M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, March 29, 1862, Image 1

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VOL. 4.
fillicatt County Ilkutotrat,
By ; J. 11, OVIATT,
TERMS: - • - $l 5O in Advance
. ... . .
. , . .
. . . .
. ••• ' .-.. Rates, of Advertising... •. • . .
. .
i• Colimn' olio yinir........ "......." ..","..,..." ":..."$35 90
- ,ki .:•,, a ~ .. -:.........,..... •- . .,-.,....,....20 00
x.. • i , . • , i - - a-...:-.....:.;.-.,-,:..-................- 11 00
1. .. ' : Rix moiatlis.."" ..," ........" • - .20 00
12 00
o us squ ire 0 (12 lines orlesa, 3 Inoortions.. ~ ; ~.. '.1.00
Fiat, subsequent, UnsertiOn,:...:— .......: ..."" .'... - 25
.104ige Circle, viii tit ri0per,...... :..., 1.. ... ~ .. :"... ih 00
Role hi lighre work , will lio.i.looble .the above rotes.
'l4re.vo linos Brevier type,' or night lines nonpareil, is .
. ..&!.Theie Terms will iiii'strietly.ailliere'd t0.,:D1
-= ' -,---
flotties6- . Eliticto.o:
• . . .
. . . ,
1,. J . . °wool) Peeprietar.. Hidgeray, Pa. 'This Hotel is
nee 'and furnished In nindern•styls, han smote necorn,
: inailations..an4 is. in all respectiya Fitst OlassHotel.
'.•. Hidgeiiy, Elk Co. Pa. May : M4. lb.all
...- : • .
' •• ••• —:..* .ELERED HOTEL •
: •
Jowl .WEirt,•Proilrletor, Tlllo house 4 situa ted tail(
, w4 . libetw . eert..SmethpOrt and Olean'., •.A ckivonlent
,•• an o bnimodious h0u03, - ittoirtivo 'BO obligiag littoral'.
mit% -trod low prices.,'. '. .. ..' . .• •. '. , • '''
:•Elhred, May 17,180. ..' ~ .. :: •
'. • '..• • A. D. HAI4I.IN, . • •
.Surveyor;' . Drartsmg.n ConN;eymr cur.' and:- &tate
Agent. Sinethport; Nl , Kenn county;
• -• WILLIAM' WILKIN, ' • ' •
Practical Mechanic, Bridge-builder,
Port Allegheny, 'AV.h.'ean 'county, Pa. ;
• •
I, L.' BROWN • •
"Estato Agent) Elk Veuil'e,
& Boyle
lion l Thoma , Strotheri,
.8. Brownell , "Esq.,
Hon:' A. 1.. Wilcox, ,f
. . .
• . .
. . .
.fil J. liinotn. Proprietor, Ooreq Pa. ' This House iii fitted
tip in sithrtnotial.ond coreartahle style. nod every at-.
tention will he poll the proprietor tn the eitirdert
• awl taste of his cioats. ' • . ' ' ;unit 3.1861-
• • •
. • '. POSES. lIOTISE • • •
. •
fronting the Polio Square; Olean. N: T. .J.cllffe . M:
• MR.t.sp..Proprietor , Tlie Robes !louse ie entirely new
atit hoilt of brick, and is.furnished modern. style,
'The pr6prietur ilailers !diesel( that; hie nrcommoilii
fions ore not .surpssseiii.iy. any hotel in Western N•iv
' York. Carriages - run to end•iroin the. New York and
.. Erie Bail Bowl. •• •
•.• '• • •'• BYRON D: HANitIN • . • "
A77OIINRI ; AT -LAIR; Bnrotlincirt,' M'Kenn County:
'Agent for Messrs. lileattnl & 00'8 Landi .1 Attends
',specially to 'the Collection otClitims;,Essininstion of
Ti.tlea; Payrnent of .Taicrs. owl all I-pla
ting to Real' Estitte,' (Mee .
Jat'niney and Clounsellni at Law, Sinetliport. 111'Reen
•. Onnnty, nci3 eat rusted to his. care loathe
counties'Of Potter and Elk will. be prohnitly
attended to Office ir.the ijour,t -second'llooy.
Physician ,iul Surgeon, • Snlothro rt. Pa, will.a . Oend
all professional culls ultli•prpingtneee. ' Office Sttrt.,
well Bleak, aecend t190r,, , •
- 'THING tc 'MILLER - '
Wholelnla and Metal. Deniers in Staide and
,Pancy ,Dry
Goods, Cametinq, Ready Made Cloakinn: and Genorql
. Furnlei.ing Udnds, 110nt.,, and.Shoes,'M'all and Windoir
Paper . , .00kingGlassea ece....:At Glean. Nt. •
' -
•.. . .
Attorney and Counsellor nt Law, Snietheart, ki 'Kenn 01
,Pit.', ' , VIII attend to all titilnees in iiii procerelnn in the
• counties, of Pet.terand Elk. 011 ice over C. K.
, Sartwell & tirdthers'Stare. -
... .
o.,rner of Sacral , ' 4 , 1 liberty street+,, Werr9 , ., Pa. II
•X. Banana. Proprietor. Traveler .will Lind gootl'ar
. enteren4l;itione hail reasonable elmreee.. '• ' '
Et : Lie Oat, Proprietor,—alleulieny'•/tridue; 31,Ii%ean
Oo , Pa. This bailee is situated about nine toile:ill-mm .
e tli po rt on the road .to Mail,-and will ho found a'
convenient siopoini-place • . ,
lly Goomvo....Thiebonee to 9ituated About flee mile
f raniFhnethoort odttae, road to Olean. Plea•oine park •
in °the:Bean be aceommodated on the shorteat antic
• - •.• • • W.'S, •BROWNELL, '• • -
Dealer tn . biy.:1311(04, Groeeries, time4ere, flartlware
Boots, Shoes, Bate, Csils.olan's, Nails. Oils, &e., - &e
• East . 'side ed . the Public ..squaill, Slnetitpokt.
