Bradford Republican. (Towanda, Pa.) 1875-1892, October 26, 1882, Image 1

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    3 !,e.) 4it & TRACT, PalaMilli.
Bradford Republica
1•' PaMbled Every Thursday,
51.50 Per ..4ausumis, in Ades/ice.
Advertising Ectei-81z cents aIII for first
Itgertion, anti Ilje cents per line for all subs*.
q uent serti 3nl. '.Sending notice advertbing
ten ants per line. V.glit lines constitute
tqcsre. ant twelve linel- an inch.. Auditor's
cotlcra S2.W. Administrator's sad Exemitore
tcnces Tear?, advertising Sito4o per
Tel REn-sucsir, Is published in the 1 Racy,
Moore and NoVles Block. at the "corner or
and Pine streets, over J. P.. Come* Bootuod
slave store. Its elvzslstion fi over 2000. •s ea
sartnisizte medium it is uaszeelled Is its ha
:raz:l•a,Business Dime:ry.
LEVELi lictiOV RN. (B. Cleveland
.UcG(fnere), Canton., Bradford Ccninty
bulb:nem entrusted to their me in
Res tem li ridfprd Will reeelse prompt attention.
L. 9 ITII k IIILLIS. Attorneys-MA*lr; Oft
over Powell k Co. •
01LIFF. J. N.. °nice in Wood's mock. Mali
%.1 First Sationsl Bank, up stairs. junsl2,'.ll
1. 4 1311EF. k SON (N.O Elebree and L Bisbrec:
ottice Iltreur Mock. Park ESL inay34.7B -
Dpics. & OVEUTOS (Bet I Peek and D I Orr.
:ont. Oftce over Rill's Mutat 49.•79
nVEiirUN k SA::DERSON (Z Merton and irks
4, 1 r:Sand.7744 t.l °ince tn. Adams Black . alyd:7l
mi wEr.L.7x °face over Der - L*ll'4Blore
WILT, J. i DREW. Oflke in liesn's Block.
,„,spr RAS
lES. CAIN9CHAN it HALL. (W r Dente".
H Cart L y Hall.) Once In rest
f sari 'aitra.nce OD Poplar R. Ue12.75
lil £i:cDNEY A. Solicitor of Patents.lll la att•ntion paid to business to
orp4an.' Court and to the settlement of estates.
ot - ,:e in Mcaatanyea Block 0149
c PHERSON * YOUNG. (/'. NePieraos mid
rousilf- ) Office south side of Mercurs
feb 1.7 R
J Aspic and. Z D Du#liegeolt).
(,t, -e t side of Main street, two doors north
cf Argus office. All tnsinesi 'entrusted to their
an, will ret-ire prompt attention. oct 24477
T MMES 11. AN - D.)OILN W. CODDIND, ;iner
t) Le:, aul Counsellors-at-Law. Dfleartn the
kerdzr Mod, over C. T. Kirby's Drng Store.
- Jul; 3. 'BO if.
VEESLY. .1. P. Attorne3.4t-Lew. Office to
LA. M tanye's Block, Man Street.
Npt. ;5.
_ THoml; W. H. and E. A.. Attorneys-at
Dor. Towanda. Pa. (Mice in Hermit Block,
',.r C. T. Kirby's Drug Store, entrance on Bain
start. trot stairway north of Post•oflioe. All
tuccras Promptly attended to. Special attes
t; ,-;% - .13 to claims against the United States
Ptr.Bin“. BOlllatiell, Patents. etc and to
c1.1,110i.s and iseStlement of deOedeoVii ea I,tes.
• A. 1.411•21. ly
!o:;:isor of Pate/its. Govenucumt claims *S.
te1..:,, to
ToHNsuN. T. 8.. M.D. Office over Dr. H. C
Li Port<•rss Drug Store. feb 12.711
EWT3N, Drs. D. N. ArP. G. Office at Dwelling
4. 1 ozl River street, corner Weston St. teti 12.77
C. K.; 31. D. Odlcs Ist door above old
Lank building. on Main street.- Special at•
given to diseases of the throat and
1 - 17.2 , ,DarRs, S. M.. M.D. Ones and rest.
v • • at•nce. Main street. north of M.E.Chnrch.
Me Examiner for Pensloao Dr ..srtment.
_ - tab TVS
TNE. - E. D.. M.D. °Mee over 34mtuiye's
ttore.Ottoitours from 10to 1.1.e.x. and
to P. MT Special attention given - to
i j atem 6 s of the E3e. and Diaeasea of the Ear.
_ oet 30,:f
rrtutt - NER. H. L., M.D..
E-eidence and ',Mee mast north of Dr. Corbon'a
Vain street. Athens, Pa.
IiOCSE Main at, next corner swath
Bridge street. New house sad dim
izmiture throughout. The proprietor has
ipan-d neither pains or expense in math=
first-clue and respectfully scllultau
tutdie patronage, Meals at all hours. Terms
pasoLable. Large Stable attached.
tar r /TENET. .
WT SINS POST; biO. CS, G. A. -R. Mists
every Saturday evening. at Wilitary ash.
OEO. V. NUM Cleueemehe.
.1 p.. En - ran:Km, Adjutant. . feb y. 14
- - -
. -
CrST.iL LODGE. NO. 67. Meets. at; E. P
Sall every:, Monday eveniag at :7:30., la
irzrAnce $2.000. , Benefits $3.00 per meet. Aver
age cr, :au! coat. 5 years experiaaea.
E. P;Ezrz Dictator.
BRD LODGE. N 0.161 . -1. 0.0. F. Meet
In Odd Fellow's Elsa. every Monday enentng
at : o'clock. WARR= 81;114 Sobie &end.
Illne 12.15
Wisr. F. E. 4 NO - . - 32 Second street ' Al! orders
v". 11 receive prompt attention. jun 4111.15
The spanw.naim will twain , Monday.
Am: 3, • For. -.Testalogus or other fator•
address or call on the PrincipaL
Towanda. Ps.
izIJ 11.'8
PLUMBEg AND 043 rime.
WILLIAMS.. WARD. Prantkal Plumber
• and Gas Fitter. Plain of bantams in Iler•
rat Block next door to Journal Gam to=t
Pra)::c Squre. Plumbing, pan /MUT
Pn=pa of all kinds , and all kinds - 0 Gearing
ro4tly attended to. All wanting work in lila
4 `a=cnid ere him scall. Jut, 27.'n
RrSSELL, C. s, Geneial Insurance Agetta.
T ,-,- *17. , ..3a, Is. Of!lce . in Whitcoattes Book
pay 19,44
And bad One of Hie
25 CENT DAN. E. ammo
. • •
• • • .•
• •'4
• ..;› '. k ."
r: 4'
• 11 3;e: C
• C•t
• .;
• •
• 44 14,.. '; *
'l. Stl:A44gAt. 7'l' •
• ...;.‘14'.47:1: ;,‘ 74 , iie5t5.21t;i474 • iWA.:#0:•..
t ' C e.•73..'. ZAc • •-•••• , -;••
-•••,'••••5 •. k •-•*•• • ' '• - •• :• .;•'. • : . •''''' ' ••• • "lo' ' '' '`4 6.4 ••• • ••••• • ••.• 21,4e:••*+ •, •• • •Zt•w • ••• •• 11 • • fe3r,441.4% - "Arw
•• " '
• 1. •
•••••;- •
,• - Viv" ••••r•
• ,•• • • -
• •
Yik .1;:S
• rr."„•. ,
14.4 - "
,'•••,.•:..""t- :'-„ ' "_ • : 4; ,
f• ff
•.•- .Iks4•••••:••,•4.1- • •
f.,)! '
" • -
.`••• At%
2.+Y ' • ..1•7„
. - ..-e. s° ` • • • --life . •
-7. -.
