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VOL. 3.
,illrfitai!, io't.iot!).:.o:otilOtit
. • •By B. OVIATT,
Sin ETH P.ORT,E A 11' CO U Y, PA
oisiox„• SQUARE
• TEEMS: 81 . 50 in Advitnia
• .
. • Rates tildvertising. , . •
. .
.t Column onwyeeir -•5950 0
1 . t. c<, siv,moutlis • • - • ' 00
1t • .... ........ . ....'.....P200'
Oue square (4.12 lines or lees; insertioteij. .. ' . 150
'Each subsequent lose
Brininess Verdi, with paper, • ' '• , 500
Sete or figure work will be double the above rates.
Twelve flues • °reeler type, of eight lines . nonpareil, is
rated *Square. • • - . • ,
' ' These Terms . will be strietly adhered to.
Ettsintos' Oirectotv.
. . „ .
DA. M. A. SPRACii7II would respectfully announce to the
...citizens Of Smetimort'andfricinity, that he has fitted
np an office, and is prepared to attend to imainese,
. his profession. A rti Octal; teeth' 'lnserted upon
entilie principles; ands° nate Preservathe natural ex
, pression Of the face.' All operatinni in Dental Surgery
done , in.a skillful, manner.. lOti
DENTIST, lyoullrespectfally Inform Alle'inhabitanti
. 'of Olean ant .surrninding eiluotry • that he liaa
eated himself permanently, in Olean,. for the. practice. of
his profession,. where he will be prepared in wait no-all
who chance to giro'hiin a colt. • Office over C IL. Things .
-Dry Good. , Store. .• • . • :• . . •
„Olean; Sa,y 12,18130. ' •
. , .
. . .
Denim' In 13tovea,. Tin Warp, Japplined Ware,-dra.,'weat
~end of, the Publie Pquitre t Ihnothport, Pa. Custoin
. - work'done to. order onthe' atierteat notice,, and In Akin
moataubstantistniannef.. 4 -. : - - ' . • -
A. Proprietor: Olean,' N. 7.,; rune
. to and froniAlle New York and Erie 1101 Road.- ,Btagee
for 6E10.301)0f, and Coro , • , . •
8. :oeanno Prnpriet6r. • Ridgway. Pe. This, Mitel Is
hew And fureWied . in modern Style , has wmple'ACCbtri f
•tne,4atione, a nd la. In'all renneete. n First 'Class hotel.
Rllimey, Elk Co. IE6O . •
. .
Jain Wata, Proprietor'. Tlila •linuse in sitnated hat
.tray tietwoen,fitnethpoet. and..Olean. A CollVelliKl
an C /1111110i10119 hons . ..,.attontfve and Obliging attend
ante, and Inn- prlcea. ' • ' .. ' -'. •
• '' Eldred, i11ay17,,,1t00..
. • A. D. liAMLIN,. •- .
Surveyo'r, .Draft=rtip.n Coni•cyarcor. BO** Estate
Ag4,Tit: Smetliport, 11'Kenn couqty, Pa. '
. .
Dealer In.Drv. (tomis Grocerleii, 'Pork, loiir..Salt; Flsl
Ren4-31Zte Clothing Boots ani Shoes. Stuotlivort
. ~
Piaetical Mechanic, :11illaright, [{ridge-luriller, .ern
Port Allegheny, ;%t 7 lioan county, Pa:' . ; ' .
J: E. B4OWN;
N .
. . .
EAtate.APnt• Office Wiilitmsvi4e, Elk Co., I.enn'a
• .: • ~ --h:FrittENCES
,Chapin Baylo, Erg's.;
I Thoinhl.l l trutheii,
W; S. Brownell,. Esq,,
Ifoo. A, 1.
zone gam. Prnrri.itnr. earner nr Watni-and Ifickory
etreqt,,4. %Warren Pa. • General; Ste OBice•-
. .
.. .
. . .. .. .
- Fr. - intin - t, tli , 'Priline .!...q.lare., :01.1.1 . ..N. Y. ' J.n.iinn 7,i1.
' ..3lst.t.nn Pro , irioiOr.. Toe ri•beal.t.•nnn ik•Ontireli• non
an It, lilt tif Wri&i., eel in ini-niched in - inn-torn ntylo•
. The propr:n - iir , llaitnonliininoll ti at 'Lit ,4ccotiloinfl.,-
- thins are •iint, nurp.inno•l by any until in- Wenforn N 'iv
.. , York., I: irri,i,oJn run to owil i-oni tlto New IThek * and
. .'l4-iiii ft-ti I Boa 1..' • !, .-. ' • . . .).9.-tf:
.. .
. .
IATiIIAET. AT TA kw;...Smotlipn.rt.. :WKenri , Covnty. P.
A..cont 11,r'.;%1.."‘Arc.. Kle.ititi;
..V.,, 00 7 .5 Landg A ttcol
"PeCillv'to . t h e C , ?lle".tion ..f rhiiii.:; EinininiltiOli II
://Mill 11 1 /1•C; ',PiOlire - nt ~ f TluiPi;'+ll.l all lkisiness rpla
t.lng to 1;t•a• ./ . 14 ITN. (Vileg in II imlin likek., ' ~ ..
. . .
Aeorneylkn.l- Counsell o r atLao . .. "FinethpOrt.. M!lionn,
Couoty ? , l'i, , nun nog/ en' rusted to. his ,e tre.for t tie
' coun•la4 (4,31 7 IC t.m,.Poitcr.nod' tlk wln.be pcoondly
•.'nttended to o(A,cein the Court Idce.44 second liner.
DR. D., rt. WpISTR,
. . .
I.l.valarah' an•Vlora'ami, .Brnelhport, Pa; • will ntlend An
all prinagglonal•a ON Nv . 'itV prumplaaisa. Dice in r4trt..
.• • well Block, neennil 1100 r ... : ' .
. . .
• , -. .
