Bradford Republican. (Towanda, Pa.) 1875-1892, October 19, 1882, Image 1

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TRACY, Publishers.
lord Republica,
Veliii.hed Every Thursday,
Vi"roWANDA, PA., lIT
$1.50 Peri .4 art. in Advance
idreriishig .Eatea—Slx cents- line fur first
iertwn, au 1 Etvercents per line for all
ant inherti3ns. 4 '. Reading notice adverth•ing
cents pet line. Eight lines constitute a
in.', twclve lines an inch. Anditori
tices f2.SI. Administrator's and Executor's
:Tres Yearly advertising $lOO.OO per
re ltr.i.usuctir is published in the Incr.
re - and Nobles Block,- at the corner of &Ulu
l'ine streets; over' J. 7. Dotter'. Hoot sad'
ye store. Its circulation , is. oretalioo.., „ks
er using tr.eglium it Is uniratiolkd itt. Its Mt;
bate 501. , .
Trranda Butinesa Direchry.
::VEL Ni).t 31c0OV RN, (B.' J. Clevelaß4
w as . m t e:or•rig), Canton,. Bradford County
All bus:neee uotruated to their care in
item liredlord will receive prompt attention,
ITII HILLIS, Attorneys4t-Law; Om o
ovrr Poweil* Co.
.IFF, J. N., Otlice in Wood'i Block, south
'int National Batik up stairs, June 12;0
:M EE s SoN C Etsbrat and . L intbree.)
Morcur Block. Park St. mayl4.7S
x (Beni .11 Peck and D d Oorr
ton I. Office over 11111's Market,
EliToN SA.:I DEMON (H Overton IntlAn
F Sand , rscu t , Office In Adams Illock.julyTte
AxwE.A. Moe ovet ! 'Dayton'a Store
T. 1. k DtiEW, Office in Mean'a Block
ape 14,76
eAl(NijolON & H.I.L. (W T Darks.
II Carr N Han.) -OU° in rear
,rdnuance on Poptu St. t3e12.75
act: DSS'f' A. Solicitor of Patents.
Pa tr. mar attention paid to business in
tine oiurt and to the sottlement of estates.
'e in MJntanye's Block 49.79
PHERSON At YOUNG, (1. mamerson gad
W. I. Young.) Office south side of Marcus's
tett 1,74 '
w funs , E J Angie and Jg D • BuPsigton).
, west side of Main street, two doors north
;gus office. AU tininess entrusted to their
will receive prompt attention. oat 26,17
IwysT and Covnselloreat•Lew. Mace In the
tour Mock, over C. T. Kirby's Drug Store.
.july 3, 'AO tf.
Attoene).at•Law. °Mee In
Montanye's Block, Main Street.
[()Ml'si ,N,' W. ll.' and E. A.. Attorneys-at
Towanda, Pa. Office in Mercur Block.
. T. Kirby's Drug Store. entrance on Main
, !int stairway north of Post•office. AM
Ards promptly attended to.. Special attsn
glv.n to claims against the United State,
l't•usiol, Bounties, Patents. etc 'and to
ketions aml settlement of deceilent's estates.
'RY. B. - M'IIEANy
of Patents. Government claims * at.
,j„I t',. ilGrebirt
fiNS.IN. T. D.. ?CU.loe over Dr. H. C
Portere's Drug Store. feb 12,78
W*l -7 5r0. D. N. kF. G. Office at Dwelling
on Iti,rer Street, corner Weston Ht. feb 12.77
if. K.. M.D. Office lit door above old
J La:11 building, on Main street. Special at
an 'II given to disoases of the throat and
. jnlylS.7B
... , 11131.11N. S. Jd., M.D. Office and reel
tr.,:ice. Main •treel, north of 3l.E.Church.
'cal Examiner for Pension D esrtment.
.- tab 22.78
;NE. E. D.. sr:i. OMee over T lSOntanytes
storo. Office hours, tram 10 to 1/ A. and
to 4 P. M. Special attention Mien to
Bossed of the Eye, and Diseases of the Ear.
. oct 20.77
NER, H. L., M.D..
ilemocorATufc PHYSICIAN & 817ROZON.
iidvnee And office Just north of Dr. Carbon's
do street. Athens. Ps. i
Nitr HOUSE MAW at.. next corder south
of Bridge itreet. Now home .and new
:Liter° throughout. The proprietor has
ir,4l ueither . pains or expense in making his
Bret-class and respectfully solicits a share
`4 ll 2lic Patronage. Mesh; at all hours. Terms
**MN,. .46.11•41 l.
b 77 • wm.itErray.
TFINS POST. 14'0. 68, G. A. B. Meets
every Saturday evening. at Military Hall.
GEO. V. MYEII, C . biamaader.
RITIRIDGE.WaIIa. teb 7.79
itISTAL LODGE. NO. 67. Meets at K. of R
Ilan.; every .Monday evening at 7:30. In.
'mace $2,0(.0. Babelita,.s3.oo per week. Aver ,
annual cost, 5 years experience. $ll.. •
JESSE MYERS. Reporter.
PIERCE, Dictator. . feb 22.78
xi)FoRD LODGE. N 0.167, I. 0. 0. F. Meet
In Udd Fellow's Ball, every Monday' evening
q'clock.• • • WArame Buz, Noble Grand.
lane 12,75
F. E. No. 32 Satond street All orders
will receive prompEatteritlon. June 11.15
Tan oI'ALNG TERM will begin Monday,
, ra 3, 1m%2. For catalogue or other tnfor.
nun. addrese or call on the Principal.
Towanda, Pa.
ILLIANIS, EDWARD. Practical Plumber
and Gas Fitter. 'Place of basineas in Igsr.
Block next door to Journal, -Ofnos wern774 l
Aic Square. Plutubingi , (110. Fitting. lisp
Pumps of all kinds , and all kinds of Qmifinil
tothPtly attended to. AM wanting troth in his
isms oslti give him • call.. • ' - July 27.77'
0,9, General Insuraiee Agi.anr.
' Towar , da;ps. °Mee in 'WhiteOmbl Book
July 12,76
! •
And had One of HIS
Ir - ,,, , re,,fif.n..- - i= 4 * - . ' , ,t , - f '?',.? 1 t7 . 34 V ' '''' ,' ' k .' O P i " .,-• .!-- ~ -; .1 4 , - .., r4A.:4 , . 4
,„„,,,, ~--7--.+.-R.--,,,.c-wc,-4;tv,C,.. -.70,,,.War-474
„, , w.i.1.v.m..4 - 4 -, -,,- ', , - . p, ;- • -...„ 4- ,- , t- 's,, -,, ,-)~ ~, .t...•-•,;-
~,,,..,....-},r.r.,;ilJ,j,'Rej!'„lZW.,,,,is: .. 4 , • "... , ti7A-....,,,,,,,„-_te, V 1
-40,13 K. -•,-,,,,,6,,%,..t,,,,,,, .7,1 W.. -' ...rt., 4. - t• tr m c, ~...,q,..,„k i, , . ~34,N. ~.e , t , .. .•- • ,..-.;„..,,,,,,......
. -. ~ , -,,,45"-'."`-- ''',';'--'4.';7'riliF::3'V`,'-'421:4;i:15,'.:?4•WP--73-"Zi't ' • : '...' 1 4 1,',.:,-Z'• "A - _ - _.;;;A - _ ,, ,.` , Si:t-t; i;V- 4 V ;:..M .e<kt . " - tFr,TeW, '.1V 1 f44:4-..;:gr:',17,.,....'":' ' ':-V•n4lM fiPP -V t'AlV..;.' ' ',. , V 11 170 ... -*F 1 .114 •'*; Id 4 4' 4., ..." 1 t ''., ''. ':':; g''''' .'''. . i' . e..; - 5 , ,tb.
,; 7 : '="-- ''' •,- , ' - ;W: - ':' :44 ''' ' ' : :'- , ' ' t '' l? ' . ''.=''':'*',,."^: 4 V 7 o,4t?tVf....l. '.T" , ; '- ;' - Z 4 M . i . 47 ''''.iL.7'''ll:^il-1" '';''i".-,4.*:1/47,'',,.ti'''r.:",:1',..';',..'-:.,2..:';':V1,1;47,,0".. 'AO : t t e; t ? '-':W ACTI , IFIr:S4--- ',;r! :P . L .--. .; •' : ',..X V
' :'.
