M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, September 13, 1860, Image 1

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VOL. 3.
fil'fican totttttv iDtutotrat
. P11.131611ED . EVERY' THURiDAY..MOR : NING,:-
• : 'By OVIATT, ; •
••, . - 14'1Ct A • COUNTY,PA:
TEEMS:. • 'sl6O il.r4dvanco
-• • •-• • ' Rates of Advertising: • .
looipmo o pe . ... ..
• tt.' it ••
. ' • .
six months— 20 00
12 UO.
One square of 12 lines or less, 3 Insertions, 16U
Each subsequent .insertion,:.--- 23
Business Cards, with paper,'oo
• Rule figure work will be double the , above rates.
.*lwelveltnes Ereyler type, or. eight *lines nonpareil, ia
rated a square. .
' ,u 3-. These Terms Will ho strictly adhered to.-../11
Business IThrectorv.
Da. NI. A. SPRAGUE would respeetfully announce tp the
citizens of Emethpcirt anevicinity, that he' hes fitted
'up an . :office, and is prepared , to attend to. all husineas
in his profession. Artificial teeth inserted upon - sci
• entitle principles, and so no to . proserie the natural ex,
preesion of the face All operations in Dental Surgery,
done in aakillful manner. • . .• • • . Ibtf
•TIENTIST.,:wouId respectfully inform - the inhabitanb
.1../ of Olean and. surrounding ,country that he hes lo;
cated himself permanently in Olean, for the - practice 'of
hie profession, Where he will 'be prepared to wait on all
whothoose.to give him a call: Office .over.o..lL Thins •
.Dry . Goods Store: . • • •
Olean,.May;l2,lB6o. . •: • 3-4
. . .
A.; F.' Bean, Proprietorspir Olean; 'N . ..I%;'. • Omnibus rit
to and from the NOW lork and Erie Anil Road.: Stag
Joe Sm'et.hport and Ceres.. . . . . .. . .
. • •
: • -- HYDE HOUSE,. • , •
. . .
13.. T ' Oil:mon-Proprietor. llidirwaY; Pa.. This • Hotel is
• new and tarnished 'in modern style, line ample necom,-•
•randations, and is, in allreapects, a First Class Hotel. .
• .. .
Ridgway, Elk Co. Pa, Iffay 24, IE6O • s '- ..
• „ •
Jons • Wsta, i'roprietor. • Thia; hourfe sitnafed . half.
way between Smethport. and, Olean. A &Itn;enieut
an commodious house, attentive and obligloF attend
ants,' and low prick. ' • , •
1860. ". - • .
. • A. D: HADELIN. •''
Snrveyor,' Draftsman Conveyancer, nneineal 'Estate,
'Agent. - fipiettipert;.M , Kenn county,'Pa. •
Dnalerin Dry Goode; Groceries, Pork, Flour, Salt., FiAl
Ready:Rada Clothing, Boats ani .Shoes. Smethport,
.. • WILLIAM •
Practical Mechanic,. Millwrighi, Bridge-builder, Sc
Port Alleghetiy ) :ll.'lleau countyi.Pa. •
SURVEYOR, .DRAFTSHAN, coN-vtiuNcEtt and Real
Estate Agent; . 'Office, Williamsville, Ell 5. Penn's'
inspin ar, Boyle, Bag's.,
Hon: Thomas Struthers,
W. 8. Brownell, Esq„
lion. A. L. Wilcox,
Joni U. iftru. Proprietor, corner of Water and.flicicory
Streets, Warren, •Pa, General Stage 091ee.,
.• .
• • YOBES- HOUSE, . Z. .
• .
Profiting the Public Square, Olean; N. Y„ JAMES
TULLES. Proprietor.. The Fobee House ikentirely hew
and built of brick, and is furnished in modern .style..
' The 'keprletor. fluters himself that , his tiecommoda,
Hone are not, surpassed by any betel in Western New
, Tork. Carriages run to and from the New TUrk and
Erie Hail itoad. , • - • •
ATTORNEY' . AT • L'AiTi . Smethport, M:lceat:County'... Ea.
Agent 'for Messrs. Keating -& Co , s , Lands Attend
especially.to the Collection of .Claittilliatninritiono
• ,Laild Titles; .Pvinent of Taxes, and all husiness relit
,Ring to Real Estate. .offiee
'D. A. Wiliam., Proprisior,,:et Kinsult.''Wurren county
•PE Ills Table will be -supplied: with 'the - best the
country, affords ; and he spare no pains in accOutodetieg
Attorney and 'Counsellor , at Law, Smettipo'rt,lll , Kenn
County,, Itu&ness.entrusted to his care for the
;counties' of.BVlCean, Potter and Elk will be promptly
-.attended to Mace in the Court llottae, second floor.
Physician 'awl sur g eon, smeth r ort, la, hill attend to
, all professional calls with' promptness.. Officoin,fiart
• wSll Block, second floor. '• .• • • •
. .
Wholesale and Retal Deidera' in Staple and 'Fancy
, . Goods, Carpeting,' Ready Made Clothing, and General
Furnishing Goods Boots and Shoes, Wall and Window
'?apar, Looking (Aimee &a. - Atplean, N. Y. , . -
. . .
. .. .
Stnettkport, EPReaif Co.','Pr“ D.. 11. 14ENNRTT, PrOprio
. 'tor—opposite the Court !lons°. '4'nur t largo, cum
' ' modioua and well4nrolahed howl°. . ' ..
.. •
. ,
. . .
. .
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Smeithport, Wit - can Oa
Pa. .Will attend to all business th bis profession in'th a
counties of 51 , Koan, Potter and Elk. Office over C..1.C.