. . ,
Wholgvita nynt itht3i- Denier.. in Sfriple and Fancy try
:..(amide, Oarpetini, Relay - Made ,fllnthina, and. General
Yu infilling Cionda; Irdnth and Shnei; Wall and Window
. ::kni ) ey,4,oo)r , ing , Masson &c., ,Al Wean. N. y;; .. •
. .. . . .
.Attorney nn,ltlnutvotllni.nt Law, Sniotlitioet,.MlKenn Un
. pe, WM MI otrl. th all host pets in hi 4.lvriitesOon In the
'CCM nti6a of 111'Kea0, Pother and Elk:* Office over U.K.
Sartwell S.: itilittOrs' Store. '' ''' ' i . ' . '-.
. ....
' • • . - .• . •
BARCNEY HOUSE, • • - • •-•.
Vor'ner,nr9,ecpti4 204 Liberty. strbetN Warren,' Pd. ' R.
A. Minima.' Proprietor. 'frdeelere will 'find(good cc
:carinudationgi and reasonagle charges. ".. '., -
. . . - •
• • E. 8. MASON, - ... -.'
.. . .
. . .
'Dealer in Stoveg, Tin Ware, Jaepaned-Ware, ke., n est
aide of the Publig . 'itan4re,..Stnethperi, Pa.: Oustnin
• it ,r l / 4 done t,, order on the shortest abtice, and in 'the
most substantial' inonner: • ' . .
LAICIIIIIE. Proprietor:::—Alleny Tii•idqe..WlCAun
110 , Pa. This. lloiloo' mitultedeboutnino miles' from
Sinethport on,tho rnpd fo.Olean t end will be found a
codvenlont stopping-place '
by T. iit(innwrx:•.Ttaiß hnion altoated abont five mile
from Smethport (in the roml to Olean. Plewm re partie
' . and °the. can be acconpnorinteg on the ahorteet %Mice'
bealor'in Dry Onodv, Gracerien, ro ' ckerv. aardwaio,
Boatel, Shoe,.., ttg, Cnpn, 011.1114;Na114. 011 a, & c,i &c.
East side 91 thei Public Square,' Smetliport, Pa,' '
shlppen, 111'1Cono• Co., P.. •Ig, Proprle'or
A C(Pn.n ult. ill and well.furohtheil 'Louse., Sleange
. and tatiVeletewilland Roo accothmodat!onc •
• • 'POST - AMEGANY. 130II8R, •
Rioott TE'Doictir; Proprletnr,. - at.Porl Allegany, 140
Kean County .Pa. • Ma lintel Inaltuated at the June
' tine of ate Sinethport nod Allegany.lOver loads, nine
east or Sinethport. - . •
.co:, Pa.
MIL HA.S.KELL :.; : Proprietor;
. : vhls itiomi. well calculated for the noommodetion
of the trivellingTahrte;',ltivinirreeently been repaired
anti reein'ileird. • Oodd Berns a,Btfl 1 (Thames - rea. -
WOK Stat:e4 for °leen, Shippeh and lilhrray,, •
..fiiiietlipiirt, , July 2; 1600. • ,
• .
•.. , . FLOUR . -
':•• -• •
vLOUßfrinn new yrkent,inet received and for mile at
.1? •
, :Roston, the Athensof 'America, the, Yankee
•rity.'of :notioria, most ''of our readers,dOidittesa
khow from .persenal•observation;,tn
propriately. na med :. The first- title she: well
merits consideration of the liberal'encourage
,,mentof literaturond fine arts; the second, too,
for the peculiar. genius
,and ••character. of her
pnrinlation,...and though' we maYlook upon the
backwoodsmen of Nevi England as a 'real srik
cirnen of acknowledged' 'representative .of . the
tribe Of !may so speak,) abrbad ; and.the.third
title, is merited from the fact of the never tiring
inventive genius, or ifs inhabitants. Possess
ing a population of•nerirlyri himdred and twen.
ty thousand,' she is. free in a great measure,
compared witli•her sister cities in the Union,
from the horde Of vices and evil restotps that
prevail at the South and West; The . gambler
here aCcomplishes his purp.^se.in secret; there
- are no public billiard rooms,-rortstwerade, bells;
or resorted infamy . ; 'though , all these evils ex-.
hit in a greater or leaser degree, as in ell pope- .
lilted Yel so hidden as not to cotne before
the eye of theintiOcent; or tempt those who db
not.take the, preliminary steps to vice. •',
Boston; courfrotts'readeri the Yankee city of
Massachnsetts Bay, shall he the legate' of our
tale. ' there is a,portien of the .town here, as in
London, occupied by the . .mnre opulent of the 'inhabitants, in the' immediate. neighherlined ,
thd,. Commari,' as it is calla h The Vicfnity is
the aristocratic section of the city. 'Yon Will .
not And this'.:epirit.of pride or aristocracy to
consist or the . same ingrediethe as constitute the
grade of society in the'old country ; there birth
alone establishes the claim to distinction, while
here the most . poient •agerit, money, is most
powerful. Ah,! in,this 'boasted free country;
g.rdd.is theleveler of ranks*, .forrning fdr itse,ll a
kingdom oat tiM.l2nriithlie, which it rules'
with a rott.of iron ; though in.thiA Yankee City,
genial" and intellect are farmore readily appre.:
ciatedilianin other parts of the State..