•-. • . .
•.. • :EMPORIUM HOUSE, . - •
Ethippoit,,M'Fichn Co„ 1'... N. j.: 1481 E, 'Proprie!nr
A culninlitlinuk and well-furitislie4 l .11m1P13. • Strange •El
'and ,tawnslfqn . will 614 Efm.l :Ocommodations_ , -
Eynon B. DdLIAY, Proneletnr Port : Allegany, .Me
ktein County. • This lintelsii,situated.at thu june;
tinn of. the srrethnort nod Allegany. Rieee toads,plue
maw , enat,of §thellonrt.' . •
To Those Interested in Mining and
Mineral Lands:
if.:ItAItNB3 offers his servlctrs.for the (cantina
Wo .fien nntlineral Lands. in
'noun -
AlAn, 411 a %ice his .'ohiniirn as to On VAI,UII OF,
.511N111, •: 1 / 4 .0 Tho-to onzautna• his services will receive
all nettestary awl reliable Information.' Iteeilouce atthe
Bunker Mill . • • ' •
.Ser,re tut. Nl'ltean On., June 30.1959.. •
••• . •.. •
.• •B. C. - I,I,YDE, •
Arr l toTaY.A.E.-T . .tw.-9methport,.l l l'Kurin .co.. Pa."
- Collections promptly'altvndell tn. ' Feb. 74,
8 netheort, Wltenn - Co., Pa. E NlAino, Preririetor
' .—eppnAito the Calla llouge, A new, large, co:211110th
ode well furnished house.
7 " - • •• • : GEO, IL MASON-, • . •
. .
Dealer hi Stoves, 'fin Ware, Jeepaned Ware, he., wed
aile' et' the .1. , 10110 'Spi.re, 'Srnetieort, Va. Custom'
19.'0( done to order on the aliortest.uotice, autkin the
moat suboCantial manner. . • • . , • .
' • . ... - . - DENTISTIII. • • ; •
. . .
D 4. My A. SPIIAGIT6 - would.reeprctritily ann o u n c e to the
Citiatirei of Smethport and .ricinity, .that.he , hos' DUO
' "0 au'olfine,nu'el is prepared to. attend to ail euninees
.. io 101 profeaainn: • Artificial teeth. inaerted ,iipan ed.,
entitle prinainlea, and en an to nro.‘erve the natural ex.
Aresiinn of the Nee ' All operations in Dental Surgery
done in a Bkillful
yoanner: - . '.' ' • 10t
Deafer In Stoves,. Tin Wa r e, .lnppaned Ware, &o'., west
snof the Pubee Sq limnthport,' Pa 'CUsloni
siiirli'dOne to order ontht , 11 hortoit -noticeolnd in,the
most sithsto nionfier; , • ,
Atternerand Coil minor at Law.:Sildppen, Pa.; will. at
tend the Courts' orPotter. IlleKoan, end Elk. enuntige
Prompt ittlent liin paid, to Collections. Office, Bee
end Poll- plook—Seeendlitoor: " .'
11WEILLICR East Side of the Public Sonar°, Second Dno
North of the Democrat omoo Stoot4ort. Pa., Male;
In Watchei Clocks and, Jewellery; Repaving neatory
Eseented and Warrapetd.
DR. W. Y. 11'00Y, ,
SuleilipOrti,l V;•Et
. . .
THE • QUES'XION OF FORCED'LABOR. j . all the world advai , I
rogade: The application of steam;,, improved
niechanleal contrivancei,'and.chemical agen-•
cies heVe, : facilitated the production. of sugar.
and its2transpertition.to.Widenitig markets.—
It.ought to-have 'advanced, but it his retraga•
ded. ,The apologists of the negresay
he pre
l'ers to - raise pimento, plantains and :oranges
An working on plantations . .. In. other words, be .
prelera to make his Wile.and childreit gather
sires crops:to . wce•king • not
Work. Even for the 'coaling of vessels, 'the
women ere compelled to do the work. 'And
what: is this but constrained labor?.``.
• Thq one exception is Barbetloes. .7'6°th...the
negro works; but under what:circumstenres?
The island is twenty. ropes . by. twelve., has
130,000 'inhabitants—is more thickly settled
than China.... There. is, not an acre r of wild
or unimproved land; not. room, as Treillone
says,;,,Tor a pic•nic." This land' is tronopo.
hzed by , the whitest..and iindr rigid system
of• vagrant lavirs,....the•black is :compelled .'ta
work. If an idle negro . ,is seen ! ' he is itet to
',voick; at %%gee, or compelled to drag ' ; a ball
and chain on . thehighw'ays::::' •
When etnanci'pation came,' (here Was: no
squatting gi•ottml, for the poor B4rhadian. He
had still to' to work .and • make sugar—Wolk
tulles hard as he had thine while a slave, •He
had to do (hat or to starve. - .Consernently, la:
her ilea ..been abundant in this island, hnd in
hii island only.--Tiollop . " •
How little men realize what is.goirg ; on,'in
their own d4, - and in their-own midSt, is iilus
tratcd. in. the :rise.and, progres'e,.bf .the Coolie
,syStern during - the last terfyeais.'• An:enforced
ernigretion . of -Asiatics'has already transperted
to the West India Islands, end; the neighbOring
mainland more laborers.than,Were ever impor
ted into tnis..Continen.front Africa. Yet no
voice of churchor state has that fa r.been rai.
sed.in remonstrance against this prticticer—
yhen Napoleon attempted, to extend the sy:s- .
teni:to African's,: and carry ihein off . to his.
