M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, January 26, 1860, Image 2

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, Sri:*.'i.' '''We'ati;c4t • e/tar:olltet I/`gorr4r.'a
...:., p : t r " ' Velditnitli:ilintrislied arill'illittiti
.•I'i. ,
1 ,, ' ,- L Itiiiit:4o,,iogitytribut t - _., r,
,io i .
.., •.,•iii p d i i. ~, ittitigedellitit, the :.piice‘.- Ilikw
venerable, , e.itartlisett%•at least' If juts a goe
:lliiiriPit'2,,,tit44. ltsititignler projeetiOne;'ilike
.:- . .heA ll ittireeeCjacter.oo,l3amith i "e;, Nevi_ itslit-.
ter*" arid't)treadtiarre'!.artille, Lille oldylohttioi s. i . !! ,
101011A,dzitA, nuniiherleap „loop-holes of _retreat
'.'.'for the iiii.tv wine to' peer ttiratigh; :end' cool
• ihiprOttiimi4iplition: . .-; . ..,
- ..„..lr'. , watt i trinelt garret, far removed from all
econnietWiiilf . itiortalit.Y; in.- Arhich.: ,Otway,
conceit's - li' andy#tittiM hie effectini.ttegedy of
srVeateeAtreesti 'ia;vi iic.it.
,ih" a garret
ttiit,itelate,"theritalett, rolt;,•,whiek. eventually
teriltosted„iin,hial..ileeth. .It.seas in a garret
.`thoj.h,i,gitgqi. iiid 4 . 0 t 6e-'' iiiiini ale , Nadi=
'.ltralfeilid,„debti.ttlied.thif the frig and the Omirt;
with' laligliter; Saline' lie' hinisel f.' vrrithed in the
• tgaiiiin'pange:or etit*ttlon ! '- A"gentlemen'
fonidpitlen,lhhleau age'egnOsi.4l tO the ills
" otiolitillt,49o 0014 in a:garret in an obseore
'ear,.nitriirLindita'.,, ' a You Mai Wier for my
, earhilmed ',thor . ..Yetterahle peat, 'on
„seeing' hun,, :‘,o,totit, neyar ' triind,;• My 'friend • th e,.
„fang lelll.be.Avai atrim ! !', , 'fle. died 'a few days
Afteratirde, t :. , . •
Peer -Chatiertont' the.. efeli4pleis , boy whci
perlatied,in his ptide, i .' overcome by poverty,
and sting to the ilniek liy the , heartless neglect
of a higeted,aristoersit' commenced hi a im rnor
• ..talitir ih'e,garre(,iii,Shcorectiteli.:,
.Fo'r two days
PriYilllikt9 .liiti do r ettile had eaten nothing. 7 —,
lia t .,.lantiladY, , ,,„pitYing hie deselaie' condition,
invited. It tto Cep ,With lh er,' he. dee:lined' . the;
invitation,:ami,Pit'an end'to. his etisietically ,
demur:Ward, the great showman, has been
to Otterlin,hise , „exhibsted his,,curivaities •to the
ocullidgOOtiOlOni' 'the, , ,icroor Whites;"
and sifterloaliipe about •fiinifor. a'While • retired
fr0mt 1 4e;.4 .4 4 61 lhe'ojassiO.wolis of li:ot.ooo
brated.pistittption,,and.commiinicatSs • his imL
Prassioas,tbereof tu . theOeyeland:F/fsin Dealer.
ciOberlin is •'great , :piece. The Koilidge
?P i n* wlt.hll prate, and,the Newlfork Trihu e
ss.read;, kkolleglrshun iis.then.talten up to,buy
eueriMat• with, red 'bcirn,*itona on them for
.tha jadighent people of Kanaily.
bliya.ta,:kontribit, liberally. to, the glorious werk,
as they 'trawl' it bear. At the boarclin house,
the lrullured, peoplailOaSit the fuiit•talile: W hat
they lemte,is made into bast!' for the 'white peo•
ple.,..Aif.l.'don'.ilike the idea 'of entin my wit-;
Iles vitth''niggiirs; I set at the • sOtond table;
and theilMnieqaericele that I've.devowerd So'
Maiti'llish „that My inards are in a highly mixt
• oP. kOr l 44hun. • Fish bones have mnde.their
appearance Ovey, my body, nnirpotai Cr peel.
• ins• sir sp ringing up oil thre thy hate. •Howes.
• it. : - :"Pm gettin along' Well in a
pecrinerg Pint of view. The Kidlike hes Icon
fired upon Me "the henoty title of K. T., .of.
Mhfcti I,.•m•Utliciently, prowd.: Unless go to
Rfeeivigy.itniniY; I shall be. in Kleveland next
. E:iiiivvelt'• Where ere I Kerrie, Ile nere
forget • the.. togit out my handbills
in 'dahlia stile. •
, • •
Ammtts WARD, K.
- ,
the.coarse debatc the. Houle hall) I
on Irtids!,y . )ast,;" it_ was : proclaimed' from the
Vensinaratie..jterty; aide that it is well known
tp,all,tibielteratblieisni; itihey will support that
Psitletnit4 they can'el,e4 Mr. Peaninzton to
itnY.Motrierit; and that en.
bitineasiepit., , waa not denied by any oi l the RA.
0 4 1410iVzitite.:: - corc the contrary the only
was a, broad intimation
Mr. Colfax that the Deritocrits ,woidil
WOO itioldnited ttt minding their'own busines9
thol7adOorpktheii,opponeWs whom to s import
'tor 1.41' Spgrkerfship: This liverish is Of in,
istriat,hecanse ithiltrates' the 'truth blot' r
repeated'aiiefaraticin that lite ° Republicans . Will
tisOrai.iiciptliei'Siieitker 'than the siiiir4 of the
nooy.t.pok'tispireiit9; and "that their prdten ,
:contrary, amount. to unhinehinc
and nothing else, 'Helper , ant
iii,silliff.77Frailicnilon, Mar. • . - .•
travErazyuaie:—Generat .Dix, a.
clear,.:thinker, in hl capital sPeech' of Tamma
ityrialthai,ion;after remarking that the Con-.,
114i4latitai7Wastbewieest Wm of government
seer'lletriatit'br iritin,.thtii described the 'finbe
*Sows, '
',ls . tylfe)iiea a Cla,i.amoni us, not noraerooll•
~active and restleis, the victim of morbid
idrasyncrieles wile think differently, Who .In
mot who in their disbelief as
iiiiaiel#Jie,.:pareCthan'Washingtbn,.eriser than
sigacidus' thin 'Madison and
Hatilltan; and Mere patriotic than the Maniacs,
Raddnlphs, the... Maoris, the
Piakiteysiditpd. *Lather great men,,who, in the
Yederat,Crsayarttioa; conaulted .and labored to
gatheriand surrendered up treat interests for.
thiaotnitian `good • • • ,
=r ; The , Anburrr Advertiser relates a singular
dies 'Of of disease. Harmon Beach, 'died in 'that
place. list.,MOndar.. Five. or sin yearii kge, :
*ken Itartrion Seek ahnui'fifteen years of ace,,
be aninyed:rolituit,healt4 he was . ;then emit,
ikainrdinarisise ofbeye '
of that age., widen .-
..1y be commenced accumulating fat,', a i in a
.yinte he Wei so flesky that . it ' was with great
diMeuley thither could, move about: He was a
'Moderate eater; bUt It made no difference'ahout
Mr aii4 . be triereiled-as rapidly' on oatmeal .as
o`s'pork'diet.:.For;the past year he pursued the
liaoat.rigirldieti eating nothing' but biscuit and
wittier:%!Still,. he theraised 'in bulk and failed in
- allawolgthOind at hi.' death Weighed ,300 pciun!'s•
'' .is
.tileig:4ll4l. - inaidente.. attending .tbe late ca.