It was a cold Winter.night and the wind,whis•
fled shrill through the bare limbs of the giant
trees dhat lined.the Wall. .Thegrentid (Va g SO V-
. .
cred. with snow, tipOn.WhoSe sprklingvttrf.ii.if
the light of the moon fell with d.rtgiling stilon
dor,e Stqding" the incrusted •ground with hril'.
liant.distronds.,• As the old South'clprk 0.1.-ti•elr
nine; a young man closely'Wrappedinhis clOaki
sought. , the shade of one - ot thSlargetrees ol.the
'park, from which be watched the.romlng of nit.
mesons carting/. 'loads 'of riehl . Y . dressed' people
.of heti) Sexes . ; who entered. lane of the princslg
houses on' Beacon 'street.' ...Through the richly
stained glass Windows,' the georgous
'ell mil•a steady 'flood.. aerci nipanied . by the thril- .
ling mates of music•frorn n full'hand; the house.
illuminated at • every point, seemed Crowded .
withstay . :,and.happy.spirits. .The stranger still.
contemplated this '
scene—his cloak whiCh until.
now had emeeloped the lower 'part of .'his
tures, - had: fall'en. disclosing 'a ince ne-manly
h'enuty, a ftitl dark 'with arching brows,
and short 'curling hair'asrlark as the raven's
plumage. 'set off( to g• eat advantage Greeian
.styb( of. frotri(•esti berornin. mono:arise Curl --(J
about his month; isiviing a . derided classic. ap-
Pearance' the whole face.. The naval botren,
on hts rap showed that he'helonge'd to . that
bra nrh'of 'our national defonee. •
"S)iallT.enter said he thourdiffirtly to hirri - •
c•fo feast my eyes chasms I'nevrr snit
possess?: Jiapl fate.. that I .shiinl.l he so hOerol
re,rhe iron' chains of 'peyerty—yet I am a .man
who has w.soul as noltle'rlß !he *rest (if 'them:-
We will • see,'.! and. crOsiirw...over to the any
srene'he entered the Ball. ':He cast off his over
shoes, handed his' (look to a' serVant. nod titian=
ionunred; miogb . 4l . with.the beauty' and fashion'
that thronged the. rooms, - Gradually making
hio WayaMmig the crown, he F:otightia group
whose centre stand a bright and
• 'the cnnen in - lovelines4 - of that Istilliapt
sembla; the shlrnirls!of the West End flocked'
abour‘her.eeeking frit.. ((Outliving glances 'from
her ,drearhrlilue eyes t' halc..(bstracted, She MS
sive'red or spoke npon the rooks of converSat inn
without nflrrirent inter'est; •tiddsUily Shestart•
ed. and blushing.dpeplY. 'dropped's( half entitle-
• Pt
•Ituef Victa*, Pft
V. in - tniten to '
one within
the room. 'tier eyes no Innifer . lanettid: snar
kle;Bl- with' ntdmitina,' and as ear •naval :friend.
.entered einitp"ohniti: lien tiny
ulnved':withiri . his. Saying. :
• PlVelerane, Ferris, we rented your sailinet.or:.
tiers had taken you to sea this iyealher."
•4 , lVe should, not have. lifted, anchor:without
first Intyinsi tribtite tO.our'queen,'",was the gal,•:'
hint renty,"
The titter ran throngh , of;
the circle eitelu-
Fiyes' at his appearance among but when.
theladyapproVed,-there was -no room for com
plaint. .
uttranze familiarity," said arYinine..fellow to
ar'olher: “what nretensicni.eah he have here?"
, cc M called him by..h;s given
name another, “farinitiar that—won
der what old*mau would Ray to it 7" •
“What Feetlf doos ibis painting -represent 7”
iriquired a lady friend of-Alice .•
wltfilnk . it is.an Italian'picture;" relilied the"
fair girl."
• •• • • . ,
. ciSpanish I should say," observed he who was
first sptestioned on the nppearance of ,Perris.,
“Evidently Spanish." snid another exquisite,•
"though I regret to differ frOni Miss H." ,-;
"You Ferii..tuininir to Yee two
gentlemen; giOlA lady right; Ills an irslian
scene, as. will lie seen . by a closer examination
oI thil'costumes and lisnree."
' (Tray, do het e'stablish yourself as en umpire
in . this case," retorted one O'f.those who had
prennunced.the piece to be a Spahish scene.'
!'.I. contend.-.that you are Wrong . ," raid the
other, seeking some cause for. difference, and
'desiring to•show up.the pre - ndimt iie:itenant.
' , Pardon me, laill'ea ;'.
barbl ea d Ferris. taking no
notice of the insulin( the pnakera.i , T t t hat
i fe
,in the stuthe . t hi sole, at Genoa, a few
'veers since, ind I knew fromitq author that*
represents p street scene in 'that Italian city,
otherwise f sh9uld lint hive spoken."
' "Ail, you have a great advantage over us, alt
in haVing traVeled'so extengively,lVlr.Harvard,",
.said .Annie 11---,-.desirOus to restore good
:feeling, . ' . ' '' I .
The. ea) , NeonPts of the evening; wore on ; 'tev.
erartimes hail Petrig Harvard coMpletely pot
st holt the shallovV.hrained fops .arnond
placine them in anythintt hut an enviable)iaht.
,rerrii Harvard was lieutenant. in the Navy ;
.depended enHrely .upon!hia.pay . as an offi•
car to suppOrt.ei widowed , mother . and a young
er sister, to both' of whom .he was devotedly at.
SMETHPORI:,; ApS:FOO.-coorr* . ; . , i.PA.,,...:.rtUggllAYj - :,'SIOV.,EMBit. ~ k:,•.18'60. :-,
Cached, . His, father, 'a self-maide.‘,.n*; .hed
been once a succeSiful merchant,Who Balled and
• Weighted some.of the heaviest tonne , ' vbssele
that left the port of BoSton--but misfortune and
.sickness overtook him; and he. sank.in the grave
leaving; his only , eon to protect his' mother and
sister from the .wants 'and ills cif „life:, • • .Ferris
had enjoyetta liberal edueetion, and. hav,ineen.:
tered the-navy is ti'inidshipmar, had risen to a
lieutenancy, hy.reason of hiss acquirements and
good ,condliet. , His profession bodied . him to
nll parts'of the world, and be had d - carefully int,
Proved his advatitaies- 7 though.constrajned by
. reason'of.his limited means; , to The practice of
the . .most rigid economy ' . .
' , lie had met with the only daughter of Ifarrli
one of the wealthiest citizeneolßoston;,
at a fete given On hbard the ship to ,which.he
I.)elonged and had immediately become enamor ,
ed of her,. but,he well knew in.his own. heart
the difference in their fortune (firmed ttbarrier
to: his.