French colopies.as apprentices, there weie .
muriners. - heard Efigiaad • 'item the . Exeter
.Hall party; and. in deference to his allies; the
courteous Emperurdesisted and turned his at.
tention.to the Asiatic markets.. The tric,lish
rendered callous to. Asiatic
suffering hY l centuries of .persecution in.. India,
'accepted . . the; exchange, took - a share in,in the
..nterprise, and 'went on "philaethrOpizing as be-
• :What is the'philoSophY of,all this? •• Arc we
to. accept atd, the tact that San. Domingo
hniteturned to the dominion of . Spain and:Flay . ti
is'soon•to be' handedoVer to Trance, as
Bence of a reaction in Europe on . the subjaet or
free labor? They 'prove; certainryi' that
. free.
negroinsufficientfof the. necessary cul:
tureel the European colonies. It, is impossible to•
return t 6 the old ” , 4tem:ofplaver.y;.fitit'a ne;y
system.of forced labi'r isinVented;, - with anew
class•Of 'victim's. and 'rt . ..new: nante.• - France,
'England, Denmark andlibiland, 'all unite in 'the
new. syStemi after , having destreiyed' the'oltd.
.•WaS negro ermineituition . in the colopies•an
error?'' The French: say it was. The English,
who priiCone hundred million 'of dollars for
emancipation, have elungastoitg as . possible to
that-itthe belief wai: well spent.: ••• No nationn
likes to give•ore hundred railliphe in . , Vain, or ,
wore still, for a"The 'geheratioitof
pciliticianiWlidetirried into effect the schemes
of Wilberforee and his..colle'agties,, end who
clung .. to their ideas; has nearly 'diet :znd .
itUother raCe'• of men - has• arisen;-who look nt
the.vconomit'question involved, with a•pracli
cal snit unprejudiced vision. . •.
The L;ondon.Ar/temaum,.looking, at the .lone;
working of the experiment, confes.tothis.co.n.
11.idiway; Pa .
Wtrren. Pa .. Slnelli~ort, ,
% Pa
:. Buena VIMa. Pa
• The emancipation of the slaves btu... been a
.blow to our 'West India colonies. Where Once,
prosperity reigned, there ore note poverty and
distreisi• fl-eortshing, to%ens have a si-urn•eit the
character. of;' country lot
have aetiin. taken possessibn of land once in a
h4thstite of cultivatitim•tiionsiitids:of
have been ruined or•hecime hopeies;ly-invol,
tied; whilst 'oegri?; for whoNe sake t•actiti , :'
cos so vast h a s. been made, has:hither-in shbwn
no inclination to take ads antage of the.-fieedom .
which the .nation :generously liesiiitved upon
hirri. ; AH the ,predictions .01 our philatithM
pfsis.h.ave been falsified. . heetro; unless
compelled by necessity, will not • work. If he
'can make sufficient- motley in'e day to coyer
the e'xpettges.of.a W.hole t,i•eek, he will , only
work one day reit of, the' seven;. nod he ,
moreover, oyery %chary.of - enferiOg - into nnv
.contract or engogerneOt that...can be enforced by
his decay extends: to Islands' where
free Negro labor predominates. , which
-produced thousands of bogSlieads of stear, now
produces nut one. .Its
.i kir 'mines., are not.
werkeil;• it s•beautiful Ni•oculi,eboriy and niallog
. .
any, rot. in the %Oil where t bey .gi'ow,
Trollop . c, - on' his recent visit'toJam'aica, says
.that <' half file sugar estates; and I 'biditive ball.
.the' coffee plantatiOns, have gone, back into .6
state'of .bush." . - • • ; .•
. •- • ,•. .
.SeiVell, in' his work on the 'ordeal 'of,Free
Whieh he defends emancipation and,
pleads' for still more extended privilleges to, the'
blackis, says; of Kingston:, • '•
There is' not a 'house in decent 'repiiir; 'not a
what f .in good Oviler;.. no pavemcilt,.ne
walk, tie' drninages,•nnil -scarcelY.aily.. water;
nit light. ;•,There-is . ihothing,• like work done:,
Wreck rind ruin, destittition'and neglect. The,
Inhabitants, take'', ell nra,iar, are steeped to the
eyelids' arrimmorality. The pope' shows -
Minatilrad decrease.. -exceeds le-
Nothing is-replaced thabtime des
troys.' If. n brick tumbles from the home to
the street, it remains•there. Il spout is
enrd_b'y'the wind, it' hands by il thread 'tail it
lolls;' if liirniture.ii..tieiudentalli.litok•en, -the
idea. haVing. it mYiided
. . .