Bartwell & Brothers' Store. - '. '• .
~ . .
Corner of Second and Libertynireata, Warren Pa, .R.
A, ' Amnion, Proprietor. Travelers will find good a -
00121modationti and reasonable charges.' • • '
. ~
, .
Denier in Stoves, Tin Ware, Sappened Were, &c., weet
Aide of 'the Public Square; Smethport, :Pa. 'Custom
. work done to order on the ehortefit notice, end in the'
most.eubetantial manner. . .. - .
. ,
. . . . .
lit.. MEADER; Proprietur t —Alleghony. 'Bridge, M'Kean
.co , Pa. This lumen is situated about nine miles from
' smethport on the road.. to Olean, and will .be found a
convenient stnnphig-place . , .
By T. GoOnivoi. This house is situated abont five mile
from Smethport on the read to Olean. • Pleasure partio
and °the:seen be accommodated oaths shortest notice
W. 'B.
. , . • . •
in , Goods, Groceries, Crockery, thirdiveriii
. Bocits,'Elhoes, Glass, Nails, 0118, *c., &c.
• • East side ot• the Pablic : Squarci, gmOthpart, Pa..• ,
Eltilinlen,. 2 .l4VlCean - 00., Pa. .N. L: DYKE,. Proprietor
A commodious and wen:furnished lams°. ' Strangers
sad taavelert will find, good accommodations.. '
. .
. .
. .
, .
itfOtill B.'Doi.ter,, Proprietor,. nt Port Allegany, 31e
*. . Keen o.onisty, Ps: • This Hotel Mandated in the June.
' Oen of the Smethport .an&Allegany River loads, nine
rallesdast aftmethpoli% • . . ' . . .' :
'.. -, ASTOR HOUSE'.
*X; 'HASKELL : : : .Proprietor:
This uoug.i.is well caleniated for the accommodation
of the Travelling Public; having recently been repalied
and remodeled. Good Darns and Stablea. Charges rea
conable„ 'Megan for Olean, Shipifen and Ridgway.
§metbiort, July 2,.1860. • . • .
The . township of 'Liberty,. at the' sChool -bonne in Port
• •• ' . •-. .
.• The townshid of LtiElyette, at the echoot house nearlu-'
tiler Davie:
' • The township of 179prielt,,nt the'houso of C. R. Btirdick.
The township of Ottoot the school housc-i ri Prentisavele
The township of Shippen, nt the hioserkepthyrN.L.Dike
The township of Sergeant, nt the houso of joseph•Lacas
- The township of Wettnore,•ut the !lonise of Wth, Toby.
AndT also give notice thateve6 person exeeptiirg.the.-
Jostic'ea of the Peace - who.shall hold' any office or app , '
l i 'pointthent of profit or trust-ender the Government of
the united' Statei, or of the State. or. o' - any city or •in
corporated• district whether a commissioned• officer oh
other wise, subordinate officeibr agent, with is or shall
be employ:ertunder the .Legislative Executive or Judi
ciary department of this State, or of the United States,-
or of any incorporatep district; and alsothat every mem
tier of Congress, and ofrtha State Legislature and of the
Select or.Cornmon Council of any 'City or CommisAioner
of.anrincorporated dlstriet,rin bylaw:lncapable of exec:,
cising at the same time the office of Judge, Inspector, ,
or Clerk of an election in this Commenwealtliranithrit
nOlnirpector, Judge or other officer of any subh . electioth
shalibe eligible to any office then • to be voted for.
Arid. in and by the 4th section of an - Act'approved the
16th day of April 1610, it in enacted that 'the, 16th. sec
tion Of an Act passed July firli ..18311, entitled "An Act
relating to the elections do this Common*ealth". shall
troth° construed as to prevent any military or. luirtrugh
officer, from serving as judge, Inspector or.Cierk at any
general. °raper:Ml election of this Commonwealth,.
And the Return
. Judges of' the. respective districts'
aforesaid are requireEttolneit at Smethport, the.Connty
seat of said County, ,ortEriday after the'second Vuestiy.
of October 'next, then !mil there to dischaige . the duties
'required .by taw. .. ' • • "
Given' tinder my hand and •seatat Smethporf, the lot
day of September, A. D., ISCIO, and of the Indepeudenee
of the United.. States the efolay-fifth: ' . • •• •
JOSEPH At ORSE, Sheriff.
• Smethport 1860.
• Ridpray, Tn.
Wasren. Pn.
TIOPEon Vista. .Pn.
Xintbias Otto
. .
• .. ' . -• miniit rators • . .i • ,
ill'Ke•ien & Elk Land &'lins ' .. -. • - . ,
provement Go. • • ' vs Cheater ISlcrallet al ~
Same • • •• vill4mari Starke at at • ••
E Sborniburg , • - vs Atigukus Bolters .'. '
Turner'& Thornton . •vs M'Kean County think.
Eeivis P.sOker ' —we 1.7,.1 -Cook.et'al -' -
Martin & Rea-,., vs Daniel Bellows et al : •
Milts Felt. - -.•-• , vs W W . I..indiks nod -11 D
, " • .Seelv Garnishee ' '
E John 'Fobes .. • • vii - George It Moore,
Alden Swift '• • '.: . ~ vs J. K Motrison • •
Same .• • • . vs Jonathan Campbell.. ..
•TaVler, ,Dicksea, Graves,. •• • • . ..• . -
& Co;.' • •"' ' -vs Daniel gingsbutx' .• ':
• Sallie • • . : •. , • . vis' S Mimes . . .
