M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, June 06, 1861, Image 2

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TiiilatthirrotibiiitVfaiin' the' Smith state
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' lra ' bat intimated, to, his
,rdriCers, despair
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' lo i 3 ' littiiiiith'Of'diheriir,Biagk's,wOrke end
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WOWS lii:i: - ',...,:= ,', ' . ..,. .
- jeliki" . 4ifiiir Eitit,tee vesicle were off Fort
' ;liiiiinit (arte '2 lit firskt.;. with their guns - tea.
'!'.4 Wittiiiiraitifi*tieri: ,1i - United States
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l 'l `rerta'ar filri, itiniimiettien Uco-operating .
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t'fl laiiiNalieralter thia,revol'utionerierm3, ~to
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4 .• • litiiieir,aitylk 4 ,end bealibi,s -10 retake the Navy
!firiiiiiiiiid (#itt4aear''.F4iririton.
thrf_aci:e3 v, of - .1 - i ',, ~, • ' '
~, i t, Utt, 2 '. , :•,.... , . ~ . • - Wicarmwron, May 3, I'B6l.
o.ilonVostirscoil:OUtnis.City containellov,. Ellis ,
tweisay to our. Legislature in ftilli it is a very ,
l' , 4f.'lnfirgt*tirocir , takes . decided groUnd against
. u`skAtilghtrrl t7 eoexcion against reover'eign State,
vl-141twiti!,•;;Wata.lf dipitmilievoted , down in •tha .
1.,011.14 . 11f1a fanintukasin osier:be submitted to. ' :
• ialltkagafinstimidelyittaisting of 4an 'regiment s
'r,firt#lfeditriartiterwir; and the call' of a State.
I,,woM.etidnettit die' Silt:Heat,. possible' day, to, en;
-abltrNorth Cantlibiatd:: Join' thi`Southern . Con:
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,dafst..... tkie sieurd-. Without ,lauthority of law; and
„As( thiceltiimon;las 4'•mittet:of. eel I defence, he
~,ZiAmotiteleiiiire of Int e'm il itary 'posts' in
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.MNlfigintleciONti4l34lnis)nst arrived tram Fort
• oW*Nlifebrings'iiitelligenCelicins 'that place t o
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comprising, sir
Sine•' of infant
alx . itot rain; Who were' Preparing to'
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T~fcel of aliolsor and
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( li itch Iffr- ii - lii.Vviii)'tO i s!ao follevrei•T .. •
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pt, silent tieritt,'iiiiiii*Aviiilnt you.' o" s feeliMre-.;
cc i t li c .•l - 0 • w hi c h • •cliC, , htinforota ::,: end . ; nopUlar.
80-:liitii rkre i!4e fitteratice: this 'morn:
.ittli.'4Yiiti, see,4' said ; he; ' , that this `..,? . .tltnitiltitra:
tido is engaked jn deeply inoirn;liitcitii . bli.,inesi..
l'his 4nestiert:ot reinforcing'' Waahington; end
marching .t he :•Sevent h regiment across .the;
is even' by-nine State of 'Maiirliimi, le' of tiM
sompar.st V,e, imp?/tancee, I, Cipnitlbel ieve. there.
iii a' Sayenth ,regincnt. ":It'lt,. a myth; - It 'haii
Veen` ittatehtiit•fiAnnapolle la. twit. day's,
And iev,eol.llkii!l 10.0,YA1P•fas ter than, Mr; Lknctiln:
Pit fi'lj , :fi` , l;:cciOdifitialii i . , 4 , heitihnlicikbinit ii'
. 19)110%',..(#0,1,t'tife , A1,9Or!ey,otoi fell to . a3. l .,livii !
Pir7,) ':iroti see; t4'....''i* erai.figlii.ctif#F-;the;
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nk' i i n i litbei
cem e p
P4iile,;lpii!ii ioi . to4*iitit..',.Jiies
li!P!sh94 l 4i/atopf# tht r . (!C*siei,,ida
660chrtlfid the:iif.::fOri iike,• of tint
:F 7 1 5 79.'V P A ` t 1S ,C.i i V,,'i P I','Yi,th94 the
i T jauf ~' Auk §9l l t l ArY l:aptelY ,:lk!rs,cliel
,t • lanis,yeri i f , l li use :frtfiotl
the oil.lN'nei
ijiii 1 0 ,!ii,i'0 , ) ?06.i" much: -. irrPle.iiiis ~, the
~. ifeiiileit lilittnlytitg into he calm and can, tell
.kiip all, abo ut it. '/as le what ihe A dininiiitia -
tion - aie• Uc - CitelieS with:" ,I .thinkSMith - will
. . . .....,
ie war ‘lle . relations
v i 4 e i ~:*•ow
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f e, st'e ai
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V.,:i9.• oeraw o i,
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q), Sti*lk• t a -" ' "
tge gifitiogelaei , a!,
Oeitilln'; 'faiii4,
I #,4k!fiil ll . ! ,
'Milli° Yitand ,
w, to,ese :eur rec.
