M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, January 03, 1861, Image 2

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a4;f:44.':llW.l;vit i on :lii . •'ii4,,''atiftiei. ' The
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'i?l"'*:lll4l%lllol'biliiit!iiiOfin.Or' red .y. !qr.
O,N :11400.4y 4o s that cd'. Mr '. Crittenden:- 1
,: i;. 'it -.4. f kitail'aitOaition::witidoitl•• , kreentiition Wit 01-
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,''., -.• O - i i ., 74, o4`i(iitaiilit4ilinurit jireiwire'a'bill where
„....;)* iit Maaten:ibbitlitSik:iftiWitiett ; ie : ,llstate,
';',*kii , ol:the!pyi:vilegei ~ol' the : :original States.
Senator ctiitintlen. will to-ilarpresent in' the
:". 7 '7 ,, Siiiit!i iiii llii . !;litilifei!,o,
_MO. dirrot . promeiiion
' • l iabe eubinittatito the.;; guniiile or the Uidted
. ,' • ,..t'litaties at . the *utile. timer they will
. be brought
beftire the House,' - In addition to the :occtipa.
• .
Moultrie end Nitta Pinckney, and
• tha'Arsenal, Custom House s 'and Postoffice at
.Chatietttottiby theiseeessinnistli, the:Treasury
DepartMerit.iirits apprised en Saturday of the
• lellitte pf. the revenue ' cutter of that Port by
~.,,..., t hiaittheirities of South Carolina, aud•the rem
itnation herCaptain;Whriis a native of that
,:~Btate The - Navy •Departmunt was 'also in
fisicmed iermimanding theslaver
Conks, which was, carried into Charleston as
a ptrge f tbat his prisort,er, the captain 'of 'the
.'-Bonito, -' was 'taken • on, writ of habeas
• : , a.;State jir dge, who re
, Mtintf, fdrn.rm the ground of want of jurisdic
and:. that ',While'conveyjng his priaoner.
from theeourt to,the ship, Be was ,forcibly ta
' ken from fiis mistei4Y.by i Mob: • - •
: . '
rilll W/iit ViL o l4 ' l.r :Ccirentripin:--Tiny.to
th 'ennOoneed in , his Magee ee, President
„rnehanen s d,eeming the "overt act" on the part
oftjleoth, Carelins; is acting siith energy in the
discharge of his Auty.,' In his letter-to. the
. 4 1 01iiirtiipiOnere of . South Carolina : the President
, reiterate, -the. views expreseeel in -his , messate,
and infortrwthem that he not . only intends to
reaeattre - shd' exactas . . this laws, but
'io.'d;ifind - :t he , property :of the United-States
irttb the o power at his cocatnand.,,.The con*
duct Of Major-A . nderson.is fully sustained, and
- f - •
• '4l, appointed Mr. -liTchty•re,
nilrork;Pennnylioviie, Collector of. ChatlestOn;
Ifs wiWproceed•to his post'in •A yessel,of war,
probahli Om Brooklyn,. which is ordercd to
preperations are being Prosecuted
with 'Niger, ia,.the''SoUthern 'States, and
hlwidy war'sdemrto be inevitetat..
A reantion has taken place,in'regard,to the
• ,
;action.effPresident Buchanan, and the candid
alt'poriten see the wisdom of his cause in
refusing to percipitate a-war on South Car
elins,nntil the , conduct 44that State.made it
absolutely nonesiniy: *liißeinitilicins of the,
John Brevet' ',tripe, arho eeent.. to be thirsting
for the.blood ; of their Southern brethren, onty,
bartiaisect . and kept' up this.' `clamor .
WNW Yaaa.--Sitice .onr last issne we . . bare
',Meted into the .enjoyment of the' filmdom.,
and trouble, the hopes and fears of 1861. hie
fuenatan commencing a New -year to rehearse
our country, the
peace sad o ilappriness of our people;, darawing
b iieenniblejeontram between our , own and for..
~i gn, e otintriei,.iild'.piecliciini the cimtinuahe'e
this same. •• But the p r es ent opens; with •no
•• es•
„. each flattering _. . TrUe we Int:Ce been
bleasell:the pant yeaur s hytyend ''precedent, with
jimatiful.ha ...... money io abundance; Prov
hes 'united on as; theriare no threatining dan
'ger• from itiread. • But still, as if drunk with
ale utd t
tro - ,tpue p ospert , • o to es roy,
vritki-ppr, own hande, this greet and • glorious
eoVnderaey, and rush boa the horror. of an in-
~ • - o ielhe war, that. will , deprive us of ell these
the Litierty of• which we
itra:iirent , rolmait. The year lEldt dawns on
• the trains marshalingarmies, and preparing
for National suicide. Before this
. paper •reach
'. •oi our' readers, we conadeatly belie"ve the
atOegio.,Will have actually ,commenced, to end,
predlit how, or when.• •
"'lt would' be moglissry to greet our •Oltrone
• • 'With rittaPoy:New Yearl't yet we may pray tor
to return Jo'reason on the part of out misgUided
people, ind hope for
,• , • •
• WKsart Courr NIC
rY BA.—At the, recent elec-
Daniel,Kingsbury Was chosen Prendent,
2 . 4„:111.•Tay10r,. 'ltinerant Cashier. We under
• •
. .