• had been.a 'casual 'visitor
for severarmonths,subsequent to,,the time our
story comniences, at the house ofthe H. family:
"T. Must think of hir . ho more,!'iitid Ferris to
himself, "If I ann:thos ,sneered at by hier, friends •
for' offering herolcoritmen tciviltieß,....,With what
contempt would her, austere parent . recekie-a'
proposition for her.hand (rani one so-poor and
and unknown." . '':•
was indeed a stern •old: man, and
yet .he:.was said to be kindle the •poor', ,giving
.of his bonnty for' the relief of the:ne,gdy.
Siill'he was a strange man; he sehlorh - epoke
to, those firoand.him, yet he evinced the .warm• .
est loVe for, his child; and Annie; too, loVed her
father with 'an ardent affection. His .d.irght
wog topour over , his library,. living.as it were'
in the fellowship of • the old philosophers., 9n
seVeral . oecaSiOns when Ferris was at his . house
and engaged in • conversatiOn. with ,Annie; he
had observed the old man's , eyes bent sternly
upon him,' ancrwould 'awaken him to a reality
of his •
. •
Ferrialivaanne . evening in.-Beaeon street, at
the-house or. Mr.H and inspite of the cold re
ception (t those who generalfy met. there; he
still et.joyeil hiMself• in the . belief that Annie
was not indifferent to his• regard. • He had :peen,
,relating ..telhei at her. regoest,,:hisreiperfence
with .fliff.rent 6tinnal "characters' with whom
.he.ihad.metf speaking of their neculiarities, and
dazet ibing the carious scenic effects of different
Countries. A nriie , sat: .near her sweet" seented .
geranium, whose-leaves . she-had :been industries
citisly, eel:aged : in: . destroying —Ferri s bending
clnae to her ear, :said . .-• • • •.
"Annie, will yhu pluck me that rose as a•-to,-
ken of, afTietion -for . you . Mtiat know how fir
dentis mine for yruf - -or st'op,. dearest, behind'
,it 'One randytkift. hou-,knew; the 'mystic
language, of both, will. you chbose•and give Me.
: •"( - lO.h, hush, 'Ferris," reiii the blosiling•ani
ti•emblintr ha'nihnit him the rose:
This passed .'whert.•the • etteotiotio( the enin
play was drawn trivolne entras:ihi,
'Never before had*FeuiS.receiveil any - evidence
of.Atinids JoVe, savi , from AflMule•eyes.
Thfi flower nekt his beart, and he
lett the apartment. He had pracCeded•bilt a
few'steps,from.the house *hen he was ar co qed
by a:poor nienaicent; • cfotheil iiiraas, :who was
, e;crinseil' el that late,hour of t nightheto.the i n •
elpmf‘iicy "it the Sea‘nri. - : . .". • •':
"“Pray, sit,":said the be.eni to Ferris," can
, v6it give. ant nearly starved. and
1177.64514:hr air." -
Ferris, after a 'few•tnorriont. f.scoriVel• tion
with . the• beggar, for his .vrtis not ihe' heart,to.
turn aw4r from
. thr - sta.ritvor.si
tor”,, l, andiii•e, him his norse containine - seven hilly: to seek immediate
shelter'obil food. The.beggai - blesed•hiin arid
Afew-niglits siihqequeiiit tn•this sareaion he
war again at . her father'W.hOuse.' Mrs. It.
nie's•mother; rereiVed him as . :she did Most of
her mo'st-ol 'her visitors,. with a•somewhil - Cold
welcoMe. Peing. a . woman of . nn
conversation pnwers, retired:quite
early,- roOdrictitic- heir:o(9;6°nme with rorietv
'in the meet formal' manner... Ferris was. much
surprised that Mr. II •had token no 'particular
nnlice of-his ititieriarY•at the 1111115 P ., 19r.he eel
dom' cow. hire , 1111,1,-iVili'n .11P did sO,.beePilla
the 016. Ma'P'S:eVP4 hen-I sternly • tinstrhifr. l6
anything but.a friendly•nrid inviling'spirii. To .
the dilernriin, 11 . F. was less,tn.i.porStre ; Art.-
nie's arknowledk.ement of affection for him, and
now that he' had succeeded he was.
eipOilly•distent (roll the goal of his happiness;
for hie belts!, fildiment him that tbe'con
'est of her parents rotilil :never he obtained.—
On this Occasion, be hailiaken.hisleere pawn
al when he . :was met by
.the •iieccrir Of .the
Mar night, who solicited alms. declaring that he
Ynuld find no ;Me. else to assist. hlrn, that the
money:he had before •expended uPophad.
.been expended (dr . ..food • and 'rent of a Cellar
wh e re he lodged. ' • •
Again Ferrisplaemi nurse in.the poor man's
hand, at the same lime telling him lie was Oribr .
himself, and' constmined fo the practice o' 'rig.
id ecornmy in the support.denendent upeil MM.
He left .the beggar -and . passed on pis 14,111',. hap
py in having. contributed :to the alleviatien
hitinan.stiftering, • .
.• • "
..Not long subsequent.. Perris - - called .one eye - -
nine at.the house °VAIN H., and fortunately
,found Annie and her father, alone, - the:former
engaged upon a . piece of embroidery of a. 11E4
pattern a'nil latter poring over, a yOlume of
ancient philosophy. 'On his . entrance the old
. nofurthei notice of him'then
A ft indinn!inn et the head, and a'‘'griied evening.
sir." teoir chair . by Annie's side, and
told her of his inve in low-hurarderit tones; bee ,
eile•perirassion to speak to.ler father on the
*ill not hear , a Avoid of th'e matter, T
know:l!'saiti - the. - sorrowing girl. 4 , 1510 longer
.ago than yesterday he spoke:to me relatiye to
a connection with.R.; I never oar) love.but
said the beanty,.kiying him her hind. .'
•Ferris•rimild :hear thivinspense no longPT; t' in
'fort fhe'hint relative to•her
,alliance to another
spurred 'him to action. Tie proceided . ttithat .
nart of theminm.vchere Mr. H. sat, and.ifter'a
few.inirAd.Trory . r.rstiiik , ... said : .
"yeti have doohtleas • observed, sir.
your:family:for rorire then a year Rant..
