M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, November 15, 1860, Image 1

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VOL. 3.
411',..ficnit...410iiii . tp:: . /,l3:ti,ilicrii.t .
9 . .*g - ..o9rtNElt O . F PifBLIO.,§ciIIAttIR
.1'21018: 7 7 01 50 in Advance
Bates .44,vertising
. -
~ . ..IColunin one •
vg, ... ...
SIX ...
• N•• • '" .... .. .
• '.opO aautire o'l2 line's On. lees; l ineirtions,
, Eaoh aulienquent . inn°
BuidneelOdOe, {with paper,. .... ..
hula or aided work will be — double the abdefrirates.
Brevier type; ' -or eight: 'lees nonperallOe
rated.a equate: .' . • .
-Thesegernis willlio . strletly adhered to: _at • .
.„ .
15tt0i0i . ...nit.citOtp....
blsioN; Proprietor
—opposite the%CoUrt,HOuse: A noir, large, complodi
- oue an 4 7oll . :furntebed hone!.
lidaler in StnveS,lin Ware, Jappaned Ward, .&c:,•west
•• side - of Om Public 'pOu.tre,'Smetliport, Pa. Custom
'work dOne'to order ou•the slicirtosi notice, and tbO
4 .most'aubstantial • • :
_ • . .
. . . .
tin : . Bt. 'A. SiliAutot would respectfully announce to the
• citiaerr 2 of Smothnortauid vicinity, that he has . - fitted
up an office, and is prepared to atteudto all. buaines's
in his profeseien.. Artificial teeth •inserted upon,' Reif.
entitle principles; and to as to Preserve the natural ex , -
presgion 44:the face All operations in Dental Surgery
;done in a akillinl , lnenner, , '. •.:.' . • • - .10tr
..A._l3 . T.;Ai;
. .
. . . ,
DNTIS,T, would respectfullylnform . the inhabitanti
or Olean and aurrotindiag' countey ; that helm 10-
'-cate_d himmolf permanently htglean,',for the 'practice .of
hie profession, whore be will , be prepared to wait on all
who,chriOse to give him a Call. • Office over .0 II; Thine
'Dry Onode , 9tore.
Olean; May 12.1860. • • .• . •
. . •
. .
in Stores , 'Pin Ware, Jappiined Ware,, t 0.,, west
• eed 'at the Public Square, • Sinethpart, Pa.: Custom
:work done to' order nuthe shorte'st notice.,' apd in the
.meet substantial manner,.. ' '',". ' . •
.. . . . .
. ,
A.,,F. BARI), Proprietor, Olean,. N.. Y Ohnibus rum
• ,to arid froni the Neri York and Brio Rail Roza.; Stages
' - for..B.ni . ettipeirtfand Ceres
• ' : HYDE,ROUSE, .' • .
13..7' °soon!) Priaprietor.; Itlikrway, Pa. This: Hotel
; new and luinished i niodorn style, lma temple acconi
, 'mad:Woos, and is, in all respects, n.Pirst,Class notch
Ridgway, Elk Co, Pa. 111ay,2.1, 1,930 • •
. .
Jpll7i WEIR, Proprietor. Thia, liOuaeje .situated. hair
way, between St etbpori and Olean.. 'A ' convenient
en corninailiona bona ',attentive. and obliging attend;
• ante, and law prices.. . - - . •: ••:
-, . Eldred; May 17, 1660. • - .'• .. • .. • :.-
. -
. .
. .
. . . . , .. .. . . I • • .
al3 riPrilr., • bnl.ft.mr..ti' .ifln'nroincer _ .nd ..Ii 41 .'..Est4,to
.: Akotit. - &net!sport, ,Sl'lienn cujiao, ra. . ,
. ..
Doilar in ni..ir, Goods,Gtoceilesl• Pork, Flonr; Salt, Fish
.fleatiy , -hale (nothing, BOots In! Shoes. Senethßorts
q'racticat Mechanic, (fridge-buit.ler,..
Pfirt.A.ll6l:heny, WHeaii cnunty,.Pa. .
... • '
. .
Estate:Agp94 Elk Co., • Perin'w
, .
• . tt . tu rEitgsCEs
Chapin x..llnrl'e, ~
!lon Tilmnag.Struthu'ri,
W; ...S. Dfoirnell,°. • EiS•.'
llon. A. 1. -Wilcui
• . ; • ...'.. ;CARVER ' HOUSE,
'Jour. TI. Hcr,r, l'rnprietor..cOrOci or Writcr cnil Hickory
3treetd, Witrren, •Gcnera.l.Stalpflire'
• •• FOBES 'HOUSE • "
*fronting tli4 Public Srpfare;, Olean,. N:. Y: JAMES M.
-31itaak. Prof:rioter... The Fribeu Ifousets entirely
amt built of brick. , arid. in'furnin'bed in modernstyle.
The' propriet o r flatters himself that bin .Cepnlnindk
:tintiS are not 'surpassed by an rhotel in Weaterit Naw
Carriagee run to and mint the New York :and
Erie Rail lioad.• • s ' '
. . .
. , . .. . .. .
: - . ' ' • • • BYRON B; NAMLIN, . ' .
• . ... • • . .
p ft at:TTORNNY Ay LAW; Smetliport, -fill Kean ' County. • Ps,
. . :Agent (or, llfessksolceatfn 4. A!. On's Lands Attends
4 , Apectally,to the Collection. of Clain's; Examination of
. 1 1 - And:Pities. 'Payrnint of . Taxes, .and all hesierse reld
. , ..- 'ling to-Ileil ' Estate. ofllee.in Uamlittlflock , .• , '
Attorney arid Counsellor at taw,, P.metbsort.
• County, Pa. 'llus'ness entrusted to his•cn:ro for the
porinties'orld!Kenn„Potter:find - Elk.will' bb prorisptly
• attended to Office in the Court House ; second hoor.
. .
Thysfelan ant Surgeon,: Smotliport, attend,. to
all protessiotialealls with promptness. ,• Office in dart.
well Block, second floor.: • •
. . . .
