M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, August 22, 1861, Image 2

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~, ilkist.AttleelleY:9n * ,lhit:'o9if'o l noilt NP
'' - '''''''''S OA in *ihk;'s'et . Yante, ebnld lb 't his'
.; 'i". " ":e ( ''''''' '"': '' that ' ttipfoin'iie :e e n t
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..,3 4 ,.. j. , rAko t r..t t X1 :! ”rt tininilar ?tiviirorrient ,
':- - 4,4h7179,,..., marked Kecedent; . ilia(
Allteeltrit!iir,rift.u:,,letitin,'!canonly save the:l
sdrilt , iirti, , :,Airn , ,editite: deetructiOn, by
.„.,.. ~ 40084 I .6.liiip totra Vpon 'wide!) lb/I people
:44•. ,, ,c, 14t'ileVritrt,... , , - :p.e' peolfte,thegisel yes and
']t'. ll ' ei! Tlil.oo_!C . ..!.. l " ,f or!ly:,!: 4 Y ' P rse ' thei. "' v . ri
iot .5 F, ft (9 #51.0 !. ;:, t P . q,. ~
:,d:, 100411,:gli il.Aiy, the Executive epiiiii not
,i..„ : . Atr . - tetisd; thet 'thee,e.,ttistitutions ',shall:
7,',....,VV11 i, , 14 . e . lillitip.,,,eotili1,h,e,, ,in :betrays) ''.of so
, '...'w1;40 , p',45,Ted,-a:triteit ai ;these 1 ree . 'penple
: -:.,' iAltr#lol6lt t 6 .11 iirli . lie:Olt -6 o t 1 hiiTlitill no
'-‘;`,#o.oo4l4,:q.o.‘iird,'Kor : even to cniitit'the:
l'/-:111,110404)9,..1),(e in 'stb`xi iriigbt follow.
:''''' ', ii-t.i.liflfJMY7lli4l' , z -fli,s, , Frea!:l', , ,f,4 l !')Oillit'!/„h'e
.. . I' lioik!,•:VPP..irhr4 he hns'OFtnied. his. duty.
-'' . 4'o4' 4 * I Tiolit'iifAinif fo:Ycifir jinlttnient
: '.flit''rat ' t ' 4 ''' '4i " .l' 'lir ' tht ' '
:yours— .
~,,elneere y,„, opes a , your
.., c sitfr , r ‘ t yl ' ii, ,nd,your,iietionit' . irbity so aecord•witkhi's
.:' its' tir Qiti i'llliiiitifed bit iz‘eri.i.Who hive been
- '-
Aliftikiiiiii , ln;theii rightS' . ,r. certain antispeedy
4Mrstnifori : 'W. theiii'nfidei the C onstitution-and
f4iii* , siiidAiiiiring, ilitW chosen 'our. cause With.
~-.. 8,03 , 016 4-0 4 with pure iiiittipse, let niieneve
. iiiiiitiiiseili , God/and go forward, without, 'fee r
.''...: iiiitilfii:Jtiiiiinly',beirtel' ' '-' , ,
' . 't l '!YVibr,:?• , ''': ''''.AVRAFT2I.M. LINCOLN.
:. '''Stilitlik'ltisi - ' • ' • •.:.. . '.• '
- ....4..../..ii , ,-0'v.44' , -:! .. .fietleiii-'ratteisen, :- ..• '• • •
. „. ..„-.. „. . , • • .
;" Theri
• .hra desi re in eertain quarters td 'cast I.
••,•:. i,diuto - upon'Gen. Patterson, for y the late . disnal
:: - ,i - eir' : 4lo:hiweee? Mir fpreeklb : t be bat Il e'al 13 u I l's
..,,,.; R e i7 : , t 0,1 , 7,,,'4:i tini-. sa oat ii;', 'o..;ltrii-a-line'rie
*iiiiii Irii,fterson had'. 'made - ft — juaction with
•,...i.,9;iktllOO*ell'a Caliiiio the ' defeat ' would not
.''. hii4talsoid#cre:,:' 'That 'much i s psYitig a cotn
',-.'...iiiiiiiqiittii dSn'..P:iiter . son and g 1 ant 'Olen
•' • dlidli - YOMOMMMU/1. - ,: -. 'Bet, to . assert di 're'cly',.
~,,: af_iiiiliTiOiali.ilO'n tliailiii . wis , orderd to form.
:-...- ili,i4tlikl'is4tli : Gin' 'l 4 ,ttlowill . at Bull's 'Ruh
f',i ',liiitiiitifrif SAust: li - falie. It is 'nell'ar / righi. to
:,.fiheilletition-'e.Onjectitie;'but it.:is the nature
: '••••&*(iililtifttliat ' thaie, who "ehlrlrnit blunders
.=- ', sOikiii,eiteeli - it is'iiii)e getiti and, Gen. Pat terson is
. ;, \;.., l tollitijefijillelriiMie'dermlict, or'illity 0111 this 0 Cea•
: ' ~1 31 11 iiiiti't'iCli*Oif till! ilie"npt from the War
',i- 'o7ls''Triiiik vi4sP allY, Such.,':charges could
~': 40 - ,;41 , 1 ,, y l u ipa i lii,i , : hut; ,from - newspapers, like
,' t t k ii:W; --. 2 ., , i i ,,,,, Whine IRSeRSIte OlarnOtr,
4: ',Offie.'C:lsl4i.ol.' p,o''Vethebt yvbich':tesulted'in dis t
;%...: to / tieit,' , l+., , '
... '.
:'. - - ' - • ' ' '
. . iltijier Afn,a„si . to blarne for.the defeat of
°lir iiriri ' it;thii. li'f'an bread, free' love ' Man er
if , k'f' s i '' ' ' ''' .l " ..' A 't 'I
i v
-' ...1,:....',.;(g5,e,.,
~.pr. the. as wen y years, ie has
bees ttilitaidAUtlaiiiY' ‘ 'p,M 'all the ,iigub, that
..hiks;:e iiiree, ; s ibs eonnfry' Within 'SW 'MOROI'S
sAi is! been, in , bivor , pf secession and, its most
i l FiaNtiierintibitngi fai,.and' the greatest servie°
'Ai,'..kits,:,trer'Onis:nrieriltind in his kite- sacknowl
-eAlrehifmt*,lllislielrtUr. '1 . ..3,, s old
• Wemen Of both
~;:otir*eibli OtiffilidUklt) invaluable . ..