Ilutioidist)itil g oirrepre Is the: following, which
speculation., A 'yOung yvp
aiiii;en operative. , the.mill; who belongs , at
'hilsol4./14.U*li-akt, dinner on the. day'of
lie geeideat, bed a ' piesikueut thet something
-tsistitt,wu isibtitieto: happen..:;¢he endeavored
*dissipate the fesliag, but ,way : . unable to do
She wentinto . the th
shatter - palsied .60 heavily: upon ',heir mind that
am!eloeit.P.ilit; she, had go home. iq
diiposed.. . Site thus escaped tqr,i6l6,coiiii
.quenOi vOicibeniusai . • ,
tsaintrisrpayst,:allsw.:lB,,The territorial
:141iittore,adjourned•sine die to-day, the;gen
that the Goiterreit
,- ;:irtuf,imineisiiiteli.coarene it by. saeeitil/proela
y• arising' front ,the ad
• 'fieetriliiiint iawreneet is therefore .coteidered,
` Jon.' X lB.. '
l'iS4Ojeiliatiii(l.;eigisiature.to-day the G r Ov..
'meet, 44'Sister
iri c la . :epee ' ot
licensing and
test: , 'Northern
prohibit hitt,
itkoa. decierini
41,04 on the
.04 1 ,4;0 ;4 1 44
tdllo,..ll,hre , sleek:to
' N•a dissolutsc.r
"day,. j4iari ism)
rEiritztiiiLt, • :&- s, •
c •o
••• . .ADVERTISISCI;Atinr.ay. .• ' •
119 Nitisin Strist,'Mtir Yoik, . natl.lo Stale St. Boston
..• R." H. irrrivNlit.i.t. dr: CO.: the Agrisea ror
,3l , Ecsks . :Danbankr nod the went ,lo!lutnittal iud largest.
elivhiaitig.Newstripers in the United Ot.nles.nod the . c an,
adae;....,They. ; are authorised . lo -091iyai•t , rurlis . at. oite
• We'are regyeeteil to la [sleet ing of the'
pemorrotie voters, of Keating towni:hip . ,.and
therborpugh . of intethOort;af the '6)4!
on Tueerley !veiling next yreek:: .Let there be
general ittendance. • ,
Coroiderable . triatter prepared for this weak'S
paper waatrOwded out by new advertisements'
*Melt came to hand at a late hour. Our rea
flutS, we trust, willercuse the•lack or,i9terest
to thern,-When they reilect . thitit is qccidedly
to our ingirost. •• •
The foe in the . 11 , 1iinongah0a . iiitve 'way on
Sunday laat,..eanaini,.gyeat-dartinge. A . I:a rao
number offinata—soine of thern,laden—::Werr_
swept dolin the current. •
.CAsvALTlEs.—qp• Fri.laY last, Dr. Fananpf ,
accompanied by his wife and a :little girl
about four:yeare old, % .Was passing,' itero,s the,
briOge'over Itatliin . creelt, at the arinlr parr. of
the borough; when' the horse T hernining.chnlie , l
by the' collar, fell . down`and ;ell. the
drawing' the sleigh and . c intente:afterhim,
cifiltating . the whole' party solid ice be,
low ? a distance.'or ten feet.: Mrs. Freeman
and chili were.severely hurt.: The-Dr, e3c . aprd
•Without serious injury... • . • •
The.eame day Mr.' TA-st.Oft.wbo
lumbering • on the porta•iei .Lib , rty tOwnAhiti,
vne. ba(ll3, :bruised'. by
. 1oz:s rolling. over him
He had, unbonnd his load oClo!. , :s piellatakory
to•rolliue; them down's ,steep bank into .the
stream, and went to, the lower. aide •to .start
them off 'the sled, when .he. unfor:tenotely fell
in the -way of the and the entire: load
'paised.over his body, - Itds thought he
Nevi tourgir—We learn tliat our shiPpen
friendtvare making efforts to tfset .up .. for them ,
selves;" with this view , Pstitiona have'
sent tplltirrishurle,prayingthe,legislature thit
a new county be erected: out of ;parts. '0f . .51c-
Kenn, Elk,' Potter.and , ,Clinton, 'Wishing 'the .
people of that yiinityall speed in their grow,
ing mosperity, we still mile protest against
this tlismernlierment our County:. The ills-
inclination to- part company with our ShiPpen .
.friendS,,wonld not .be the, , ,onty reason to urea
,against,ihiapioject:.: The organizalion of
_a' new
County, "afthis time, iv entirely tin , all , l for,
and wmild add largely to the ex.penses,.whirli
the people'of that sParsely'settled district 'conld
ill'alrord to !pay. :A remonstrance:, on the p4rt
orthe.citizensof Nt'Kean county,ls in
. .
.:Wp.earrestly . re; ..upon the DemOcratie. so
tera-of the County - the roteiity of
atPly Orennizing,clubs in,each tovoiShiri..; The,
nod ar'e : iisinir every , PlYcirt to AliOlir:onise the
County preparatory: to the erent
Lie of 1800, nn wltirit.,depruit rm( ne 'n
On the .itipreSs Of:fhp Democraiie
narty.: , .vhiPh i . g . nOw , ll . p only National nnP,:rPO
the hOof.*OuflthP eiy . tnir3 . r: ileiriP rnie inme
f':i1;••„ no 1 ! ”.e n the
Union itself. The settle , ) opiieY of tho'lt'P'lh-'
lien Abolition .partY..Vrhich• 'ills: no ;-i:etonen'
lohat in the' fr... S at a, to tal:;ii
the governmPrit by .their voted; amt taiy;
4epriying the §ruthPro . .St'ate!Vot •theirle:Onrii n
teed rights in that.
appenlfothe svini , l; in' other words*, ennciO . 04 tir:
South- ,- --"peaceably, it they ear,foreibly. if thPv,
must." This unlawful, uncalled :for - int.rfe 7
renee. with • the. institutions, - '-onr. southern
hrethrPn;:has already, tqo,nzht'uti to 'the'. Very.