. . . . .
Wholesale andlVetal fleaei's- in Staple and Raney., Dry
Goods, terpeting;'ll.olldy Nada Clothing, and • General
.. Furnishing Goods,' linota and Shona,' Wall and Window
. ..Papar,.Lookitig Glaßaea &a.' AV,Oleatt. N. T. . ...,,
Attorney and'COutunillor at taw i• Sniethport; Co
, Pa. Will attend to all business in .hie pro resslon in the
• , eountles of 51 , Rean; Potter andrAlit. ;Witco over
• Sartwell 'BrotherV.Store. .. • •••
(Corner OT Second and Liberky atreets,.Warran
• Ilsaana,P . fonriotor., Travelers will. llod good ac
' , ,noinmndittons and reioenablcreharges,
. .
. .
lit.•.Lut visit. r i(iiirle,tor,—Alleglieny '13610, 'Bl , Kaaa
Oo , PO.. This liou.oe, is si tuated about nino . miles frani
Sinathpart . on!the - road' tp Olean, and will be found a
cotiveniontAtelpilingllace •• • - '• , • . '., •.
. ..
. . .
,S3y..T. ilooosrti. - This hpuse is S4uattiti, shoat live'mile
frein'llinethparfou tke road to Olean. Plonstire pa rtio '
anitotbet it Gan be aocomptedated en th eShortest Notice
Monier In Dry:Geode, Groceries, Ginekery, Hardware,
gets, Gaps', Glasg, Mills. Oils &c.,
'En Aide,.ol.the.Patala sqnnre, Stnetbpore,; Pa: •:
. .
eihippen,. .
A oonlmndlonicsond well-fon:11811M Strarnte , ii
and tisvelern will nod good accommodations. ,
. . •
Pinprieter, ,at 'Roil All egany, ye.
icear A , oniinty. Pa. - This Hetet lesituate‘let.the June.
' Ceti - o r the Stnethport - and Allegany Itiver U.:ids, nine
'wdleaeaet.of Smetpitor•, '
. .
•'• • • •
WM:: HASKELL : -. Pkopriet6r.
This Rouse is wall' Osicuhited for. the.accoinulodation'
nr. the• • Treielllng.Public; having recently been repaired
'and remodeled:- Goad liarns•and•Stahles, Charges Iw
-sun:Me% Steges'for, Olean, Shiplien ant ithigway;' •
• limettspOit i, July '2, ISOti. . . • . • ,
. .
. ,
'Tile proud and vveal.thiAtues Agmoor, silk
and velvet' merchant,of Broadway, New
was last entering his superb bazaars tte one. of
his'clerka . reepectful!y',t3aluted hint, and started
iodr Presenee in
mfoffiCe ere' lone' said tie' Mereliant..“,•Do
not leave the stoie until-LhaVe spdken with
- . •
TheritWai'an• omino us sternneie:ln-his tone.
thatlittracted.the quick . earrof 4 Thornton Clair,
and as he,gazed after: his
,pompeus :chief, who
strode on vvith ! tinisual haste; his eye caught
that of Hirattillauld,the Cashier, peering. with
Unconcealed'Malice through themahogeny bars'
of hie desk. Thornton Cla'ir 'hod , . arrived In
New York foiii Months 'befors from some city
in .theweiti, and applying 'to Jetties . .A . l'moin;
hisMenly and intelligent fece'had so-pleased
that gentlemen that
.his services were.immedi
ately accepted, and he was given the responsi
ble position Of Collecter. •I' .
Thii'WesltY no means agreeable to the envi
ons'Mould,• nor.didhis 'vexation dirninish'as he
saw that 'James Agmaor dailk..grnw more and
more attached:to the youth. While •.. : •
Clair - stood awaiting the : expeeted
suMmone,4nd..as 'Agmoor entered 'his Irri
yate office, the cashier moved';from'
and following hie ptincipel, earefull)/closedthe'
green baizeiloor efter • .
.t: ,
.I .. •
• Was strange to see the print' &and •pompous
airif - thelordly merchant-ebenge'to one °fill,
concealed, fear . and 'disgust,' as the : cashier. bid
himgocid.diy . and.eeeted himself .Pettihitn, • and
having.the office . table between therm,: • .
"You have •considered my prepositions; ;Tea.
Agrnoor," said'he'fp astriooth,'soft volc'e,sleek'
Mid silky, as..the precious fabrics that. 'were
James...A gmoor: buried his face in his handi
• for a moment, then sweeping back his
: •
I have I" , and his
fare.. pale and red , by ti.irtiS, again sought 'the
Cover of hia'trernblinghands... <rl have told My
danghter that . ..ynit'demanded het, for a .wife.— .
She•told Me to tell 'you. that - she, would rather
be-a•heggar intie streets than the wife of
rani.Mould. ••' • • ' - • • ,
told .her all," burst from thc.quivering lips '
of the merchant: •.‘ , I tnld'her that HirainMould
'.was the.Mester of her father.; that ere she Wail
born r . committed a crifite=a*crirne whnie ever
present' guilt -has blanched my heir before I
have numhered'mY,forty-fifth year," .-
...And:then. ehe'relented ?".' •• • • •
..• ,, Slie'nsked me to tell 'her elthatorime," re
'plied he rpeiChaat, and'es he spoke his evee
grew; bright, and he lookediliram Mould full in
theface. e‘l told her.. She. sirid the'deed was
riot•a Crimethat" the' blow Was dean in self-'
defencethat. killed Charles Harper. ' ; •Anti SO, f;
was. Hiram Mould., you' know it w 35.?. . ,.
“Were we- in.CoUrt, I. the only vvitni•.ss nf.
Ilerf ;Fa r - uuulu. ;oily it
ivh.t . ,..=premeditated . tinfider.." .• '• •
„James Agmonr's nres•closed with/a Shudder,
and again his trembling hands'bid his pallid face,.
