M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, April 12, 1862, Image 2

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Oittiiipttiltir44°Yrilt 4ennes.eeti it ;cl.l a Con
Asistaiirson. hovotheivVike, I, a rued Governor A, f , tll
Ifitito,itsbrisoto wilt tit-lance: tecogeim him as
- Pr 04VittiVri.AllittOriiCiple ,we , bave laid „down.
AssidifCtbe r pitriotict"Johnson , shall succeed ill
',ll"ifikAll'itill:t..lm g
etr to °orily; a loyal gov
-4ii1444e1d Tantnissnek that goVernmeat, being
I„;i4i;olpn,:eirlik . he recognized bit tho United
ttillsiitatitilluitilovel'itment. of Tennessee, (as
Arilintiliilllll"loW'OrnOlized'in Governor Pierre_
,-400liattlitPartitter, rearlisla , and the other Vir.
fglinatitin and , Representatives,) and ,will;
4iiiil4llEHlaiti ..ip , ionic authority, be the actual
itiWediflitiOni, in^l thee Strete: , Ity , thls Alin of
Vistaisitituitni,fivollitions in" favor cif loyalty; and
r sueh 'revolutions, the - President
iiitilibistql'impeilmo see each of , the Stales inc.
seonelivtirplitredv im'communication 'with th e
filatdinal4kiviriirrient. , 'And ' the Pew govern.
04110 i-will tiltresent•the old -undying ' States
tratili*ertlita their VDU' ers find assume their ,
Apstliibiilities. '—'.rottritra of C'brninitHe.
. ,
S' 'Aiilii4^tliivri Pgiiiirrcato —since in almost
' 46)040•pireoinet in the , United states ,news come
stlnstalof Qemoctatio success', the A bol i tionist.s
I,TOrlitlf9,9 l litig-VitY hildl.Y al9rmi'd, and are iip
lil a kr'4 t ?.., , tf Pt !ktklqbfirlatid , , vYliii all the energy' :
key penness,
ee' to, keep united' and stand by
i Aftltifee i li.os the embodiment of eli moral
, ealititotre—thC grand focal center- from which
3;ol4 l s:end light. irratleate—and•tbe excellent
vollentlexpo,uncler and sanheiltim of ptlitical
excellence. Of
ni iheselveq, they know their
• ftle'errieseiileil, iirl rn irutiless they cab seciire the
l'tniopeiaticM lif , Itepublicans, they are DWllre•
Alatitheitl lace for .evil is ran. or the Denim
opals, Ihey,are sensible, they can expect nail,-
in'-‘7llo' toot (j u g in g ( rem the expressions of
- lilie: peciPle.) they have little to expect from,
itti e di r dei. r bg thaPßepublican party. \VellaVe
4neintaiontly excellent rneri—ftepublicans—ex
cppitagiaegreat and 'abhorrence, of ' the 'principles
• / ligitleptitticils of the Abolitionists as the most
Ylt,ettble DemoCrat' Could; Indeed we h ave
'Sal l Vtt . ‘'iefir ' ea 'the litinest 'declarations pl
qpraililiht l itietitibliCdal, in our halls or L , .gisla
o nn ets'eer,lndot4able.evidence ol this
kitit,)MPSkon7r9 9 , 9 9 ll for the, predominenra of
Damigtats at this time (ivith' all respect In the
'01111116(111)11111!..1 15 ; 14 Ole' rectiiii kg eonfidence
'.'loll4o*,i'ill - thi'li marisiternent or public nf
faitt. Ad. evidence of (1'11 . 1'1500051y of ,expres
tilliti,l44itiik-the, dissenter to contrast•the ye.
. -aibtatitititflinistretions. , Sea 'too, all good Dem.
tfIIKVII v9l.4 o . l 94ng,ar k Qu' ll t the Prehitlept; with
t! !past „
iOt of a ,pal`riot he disengages himsell
M'il a t n i,' 7 (hOtAidarri 'of' A',lmlittonlsin with all the
"ritic . iftillleirMl iniwer tbill a lion' shakes the dew
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,FRi:i ntr , y, , th e, ..P on
'' ctilitiign;.st i fil s ttiel:sws,• eql ly wide; i 'his' haq9Pr
l' . 2:lll"%trn\i'ir,"6l!. ii f itiiiii, •tilinow ,- Uy;'nlieVitriol
,ilit4isiittliKe'i; - `DO Aholitirmists do this , 1• it toe s
not dottosileiireeiitt e 'the irtte,ll ige,tice, of the pro,
405 ii. kOtfi i is,?fitg,el:,t.-) 14 0! tli 0 tit eY , ie a i hi! , and
7 11 40,IirOtr° 1, 1rc tive' rf . "' , .t)rmill . t- thfiii. bearte ,
.10 64 , 4111,11`ii*; o, ri . piirtiiim•l . .ndrioss,: I'6 the 1
vgoll4ooeliss•nllcthinines.s of : the' Democratic ail.
' n iminlitiistigh 4 .., Is,it , ,st t4nge their, ' : we n . gain
: )11 . 11ii':gthill':f . t.tilaWIC1T!i W 110, 5 ,3 heafte ere 1114-(I
• . ,Ivitb i ge , 9l.ltrspist,oi3l(l eek in cobccrt with other
:,, i,f,, i fll fIrr•I 'l 'O„. 111 044 : to . ' other 'allies ?• '
- . 6-441q,,,afitibit; t . I.'d mion, n fil e'of4, he 1',•;,.
4echlll,,e`',Y6'tofisii iflPtintiorti-':9:tink , tilColi the Is ilk.