Whoirtniti to: try the exopri:.
rrient'fartheil.:.*Can any sane man exOect. the
South tamely Submit to the . repPatetririjn .
ries heaped - upon her, eyen. to an arniPd inva
sion of, her territory? •
. ,
• -In the,,cornine struold; Pennsylvania will
play noinienilleant pert. - Situate, as she.
midway bet Ween 'the two hostile • eetremes ,
her . tiordP•rs will the. fiihr •thicken:---
She•has'a deeper interest in the'permaneney
of the Union than. any Other State,. and. ha.
mostto.fear from servile insurrection
~et her beCome seetionalized, and all is
Let every Democrat' araconseryative,Na
tionalman rally to the defence or the sonstdo
rights to all" for their motto,
' . ‘ind'llriye the lawless, 'fanatic hordes back to
their fastnesses olthe North, and once more
give gaiet:and peacite eur.torn and distracted
I;iiin, We say, let 'us lose no' time in 01Tct'-
' .irig,n thorough.' organization; each election
district.. 'By alt neans lei this be done pre..
ijous to the township'eleetlons. . •
StrdlsloNO: B E FOIRE Tne. , HAR
Clgieland P /oideater'of the 17th lost.; annonn-
COS that Mr. J: W. Titcb,!Uriiteit Stutes, • Mar.
shal, Mirtherti•lnio;On : the proceeding day
veceiv.ed a bundle •of• official, : flocuMents from
the : Chairman of the Harper's. Ferry.lnvestiea
ling s couninittee,'cornm'atpli,ne• him to Subpoena
Joehoe',R : , . Giddings., :Ralph , PI and 'John
Brown, jr., to 'appeitif.hefore the COMmittee end
'testify imder:ciathell they 'may know about the
'organization. 4 , ThP;Sons of Liberty,'?,' or AnY
:other ...organization cOnnected ~ with „John
Brown's f.yfork - ip Kansas " If tbeee,Witneas . ;
es reluie . to obeyth.*.eummons, they are to 'be
arrested 'tinder_ warrants which accompanied
the sereptinti. The: l i lainfiealermlio states:that
the• Sons of Liberty .at West Andover, Ohio,
t hays, t . leeided 'deliberately 'to refuse to ;obey the,
suminots, to resist . if'attempts are neade to wn
foree •The sams actiotthas been taken at.
~~~f1i.:.. ~~
Etotweir.: ; DkploceAT:--71n or" three :ri,f .
laic sUc9 of. the.Citizeri 1) e:etiltoi:; pro' lern,.
I'4o m
rs.veryshard in trying to ake put that the
Democratic and.itsmCM-.
bent! are uttering, disunion sentimenta,.in, rest).
lutifil)B aiid
,Si/PeC11h11; and in the issue c.op
resolution; which he Said originatd in one
of tbe Southern States of. the , en'
ir;na,' - jo . proVe the fact. • •
• -In looking over the proceedings of a 11.-puh
feii'n.. meeting..herd 'in Petereboie, ittidison
ctitotY, Yi; on the-16th dni. of ti t •cpipbei
last ? My eye ; ft;ly upon. a set' of ..resolntioni
Which were passed by an .nnitnitnous - • vOte:.;-,=.-
the meeting ,was, presided over, by Hon. 'JAMES .
BAR:NE - H . , a lionnbliCan Member of - the N. Y.
legislature, from that connty, one Of the strong:
ost .Republican Coontre'S'in .thu State ! , The Most.
.atirociotij and intiimons sentiments were: . .pro-,
inirlxit'ed; and the ritoC;4;iliiiiii, .moreover, are
officially attested by Barhigt, as President !
'.,.show the char'acter of. the' m'oeting and the
ientinients •avo . wed I extract X portion of the
[l solutions:'=• • •
,4 1ZPEoved: . That the terror ix{lieh at its fi mc
fills 'the'slaVe hOlitina :S(4l . lPa,bf: this linioni in
i•rinseivieneri.of. the affiir at . rrior!:;' , .Vorry. h
is; in our opinion .that the
vatuin o4trai. , .e4..in .t of hold!
jin n/ omit mein eh:meislayer.,
sooner; orlater, to . bring .i.a . tho'fave•
holder. a. fearfol retrilintiorc nor.llolwe'VVOllii,i.
. .
that the, ttettp'cit , treitibline sat this hintrprp,
sentNito the,lips 01. ppress'orby.the:. God
• •
ot . th•• - appro.s,s•ll.
grsy . /vrl::That hs whit as policy •ia..
diratpi to the trientils of freedom to ethploy
. .
. ~ .
iiiiiy . t ha appropriate waiipops of moral 'and pa.
litienHearl.r.ie..agiiitist alaiiaiy, riptil the;. ii
-aresaions r4.t.he '1 . 9.:s of freedom sit,ill.•eompal
diem to meet ftirc‘!.by forari;-.finif titan it Will
111 . .± tll'eiratity
. i'l) else 'IIS ()fin ' 47i , 711, iiiirl ili,il l ele:io
• yiciiiry. br.nriiitt 'alort.oP tilair baiini4a- th.ii
tvat:ii'll 'word .so teytil.le to" tyiants-,-- ,, Lf . bni•ty 0;.
Thatdinn. J. G: W.,Ptit•
h;rii, wm. G.- •caditin.l . ,,' and J.
be a entittpi , ttee, (with pnwer jo ',I to
heir' ntitither ) to etir'r , pimil with .the Iri.iuk o'
Foodom.ihrpughoot the •Uhion, in iii:d'er . to s e
...tire pirdectiee - oitz•in'zit , oo, thigh .nli Il b•
.. . . •
tin 't h. iiii34 'of .IFriiiiijnin. 'Rini, whd 1 i 11 , or,lei - •
in'. the giSnis'n(•Lib , iriy" in thi.flax4'. O! i•.O
ReVolutiOn: was iii•the Ca 1 1 .146 of Frini4oin .thee,
a slii'elil.to•iha frifi'ivi and iii:oriny - With :b,ii - 1-
noi•-to th.i loos O! Fi•ciiiiloin...' • . •. •.' :
. ,
W . II E AF,: VIA di , (0, !, i;// fit th.ol .p? evtut ;PI/ •
1"P Odiftgl1;10OS U:O1011 b,110 • 1? 11ir frO , (0 , 1
d'lo , Ivo fiN i rOW Of
vtatm4,;l/14 rl • a
melict qi1d.g.0404 ion /irt• uc;(6rl' . .t .
s'ar , rill tliere4forp,
RESOLVED: • i rliat toer iv vile a fre.. :uorrfi y0 , 1;1 ,
of ikA so,,th in' urtlni
to dt'veir.ihn most stat Ole io my rind meqos
Cure din cOnskmatiOti "so dettoutlyi(ybe..toishnd.!'
.Earnest speec4.4 were-triad• Mr.
Pilkinton, T 3., Stewaft,:Eig.,
. .
Spqtniieutis bursts of..firiril;,Ose
rc;Alinti of :tite *,rt• piss-.
i;il unanimously.