''' ''.....-:- .:r.;'-R"-::'1.:;• -.;C:...1C.F-;:::•5::.-0-'2.--e.:::•'?"2:-.4:7'..-:'...:,...", ....j-l'i,.;k:=7.,*;:,lf'!:j.-::.5,1.4':a;fe-fA-.-:=-,Vii47,-;4-,""4''.:1",;',':::::,::::'-`.:',:f:ti:j'''-'"It:i.:,-:i-?:**--'7.•''''''L,',-;:::.,,AN=!•NI',V,,,'14"e.,t: r , , , 4i ., . :3.4 , .., ": 3. . - rr.. , ` , 5;' , 1: 1 ?
. _ : ...3,:., ..' •.•': 2 - ~,.- • ,-; 2, ,, ,, ,2-....,...': 2 , 2 • 2 .2. , 2 ' - .22-. 2 5 2 - ~--,' 2 ,2 21, '''" ,* 22 ...` - , ,, , - ;;7,•;;,.). -. ~,. - ~..- ..' .--„.'-',,.-' 1";:-,,-,;-;::tr',-`,•',-7,,,:7;‘,.'-i-,,,,...,,`,.S.
:,,--..-,•41y,0ri.-zi,.4:.'rois„a..- f , '''' , : , . o ;:', - " , ;; - -.,,,...< ;.: . -7', ~,,...•,--217$•:`-V,Wi,r.:=,-';':
„ - • -._LL. :.-. -2, : -;.."., 7.'' • .;-•-•:.• 'i
.r , ' ~,--:'; ...- :;- ...: --:-. 't; ' fr, : , -fLk:: -- :' . :i - :;.,; - ' -,,--'''•,-.*:;.-_,,,,;:-,:ii .-.--.-.-,....,:,4,.',...-1,-=;-•-•',37',.-''*...,:.:7.:',...".t,!1....,:,!,;;,,,,•2.,VW'r-;','...:.'- 11.5.!4,','' '' ' ,Z, '''' , '=4: 4, r l ' ' -. Z;'''-' - ' ' '.?"-:''',:fi>'-`",----i'.
' • - - -', ' . -'" : -;-' '- , • ''' .',“ :''''. :' '.;:' -:'''''--",..'' .. ,.. s . - r,- ,3 ' , ' : - - ' --.-%
'- --:-..,`.',"-,., :.;,:,- ' ~i ., .-.--• :, . , ,„- _, 1 ,- ; - * !!, . '-- - , ! . :;;e; ---,, :- '- , 1 7 ::-.1 - -...':,,, `-.:,' t ...%.:-.,,..:-.:,,, -,i,-'; '1:,5,..1.11,t, *" - - ,- -,:q.;, , , 14,1*-c" , ,,,.-•.:,1,....-
- ,... , ?..„- - 4 , ,, • Ki._,t4 ;•:;„, -..,?-- 4,;.• ; ~,:,
.e. , ..,,,,...7''74,t.: -.772:-1",,
-.;;,.; . .4, ;.- 1`..1,-1,,, ''', 'l, , ..,, .
. 7'
... 2'n.. 2'2.22,72.2612V2.21,2_•-..
. 2
. . ,
.., ._ •” - 2
.. , . •
__ .. • :
~ ...,,, ~ . , . , ,
-. _ • ,
_. ..,. ~...... ~. : , ,.i '1 1 ',:,.-,.,,
..• _ • .n,.,!%; --
~-,,.:-,,!;:.. , i,....t,•...r, 7. 1 ".- -- ' -- i?.. , . 'f,;t: ".. , ,r-.H.: ,,, • --
-.-..: ~, r., .„.„,- „ .., .. . ,
"' --e- 5 , : : ,-..-
. ..',-: , '-:- '.',',',: ';',-.,,,'.
~•'',,i,';:, . -,' *.:',--'.''
...4., . „..,," ..„....•:,,,,,,,, •„ ::.,.„7,„ ~....,..:, Is,
~ .^ -
~...,--• ;1
.-,;.' itik,,, , 1F0....40_ . 7" .5 .
, ,
~,,,..: Ailt e ~,,N . .. i . i. _
.42! -A..'
_ .., i • ~ .
-•-, ~ . o. ,-- - -,•-,-- • • __, -
..,:-.-,-. ....,-.. -..-- ---- , .-2-,-, ...,-. :;,'r;.',.‘,. . -i- - -'',., --. '', - - ,-5.,-:•,,T ',. --:, ; ',; .."',... *% o wli k i ,.- • - .: Ar -5714P. 4 : ' - 4., - , , 4 - 11,-=t-'
- '''
: . ' .- ' '''''''''''. - -''''' '''' ; -• .''''''' '''''''''''' '' ' '''''... '''' ''''''' - '''''' --- '' - ''''''''''';' - : - ..- 7 - i'''..''''' ;'-'" ''''' --: ~., -,--'-,'-- - :,- - -' , ,,, - -&.: , -,.t , ..i'-',?.•,.:7:*:::',;:ttrf.,•: , :,,'
...._. _ ...,
. -
-. . .., ..
~,,..,,,-,- --• - , - , 0- .._.,.--;.
- .. -' ' ''''. ".- - . ;'::---; ''.
.-"-- -'-' • - . ....,---.:'. -r-"' . r'' -'-'y -_- : 7 ":"::.2: - ,:'---;',-- ' .-..,-: '-- '''' - - - 41,40 "Emu= OP, TIM ' '.' s Pia' '-:-. • - 1 - . r' -.---- - --.-.-
- ,
- -7.--
, .
, . .: , , is iroivr , ... .
~, It l ii).
- '
Miscellaneoui Advertisement .
sr/ nun NEW STORE 1
Ed. Mouillesseaux,
Jewelry Store
With Swattoi dt4;orden's.Store,
Main Street,..Towanda, Pa.,
Whore linage' TULL 489011T111M
Id-k.Sihief-Watc' -hes
W Hie Nock Is all NEW and of the :FINEST
QUALITY. MU and see for Yourself.
-0 -
• • 1
We lapin band oonatanUy for builders.
Uhfr, HAIR, BRICK, LATH, ' ,
- •
Felk)ws Spokes, Hobbs 'hulls, Poles
. Carnage , Trimmings.
Also.s MI line of Shelf ilia Heavy thirdwart. and
a full Mu of
'earriagcs , Piatform and Lumbei Vignrug,
. -
Yids by us with sidilecl mammal, anti warrantid
in ovary particular.
Hardware' Dealers.
Troy. April 27-1 y
Alfred J. Purvis,
All work in his line done well and promptly it
lowest price.
Parties having volumes Incomplete irM be fur
nished witbuny Missing numbers at cost price.
All orders given to J. J. Scanlan. Agent for
Bradford County will be promptly executed so.
cording to'ilireetions. • sep94l,
, - _
GEO. L. KOSS r . ,
Now occupies the Corner Store, opposite Dr. 7:
C. Porter's Drug Store, Main fiteeet,
, • with a large stock of _ '
, .
14 7
J. L. Schoonover is clerk.. The two stores are
connected by Telephone. Mr. Boss can now feel
satisfied that he an give the
FIRST Anonct. rule .T.F.ASTAiIiNRY
• 2
His experience enables him to select the best
goods, which he is bound to sell eta lOW PRICE.
You can always gets bargain it you
All goods delivered in the Borough FREE.
•FARMESS will do yenta call, with their Produce
and get the CASH. 20spri_ 12-Iy.
Is still to be found at the OLD STAND.
Next door to Pr. Et O. Porker Drug store
. H , -. '
- ..
- -
•- - .
- . VEST LOWER? rig011:8, : ; ..
. , .. .
Clock*, Watches and Joish7 promptly repaired
by as orporioacol tad compotost workstma..,
i ,--
164 t
~• •
_ - ,
• - --•-• L N.NELSON
_ c. . 74
t, •
•k. • ' JSIFIU.IIII'. 1` •
: • ,
air eraps.satlilpesissims. .ar Aselloal
ges u r w r ia =i , Ilka. la Deem
liala Meek
rilnle. , maim*
~•• . •
TROT, PA. ; 4.
No. 131 Genesee street,
MTN ♦ / * MILL Lots OF
Noir "Advert:tiamerits,
'That BRo w WS lioN Brrraas
will cure the worst case
of dyspelnua.
Will insure. a hearty appetite.
and increased. digestion. .
Cores generardebility, and
gives a new lease of life.