Would : swear," resumed Hiram Mould, as
his, sharp,' White teeth bristled from; his sneer= .
ing lips, .stand the jury Would•
.helieve . :every
Word, that one summer evening. sorne•rwenty
years. ago. 'I saw. James' A.g.Monr,.who .had re
fdsect.to • fight
,irtioir. and 'open combat with
Charles Harper, crouching . 81'11iii the bushes-that
bordered the highway thrOaglf JerseV.W . oods ;
and as Charles 'Harper was unsuspectipOy.by.
LI saw dames . Agmoor 'spring. from his 'covert
and strike:ll4n to .the earth with: a •club,--I
Would - Swear 't hat JaMes. gmnor. - then and
there murdered ,Charles Harper, iimrburied the
. body catild '.find 'the bones;
the Watch• that should identify't he hody." :•
- All falSe !" cried the merchant, arOusing hint
:self a morrient:- cc , Tivas*J'am'es AgnmOr ;hot'
was drag,ged Trom his hor4e by Charles Harrier! .
'TwaS Hiram,Monld whO.prompted the . assault
fOrpurposes.orldi nwn- 7 -becutise'he hated each .
with a 'deadly , Yon; Hirdm M6uld,' first
Made use 'who were,until then 'bosom . friends,
bitter enemies. He 'struck. me, I returned th'e.
'blow;" he drew his knife'and. stabbed 'me, hut
before I felrsertseiesz, I Wreeted 'thC• weanen
from him' and dealt him a fatal thrust that pres',..
trated him .also..
crinseioutX---I. in a swoon; .he dead. When sense
and•feeling-returherl to. me f' was in, yoUr house.
Yon, :Hiram Mould, hid the body ,where you
can , find the bones to convict me.. All.thought
that Charles.Harper'. was' murdered'; you cren
red• that belief but. to use Me all
,my you
took Successful Care that' the finer of sliericion .
should not point at Me, lestthe. law might kill
'the goose that lays the geldert,'eggs." •
While the tortured man was saying all this,'
far more iocoherently than we , h ivritten
anmoved conspirator . ha d rapidly, sketched'
a 'picturo of irgibbeted • felon, and as the•nier
• • $0.5 00
-- 20 00
•.- 12 00
... 20 00
.., 12 00
•• • 150
Bidzway; Pti
Wliren, ha
nnyt.. Pa
,Iluenti:Viatd. Pu
lant concluded, Hiram 'Mould placed the sig
nificant sketch heroic
. . .
- 'i.tStch shall be.your.fate, if Raehnel'Agmoor
. . . . ~
refU'os to hecome myNs'ife,” siiid hO,.pointine
to.the hideous . pietitre with his long, lfai,.fOre
fitiger ; •
Again the. merahant yiiq . ded beroiethn.teiri
bla threat; and'hia'hearl. sank !'ilowli-vinin
"Now call in Thorntrin Clair and dismiss him
atone," Said Hirarri; sternly. * , ‘lle loves your
. perhaps loves him. 'You 'have
foolishly allowed . .hini to visit your house.. It
shall he my care that he'Shall not 'And , other
employment.in this :city;"" •• . • :.•
crl am. in your power," groaned the tinhanny
man, rising andopenlng the but as he
. . .
'sit his daughter' Raehael. stepp'ed Quickly
'ram 'the side of Th'roton Clair, with whom
she, was elitterlk OnVersimz,:and saiil :
;wi.sh.to.See:Piram. Mould' immediately,
dearlather;?' and aaided . liy : horfastonished pa,.
rent, she .entereJ the private mfliee. `•
:The merchant closed the door and, turned to
.and'queenly in person, a lovely brunntte .
of eighteen slimmers, •with hirge black eyes,
usually full of sOftness;'ni beramn . her Omiable
and. offeetiOnate.natUre,,lnt then flnshog scorn
ful:.fires. as . 1161: red lips . curled . with , 'seething'
contempt; Michael Agmnot motioned her father
to i pa nee a moment and bent her. gnie On. Hiram
Mou lei
. •
He seOrnril ill at.!ase with thos6 , superkiyes
nlou'ly"srannino: .bini from 'heed (O. coot.. • He
roso:to. his feet,.. 40- recov.ering.his natural.
calmnoss.:mard : ' " • * .2 . *:
• ict am hnppy to see tbaCiilos Rachacl....Ag•
. .
moor considers so ;humble a person as' Hiram
Mould worthy 0,1'90 continiced a'stari.".
i.This is tke thing that dares to hope , to'Call
me , wife, said Rachel tint] thongh the' words
were cptting,, the. tone and. manner penetrated
to the marrow of.the taseitl'ti'bories., ti,tuttiash'-
ed hitter words his White 'lips:
"The thing is honored in heineso called, my'
haughty damsel... You are proud, now, RaClutel
Agmoor„.but the time shall: come !,vheri - ;you'
shult be as humbled before me as the trembling
_beside . . •
• ~ < lf I reject and defy your you ''*ill attack the,
life and reputationof my frillier," said Rachael
roust.lie,'very confident of youipovVer,
to.send.a MesSage'to the .wpmen. you wish : la
make.your wife." . • . • !
4 4.arn conscious of my strength... Do yen
Wish to:see a , proof of it?": Sneeringly eked
Richael bent her head c.cintemptuOinly-,,,
Hiram Mould wus at h lOsi to comprehend
this unexpreted.ii , fiance ; bitt stir's Of his ground
where is O young' Men in your father's sm
'ploy whom he loves aS.his. - Own son.. Rather
rhan harm a hair Of that young man's head,
Tames . Agmonr would gladly lop:off his tight
band, I i;erily.believe,,if,the•sacritlce could avail either.', eithe .'Mr. Agritocir call in' Thornton:Clair.
looked to.ses Rachael.pale and•trembling:
But ,She Waicalmand collected: . • ' I-. .