,Aliep , nlomnity parvail,it
i.- meet ,It n the ;i'reatt.st minnimity
mint pr,;"yailflraritt • Onnoroll
th . e'llarper'si Ferry alfiit• h4el struck a deeper
cor.d'' in Lite' public ly•art ihnri hat' e'ver:lieit•
been 11!4 ixt re rt.v4i sent; manes' utter , /1
by lAA sperike , s 'loops
• upplirtarel; • 'Mr ,
llarper's Ft.n.y..,ffatrs us lint t•he6 . eihning nt
-the end;'' the' Northern.. giant la 'at . .'last. aW,I
-A rnone the pleegept inOtlen'sot the meethie.
wes the pre. entatio .Ity t he iur li ence. Po. ,
~?•21..tri. . s of Join' Btowii;, o 1 14 . 0:Oetly, Ted,
11eisrl. and: 'well. • •
• '' • • • •JAM'ES• Pret't.' '
Mr : : B.ankt bvbebrin gorid
a 'P.:1.444m iipM seiv.!ral th.• Most important
eniMMitte.s - rilth? ks . 4-mhly. • • •..
• It has .13? An cl.tirn•.l,l : am ea.tre, thlt th
avt.nia.tr's Iran thit in VO
. .
tiny fur John S : ar , n tn tor, .•Sticalc.r, riltgrepr••.
sCnt.ihoir trin.iitarnt.rt:ivill b•tl joy- the. alio
ttic as far • rr;4 crhini y is' con
nernedirbot th - ey do not liii3` , .pre!ient . theparty . :
and ?hit proof .qf the tvc fiid tn . thCir.'r • •• : c.ent
;lotion .in the, State • r....11 , ;1.titte,..16 cordially
corn thiqr course i . 4 . !i . encouraging. per
sistence in the sectional strife
There is nh.loligire therectria„ the 'sliglitedi
pretettne of truth in the assertion' that 11,pub...
licanism' offers from , AbnlitiOn) . emns derrtit'n
.atreletl by' the lath Virttinia, whit+
tivas'ehihinti lees than intense 11 , pa I.ri%hisin its
r ;r1rf.9! , 1)10/ - t,y Sirefrimpt s. •Grooloy,
lf,lotett,'Grtr . rrit Sinit4
It is .worthy,of , remark, in view ni: the reso-
lotion &More the SeMatt.; of . .P , :ziosltly.irtia that
, hcroas jot roducin'rhp' sulij-itr;
ettnfirlett himsolf to tho h . .arty •e o- montle,mi
or 'the'course of•the members Irom Pomnsylva.
tad in adhering : to Mr. Sheri - lan,' the, judicial
'c'ommittc.eadroitlV : eo.tted with deritineintion of
the national Adrninktration and protective
ideas, not lorg.tting declarations of non-regard
for . 'the constitotiCitiv but 'the digfiiiis'e.
flirtwy . (gr . ilee-p . Oen.' . They 'belie their. Pro.
feasions their acts, and stantpilloriel as
open synnpwizers with abolition aims and aid
ers of Rlack Republicanism • and Sectionalism
of the most intense schen!, : ' : .
We copy • from the ati'Fr;ipeised. Naito,/a/;.
he fojlowin . gwell.m.•r!ted:aneweilwriitel re
buke to tfie'abuanrs and sljpderers'of the wor-
thy Chief Magistrate attd•Ommend it to the
attention of all. ' • •
“Quite an 'eld Man tenants ' e very . l4ry; whil f
house et oilr distant' Federal Capital. 'Theo. ,
is hoar frost upon his . crest - dark.leckg, and his
'cheeks aittl'broW are ploughed with,deerk hir:
'rows. He'is the.master engineer of a complex
gaverninantal machinery. 'Strange is it, that
as illiVS/ICeS in' the pethway.of
lion; thelegal network-surrounding him - prows
More,minute and • intricate in proportion to hi:
ProgreaS. While the rude eavnge• is mkt by
the simple edict ol his' patriarchal chief, the
enlightened. Republican -fetters himsel(with a
Myriad of . .written lap's. The very aged , men
of whum“we , speak, has'little leisure for joyous
pastiMe. Moitly, when men • become sate and'
th'eit-rnuicles'are, shrinking, and their sinews
are . hrittle•frontraridity,they poze a etout.c.ine,
. ~ . .
and • surronnthitl . ......bir: .pirittling :grandchildren, .
1 ..
they'. betake.
,thernselveri 101arbiiis'arrd' 'green
weed, and lotinteanithraik away ilia . sunlight;.
Mastly. yilth green old rie come:, ease 'and.
sweet abaticnment.,;• there is:no : Stich:•
`'iilrri '
ni'mellOw. joy In 'the • declinirl. yearr; of. him
- who now . . Wields the be tenor. tederntiale.' ...In
. of ' intelligetit..i4ay lhe .'hiirid
. !....rovirnment is, - An Irreencinsible :puppet, :
and the caresand toli . of Chir:firienAlp Are snly,
rrdin'ates . .: .• The diuderri titesees ari iniliff , rent
and IrrnyF;.' Nu' maiden's.nirrrintent' is
the offirfe..oe.l'reSident of these 'United ,State.
Who •presirles'oVer tlies,e, thittY millintiS of. nee- '
vitas'. 'souls: has eniberka . d , upon,..the'lotrors.::- of
SYSiphue: The territ ory' of his-- guidance 15...
vest' byyend th . e.dreeM ~f inthe
.rtifaricionS, tiron' . :
'Al : C4•o . f . •Mite44 . n.' s • The:human' , masses he Con.'
. .
trots are the thralls_ of. a 'diatempered 'restless.,
near that can acercelyi..broak.any•limlt': , : His
iffithPets are wild and:, ferincriting:iritelljuencies
t iitio recrigniie•OCOU'im. :cir master beyond their
self%regOleted n reeson.... The laws' ther . hay . o. Inc
scribettnpon•the . statutory.page ere .completely ;
null if afrilyeit • again,4 public-sentiment. :or,
so pecoliar..d . . people 'is that :iferir old.:_ man. the
head end front.: He' has heen irroinotedsto the
von':Of .lin . .extracirdinary. experiment In the
recut matter of self 'government:.' - . :-....- • .
:.:Difr enquiriry is; ,does our 'Federal. Excentilie
AeServe'ttr.e constant,' and fearful:abuse that ;is
.41v4efe,(1.46 . 11' hill'? ':, . .. -- • . '..,.:.. ~.
If there be truth in 'biography . and the' testi-.
merry of: his. &toren-inn:ries; the - .deport merit .of
"ofir.,Chiell • VlauiStrirte.haa been pecoliarly,•.deC•
, hie .
ariou tltring.,hie - entire' career, whilepr.l.t
'veredife has'beeri Sin2ulirly..heystrol reproach..
At,ryilite an •carly perMit,of his 'efrehllul life he.
e'ri;ereir noon .. the 'political'arena., ' . ...Fassing .
