M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, September 20, 1860, Image 1

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VOL. 3„
4fouittl 3Bentocrat
" 'ByJ. A. OYIATT,
. . . .
. . .
$1 50 in Advance
TERMS:. - -
. . . .
~ . ,
...- • •
.. .• ....... • Ratep,.of Adv.ertiping.• •.. '.
. .
I dolumn 'Oneytidi..,.....- •.-T--.. , S '7 ..e . !'-• ;^ ---?....1. 1) . 00
1i..... ~..-.:-..- ..., ....... ..... 20 00
- g t',.. 't , . ;,,,,,............:'—'..4...,.....,......;.:.- 12 00
A. ,-, , t' six inOrdlui -..: , . • 2O 00 .
• .sf -te ..• I. I c V., .* =l2o
Odesquatle all lines or leSs,,!) insertions,.:.„...... l'so
Emil .subseeu ent: ilise rtion, .... '..........—..:-...,...• • . '25
linsineis Carded with paper,..:..:.. .1......: :. '.. :• 0 00.
ROW, or dge rd wink Will be double the - above ;rates:
Twelve lines Brevier, type, - or eight. lines nonpareil, IN.
rated asr ware. ~ • ~. ' • . ~ .
, Ey' These Terms will be strietly,Wdbered te..111.
. . - . .
. .
. .
Da, 111: A. Stifsans would respectfully announce to VA
citizens of Smethportandricmity h that he has. llt .II
wan ofrice r andis.prepared.tn •attend .1,43 . -011 bps' ess.
'in. his prlession. Artifiend teeth, inserted upon sei ,
.. , e•Ctific urine' nlhe, Aida, as to:nreseive the naturalnz
pressiou of the face, All operationein Dental Surgery
• dune in a skillful :manner.. . .. .. ". •. -101 f
. ..
•,• .. ' :°A . .. BEAKE • . -..... •
DENTIST, woad respectfully Inforro ,the. inhabitanb
„Li , of ()lion and surrounding country that he bee lo•-
eeted himeelr ; permanoutly in Olean, for the practice of
this profession, wliere he will be prepared .to wait on all
who choode to give Mein call. Oahe over 0, IL Things
Dry Goode Btore.. . . .. .
. . .
' Olean; May 1%1800. ' • ' '' • : '., •-••. i• '' .• 3-4
OpAN, 4011.8 E;
, . .. . . . .
. .
A. F. 11411:D o Proprietoi-: Cleat', •N: Y:,.. - CmnihMi . runs
ta 'Mid from the Nei , York and Erie Eafl BOSS, Singes
. ' for Smothport and Ceres. . -. •.'
. .'., • .
. . .
S. T Osoodn - Proprietoi. Ridgway', Pa. This . Rotel is
• new and furnished' in modern style, has nipple !Mean'•
modations, and is,,in all reapects, a 'First Class Iloiel.
•' , Ridgway; Elk Co. Pa. May , 24, 1200 . • •, • ' •',-
.•• • .
. . .
. . .
jonx Wata„Pioprietor,•'• Vila . house hi situated half
way between Stnethport and Olean. A convenient,
an 'conunodiouallousl, attentivtrand obliging , attend
ants, and•low prices. • . ' ; , .
' . Eldred, May 17,1860. • . - .-
- •
. . .. . . .
. • . ... 'A. D. HAMLIN, . :. : • ' '
. . .
Surveyor', Drufternati . Conveyeacer,•• unit "Real
.. Estate
' Akent s • Sreethport,. alaeari!county, Pa.. : .: •
A. N. TA'Sq.O3l,
Dearer i¢ Dry. Gondg,.Grocorieg, Pork, Flour, Balt, Fish
Clothing', Boots. an 4 )lhoes. Smethpcirt,
• - .
. ~.
Practical Meglianip,. 31illwright, — bridge-builder,. &co,
Part A.lleghpnyi . .M'Kean.pounty, Pa. . .- ". .. '
7.. L. BROWN,
. Estite Agent; Office, WilHaw4lll3,l;lk Uo., Penn , a.
Chapin A: Boyle,
lion. Moms Struther.i,
AV. S. Brownell, Esq.i
: ; fluent!. , V!stai Pa
. .
:- . 1 •, " - CARVER HOUSE, ' '• '-." .
JOHN 11. Hum. Propriatnr; earner at-Water and Hickory
• • Streeta,•Warren, Pa . •. General. Stage °Mao.'
. .
..... . . . .
Fronting the Public 'Square;• Olean,,N: Y.
,i.AtRS M.
Ntru.en• • Proprietor.... The Fobei Mum is entirely new
and built Of brick, and ie'furnishod in modern style ;
' The proprietor
.11aLters hinself.that The accoinmoda;.
tions.are not surpassed by, any hotel in Western Now
York. „Oarringne.run to and; from ,the New York and
. trieltailltoad. ' .. . 1- • • . 36-tf..
• • .. .
. .
. . .
ATTORNST 4.T . Lsw;•.Smethriort, MiKean ,County.• Pa.;
,Agent for 'Messrs. Koatin; ./C , CO's Lands — Attends
especially to the Coifed:flora Of Claims; P.kanination of
Land Titles; Payinent of Taxes
. rind all lausinese rola
-, flog t.o . Real Estate.' Mile in - dainlinallock. . ,
D. A. Wiitnivr,'.Prciprieter,L4t - Khizne, Warren county
.• Pa.; Itis.Table.will he supplied with the best the
country alter4soind he inate - no.paine in aoccothodetieg
•• •
. • - • . . E-BOUGHTDR ELDRED, ; • • •
„ .
Attorney,and Ootuseellor at Lair, Smethport; lilltenn .
County; Pa. ' ilusinose entrusted to his 'care for the
`counties of IliKenn;.Potter'antl Elk will be Promptly
attended to,' Office in the Court house, second floor.
rhi•eiciati and Smethport p Pri, to
• all professional calls with promptueip. . Office iuSait
wel I ; ,
Tiling 4 MILLER;
- . • • . . .