: "Ye' 40, riAt.',*siitrifi; fie' thiapelo;iit of Gen:
i'.•,'`;o4t'fiiitiii: : :H,ii. 4144 none for n° charb4".are'
-' l 4l l i4eKW!iiiit 'OM except - the 'vtigue limit indefl-:
',',illiiiiiiToi,Se's ~orl'itylefihite 'men. If ..political
~. eilkir,ji 4 lciiiii;6`44.i'by — etto'clia upon, him, in
.:-,,1k tfilli' E POineiz,',beeguse hp ' is" not of the itiirep:res'-
:-"_:'.:stale: conflict' , " in', politics,' it 'can
#4.Tediiii tlitif 'his 'filen. have mot 'been ; dumped
thiiftiillfadi4ii.e'vijithiii range of Masked' bet- t - tiritiriattitqflhe c'•hiancointiaitied 'no blundir
':,- iifiliiliqiiiiigi, 44*i - rimers! , man iie Is 'ret
~‘i‘'ilPittilifi,Wiliec6Vri bi'ii eMptain'in'the r s e,gular
?.): -,4oiflif. iitt - i4lin' *pfra . o) : ' 'I ii! thh ' 4exi ean War;
;. , %','#iiiiiiii iiie',"iiiiCchniti.ins if: Gen : Sebtf•for efri
'fs":i. eiMilealiii4i'.6'etiffii'..yer* . CV4 - , - and el'the Most
Ofittiiirlagtirli.fiel'al'in'.'oni' Volunteer 'set
_ ::!101 ,1 „Iiiitritn - iirOiteM'l' When: charges are : Made
'sittrielrOiMfaiti'd proper' quarter ',it is , time
ennuilitpliefiridliim, but no ehargs have yet
**olloooXlrdn44°'S'oectdtor: '
• ~• , :illirßittipsytyanie,t within_ one month, wil
52;000 , men, ebould no
46 Made hpon'her.• By add
":,.7tdiitliiikitititeeieferniehed'apder the firstrequisi.
1460eit;tilif - aritie:fitro. regiment's; •a mou gto
ri tut tion to , t
li.lairtat*.tmont hi •is -shown to bit 71,320
11t6temunt , 1t:*ill be seeen 'that
• lisstiulititlsOie;4 , ktikint o
Or% furnished for
th6ite - i•for three yalci,•has
• e o niStOptiiiihaireadf fitilitOrt ki more men tit. n •
Etiliaaf•Nakiilirlshig,l‘mbi'ethan the Now Etig.
more•Ah en Ohio; Irv.
discia4dlitiiio , , , *o9tettier.
‘, t ',..•••!,•rfeutigitt Itat.t4t'cOngri'sa in •regarti to the
si:44,,pstat _privates end ncin-c0m
•;•......,,, ii,ll,o4cat,iotieg dollars Invitee& 'of • four
i. .'r•qt*io44W.ilte luti.iiiTi.lirjvate' , thirteen dollars
nig %titter 'blink 'the Shirreon ot. the. tie v,
rauly ? ;uitatk
.V: 180
'• r•
•• •
Deka §t,te--4 nifelo4o:for the.,inforrnatinri.of
the the Members. oi the
' Sev'enfiz 46416 I :Youihr barite Mu
itieident's ceMneeil.
ed virith regintitemilnit earn's un , it4-
isrvative ter'Ch' battle .01 Bull run.-
. - Daffng
'our men, as alsothos ioer
and'retiring-severely iviattouled, I soi . te(Vtiperr a
twd.st.ory'etonelnitise, - whithiad.beerr deserter!
' by it a 'very
desirahle '19,6'1160 far it,hospita I, parfieulariy . as
dies I. , .o . ridNy:el!,.* t ;ice r. an.
;I;avneninler,s.th lave s all i the wliumie4
taken it.: The. - ri.sitht that forty-three
'ie‘W.i .
.hr4i r ught 'is, all severely "wountled.. - .. 0f
thisiaiine IMuse the. Rich:ln:m(l Miquinp• pays: .
'‘‘The'o6nui . 111;iiSo :44w/a noted, vss,, it
. be
soen,ndt fay' frain •the the see.n;e'of the
shit ting hattle. ,;The . visit t nr iaar')iie'n(l.on Mon
day in.:tr:aim,
,was: horrifying.,
The liine.builtlinz, had , 'heen - ajmirepriate(l.as a .
hospital The Onetiny'f* .. . :wounited,
_The . cite= .
hilts invited:'by Oeneral
'Reauragattl to . ientl'snrr, , enns anti attet.dants. , to
II tl tl •
t air • nitsb ut mg warp,. tir
t 6 . rtY-,it . ,yoj wounded; In my of. them,ilrsaulfally
•thanglettlbY eaMion'shor..
.There was' hitt a sin-.
ile'aur'g,eon, Man lay s on:the floor with their
chotted,"i'votunds' still undressed, some had died
and nothu;im'removed.' ' , Oa the road side, two
. Wounded . Northain' tnenovho hay there, be g ged_
ourinforman t to , fsport tiroir case to thoir.sur
genii, atel'anked to betaken to. the 'ltositital;---
frefdill.set.'S The inigenit sai*Fhis officer:* had
seat Won no help; lie the're' shouts. The
,Wri`UndellArilba hui.spitsi, he said, had all been
brotightln 2 hySilii... Confederate men. 3 i •
911111 . 4
• %
4 044(0,1
•• be
I by•the
of thek,
and the
ttitit exz
cy be ad
.J by the
right to
t.' It
'is any
And in
I States,
Union a
a State
ig done
forth ot
g not i 4
. . .
• tiave;i'e . orree.t of . ttic..itetne's'of the tiftir
yesterthitr; is ketty aecilrate, 'there-.
fore ili "noC send it.• • .