'through.ve'ridira grades ot ,. preferrneot; he .emer-',.
ees•ini-i the . Presidericy; alter riccoolioirons po
litical apprenticeship • ofThelf; it -century.: In
this time gre've mrittfire hive aoltated the ite. 7 _
rional heart, an , l-qtte.tio% . s'orsevere'st'plome ., tt
tithe republic have.been i - i;rtnanentlyiitcljtt,st , d,
11l the 'terrific Atoirit,:pt . paiisbintife mind—in,'
'the fierCe conflict of giant intellect, a ,merked, , .
:an d suav e and p;ilisheil ;contestant iri.the'. - hot.,
t-st . .of the rnielee,..wes th.e.s.tralw,irt.. individual
_who.,..iS'noitr', oil r: Federal ''Paliniirns. •, Annitt
i hese 'majesi it fierriee lie mina no: pikm . y. •.- He.
-halimpresifeilhii,' bold . .aiiil con' ci. stlizgostion.
'orlon' I` ,. .ery rini.r . iOrf'of our • feacr.ll legi . §l;ition; of
atly con.lerretree'... •In the flush of I.?qyatit. : ma- •
11.;od, or .ad v a lie.' ng: . to the - . r.tt re iir,lll pr. middle.
a ge,'. Oi•in. the wiSdoinlof
.maturef Years,he has
,t,;,,,t: . 110,91 . ,C1c , c . eit Heti associate of the bravest .
.;id ptiret. ;Lod m..'o',iitte'l , itual of 'the hind'.'
'He' lisslmilial4d'.with' vast • ered it in the ilelib.
•eriitiOns of-the.'Semite chamber.
.Ho haS sat
in arevesr eminSel.••wirh hie imirc•ltitie Presi. /
itential preite'eessor :It, lois visited :for 'it.rii ,
courts on:rni , siorie"of delicate :Ind p-rpr , xed Ili
plo nacv. A ye , v: P .11 , 162.. - 'in contintris.ile
imr,. he has evine , ;(l rip....seitalarchip, a runee . -
00% addi. o s,s ; an
.00(11,1 . 001 p.. 1 sua':ion., iiiiil,,q iii.
telleet at. rl-ep;truil.,,ervo.o...'a:' , df; , aried pow 11, •
Who but the deliri.ms and- bcSiitted. partisan
~ r , i il-tlitfe to say,. that 'a man ?prune from the
Soil 'lin - 11 , wfrit - an educated , morality; is not .'an
American pat riot?..•fs he ambitious? , Then h Is
hop. s' fruition result, frotp an earnest devotion
to the interests of his co..titry.;,
.pg, iposm.js
.. .
. .
`'At list;".rh , !n,. 11e5..1• rm.; Tittelinuaii r , :rrithetli
I:ifie'inost ttr!stant:anildiffieult•O l of hiiir,an el- .
f ..voiiciti... 'l6' has
,sel.imuered to a . mire'colous.
.height.. lie . .has attained' the. summit, at' !'le.
.vi•rile or Ills. mortal ea:leer.. ' li is no' stretch of
kininie' , .s, to . ..oppose that there floats submit him'
the'pare'atrnnQphere of Inftie• , t intention. - He'
knows tha,l : the itnpArtictl GeiiiiiS. of History is
- wliting to catch tip his name. With. a. brief
limilation.lo; his' tei in of oriCe.. aniran exriiesS- .
,:i1 determination to refit. tey,'it it4 . cerv. hard to
believe that.ohr Chief 11.1.tgi.tratelsstrogelinv,
fdr..theinfamou's record of a Borgia or r.aji.e..nia..
• ; A withering shamA cur his monstrous and tin
ertlP:ilous detr;tetor s ! ev't•iir ineiremrMt,
and ratty, thev s irrtint,tte t' at he ein
io,o..i.rhfir:dUldt, !):y1 names of the ,Rornin Cats-
Why' this venntirms. p•sp-etoration Of
slimy ',pallet! Is the 'pitit'nf partydn
th•;se United s'ares'srl.:lll An 1 putrid that . Its
thief fiehA-t is ..tintoundni vitup .r.ttitinagainst
g'ontl map, who'h.ts:b.irtlU , l throngh
a hirtt:lile Tor his count. y's we; il? Porehattan
has n•t bride save the Jan I:or hi= birth.. His
namo is' the ;MI v ; ofis , tng die. Will transmit,
to litieterity'..•; Why;nli.tti slatuler an 1 viiifythat
ag...d 'Toni who, tiler and..lay,.'and amid stOrnti
'4l at 'the helm alto:
.ShiP:of 'state... His emu gies are inst earimth
for the huretil':an H°-is
with aldhis might.ithrongh doMes't is tlissess .
clot's and forrtign arieres“Ons, lie hrs dorie
w.. 11, very well he will be .rt;•knne.l hereaft • r as
a peer. among the - purest and:ahleSt of 'our:Pres
Again, ‘ka any, a bitter,..:ll . 9rairm sham.- on
thr tr,,derei our.good, and aged, end excel
Jfihn Genii), the' :NeW York•hatter,, who
first rendered himself twin ~rig by, pii;ing• en al ,
inOqr fabulous sum' for a ticket to Jenny tind's
concert has'sutp•nded,'With; it is said; large
-The misfortune is nttribilied.to.t)iiit
dehta'and eiolorsing for rodis:i. . :
•Th , que.st toil —can a tix4it ro i r.y hi': tryilheCP!
.was recently tterrionctratrkl' in . rho a IBrtnatic;•
in Boston. R , v.. r, tile married 'his own
rit . othei—to Mr..Jac.ili Bacon,. . '
TOIIC-E is bereby tivUit; that the' tinder-
Isigned.' Admintstrafors of the Estate of
0.. R. Bennett,' tdeVeased, late of Smethrrt
- 11orooeh, in wirito tnee of . .artorder from I he.Or
plian?s Cpitrt of M'K,an - cnun , y, to them dirve
.telli will expose to sole or public ventlue, at
the Court Raise; in Smethpoi . t, AVlCeau.cOunty,
Po., :on Tuesday,'twenty-eighth day.. Of
Fetirna ry n.xt, at one o'clock,: P. A.; Of. said
day, the. lolloWing real estate,,t6 wit:
All that pieee.or pare!l of land'situate 'in the
pototteh of. Smethport, - 111'K...an.•.e.ountY and
Stay ot:Poonsylvattia, bounded' and desertb'ed
is lullows, to wit: That part - of Sqaare
b9;ed' (79) , in the:guttural plan of
thviin; within the folloWing boundaries;
vizi beginning tit the fir corner of said
'square;'heace.:eait no t . Arid ninety-
Iwo ( . 02) feet to thn hr ilv Oe.'llph.ti by
Levi IVrils,, (now ore' C. Bdekna
Si s.v .10 f.et (torn' 'lke
dot fh-ea‘t coroor' or
. ;.!.tiettce
"iX'Pen (16)' to the.. sow!' - lin..