. ,
Wll°losloo and Betal , Dealere in Staple and Fancy, Pry
Gonda, Carpeting, Ready Made •Plothing, end (len'eral
. Furnishing Goode . lloote'end Shoes, - Wall and WitidoW
Paper, Looking Glosses &e'.' At Olean. N. Y.. • ' •
M'KeRIT CO.', pa. D. - it. Br3NRTT I Proprie.
. the CoUrt noose. , A news largo, Fool
modious nod woll.curoisho4l houso.
. ,
soilx C. Bitoctrs,
. ..
. . .. . . . . .. .
Attorney and Counsellor at Law; . Smethport;Mltertn Co
.Ps. •. Will attend to all busineam In his prnfeeeinn In the
' tiountiee'of ISPlRertn, Potter andlillk; Office dyer 0. K.
Sartwell & Brothers , Store. •' • ' ' ' ' ' •
Corner of Second and Liberty, streets,. Warren, din..-11•
. 'll.taton, Proprietor. Travelers 'trill find good 0C
• - commotiaiio.na and reasonable charges. " '
E . 8. MASON,
porkier in Storen, Tin 'Wore, Japparied Wore. &o:, %rect.
. side or the Public Squ,,re, Smethport,.Pa. ()octal,
.yrerlcdone to order on.tho shortect notice, and ht:the
most aubsta'ntial uianner.
. . .
. .
B. LARlllllo;,Propriotor,—Alleglieny: Bridge, '.1‘1 ,. Kean
Co , Pa . . This hoUee lasituated about nine miles from
01 ine,thport -pn the road to Olean, and will : he found - a
convenient stopping-place.. . ,
. .
Lly Gocintvm. This house is situated about five mile
from Smethport on the road to.Olean. Pleasure wile •
and othetseariboaccommodated on the shortest notice.
Tostfir ;la Dry Goo& Groceriee, Crockery, Hardware,
Boots, Shoes; Brets, , Oeiei, Glass, Nalls,•011s, kc.
Beet side of the',Piiblio Square, fidoetivort. 80.
414 pen,. INVICaan Co., Pa,. N. L..D7 KE, PropriotOr
A commOtt lona and, well..furntalnid 'bonne. )3trango
andtnivelora will find good aocominodations.
. .
m u ,pg B. Doi.t.sy, Preprietery at Pori Allegany, Me
" Komi ()minty, Pa. This hotel is altuated Ekttlio . juno•;'
Con of thettriiethport And Allegany River toads, nine
' =llea east et Binetliport. , : • • , •
• . .
NV2I; EWILEIAL : ,Propiietoi;
This 101130 ill lien' cildulated for the actionirondation
.pf the Travelling Public; having, recently been repaired
and remodeled. Good limn and Stables. Obargen rea
•sonabli.- Moe for Olean, Sbippen and Ridgway.
• timetbPorti July 2, 1800,
. .
. . .
lITIIEREAB, In and by the 13th section of 'the Act o
V V '.the • Gene ral . A isernbly •Of Penesylvania, • pass ed
lett' ;Id 1839•• entitled "An Act relating to ,the elections!
of the Comirionwoalth',s) .it te, enjoined on the•Shetiff of
eiierY.County.,to•give notiop of such elections' to
. be held
andenomera led 'ln such notice Whit ofile era are.. to be
elected. • "In. pnrsua'nce:theteof,':l; J 09101.1 MORSE;
High Sherifrof • the coUnty "Of WReart," 'do; therefore
make-known and kive this. nubile notice . to the •eleetoie
.of;seld Coon!) , of•M'Keen, Gist' a General Election will
be held be the said County on the-
Secen.d.: Tuesday- Of October, •
•iiect,.being the .9th day of Octobor, 1960,:f0r • the elec
tion of the renewing officers, to wit:— :
One person for Goveinor of the Conetionweallit.. .• •
One person to represontthe 24th Congressional District
comprising - the . Counties of 31• Kean, Warren; Venango;
Clariem - Jutiferson, Elk and Forest, in the United gla,tes
• .TWonersons to-represent the counties'
Jeti ,, ison and Clearlield, in the House of Representatives
of Pennsylvania; • • • • . • .
• 'One person for Sheriff of the county of 11:1:aan;• :
Ono pursue for ProtlieuptairY,Clerk of Qiutrtet Scissions,
Ono person for Re/biter and ReeetderZClerk of Orphan's
• One person for Treasurer of Said county; • .. • •
One person fer. Commissioner; • • . •. •
One person for Auditor,.and •.• • . • •
. .. .
One peison for. Coroner. - '., • ' '.• . • ' :- • •
All the ,innlilied Electent o f mid county of ll'Ketin, shall
hold' their Electi on In the several distile In, as follows;
.1 Tito' IloroUglt ut Bthothpyrt,, at•. the ;Court 'Pool! in
• ,
The township of Bri'dOrti;at the SchOor howl; In Little
.. •
. .
. - .
' The township of perm at.th4; Louse of R. - J-13arbotC,.
. The township of Corydon, at tho'SchOot house near
. ..I
Parnietere, - • • ' •-
,LTe town - EURO nit ed; at the'EldredlieteL; - • • '
The lownship.of Ilarulinoa the Aldrich ochool home.
'The towhallip of RamatCu, at ..tho achool ,houso near
Isaiah-garrison. ' . .. . . ' - .
The toWiithip.of Sealing,iitthe . COUrt House in iut.;tll-
The township' of LibiittY;' at the school 11011/10 in Poet
Allegany. .'• •
• Tho toirnahltl of La.f.tiette,,at lltesichool house ine'ar.Lu ,
they Davis.. • , • •
The, towtishiP of Norwich, at the house of O. ILBuidick.