.. There is.one thing I cann(it refrain from ad
vertl,rit to-, of 'the wounded end
triiiimers'tovVard Our . government. ',lf the pas=
sive treatment they arir.tiow reef iving is con
tinued,' and:whicy Is hostile to every principle
- of civilized Warfere, there will be such.a.hbvyi,
'from those, diingeone and hospitals,. as will, be
felt :throughout.the whnlelength : and . breadth of
t.he"North ond Weald do more to damageout
ermse - ttiari two suck' battles as at. Manassas,.
besitlesr,,it.wiil bring, o n
the .ndininistrii
`tio'n' i l hecOridemtiatiOn .. .of 'oher fiuivers—in
short,' he whole ciVilized.AVortd, ii...W.e`ad
tar on this: subject at.presL
ant :Toti.mify hear from' mein a future *corn
tion: :I had. a' Petition to 'hii . Eie'ellen
cy the PreSident from the iniprisoned offierire.
Showed' itto Gen. Winder, of the Confederate
forees,- IT said ho ctinid nut allow it to pass
without showing. it. to the• Way . l)partment,
and if they passed.. it, it .wasto..be sent :by
Adanne. Express:' ..The: prisoners anxiously
avvait . the•'!e.s'ult:of the petition before .giving
vent' to their feelings. • • "
. • .
.•I biiv'e hrought.with:rneahotit tour hundred
letters troin the'priioiiraand.wounded. Should
any of their . relatives friends•tvlsh 'to 'corn- .
iminicate. with 'them, - .addresq'their letters,
i‘Prisoner, nt"war, care 01 Gen. Winder, :Rich-.
mood," endsdulivered open at , AdaMs' ExyreSs
officeil have heeh bydbeGeneral . that
he' will faithfully,4ce them delivered. The same
with clothing and ' . •
. • •
lii concludingm
thin letter : allow eto bear
testimony tO t he unifordihilinincit to usz-wolpi
red'and prisoners•L•hy the confederate authari
ties; they did all in their puwer' to .anneliorate
oor cnndiiiAn. To Col. Stone; of The .
South Carolina regiment, and Dr; Smith; of the
Nineteenth Mississippi; I am under:an ever,
lasting debt, or gratitude' for • Quirr!yiolig The.
.wohnded in' iny hnspital ; 'with tociii, when .
Were starving,:my hospital being
. • In, a wild; Unknown to public view:
. .
The' farmers and soldiers in eitinp often brought.
`geed' substent tokCits of 'their
I, 'myself, lie ve beeir‘Waiinded'.'in
yvhich•htilsbienaggravated by fatigue.. Elev. ,
'en . of us have been liberatett.:ort thei. following
tinrole of ainlerSigned ofliders,
. -
non-Cornrritistoned •
officers and .PriVatesy in . the
• .
`service Of the'Vnifed.: States; -do •rnalte
pitrOle''4.:hoor, that eve w ill not •by
arms, : inforMation or.
•hOstil Wes betWeeit the'Vnited States and
Confederate States 'of :Arne! ica, aid pr abet *the
•onenies of the 'COnfederate 'pi any:of
them in.a:ny;forni. or roanne:r"whatimever
:released or, exchnOgidP? We Wire: eent fro.m
„Mamma's to Ti..iehtnntul.on, this . parole, • aceom 7
"The Parole of, these docinra:Was taken to
.prevent the-necessity of guarding' them whilst
they t 'were attending.to the' enemy's' wounded,
Avitifitri' understanding that it..`Was to ' be' eon=
by . - the 'Way :Department after Nailing,
here,, riMl.-that ;they Were to, be permitted to re'-
*.turn hoMee when` their services would.
no. longer be'regnired, on the ground . that. they
Were nen comhatatits'And might have got 'off if
tlieVhad imitated their-fellow, offieers.
q..t.'BEAVREQATtIY; Genero Comm'eirOiNt.
• Richmonil there . nre'ufwards..'of thirte e n
. .
Our Compel '.(CameroO), was shot through
ttie left lire'ast after - the. second . volley we're;
cel-Ved . froMthe .enemy.. 'He islitirried about
thi ; ee•hundred yards from my hospital.•
No useless coffrenelose,d his breast; • •
'Nor in'etieet, nor in `shroud we wound him.
I am, dear tir;:yours'resricelftilly,
urgeon Seventy..nintfr.reginient Y. S. M.
Y SAFE.—Rev. Mr.••rld,Y l
of the Connecticut who' was' reported
missing after the battle Of- Bull Ruri, his been
heard from, as'the following letter aildreised to
Mr. Wm, M. Iddy, wilt allow: ,
NOR.;rIIA.MPTON, Ct., Aug. 0, 1801. • ..
Dana Baoruart.--After weeks of .suspense,
.we have intelligene of - Hirano. Ile aliye
and priso . ipet. at Richmond. Sister Fan
,ny.has received hfle'fier from a . gentlemen in
the. rebel hriny, written at Manassas, July29th,
and mailed at Biltirriore, Aug. 6th., informing
ilex. of liiiam's qtptpie and health.
Yours,' in haste,. ZACHARY EDDY.
• .
• The rribrpie hao o paragraph from . the Rich
mond-Biwa:pier which.is 'supposed to: havis.ref
'erence invidiOnsly.to Mr. Eddy, as, he is a very
daticomplexioned than. , The Ex.sminer says;
~ , 4 1. 4 0.pg prisoners hereis a • tree' negro,
Whocaine ae Chaphiiri?of one of .the:Connecti
.eui,Regintents:!' . Miat's a . good joke on Eddy,
and no one. wouldmnjoy, it,.bet.torthin him:,
,::. ;')V . lli4eiz . .Pisbtatee,lt'i fr -*.:stetej , 1 hit . , the
e: ..ppeiglie iEtiigedeti,lliti:e . itii ) ltei . !ilti,it . ed.' , ..the.gttl.
....liintgijoi, , Blollloeii-wbeee*elife" , 'o6ooknil.aii:
-:-...**.ttitir,,hl.l,*,*iwoite4*to-:d0 , .:16;ir the.: 'Pee l
~', .!•liese - ;.',4e,ete :;t he ; a pp r ob a tion t of!,lW.llloiiiii!