,liikilk, o,'.iiatAon!,
tl4 clitntere'e.,
iliititiniiit 'tf: 'Oh'T
t ;tl(6' 'con ederi,
iriOtuihwi ii:.r otiv,e,n2
1; in tiitilo'Liloii @k ki, iii. s . 14:tie's'
ktw".l l -r:o9gtlimi'
10 .W4,t •, 0 1? if :ft , --
liticof'O I,lepart-
IClOri.' l'gi t ,litise,=,
leutY , to assume
•.• Chicerrc; the
course of a vigorous article headed '"To the .
Advance! say the. people of the West . . Open
the Mississippi; wipe out . . the 'pirates; clear.'the
'4iiii'tti - the'Balizet•That's the cry now •which•
runs from.capltal to 'capital and tram cabin. ,to
cabin•all• over the, Wist: 'The' 'men for the
'Work are ebnildint and full . of,:zeitl.
crisis are in' the': GoVeinryient .The
leadeewill'eorne 'wheri coiled lor.•;• ' .•, ,
:• . p . ,,,i - r . te,,m . 64llii . ,: , ,where;Secession,', is • hot
test= pest' thiPtioetil j erif hole's iii • Missiseippi•
'where tiea;Orisjike''thiniaA . ;•ro exhales . ' from
the earth = eweening past 'the'coast
'nd,' , cleer.to,.lloW Oripene-rand the 'OAV-r-rout.:
•ing traifore.from 'thei;-.lairsif,digging up the,
hiiireibeen'burled and hoist
ori:seierY 'Waif; titriblishing eveiy,
whefrt . ke authority Ahe lawi. and •iompell
ing `reipeet!, for flits ,Governinene and.tear 61 the
indcimitabte.eouiegi orthe.We'st. ••' ;
Let AA' Inundries 'end: kinat• 'of, 'Pitts,.
birg; W•heiling;'(; Med.
ison, , Neiet.4 . klbeny, St.'Lonis,'Chictigo,,Pnorie,
waukee,'Clevelandi Erie .
and Totedp.be set. to.work.. Sixty days would
suffice to turn out a•fleotior• steam
one hundred in nu,inUer, each aimed. With, •two
•riffed•clinitorr and a howitzer •=a -fleet 'large
*anouiti; istippo'rtecr.by fifty • thotisand men
'steamers now. afloat,. to c riy
.• every.: battery:
to to flight all OpPostnt force, and • tci 'take
- arid, occupy every conaiderable town bet - Wein
Cairo end the' Belize! . ' ' •
eitikbitia the .
'l'l'9 - 163f h „OE •
0 4A h °.li".0 .
co triii!,lietS propose
160 ation or , roo,irs;
; o ;the
• AmootiT ',Lisa To KILL' k : SOLDIE,It,—At
the ineiting Kelt!' on Monday at Cooper,s'lnsti
cute, Doctor Church addressed the ',audience
upon tbe mortality. ineident to war: Diapase
•and e?ipoSuriconatituted, he said, the great
eausesof death:' . among..soliffers ...:L•There had
been obtained careful statistics at the briinai
and other plaies,.of the amount of metal
ployed; and the ri!atriber• of the killed aha
: .ThtereettlfWes that they hataicertaitted
With'Mailiennatical‘certajrity, that'27.opounda
et lead-Were tent) , to,..every. trian , ' that
was'killed. Pt evention...egainst dieerise., was,
therefore, whit the soldier chiefly needed.
. ,
• ' ..Nuscsa .Texas, A prill9.
: •.You did well to contradict. the rumor that
, .
Ampudia wasili , ancing on• Texas with threats
and a large:artnY...-Thereis ten times the dan.
- ger - that .:P.Se'ceeston Rangers" will invade
nexicolhari there in ofanyinvasion from•thern;
and this the Government to watch strictly
Ainiiiidia is opposite:Laredo. with 700 men,
'simply watehing the borders, h tie more.int 7 •
ention of 'ai,bivasiotit4amyot.thave,Of invading
Canada.. .
• . There Ittootritichrelianee'pliteed on General.
- Housten.,siniC tact , inneh , mid,. of , his pcialtion
against ssessidoil. Ha has oppeeed them in porno
Manly Words, for which .give him - ,due"credit
but he is a:reliable Hnion He aCk
nowledgep ,the right as well as Mei of se.'c'ess
beni-.-ho advocates the 'extension 'of Texas, the
enlargemet'of her lerritory, and , the full sway .
of Slavery. He Opposeilioining the Confederacy,
and to sum up' all, it may be paid be wants to
be Chief of netti 'Republic, - and he wants it
small enough for that end: If he, had been fa- -
voted for President'af the United States, he
would have.been a Union Man. He was not..
Now he wants, themext belt.available tbfpg•
His inoralstatuals'gone.
H. T.
oracitertn'e right-hand man in the
State stabs, time of' the 'nullification ~troubleS,
Orris'.Wnt.Wilkino, of Pennsylvania. He wig
Chairman of tbe:eatitMittee which. • reported
tlie:ltFOrce Bill," - and engineered' it, through
the Serrite., Mr. lives, in hie S3rf,
'year; ind'reeently mide it•spaech at Pittsburgh.
