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    THE .. iiREPUBLICAR' . .
` DSON 1101.4.30K8. paomagiong:
a Aq. L. TEAM
Junsom iroz.comn,- , Editor..
ICHAT. if. ALLEN, Aaaaolate Editor.
"Reasonable lairs, honest apenditures, com
petent officers, and no stealing.' harpers
Weekly. "
Enternlia the rost,":oMee at fewanda'as
p) • IiErOND cuss miter-
Pattison has "pit off more than he
can ehaw." •
The National debt deereased about
$13,000,000 during the month of Jan
His Excellency, , Private Seeretary
Everett ; Lewis. C. • CaSsidy Esq. and
Base Ball Bob, do __not seem tread
ing a pathway ; of roses for some reps
A bill is pending in the State Sena
doing away with Mercantile Appraisers
and making it the duty of Asessors to
perform• the work incident to such
The Indio:art - 3resseri3 suggests
that if tlovernot Pattison wishes to
make himself a genuine example of old
time simplicity he will lay ita}de hiS
broadcloth coat and wear a red jacket.
This would give color and tone to the
administration. ,
As Governor Pattison objeets to the
prefix of "His Ex . 4lleney7:: - and as
ithere seems tb be. an ternal fitness for
a prefix to his name, wet- suggest, tl j lat
of "Base Ball Bob." For notwithstlnd.
ing ;Bob seems to :be a: failure as -a
Governor, he was undoubtedly a rattle.
ing ; good first basenian in his ball days)
State Senlitor Kennedy Brill' please
step into theaisle and get haiSelf read
out of the Democratis . • party l .; If he
thinki he4s going .6' be perrultted to
cavort around among the orchestra of
this „reform administration; :and pro
test,. against the I:performance of =the
chief sploist, he is somewhat the worst
mistaken man west of Grover Cleve.
land.-- Pee .4s.
Senator flumes of Crawford county,
has introduced a supplement to an act
to exempt property to theyalueg WO
from levy andwle on execut - . It
. ,
.provides that no waiver or met.t
to - waive the exemption allowed by
said act shall be s'alikor authorize any
levy,.seizure or sale of the property so
exempted by said act, this section to
apply only to Leads of families. -
A statesman has introduced a bill
at Harrisburg empowering; notaries
public to perform- the marriage' ogre=
away, lt is entitlid:"An act to
itate marriages." 7 - 11 c Pittsburgh
egiapit thinks there is . too much 6c
ility about marriages now, and sug
.g-4t.s that "a bill 'to provide for the les
sening of rash , and anhappy . marria
ges is what the present genkation
. Contested elections are rather ex
travagant at& probabfy but
few of them would be indulged in if
the contestants ersonally paid 'the ei,
!lenses* The Sessinghaus vs. F,rost.
contests from , Afissouri,.. is charged"
the national Treasury at about twenty
Seytin thotusaud, five hundred dollars.
It wofilif seam as if such matters could
be adjusted at a much less :cost,. and
certainly I.:Tom should be made to
feet such a result. .The game is not
worth the candle" 7,
The Minnesota Legislature Thursday
t - k
seven ballots for United- States
/ 'nator... The -ourth, ballot stood:
Windom, 39; 't‘ f ilson,. 31; Cole, 15;
Sabin, 33; Htit-ird,, 9, and 8 scatter
lag. ,On the .ievelith ballot Sabin
was elected, receiving SI votes, 69 be.
ing neeessary to a choice. Mr. Sabin
is a-prominent, and wealthy manufaet
Aerer and' State prison' contractor, 14
lwater. He has never held an office
Kqi 'in the LegisEitur'e. He: is
thirty-nine years old :and 'a native of
Conicticut. i'
Governor Pa.tison' .differs from
Controller P - attiookl, in ladelphia, or
else he is patting that i.entleman in. a
curious position. The 'S
. 'Governor say's
that the Controllhiladelpnia is a
county olffceolding , his commission
from the Govrniar, and .he therefore
clitims.the right to appoint lirr. Paige
tO,fill the _vacancy of Mr. Pattison
from the Controllership. Mr. Pattison
was Controller for two terms, yet nei
ther time did he hold a commission
from the Gov - ernor, nor - recog,nize it as
necessary to • rfect his, title to -the
Theyo)lse has spent 'another week
upoyhe. tariff bill, and is, not half
thropeai et. - tirlre Democrat has an
amendment t• offer to every paragraph.
The Reptiblican. stand solidly, together
and vote down - every proposition to
amend. • Thei I):6"rrinerais of the ficluse
have determined to Obstruct the bill by
- delay and prevt. , =t, its passage this ses
sion; Their ,trnics are :all directed to
the aceouipli4nent of this e,nd. ",
less :the pendipp, , i4l)Can be ,aced by
the House this -- it umst be
asidi in order to pass the necessary
annual appropriation bills.
Tie s'te:rm orS unday last Nas one of
tile moal - rdisastrous that 104 occurred
for years.' -h extendell raver ' llinois,
Indiana, Ohio` and
,the western part of
Pennsylvania, doing great damage in
all. _The mos l erious injury !as done
in Ohio and Western Penn
sylvania. Business in Chicago hai
greatly interfered with and the vtole
western country will estrar for a - Aune
from a derazgement of the u4usi means
There is compaisation in ,the fact
that 'though, the lower house of the 48th
'Congress will be largely D i emocratie,
the Senate will be Republican. Judg-;
ing fron the actions of the Democratil
in the present -House on , the pending
tariff bill, little of good may be expec
ted from this - Source on the tiriff in the
next House. The change from a Dem
ocratic to a
,Republican Senate, and
i l eln
from a Republican to a emocratic
House suggests the thoght that the
larger the aggrtgate of oeratic
foolishness, .the More consp
be their blunders, and in the
the worse for the country
Democratic party.
Says the . North', 4 •n: "The
refusatokhe Senate to .pfirm • the
nomination Of• Mr. Page for Controller
I • 4
breaks one of the carefully pitpared
slates which Governor . Patisontook
with him to Harrisburg. .'took sev
eralsiates, at the Making of which
several of the' most powe#ul slate
breakers—,before the election—most
diligently assisted, and it may; be the
duty of the Senate
, te .''brerilt "some
more.")t was proper for -tile Senate
to allow the slated Cabinet te Mi
-go -
broin. The Governor is . * entitled to
selee his Political' familyL''He i5.;.4-not
._--„, ,
entitled to - appoint his o a successor
until the Cotirts say 50...- . ..,1•_
I ,
A dispatch from Pottsville this State
says: There is great excitement here
over the revelatiops made in the special
auditors' report to the cdurt. The
auditors find that during 18142, 05, 7
000 or about half the revenUe for the
almshouse was expended ostensibly for
outdoor relief, but that many thous
ands were spent to reward personal
friends and make ~political capital.
Orders for whisky and cigars, of which
no record wakkept, were distributed to
the extent of hundreds of dollars a day.
!'Each director issued these orders at
will. Directors Grant,. Niefert, Kauf
map and Morgan, are charged_ with H.
leghlly using $19,000. Gro ss 'mis
management and lavoritsm in the af
fairs of theinstitution are also charged.
• - 1.1 ,
A tariff - that adequately protects
home industry, promotes home markets
for home productions, giVeit remuner-.
alive employment to home
,labor, and
fosteri all the material industries of
the country, commerce, mauuractures,
agriculture, and labor, all ; working in
harmony and promotive o - ' the pros
perky of the whole countr y, is advo
cated by.. the Republican party, Such
a policy under Republican administra
tion has increased the material resoiir
ces of this Country since 1860, when
the last.Democratie administration left
the legaCy of rebellion upon it. more
thanlour fold. Look upon the con
dition,e, the country from 1556 to
•* - r
1860, under Democratic rule, and then
.. ..
upon its present condition as relating
to material prOs - Perity, and th_en, con
clude which, in`the light,of history, is
Me better plan and the better policy. '
'Alabrima follows Tennessee in pres
enting the country with the. spectacle
of an al iscoi ding official, sap, the Prem.