4:•: . 5. - *.toV6A3iiitiqint;','.q:',- , :i',...." : .'::* . .'Y', 1- .'s"'.'i . : . i . ' -'1
R ,
t*C lll o l i'Citiiiiiraotok''llir . ' e thh *or''' will pro
Artikap , ;qii4ti) , ... , .Poo3oiit.
,Thursday, Aig. 22, 1861
DemocrAtio,Naminations. •
eoinity Convention
Ciinvention 'will he
held at the Court' }louse, in Smet.liport,. on.Alon
thi'y the 16th day ofr Sliteml;44 . • t,
.fOr the
.pn . rpose'of nomin'atiniiiuitabli.candillates to In
supparteilat the: 'engifinz'.election: : Tlie: .seve
ral,tOWnihMi their primark edit s
on the ith . day
peldg at es
tcrattend 'said 'Co . nv'eution..,. - ,A 'general linen:.
clnee je etrneetly regne , itecl. •.
ordei'Of CO, cam.
• '. JOHN C. BACKLIS, Chairman'.
;... Nat. IWiticiN, Seey. • :
The-Elk county Adooraos :in ,spPaking . of tlio
. • . . ,
resolutions adopted . .at delegate :meeting,
. . .. ,
• ~l or warit of time on(l.'space we . 'proferziv;
int.r•foir-yiews in the-next isue.in reiord.to the
ieolotioOs, entt.ir vve' en 6 swallow tbotn.scile
oOdli . ritehes we Will o.niteavor to tell.yoti'se.'',
is.to he rei.etted thatthe editor c . ouid not
have. enlightened, his readers: in. yegitrd to
resolutions at thtia • tha 4 , 30 th
August;" tohpid a :whore people s9sriensy
such langth . of agonizing.
th.meah,time we hope, oar'fnenti truly
low" na!hing.stronger....-
• REPIIISSEN*LITIi;E :Pir,N.'l4N ; noN.',—li. be
seen by` the' proceedingi,.. in
.another ciltitnn;
'that Dr. d. R. rn n i e v, Of Ellt Conniy, and R.
J. NicuersOri, 'of 4effersori,..were . . seleeied ;is
:standard bearers. 'l:if .the.ciindidateS;we , have
every assurance that they ere eminently
thy the trust bestowed. ••••...
• The utmost 'harmony .igo , ailed in the 11alib•
'erattOn There, were three
candidates before the • convention: • Clearfpd&
CountY.p . reSented: name: of H..•LAtif;tsa,
a•m..in of. ungnestioned - , ability and .soundness;
s and.her.delegetes. adhered:to, him, to' the end',
I'he,vOte of. Jefferson, Elk and. one .Vote from
nominated .Ihe. - candidate frorn Jefferson . ; Mr.
'By' proViona arrangement • the
Counties of Eik : and • Jeffer'son were entitled to
the candidates; the. nominations - :were:. made in
conformity,witb. that arrangement. ..! • :••
The resolutions' adopted, 'whilether( j - ded!e
the Party the - cordial Support,. of the oOnsti.
ttition. and the integrity,•ol:94:government,.fa-:
vor.a•restoratation: of peace.'. to our. 'diatrarted
country; believing 6, civil War
result in the •subversion an . d the
of the'cit bre . • . ,
WAIL News..—The 'martial' for
the trial of inSubordinate otTicers,. has been dn. ,
ly Organized at Washington, •. . • .
...kroininforMation received at Washington,.it
would appear that the 'rebels . have all•tallen
•'hack to. Fairfax. Court IlOti4,
.althOug,ll. - their
pickets still ctecupylinnieadvan . ced • position.
Some them are - in ight. of the chain bridge,
,and it is said that tWo.ree.iinent's are att
They. are evidently erecting batteries
. . .
on.the lianke . of•the Potomac, in the vicinity of
Aquia'creek, which already. command. a large
.portior....of. the 'river. r .. An observation made
"from the. dome of the: Seminary a: Ale:cold' ia,
ottthjl7.th.', re.sulted in the disco Very, th.l't a.
large"body M
. :ni, rebels Were arching ." doWn' t h
Leesburgh turnpike, Within three miles of the
. . . .
:.4.appear . s that- the government of .S)veden is
ifolloWing the example of I rrsl to l andyrance,
'and •iiirhetit to'send- . .two veliels'ed‘i!dr to our
coast to prOtect the S%yedish mereanfile Meet
.tradingte thiscountry.' • , ...•
. Since:the battle . of Bull . 'rim', 101 • eommiss7
Toned olfiecis of - .the..' .. three -years' yvolutiteeib
haire.resignecl. They .findsoldiering' in , b.rond •
iYuY, arid soldiering in ~Virginia two'.Llifferent
The.. returns of the'Keritueity election f o r
memtiers(if the 'Legislature tire now nearly
Completed, and exhibited_ the following reknit:
Senate, ?8; secession, 10 . „.118use; Un•
ion, 75; secession, 2.6. . • .
• Intelligence has been received that.the . pliea . ..
't.er Sumter had been captured. at Curacoa by a
1 •: All rumors of an attack'by the:rebels at the
chain"bridge; quarters, prove to be
untrue . ; and for the present, at .leaSt the...Card
tal.ia unmolested. A day or two however may
'bring fOrth.some startling events. The Secre
tarrof War has issued en order for the sPeedy.
.construction of regiments, With a view to.aug:
merit ihe army as fast as possible:
Active 'military operations continue in Ails_
solid ? A battle took• place onMonday night,
at Charleston,' b6tween .- a Union force', 200
strong, under,carimiand•bt-Col. Dougherty, and
a rebel force estimated at 600 to 700 men, corn:
=tided by, Col. Hunter Thill
. .nion force 'was
• . •
victorious. • . • . •
- Rumors were rife in Jefferson city, that an
,tlit place was intended.'