' ibe intention to resume business, on
. basi s 4:i l i e dli*t 'on - ot knu ; We . are liconsti ,
- I 7.'77 oppose d to banks ; believing ; them
sotiaially" , -- • - -fit!. ifew
bene ing i
iciii, at tbri'best, a means of
Scarcely a bank,
poise of
the marry ;,
winds its Affairs
a ? ... , ,_!_,...,,,, i t m it lie c up .
1):01liiieT 111, . r - ' liii of bill holiterai,
:r* - i.i,.. it' loss to the Pqmer
....44 11?"" b;sou ' 'ndiriraiOl-tbe M'Kean County Ba n k,
under 'chi' p o i . .is rinceinent we can not
tint: tell isstqed the • puclie will ask
tgey. again confide in
(relit which they:gave : so recently
'' ' ' ' ''' . T l2l iSl'SqiinstisOiltaritit.ioatirs'st.—lt is es
• 0004'i i)nit , tSso efiouiand "per week, good
.400SoIIS:s.et.eis, ate . thrown:out of ewe ,
:if ,iplermi."9.:li.ses3rl!atlia alone.- •How do tliief
*.. .111ko,aliek'RePabilianiion, so Gtr as they hive
• .f , Pitrc# 6 l,,..,:ti'lkit..-f
t 4ri r l f.l, l t, 1 1 t, 11 ,t .. °Y,11i ordered.
AlD:Store have : alibied, ii, are being
the 'dente:ids
,ontigiklifj*toeisayiebeirll not.be undersold.
' ieW.:4l44aitibitifiltate• that Secretary
tinietidsant:. SAM , .10 reeig4na seen
'Vni.Oni. which. Is elgP•et
jirt 4 1 ;10P1'' : • '
. _ •
"•.'Sorytt.,aitopsita.-- I.,haileatonCorti.i,
e m eVar. . . • .• ;
ttitjpn Wliinh it appears
that thelentire• doter wOrk, lbit eit . rrison
.wiro -eiithat in: * CUSP . a n %attack . had been.
p . incewourd. have been blown
Newel, from Souttvrmolina. show. chat' al ,
• • • , • , .
'the .United , Statil. rustArrr olliCsriliov,e•entered
the tiro/co-of Convention,
Oliftil , •,tl !iv Ordinance. alloiok- , thf.‘ collecyrs to
yeerii4 hunk payment hr juries.. The
Convention" has iiven'lhe.oeneral• Aevembly .
Tiovier tOanpoint. all judicial authorities: . It is
elro 'said that all the vrorltmeii in . •VOrt Stimpter'
have been riiiiroissi;d. - . . All the.legislative 'and
judicial powers" of te.llnired Stateir•hive . 'heen
transferred to the State authorities:. In . * se:
ere, SeSsion'the CorivtintMn had under consider
ation. the roestion of tress On. • • ,
thepleAsnre ofannnunclng people of the
county, as n II . as.t he rest.of'mankirul, that we
have . ailiv.e' railinad within our horders.'pn Sat !
urday.the 22(1, ult. 7 long tohe remembered day
'=a train of cars. actually passed frost; the N.
Y. & Erie to Littlefop, .in' Bradford township,.
in the Stateor Pannsylvania,.over the Bradford
Buffalo &.Pittsburch Railread.. To the people
ofllllcean;.thiiis it great event, and we trust;
is bat the 'hegintiingofeventa that , will
t 0.., the delielopinent . of nor,hidden treasuies,
and imatigurating arnew means of industry .and
. . , . .
u der ta d tour B afford. friends are to.
hive,* Celebration the present month— , 4n other
wctitlz, it "big If anything could jus
the'. eta id citizens *of Bradford a slight
irre~ulariiy this would be Conaidered
, . . .
following despatch.from Washington we find in
the . Daily , Times . . • • ;
. '""Governor Andrew, Senator+ Doolittle. and
Trumbull, Riirase'ntatrves.,Durlingatni 'and
Tappan, tind.anitmber of :other Senators and
members of •C i onvessi held .a conference Yes
terday, at the rooms of 'Francis P. Blair, Jr,'
f ind ntiariirnotisli 'a4reed that the 'integrity of
the I.7nion.should. be preserved, though it. cast
millions of . • .• . •
9overnor Andrew,,of Mais., is a veri. fittin g
person 'to head this ar upon the outh.. He
wasanopen sympathiser of. old John %Brown,
and if in furor of nicking fanatical' attacks
oirthe South, of course he Would not hesitate to .