The timid fstheitimid befOre the cashier
alpoe,...iiheyed, and Thornton Clair stood in the
party ;;;'but his blue eyes were Witting with a
menace • so'profound and 'deadly that Rachael
laid. her-soft hand upon the strong arni that 'was
swellirk as if fora sudden 'blow tobe dealt . a
the serpent • like. - eyes cif. the sneeriing:cashier
sand whispered: l• :• . • • • .
r— for lily .
gujoor," . said Hiram , . but• recoitink
somewhat from the reach of that arm; tthas
this young. roan :..dared to make iotte to, one so
itomPrisely; abOve him as your (latiahter, a.rl
praposed'rnyipllas her husband . ; lislpresi , .nce
in:our establishment, is- an insult.. Discharge.
m . .at Onc.e."
. . .
, .
. . .
. The•wretchea m arit
ereb' pause() in tartitrinEr.
Onspense, and, the cashier pointcd of the.slcetch.
that lay tipon the table.
. 4 . , 111r. Thoi;nton;Clgir".
true; flame is •not Glair,". - began the
youngunwilling' to seethe rnther 'or his
Rnehnel 'so . humiliated. ittin:lhe soh ' of
CharlOs Harper, who lives in Oregon, and who .
asporreci - the narne:of Clair because he lielfewod
he had 'slain James Agrboar.. My naini: t
fnet,""fhoi.ntnn 1 . • .
o , ,Young mfinr crie,l Jarnei.A.gmrior:,:plmost
. . .
Does Charles Har
. per, - who' married my . Cousin
Helen A'gmod' r, lit;e7,-wes he not IcAle11"
'" , Onr my 'honor, Mr. • 4gmoer,", said .Thorn
"ton; "Charles, Harper is"alive; and still thinks'
Agmeor.. - Hold this mor
ning r wasmf The' same belief; for My father,
who, otnee that 'emu'
cealed himseff under:an assumed' name. in' the
wild& of :the West," whild.my,triother fidlowed .
him, . has ofterl . teld me. sorrowfully' of. all *that
traost Itut. he' nee er told
. me the name of
She man whom lie deemed hhad slakti,nor that
of the man :who;• when he 'rose lifter a, MrTrrrent
of urivodytiousness i ;yen!. bleeding
body,said I: , ,6ti.were. dead .and Prevailed upon
kite !o.gef k:gafe.ty loin:slant (ilea,: open th e .
y'ery l orfe y ti . hail. rid,On.._l7oM'ilatit.th ter re,
, . . . .
111`..e I to . me yOu',tohl her Lisf:night•ii.fe•vr
minutesminutesazoi ..
ntyr,ive irottiecliately.cOnchOed
op - 311111e -trilt • • .
. • . .. • .
i3Out or my Hiram cried the
pnrar , e .. .t . metehant.
.“1 - hcohle..trzii . to s r,
..beltnno !
.. •
Ta.hall If.yvhat..yMi hare ra'reetl
me for y'enrs tp•think.
Thoriifim' waS spanking,
nashier hail slink .into a•chazr nod rested •his.
hen() upon' the_tohle, hiding his.j'ar . , as he for
tr . n his':v . ictim. to
. .
(!0 Agmbo,r,,no..lcing9r
Ifounil serf, thus n , ltlre4seti him , lie•s : tagaercl to
hisleet, geoping•blitully :for I he' ttUur, jattered
feebly thrOugh•thebazonr. to his disk
. 11.a . (1, =o lot r ig ill Itd t t .rcul of ~nl
'and pi'essina l ' his : hilnds to his h~7il,(~ionnri
liiinsf;ll erect, opened his•privatn
dead ere he, could press the trigger; srnji.ten
Snicl the • Coroner' that .day— by' the...almiiht
hand of God.• .
Vieful Medical Hints
. .
We find the follewing rernarks thei . edit
or) in' the CfneinNatyr, a scientific and agricnl
tural..Tournal;pnblished at . Cincinnati,,
If.a . ..pernon swallows any poison whatever.
'or. has fallen into denvidsions frbm bovine. over',
loaded the itemich, anninstantonentis' remedy
is retea•Apoonfal of common spit and. as nvic,h
groundrriustardotirred.rapidly tic a -teri : enp,of
water, Warm.Or• gold; and swallowed instantly:
'lt is scarcely down berme it begins to come up,
and 'twinging with it the.contentn-of the. stom
ach; and•lest there be.iiity:reMnant of poison,
howeyer smllll', let'thr4 white of an egg or a
tea.cupful ng
etroeolfee heswallowed as Soon
as the stomach, is quiet; because 'these •nnlify
Many virulent poisons.
~In ense' of. scalding or
burning the body, immersing thepnrt in cold ,
water eives.entire relief . .its instantaneously as
the lightning.. Meanwhile, get some . common
dry flour, and. apply it nn - inch - or two, thiek:on
the injured part the momeht.it :emerges . from
the water, and. keep sprinkling on -the-flour
through].anything like a peper.bex cover, so as
to put it on 'evenly. rinthing.•elttel • drink.
nothing but 'water; 'eat nothing until Irnprove
mentyeriminences, except some-dry bread soft ,
ened in very .wealc•telof some kind.' Cures of
frightful burnings have been performed in t his
wny, as wonderful 'ns 'they- .we
onee'sa'ved thelile'nf-an infant which . had:been
inadvertently &Mtge!! with-- landanurn, and
which Was.fast sinking' TOO . the sleep which .
has giving. .it strong 'coffee;
cleared With the' white:or an . e.kz--a tea-apoon
ful.every'five minutes=until.it,ceased to seem•
, .” .