The money officer; - of that Fs4itical one
sided State, has a more imPosing, deficit
to show., than his comrade of Tennes
see. Three hundred thoß.sand dollars
is a respectable sum to spe'cnlate With,
but perhaps Alabama, which has been
iv.ored uniMeptpted - Demceratic , ad.
ministrations for six or
,tight years,
eau' afford it. l the official' had been
a Northern man, we should have been
;-kf'vored with much fine . and sarcastic
writing on the part of the Southern
press. But as he is a Southern •gen
tlernah his i escapade will not seem'
much :more than a trifling irregularity,
in his neighbors eyes. The country .
will watch with some interest, the out
come of those two transactions in Ali
bama and Tennessee, for' as- the 'Dem
oerats have before now ' expressed
grea!, abhorrence-13r the malversation
1 1 of public funds. they will, no, doubt
I deal with Di. Coniin oterririesi with
these. boh l i pecu l latnrTi,./ '
Now that General Welkier hes consented
to take charge of the Census Bureau once
more says the North Anicrican there is some
chance of the. work being finished before
the time for taking another cen s us has rolled
round again, and apparently, encouraged.
by. this hope, the Senate has voted another
appropriation of one hundred thousand dot=
lars toward defraying the expenses •of the
Bureau. It .wilL'be a great satidaition to
the public: to , know that Geneiel , Walker
has reassumed control of the IdepartmOt,
for since "lie retired fr •
orn isi euPerinten
demi* everything has,apparently been con
fusion worse confoinded. - , . Now let-all-un
difik elaborate schemes be set . aside, - and
every effort be directed to the arrangereent
of the mass of facts in whiete the public is
concerned. Thstiu L iit:bat the: peOple want.
nay can constriettleories for themselves.
Says the West Chester Record : "When
Governor Patilson was inaugurated he in
sisted that it was a good thieg to return to
the simplicity of our early shstaimien. HO he
read thet.retrenchment is the order of the
day in Norway, where the legislature is pre !
paring‘to , cut down the King's adaty. That
is an ite m for Governor Pattison He takes
Franklin for his -model, and Franklin said
no publiC officer olght to have more than
$4OO salary. Thais how the $lO,OOO salary
of the Governor of Pennsylvania most dis
turb the simple ideas of Governor Pattison.
The salary of an official cannot be cut down
during his teress4office,but he cap deoline
to take it like Senaior:Everbiut .does the
$3OO extra pay. What a beautiful thing
it would be for Governor Pattison to turn
over each year of his official term $9,000
into the State Treasury."
` An Associated Press dispatch states that
the Marquis of borne started for Montreal
last evening, and it adds that "he occupies
two parlor cars." We 'had a notion, that
the Marquis was something of .a bite - Man,
aotially and perhaps polio fly, but that he
physically_. so hFge,as to require the
amount of railroad accommodation men
timed is news indeed. The spirit of the
ininraha ikitte always seems to be
hovering *boat 5441.40rer 'royalty, or any
thing rtmetablillg it, 9 7 4%4 AA PePuk4ican
son, and consequentlir,We PP4yepPimirg the
assertion of the entinxiasitio reporter PA
d csaggeration. It is gaits a iabin g
that the Princess Louise was allowed to Cot
nail :ma Charleston in only one rr Tema
• - t. • ."
The receipts . into Treasury, of thli
'United Statm from ZUSEOM3 and Minima
.& -
revenue for the six letstaesidayt:.of last ,
week . wero as followec, - , -
Monday - $1,392.948.92
needy • - 1,1211,942.33
Wednesday . . ... 1'123 094.41
Thursday' 1,01404.03
Friday . 1,189,511.35
Sturdy , 1,038,809.08
Total $6,8841590.14
Daily nverago . 41,147,431.69
A resolution adopted by the holders of
T nnessee bonds at their recent _meeting is
N w York is one which ought in all justice
honesty to be followed by:the acacia for
w 'chit 'calls. Until the creditor of a State
is placed in a'position to enforce his claim
het his debtor when that debtor's :folk
ulieta meet .his obligation Is attributable
Solely a_dishonest intent, the American
system of jtistice will bo incomplete. There
is no goodwhy good reason a State should not,
be'ari compellable to pay its debts a Mind=
cipality or it private individual. ',
;cuous will
and the
(Special Ccbrreapontleace Of l
As the second session of pa Potty-seventh
Congress draws to a close; umberless Reso
lutions, Bills, Petitions etc., crowd in • upon
the;Atembers, and they begin to feel thSt
their ilOes are indeed of a laborous °ham
ter. VOupled with their labors. is the 'ever
presetiptiaought that they are Making -up
their record;. which will be thoroughly scru
tinized, by their constit ue nts ,; and meet With
approval or the reverse. lence it , is that
most Of the members are, as it were, at
present on their good be haviour. ,
The great question -- Of interest before the
American people, and which - is daily the
topic of conve rsation is that of the Tariff.
All eyes are turned toward4tho National
Capitol; and the proceedings V Congress,
in both branches , upon the,. subject are'
Watched with• the greatest anxiety, and
from:the fact that upon the legislation now
hzarilePeridsin the highest degree the ad
variOment or downfall of the different in
dristne* s of the country, the - prosperity-of its
manufacturing interests or 'their ultimate
decay; and the general welfare of the people
ortheir ruin. In `other woris, financial
prosperity or wide-Spread bankruptcy and
distress. .
As you readers are aware , jthere are two
separate Bills upon the subj ect now under
discussion, and debate upon these have
beedgiven the preference, because of a 'de
sire to meet the demands of the people and
arive at a conclusion acceptable to them
before the time fixed by law for.: the ad
journment of Congress. The Senate Bill
relates both to the Tariff and the matter of
Internal Revenue, adopting as it does the
principal sections of the Internal , Revenue
Bill 'passed by the House at Ale last session;
with a few amendments, And including Mr.
Morrill's Bill (introduced-at the last session)
and Mr. Sherman's Bill of (December last
"to regulate the collection of customs dit
ties." The House bill is the one reported
by the Committee on Ways / and Means, and .
which is based principally on the informa
tion given by the evidence taken before the
Tariff Com mission; and the recommenda
tions found in Its report.. 4 The- report of
this commission was gone Aver thorotighly
and carefully by the Commtnee referred to,
and as a consequence; the popular mind is
as a general thing more drawn to the latter
The debate in both Houses has at times
been very spirited," and on more than one
occasion it has brought 1 forth eloquence
from members Who were npt supplied to
possess it, and well() were merely looked upon,.
as plain mere matter,of-fact Personages'
who had not the gift of kingttage4- or the
flow of Words to Stir up enthusiasm' for 00
cause they advoceted and supported - The
line of divergence between the Free4rade
forces and those who hold proudly; above
them the banner-of "Protection-to Amen.
can Industry and Labor," has been plainly
drawn. The American people can make
no mistake in distinguishing each, and they
thus will have an opportunity given of re-*
membering these Congressman hereafter: :1
Section by section each Bill is being act-;v,
ed,upon, the policy of the Free-traders or
the .so-called Democracy ; being to delay
i n
action by the
ma co • ual offering of Amend
ments and of points of order. The
debate in each ouse will in all
occupy two weeks of the four that now re
main of the existence of: this Congress.
When each
.House has its Bill, of necessity
there will be a disagreement, and a Commit
tee of `,conference will have to be appointed.
'Font' correspondent believes that a bill will ,
be reported by such a Committee which!
will pass at the present session, be signed
by the President and become a law. -..' , 1
The time which will be occupied in dis
cussing these Ttuiff measures, will doubt
less cause many important bills to go over
to the next Congress. Indeed there is fear
that such bills as "The Presidential Succes:
lion bill, the Bankrupt Bill, the Bill to es
tablish the Postal Savings Service, the na
tional Telegraph and Postal Telegraph Bill,
the Bill to provide for a new Congressional' •
Library Building, the bill proyiding for the
•forfeiting of all public lands' held by the
Land grant monopoly Rail Roads, the Ship
Canal bill, and the bill nuking a new treaty
with Mexico," may not be reached. . They
'may be passed however, but at present' all
is uncertainty. The infamous treaty with
Canada, and that with the . Sandwich Is
lands, should by, all means be abrogated;
but the presure of business • and the brief
time between now and the day of adjourn
ment, will in all likelihood -prevent action
being taken, and these matters will go over
to the next:Cone:es, but your correspon
dent much fearsthes, e treaties will not be
set aside until lafro when the Republicans
will have a majority i n Houses. This
latter statement is upon the opinion
that the American people will become so
disgusted with the action of Democratic
Congressmen at this session—action which
foreshadows what may be expected from
the next Democratic house—that they will
return to their first love and elect to • Con
gress a large majority of Representatiies
who have been true to the Republican • faith
and the best interests of the country.