'recomthend fighting her citizens when he bad
theleast show of.law on his side. . •
. Ourreaderi May remember a'gonil Dialogue.
published by us tiornetinrie since, which :eferred
incidentally to that good, . staunch old Journ'al .
for•thejarns; Carden and .qou.seltold.' The pub- .
lisher's,caill now
. appears ,. in our .advertising•
columns and we recommend , all' our readers,
whether residing in eountry or village; to re- .
spoisdtohis invitat i on; try the Agriculturist
for year.
%We' feeFiluite'sure that the dollar
it costa will k.i . a good investment. When you
write for it please say . it, tuns upon
mendation, And we , will guarintee you..good ,
satisfaction. ; We have received the first num
ber:of . the 20th volume Of . the Agriculturist,
which valuable 'treat to all who .
.aubscribe for this-volume::.. • , • •
Errottsu Gocto.—Tbe last issue of the illiner
unwittingly ncknowledgels what abler Republi.
'can joUrnals conceal; or openly deny, - that
England will continue to contribute -money to
the' North to push 'on the ecirrepressihle con
flict" 'against the South. It Is undoubtedlY
true that England:wig assist in pushing on this
revelution until the union is destroyed—that is
a part of , her pocy ; after that is eflicted; her
interest'` *ill lad her to 'protect the south,
whence cornea the means of her own prosperity ,
,and the north , will find that the object of Eng..
land wait° crush out theicsnanufoctures, and
commerce, which were becoming inConienient.
competitors of, her own: . • ,
rOrtmsit VOTE you PaiStDENT.-..We are now
enabled to give the vote: :cast for. President in
the. United States at the. recent election•. The
iistestar the'ditleient candidates are very pear.
ling . . ~.- 1 -• .
Lincoln, -
BrocicinriOge, -
Douglas, -
'Fusion, . -
Total vote,
It Will be eeen that Lincoln;•although con
etitutionelly elected,, reCiived but about one
third of the Whole vote: . . •
We. will. club the American Ai cieulturiat
with the .Deniocrat at the following rates :—Sin
gle 'copy of . each,. $2.25';• five copies of. each
$,10.50; all numbers over at the last rates: In
all, cases catsh must be paid'in.advance: •
We. tgink the Agriciitturlit ,•the'beat' and
cheepest ; publication of our. acquaintance; and
are desirous of introducing it to.the fernier!' of
McKeatt-eounty: ;The Jentiary number 'con
tain's a.list of 57 new varieties of choice flow . -
er and garden Seeds,' from which each subscii
hcr is entitled . .tosselect four or five papers; free
oicost,•except of:transportation: ~ • •
CAMERON CoirerY.—Neict week the new
'countyof Camer on,; which kite exiited hereto
fore on inper, la to take upon .beraelf the duties
and responsibilities 40
. a separate organization,
and become a sovereign 'county, within . the
Comilenwealth ! ,•Oh•anof after •'Monday newt,
the . ties *Web bound her will be aUndered—we
hope peaceably—and 'she will be L hereairter re
cognized is tiPable of holding courts, punish"
int Onviiiita,,dsci, "on a'perfeat equality With
044,4,40'01e5: ,:Hurr ah Cameron t
44; Npaisa hes jest received anew and ea
. • •
en.ive.a*tittotiat of: staves, among which is
ha celebrated s s firlek.ovameoOking stove: ? ' •
;11 . 7" It. b'j• seen by releretWe,t6 the 'PO-,
inertna of, The .y..70,•re..e: blgh will be .
. •
rolind in-in . /10er • e. IVCIIII, - . thal
..tfie proprietor
ppinilar werkly 11:is's..cured an array nf
ili . stingwa he& ecintfibninra ; for bits,o per for t he-
N.;!..w Year Fitch . aa. hasneyrr-bei-n... - equaled.by :
any , oblicatio'e in
tbe 'rat Lqgit.-ii•
alWaYs .rha raete - t-461, , by a
.-bie.b moral tone
.and ir:eit la t larger, than tha t sqf any
other iteratir jrnarinia'in.fhe4onntry: •
t Ncot,:v: flrifrid a seem
hive had no heart to:dance and make . merry
over the election of .Lir,cola, and but few atten-.
.ded at the Bennett Houseen'the 20th nit! There
was o .hottever; a.reapectahletompany of choice•
spirits, ','without respect . of 'Pariy;" who con
tribilieCto't he ity;:Cesti .Of the'underiakipi, and
redeemed .ie from a
.111 il ore. • • • .
WAsrlisirroNijan.. 3 ! 1861;
. 7.vas 'last • night.• t
Fort Sumpter is_ now, besieged, .that nil . of .Maj
,Anderson's 'communications ..sre'etit °ch. the
Fort -Moultrie'hai been completely repair - 0;d an
the.anns remounted, and that etierything• is it
readiness to open fire on Maj. Anderson.
We learn that the.dwelliaz hnnse.of
Blrrett, : of .Pc;rt-Aileghenir,: was'•destiovied'by
fire oh SYetlnestlay - pight.' A. part of the turiti- .
tun. VIOR so von]. lir. Barrett's. %Sergi abc4ll
$6OO, end .will bitseverely felt these times.