:Dispels nervous depression
and low - spirits. •
ingto s thirtofilliiith2Vh
and gives -aburidant sin=
temance for her child.
''Strengthens the muscles and
fulness,and lack ofenergy,
K"eepss off all chills, fevers,
and other malarial poison.
Will infuse ', with new life
the:-weakest invalid.: •
37Walker St., Baltimore, Dec: Mt.
For six years I have ban a great
sufferer from Blood Disease, and Dys. -
so pepsi deWitated that I could not retain
anything on my stomach, in fact,
life had almost become a burden.
Finally, when hope hadahnost left
me, m husband seeing liaown's
lame advertised in the
paper, induced me to eve it a trial.
1 am. nor inking the third bottle
and have not felt so well in six 1
-yews as I do at the present time:
° "Dn. L F. Gianni:
will have a: better tonic
• Xcet uptsn any one who
- ,` bracing up," than
any i;1:2 made.
Nothing Short of trnmistakdble
" Benefits •
Conferred upon tens of ‘thousands of
sufferers 'could originate and maintain
the, reputation which Avsn'L BARBA
mum.: enjoy!. It is a compound of
the beat vegetable alteratives, with the
lodides of Potassium and Iron,—all
powerfld, blood - nuking, blood•clelpsing
and - life-sustaining—and is the most
effectual of all remedies for Beret.
lons, mercuriali or bleed disorders.
Unifbrinly suciessfid and certain, it
produces rapid and complete cures of
Scroftda, Sores. Bolls, Humo
ples, Eruptions, Skin Diseases and all
disorders arising from impurity of the
blood. 'By its invigorating effects it
always relieves and often cures Liver
Complaints, Female Weaknesses and
Irregularities, and Is a potent renewer
of wading vitality. For pur*lng the
- blood it has no equal. It tones up the
System, restores and prese.rv i es the
health, and hnparts vigor and Opera.
For forty years it has been in extensive
use, and is today the most available
medicine for the suffering sick.
`For sale by all druggists.
The Bad And Worth/e.its
are never imitated or counterfeited. This
ikespeciaAly trim of a family medicine, and
it is positive proof that the remedy imitated
is of the highest value: As soon as it had
been teeted and proved the whole world
that Hop Bitters was the purest, best and.
most valuable family medicine on earth,
many imitations sprting up and began to
steal the notices, in which the press and Pe;o-'
pie of the country had expressed the merits
of H. B. and in every way trying to in
duce suffering invalids to use their stuff in
stead, expecting 'to make money on the
Ciedit . Many,
tith6 rs
toiitiand good name-
nostrums rmoft. H.
up ß in_similar
erste with mammary de viled names
in which the word "Hop" or "Hops" were
used Ina way to induce penple to believe
they were the same as Erop - Itittersi, All
such pretended remedies or cures, id mat
ter what their style . or name is, and, espe
cially those with the }word "Hop" - or
"Hope" in their name or an any way con
nected with them or thein nanze,' are imi
tations or counterfeits. Beware of them.
Touch none of them. Use mithine but
genaine Hop Bitters, with a bunch or clus
ter of green Hops on the , erhite, label.
Trust nothing else. Druggists and dealers
are warned against dealing in imitatifms or
, By Universal Accord, T,
AYER'S CATHARTIC Puss are the: best
of all purgatives for fluidly use. bey
are the product of long.laborionV and
sucCessfid chemical Investigation, and
their extensive use, by physicians in
their practice, and by an ,civilized na
tions,„ proves them' the best and most
effectual purgative Pill that medical
science can devise. /*hag purely veg.
%table no harm, eat artie,'from 'their
use, and being suipmcoated; they are
pleasantilo'take. •In intrinsic value
and curative powers no other Pills
can be einnpkred with them; and every
person, knowing their virtues. will
employ them, when needed. They
keep the , system in perfect order, and
maintain In health) , action the whole
machinery of Ilk. Mild, searching and
effectual. they are especially adapted
to the needs of the digestive apparatus.
derangements of. which they prevent
Snd cure,_ if timely taken. They are
the best and safest physic to employ
for children and weakened constitu
tions, where a mild but effectual
cathartic is requited.
for sale by all druggists. • I
114' e ®:
Fat GEN. DODGE'S brae ow body entitled "
Years Aniong
trier:and d tra d es lit
Ws law .at wee et esi*sebsedlog ice brPresiikie
MUMS saa entire riai allk arrsaws.Gok.
amil;Cies. Sieridba.Gia Gad Limanded gar
bent MIL GIL OW? add lest
iliac Z4PO nee elegem' ' Bump ohthiiska
seyes..•!X hitiookifimer ins Ski oskyadbai.
do Mem; of ear Wien ir/u,gebiliellrlrini&
lag Iledr , thume swig gabbp.'esplogr.ite. It Is
*Meg iR l ottbawotber..d dfr.
sone Ikeds.Thgvece.Cow4leim Mem Banktenalaps.;
eft, gortroglag Lift la th e Grid India It sow le.
431reioempic iegria wa INesk sad &mob
YiN 42 4 l3lll4ll kifiliSl fa" tielalbiectreAs
marist 'l'ift Acei r eelheslllag ell
idea all Jilkes- - A Utle,litel e
seliceegeg e ' igegle_4l efes; rah;
eleeleelloilio emit iiipieiet &IKON" lecieekeep
his rig piegeolegi emajlech Aloe Ilpidomarlegi
A.D.WOUSIUNITQX On, Etanoso•Consr-:-
I am tO keep you; little
Whale ebe goes to waltz alth Itte ditbteenttt
Well I aow that I ban you, the questtnn, ureet,
la whether to kteo you, or batter and beat:t t
That rterve been her aecoarObee, int. atom*
Pbb k, •
In Meta to tome:auto you eionotdeay 1
1 _ 4
Sow oft Ma Der ekle Pre been ordered too
To bunt for your rensulp, blirb had low,
did been, f o r not - Whig you, Mimi at and
Mine loath her own Melons tower Tom lila/
It you weren't Just warm hum her elasy I tear
YOu'd have Masted, your last at saftees, my
dear!' • ,
This. tee, isthe cord she cruelly twiste.
Ia trdr envious sight, round her milloindte
AM this the edge she'd do nothing bid bite, ;-
Wiwi I Pr4Yed tor one word in the soft istarlight,
.. flirt, wretched tan t trots her haat* her
In ati dalatT. supreme:7 agmi wtepoot, t.
. -
hone such wickedness amMtnaurvain
Jl Nl ll 449 ll , l Aralkf
'Ann looks. to-night, In WA whin) roils now.
Fair and pure as a lily in snow* .
I" _
But b et heart, under all, may be deep and true The ocean has frivolous troth on itablne
Tbst she likes me a IltUe I can't help be Hewing
It I WY were sure of that tact, all-rebieving I
• • • Bete she comes back at last, grown a rare -
In the waits
Fouling t take her tots kiskand 171 pardon your
fault! •ip. B. In thecentury.
' "Of _course they don't :want me," solid
Rosabel Raymond, sadly. "Nobody germs
to want me. Ho home seems to be open to
me anywhere.' When papa died, he told me
that Uncle Dallas would be kind to me, and"
take his vacant place Andle is kind, after
his odd, abrupt fashion. Bat my Aunt. Ali-
Cis don't care for me, and the girls look
ooldlY on my shabby dress and pale, worn
face. Evidently I dm not a cousin to be
proud of. It I .were an heiress, things
arena be very different!"
Poor little Raabe' ! The world looked
very dark to her as she sat on the window.,
sill of they third-story back room in the Vil
las mansion, which had been unanimonsly
voted " gobd enough for ItOsobel Ray
mond," andrWatched the dull rah and grays
of the winter sunset fading out behind the
crowding spires of the city. -
How desperately she longed fo the now.
' mantkd Self* the black, leaftesi- woods of
the country ! She was so homesick, AO soli.
tory, so alone!
"Oh, Rosabel, are you here ?"
It was her CouSin . idedora's soft, sweet
voice.. She disliked Mellon more than
either Augnsta or Bell, although she could
not tell why, and she was vexed that Modors
should see the traces of tears on her eye.
lashes.. Bat Medina pretended not to notice
them. _
" We were thinking, Mamma and I," said
liedora, -
~"that you , must be terribly dull
without anything to do, all these dismal
"It la rather lonesome," sighed Bombe],
wondering at her cousin's unusual thought
fulness. •
"And so? added SATs, with the sweet
smile that Rosabel always miStrturted,, "when
Miss Adnitagatold us. of . the plaeo in the
chirdpahrting and Rower.designing rooms—
;nu always were an artist, you know, dear—
s exclaimed, in that rally, impulsive way of
mine, ' The very idea for Rosabel l' , You
see, Miss Armitage's protege—Helen Mauve.
monde—has gone to Rome to prosecute her
art studies, and there is a vacancy. And.he
mho would be something of an object,' of
course, because—" • _ .