Here too, let'it be noted, that the Demo
cratic Members will make no appropria
tions to build up r t the American . Navy. so
long as the Repuhlicans have charge of the
The Revenue marine service will not be
transferred to the Navy Department, but
will remain where it is, in connection _with
the Treasury Department.. - z ,
The whiskey bill will pass the Hotise, and
eventually become a law. '
Great reductions will be made in the
internal revenue taxes, thus paving the
way for 4 final abolition of the whole Inter
nal &venue•system;
_Judging from its past record and tile in
di4tiotts of legWatidn yet to be had, the
Forty-seventh Congress will close with
credit to itself and to the Republican party.
Had it not been for the filibustering policy
pursued by the . Democratic members, many
measures of true Reform would - ye been
adopted, but for all this, the nsibility
will rest upon the latter, and e people
viiill Berko it that it be placed on their
shoulders. The day of reckoning will be
in the future • - :"
` This gentleman, yonr neighboring towns.
man, holds one of the most important offices
under the general government, that of
Commissioner of Ran_Roads. The position!
is one requiring a man of inflexible purpose,
stern 'integrity, and of great legal , ability:
AU these attributes, Mr. Armstrong pos
sesses an eminent degree. Thousands of,
minions of dollars and thousands upon,thon
sands of acres of the best. land in the coin—
try are invplved in tbeinanagement of the
4:3kivernment Rail Roadsc,that is roads to
Ouch the United StatiOas granted nib
sidies in bands and public Asada. • •
Mr. Armstrong's repmt. - 4 U the Secretary
of the Interibr, showinethe operations
the Bateau under his efarge is of an ioter‘
esting and comprehensive cluiracter. The
business, financial condition, and propor
tion of "net earnings" due tht Government
for the past year, have bee thoroughly
investigated. As the Statute in regard to
„ net earnings" has not received ludicial
construction as to the method prescribed by
it in ascertaining them; Mr.' Armstrong has
insisted that expenditures for new construc
tion and nemignipment are not "necessary
expenses actually paid within the year in
operating the same and ixeping the same
in a state. of repair," and since his taking
the office, he has dcided tosettle with these
upozitiny basis which deducts
Such Wan. from the gibes matte, in ascer-
Mining Pa*, airilizsgs.P It is well known
to iise vublie OS At* rivlok4.* ever
been slow .14 malaug yosylo,tii to q
Waaurnrorox. D.
=I is Arvin lave nada it point
to thimi toidi kinds -of tecludgedities , to
avoid doing so. _lt mayhavebsen observed
that Mr;. , Arrastremes ppinion upon these
matters„linve with Congressmen all_ the
force aal - respect of . judiCial ppinion,
which-in of• itself a high iribute to his ability.i
His report shows the legal mind, and stamps
the officer ;as . a man who knowing hie
duties, does perform them. 'To his credit'',
be it said, his sympathies have ever, been
with the honest 'Measures, and his' Ligh t
sense of justice never permitted him to be
the friend of unprincipled monopolies, Or of,
pOlitical bosses and rims: '7' In • accepting
his' leasition ,asCenunistdOner,, it being
entirely unsiolicited t en his part, he did. so
With the understant hat ; it would in
nowise interfere wi th attending to the
duties of his profession to Which -he is
thoroughly devoted. In - him, the Govern- -
meat hap secured the aervics' a of a • valuable
officer, find the people of your section must
indeed be gratified at the selection made.
IION. ALEX.I weirs.. .
- A movement has been entered into here
and in the great west to brake one of the
sorainlyour State the Republican candi
date for the Presidency inlsB4, andahaady
a numfier of prominent newspapers in -the
West, and also in the East, have advanced
his claims. Mr.:Raziesey was born'in Dan
thin county, eat represented that District
m the 30th Congress. There he made his
mark as a Representative of ability, and at
the close of ;his Congressional services, he
was appointed Governor of- - the territory of
Minnesota by President Taylor. Deserved.
ly popular with the people, upon the admis
sion of that 'Territoryps a State., he was
elected its first Governor by a heavy major
ity, and was afterwards elected an United
States Senator serving folk a period of,
fourteen years.' ki this position - his name
became more familiar to the people of the
United States, and( his course met With
univereal approval ,and , conunendation.
The next positions held by him'for a period
were that of. Secretary of War and also of
the Nary. Re now holds the, position of
President of the Mormon Electoral Cm
mission.' /12 adiVa pld& life for some forty
years, not a blemish 'has for a moment - rest-
ed on his character, •• 'llia aim has ever
been to serva l his 'Government and the
Pe*e faithful ly; and that he has done so
is universally acknowledged. A man of .
sterling worth, of sound common sense, her
has in every position to which he
has been honored, , exhibited true states
manship and executive ability of , no earyli
nary diameter. Ile is - emphatically a man
of the people, and has never, 111 all • his
- official career, been connected with ally
Clique or faction whose object has been
to force Presidential candidates opens „ihe
Republican party.
In early life Mr. Ramsey was devotedly
attached to the Whig party and was an ar-,
"dent and. zealous worker for the advance
ment of its , principles.. During the Taylor
and Fillmore campaign - of 1848, he was
chairman of the Whig State Central Com
mittee of your . State, and his able manage.
meat and energetic labors contributed very
materially to carrying the State for the
Whig Party , •
That, he would make a most formidable
candidate is acknowledged bythe shrewdest
Republican leaders, for not Only is he popu
lar in the West and Southwest, bat through
out the whole country and equally among
the Germans whose language ho speaks
most fluently. lit is -'calculated that he
would • carry at least 90 per cent of the
German vote of your State and eighty per
cent of these are Democrats' in such coon •
ties as Berks, Northampton,York, etc:
Your readers may be '' assure that this
movement Will spread rapidly. It is gain
ing- strength daily,.and leading men are
gradually falling into line, pushing it for
comussrostza OF AGIT r ICULTURF..
The report of this officer, lion. George B.
Loring, for the year 1882, is highly credit
able to the department and bears incontro
vertible evidence of ! its, usefulness and
efficiency. Mr. Loring is a worker and
doei`.9ot fall ' back upon the dignity of his
position and issue his orders, depending-up
v.. WS Subordinates to do all the work. He
labs rs 4 arduonsly and,. untiringly himself,
being devoted to the dutiesi of his depart-'
meat: Durinm b the year, he made personal
investigation of the condition. of farming in
most of the great agricultural States of the
Union, and says that he has been deeply
impressed by the energy ands skill with
which the industry is conducted and the
manifest success which attends ! it), as evi
denced by the prosperous appearance of the
lands and homesteads-of the people.
Instituted in the spring of 1881, is progres
sing favorably. Several • acres have been
planted, and the plants are making a satis
factory groWth, so that in. the course Of a
fee? years they will be in good condition, to
fairly test the question of profitable manu
facture, which is in fact the only point now
Awaiting consummation, the question of the
adaptability of climate to the mere growth
of the plant having long been favorably de
Itt - the microscivical division, investiga. ,
Cons haVe been instituted to diScover the
primary cause of what is known as penrt
tree blight, so destructive to the interest of
orchardists in the Northwest, where some
'times a thousand valuable pear trees are
destroyed by this diseiise in a single orchard
in one eeasdn. '
The work of , the, chemiral division has
been devoted largely to investigating the
sugar producing qualities of sorghum, beets
and other plant : ;'
It would takti ultiot, much space in your
paper to Mention other interesting matters
contained, in'this report--suffice it to say,
the department deserves Well at the hands
of the government and should be liberally
. This office is now in charge of a thorough
going mechanic and, practical printer,
Sterling P., Rounds,'" No man-has over
occupied the position who has given one
fifth of the time and attention which he has
bestowed upon it since his appointment.