NNW Sung Siirop.-51r. Fail has estahli.ll
- a. Bobt and Shoe store in the buildingreCent..
ly. occupied' :Mr. Barnum, • where
keep conster.tly.on hand, and manufaciure to
order,, anything in,bfpline. • -
THE yßAte's BA LL, et ifeson'aaa'Tais
day. evenitig ;a crusher."' the
ieached 77 bd . sidee.ojhers Who did not fdrmally
join, and the v a st .crowd eajoyad themselves,
Withettflegard 'tv3 the fetui.e.. .
. ,
, . . . •
the, -recent teim'co'f ,Comm . . -Dr:O. D:.Ftievstior
oliteined judgment II(
.$250 for damages' ens
taieed in falling. from the brid g e across. Marvin
creek / 'Went this barogh; •
Preedom.otlipeech. not , the Lieentorum
The freedom:of speech has been so abusedby
Beecher, Phi Chrtis & thatit has•be
come absolutely necessary 2. to employ thepolire
force in the principal city
. of the Union tmpre
tect their:persons (rani :the just indignation of
an outraged, people. •
In this city the Whole police force hoe been
emPloyed for , theprotect ion of men who have
rioted in the licentiousn . ese,of . ; speech;
ing the best men of the country and' violating
all 110finey. . '
And. yet, when these men have
been tinder the immediate , proteetion. Of his
Honor the Mayor; end the police•of the • city,
emboldened by the.impunitywith which they
have escapell.merited puniShment, they hay.e
abused and insulted their - protectors, and hit•
terly romplained'of the necessity for their pre
. The New York Herald, .speaking.uPon, this
subject, truthfully-says,: .•-
A great outcry has been raised.hy theite.
publican journals and orators against the South=
ern population„ because they take the, lew into
their own . bands BIM execide summary . justice
upon !incendiary Abolitionists. who 'try to'sow
the seed's of sesvile-insurreet ion among the ne
gi*populntion. But when thisluestion.cornes
home to the husinees and bosom 'of the North-.
ern people, end they find .. that the harangues of.
the Abolition crusaders have brought the Union
to the *verge. of dissoiution, and 'vast multitudes
of the. popalation.to poverty and starvation,
they, begin .to think it ietime . to put a stop to
them; and th e fears of the oratcirs'go beyond
the intention's otthe; people; and hencefthe em
plovnent.oftbe police.:
The idea that the.amendment to the censtita,
,establishes 'liberty of •spaech; con
fers-the right of licentiousnes.'and'4;sectires
every' Citizen an abSolute right .to 'speak ..or'
write or print whatever he pleases, without any
-responsibility, public 'or . peiyate, 'says
Judge Story, ,;!it supposition too wild to.be.in!
'dul,getbbY, any reasonable man; for that would
.he to allowevery citizeh . a right to destroy at ,
his pleasure , the reputation; the pen ce, the pro
perty and even the persona! safety of oth
er .citizen, and to stir, uo. sedition,' rebellion',
and'eveo treason against the government itself,
in thewantenness of his passions.. or the cor
ruptionsef his .heart." ::This is just what thel
ernissarieiof abolition have been doihg both
the South and the North, end the people of nei
ther section rlo not seem dispoSed to give; them
fre'e scope anylonger. :
Now, it; is to be hoped that - .Whenpur good
city shall again be , visited by one..of • these po-
Mira] incendiaries,, Mayor Henry, if he does
not think . proper to arrest the insulting and dis
graceful exhibitions prepared 'for our delecta
tion by the "People's institute," will confine
his poliee to the dischargebt their legitimate '
legitimate•duties hpon' their several heats, and
for which duty alone they• receive their 'com
pensation from the tax.payers,• arid permit .our
commercial, ( manufacturing and industrial in.
terests; now ruined by the fanaticism 'of .the
North, to take care of - the first Abolitiod lec
turer who presents . himself.here under the aria=
pices of any: society, no matter what,' and-our
word for it, the good citizens of Philadelphia
will give such an'eccount of the mercenary ad.
venturer as will do our commerce, our manu‘
factureri and our laboring men more good , than
.a . thoustind:Union meetiugs.
The city has not ,yet forgot the aibilatione
that saved the Capitoline Mount."--Pti.Ar,,us
• 1,865,176
South Carolina, through the regular forms of a
'Ste teConvention, has repealed her. acts, 'recog 7.
nizing the constitution and, general gdvernment
of the :United. States. She has issued various
ordinances .and executive, proclamations, as
from an independent nation to intents and
purpoies..' She : has appointed three envoys ex
traordinary to.lieat with:the' government at
Washington as With a foreign Power. She has.
seized upon several federal fortress,es at Charles-,
ton. She-hai taken down the' United 'States
flag (roil the Arsenal; the Custom Hedge and
Post Office afCharteston; and has:'iUtistituted
1 1 the new. national flag'of South. Cafolina,
all these sets her : people bnariirqous!y support
her; for, they, unanimously believe . that they
owe no further allegiarie . e . to 'the general gov
ernment of the United States. . • .