He said:,
"Thu Gotreittnent,' the jtest ever .deliised
titti,tkistioni and sagaeity `p - Un, must be.
litiitlined, Slid:wherever the flag 'calls there
mbsteirery true patriot folloWing& The Union
and the Constitution was`beyonol all price,
having been pirehrisoid in b100d,.. if must
be presrervol by blood. Let not the price •of
blood take that preCious boon from the •Ameri.
cit . ' people." , • •
• The news from the )cast and the Sooty reveal
nothing iew,'eicept the, praclarnation •of the
'president, .wherein fie accnipplislies •et once
what Congreas and. the Preshient were
dodo for the last four,years--- ; increase the
o rpgit
lar Army.
Our State Legislaturi is busk in putting the
State upon a,warfooling, to be ready for either
a war of defence, or offence.,orrboth, if neceis4
fry.. A judicious stay law hatualso beep passed,
which will prohibit the sacrifice of , property by
forced sales. • .• . •
3V,e.rejoiie to See the Union fires •rekindling
iri the. Border States, especiatly Maryland, wh
„ere,,,liie.sorne time pact everything, has been
swayed by c4e mob,' ftis,:trua • we ,have but .
little qontiu'et .the Border States,
butstill,ho,pe thrit,tbe,,Union sentiment may.
. ,
-,.-ri q ..l3tisciLtDo:--1-ThiY.eistero papers which
.are 'familiar With mat teit:dn the ienbdirdi says,
the Pit tsburg-Priskatat.eihat
,the • Government
pis takiattnaittActi*meartsrei :to; carry .. out
he Cleirected'ttßatis.:: ,, A II the
'swailabla•Wae.veiials t , ars'el'put•
Mercantile ',tea Meli Itiellll/00:( a ken .c oli; and
such , at are tirtiused tor. t bi3nptrposei.of.t rana4
ProrfatioWare , haink fit tedi , ,Mit• - kit 06016;w
vkaiilaotf , .tkat!!.oiittl and kuwAlp'shalloWwaterv.,
arfnwitiayoptlioretoriVihe , ports of the seesj
sled . atatesj frOm , ltal Limon'', to !New Odes ,;
!Will.ba4iiiituallyi closed:— When ibis is dofie,
Vat f iloi;i4lthiri:PotoMac , kunided :by, a"
stelniel*PSVerrate of 400,000 - men,
lion may bs 'aafoly allowei to sting-itself, to
or ,
ca filiottat
: 41 Thursday Jii i
**ATM Off'
t, , ,Plig.'lli orh.Sieruca Dati v
' ii early
Monday morning, in the ,stryaf Chicago, attar
death;so. #l . i!
: ,
Gene sHAnent , as IMI* 'spliced , in corn-
Aikiltt 54; 91.1'P%%,'• Misionri, Gen.
Only. reeion .
Itsfigyitd Jorlooth im iw i tyea k tbitVen;;H„co
and held, this siglAt e rrsis lkiiilirary;.soenfOrclng
/Theaeottai.titirPOes will , '„find , .tha..7stgawayei
one. tYulti ,' t.«fi3~eler e. Kome ; ' l 'lo It,' J.
r if.iirsii;theitrOp.eietni,.. F idlteedritiniitini • and
'attentive heist.- , • • '
4. Noitits;:kial ! .,. t enioyed 'and
Tin Stott bulildinr next below the
,fotind;'O'ier at ten-
ti4e to ihe Wo'ot&of'the
. „ . . .
Our..,Friena DOLLEY - ; of •the Port Allegany
jay; , " always
at that •,fipuse, we guatanlea , ,,the ensuing kali,
teal mill , ba:nO•exceritiont It will be seen , that
••• . , •
the' prom letor his considere4:. the preasUre of
.the :Wiles' in 'fixing..the 'amount - cif the
which .will' but i;oo theremill 'be
.nolacji, In the, qUality_fli thilatertainment.
. , . .
AfirAD C4,T . TO4'I'ITEER3.L4We publish 'an
oount.of the , Aaa!h ang : litirial of G. W. IVikr-
Tiaort, : aito ; kcor.raspontlence.frana-a
parer',' giyirig a sketch 'of ,the s!tfaai' 7 'the
boye'wel"re:favorad :
,with from . , the,ladies, of
. • •
, .
Frotri all sources we learn that the •peen...
sylVania Voltinteera , , have . ." - been 'shaniefully ,
abased. When 'volunteers Were called .• de..
fend.the Capital, the
• 2of„, her • brave citizens .
the,firsti- to: arrive ~ a t Washington; still
they. were allowed to 'remain without uniform.
'or 'arms, 6 r .teceszpi r y eqUippisge; .
they were stigmatized as ..ths•giregged . Penn-.
eyivania regiment; l antl.:%when the.. forward
movement was'made across:the -.Potomac; the ,
other day, n 9 Pennsylvania' regiment Was
lowed to participate, :t being. Yet sivfliip 44 .
~ • ••.•••• •
for tki! v
From, the various encampment s
througbOutt he State, we. bear.the'•inime
•plaints. The !iwitd%citts ere Ma exceptioe in
this neglect:end abuse. They have ` now been
'encamped over q
,rnonth,. within eiibt . of the
ExeCutive mansion, and under the . eye •of . Goir.
.Cuitin, who is at the head 'of , milittiriaffairs,.