He is one of the first at the office iu the
morning, and the last to leave at night.
There is not a 'detail in 'the vast establish
'ment (which is the largest printing office in
the world,) but which receives his personal
attention, and he knows and 'understands
its numerous wants down to the smallest
and most minute item. His value to the
Government in this department can never
be fully estimated, nor can he bo adequate
ly paid for his , ' labor. Since his taking
chargl, he has brought_order and system
out a _ chaos and• confusin, and has made
the various divisions and branches of his
depargnent as near perfect as it is possible
for mail to make a great. and extended
printing office.
The report transniitted" by him to Con
gress for, the fiscal :year ending June 80,
18.12, is of an interesting character, but it
must be unddrstoodAhat but-two and a half
months of the time only were ,under his ad
ministration. ' The:,-next 'report will -show
Mr. Rounds' methods of working, and the
efficiency• of his department. He is well
known to the craftsmen of "the art pre
servative of all arts" throughout the union,
and= especiallyin the:West and Southwest.
• UV-morrow evening the President will
give an evening'reception to the diplomatic
corps and the officers of the army and
buy. Aiacvs.
-A , : ;- .• -
HAnnuonnui, Feb. 8,.1883.
The fifth week of the Legislative session
of 1883, was.corrimenced by sessions of both
the Senate and Rouse of Representatives
on Monday evening, the 29th In %I;
Senate twenty-three bills wore pissed on
first reading, which is a mere , formal pro
ceedip.-. Among these were some, import
ant nie4ures; as follows: - '
To prohibit the receiving and retaining
Of-children in alms-houses and poer-houses,
and to provide for the care and education
- such , children ;'anthorisiug the exclusion
of liiiid used for farming purposes from
cities or, boroughs within this common
wealth; to authorize the creation and to
provide for tho regulation of voluntary tri-_
banal& to adjust disputes between employes
'and employed in the iron steel and coal
trades. and to prevent the laming cif free
paieesby railroad companies.
At thieltionday -evening session of the
House, Mr. Thorpe; of Franklin CO., pre
sented a memor*l frozio the synod of the
Presbyterian aura, representing" 873
ministers, iial.churches and 182,000 com
municants, in favor of amending the state'
Constitution so as to prohibit the manufac
ture and sale of intoxicating liquori; another
petition of similar import was also preisnit
ed - from 4418 members of the Shenango
The people areevidently aroused on the .
subject - - of - prohibition, - aryl mean to be
heard. A determined and °minima effort
is to be- made here this winter, to_ carry this
amendniiiit to the Constitation the
Legislature, eashling the people' to vote
t'g *Atter this amused powiriball co*
Sailalaklieltisitlti ind - Tarddi -- not: - --,-. The t A senate 'resolution. to . properly observe i
Iproject leittnatir fthindOlit, both the Senate Washington's Birthday, was,: concurred-In,-
and •Ropariillit not alWaYs actijudil . ..-The:Cericite• OnThursdaythe first - inst., I
rkftelr.c." l o-$llO - b 00.% .• A 1 411.'Pr,orrdioff directly kfter , bekeB eilliedi't° - order; - want l
for a'mobtevotaniii thin anbjeat, - .. was in! into`. exectrAin • *mien: for the purpose of".
traduced - earilia - the -- ilidion,
.and as Soon . - Confhusing the nomination' it( S: Davy Page
asthistandingietammitteen were' inimitano ? teleiController of ;Philadelphia. '...kwill be I
edilrYtho Reforni speaker' of the :Reform" remembered ;that ' this is the..pflice which
Rowe; threw weeks afterthe :organisation, was held on te - hy the new Governor, until
it wasreferred to the committee onConti - , - a few .hours
.before Alie was sworn in as-1
lustAiiiat,,.• Reform,- of 'which • Mr. - Steuben I:Governor. There i a di*ute as to cello I
Jenkins!, GU:user:le county, - is' Chairman. 1 has the right to 'ffil 4 vacancy in this office,i
. - The bill having been in : the hands of this ' the GOVernor•nr the Councils of Philedel-1
Counnittee seven days previous to this Mon. 'phia, Pattison wanting - ,to give the place. to
daymght anion, and - it being proper to a "friend of th e government," held on telt
on fora after five daysk Mr. Emery,.Re- - as long as he; could himself , and the next
Publican . . of Lawrence county, -Moved that day or „ two _ l after being .. inaugurated' :as
the committee -be discharged from its fur- GoVernor, sent in the name of. Mr. Page te
ther consideration, • and the ,nieasure' be be his successor in the controller's office,
brought at 'center before the': House. - ',This notwithstanding that - gentleman had • been
Was forcing . the fi ght, but 'd4layed bad repudiated b , the people at the polls, at the
management or-vrantnf generalship, es.the recent election., -.-
'result proved the'friends of prohibition were When the Motion prevailed .to consider.
not in - shape or force to .make such a ' the nomination , Mr. Leo from the-Generall
charge. The : Republican members. getter- Judiciary CoMmittee, to which the: subject'
ally arrayedthentselves with the friends of had been referred, made,. a report of some .
temperance. in demanding- that the bill be length .. concluding with 'a recommendation
brought at once before - the' house, : while "that the senate do advise' and consent to
the Demoinuts, esti rule, - opposed such ac- the *nomination of B. Davis Page as coin I
thin. - The resolution wee , defeated! by . ..a troller"; but thisis, what the 'senate:did not,
vote of ninety-nine nays to fifty-two yeas, do. the vote being yeas 31, (three Less than.;
but this voterui net aperty one,
_Air does the
.tsvo-thirds vote) nays 4. ..! _,
it fairly Indicate the strength of the tom ! Piesent and not voting--Messrs: Cooper,
perance Note, 'since satiny, members who 'Grady, Greer, Keeper, McCracken, Me
er° counted for the - - bill itself, if it *rez Knight; 3lylin, Smith and Stetsman. .
comes to a rat and-say `vote, voted against Absent—Messrs. 'Adams,. Aid!, ',113A-gs,
the resoulutim pending on Monday eight. Davies And McNeil. . . 1.. . -• •
on the - pleb of: 'courtesy to the committee • The vote of . the previous day, by whiCh
and its absent Chairman. I .; . 1 . ,t- • the point of - - order raised_ by Mr. Gorton,
Arming .the bills introduced at this session theta nomination could not be referred to
of the House, were two. dividing ythe State a conimirtele, was sustained, was reconsid
into Conminkitiffdistriets. - ' The first is in Prod, the'senate thus piecing itself right on
the interest of the Democrats, and was read parliamentary law. . . • ' -
inplace by Mr. Zeigler, of Butler, who did It transpired hereon Thuraday,.after the
it for the author of the billi Mr. Nicholson, senate adjournment, that Governor Pattison i
of Jefferson, who had been called home by' had sent formal notices of ;_removal to be.'
the death of is:grin:id-child: . .This % bill . puts serve upon Recorder Larie, and Sealers 1
Bradford, Susquehanna, Tioga end Potter, Black 'and Cranford. Ile' telegraphed the
together as the•lbth d istrict.' Mr. - • Davis two latter to do no more Work. . The re
'Republican, of Forest county, introduced publican majority in the senate, as well as
the other 'apportionment bill ! : It LP:based the 'disappointed denteciats, it will ' be re-1
on a population of 152,942 votes WA' der- - Membered, took the position as stated 61
trict, and tints Bradford, Susquelmoriikund the report of the Judiciary General Coin-
Tioga together as . the' 14th district, : still mittee, that there - was no vacancy in the
another bill- has since been . intreduced- by office of Reeerder. The• Governor appar-
Mr. Parcels,: Democrat, of 'Mifflin county, entlyassumes also'that thisisoniciixeuse is
but whilethere is thus no lack of bills on the only defence of, the republicans against
Ithe subject, there are a good many people - Confirming , Iseminger and 'Remenderfer. l
hero who predict that not one of . them will .He removes this objection by the three dis.- 1
be passed, fot - that the Cofigressional die . .. missals, making, us his support-MS in the
tricts will reniSin as they are . . • • senate will -claim, three vacancies. The
A . resolution that no WS in place be end. has evidently not yet been reached.
fered after February lith, and that afterilust The senate, returningto„routine hOjees.s,
Idate the Legislature hold afternoon sessions a number of bills were , reported - 4-favorably
on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays,, from committee, a few others were. intro .
