M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, November 17, 1859, Image 1

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£l' mu ounto Elentorra
By J. a OVIATT, •
$1 ,. -t!6 in Adv.rie.
•• 1 • •r- • Retes.of Advertising.
epltron one year
...• ~, ..
• moniln. •
bnemtvino et 12 lines or bee. 3 Insertion"
Blob. subeiguent losertion;...2 '
. nem Cards, with paper " ... .....
•. It'shrot Iwo work will 'be double the above' rates,
• Tivelre /ibex • driller •tyPe,. or eight lines nonpareil, le
ite4o Tillllll will Ise strictly *plated t0..6 .
..f3i010.66 : .. '.3l[l*cito.irv;
Berreypr, Naftrman •Cooreyal cer. end foal 'gat*
13roethgert 11 3 ,Kuie couety. Pa..; .•.
If Evilen). end tiolfei..o Family Orr;certee; Fork,'
/tiger, - .Sett; . Feed, Boole end &a.., Store
In the Aatoillouse I.llcrelb•Smatliport •
..,. , . ,
iFloliaale faille:alit/calor Provlplrna • and Family
•• racteries. Flour. Ucal,.Feed, • Poilt; Salt. 'Fhb, &c
litaill.atThatania old:stand. Tirta*„Caah, 1311,111 th•
A. N. .TAYLOR. . • .• • -
'Liaalisr in Dry G00 . d,0 GroCarieg. Flout ' gilt; Phi
'141111:41ads Olotllog; Boots Ara SMitbPOrt
t• , • .
tisetieiti .
' Pore Alrfiglieny; Wqran connty t ?a.. •
suaygroL.DßAFTssriN. CON'VEYANCIRR and Seat
• Zitatii Ain't; Mc... {Vilna ..ari.le, *la Vu., Pena',
• .• - 1:1 1 / 9 2EN0119
Chapin It , RnslN, Epq7a
Iton• Thom nruthar4,
W. S. Drownoll. Rap, •
I 4on. •A. t., Wilcox
' • • ... CARTER .HOUSE...'' • • • •
lee Fmprietor. - corner et• Water and 'llickoiy
• vt.taseta.•WaVien pa. 'Genera! Stare Office •
. • . . .
, . .
. '• • . : J. C. BACKUS' 4 CO; ...
'Cloinerat linli.r.pt in Dry . Gooils. , Orecernn, Crockery
"andy,4l , a.Mahful.,.BUtiteitin..l limes, 'lulu und 9.9 s
•.'ol; op posite the pond flotike; Sme. hport 'Pa. ~...
. . .
. , . . .. .
irontine • the 'NNW' Lavern. / 01 ,, an. N. Y. .7.4nee M.
. bitt.t.en Proprietor.: Tne iNiben IL 1116 I. entirelynelk.
' and built of brick. 'and in furnished in nkodern,et, le.
The proprietor finder. himieli •ti et hie acinnimedi.
Mune are not isrpasled.by anyfiniel in Western tor , s:
• York. Contr. rt% to end row tbor New York , and
Arribmipit..At ' T;tv; Sm'othport, MiCoon County: tic
A-zeta for 6Vttrx.illtiallnc k Co , fil Lands '!attend
*Ppoolatly to tlitttlolleoluto.i f flattiot; nation - o
'Land Portent nr .1a%. ! ,...a .1! nu:doom role
' itroeto Res' PAtoto, (Oita In,lßmiin Block; •,
0/ibEfed HOTEL
D A: :Wntatri, Proprieter:—nt, , COSltiti
Pa. qin. raids will be. eopplhel with the' be.t - the
• country. tit? was, iod.he eprs - no Patin lu Ideougoietipg .
• bi" Lus•ta• • • " • • :
:•• 'B . ..BOUGHTON : ELDRED, ':• •
♦t nrneyAnd Coeslrllor at .Lier. Amethport. WEesin
0 9 u L ity,Ildfl es'im!ted ttl.hio etre for the
09111'{814f g'Reetti t Pettrr end Elk will be promptly
ettend . Ofiloe in the Court noose, wood leer.
• .
.L. Ii..WISN!At •
Suirtliprirt: la, .will iiVeni . -tri
~ Ila with , promptness . Offloo in :art !
d.• , •
rkiv.lifiori and Sur'
. . .
all aroreislorial
' %well
•-• '• • . - •
nod R@tal Dealer. in Rai In and Panty Dry,
CorpetionAloady,Made Climbing.. and 'General
Furnir,frilio , ,da. Atel Shorn. Walt and Window
paper, Looking Glwes &a. At Olean.
. „ .
Piri•thenrt.3l'Ken en„ 04.
'tfbr—eppodte ,the Court lineme.• • A orw; lar,o, Coin
• moilogi nnd , Fell fur.ish.+l hneee .
. • .
Allitoeney . ttivi Onanqiilni it . Law.. Smeiliport.'llfileonn On
Ps. grill.',iiennd to n'II bnidnes. in hl.-prnfeNFlnn in the
• • conntien nr3VlCann7Potter and E d it.. Office ()vim 0. lt.
. 3r. lient,hers! Ftnre: •' . - . - :. •
. .
. . .. .