:said squdre;. h..0c0 -west' on htindied 'a
oinetptwo (02)• l'et tp fh , .'!"outtli- . 1...‘ , .64t eni•riee .
of •gpitl snail re; • ~.tho'nee mirth, sixteen (16) p:.r ,
eh'ea to the plae..of beginning. .Containing one'
ticre-,amd:Oyenix.six perchos, more or- leis; on'
sditl..premises mil... 'frame ..hodditig
knriwn'is' the. icßennett • Htil/Sf! i " two BarnS,
one Tee flonse, anti other out houses.
Takust—One thOOsand
time of sale; 'one thousand dollars et the 'lSt
.1 Julie,: next, and ;he bale:nein $l,OOO pay
ments, annually thereafter.' . ,
• - DAVID . IR: BENNE - Vl', .1
. .
; • wg..B. • 1-1
SMethpqrt, January J 4,. 1800.,
. .
• •
. .
. .. . .._
di'V MIBINGTork Dec. IQ, 1859..1 . •,
.DROVOSALS will he 'ieceii/ed..at' the:Coal . '
. .E - tree OffWe Of this Departtnent antil.3,p.m.
OlSatardaY, March 31,•1880, for conveying th e
mails of the.U.,ited States for four years, fom.
. .
Mialeing 1u1y'...1,
.1860, 'find •endiag.Jatte' 3o ,
•1884.-'•in the. State - of PENNSYLVANJA,.on
tlie.'reutes. , 'ntal . ,hk tha••schedul • e of departure's
.nd'arriyals liereirr, ' '
• ;'' '• ,• ' .. .
'.Decisions announced by4prj1.24,•..1.800. '
'2709 From Midgoily,. by Willitinviville Mal Clerninittyllle,
:" to Staithport, 39 miletranl back, twire,a Week. . .
Leave Ridgeway Tuesday and•Sittoirdnyat•ti a. no,
•• "•• Arrive at•SiaithpOrt by 7,ptam : . • • ' 'i• ' ' I
, ' • Leavu Staitliport Monday andlrrldny at 6 a.: m;
Afrlye at'llidgeivay . byrp. M. : '• --. ' • • • . .
- • Proposals forthree times n wetlk sorvicotiro InVited.
.2709 'From Smithport,"by I...layette, Eden, toed Kiuzita,
, ',' . • to Warren,. 43 miles and hack; once a week:" .. • •
•• ••.Leare Bmithport:TuesdaYAt 0n m; • ' •'• I' ' • '
Arrive at Warren next day' by It ml'' '•: %. '
.". Leave Warren Wednesday at 2 p nit
• 'Arrive' at.Batlthport next day at B p ad. - .. ' •• ' .
2710 Freon Sinithport, by Fmaner's Valley, Parforell, .Al.
• : ' • leFbany.liridge, loud Portville, N.Y. ; to 'Olean, 26
miles and back, six times a week:.:. •.• •.,
• ... Leave Siiililiport itait.v, exceat Sunday, at O a In; ''° .
ArriVe at Olean by 11. p in;" • • ••• .
', • •L'enielle4B''l'lllY.t.emtatit Sunday; at. 6.a nsj., • , • •
Arrive at Smithpor: by
,3 pmi ' • -
.2411 'Front 11 intim,:by.CorYdon. Orkiville; . Filead'a Ter
'• • . ' ry, and ' 'Pea Mile Spring: -to . East• Randolph, 29'
•• ' . mil ei'an-I back, once if wedk • ' • .•.- :-:' . •, .
' 'Leave Kinzio i Filddylat: 1341 I'll;.
'Arrive at Enatltinitilph by 0 p.do; - , •:' ~ •' •
. Leave foist Ranibolph &tavola) at 8 a mi •' : '.
' ;-• •
• '.A•rive at !Planta hey 13. p m. • ' : •• • . • '
2712 'From Eden to Dradford.-30 rolloe and back, once. a
. ' 'ltearti Elm Tnesciaj . at..Ba.trq. . : ' . :
". .
Arrive at Bradford by 11 am; •' .. ,I- •• . .
Limit, iiradford.Tua.day at 1.2 to; ,• • •
• •. - Arrive at•Eiten by 3 p:m, . - . • , ,
-2713fFrom IlLnifiird by Kendall Creek and Limestione, to,
'" •-: Tuna,.l3 miles:and hack. three Hines a Week. .• k
• ' LO , l vo. Bradford Manday,'Wednesdriy aid Friday at, 8
. . . .
•,, Arrive , at Tani by 12 mi., . . • . •• • •
'•Leava 'Tana %noddy, Wednesday. and' Friday, on ar
, .• ' 'rival of malls, say at 2pWu , .•. -• : •
Arrive at Bradford hy.s pm. • , :,, •• . ,
Proposals ire ineifedlior Sizstinfeti•a,week Service. .
' 2714 prouvg order:sport, by Entails.. Botilette,l3artville;.
. ' Port Allocionv:and Liberty Hill, to Sinithport, 28.
milesdind back. twici•adreekl: . •
Leone . C6Veli!riport Monday:and'Friday at 6 a no; . • "
• Arrivo'St Stalthp-ort by 3-p on; •-' : :
~ ••• . ' •
. ]heave olholtliPiirt Tuesday and Saturdity,nt .6 a m;' ':
- ' Arrtve at CowdersporC by 3 p on. • . - • •
2715 From estedersport hv L'Olesbarg, ElliSharg.:Henessa :
• • Fork, an I Eleven -Mil ,An • Wellsville. N Y, 30
• , miles add baCk -nik times a .week-, three of
• . • wilekly•O-boa 'to be ilion .rla Oswayo. • "
• f: raveljowd 'cap in tdoilv, exdapt . Sundly, at 8 am;
.An ivitat.Welitiville b 0 p no;,.', •
• •Leard Well Ville daily, okcept Sunday, at 8 a TO; . .
• ' Arrive at Corder:Tort by 6 p on. .- ' . :' •
2717 '"Priiin Ca wilerspor' ',- joy 11:‘ , .t. Homer, • Ayer's Hill,
. • II oine'r• N••rili Wtoartiou: What-ton, and First Fork;
. ' to Sinnain.rioning :Mantles mot V.A. once a week.
leave Powder:poi t Mond is \ 7 a lv;
• , A-•:•ive at 4 •ltt ri
ria-;•a• i•'n•• next day by .7 p ni;
LOAVO'=, 4 nn ~n, 1 1.11,1) We lnesrlas at 7it pt; •
,• • A •rive, ii:C.iti-16:spii i nes il•tv by 7' no.• '
1'2718,1'.- on 1:' or I 'snort by 1.,- letillUrg mO.ll oymond's to
' • • I.'l 5 ,, -. 19 it ile: and bfl,,ii, tarn a a telt..
- loeive•C:•-‘4l-r-port :,11tti ,, lay al .7 n on; , „ • '..
Are; v.i••ats Illyinw, by it. in; -• : • .