Was laid over under the =lea. The Repub• duced, and a 'resolution adopted, After som e
liters will force the. Democrats, if possible discussion, providing for &lily sessions on
to carry out their much-vaunted programme and after Monday the sth instant. Sunda y s
of hard workend an early i iuljournment. - excepted. ' -
In the Senate onTueadyy the 30th ult., a The proceedings of . the House of Repre.
large number of petitions frdm citizens of sentatives on Thursday' the : first ,instant;,
Wayne, Elk, Jefferson,'' Lackawanna, • were of the usual routine character, no
Schuylkill and Philadelphi a . counties,
.were business of • general or speciat, importance
presented; favoring an amendment to the being transacted.
constitution prohibiting the sale and ituiriu- Nicholson's Congressional apportioninent
-facture of intoxicating Helene. • ' bill, and ono introduced by Mr. McNamara,
The following bills, among others, were of Bedford, for the 'apportionment of the
. .
introduced.. • , , • 'l , . State into senatorial , and representatir , e
Mr. M'Knight, proposing an amendment districts, wore reported with an . affirmative
te'the constitution, reducing the numberOf recommendation. The latter is a roper
menibere of the legislature to ..fifty, and gerrymander in the interest of the Democ
&Misters to thirty, and fixing the term of a racy. ~ . I •
senator at six years, and that of a Member In the Senate on Friday the second inst..
at leer years. Theinembers of the legislature
.the bill to abolish the , office of 'sealer of
sikaltreceive a fi*solary',pir anwini,' the' weights and measures, passed second read
din 6t of which ' not stated in the . bill. ~ , ifig. , . ,•
.• •
.i. Hennes, a further supplement .to an ;- •• The house, at thi,,Friday se•sion,. not to
ac t ttOesernpt sewing machine‘S 'belonging be outdone by the netion'of the solute the
to iiciamstresies, providing - that no waiver day before fixing dailySessions,"framed a
or agreement to waive the provisions of mid resolution that after February sth sessions
'ciet;tand the supplements thereto, shall be of the house be held daily from 10 0. ni. to
validfor authOrize any levy, - seizure or sale 1 p. m., except on Fridays and Saturdays,
dile property so exempt by said act. when the sessions-shall be from 10 a. in. to
Mr. Davies, creating a corporation of 'a 12 in., and on Monday evenings, when they
second class for the purpose of motive power shall begin at 7.30 o'clock, Also, that after
by cable traction ,to street passenger rail-..the 10th inst.' there shall' be afternoon ses
way companies. . sions, except 'on Monday, Friday and Sat-
After the transaction,•Pf other routine , urcley, from 3to 5 o'clock. The resolution
.business, the - Senate went into executive was agreed to—yeas 110, nays 86.
session to consider the nominations of Ise- If these good resolutions of the senate .
winger and Remenderfer, two sealers- of .and house are honestly carriel out, it will
.weights and measures, in Philadelphia, .in 'be a grand thing. • , .
place of Stark. and Crawford, the present in- 'At 12 in. On Friddy, both houses adjourn
cuMlents,who were appointed by Gov. Hoyt. ed until Monday. *veiling, Feb. - sth.
The names of the new men wore sent in by the . DGGIJESNEE.
,Cii,l:l Service Reform Governor Pattison the
nice youngemb who run the 'umble, hu
mility dodge so far into the ground on the
occasion of the' inauguration. The debate
on these nominations was lively, lasting un
til 'the hour of adjournment. It was an
attack upon the administration by the Re
publicans, 'and a weak defense by some of
the Democrats. Duringthe discussion • the
Senate adjoirnel . , •:
The House of Representative s, on Tues
day the 29th nit., after the . transaction of
routine business, passed several bills finally,
among which were the•follogring:
An act to tatablish a more certain process
by which..the proprietors or, managers of
hoteli, restaurants or Other establishments
in which boarders are entertained, may
collect their:bills. . .
An* act to - repeal an act'relating to sealers
tif weights and measures, approved April
4,1877., [This bill abolishes these offices.]
The consideration of ;the bill on second
reading, entitled an act regulating thulia- -
bility of employers - to make compeneation
for personal injuries suffered. by workmen
in their*Service t was then resumed and dis
cussed, without final action, until' the hour
of adjournment.
z.When the Senate convened 'on .Wednes
day morning the 31st ult., at 11' o'clock,
the first business in order was the considera
tion of the appointments of the Governor,
.for sealers of . weights and measures, and it
was resumed. Mr. Greer said he was sorry
that the debate on - the day previous had
been so personal• and he moved that the
nominations be referred to the Cominittee
On Retrenchment' and Reform. To this Mr.
Gordon, of Philadelphia, who is the especial
champion and keeper of the new Governor,-
objected, and raised the point of• order that
the nominations, under the rules, must be
considered until finally disposed of; This
point being *submitted to the Sepate,, was
for the tithe, sustained, by a vote •of 24 to .
20, and young Gordon was happy , but his
' v ictory was for a very brief period. The
vote being thus forced on the confirmation,
was not what the youthful Senator wanted,
but he was coinpelled to accept the. situa
tion. • Twenty-one Senators, instead of
thirty-four, the-woes:try two-thirds,: voted' .
in the affirmative, while twenty-three vot
ed in the negative. • ' .
• - The Senate then for a short time, pro
ceeded with routine business, when on mo
tion of' Mr. Stewart, it again went into ex
ecutive session lei receive the report 9f the ..
Judiciary General Committee on tho nom
ination of William IL Smith for * RecOrdet
The Committee reported that the-office of
Recorder of Philadelphia "is not vacant,'
but filled by, Mr. Lane ; that he had 'not
been removed; aird• therommittee - recom
mend ' that the Senate non-concur in the
appointment of Smith. :- The,Monvitatioir
was then rejected, klya vote of I -t Vert' 41." e_,.. n
yeas to twenty-six - nays. The inhaters
voting in the affirmative are allDomperats,
while the sin Democrats who , by. .notsibt-
mg, withdreir;their support from an ad
ministration' which has . denied its confi
and - prcipores. to fun things on its
own hook, were Heal, Hew, Kennedy;
King, Patton and Waper.
This: bold, open, flagrant violation - of,
everything like civil: , service retprm"-tarn
ing men out Of, semi before thekexpiration
of their terms; simply because they-mire
republican, to - make room for "friends of
the government," has been • most emphati
tally and properly rebuked. .- •-.-
.- The:senate once more resuming routine
work, 'Mr. Emery called up on second
'reading, the joint resolution providing for
the investigation of the o ffi cial acts of Sen
ate librarian* John ..1. Delany. He referred
to the in a number of papers that
Delany is a public: plunderer, and that the
committee was . a ...- . ted for "whitewash
ing" purposes. - • , indignantly, denied , the
allegation that sue . was the purpose , of the
committee, and that if the joint res
olution was not with its appropria
tion of $ l,OOO . to employ a stenographer,
etc. the comma wou ld ask to be dis
cluAletb,„;,.The rati on was passed on
second' reading. Mr. Everhart -I re! bill to
prohibit the issuin of railroad pasim. was
amended on moon 'residing, sons to make
it take effect Jan * 1, 1884. -Soniesena
tor remarked, " orm next. year,"lwheri
there was a laugh nd a call for crrder. - :1....
• In the House on edziesday the 31st nit.,
a large number of additional petitions from
all over the State were presented, for the
passage of the -prohibitory constitutional
amendment. A ,goodly number of bills
were also reported favorably from the va-,
rious. 'committees. • These `will now
printed, take
. position on the calendar, and
in future rece ive such attention as may be
given them. Several new bills were also
introduced, among them one
-by Mr. Ayres,.
of 'Bradfori, for the- equalisation of taxes in
cities and counties. This :stile bill prepar
ed. by the State Grange, Patrens.of Rua
blindly, and the . passage of lit ,has been
strongly urged- here this - week- by the vot•
Iran - ..c granger (with bay seed in
his hairj - Col. - - Victor - .E..' Mkt,. of- Wysox
Pradta4 county. - . 1 - • , . .