-,• - -
'•', • fee ~,,4:ks'„ s : '47'
Alpha . •
T ma •
.. • -_
-.: • • . • • ... •• • •• .
•• :„ „ _ -
•'"'„. • -•:•••• 1
'6' *
• , • • , , • •• •
•••• •, • ••„, •• •
.‘ •
NEVI *les t
. -to 7: AI . pimGanll •
with Illiskilasaaj '
, , ,r ji sus maw A -
J eii elry Store
or =owls
With Starts A; Gorden's Store,
Main Street, Towanda, Pi,
wigs he ileitis PULL MI/ORTKINT of
Gold k_Silv,er Watches'
Ris Stock la all XVI sad of the FIT
QUALITY. all and as for yourself.
w. keep on band =messily for, !Midas.
Fellows, Spokes Hobbs Pace
Canine Thlzunings.
Also s fnl line of NMI sad Man Hardin.% aid
MI ltas of
• •
Curial* Platform end Lumber Wapiti,
Ilada by as Vitt skilled mama, and ilirreated
to nem pietkralar. ;
Hardware Dealers. '
Tly.t. ADM 27-ly I . - .
Al,frect J. Purvi s ,
an wort in his lima dose wall sad promptly lit
lowestpsi .os.
Parties belay vohimer - incomplete dill be faa
dished with aripastanag bonbon at cost pries.
JJI ordder pinta to Li. isulin.. Spent en
Bradford Coma_ ty Irani' promptly executed an
cording to directions. eept-tf •
,EO 11. ROSS
Now oeespiss Qs &mass Stole opposite Dr. B.
O. Porters Druir.Btors, Maio Bisset,
• stints isms stock of
_ / •
Mr. nose has Axon= Sze's on Halmos fitrzraw
J. L. Schoonover Is dub. The to el stores sr*
connected by 'Telephone. lir. Noss cian now tea
satisfied that he can give the . 1• '
. .
Hisexperience enabled' him to select the bEs t
goods, width hide bound to a LOW PRICE.
You ow always get a bargain If you
All geode &disused tke Boroigta FRU.
FARMILBS will do well to call .see their Produce
and get the CAM. 20que2-Iy.
I 1 • _
L still , td
be found at the OLD NTA.*D
Next door to Dr. B. C. Porter's Drug &ore
-:t T
FROM TUT 13113APIONT TO Tsur sari
MO% Tatars salt Joydrypromptly “salrol
ty as sigosstimest asi sifisipeteat werelania.
r , m. RENDELIimt.
- 1. ---- .L N. NELSON
,-.); • is._ flii&Lici k ti
1:.- - A.A:tv.AtiottEsi.
- .,.4.;. coosi..;.
_ ow, i. me ",x,I,
.... , 14 . ;14
.:,.. .
geosermoving....m._—.l, 4 „arwo.
Atailllss pia VO
Mein fialairilliii,, 1 . Tr=
ilso I
No 131 Genesee street,
t in= ♦ FULL Luni or
' - -;.:':: No* : - Adtatitterants.
to vigrouuSly push a hakes:,
strength to: study a profession,
strength to regukta a household,
strength to do :a day's 'attar with
out physical pans' All this repre
sents what Is wanted, in the often
leant earisloil ,"41111 ! I wish I
had be strength!" If you are
Wimp down, have not energy, or
feel as if life wa: hardly worth liv
ing, you can be relieved and re
. Allred to robust health and strength
by taking - BEM'S IROIIBIT
TEM which is a true tonic—a
medicine univereplly recoil mended
for a 8 lasting disuses. (
a complete and (sire remedy for ,
Indigestion, Dy*sin, Malaria,
Weakens-and all diseases requir
ing a true, reliable, non-alcoholic
tonic. it enriches the blood, gives
new fife to the muscles and tone
to the nerves.
)2=lnria is a scientific combination
or some of the most •powerfrd resters.
tive agents In the vegetable kingdom.
It restores gray hair In its original
color. It , makes the scalp white and
clean. It earn dandruff and humors :
and blling.out of the hair. It tarnishes
the nutritive principle by which , the
hair is •noluished and supported. It
makes the hair , moist, soft and glosiy,
and is unimrpained as a hair *easing.
It is the most economical preparation
ever offered •to the public. as Its eiSsas
firnEan a -king time. mating '.only an
occasional application siamm!Oy. It is
recommended and used by ' minent
inedical men, and officially endorsed by
the State Assayer of Massachusetts.
Vie popularity of Hall's Hair Renewer
has increased with the test of: many
yelrs, both in this country and in
breigu hush. and it is now known and
Died in all the civilized countries of
the world.
For sale by all dealers.
, The Bad end Worthless -
are never imitated or counterfeited. This
is especially tine of a family medicine, and
it is positive proof that the remedy imitated
is of the highest value. As soon as it had
beeatested and proved by the whole world
that Hop Bitters was thapurest, best and
most valuable family medicine on earth,
many imitotione sprung up and began to
steal the notices in which the press and peo
ple of the country had expressed the merits
of H. B e ., and in every way trying to in:
duce suffering invalids to use their stuff in
stead, expecting to make money oa the
credit and goal name of H. B. Many
others started nostrums put win similar
style to H. 8., ' with variously devised names
in which the word "Hop" or "Hops" were
used in a way to inducepeople to believe
they were the same as Hap Bitteis. All
such pretended remedies or cares, no mat
ter what their style or name is, and espe
cially :those with the word "Hop" or
"Hops" . in their name or in any way con
nected.with them or their name, . are imi
tations'ar counterfeits. Beware of tfiem.!
Touch :none of them: Use nothing big
genuine Hop Bitters, with a bunch or clus
ter of ' green Hops on the white label.
Trust nothing else. Druggists and dealers
are warned against dealing in imitations or
Various Causes--
Advancing years, care, sickness, disapj
pointment, and hereditary predisposi
tion=all operate to turn the hair gray,
and either of them inclines it to shed
prematurely. Arzn's Ham Vtaon will
restore faded or gray, light or red hair
to a rich brown or deep black, as may
be desired. It softens and cleanses the
•acalp. J giving, it a. healthy action. It
removes and cures dandruff and humors. .
By Its use tailing hairls checked, and
anew groWth will be produced In 411
cases *there the follicles are, not
stroyed or the glands decayed. Its
effects are beautlfbily shown on trashy,
weak, or sickly tido, on which a few
applimiticnis will pri*lnce the gloss and
*whom of youth. Harmless and sure
In ita results, it Is incomparable as
a dressing, mud is especially valued
for the soft lustre and richness of tone
Auses Hun Vicon is colorless;
_contains neither• oil nor dye; and will
not soil or color white cambric; ypt
it lasts long on the hair, and keep:
- It fresh and rtoroni„ imparting aa
agreeable' perftune.
For sale by all druggists. '
Far Gait. BM WS bral' am book. emoted
Thirty-Thref ' ,
- ' -- 'Years Among
a tn. mail d at miliimilliffirrblenimAnowat
isiorksix arm lireg as skis bareftwom
- -
By Gm. Merman.
We ow wet sae al and, adisedbal for IrYPeesiffs —
Arms Ind eating Oasts. oaf by tba. pima% G.