":Lrii:Ve PI i•-toL, :titan's). at I p m; : - , .
' •A r -it , at C.iwiltorspor by 6'-F oh: -. '. • '
.2716.1'rolicd.:oy `e , ,p•irt: by Neisonp oat," Carterta n Como,
• • IS.;.ttlo Creek, ii- ii lidyneville, to Jersey Shore; 7.1
' miles:int' hack twice a week to•Kettle'Creek; and
. once a woek.residue : '• . •
. Leave C0w1...1-Tort Tdies•lay and Friday at.OS a on;
Arrive iit. Kettle Cr-elk by 7p m; .. ' • ...• . .
.travo Ket os..dreek Wedne4layunl Saturday at 6,l
. .
.. . •• ..
. • Arrive at . Cow:lerspor . t by 7pm; - • • •
.. ' .
' ' Leave, Jeri's) Shore Tueaddynt 6 a In; • - •: •: •' .
.' Arrive at Kettle Creek by 7 p no;,' • . . ' -.
'Leave Kettle Creek Welles lay at 6 a ini • • . •
. Are ve at Jersey `fin re by. 7 to m- • • - I -
I 2722 From liiiinimahantrit, bv.Pr.dini.Pork., pine Street.
• „1 C iinc '
ebn Shipped. toad Norwich to :loathe...id, 51 -
. , nodes and b•cli , twice a reel(. . • • *. •
' Leave Sian authuningM tad oy and Thursday at .11 a
~ . .
Arrive ni Smithpodt net,' day by 12 mt. • • '• .
' ' "Leave Smithpor•W M . dread Sr and• Sat. rda-y at 7 *l'm; ,
. ; Arrive - at Sitlnallifl.llolllllg .. neit day,by 4 pin., .
. . .
ConilThitti„enotlitioti,e inrorporatri in tI
Iront , ttii:a to the 'Vett! thetlepattme,ntmorhent.
: "1: Seven minutos.are o.ieh
not per
Tor !ill'.tats i n
'nett 'there is mare
/ 4 SlIftli21 , 11(:101 . :4:/1 exc h ange or,th'
•'.2 O ; ra;Frorul .t0;171, , ..0it arirl othr
rant •s whpi.o
spei Po 7 t. o!gv, , Do.
parrriont;.ol , ,o pot effi..e.•
'are7•l9 be conveyed without
;;„ . - •
3 . .. 01 rails ad and steamboat' lines the route
ih : , ..ileteirtmeirt are to' be eruiveyed
tvithoitt.char4., of for their exclusive
ivhile . •tiaVelinu %%WI •ihe'mAils,. a commndviiii
car: or'hpartrty. , i , m the.ceutr.t of a . .car, proper-
ly liehted,Av.itmed, red furnished, and ad.infeil.
to the conviiiient. s.:fmration.• and due security.
of them ils, is to.br providild by the 'contract.
;or; rimier the direr tiorr of tne..depintment. •
..Rtilre,d .
'.4..riinboat (-mien .re
•.quired to tuk.e:the'mail from
. 11.1 deliver it into'
•ibe froSt offices-atthe comniPticetnPnt and ends
of . theirrout . e.C, and to rind from all, offices root
'More, than eighty roils froiri iiiation :pc l an d.:
.ProposalF urbiylie'sillimirteil for. the 'liar =
.tiirmitic,• of•side•nervieu--that. is,. for'
oces over, eighty rods fromstation : or. land:
. .
Receipts will be-required.formail bags' con' ,
veyed in charge of p--irmns emPloyf . d by -railroad
companies.: There '
.will also, " way bills"
prepared by jim•tinasiers,-or,other agents of the
(bpi - fitments', to. accOmpany the' mails •soecily
ing the number And destination • Of the several'
Olithe'princinal:stag,e routes, likewise,
reeeip , s. will be re4iiired and way bills.forward'-
efl; the.latter to be ' examined:by the several
- postmasters, to imuire r-gulartty in the delive
ry of fonil-bags. . .
' No . pfy will he, made for trips not per
forinedi-and for eech such
. .omission not s'atis,
. factorily exPlained throe tirr es the pay oft hetrio,
by deducted: For arrivals an far behind
time as- to break conner tiop • with: dependin4
:Mails, and not - siiffieiently excused, one:fourth
of the compensation for the trip is subject to,
forfeitur;. • Deflection will ills° -be ordered' for'
it - grade of performance inferior to that specified
in the c'entraet. 'For repested • delmquencies of
the kind- herein pm - allies,
propertiene . tothe nn fire thereof 'acd the im
portance'of the'mail, may be made. . -•
v. r-or lenvingi - •tiehind . or. throwing off the
nny.,portion• ot them, for the admis-.
• sion-of passengers or' for being conc.rniffl in
s..ttlin4: up or miming 'an express, cOnv.eyinti, -
intelligence in .advance oftheti
• •
p ly , rnay .. • . ••
6. Fines will, be impoSed,- finless :,,the delin
*nitencncy be promptly ;and. satisfaelinily'ex
plain cd . hy certificates .-of : 'priitmasters or:the
affi 'ofyo,ther credible person-, fir failing
to' arrivein contract 'time; for ti , ftlefiting to
take:the ma it'fro nor deliver it ifitO'a
. post , off
fice,:for stiff ffinqit to be Wet; in.ia . r!'d,
ro'ibe I. or lOst; -and . for reffiSiatt, 'nfier
•derrlawl, to convey 'the 'mail ns frequently
. as
thil'....contractor :mist or..is - .ift, run
ning, a 'coafili. car, oHteeintmat ri
, n a route..
7. The Post m ester ': aqiierul 'May annul the
contract for rep-at'eil ftiil iris to - run eigreefably
.t 6 eon ti 'ett' for violutifig, the-Poe:' laWs,
Or-disobeying : toe inintructions• of Atie,tlepart
mentr for.refusing to t .gincharje" carrier . ,When
required by the departrnont to do so; fOr run
e?rpres.isoaforesalili. Or for trnnsporting
persons or, packages, conveying mailable , spatter
out of the mails.. - : • - • .1
-8.. The Postrnaster'General may , order ati in
ereasit:of 'service On a - route by Allowing there,
for a'pro ratotinerease on the ..erintract •payo-,
He may, change rcheclulet.of ilepartarea . ranti t
arrivals ju all cages, and,Particularly :to 'make.
them conform to: connexion with v railtoads„,
Without . i'nctease:of Pay; provided:the running
tittle •be - not:abridged, . may alsO , or d e r,
. • r, an
increase of speed,. allowi nX„.withi fi; Hie - rest ric
-tibni of the law, a pia rata. Increastz . or pri:y for
the atiditonal stock or carriers;' if
contractor may, - however, in the 'case o'f in
crease of 'speed relinquish.. the Ciintract;i' . .by
giving prompt notice , to the departmentthatjhe
prefers doing so to carrying the order into effect:
The Postmaster General May also , curtailer
discontinue, the . serriCo.,. in Whole Or, in pert, tit
pro.ratddecrease of pay; aileyving:opel,m.onth?ft
ektra eompehntioll...oo the *,arriount 'dispensed
with, whenever, in his . . eliinlon; the public in-,
terests retie' re' the change, or in case he desires
to supersede, it by a different 'grade of transpor-
9. 'Payments will •be...roade by 'collections
&rim or , dratts on postniasters, othertvide,
alter the . exPiratioU'of..each quarter—Say in
February, May; August, and -November.