. ~11iiveliat*itiiugh'i, n ow'',. of,the teachings of
Amply i5n4.114 ~(kr w orlEstrls, T ;In Jinn ve n 's, name
.. ~4Rqkpfike, - ,tuit t .. l;bfi (;111,
.1 —! 1i.9: - . ileSOlifird 110111e15
‘.. . 7 ,....itiv 'ecniAiltin ',' Of' our . belr6ye - cl eciontrythe
''' eSsp4thie s i'ot c riiiliiiitii !- , rt Ire .e'xlieu s ted • Treasury
'''Y'-'•:4oit9,;liriiioiial 01if,,, , atill--ilie .enortnoti.4 •ta x•
• •lisatl , ..R.btnnittg,.upirli)sd? , : Did ~ Pemo:crsts ,ever
~.-dITOPoI, O
'"i:4 ll iP ' ,!..7P ll ; t) i tti t ,' a ve - ~ e ' 't r o t I ' d
i jbe4eet)!o4t ef the country t:ur'ingmsaily t wo
' tiiii,di . Wils'l , iilteirep:' - . •• ~: . • . . •
IVPilje'enfAloiselleilin the conviction ... that
• '-4s'llll 4 o . oeilfseof:A.tiolithitiists 41 re sadly. in Naill.
'T4141)1‘19(R10. /Rte. of , , emu l e. a n(I, exne t jes.
Art,t9„ajW,:smsy,,,gl 99 tps_ vi yid iy . and too enilear.'
il L tuiTy„.lipel,,.ltislittn'its - iit ibe jnionle ..to be limner ,
' - iiiiiiic.`byliii , o , iiii , l , ici'phistry'of those ,who
m44illof,iiot4iijkp - ;4V kthd•pait.of. , an, •assa,sein-- ,
I,liestsplisktidttitligiOrlheinorringe:pf our Heeyetilk
kslitAlkiltq#,P)tt#sit....tleAMepc,am ni
elgaation; anti
• 114010, , teek'ep•th infeiior'ia( 4 n . pararnount to the
`. eepeiior-eFen at, the:fincridee s3f. our hallo Wed
Ptimmilts(tionr4 - -Oterhes.aestrue;ion of our beloved
1-Te 4 iottraftit ,7 4-4,rii,ra/si ,- _ : . - • ' •
"ch - si;`,)f , f44.4•# ./•'••• 7 . ....r..,2-.....--.--_ __. __.
•.'4'. , l... , iitir - f , .:l:'k 3'1,V,1 , ,.! y.:,.., i. i,Cfraip iNX ATI, A pril 5.
. :.;.•
,VP Jig4lol . l. , l 4 l:llprt , i9n 3 fll r g.J.l; '.S, Opera'.povse
" 4 , 11 #* 11 4;44111- 1 21 1, 1. 4° fq al i . *: , '
*. .Everys 4 Valikitil6 spcit Y: i . [lie' Web ire *its -oe eu
1, it rni t '4 , IA'S.E. :. 1 , ) ,, ,,•':. fl ,1, ~ : - , . ~ •
1 ',
1010,1344614*Nvati . ' iAtreduce4l to.the and i
'WeEofiliOsepli,lCi•silti,titifnt•Pi*i4,9, nt- PC' the
94401:,•01_ , C..1**10 F 1i t kli , , fe'sr, , eirp:roOriate
'i• r 'T,0 4 '',"41: 2 ',,,: - ,-0' .
••:.' -,. '.,.,', •
v ,,„(414 prronills4 , :tro!rent inniii..ii'epeeeli tt;anlc r
2, liipeVelitlistitei4e)f'ai•ffteieisir,rn'andA riend
l'„feiWit:lkinsOilllinkkh iii?Orpeiien'e e; of i tio .41,
:: ' .4 '? . .1 11i r*. 1 , fi0kr,40 11 °5 , .. -.l rc.sAi , t:T ' en'n'er;pe;
'.'-',-il#lllooka...try.iti)i!'cif Pii:stt Itiii)riii:Or 'At i m.
'' OA, t,,,,r-:oth.t.urit,: , o 4 l:'thitt iilf til! , - I ' ) e' - '04 . 13' ilti.:
10 0 0 . , ikt`.i.p** - 1!4 1 .1:t. , :ji ,- . ,..P}.4.,' o: . ; 0. .. . . 1
- • en4il .- - L , liixf ' - .1 i • .4 . L .
' •:.',,,,,,,.. • - eine,. ay wi
ffr•-,.. :-..,:, tt, _ 4 ...
,' ''‘,.. ',:'-1, ' - ' ' . '.. e`T.:'?.' .. - .',7 '/:.
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, ' Y. : 4N: O'St S :«.T3P: I -. 1 . 8 •• ' -.: ; . 'O.'
' : 'T..(44111 , t if v . AP , ,iikW iiii if .114 eif ji! the i!n)i'l
1 tt , o 1 I ',.[ ~i r u it i's — r 1- in'
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~ , .sr. pret p e ,,so
ii on .i V614ii, 1 , th,4,§t - Ht.o i ,,'prta,e,,r:, F r milt); c,f.fpri.i.l
. i kilic , k;iiiiii),.:,le, , T;; Itfjt , ii I a 4q , rfin,t
, ~ ..4e•eOporiii,ii 1 iYil'n"1 1 ';0"4 arC 11
: I "r s ' 4in fil'7') ,
6e.ifiesi - :' 1. iiir;;Avdt kinOirtiin. al` eviri ,. ;, , iodo.'iii
it ilkilk.liihia.;'.w.h.q. a iyOn f.t ct fin yo.iiik eo ~ - ain tro
. .
linty! I . rvcent inimx' „
or , tpsuntdoot, ,
s.:-, ~ ... ~..•
. .om.S.a . tiltday t%Fn per.soilo eitkopfeil to' Oireet
il eo . ..iitiiyfy,q,eoopt. .
,Of -an.offieer-.:•.i0 Opt,.lN'Oee,
i Y4 l c• Wl';',F,Y, , ". fT,''''• 111 a'Pt f,rn9 l - 11 !P • 1 4 F . .
Y.t r IFOIO.''