A Gori.tor9atten place, without life or energy;
old, dilapidated, sickly; filthy, cast away from
the anchorage of sound inorality, of reason and
of common sense.. • Yet this.wryfched hulk. is
the capital of .an Island the 'most fertile in, the
world.: It. is blesserddkithn:cliinate Mil most
totting in,the shadow Of rtiottO
tains't hat cart be •cirltibated from 's,frnmit.: to
base with every product of tropic' and ternper
ate••region.-•:- It is - the ..mistress of a •harbor
wherein a thou saOd line-of-battle ships can tide .
safely at aOchor..• .;
Every travellereorrobbrates the pirtuie !,. .lt is
in vain to say as does the Edinburg . ffeoietip,
.that jamaiea never enjoyed its pretended rms."
prritY,'and cite In proof that the planters were
always ip relit, theieestates alwaySmortgaged.
When sugar prOductiori yielded thirty to fifty
per cent . ..profit, of .course the plisnter rnortga r
ged.hts 'fixed properly to English' bankers 'at.
Six or seven per cent., anii'plit: the capitol in
sugar production. Ever" piesperonscommir
dily s acti in the anmeway.,- . •
•, ;Those who, by.h joggle, of atatiaticaottenint
to show lhat,the produatiOn'ot that Island has
not 'much decreased.since 1830, forget that
these thirty •years prodnction'elseWhere, in all
departments al industry', has doublOd'and tieb
ed. For the Islands to be aiatiOnaryi while
S IVIETHPORT, , ' Mli:EA&‘ • COUNTY, IPA:;•:::SA'.ttii,RP,A.Y, :. MARC.R. : : 29, ::1 '8.6..
- He worked th,aome-ettect; too; . .for . the island
,ic.hiCh raised only 20,0Q0 ficgeheads;of'...sUgar
in •1830, now raises -50,000 'annually. This
sort glies to raise' the aggregate of fallacoue
statistics, whichlhe partisans of :emancipatiori_
have arrayed to misleail the public upon this
que'sfiop. But is labt.r thus
hemmed in, and rewarded at the rate of- twen:
ty-five cents adayi deServing,lo be called free?
In Antigua, St. Thomas; arid • on
.the Spanish-N(ll,n, Co'olie labor has' revivcd
production; tiGiCe us Coolies; andiwe will
give _you unbounded :'suppiies 'of siigar," is the
cry 'of the pliint6 . s; and Triddad hasyur-up a,
debt of- ..C1.25,000 to import these.' itsiatics.—
J'amaira, wberdthe:poi it ical power. is in the
handi of the blaeks, every itlempt,to encour-:
age this irrimigration.baslbeen • resisted. But
it have to conic. Even-Mr. Se'Well,.. the
apologist of -the -black, admits that, ',if negro
lobor iMmigrant labor must-te resorted
'Edingburg.•reviesver takes the seine
groUndr and promises id return o f the goljen
days of pros'perity to the• :Jamaica planter,
When with Chine s e Hindostanese laborers;
• e cull ; coriipete the . production: : of 'cotton
with the' platters :of. tha . Sontherri "states : of
As'to, the posSibilily of a coMmunity of
v en .half: breeds, sustaining itsolf by
ilVigstry, he SCollfiit altoir.ether:
T.tie - rnerizy 01 the.the whiteinri - ni,the rival
ryof,.the whit , man, and the truthhil,..couratee
. the - whiie Man. onee - ,witlalrawn - rroin• his
contemplation; the negro andmuldtto.would re
hipseinto that conditionwhich makes men-.of
-vmlont andrextrein. opinions rejoice that...SG.
Domingo - has reyerted• - to . Spain, and almost
hope that-Jlayli may:revert 'to-Pion - ca..
What Shall we de,. who have four millions of
Slaves? , Shall we, while the...reaction:or opin:.
ion IS 'lbui.evi - Ont in.nll F.lir'opc against the
. • .
mo vement of e mancipation, nirdwhen; in ti e
'places where tho periment :has -lieen . I lied, it
is nbt - only
. iirdnotincetl. a failure;,,iliit. new syS- .
tams of conitrained labor aiti
- ins; shall i.ve•go on? . Itinoks'aii if - that were
dOterinined Orton; and that the - obligations .:6 1-
the Coestitution wero not to .be permitted - to
stand. in:the way of its fOrciUle execution by
the Federal potver. But What •is to succeed
...the est abliskti/6).tof rree-bladk
er, we• say;?ree bfack.idleness?- :Are
we toresortto liihorl and. - qo':Wo.cou
pre.hend all:that is meant' b . y . •
'l - nese Asiatic laborers are brought over, to
the islands; dstensihly: as, free- labOrerX,fOr
Certain terra of yeer.S,'itt verylomi.v ,: ages, and
'with the' priVileq,e of . .retrirning • home at'. ihV
NIA of their apprenticeship.... But this is all a'
'fiction. • They are not free' laborers. They
are kidnappell'.and carried off, or cheated into
immigrations' - The fitteen..yarS' of
nearly the averatte . :term of their : trail.liv.es, - for
trotVir men are token
, and. few.or do
. women.
So the race dies oor, and is replandd bY nets
irdpart,;tionS—anti, as in' die early experience
of the British colonies (in this respect n sreat .
contrast to Jag), it is found. cheaper, to worli .
to death a stock of neuttes,. 'aid 'supply
. the plantations
. witlinei,v importiitions, than to
pre.serve • .•
• Bet t..l.:rti if . humanity prevails, 'and'
the Ilmdostariese and .Chinese wOrnan follows
the inale, and brin , ;s:•withher,•
her idols, her
arts of. sorcery and poigt;ri; .
Mysteries of aborinnation, and her infunti;
inde, and-adds them to the. nlimeiess Vices. of
her Oriental master, wkidt population , will We
have in d'eentnry?..• ' •
.... •
. ..