From the faerthat ynn did not 0h1 ,. .et to.my nt•
tentions te'your daughter. 1 have been. led . o
hone that itnanv.not be altec,,etheregainspyrovr
wishes. • May Ua.slr, With daft respect .your
opinion in this matter 1" •
have often seen you here," replied Mr. H.
and T have: . found no reason-to-objecttit.yOur•
visit 9, •t. /i
M • •
. .
•Wlndeed,•rsir, you ere v,ety kind, -I hitve , nei.'
ther tortithe rior•rank tb . o ff er your daughter, but.
embilltlened hylove f ask for her
•The old.man laid aside his book and rbtno
hie specteeles, asked ; 2• „
aThies , the lady sanbtion - ,this retfuest
•: , aHave you, thohght well of koi4. i iiokiatiii
~ •
aYoucdaughter's.lniiid." •
"It is yours," said the.old man.. - • : ;
Ferris sprang asion4hed tO:his feet,,raying:
, haidly'knew how to.reiei've ; year *kind
ness, air ; I hadlohked for different treatment."
young map," epic the trither,, attic
yott.SupPose I shtuld'have ; allowed you to be;
come Ant,imate'in• my family . .without •knOwing
'ycierchatacter ? No, sir; out of Annie's Many
attirots kern the wealthiest and highest in,Soci.
ety, 1 long since selected you atkonellf whom X
emit' • feel confidence.. The world calls me a
cold .and Calculating man, perhalisi. am so, but
I had, entrtisted Me. the happiness'of Allis blest
Child ; I ha ve 'en,leavo red to di schargethat.t rust
• faithlully--the dictates of my . pride.hive been
counter-balanced by-a desire for/my daughter's
happiness.,' Chose 'you' first,' she hairsinee
.done so. [know your life ; and
your means .'and prospects—you need tell
me nothing. • With your. wife you will receive
an ample forttine the, dutiful son and Ore-,
:innate brother, citnnet but make , a good .hus
band. Bur 'cop," said the-Old- man, al will, be
with-you in . 's moment," and he left the lovers
. . .
. .
....i . the story-Of your marriage with R=--woe'
only try your heart, and thicken 'the plot,"
Paid Ferris to the blushing, girl, ' ' •
At this moment the door,openerl, and the 'beg
eor *both Ferris had twice relieved, 'entered.
Stepping. 'tip in Ferris he solicited charity. An.
nie.recoilel at first at the dejected appearance,
and poverty-siriCiren.lonlca of the beggar,' while
Ferris asked. in astonishment,. how he gained
admiaSion to the hntt'ae.• - In a Moment . the .6 tf,
are Tose to'a'statelY height and casting off the ,
iti.guise it .had 'worn;' disclosed ,the person of
Annie's father. ... ' i... • , .. ••
. .if.determined, 3 ssairt the father, addressing
Ferris; "after had o'theiwise preyed 'Jour
character, to test' one virtue,
.whirh of' all' off,.
era is the greatest; CheritSr...A.nil. if you failed
is thFir,..you woUldralsn e have mP in
this purpoie of marriage- 'You were weighed
inr he. hilance•anii: not found wanting'here; sir,
•is your - first
. purse six , dollars
when you gave it to the poor heiget'inlhe street
—it now 'contains cheek -for.lsiii thousand
hPre is the sr.erind.th.e t eontained
five dol
lers, Which is . noW slog multinlieil tiv'thrUisands,
way;" said the.old meii,'es Ferris WO 16,
speak, "'here's no needof explannt :This
was;of course, a.inyStery,tb nnie,
but when - explained'added still.Moreicrhei,love
for hrtr future hiishand, • • • -
• •
Ferris end - Annie were soonp married-end one
s'ately' Mansion in Beacon stieet-sPrvris- for a
home- for.rpother;sister,. wife, end all. 'Gossip
said. (aria - .gossip said true formiee;) that
.Mr.4l . .•luiVing 'Money enotte.h . had not aniioit
to add rnpre, to •the;tetfunri of his ehiliti.by forth
ius for her an alljPnce wi th.grild; but had sought
end-found.what .was . tar.: more: veluabletrue
. .
And now abideth' F;iith. Hope enol.Charihr
these three—bia the gie'atest of theip isZber
corf,-,NH4,1)0:, : t. None cane
that when 'the thirtecn colonies emerged from'
the mcittlernits and desolating elt•cfs of 'die
desolating. eireCts:ol:: the; re volUtionary
they. were' bankrupt. in.everything
Wit hOutthe exportable values; money was
scarce and' debta- remained inpaitl., English
prehibitory'duttes 'resulted in little else , than
non•inteicotirse. The cottrdrY mede mi . pro
gress until . the - . supply of cotton, became
large article export,betweent be-years. 005
. a01k.1.8 I 2; wbieh .. ro'illicetb wealth:The . war
of IS . l2.citt of this resource at ait
The South joineW•io the war of 1812. on min
'ciple—that is, to prntevt•Northern ships from'
search and seizitre.of 1 sailors. Ity.• British cud-
While some of the.lle.W . Englund 'States,
when it had 'comtpeticed,oppoied the wart— .
A iteCti contest or three years . the .States emer-'
get! from . the sit ugglf. .in .pov.eit y- and "baillt,
.Cottontio said at . •lB•reotitta 25
cents• Per pound, and .seas QS:gond for export as
str•mach gold, while the" expotts-of • Northern
growth, such as breailstuffiWere'ent off by the'
The exports of Cotton, therefore, fiat, 'only
aided in' paying:off-the 'obligations'ef, the . Re
olutionary vetir:but to a - large extent paid - of
the debt contracted during the last wai
GrA - t amounting. to from $lOO 000 000
'tc; $200,000,000.
,Not ant). en; hut they con,
fribu ted to pay off the debts.. contracted on pc
crituit-of the. Mexican war,. While cotton-has .
so largely. the financial resour
ces of - the..geswarilent . , it has 'enriched the
Manufacturing . and •cOmmerchl classes of the.