The city of gralieston; Texas; was subjected
to a severe bOinhartitnent by the war yes-.
aels i South'' Carolina end Dart; on Monday, the
The,Amernican claimed tlie undivided atten
tion: in England. . The 'LondOn %Post, the Gov
ernment ortan' says that
s if England should be
compelled to drill' into the quarrel; the,balance
toviillest,tvith the government at. ):Vashington,
which is manifestly incompetenr to .maintain
; It is said the Frekell'Emperor, on receipt of
4.6epuni:66kie b a ttle t 'lulls ran, resolved.
emeknewledge.flte,indepentlence of the South
re Confederacy This is not entirely reliable
Ole • • • •
• • '.l:Lii-b6u*ty,—Tl)4.l'' lAiirrl . orniv. at.
s;h t in 7 . ‘TrP , astfre:r, Jarrie.9
. • •
111 NyarrfPri Strmyor,
. . ,
tiorney, ...•
our visit tri
; 1 4e . astirG'or . -Mossq;. :
7r:ftd;6eni,./n; 811 . 1 t 111. 4luertizer,
nritlft;iii:ti.therrt, as editorstisilalfy arr.,
mon emirofitty
•Apr' prjnyin.erit. ho,p tr..
iit odr . ttext y 6: syrAliire Et:fn , I.priic'tilit'rs
'of :the n't 'Potoontl 5prin,4t1.0111....
,frt ?fin.% :v R i imt;,..'—j': IC: I ta ri't:!r,..i•isiitici : . t)) . 1 i
County, ago', n't - r,.>6.'r'utting•seFyiee;
.dul.. ecititrnErl a fII tip
the 'eirtipailies AO 'tutu:. huti'lreil otio edeh ;
befof.i.entifritt , -: the:sertice: of the U.:.' S. lie
left: Brricifat 11Ii;tida3;, .1 he .I.2th with
tie.ir:fi fly volunteers:- '.A.lnong the it,ernher
Rev. C. Ir. ;C'ons:tott•rit, • pastor of , thi. Baptist
i‘littreh at this" place.. A Large. tnumber of our
eltizhn.ierompanio.: , l - tlie;boys . • as .fariis 'J
-4.0111; 011 Stittl 1/A4,1111 - / IIA t.r, : was :
filled to nye wfi . re• dig-
liverot by..vurit;tis'ile'rsons. . On Stin.ht'y . •Re.
Cnrnforth t
this-iulije,et • • the' present :war;.
which Ite.labareti to shotsthat Witt was not
chiisthunlty, t.ili!2;ht :in the -IsieW•
success be ju;lged. by
thoi . c farniitar with Rs. sacred teaching?.:. Our
to talc charge
of the vOliiitteeis'as far.its:
. .
fie Presidents Messe4i,e, which we had; in
,type, is piihtlsh d
.lot (attire. i•eferehce, • Oft the
tont•th - ftlge will I'o4o', the .l*Lirzttion..of
lii; epenilence •• • ,
Gclieral Scott ulit . l Ilia .Cabinet
. .
" • We. know , ll - 0.. "13,ni." S2n7t. was opposed to
this phn a"t he e,ciplpdigii troip 11.12 tiegitinipg; .
Ate deemed it tinWise' to .inak.: 'Richmond the
inain point of the Frtv'emPoi;- . 'but stile' :that
hail born against hint, he' was uppo . ied .
to .marching agairisi it by the loo4eq and 'host
difficult routo,throligh a country tiyiiry foot of
which would • he . ohititrately
struntt force after it
had b . eelionce taken. liposi to be
true—anif in, spite oh t delicac'y of sholvdis
eldahres, We shall not he itate to stale the au
thority for .iti. that of Gon.;Scott
. .
' • Ort .TuoSciay•pteeedine•the battle,
at his own table, itilpresene.; WI his aids and a
in' Ie nest; iltsctiseeel . the. 'whole subject•.of . '
this,,wdr,riu•Jill• its Parts" and with the-urnriost
dearness and iceilraeY..., 'lle had a; distinct
and - well deliiieil i pieiun on eyeiy• point••con 7 i
liected•with . lt; - and stated what his plan would
be far blittaiiiti it to , a ClOse,- if .the tii.ipage-,
(neat of it, had be t let; .The
*main o'‘jeet of the war, Ile , w%lis`to brine;
-zt , people. of :the rebelliou„s Stati-s to reel The
presSuie of iire'Cloyernineatd . •totoropet 'them
to return 'to their obedience and loyalty,..
this most , he done , with•dhe:deasCpOSSible', ex•-•,
,Penditore of lile eotnpitible-with,ttre' attain
inend'ilt-the object. •No-CliriStain riatien
lie justifred;die tvti , is Sell 6.
Ha,y.ne mist! destroy .501 lives, :wh'en the oh
joet of the war cari tie attained of the' cosi
Eviltyk. inadkilled beyond -, the. .1111:111.11'
absolutely rerptired,:js intfrdereil: " 'kiws .he
ruched •upon alt she'd:id:A' of pier: ?ti,
log tel riot raipiii . eit in Order to advance/the
.gitnieral ohjevt.•of the •destrection. of
rile, on•eitliey 'Which diil Flirt contribute to
thin eVnerarresidt . ,. ris, so nanny acts of ilitjUsdi
'llahle hinnlcirle. •.• • .
If thisoial ter had.hecit 11;ft to liim„.
he.uolld have co'inintiei.:d by it•perfcet blOsk - -
ad.; of every southern poriMii llhe A,ibin tlt::
and Gtrlf.,. ,Thiln hm wind,' have culler tetta
large force - at fair if . elptlii4 pitr
poses—And annthar la rgv one' oil .the .Missis
sippi for ellenHve opperations. • The sumtMer,
minithl,.iittring,..whieh it is madlte,:( to -Lake
troops southsof should ItaV'e been
devoted to tactical
.intstictiuM and With 'the
first frosts .of autin'n he' \vivid 146! taken
column of 80,000'wellilisciplirA ti naps down
I - AV.. • li. 1 • •
t . t : ississipm,ant a :en every important paint
on that l'iver,,New Oilean;included.•.lt could
.have been done, he .said, of . ,life,
and 'with 'far . more 'important, result's . - thin'
would attdio. - -trn 4 matching of tirr...arnly' to
I'. At eight Pi/1 015 the river would
prohablydaave been 'rbjetnleil . , and . .eight :hat,
ties would:have been seccssary; but in ei•dr.y
one of thorn success could ItaVe.l been -c,e - rtitin
for:us. The :Nlississippi ala.the Atlantic mice
ours, .the Southern % - i)l‘l,' have been
COmPelleil by the. natural 'and itlevitalilepres
sure cifi Seiflt return to'kho.,
Uniin; eseafa.lrem the. ruin thitt irnuhi spee
overwhelm theirtiltit of. if. •ciThis'," said,
.he, "1,1,',FS My plan. 1.3 . ut. lam - only a Isnhordi
riate. It is thy buSide'ss . to giv . e.advieirWilen
it is
.aslciiil; and to obey orders W414:1i gi V ejl ; 1
shall do it: There hre . gentleinen in the Cab
inet who know innie.about war than ['do, and
who have far granter influence ;haul have . in
de'termining thuillen Of the caMpaign....There
titiver•was,a rnOre ins! and upright'inati . than
the 'President—never oneti;ho 'desired morn
sincerely to pro Mote the. best. interests of the
country.' Bitt there are' men aMong.his
sets Who cOnStilt .their Own resentments fcfr
more thaw the aicates of •v.isdoin and experi
ence-and..thene meit . wlll protutblytlec.ide 'the
plan of the carripaign. ..rshall do, or attempt,
Whateverl ant 'ordered td do. Mit tiny' must
net hold melesponsible: If 1, etn•isrdered .to
go . te'R:eliniond, I 'shall lititleaior to do it.. Thit
I know prfectly .thiti; they have no coit.: .