The.rittfrdrol?xpro snys there is afield man
tittoni the inmates of ihe poor.hanse in 'that
city who read: the ,story Of t he . ri , voleticm be
fore it waspubliihed—rea4 it' from menuserint
BR fast i ns ,it was written. He was 'a. vcinth
glen, not aid enough to enlist in the netttil ~s4ry
iee of his•eettiitey; but.'he hid 'n father :who'
was, and many .Weie the eartrigmOte Made for
thnt father's hie. It the iioor 7 hOtise the
, ! .plece•
for stieh ;.than? '
The follciwing : aecount of the, dis"ecinery.df
'retriarkable cave in Florida; is, from a cerrea;
pondent'of the New , Yotk. Ltaurna/ of Cron.nferce~
and ..comes with'stieh.atijiparance of circuthstew
tielity that we Copy it
Thasiri ttfure of the
and earth. in Florida caVernons to a great
tent. ..Indeed;na-far e.icpleratione have been
made, the ground presents the appearance:of e
honey-comb ) on accoutiCof the littinerous eavi-
WhiCh:arefound Those indents
tient( in the surface of:the etirtkcalied 4' .CtriniCS "
'almina here-,sorine or thCtii :dryland other's Par:
tia'yl.filled.with wafer ; Whi'e rivets disaPpear
in thei. groantinnd ere seen no' intire,
.' Florida
is not only Ihn land 'of finwere,.. but
.also the
land of wonders. -A feW 'days . age, Mr. heniy.
Wooten, of New York city; and myself, started
on , aAtunting expedition, with.. the'inteatioa 'nf
eainping °tit Several days:. On , Saturday,' the
29:th tiny of September,' We pursued a deer, into
a hammock and etternilting to 'ride through it,
Mr. Wenten's horse stumbled into'a smolt sink:,
While Mr Wooten:vvas entleavorineto extri.
.cats his horse; dismounted and wtis engaged
in eiatnining a'cerions pile - of . !mine.
bhd'Otrected fry attention. On one of thm
„.. . . .
foupd u„s if- graven with
instrument;.'but neiirly obliterited by the
a‘tiges' nf time
. . .
Mr. Wontenhy this time had ied'.his hofse
prifely'otri of 'the sink, end,' on rejoining toe;
said he had discovered a cave. After Valor)/
.endeavoring to decipher.O.e.,Strange.inneription
'which I had found,'lve••each 'colleeted'an arm
ful of pine wood.to . ..ierve for torches.
ving.at the entrance;. we saw hy, the .light of
our torches;.that the bottoM of the eariern'wlii
several feet . belorr us. liandiqg •my torah', to
my frientt,'S prepared to descend,. which ke:
comblished, with . e . ase, therucks serving. as
steps. Wooten their hi - rled me down - an arm,
wood and a and pieparnd to desc_
. . . .
rei - iher. • We noti. found .iiiiriervaa in a silbter
ranerias.passaza len feat hir2.ll.rind sixteen wide
purstu;ffthis passage (dr nearly holt a mile . ,
it growing larger at every: step,:ond appertring
to descend into the entth by no' easy incline- 7
Lion, when we unexpectedly fonntl ourselves in
a cave of imme'rise elttent.', We eiiitlored it in
every sometimes e'n'tering small car-,
erns which led off Irani the main cove. •:.We ff
nally-entered.a sort of .rittare: Iloorway, and
found ourselVes 'in a cavetn.of most" beautifui
'.-:bezan the father
. .
appearance, the reflection of eit ir ligh,ts.against
the sides produeing. a •mtignifie;nt..erfect,. For
the firSt flap 'May
. life I felt lh re. frill'foree of
that: beautiful tieseriptien..which..Goldsmitil
. •
has g ii•Pn .
'of the grotto or A ntiparos, • •
Ba:the most wonderful thing
,that 'met onr.
view in thii eareAvas'a inSeription -.sta
ting theta party of 'Danes had this•ciive
in the year . 1050, and tlik n priest who hail An: ,
ComPatiied them,l6l Jett ,this memorial of their
visit: The name Of this Priest we's Marcus Po
had embarked on a".vbyrige of csPloratinn, anti
had.been. driven south,r.alSo tha t. they' had.
.visited many large islands, finally
ed in a thiCliir populated 'Canary , where' . the.
thickly . populated canittrY, Where the people
reeeivfd them kinilly„ . thitigiiig them superiOr
beingil tint t..severar theienurnber,togetile;r .
with some Greek' . artisans nnd tWo,priests,..had
been. left •thrrc as Ft , col ori y.. This. is the
: stance of the inicriptitin as fa rns could be'ile-
Ciphered. •Now does . not.this sugiy,esf.no im
portant, inquiry. thn. ntimiaftin 1 Is it not
probable that
~the islands inentinned Were 'ail.
West. Indies; and may not'the conntiy where
they. •faridedbe Afmcirn . 7 . -; We: till know that .
that.the ancient .7Afe::leans•Vail that
,h II nil r , .ir years before ,t ,danding.of
'Corto, in .that count ry,'"Children of the
white faces, came to them and taught them !he
arts ofcivizatign: Is it' not.probahle that this .
.colony of Danes and Greeks, with their two,
Latin . priests . , were . .the persons referred to.hy
traititToft Per haps - many •buried.acereta con-
cernin, 111 P: ea rly history of Kmeriea.may .
revealect.hy that strange device,. This -won- .
derhd:caeft ia easy of_ neCess, .und: situated a
•fe Vt ; • iniles..-frnm • the .Railroad: and alioat ten
mites from Waldo. . •'•• • • '
How 1%11.7cm Pon!: WILL A.-,BrAusr. 'OF CORN
ATAKOL-.The following valuable fiicf :are frcim
Farmer; tiger) the mies!ion of .<11:0*
. . .
much pork will bdshel of corn make?"•
Richard Thatcher, df Pennsylvartin, gives 'the
result of •his feeding - „scalded cooked corn
meal in several instances,...to:fattening ..
The result one'lrial gave sixteen and • one
'all potinds of Pork for eacil bushel of tilly-aix.
cis of meal fed out: fn another -initance
merry and nehrly . onethelf potinds...were,the
Ans Worn a bushel.. The breed of hogs exper
imented we's • the_c•Chester''' white, Which , we
regard:” among the beat 'breeds , nossi.in . the'
cbuntry. : We have fecently; seen accounts of
several Other 'eXperiments of feeding togs in
the same way, with': similar r..sults, while the
same, breed of: hogs fed' in the ordinery
upon dry- corn in 'Abe ear, gavee
_return of
about one'-third - of, the weight com pared. . with
thos , fed on.the•Conited .