Northeip.Statos, as Well as contrihuted„brit : S,
horrie market for breadstalti anal, provisions, to
enri eh the agricultural l iee labor of the West,
G . RAP)llO.—Whnt order'will the reader take
on that following? • Isn't. it boyish'? —Umaeine
the ehep—a •three
,year. old bare-headed,
• The other day a boy carne' tearing reoird r - the .
corner with his rags•flottering in the wind, his
face Smeared with . ; molt :sea, and a. shingle
flourishing in his hand; whileho Wna shouting
to another boy abotif rip. site or.A 1 1 pper box
yhtisiond needy a quarter of .a down the'
street: '-O! as.
mapy•bnys,as . fharinil:cap, and Aa many shin?,
glee As ever yon can, and come up, street round
the corner an last aa your Ices wal lat Yoir, for
theree - a"brglarzehognit of.luses dAirtied on
the pavement—busted , all.to thtinder.
-dharlealrMason, a gambler; i'ah hand
three 'tithes reeentlT, near Marysville, Cah..
end after all escaper] from the hands of the
'Mary. Foster, a blind air!. of Bennett's
nPrs, Nrw York;' recently eloped. with Mr. Per
kite's; a cripple...
thisile is wit indostry airy. more than
,ence iicotirdigi. • . • • . •
:there are stone bridg6 in.Chiha thi'e'6,or
rosikiles in length.. .
, . .
A• •
.Itr.NEW RACE 01 Newbetry,. fn
his 'paper, read before the :American. Scientific
Assnciat hie at NawPcirt,'.ft. r. gave a vivid
. de.
:eeription of, the theological features of the great
plateauX . ,, i i'weepiug: east and west. from' the.
Rocky rnburimta, illustrated liy,eolored
jags; His well broveriedefiercely bearded face,
gave evideaCe of the effects •of the_ sun; and
winds on.the vast treeless plains - that skitt the
Colorado. • He incidentally gave a most • inter.,
esting description of' that , strenae..people, the
Mequi, Who . se cities haSsaw.in MeXico, and but.
- n - small remnant of teliont'now They
belong• to •• a:hitherto unknown race, Prof.
Newberry thinks they may be: the 'remain of
the .Aztecs,
,rideit.that region on. its die:
•covery-by the-Speniarde. ":From : the 'chew.
teristies, however , of the. Melon'ellidly rem
nant who now exist, 'it seems mare:. probable.
- that they.are to , he referredfo•the totters, who
were displaced by the Aztecs.
Mr.-Newherky desiribed thorn, are race ap.
parently entirelY . distinct (trim any . ot her, Indi• -
ans:on this continent.. - They ire smaller,•haie;
a ,distinet cenformition ofthe 0(01 and fief*,
prirl areieacefill agribuliiiralisia. They weave
cloth, work with Alin ements of stone, and
build towns of stonet,and .mortar on , the .moun • •
tain table lands Which rise 'eight • hundred' or
one thotisandfeet above. the. low land •plateauk.
They puild walls.orbund their. toWn;' and their .
only means; of lnareait and egress is by . • ladders,
Whieh - theydraw alter them - when 'they .enter
town. There eie seven'of these towns
inluibited by this: 614 failing, race. . 'But.
their ruins extend over thitwhole valley of the
San Juan - 7 . ..apperent ruins of a rice once.num-.
Bering Millions of men—and many df them (the
towns) five hundred or one thourand years old.
A 'Byrne HUNT.--The'Nor.
.ed in :the Red River _settlement, says (tithe
last.bulTalo hunt. • . , •
r.in•the snenmer buffalo hunt there Were (100
mini' 000 women, 030 children, '730. horses, 300
oxen and 950 carts.• The buffalo first appeared
insight in the neighbortincul,
A ot Bad Hill, about
sixty Miles .from the . boundary line,nd in. a
run in, which 220 hunters were encaged.i, 0100
buffaloes.' were shot. Thi% camp then, moved
southwards,by the Sontlilillt, until they 'came
within fire 'miles of the Little Souria yiver, and
at - 'this place': they killed 0ver , 1,,000. Here
'they stayed awhile tddlytheir'rrteat ntulrionu
facture pemican, and while 'they were thutretrt•
attired a herd of 250 came tsty at et rot, running
their., last race.., l'hey were all brenehe down
on,l'imivf . .rt'ml into, pemiran. ' , After that, and
up • to the' latest time. intelligence : came •fro,m
the camp, three srriall'herds--one or eiulity
other. of thirty and a, t bird of fifteen-. ere.,de•
strnycd 'and 'rotisunied on'' the plains. Buffalo
• • . .
trrnwie2. sc:aree;.the exnetlliiou
•Devil's,tehei.vrhi!re the more, Seriotis husiness
.nf.buffalo shnotirig..was relievell•by a h . eri..ben.,
yer end „ deer hunt. •. This spritl,nyer . ;--.and,„ann'l
sport.ltSvras; several trrizzly tears and n varie
ty of lesser.. atiimals.liplaz rnii(l4 to bite 'the'
anst--,5 ceuncil. 'tesolntiori was
uasseil..i? „en. to; the CeUteau tle la firnirie, tn .
hunt the bittieln, was stilll:venting . to fill
'the . carts. • Chapin:,•n gentlemanfrom Sit;
•adelphia, antl Likitt. Whyte, ~ R.• CA..;:eccom
panietl the party, end, for young hunteri . iytivete
'ruin:unity 'successful:: Mr.'Cliariin killed ten .
huffalo,'Lleut. Whyte seven' eight. ; .
_ .
FOli. Dick Nish tells
.a rich. story about "axing for 11(.0 in, Iris ear,
.wad tlesply .smitten' with the
anuiliter of o'Wealthy old skinflint resitliKg in
Alabama. The'Colonel. self , confitlent of siic: .
cess,.irroyell.hirnsellitr . his hestond pro
ceStlett to call'on.the. ,, pdtienr,":for !he puriinstf.