10: The . distances' arq . Kiven according
the- beA.information; but oo increased pay
be,allowed should . they be greater than .adv,er-.
tised, if the points. to be supplied be .Correctly:
stated. :. Bidders Inuit inform thr.inselvq3 on. Ais
. p . or,iir, a rid' also in reference, to .the Weight 'Of, the
the.condition oiroads, hills, streiMs;
and all - toll-bridges, ferries, or obstructions. of
any kind: by which expense may beinctirred..
N'o claim . 'for --additional, pay,, based' on such
ground, ran be..eOnsidere4 rior!for alledged
mistakes. or misapprehinsion As. to the degree of
service; not for bridges destroyed,, ferries die
continued,,.or •other 'obStructions increasing
tlistances,* occurring ..during 'the. cOntraet firth:
Offices estal4ished after this advertisement is=
issued; add also during the contract: term,' are.
to be visited without extra pay, if the diitance
be not increased. • , •
ll.' A bid received' alter
.the last day and ,
hour named, or without the gunrarity required
bylaw and;a certificate aito . tbe Sufficiency of
such guaranty, cannot be considered in compe
tiOn .With a regular pitiposal reasonable in
12. Bidders should firsf*Propose•for . service,
strictly according, to the advertisement . ; and
then, 'if they desire„srparatdy for,different
vice; . and if the regular bid be the lowest.offer-•
ed for thendvertised.seivice, the other proposk
tides may 'be, considered.. '
13.'There should he but one , roirte . bid for in'
a proposal. Consolidated . or combination bidiy
("Proposine one sum lor two. or more routes,")
srre'lo. bidden by laiy, and cannot be considered,'
1.1; The route, the service, the yearly pay s
the nariie . atid residence of the bidder;.(that' is,
his us , st pos't offise:address),and those of each
members of a firM., whe .e• a ;•compariY offers;
be . distinctly stated... • ,
1 . 15. Bidders are requested to, use, as. Tar as
p ri tehcable, the printed, form of proposals' fur-,
Wished by the depSrtment, to ‘iliiter out in full
the sutn'of . their bids, and to' retain copies of
thin. •
Altered bidS should not he Subirittedi, nor
bids oneo.siibmitted he withdrawn. No
guarnntor W:llbe allOWed.
datod. reeerved 'before. the ta.it'day
fer recgivinl propo - sals. •
Pact) brit must be guarantied by fwo resrxyrt-
G-iwral gun i.anties cannar' iiihmitted.—
Thetinl and Guaranty sltnillit Ur.•signed.pleinly
full name of eaeh person: '•
. tiapar,'mm:t rPsmyr9 . rject
any".tml '..vfiich may 1)...
al to •gard th bids pftatting
. '•• • ' '
I , 1 -mili s;•••alai.1,
A ;1.4
to an.
,igen;;:an '••
sal (di jet t- , 'r4 ot . ally kitib srt (+W IT - . T.t.91P.i1y.
rettirrt.: •
117 Th. :rival are to he. execetail• atiJ
turned i.rfrnioit by or hi. fore i tha 1 it
Aqg . .0rt, , ,1611; but ith•-rietvi . eii ; mitrit he
cornin•ineed on The lit of July,lireeeedilllZ or
on . the n'xt thardote,
the enati'acti - be executed or not. NU prnpriiii
'Hotta to iranifer. will 'he; en .until, the
reat rapist are executed and received at the de=
pirtmeiit; and then nn tyansfe, will .be allowed
un io n ' and aultiiient ;reasons. therefor .are.
given, to be ditertilined by the 'depirtinexit. : :--
:In all cases thiietiritiz, f chritiecter.ivill be ye
qiii.red to become i hne of the sttreties on the hew
18. PMitmasters . :at offices on or near rail
roads; hot more than eighty rods from it sta.-
tion, will. immPdiately,..d.ter. the 31st at March
next, report their exact distance from the near
.eit sfatmn,.arid how. they are utherWise sup
plied with.the mail, to enable the . Postmaster,
General to direct ,a mail-messenger supply from
the'lst of . July next: .
19... Section eighteen• of an act• Of congress
approved March 3, 1845, • provi - deS -that . ron
tracta'for the: transportation of the mail shall
he let." in case to' the loWest bidder tem .
.dering,.sfficient gliranties (Or laithful Perform
ance, without: other reference to. the Mode of
such transportation than may'be necessari,to
provide for...the :due celerity, certainty, and
security of such transportation." tridei this
law, bids that propose to transport - the mail
with “celerity,,certainty, and security," having.
been decided to be the only legarbids, twe'con,- -
strued as . protridiag forthe entire mail, however .
large, and whatever 'may he, - the mode of "son=
nocessary. to. insure'-,its “celerity,
certainty, and security,” and 'will have the
pref , rence over all. others. .•
. • 20. A Modification of a bid in any of its , es
sential terms is tantamount to a new hid; and
Cannnt : be received,.so as to . intetefere. with a
regttlat competition', after, the last hour set. for
receiving , bids.. .Making 'a -new. hid,
guaranty and ' ertificate, is the .only way to
modify n previOus • •.. ,
Postmasters are to , be careful, not to cer
tify the shlficency of guarntors or sureties with.'
out knowingthat they' are persons
.of su ffi cient
re,potrsibility; ' and off -bidders,. guarantors,
end sureriei are distinctly notified .tintt on 'a
failure, to e nter, into ~or perform the. contracts
.for the' service propoiwil: for in' the
bids rhoi r. liabilities will : be, enforced
against thetn.
22: Present contractors, and personaLlen : own
ap the department,`mdst, equally with. Milers'
procure-guarantors . and . . col ifmates their
tuffic,ienry qulistantidlyfor,nn a • i4ye
preseribed.. .The certificates siiffiCiency•
mmit be 'sit! hy.tt;Toqtrniste,r,ool.y. juile•
ola court •drecord7.- Isf,:;:rotketi cirtilimite will
lie rn
nd'ttpd..,- • 1)5411".-
n4O 6w • • ' ..Pas-tgilar'dentrat. ,
A LL PERSONS aro . briroby cdurioli e 4l a git inst.
• - NOTICE . :
A harboring or'• Unsling my eoa gtorirErt. o3 . ,
on my accOunt;• •as I will pay.. ,nojobta at his
contracting,'. anti ; will not? seiponsila"for
Ilis.acti,.affeilhis 1464 -•"-, • 47 ••••• •••••:-
Keating JantiarY l860';' • "