eeption of the difficulties we shall. encounter.
...1 know the eountryhow admirably adapted
it .is to defettee,.and hoiv •respluielY apd'obSti
ritttely it' Will- be defended.. I weold' like noth
ing better than ,to take ItiehriunitlnciW that it
has heen . di4gracedhy becoMing the Capital Of:
the'Rehel Confederacy, I feel : Mresentmerit to-'
wards it , and 'should like nothing - better' 'than
to scatter its-Congress to' the Winds, 13ut
have lived long .enaugh 'to .know that human
resentment is a very bad foundationlora
policy,; and 'theta gentlethen willlive . long'
enough telearn if arso.'.':l. shall
ordered. Ishall lieht-whe'n ap, where lam
cOinmanded. But if Tern, com pelled, ' to qght
b e fore' I am•readY,they'shll net hol d me res 7
ponslhle, These gentlemen' must take the ro.,
tiponsibility of . thsir, as I am willing to
take , that or, mine. Bat they Most not throw
their tesponsibility'on my shoolders:"H-N.
Democratic Itepreeeiitive' Convention
'ldpursuance of.:ft.tesedutiett
leonveittion 1•000,‘ . 1.ht:
Representative Conferees ut ,the eittrtif tee, at
Jeircusott,'l.:lttal . ?(l it;l'Keatt .. ;':iniet c at
St,' Maty's; On Thursday
purpoto of r;tniotititii Co rep
resent'ihitiAtitriet in the. Leg •
...'rbOeonventiori'.l.yas o'rgiinize . o- by. sOleetiog
Gco. Weis, 3 sq., President and J: .13.. Oeiati
`and I".,eser •
g ... per. - cOls : presented` their crO,
dent ialS'ancl. we * re adiniliett as (I,,leaat'e4i
I.ll4the'w. o . ..zAvn
Kre zaild
and J. qviati,
'.oa motion the Delegates:fs'om iNPK:aa.i) 'were
votei' iii thei
Tbe. (iort*e.llllori by '3lfri.;rs.:
T,-.1..13i)yei 96! Conrad.
On moiroii the 'con vt;ii*ii prpereclud : tO
. .•
imire"eilnttjdafes. ... • ..
Cbtira'd. tbe'. .
hurson'i Charli s Ltilii- . ..presdured 1.1)1.; 11,1,11'1
T:S. 7 B9yee riresiaell
Corive . ntiatt thell - lirocedeJ .- to :ballot;
(.7..R.' , Rarl..t . y' Lat ti . ,111.!
3 motes, R. I . .Nicliolsonitall 3.- No'clmitt - tt:
On motion C..,11.• tilpy of Elk coutpY
Was no - mitinieti by neelneontjtin.
The co . oventioy:thenprqc,e , (l.ll.o balTot• for
0t..1 of Jefleri.ibi)..conney,..iiiiving'receivtl:7.yotes
was declared • :
Qn'inntion the nomination N . 5 .4 S inudo line iii
• Dr: C. R. •iljki I
the meeting . in iispirited ael . patiintrc,
teliewed 'hy R, J., Nichol hotft
speakc . r3 pld.ged thruiselv,a to uSeTtllaie
uffeCtS abou.t be•norahle.pence. ::•
• Chiinolleti•d(Dr. .i...:l3;:j;eC, c - etntniTteu
9joneftur'n'eacli enunty•wa3 ain»jeted by.the
Vres . deneto drafi: J.: Byer,
Seth. A. Backus; John CUM ad and Julius John:,
'were appointed s!o(l,CoMm . itte.o. •
On inotioti.Ofy..J:. 13oyer,it, was ie,telve.l.
link the itexi . ftepresetitati cotiveatioit b'e held ,
at the lirirbugh of 'St. 'arary's,..on the ...third
•Thularlay of'AOgnst., ' •
coti?tnitte . e'art resolutitim,throutzb
chairman Dr. 'l'. J. 'tow
ing- which Weke,utjapilickys!,y: adopted ;by 'tiro
euneentiont: • • ' '"•
, . . .
"..I,sedve,/,,:f.'hat:it.is 'thp imperative d il . l V, - .I
?Very Inver of Hie country
. of lVii;:f,ilutton, of
all 11 , p?s,,•sng:?s tin] copttittotoi, to ,tariff. cievi..! •
rill , / f6i p!tibe, to stay. tlw,.l . ,;witici,3c4, *of. • ill,
boo r..whirtt must e, ilosh ;the; h',prs'ainJ 1 ...xt iil..
enish the brig ,
litest.stie in•-the cons tell,ttitilf
GOvernnrients; to conitsel
compromises;' shaWing nwi t :iiy ( viil
; nets therthe'tritereits'ile the Solit If shall '•"le;'
equally sat.; in all-theirextensinns,iii thiefittnio .