John, L Beckwith' .' • • .'s•si Joseph C Ilalmes. - •
• A I•i 'Taylor. • : .' vs ELI, Pratt and J Trirrers
Bying,hin Heirs ' 'vs Daniel•Leimic et al •
William F Pepper -- vs L n Jone's '
Peter B. Dedriek • Vs' William Smith et al ' '
Solomon •Sartitell . vs John Wilkins . • , • :...
J• C iliiyt and Delilah his •: . • . ' • •
wife . • •• i.. • • ' . vii AmbroSe Leach ••• ,
~PPICIark -- . • - vs James IV Phelps '
Otis Irons -', • •• .' vs John 0 Backiiii ,
llerrick Comes :' ..- ''' vs Joisph IhnislOr ••• - •
F Lehman ' ' . ..vs Jno M Judd
Daniel 'Burbank' .• ' :we Wm. .& Mitsui Acre . •
Luz-chop D Pinch'. • . ' vs Robinson Thayer ' '
theory Sherweod . . vs Darin); Simpson:. '
William V Keating et al - vs Daniel Kingsbury
Same : . ' Vs Orrin Cook ' - . . ... •, •
9 D Treeinan and Lheretiti• , • :•••••• .•.• . .. ' •..
,' •
Freemani • -•• vs . Keating Town . •
' . • ; SAMUEL C. IIYDEi Proth' F
. • .
. .
• - Sinethnort, August 10, 156 0 . - .• : • "
. • ,
List Of 'Jurors . dratcrn for Sep
.• tembet Tprxii :1860' •-•
. .
• • . .GRA.N.D JURORS... • . .
• . Bekough—T,tole'rt King, Nelgon life bury; Wm'
Bradford-4 f oni , s Fineharian,. S.Poster, S.B.
H ,
awkins - and ' • •
• 'Gres—Raymond llodges, II Knapp;
Son•SitnnionsToot. • • '. •
Eldred-.1 MIA Chase, S. C. Lamphire., . '
Keating-11. C. Corivin, A. N. '.lcFall:
-• 'Liberty-I-Nelson Vausickle, ~White, ~13cnj
amin Grinalds. .• • ' . .
A'orwichL-E.11. - Die . kipson; Ilenenian.
Otto-,J, Baldwin, Jr:
. Sbippen—ll i ram Ilavens, JlllllO5l Morton.
• Sergea n t—A dam M arti n. •
Borough—S. A. Wing, . • •
Bradfortg-T. S. Bennett, Erasing. Crooks, •S.
P.:lmlay Jr., 0.11. Foster. L. T.llarper, W. R. '
cr Z. - W.-Fisher, C. D. Gilbert, Mark llorth,
,Ceres—Newton Arnold,. John 11. ,Chapman,
'Nelson Peabody, Joseph .
CorydanoVl'll. Sanderson. • . . , •
Utdred—Alonzo Shaw. :• •
IGiurlin Fields, Wm. , • ,• •
KpatingWillia Barrett, C. Bean, Israel Moore
• Liberty-130*Allen,E. 13. Dolley,.Daurt - Orimes
Wrn. Simar, Wm. P.. Wilcox, Michael, Ward.
Lafayette—Thomas.Arpstrong. - W, It, Robinson
R. L. Tidd. •
Nohckh—Andrns L.lllllO. • . •
Otto—J. M. Baldwin, Nathan Baldwin, Henry •
Morse, B. Prcble, W. 11. Spitler. •
',..5/dpien—John Beerk John Bass, R. Chadwick
I'. AL-Freeman, William Hamilton, J. K. Morri
C. IL Sage.,- .• : ' ,
• Sergegnt—Joel 8.-Lucas. •
Tobey.' .. • . .
. The pave named Jurors will mcet'at the Court,.
.Honse iti Sniethnort,•onsTuesday tho2oth day of
Septelnher Nextao,o °clock A. M. • • •
• • ''. • :40171,EP1l
'hIORSF.; Sheriff.
Smethport, June 1800. ,
... • scorr.&•coNLoN, •
.OLEAN,..:, N. In.. •
AVE just reaeiT.ed theli• Winter Stock of goods, and
are. prepared to supply their numerous customers
and those who favor them with their patronage, with any
thing in theitline; Their stock consists of ,
Clotho, Caraimeres, Vestings,. Hats, Caps, Shirts
! • . "-Collars, Cravats; Neck Ties,&o,&o.
'they have also a large assortment of
Of the latest style. 'give them a 'cell before purchasing
elsewhere. I' Orders 'from a distance promptly atton.
ded to: Cutting dontron'stiort notice, • • •
- °kin; lan. 1.2.:1810.
SNETHROWL:MIigAINVOVNTy ; . .'eA..,..:ti-TURSMy; SEPTE*EIt: i 3, ..6.60;
WEREAS; iu and . by.the.l3th section of the • ictri
the' General Assembly' of Pennsylvania, .passed
July 183 D, entitled 'A a Acthelating to - the elections . )
of the,thnrnonwealth, •it in enjoined nn the , Sheriff of
every Coitntylo Rive nri tree be' such elections td beheld .
and enumerated in such'nOtiee what others - are to lie
'elected. . In% pursuance . thereof, • JOSEPH .111010th
ffig h . Sheriff of the county Of AI 'Kean do therefore
'ake knoivn., and give this public police. to te electors'
*of said Conn iy Of Id 'Kean. that •ti. General 'Election will
be held 41 the said County'on the' ••• - • •
'Se , ondOotobor,
_ .