Cbsie. s Sksides. Goa. litsteat. sad tiosszsbof lbw
Z. Our. Gam!, osys.--sit r, ebs low list se
Aurae At eisr Jima? Roar iffetbodbt)
asys•-,81 Sr a badtphismassa ssiss. - St bthe oplysstbes.
do awmasf at ins ladissa fait fatty
-II big emir stoma Ida" semi dobsys. ifle. ft la
alb *Miss essatiesees at tbs Satbas;soof et fr.
issataTtssfsm 0 0 . 4 a1SIfiamisJanksitatisas.
ells..towty porengise Ufa ta Clisestilbst is it sow is.
WA—tt lisps RitiSasst sad asperb
Okstertareumili Ebro is IS ea" time plaiwyesibs
wigs Ity Ida Cismassirsaitryrsafyibribitspestusat.
4161111111.1 purl bosk-ia saw aobssidast
albisslol,ll. tiltirisia • *lamb stamp VI la MP
ads. a air; Veinal IMO AIM asests si aaes: Jibp,
daft lbsdistyamf *aid Aka Om. bassdisa
sllla padiaibstanifteso dui Iffsebosli rats
- 0111111salehaSst •II aid mow Adam Nis Imdfd,
•-.- _ -
; TOW,AttNI3A=
= :
Francint St... Baltimore
Dining the was I was In
jured inthe stinliachby apiece
of a shell, and have -offered
from iteversince. Abomfour
'is. wluch kept me in be d spa
months; and the best doctors
in the city said I ,could not::
live. I suffered fearfully from -
indigestion, and for over two
ears couldnot eat solid food
:Ind fora large portion of the
timely-as unable to ntiftl even
liquid nourishment. tied
Brown's Iroullittelsand now
after taking two bottles I mu
able to get up and go around
and am ratadltimptoving.
- • 1
-- , *) , critizitifititi'io*ittlitiii
. .._ . . _ _. ..
_ .BRAJDFORry,-,.,
_ Ithat will It masterly end bY -
tbe• WPM belt* as arights
= Whither St wound through darb or DOL L
übder lOU or a gel**.
Mien I look beat anti by by?
What win StanisserifY aedbt
Whether Wagged! *Mat aloe%
Dented arta*, agatoia saran, •
bUsetair the abut. tit Uw angel afgb.
Ildatm nu think at the by and tW
what wig* tastier lw and by
Whether with lengthy joy twent
Down through the YeUllirtui a glad tAlelent,,
Newer beneurw m nay, mil s '•
Tens would be tweeter lry and tw?
What WM Unan!" tw and by
%Whether with diet to eheertNe Isla
Close i the pallid angel, Pain. -
Soothing meat Qualms aob and Ugh, •
a AU Win be elaewtee by and _
What twit sating, Naught, U I •
Only am sure the Way I've trod, -
Gloomy or glsshierbed, leads to Ova—
Quesunning not, et the bow, the 'dm
It I taU reads Ma by amity.
:Alit matter by and lby -
Dubin, bet this: that .IWI CR
Lifted roe aiwennd, helped to gain,
Whether through rads, or male, of eigh,
Busses—habie—all In all. by sulky. •
—aargareg J. items&
"Some time," the blue-eyed maiden cried,
“ &sae time VP be Arich man% bride:
rn bare his gold when be is Ord, .
And madly in a coach PB ride,*
• c=
ultimo timer the limyst.eyed =Men ailed
- And blushing, turned rum race aside,
"iaod grant It me). married be ' •
To Wm whom Beaten shall provide."
The bine-eyed maiden bad ber way
She married one both rich and gray,
And when he died she took his pith!,
But that is all abe tick—they say.
A handsome lover came ohe day,
And bore the brown-eled meld awn/. -
He was her lire, and abe—bla wire;
What more Is there to ask or say?
,Paul Past= hi Msg.
The tall, scarlet daldiss nodded in tbs .
September breeze; the old watchdog lay
asleep in the bland, yellow stunhine in front
of the stone can ; and the late.blemnin' g
Noisette roses, that garlanded the verandah
cohumis, dung a subtle perfume on the air at
Cedar Lodge, while in the great drawing.
mom (" saloon," Miss Dorothea Baba=
persisted in calling it, as her mother bad
called it before her) the tide of -argument
need hotly. • .
And all about Effie - Myrtle Monogram I
Myrtle herself sat in the corner, her lamb
clasped so tightly that the , tarquoise ald
garnet rings cut into her flesh, her cheek
varying from pale to pink and then back
again, while her large, startled eyes turned
knit to one, then another; of the disputaiits.
Major Benbazon,, with his coat buttoned
tight across his chest, sat up very straight is
the =web& in front of the table.
" I say it's all nonsense about sending the
elidd to boardingschool," said he. "She
can play • Annie Lan& ,' can't she, and
• Wearing of the Green r And she worked
Ste a pair of slippers last fall, met bait, eat
enough eccoinplishmeaki for any gut f"
Dersithes amble= nodded her cep.
strings vehemently, as she struck into the
- "And .I my she shall go to boardin' g.
sehooll" declared this ancient lady. "No.
body's education can be called properly flis
ished until they have been to boarding.
school I went to boarding.ecbool myself
when I was eighteen." •
Humph :" sneered the Major, who had
never been taught properly to appreciate his
elderly sister. "And do you suppose your
self to be a mixlel woman, eh ?"
Wm Dorothea tossed her head, but
thought it best to ignore the query.
"I Till leave it 'to Mr. Julian," she said,
" Well, ;agreedl" snorted the majbr.
" We'll lease it to Ilr.Julian I"
And Henry Julian ; the third inardian of
Myrtle Monogram, silo had sat quietly
pulling the ears of a silky rum Charles
spaniel, all this time, looked up, with the
least suspicion of a smile at the corner of his
He had not been exactly pleased when be
Mt learned that old Judge Monogram had
nominated him as one of Myrtles gitudiaoi,
at his death.
"I knox little about girls," he said
ly," "and I care less. But ofantral! the
itesbezons will look aftex her=hn't shi thole
Own niece ?"
But Major Bran= and Dowd* his
maiden sister; had never agreed on Mr sub.
jell, yet, and Myrtle Menogram was no
'caption to their general rule; and at last the
contest between them waxed so tierce that
kr. Julian was called on to throw his dad
sire rote into the scale.
"To be, or not to be—a itdxml.i . tiS le said
be. "'What does lrms Ifyrde herself say?*
Myrtle was silent, coloring deeper than
1 - ," She agrees with me 2" cried the major,
trinmpbantly. ! "She'd rather have a l gor-
Cturatt likhotne." ; 1
st a
"I hate governesses!" Sashed-out M I
"There?" said Was Dorothea.
" dndl ain't eudire the idea of l"
added Myrtle, bursting into team. vsj
' "Ph Pe mid the major.
"I' don't see r trhy I'm to be bothered ao le
aobbed"Myrtle.. "Other gists have ; a little
peace of their hies, and why shouldn't -I?
Oh, dear—aii, dear I I wish•l could go for
a gipsy, or bi a Daughter of the Ilegbrumt,
or go down n t imal mine, Ile Joan in the
novel; or—" i '
"Myrtle Monogram, are you drag raid
Wm Dorothea, severely. •
"Bless my soul r said the majOr, bizeth•
yeiy short, aokstaring as if Ida epos
inadd burst out qf his head;' "Pm *mid
my sister is vied. Myrtle sisals a good,
sbict course of tooardio'end
porotbea bare spelled •
"Spam for yourself, brother," mkt that OIS
isity, scidbr. "Yes, atomise, she must - go
to boarding.arbool In
MyrOa bad deist' I her tears mini--she znis
looking mem' todYat Mr. Julian.