"Of course it would be ,an objec t ," did
Rosabel," quickly: . ' " Yon do not suppose
that Ido not feel my dependence here?" •
"And," added /talons, thinking it best
rot. to notice this outburst, , "Miss Anni.
tags says you can obtain excellent board for
four &Mani a week.with a widow lady ned
the Rooms, and that would save you a deal
of time and no end of fares. So, if ; you
conclude to accept the position, perhaps you
bad better dome down into the drawing..
room ands= hrurs Adnitsge."
It there' was anything -which Itcaddl .
Raymond lovid, it was imw pencil. Water
colors were expansive, and drawingboards
came diar; and Aunt Alida thought it 'very'
=feminine for a woman to set up, an easel
and_ a palette, full of oil•cohors, 1 !" hie a
man," sollud her =Rendes had, since her
residence in her uncle's house, been literally
starved. Here, at last, wangle much owed
fbr opportunity, and she rose with alacrity
and followed Medora Dallas down the stairs.
Mrs. Dithll9 and' the kisses Dallas were
openly exultant when Rpsabel Rayniond was
"So dispiriting to have her around all the
time, with her swollen eyelids and pale face!"
said MisvAngusta.
"And so shabby as she looked, too I" said
Mrs. Dallas. " And how on earth was Ito
Provide her with a wardrobe, . when papa
made such a dreadful fad over every dress
that 'came hoinefrom /dadarea . Ficelle's for
my own girls?" ! I
1 ".Of all things,. poor relations are 'the'
most intolerable!", said Madera, spitefully,
" But what are we to say if Mr. Ballard .!
asks after her?" blurted out Bell, the - mast:
honed and last p t o b lio of the family.
"Say Why, to declared Me.
dare. *-• "That she halo left usl"
For the secret of bias Madera Dallas' anx
iety to 'get rid of er pale , little cousin,
whose. Motirninglras drtistreseingly Wank
ing.toher, was the fold' of Mr._ Hugh Bat:
Wei pthairatiCa of ithe _whit; statuteque
hice, ills deep iarksPnriblue *Pk and the
I thW ed
fedora, Aga were as ' act as any cameo.
lruts *dors had Mr. Ballard. for
her own prey, and ' war upon 'iny
.unfortunate pretender who should come in
her way. ' ' '-' ,
"Perhaps,` said lira. Dallas, hopefully,
a! hell never inquire about her at aIL"
`$ Don't you.helieva it," iohl Bell, with a
siipeoant nod.
was right. The. very first evening
that , blr. Ballard called. he . inquired for
Kiss Boomed. Madura dropped her long
"Boaabea had a cold, reserved ratan,*
ibe nid. "She, never seined to I become
fond of any of ne, and she has gone
"Gone wherer Mr. Ballard was Regain.
Sort enough, to ask.
• "lithe said she would- write and and us
the 11114ftell," said Medan, drawing MON,
imvinatimi ; ; 4 ' but she never did. E. •quite
went to 'dear roommato besrt Mao= 116.
jaded itosidel is o fourth daughtir. But
Bossbel never was inclined to 111Cipy0C1411
our affection."
Mr. Ballard &mud.3fedors with an
expreeckft which As occianot htterpret, Int
it meant simply
gat this gld is lying, she's aoing it iesy .
arthrtkagy. Appetraneek are aorta*
Wart jambe; *mond; but i; would
take more than the teethdony of one woman
to make nue believe her:cattier cold or nu.
I Tboio- tellectioos- pond throat* his
=lad ai lavas polliely aboeptio' g Min : D.l.
iorititios -to Itoomiow boilio Uri
WhitwortkliVelkieighea's totedeel-teic the
eat dgr. , • -
111111 , .11PN1.
" lewill be a bare? , M'milk , *oaf;
" int , Mrs.. Whihrtith' :'' . 3!„ :2 : ' •:11r .6
genius, and then! Will*:: eigik, ,: ; I ' , '''. teed_
musk there."' .. - --; '•' -';---,,,
~,,,, ?' -- 6 , - - : — ."
There was good musk therealtlikedle-*
Heim "fie. Paw it ~ istthOlie of
M pg
caps, each plated with al , Tr - erild.
dower or bunch of gnaw ;.: -:
.„,, -, and
whitegrapat following, the . s . :wad
rnalekiika—and all went *ea l ', , 4- - kat:.
*Age Wil t imia, in ternh4 to' `''.4'ehair
nearer the window ear Wit ' ; - lifi..Bid,
lard'a tinfortninte bliaili ':i tt the'
Prie*lle CUPITOR ‘ thi. • .eirisitt - * - ibri-
Japaness cablatak wad , lecke:lo4W three
- Pieces- 1. 1 - ' ' . ' - : 4 g; - '
Whihrattb:liaiiiibliedirewo r
miF, st . ticidir cried Illederak4 l o4f- htft
bands wilh.ahnulatedleartw: ‘'''':?; , ,?i ' -s-- „ -;‘- ',5 --.- , -, '
" I swear you •to eland kilittger= Add
,_-qz- Bethel% keilhingt se, 1 - fe*lerfiek tile
Precious piece. iii-big
and • dieresa ', l 1 4 14 . -' o46 * - - - , , : Sil kell#o l .-
"If She" 15 *1 1414 -# l-24 -T--; :Brill**/-
gr.ll,roaVitr**, ,
' roreieri CA% Wallthirdhiebdit‘a
that Mt. indtsisth wiabiallim WU
almost a alasomenleo oaths subject of her
china ; and he; Waa nab!' twee deeply. - .. - .
chagrined than he appalled to be., - -
_ "You can't match it," laid Medan IW.
• • 'And ehe pawed to be right. 4 -
bbt despair, Hugh Ballard went to : old
Mrs. Megawatt', who was exactly like every
body's fairy godmother. •
"'What am Y to do r said he blankly.
"Do ?" mid l lies. Mamma; nodding the
diamond butterflies on.bec cap. "
to the china painting inddecorsting rimmus,
of course. in Manunereley Stinam • Take
3 sample, and duplicate It for you
in twenty.four hours. Saythatift *wit.
nsu sent yon.'! r ,
_ Mr. devoutly , . thanked tlo), old
lady, and ObeyCd without low of time.
It min a huge, airy •room. with tbo -
dows all. glorified with winter =Ain; and;
soft • atearn.lutot modifying the rigor of .the
February air, r j whitre half a dozen .young
women were corking at a large table. Mrs.
-Baker, the supirinte!dent, who sat at her
desk took the pieces of Mrs. Whitworth
Walkinghim's doOmed cup looked'
earnestly at them, with her head 012 no
We have that shape is one wares," said
dus; and I am quite sure Rails° an repro.
duce the design—blue 'titan& and numb.
grasses. WM Raymond's designs are 110111111
of them even more exquisite than this. Be.
abet, my dear, come here.*
And Raabel l Raymond, pale and ; pretty
as ever, came nriconseicsudylorward in her
brown linen printingdress, =With a bow of
black ribbon at her throat, and her lovray
chesbmt-brown hair pushed back from her
face. Mrs. Raker was bolding - .oat the bits
of fractured china, 'whereon were painted
the bine bis.imds and drooping grasses, but
Relabel mover looked at WM.
"/IA WWI" she . Ori4 -- het Ism
kighteniug with a, *dig* which she its'
too umophisumited .to - Maus; "!urb l at
brought youto thiapiseer •
"Ms Daymointin be enigma& "what
are you doikg -
nifOint Stine ii;ki -2 iteislit
with quiet diiinii7;
" Does Mice Dalbm--MedMa, I: mem--
know where you are r
" She ought to know," saidgosabel, " for
it was she who 'recommended me to come
here. For the Ilailases, I think, were gall;
ting tired of sue,o' she added, with' *:ldilil•
"But longht to be way- much obliged to
her, for 1 have acquired a most welcome in;
&gm:alma* and the Work here isi exceed. .
ingly congenial -to 'my tastes la • that the
pattern you wishilt-copied, Mrs. taker 1"
she asked, taking it piece of chi* , "Oh,
what an exquisite:tamp., of buds! yet . I am
bold ienough to think I can imitate it swum
"If you can - replace that:cup," *4l Mr.