But still the qiiestion recurrsi ie Sc;ntli'Qa.r!
ri,lina 'out of the . Union? • We''say - nci.'-: There'
si t own parties , to, the original bargiin—:•the
'State:lllPd the• United States; and until the'Uni
led Ptateti shall haVe.recognized the intlenend
eat nationality of South Carolina, sho,will not
be out of the Union: . The federal.. government
. . .
ina'y *suspend. the exercise of its authority and
functions, trinchicg ' the revenue, the United,
Stat , ts.inails find ;judicial department in :Sotth
.Carnlien,:and.still she will not be ent oft :front.
the Union. •• She can only. •be. by' the
ierognitinri of her independenee .by the' United
States.' Yery trliec the constitution has.made
he:prevision , • for the ccieteirm.. of a seceding
State; but it. La eqtrally trite that :it ;makes.no
provision for the recognition of a 'seceding State
as an independent nation.. What, •.then,, is to
'he done?A re we to. have 'civil Wert . hope
not. 'We trust' rather that S'nth Carplina May'
be,',ls facto: restored to, thellnirin, as she still
remains, riejuri, in thelPnion; and•yet We•feer
that allf,rnay.biylost. unless :the firesidentelect
shall at Once interpose behalf of,peace..'
, - i.eace,is'iniw the .first necessity, 'and Con
gress maykeep the peace by recognizing . tem
•porarify the.seceding.State'or:Stat'ee in,that•at
titude.of semi..;nett ionality,which C,ongress Inas.
the coriatittitionaLatithority:tO .confer:. Thus,
'secession may be. left. to a 'fair trial without
provoking a warlike' Collisidn,
.and When the
secessionists are tired.of their experiment they
will come back into the family 'Circle of the
Union of their own
.accord.N. Y.Berald. ' ,
A Military4n*or.:
The editor of . a
Republicati journal telegraphs
from Washrogton “that the propriety Of .re. :
moving Mr. Bitehanan,Tn case•he recalls . Maj.
Audersori;and creating Geri. Scott' provisignal
president until the ilth of Mareh next, is . freely
• .. • • •
' • “Freely discussed' by Republicans of cothe;
just as some ot them'have already "discussed"-
the propriety pf ossassinatini Duch° no
that they May, have free play for their i-sla
. ,
very purposes. .
. .But hoW Buchanan in be t , rernoveil,?' .
tin.les's by. fore . e?. Anil what is force but rcvo•.
lotion?. And , who: niiuran6.• have these Re 7
haktreen that the'gallows they Would
'erect for.Others . will . nbt first he adorned - with
their own precious pe'rions? • •.
"The • prbpriety: of draegine• Gen.. Scott's
name into the controversy' Is. dubious, .say
tbeleast. - Upon his qualifications•for the Pres 7
. .
idencY , .the people decisively. pronounced
years egor.-nnd the taulervanding..has since
. . .
been 'that- Gen. Scott. snnsibly bowed'tn the
popular.virdiet;etnd ‘Othdre . w.from the . parti=
san'arena...•Why . is he, of all men; to he sin
gled oat for the Post of provisional President.?
when Mr. buchanan , ehall have been..removed',
by.the Republican rebels?. . '. • ' •
. . .
.The arr wer.is furnished. to our
.harelq. The
Republicans:desire . ..to,:.et „rid of a PresUlent
whb will, not 'wage war ngainst• the South; „and,
the proposed. “proyiSional - President".ic•
toitted to he but another name for umilitary
dietator: That is whatthese traitors want
They want as' the txrCutive somebody who
:will assert. the : supremacy of the sword 'over
the Consti tut ion,.oVer.the Senate, 'and oyez the
Southern States that have 'resolved g , to, dare;
and nip to dare', and without .end to ' dare,", in.
defence Of their rights and honor,. They , want
c‘a .dietator,ir.that'Afr:Lincoln's rough
'Work may be dong for him •beforehand, . and
that.his inauguration May.prOceed without :the
troubles Which seem likely to reach maturity
two, months hence.. •
We are not afraid of any coy , ,i • d'etat of this
nature. The people who ,would not have. Gen:
Scott as their President; elected iti.constitution
.o form, will not have him elevated to': mili
tary dictatorship . to further 'the ends of the
Black Republicans; Nor can we. consider "the
propthdtion coMplimentary, to .Gen. Scott, or
to",promote . military discipline—though
we are bound. to ',add •tbat the' party, from
whom'it'emanatesita ye studiously, endeavored
to.stirriplate that Officer to assume anriutherity
in this crisis Or which his position . dees• not
give, him.any warrant. •
Whatever bo:General, Scotts Views .—whatev
:er the weight With which. his services and
abilities'invest his opinions on: mititarv. mat
ters--:he.doe's not peed to be,rkminded that 'the.