- Would be "not' interfere in bar Weal[ I
Would he athrir bee to be exiled thus in Res
herself t
"tea,' aid he, "It =mei&
lazy foe me to say saythin& The matter
slay be comidered as siStled. A =jail*
vote has been east In favor d the school
project* - • •
" rm. staid so," end " Ob, eletabdr
uttered the major and ids Metes, is one
breath, and Myrde got up and :snout alibi
I'd pretty Ettle old
ham Aw.
"Bat 11 spoiled one, Pak alkaid." aigbid
Major liathanan.
"A 'aft thoulglitlepe ereature,!rizeniad
Vfiliparethet. sheiang b bemo. ."flat
newest you are here, Ur 'alias, you Ira
SEM oat the matter with asT•
had Ids. Mho,.rho Skid the peel
dm WW I of 11111E= 9etri, the " sweet
truth of the ifoieette usesk'eed tb,atom&
*espy, golden bike dot stomodedl
divide etoseddek amentel 'Mom moms
f ::-51 *::: .54. 6;Q:V:..;: :- il:•'' :- t -- :t:•:` - 77 ,,, - - : , -.--- - ...,-.„:::• ,,,, ;' , 7-:-,..- . ., , , , ..
thijo - ripaiib!: ..
... r., .
iii bciiiiilbeueillie:triiilL:oiCi:limil
.0 0 likkickat''ii r *otiliiiibillOr*-1
we** •• ' . "..ber.nieitOir iiiiiiNS:ll4).i
for , - ~;... an
1 :,-... , , fid llow,Orieenivrent*..l4
-tierinitlst.. - - bi: ll lPiiiiol464 l ,.. MAI.
1 iSliti,i . reconcile .lisithi4o:-.1.4111*'
plek - -t_ -: : ;. ' v .- :, ' ‘---_ ..'.:: , ;-: ,. :-:t . :. , .;:-, - ~. '''''- ,••-.-.
0 .1:01i$ lie ii,llybialipe4o4'iiiii weir; " :
sidbe.' .;" fartiPdtnriere:,tlielintiltilL,'
. • .",-, :E ., ! Briar'._.j do : yon>ltsiorr''-1.00
.:,1 - ifiallP
i i * *111,1. :: !!) * - P l - 4 :- . 0140 -
11 4O'ir . - 71--!11 - j - . - : - t:: , : , .----::°-!,.':--: -.:-"::-.--
-.- "Ton nil harilbin#4,finf Otlier'ilifs.
4'l, biti4l*P!.'irdki;:i(Y4'-,.!".0**,,-
sallorni,',litalthinnithh*- - rdthreet aa hies:
%lona leinktenniti,:creingi*Orhinta3ab*:
-: Ir* l4l l4ologin - e4i*tiii3.:_".-- ,-: - ,..i••- •
~."firt ritnitelheireO — afigerationiqsn.
- ifseed:i*idrit4ftyrtli: - #.l.' Siatidti* Sheik
'Out A rani! for royself„. 100 it illir,itl. -- 401'
ever iii OW, 11111 - edieltiaAlttleMil *
*oaf bit*** her nith.4oo*****"
' and heir ban*: on -riy , - forelind,74 - 7nilthii,
for rigor *sing inalitobefkOSCertOogli'lo .
ask - mehiroarry him.* ..: -: .:
.- *--..- -•_':'-* .. _ ...: • - .: ,
4titsia Opal tiot . 14 _ •H : -..;'' .
- .4 1 ,7zde1" I, l ld. 44 - ,'.**ll area : Vitiiii lo g,E l .
As girt? -.-'- ;, . . • ' . _
_. - i - : , 1 ~; ..
- "Yea, Inappase I - ant; paid' She; :. mesh- 1
tatively,." or else.' Should - be. - :titlighted . : ea"
the prospect of ! . .sierding-acheol.. • lift -hun.
deed &Oen, in
. advariCe.. .I don't
bellm * Partials *alt. '. Oh,
i ,
it Uncle l - would only let ,me have ' air
innadred . to WU a *hi to -sail on. ,
Clear Hi to bay Bed
~Ptslerlch,. the
roantnnifor, : that old lir: Seght !inhere to
sell at auction week!" '
"1 dna Wu tai if I wee lon I would
dwell w thaaa, things," miller.. Julian, or
waning a mile. " A youggildy--"
"Meg* it, is!" War* bdearaptad 111116
Ma. "A 70 lady! Clk law didn't
Paavideace inake - ma" amiaddig eLst I .
would *lima lava been aid to, b#
plow.bay. Pays daet tin to- g i to
bmadinipachool." - I
. .
Surma looked earnestly Ut bk. Re SS
trying to sham Uncle Buishais Beebeaqu's
original opixdon that it vas almost apijy t to
cramp such a regal niture info thoodhodou
wmid of any "Bstablishse*t for YoUng
Indies." Myrtle was odd, . Wings, abler
inn she was on g'
And be missed ber ',bon at list she .as
sent away, aobbhig as if horlieut would.
bniak with the big tom* vela non;of
dream frills Franc it boots alp lace collars
(Atm, and the pletirtuninobookiA at her
thou., ,
" too bad to book Abet nirectoome
tittle head of hem," said be, .
"Bat she must be edacat4, You itup
argued Major Biabszaa„l4 I
"And she was malty Untirely be.
yond my control," added Yap Borethes„ #°'gnu,
Busy Mahn stayed, militia! imondeed,
for the Monist St.' Bicbstdtots-b and foe
the fishing; bat itwasaisuifrionebrafter
lily* Skew= 'was gem+, -." • 1
It bad pew sesmod port o,bt bit an*, sidosioebilliAletibiAlimeo
- eon, did Mha *Mises ray No; ft never
. 3ould be posed. that Myrtle could be or.
Before the stipulated month of his wish
was out, turnover, Myrtle .Monograns mite
acme—walked most orreiPectedly into the
red-curtained dining room, one itindy, tem
pestuous November night, her French kid
boots all bunit out, the hem of her blur
foulard gown in tatters, her tars tangled,
and a resolute glitter in hex era L
"rye run away r said Myrtle.
come back home on foot; and rd sooner
die 'than go back again But.—but—why
.in you all look so pale and troubled? What
'a in thaeletter Why are you trot glad tr
we mar
And she threw hew% white and tend' ed,
into Aunt Dorotheee arms. i I
"My dear—niy dear," said tbs gdod old
soul, who was shaking like a leaf, "you
have Bung away Your last chance—an eau
etdiou that might fit you to be a l _ seven:ow.
This Wes barons the lawyer in New Sork.
Those mine investments have _ tamed. out the
merest bubbles, and you areas= as the
waitress. in the -kitchen. • Ohr,
tlel--and, to think of the six hiparea
lam that you have Wasted by ; this mad
Myrtle lad rallied henna by this Gni.
stall 1114 1 pale, she stood looking at the facer
of heNcliasliens.-'
" I go back?" she asked, .in
strange, tone . tone. "Ma li4
Mauna de arv.. pardon? 'Oh, Annt
Dorothea,,l tiU , . Ulm tell tne4ol I don't
mind, being poor midi; but , --bni— l moat
%an to earn 4lit9emonel to saPPnt rid
and Uncle Barney Mt Julian-41r. Julian,
tell ma whit I sal to do r
And she fainted in the old ladfi arms.