Ballard, driumdlcailly, " I am your alive fat
life r
"Ithink I can promiselckreplace it with-.'
out any such condition,"saidßma*, laugh-
And Mrs: 'Whitworth WalkingkiM never
knew that her iris-bud cup we broken until
Hugh Ballard brought back Conn.
"You meet have. some spell out, of the
Arabian Nights." said she eMliusiluithseßb
"No," he answered, '?ito
stronger than a wommes practiCed 'eye and
slam load." lire came 1/0'331* to MO'
Dallas' 'headily *ruing receptionsund FA.
day afterr.oon teas. Miss blisharnivondered
waxily. why. But One day she. mall lam on
Fifth Avenue, and prettily reprimand him
with his:nkreimt absenteeism. I
"I have been fortunate enough to discov
ery the abiding-plate of ywn_ mesh;
Bosabel Raymond," said he, gravely.
Ifedora looked up, with. a deep calm
mounting to her, cheeks.l."
"Indeed f" said she. -
"It was:very, kitul of lyon s, to moure for
her finch a congenial tion as that," be
-dded„ I . • 1 •
Medora Dagaut hwitg her head. ,and wee
"But she not remain there long," he
contended,, "I ran happy to
tell Yon that i ant - ed to her. We are
to be Martini in, wake: Of mum_
yea Meeivel 'at bone' ierds whfu we
213aUr liett*
Ifedors nigrnMrad something about "Awn
gratelat!one " an 4 delighted to heir of it,"
Ihtt Mr. Ballpid tmuled to *reit when she
bpd *Bed 1 100 • •
" La bat *ruins is not meetly pleaselt,"
he mid to himMlf. ''But what need
for the frowns hr undies of other women, so
long es I bare WOll my littie ameba /7- 4 -
Helen Anita dram
The gnu Fraecine Ale Ca Orate says
—"Without tottudin to do It, Calends
be. "btu* abolished capitol puthhment.
A few ran age a *use was put Into the
taw euddieg junto, ieretumiug verdicts
toi twain is- the:that. degree, to glint*,
iffy wished, thst,the penally ghoul& be
hiquisonnut foe, Vb. > The: object was,
ihnbtlen, to provide e putOutteut whieh
juries would be infliattbiwthej
meld tbet betigieg is ,enee . ',ben pal.
Mug chnunstauen aziet4 or Then then
ves a slightdoebt into the Bei
from the tkequeiki with, Uidati'veidkits at
numser ha* bait 'ism* tetanettenen.
pealed by nootwinednieue:to harlot.
aunt feeilfe; it Enid . 4010 that the ha
nog* of. Puke I. f00ff10i6 1 40#,.,6.4
ratios of total dime lb* iseetkpoody.
If: the abotitation .or 1101140141111111 for
mow led to ocoootiok li - eas* that
maid othenitierilt thin
it by ill alb theitnniput no* width
so muds et isimostkoor ibelidoe el
apnea pentiehinut Iwo bow die tO sae
it an ososoisfik WOO. OW*, = el
pooktommt i. tom *Onto* fa So
puska of alio Quaorooftri: -
iiiiiii;:oiiiili iloOisiviti;
PlMHind is: orlslog -
BirM Illirmials ilsotans. -
Mingling with the roar of the (Asia mile
• above' this point. I hMr the heavy
heom or sharp,'Parrott.guslaticrack of the .
Unit fired hy Hallett's army of railway bbor:
-*now within a fa* miles of this point,
sffraaahlaii with a speed haret9fara
. unknown in the era oZ radial building.
litralreds of men are mattered to thewoods
ob this side of, the river gettio l g out timher
I%* the false work of the great, bridge that
to span Clark's Fork here. The river banks
ind- barges pile•driving fairly swarm
with workmen getting these timbers into pa
Aims, and the "bows" ere rally wades:it
that they will Lave is,„ temporary; Crooning
ready by thelline Hallett's radian. can get
here. I very much doubt Its for %e last.
heavy tbmagbrock cut lies"been made, five
idea east of Hoek bliuni, - ina When what is
16101111 hire out the "`,big blast" 'bra away
WciaOhwiailv the , abler dam*
1 14 tbkialtes* 2 lPd
roloWing with eji
I Ali= which the map represents', the route
'of the Nosthern Pacific monad the head
:vitas of Pen d'Oreillo . and along .rugged
Clark's Fork, one hai no conception of What
the oaustmelion of such a • railway means:
Going over the .profiles in - the chief or
subordinate engineer's office there comes a
better idea and realization, btit one must
ride overthe completed track, in. Watch the
thousands of men at work in these mils
ribbed hills, see the deep. cuttings, the bi-
Memo fillings, count thtbridges and rake!
of trestlework that e 7 the; train , safer
over streams and arms ' lakes and blebs,.
tO fairly realise the experuliture of muscle,
&aged by 'skill and executive ability , nem&
nay for mob a work as building a great rail.
way route through this mountainous own.
1 7. •
At places,' for Whines a point near Cabi.
tietLanding, to the men who do the labor,
`l seven to the':snbordizusto hailers, the pas.
sage seems &Mid sgainst them. The moan.
lain towers tiles prop to the sky, and from
the water's edge it rises like a Wail, liming.
big no break or crevice for a foetbold. Dis.
(imaged, the men make a halk, and word
goes back to the chief that Nagle' has raised
an insuritountable barrier- 4 ' tie work can.,
not be done." The reply is i 4 .4 It must - be
doise," and Hallet comes to see it done. By
and by cable ropes holding plank *Ong
go down the precipitomisides of' the mom.
;pow), rope ladders to [this staging
clambeichinamen aimed with drills, and
soon' tbe.rock sides are filled with giantpowd
der. IThes they &mins up, lthe blast is
fired, lind . the foothold made by the explo
sive soon swaraisrvith Celestials ; the "can't
he done" boa been done and man's skill, en.
orgy and perieverance have triumphed.
'Aid so this work bas7progressed in spite
the Agora 'of winter, combined with the
huge obstruations Native dater in the way.
-;.Bliatutonsille Latter in the Ban Francine
Ihirt.Yease Wirees's Irstiorf nein
?few Y.k IlinOWest UMW.
-........—. ,
The New York correspondent of the 805.,*
.,* !Ze,rald mites : I hays, bond two
Ittlifftta - 'ldallialtrnOlda; "-Mgt O. it: lkwr
and Vies D. M. Dow, young women, are ihe
menage= of ',one. of the biggest tenement
houses on ktinhattan bland, at Noe. 86 and
88 Cherry street, in the shadow of the East
River Bridge and the midst of the greatest
squalor of the City. They are trying the
experiment of keeping such premises in s 1
ditanbvwdedy antaittlaa, at low rents and
at 'the same time making it pay. The prem.
lace measure 240150 feet, with, an alleyway
on each of the long sides, and one through
the centre lengthwise. The main. house
holds 7f families. There are 665 persons
housed in these buildings, of whom about
200 are children: l A few years ago this 1
place was internam; asi are "The Double Alley."
"The Mouse of _Biases" and "Muiderers' i
Alley." ; Even policemen dreaded to go in
there; fights were of daily an d nightly oc.
eurnuma, and there were occasional murder&
thider the mild shay of these tiro women
the diameter of the place has been entirely, ,
changed, cleanliness and ender have taken
the place of filth and riot. The alleys, in-
stead of being filled with garbage, are dear; '
and 'clean. AU the offal is removed. The
halls arei scrubbed every day. The walls are.
kept whitewashal None of the tenants are
permitted to bring liquor on. the premises.
There are laundries for the general use 'of
those who do not wish to wash in their own
mama. ' A part of the house is kept as an 1
assembly room, where, 14 Winter, the women
mid children are taught sewing occasionally.
They have a 'Rifle speech making of good
advice, but, as , most of the tenants are Cat&
olio, there is no attempt at proselyting.
Thera are on the premises I grocery, a .
Immo store, a free dispensary end a mis' •
inn school : Many of the tenants are sup.
idled with frbe tuition wad medical treat.
meal- : r
Strange to, say, the place is remarkably
healthy. The death' rate is low. Led Stun-
mar only one child died. When the health
,offfear came there was not one
child to
be Wended. ' One woman; has fifteen chitdwin, and the sole income of the' family is
$8 a week, which•three of thwabildren emu
The tenants are variously occupied as labor.
ark and peddleirs, with a few mechanics' .