Do,e,cted.-.10,.t0p!...,0rt,',, thily eim6 • neetf:,tr”inlt
.lioclied,ot.rvere rif.eileit by ilierililieiiii A •
5 , 93 .. t,r 1 py9s!.lllarldiat;',o4 Off ,:rl,•i and confined
in tfie,C.e_idrol-tOOid. - Hcitioe., - • •. '• ". ' .: - '2 f
••• •
. .
atte'mpt..tri , srnimile ,
liquors overih'Po . icitir6c Mit ily:decrejp(l
tilehnn exercised to . evade,
tit!:, ;
Tbe Grind , Jn'ry.oll.l l 7.esh'ingtott: connty, bie 7
trict ; pl; Colamlijaon-day, i.blll'of
meint llninr o Of tite.Seiv York
rtnitl officere:,
TliVliet,tiet4nr eliarge,.egnint• Mr..;Grei;lyig
H. Vritrinn: Vht.re, syerer
Intititt dreely bitt Waite of etrni.
'on the port of the District ittorney. preYenti ; d
the preitni4iiirt of rriore thanorm indietment.—
' Whan Why .4:i4fe.ntballf' froth a 'cannon
Efitge*, fenee,.l . )roke • the
legs or tfirea,meth and .stilf.iped. on its
:ing was,....not. •n`ettr. spent 'as
tiOrno,-.then's ‘Y .
11 go,lore • 'on Alonddf
mofniflg! , S.; : • •
. ,
• Both..ilouse , .C . oliireeB 'lava
ovoid, repohjtibns
advising t !to coporibEf
planted this year'.
`General Shielils appears 10..4p :alwa,ys..at tie
po.4fOt is'in
was.iwie,e. , i•Ou . nile.(l.lllM e
woutidihatteeed -- orie . of . arms,.. and being
imperfettly silt at first, 'had to be, set .second:
. ,
. .
:Ifii:'.l)o , inning fti lid llintio.lit mil . init.' (hat'
'ive . ,:f)air.e:gor a C9olqf ra!tly- lirgr army I ban
'we' n,eo(l;.;and that we . mightl'ell curtail. num
iiel s' and . t;xporse,. someivillit.:-:: : . . :: ,' .• .
: . . .
rneetin,, , t of loyal *citizens waS. held at .
Jael . isonsill,''Fldrida, on the 20th tilt., and. a
series of resohitions Oae:declares
that the:Secessinti,ortlinance is void for "being
in Ilirect confliet• wit h ,
'Ol I he,
United StateS., in never havihx barn subrriil tea
•to t he, people '•fir• rat ificittion; another' that
Florida is still en intergal part of ',the ',United
Stares; and aito:her, re,conimends hat'a opnyen
tion ot all -loyaLcitizeris'be•-eb,lll forthwfth,
for. the purphse'nf ,o,rininizing • i'tilate govern .
'ment of the Stale'of Florritte„ This 'is the he
ginning. of a movement to restore Florida to
her. Old position in the Union;; with' her repre
sentatives'again in the'conitress ol the United
•, . •
States, • • . . ,
. , .
..:Yancey's -escape and safe..'nrrical n.t Nriv
e:/rleans'apPears tohe cnti firmed by a . report of
hia , ript , ech there,;' Says,' wOfully, that the
South has - no friends. in:Europe, 'tear at North'
:Forrign;ers' think the.Sntith
"and besithia„.,the. i''.itropean nations want
the right to 'go 0014 both' sectiOns are rninetl.-
die•stiys th'eie no-horie of iiiirign.recognition
of 'lite Confiitlerate ates.until it 'ls - seen that
the . Soulli is about to contterjtsindepentlenCe:
Sci.i\lr, Ye ncey •ad vises his . government le frill
tack upon their'.dignity, recnli their
sitmal g, rind . wait Al) the foreigners 'come, hat
h . and;iolie.recogtiized.by the Southern Con.
The Illinois Democratic papers generullrap
plant] lion. Wro. A. Richardson for'deelining a
Fle.thinks the rebellion
used, up, and that the great, battle of constit u
Co be fought irt.'COngfess
and. befnre the People:- ' • •
•'A motirinrhas.hcen introllueed in thel'ltaisn..
cliisetts.Hooe intended' hasten• the trial of
Stone; but' the Honse unanimously. rejee-
The inilicatiorii ti're snit' to Lein favor of a .
Orge cr.op 91 prichenthe • comipg
New .Jersey,
.' • A wotnan has •gone,into court at Harrisburg,
for a iiiiforen 'on the ground that her inisband is
a;reh=l, anti in.the 'contetlarate army•
. •
• a he.l\re.wlairypo!t , (Mass) Herald . say's . there
'will probably be a good demand fol. Mantle . ' la.
- EmploYmenutitay not be so
'abundant 'in the ,cities and,. towns as in former
Years; but the necessities ,of the, agricultural
interest:will create u demand'which . the•cities
Goy. Buckingham of ..,'ci_nnectiaut. has appnin
Led" th 18th' inst., ailay of fasting and prayer.
. .
The Nashville correspondent of the New
)(orb Tribune . givesthe resulr of his sasocia.
thin .With.the s negroeSlhere by saying:'
. • , • . •• •• • . •. , .
. . . •.
i!pn.the otlicr
hand I must own thatthe tip
shot of , theft' ttilk . opon - thechnoge they expect.
Vit.Was'ihat they' ,. .hopedto'be like their .mes
tars; thot-is,"glivo well and work little.'
• Captain Ericsson; in . a private letter, to . ' a
Senator, says . can,yet form -no correct esti
mote of the.destrtictive,power of the Monitor.
The Yeisel.risiesse4 an,excess of buoYancy of
twenty thousand Potinds,Snil is therefore certaL
hie of stist(iirilnga turret' thicksii than the peas:
e a. one, with guns carrying a quadruple weight
'of' shot to that..employed, against the Merrl:
.140 calls. attention to, the very; light
draught of iyater of the Monitor. .. •
•The Nitshvillejatriot says that on March
,25th,Gov..Jori,lioir directed a letter to the Mb%
:Cials of ...islaih'vitle s requiring' them to take•the
'oath of allegiance,: but the:Commun.:Council—
by a 'vote Of .16 to .I—refused tiklo soi„ The
s i x t een declined on . the score that it'.was never
cotiteMplated,that they should taki such oath.