Thi experiments or Mr. Clay 'of KentOeky,
ac detailed , in the December number the
Valley Farmer, for 18:56i. afford eOnclusive evi,
dence ot•the s edvantagesot feeding cooked over
raw food.. fn;the experiments on the'same an
imals; it was proved that • dry corn - would al:
ford a gain Of -about live nird three-quarters- to
six and-three;quarters pounds of pork . to each
'bushel, consumed, butwhen . changed to food
prepared by erinding and cooking,-gave n 're
turn of ‘trcirn'fifteen to 'nen rly Righteen pounds
of flesh to ea h bushel of corn fed Out. These'
various experiments demonstrate 'facts wr . irthk
the ciMiideration of farmers; 'and .=especially
when'the price Of corn aliCpork is constantly
advancing. . " . ' . •
.With.care in breeding from
.a-good . .stOck -of
.hogs ; and .with their ,proper • •manimein*nt
throughout, keeping the hogs roriqtaritly
vin , r,nt least art average of fifteen pounds
"flesh may be received from .every; bushel of.
corn 'consumed. 4,leiv ty'ell conducted, exper-,
inients with . appropriate apparatus
for proparing the food, oriiparedvith with-facts de
termining the ['Mount
~of from the'ordi=
nary method of ..feeding,..wolild:forever . settle
'the question an d lerint valuableiinprovements
in thisimportant inteiest tOlir ners. =
'• Few (hinge art) imkactienble in , theimelvfls,
and it id frorn.wato of. application 'rather than
Means that 'ffien fail of sticeeb.s: .-•
• rk4
• to-51# (s,t;
••••••, ,
.; .
Discovery eta Cave in Florida.
*. There. was' a • day 'when, Talliyi artived
in lijarue on' foot froM At, waif dark,
est bailie thi„lievolut ion. Pestied ' the
bloodhounds of th 4 Reign of Tertii;',lo'4lpped
ovriy.wreck'.' OrpropertyoTalleyrand Secured a .
prissagctivAmerica in a Ship about
I-r e was a.beggar and!a'' wanderer to.' a strange;
elfin his daily bread: by labor,
't4ls there .any Amerlcan stopping: at your
house?'" he*ked Oa landlord of th 4. :
am we
ter; cross the wer;and :would like
a Pifer. to a person of influence. in America."„
. The 'landlord .hesitated a. moment and then
. ,
..44Therels a anntlernan up stairs; but wheth- .
er be came from Amerleaor Englantl,.is 'Tore
than eon tell." •
Re pointed the way, andl.Taileyrend-,4dio,
in. hie . life wee bishop s prince,: and minister
eisebn,l6l t . hfi . .tairAl.a . misprablisuppiiant stood.
befri:e theNitzanger's• deor, krocked;: and. wee
admitted: !• -
a far corner.. of a diisily lighted roniii, gat a
men.of Some ffty : years, :hia acme ' , folded, end
his head howed upon hit hrenif, From a Win
dpw directly opposite, it PO of light. poured
upon' his forehead. Hie eyes loOked from
nee th the..doWecest I :brOws,. and. UpOn
rend's face. - With a peculiar And laughing, es-.
presSion.. 'His face. was striking in outline, the..
mouth'end chin indicatiee Of an iron will; His
ferin,.v.isorous.eyen With—the :snows
. 'of ftrO,
was clad , in a daiir,but• 'rich' end diatinguishe
' •'Cramd advanced, stated that'
. .ho'•.tvas. a
ltigitivr , . and the irnpreSshia 'that the gsni letratl'
before him lii•as an Atiierican, .:soticited his
kind faelings•and °Mee's. • He poured forth • litit
history in eloquent French and •braken Fag-
. .
am.a:wandererind an exile, tarn . fdreed
tofly to . thelieW world, 't , iiihont friend' or shel- .
•ter:• You are an.Antericati? Give then;
Llnneech ynit, a letter of yours, en that .I..Mav
he 'able to'earn My. bread: lam to toil
in any. manner; it life el labor.winnltT te pain-.
dine ton career nt luxiiry in France.: Yon: will
.giye•rne to your friends? A 'gentieman
like .yau AliaditteiWhis many•friends..
The strange gentleman 'arose. loOlt:
.that Talleyrand 'never forgot, he: retreated to..
wards ithe 41pOr . of„ the next' chamber; his'eves
still lael:ina"frorrihimenth his darkened
om the only man' in the -New .World who
rnise his hp nd to God end any : i - havivna
a friend—not one-,in nil America:".
"I allryrand never: forgot the overwhelming
sednesi orlooh.W I, ieh ec'eoionn flied these words !
fit; i,Te i j rri 1" . strange
man ret rented:to the nazi `room o , .Yotirmn me."
h.e replied with' smile, 'that
Ted 'more of . Mockery than' joy iri the.eonvul sive
xpressien; . ,4t,my name iiilenedii , t Arnold !":
Fie,Wen gone. Talreyrfiptl: sank in tp ••,,tin
chair, ;,,.vatpint.4 the.. worilq ,
Thui:. he , wiindCred. over •,,tfits. It second
Cniri, with 'the •Wandirer'sirititk upnOis.brow. ,
.__ •
Stay tisni:,,,':,
! , Don't stay long,. husband," young
wife tpruterly,•ipmy preseupe, oPe
~ h usband husband,. was preParing:to goner' :111e
w9rds themgolve's vvVre Miigniflearlt t but,the.
look . of'meltingi..fondnesm %Fig) yri're
orenrordnied, spoke,
whole Vest depths . of witimaOilloire,OCher.
10pPioeq.% whPmwith her husbnuittother grief
liefit of- his the "soinee Of .011
her joy. beamed'ncit brightly' upon
, . . ,
. 6 Dne't stny lone'.hushtitufsnil . f.-raintly
.fancied r slip.' the 16iiipe, een(le ;idle; 'sitting
niene,.iinxinuslir entititlee. the moperitl.of •fie . r.
htohnnft's nbsc4tee;'eyery few triitintes .) , :tinhini .
to'the..citior . to see ifildwere in nrghtarni:linth:
. .
init that he was not, , i . thoaght:l could'hear her
exciaimine , in disappointed..tonta,'“notlet—
. stay .