• Not the ‘dgoreus white men, now . predoriu
nnnt.,•Wfth,'iiir)l'ity,'hiintellect, and . Mventi‘on,
hot the negro squatter,' reverted; es now in Ja..
males,. .tto • Af , !een , barbarism. end supersti
tkon,',and the w'orshippeys.of Juggernitht and .
of the obscene divinities' of Asia.' .
Let us not shut our eyes to the final e. onse
queneee of the steps we . aie taking. Let :us
not blind ourselves . willinzly .to Ahe reiulty
'elnsewhere of the experiments we ire atioot to
But inenting•these . wafni n n ga, r.fo we:
pi.es . • • .
plead for the. inmofability,
,of merman .sta
iiery? No. Far from We believe 'there
is a normal deitelopmeri.i of !Oyer); into free:
dorri,,aria.to this Q 1 this'we shall
speak more fully;hereafter . ...— . l\ l %.r. Aqui.
• We hold the truth to be Self•eVident that the
rebellion of certain States of The:Union Vrouttht
on thia Wur,•and that •it is, prosecuted to put
rebelliuM Te Southey:is States.
•iistfe sec .up.a . claim to independece t' the Gen-,
oral Government'. denies .their •right'or their
power 'to secede' from .the
. I.lniott. and - form a
aeperate Ghverninessi.. issue. is' oined:—
Tne.'...rebel'aftniee sire' mastered to destroy
.Union, and the Federal - tirmieri todestroy, ie••
anil•prViterve the :•Uniom just here a
'certain class 'o,f .Men in the . .,North,. known • us•
•Abotitisinists, any that while it . is
true the' Was prosecuted' tO put:down' rpbel, -
•the revolt of . the Southern States , : is
caused. by . the •existetice . Of' slrrisery",
their limits,•anif that It should•not cease
the muse of _rebellion, as well es the•relsellion
itself is desvroyed.." . Lep us look for . a.mci . nrdiss.
at this idea, eutertaisiod as it•is by a largepin•
portion .the lil . orthern people.. , ' •
..We lou t s rebellion_onee its Pennsylianits•-',.
It.eitendedoVera'numb rof Western•connttes.
It was caused by Whisk}', of . more propatly
speaking, a. tax dpon • whialc,Y. Wushington .
summoned' an, army and•
, roarelied . wdstward;
Mit "betisre.he reached the scene el . _ revolt , , th.
rebola:,dispersail;iindjhe rebellitin carne AO an
.The PreSident 'Was. satisfied with 'this
result: • He did. net: say; , Ithis - rehellion was
~• aaUsed.by 'whisky,,and we' cannot Itime•fo r
it there,ii a:gallon of whisky dis•
tilled in, •Penrsylvaniti.'' He did not endea
-Vor to remove the-cause hydeMolialiiint all the
.in • Peansylvania.....He not say.
Char while whisky: continued ;OS be distilled
there was' 'reason to• anticipate peticislical. re•
hellions. • Bid, bitsiness .was to enforce 'the
laws:, lie did Chat. 'promptly and •autrilnarily,
'and considered the work .finished.' ''Now
whisky wa's, undeniatily.a 'cause of this rebel
lion.' 'Had there, be'egi no •whlsky..theri wool°
esive.been , no rebellion.,,, Whisky was. as much
thaaatise Of:that rebellion its slaVery is of thi,
We have never had 'another .reb; , llion•ofi 'ay
count tit whisky,: and when thia'iebellioo is' put
• down we will never have'another rebellion on
account,of slavery. • • • .
coiltelid that slavery is not, in a .
certain sense, the , ca use of the preient rebellion.
It is undeniably orteof II slavery
had 'ney. , r • ekisted,' rebellion Would not: have,
•tliken..the•shane it has.. anti.,
slavery' is another, cause. If • a political party
the North: bud never seized - Unit moulded
into. shape the hatred•ixisting against. - slaypry
there Would he no ,;rebellion. Ambition,,arro-
ponce., the lust for power,•are all causes of
,there pewee '.Mid gocid •
would, reign petpctUally. 'so with n hun•
dred other things••••• 7 we• can ,trutlafully say that
if they' had ,never been, i'rehelcion would not.
now he. • But it iS net•the Laciness of Gov.
ernment to, deal witlirviimte or even with •Prok
. imate-causea•or is•ievtilt.agUinst - its . authority:.
Its plain and simple and only 'duty is tu
'lain its rightful'atith.ority, rind to. crush down
vhiry opposing:obstacle. • • "
•,.There. tiro certain great rules or. action at
the haudifation• of. this ,Government upOn the
observance of which , oursarety as knation•de:.
rlepends. Those . .rules' ttre ',contained . in .the.
conititutiOn . of • the —Unitrd It is
. wdste of time to contend that that ;instrument
is eiiher pro•slevery or unti• e
lavry in its• : char.:
enter. on e view it • rs
utiri,lavery; for it:
gives .a (i.e. : 3:oooWe this right to 'govern them::
is•freei out in itslighest,sprise.
In another' view•it is-pro•slavery for it c.reitres•
nathin.of •iiiverilign States, piovidis for the.
`rendition of t4tigiiives from labor,".
ilibi!s the itholition thP'slavct trade ror 11 -
Hod of twerity„years. But we rare, tiot•whether
it: is; regarded us •pro•Slavery:r anti-slavery '
.one tact i 4 bekenditlispuie.:—.4 admits the right.
oh:every State to determine and protect ant)
just'-such domestic institutions ns.seem
to it best adopted, to lee presperity, mid •the
people..' Its distinguished
characteriStie it'slOcalielf•govertinient, as rip.
piisedrto eeptraliieirpiriver.., From emit ralizd.
don groWs' despotism—floin the diffo . siob of
p o we T , freedom. • '• • ' • •.• •• '• " '
When. the Abolitionists-ask' us to strike-'
blow a t
, siavery ttit - etttcrriate the
institution caitse of the war, they ask
to - take a sirid.' 'towards tlcipotism—they.