Itiiit,''being the oth 'sty. of October,..lBoo r for the elec.
thin of the following officers to wit:— . •
One4terson for Gemoitor of the Comnionmealh: • •
Otte:persim to represent the 24th Congressional District
comprising 'the count ies'of !Mean, Warren, VOuiti o
Clarion, JetTOson,.Elli" and Funk, the ..U.ni.ted Stales
. •
Congress; '.
.. Two pet sons to repiesent the , rountiee of 31'Kean
ieiterson and Clearfield, in the House of Representatives
of l'qo rand ranla . • • •
•(W person fur Sheriff of the . county of lit'Kean; -.• .
One permit:lsor Prothonotary,Clerk ON starter SCES . SIOO9,
.. • •
' Ono person to! Register and Recerder;Cierk of Orphan's
Ono person for TrOssurer of sattl.county;
• One persrorfor Comnilssloner; .• ' ' : • .
• One, Orion for Auditor;nrid '
Ono person'for Coroner. •. • ' • • .
• . • • .
All the qualiliettEleetors of said•county ist3rKenn, shall
hold their Eleutions in the several distrietti; lit followst—
TliMuthoroUkh.,ol ,Stnethport, ht. the. Court House id Stnetbluirt. •.• . • • .
• • • • •
. . . •
The, toli-nehip of 3t•iiklfoid, at the Sehoel Vouse in Little
•, • • •
. : Thelonnship tif Ceres; 'at the linuse.of E. • •
.The.township of Corydon,. at the School honk, neat .1
Parninters,• • • • •
. .
The toivpship of Eldred. at the Eldred lintel. . ' .
•Thntownithip.otlfanillii, stihe Aldrich schoolflnge..
T he' township of Hamilton,' at the. school house' near
~ • .
The township. of
.K.eating; at the bourt*Elouse In SMeth
sErTEmntrt. TERM, 1660
veliPa Benpett's • id.
: •
. .
. • • •• - •• • .
•Rev. T. Starr King,•in' his work
,on "The
White Hills; their Legends,' Landscape, and
Poetry," PobliSheil `by Crosby, 'lCFichole;,:lLee
Fle•Co., thus pleasantly discourses upon One o r
thensesnf mountains . •
t'Mr. Roakin notes it alone of the
. .Most
prominent uses of mountains: . that . . they' canes
perpetual changee in the soils of the earth: .The
physical' geographers assure , us, that if the whole .
matter . of the Alps were shoveled out over
Europe, the level of 'the continent .would.• be
raised about twenty feet. And this process or
leveling is continually going on. .By a calcul
lation, Which he made in the. valley. of..ChaniL'
ouni, Mr...lltiskin, , * believes that one of the
insignificant runlets, only four inches wide, and
four. Inches. deep, carries dowri from Mount
Blanc eighty ,'tons of"granite dustn year, at
which rate of theftat least 80,000 tons orthe
.substance of. that _mountain 'mig be yearly
transforrned,into drift•sandby the streams, and
distributed upon' the; plain' below. On White=
face Mountain, of the Sandwich group, a. slide
took 'place in 1820, which
,hurled down huge
blocks - of 'granite, sienite, quartz, felepar; and
trap rocks, and cut a deep ravine: in the sides
of the Mountain several.miles in ,extent.. But
compensation'was made in part for its destruc
tive fury... Anextensiye meadow (ultra .base,
WhiCh had borne Only wild , conrse.grasses ; Was
rendered more fertile by the fine sedirtieni,.here
and there four or five:feet in depth, that was
diStribUted'upon it, and now produces excellent
grass and white clover.. Take a century or,two
into account; arid we Grid the mountains fertil
izing the soil by the:minerals they'restore to it
to compensate' the •wastes of the " harvests.
The, hills; which, as compared with living
'beings,. seem. everlasting, ;at. in truth,' as
perishing.aslirey. Its; veins of flowing , fount
ains weary, the mountain heart as the: crim.sini
pulse does ours; the natural forces Of the iron
crag is 'abated in its appointed time, like:the
strength olthe sinews in a human old 'age; and
it is but rthe lapse of the longer years 'of (tern)
in the sight of its Creator, distinguiahe
the mountain' ran , 4 frtim the' moth and ti
worm "
A. Sonnyv' Tarckln.the summer of 185 . 4, a
servant girl, named Hannah Mengle, in -the
family of.Mr..CuminingS., of Bellefonte,' bought
a ticket.in a lottery; held by . J.• M. LYthe, 'at
the Monnta'in House! Blair county, by „which'
; she •drew a' carriage yarded at $3OO. :The
-carriage was giVeln charge of Mr. Cummings,
tOdelive't to'the girl, but 14,.charged the girl in
.settlernent other wages_ with the :ticket,. and
locked up the carriage'. Acting under:the ad-.
vice of Andievi O. Curtin,. Cummings ,refised
to deli'yer the vehicle' over to : the She
.hroughrsuit 'to fecover the, property she had
fairly drawn in the distribution of
.articles' at:
the Mountain House; Through the, influence
of:Curtin and , a kiiowNothing jury, And notwi7
.thstanding the Jude eharged• directly. against .
the clefendant,• die lost her dollar "awl 'her. ear.