.lons hiiihand;",,and again
t hnaght •
.rould pee. the..young:*ife i • racking
herrell run vnn'ajq in, a great arm .chair,. and .
weeping as , if her heart:weal& break; as'hei
thought I f;sq.,lrii:fl n d spit.' Riorpriged - tiis stay
toton wie . nrisorne 'frngt h
_ .
'Of you that heye,wives thtit say=tl.llan't
stay lopg," WherrYou. go . forth • think of 'titem•
*kindly when yon'are.nainelitie, in 'the husy, hive
of life, end try just S little tolnake their hearts
and home happy,',, or they are tams
,too 'seldom'
found. and'W seldom trot tno serdo repleeed, - ...
• 'Yon cannot fine, amid 'the ~plealures of:the
wnr,l , l. 'the peace• and joy that quiet horni.,
blee.ed With such'Women'e pre<enee Will affortl,•
. . . . „
grnon't Stay. In 02; thq ynnng
wipos look Isremrd siy—nfor herein your
iwret.hurrir, st,loving'hs.Ur.f whose musk is
hushed when you'lire• alfssonthere:is a Soft:
Im : east 'few you to lay. your•head upon,end, herd
are. pure lips,..onooiled:•by sin . ; that will you
with kisses for coming backl'amsnnti. - !•' .. •
. • Think of it, men, . whn'have vei to say : to
veni'don't stay long.: Or diMit . 'lot :the kind :
wmd class unheeded nit Orlittle veltie; forlhonch
they may be to you, the disappoiritroent ‘ pr: the.
fillitilmentel their simpl , 4 l ovingg ..wish„ • bring
grief Orjoy to thorn s :. If you' have 'an . •hatir to
Arturo; bestowilt:upni them,' and the. pure , Rive
'gushing: from: their grintlo; tt`iateful.bearts, will'
be a sweet reward. • • •
. OLD BATTLE Sams,-‘-The commission „ap-
Painted under Senator Mallory's • reSolution for
an examination of 'the sailing vessels ol.war
forming, to the United Sates" navy have' eom
pleted thtir suryey , of the 'ships "at "the'mav,y
yards, and are now s tleliberatine on - the - subject. '
The, conninisis'on 'consists ; . of Cmitains String=
horn and tover, and:constrnetorsLinthol,,De
lan'o and 'of hers . : "They ready in .repo'rt..
in n. few.days . ., - 'o,or old linc.:oPiatilushiris,are
nil found , see'irisAo'bd sound, and eapable
of ,conyer.ion into war steamers; that is, ..they
have...stall dent breadth of bearnfa ihdpurriose.
The cost of einvetsion'aitl.of machinory,:&e..
willi•rif course, be reported l'he ,t went yne w!
s nin a ic h have been built Under• this d.•
ministration dialielreeir feint, smieently
nodmote .of. t same ekes ire much minted for
'the.ii•otee.tiot Ileifpur to tiMeree...... The..Seeretti...
.ry of the ivory Will; as . heretofore,' reeninmend
lo'oongress'a pibvision lor 4,:f . fidilitional
her of war Steamers .Thel't's!renty vreVsjespi:
:ere jest iteijt. et:l=J but $5,000;000 in aggre;
rh eyerY mah's hriattlhere is ah ihpirior eic
plored-as ihaiAfrieh, , Oil over "that -region
what beasts roam!
N,,,,,i,v,,,,; tA-p4.,..:„,..P,::-,,-,.,,i4,4.,V,t,'44fA',V4
"'":4i-... Ve..,;:.",',,y4 0
l ---
~_ , ,
t4ii, a ;•tii•lF,.thilathiVii#C.olW/Mti .
af.Fren'ch talliiiieP influence; utuderstfeTinPot ! ,,
rep.; .„piip er
loOks mitside of ,hie Owti
the. ,allairti of the, :rest,.
'France continually throat lieforib r;,!Illor.111g-
Oh!' II in'ev:, , ery important, political, i 'Aisilltett end
commnteial movemenef- heidllllllo_oo4'll°4loht
by pi7ery•pnvrecd n • Eurcipef:
and directs , European ? polio ~ so :'_ hi. iiNtitr
and navy ere ; the Ogled ,of cl .:the othet itetidne.
When 'tie reieembered:.thatiic.li...liiitighl'titen
years sknce
OripanildinilY ) and not 'citittii - elighi Yetirkitiiee!
the corT treto which :relied wati004'36 . 1.0.'
pyeme rawer, 'it • e enerini te,lll6l r i : . t it? , :A l e
grandeur to utile!) he hneibirught. Pleriegqind
the aplendnr and power, AO ''vftriFlE,bi:lkiiik:alial:
The &et few yeani of am. -Napateotes
government were devoted to domestic etilFalror. '
to the conetrucfing of Ortlei ont'of thirehitatli
materials left by Louis Phlllippe arid-Worm- ,
visional Government of 1848: , ' At 'ithy'ittep
1 he took t in this important but • difiltilt''wollti:h•
showed profound wisdom and thefulleit knowl.
edge, not only of the reitouritof of Fringe, hut
of the temper of the Fretich'prpre. ''.`ctin
m -
ei-en, manufacyuree. internal' injoefiretilCula
and IntillartYstf,all kindi Avre ., 4est!ert (,feir:—'
When any brenell of labor lacked'eniplityment,
the government • presided ii. and'lmthi mode of
providink it the wisdom of tht , ssiverelgd, trial'
shown; for when there wig nothing etiser.Silo,
lie ordered imProvetnents in'Parls,',..-Whieh at
once gave work to:the peartle, , odOrdadltherelty
and made it less, in danger of•poptillt4 itialterec ! • ,
tion. By his demolition 'OW httildinge,'-hiwn
ing of 'new and spacious streets, 'reataristlerridof '
old edifices drill mann ents i manakin bf the
magnifieent additions to' the Loutrei. yearn
moot of tlie,Parks of Mel"lo:ice and VineetiriOn;"
afiti. by numerous ;Sate wOrks, he liai 'den".