"Poor thing—poor thing l" 'sighed Aunt
Dorothea, "she is tired out. Walked all
the way from New . Orleans. Why, that
must be , forty miles! And to hear sunk
news ai this at the end of it I My poor
Myrtiel-poor, pettal,' - 'spulea dull! TO
me, Mr. Juan, is there noth in g kit of
;ridge Monogram's money!" "
And Mr. Julian umrsied, lith I knitted
srows and compressed lipi:
The sulks, gm dawn= rd. the shin au.
Coma mOnnAg bad sem* penetrebd the
animus putains of the song breakfestpu.
br the next morning, when
~My crept
sof* in. Mr. •Inikin, sitting at a di*. fnfl
of pspess—stekt -• •.• • y was Wow CM.
der of the day 4: igoa" end the
the vu - • iambi
"Myrtl!" be add. "My poor 1"
Bat Myrtle woo atm now, and imposed.
"Please don't pity me. Yda intiani" maid
abet.. "I-1 begin to think,l have deserved
But advise me. Do you think kladame de
Paregs wiU receive SW again, after I ban
set het anti:Amity at naught l De won it
be bettor for me to learn tologrard% or
abort-band writing, or some of those j trades
by which I can more: promptly suppott_ sop
self and the dear 4:41 snub and met *bp
have bein ail in aU to me so long? I 810
mat an beirausi vity beiger. I sznat be s
irotkiO oromatcnov." I
" ozne
MP* * alud ilanY lee"
with a strong quiver b his ", Law
Myrtle, don't bok ae white • aid frigidenegi
lam s slab man. I nxbey enough- is
nuke 14 your tones half is dosiiiinlat over.
I would have done so wfthoet aimed tolos,
if Ms Brahma bad not cokes not so no.
adrisedAy. And I wen by it an at your
leek sooner than that you should spike 5
single pang of grief Eke fhb r
" TU. very kind et you,* len Myrtle,
eoldb , ; "bot Of'cosour I could not MNII4 it
at, your hands.*
"WM you let aa laid if" add Jelin,
with a eartaisColdindoes whkkkildla did
at didika "WM Ica lat ala speak 'he
aid is is isy bout? WM kt ins ta
pa um I love ton aft*, and kai
attlOlnta4 it it WM peed' r% to .1310107 :
losaab loamy - • -
"oobeodan et bit
sips amisiet o Ise me, aska thoutbalogg
illOl 40044 -
/4 ad rota an ig 110 1 1 1114210 1 / 1 144 11 ,111id
4110. 44 disd poor, sod brieTio 10614
air fataimr
the aine," bei amwmd, to both
far hunk in his. ."I . wag 700. N0 pro.
am* imild as' 4ffet be to tee
mbet.-sos itte—i7 , -Mystie,' se* bearfe
Tali t n illitalinleleit MN? I " 7Z M I X*
• "Andjva lkire mer - -
• *Tu."'
Idadinie de Pangs, vamp wrote ins*
Maid Wee. to Masi Lodge ootootalag
SON lgooosount massy abottoombir and
boiloaloga, Doi* got "Lee truant 1146
lockagok—and Myrtle loot ow fortune
Golf to edn 'another; Aial Major Btabo.
aoa oaqiekbled, "ad so was Woo Doto.
Eat mem that
Nit* la Both a oldlll"
flioine loCiiibotli , odd tbo:
, thiabling. "Boonipsionlvennet sminiod
ntorrootetm, !tam % Moo that nob,
obokoul be." •
Andiron Badmen was aikmosd bjr air
usamiretible arpunent.--Estat Arnie
orates. , •
At one of the Pada harden there adds a
smarm of the Contrivances used for smug
gling of liquors into the city which have
been captured on various occasions by the
employes of the octrot Here are plies of
;annum white plates, the top one of which
on being lifted off shows a cylinder of tin
Pieddisg the reminder of the pile. Here
,are rolls of linen, which are merely; a few-
pods of stuff wrapped around a tin km
faibbned of the requisite sham and with
'socks adistkidtr finished off with strips of
linen set on sad. Hae is the boat of India.
;rubber of a i usake.beline wetamme, who
'used to inks her little charge out daily to
beeithe the tie& air beyond the barriers.
Ewe are two great blocks; of stone that , on
closer inspection prove to be tin-lined boxes
with ,artbticelly thing ends, Hare are
three Stout folio volumes bound calf and Li
belled "The Phikiscipby of Nations." With
than books ander his aim a pole, interest.
Ing.boking young student used to wander
forth into the suburbs to pursue his itedise.
,One ftay an inquisitive Custom House
• grownsuspirious from thefact that the
plab always carded oat the smne books to
lardy, insisted on.opening one of these vol.
isms& He found that the leaves had been
nicely cut away with a sharp knife to afford
a meant niche for saguaro esse.bottle„ which
_was lilted with brankv—is similar contriv
ance adding in:each of the othettwo books.
Bat the clove, rest trick of all was one which
VU very famplitated and costly in Its de.
tank but which must lave pdd handawnely,
as it was puked on for months without de.
faction. ; A lady and ' gentlenum, seated In a
phin, respectable looking coupe, drearily a
good brae, and driven by a ciasm in
lively, were want to , drive ditto the Bob
de Boa** every afternoon ietaraingusa,
dly about dusk. The gentlemen was di
deafly ai hriaffiL Ile was always envelopdi
b a tar.lined desk, with the con rand
IMMadlitht dm* sad bid !Oar cape polled
desk over bill bforeworldb the littb , that
could bit seed of kb comatenanee was of a
sickly pallor. He was always reclining in •
maser of the carriage, as if too feeble to sit
erect, while his attentive wife sat beside him
evidently solicitors for his sure, being
especiaDY careful .to keep his cook well
wrapped around bin. The oddities of
the octal saw his vehicle and its inmates
pars by Orem daily without suspicion. One.
day, Miniver, ,after snaking the and in.
query; Hare yen anything to dischise r
the Custom ',House offlearritn chilling the
door, struck the supposed ismilicre ' foot.
I beg your pardon, sir," said the ollicer.
Ba'response...not so much as an brdinatiUn
of the bead. Bather surprised, the officer
minted bb remark in a louder tone, at the
same time, touching the sick man's shoulder.
At that Moment the lady and coachman
leaped Lem their respective place; and fled
away with surprising swiftness; leaving in
the hands of the dicers the bones, the car.
liege' and the invalid, garbieh last was found
to be mods of tin and ailed witlibrandy---his
face being most artistically constructed in
wiz. The space under thirst of the =pa
and the coachman's box were also reservoirs
of tin, so that the smuggling transactions of
the party bad been practiced on amy as
tenths ads.—Progrem.
The employmmt of carrier pigeon as
~otniees between military stations in Arsons
kand other vectione it the Indian rottntrY
where the telegraph Hues are being jmn.
stantly infe:fered with by the hostiles, and
whim the topography is not advantageous
toteliographing and other ordinary methods
- of signalling is receiving the serous atten.
Sas of the War Oflice. .Ina letter of , the
sth Vt. from Port Towns mei, Wyoming,
Often' Belson A. Miles siya thiy can be
mide very useful in this &retina, u he bad
leramstiated to his entire: satisfaction, and
General Hazen, the Chief 'Signal* Officer.