Dennis Kearney, of;§a' n, Francisce, is the'
latest addition to theA'nny of women suf.!
Ei-Governor.Hendricks, of Indiana, has,
resumed the practice of -law. •
Thomas 31. Bowen, Senator-elect from
Colorado, is fifty-two and a native of lowa.
Mrs. McElroy, the President's sister, likeS
books better than Washington society, and
it,is said will soon lave the White ,House.
Attorney-General Brewster gives more
elegant dinners than any. Cabinet . officer;
Secretary Frelinghuysen the quietest; and
Postmaster-General Howe.the fewest.
Senator•elect Tabor, of Colorado, m 1878
was'a poor man keeping a ; mudl store at
Californa Gulch, near .Leadville. . Sin
then he has made .$10,000,000 and been
divorced from his wife. • -
Joseph Davis,
‘"the cattle king of Eastern
Texas,"sold :30M1 cattle While smoking one
five-cent cigar in Austin the other night.
1 4 .,•Pat" Caringle, a radclunan of the Indian
Territory, who was the purchaser, paid
cash down in British gold,' for he acted in
behalf of London men of montli.
_,Charles D: Brinker," Commissioner of
Immigration of CalifOruia, an appointive
office was arrested at San Francisco Friday
nigh - ion three warrants, each charging
him With felony in appropriating to his own
use fees aggregating $22,000. Bunker
furnished bail This office has recentN
been investigated by a Legislative commit
tee. Bunker and his friends clainithat frill
investigation will show no misappropria
tion. •
A horrible case of death and deStitutioti
near Wiikesbarre was. revealed • Thursday
by the Ladies' AM Society: A nian - named
Leonard and his son were found dead in
bed, his wife dying, and two young children
in the last stage of staiiation. 'Relief. wai
given. There is considerable excitement
over the discovery.
General E. S. Gsborne, of Wilkesbarre,
was Thursday elected Grand Commander
of the. State Encampnient of the Grand
Army of the Republic.
The new furnace just completed by the
Bethlehem IrtM:: - Coinpany was fired at 2
P. M. Thursday: This. furnace is seventy
feet high; with.a bosh seventeen and a' half
feet in diameter, and its estimated weekly
yield is stated at 400 , t0n5.., This company
operates eight blast furnaces, Bessemer steel
mill, iron-rail mill, merchant - for iron
and steel and a puddling mill, . employing
from 2200 to 2500 men.' .
Burglars haverbroken into nearly a dozen
houses in Johnstown during the past - . Week.
Jewelr,', silver and small sums of money
were taken. .
Daring the year 1::2 there were: 1,179
building permits granted in < Pittsburg.
This number is three times as large as that
of any year since 1873.
Oil well machinery has been shipped to
Jackson township, Cambritt county, to be
used in a test well.
Senator Emery, of :McKean,
has - intro;
duced a bill in the -Permsylvardalegis
lature for the relief , of disabled firemen.
In all probability it wifibecome a law as it
is thought favorably of by all the members.
A movement is about to be made by u
number of prominent Pittsburg gentlemen
to fence in a tract of land in Westmoreland
county, containing 1000 acres, for .the
purpose of a hunting park. The . Ideality
abounds in genie, such as pheasante, wild
turkey, squirrels, etc., and there are also
two streams of water, which will be stocked
with trout: The location is an admirable
one and if sufficient stock is. suliscribed the
property will be fenced in
~and a house
erected for the use of a watelnian. The
membership is limited 'to ten - gentlemen
who will have the exclusive right .to hhnt
and fish in the park.
_Thisartesian well at the Harrisburg State
Lunatic Hospital has been completed, and
arrangements will at once be made for in
troducing the water into the honse, when
the supply obtained from the works •in the
rear of the.building will be dispensedwith.
The well is'Oaleat deep, and an abun
dance of pure and good water has been ob
tained. . '
Governor Prittisan has granted a reprieve
for one week to Uriah Moyer, who was to
have, been hanged on this 28th inst. for the
murder of the Kintzlers in Snyder county.
Wayne coapty has seventy-six lakes.
Little Hickory Lake, in Preston .township,
seventeen miles from Honesdale, - is . two
thousand feet above the leveL,,Tbf the sea.
Glass Lake froth whichHenesdale receives
its water supply, is one thousandlfour hun
dred and seventy, feet above tideJwater. • •
Walter F. Pool, member ofpongress elect
from the, First North Carolina district; is re;
porgy dangerously ill at Illi".hounk'in-Riti-
"Fivorito - 1 f Pr4aription't
.perfectly and-....,perpannently'f: ettreriz*hogl
iliseayea . peculii4F feniUles.! •
tonicAnd.neryitie;• effectuallY 4 allaying:lld
,curing . ttinse sickening seniations thatidrect
stoniacli'and heart .througit ,reilek tut
.tipti. The back-ache,and "dragging tijirn" , •
sensations allflitripcar under the strength-.
ening - effects of this - great 'icstorativa. By
druggists. .-
• When au American,Senator rises in his
place to indulge in a few clarinet:it remarks
about the duties on spiegeleisen, it's just has
intoresting:iui a - French . essay mil Greek
roots : haveoliont concluded,. that the .
heaviest 4f-dinicsrestiog on Fplekeloisuiti, -
to chan&its name and become an Ameri
citizens •
B: Wilton, Wrightsville, Pa:, rays: '"I
consider Brown's Iron ..Bitters superior to
any Medicine I ever used." • •
The; Llemocratic party of Alabama elec
ted State Treasurer. .Vineent to his third.
term byai majority of 59,000. ; •
3. If.: Rocky:alter, PhCflii:TViik; Pa., says:
"I have invariatltheard Brosia's Iron Mi
ter; spoken of swan Oxeollent *remedy."
Was State Treasurer :Vincent, Ala-:
bamd, one of those librrid carpet-baggers,
or a ineinber Of one of "our best families?"
• .-
The:- exactions of society.-kadded
Care4:of:maternity and the household, have
tested beyond endurance the 'f'rail constitu
tionslwhich have been granted the majority
of .w i 'omen. To combat, this'.. tendency to
premature decline,. no remedy, in the world
possesses the nourishing and . strengthening
properties of Malt Bitters. They enrich
the blood, perfect digestion, stimulate the
liver and kidneys, arrest ulcerative weak
nem, and purify and vitalize-every function
of the female,system. ' •
Charges of a very circumstantial nature
having been made . or more news
papers that friends of Senator Ferry . and
the Managers of his Canvass at Lansing had
• .
appreached various - members Of the •Repub
lican!opposition with offers of post-office
clerkships, control of 'Federal! PairOnage,
and even foreign appointment as `bribes
to induce them to vote for'Mr. Ferry, in the
pending contest, the...hiwer house of the
Michigan Leg,islaturelagt Week adopted a
resolution calling for'an investigation. #.•
SK. .
Eliq,lllllZenev.tli" rentores healtt
t , g •r.: Dyspepoi. :;•^:".•••nce
l)x.`.George FA; Rives, a'l?rominent phy
sician-, and atiex-meMber i f 'the: Virginia
Legislature,: 'toils arrested at'.'lll.s home , in
Prinen (ieorgO county, • Va., Thurtlay' by
ljniteri States Eteputv
ebargerl tvith attempting to buii - otes at the
late ,el&:troiy. Birch., echo is a prOnounced
rainier; was taken before United States
Comthissioner Pleasants, at Richmond, for
_' . "fit7CUUS"AlliA.”
-,,Qniek, eon) ilete vll ignicgcng Kidney,
w a dd" hr.! ' Urinary Ltw•u=l o.' $l. Drug
, Thore an old axiom which ~'seti 'forth
„ .
that 'l•betWeen two Stools one chines u the
ground,7 - : and the indication' begin to
multiplyi very fast that the new Governor
of this State is one of thelpersone? who are
.to,lakii a low seat suddenly proof
of thus proverb, •
1, 4
Absolutely Pure.
this powder neitor..aries. A marvel of purity.