.The ;verdict was not guilty
.but ,the
defendent'to pay :the :Cost. 'This is 'literally
.true, and can be substantiated from the records
of.the Court of Centre County,.and it shows.the
:hailer rind manliness of Andrew G. Curtin, ..the
Black Republican candidate for GpVernor, in
. aiding to.cheat'a po6r . girl out Of, her property,,
,which she had fairly won and which. every
right minded min will say, justly belonged to
her. Wliat think. the people Pennsylvania Of a'
.man who would be guilty.; of.:sach; meanness : ,
: Bet it is censistent . With the 'Character of the
notorions.Mr, Curtin, and acts like' : the. above:
are part and parcel Of his eiture.Jitniata . Tror
'Democrat:' • •
, -A n enthusiastic doctor :Writing froth. Pike's
Peak;' advises. ecinsurnptiyes tofer.sako sea
coasts and watering places'—tbecotilmongrave;
yards of 'consnmptices=and. spend a season
among. the Rocky Mountains, where they can
get freih'and genuine bear's, flesh, grease • and
all,•, - Which he says.lS better for colisumpticin
than all the•cold.liVer - oil In the world., , Here,
and here. alone, says he; we veriti.believe, this
mournfully intereating.class will find.thelong
sought for elixer vitae. .• • .
. .
triLmNG liton Si•anr.F:s : That is high be
tweerr floors. Most stables at'e, •built, !Ow "be=
cause they.'are
. llut such people' for‘
get that tVarmthis obtained it • iOsaerifice of
the health of the' animal and pure air. Shut a
man up in tight, small box: ,the air may ,be
warin, but, sot - inlay 'bite out ..dead. and
cold if ,he 'continues to breathe
are tigbt.theyshould also be high; if they are
not tight, but to the adMission of air from'
all directions they are e r nrially fault Y... A sta
bleshould be carefully ventilated; and one of
the cheapest modes is to ,build a high one.: •
inom Ptarnaint.- - -If tears become 'any
one When dying; it is him,whorn , laughter did.
not become when living: seeing, lie saw, that
which.inade.death a tiling to'he wept over at
hand,. and, susPending above.
,his' head.. Ilow
closely'did his weeping follow upon that laugh.
To the eternal tribunal' of. the just Jtidge our
appeal is safe. He will. rescind *the: unjust
In airgood ,studies but wassPe.
cielly given to Philosophy and poetry, which
even, I neglected in process of time;leing •de-
lighted with the scriptures, in which I
perceived a hidden sWectdeis. 'which 1-.onee
despised:- • Poetry:l reserved for..Ornainentaf
Ae.truth.is immortal,' so, a lie lasts,. not,
feigned. things . are soon discoveeed , ae the hair
isaombadand aet with: great dilligenre is ruf
fled W . ith - a little blast of wind. The craftiest
. .
lie cannot stand before 'the truth; everything
that is .covered is soon 'unco'vered; shadows
pass iway, and, the native color.df 'things:re
main. No manCVn.liiielong under water; he
'must• needs come forth and show the face.which
he concealed, .
' •
Desire and - strive:to- die.. well, ~The rest
comtnit- . fa Gut]; ' . who.. brought you 'into, ,the world'unaaked, but who, when you are about to
leave it; will not introdued you liato his: king
dotn.nnioubt. -I .• . ' . - • . . . ~
• t:
, SEWA4 AT SPee,n Vlrt 1. li r Cu
Mr: '*)Ward made . at Detreit Was intended for
.the whole country, and therefore . it was.ca s u;
tiously,elaberatedr,the radical and' revolittlon-'
. ••. • • • , • • , .
ary sentiments it contained 'were , put in • the
forth n(generalties, andaftr being carefully
pruned arid polished it . ' was furnished
aieusly to tothe..Whole press: After its de ; .
theSepat(4. proceeded ity
western tour, to make the_ loss guarded and
.More'eftective declartition of ..lilscic - RePublicati
•policy to ideal:audiences before Which no ton
cealtnents were necessary. We have frequent
ly denounced the black RePublican sytitem of
, party.agitation, which it to make the. most
ole'nt aboliticin speeches and declarations in the . .
rural districts, and then moderato their
pressions or deny, tham.altogether. when brought
before a national 'audience, or,
,catechised by
opponents in the hills of
: Congress.. :We haVe
note dcterrnined to fellow these revolutionary
agitators into' the, rural. districts, and by .our
special' eparters, , and.thaJdriliinited use. of the
1041 - aph, cost what it may,, to spread in the
ihrald.their local decla . rationa or revolutionary
policy and civil war as widely,before the whole
nation as . we hive cloae with the Mare guarded
addresses'of theft orators and representatives.'
by our enterprise and.deterMination in
pect we'..cati arid will place the issue of, the
present ctiticSi . cantest before the penpleo,-
Here is the issue stated by Wm. H.' Seward:7-
. .
: .
' It has alwayit my, rolley to tako taro that every new
.State'sbonld he e free stile, and I Will larett.,Fifelong as I
can, within the Enda . of c ons titutional nutlet), the !1e.%
. ... .
ereasc , and dltniontion (.f African slavery in all thetßates
. .
That to the ':lvhole 'lineation. ' ,
....: -. l'.. • . ' : :..
What'. : is. this: t'constitational action''. by
which it is p.ropoSediO curyr...out...the, 'decrease
and diminuiion of African slaVery in all . the
States?". Mr. Seward shoWs it. very
-points to the,handful:'of madmen; 'with a'
few pikes aridspears,.cariying the ''.oldeSt; the
proudest, andnnce ihe,greatest leading federal'
: State in., the,l.Tnion,"to the . Varge of . servile
war; 'to the'excitement in . Kentucky and Ten
neSsee.'caused by a. few abolitiontitsi 'and '-to
the i ncendiary teachings'and*.murderous prOrnp,
'zings now" gOing.'on among' the slaves in Texas,
whiali he cha.racterieti by themild appellation
or'islavery being brought into debate:among a
iirtion.of. her cilizens.". Ilerebe paints hoW
'much may 'be done bY a few citiaens : if - notin 7 '
terfered .With. But, says. Mr . . Seward, I 4. -
army' and ' navy of . the Stites are
brought; uriconstitationallk,.to: bear lagainst
than!. •' What do we'• maintain , this:army' and
navy foti asks.lllr..Seward; and here is, his an=
swer iii his own words.. let.everycctizen read ,
thenfand Ponders—
In .or d er that rlayps may ntsy . not okapis :Irani the
slave States into the free and• that free or' emancipated
negroes iu the free States may 'not en ter .and introduce .