.or.ohti,fuip a . his consent to the consuirirnoticitt
he tleY • ou , ly wished. Matte - I.9'lldd :nll nlotig,
once smoothly, 'Colon's! Ndslt had every
srountrto, hope fin F 1160.0.. Finally d clinvim
lCut.selinn 'arrived for hire to approach the 'old
'tin.:' Says the . Co.'onelt • . • •
g , S.ipiire, my hiaoeis to .(iny,.is to ask. for
one han.l:" . .
it? 'nut! you. marry mY.gall—
young Imp; ledvP irty pretrikseAin
tontPi.,, 'nod. it you ever •Fei foot here-again,,
Pit make my . .niveers !lan You. Ap'ry my
doneitter indeed!.
. .
. .
,- •
• : The bohincl' had li , ift.. 'HP.. * SA W t 11. n t , .ififi:lit
iPntiefilan I,ols ;n9iry, Alm' Itortrittg ,off to' a
.nre litace,' he thou ,, ht . he:WOW' tiike. a .lait
fond.lNik et the horny of his lost •i(lol—whon he
spoid . the. old 'mSni-hilly,.. with sniiite' In hued;
rtheii , ling- up ' his tracks froth .thr ymill and.
t hrtiwingl hem over .the..fence I. Colonel Nash
imrigined he :was . ari unwelcome visitor at hut
• An iinportant ease.,was.up for . trialfr7e coun
try town, and'a large miimber.had assembled at
the.•bnurt 'bourse'.. The flnorrind the. gallerb.a
were•filleil with auditors . , Ifri.athiesaly Waiting_
to hoai the opening apeeehes olthe
Fur sdrile reasonthe-attorneyofolln party was
not ready to proceed, and desiied. a postpone,
merit: • Re kn ew harm) ordinary exruse would
avail,.that the judge. would be inexorable, , and
that he must go to trial iunlesi some rearon' hr:
could be 'devised ,that conhi opt .he roes :
tinned. :A coordir.g . ly, rising and anproachin
the .har4ith a soleMn'eountehaiwe, he said:
, •fr the court "'dense I came bete . anxinus'to try.
this cage . ---my clie,nt is ready,• tut) •We 'feel
'ticeply.disannoluted that we cannot pro'creir.:4
Rut.' hoyejustriceived adispateli ao . nouncink".
peocceded.in a broken' , i , ,oice—:-'4the. death
of my mother.. Under . this painful bereavement;
of 'enures, your borar—L! •Juit t,his'.
eating. point the voice ef. an :alit . ..bilk in
the.gallery broke the'silen'ee with
,‘, , faiabod--
fehohodf times have :vvhlp . ed . ..yon
for lying?" , ; .
xPrince appears to have ditipenied pietent. ,wifh
a . li here! hand wherever he has serve. The' Pe-
Jerslinre (Vu.j Exprer.r..ea3is that. the Superin
'tendent Of the lliehmenil.and predrirkslitire
Railvad, Fan:: hits'reeeived
a Magnifieent'breastpin'frem the prince. The
pin represents the andlAnnetienn cobra
, rovie d,, t i n d.li t shielded with dia'Mentlk.
'conferred - upon Mr. Bragg in: rotisideratioti,of
his.' kind
. tittntion and . e*plielik 'Matiagetnent
during. the.rerent ris'clee.ofthe rinse to aOd
from Iliehmond: Capt. Leon'ard:: • of !hie 'city
wne the recipient 'of,a eostly'Aolilmeneil., The
Prince'presented, $7OO the. aerYatif , of .the
Fifth Avenue Petri "when .he !eft on MOndriy.,
Ile els°. giVe Captain Frarie . e, Of the, 'revenne
critter Harriet Lane, ehrOimirie
ter, and left $3OO to be diatritnited -among the .
crew of that vessel:--r fife.Tlptafrocil.]
'Wukt I flaunt To.sflat f iEvotHfrßutiblegM.:7o
Onii(orn ie.. doldba Era; (tirnishikthat :044i
undit'.the hVid . of '!N°Ies:141001110,1.:','
I begin' to believe now4u.':clityi *teeny:oloes
the npui,.atid dressihe 'gentleman. •
• begin to bill Are „the , porie:fif
than the 'Word and •Poit togeiher,. .'
1 begin' tti . believe.tbat throve iitur AitAte
Mest - during the Week"ire the most devout I! . ipou
15uptleyi. '
•.1 begih to belieie -.thou honesty ii tb best
policyto speculate intilloufgairi 4000 7 ,
body's con fi dence;
,then line your
I begin to brlieve in hunibiiiiiring.thii.peeple
out rlf. their dollars: It is neither stealing Ifot
bogeitig; .'na those who are hutatititget have
therneelves to blame... '`"
I begin to helievellnktriati was n0t:61114414
enjoy life, butte keep himself Misefatoltilli for
pursuit and the possessiOrt of, riches,
I begin to believe th at. he 'greet remedy 'for
hard times and a tight money marketigiiii.n.;,
travatint xpediture on . the'part of . 110104011 a
, to pep the money:moving.
I brain to:belieke that" none btitlt, Aft/
.tiuniifiep to bold• office unite*. the p.oVeinuntat
with the exception of a few natural bore
and lunatics.
I begin.tobeljevj that piano forpii
necessary in a family t han. meat :slid'
I begin believe that a'bok:
swear;. smoke end chew tobaecn, .rna* . "tti
very good boy; bet Jr • naturilly, stupld.