.Tlie'township•of Dtio,at thenchnol house in Prentissrikte
The, township of Shippers , atthe house kept by N.L.Dike
' *The' township . of Serguant,,st the 1101.L9'0 of Joseph Lucas
The township of Wetmore; at th o Issues of Wm.. .I'oy.:
. .
. And I also give notice that every person exeepting the
jest ices of thel'eace who shall hold anyroffice or app
pointment of profit or treat:under.' the Government 'of
the United States, or or the State. or o 7 any city or in
corporated. district whether a commissioned officer' or
otherwise, .subordinate Officer or agent, Who.ii or , shall
ha employed under the .Legislative Executive or, lull- -
claw department of this State,, or of the United States,
"or of any lacer ioratepdintricti. and also that every Mem
ber of.Concress, and of the State Legisleture.and'of the
Select or Comnson Council of any City Or Commissioner
of any incorporated district,. Us by law incapable of exer-'
rising atliie same thrio the 'office OrJudge, Inspector,
or Clerk ;of en election. in this Coinmourlrealth, and that
no Inspeetor. Judge or 'other oilicerl?f any such election,
shall heldigible to any office then to be Voted ter.
' • And, inand by the 4th section of an Act approved the
10th SAY of April 1810, it is enacted that the 18th cog.
t ion of an' Act passed July 3d, IS3o.'entilledArt,Act
relating to the eleetioris „In this Commottwealtli" .shall
not be construed as to prevent any military or, borough .ellicer;from serving as Judge, Inspector or . Clrkatany
,general or sperialelection of 'MIR Commonwealth.
And the Return: Judges of the respective 'districts
Aforesaid are required to meet at Smetliport, the County
seat of.said County; otrFriday after the second.Teealay
of October next, then andlhsre to diricharge „the 'duties.
Given under my hand and seal at Sniethport, the Ist
.day of September, A. D.; 4880, and of the Independence
of the United •Strtea the
gib• . JO.SEPH.•MORSE Sheriff.
Hinothpart,SeA 1,1860.... .• •-• • .
strre.mßEß TERM, 1500
'Ridgway, Pa
'Warren, j'a
.3fatlaias 'Otto.
M'Ketri & Land & •. • .• • ' ' •
provement CO: is Chester Muralist at • -
• •
Same • •• ' vs Lyman Starks et al
Shurmburg; - • • , vs Angustus'll otters ,
Turner & Thornton Al'Ketin County-Bank '
Eew is Paiter ' J Cook et al • •
Martin & •••• vs llanielLiellows et at
Vs W. NV :Updike and II -P
• , ' Seely, Garnishee' •,
E john'Fobes • . vs George it Moore .
Alden Swift • ' - .vs J K Morrison
.Ssnie , - vs Jonathan.Caruplill •
Taylor,. Dickson,' GravesK -7 \ ' . • '•
- S. CO'. , • *:: vs Daniel Kingsbury • '
Same : • vs:S LlolmeS , • •
John L Beckwith' vs Joseph C Holmes . ,
A - N. Taylor .•. ~ vs I: B 'Pratt ant J Travers •
iiyington Heirs vs Daniel Lenox of - al ‘'
William.K Pepper- . ,vs LII Jones
Peter, B Pednek• • • vs William Smitbet al • .
Solontou.Sartwell • . vs:Jalin Wilkigs .
C Hoyt and Delilah his . • , . •
wife ' .
J Y Clark . . •vs James.NK Phelps • .•
Otis Irons:. , . John C. Backus. .
Herrick Comes. . . Vs Joseph llot4ler
F ;Lehman • ." -vs Jno M Judd ..,* -
Daniel Burbank - .vs Win & Aaron Adre
Lorenzo D 'Finch vs ItobbLinn TbaYer • ,•
Henry Sherwcod. • vs-Darius Simpson • .
.V Keating et al
,Vs Daniel Kingsbury. .
• Same •• . . • . ,vs Orri oak • • '
SP• Freeman and Lucretia .
Freeman - • ' . vs a Ling Township .
'.• . • "SAMUE C. HYDE, Pr'orA , E •
• 'Sinethporti August ,10, f S6O. r' • •
List•Of Jurors drawn for -Sep:i.
' tember . Tenn,lB66 - • ••• - •
. •
Borough-.4tobert King, Nelson Medbury;
- 11aMer., - • , r•
.Bradford—. Tones Buchanan, L.'.9.Foiter, S. 'IL.
ilawhins and Benjamin Jewett.' • .
:C c .re.s—Raymond Bodges, II Knapp:E. J. Max
Son Simmons Foot. ' • '
. 1.3./Frii—John Chase, Lamphire: • : •
Kratmg-hl. C. Corwin, A. N.
Lillerty—Nelsen Vansiehle, A. C. White, Ben
jamin Grihalds. ' •- .
' 'Norwirh—E. 11. Pickinsou, n illiadt 'Menem - an; •
Baldwin, Jr. •- • •
Shipreu-L7•lliram Havens, James No
• •
Sergeant—Adani Martin.
'Borough—S. A. Wing. 7. •
Braqfi,id—T. S. Bennett, Erastus CroOkS, S.
tinety C. 11. Fester, h. - T.llll4)er, W. R. Fish
er-Z.-W. Fisher; C. B. oilbert: Mark north,
CererL'Newton Arnold, John Chapman,'
'Nelson Peabody; Joseph „ ,
Corychni—‘ll. C. Sanderson. . . -•:
Eldred 'Alonzo Shaw.
://inatin---Williani Fields, \'m. McFall:
C. Beam Israel Moore
G. W. Po on, G. Barrett, IC-B. Parrett:.' Liberiy--..BenT.A Ile mE. B. Polley, Dona lirhnes
Wm. Simar, Wilcox, Michael Ward..