~question .of rieace or war is not •one of *high
he l shOuldhe the arbiter: . Theconteit bet Wee n.
the North, and South is not to be 'disposed of
after the manner which once obtained in *Mex . -
ico:HTVa,Thi»sian ggyistiturioi.: • •
. .. .... ' ' . Hanatiorino, Jari• , 2, ,
1661: :
The Governor's :Message was' delivered to
the Legislature at noon to-day,,. • , - .
He declares the doctrine of secession errone-.
oils. . The constittitien is something more than
a mere,compset. Organized resistance to the
'federal 'government irrebellion. If successful
it' may te purgsd of; the crinie by revolution;
if unsuccessful the persona . : may be executed as.
traitors. But while denying the right of a State
to. absolve its citizens from alle.ianCe to the
federal government,' neierthelesi it . is proper
that we c§refully and:Candidly; examine the
_rerisoris tilAged,. and if they are'well founded;
they sbotild.be unhesitatingly removed; and re
paration made Icir the , past and ,security fer the.
future ; for a g overnment created by the' people
'should- never doinjuslice to any Portion of, its
citizens. • Pennsylvania being included - in'the
States, alleged to havrrefused compliance with
: the fugitive slavelaw, he unhesitatingly avers
that the State' 'has been' almost "invariably in
fluenced by a high regard for the rightrof her
sister 'States.. After ' examining the present
State laws', he says there is nothing, to prevent,
the.reVival of the act of 1820, leaving. to the
claimant the .right to seek 'a remedy under the
State or ;national lavvs- He • recommends that .
the consent of thelState be given to the master
while• sojourning in, or passing through Penn
sylvania; to retain the services of the slave:—
He suggests the re-enactment of the Missouri
Compromise, and that the line be extended to
_amendment to the constitution ;
recommends the. Legislature' to instruct our
Representatives in Congress to'support such an
amendment, to be, submitted. to' the State Con
vention for ratification, and if Congress fails:to
propose it i .let it emanate froin the people. Hs .
closes by declaring that'Perinsylyania is devo
ted to the stars andstripes through'every peril.
He adds:—Bart before assurning the responsi
liilities that are foreshadowed, it is, the'enlemn
duty of. Pennsylvania to 'remove e‘iery just
cause of complaint, so that she can standbefore
high Heaven, without fear and withoUt reproach
and I then . she will be ready to devote her lives ,
and, fortunes to the beat form of goviernment.ev
er devijed by the ... Wisdom of mao. . Though a
dark cloud 'now restsrip' lhe'Union," my hopes
and affections still clin 'to it., My.prayer is,
that He who orderi : t, e destinies Of nations . ,
whari ,he'shiill . h,ave.p nished us for our situ-,
t i
will rigain•have mercy upon, 'and bind us 'toe
gettrer in strongerand'more hallowed 'bonds' of
fraternity,. scrthat the Union may remain un
broken through all, future time. . .
Clip War al Any Cost
.The New York nne:s putlliehee the follow
ngdesparch from Wirehington: •
"Governor ;An drea, Senators Doolittle and
Trumbull, Representatives • Burlingame and
Tappin and a number of other Senators and
members of Congress: held a conference yestert
day, at the rooms
,of Francis P. Blair, Sr., and
onunimonaly agreed that the integrity , of the
Union should be, preserved, though it coat a
million of '
rittinu.these leaders, is a civil War Ram 6.4 ,4
,Southi4n Slates'. Burlingame,. it is Una, its
betrar at blustering than at bloari,'brit::Ati4rt4
is a fierce lunatics en open sympathizer *of old
,Tabn , fliawn—a .rank abolitionist who' wauld
ilither.ipicipagate his sentiments with , kebrand
arid sv!larj than by any'rnorepeaceabla 'means.'
Progress - Of t4e Revolution,
'TheneWs fromi the , ferleret• Capitol is :fai
'from . encouragink—in ,everything
nected , wifhllie present distracted state Of••• the
country is growing worse and worse..every day.
We caimpt•see„ now, how the federal, .eoyern. , ..
ment• can avoid a ccinflict.!with South Carolina,
and maintain its Claim to the name of Govaicti
iiiiirrr— The seizure of FederalprOperty by the
South' Carolina anthoitilei the' Conduct 'of 'the
Collect& of. he Poit of . Chaffeitim, in,reeeiVine
'and PaYing into the Treasury of the State, the'
revenues cOming.inte his bandecertainly . •be
langinetO the...gerieral' eovernment , ,calls
prempt and efficient'aCtion on the: part 'of the
Federal authorities. : ••• • • •
Events are rapidly iranapiring full,Of gloom.
ta'every loVerof his country. .The revolution
ary aspect of affairs, are marked by'thrilling
'incidehts,leading unquestionably, to.a
tion of the American Union! .This fact. is now
admitted by all'parties! On 'Monday last the
Senate of the. United . . States -and - -its. crowded galleries,.were electrifted . by the speech of Sen
ator. Benjamin,. of Louisami...,l . t was •a delibp-
Yriteonimpassioncd declaration of the : views
and intents of Southern men( carrying, .convic...