The,oone 4 yuho voted aye s(eid he woUlditibacribe
toftiV9all4 batlmritediaii.ll); resign
,on,tbs ,aubject of inter
iiiis;lieeiv Made' by the con
;:which. has
ie tbatlrovii
loos fluff 'in
, passapors,
fir htall dountp Maitortat;'
04tirday, April 12,;1862.
Pre utial?l geXOnr entire e4itjob
the me if hiitglifst; - iiiii:m . ornittigOn eo . iii;;,q . uenee
of breaking thdlir'ees while working the Inside .
We:ir.a2ii ? tleb‘ed.'eathe.'cittirtes.:4:o the
of'th'e "Miner who elhiWed to use
hie. press; ' for the remniinlei.:
°Pi pitscr:,--Ve *mild not recom
mend -that .. ctreditori Cnforee their claims , by,
due:cOtirieol:laUr; at this tinie; it they can .
void' it; but thOse.who : steill ;
etin.be furnished Wit h: tt.letterS
ArtmaTrto'N'o, Esnr ;; vrli s o has received his
'cOMMIsSiOnas".T..P. and . is ryualil ed, to dis.
charge lilt : and iingtilai of , Office;
one dooi East nrtrie 'Bennett '•
• . .
A•l'KaAst MlNER.—We ' bild intended fr; . de'vote.
a short article to that paper this week, but.the•
details of the ibl
terre ftght,. which. were•re
celyed !sit ev'ening . have Our spare
space.: stern faetS.of tke'''.(irrepreksible
con. . •• . • . .
fliet", that'Paper hits been laboring for, since
its start, are of more
: fearful •intereit tti our
readers than anything we Might say.: This
<i'feast..of blotirl ": should be sullieint for even .
its temporary §atktf. ••••;'. •
. . .
•pt.titioit, name.
, .
by..citizeos of Connecticut, rminy
whotii'vvere Whig! rntiy,'wai'pre7
serited.fo the Senate on
reported s'
To the ,ITlOlimibin Senti,e, iind:lln
la tires in C. an gee.tx • ' •
The:Mulersiiitied•eitizens of 4--, in the State'
or• conbeetkut;.• earneatly tlesiring• to - see our
diatiac.ted • rOOOttrieatOFecj.to lorrnet con-.
attton cir :peace find' pinirrri!y; and , fitmly he
lier.ipif that •the, comprorniae on .the aubjei:t of
alayeiy 'ertilii"ttlied in. 'the Conatitution- adopted.
by; our fathers is the only'bond *Which •can'
unite *Oil hold n twirl her en'a brotherhood of
States,• thereiore heseeeli you . .as pariOnal
leilitlatora to leave it. for fanatics and demo-.
goglies,.olosida the liallS:of Copycat', rodiseuss
questions of eniarielpation' and 'matters c.f. that
sort While yoli, like. true patriotic like
trued ar f it . e.tinqi and philanthropist's, seek your '
rohnt4t welfare by loin a; what you ',can.hy
ordpey means • for • the re-establishment of the
Coneti.turion 'nisi! laws '.aa..expounded b.y the
_ . . . . ,
• A'nd w4 w . nnl.l reFpPettliq Pify.ffest, if any,
memberq of ;your Horiornlile...B66r cannot re-
Train from the . disinssion'oliirevvlant and dig:
,Nrliing quesildris, that they. i4sigioheir seats:
Pen...Stitt:Lot .brO .ngm: „
s.eitool.• He wt4,htrdlY. in,hts.anddle
dier htifote he hint 111 brttru..- Very' fow . Of 1114
.coternltOrorieis . weie as well fitted. to 'take the
*cf.:of the . l amented .Lnitriitr.—'AlbartyEr e.
Gen. Vltti'ren. - is on his may in assume corn-
mend of :the-iiepaitrneitt of Georgi. and South '
Garolitist.- may .11()W expect: to
,hene . that'
onny. it and abour . liesitfort.iS being set „ to
This is the forced approval of the .Republican
Jotirnals iri speaking of such .Democratic Gen•
erale 'AS Sit rm . ,* !Hu Nrtic JIII•C4C4r.A,Y,• H At:•
BUTLER, arid A hot of ot hersp.
But what can be'said of the Republicans high
in coirimeid, FRENIONT • bieught. hia Missouri .
csmpaign to an inglorious end by his suspens
ion from command, and his time, ince - his..ap.
pointment to a :nevi command,•has been spent
between Washington:.end. New York. . While
Ifustran arrives in that city in the morning And
embarks for the South the sane evening, FRE.,
11toNT waits a week to be feasted . ond• toasted by
ihe. pot tioust .Paliticitme of that city. • .
' , Snret.ps aisumee'cominand of hie division, and
a week finds'him the vietory In one of the hard
est fought battles of the war,an arm shattered
yet pushing, his Column on to further serviee.
while. JIM LANK, next to F.l(astor.r the greatest '
mogul of abolitionism, had his ttitimphal• march
from 'Washington to . KROllOf, doing the . big
thing in speeeh-making if Chicago and • other
points, but soon found his way 'back into the
Senate, his only charge being for,mileage . in his
triumphal march anti , inglorious retreat of a'
thouiand I.; . asie is famoualor'shooting a
neighbor for 'drawing a bucket, of water front
his well but natty savior(' has ne yet drawn in
•defence Of. the Union. . . ' .
• Pnmrs',. another of the brood or negro war
shipping fanatics ' . famous tor naperSyNarfare, hu
harmless tirebeldom witli hie sword; has sub
sided into retiremeni.—Milysvale Sentiisell.