Varner of Pecnn'i 164 Liberty .t.retb . ..,' Nienrra , ~Pa." Irt,
. A....Amiens. Prnpriator, ' TrnvelerA w ill' lad pod ac
commodatfons sad reaspsiable cliaigee : '• -. . .
Oehler Sn Stnvo.C: Tin - Wary, /aOpined Were.. &e., west
4144 i of-the Public ,ftqli4re, Smetheort, Pa. .ooetom
w Irk Acnie t. ord,;r.on the shorted uotice,•and in the
most Pobetentiel manner. '• •
'Dealer hi Dry Onfidi. drneeriex ,CrnelcPrr. flariwnre
'fonts, Plipnep, Mtn. exp.. Obis., N. 31,.. otbi, &e
Emit • aide .1 4 ,the Public Sqi!otreioSmetliport. Pa.
. . , . . . .. ~
Dealer . In OrnTimiona and Family arneerleagenerally: a
Jraimern Valley, NV/Cain On . Pri, - :- Orin, . Limber
a11i' , 41 6 .1.&0 '. tak.en in exchange for Gonda. Paten.
Vedicineular rile. . • • ' •
. • • ..LARABEE'S HOTEL • '
' P r o palitor.:—Alleiheriji lif'Rean
Co Pa. nit. houee ix altu , ted 'about ulue'mllee from
Plolarbenet. en the road •Io Olean, ead alit .b• found e
convenient etripplea.place • • • . : '
• . EMPORIUM. HousE,
. .
,gmtplien. Bt'Keun •Lawitxri Corm. Proptio
B' , Oolnroodiono and •ivell.furtiihhod .hotoso. Scranton;
Atitt,t4aieleriONlLl,llo stoo.lncoiootioolOtiono.
oaciwt. This bowie Is situated anoint nye miles
• bona &emigrant' the road to Olean. Pinion re parties
' arninthe.acan'he acoomnyniated on the eh no
. •
• WiTORM DinttS, Proprleror ThIR houße le situated hal
-way between :nnothrinit and Chink!: you'irant good
dinner this , tontop., .' • , •, '
. .
Penne;Anent the' ()Rat Will: at Meehanteatralr, , me..
11Cean.flanaty Pa. liner. „heal, , c and • Fendonstantly
en band and„toroale. In, largo amt small quantities.'
. ..... •
0. Ornumnits: t.n
Projwitr, %Norwich'. pen (to , .
Ti. Hued aceoetetedationa pan behAd there' at all
.rvicl Detit.er. Preierfetne, et Pori •
Zllll2oointv Pi. This Rite) .111 eltuat4 st the jeer,
• tie., of the iinethpert ' ee o 44l4l ll pPß l,l o lo4 dirniu•
ulna east of.. B Metbport.. . • '
5 1 41gralleaTe 141LISMI Car, Pi. - • •
Wit::: HASKELL .1 • Pitpriatoz
T' Probrtiokor Palibamid Not .tamo.
.ocighly , 14•Pflor loose MlMrs,lmYelPWthe
sap fusnirb so geodl Si soy kelet fa Welk .
. avn Potinsylvads. •
• On'
....2b o' ,
• 16;.
..... ........
, .
• MoTtreir.--.-It ha. been truly Said, .rthe first
beine 111'0 rusheS to 'the recollection of: a , s, Idier
'r sailor in his heart's rl!fficulty, is his mother.'
She clings. to his memnr,Taritt affections the
midst ot all the foreetlulnesi and. hardihood of
a roving life. The last: message he leaves is
fro her; his last• Whisp-r breathes her name.
The mother as she ins' ils the lessons of piety
And.filial obligation into 'the heart of her intent
son, should always feel) hat-her laboris• mit in
'vale. Shr; may
. drop .into the ereve, but she,
has lett behind4serinthiences that will Work'
for . her. The bow is.hrnicen, - but the . arrow . is .
:Ted; and will do its. office. 2 .
•Aidgßiy; Ps
Warren. 'Pa
Lhoetlr+ort, Ta,
. Vista. PH,
AIMS . va'DlFe.-=Young man lare.ihe aims - o
. . .
Olt. Isle such 'as these?
.'Dolt thou employ
home Ofleisure,.such as occur in the hours ''
test froth lahor and huSinese, in. readink, study
nr meditdrinni 'so, :thou •art acting wisely;
tor thou•vvilt thus lay .up for .thyself. a.. portion
that W . Ol stay/by...tfirie in• every trial .and. con
flict ' incident upin . life's pill rimboe, Not .so
howayer,.•with the young. Man who finds his
- chief and almoatonly'lekrure Sin the.gratifica- .
tion.of his appetites.aud.passions. A 'dark' tu
fore awaits the. former is at home'
evenings . witk his the:latter: is abroad
with Ai- convivial' companions, wasting', his
iiine and money, and by l Lis vicious practices
and seminal indulgences is. enfeebling both hotly
and Mind:. In this: way' his :character is cor
rupted a deatroyett, though hemia3t,toraikhile
keep:tiri his reputation, which, however, will
not last lone:atter chtiracter,irs only. sure foam
dation is ruined. . Beware' then yoUnk •Man,
how . thou, lterlest:chy time! As is thly youth.
so :will : thy old rig... be...•• Three 'terms
. being
given,lt is nowise.di ffi ettlt to" find the.fourth or
filth•restll Brimum• •:- •
i.HAVN . T. GOT ANY OF : YOOR SIE.",-*;VAy Drip
who hii • lived in Eineintiati; says. — Basiisi for
ten or fifreer, yiars-wiil remember E. the
tailor, one of the oldest and, best of .his .craft;
as well as one Of :the: jolliest, always endy To
lake l‘ke,SS' tO give-one : It osed.to be con=
sidered, a 4-fair thing,'!.amiine 4 :selart pay"
to yrnd persons to his store forarticles-entirel}”
variance With.'What cousttintesthe stock in
trade in members of his:profession. It•so hap
pened one day, as one of the ..P..rty" wales
conding. the stepti of the 13tifpe9''.House he. ert
countered -a 'specifier) . or Kentneky,, who in.:
quired of-hirnWhere'he Could purchase
harp:. 01 course he was' directed to E.'s store
dfftheestahlishmerit where they kept, the' lar
e•t.a.sortnnem at•thi most reasonable prices,„
The sp.-CM - low Pince'edrd At:cioye to the place
inifichted . ,,and found E..(who by the Way, was
,ronbled. With an inipedtment of speech) wait-:
ing on a custoiner,•and after stating' his wants
Was politely reque,ted tri e‘wait a I-tow 1110• M•
. A Iter Hip itching itis.husiness... with
, he•a . fnresaid customeri . h , t'graveiy approached
Kentucky with 'a pair -of • glove-stretrhors;,apd
obserVed . very:mild !"W-we
h-haye to ..t-t-take4nur muni-Muni.measure;"
ithereupon heinserted the stretchers'toto his
mouth, spreading: open his countenance to the.
lull extent of the “stietch," and with a face in
dicating the utmost 'tieriousn.ss, remarked to
Kentdckian, <' -youth .man,
w-we haven't ger-ger"-get any of 'y.your size."
- • TlttiE says.what a..dread
ful :thought., it. Would be .if any .of us in the
next world should have to reproach' - ourselves
for misit.ieg, trentinir harshly, .or, dpihg any..
thing really mgainst the Welfare of a hushand
or wile... How blessed will' itbe in. that state :
Of exister:e, if we can.. truly may, each ns
husbeenr; «I th.inli God for that wife.' I thank
God eild'his huly.a . ng Is.lor that guardianship
which has Itlnt us , tarn a wiser man,
a better mail toward God, and my fellow-erea.
titres, in eonse.itteriee 'of my' • (wanly -Union'
with her.', She, never: raged me.down Lut.
elevated one:'{. :On the Other each ..wo
Mtn as a.,vnite . :to say, tst blessOodine having'
such a 'Man for niy companion.' Through his
sympathy, 'Counsel,
.exantple'.. and help I have
been made better; nnbl T r, higher, purer,..wor.
shier , toward my. race.'" - •
'.Never do buckneSer. - What you attempt )
do it with all your strength. - beterininstion is
iironipotent. If the prospeCts are !somewhat
darkened, Mit the fire' t resolution to your soul
and kindle a fiania that nothing but: the ,streing
arm of death can extinguish.
. .
Men somPtirrien think that the high cliffs of
sorrow will darken theirstteantaer lila forever;
bat suddenly the green and nminiering mead:
ows'ipread.far• away in 'pantriral . heaurk, tied
the dilates blooaraiong lb' bank wheno
willows hang ritliiPanding gno.-•• '
ar 2LtililliTU' Wllllllll4.
,iOT4 thy b!nds, th 'ark' hi - aver !*:
Ouol thy tratchltip epee tyith . ttisrs ir
Lot thy -poor heart; over-wearied,
Rost silks from hois:sstlrear;
. .
non." that•sti With r.hieptewi Thing. •
One picture fidingflow , • .
Yearn. teat followed, vague , end hannehafts
Lifting hack; the. ions Otinnw. , •
PorthY brave 'one, for thy, lint one s
Truest heartotwontin weep 1 •.
Owning 8141 thy loviihat ieented .
:Veto thy betoviid sleep. • •
Not for hini that boar of terror.: •
*ben the .lung fott.battle .
the suoleattite, 61e comrade., .• • •
Deathward trod, On Polar shore.
'?pared t °cruet cold anti famine,' ' .
Fpired the tain'lng'heartte,dripati".
What but that could mercy : growl him?
''hat but that has been thyprayer f
Iliar to thoi that last
• -,Fr?ni the catri . bs4
!vg_nlioti!'the month :of rose*
Shell be cored time to thee
eat, it k the Mannar's' y,ess -trim
o , st•fils slusibirs.limy otitlo4lll I
'EAT] It is the koglislijiairy ... . , ~...
. May Ent blossom on nim grain:: .'
.11ot tils tomb shall atoim and winter
Pllspeind fasblpo year by year—;
Pile his Inligkity trati•olfam
Block by block; an4.tier by Mi.
Guardian or AR gleaMing port's!,
Bhall hie eta! elemlionor he, W
thy lore,* sleet immertil,
Hovers o'er the !deter lea,!
Torn:Mull) fest.come: up . front breakfast
It had been a sorry one, end we were discon
tented and :vexed. Threats of ,renewal bad
been Madater monthel but the hoircirs' of•mm :
ving; even; tb two, conipatati !rely . imeneunibered.
bachelor's, had prevented the accOmpliehment:
We 'Weia in the . Irialatnaes -first lino! of a
bearding house , *here. all the miseries, • and
'none oft haeomforts of a homei had been borne
Vire formotiths.• . . '. • •. ••
"Dudley,"--floded. up from my paper.-
i.Dudley, we'saust move; ailen3
dure it any longer.. This eleiltion in 'lodgings
doter tend lira corresponding elev,ationefapir-'
I its. This plain tare miy.behealthful, but it's
decidedly uncomfortable. Thin. vile coffee
'might have•been. stair infliction upon Job, but,
in trix•prelent condition,Jdon't feel' called ,
;Iri to:enduresuch fair. So 'as thou loveit )
Dud,' loOk up differeutquarters,'and I ,vOll
'ev•er, be your 'obedient .chtim.".
I replied nothing,, but over to "Board
and Room's" coltininaidthe found no.
thing thet.woulddo. ' . • .• ') • • • •
...• • . "
• . Well, Tom; I will put en advertilemeot in
thepaper,end await the result. 'How the "el:: -
egantbrovrn stone fronts in genteel location's;
references exchanged, dinner at mix o'clock,'
etc., will now' inupon us."
The morning.thereafter you mieht . hatie read
the followitieadvertisement • . •. • •
".Two young 'gentlemen ))
wrib two toms on
the second or third floor; in a 'louse shunted
between fourteenth and Twenty.tisiril streets,
and Sixth Avenue ) . end Broadway: A'ddreia,
stating terms,'D. 8., Union Square Prist Office
•• A day or•tivo after I went 'into :Gidfrey's.
and salted. the boy bbind the Post Office,' Mail
ing,--44Anything here .for'D.lll" •
!t'A few," was 'the response; and he showed.
ere •a pile consisting of some . thirty or forty
letters; each 41r-firing - the 'superscription ,4.D.
)3." It war a pretty eight, that
.'two, score'4l
letters., Her'e Arlen; 'White envelope, withlet
ters as deliCately traced as if by : the •pen.of
fairy;, there a business buff, with a great 'near ;
culinechirograithy . ; •but rhese•epistles were all
on' tbe -innost thoteriel subjecta,, and 1 . •did
nor stop for sentiment.. The boy was ,paid. his.
cbarge';' his 'quizzical...
impudent face left unnotieed,,while I sat down
to . read these answers•to our inqniries.•
As near, as I can now._ remember--all` this
happened some four Years ago --.the first one I
opened ran thus',
Mr DEAR. 3.‘liss(liliss is. some ::mistake
here)--Y..our inqidry in yesterdays Herald,(e , h,
I;see a mere slip of the' pen ) —Miss for bleasis.)
—was seen, and 'awakened In my . heart (vis.
ions of dollars a week in advance, fire and
lights extra,) ientral ions Such.. as . ..it •hed , not
known fne years.' have long songht for one
( there ergof us, won't do I am 'afraid),.to
take the room (sentimental boarding liiiuse . pro•
prietor this), in soul.• , (Siul 1.. what does.
this meant We , don't want tcroom in his 1 . 0111 7
Is The - fellow daft? lie addressed to.)ID, B."— •
St4a, g; Your advertisement in . the Rerald of
yesterday." What carrit meanly •
Just at this moment light.began to 'come in
upon my darkened and eonfitied mind. I asked
the. boy for a 'yesterday's iferala, and there I
found, under: the .head of Matrimonial, the fol
lowing' advertitierdent: ' ' •
lc A yonng lady of good 'family of'this" city;
With ample fortune, tired of the insineeritiei of
fashionable .society; : desires to ,cultivate. the
acquaintances Or a young man or nice social po
'ajtion.with a view to mat rimptiy: Pleaaa'
'divas U. 11., Union Siva'rePOst Office.
The pnizle was over. There were .two D.
EL'e in the world, and I' had some. !Otani' be..
longing to the other; moreover; 14 had been
re . ading : a lo s dy+e,private eorrespondeßce. I sat
and thought awhile.' The irultfinitness the
acivirtisenien . t . either tells woeful ignoranCe.
Or the prank of: aorrin 'one' of the fun-lovine
schoo-orisotpraW York;'so no great harm
could be done to the feeliags el' the writer. I
can onlYsolien them - 011 and hand back to thq
boy those of the other . D. B
siraa_time to fxplii n to him, however=for
the young official stool gazing at mc, as I sat
with the . first opened letter ,in my,.hund, int!
With the others tiritotiched beside ;me.
.told it. all to him, what I pioposejdoipiir he
asFented, Otonished that. each a . cointitlencP
should have 'happened, even' 'in that pities 01
queer doings, U9iOn Square Poit Office.:
turned to:my Correspondence again; •tbe next
was' as it should be, a business Otter, of . rooms ;
the next.a matrimonial one.: I bad . got about
lo the.tenth of these,altarnate layers-of inatri•
mony and bparding houses, when a, laity enter
rd the 'store: I.huve reason to TemenObt4, het'
and 1 think I can describe ,her appearance e ven
. .
at thia'time....She was of reediiim - height, in()
•. •
this mean& five feet. two .inches in women, With
brown hair, worn es a handeorne one of the Nei
will, always wear it, behind the ear; 'a bagel
evi, cheek* tinged with toeyeoloring,pouty, yet
inviting ehd her bend Was utiglireed, shoW;
11 .. it not, tbe mush' adqiireol ; in
t in e yhai •
ideal I qt. seldomteen, .bu
b !negs,:a 11 !7 . ,,f.P0tr
bee 6 7.
lerl • t lOW
whether her - bonnet , was str aw Or Bilk, her
dress green or' grey, Can't' say. : '' Imagine
what would be becoriting such i'one aa.l-have
described, and you hays what aka worei Pro
, •
lady re •
,vided.you te a lader., • • ,
It wee i'aort or - a • Mlichicenue glans. that
, ,
she threW it ali b is ake•pseeed the perched on .
the high counter stool, with the Olivet lettere,
at my aidei lit she Cropped. not, and Walking
up to the Pigeon t liole whete ,. litters' were di;:
Livered, ihe'asied the very • aame striation ;kad
asked ten . Minutes bi.fore...“Anything hero lbr
1:0.41.1' 0 . The boy` pushed bit head froth'. the
. .
xnueirree, and' , turned two imploring punted,
quitsieal eyes on me:. The . lady . turned alsor%,
1 . 100164 in vein tor roller , and•for two lnetante
—they seemed Momenta thenthree • pustaHed
faces ,were . getting together %. • •
. . .
$41119, 0 .'1' &lap and, I went through with
an euplenaiion. how I WctiD. Os, that 1 honl
.some' letters,. and now • ad viand the open-
Mg . of the remainder. tendered an apology. eta..
tket atinnhleil through the beat sort Of
en 'explanation . ' .. confused tuttiloct waidd
I shoed like to lee 'again the eepressiOn
rtur•ifilhat face, as the ccilor time and went ;
then abode there until the whole counteninee
was difftised with 'blu.dies g and then 'the tsars
came, and•the little foot. parted hurriedly. • •
I :was prepared for, emha nits g for
blushes g but for tears-. ! no, not for them; and
I stood still like a convicted Schoolboy.. She
remained standing also; a queerpietere was:if
this aide trie:W . iri the great panoraina of New
York life: . At lastrl offered the letters. •
«1 donut wish them, mit t tivas not - joking
—how foolish," and she turned from the store.
She went &arose. the Park, 'llO. Broadway,
then into one of the twenty - streets. tine*
beeautel was near hp4—Y.s, walking by her
'side; end there'See stopped, at Daisy
Bartlett and D u dl ey Barnwell wars conversing
. • ••
easily and , freely.: • • •
It had been a joke, and phe had no(expect
ed such a finals.- She did not want a- husband
obtained in this way. She thought"with a sIY
smile, "she might one in w more aromanlY
manner. If ly could get a mutual acquaintance
to 114i:saline me, - she would be glad to knots
me'; hut she was ine't romantic anoulli to con:
eider the Coincidence of two 41).' Ikutn*
dent' claim •to an acquaintance."
,So we
talked, or she.did, and I rongrattilated myself
oh ebiaining,evidence of her impressions that I
was a gentlemao; for; if not, why should she
ad.rance apologies for , conduct of hers?
I . left her, at the deor. h,went . home ; told
Tom, and he let back in hi. lbxUrioui 010
rocking chair 'and laughed. ' .
. • . • - ••
'''"Welt, will
,you find the mutual iethilaiii
tanee? And will . you Miltivate . the acquaintance
of Miss : D: and will you—eh . it is deb?.
.ar.d he relieved .himaelfly more beblia I '"fine .
eyes ;• yes, I see, end only a iolret-.—itet
romantic—must have knowiedge . of your ante•
cedenta—your fomily- 7 -beforeshe will see you
as in a:qu fence. - Yea,l 'see ;
_but don't she '
know that yo,u, will find the- mutual acquaim
• trince? • Let , me be. seer and propbet-for a
• time. , i TerrOstood; ep and gazed arvacancy in
• the orthodox oracle style; in the dim
future a c a st l e-ono airy..one •yet:not all in the
u but resting on the mere tangible!' - faun.;
dition terra firma; in'that.castie sits a: man
and a woman,husband and wifet material, furni-.
turirjethere, and its I iny in6taaling vision sees
on a Wall ' in tl
,roomiin the aforesaid erectors!,
a gilded fraMe, while!' encircles two.a4veitise•
ments—the one ask* for. room, the othCi for
a 't be faces of . the pair seeno
that the - at'vertisementa have been anaw.e,ett‘,4i'
that Daisy Bartlett hat a husband, and'9;eltett,
Barnwell , has a room-room in, Dais y's
What say - you . old fellow?;'.' •
;Reader, if yOu will come up: town, and see
.me=us 'mean—l will tell you hoW. (6/0
prophet 701111 was ; tell you that I asked anm'
one if there ikai .'Anything there for D. 13.1".
and how she anewered.—Flume Joimial4
DON'T Max TUNIR Owe htEDlClNNs—Durine
the Kansas troubles of 1853;';1836 and 18.57 .
the Republicans insisted tnat.the Democratic
party of the Union was responsible for every
excess andA•ery outrage that was committed
in that teiiitoil by excited andfnforiated p ro .
slavery men. "The Kansas outrag•e! *ere
their great tOlitical staple, atd by It , they came
near sleeting a President in 1856. The bem- -
ocrats contended that they had ncaing to 'do
with them, and were, not responsible any
sense._, But the republicans insisted the act at
every pro•slavery man 011athe aci Of the Dem
ocratic party. • Now when an,:Mmiltianist,
who has graduated in the Kans'asiChiabliorran,
tees a band for the fomentin g of a shiiie'insur.
section in the south. and: 'mikes a :inutdetaus
attack ligion.Barper, , Ferry. and when it has
been' prover, that he was backed: op and . .sas
rained by money and arms
thorn Abolitistlists .a ad s ite s pu v b i l r i; - 1 4 0 7: t
R ha . ;
......gamsation should be held, respon.
publicans. the lam.?
h. ,
iihie for rho anduct Of , nroirOs hand.'which
was imbued with 0110 idoras t and which : wa g
seeking to tarry them oui. a hoot
!olavb• tlp.asisia teaPotsailiiliti Awned . nowi ,
tholip oploit 1100 IfistOettti 1410 it
A CouT*lt*m:mters
tn , the July which proceeded hlgertectitlintle
ifou•Mbf4 Madame 'do ,9 4 lll ilit . 1 1 '01 1 4 l in
the retibourg . liain(Cfertiiiiia; if;d !Stiller her . ,
Mom window;open account of the haat; ind
.vrai ptoceeding to Undress thrthis night,, bud:
denly, without being warned '7lty `titir - allghteat
' Our kehold -"lnane •Ision-7..tirtcaiiittei
eireorwas cut ikon at twenty.elght--dreatted
in the height of fashion, climb over the baleonY
and jumped' into the thember, 'inertly like a
Imier at the pliers Comiipss. At - first. the
greet lady mistook the ebetacter of her yisitor.-
, 4 Monsieur,. what Is ths . meinine Of this strange
• preceedingro thousand Pardons, Madame
la Mareehates lam certain• that you 'Hi -. sr.'
(minted with me." 44. leant my roputatlon...
You see br;fore you tonieDolniniquiCeitotiebei
You, will 'Vim* my enteilkg:*o ;any further
particulars., _And now Ottentlene.not, word,
not it motionl I. belie entered alone lot your
hotel Is surrounded . In all directions., , Setter.
thsime you hay, nothing to herr . it is no evil"
design which has tirouehtMe to'yOur,house.r.
I. only wish , to become:your debtor for't .two
fold, benetit..for "a good supper end the pleasure
'nf alrePing in• . kind, - which,. to 'a Plesittra .
.haio not enjoyed for man* a day, . ; :.There,
Make yourself , quite at ease:. You area sensi•
hie woman r only grant this. flue*, and
I giro you , mt word of hooor that, no yndinee
The,Marechale rant the Abell; Ike tootetin
brought • handsome repast end' retired * . stool!
daring that their mistress should eat •a.second
supper * which appeared likely- ti . be a .hearty
one. A 1 to Midemoselle - Juntine* having . 0 7
ved pertiission to pass the:.evening
where * she did not make bi!r . appearance, at:all.
.She was 41 tiere—enrolled in'the gang-ettd had
thedifficulty in findine, at the corner or.the
street, hei friend Belle.jffumeur, a •Ohliet in
'the Gard risncalse, 'whose duty. it' was ;to
watch over ,his eaptairios- sa The'aupper
wig' gay-41 gay' that it last Madame la Mare. i
-chile took part In' it, although, of course * there
was only a single glass and a single knife and
!brit - tit make. use 'of. Collectors Of scandal;
who might think the present a good , opport uni•
ty, Are met by a aimple ghronologiCal state-
In tbe'tticinth.Ofjuty, iti2l,. the wide* ,Of
Louls . ,Praneeis Due de . Boutßars, Peer and
Mareebale of France, not leas illustrious for the
'defence 'bf Lille& the good-natured and clever
Marecimie wits someWhatOn the wrong side of
.80. . eaitOuchti.thoroughly enjoyed. his ,supper
and Prohohnced everything ebluisiti, excdpt
the Champaign,. Nest morning, therefore;
wishing to show riot 'only his gratitude but. Ks
connoisseurship, he lent 'the Illsrechale a Min
dred•bot lletvof first rate lila! ity, which ballad
abstracted ,by hit locksmith Patapon from the
cellar of a' 4nancier, the father. tot Paris Dover.
neje. .The destination of the' boat Cbaritpaign
having afterwards beep revealed' by thecon•
feasion.ol the said Petapon On the rack, the ti
'fancierbrought an. action against the Mate
rhate for the payment of. the value of his wine.'
Madame de Radii Is defended the s uit,' plead,'
ing that she had'ffifrly earned her ~wine. The
kilges . were of her tipiniob.--All OA . t Yea
A racier :to Sroax.—lton. A. H. Stephens,
of Ga., in a recent , addresi at a meeting' in Al
•sandria, for thebenefit or the Orphan • Aasy -
Inrn Pree Schools or that city; related the
foSovringainectlotet : • •
rrA poor little boy in a 'cold- night in Juno,
with no home or rootto shelter hi's head, no
parental or maternal guardian or guide to pro
or direct him- on his way, reached a t
iightfall the holm of a tiCh planter, who took
~ iirrint fed, lodged, and seta him tin his way
=with'' - hi. •bl , iising. : These kind . attentions
cheered his• heart and inspired ' hird With
fresh Courag e to battle : with ther . obstacles of.
life. Tows rolled round; Providericetell him
on; : he had 'reached the legal profession; his
host diedr the cormorants that pray do 'Hie'
qabstatice of inah had fronted a Conspiracy to
set from . the widow her estates. ' , She sent for
the nearest counsel to . commit her cause to
him, and'that counsel proved to be tbe orphan
boy, years before nrelecii , .il• OW . entertained
by her and her dwelled husband.' The itim.
nius nraWariii and tenacious gratitude Was'
now added to the ordinary , motives . connected
with the profession:'; He undertook' her.cause
with a will not easily to hit resisted; :he gained'
it; the witioikin estates giritte lie Mired toter in
perpetuity;" and ltir: Stepheiti added with 'an
. -mphasis Of emotion teat sent its electric thrill
throughotit the houltr,, "that 'Orphan boy,
stands before you!" - . . „ •
. .
A enrretp:indent ot.. the St.. LOI/14 IPrilicam
writes that the'family or Yoe 2rnit,h,
' 0
'mon dtiarupher, ii ill residis in: T 4 T—'" °6 l "
t),•iatiasida can tirevaii to ' 1 7 1 '1" . !°
qt a h. Hi, has Married - again,. and
• with 1. .g .- 4 otothanO, :keine the. , Maneiph
e only house til entertainment thatihd city
?,ffoida. The oldrai mon beirs'hili father's
!mate dr gloterih;' itralti4tidd dr thoilhitieti,
and a•tieettil and cerireiteicted Chaste: : bread
iodic/meats have been pifered him to ,toinstive,
to, reat *lt loth City, btitjkt
fists ell such importunities*, • ,•
' • '
It is fairiteplowerd luiliEgnainin&virine t to
dinight in th. Boinpsnr and ;Ifidininiation. of
1 1 , 1 etas and was.. ti eannilit
MO* $ 011 0 1111 , 14 0 1 1 4111 4 41 . •
7 6 ;1,
irlde..llollllllll , lll,trititett*,P.;*'4/
, ir! , ,titot4gi tom dworrrilevigvik
fis.`iiii4 bid limrbiligifir
4 14 ttitik*oitv r eriiii, Jig Iv,* t!I_,O4OIP,A;
ndpiiiiiit:6444•l7 , llol6 qui elm 4“
al " 1 101 *fit
hue lieprd***liraffr : r r
141 tro: 1 404;
tendents billevOt tot*, &One-, ibis*
stOpped oh with ; pithy**. Ind 'OrogenltilOtbet:
b t. alit — hee lips were'elltittHleelao4 6 eittra! ,
crewing dull 1 41 4,100de Out
wee settling at tale inde'ot ber middy settteln ,
Radii!. wet her only, ;d ;c etieer
n r ;h d l:t e li n e tt b ri e be l en hg lo wli'll the
her room and setting uponlibe .arittieelinlt.
by ber elan while 'oho 'reheated' to bits hsegge
glee hem o:td'e'Holy Warle t te talalea tea ' h ! 11 k ,
eforleilif the ( faidinte ' lt 'O OOO
its pa. Ste bad been delicate
nntriber of yearsi' but netret•too 111 Is isarteW
tie Rodger hie verse end hoer hi.
ttirlielll Hugh , " laid a itelreetlitWai I ,a O W
fog beside her conch, etereut *Mt 0011 11 1,-
too to heir you say !nor prayer to.ntsliti
will put you in , bed;" end'to she said flit,: ohs
came forweid end laid heti haid Itonsr,*l4)
his arm, as though A. would , lead. blot'.fyillak l *
the 1'6003. Itoditor began to sob as It•bis houtv ,
would brook. ~'•
"I cannot, 1 0 to•!led without
hrayets. !admit' ) I totanor. oB ,_ • ° ,t
Tb• tar *t the dying mother essoil, 14,
tonna. >Alihonib she hid bogs Intwirgibli-ta l
neatly eve: Y thine tratnillititte o°o° o h iti
sound from her derlipitle &Ate O t ollt °4 iff 6 4:
h., 'toper. multorning OS};desired ;
her to bring "him" to bar camel!• and ley blisi Mkt
her boiom. 'the request less grimed, indtbis
child's rosy ghee* and golden brad nestled ,
side the pale &old bee of his dying mothoreia`•
Alael poor tellowt how little. did, he teens/
e t u h l en tai t
n li t e wOich he *at keit.
gißodger, • 'my eon, my darling , ebititio.
the. Mother s urepeat this Nano after ma t *a*
neri4 nrier , forget thy tit
mother forsake me, the Lora
The child repeated It dietinetly, end. OM 'his ,
irtle'prayer. lie. then limed the coidi edennea;
isid ilmi . betir!e" . 4lm, ituietti•to:
.• . • •• 1
.; • • •
Wen ores* in raoroloi;4***grora.fir
aerial; hil morhor's reemi but be Oland h0r4114
d still! That iris bpi last - tee '
never Mtsotion
lie has ainivd la.ba i . ,man-a. . jtodA.thin, and
noWireitipiss a .past litatiof and ,diaSs..
t inetion . in NaJaaelmsifts:
. 1 titivai'*olihtT94
main him isithpatihirikint'abMit ,khe
sahibit era-bi his vista MoihM, ':: ;
was not misilliesdi . Tho.t;iitil ism take.' INC
darling 4.
• Iroctrotts:ln thi oiden whit a rirer.-n.
once Priti 'littlot or ;Dr:. "A,
Doctor was It Man 'icho, bit etrti'Cieilitt:atitt
object of uniircrial
.respect.. Hit - had Abotlit .
him r.retirin y,
like aspect end :When his ,
tha'ditinicils of our fatheri, 44'1
the'nbridio4.llbetry of jovonihripe , %ekbolititd:
into 'donee. itinv the domeftiN's .andrgirl, of.
ilitteen would starer ' *hit, i:peefiloe'stitt
squinting altabout the litidpel tb 'eel Pie' 3 j r •Sial; ) ' -
torf : But 'Holes. liave."..nban . ged.
name .Of qtoetor'; hp as Common . as thay.::QC
col; or oar. or Majttr. The cognominiiit
longerin'dicatiye . plofoOiio
ing or elaborate 'fatly'. of tlitlihtiMad;.a:liaiati t . ,
vihen a gentlentsit is intrOdueeti kelltott
So•tinil-So• it Is himosiililit to' Yell *bother' heic:
a farrier a itill;ireitdat' 64104; i'maiiriair;'
It dealer In Magnetic. iing9 A ,# 0 64 iiiii$1 0 01i , 9r
phrenologist:,- on:1,, k.hititer have cont.:
ideteli robbed .socioiiiit its stiih :
and old-fasbiOnid - ,lDOcfetieierdie A*,
Chi) Binwd TO U thisa. l -It.seArchei, IMP
he.obeure port iati-of Virginia Lvie Which re-.,
at.e to the, crime of !remain. have , brought tat
,ght the, fact that,the pardoniMuilower in.'the 'I
ease Of •J'uhn Brovirn., , ,snd Of Corimakr' res Wes
rid - t
- in tbe doseinni, but , iii'. ilia LegiAlarure.-,s.
As the Leai slature only Meets in ttie . , - .10,1ti
fortnight.of Januaiy, as Ilttiwn's sentence is '
to be eiestitr t ii on the a 1 lit Decernher stotd- 80.
there ii.nolikelihd,;(l
er or, in liioo
extra sessiott,',
ins sioniintied, , the,t,tt of the isielnintriW.::
tioniit - timy . he regerded,as sesied".".....'keorreow , ;,..,.
enkrif the Bastion ' Traysllar.:,i,scho,sinkivilf
Chakestoi , n last Week, assuroiol4lo****,,,
is entirely reconciled to" that fotsifikinspdt. oor ;
The Boston Athis and '
Dee isisklishist?!iski. ;litter::,,
irritted by Brown, to a : QuokstsessiolliblinOl,o4.
and from whom he,tind tee,iFtd,,Al;',o)l*lbt:cr'
zips letter'. ,•,, Browwitrrib t iskokbo t "*(oo t ,,,: i iii k
want o f iiiiteeky skill andloi,istOgliSsirShisttst '
fn•t.h* took WP aiiiillin.ik , lllithtittist,#.lnOssitot '
etpteriseikiiisidion',.esitieloliint;thif 1141'.iffett“''
were just. ;: 1114-40 it 241414!?:411:-Illhiiiirj:
from priiieriett D:Atisst.to-ht:4o4lll"l4:fii
*loo k
401 . 1 JO`AI14iielio Stiktelkit!,o* 'illitt‘ ittltilli
flit!lot •Eitisitti hi-44: ' ' vitierA
on it'chatie Ortrtsksts4kTili..*lbli ; .iiigaliilass!,:.
siiiiriolleentivs. Ones :1411,;41jskiiii$Oraiis,,IS I IIke
bra*, intil,his'lNgvAiilibrikli&iiiiiiiipNtoir4l.o:l*c,
k littifi •meirt,pOitlthilo,olo.7oiiiiiiosiwi.
tstilotilliitti sibalgjetkaii ' ,l* .tiot o —j imo ss , Ak
Ilarriloni'or-Itiiilatk , ::. , 1 - 'it'slitn,fittik,kk,
enslisfsetelfbeori! , 4„, ,• ,„-BOtst, ~14 S IS'
.., , i.:' :4 .., t... , . ,I. , 047,7 04 ~ r , ~ ~ . ,ei ' '...
.., . ~-.. , , „v• ..:?..,-,':: '.. ~` .4 s •s:
~- , ' . .-Pig, , ,,.0' : ,4 , . ....
~..' ;.:4,i'44.-.4y.,t,:'Ait'''
11 . •