.aslcus 16. tiet•trhy the
. beauty and "sfrength 01
. rier •nohle,fahric of g u iternmerittlry ask us
yo exercise power which-.We - do•not posst;ss—
to becoruo us'urperi that itrgtoei may become
tree. They would tiakte• us become - take tnyttc
.inndarnenfal , •doctrine's oft tho Consiiiutton,by
leYel - intka.hlow atthc; rights.of,the States, tin
mindiul-Of the consequances of the parachial
act, and-forgetful of the fact that' in destroying
Cootitution we deStrne our own libct ties'.
The Detnotrtitic party has been called i• pre
slavery party. It is' not true: That • party is
•a Constitutional. party. It is not a . partiele
more prcoslaVere than'the'Cobstitutkin is. -. lt
admits the right,of eaeli State to tnana:ge its
own domestic concerns without molestation,
and insists that this right'shalt be ritaintamed
against 101 . assailante:. Upon the obit rilvt : goes ,
lion of slavery• theme is-rotbint;
rvith ThirnoCracy and anti•slf% very:. 'We mae
think that slavery is a?great evil in and
KetitUcky and that thrnut States would .this dry
be'tonty'prosvrotie piny ha &never been trod
den' by servile feet; but, we have. no eoritrol
r k 've'r t
,hnse Stviles. We.rannot - e'ssinne to die •
!ate t Keit. lams , or institutions... •Ovirppwer on
t:Ptestions cities tint extend beyond the
tiOtintts;of P,•ansylvaniu and we'are effluent:that
it is SO; liceatnie oitr rathPrs:n,rireeil'that . :each
State should enjoy Ineelindepentlene 4 '
It ;is proper . 111$0 to say in this connection.
(hat the',Deniocreic.party . is Bailie cha.dtpion
or the. guardian-of. slavery. •If in the exercise
of the Constitutional poivel'ot the pove . rtinient
in'suhdoing , ret?ellion, shivery receives its death
blow, liirelhind good. .th, Rebels ritn this risk
when they..atternpted:to deWoi t . he.Union.—
They have no right toelitim eicetription for .thk
species of, tirotipity'from . • the -casuelities and
cale . mities ttenling . every' ,kirid—of % propel ty
.time Of war. Nor has the.Government.a
eight to, ster'eside from the direct line of ditty:
to. inflict is..blow upon slavery whieh . may ipjure
• •
• '.' ' ' '• ' ' '‘. " ' - "
, ~ ..
. . ..
, . .
. . . . . , .
loyal es.well g . is ilisloyl'inen.. ~For.ehlvery we
cure no'thikig; hut for . the preliervelio'n.of. that'
power reserved.to the States
ti y the Constitu
tion by.virtOe of %ithieh eleyery receives local,
siinetion.*We do care, - heeeuse tt is the•strettetth
Of. our. Government 'tintl',.the'.goiirdien of :the
liberty of every ioyiit S,tate... -...!....,.. .
. . .
WhT is it that - moon . eery: occasion of
• V r ••a
monetary nrissure .one-feurth to one
third of 'the city . oid' country newspspers and
niegazinee ere forced ;to s r uarierid 'or 'entirely
cease thirjritite4
--:qte veil class of melt ',who teach the .;‘,Voilil
(aii to teach themselves so iippOrian t
leison.fie eell•preser . veition, -- oe'seirliroeiiion
Why is it that inintere--ttie ehov . e
elosies--4nustli)e forced,
to go'begging.; in i.y.tr times to .go fighting,. in
. • .
diaproporticiOito'nuenbers to i liny othSr . calling
or. profession ':(We mean' nOt:to' isriarao
their tieffiotrenn—were not talking or'that.)
Why. is it
. that: printers:r—evei for the
pleuenreand proff . t . `Of ihs patrons, and:debarred.
nr'!friy via eYfhli l 2 that woolscoot ri te'
t:?.thrfr own enjoym - ent—firir .
life of -drudgery, in, asVate, of Oentiry Let
these.quesfioni be answered by n'tow
Of thrre - thOusand and odd, weekly . news
papers In• the United States, And-third do ` not
'aysenge 'a circulation exceeding' 700 cepiei .
another third will. parbans . acarage' , l,2oo; and .
the :erricining third circulate abOve that figure
*Burallowing that :two-thirds -lot 'all
newspapers' issned'dmvea. fultthousand'a elr
Ctli!itiQll, • at least seventy-five of these, ?lust go
to , lexchanges;" and about twerity-five to tiler'
gymen, railroad, or other companies, ordead
hend•instlintiOns—leaving 900 •nominally pay.
subseritiers.9f these 000 at Ileast 100
,magniiiiinouslycondscend- to read the paper so
tang :as it is sent to them; but •who , iinagine
that the editor's great glory of editing is fully
sriQicicnt.renumeratioii,and.comsecjiiintly never
take any notice of .an editorial Thua,
with'n bona fide piiying'subseriptlonlistof 800
and allowing that the pUblithets get $,1.50 Per.'
annurrifrom each subscriber—which is fully. up
to'the average—their yearly income fret° that
ineue rmounte to : exactly $1,200.. Now take
the'a&rertising Patrontte.P of these ' 111 '9 6 n"' 01 " :
is, the two•thirds-of the weeklies
whose Subscripthin IncOMe is eolimated
sl,2oo—and . what does it. amount.to 1. Of local
. .