List of Atrial; lhati,n I,r Joie Teem, 1862
Annine—yir. C: Simpson'. , •
.• , Borosigh.-L 7 A: J. Nouree,*. Y.. McCoy, and
D. Y: Shepard. • , • •
.Itradterd,—Goit Drovcn, Benj. Haven, H.
D. Turner,,John Corwin. •• •
Eldred. —D. F. Carpenter, G. T. Dennis, A.,
A. Barden, Ensile . Moo • dy• ' • • •
•Tubbs, • Gardner .Barrett;
Erastus Curtis, J ' . T. • Otto; A. J. Otto E.
Gallup. ' •• • •
S • pller..• • •• •
Lqfaimite.—glielia.Slaciim, Wm. Hoop. '
. Li6 . erty.—Calv,in Pittis;"J.,A. : 'Bright.
kitain;:—Jaimes O'Neil, Isand Tubt)s,'-§. A
Gleason; F.*P. Biphop. ,•.. .
Shirinan, J
E..Berdiri, S. B. Hawine; Ackley; 'P. H
. . .
Cares;--Thoma s Gilbert, E. Barber,
.• ' ;
Eleirld:-Opear Carpenter, Chii.
Daily,. Daniel Lenox,
Wm. - Williarni, Arnold Bouihwiek., .. •
M..Eietwood, IVm..Sherwood,
jobn.compl?e[l,t. Woddcock..A. N Lillibridge
L:M Aaitwood, dri ffi n;
A. L. Rifle.. •
Hattiiitori.Ji Aiidervon E. B. Libby.
Coryrion.--B. S.'l3iinderlin,..Thos. Conover.
Twolllnbir• •
Offices ,oisci
ror the Post 7.
ntileoe'd corn. :
%sgrOli , 4P 9l s,
ce'bi the ari
on bothpir-
.:;'';'';,Q..i.':;...;:: : ".',.;
sti,lllll.oiii O.F 194;11 . .NE . 31 4 ..... - .'i,`,....;:"
• Ne w's liiiii',:liOeti*.reeeii;eil l Or. thOurFeij:tierOt
. 'ii C ''F - '
Islam. 0..1 . , am., ,00te. is .in ,, posseslion, o f
the for ictitions• !trt transports'. '-ill the guns
Were'cippOreit. ,',. On !he . . main laittq Gen' t :;Pope.
ti . sii:calitiiredsi'i..thiMsand:piisoner'o . , inOluding
three denerOli;:cine h'u'ndred siege fieces;sev:'
oral field - batteriei;Onri a l'aige laarititY 'cif
iviialtsilis . ;Tiro;;,iilOnseiiilitiirilsteres;ko: ~,.
....The.hlondiest. battle or t h e , war was'. fought,
at PittoblirgLanding,: . .;rillheTennesre . 4.iiier.
onMonday. ":' The loss ' Waa heavy nn' 'both
sides; ttiat," of . the Upton 'forees_ is .. g il:'en'' at,
from 'eighte'eti:to tWerity..lliMilantl;..Ohit"e:Ahe
enemy's Wa:s Much lafgety ' The iefiels, Were
. ,
.. .. , , . ,
drivel' within their : fortified' Works. W e glean
the folinWing Ittn a ' piisti , ..crpt •in the Isl. Y.
' .one of th'e greatest and Thleodiest .battles of
modern'.clayti hi. just Closed, resulting in the
... . . .
inthe cernpletei out of the enemy, Who attack'
efl . 'neai - daY;breakSuriday Morning.': The'hat
ilelaited.:Wittiout any in interniistiori- during
the entire'day 'and wns 'again reneweifon Mon
dayinorning" and coprinneduindecideduntil four .
o!cloek inihe ofteinoon,'When the enemy com
nom-teed their retreat, and ore still, flying tir
Welds torinth, Pursued by a large force of.our .
cavalry. The slaughter on both sides ii":int-
Mense: The.rebela exhibited remarkable good
generalship. At times engaging the left with
apparently : their whnle. strength,', they would:
,„ .
ri .. • . .
'suddenly open a terrible and destruCti've fire: on
the .. right, or - center; :even . Our . heiiViest and
most._ destructive, fire npon . the °henry ,ditl not
appear to discOUragetheir solid columns The
fire of Major Tri'ylni'S Chiengo artillery . raked
thrill down:in scores,' but. the' smoke would no
sooner be dispersed thari. the' breach would
again be filled. ' : • . ' '•• •,
, 'Thetro . st.desperate fighting took place late
in the afternoon,: the rebels beeonning , awoie
that we were being reinforced. • At five O'clock
the rebels had fOrced our left.wipg bock so as
to Occupy fully two-thirds .of our : camp, and
were fighting their way.forworil . With O'ilesPeL
rate: degree of confidence in their efforts to
thlyell9 into the river, and at the Aairie time
hertvily engaged our right.. Our. condition 'at
this moment . ; was extremely critic:Al.' . Large . '
numhers'of men panic struck, others worn out
by,haid'fighting, with the average pery,entoge ,
of skulkers,- .. hail struegfed tn' seals the river,
and could not be - tallied. 'General Grant and
gaff, who hail been recklessly riding along the
fines.dUring, the entireday,- amid the unce;,sing
'storm of bullets, grape and shell, now rode - from,
right to left; ; inciting the Men to stand firm
uritil.onr reinfOrceinents could .cios the river.,
' ColonerWebSter, Chief of Staff, imMediately,
go'. into position the, heaviest pieces . of artffery,
pointing on, the enemy's right,. while a late
number of the batteries were.Pliinted along' the
entire• line, from the river bank northwest to•
our extreme right,.iome two.and a• half miles
distant, :About an hour before.dusk a general
CannOnailing was opened., upon the enemy•frem
along our, wholeline; witli - a perpetual crock of
musketry. Such a roar' of artillery was never
her::(l'On this Continent: : For'a short time the
rebels:replied „with'. vigor and affect, but theit
. .