I who is testing every plan and suggestion
looking to the greater efficiency of his
bureau and increased benefit to the general
public, his • taken the subtect actively in
hand daiirieg to make this ageuiy a valuable
ally of the army in its conflicts in behalf of
I itvilintini against the barbarism on our
Western plainx Vet 20C miles these pig.
semi will travel as fast ES the railroad rapid
mail and through a hostile country will
I reach ttudr, destination more .surely than
'mad men. jiying by eight they are as.
ply valailla in regions where, there are
prominent - mountain peaks. - Between two
sock posts as Forts Thomas and Apache sad
Thomas. and San Orbs, Arizona, entirely a
hadiltocumtry, broken and difficult, and. in
'which laved is slow and ahemt impossible
whagthe brrervening diming are. flooded,
the rrag a * . • .•
fad* •
thea kannfacturer of and Dertkr in
dar. icis,immDllllllX, th• Motu'
telaine Braid,
84 there sire two 1110;1 i
" Will r
!sham eenval tobamo balls
say Idielpileket.. Unbars fa aoky one Ideal
kwe saw ties feennion the iftairlida. f• It
thin are two serer sonwhir% - 0113 e the
taxis la, and Ilan* to let go Ow plow lan.
dles withboth . bands at apes. I watt the
ado aaa takes cot.* '
It is a Wenn art that the young, inea eat
&nen is a 4terk corner and waited thew
quirk= et an dm for the toiler to biota'
the too Mad pocket. Job one.—enrcrea
Ibmmer ITiloaleirlltltientWasfkis
Warrior—Toont beau toad as %mesh.
snit depitment; a n y Om. _wed sampled le
that *pose need ay*. . .
mortar calkd at the time that the ad.
vertimemeat appointed, tit not tor the pur
pose at posing as "a Arm" ! - •
"We Ms women tor disk twoos," mid the
abophsepw.. "My boluses is air foam
Look about you Nod you 1.111 axe - ot, keit
hely Willa@ of all um% alive and doves
=mid at maid in the frantic edam,
to demi ray attention, yr that I may engage
their... Mess. This woolen we rise fox
ninny thin., to Az drum On and pin okab
to, and to piaa bats over, and, In fact, tor
arogildng except to, talk to or to neon
with. Obi they all Ind it niressiry to bring
their felt towns to vs, bat after the day's
bail:was hi over -we : are net interested fa
whit OM 410 with this. Whether Awls,
thin asietallybyin theirbursens, atipiesf,
the wind oat althea or read them. ts. now
it oar bathises- - ; - -
- "The Women coins from at parka - the
city,. and us soon - as they mama tbensielves
to us Ira send them rip stairs' to our tors
=am: She rases on their sagas*. U
the g , are up to the required standard ens en.
gage es!' and • pay them 118 per week.
Theyaresupposed to remain here from 9
de oek in the maxim until 6 *tam' kin the
tmsdng, and besides being used as figures'
they sometimes carry bucalles.
"They are mach more handy than the
ordinary dummy, became we an simply di.
rest them what to do, and ere are in
mcgt instances obeyed. It is true we cannot
kick them into one corner when they are in
the way, as be an ivith the wire figure, but,
you know. there are drawbacks to every, ad.
vantage. The great majority (*women who
answer our advertimmentik ate about 40 years
of sp. They hive, no dente, at am time
been pretty, but now there is a and corn.
mentary upon the double shale of time in
their appearance.
"In the busy session, as it is at. present,'
said the storekeeper, with that insinuating
tone that a barber uses whin .he ingests
shanipoohg, "the poor, dear girls have a
great deal to do. When a holy wants to buy
a dreg, one Of the figures is, Called up and
she puts the dress on to &hair haw it loots.
She walks* and down the shop bar sev
eral times and impresses the buyer with the
beauties of the dress, Which I I srftl con&
dentially say is due in a great measure to the
beauty of the figure. Then the dress is
sometimes purchased. Very often, him
ever, the lady is not satisfied with , the ,find
drees,! and the operation is continued hide&
nitebri In case the purchaser desires to brtj
• cam . the *pre has to robe herself in
all the furs of the season ih order to phase
the customer. The figure dresses and un.
Indies perhaps 100 times in the course of
the , ,
" Vilhen the girls are very attractive, they
are very good advartimommts for the stores
la which they are employed. Their beauty
Amu coders. =X. P. Mail.
A bird's.eys view of a huge city way is
thimaining would often pore s revel tiliL
What activity and Ammar are said while
:the teepee of .ths generally, is yet
but half awakened. -- The east,' nsorrdog
hours are powisely the busiest ind tile most
culling in 'rabbi field* Of labor, and note
bly in platints: 1n socelled market towns,
or produne_centres in rand diStricht, the es
citament of the weekly market day sculmin
ates &Vernon, but in the densely populated
cities, where it teeming Crowd imam forth
for every element, in every hour of the day,
'the concentrated inter* of a large market
lies in the earliest morning hours.- Then it
is that 'wagons groaning under baskets in
numerable obstruct the streets; then it la
that strange countrified humans jostle each
3ther upon 'the curbstones, and stalwart
butchers, laboring under wonting hundred
weights of beef, stagger to their stands;
then it is that the braped-up baskets of fruit,
and the iweetamelling cart loans of fkorers'
went the air, and that out of amfusicm,
parentlyinestricedde, order arises, ,tbat out
of chaos the eternal cry for food is met and
answered! later on, when hundreds of
pedestrians replace the units with their wa
gons, it is litre a =Men calm, for although
the market teems with humanity, it is ha
manity relieved !tom the incubus of heavy
loads ; it is humanity minus the wagons and
the baskets, the 'straw packing and the cord
age. There is no scene in the world cam-'
pamble to that glimpse of a busy market in
the dawn, whether it is witnessed when -the
Opting sunbeams give promise of a day of
loveliness, Or when the heavy clouds clia.
charge the lard ensuing shower before
the daybreak clears the harken. In every
great city the same scenes atm be witnessod,
mining only in tho number and the variety
cd the human beings whose energies have
brought their wares hundreds, perhaps thou
sands, of miles to the great amporiur . ns, but
there in different lends the lilceneas ceases.
Here aa in the great. British =glop& the
market hours szersoon over, and excepting
upon recognized days the purchases after 10.
o'clock are comparatively few, while in Pads
and other Continental towns; where thrifty
housekeepers expect to do their' reasketing .
in person ? the busy ream are perpetuated
turta noon.
" .T. rrappose I bays opened enough eye;
"said an eminent azitst in that line to) a.
vlio bid just made a hearty dinner
on seven smidi Shrevaburys, "
.to pare the
Battened with shells from ("antral Park to
Yankeek" And no doubt he bad, if e lO
years in the service—most of the time be.
hind an oyster counter, with a tremendous
rash of business-4M produce such a stn.
pendorui remelt "I used to open Saddle
Rocks,' he went on, " when there really
were Saddle Roche u big as your int, fresh
cdf the old Saddle Back. People need tc
like big eying in thaw days. 1 11 showed a
:reeved taste, but it is so. They hadn't
1 : aY yet that Ude Oysters are sweeter
rag bout
tains en way bolter. It was the style to
and ai ," biggest oysters roe could Sad, „and
&waif ' wanted thin. Well, it made leer
;'"gi for us. Why? Bemuse a big 'Ortai
1. more trouble to open than a lit* one,
nem can't eat half as many. 'When
to epee Sian half a dozen Seddk
We opeu him a dosessiond e, ion
Pint : , s nowalays. Big oysters- bare
tier PloPer Plea buocktf; and bag
starthere• They belong in tiles
• and ' monks", else: 1 They. bare
' besdnew to be oaten Tait thin big
Zia lave. ' Nobody thinks - of eating
°Abe Isiltdießnerandayebut inzttrY
me. When a reel bay-maker comes to
town ha goes,: for hie oysters_ before be ,
stoles Irian a chip theatre. And'ha wants
limn juit as big as be an get them. So we
,'always keep soma /me ones on band,
though there Is not is* &nand for them.