'I begin to. beliete that if ; , ,the4evil.altoeld
(fie, one half the'wolld bet.ttroiatt of
employment. ' •
belieke that, tie hai 1116111
who m eke's . the Most, tiniseln' bli`riern
and tint When. Gabrihl eomea=hat to; be. hind the times—be, toe, will,' bloW:.jbacinif
bola pietty ' • '
• •
TELGINQ TAE Taint B SOAliniLv-.-Mint per
'sins justify .themselve in,. lnjuring another's ,
rharitc,ter by pleading that they have k ',only
what was true. They forgetlhat'ibi
not at all tirpes,to;he spoken., , ', Perbaiiii:thO,one
of whOrrisou Ai]) has / tepeated
induct n ilaehee of his fault, and il ,yoscltiep
repeating it, how can . you longer prajr that
would cart. your mini hablpd hie back 'lad :Fa
member them no more?. Perhaps God iiiisifor,
.aiveq the sinning , one "anfl .- restored hji sod) ,tti
•yirtue,aairpeace, and willliott:ac('llat 'P r fkit;or
a friend in taunting 'and tormenting .Ithatt:Pr
Perhaps the 'erring one', if not fully , Par'dpai4is
longing, Sighing and,strising attek ,his lost In—
nocence, and will you crush and kill hla good
(fesireir by robbing him of-thi,ipOtioeWhieh • tie
xes from or respect and'the. good respect of
otlws? Will You tireak tne,brolied:reett.,aad
quench The Smoking flak, I WO, 1111‘ isicerita
the bleeding "sensibilities of thotie who 'are
mounting their ,faoltsl That ,'you, i fitivi
prokeu to the injury of '.atipther what ' is
, v 96, inaypbe , :is, 0 4 11 "
deter of the most malignant
are such ' , unless i pinus.reason Ottani foii:;4stor
making known another's faults.
'110 . 31E . APPECTIONS.—The heart hie. - etireieltiotte ,
that oev . rr Oie....The rough rube, or
ran never .obl it e rate ;
i. They
mmories of home—only home: .. Theri *the
01 . t1 tree (miter .which the light. hearted bit his
sstmt,milk- a dayryonqrsis - s vin
which he leaerif;d to iiirtint, there- le the Wave
in which iie`iinewh tiorenthi proteetiOnsy,
there is the ioom' in 'which •he.,•romped with
brother end sister, twig i nnglifbered,', eirershed-:
nwecrby yen old chereh• v,vbitber
troop like 'bin - roe:4 hair ollen.follitwed patents
to Avoiekip, and niiiir.,tbe.eael :oldianap,igbo
Ministered at.the.atter: 'T.. ven'tbh,Very school
hotise, .• naseciated • in ' youthful ., Jaye eteelth
ihnnghts of .t a she, now comes •Ice being itlites.'
•ii nt remembrances of many; ocbsileile• :that
co Ilectlorth some generous eirbibitlen..ollsole
tralis'of human nature. , .There .pwwhawas•-ba.
learned to feel some of hie first eatollesiei—
There; perchanCe, be; 'first saw the.beipi wile, '.
by her. love and te,ridernish inllfii• ' hatanajla i
home.far himeelf hapPierthiii.that which' Allis
.childhood bRS 'known.
• There.cettain fettinie
of hti'manif,Y , ---anif,tbcise too atone the beiti-=
that ean find no. appropriate, place forttseisaw
erCise- only at ones farcilide: • •.:' .. y ' -,:', ' ,l, . •
e it i. '43 i •••
A Pan—..r__AT;'_ uTwt ..!or • I , F; .
lowing story is on the. authopity'7Otilie
port; Rhoile Island, Net. Os.. One•ci(t4 4 o*.er
enplaitis in steamboat traval:Waiiirie'lley';:ialr.
prel age, at 4hit - likUditiff itillarkfti 4 on
the Tatinion w citing tiCertise ".tor the
other 14 went fol th. beet
nis i just as a henCaltrie Width
she hadlaid
,an; egg. 'Being a •itriailiel joker,
the captain took up the , egg, wrete , iiehtil
upon the eti.ll;l.W . oe. to n the taw ' of'
and replaced it 10, the meat. -The wonderful
p,ze: was a.ion djaeavered, ant, the cititerta : Weri
filled, with. consternation.' lit their
. igtreroity
they con.alted.the parson, arid ahowed him the
eat!, While he examined, it, hie . parisidmiers
elactqated in wbispent; 'tithe Lord wrotelt!"
The old man road and Vxoaimerls • .ilf the Lehr
wrote that : he didn't know .hoW to Spell
lyt", Their . eyes : were Orietiediond.they•
niteil the trick of some w4tv. `Alters whileAt
Wes discovered who: wig , the siotheriiid . ttVnr
elite ward the people•owed him ii:grudgid.tr,_,li.
CF 1 , 74 XI 6 A ' ll ,i'l ' "' I nie' kite
THE EXCITE: TENT, 0 , .. . 0 , .
nerenticti end intoxicating: comrit?rdOktestii6
vereal, that tr if . . ina y , iliitint . oiMi,‘` iii;/#4,,".*, .
'litinet. Every nation "halia*greatito_liii'll:oar iIINV
ere.; some in
: the, alhatie ',of ',.?ipinin, )o'lat
the equator to ,the 1640 i lin* tt.'iikiiitilic,l,4iiiror
eha nge s of dress 'a,ccorAini tO'ihia:::e)liiite4:liit'
al wayol4,ila the , ?ei4 l l.o*liiillvi:itiolliiii.
Kings 14 ve' deO!neif liiiiiikinehi, fahi'll#l,,i:rimergi
idle; • prlmitir. , nOthiltiiithao' - , arl. iiiii(lpfethigilf
I aw-rna kers . hli,ve sanifit')VAitoliiikatjhOiiii4t •
mil and beilickfr.4 6 qkf. , ir°oll.kili:_in tie# l,.
good—Ten et il I . goea:On'.alnithlniAtlitirl,t,lt; MO
linnffin*,:rioiting an: eni!iriyi i :Jifi .!'hilEim#o4:'4 6
il k ,
'et ral awl. l!it,brlifn.s...*Fla q': l l,iiiiiiiijr;), 4 4 ll :,o l, '...
satigfaerion, in,' iwa,etlbt ,- thiit inlOtes,„s,Eitk,,, s .
aii in‘ , aliff 'anil", I . mi4fnan; ands.' ll ‘ ; 'ati t h lt . o ~
till it, has, fa i rly raid' klin in, the;graia.ielialro: ,
6, 0 78 Jotonar. ',,..- . -' • * o'..i. !f ;4;1
A 0017Tli ,vartoutria, romF•t or t,
brr-virtueo tre 'girt ~,
our admiration;
waY.''' • • , _ •
O. , A ~..:;:,..i.-v,,,,,,,!