Civil war into the slave States, and because.tilefl4l the
provoke a foreign 'enemy, the Southern fr * ootiar, ie ecpo 7.
sed to 'invasion (rpm England, France, 'arid Spain. .That
is theWhole'object of our army and nary; *:
Entertainidg these • vieiti s , he declare's , the
the 'first constitutional act which should be per
to diminish slaveryin all the :Sethern
States, find that a,pat riot,"
4no do atvay with the army.and navy of
United States, in order that it shall . not pre'
vent freed slave§ from introducing; civil war
;intojthe slave - States, or iesist invasion from
Englend, Fran ce, or Spain, on''the. Southern
frontier: .This . is the Hartford.. Convent lOn doe:.
trine ofArassachusetts school;" :it- is,
treriscin . of the blackest . dye; it is-thorough,
going, Opemfaced,.black-Reptiblica nienn . . • . This
.is what..Nr. Sei.vard says "one single adminisl:
tration will settle finally and forever," if Abrii
ham Lincoln is elected President—•• Lefthe'na
tional men of New York consider- this ;truthful
exhibition of blat; repUldica . .nisMby'its lead-.
iTig orator and expounder. Let every'patriotic
American contemplate, the "brutal and bloody"
conflict which these demastignes wOuld inaugu
rate- in , Otir Midst; and then ask himself what is
his; duty as a citizen ands pat riot.--..N. Y. nit%
.Tun LoArna.--:-The most miserable, hopeless'
scrap of humanity, is an .idle . man,--a 'man
• ,whOse.chielaiininVe is to "loaf"—to waste
in listless lounging, and mental and Physical • in;
action the beit years of his life. -There arc a
number of such here and in every'other town- 7 -
miserable lo . afers; who, accept occupatiOn of no
kind—.whose lives ciin;scarcely be called lives
•:-.‘413. die, oneafter:another, and leave behind :
them—.what? A vacancy •to be inourned7,.
No,. for, they :are themselves vacancies; not
men: . .To these atoms society owes nbthing.
The history 'of. the world's prrigiess ignores'
their natnei,lheir existence,. and being dedd,.
the gave contains. no ,more - inert, .Worthli!ds'
earth than it didbelore.. They become - chron- .
idnuisanceS; they ha've,nolocal Wabitationoind
no narneae far as regards their worth or
'anti from daft° day' in tho'hands of busy men;
they piss content .as uncorrent funds—et so
much of a disconot that - they
,can't, even. buy
hemielves. The only apparent. eirettion 'they
e xhibit is,that whicb.,•enables them- to be..iri
somebody's way, to .the • great hindrance of
that somebody's progress and:business'. 'They
• never do any special harm,.and never,. accOrri- .
plishenYlood; They die only wlienthey•iet.
tea lazy and indolent to'use their,reSpitory or
gans... They get the consumption,. because
they 409 C energy' enough: fo :cough: They .
give, .employment nobody, because
. they
have . nrine'fouthcmselveS.. It costs.: more 'to
get them to the polls to deposit 'their votes.
1 . :
. ••
• •
. . .
ttiah their forenoon, : and . , the election,
are:worth. :Frorn'these,; end. such es then,'
may . Fortune preserve oll.:*elt:menning
As a' tyeary traveler , was wending his„ .Way
through the mnd : ina far. west region 7 of the
coal - 107,hp discovered a YOuni'meiden 'seated:
in the door of a. small 'Tie rode an.
In front of the eabin;riod,asked the
. girl for a
.drink of water: : Ha : drank :it;, and AIM. being'
the first Woman he had seen •for.'eeveral 'days ;
offered her , a . •dinie:for a The young
Miiiden.siccepted the 'offer; and received_ both
the kiss' and the 'dime. The traveler was
about to resume his journey, but the ' . girl,*never
before having 'seen a dime:asked: • ' What
I. to .. do:with : the: dime?" "You may tine.. it . . in
any waYyou.ivish," he replied, youre.".
If that's tie case, then, said she, 4, PllgiyOyOu
*brick ttie dime and teke'anether kiss." • .
The .following letterhas been receiyed• 'froni
Verice,dated the plat of July:— ....•
descripthn can giVe'ari ideaof .tho sad
and . melancholy state of : Vnice.. All , the no
ble and wealthy foreign families whO.used ev
ery year to'occupy apart:nor - its in the palaces
of the Canal, have aba4doned it, and the • amt.
gration of the native inhabitants is
.becomin g
greater and greater .every day:: There is an
undisguised stuggla between an, unarmed pop
ulation,. who manifest :by all the means in
their power their hatred 'of foreign rule, 'and
arr.obstinate stupid loCal government,•.reven
ging itself on the population by various'petty
annoyances.' this struggle the AuStrian
army remain neutral, and, if We are •tO jtidge
from the cermet remarks of the, officers, it: Is
fatigued with the task impoSed on it. A, •:re
cent decree' commands that the' ancient ' formu
gcLombardOkenetian".Shall be employed • in
officialects end the word Lombardo. is as
often effaced eit it is pasted in the •ig tirae of St..