,*any of ther children sell newsmen =Vat
sehool bolus, but nearly all go to. scheol.
Foe three rooms in these buildings, meastir--
ing in the agiVeiOte fifteen by • fifteen feet,
See rent is $3 50 pir month for the lowest
end top floors. For the middle floors $4 h
eln4cd, and some of the families pay $7
for the best tenements. The Misses Dow
visit Use piece every day, go among the ten
• an* and see that theynlistirve ; the rules as
to efeanlizeiss,• and collect' the rents. They
We bean doing this over s ' and how
lave a remarkable hdiu over the
E m
anti to whom, in many Imipx4s; their
is Lew. Dozing di this time, they say,
have not been *gilled, they have not
ipeatly i imposed upon, and they' . have I
the property. pay a fair tete= an the invest; I
The boy leaves th e farm, doe he ? Lit
17 wonder? He has to use worn 1314 tools,
and gets scolded it his work is notslfl
dolma He goes to the blacksmith shop . w ith
a horse while the "men" take a g.
He ban alamb, calf, or colt " given* * .
bit when it is sold the prieeiehi go the
wield tressury, and he gets a new bat and
is content (?) He tams the grildsbuse, and
Lamm hii beak aches be is Wormed that
leishave no backs." Hs eSes to bike,
banns, and other enteetairiniegis needy
"in his libel." He wants to go to *NA
bit la told that * Wilds Ilia 126 Othleiltloll,
IlltiA—be leaves the term!.lt's no smiler.
04 use there are MKT 111=4#1111 to this ,
soled treatment, led not. 'Danny, as there
osight to be. It should be the bitlser's ' gin
to intallst his bop in their wash by sharing
soigne et tbe -proceeds ' with Abets and Ink
suiting dissi'mesiondb:', Bole have «ow
tights that Me ought bayed.. ,
rej/ .. .ifc,g 4 gT ''''. .....,. Vick4S7Wr4*-65i;;;*i"''',,:ii:L
4 ..-;:•., „' . . , ,,, , 2 2 1iF-±-4'4,f- - , ' W - ', ,, ,.( 4 .m, 7,- . .( 4 .. .... ~,,..- , ~,,,k., k. ~ , Fi ,,5..- -,,,i4.7. z4.,5%.1,zt ~
~,' ~, - A , e-c•-•-+....., -; ... .-,,,
P>t01Vg.r.:.. ,, &- ,-4 ,t 4 t .- 4 . %-'•- -,-,;? • .; - VVflq: l ,, , liAtigteli-7,4 , F 7 „3414P10NUW1 1 : 4 • ! : ,. a . " ,, 1'i r 4- 1 - - WeiP 4 ,'.-E'VE4 ; A tj ',': ;::::: P- -- 4, kVc_7:.." -- ?;•:7 ; .4 .- : - ,•; 4 ::'.
iT 4 , " - t - W.?.!j: * 4 .= ;1i f .1:0 4 ,14V 5, h,,„%.*, .teci'Z's o :4 4 ' . ' . ...L,4s. - ..ti . 3 " 1 ; " , !` 11 V:A- . e(ili7.4.l''' Zl':*'lk-:?r!';t:',t'''Ar:lf?",-.*:`P'-2=C-74'2•L'j',..; ~,•%'- ' , ' 7 " .:l ' '"!7s':: 3 1 1 --,, '': e : .: , e - -;:_t '• 4
`A,"::::lX" f ie,... • ste-7A74'-Ij34:7:V:iZ--70-,Z755.i. " 4 ::;Z•M'Ko":ejt'f,.A4 . " - 7 - 3 . •A -.- ::., .1 . 71•''%;7?: - j = " '• :.. `!: r;,' , ' 1- 14,
q: 4 . : P; ;4 4??;‘ ., e 14 ";', -ii . "4 1 ; 1 14'-ie, ::'4 ,, 'E12,..: - 3:&44.:; 7, ;: - g: . ..:':::;;'). - ': - ..L.. :. ' - .',;_,
f.r:''''' i'',:•:-Z',.?:',=' 7 ;V Z - ' 5 :.: - */'--. - ''''' , '";:.- -I ,'.'::', -;. . - .:L'r
46, : 4 •- 'r ,, 's:',P: . /;;.. - '1 . .. t1''',<1 . ..%‘7?-z. - -.. ---... 'L: ..-. -' I • : --'.;..':;:!, -',.
11ik." , :,‘..'1.: 1 , - -- , ,:.V . i . ..:,, 't:-.• -. ';',,. ~ --s ': ~ t; ~-,-, "cr il lir , . , ,.. , :. 7' ..` .. ..'- , ,
.. 3 , - ,r., -
‘s Pr ct; •-•,?„ :'''..:. : .:, , * i ' - .--; . •:!', - . - 5;= ~! ~, , 1. ...-W a .. .,:',;,, - = - :..A., -.: --:•:,'-},. ', •:- : z
*„ V : 's.'; , ',•;-- ';''',f';': , =• fr -,•,.• '-',.- ,1, ~., ,- ',... t •
,v -.Z4: ; '..:, ,:: -- i •,- '' , ,:•-:',. '--
'"'W _ ::: 'I.L - • :::,',rc,' . ' '''''' ~ o . 1, .f. ::" -',,` ' ;":-:::'. _ '..', -If
: _,....0...;-;_;.._..i.,_ ' 21'- .. ,, ,, :1 z.,, , -.4 . ' , ..: ' '....,:. -s ', : . - '
~,., ' %'''.• ' -1 - ` ).. -1:7 1 " ,- -' 1 - ' 5.C.. ' -.- - - ri ' 4. - i' -, p., :;% 7 2-4 , 'I, (F. ,:._'' ;:,. •''''.-1 - 5, , '„, ,
~, . ' ....,'; '%l 'l . -fr •:, ,
! ' a '"!- \7_:• - 0 ' .•: •
:Y , ''.
/ .
~,: -.. ..- : .1.'11. 4 .','..`, 7 :.:-- ,, .f"; . :- : •::-'Z:- . ..;...,: . :.: ',. : . - ..''.:: . "• -: :i -, :" . :' , ',..-'' . .t`-::.-!': : V _:=.:..,,....,'
'1 I
. „,...,. „ •'d,,,5%.,-..i,.
...k . . ,: i:'..:-:: - . i: - .".',
.. . „ ._
*WSS 17111111111 t OP LOVifitANA•
Hong the illudeelppi *vet from the
delta to the mina of the Ark:rine River:
grow krge *wen swarope, Just back of th:
cultivated hind: In these; maim where,
on the deep,.ailrY ical, a new layer of vege.
l , tablenrendd is every year deposited by the
floods, the cypress attains its greatest der&
opment. ' The hugest trees are 'l2O feet in
height, and fro" $5 to 40 feet in 'Amanda
ence above the 'Oonical Lowe; which at the
..,..., of the ' is alWays three or four
times as large the continued diameter of
the trunk. felling the trees build
seaffolds five Or mz feet high, upon which
they stand to chopliown these hoge Bout&
ern vegetable more:tem The babe is usually
hollow for three fourths of its, bulk. Its
surface is kergitudinally furrowed . with deep
chime's, the ridges of which serve as
eranya ,to , Si[ it more firmlyln the loose
soil ' - i
- In the prepuitkin of the wood, both' ti ; .
'rkitise, midis and red,. should be •34t
_Winter; - red . seastinita untilipeetectly dry.
lt Is extely used for inlepuseu
'lloo6 noVeredAritb - emus ibingler from
thither cut in winter wall kiirfor forty years.
. The bcisz&i are • preferred tn Trine for the in
side work of brick houses and for window
sashes and panels oft doors exposed to the.
weather. Cabinet makers use it for the
inside of mahogany furniture. It has been
used for the sides.of vessels, and to a limited
extant - for masts. Large . trunks _ are fro.
quently made into canoes, some of them
thirty, feet long and five feet wide. They
are m ore and durable, thin those of
any other tree. It makes the best pipes
to convey water, especially; the red variety.