Lafiniette--Thomas Armstrong. W. R. Robinson
. 'natl. ". • • 1 0
Norwich—Andrus L.. Rifle- ••
• 01/ . 0--:-J. B. Baldwin; Nathan Baldwin,' Henry
:Morse,•B.•Prehle, - W. H.'Spiller. ••.
Shipp . ..it—John . Beers, John Bass, R. Chadwick.
W. M. Freeman, William llamiltob, J. K. -Morri
. •SergeMtt—Jriel 7).•Limas. • • '
.• • •
Tobey. .•
The above named Jurors will-meet at the Court
Molise in Smethport, on Tuesday the 211th day of
S epteniihr, Next at 10 °clock' A. - • :
•.. • •
' ....TOSITH MORSE,Alieriff.
methport; Juna 36111, 166'0. ,
M •
, LT AVE just 'Fecal ved.their Wham. Stock of ,goods, and
1111 are prepared to, iftipply , their numerous customers
and these who raver them. with-their patronage, with any
thing in their line. Their stockeousisto of -
Cloths; Cassimores;Vestingo, Hats; Caps; Shirts
• Collais4ravats, NeckTios, &o.
. • 1746 , have also a largo nasortmont :
Of the latest .Give thorn a' call before purchasing
elsewhere! }Cr Orders froMa distarido promptly atte,n
clod to. OuYting done on Short notice, .
J. L. SCOTT, •
. ,
. .
J.o3.cosLoN. 5 • ' '• Olean, J5ui.1.2,18.60 . :•• .
PENNi . Y;C4IIA. •
To the penzocraci'of Ppnolvtiktd:-4n
'weeks you Willbe called nnoato;peribtrri. the
iriest;important 'duty
. that ever davorVedlttpOn
you as American citizens'' At no tirriein.the
hour country :was . ':..yolli'difi6tl invested :*with
deeper interest or 'fratight - with greater :conse-.
quences. Penns'ylsania'is.. again the' battle
ground of the , Union,-.9u1 upori.her:deseision iri
October r next, depend, is a,. : great measure, the
triumph. Or defeat of the Republican , party
the November contest. Deeply iropressed with
:ins . troth': . The D . mnocra tic State' Executive
Coirinrnittee, desires briefly to address . yoti.
It needsno lengthy arguivent at, this ;time to'
call you to a sense•of duty. In the cri s is now'
impending, every true patriot can - See at a sin
gle glance the path Way he . should tread. with
übfalterint footstepS' . .... 1 •
- 'Ever since the separatka of the NationalDe-
Mocritcy .at Nltimore, the State Committee
earnestly labored' o prOinotethe union Of the
Democratic 'party in- Pentisylvania, It has.
sought no otherObjeci, it:has struggled 'to pro
duce no other result. .When the ehasm.yawn;
ed tE4t threatened tcrengulf - the. poiverful
gani•zat,ionwitich in times past, has been able .
to contend successfully. with the foes. Of the
Constitution' and•the contemners of Ciittalitylif
the States, - the .great heart of the..AinericarY
people • was filled...with dread, 'and the Demo- .
erotic Masses were overWhelrifedwith tonater
nation... Tite-RePithlican party...viewedciur in
ternecine warfare with.ill=iliigui.4ed
Its'lenders, confident of
. sticcess; boldly enun
elated their treasonable' sentiments. The ad
vocates. of the odieus.' docfrines . . Of Seward,
Sumner, .: Lincoj❑ OA John Drown; became
recklessand defiant..,.' They .believed 'that the
prestige. of success-Whicli. had crowned the
Reading Convention was. irrevocably '.hroken,
atid they promptly msde•the• Keystone State
the field of their active and energetic exertions.
()moor soil the battle is tO be fought, end with
our', people the. victory. or defeat. mtist•be:ac.;
enriergeiwY, the' State Committee ac
tuatedhY feeliogrof patriotism, and prompted
only • byaWish to secure-the:triumph of the
“good old cause," endeavored' .to agree npon•a
course of , action that' would .enahle the. Demo
cratic masses to unite upon one Electoral ticket ,
rind thus permit them to make aeoirtmori effort
agairiSt the candidates of tneßepublicari party.
Aftermucli'deliberation, a plan of union, was
agreid.upOn, which if faithfully executed, will
unquestionably producethiS patriotic' result.
In such a crisis it reqhires 'no words to. prove
the wisdom of any.effort that . , will firmly con
solidate the opposition to Our common:political.
enemy. : It is. simply a question between.De
nnocracy and Republicanism= . and, as*Such it is .
committed with . confidence to the : Calm • good
sense of. thepeoPle of Pennaylvania. . •
It: cannot be denied that . the union of the Dem
ocratic'Party. will result in a' brilliant triumph'
in October. • On that - initial battle all, out ener
gies .rnest 'no* be concentrated.. Weliave • a
leader. wort hy of 'our ; cause. , With an' enthuii....
I astriliever-helore erpialled' in: any political as
semblagellenrY • D. Foster,•of Westmoreland,
was selected as'•our, standard' hearer in that
important contest. He did not seek the norm:
nation. 'He repeatedly declined , being a :eantli
date for office. .When struggling,, partisans
met at Reading'to'advance the. interests of tbOT.
peculiar favorite,. he :remained in the retire
ment at his oWn home, With no thoughtof pera
,onadadvaneetrient, and anxious only .for. , the
success of. 'Democratic .• The
preioritet hie of his name tO the •Cenvention was
met by 0 prompt Withdrawal at, his urgent go
.licitellon.. .But wheri the voie4 o( the. people
unanimously proclaimed . him _ the. leader of the
party in his . oative CoinmOnweal.th,•hedid not
refuse to Obey the call of duty, yet seekieg no
preferment by any wyord or net 'of his own.—
'The record - of his life:is therecord• Ora . . Pen
nsylvania patriot. 'ln every position be has
occupied; he has:obeyed. the insincts of:.his
nature in laboring for the good 'Of tho.se Who
ga*ve him place, and power . . • The purity . , Of his
private charactert- the ability -which:marks
'every act, of . hispublic life; the devotiop he
has shown to the industrial interests.of Penn
. sylvania 'in the. - halls Of our national Con
gress and State Legislature; • the zeal he bas
ever'lirought. to.bear'imon all questiOns involL
ring the true policy. of State . Governinent;'.ancl
rh e . cc in6ervO'isia whiCh.has always
. his views upoo him national issues, Make
eminently worthy pf..tha support and ponfideneo
'of airwio., have at heart the. abiding welfare of
Penosylvania • Freemen'. In' asking you to do
battle for.such a.charnplon,, the : State CoMmit
tee feels • that' it is only calling upon ,you to
guard and•protect vital .interests. Yoii
will. not be thus appealed to 'in vain.. The pens .