Ma:k.. It was 'announced on the 27th that
Garabaldi had landed on the Neapolitan territo
ry, and the national:colt - ire were..seeitllying the
following day fromthe.capello palace, now.
habit 'ad 'by one' of a very few . Englisb families
rebideritet Venicri; it was', formerly the•
dance of the French '.consul. .The festival of
SantellTartha, and the festival of the Redemp
tion, were fornierly observed with great, pomp
'by. the' Venetia* they now pees. en'perfect si.
lance: • The Venetian's aie . trineh grieved at be
ing time compelled to 'neglect the festival of .
Santa Martha on the 20th , 'De; the
26th; the principal Inhabitants ef iliac; Island. of
Oliieg'gia; chiefly, fisherman' nseembled•nt' din
ner,and the health of hatabrildi.•Was.,drenk
with loud Cheers. On the. night of the 26tH
the Anstriair police arrested 23, of.the .ffsher 7
men...' Baition upon Bastion , are being con
structed, and cannon i.eaped upon cannon are
aireeted against the .town:.: May it .not suffer
the fate of.Parermof There is"not a convent
which is not converted into ,a beriack•mid now
the church of.Sants Lucia. is about to; be con
verted into a fortification. On' the' 20th the
naval conscripts were tailed onto Serve,. whet)
for every.l9o'nrien 35 only responeik . The re
Mainder went to swell the ranks of Garabaldi
I have:rilreatlir alluded to -the sympathy ex-•
pressed,by part. onhe Austrian army` for the
people'of Italy. It is certain that some officers
'of the regiment , of Don Miguel. have been ar
rested'and that the chaplain has arrived at.
Venice in custody of f 0 den'darmes."'
N'Eavous::Ess.L—Take plenty Of bodily' exer
cise, livtf
.well, and avoid smoking and . ardeat
spirits. The following is, said to . work' won
ders.in such case's: 4 .l; o 4ldeliori.l3ter.--Take of
da'ndelion roots, well
.washed and 'dried,
nonces, boil th*m in six quartsi .of • water. for
hilt an hour, strain and add treacle one pound,
and half an ounce .: of yeast: 'The Whole:to 'be
put in . a bottle S and left to ferment Im...twelve
liCrtirs... A wine 'glass full morning aria" even-.
SINGA;LAM Case.--Wi recently heard a re.
'markable and.tonching story ot. a little...
the. son of a gentleman in an adjpinirig. county.
.His age is thirteen. He is nn interesting prom
ising lad, .One day during the Pait.winter,.he
failed to rise" as. in the moriling . as usual,
At length ,his father went into the room where
ho lay, slid asked , hirri why he 'did
. not get tip?
He said it ieeined dark yet, and he was 'wait
ing for daylight. His father .tetired, hut the
Goy :did not . Make his lippeararicg for some time;
he returned's second time and said, ' 4 4.Nly. son
why don't you get up?". . 4, Ftither ie it - day„
. •.
' '•
.wTheri,-Ftither,?' the lit
tie, fellow said, c‘l amtlind;"'rind . so it was;
big sight was gone. • •
In a short time -his father took. him to Nash_
villa, to got the benefit thetnidical•profes
sion there, but. none of, the physiciatta could do
anything for, him, and hopily made no eaiperi 7
ments on his eyes. Some ladies in the family
of his father' sought. to cheer him in his,titllic=
Lion, and one niglitipropesed to take him to the
opera that he might hear the music arid sing: ,
• I{e went,. and was delighted:
course of the performanie, all at once he let;p
ed bp; threw hie arms around hia fitheos,nCek,
and'.screamed with ecatacy; "Oh! Father,, I
-can see! I can . s..e!" Ilisaight hod Instantly.'re
.5416: then he has retained it in full
::: .,, AA', :,,,, t l; '-t:,, t ? , '; ,,, ' . -, , ::'..
r* r
', 1 :,0,-
-4 ~..-., •:.-,
vigor, 'except that untle'r exOttiatenf'ttiri,tite'
transient dirnnetis of iftlion..':,the . :,eatie..ta: ono .
of a remarkable snit 1140114 nhiiiititir.4oPris
The Beim* of Teirrore
Three republican manifestoes, from recog.
nized leaders of. the -.party' hire. just' ', . made
their apitearance, and are highly.. instraCtive.
'nese manifestoes, which fairly , .reprosent.the
iank and file'of the piny, are a recent' speech .
ofV. H. Seward, an editorial article from, the.
New York ' Times,. and another from the' New
York Tribtms, tha leading nawspaperorgans of
the repoblicans,sas Sewaitl is their ,foremost•
statesman, their prophet, priest.and guide.
These deliberate expressions of sentiment are
the programme ,of the drama -by the - author
lilinself,and by the chief actors, Who havallteir
parts'aiready assigned them. Theperformance
id to be a reign of terror. It has been eirried
'already into the. South: The VOMIT 'cane -it
""terrorism in Texas,'! end the'Trounsdeserihes
it as ‘ , Texas in ,terror,“'., The Times says:— . •
“Ar long as slavery exists, mid wherever it ex
ists, there.will be.iilesigning and indefatigable
abolitionists, 'and isespicioncand ,exiitable
tell, and El social organization Which can only
be saved by fiti ofirearchy and bloOdshed and'.
mob law every fdursitars is not wortitsaving.”