. .
. . .
-dry goods grocets
shoemakeis, ,, carpontlitg, pitinturs;
. .
cabinet makers' .la' yera,,'dotturs, etc.— poi
haft 59.0 thillar'ii* ,. .vorttt.; and all or. nearly
must. be li'eltiblate'd in• tard'e.• You
most . have . dry'good's,groceries;.jesS'elry (tor
the nnasbingits frorn'the
-rarpenter,.n : sign from 'the painter, a cradlC
from Mo....cabinet. maker, n snit for the lawyer
-,-peabaps a libel'Suit in vvbicii yogi :are heavily.
mulcted—ishich makes you sick, the.
. .
iloctor'pays yOu, off ilifeeling your pulse's
. few .
Rime... Of State Or„County' pUtronage (roorc!.
, .
thin . half of you paver get either)
19 . rt,.yrm . ni!, say $3OO. XoU• fiup into :Ole job.
. „
departmene.. On :07 - few, itia.. l
pilitres ;" u fees
concert and: bOodbillii a.iiovo or
cards tiAets,. 411
Average total, at most, s . 2oo.•Thus ybu buye .
For .Stibscrifitio9s,
For 'Advvro• , :ing
Fur Job Wiiik
Gritnd Tdial
' . .
The press, type, end. fircteC!.l of each of these
offices will average ri-corij'siifoijy•s l ,6oo., Al:
lew for rent...s 00; . for elit.r'ilsercilic . sl,99 o
—they ought , to he Worth(aloe o;l'4' for t“'e
bilicarnor s ei'for fliree- or font . boys (who.dre'
hsnelly l',uisancei-• in eny'printing :office reel
rlc'er at city pike,) in board icy'
each--=slsO;.wier firid teer t, materiril,
nt leati( s^oo-4n akin!; a total:oothotii adding
in the intefest oii the . ' original inceitnienf) of
.Thus ille.oetgo is 62;350 more then- tbe'.in
'comn; an ploriOtie
be. the career or the
will long - srandslieli a dr.til upon puyse..--j1
h. 6x6 one dorm ISor rnura thri,n•n,
yenr nr'two eirccescivcly, 'nod [him' onlywith thn ,
hope nettine;• into some int office;
where ye people unconslonslyroot the bill. If
the e4itoi fails Inlgatting nn o...ince;or.fr . ontilmts
rimes set in, los cacti is. sold to the'highost.
bidilnri hrs printers . ore swindled ont . of-their
just ilwis Mid itirpec(out; : b; seek; . . •
elsewberß. • ' . • .
ve . n i;titl. bat•,
tie . wspaper, if only Ifx'2 , l,'eahniit he profitably
issae.',l in a country town tit.riss: than st2;so
.s3.pcy a. year, and the sOoder aspirots foredf;
tonal honors loorn the (net; pint a: j i vitvtilin'atinii:
'opOn'theii Cabers, and depend less' &firm chance
aOd,rogtiery- to get along; thrtSoorie.r printer's
will'be • freed from a life of ioiligeriee'and offen
oleOrsequentiofairiy. Above others, the.
tlitorshauld bauble to survive :a; pante,•inild to
givebroad•cast speit . couriarl that his :cotorinit:
rtjay be . better and tio'betteilor his teach .
And..espeially . shotild he'rerhembei• that:
a goinii exiioirtlo of honesty ri.:"Otl fair 'de . aling,:,
acted 'Oat itnpiarionri; will hate a.:fdr more
•utnry effeet. , .than aitipiefuratLlesiOn:
rwsibly pencil by drawing From 1)i,
s imaginal.
: -
15E . ,4 %V . 'sag:A . :sib "Tue:
are trYitir,, convince the. Pe.eplethiif 4" ".
conaeraati VP mito Ther e
ribje so represaat'i - ,
theli ape Witati party 'aria Present .
tlPne, that we are,l6tlaii;c) .tO'itir Of
den.. ~.4 •in
.. , fonee upon a time an-bOntrit led tbriffy.,lo
mer, hail 'upon his forirra.noiry ens,
able, but cross, and;dyfOgerrius 'rebirth der ;
reason of ...their . per4fse; , natriieri;:tbeLfaitiee - ,
*waeeornpellea to'keep,in . .seitnirite
a bleb were - adjoining,] ;
strong and:
. stibetaiilisl fence: . The time - ell ( '
couttantly 'brayiti . g . .tits the bitll .ariinfiietint.
petty annoyances as cawed.-.e,
quarrel, and in spite Of. the .reinonstrattliii . .0f.,.:t .
the li*rm likeers Mit tloo'''insued 'Kerwin! : tire,'
fence', until if bore: Marry ..irirtilts Of, heels ask
bi tin uniOokr.blOwlhe .efip
bloke the top'rail of the fence encl..iprartwirite
the enclosure, indtiliftfg;le the. , .
of free speeefl". and thp
. yr a pp ro pifi l tiOy o f
vate 'property,!! in violation , of the . . '
posed riglits;...iiteretipme, the angrY.
a tteartrtare attackuPti . n. Oa: ass *hick teuk 1:
fight and fled to its.. own eticlOsure;-
eaeirefoaalY to ittiofm . - the farmer . cof trite ,
cal it state of affsirs.".'