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the nrdlroiry kinds. and cannot be gold to
competition with the multitude of low.tes t. short
Weight, alum or phosphate powder.. . sold out.
in cans. ROYAL I.laxino POWDER Co, 100 Wall
street., N. .2 0 j ialyB2
Poi The- Happiness of Home.
From a . Clergy man's' Rome
. Conies a • Message: Contatin,
• tag the 'Wisdom:l4Es. -
• • '.periehce....
; Rome is the centre of the social system.
From it proceeded the best and purest in
fluences-. felt in the world, and towards it
gravitate the tenderest hopes of humanity.
Foe Wail good men labor while their trork--
ing -- days, last, and around it their last.
thoughtstlinger lovingly when those days
are done: =!„
Yet home does not usually approach -in
practice - its own ideals. The mother is
overtaxed with household duties and' the
refiring and training of her children, While
theJather fights the outside battle to, Ewin
the wherewithal to meet expenses. ScOner
iv later care and toil leave their marks. - - It
is true eiiugrh,' as Kingsley sings in - the
"Three Fishers," that;
"Men ti work, and.woun omit woep.'ow
- ...,
. •
lait too much work anti weeping brush all
the bloom from life's fruit.
Mental anxiety and lack of rest and
pleasure induce physical - diseases of. many
iticids; whence the need o; a trustworthy
tonic to give help and. strengthln dines of
need.. Am?ng the good women of the
land who have found such a sure anchor is
- Mrs. A. C. George, wife of Rev. A. C.
George, D; D., pastor of the Centenary
E. Church,. -of' Chjago, whose': words we
have her permission'-to quote : '
"I use PArxr..4. 7 e. GINGER . TONIC in my
family, and can say that we are -highly
pleased with it as a tonic. From my ex
perience of its value, I recommend it as a
reliable family medicine." '-
Please suite: first, • PAREER'S GINGER
TONIC LI not a mere eseenee of - Ginger; sec
ond, it contains - nothing to create - an appe
tite for into.ricating drinkt; third , it is a
Splendid health restoratire for alt oho suffer
from disordered Lieer. or Kidneys or any
disease arising from ineltestion-and impure
blood. Accept uo substitute for it. Prices,
4nd flper bottle. It is cheaper to
buy the lamer size. Amos & Co. - New
York: - , " - rinll'
,I'- 1
1 ...:....',-_. _ -.-:::
. Leaving iltiniFburgt on ali earik train
brings us to . 'Washing:ton at 11 a. in, Rain
vvat falling heavily, ice' and • SOOO.' covered
the [ sido walk on the South silk of Penneyl-
Jvadia avenue, and the Whole city pointed
molt cheerless and uninviting ..prospct.
After a . - good dinner at` The "St. Jame a,• .
inlteiithstanding the rain nral• condition , of
that streets I took 'the broad walk that
ent'ers the:Capital grounds from the Z=est
side, and after some trouble succeeded id
reaohing the House, which is now holding
'se/Inform at 11 a.rn„ - instead of at noon, as
has for many years been the - custom.
the ,ray this is ahotit the Only' -ymptain if
reform; visible to the naked eye. - A goad
many familiaffaces were seen on -the, Hoer
•of the •Ilouse,land some were there for '.the
last time frith the, close .4 the• present ses
sion. , Stu.lh is political life, • with its possi
bilities andnmsertainties, the "tidal %Vivo" -
"reform" reached 'many, of them and
relegated them to private life. Congress-
Man elect, Geo. A. Pct, of, this District,
was seen on the floor- of -the House. Mr.
Post will be =Pc:A; theyoungest man in the
48th Congress) „ • •-•
Our old friends Gen: Henderson, of
Chairman of the Military Co;innittee,
in the present Co egress has -eurvivec 'the
,"tidal wave" and is returned 'to the 'Next
Congress: There are feW better rtipfeidn
taoves than Gen.- Henderson, and the good
sense of the people of his district is exhibit
:'ed by retaining him in Congress. He would
be a great' improit . 4nent on Logan at the
other end of the Capital. , • . -
Congrssman Jadwin, 'of this district was
genial and full of.•business, and presented
more of the appearance of a returned mem
ber than a defeated candidate. The contract
for defeating a republican . and a demoCiat
in this district, is nat a light one, 'and it
only fair to say that he came muchliearer
success than any other man could posiibly
haVe done, 3lr. Jadwin has- a clean re
ord,-Mid,ilands Well with his constituents
and IIFY follow members.
31r_IftliComb; Was found, iii' the House
Librurf, where his work on indexing the
bills is done. He is a popular. officer, and
possesses a large acquaintance with mem
bers from every section of the country.-
Mrs. Holcoo and Miss Tracy are spend
ing a few woks in Washington, ,and are
agreeable 'whim whoin it is ever a" Pledsure
t(.) mat.
Geri. Wade Hampton, has grouwn gray,
bit retains his vigor, and is the possessor of
many friends in loth partif,,s,_ Edmundsis
the same honest, able man, he has . s ever
been andwould laopably make thestron
gest republican Candidate for President that
could knOntir ,7
iated. CliM, McClellan is re- 7
sidingin Waslington,.and his Thursday re
cePtions are attended by almost every one
visiting the Capital.. There has been more
snow inWashington and 'ithroughout \ r
ginia, than since '18:1;. Si one' of the old
Virginians informed me.
~: he Potomac so
much ifozen as to prevent mats from run-.
ning.. Improi:ements around the.' Capital
grounds' are noti . ceable.'not i withstanding the
'SHOW and disagreeable weather: The- the'reduction of letters lostagt.: to
\ ts
"tWo'Eents" is a ll the, iinpO4ant legislation
that is likely'to be - reached_ at Ali' session,direetlV interesting the whole peo Ir.
take this opportunity to bear testimony
to the efficacy of your "Hop Eittes.". Ex
pecting, td. find them nauseous and bitter
and composed of bad whiskey, I W•e-•-werg
agreeably surprised•at t.heir mild taste,_ just
like ti•eup of tea.: , AlMrs. Cues isell Lind a
Alts. Connor, friends, have likewise
and .pronounced them the' best medicine
- • •I • •
they have ;ever taken for building up
strength and toning up the systeui.. I was
troubled Nir4h costiveness, , ,,,, headache and
want of appetite. •My ailments are now all
gone. 1 have a yearly .contract with a
doctor to lo w Ok after the 'health' of myself
and family4bit I need him not, now'.
. -
People'd Sleiicate, Pittsb'g,'Pa.
July 25, 1878.
A pew in Grke Episcopal Church,-New
York; was sold at auction 'on Monday for
$2200. -.1
.*lf Mrs. Lydia E Pinkhaur huts mit;renll2,;
discovered the Vita, which, the . an
cient Alchemists sought by so mitah patient
research and persistent experittient,-! - Iter
medicine seems,. at least, likely loco:114mnd
an imtuense, - sale and universal popidarity
iu the future. If rapid progress and end
tient success furnish any hasi4.for a correct
ju4gment, Mrs. Pinkham is te,titiost prothis
ing competitor for such hOrable distinc
tion as the alchemists failed to achievci,
A literary Vermonter who recently' tried
the power of the human eye on a fen
bull 4:yecovering from his woun
bridiCs, but has lost all faithL in such Ines
meriArn. I .
:eneves and cures
[ELT gAin sm.
. f;1! Firetnageo Fortune. •:,,
The ,S"Lta. Fraarisn)(oal.) . Chninicle, in an
irtiele on the Firer - Department uf San Fran
cisco, gives the following front - Asst. Chief
Engineer Matthew Brady: "I have been
subject:to an aggruvating pain in iny chest
for over four I resorted to varioils
Modes of tkeatment to obtain relief. I haV.
-Ittid my chest terribly bliiteretl. physie
cian could tell what - was the matter with
inc. Two weeks ago I gannuenteti t using
St-Jacobs oil. It has cured me." tb'
The Minnesota Legfiglature is considering
a bill which. fixes 7 per cent as the leg al
rate of intei*t...
atica, Lumbago,
eness, Cuts. Bruises.