Sweet ?,., It's *Si
_eating' a piano of rdli.'
.oot hi &e'er. cue of the , blunt Grim
Theifir just the Miens* Mr, between a
WO sad a sold oyier tint this helm.
Aims eirdash and a, init. The only
midi of , the ass is -that -be valets :8D
powls; the other, think ': . low_l •Ar sired,
boadir,,delloba: - , • :,-. z
sad the
_ LILL/ j
. 150itei ..--i
vurrass oriusti) %roux.
Apt; take off yet* cost einly lu tbs fight,
ey moo. !Met be afraid of hard work. B
isn't hurt you. Ten o'clock isn't too lite to
knock off, and .5 'o'clock, ilciurn't Come so
very early in the morning. to a young man.
It doesn't comae* early as three, but two
hours, and yet how often do you go to bed
Id 3 ? No? rio glad to bar you say it,
because While 3 o'clock is a very early; hour
at which to rise, it is Paradozioally a very
"hie*. at which to go to bed. In order to
be rip with the kit in the Sunning, Telems.
chalk it Isn't at all nomeamy to sit up with
him all night. But if you ire at work, the
midnight oil won't hurt yon. It will do you
good, bemuse the bard workers -ant , king
ems. You'il naive work *melt to death,
my. boy. Nov thee's your *ter; sho
more'liable to .overwork herself thin any .
nun you eyes knew. ,I belArre the caw
.lork.mottotonoti scat* of old Burks%
duties' and domestki awes,. or .
*mg Nausicaa's mini over the fan*
landry would "Silo tddistman is Amer.
Italie Owe& _lt is fru thaiircenin'swork
goes on forever, but then, Ws your soul,
fair Hermisne, that worry you.
Yon don't go on forever to do it all. • And
you don't have all of it to do, even where
you live. Mania - met goes on farrow, too;
and I'm ghat of it. But rm= not going to
day here to do ; it all, and reboil% do any
more of my own while Ido stay, than lam
°bilged, to. Don't fret because -woman's
work goal on forever.. ,You will have shirts
to make and socks to darn for Neoptolemns
not more than fifty or sixty years anyhow.
And as for you, Telanulurs, it isn't bard
work that destroy, young men; it's the in.
tervals that kill. I . It's the relmation that
Data Some tim4„ you may 'wake in the
morning with the worst bead upon you that
ever made you sigh fOr death. And you
weren't sitting up to work until 2a. ra.,
either. Ton will know there isn't a line of
rustl or a unit ,of mathematics, - or one
stroke of hoteit•hard work in that headache
that is going to throw one more wasted day
into your bright young life. If you had.
burned the: midnight oil over the work.
beach, at the forge or at the desk ,or at the
lathe, it would never have manufactured
such a headache is that. -It might, and it
would send you to bed tired as a ahadcnr of
death but you would open your eyes nest
mowing on an of hope and
=shine and manly ambition; without a
bludi at shame. in all its radiance, :You'll
;never work yourself to death, toy boy. The
harder you work, the less mischief and
trouble you will get into.—Burdeffe.
A correspondent of the Washington Star
gives the following extraordinary description'
of what he calls a New York society swell:
The young man (he' is about thirty) did not
walk easay., He had on a pair of dead black
shoes, with) untanned -leather tops. They
were decorated by fancy stripes along the
aide of the foot and over the toe, and were
BO absurdly narrow .that they looked like de
formed feet, and rendered the movements of
,the ycrung man far from graceful, though he
`druggledtiard to preserve appearanCee. His
legs were covered by a pair of bowers that
MRS simply amazing, so tight were they cat.
- It would almost be hnixessible 'to sit down
Without sPlitthrg theta - across the knee, as
Air as can be judged from appearances.
They were as tight - air eel-skin ell the way
down, fitting' round the ankle as snugly as a
stocking. This rernaiicab ,
le expose of a
man's development is not• advisable when
bile legs are not up to the standard. The
freers= in question were a very light green
with dark stripes. Above them was a vest
that siretched from thilchin to a line just
even with the hip bones; and was cat straight
acmes. The vest was of
_light material and
looked odd, it was so extremley short. The
cutaway coat was biettle green, and fitted
a jersey: It was, indeed, a trial of the
tailor's art in one sense, but it is far too
tight to be becoming. The sleeves were
nearly as tight as the bowers, and the coat
tails were very keg, hanging as far down
behind as the knee. He wore a collar that
lapped over in front, and was certainly
higher than any other collar I ever saw in
America. It forced his chin up in the air,
and caused the sunlight to scintillate on his
single glass. Around the neck was a green
scarf with a hound's bead in diamonds for a
pin. Above it all was one of the huge Eng
lish Derby hats with a great' curling brim
and heavy crown. He wore yellow gloves,
and carded a stick with a twisted handle by
its lower end, so that the handle dropped
nearly to his feet. 'The vacant stare con.
plated the effect, and he limped along while
the others envied him I This is no ideal .
sketch, but .a faithful picture of a leading so.
arty man in New York in the year of our
Lord 1882. -
. A good many harmless, but none the less
undeserved squills are fired by the newsps.
impress at the passenger train brakeman;
The average brakeman is defective in deco.
tirmari training, and does not understand
the oratorical charm' of a musical voice and a
distinct &amid articulation in announcing
such names as " tililckshisuly," " Patagum.
Pik" "mow Hauck" " Smelfaugml,"
" Eat Elver," "Sliocknuinebtaile " and hike
specimens of railway station nomenclature.
The defect is in his education, and is more a
misfortune than a fault. Let -the fanny
itemizer ty.his vocal capacity at repeating
day in and day out with' monotonous itera
tion the same set of names, and he will in a
abort time have. what newsboys and street
hucksters /ave, a , partial paralysis of the
tongue that would make his syllables run
together automatically in spite of himself.
This, we imagine, is the cause of much of
the s Solurrency complained of in the: an
notiaossmant of abalone -by brakemen on
paarienger trains. It cannot be denied', how
ever tied many brakemen are inexcusably
maim in this matter . from pure _built's?.
once and laziness: We are r e minded of one
of this kind who has served for several yaw
on a local train in New Jersey, who sings
out ,NA a wearied drawl : " Staash Mark.
white ? NOE," which, being interpreted,
means : "Next station, Market street, New
APPALLING Pommy zx Losocrs.--ies
poverty Of Landon is indeed truly appall
ing; writes a cotrespondenrof the at. Louis
Globejiesocrat, and it is dealt with as tad
it club a machinery of holm= complex. -
iv and curnbenomenow, which manages to
get through its day's work some time or
*ker. In London, theoretically, no one
need starve or went a bed. ?tactically some
one does darn, st boat tin the average once
a week an the, year round, whsle in the
chilly months of Winter rely a night
losses but some poor Wretch is, diamond
at doled streak of demi' frozen on a door.
dep. The' Will system . of relief au
telkast,if yon only have "a, knee' from
the relieving - °Mow; Any one an get d's
letter by main' g for it, so that, as I said bs.
fore, the system Perhet Paper-
puede% Winnow, the - :dieting ollkor„
from whom the letter of moommenddkir
utast botobtained, lives away tram Um
Pox licome, idters the leiMs must tm pre.
tfj:l-, -.-4:7,4),A
,4, IW';7-. it,4411-
~ts-'4,4 74.