lion to all, that we are upoo the. verylpink of
national destruction., ..Mr: Benjamin declared
that it seemed to be the determination •of thp
other, (Republican) side • of. the chamber to
bring about War-and while deprecating
this disposition he.called upon thernfriot to lase
sight of the fact tnt It as not,one State: but
M any others, they wonld.,.haye:to fight—for
'next Week' Mississippi,. Alabama .and • Florida
wilt Seperete from theitinion;—a . Week later;,)
Georgia will' follow' her,-Land later, Louisann
and Arkansas' Will go.. He: defended. the riah t
of secession; and minted from- Webster•
to shoW, thal,a eompact is not bindinz'op one
party unless the other:parties.to liveS ;07
it. • lie argued to show, that a division of the
Union was already. an alirioqt accomplished
fact; it WIAI3 . a question of a . few. da'ys
life'hoped riot th. parting rnight.be in pehce:
but if:ihat..hrme - was, disappointe'rl;lthn he and
his were rea ly, for war...• FrnM that
'Sriuth might be made to realize
horrors,•their enemies plight aburn:their.'citis .
and kindle insurrection among ?hem,hnt. itib
'ugate I hi.irrili . e . t4r! Nevr.n..! 'NEVER !" • .
electric Rfrec.t in the gal.
.dens,n throne 'there, bren nine:pit in
a biirst of: a ppl a use; which teas :ior a wt. ilr
quite beyond control
toOns cheerini,, nil theyv.tvine, of he hdherch iris
Mr.. Mason; of Vd., that the plierit4
be Bleared, and.after (Ouch: coolikion arid f9c
citemPnt and:takirT lthe.:nyeti and hoe.-,rthe
exPeatecl; immerti4tely after which
the Senate :adj?urne(l....,Wliere shall all this
batll--,a Oleaii".:Qp*rtiser: 1 •
'SEVVA RD . e 9 . A PRorztvi,-The Briinklyn
g/elay,s Of Senator, Seward's prediction, that
peace would be•restore.d Id. the country before
his past predictions give him no claim • tn be
considered a proph.t.. Before the e lection, he
arinounced.that with the fact of -a • Republican
triumph, agftation would cease, and poaCe be at
once restored, . Lelthe capitnliat'and the la=
borer answer. Whi , re is: the peace? :There is'
no peace. There can be no•peace; no-Written
constitution can bring peace or Preserve. it
while an eternal hostility is rrnclaimed• by one
section of -the. country against the interests;
eonecience•and feeling of the, people of another.
It EC bitter truth, bUt 'sooner or later:we wifl
EgAIpIING in thci Post. Office at Smeth
port', at the eloienf quarter ending Dec
Starkwpather~ E. Oshea, James
Manly, Roda •Martin, David
Kline, H. M:.:.• Sideer,'Harriaan •..
Cutter, Wm.:.. .T. T. C., Mr.
Buddy, Charlotte M. Barron, J. W..•
"lodgers, H. Gdld Johng.N. V. • '
• . S. SABIWr.LI,, M
you .Only knew how thiEFUI.,. how INSTRUOT;V.E:,
.lind• how ENTERTAINING it lee •
We referto thOt ~ firsrben, > . that largest moat •
'sot/cave, most beau'iful, and j , et.chefpest .jociinal in
the world for theIiOUSETIOLD,:for thel'Allt"*: and
dor the 14ARDEN,,Tiz. the„ : , •
Am•riCnn Arriru7;mist.
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new and miehil directions, hints,'and - ougge.tions about
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ORANGE JUDD, Tablf slier, 41 Park Row New-York:
PMniStRATOl{B . :4l.k.
viTiTug of •an Order froth the'Orphanle
;Ell ut ViCrnn...Coun.ty,, 1, shall Sell a
public Venitue,'at the. Court Houtre.in. Smeth
port, on the 50 day,: Of .Febrnarir next, at one
p!clocki . P. the. folloWing Real , Eatate
ate in .'Bradford.'. townaltip,. Wgean County',.
State Ut'petinsylviiia,.; Tounded follows,. le
wit:--Commencing at.a post.twenty.seven god.,
easterly, by the.read, from the east:corner of
diet owned Barniw and -:running
thence t wenty-six and one-fourth . degrees
west fifty,rine - rodsi More,br.lpes, to 'a. Beech
treeon . the.north . line cif [lbt . niittiber* one hun
dred: and twenty-sev.en; thence east, by the
line.of, said:•-lot, eight and . seven4enth rods,.
more or less,•to a post; thence, south, twenty
antbone.fouith degrees eat fifty-five rods;
mere or less, to a. post, on . the Bradford and :
Smethport road; thence, by the said .road south
sixty-three and hree- fourth. degrees west
eight rotle,.More or less, to. the place of begin-
ning;..;containing two acres and one hundred
thirty-slag square rods, Moreor less, being pare
of lot nuniber one: bundred and. twenty
.situate on Warrant. number: thirty-four
hundred and ninety-eight.(.346)
• 2d. .Allthat other certain piei , e or, parcel of
land situate•in the Township of. Bradford afore- ,
said; bounded as followsi— Commencing at a.