The lore,gone conclueion is, of 'course,' for get
rid,of what is not worth saving.' . Thi Tramie,'
with eltaractetiatic boldnessopeake • mit Moro,
plainly.. It says:—itThero. is one state of so
ciety—one state of suppiessed ' war—which,
when it breaks out into Open hostility, May .
bring, with it consequences w•ith,whicb no other
warfare is ever followed.", • What the suppress
ed war,-'is vlhich: is to break' out into open
hostility, another tort of the .. artigle -leaves . 'oo
doubt. "It is dangeroni," adds the Tribune,
4•playing with such mi edged tool as servile, in,
surrection. • • • They would then fiotl,
too late, that' they. have kindlelf , a , consuming
fire which they -.cannot so :easily extingnish,
and raised hands by',thoaeands" . which ,' wol not
wait for arms' to commence. the, crael'en d
frightfulwork•of servile war." -There is no
mistaking such language AP this, nor the follow
ing•from the same , pent—" Slaves, who may to
night, acting' . with one common purpose, 'car
rying out it long cherished. design, under the
'eed of those among' thetti who are most intel,
ligent, most cunning,- arid also most Cruel,.
wreak their tong pent up .vengeatica on mortal
foes."' • • . .
All this is only in perfect unison: - with the
key note' in the speech of-Mr. §ewead, .who (Je
erer:es that his policy is not ; to prevent the, ex!
tension of alaverfin the Territories, but to sNe
c,reaseand diminish it in.all.the States," till, in'
the words of Lincoln at Springfield, 'be las sc."
compliieed its g.ultimate extinction:: "This,"
says 31r. Seward, !"is the *hole question. If
I am wrong, then I •am egregiously 'wrong."
Hero is a straighHorward declaration of princi
ples,and polley,.and"we.regret to say it is, not
yet met on the other side by a: corresponding,
boldness. .Mr. Seward . ihows in his speech that
„the 'South will be an.eary fuer of *the jtepubli
aan party,.when they get into.power; 'that the
.Southern States are in such a condition that a,
• handful of men can ; at any time,
,raise a do
mestic insurection. Which centiot pa quencbedt
and that At this moment every Sebtherti - State,..
, as . well as Texas now . ; and_ Virginia last fall, is
in terrOt of an approaching bloody revolution.
In. the" same. strain 'sing the Tribune' and the:
liner.. It is the'very burden of their song.=
in the,exultation'of an anticipated. viatoix, in
the•Presiilentitil election; ,they • already. exult
over the South as a prostrate: foe, and tell it
ihat it may as well quietly submit to its deem,
and surrender to'destruetion itself and its•initi
ttition, whichyConnot seam,
.Nor . is Ihernians left doubtful by which, this
devoutly wished-for consummation is to be at
tained. •In Helper's book, ind;irsed by all the
Republican • members of Congress, 'ineluding
Mr. Seward; the reign of • terror, the torch Of
the incenditily, fire and sword, a 'servile 'insur
rection 'of the- blacks, headed by•non-slaiehold-;
jug Southern whites, reinforced by- Northern
bevies, is held out as. the only ulternative . to .
the planters in the event of their. refusing; to
submit peacefully to 'be despoiled.'' :The' triode'
'of doing the business without. bloodshed js - un-•
folded . in the work'of Spire . ; the %other *great
handbook ofrepublicanism. plan is to • frei •
the Souther n:slavea by habeas corpus, supPor
ed by the,wholepoWer of the'army:and navy;
and if the army, and navy, ill not tle . 'their duty,
then, as Mr. 'Seward intimates, they' intuit, be ,
abollsbed,'and their place supplied by the •re
publicantnilitia• of the' North . and, the, Wide
Awakesa military organization•within the'
republican party, who are in the necrerof
the political leaders, and who • wear , uniform
and:drill at 'present with-a torch, for which a:
musket is to be' substituted, hereafter; when
they march, to Washington to enforce the , in
sugurat ion,ef the republican President, and per
forin ether service for - which' it :seems' the
regular troops cannot bri.trusted, , Mr. Seward
says hi considersit his - sidutY,as a. patriot"' to
refuse ""to wring 'money from the ireemen of ,
the United States to sustain the army and as
vy,which .ere now in their very.. influence,
corrupting public virtue." . ' . ~.. , ,
• Hero, then, is a full del/elopement of the
den of “the irrepressibte•_conflict"' aguittst
slave labor wherever it exist s, which was pro=-
claimed two years ago both, by. Seward and.
'Lincoln; and let no, moderate , conseryaHve re.
publican, who is only wanted by the revolutiow 7
iota to swell their vote, but ..is %'really *Weed
by them, lay.thellattering unctionle:, his soul
that the design •of tnparty : kJ° prevent the
sl i
extension of idavnry in 64 -Teriitoyies;:4here*
nature, the . Taw cif,pop ;lotion, Aind - the' consti.
tinfoil of the United tittle,. will oways 'settle
the question, without 'ny interference of, 'con- .
grecs or thO .federal ...executive s , end .everi. in
.despite of their interfereliFe., :.. ' .... ,
. ,
No,. the real design le - iivoled by.'Spooner
and Helper, - by"-the. republiein memberii..of . •
Congress.: -who have: endorsed. the , latter, .by .
Seward ° "sinil, Tlt:iv:4n; by the Trikose, and by
all the leading 'oratrirs,and mins. of the , party• •
those ; who Vita e ' control and:• 7: ^ 2
against 'the voiceit of a few-conservative..
men: linging to the parti would be ,
ling against it : northwester.. 'the true,;.place . ,
for all Such men is teith'the other conser;vi,tive •
elements, where they Will. feel tbeir natiirl • "
'weight and do good service::, thn 'dariges is•
imminent mid great.' : Before ifie
them_ come,. out: ef. a desperate teyolationary'
parry, whose. eearse cann9!'r.rclitroh
3 ~."
':,•74. % .:', 1.41.; ; ,
Webi. 17.