrants . 22l7: itwo thousand two hundred
and-forty seven], 2218 [two thousand tive hundred forty,
eia-ktb.asdr.[two tfinusaad tWo hupdrodand fifty two], .
1i153 (two thousand tiro hundred nallifty 'three],
2259 ftwo thousald two, hundred and fifty nine].. • Aran,-
All that other lot Beginning at the North Entli corner:.
of lot N0'.;115 [one :hrehdred and fifteen] afermaid and . .
running, thence East ens bandied 'and ten perches,.
thence along lines of lot N 6.116 (one huridred and six,
teen), North one hanidrettanilliiity•live perches and and.
eight tenths of a perch and East one hundred and four
perches, thenCe North ten degree's fiheeu minutes East,
one huntired.ind.eighty eight perches and seven tenths
'of a perch, thence West tight hundred and thres.porchs •
no and four tenths Of a perch, . theime 'along lines of lot
. hundied' and five]'
,eighty perches
and .West fifty seven per Ches and three t e nths of a perch,
.'.ttence South'onehund red and twenty. one perches and.
.nine renthh of a perch; thence West onehundred and -
two perches and seven tenths Of a perch, thence' Sotuh
One hundred and tireety eight perches.and five tenths of
a'perch. thence aping the, north of lotsiNo. 54 (eighty .
four); 113 - (one huunred end thirteen) and 114 [ono
hundred . and , fourteen], South" eighty eight degrees . .
thirty, minutes East, three hundred aadfour'perches abd
. eight teethe efni percli,..thence alone the East line - of..
lot No. 114 (one hundred and fourteen) South one,burii
dred an d sixty frier perches and fi ve' truths of a 'parch,
th,:nre along the_Soutl• line of :lots*Nos. 11-I Jong hue
dreiCand. fourteen), 133 (eye hundred and thirteen). 84
(eighty' four); b2.(eighty tau) and 68 (sixty eight), -
West four hundred end' fifty eight per (hes . and . seven
tenths of a perch , Thence aiong - theNrisillne of lot No..
79 seveuty)South two degrees. Wert one hundred .and . '
sixty nine perches sal seven tenths of- a. thence •
South twelve perches and:five tenths of a perch, thence
-East Boren hundred awl six perches, thence along . the:
'west line of lot NO. 'll5 one hundred and fifteen) .
...North three'. hundred abd forty- perches,. thence along.
line of lot NO. 119 [ono haidred "and:nineteen], Nrirth
one hundred and eighty
. Percheettna one tenth of a perch-
East one hundred-and ten perches, and South one bun.
dredand seventy One percheit and one tenth of a Perch,:
thence along the North line of lot Na. lir, (one hundred.
and fifteen], South eighty eight. degrees thirty ainntes . ,
East ninety perches to the place. of,
,begieniog, contsin•
in.; twenty five hundred 'and -seventy acres , and eight
; tenths of an acre of land, be the same ,nitre or less; be...
tog thewest part-of lint No. (rine hundred and e1gi0,..•
teen), of • the Binghain I aids in .ILnfayette township, and •
parts of- warrants 2246 (two thousand two hundred and.-
forty Six). 2247 [two thousand.two hundred and- forty '
`sevetil..22s3 (two thousand tits hundred end fifty three) . ,
2254 (two thousand; two 'hundred 'and fifty four),- 2257 ' -
(two thousand two hundred and :fifty seven); 2:58 : 1two
thalami two hundred andfilly eight) .„ •
Assn;—One oiheelot'llieningitt.eiehty'perphen east
tram the 60011 s-est : corner of lot No, 118 .(one hundred:
att.ofelitei . .n), aforesaid.' thence atong.thirzadit:h litr e or
said let Fast three and eigdi . perche,thence South' three .
hundred aniltiftv six,perceliti to a' Beech :,"corner; thence
North, 89 degrees - West,- one hundred and eighty, eight. •
perches.- thence North, 89 degrees Writ, on , hundred
and ninety two' perclies, thence North one hund ted rind
forty three perches and eve tantha , of a. perch . to the -
•po,toit or place or beginning, containing five hundred and •
ninety .6-10th acres of land, flare or- less, being in' lon.'•
122 (nee hundred and twenty two), in . Lafayette, town. ,
ship, - part Of .warrants Nos. 22.43. (two' , thousand-•
bendier!' and fort);t.liree) and .2246 (two thoumapd two
hundred and forty six], • '
Seised,; taken in •axecution, and will be sold as the- •
property of William W. Niles, at the Suit of Andrew 0..
Hull and Alpha Dfolse:• ' • '
• Sheriff's Office, Smethport, Jan. 31st 1863.
•2 • JAMES E....8A1R, Sheriff.. , ,
, .
TllE following named'perslMs' have Med their reepeo , ,
'tfre petition for a Tavern Litcone, seconding to law
liromas Cloonithi,'.lteating Township. ' . •
FuLt.g., .11rylford, • do : ' • ,
A)Ms'llor.ta, Ceres ;', •
Witness my hand end senior Court at •
port . , Jklulary 31dt D 1863. '
In the Common' pleas. of
M !Kean C 0. ,.
term 1862. • •
Libel in' Divorce
Sarah E.Barton
by her next friend
Arnold Find '
John C:Bcirton.
And now to wit September 26, 1862',.the or-
Aginal and alias subpoenas isiued in the • above
case, haying been. returned, Defendant„nOt fOnntl
in the County of ITlCean, upon motion of, War
rsn Cowles attorney for : the . above
named, the Sheriff of said:County ie
: directed
.to roake•fhe usual publication of.thenotice re—
quired by the act of Assembly in such . ease
made and previdedrequiring thrsaid Defend
ant to 'a ppear on the first day of ihe nezt term,
to answer the complaint of the. Plaintiff • above
named. From the Record r. •
-By the Ceurt, • - •
Attest, J.NO.-R. CHADWICK, Ptothly.
theTo , t .
Defendan.Tohn Barton aboveoam
ed., Youare hereby required to appear as di
reeted by the above, order of Court. •
" ' ,TAMES E. : BLAIR, Sheriff.
NOTICE is hereby Oven . that H. W.
LINGAME, Administrator'of the Estate of
J. P. Kik:, has filed in my office, his
, lastand'
final account, 'and will present the, , sarrie. fot ,
confirmation at the neFt stated Orphan's Court,.
to he held at Stnethport February 23;.1863.:
• : C. K. SA RT WEE L, Rigister..
Rever-sd gentleman having been resrored
o health io a few Aitya ) .afteruidergolng all the.