•returoshots grew less frequentand destruetiVe,
,while ours grew More rapid and more terrible.
• The; gunboats Lexington and Tyler,' whicb
lay a 611f/4. distance off,
.kipt ruining.shell on
their ranks. This last effOrt . tvai too much.for
the eneniy,and . .ere dusk liorl set .in the tiring
had nearly :ceased.,. 'Both . armies rested On
their arms„• ~ During the night - Gen. , Wallace ,
arrived arid took position on'the right, and Gen:
,Bitel's foices.frOrn the OppOsite side and Sayan.
nab yvere . brOnght to the grotind. - . . - . '... `•
• At daylight. in .the morning the bill. was
openedysinoultaneously : by,Gen.Nelson's divis
ion on the left,.and - ..Gen,Wallace'S division on
the. righr..
.The:fight, soon became, general
along . the whole linet. the resistence of the
rebels at ell points of, the attack . was• terrible,
and worty abetter , cause. But they Were not.
enough: for our undaunted, bravery, and 'Abe
dreadfUldesolation'produeed by our :artillery,
which s A riept themaway like .ihaff.beforethe
wind. • Their Generals still Urged then) '.on in
' the facer destruction, and an attempt', was'
made bylfflookiing our right, Which was at first .., , . ~
successful, and they ' began to gain ground on
us;, but dun...left, under Gen.. Nelson, was •dri
-ving them, end with, wcnulerful rapidity, rind .
hy.eleVen -o'clock Gen. -Buel'S forces.h7l.l
succeeded in. flanking ' them, and capturing t err '
batteries of 'artillery. ;They howevsr a ain
rallied on the left, and:recrossed, and the right
forced themselves forward .in another desperate
effort... But reintetcements were arriving, reg
iinent, after regiment, which weresent to Gen,
Buel, who had againcommenced ,to
: drive the
About three o'clOck in the afternoon Gen.
Grant'rode to the left, Wherefresh regiments
were ordered, and finding the rebels wavering.,
ordered a charge across the field; hiMself
ing.'_ The, men followed with a shoat :but
sounded above the,roar of artillery, the
rebels (letlln
.diamay, and did.notmalfe anothfr
: Gen. 13uel. (allowed, the tweeting fort
Les, and by half pas: five the whole rebel armY
was:in full' retreat to Corinth.,
We have taken a large amount of their ar
riflery and also a number,ot prisoners.. We
lest a'nUmber"of our fo;eee prisoners, among
Whoiri ie Gen. Prentiss. Among the killed on
"the rebel side was tlieii' G eneral in Chief, A.'S.
Joristog, Wiiii',i;SO'struck by, a cannon ball on
the afternoon It ie !Miter repor
ted that Gen. Beituregird bad hie armshot off.
,Our le'o facers is very,heavy. It is lin
possible At pretlent'to obtain their named. The
following were among the number:
`;'Brig,[,' , Gen. Wallace, killed: Col. Pegietil,
acting,Brigadie'r General, `. killed: Col.,Ellis,
killed. s 'll , ft,ijor Godard,:killed. Ligt.,Carifield,
dead: 'Eyle . ,linoitallY.' i t, wounded.
Col.: David , . mortally:wounded :..
Shunter), wounded ut the head' by a "canaop
wo . :uniled. - Col.. Dave, tei+Far.,r, acting Biloadier
OVielta) : 8 hot through Alp,Or .Ea 7
to1;' wounded.: fatally: ,;'I Copt'. I.' R'.-'Cu;rfon'
Gett,i.rOit scour, heritljabOt - oIL .
icul'itotto'n, (lead. ICapti COX .
Carter;. :10jir.
.krlespatch frotn.Gen..Wool st.tes' that, at
.two o'clocli f the;sth,,tbearmy before York-... 1
town-Avai pr#paiingfor,tlie. ;Tfre rebel.
force is rrported at fr0rn . 2.5,000 . t0Ab,000.
The. rebels httre: s coljeeted:. an F rmx.6rfrd . rn
20,000 . t0 , t 0,090 irp;ind, meditate an' - attack
on Gen. Thirnside at Vewbor'nk.:',,
ieft..PittOnrg Landing on
Mondny: evening rCI-iortit.9,t our forces occupy.
Corinih, nnd•t!)nt Gen. Jolinstnni's:,ti'ody
been .found on the fluid,: •
WA . R . D WAslipc•F'ox„A
•-.• 2 . ••• .
The,Secretary of, War received a ; letter this
afternOoofrotii Gen. - Wolf; 'statinr„.that. et 2
O'clock yesterday. afternorin'.nothinit was - doing
ritTorlitovi'.n,,ex,copt tireparat ions for attilelilog;
the fortifications ; that the the,eneroy!s,•teri•e
.was'ieporled to h'fr0ny . 2,5,0n0:t0:,. 1 0,000, and
at: 2 o'clock,' P:' ig:4 the "Merritpac,'?•ltork
towo,-.Tamestowri fourAngs ...
Criine3i . Island, .2The. - ifollow.ipe.2•thesseg,e . .was
received by•the'Seeretry pf•Warthisevening:
a.On. the .6th inst. ••the•rebels, in overwhelm:
ih,T;ntimhers•, attacked our farces atPittOtig
Landing." • .. •
The', battle lasted. frisin. rriornfmy, till late in
the..a ft e . inocui, arid iesulteit:in the'.corrilete de.
feat' of the.rehels; 'haavritiss' :an hoth'itiles.
Gen'. Grant,is followi . ne. up the enemy'.
Buel arrived in.Temiessee.
diviSoas . ol his'areny were in 'the battle. . •
• Gen.. Pope is scotitingin the" cUitiitiy round
IslanilNo". 10; and *far has' captured General
Mahal! rod St:afloat' ;WO Arius:toil men-
... I ,
The aboye. is not 'from" official source; but is
and.. corie.spontla with the
expeetations': formed upon previoUs• official in-
. The following was received this evening:4
NlEnttrwaaTtirdt's;:taanimt, 'April 8.