pie are:with the Democratic partyl. and will
follow its flag, because it is the party of the ,
'Union and the Constitution. It has made this
countrygrentgreatand powerful,: It has nev
er ceased to - atruggle for the elevation of the
masses . , and forthe establishment. of the' true
policy_ of governroent:. Its power is . . exhibited
in the..rapid growth of. our extendedboundaries
the generalprospe t ity. and happiness of, our
people, and in • the free and liberal cliaraeter.
that lia . s.been given to. our political,: ihstitu r
lions.' In invoking thorough:Mid - complete ot
ganizaQcin througbout : the State. in behalf of
this party.. a siinple duty 'is required .'of the .
Democratic inasses.• . The State Coriimittee is
no* actively engaged . in endeavoring tOieetire
this.sere and certain, precurSor of victory:
. We
must he united in , the contest, or our. cause is
utterly Hopeless,' Pardee as well, as nations;
petish.belore the evil geniuS Or dissension. Al
thouglt,Clotids-and .;darkoeis may; surrounkus,-
theunion 'of' the •Dertiocritey will avert every,
calamity by which we mair be•threatened, and
Will carry,oer banner of triumph' through 'the
storm of • • . •
vs 06lioa. B . .. BennetVa. Ad;
ministiatdre '
Or THE DE4OCRATIC . SiAIT • EXPTI . .00'11111111'
ww.A.Am WELCH, Ch:lirman.
PhiladelrlititSept. 3 p , ', • .
PliEsmaivriXr,Etcariori 1/Ayi—Congress pas-,
sad an act' erto establish,'a' oniform
time for holdingelections for electo'rs of Preal
dentind Vieti,Presiitent in all the States,of the
Union.* This tiet fixes the'election on cgiies
da,y next after the: first Monday in the month
of Noyernber."—which this:year is the 6tirday
of the month, , All the electors mustbe 'chosen
or appointed on .that day,except , in the ecie.of
the filling , : of vaeatleieg-in the EleetoralCeilleg,e,
'or where a state•bas failed' to effee(aprelection
on the, day. designated. •. -
~• • ,
'AN'Asedri OF WAsurrinTox.4.--.The follow-
ing inecdote of General Washingtori apPeared
in theZlnseum and En g lish Magazine, in 182.3.
AUthenticity is not there 'shown; but this at
least rna3i,hosaid.ef.it, that not true, it
.“Lfuritig. his .Administrtion ati.Piesident . of
the United:States, 'a.gentleman, airiend olthe
President:-.throughout the Revolutionary . war,
apPlied tor la lucrative and 'responsible
The.. 'gentleman was at all: times welcome to
Waihington's :He laid been to if certain
degree ....necessary to.the domestic repese.of a
man wh had' for severel,years fought the 'bat
tles of his: country,.• and whehad now imilertat.
ken tbe,task of wielding her pOiitical . ' energies.
At all times and all •placee.Washington
Jed his Revolutionary associates with evident.
partiality and confidence,
.He .was a jovial',
pleasant,• and unobtrusive companion. In ap
piylng for the office,' it was in:full confidence
of success; hrid his frietida.almatly .cheered him
ip - theprospect of arrival at - competency and
ease; . • 'The • opponent of this• gentleman was
known to. bedecidedlylestile• to the politici of
Washington. He had 'even made himself con
spicuous among the ranks of the opposition.—
He hid how,ever; the temerity testand sis.a
'candidate for the tacit& which the friend, and
favorite of Washington aspired.. . • '• , •
He had nothing to urge in fAvor of :his ttee
tensionebut strong integrity, preimptittideand:
fidelity in business, and every.quelity which,
if Called into exercise, would render service to
the State. ' Every ono considered.. the appoint
ment Of this men hepeless. flitttering.tes
, . , m
titnonials of erithad'he te present to the•eye
of 'Washington.. •He was known to , be his po;
iitical enemy: ' . l-te' was..opposed . by a reveille
'of the General; and 'yet 'with' such fearful Odds
hetlaredto stand.a •ctinclidate.. 'What was the
result? .The 'enemy of' Washington was.ap-,
pointed to' the, oflice, and his table companion
left destitue and
: rejected. 'A: mutual friend
'who interested himself in the affair, veritured to
remonstrate with ihe President,for the injustice
•or his_appoiniment. ciMy..friend," said he, "I
receive with a cordial weleome. He is wet
come. to.my house and welcome to, my herirt.--•
But.wipt all his good qualities; he is not a man
of business. Eiji opponent is,withall.his peliti
cal hostility 'to me, , a man of business. My,
priVete feelings have' nothing to do in the case.
I am not George Waihington, but . Presidentof .
the United 'States: As' Geotge Washington, I
mould de this man any kindness in my.:..power;
but, as.President' of "the United States, -I can do
. .