Beech tree, themorth.-westernbpu n d of the first
desrribed lot and, running thence • by said let,
south, twenty-six and one-fourth degieee east
fiftrn rods, inor,e orless, to a' riost'on the ,
road; th.ence,. hy said road, south sixtyohree'
and thiee-tourths degrees west filteen . and one;
`half' rods, - more or less,'. to. , a prisk. thence;
north; twenty-six an d one-fo urth degrees west
sixty-one rods, more or less, to , ti •post, the cos: . .
nor of . .land soli to .E...Seely; thence, easterly,:
by the north line of lot number one hundred •
and twenty-seven seventeen rods, more or less,!
to the place]Of beginningCcentainnig six acres'.:
of land, more pr less .being a part of lot num
begone hundred and twenty:seven, situat e , on .
Warrant nuMber three.thousand four hundred
and ninety/eight (3498).. • •
W. Y. M'COY',..;farmiliistrat or .
•Smethport JunUary•3ll,'lB6l. . • , .
•-•: •• • • TIIE GREAT. ilI1114T• PAPER,. •
• ,
7}lE GTF.AT •
E 14,4.4 'I? LT PAPER.
Vre intend to make' the NEW-YORK lEDGEII far 7661.
?tut:riot. to that of I'6o, or of any other. Ve r in the pa•t•
.Auro nr our enntrihu Mrs will' be the PRESIN,NT OF I'll
m, • WALTER .11. DUNLAP. S.,
LLY GI 11SON. PIIEDE CART and many Cleigymen,'
Professors in Colleges.. Statesman,. and 'other eminent '
'Writers rrsiding in different pelts of the Union • .
bar corps of contribittors for thee toning year :WIT be ,
on large,and Will embrace such evarlety of eminent. MI- •
ent, that every department of literalure will receive the ,
'pocrti6J4litittehtlon of some one competent to 'do it ample •
and sperieljudtice. Whether it be popular. romance, .
Solent* essay, historical sketch, scholastic disquisition,
spicy paragraph, pathetic ballad humorous .poerri,. old-.
fashioned love story, tiniely editorial; or. any other in.
gredient of popular and elevated, Joustialistu, . that hi to,
he furnished, the LEDGER - corps will be - sufficient for
the teak: Infect. •our , contributors• will. aend us from
week to week niuch.more matter than we can 'ptissibly
use. so that tre shall alwayshave a fresh and superabun-'
rit supply; from which to select rue vgillt. HZ= .These
facts, taken In , co n Tcion With' bur largely 'increased
'means, facilities, and experiencei warrant no. we think,:
in promising our readers a f tallier for the year 1661.
which' will be more interestang • and Instructive. and in.
every 'resitect•more valuable; even than the LEDGER
An an Indication of the popularity, of ; the LEDGER,..w•
needonly 'date. the 'simple fact that its. circulation le.•
mat erthen that of auy other TEM literary. papers in the
mintry. Its great lumens is owing to the fact that we
secure thebest writers in the.country; and spare'.no ex
pense in getting up the tiEsT PAIMILY PAPER—y,6 peper.•
of high moral tone.. The plaited re,putation its con-'
tribu tors,. the predict I and invariably pure arid %healthy
character of all its articled, the care which is taken: that -
not even one offensive word shallappear In, its. colUninr;
and the 'superiority of its. ale' and Sketches; have gains l.
for. the NEW-YORK LF,DGER-a pagans that no literary
paper bee ever More reached.. ' . • . •• • .
—Axtra Cows Itivonia 01 'Remand, Va.,
,and ' Col.
WALTER 'Jr. rim AP , author or the 'popular‘Forest .
sitatchea,' , 'which were published in our column, some,
time since, will each begin' a storyin-the. LEDGER early .
in Mecum year. Mrs'. scicxnweentle &Inn engaged upon
—ln the nest number of thei••LEDGERi, *shall pulD 7
lish a very interesting article.. Written espressly for oar
columns, entitled, A -DAV Wien' Lotto from ,
pen - oftliff flen George Bancroft...
—lt-is With Much satistaclion that . we ' announce that
Evanarr will continue his elegant and Interesting
contributions to' the LEDGER during the text Year.
As this is the'Sesson of the year when Postmasters' and
others are in the - habit of forming chit's, we direct their
particular attention te" r. . r •
• • .017 T MUM.. • , •
. .
" Single copies.l2•Per. annum; two eCpies, four eon-.
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vent the possibility of the loos of money by mall' . •
It 7 We employ no traveling agents: •
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'THE -SUI3SCRII3ER haeopened a.tlPw Lii:
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Sniethport, pd _l3E IP6I, 'FR CORWIN
• • '"a n- 4io .
• ,