:rollon: E. M.' Stanton, Secretary.ot.War.;
,Silt Paine'S divisinn marched - forward,
to Tiptonsville last night and captured General
formiirty an Adintaht , Gonerad of the
United States,'st*fl, and Omni . 2;000 prisoners
from Arknnsds Louisia on ; large quantities
of stores; arnrn9littioi.,,,ond - other properly.
Gen. Pope's mevernent have' been a* corn,.
plete sUccess...lie tne'ves the direction. of
dslhnd No, n few .1114.itt6s.to capture all
l'o Eicn. ; E:. M. Branton, SqcrOary nf 'War.
,The• enemy ine'ked nnr norks n,t I: 3 A tshu
Tennessee, yester(l.v„luit.mt•re reritilled
heavy 1054.' No.details nre:given. •• •
.(Signed) W:1-1A74.FICK,
To H0n. , E..M.-Stanton,Secretary ot.War, . .•
• den. Pope has captured three Generals, six
thousand,. prisoneri of war, one hundred siege.
pieces, and several field hatteriebWilh an stn
men4e.(nantity of small arma,,lents, waeo'is,
end horses,- and 'provisions. Our -victory is
complete and over Whelming.• We have not
lost a sinsrle.•rn'an.::„. : • .•. • '
H.' W.. 10f.LECI.C,-Major-Gerieral.
The fol.:owing is a summery of the intelligence
received .h r the .Wer..pepartrnent up to . 'lO
. ..;
First. - Operation au Yorktown and. Fortress
Monroe.•,•Yesterday; the, enemy's .works• - were
carefully esaroined by Gen...McClellan, and were
found to b'e very strong; and- the. approaches.
diffteali. • The enemy was
.in force, 'and the
water • batteries- at • 'Yorktown and-'Gloucester
said to be'much)ncreas.ed. ' There was. sharp
firing on the -right, but no harm dOne.• Our.
forces - were receiving su . pplieifrom-Ship.Point,
'repairing roads ,- and getting u p large trains..
It seemed plain that mortars and siege train's
must be iised-befote.astattlting. • •
• Another.deSpatch, received •at 10.90:N.M.,
states that• Yorktown will fall, but not without
a siege. of two or: three days. Some :of the
outer. works were.taken. • . •
. A despaich from General: I'Vciol states that
Gen . . Mayomien had, 30,000 men at Yorktown.
Another despatch to the Secretary' of . War
states that a new rebel camp was discerned on
the beach at the Ri.p.Rups, and was shelled out
by Cot.- Holliday. .Seyeral regimenis'of .the
enetny'os infantry Fere seeti frotti,the.Rip Raps
dining the day. ' .
WINOIFSTER, .70.--,pfficers. from
Wobilstock to-day report the bridge over Stony
Creek. as' e:impleted yesterday. To=day' our
brigades When crossing 'were greeted bye
Iy. Cannonading from Ashby's batterY;,bUt . .they.
were dispersed by - our guns, and, we are now in
fulVpossession-of his late positiom•Ashbysetirs
'ing.aei usual, taking advantage of every posit
ion to retard our progress. ••
• •
EtIENBURG) 401 7th.—,Tbree guns• were open
ed by the enemy" to-day from a "new pbsition,
•upon'our•picketi. They . were responded to by .
Capt. Huntington's battery, with a rapid ' fire.
Oar shells buratin their midst,icattering them
HARTFORD,' April 7, 1 P. M.—Our annual State
election is progressing• to-day... The voting
goes oriquietly, but with every indication that
the Republican and Union ticket will carry, the
FORTRESS' Mari4oE, A pril
Nothing. has been Mine to-day •in frOnt of
Yorktown, with:the exception of a 'reconnois.
saner in that direetion and some cannonading
' A N orfolk papers of dhis •morning contains a
despatch .from Mobile, dated 6th inst.; annound..
lag the reception of news from' Corinth Jhat .
morning 'of a great ba ttletd hat' theConfederatEl
had taken eight Federal , batteries and a 'large
nurriber of riristine.ii,:and thift•it was 'expected
the whale . Federal - army would be:swerlt.alval :
ThisAs given as a specimen, of the rebel,
keeping. up the,spirits oltheir people andithe
courage of their army, . • . • •
, .
WAsiilrrCToii;•4po ..5
Complaints having - ,been' inatte by the coat.
ma ti'ders. ot 'military posts that, movemanta are
impeded and telt:Lava by the presura
of, male and, fernafevisitore,sthe S . ecrafary of
War tias ordered that 'nolitteees4ill tie griintatt
to visit'Fortress Munroe 'or . other military.
poets, to any porsonmorengaged, inthomilitar y
setiricei r . ann has authorized , comrriandera . , Of
Military. posts. to. remove all petionaMot,' en
rigid in the serviCa., lsaesessfor- purposes Of
.tradtind business. are alio refined., •
. . ,
GRAPHjpyftlitpiTENfiliONE 7
' •
W A IIIxcro~t ; Di
A I, sFrs'"- f. •
. : D:-
Colonel .ninn te`r, servjee'e he ii,issigned
in.'srieelol (lut:rin Depnrimerii as - It/ il
itnry • Soperinter.,tleoCof Railroads. . -
•., • -
Th e . Bulletin learns .from ' a gentleman'. pat
from Washington that...Shrgenn7Opperal.Clfin
. •
ent A. who Fins been removed (rnm,the
behgtdf the edical-De'part . Ment-oV,tba army,
h'een.. M
..Sent•ioiFort Warren, anti iho . tg.pi !se d
tlirnn; b y heire . , ,
been, ascertained.,: pr . .' Finlay is a native. of
Obit), but a iesident •••
The CiimmisSioners to =examine intoihe 'af
fairs of.the ,. lYelstein or Military :Pe - Pertinent
have *de a.voliiminouSir;pprt,in',.which they
state that iheyfesaniined - 1;200 witnesses i .anit
had elainis presented to ttem arnonnting.l4.sB,:
000000:. They remark that they have :devot.