. ,
.1111:TAICESOF PayetcliNs,Oliver.W.fielmesi
physician,Philcisopher and Poet, in a lecture on
physicians, gives the following account of some
mistakes which have been made in .medicine
(iSooner of . later eVerybOdv un;ip
forming . ii . diagnosis.. I saw Nelpean tieon,e nY
the carotid arteries for Wsupposed tumor, and
'ill hie 'patient. Deese of Dublin, was
more fortimate in a case 'he boldly,declared an
abseess,: while . ethers .tbought it • an aneurism:
He. hrustliislance into it,' and proved himself
in the right. Soon after' he. made a 'similar
. diagonosis. •He thurst in his lancet. as ;before,
end oqt gushed his patient's blood.and his life
With . ' it. The' next 'morning Mr. Deese was
found dead; floating in.his.blood.. I.le.had divi
ded the femoral:artery.., I haveiloomed people
and seed other. people .doom-them,,- over and
Over agaiit, :on the strength of. physical signs,
and they, havellived . in the most cOnturnaeious
and .scientifically unjustifiable manner as long
. as they live,..and some are ' . living still. I . see.
.two men in' the street very.'oftert'who were.
both as good aWdead in the 'opinions of
'oll who
knew them in .their extremity: ...People will
.insist on liv;ng 'sometimes though manifestly.
•moribund. In Dr.:Elder's life of sane you will
find a story, told by Dr. Kane . hinasell,
The captain of a ship was dying with Scurvy ;
but his crew miitinied,and• he gave up dying
to take' care of thein. .Ai 'old.lady in this 'city,
neer•her end, got a little vexed at a
. proposed
change in her.will and
,cencluded : she wonldn't... l
die just then; ordered a coach; was driven away.
twenty.._ miles to.• the house of a' relatlve, and
lived for:four years' longer....
Cotton Mather tells Some good stories which
he, picked up in' his experience, or ont of. his
books; showing the , Unstable , ' equilibrium of.
*prognosis. Sitnon Slone Was shot in nine ple=
ceS,and as he lay for elead,the Indians made two
hacks hatchet to ctit his head off. He
got well, however and wee . silesiy :felleve
d'otton . Mather's' time. , Jabez MusgrOve:Was
shatwith a bullet that went 'in his ear and
came out his 'eye owthe 'ether side. • A couple
of, bullets went throngli his bOdy, also.'. Jabez,
got well,: however, and lived many: years.—
Per Coiarti,' C01.. - flossister, cracking a palm.
stone With hiS teeth," . bnoke a tooth and lost his
life.. We have seen physicians ;dying like
'gears from a scratch ; and the man who had
crowbar shot through, his head is alive and well..
These extreme, cases 'are warnings'. But you
can never been toe cautious in Your:prognosiS;
in view, of the great 'uncertainty of the course
of . any disease not long watched,.and the many
unexpected turns it - may take.' „
CREED 01 , ,•11E:DEMOC . RATIC 'PAR*l —, Equal
. exac.t justice nli inen, of:Whatever State
or persuesioni-religioukor. •
Peede, commerce. and henest friendship:with
ull MitionS; 'entnneding'alliances.with none. •'
'd'helie,ht of States and Territories to ndmin
inter theirown dom,esticnfraire.
.riendom and equality, the sovereiemty of .the
.people end the right -ef the majority to rule
when' theirWildis constitutionally expressed.
Economy it public expenditures',. and ft sa
cred preservation of tbepublic faith. ,
Freedom of religion, freedom of the: press,
and a general diffusion of information.,
Oppbsition to all' secret political organiial
lions, and to all corruption in politics. • •
A sacred preservation of the Federid Consti 7
tution, and no: - teligious tests fur office.' '
No bigotry or'pride of caste,'or distinctions
of birth among ArrieriCan'citizens. :
Respect tind'protection for the rights of all. .
' : The preservation of the naturalization.lAWS,
And right of to -the public. drimain and the
protection of the Arnerican government.
• '.Opposition to, all chartered trionOpolies.
-Conimon brotherhood and,.good will to all-=
espeCially to those of the household of faith.
They" iire making preparations to receive the
Prince•ol Wales at W.ashingtnn":.• There-will
be a bell' at the Whiteliouso of the meet ex
clusive and aristncratic character. .111iss . Lnne
superintend'theitrnpgementii -;••' •
. .
.f.l77Tlie little' band of. disorganizeri about
Harrisburg, With Judge Knox at the
lell, head, and
the Sentinel at the' Will soon •be left
An .
put art echoir. any,part^of tlie'State, save
. , .
d the' Republicansere'• is ,another
, H . ,
kickfrorri one of 'Judge Donut:As' warm inipport
ers, pen. Wat. A,.'S roicz4„ Of Westrooreland.--;
Gen. S. - who is one' of the most brilliant speak ,
ere in the. State, And an: early, ardent,,tind
friend-of Douglas, , recently. made a
speech ,in Armairong county.' From a sketch
of his reniarks'viT extract
• He spoke *in terms of !Ugh-respect 'Of Mi.
Breckenridge; and asserted the integrity of his
intentions and et moit of. those who supported
him in Pennsyrtvanie. He urged upon all the'
necessity.of• unjon against the common enemy.
We . had !alum hattles to-fight, and to,assure
victory, for the cause of this country we must
Close our ranks and voncentrate our 'tire upon
the foe.. In Able view '.he yielded to the ar
rangement roadeat Creaeon:. •It Was obnoxious
to - the:charge of giving a Certain recegnition to
'faction, and he might not have agreed to the
scherne in tire first : instance:. Dot it was now
done,. past recall ; anti ita practical result
Would be to give the ele.etorial. vote ofPcnn, - -
sylvanin° to Douglas. ' if the united Democracy;
were able to catry the State: This was rill.the
friends of Deuglas could desire, and if this end
could he obtained by means of. a - compromise
not ours, and. for Which Others' were responsi
ble, we might: be,•.content: Let • Douglas Ad:.
uneph r even by ' the aid of those whose pertortn
ances were for another—for Douglas victory is
DemoCratic vindication..'
Geri, Stokes demised. State politics, and
presented. Gen: Foster—c 4 braye'Harry with his
heaver as ihe chivalric champion Of truth;
a, grea t lawyer,. incorraPtible.politician— gen.