while welhave.flieaupreinary of pir,ver', ;is ours
were, in-tint•p Ist, When they -ihad thte•aseetition ,
cy; and in-the' parting ,t•Orilsio(.the„.blstioVr of
his'codntry; wit'rown . .indigtointly upiin.thi? first
and eVery . sitten - ipt to alienate pile' .poi tioCI : of
the coanti'v fiorn the oilier, Or to dissolve '?he
bold 'loin iTiiidn.t Icnow
ing, no Nort West,. lint
uniting One carol - non • broil, .le. tl.o
spirit of eornprOralse, th'e . entire
s c.Oi - n'ilised
terests. of riten. '
••. . . . '
.Rrsolve , l, That the and . p
•ibanifrisfeil byour; brave and !oval •,•ritizelis • it•
yespoli i l lug to. he call for .7.'040' men toil teil
icor' by of
,ryir mutt.
probation and' reflects lai•fingercilit iin
lira ve.s:Pirit's. Putt iliac we stiost;sodennly dtel,
iti thenatpe of hninanit y; jitstice 'and, ch rist trl
ity-protest against- the late acts of flit+ ailftliffk
.:l raf.lol; VilLefl, have for. their object thi's
'gallon of, the Sundt arid the 'be"traytil of , top
bitive..suldier's into nets of lawlessness
the • - priociple 'awl feeling •which
piortiptedilli!lTll fa march for •t.he defence of th e
National capital . : ;•, • .;,
• TZesidi.teq, with. all - Citizens we
`deeply deplore the recenCsiiinghter of ',.:110'1';-
61.11 S in Virginia. ; ..We pity. 1-list Northern. ivid
.o* "arid the' Northern - et pltari4 •We pity the
Sputhetn widOw. nod the Southern
And we. ri . ,:tainc that %ye,. will • si.duil to
gether l and strive.by:the• use of all
inednS•fo bring ationC.peace; and i.estGtedo , tbell'
friends .prir yiintig• men now . froth
'the effects of u.Simitherftiuminer,
'li!esulree 1, 'That flu> . threats of• Abolitionist
pass, us bk.()the winds whieli We regal()
riot: We are freemett•—/Inictrcue
we - wilt pro.t ‘ ect'fitirsely.es, nod each .cithers in
to, the last extremity,:and with our lives if
rived be: .•••• ". • .
. ~
tr Thjt, in 'the language ,
of Senator
in his serate,'“
Gil'unnilerstand hots a man calf:claim to he a
friend of the Union, and yet he in, favor of war
upon millio6sa . people r in the 'Union; • It
'cannot lie , cOVered up 'much longer. .under. the .
pretext of love for . the Union'.'
is Disdxfox INcvt . rAu•ri 4:s
..lie,s4ved, That' we. are ii)•favorof a speedy settlement of. the prese - etldiffieultY by compro
Rexolv,ed, That when mie . section.
country shall have been subjugated by 'the:oft
'er, we 'have already beecnne.' the slaves of a
military clespotism. • '
.That we are ready to defend free-.
dom of speech and of the prese, ag,tirht tgnse
who have tried hard ,to Suppress.this constita
That wherein the'ebief Magistrate
Of this nAtion bo.s failed .to administer. Govern-.
ment agreeable to the eonititution'of 'the Uni
ted States, he:is . deServing the rebulie:of •every 1
good • '• . •
•• Relohq, That :Ahe small pa,tilot• band
Senators and.}Lepresentatives in' the last tt a
session of Coogres . s, who tlred,to maintain the
integrity . , of the constitufion;, under, the mesa-.
'ees'of.egpidsion and ;Minilsoittneni; are 'entitled
to' the gratitude 'of every 'Antierieeh citizen; and
impartiaVhistory ivill a war. 4. theinim enviably
. . . . . .
Resetvid, That theimi.siStant determiaation
of the majoilty,otihe members of the late ex . -
tra session of Cc:Mit:ass to froWn . down - .itiery
meadurethat.hall foi Its object; the peaceful ad
jUstmept of 'Ceti national..difficult.i‘s, indicates' a
fanatieal'exatiia that Would. have much hotter
jhan . llle:leprosentatik,,es of ri free, ititpltig!'nt,
eh r (B . l lati , p 6 ortlecif . -.ifie . ninetepnth century..
'That childidoeiflotriinate4:oiß
and tt itt, we pl,ettile diternitned."sup'-•
. I krt - it."the
'66.olved ibege.proceoiliniN-he
pnhlisheil iii . the Democrat i 6. :papeis
The convent.9l), thoi a;tintirn . tirl. •
. , :, •
,15 ,..Prestden
Lint lt 1:
I` oil tie ill I'll vs 114,^ .. - kin Troild.w.,.. • I
. . „
be' seen by iref.oring:tei the-proeeetlings
r c .State: bOolinivte'es of the Re
publiCan and De.fruitkiittic'Pariiei Of';the Stare . ;
• that the antagonism between then': is to:be:Von
t intiod atleast: Ti re - p ropos i_
,af Ccirutrlitt - Co.: to unite.. :the
S'fate.'Ottit:eis-; has
omtnit..fee z
anti each has Oelegate' ("oriveti
.iitias at Syracuse, the former:to : UM field on the
• The 'be:it:that call be .claiiMetd for this poor
os'it ion of 't he Republican hi t :tilt:pi; is that it oi•-
•ii.;i'lia . fed tnioadeil . pit ricd iStp and,a(3l
- it.:catre..fvom the,••trass.p s of th e
Iteptibli.can d'art , y, are might• - tolerate. the idea
ttiat, there wit's s mM:4:ling . ..laudable - in it, for.
t hey tioubfless honest - 1u t rty a sso
eiatidits and insticets.. 'After witat:' has Arai's- .
pired•ii Itielr quarters - in ftM 'Republican Party,.
dijemitingt well ett twined charg.es:of •.prorni 7
:Mot rtou b11e.40;,, it .is not charity,. but 'folly, •
to StlppOse tdiat thaVe. is snYthing'but
'dm must iittenso and' thini4eroys 'involved. in its :
Spotnic y. whs, it Gut
ions attempt put out of the ivay the Mily,Oh-.
sta'ele toavontintiatice of their abuse of poWeir.•
. a prolongatioh:of their corratitions7
was itbuia , proposition's° the 'flitioti•
1860,as !ij 1861, to shdre.;the.reSpiinsibilities
It ptiblicaU misrule a olltake.: State.' j),ltind,..ty iii
pity throtigh -the Jew :I)enicipra ts- the
!natters might accept - .US' associates? What
was it;•filitliet, but the Lion' invitirig tbe.S.heitp
to "a feast .ii his it s, sod the vest' to hiroliSh
Om limas!? ; •
. . . .