oil the:principal pari.of.their report to an ex
posure of the abases which, ehareeterize the
late adtnintstratioiv of. that Depertment,,aott
testily to.the - integrify which generally has.
been displayed by Merchant's: mechanics •ind
Manufacturers. when permittedto deal - directly
with the GoVernment,Avtilerpread as has been.
the demaraliiatiOn.in officaleircles „and among
their dcpe.ntdents arid - favoritei;and,startling ris
lire the frauds•whiCh hatie . 'been' attempted . and,
C4,1n0, Aptil,9th
.A large . majority.olihe clai m ants hove 'p're:-
.sented :themselves helor the corrirnisilen. un
irnpeached.by imputatien.eitheron theit.
city or. honor. . . •. • ' ...•
Ap iron-clad gebel,glinbOaihaS made its sp—:
ppuriineeon . the.Saynti.fah River , comitg.dowir'
as..fir a' s t‘te luind Of .Elbnisiiinti:wheeit.it teas
plriinlyseen onboard ont...iiessejs in
Mud river supporting the.bayories,and a draw
ing ot.it was' made;. . It is described 'as veryr
.reseml link
the Merrimac . in appearance,.
is.trineh striallei• in sfie;as considereCto.be
eery _way less.forrnidable. . •
To IIE - . 51191 . ---LEbr "AtAignifin; Miriso !
ed.ticti her.ofGOY. Magoffin, of rentneky,
and formerly an :officer. in he 'rebel armk,..tuken
prisrinet. crime - to.Onlhs r ago, releagerl'on'itorole, -
which he udolated;and'sublegUently:recaßtured„
hus been tried by conrt,murtitti. for 4.violation
of pit role," anddor killing In 'yieledlOn. of" the '
rules tif.lCar," letnitl.guilty and Sentereedig_ be
shot.. Gen. ilelleedr'has aPproced the ..sent . ince'
:and : df wilt be carried into effect, e! e: time &
place hereafter to he designated. In the priti
,oner 1,vIll:be confined in a - Cell • or • the'•Militity•
prison at Alton. ; .• , •
is.not the - Part of wisdom to •tinderiate
•rebel r,-sources,and partictilrirly , at. this time,
The reb'els, tho Ugh they have I,ost Missouri,
mai Tennessee, and •iCentucky. and Virginia=
'though ten 'thousand armed men have been
captured at. Derielson—ore to-day stronger
'than they were when Fort Henry was in their
possessiein. This may; appear nt first••like
broad and untrue as sertion, : but it stands 'to
'reason, and this is the, renenningi : First, they
'are positively stiong . in their own concentrated
nositiOn,..near: the fourec• of.supplies I ‘ l , a coun
try Where forces can. lie
for any effort,'and where they are' being 'con 7
centrared: 'Secondly, ;they , •derive strength,
negatiVely, from the-lact that we' are neces
sarily weakened as we lengthen the distance
betwen our armies anti theirsourcesyq supply.
The rebels Were weak in their former, lines be = .
cause.so unconnected. ''..bey assumed them,
for. he purpose of dra,wing, th eir supriliee from
the States in. which the line:s Were lairl,-and
when:they left 'themlhey Were - left - desolaten.
It as.a terrible price to pay, but the absence
of Ihe , Confederates was well -worth a, good
price When, they *fell hacklit was not, as is'
generally sapprised;: to a,liand 'desolated' and
robbed of'its produce. On the contrary, jt woe.
upon et.' country which itad.produced )erge•
crop, of corn; wheat, and cattle, andfrom' which
the rebels .had not previously , drawn..any
their supplies. I t•iat' stated here that not; leis
than I,ooo,ooo'head of hogs • have been killed'
packed in this s'iCinitY. In tbelittle town of.
. I ayn told,. they packed 29;000 ,
head, 'where::beTere none hadbeen, killed.
These hogs were.draWn. frOM Stet,e and
Kentucky. All the pork from these 21146;11s
has been transported, to the points south of this:
State, which are, now oceuphid by. the sebe)s,
they are thus in the' midst of plerity, r .amt more
than' this, in ',ti count ry peculiarly adapted- te•
defensive operations•and works, and , we, in, the •
Meantime, are getting weaker in the Proportion.
ofthe diStaneefrom home.
The 'concentration against .Gen. - Smith are
most •formidable-and•threatening, and deMand'
hasty movements' - on our • part, Gen...A. S.
Johnston's • whole force, has - been withdrawn
from becatur„ There 'is. hardly Corporal's,
guard at the latter
,point., The .forces of Brig-
Gen. Cheathim were removed from Jackson to-
Crointh, Gen:Polk has-passed a large : portion
of his army to the 'saute point,. leaving Brig
' Gen . ..T. J. Mccewn incommatid at islond'No.
10. Gen. Bragg •holds.Htimboldt with'the- ma
jority:'of his finely.diilled - men.frorn Pensacola.
It is said, that these are , the finest troops in. the•
Confederacy, and '
.;are 10,004 'strong.. the
'whole force thus concentrated against Gen , .
Smith willeggregate not less than 50,004 men..
Unless Gen. Halleck.pushes Gen. - Buell fotwartli
Gen. SMith May be overcotht;:. He has essurn
ed the position' Wffich must be defended,
held: A reverse lo,thel rebels with Beauregard ,
in command' would be most terribly deinoraliz-
All the railroads in,the' Western paat'of.. the,
Confederacy hive , heen•
.placed ',under, military
'Gooe. Larcn. , -.fiome.y.enng ,reen talk about
•Goridlnek. was.to get up at six o'clock
inthe:morning igood you had only a.
shilling. a week. wrts Olive on elererpeneefind'
'five el-jenny ;'good luck .wad to trouble-your
head:witb.y.ourown'boiiness,,find to let your'
neighbor', alone r goodiluck:' was to fulfil the.
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