This truly excellent woodls now
_geed for
various purposes, and there
inquiry for it. Boat builders use it to' a
considerable extent Many of the small boats
belonging to the men-of-war in the United
t3tates service are constructed of cypress
much is used for water tanks, sugar coolers,
and cisterns, on account of its durability;
some enters into the . construction of houses
and house finishing, it being excellent in
ceiling, and large quantitiee - are made into
shingles, and railroad crossties. iThe Lehigh
Valley Railroad Company ordered 75,000 of
these ties team used upon its road this sea
son In some instances the 'shingles are
`manufactured with the large end finished
round Lind octagonal, that ;the roof may
present a finer appearance. Thant kinds
are wed upon churches in the !mid dis
tricts, and npou villas where the builders
wish to dis' playsome taste in lines that vary
from the ancient straight and conventional
methods. Some claim that ehingies, prop
erly prepared, will last 100 years. They
are e.eitainly - very , durable. , Wood takes
from submerged swamps, which has been in
contact with the decaying influences of mud
and water for untold centuries, is found to
be in an excellent state of peniervation.
Cypress logs have been taken from the soil
deep raiderneath New — Orleans in good con.
dition. Evidences are abundant and con.
elusive in regard to the lasting properties of
the wood:- Hence it is gradually creeping
into use more and more ea-11 year.. Already
it is being used in many' houses in New
York city in finishing, iidZh ,eats for' more.
p4e.million shit - 41414 the estimate; amount
of consumption in the New York market,
with an increasing ilereand., At least 8,000,.
99 0, :feettif ttko,NPOdx . ,.. ta3to:Motold to =P .
ply the ma r ket iraSr ties the present
gear, and about 0 0 0,000 feet 4) fhrer foe
general use. D. is exported to isoin -went
to various ports. • Railroad ties have bea
sent to Cuba,Pnince, and England. Lam.
ber has been sent abroad, but in no great
quantities. • ~
I. Exatauutlea Mite Case Tee Late to
. 4 Peeress Treuble.
Some eight •or ten years ago a silvery
tx...gtted chap, who claimed to be a fruit-tree
agent, swindled the farmers of this multi
in a shameful manner, and one resident of
Nankin was so mad about it that he came' to
Detroit, teardexl the rascal out and give
him a pounding on the street. Aftet he got
through his work he told the fellow that be
would lick him twice as bad if he ever put
Eyes on lim again, and it-was a threat toi be
remembered and nursed. • About three
weeks ago the Nankin man was traveling irr.
Washtepaw county, and as ho journeyed
along tile highway he met a traveler who so_
closely resembled thefruit-trea swindler
that he halted and called ont:—,
Here you are again, yonlboll-Ziced rar;.
call" "
" Yes, I'm here," was the calm reply.
" Well, so'm I, and rm going to Pak yen
until you can't holler! I said rd do it and
ralways keep my word:. Climb down
here i"
"The stranger "dumb" without a'vro..
• shedding his coat, as he !track the
gtoultd, and a fight began. . In about 1 two
minutes he had used up the fanner and was
cooily replacing his coat. •
See hem" said the man from Nankin as
he' wiped his nose with a burdock " you
fight betterlhan you did eight years agto.",:,
" Well ,, I datum. This is my 'first affair
"Didn't rwollop you in front of the Ay.
troit Post Office eight years ago V'
"No, sir! • I was in Australia up to
year ago."
"And you never saw me before?"
" Neier !"
"And was-never In Nankin !" •
"Neve !
t ee
" , ' `
" ;% 1 7 I i be hinged! Come to look at
You,' I that you fuer not, the man !
Why On earth didn't you erpilin, or ask me
ito •
? Yon must have thetwht me mistaken?"
Ob, yes, I knew you were mistaken,' but I
bad just discovered that I bad:driven seven
smiles on the wrong road and I was wishing
some one would come aloil ;and give me
two words of sass. I didn't want any en.
planation about it. A rotton sweet apple
will care tbat . black eye in three or four days
and salt and water will tighten your font
teeth in a week or so. I fifty per cent
better, audirm ever so much obliged. Elo
long to you !"—Detroit Free Pr=
FATORFTZ NAllitrw.-Shere II to be 'a
wedding soon, the way to which was paved
with so much de ingenuity by the lady
in the case that it is worth recording. The
gentleman bad been'an accepted
.suitor for
months, but had never even remotely alba
ed to the wedding day, and the lady, tired
with so much waiting, made up her mind toj
prompt him &little on the first famedge oc
casion. It happened in this way 2 They
were sitting in the garden, and as was his
endow he was making himself agreeable by
gallait speeches, in one of which he Winded
to hie se ' , aimin g ," He emphasised the
some by a tender pruners of the hand, and
,remszked that "darling" was the sweetest
tenet in the English lineage for him.
"Do you think so .P" she asked in a teem
ions oda ; there hi another MOO that to
me is the sweeter." " What is it, darling r
asked the knee rapturously. " Zmlt a little
'lord of four letters--wife," she answered,
with • gentle exmhutm, and there wu Dow
tag left fee him bat to est hex to decide the
day wheel he might call her bp' hoc !Write
narne,—Dstron Paw Pow
When on Willa Ut lite the Winn ta
Ann, to the winds trent unattnned spun blown,
I Dear*: yokes oui of darkness caning
My WI to paths unknown,
Thou who hast made my home at Me so pleas.
ant, , ; •
Leave not its tenant when its walls decay:
0 UM dtVIZIN 0 Helper ever present,
Be Thou my *strength and stay
Be near me when all elsejs from me drifting.
Earth, sky, home's - pictures, days of shade ant
And kindly faces to my own uplifting •
The love which anfferell3 mine. •
I have but Thee, 0 Father! Let thy spirit •
Be with Me then to comfort and uphold; ,
No gate of pearl, no branch of pnim, I merit,
- Nor meet of shining gold. , • _ • ,
Suffice It If — my-good and ut unredkoned,
%And both-forgiven through thy abounding:
-;••• grace— • ' •
Hind myself by hands familiar beclumed
Vigo my fitting Plade;
. -
Some humble doornmong Thy Manymaations,
Some sheltering shade where sin and stalving
- caw,
Ana Sows tomPler glinnlah burn% Peek saintb ,
Z,an"' ot thy peace. -
team the music round about me stealing
I fain would learn the new and holy song,'
And and, at last, beneath Thy frees of baffle,
Thelffe for which I long. •
• • " Joint Greenleaf Whittler.
A ihritins *elm to a Becky rilematAlls
The /testy September nights bid killed
the mountain grasses. The west wind, cold,
dry, bracing, had blown steadily for days
through the pins forests, penetrating into
every nook and eddying dryingly around the
granite cage. The carpet of pine needles,
spread thickly over the foot hills, was thor
oughly dry. The creeks were low.. The
water in the ravines had ceased flowing.
An btu bar thrust into the furnace of an
upright boiler and vigorously stirred caused
tae air to rush Out through the .open doom
with a gust. sit swept through the o;flues
and into the contracted smokearneir, it" car.
ried a fiery column of sparks and burning
bits of wood with it.' Out of s tile smoke
stack these sprang, and were flung on to the
eoucepine needles lying in the adjacent
tor - Instantly they were ablaze. With
a low murmur, the fire ran nimbly up Mam
moth Gulch. Fanlike, it expanded, and,
gaining strength, the faint murmur of the
burning pine needles was replaced by a
loud crackling roar. Almost instantly the
fire panied beyond the, control of man, The
wind freshened, and. bletv up the gulch
strongly. • Tongues'of flame shot obliquely
up the hills; Ps. The smoke rolled in vast
horizontal cyl'ilders in die viol of the fire.
The case
,_admitted of - 'nothing except' the
thrusting of lands inq Overall pockets, the
filling of pipes, rade 'de:iberate smoking
of them. Nothing 'rad be done to save
the mill property and mining camp until the
back and side, fires began to descend the
hills ; then they could probably be tiontrolk
Up the gulch the head fire, seen through
the smoke, was a dull red, almost a copper
color. Tiny whirlwinds quickly formed,
and in an instant many columns of fire rem,
- with angry roar, high ahem the tops of the
Most lofty -pines. The burning embers,
sacked up. through the fiery fennel, were
waded InOadeast as from an aerial centrif.
riga/ Machine and far in advance of the
main fire fresh fires formed. The- air he.
came heavy with ashes. The sun shone
through the pall-like smoke dimly.. Within
the fire line the very air seemed to be a-mass
of flame, through which doubly heated tont;iithl;
shot in long, throats. As 1 the
fury i of the fire increased great pine trees ,
became ablaze. From towering cones of
green they were instantly transformed into
flaming beacons that stood high _above-the
heaving sea of smoke. The burning trees
uttered sharp, torpedo-like cries, as though
in actual pain. Dozens of trees would flare
aphrightly at the same time, and as their:
cones burned off, the sting wind hurled
them - hundreds of feet thrbngh the air in ad: ,
vanee of the math 'fire line. With great
speed the fire ran through the light under.
brush and dry twigs. Behind lay the carpet
of smouldering pine needles. From this
arose a dense cloud of 'light-calored smoke.