With ample,TioVrer and Means .aV his" disposal,
and they ere still destitute . * Mine and equip
menta hot even being tarnished with a change
linnen. pne: Aiolunteer; Lfrintr Siriethport,
writes: r~,we idiall:iociebe 'obliged to drill,. na.
Lked,tinlesi What adila to the in-.
dignatiort of..'evrY boneat'tnan, is the fact that
the: generous , appropriation ;of mohey hy the
Legislature. bee, been ilqUattiletedei:PcilitiCal
fastoriies, and :distOnsit, L .SPeeulittire. .
is ishi ! itory yet, tolie . yvq4o.!. : ip•vegapt;ts:!„yvar
,xpentiea f a- VennisyveniaibOt will e""seep+spy
plugderingahat bas'befoie taken !:.
. Potfe:r county
107, have nearly ell returned horr e•
' .B. F; Davis, p..H.freernartand 'A. Woltara
of the MlCean vOlunteerii are now , itt' town;
having obtained futlopths. ..We understand
Mr. D avis
Mr. Davis is to leaye; for Camp Curtin; in 'the
Seven volunteers
. : left Ceres , last week, to
join,the 1114; een COnSpany: . •
TEE hiarr.oi.imir. Waat.-;-Firginit is: being'
invested by' S. troops;from` all eidee except .
the: south. • Advineeiltiioe been made iitnas
the Potomac , Alexandria was taben
without Jon except the
death . Of COI.- Ellawoith, :whowas shiiirbra
aecessioniet, While taking devin•a'flag:frecn his
house. The secessioniat:waa:• instantly
Several slcirmh',hei hav'e 'taken: place along
the Potonnae,betweei... S.' war. , vessels and
Secession troohs, rasulting in , no loss of. life'on
'the pact of the Federal troppe.
Two columris'of ben. McCletlan's comrnaud
—who is stationed at drafton, Va.—surprised
a corpS of, secession troops at . the town of
Phillipria, a 'skirmish ensued in which fifteen
of their number were killed,
and the reirriader, dispersed; Col. Kelly,', of
Ohio, was / killed, and many of the . federal
(paps wounded. . .
There are in and near. Washington . 50,000
federal t Mops, and Gen: Scott is advancing hii
men toward the interior of 'Virginta.' A se
kieus'Conffict, soen,,Would seem inevitable, as
the troops are nearly,approaching large bodiei
of 'Secession trireps. ". ,
Orders'have been given to• advance on. Man. :
assairOap4nctiod, where . the Virginians are
strongly,, posted., Aired* move is,to, follow
toward Harper's Ferry:', Fifteen . thousand
men 'from . Oh M are .to push on. in. that direc=
Lion, While eight thousand men froM I'iddiryi
vania and a strong' - force from Baltimnre and
the' telaY House are ordered' to March to the.
I.The blockade of the Southern h'aiborc be.
gins to be felt; and causes great
The news fiorn Europe show - . unmistakeable
evidence that. the syrripathies of E'n ~~ansl lean
uwartl;the South. riroclamation • from the
Queen wising all rinyat itubjeets not tc:engage
In•ouf'dlffitt'ultiite.. The right •of
been' itrzi.it4;4 the Confetleriicit, by iti•
Engi eh ite:innient, while the right ta tient
privateering-as piracy ,'is denied.
r/ 4.6 7Fr'illifaicas!Onal card
be fiandiii4Mother colalria uriCleritlinti
the:W : 4l;as tlfscor nectecl„);;;;Serelf from'she.lunn
berfni,tiitilfocsti and wifi4eviti his lime to the
practice of h;s prcfessica• ,
• ". Antimar.;.- 2 =Col.,9o:asToca,- of the Key
Stone Stoie;lnte now ori nand a 'supply .'of
Greet. ilea. and . Pros isiona : „just • :received:. from
Nair:York. pfetvvidhatandOg-the,hard :task*.
lielme.fillid store cellar' to, 'garret
with the'nec he will sell
cheap'foiiaah;:.:JOhn Saye. war or: no
people must dat,:and his IS the place to buy . :'—
Olean ,
"` Theie . is d report . in''circulation , in this Bork..
ought,P. 4 l l!prtid,t6iiii*
`eftet•thit" . .T . feeeived• tr am Col.!
iiientS4V•Odollart for the`pur;-
•pc4l - iit.p . isyifiigthe•lnifisiOe of . iolunteer;TrOM;
thtrfO'‘frartiSbutg,iitid• that' Austilitt of
4 . o:dayietliii : lr brat applied the? money to
ovik•bie,' - ind•that I•was false to my trust, my
Yriendi; tetid MY Country:. •• •
•." • I now say, upon my oith;that •whciever,•saYS
the . ithiiye;l pronounce' him to 'public 'liar,
a icorizid r el, and unfit to live in a civilized cots
munity.l can produce the evidence to prove
th hers:
• •• • .B. F. DAVIS: •
thport,' Tune 34,1861.. •• •
.• ..The Atarement I know is false in to,
gird to .F. Davis' . receiving 'money from I'.
L. Kane, the pur pose above stated: • •
Persona y!.'iripeired before me the 'above
earned B F. Davis, wh6 duly SWorn,
doth SOY' t. e abOV'e is: true to his , own • know!.