Sal,. eloquent, *yr in . whose keeping' the
Commonwealth' and all her interests and 00 7 ,
plc would tindunquestionable safety. All Penn
sylvanians Should be proudjo have•sucka man
for Governor. Once at' Ilarriebure s ..Governor
Foster would receive the homage of all men.—
In contemplation' of hisgOodnese ancrgreatness
faction would' bs.aile.nt and. the asperities of
conflicting parties would ,ba Stiffened. General
Stokes reared nothing &OM the coming contest
—already the eagles victory were, hovering in
the air ,'ready to descend.upori the Democratic
Stook papi
The heading olthis article, sails the :Walley .
Fanner, was the remark of. an old farmer the;
other day, while deploring'-the of his
wheat crop: One.year the wheat fails,another
the corp . ;, but, •selid “Stock pays all „the
He moreover' remarked that farmers
who early:gave Weir. attention tostOck raising,
had gone „right along without. set-baeks, and
had outstittea the.ktain growers. • .
There.is no doubt much truth in•the old far
' mer's remarks. Stock is Hie surest, and moat
remonerative,- 'Bat in•thickly_settled.regions .
it is better and eafer. Jo divide the interests be-.
tween the . two. The:two assist each other and
irripyove ihe.fartn.• .Wasta.straw and\ of
the grain . crops will go far to feed ' the stock;
while the 'waste tied offal of the stock will go
far in fertilizing' the , soil and imAroving,•ita ca
parity for Productiveness.' The 'strength of the
soil is h. greeter desideratum with .the farmer,.
The.soiliS his mine.of wealth—his . .tretisary--
his bank of deposit.'He Must keep it good; or
his paper , le - protested; his reputation as a far. ; ,
mar dishonored. •• • •
'lt is Well to keep a variety of stock, as well
as . to . raisO,grain crops. .Theteneral profits of
Bich' year era. ;kept. 'nearly equal. ...Farming
may be dOne closer, less. wasted and .more
. .
~ ,T he Southern Moniter, a• Philadelphia , paper '
of ability and intluence, it; supporting Bell and
Everett, Its columns ate filled with: the pro
ceedings of meetings layering the success of
the “Union Ticket" and.give convincing
. 'evi 7
dt:nee of the truth lof the assertion that this
party; has carried away the cream of the
sit* which 'Was composed of the Know Noth
ing army. The Party, 'of factions is, again rent
in twnin-the branches - engrafted in 'the 'Old
trunk have withered. The Republican stem
cannot ".give nourishment' to. .the' Demoeratic
bud thet.nativeism itole..away and inserted . in .
it. In f hopes of electing Bell and Everett, the
IC. N. party of Pennsylvania . and New Yolk'
will defeat Lincoln and threw the choke Of a
President into the Muse, thus securing the
election of re• Demaciat.• The Gubernatorial
election in October will'tell the tale. .If
ter falls short 'of thirty theuseamejority, theri:
we •miss.our gueis and 'rittr••reputation • as'
. a,
prophet will be considerably depreciated. •
Anecdote . of John llnuccick
."Ryles„ 'letter in the New York Tribune,
giVes an rinectlote '.of Flanrio.iks's - hospitality,
appropos to tbellsneock estitte
"There was. no less than fifty.orsixty at the
table.. The host did not sit at meat with them.
He ate at a little side table, and sat on a wheel
in which .he wheeled . aboutto the gene
;ral:table to sPealc• with. guest's: This, was be
cause of his gout, Of Which he made a . political
As well as a social excuse for doing as he
pleased. On
. the occasion: in question; and
when '
the guests were in the 'height of animated
conversation; and just. as the. cloth Was, drawn,
they were interrupted by, a tremendotil crash.
servant, in removing a cut . glass, epergne,
which formed the central ornament of the table,
let it . fall, and it was " daahed into, a ; thonsand.
piecei. An •aWkwarif silence fell upon :he
company, who hardly .knew.how to treat thS
eccident, when' Hancock relieved their -ernhar
rassment.chcerfally exclaiming: •..,
"Break he many as you . please, , James,;' but
don't make such
,a confounded noise ahout'ii."
And under cover of . the laugh this keitett,
the, fragments,, were removed, and the
went on as if 'nothing had hapilehad. Thi%
strikes'me,,wes presence' of, mind and good
.•, , .
Time . seems to have iiad no. eat ;'opon'l
ex-President tylee, - who is' now seyenty-flye
years.of age. He 'looks younger andrritt.e.r.o
hfiat than, iNhen oceppyirrwthe-White
The pride which he iaat year reit in.the poitsime..
'slim of the finest- wheat:leimkon the Tapes
e iie now transferred to - brunt`, only two
mbuthp ciattgblei. •
' .oun NaxT tan-.
didate for Governor, Cititin ; bag 'tot him . ;
self into a nasa ,prediceinenfk , He went" les:
Chicaiti to defeat SeWard'i nomination lretilUeet
he thought that bialeuCcella ';111,401.41.;
to his own chitncbiof rtinning:fer;.GOvernOS:,lai:.;,
Pennsylvania: welst Jo'
first to tha t negadi 'terrine ret;.: Si Man Vint*.
ron,•but•socon discovered that he ;*llls not. the ,
winning horse. That .was: worse Me then:,
uurnod his influence (et... Lincoln, and, , ,ae it
turned out; that yraa tverso ; for-Wince his return
he-finds•that: at every meeting he is' treading
on somebody's toes. 'Col: Gettig, foigoe In go.. •
ing ovet bodily to the RepubliCans ; . that there
is in:Pennsylvania,B2,l7B koodeolid cannery** ,
tive votes which would have gone for him-'bad,
he not deserted them: He bad found too late,
'that the honest yeomanry' of our;-State, Cannot
and will not be (tweed to swath?* the trderkey's
whole. He hod batter thereon', prepare him-,
self with becoming rengnition for that, fate to
which all manoevering and scheming Politicians
must come , at-last. - , Henry D. Foster v the hon-:
eit4pright men of Westmoreland; is. destined
to be the next Governor of Pennsylvenia. The
sturdy metro( the State hays decreed It. The ,
fiat has gone• forth, and like 'Martin Scott's
coon; Col. COrtinsmight is.well come down,..--
National Democrat; , .