ti me fug dp.o Agepprote attack upon She Open l y: . ;
and yas . aboutlo drinyoliskthe-same,,.whep the
Ir ruler flew to' t hu.reseue . his* property and:
..engagertia deadly -coMbet . *itit tbe , ,aegry-bell,
.while the . 100 k. a position a I:::
iaf'e disiainie i ., anti standing erect , en•hi, •bitid
legs di4C•retirsetl.uvomtheeverit in. thief wiring ; :
am in no way responaible foitbolght,
diuot commence ft..: You sito,:tbat fie le:
m sra`
ignorant, perverse avid ,uneketl - bull; tried to
... arlitryini more aed religion end tri leave bd.::
Cowing like.a hull and braY like an fee t : •
upon he became enraged and lies mad! 111111.„-: .
y voice le foy airs: not, tbe•ese
wee, but the . min that Lem."
.'• -
;low for the applipatient the `it:
common country; 'the • frir'erer'•the 'Oempeildir
Party; . the fence the Conatitutican• the the
rebel or the South; • and the •rostha Republi
Party, pc'isonatedin Ohio by i7sis gro4a; - tbat' . •
•would hive the iiedple ,beliefe that < 1 1:11alloilt •
the au . that r.
: was; but the•men -that, 161, 0 , 1
"Eccr Hoiro:"—APilary's Crisis. • •
end Plll9lw.both paoied this ,
pltice sin lytontlay of last week: They both
'made , short speeetee to the
iseit great and dialog tleedk!or the future..;—
,A few of the people cheered, but most of them
wauttul some eliitlence.—i guarsinteo of autos's.
Pillow explains the.canse of tbe. - dost of the
Port as follows: dle. (Pillow) .heid the eatterne,•
left, Floyd the'centr'e, and :Buckner the 'right •
wing. i3On• Saturday," says Plilow;wl.drOve
the Lincoln army' int), hydnctrexpeCtinginek' .
eel's assistance .119 t had , ordefed him to
melt" a portion orhie foree .and march to: the
assistance' of - Ployd..against .the, 'centre. "But ',
he refused to obey the order, giving as'hittree
son that the enemy then iatidirtg 'fro!): the,
Loots would conta•up 00)111 over bit iireatt
wcitlis.'end in. his' rear:" .From:tblaMotneinti.
Starthay•rooreing;•• • ." Stiiknei seethed to• give
up all be,pe, and about:noon, when the
Ci t merals find a conference, he advocated i ter.
render. Pillow: ohlectedy Floyd' Boot; minima'
with ' . pucknet....Thery. PillOW asked` the Other:.
two toturn ever. the wholelcommend,talitina
and ho would fight it throdgh. Buckner
'not consent, sayin; theliveaoi bit men should :
not beSiwrifwed. Floydsaid, ttGentleitten,.do.
whet yea •plette; hat the Rort.mus.t• not be
surrenderedwithme in it ; if ittshould I know
1 s hould be hung." •Su : they finalifegreed;
alt'ar dinner nn Saturtiny.as followst
Pl6yd would, with :his own privet,. troops,
inalte,his,escape up the river Pill o w , wlth ctrl'
aid; wonld:take 4 . small boat and arose .the,
river. a tliovar Buckner,. would remain.
and surrender On the beadderMsfie• - •couldlelt..
'lnk wan the: programme which they culled .
, .
. .
.Nor collo( p g AD. , —skitor.Einronei.'r the-.
y thatsontbern States_ and eitiaeas' ans. all
dead; civily anc.iking,:reieived judicial. inter;
partition on Wednesday ih the Supreme Court
'Counsel . held. that defendants
in a 'certain case,,residing, in Savannah .and
int.t.unable tObe present, linder the. conditions
Of nor were to be treated as daily deod, • and
that the.assignove in the:rase were not entitled
to etive.- testimony which 'Olpied to personal
interviews.between the farties„7.ludge James
overruled the defendant in this point,
iaken.,,in connection with the tieta_in . tbe
[louse QnWednesdaY, goes tn.shoye
that i outh-.
ern States and citizens are not dead rit:
The Dot roit "Fere-Pints thinks the rebellion ,•
anon Ur at an pod, bat, it well and ttuly
toys, tithe causes of .ftiture,inpiirreetinno will'
li „ g „r i n i h„ b a d'y Pokitia r ittatsti 1 6 t!g l usl6 any
part of the criuntry the doctrines of eoedioa
, .
nr abolition are. tolerated. There tan • bir., , nti
permanent Peace Wlirtn . itnen vete . nilnwad
preach the:t taw
conflict," or the right of- ,States toldiScy die ' -
General Goveincosnc. All these, , ire:ttenier!-:
able. They have bredettf,ti: War, enewnic.i.. o' 7.
tended. to :bread kt." They... ataefiele4"
'W hi s ch 'passel& the, nal irna t ,n nel intiet:ktr coat out'.
4 we`would return' to o ur' o f t l..ttak)inssiti?o
. •
• • . • • • ..
in v t tipio
Irish: tiObfeman
"10 loei!,lt you ti , o,er t' f ime-vvi!kiri 1:m114i:40
banes,. kon , 4 stay taare ;S r '
~~tr;y ~~ :~ ;.~54.
41, ',"l
' "• , ::',. : ! - 1:1,'..r '
~ 4 11.
.• 'E, :, - ;i % !: 5 ;VI 'TA
'.,','. - : ,., 'NOi-;,c7c. , i. , , ,,, , ,,., ... , ..,,