' ..tune 3 0 ' is6l:
jhriiNiiineci;—Ma'y 6,..1...6.1;
. .
J. 8..
Ovin.rt:=-The first . gloom spread itself
rivet or little band; to..daY,-in the accidental
death of GEORGE W.•IIIAT tts,or, from Cameron
. • •
..county,:ciused by a trinn . the' . name of Atil.
ler from Potter county:. - Killer had his. rifle
toaded 'arid tonlithe lock (')fii to oil It,• leaving
the Coil On . the tnbeiand,irt replacing the :lock'
:he hit theliamtner and , the gun exploded; the
ball passed dose.tri Seneca • Minard's head and
etrifck'Mr, !Mattison :on
. the right side of the.
heak:alittle. above: the temple, causing instan:
lanebas death. - A post Mortern examination
resulted - in the iliseharge of. Millet-Item' any
intention on his part, , but he was censtire& for
gross: carelessness, ,The accident 'occurred
about half•past seVe'n this Morning,; very soon
after the ietieille was beat. The : funeral. Wits
tippainted tri talre.place - at two o'clock, P. M:„
but owing to'tl4:time It took to get the. Com;
pinye formed in - their Propei;order it was near
ly thre.e.o'dlock 'before the procession' was in
marchirteorder; and :it. that . time no one had.
seen George;,except the Guard and. Undertaker,
.from the time . he was taken to the Dead House,
.By the politeness of .the Surgeon J. A. Eldred,
Col. - Kane,. Brewster Minardi Wm. Jenkins
and myself were perinitted to go:in and see
hirri r as he lay in his soldi'ercoffin, which•was
then shut from theekes' of Man and placed in
.the,henrse, an'dthe four companys from Potter,
IVl'Keaai Elk and Cameron followed his• body
to a:cemetery distantabout three rnites..from.
CaMp Curtin. The 'preceision was headed' by
Col 'Kane; and after hirn followed over three
'Hundred (Wild Cats, as we are called) volun
teers. Directly ahead of the .companys was
the" Milton Brass band and the muffled drttrns
from camp,' playing the ithurial of Sir: John
IVloore.i" It was a solemn tramp. foi.us. Ar.•
rived at the grave ' CIA Kansi.-toolt the head
and left, J.•A: Eldred-the foot; when, the 'body
teas lowered tolits restingplace the. officers of
the regiment.circled . found and each 'threw a
handfhl.or eartli on the remaimi, :when our fel
leweoldieri J. K.:Haffey read a'chatiter from
the Bonk of booke,:made" an excellent prayer
:and closed with. the benediction, then after
`bearing "Hail.' COlumbia,?'.the - last fareWell
stiotewere.fired oVer • his grave,' consisting of
liieterOunds . of ehots'and. three rolls'or the
drum;". we'thed- resumed our imitlinfuymarch .,
bus& to' camp. J.K. Haffey gave 'us a goed
lecture this evening, -' A ineeting Was called
for the purilae . 9,f more fully' exoreasing 'our
feeli. .
. ,
Jahn A: Eldred .in ;the Chair. After listea
ing'to-appropriata re'mark's the following teso•
lutions were adopt dr.
.Raio/sed,..That ini the :untimely death..of ,our
comtride,,Oco.'W..MATiON, hay? to.: de
plorelfie less of a steadfast fricnd, en honest
man; a soldier 'gallant; faithful and true. He
would have:fated' death' nobly ifi.the • field 'of
lionor,.!Md wbatevet the fortunes of Mar may
amid illareelves, , tre shall ever remember him as
one Mhp . met death in the discharge of.duty to
hia-comeionwealth and. country.
Resolvedi That this resolution be published
in thella?riskirg parleys and Cameran Citizrin;
and on mution'Of B. F. Davis, that a copy" be
sent-te the Democrat and Minter: "
Respt'y YOurs, . 8.. F.,
Srotesi..—The 'Postmaster General,
says the Pittsburgh Post, hbs.'comPleted the
isolation of-the seceded:States . by forbidding'
the , transmission. of
,matter, 'either
coastwise, b'y riveror by land' route,. to each
evpry-one of the rebellions• States..., Vary
land, - tp e 1 It . iv ar e, Kentucky, Missouri and
'Tennessee are exempt from this proscription.
: Western - Visginia is an, exceptiOn to the order
of the Postmaster General for the stoppage of
the :mails, in the aeceded . StatesTvery facility
Will be afforded fot postal accommodations in
that section. . . .