All other )uKlily
Id bvalttni9ts 7111(1
term. Dirpettons itt 11
uuges. :
Charles A. Voifeler Co
t. A. VAAilf.ig 'a
td, 11. X. 1
Benson's Celery and Chaoloniile
Pills, are worth their -weight inj gold in
nervous and, pick headache."—Dr. A.
Three.ofcers of the Salvation Army,'
who had. received presents of gold Ratchets,
from admiring:,,friendsi,4aya been dismissed
by General Booth, who pronounced such
proceedings-to , fie bribery 'and - corruption,
and:unworthY'Of humble followers of • the
Lord. -
. .
. . ._
- "Fire Dr.'s:- 'no end of medicine: AO re
lief. Dr..Den'.' son"4: . Skin citre. has drireA
away all eruptian4 and Pin nearly well."
Ida C. Young, Hamilton, 111,-8.
In Chicago, a single pawnbroker has, du
ring thepast thieiritionths, lent money` on
twenty-puo hundred- revolvers. Who will
say time this is not a bard winter;
1 ,,,..' -1
teople with gray hair . May conceal froth r
the world the faet.that they are becoming
aged,.•and passing on to decay, by the use'
of Renewer. It is a fact tha;
this article renews, cleanses ; brightens,'
vigoratep and iestores.faded or gray hair tßoi
its youthful color and lustre,cheaply, quick!'
ly and surbli: For sale by . Dr. H. C. Por
ter & Sop, Towanda, Pa.
A'l3 . ill.bes been introduced in' the Illinois
LegisLatnre providing for'aii unif r o'rinfse' ries
of eeirt,bboks iit-public 'schools, and author
izing comity shperintetulents dos elect them.
TIM Chicago-nines denounces the measure.
• . .1
Owr Grandmothers
taught their daughters that; "a stitch in
time saves nine." pill in 'time saves. not .
only -nine, but of times an incalculable
amount of. suffering as we 11... An occasional
dose of Dr. Pierce's Pellets . (Little g am . coated Pills), to cleanse the stomach and
bowels, not only prevents diseases but often
breaks up sudden atteupkts, v9iln taken in
thii. By 4rnggists.
(.tie whole peo le.
A' roiee Pohl 'the Prciori
- . • .rj
;-• • ?'!".1";:i
• ;14 ri•-•
NENS, TIO'ATIA, AND Pr 1101%....
fir...ROM-7AM% rANCET:OI79, AND
CA3B.Ert r
The cause of west lawman ills, STA curies;
physicians. hospitals, and all other inntivp,is
reinelles fall, Eerefuls or Evil, Glandili a ,
Hweningi. trjeare,OldX6rer, 3111 k rfrg. Siercar el
affection's, Erysipelas. Timers, Abacenata, ca r .
bunelest - Bolls,'Wood
Vrasilngof the Kidneys and I.lvtr.
COnSitipitioll; Mee, Dlspensla, and all luti t ,
and Sealy
Of the Shin end Pealp.—such 8Y Ssh
Panfuls, Tetter,itingwortn.llirb,r's I tch.staLi
Head, Itching Piles, and othor DistitturiDg and
'Torturing liuntors, front a pimple to a Irrof•
untie nicer, when 'Pala ted by evrtcur.t and Cr:-
tcutts SnAP, the great Skin
A sweet. unehangealas Sfedlc al Jelley,•elcsfp,
off all external evidence of 1.110 *1 ilufnrtc . s, ei tj
away Dead Alt:Lao flesh, inotautly allaya net.
log *ani,l, Irritations, Softens, Soothe, surf -If ts i.
Worth its weight In gold for all Itchirg
eases. '
Exiluis , te Toilet:Bath, and. Nursery
five, - Yrsgrsnt with delicious flower odors and
healfag balsam. Contains 113 la ino4litied tarp.,
all Vic virtues of Crriccaa. the great bkiu csrrs,
and Is indispeusible to I the treatment of:At:land
&alp Diseases, and for restoringzrpreaervits,
and beautitying.the complexion and; Ain. m e
only Medicinal Baby
Ctrricuaa. Itratznixe are the only real can.
lives for diseases of the Skin, Scalp and Blood.
Cralcunx, We. per' box; large boxes, $1,09 :
CII/IA MisLIC:IS./.' TOILET SOAP, 2.1 C.: Crncr k ,
Depot, WEEKS & POTTER, Boston, 3I
r -
; I ,
..•( P-•
_ •
. 4 -C
Sanford's Pc,.. -, r2cal
For the immediate Belief and Perunner.t
of every forna of Catarrh. !tom a Pimple Ilea.:
Cold or Influenza to'the Loos - of iimei), Ta . ste,
and hearing. Cough: Bronchitis. and Incipient
Consumption. IndOrPed by Physicians, chem•
ists. and Medical Journal - throughout tl." the only complete eternal
ass :lltrr
nal treatment. • • ; „
One bottle iladleal: Cure, 'one' box Catarrbal
Solvent and Sanford's' inhaler, nil in ono inc:-
age, of all drugtxtsts for ask' for Ssnforws
Radical Core.. ‘;''EliS a: rorrEt:, Boston.
-- ---
t,0LL1V , , ,.- Et.ECTRICITY
~., ~ .3 . ,
. --......2 , • v - ~:. Gentln - let Effective. ttited
---- k . 7 4- • - with Heeling lialsaM, .ren
t) -
~,....1:- def. COLLINS' VOLTAIC
...---- 5- ,,. a , iv
hundred times superior t.
. 5 .-- - , - ..
~ 1.%11 other plasters for ev..ry
:,-; - 'Pain, Weakness and 1 n tLitl•
Alp 4 .% S 'ration . I'riee, 25 ,cp - L ti.
— 44 STE" _• . SOid everywhere.
• -(/
Pr e kai F° J. ,T3l2llllllllol
gt,g'' .0; Wit* MACHINEs 41.4 ti
OSAT lr--z`44411h11.
MRS. vAri stra.urvei
A Positive 'Cure -for . ell Female
•Complaint.. •
I • •
I.a les • Tonle Is Iby tlie Women's !iff.r.,:sl
•i.tate IlbtLtio. And has been 1,1,1,
lashes (or years. It is a pa./ tort f. r ail 1' ,1 • 1 • 1 ' 5
anti Nervous II ea:is...le.
weaknesses cause,' by those *stew-11...n:0.s v... .•
•••:.mmoa to womankind. , This is no .tev•• •
' of sire/years of ex;•cocii.e.
knewlaZ that it is tilgivJ uew IGc tai .i••• • -
,- ••••...t.ra not Or nver•vmuked mesa 5. , ••
you have triad ttLer temr.ll,s u • 1 • •.t 4 ,• • •'',•
't Le tht-ouraged, but give •• L 11l 1••••• •Is
trial. -elms Jodi to give 5ti.4.4
Ii YOUAlre trOeted with arty weakness er
•'-intnen M ens set, !a , aside the do. tnr's pre
r once. and try ••
•tt Possti eel? oureyou. One Bottle to flutEciont. -
Women's Medical Institute Is an Association , f •
, ••1•1 AletAns of years' erperience, who give ails,
Baer letters from ladles.fres:
ss:e will be given for any case of Female Weak-, -•
.sr suability which " Ladies' Tonic" will I, t cure.
1; a 4or Afida oiler. made by r‘seoeftsle 1%;!., h.•
11•01 "*.tre what - "LADIES TUNIC" cam •;•••••
bead stamp for circulars.
Sold by Dnyygists. Price, $l.OO.
Excels the linen Sown 111/11611 la t ,
I . l3 Unew No odor Melt. Bs sass yoe g.t LORk-..-
TON Coleys% Omura ofHams it Co., N. Y.. wycl
Istmel. sa Vi-sts., at &sesta. sad Sestets is sef,xl,
'Letters of Adudnistratfon hare been granted
to the undersignedllpen the estate of Chariell
Taylor. late of-llranloin Twp., deceased. Notice
Is tierdby glven•that- all pavane having claims
against - said estate must present them to. me
duly atteited at one.. and all persons °Cc*,
said estate will snake immediate parm•nt•
U. K. morr, A. lniatrator.
Lathy Twp., Jia. 30,1833.
£.. +s
of its pu.^.:
iirftnc! - It
Gray pair
ral Color::
•r.dral! a • •