The MarionpemeoraM
The Democratic Mass Meeting held in' Clef:
ion on the 4th,inet.'was !or)? largo and harmo-,
moue. ° Her Democracy wilt vote - Is
burying all dead 'slues. „Clarion is ,one epithet.
truest Democratic counties in .the State., The
meeting pledged her for 1300 majority fin the
whole ticket.. Let 'us have it.. .i.!bs the
The Delnqcrar speaks of ear. candideta
for Congress - , and of 'Patrick:Kett, An., 'hIF
late coMpetitor for the nomination.,
James K. Kerr,Esg.i our candidate for Con- •
g,ress addressed te meeting , in the ;roost d 0...
gent language—Convincing argunnents and gen
eiliatiag spirit. He proved to be families with
all . the questions of the cirepaign in& without
hesitation defended; the measure" of the Demo-.
cratio party in;that clear,,eomprehensivi and
argumentive style that satisfied all both as to
his ability , and his willingness,to meet thelquis.
lions at issue either upon the stump or in the
halls of Congress., Mr. Kerr is possessed of:
a clear mind—a thorough education and at PQ,
time is he atloss for words to express his ideas:
Ho is blessed with a voice , that makes t him
understood by the 'multitude Plough it consist
of thousands. . .
.' Mr. K.. will make friends wher
ever he goes for in his social intercourse with
strangers he is cheerfal; pleasant . and e•oMpan
ionable, and in d . ofence of the principles of the
Democratic party. he is never without his shield.
"•On the call for I. Kerr, Esq., of 64 eaunty,
the people •gathered more
. closely , around the
stand manifesting a deep anxiety in what he
might have to say.. l „ >llis remarks were appro.
prlate And met the entire appiobation of the
DerrioCracr. He exculpated our , candidate,
Hon. James K. Keir, from all,biame in defeat.
ing his .nomination. He said llitt wait nat
there, and - that the conferee' front' Venting°
I did not treat him with disrespect or treachery.
He said that he would support. Mr. K.,with , a
view to hie election—that he woul use all
honorable means to that end—that he bed no
faith in the professions of the opposition party
—that on , all s great political• questions they,
were compelled to acknowledge the eorreetness.
of the Democratic policy—even the TOM with:
them was a humbug, a ruse. ltirplterr Closed
by . calling upon his friends to stand by Nis
nomeolike fot congress - and , for the State, dill- -
trict and county 'tickets as they now are, •
• What.an enthusiastic set of people our. Re..
publicans are, to be sure! 'Last week they hod
gralid miss Meeting,' over at Warren. . Curtin
was advertised , to be there, WA wee here to go .
over; the railroad advertised to carry . , at , half
fair, and run a special, train for the purpose,- -
but when the.time for starting : arrived , barely
twenty appeared arid took, s eats. In, the cars.
Extra, cars.had been provided, but there wee not ,
enough to fill one even ; and vvhen Curtin and ,
his suit reached the scone his day's . labors,
he Was the Most sorry looking candidate for.
Governor that ever• preambulated ,the State.-
The truth was, there was no . one there tale•
ceive liim, and when he spoke, but feW to hear
hims the solitude of his room We .have 'no'
doubt he cteuseed" his, political &lends in this.
end or the State, bath. loud and deep! And .
they deserve it.—L'rie Ohisrvor. • •
scene occurred on the seven A. hi: train From
N,eiv York south on Tuesday Mornitig,Whiyb,
for a time, created quite an excitement among
the passengers. - Among those on the train was
a lady about thirty years of age., She, was
good looking arid attracted'much attention from
her air of melancholy: At :Princeton, a sun
burnt boy very handsome gentlernan entered the
car in which the lady in question was seated.
No sooner : had the parties:glanced at,esib oth
er than the lady Swooned. On recovering ber 7 ..,
self it appeared that the gentlemen in question
was her husband, whom she had not seen for.'
ten years. He had:started for California when
first the gold fever broke out. The partiei at . :
that time residedin Prinretor, NeW Jeisey"— ; .
The husband was taken : sick and did not recov-:,
er tor a long time. Prior to hii . eonveleeence,',
the lady hail gone South in the capacity of gni-,
ernes, and wrote that fact,to her husband ' ,
who, unfortunately, did not receive her letter.
No answers to his letters reached bind, the,.
hushanck imagined that his..lP/IN . : area, careless
of his welfare. A feeling ; ,.of home.came over
him, and he , returned-t!' the States few 0191.,
ago., Meantime the . lady, had fstlen 111# t
large Southern estate,lpft,.teber;. by ~inernher.
Of the, family in wbich shYebed been teaching.,
The explanations,liernada,the:p . nCe more
e n r ited:eouplo 145 0. r Ogettir
WORDS." - Th! .stnalt number ,of .words wlieb
are 'used, whie every.
person ybo'speeki the : Eneiish language' hie is
right -to
in.eome eni Wes instenees.. The, edielddery
the leneuege ' now contains . nearly`
thousand . wortin: Of. .thrse,•;.ldilfol'osPA qnti'A
eight, thouaand'i'.!hakeepeare.M9YAMe e Milh 9 . ll.- ;: ,
sand. - The generalitrof intelligent
Oleo get ,elOng - With •.only ihree' feat: :
thouidnit.--ifloinefp , Travoll‘c: . •
, „
. - .f..... , ,1.;',#.4-.
'.;.::::f, , ,,': .
i ! .
NO: 18.