The L'nipr- men Or tsGO have. en..altenily.shown.'
, their 1. • trlntii;in beyond queiiti . oe, 'and they wile.
otily.,cat4 .
iheinselves by'makibit
in :rllinee e, Jo ' J ., organization that "vve , .all:
such 'nu ,tie as .IVOh 7 -
et,l 'perilous to - the
Th . . [Trion itn:ei lixce roiled - .them,:
niot,oli,f.roptitry he Constittition..
to tlm ilelenc..; .a.O.ovetn
theit' opponen't's, .in
exceeding. the leliu blican
Noliody no-N nies flint et Itia
:Le Fidel 1 A rinie's r . posed
'whq lost -Mr. Lincoln; •.and•
'that of . tli;?. 'who :
dstio..:iiithe.l , ly , tri:',lves thus- tar; -.
wit of t,t!'ai .
oriponeets'of the 134.kpiiti.
org.tri leukho,t . titieht to conservative
also -of
liouLi.,-.111;i : 16 we toid nothing . tho're
hetvc never frie n d foleilitinv: the sitp6
pail' stich g.toiza tion of the IZetinhlicart:
Putty. creed to,tchei 'the
'and reveretate lor . coot) tit
iott,il.lteW7--L:111, see -have fulfilled to - the
s:ctrt'ofihr, iroat. 1a I i .jo . n,st ructmli of
h'iiiry,t.rry which ekt,tited . Lineoin to . • the
. .
• For six ling }ears liave• conscientiously.
maintained t hut the ..tiely existence 01 - t jte
p-iblieen pdrik - was hitia.rtlons.to the Uaiion
•Our-coluinn-i ivithiit that thine I:yefe'Proptrecy;
url iii it lot flen-i•are'..now .the forrn:of
,tiine.flif any thintt
which pair that . evetyliodp—rrian,• 1co•-•
:trion.and We: fidelity arcane
infidelity? Can we ki;peiiii ouropposifkm to a
whos , 'defeat- has to n • seemed the .
ofaver cult t y irr t ie, post, and"to'
ciAftrilitite*ln whose dei-truetion eerrisinii;vtite•
e,reet fifevely pail int? • •,
• • Weill . ' aWar'e• rhet. sai:in what we,
,1, 11 1 . 01:111 be subject to ttikeonstiefetion. 1.3 e
it 5..); i,l so it ptrt t'he, and voitseniteorrs
W e labor 1 - or thus overthrow of the
11:11:11,ikan rt and that with all tint-. !night;
for we - doubly., stint .that ,the. nutiou will
trio r knoW peace or' safety until ilii - egreat end
9.• II t taker]. - •:,11.•ianlideife,- we slot] • make- no :
nict dins..opposition I& Rentiblie an:A
t lVe shall len 00 dlnit, kereat tey; as -wo•
hive keretofore,tti Such'enernie...of the cnantry•
•a; Thu and .its-kindred of' the press,
vhnse fofly. ac'e 'denounced in adynncie of its: ter ,
riltlo res•;nit's,•ainl for' which denunciation we,
•were - dit'n,called account by.the Ver) . ?„ Reiiub 7
110.011 . who.di-e flow loudest in anathematizing.
Jtelt.'so it•will'bse many of
,those wha
eke'exe.u u tl on I n o ur thitermination to pursue .
'the Illath'lean organization to its extinction:,
Thri'mas,s,of have I'en Misled liytte.ktutve&
wholtave - Ird it on; and when .ectileg
t lie eyes of, the confiding
tidantoish us of 'duties tinper
tottned if ‘.Ve tlonot - perform thetn,.M• join, with
us in deneinieirn!, their 'false g, uittes ns:they are•
nnwtarniii,gmpon the, :erd,.:mfi and so Malt:—
Freduni.i..:-tavertiser. •l ' •
Brigham Yodng has throwil otThisillegiance,
to the ijidtell stittespo:sernment,:and declared•
the indeßendence of the Territory: ,The*.Mor-,
rnoiis %Yere arming iti every direction, to main
lain their•indr;pendente at all Hazards. •
VViIEREAS the llcirr. Robert - G.. White
Prpsidi.nt Judge, and, the: • lions. J. D'ar •
iihg alai S.: lloirnes; Associate Judges of the-
COurts of Oyer.Bz Terminer and Gerierl Jai?
Delivery, Quarter SesSioas of thel'eaci Or
,Mans' Court and• COurt of. Common Pleas• foi•
the County of WlCean have issued their precerit,,
bearing date Satiirday,.. the 29th day of Jobe,:
in the year of our Lord. one_ thousand.eight '
hundred and •sixty-Onei:and to_trie directed.,:foi..
holding a Court of Oyer and , Terminer and'Gen..
eral - Jail 'Delivery, Quarter ..SeSsions ..t the
Peace; Orphinsl Court; rind Court:of Common •
Pleas, in the Borough of :Smethport, on—Mon
day; thee twenty-third day of4 . Sept; next;.
dna to continde_ one week.' •
Nilijet! ; is •theretore Hereby given to the. Coro,.
dustices:.of the. Peace and Constables
within:the' county, that they be-then and - there, •
in'their proper persons; 4 . 19 o'clock A.
, sa id .a rt y, with. their rolls, records, inquisition
examination , ,. and, oth'er remeinbrnce.e, to.do'•
those thin.: which%theirolfices'appertain tote., •
.dOne. And 'those .whO TI re hewd by their, rec.:."
ognizancee to.ProseCols the prisoners that art . !
shall be in the jail of said :counti . et, WICOI I6 4V '
are. to be then and there to Piosecutii.. agitiyet l .
themaS will be just:. •
Coated at ',Smethport, Mg* 22nd,
and - the Stith year . of. the .Independence of the , ' A
United States of America. : ••.
E. 'BLAIR, Sheriff: