M'Kean County Democrat. (Smethport, M'Kean County, Pa.) 1858-186?, August 11, 1859, Image 1

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VOL. 2.
/Wham ifountv Minotrat
.. By J.. 0 OVIA'I 4 T r :
SM'ETHPQRT,.. SI'KE AN • ,C() NT . 1( .3 : PA
TERMS; r .$1 5$ in-eldvanto
Rates of Ailvertising
.1 Column one your
yf cc • It tf ... ..
1 " f, nix-months
One square of or lens, I Insertions,
Bich . subsequent irisertiOn, . ......
Business Cards, Witit'pepei, • " fi 00
E:7-7hose Terms will bo strictly adhered to., j'
. •
Bustn D
eos rcctorv.
. .
Eurveyor, Draftsman. dpnrej•arger,.and,Rpal; Estate
'Agent: Snietliport; M'Kenn county, Pa. . •
• ~WritLIABS WILKIN, • ..• •''• .
Practical .Mechrtnie, Millwright, Bridge-buipfer, he
. Port Allegheny, M'Keun county,,Pa...
- &gate Agenq Oft)ce; Co., .Yeikrt'a
. ~ • —IIEFE.IIESCp9
dhitpin & BOylo, linen.,
Hon: Thothas:Struther3,
Brownell, Esq.,
' : '; • CARVES' HOUSE;. •.• , '
. ,
' •Jons Huta, Proprietor, coiner:of Water and Hickory
. •Otroots,.Warren, Pa, .goooral..Stago.Offica: :•.
, . . . .
icholesale atl . Retail Dealers in Family Ciroceiieq:Thirl:,
- ' Fleur, Silt, Feed, A;c., &c: tinder E. S; Masti'd
' Store Storq; East side uf the Public Square, Sinethport,
. . ..
. .
. . •
J. C. BACKUS &.003,
Genorsa Deelers'in'Dry .Goods. Groceries,. CrockUry,
4andy--31adf. Clothing, Iloota ailtl , Shoes, fists and Ceps,
ec„; opposito the Court Rouse, §ruetliport
7.. 0. 'HOLMES;
Wholesale and Betaii'Doaler in Provisinns' and rannly
Grneerles, Dry Goods, BoOts, Shoes flats, Gaps, Nails,
• Yankee Notranq; ezc' , Store one , door, west of the
Aker House. Terms, Cash.
Fronting . the Public Squall!. Olean,,N: . Y.• Limas M
-• Altitert. proprtotor.. •The Fnbee Howie is entirely new
and built of brick. and' is furnished in modern style.
• The proprietor 'fluters himeelt that -his aecommocia.'
tions.are not • surpassed by any hotel iu Western New
•' York.' Carriages run to and from.the New York . and
. Eric Rail Road. • • ; - • ,
ATTORNEY A7' LAW; Smettiport, kFtl'ean County., Pa..
• Agent for klessrs. Keating A:: Co's Lands ' Attends
espeeiallj to the Collection of Claims; Exainlpation of
Land Titles;. Payment of Taxes; and all business relit: ,
ting,to Real Estate*. Office in Mullin Block.. . " .
A. Warnur,'Proprietor;--at Kinzto... Warren county
Pa. Ms:Table will -be, stippirnd • with the beet the.
country affords, And he 'fore no pains iri Accomodathig,
his ghosts.. .- . •
. .
'Attorney and ~Counselicir Lair;' Sinethrot't, 11tiKean
County, Pa. • Bumloess ontrilited.to
,hie .care foe the,
• counties of sPlCean,'Potter and Elk oill 'ha promptly
attended to Office in the oourt.Ooluie t 'second floor.
Dit., L. B. 'WISNER,
. .
'Physician aml Surgeon,' Etlethpo'rti Pa, .'will ittond to
• all professtonal calls With promptness. '.oflice IrBart.L
Wel I Plonk, second, floor. , .. .
. .
-N:S..BUTLER dc;
'Wholesale and Rotel Dealers in Staple ittid :Fancy Dry
Goods, Carpeting, Ready Made Clothing, and General
Varnishing Gonda. Boots and Shoes, Wall and Window
Paper, LoolciegGlasses'am 'At - Olean, N. Y. •
Smethport, Kean Co., Pa. R. .11::11E: ! NETT, Proprie
tot—opposite the Court - House: A- new,. large; corn
triodious and well •furnishe4 hniise.. .•
. .
Attorney and Counsellor Law. Smetliport,llPlCean Co.
Will attend to all business in . his profession in %he
c. •••ies of 111 0 Kean, Potter and Elk. • Office over C:
Se% well Sc Brothers' Store. ' , : •
• . •
. •
- • GID EON . IRONS, . ' --_, ' ....
• •,
'Dealer in Dry Goo‘l9, Oi•octirik, Pork, Flour,' Salt, Fish
Ready-31,ide Clothing, Ponta full ,Thoeg Store in Ea
. tons old stand, Stuothportl'a. General Patent Medi
clue Agents, '
COrner. of Second and • l.iberty s t reetg; {Carron, Pa. rt:
A. - BAllliOlt, 'Proprietor. Travelers will find good ac
.colinnodatJona and rerionable.charges. • • •
E.. 8...11A50;q,
.. .
. . .
Dealer in Stoyea, Tin Ware, Tatmaned, Ware . . &c., went
' - aide. of the Public Square, Smetliport, P. 'Custom
work dime to order on the-shorteatmotice and in' the
moat eubstanpal manlier. ' .
W. S. tßowNEr.i;
Dealer in Dry °nods,* GrOceries, Crockery'', 11ardware,
Boots, Shoes,'Hats, Caps . , Glass, Nuits.Dils, Aa, &c.
' East side el- the Public Square, Smethport,, Pa: .
. . ~ . . .
Dealer: in'Provisiond and Fundly,Grneeries generally. at
,' Faemera ' Valley, WiCean 00..' Pa,, Grin, Lumber.
phlngloti, &a l'iaken in exchange for .Goods. ' Patent'
• •Tiadiclnes for snlo. • ,
It.. Lep . inew, P~op~ietor , —Allegheny Bridge, M'rioan
00,, l'a. This houeo ia situated abou t' nine milea from
Bnlothport on tho road- to Olean, end will be found a
'contenient stopping-placo •
, .
• .
... , • EMPORTIItr HOUSE, • .• " - - -..
Sliiiipen, liliKean Co., 1.'.: . tegniiiu COOK, Prnprio'or•
' A cominediaui and , w•elLfu.rniahed Ileum): Strangers
and taavelere - will find gaud accomibodatiotia. .
. .
lfy T. GOODWIN. . Thin bonne in situated.abont flue mile"
frtnnSmethport on the rend to Olefin. 0 Pleann renart le B
and Ole: "can bo'accpinmodated an the nhortent,aotice,
. .
p ro p r iet or Thiq bolls° ii situated hril
NsTueN Derus;
•way between Smethpoit awl Olean. 'lf you watt i gooA
dinner this is the place to stop . . .. ,
Proprietor of the Orbit 'at Mechanicsburg, Mc
..Kean Con n tira.. Flour, Meal, and Feed; constantly
un.hand.and for r iale, in large and small quantities.
• . • ': . .RAILROAD 'HOIISE, ..: ' . .
O.' OsraiNaa n , Proprietor, . Norwich, 'Mill{can C 0.,:
Pa. 'flood 'accoiniiicidaCoua•can bp had there at all
. Limos. ' . . • i '
Esocti h, DOLLItY, Pioprieter; at - Port Allover, Me-
Kean County Pa. I'hk lintel Iseittiateci at the junc
tion of the .inetliiiort lied Allegany hirer
miles east of dmethporf. ' •
'A'I7I)R . _HOUSE,
SMETIIPtiRT, 117PKE41111 !L'fh, rat
. .
. •
.Wllf. HASKELL : .:. :.' : • Proprietor.
.' thi liroprietor having recently :purOhasod and tbor•
ougyze.-relittott - the Astor llooso, Hatters himself that ho
ca pink AS I.rood aecommodainms as a ny h o t el i u W e stt
er .:y.;flulylvatillt. - • ,
~.. „ i, t. ~
• .SJS 00
• • 20 00
12 00
.. 20 00
.. 12 00
. • 160
Ridgway Pa;
Wtrren, P 4
.; Muena: Viata,pa
With all her momd inheritance of nobldinan
sion,-Widelot'esti and meadow. lan4,Fllanche
fluesion ; Was. neither , happY, nor satisfied. She
idoked out on herbroad dornaiowit sad
and' gloomy forebodings of the future, envying
the'poo rest cottage girl that wenr singing, psi
heiwindov,. One thing 'only WaS•lacking to:
Blanche—her freedoen: ,She had wealth; beauty,
and a rare educdtion for one so young; but just
one year ago'to-day she had knelt at her father's .
'death-bed,:and - taken a solem,p vow" that the
rich estate which he had spent his life":to : gain,
should.. notpass into the , hancis , nOr :hear 'the
name of a stranger, but,ihat' Williafn flueston,
her cousin; whom.. She had never seen, should
receive herhand and fortune."
;lie was a stran'ge father, one would deem;to
dernand SuCh a promise.' from . his only child;
and it was true. A hard; 'stern, selfish man,
his only ambition had been to aCqUire Wenith,
and . through his .wealth to maintain a haughty
and aristocratic position. Blanche,' whom be
loved •:passionately, : though selfishly, as
. waa
most conSistent with his nature, bad beedbre't
up almodt in•solitude,lest e should come in
contact with any' one who would steal her heart
and allegiance from her fatheL She had not,.
therefore, been neglected; but devoting
girlish years to the ac s ouirerrieut of every ac t
complishmentwhich could' 'adorn 'her .position
in life, she had reached .the age of `eighteen,
with far more than the usual share. of grace.and
intelligence. • • .
She. had never dreamed of her father's matri
monial plans in regard fo'herself, until sudden.
ly stricken 'down by' illiipes, he . had celled, het
to' his Sidi, informed her pf his• long matured
plan, and itnplOred.of her, with a •stranse
'Ore . of tenderness and , . authority,•to proniise•a
sure fulfilment of this dearest wish. Her coo_
sin, he inforrried , her, desired it equally: With'
himself; nothing, . therefore, remained for
illanche but to acquiesce, or, •in• this last and
Painful hour of herlather's• life to renounce
fore'ver the inheritance he had to hardly earn
ed for her, and with it his'dying blessing.' ~
To obey was to give -up 'at once,' all the (fee,
.happy. dreams and hopes of her girlhood, and to.
bind' herself for life: to one whom . it might, be
iMpossible for. her to love, or 'even reverence;
but to obey,- to refuse Subinission; with those
'dying eyes fined upo'n her, those dying hands
stretched toward • her; WAS 'more utterly
impossible'. With but a momentary strugg,le,
she knelt, as he bade her, at his bedside, "and
solemnly vowed that this his last Wish 'Should
be fulfilled. •
A year had 'passed siece the stern men Was
borne opt of the house Ma laid in the, marble
tomb of t Ilnestons,- and .all' this time the
•oun ,, *heiress had dtvelt 'alone in her richly
decorated borne. More and More galling. had,
groivhn the chain , frith. which sher had 'bound
herself, and now when only.three months More
of her maidenhood reniainedi,-for the very slay
of iter, ivedding had been , predetermined, a bit-:
ter defiance of her fate took pOssesSion of, her. :
She refused mien:to see her future. husband,
)00, from' his home in the Smith, wrote' to her,
repeatedly,. and urgently requested , a meeting.'
She coldly returned, that while . sfie.considered,
her.engagenient a sacred one, and.woUld riot fail
to at the appointed time, .yet since it
could, be
, of no to form a previoul acquaint
ance, she preferred to defer their meeting until
the hour of the ceremony. .• r''
, .
She had just .w , ritten . a reply''of. tharac
actor, artsat . moodily reflecting upon proh
able effect, on the mild June day when Our sto
ry commences.' Certainly, if she had alloWed
the es.s;eat influences or 'nature "to act - upon her
feelings, her reply,hadbeen if : not leas
cold.. 'fhe.air that, floatect.thrungh . . her open
window, was freightod with whrmth, and
shine, and allhealing balms. ..'The' bob•oqink,,
under .her casement; darolled- his golden song
from the Ipoust laden..‘yith bloorni . and
every sound and sight about licrsprike orbeitu•
ty and love'.. ." • •''
:S.AIETIIPQRT,...:II . Ii. AN ;covNTy, , PA,;T,u i li.spAy..; - AvovsT,.' 11:,t859*
{thy should bullied clondi of sadues • S •*,
Fr in upon thy yoUthful
. tace ': •
Why, when surnmer'sjoraiad gladnessi .
Smiles and breathes in every-place?.
Time enough for sobs anu sighing,
• 15'hen.life's pleasuree are all
But:while .thereremain,undying, . •
Nature's cry Is; laugh,.laugla on . !. •. ••
Why ehottld•timid hearts item] . hlualklng,,
•• Fearing llogeank on the plain - !
While the merry etreameare gushing, -
•llaneing to their goril again;
Time enough to rear'llre'm troubles;'• •
When unfriendod and alone; .'•
Ilift trhen trials are but bubbles;, . '
: Let, them pass and' • still laugh on
•• , , •
.When the down-east eyes .
Wlthering,sare and .ehlillng.joolisj
. ;VVbere.the idly blootuawneeaslng, , •
- by the laughing.brooks;
Time enough to fear and wringing,
'-'.Borrow brings-In dreary tone;'
But ; while I.temer birds are singing,
• All their music says, janglr cn
Why despond when songa'or gladtiese•
• . Echo through the'roreet treon i•
When no meaning zeldiyrbi pathless;
Singing, through the•vordant leayeri
Tithe enough—for life is waking, •
Bid it 100 C in haste be gone;
.llrge• i knot—* tie quickly hastingi•
To retaih It, laugh; laugh' on ! .
, •
"Look sluff," when thoughti ern - smiling;
• Ain iatinirevbry heart-felt tie,. • ,
.Listening stare yourteara are telling, •
Werting.thern beyond the akyl.
Tex not then thy heart with aorrow,l
Sigh not'then to mournful tone:
Think•not of the cdming morrow, • '
'While you live,,l any, laugh - on !.-
Froln.Petorrou , s Mainzfrie'for
A sound of. carriage w heels rapidly approach
ing; and finally stopping before. the' high ,grite
which• divided 'the , lawn from the road-side,
caused' her to start 'front her reverie' and-look
anxiously frOm . theWitidow. A fernale •.figure .
stirring quickly 'frOrrth,6 carriage. anttrin light-.
ly up 'the. gravel path. Blanche, hesitating-but
,a moment, * recognized' her friend .clara Hughes!,
.thelearest companion of.her girlhood, and. in . a
'moment with a glad cry. of :pleasure, she bad
hounded . dowri the staircase; and Wis embracing
her With the warmest expression of welecime.
She gave . rapicl orders tOherieryanteconcerning..
the care of - Miss flughe . o, earriitge and servant' ,
and' then leading her Into : her own cosy sitting
room, she rejoiced anew over hei unexpeeted
arrival. -* •-•
„ You will stay with me a.-r9oathat
she began' eagerly; "your face will be like ann.:
shine' in this great, desolate hbase.”
"No; Blanche,". , responded Clara, 'it have
only stolen irda} , lithOme; I must
. .
"To-morrow!" replied Blanche,. with a look .
of keerr.disaPpointment. "Why do torment
the with such a visit?".-
.• "Don't take back your.Walvime,"said.Clisra,
with 'a is true I must return to-mor
row but you 'are going with me. •Your'year,Of
mourning has expired; - and I think. you have
impiisened ourself long.. enough. • Another
yenr like this wOuld . rob you of - your Youth'and
beauty too. You are going back Witlime to stay
'until August." .•
• . • •
dannot - go,"saidl3lanche; her habitual ex
pression of gloom, returning,' grYou foiget that
AUgust is my - bridal month.'l.> •,
• ~"And a pretty bride you'll be, with these
pale cheeks and great; beiVieyea," answered
Clara, mirthfully. ‘4l should be ashamed to be
your bridesmaid. And after all
.1 don't have'
much faith in this marriage that:y.oli make your
self so.unhappy about. It y . Ou Could' only see
Will Norwood, new—he is a noble- fellow, just
suited to your peeirliar _ •
loOk of •imPatience from; Blanche made
Clara pause a moment. .
“13 . 11 t listen," she continued, etyou know We
have purchaSed a new summer house on' the
banks ot Lake hest • twenty miles from
here.... Jack drove me from there.this afternoon
and will carry us back to-morrow io season for
.dinner, My.good parents, in order to make my .
first summer in 'the' country .a merry one, have
invited a • whole housefull 'of guests, a, grand,
company; and I need only . yoU to finish-my en
joyirient.' There are the Carnerons,who'm you
like,.thpStuarts, two fin . e . girls, - With their
brother a' perfect Chesterfield, Norwood, IV.illis
Opme;ion''.9 friend, , en artist, talented, well
°' And What -Would it all matter. to _trier' in
terruptedfilanche; . (gtheahadow,of myboughten
hasband, would eome between me mid: everY
pleasant com panion."'.
c , No,tlanche—he shall not, spoil yam' last
summer of girlhOod-L-yeu.thrill be the gayest
and brightest as You used to be.. Happy, too,
without a care for the future. Dear .Blanche,
come home With me I" • ' •
"I will, Clara l"suddenly responded Blanche,
with a flash of her.old pride. "I will have one ,
Month Of liberty, of real %happiness. We' will
go back together. • * •: •
tg4poken like my oivn dear Blanche,'.' said
Clara,.gayly. .4,et begin • this . moment. to
make you ready." .' . •
We will obey thu:souad•of.the tea-bell 'first
-you *need refreshmeni alter your long* ride." •
erThat is true; arid eaught . ; , u 'glimp'se of
strawberries as . .l: passed the dining 7 robm."- • •
• The •girls,:With arms' entwined, desCended
the stairs; but their meal was .a :hasty ,one, ao
eager were both to arrange Itlanco Wardrobe;
and' in e few moments they were up in her own
chambet; busily inspecting the . various . : merits
of silks, laces, and jewels. - .•
'A'headache preftented. Miss Uneaten- from
Meeting the company in' Mrs. Hugbes'.i.pailor
until the evening of the next day. But, at kit,
Clara haying placed the' rose in the glithering .
black hair,, and smoothed for the . twentieth
:dine the lustrous folds of Illanche's purple:silk
took her proudly by the arm and led her down .
to the clraWing room,
,Though the hazz.of con:.
% , ersation ceased for a moment, end..everY eye
instinctively .wits fixed on the beautiful'heir
ess, Blanche-.neither paled' nor 'blushed, but
went throUgh the Irksome ceremony 'of .intro
duction with'a caltn dignity 'which more than
one younggitl enyiedher.• • . r... •
- An hour later,. while. she ' s tood ,conversing
With young Stuart, WIM seemed eagerto make
her acquaintance, .a stranger entered the room'
and without noticing het,: . passed.', through'into.
the' music roc;m..Murtriurs of "Ah I here •is
Norwood , clyhere has .Norwood stayed. so
long'?" reached her eat and informed her of the
stranger's. name.
An• impuliel she could not' resist, made her
turn her eyes. frequently to the room, beyond,
where, through. the open folding . doors,'she
eould retell • the group chatting over the music
which :t hey were examining. Never' had. she
.seen•so striking a_ face as that of Norwood.
grand:forehead,.alinest too rrassfve.for'heanty;
deep; blue eyes; that shone' with a constantly
varyineeipie • siori; a 'mouth at once sensitive
and firm; thewhole face iinpresied her with the
idea of great strength . of purpose, of, a mind
willing and Working sothething beyond the dull
routine of life. ••.. . .'..•
"I will not' look at hirn," she•aaid to herself
at last,.with a 'sadden,thariiohiciiaasness that
she had itr light to - do sia and turning
Stuart, she belan.trieulogi;e theac7nery.aboat
'.Presently car.Scitlah ';e4
iing afep,Ancl Clara's silvery voice repeated,.
. She.looked . np_and . received- aj•glande 'at once
piercing 'arid friendly,' from the blue'eyes she
had been watching the past hall hour. For the
Arst time during the. evening 'she Ryas at sloes•
for words; hilt not long, for Mr. Norwood; pais,
ing at once to themes and full of int : et
est2tnelted..away yely speedily:the of her
reserve, and before 'she' wasconscioipof it,ahe
was talking to . him with 'all' het; enthnsittsm.—..
Never' had she met one who possessed in s suchi
degree the rare power , of calling forth the best
and happiest faculties ofanottler?ti tniiid. .She
felt a glow of power, a consaientiouaness of
what-she might, be, .which thrilled while it
startled her.• She had forketten . her usual cold
.t.w.o „hours; :When Clara corning'with
the request that she shOuld sing, 'brought . her•
.beck 'from 'the quicker tide of life:. 'She refused,
tdsing. The - sudden fall of -her spirits:ince
pa'citated her for niusict but she quickly lett
the roorn and•glided silently to her own chtiM-.
• She had hardly controsed her thoughts be
Yore Clara entered and sat down beside her.
• ""1-low brilliant you have been this evening!
. .she began. "If I were hot glad to see you hap.
py, I should be jealous . of yoti. And so my
&earn Will be fulfilled=You do like Norivood.:"
"Do not speak . orhim !" cried 'Blanche, pas
sionately,.."l- have only forgotten . myself an
hour, I thought that. this last year had:been
one of sufficient schooling, but 'I find it hitif
not; I still retain the old wetiktietic of adMiring
toO•ardentlythe gifted and eloquent." .
.• ,, Ele is worthy- of yOurndmiration . whispered.
Cla-ra. •
• i'ilirhioirtee you admire, him .so, .have . yoti
net; given • him - your . .. own heard 'retorted
It is 'al ren Oy..sqfe in- the keeping ,of Willis
Cameron ) " murmured Clain, man ding
cheek; and Blanche; moved by herfriend's in
geniousness, threvrhcr arms about her and, kisa
ed het :rusk cheek. • • •
"Happy.. Clara l" said she. "Free to' love
whom•you 'change ) and to Make your happine's's
for life I"
.icl dare to hppe . that I shall yet bee you as
'happy as Myself," responded. Clara:
.". •
cepiat is inpossible," was, tlie gloomy re-
A ride on hor4ebsclt''Was the order of.' the
next' morning's'amusement, but 'Blanche refus-,
cd to be of the, company, unless Clara. would so
. artangait that Mr, Cameron ihnuld be her es
cort: Clara, thOugh much against . her Will,'
NOrwood, •conse
quently.; had to be her own. gallant.' .Bot fate
was against Blanche's purpoaie. Ate beantifor
grove about three miles distant they dismount
ed, and if by magic a stimpturmahreekfast.was
seen ready spread' iieneath •the ,overhanging
-maples. It 'gleefully . plirtaken of by, the
merry company', and .al strdll to a 'rornantic
spot, half • a Mile beyond, proposed. They all
set ont.together, but in a few Moments Blanche
found herself walking lay Nfirwcoil's side. All
the morrarig.shehati met the frequent glances
of his penetfating eyes, and now it.was
gado to resist the Mildest, but earnest request.
that she would sharethe walk with him. They
*strayed along slowly, : and their conversation
reverted to the themes of the'preyious evening,
to'art, to the great moyenaents and purposes of
life; Her heart throbbeil-witli.eager sympathy,
wliilebe told 'her, ball playfully, th - e. story of
his own endeavors., 4. }vas the *tale of, hope
grounded in gentui and . kept burning by strength
of will alone, foyfate and fortune had not been
on his aide . , • • • • •
The rnoming.passecilikop dream, and when
.shewasagain gallopinghomeward',llthe . side
of Cameron, she. was silent and abstracted.
What.did;this sudden . tremor and gfoW • of feel
ing mean, wheri she:chanced - to talk an hour
with this enthusiastic stranger? Had 131Cinebe
been tie free and careless girl of two years be
fore; sheWouldhave troubled her mind with : no
such questions; but nOw,witehful and ,jealous
of herself, she questiciped and repulsed eyerSr
rtew:thrili of happiness ' . ,
,• Three weeks • passed like enchantment, the
(Vildest,'"and, but for the .dark shadow of the
future', thikappiest of all, her life.' One even
ing the:whole party were going .to sail on ,the
lake, but Blanche, who , been,reflecting and
iehooling herself for a , few hours, •declined go
ing-at. the . haat moment: It was too. late lo
urge hey, and 'Calling her strangely perverse,
Clara.went eft with her troop of Companiona.
. .
Blanche,, however, had • meant to . punish.
herself With aolitirdelshe was disappointed, for
she had not been ten Minute's alone before Nor=
wood entered the rocUir. . •
trl thought' you had gone to , the lake,' said
Blanche ; with embarrassment,: as cComing to
ward her he stood 'bear her and looked earnest
ly dciwn upon her: ,
'That was my oriiinal,intontion," was .his,
reitly,'‘ibut)toit did not 'go,' Miss HiieSt9n.":
igAnd'could that small cirournstanCo• affect
your pleanufe?".aho answered, blushing; and
hardly knowing what*sho said. • .
• •
"It Was the .all in. all," 'was Ids quickreply,
r in a low, but eager tone; then sitting down by
her side, hacominued rapitllyand .With a flush
on hiamialyloce. ' • '
' tiYoui h a ve been everything to me eyer.since..
Wald rst siicilce togand have learned .
that without:you there , is' na.Charm in any
pleasure—l:know too, well that all the futtrie
cannot change; my leclings:—let me ask you"
ciNo, no I" interrupted Blanche, with, burn
ing cheeks; !cif iii ' - uot . for me heat You—do
not speak one.word like that. to •
• giiVbr.ric;t?"• ho aaliod- , tell me-why—do
yoo'distrust rim? do ; you think rvrould feign a'
love 'I do - not feel . • . .
”I know you ate theioul of honor tiltiti,".
niormtfrod poor.Blanchi, tibut let, there ba,si
lence.betiveen us--I "be married in -two
months froth to-day.'' ., ' ••
For, a moment nOt it,word was. Spoken; but
the hind' which %had taken that of Blancho
grasped it suddenly with such force that she
could scarcely refrain from orying out: She,
knevythat Norwood loved her with ialife-leing
love, and she, knew too well how deeply het
own heart responded , to his. • -
c.And'vi:ho is to be yotirhe asked,
presently, in an altere d. voice:
• I My cousin, Nillinm ilueston; of Georgia. I
have never seen: were betrothed •in
childhood.” . • • . , •
"Do' .you love Ile?" '. •
"I shall marry . him. ft 'was my prothise
my.father in his . .dying hotiy.'; -
“You do not love him," repeated- Norwood,
sternly; ccand marriage svitliout
lege." . • , •
"I - am be d to. hini a. sentiment of honor
‘Vhich is milker even thaii love. • That
make a sacrament of the sactilege. AM
implore your forgiveness, If bytvord : or look
have led you on to speak as you have spo-
"I cannot reproach you," was the answer.
You have avoided me, and my, own ardent• feel
ings need no spur. • Joie you
deeply, .truly—you are rmine in spite of
Is it not so? Tell Mc that yon loVe me?" ' '
Blanche•treMbled, but her Self-possession did
not fail hcr;•thougti soielitempted..
PI cannot ifve . .you the words you ask for,"
she said ((midi will - kiii: . ltey.belong only to
my plighted hutband,.,antl I will 'not' ttishonOr
hirn, if I cannot'love hirri. l ) • • •
'4gYou cannot love him l' You batre spoken it!",
cried Norwood,. passionately,. “But yeti
not make me believe there I. n6thing in, your
answering to mine. .Blandhe, I knew the lan
gusge of :your eye, .iotir . cheeli--- . -and you are
riot for him but for 6113.; I cannot give you
wealth, hit can give you unbounded ifetiotion i
,you shall not regret your choice. Only be my
wife-let me loieyou, live for you. o .'
Two pictures flushed before '. the eyes .91-
Bltinche Huesicin. One was a splendid man
sion, :dreary, loveliness- 7 6 home: without 'a
hearth, :a household 'without a heart. .The
other was a, warm fireside, with those. glow,
ing,- . loving.eyes upon. her, charming away
every shadow,: lending.their glory to every de. :
light. :
She hid 'her face a ;Moment,- and the spell
passed by. She remembered her saered vow,.
"Leave me, Norwood," she uttered. tlYOur
hive, my own love, shall not make me break
my word. rny sacred 'promise, and it
sball be fulfilled.' Leave me and forget me."
Norwood' rose and stood : before , her a mo
ment with folded same. "I. will leave you,"
he' said, "but 'no light passion... • I dO
not lore pit less that you sacrifice, yourself to.
.senss of- duty—no; Mare, if that' were
possible.., 1361-I : cannot- remain nerir you long
er; that were needless: pain, Bid me fate=.
ttFaiewell !" vi , hispered Blaae4e, pale and
tiembling : . He saw her agitation and. spoke
"One Word from you . will change all. Will
you net bid me stay?". : •
.c(FaieWell ir.reriotted'l3lanchc, more firmly,
.heavee's choicest hlessings :follow you
ftirmier !!' ' . , •
.He bowed and was gone. BlanChe, half faint•
ing, sought her chamber, and gavevent to her
feelings in a long night of tears. . .
At breakfast; the next morning, it was .an:
nonneed with • surpiise and regret that Mr. Nor:,
iincul was gone, and more than* one ,eye wa.
fixed curiously on Miss Hueston'i face. • But'
'she had returned to her usual marble compo
sure, and neitlter pale nor:red, she betraye4 no
consciousness of the frequent glances. Fora:
few days she joined al; the pleasure parties'and
danced or , simg.as pleased theni best; but the
charm had vanished, and sick of . this mockery,
she was snonat-horne' againin her •own.splen,
did, but desolate house,:and trying/Ito drown her
memories ey abs Orbing herself in magnificent
preparatiOns for' her-coming bridal. •
.• .
The hour fraught With fate, was approach- 1
ing. Clara had,com, and Carneren,and other
guests from a . distan'ce Wore. exliected ,on the
morrow, the 'wedding, day, Blanche moved.
calmly acid proudly around, superintending ey
cry arrailgetnent L and, no stranger would, haVe',
dreained that there Was anything unusual ins
the marriage about to take place. , '
, i)trhen shall you see Mr., Hueston?"
Clara, looking anxiously into her friind's cold
and placid lace.
~T O;tneriO4i.) evening, At seven." *. •
«Aed lobe ' martied at eight! . 010 atrium •
girl, has , he not do:aired-to r see you:Vetere, or
he as eccentric as yourself 7".- • •
iflle has Often requested en , kalif
terms both'gracioUs . 'and"Aignilleo.44llStid
tin 'this-one thing I woul d have soy
will. And now, dear 'Clara, you may go down
and talk with Canieron.. I Will go outalent!fh4
ahist . • . • : •
. .
, . .
• She put on her bennet and a light shawl, and ..
took a.famikitit path . which Mid:arose
field; thiough a.grovei?ipaks; to a'hrook which
sung along its pebbly. way under tihe'deepshud
owlof, the trees. Here she had mit
hour in :her childhood, drea.mng
visions of all that "could. make life beautiful ' '.
and the place was a. hallowed one: ,
.56 . . stink
wn on a mossy eeats• and her thoughta'Went
• •
out into the veiled fnture, eageilsf
some ray of light to Strengthen and to cheer
het. Taut
.life seemed strangely; and
, .
Suddenlya shadow, not' her owny tbil rkelOili
. .
the brook; and a step sounded do Ihe.turf. Un-,
willing to . be. disturbed; 'she. rose • and would
have hieteried away, but . a voice and liandai
resied'her; and she met the' pale, eager limo?
rut an instant ithe could not speak-4er veri
heart stood, atilt.
allorttrood I" at length site uttereg,“whi , arc
you here, , To-morrow=-...." . .. • ".. , .
4 ..1. lcnow all," he exclaimed; "but, Blandhes
I would see youi face erica morn, and heir the
voice' I love: Can You drearn what life has
been to me since you .sent Me from you; hold'
roulette, weary and unsatislledi I know tos
ioc l .
morrow giv s to you a husband; but tb-day yid
'are, still in . And t would look upon my
own once m re." ' ~ ' . .
His impassioned vrorda brought bock, with
overwhelming power, the memory of.all
had been to each other.. yet-Blanche did not
forget her vow,. She longed to hear hirnapeak
of love; it was balm to het' thirsting heart, bet
she dared not. She rierved herself . to fain art
an anger she did no t el. • •
'd - You are more than'reeli ) you are. ' ' unkind
and cruel," she said, Otto enma to me now itid,
bring'beck the past so Vainly. this hair* ti
consecrated to ether thoughts. lf,you loved Hay
you would not inflict such needy's!'
"Say no more !" cried Nor Wood, kissing hei!
hand. ((You are resolute and I--Must . lea Vis
you once more. -go' sum , * I trepare to‘ beet
your unknown and unwelcome husband.
shall never see Norweed.again!". •• .•
And in an instant be Web ions., Like , *
spectre he had coma'and,vanished' leaving ' hit
all unnerved for: the ceremony.. 'She' hurried,
home, •but ;there, was no , sleep for , h er,, thrit
'right; and not until the fatal
: hour. drew uest
did.her usual ialmness'ieturmto hCI
"There, .Blairche, the veil is beautifui,' arid
hangs right royally on, your queenly
Now it. you would Only have's rose-bud.,here
and' there; it would break the glistening: same•
nesi of your dress." -
"Not a flowei," geld Blanche, coldly, viow
incherself in the mirror-"flowers are for Suck
is you. and Cameron, who love each other. 4
Jewels dre more' anprnoriate:br my manikin,'
but I' will 'wear neither." • •
' "It
.is seven o'clock, Blanche I"
asked Blanche, her Auk eyes fall
ing a moment- . '
gilqr.l-Tueeton' ti in the library.. Shall I ge
down withliou 7". .
“No," *as the nniwer, 'the' bride.d!e*
herveil half aver he face. , “I will lee him
lone.this one hour. . When the
. clock strikes
eight - yotiand"Cameron may come for mW."
She passed 'down a side stair-rimy
s tto eteder
the observatiotinf the guests who were diem;
hying, and in'o' morneut stood within the librai.
ry. But now her strength failed her, her heart
throbbed, painfully--she could' not lift bet : eyins
from the floor. . • • . . '•
• not; rny bride giVe'me.one tools tiald
a voice whi ch thrilled:every nerve in heirleing,
and a strong arm clesped her* his2close,•etk
brace. The blood rushed to her' Cheeks, the
lifted her eyes. In an century of wonder. • -
Islslisrwood here I" • : • • :
riWilliam Norwood Mester) ) at youriletVielfy
my Blanche." • • • •
tqllushing, trembling, speechless ) but With d'
new, wonderful joy kindled in' her. heart, .she
could only look tearfully in his face.
icForgive me the deception," he:said, as be
looked smiling down on her. "I had no wish to
gain your hand without Your heart, and if you
had met and parted from me'as from any'stratts ,
ger, I would have 'renounced all, claim to yout
hand. But; Blanche, how I loved you the-first
hour I saw you. And did not judge you right
ly/ Had you met Me in my. real character RA
name, would not your heart have been
against` met'.
Blanche smiled, and silently claspiol the hint
that.held her . own. -
“Does Clara knowl” ihe whisperide ,
i . , No—only Cameron—We - have' beeit•irrelitlit
for muny *sari. 'Ho is doubtlesi her
now, but she, is. wholly unsaspleloas.','".
Suddenly Withit tnittliftil look Bhanche taliedt
I had run away, witt,t Ilk"Orviontli . what
would you have thought of:incr.? ,
' , You could not ev,en then have. escaped - yogi
vow,'A was the reply. idlut uly,,
loved you• better for your high sense.6f honor;
I only .regtetted".ttfe pain you
no*—ot •
«411 is well; that ettdrvrctl," said I.lllinCl4l,
joyously:: • • •. t s•;;t. • •
At the ettil•istttie Maur the:daoivai
and Clair; twilling , ankviiiideringi , , , ispiseirlik. 2
.by Mr, Camirion,: , whericgrestOlielf
betiayed not in- the !milt - the part irir
Clara lied filled her " bands ,with , ;4l!;fiilito.l t V l '.
opened ", - '
"Tee, bring roses no#;"SiddfilinChsi#44iiilljb'z'•<,
me as gorgeously as you `okgO#4o4loli(F:;.,l
filling for happy bridalic.