eI Kane's men are mostly Trom the remote reg
ions of:Potter Al Kean. and Elk 'count ies. While
other companies have heen receiving 'a great
I •Many dainties and dcheacies from
,home,, that
'portion of the T3uckteils ',who carpe . ..a'way in
such a hurry'as to forget to . bring their spondu
licks, along, fared' rather,.indifferently. A
number of spirited noiced this fact, and
yesterday they gasie them'a treatlhat filled 'the
hardy 'yeomanry, of the backwoods with lasting
About 2 o'clock, the ladies of flarriiburti,es
coifing several #agons laden with' luxuries of
the, table and toilet,. aPpearek on the parade
groundof 'the Bucktails... After,the companies . :
had' been marched into.. line, . and .the. basieets
deposited in freint of.their fair owners, -Aillut
ant T,' S. Case made a •piesentation address in-
hehalf of the ladies Of Harrisbuig,.itt
. Whieh•he
eloquently and yividii‘set forth the: duties of
,eitiXen :to •, the •• • •voluntier :soldier, :and
portrayed, the, interest. taken .in the band ..of
Nature's ..nhhlemen. from the, 'Wild . Cat „dis
trict—a.substantiitl And eilegent manifestation-'
which Isq..iiad . honor to present. Be
,knew, that
they were•not unworthy the attentions hestome
edi . and, by Ake 'ffesire 'of Col. Seiler, condi=
merited thern• on their geMeral good couduct
while in' Camp, • . • •
.'His allusions to - their having lett their•
wood homes'and the dangers and glory that lay.
heforio them were very offer
'•-.• . • • .
Col, Kane, to whOin thtoiftoithions*, , re pre.'
sinted.for the meri,.repiiedoidveitingttei:the re:'
'marks of Adjutant Cale - thai the was,
for his conirailes, 51a very remarkable occas
iin'." : —Nlany - days,!htid., pissed, iniieVA, j since
'ilimi'had;heen iegalsilf,wDh a rePait. of such
;delicaeies as "actions
speekini louder . - than words' ; when order`..,
was eivenici full 0n, , 7 -but, said the speaker to
'the ledies; it - would be - , a great Mistake. to
'suppose that the:Wild Catioui they were called,
*ere - not-nien 'need to liberal ` ; end 'corn fortahle
nurture at-home. .They Were hardlY.azi
exception, men of .independent or the
childeirt Of sUchLand her - 4:11M! Tea rleSS4as.theY ;
claim .. theY, -wrire,-Of:en -,of tender :liearts
also' 'an& Men - Oita' aould. thank 'from the •heart
11 10 ,e Yvkis! . .w9re :,4 111 1 1 'Ll910PM!. ~ .141 M Y 4; one
hail been ver,T4 ol l l esiP-k ill,ParnP',PP!rtiOs.ned•
hadlonged liny:nutrnii . lit : cor.the;Noppoun!ainis
a n4...c0l dlupo tains le r tteo ter .hehind. -- , :The:
eta 1-ifirllSOie4i:eakes and
icames : however character
it Noup4 rerniod.
‘ rnanx, of. home,:,- would- not
visit any of them With:: .fearful.homesickness.
"The:Swiss . wris forbidden to hear the mr.playeA
of: the de4,Vetcheet. Higlandera hen -
Amay le return to .Lochaher no ino!e".:---btit it
wookionly chei t4e.soldier.• (Mtn% the .Islerth
west counties to have•tkii.s tostO of .Thanksgiv
ing-Day on the 2lst day of may, 061. . •.
• Col. Kane !lien piopoieil 4 resoftriien of
fhanks•to the la. ! lies - of ; which was
corrieq .nnanicnonsly; and ';followed .by ihtee
cheers'nntta tiger., . •
. . .
:Caritains'Eldred and Winslow were made the
recipienti of a'splendid-,present; accompanied
by well timed and 'appropriaie'renitirks.in behal
of the.dono'rs by Adjutant Case-. Catd.:.Eidred , s
gift-wad : a.company of 76 -11 - mo v e:lcl/. Forescht
ed by a ealie, and the coaripany : dsvitled into, four '
sections-a' very affireplate and 'elegant design.
Calk. Winslew's : was : .a;.:.finely. frosted .'cake,
•eoVered • With military deVices, and ee.cempani=
ed by a note-from the fair;giver'. , ,.: :
.Whil . d.the,hotinties..were bein. ' ..dispoied.
at the call of Gen. Patted; Cpl. Pc iry,.„ blartiir
: and .otheisi J. Ic. Bailey 'made . - : . some
`retnarks,...a f ter li . eingin t reduced by.-Col. Wee..
He referred fo,the Mission of . the Sayiour,,. Who
left hi., bomr ..to. die in.. the: advecaey..of
cause of Truth and. Right,' and' to the 'women.
who ministered to him duritig his 'sojourn here..
His._ address' .:was- 'pertinent,.'.. brief Nand
• Gen. • P atton was then jiitroduced,l who, as
the. :: CoMgressional. Representative, of . , the .11'ild
Cat;Distrieti• coMplipe entail the2men. On :their .
in pushing . to the rescue- of 'titrb..and
and ~Striiies' from ' desecration ,, and:aisti!e'd* the
ladies of Harri'sbtirg that theii..giffs.; were not
bestoWedupoM . unwortly,or ungrateful'iecipen:
'After three 'cleers - anda' tiger for the Geller- .
the-contenta of the baskets.were.disrited of
by the redshirtsiwho'we are. inkirrried,.befo:r,
tasting, Sacredly laid by the protion of: those
.sick and on duty.. ..•
The occasion was a credit..lo..he - ladies. of
our* . eity„and to.the 'noble. fellows Who 'were, SQ
puhlicly4issured:of public;confidenee.