~:;:' ,`:' ,,r -'••;'"rlw=?'"ll'-
:, . , --,•-_'. ;• I'' ''‘'.:,*s4
"" -..
-;r4';'..i., ;4- '4*-3tit..-%'2
~' C-.: - , t;:.;
- '
.1.150 a Tare;
'171418 - 01 , ,MMItEllIr
Vacs* Odle& Omni -
111101 ra• • . -
The Etch -11 Plumni ,1 4 111 0 1 441111
eery lad, all over Kanlockyoil in some
mlitlei are complained of ai a nninmee.
-,Tba average Wary of HaptioTh_sokeiokos'
In this mangei is aid, by:. writ is the
MOW /gantlet, co be *boot .1101) soor.
—An Indian' knit, .to MO caw So
the wedding ea ti aa eras sigma a ran at s
awe ands belt by Ws Maze arfiszhatir
member of the Social Of *Waft
lowa, admitted M:k. cameo Sok
compel amp adult naLlent 4 ge, to dam&
owe eray Sunday
DO the subj 'sets of the of
horny keep Sunday r was mind et ads—
" Yee,. he rep ti "sail orai7.
Wag eke they eau lay thew beads ea,"
1--BEI Nye., &damn , "One matey,
nue flag and onewite." file brims .-
never pined b make thosSarriage teasel at
bie family Bible look ble t betel ugh*. •
—"Row choosy 'so are rte7id tbe atia.
tress of the house, at the tab* as the sailer ;
spilt the slaw over a:_ipatefita doh - dom. '
" There won't Ask same enough lilt to ge'
round now."
—" Doctor,' said the. pmt, netting
him on the street; " I want you to tell me
what is the mutter with 'net.' When I wake
up in the - morning I feel dna—stupid as an
" Humph ! And how did you feel
when .you went to bed the night before!'
--` 4 ph, re," said the tramp as is tear
glistened hie a guns.drap upon his sun.
Stained face, " 1 served daring this entire
war." •After stowing away the, camfbrtabla
breakfast that vas given bin he finfithed the
sentence—" I was a waiter in a Canadian
in stake • Peder4sn, mho' has
dropped a perm, in front or Ise poor" blind
man"—" Why, you Numb g, perm not
Beggar—" Not I, sir the eard
3sys I am, they mast have given me the
wrong one. rin diaf and damb."—Bados
The old slave market Zensiss
where formerly 80,000 slaves was Sold as.
nnally, has been transformed into madam
preidess, with a chisel, mission home and
school, under the charge of the Universities'
mission to Africa, started in 1839 at'the wog.
gelation of Dr. Livingstone.
—.Plantation Philosophy: A chandlers
deserves whipike de most when , its father
is oaten . humor. Dar's. a ole sejing what
says neber hit a boy when yer. are mad. 1
wouldn't give a cent ter hit him any udder
time, case I ain't gwine to fight nobody
when Pie ir. a good humOr.—Arkerrearc
—A. bill was passed by the 11
matt three years ago authoeiiieg anybody
to open an institution of retreat for drank.
ards. 'Mends ofttetoperance believed that
great geed Would' be accomplished, but Lai
government inspectors report that only two
retreats have been started, and tha inmates
are restokted.
—A prevision, broker Of Otimgo, in con,
versaf4on with a New Yorker, • speaking of
the eteileete l -teizi heldoem, rind i " Why, it
is a tiindtive fact 'that therei axe Imo- than
200,600 dressed hogs in.:Pik:mg° to-day."
Sus friend replied in aoonishment,- " Why,
I thought your popes something over
halts million." - _ • -
— "Are you the Judge of reprobates?
laid Mrs. Partington, as she walked into u .
office of s Judge of Probate. " am a
Judge of Probate," lass the rye "Well,
that's it, I expect," qnoth the_ old hay.
You see my father' died detested and he
!eft several little Odds, and Imant to be'
:heir exeentkmer.T—Boston Pat
—fifteen lives . are last on tae Beitis b .
mast each week on an avenge, and thus in
wenty.eix years about twenty thoesend per
ems have perished. Theselosses have gep.
=By been regarded as inevitable, but' 4
society has been formed for Ip:wiling
places of refuge on the coast for fishermen
and other- marines. Convict labials tot
used in the construction of these hiebors._
—There is se rious defect in tie stain(
of General Jackson in Lafayette square,
Washington—la least in the estimation of as
ionest Hibernian who stood the other day.
watching it long and closely. "My fdend,"
remarked a passer-by, "yon seem to admire
the 'statue. Do you see any defect' n it'?'
" err," Vall the "14 ; it's all defect.
The op man should be sitting in his chair in
he White House over there, and riot in the
saddle on that brown horse r •
—"Father, said the young man, as he
leaned on his hoe, " they Bay the %knee of
trade's" agin us." "They do, eh r "And
that Our bank feriae are rapidly . aminish
ing." "Du tell!" "And that nzoad ex
tension has Dome to halt." " Well, I
swan" And that the volume . oir semi
ties is suhstantudly without a isorket."
"Grog snaked I Wsll,-I neva I Am do
they say anything about a feller stopping to
lean on his hoe to talk when be might as
well talk and•• hoe, too 2" Bea nsume..l
—A curious scene Wu viinewsi b Pike
ninety, Gs., a few days ago. 1, negro
wonwir( was on trial on the charge of at
tempting to steal a chicken. -During the
trial a street light occurred near the court
zoom'and where,* witnesses could see the
combat. They (02e and all left the court
room, followed by attorneys, prtneoubsr and
defendant, leaving Judge Prost alone In his
majesty. After roooftring from the shook;
of being left - so udder:di aerie, it isuid
that the Judge, in all solemnity, said, "The
Mart will now take a reoess." The ewe
was not*/ed again till the next evening. '
a Hz probably the most Mehl.
Wag- itlin to be found in New .N 114"
writes a earrespondent of the Berthed
Time. "He has lateky tekis a new Noe of
activity. Hobnob* as be is bibs* at,
the cii; lamsukitizian bassi grid' ID i s g kr
the theatre. He goes there vary Mee, sod
though , be newer smiles, ale Mete soma
that he finds some arjoyment is ft. Sid
now Mr. Bergh is paying special attendee
to the matter of safety fa the thestam He
has constituted . himself a genial Inspector
of aisles, exits, is., and when be defocus
anything in the anangemant of theme 'alit
does not meet his mat* be writes as as.
tocratie letter to till) Department of 'Bleb\
lugs about it and insists that the mast
@boil be attended to.. There is no doubt at ;
&lithet some of the New To& amine me
mere tinder bass and death tap; and
If,. Derek same& in redming thediQter
is thew he will do an ameba mak He
seems to have taken - bold 'at - thoses be
mmat it, and he seys it is Met his baijit to
op until what he bee set ost totdo
doom The Department of cbmbe
ups hien es as cecina intedopek bid hs
doesn't mind that. He is pretty well mad .
to as& th ings; and they dwelt" Mug _
id. The theatre amp= don'tliis Wave
Idnisoileg mound en their peenime, bine
4011111% riled that 'Mar. - Re assess Webb
WA be lie toned a rent mimics lid
meson to bellow it up.*
. .
NO. - 22'1
^""--. ,_,
^ • ••-•"".•:i..1.,_
~ arc