more for Paris in. en years than :could hive
been done in a century underthe.ol4 order 'of
thingt. At the same time , e has' titittlt the
money, of the government, t ins 'freely 'Spent.
circulate among the. le boring closers, and Ana
removed the chief source of paliticil irouble
in the Capital; the want of work ' ' amenity the'
ignorant and turbulent people of the Fatibcreig
St. Antoine, the Quertier St. Denjs and' °thin'
old Intents of revolution. Other eitir hate
..hared, :to a certain s degree, the attention of.the
Emperor, and he , has made
b is personal, Ingo
'once directly felt in every pared Pruitt , "
The peoPlo' soon learned that they Iliad OW a
Sovereign a min of the , People, ,,, i.wh,kept
watch over . France, and who...whatever'ltrisly
have been the, eteps by which he reached' the
throne, still' made it • his hoist that he shrived
his power (ram the peOpler, .s,, . ,•le t '., ~i
Having consolideted Fraficis at hinne s lients.
1.--- --....,-,....4..-sot-rnn.relote;'oncv:ittottollce
hint and ackonwledge - hip.title-tw, , hte Ithrerte,
but actually feel , h N 01 tilieNtie , linfi catifiltbits
friendship. The rientein Jiiiiiition, under a
envereien like Louis Philippe inight have been
bent for yen to in the obscure troglorAii;or led.
tape:and diplomacy. ,But Napoleon'ilefggie it
to the light, and he eat' the GctrdittninsitorWith
the sword,t But hith,;the 'war Witlviluitsii'
would not yet have. taken , place.' - Thati`trift
gave him an'opportunity to Show the resaniCes
of his empire the strength '.; of his arrityi:"lnd "1 1
the vigor ' of his admitlistrition. It , • broil:the '
him`also iiito alliance -with . twO of•thee Intiliti •
liberal-posters orWestein blunt., Englind Sind
Sardinia. Prom the•alliance thus Made; sprout
up, under the wise neeCttiiition of Crimson., Me
closer relations between Fkacce''ind Sardinia,
ani'of which coca the (illation td" , ltallinlinien
and liberty, which is even yet in proposs'of ins
lotion. In executing his policy cohcerninett. •
aly,,Napoleon has been obliged, to chettiserind .
despoil Austtia, to assist in- abolistiritiettoe
flourbon . dynasty iii Naples; and the'dOkediiiirts
ihat were dependencies of Austria.',. Lilehili
connived' at the Spoilation of the Stites; of 'the'
Church; end is at this moment'countenancing ,
the very destrfiction of the Pope's tempirat
The list European .papers are filletr•siittif
France and Napoleon. The prelatee'or , ' , the
church in every one of her bishop:lo. l o.i
threatening him.with the very plungers, ern * •
Vatican, if he does notletervene to miv*pittri
Ninth. in Syria, a.French army is lij*ttrie-, • '
staling order and perhapi•establishill'entAiisr
hold that will never be abandoned. •liir`Chilmal
a French fleet is cooperating , - ,witktkin li*tt
lieh. ,; Id Africa French • colonitation'*goillig
on, and if , there be but' a fraction., cid,tuutif:lia
common rePorts, the French poinidistlitarstirkAtid .
rica comprise, gottWields that, will , inikklliflit"' *
government the Hellen in the world..7rbittight;l
out the centinent of Europe, 4oyeteigrie , end
rpople are watching end admiring,thWthe Mail'
perch. NdprO.ehot and even • in• the United Stateg,''
a few,disuffecied bxtrentiits, who arc eortsehow
of their own weakness, are courting hie, ItsistV - '
(once, in the event of their attempting tO ' , tow
eels' e the;i ti eisoliaLle , design!:--gritting hair._
ever, little encottragemenv from this' man-whit , '
has the work of years yet beforol him hi' Ett 4 /
rot,.'. , , , , .'• t--,,,.,;-; 1
There is in the rise and establlahment , 'o4llo•T
second French Empire something that *oil' ,
republicih peoPle can ,•Ladmiiii. - q , ,tillisf4str a ,
French republics having. foiledi .ati4-,, histins
provpd t h at a republican gotr,ernntentlAct4ll4t .
suit the Prench people, it iisatilstie!c4,ll(firiii!,.
that great nation'thriytng'and firoilititj#,WittP
under a despot. And how thet'OeV•ileyiriliifir' •
appears a's the champion of- eisoli -",gisiptAooo - , 1
liberty iii Italy, we,can - ,OtitillittlegOfilt - liViii4
wrbnis 6i which'he rose Ko'hieMietWfOitite
position ,as the chief man itatni*OitiffaithA.. . '
urchin Europe. , •• , - - •,''`iit'?l",' , f/?4s 4 et`,4f P 4 ", n'',%" :i '''''
, ~ 4. _ .i, , .'• ~ .. ..' , L.,;(,-1 , ..:i., `,.. , „14. 04,. , ,!.,^. wool:- -.
_The shivehcOli;plaital
canto; but the 11 )ak*Ittimmiciiiiiiiieliker `_
cr. The tter
fifteen' buicdred diqie
`." 1 4P0 tati! •
9 - Id
kY° destroy !Pr
• "trief9l,
c‘Juliisn, :tier t '"ub` , AitinAiNkiiiiitt4 l ll4' * ilkj';
I a (11, , s imist ddrliie7:ivhartidp"'Lia'
Wal4l , ,nycceN,l,anin4l4l'ittjtfr
.%Why, oh eautsp; It t arm,* -mo w
Retnep,her,wl woild'otgootelp Ire'u
prrtot'Uhele)ji yotit the hinltrOrlitlyeie,li..
trtii for „ e)! olher4iGtii- sya
. , ,