The prompt eridqiniversil manner, says the
Bostod.Poyt, with whictilheDemperecy of the
Free States have rushed forvvard to sustain the
Government, is proud evidence or their. patri 7
oristri-v-of •the;'stiptemacy of, their love of the
the Constitutional Law above everything else :
in civil and military action. 110 doing. this
:they give , their hands and hearts . to a
which has always commanded whatever .of
poWer they. cotild wield to uphold that: glorious
banner thatlas been.the siom of our strength
and. prosperity` ever - since it was borne mion
'the air of heaven: , Thus may it be upheld a,s
long as we have a land we cah'call out' country.
In adopting this course.Welonk not back to the
• nedessity-neither do' we abate one jet of our
principles . or opinions—but we see. the impend
frig calamity, and 'should be' less than then if
we did nottinite in good faith with every - fel-,
low-citizen who endeavors to avert it by• all
the means, mental and 'physical, • at his corn-
Clashing of Civil and Military power.
It will "he remembered 'that.' Mr. John
Merryman, a yvealthy . gentlernan of . Baltiinore,
was arrested Isstweek by Gkx: CAOWALLAnsrt,'
charged with burning bridges; 8r.c.",,t0 prevent
the passage•of Goyernment troops. He attemp
ted to justify uport4he piles that he simply-act
ed as the agent of the.Mayorantl.- Supervisors,
under their %Vrilten'ortiers. • The Pleri .I,vas' of
no avail; and Mr..MorrYman was detained , rts a•
prisoner at Fort Judge Taney interposed a. writ.of • hither, corpus, returnable
forth with to the U. S..Disiriet.Court;but Gen.
Cadwallader declined surrendering the prisoner ;
until he received ()Hers So to do froin his supe
ritir officers-,-General tS,e6tt, ()t i the. President.
Whereupon -qin 'Attachment was immediately
issued hy Judge Taney against Gen. Cad-wafla
dir; fer . contempt:' , • -•
The Marshal wentto the Fort for the ptir
pdse of serving the' attachtnent, but was stop
ped bYthe bayonet of a sentinel. He thereupon
sent his'card to the . General..with . a "statement
of the'object of his visit--to . which the General
sent a response that tthe had no, reply to make.",
Wiiereupon the . .Marshal' returned to the Court-.
room and reported the reiult to
Taney.• The Judge - was highly excited; and,
remarking that he supposed it useless' to attem
pt.to arrest. Gen. Cadwallader; said that he.
vvould.write . out his views of the case, and sub
mit them to the President, urging him ta main
tain the dignity of the law. So ends the. case
tor the.prestit: .•
The question, is whether in time of war, an
inferier officer is bound to dbey the mandate of
a court in preference to that 'of his military
superior. We know that it , has been held'hy
some authorities, that a military subordinate is
personally 'answerable for obeying any irnpo..
per command of his superior, but. the. position
has•never been clearly maintained. ..Of course
if.the soldier is expected to discuss the propri
ety of every cornmandottere , vvould . be an end
to all,. military discipline, without which
ariny would be, worse, thatt,,uselesi: We4 l '. l
not pretend to deny the • subservieney of the
military to the civil polder, but simply , assert
the old doctrine that , the ploipal,,should be
.held fur, the act of the agent.' „For instance, it .
Gen. Cadwallader, had arrested Mr. Merryman
.upon his own volition, he would ,be properly
answerable; but vvhen..'he hag or4y , acted in
'conformity with the orders of the Commander. 7
in -Chief,, he seems perfectlyjitstfiable.in refut
ing to obey,the order Of the •Court s '
receives Maher instructions from Washington. ,
.The reai.'issun Seems to be between, mr...r.tu
coin and Chief juitice ; Taney, upon a, question
of poWer., await the responeoof the Prestd—
etit. • ..: •
.to talinproofs Arid acknowledgznentc.of Penile and
other instrumento to be wind' and recorded in said State,
and to adminiater Oaths Or ;affirmations. pursuant' to the'
lawn 9GFaid State; Con veyancer, ,ke. Office in Land, of
ilea of D Kingsbury, Bradford: McKeon On Pa.
. •
1114; by
Re v;`.NOv9on, A. $04:0 7 )*,0,..mi5 f
Ezilii.:l2JconsoOD; bolli of .
eft 'the reaMenee ofHi,'
lobl -s Gieen,lVlr.' , Gumfair . H. -- "Mallort' rind' Miss
Virtr.r.ratesnp;:bnt ft of S.nietliriaro3o'retigh.
W' heartily congratulate cinr . irlcnii'qEgißGlC
on his . :tiilely .. Cepe . from the trials end per- .
ylexities; as,well.as verde:incident to'n'tiech'-
elor liter Of cantle tlieDi3nriiircer Was lateen-
Seturdaj evening; &flowing the.;
consurnation.cd'iliejlatipi/event the. "Bennett
house"' iltrOWn Open i .alid petty
tifendsmet ; .and duly lnstatted Abe neWfarnilj: ;
May the.future of;-the newly. wfistiekpaivate
tifitie brig lit; tro g • . .
.t en the
29th Aptil,::Mi.4)., ! ttkriet..;.ltuttiArm,. aged 64
Vt . #o
. . . . .. .
E, 1. Thra . sin Prenrietor,Peres Pa. - This Bonnets fitted
.up.i a substantial 'and conifo'itWe style;' rind ivery at.
Mention rvillbe.poid . by 'the. proprietor to the. congoit
and tasto,of hie gnehts. , :... . ' . June.3,lllol,
DR:: W. Y.::Pet'COY, •
Smeihport; Ya
'Iti L TOTICE. 'is hereby;giv'en that.WM..S. -Ovi- •
1: 1 11 att;.Johni).: Evans; and JamOi
Executois.:Of the gFstate of
have filed in ; my:o7lEce their.
count as said •Exoeutire,. and will present . the
slime for confirmation rit the 'next stated. Or-•:
phan's'coui t, t.ci be held-at smethport on Mon; •
day, the 2,ltliday of junfi:next'following.
Witness:my' hand at Smethport •this
day, of May:lB6l. . . .
C.C..K..SARTWEI L ,. Rigiiter
EON 0 O GIL 0 RDINANcE . NO.' 26
•• it is .h.e-oziordained end Miart:ed hit the `Burgess
and TOIVII :Co un cil tbc,...boi!ougli. of , S'rnithperf,
Council ;net; That a tttx. of One Driller be levied • on.' the
owner of - every dog or bitch kept by or her;, to be
collected in the seine reannikaa other. Borough taxi' ere'
now collected, which On to bo ascertained and placed upon.
duplicate 61 the Ccilteeter. - Approved April 22,19151.
W. Y. AlcOOY,..Bnuest.ll
W, S. Bacrcat.L 2 Sccr'y
ITOP.O . I.I6II'OADINAN . cy.Na. .p`
• ,iri.3 hereby_,Ordciined Old:Enacted by the Burgess
and Town,Council of the, , ;Eorenfgh 'of .Smthpiit, in
cOtneil tact, 'Apt all alderilka in maid Borough shalt her
Olt in good orderand repalroa or before theßret of
'Jane next,. Approved April 12. Mil. • ' '„.
W: Y. McCall' Burg'cis . •
W. 9: BI O NEee~ 9eer'q
ABLE .BCDJED . YgimgMen be-.
tiveen 21 and`,3o - year.% of age, of 5, feet
10 inches and over in . height, are • wanted. in
the above regiment, to serve for the . :' war as
Bconts for . the Army;. on the. advance !or sank
Of the , march. The 'best of Marksmen and
woodsriten:areivanted: . : llerelisk chance for
hunters. "The vveatxin used will be the latest
improved rifle in the service. . 7
. 'lt being intended to emplOy this .command
in the advance or outposts of 'the army,.where
greatexposure.and, much fatigue will , be :en
counte'red„-and constant. activity, andyigilance
in" theffeld. will be requircd;only. picken , men
can be taken, - ,and . thereforptbe regiment wilt
form:a distinct corps or arm' of the'• service in
itself, in the perils and' hardships 'of - the
campaign will be rewarded by many special
favors - , such as .prorr otion from the ranks, t he
careful vigilance of . experienced. senior 'officers
in.providing for' thelr health and comfort,' with
. .
extra- pay when engaged in .wOrlcing pa rties.,..
..-Menienlialing will as soon as possible be sent
on to head ntiarters,at New. - Yrirk City:
will beat the following phiees it the timer
set oppesite;ier"the purpose Of. .anlistment,
Y:, Monday .and Tuesday,
June 3d and fourth : •• '
N. Y.; 'Wednesday and Thursday,
Olean, N. Y.,'Ffiday and Salufday, June
7th and Bth,
Jamestown N. le.,....igenday and • Tuesday,
June'lOttrand . ll6-, . '
• Warren, Pa;, Wednesday, and .Thursday,
June 12th and 13th.. • •. -• •
ScnethpoT,t, Pii.i.Sakurday_Jene '
Port Allegany; Atonally, Jane
Coudersport, Pa., Tueatlap,Juna 18th.•
, •
Ramsay's RreaLtykt lafaatry,
.. '
• A. ARMSTRONG. & C 0: s .
TTAV.INp lieconne the proprietors . ofthe3rio-
Ll..eery Store, lately oceopieij
B• \\root; :we, take this method of.
forming otirlfriendsthat.yve•have just.received
the Inrgest.stoek of • • .
ever• offered the
.of 'M'Kean• county
at prices which-would . seem ruinous "at any.
other establishment. We keep on hand,and are
in thedaily receipt of • •
yREs AND' MEAL. • ' • • .•
31.AeRsspt., WIIITO FISH, •
• .CANDLES, RICE. ST/41014 . •
• ' irouoco. RAISINS, - • •
• • dAnits CF ALL KINDS,
SYRUPS,. MOLAS US, ' . • .
. KEROSENII;OEL: •-., • •
. A 011 1 1 1 MWS E ? TVAS, ,& e •
Our stock fall!and *trinviatft, fuld selected'
' Call an'il•ixam
ine ptica.antl quallty, - ancl 'you will not, fail to.
SrnetlipOrt,:64arch 14, 1861.
r ; nAn firiCrate•bilck for. sate: In,
stre/lipprr . i.A uetis; :13,
JOl3 -
.1 . ) I'•.', Ni - ci( . 3itAT (:).1. - pi (7.E.