Slowly, very slowly, was the carpet comm.
ed. The smoke arising from it obsaared
the main fire. • Slowly kirling into the
earth, all signs of active,,desix' acflie fired*.
. appeared. From the pores' - of the burned.
over mountain flanks the smoke in
millions of tiny jets. d •
I walked home through -unburnt :for.
est, and packed my household goods prypera.
tory to caching them in an abandonedmiine
shaft. By 10 o'clock in the evening I had
finished packing; then, stepping out of the
blouse to see if the fire was cozning,, I heard
rifle-111k reports issuing from the smoke.
clouded forest a - qua' ter of a mile :to the
=rib. -These reports increased in frequen.
Mutthinking the .deserted mining camp,
in almost every house of which cartridges of
'giant powder were-lying ore shelves or care.
leanly thrust between the logi, was on fire, I
walked up out of the rocky glen in which
my house stands to witness the destruction
?f the' village. it was not on fire, being
protected by a high, .bare, rocky hill, down
which the side fire could not descend. The
molts had thermal in frequency until it
was as though a strong skirmish line were
briskly engaged. The noise was made by
falling trees, trees undermined, by the cloak
ed fire of the pine needles consuming their
roots. Yaster and faster the tret4 fell,; until
the sin gle reports were no longerdistinguish.
able. It sounded as though , a batlle was be
ing fought under the clouds of smoke hang
ing in the mountain *alley. • Nothing
be seen in the valley below me. -There was
a dull, lurid color to the smoke ; that was aIL
Away off to the'east, at the head of the val.
ley, the smoke was a little - brighter. The
work of destruction was going on under a
cloud. As I sat on a high granite point the'
wind ahifted. The southern side fire became
a head fire. A red line, some two miles in
length, rushed up the steep flank of a mortn.;
Lain td the east of where I sat.
ashes and bits of burning wood headed the
advancing. line, as -fiery . bail. The wind.
whirling around crags and into nooks filled •
With - dry branches _and fallen i trees, caused
the SAMOS to spring high above the rocks.
Scores of these towering cohnnns of fire, os.
cillatiiir wildly, could be Merl at once.
Again the wind ehanged - with a furious gust
and blew strongly from ,the north. Then,
away off to the north; onn steep mountain
side, a pinkish cloud of. smoke rolled rapidly
upwarkand through and high above it gi.
patio exclamation - points of flames were
blazoned against the dark northern Pty..'
For two days we fought aide fires, ebbing
to save our hordes.
4 t seemed to be a hope.,
lees talk. - We were well nigh exhausted
when the storm clouds gathered around the
white peaks of the Medicine Bow range,
and aflame autumnal storm of hail and rain
fairly flooded the burning district. The min
fell far into- the night. -The next' morning a
few Mink stamps and logs, =maiming
among the Ulm timber, alone .iteaelaai of
the broad f x, / hays ever seem=-3:.
':r'" _ ~^
-PRWog Camp.
$1.50 a Year, h Adiaaeac
Isieresilre Vim. Celled Par Illeve'samt
—Dakota hes mom daily ppers than euty
one of the ik!uthern States. ,
—Bask) are becoming mums again In
the Black HMI. A drove of about 10,000
wan recently seen there. - •
-More than 239,000 telephones are now
In use in the United States, and about 5,000
are added to the number every month.
r - 27 A grizzly bear,. said to tare measured
eleven feet from Up to tip, was- : recently
kilted by some sheep herders fit -Wyoming
Territory. . -
-At Oakland, Cal, the cost of feeding
the . prisoners at the City Prison is thirteen
and a half cents per . day, or four and* half
tents per meal.
—There are now living in the United
States 291 perk= who were born at ses ,
ter the United Stater fag. • Most of them
umat be pretty old. -
—Bailey, Idaho, a town si small that it
has no place in geography, Inds notoriety
as the place in which nine men are locked
up for as Many murder'.
—A farmer named Sayer; at Gam Val.
fey, Cal., undertook to unhitch his team,
when one of the animals pressed him so Ls
bard against a.tree that his collar bone was
—By a recent decision of the, Stats &t.
preme Court railroad int3perty in Pbnida is
subject to taxation. This adds about $5,000,•
000 worth to the taxable property of the
&Fight& State. -
A novice is one who is just beginning,
isn't it, pa r "Yes;my dear. Why do
You ask. "Oh, I thought the baby_was a
little the smartest. novice in crying I ever
saw." " Oh, well, babies are bora adepts
it that, confound 'em."—Bodon Globe.
—Every man to his trade " No, I Inns
nn time to read r the papers," remarked
Fogg's ;-"I simply skim them,
and let them go at That." " Every man to
his trade," replied Fogg ; "Yon aro used to '
skimming, you know."—Boston Tram
-, • .
Florida man hatches alligators' eggs
by placing them ins box in the attic over
his store sandwiched between layers of-damp
straw.- This makes a hot -bed, the tempera
tare of the attic being over 100 degrees dur
lag a Warm day. When the straw becomes I
dry he sprinkles water over it. The period- .
Of incubation is about two months. He has
had a nest of 300 eggi undergoing this
treatment for the past seven or_eight weeks,
and the yound alligators are beginning to'
come forth. -
—Chinese tea is going out of - favor with
English mordants ? who complain
. that it
no longer what it was of yore, and they azz
seeking Indian teas as the •imperior
The quality of the Chinese article has been
deteriorating for a umber of years, owiu.!
to the heavy local taxation and severe com
petition. r The Chinese merchants are geld
to admit and latdent the fact. As the In
dian and Japanese teas are not subject to
home taxation, they are likely to supplant
the Chinese product to a great extent.
—The St Gothard Railway proper is 113
miles long, and there are in all not leas than
fifty-six tunnels, comprising more than one.
fifth of the whole lines There are also many
lofty viaducts, bridges and compycated. gal
leries. The main:4mnd is nine and &quar
ter miles long, and others exceed 6,000 feet
in length. The width'of the great tunnel is -
twenty-six feet, and the height nearly nine..
-teen feet. Its highest point is 9,756 feet
*above the' sea. The coat of the tunnel was
something over $40;000,000. Thamfork was -
in progress ten years. -
—Strange freaks vim played by a for.
nado in Florida: Parts'of the same building
were carried in one direction, while other
portions weW hurried in another. TL oac
who bad an Oirporftruity of seeing the dr, es.l
messenger describe it as spear-shape; or ,
resembling a funnel, and say that it diffused
a reddish 'or yellowish light. Like some
huge bird of prey it would swoop devil's - 13 “i
tlie earth to pursue for a few moments it'
mission of ruin, and would then dart off iut.P
space with a rambling, roaring sound that
struck all hearts with terror.
—A Western'man has been telling 'time
Philadelphians how Western cities grow,
He says he went off into the mount - tins
hunting, aid, night coming on, he went to
Bleep ins tree to be out of reach of tip!.
wolves. He. was, was, awakened early in the
morning by some.workmen,- who told hin, to
get down and finish his nap on the c: nct
house steps, as they wanted to turn that tray
into a flagpole for the hotel across the a. 13
He got down, and, while robbing ey
was nearly run over by stied car and;to:
his feet tangled in an electric light wire.
Philadelphia Hew.
—A strange battle took place at &fah.,
Ala., a -few - days ago. It was between a
gander and a rattlesnake; and ended in the
leath of the gander. The gander came
%cross the snake in his path and gave, him
battle. They ,fought fast and furiously, and
the snake was seen to strike his antagonist
five times, the fifth time just above his bill
on the front of his bead. In a moment the
gander began to stagger and then go round
and,round, and in two Minutes fell, expiring
lamest immediately. The snake was then
killed and found to be about two fad in
length, with six ratlles.
I miss the shading, the "fine lines," so to
speak, writes a correspondent Of the -Phila
delphia Bulictio, that'.add so imperceptibly,
yet so infinitely, to the grace and comfort of
one's existence, and in no *titian of life
does a woUtan'a position - here seem to me an
enviable one. 4=e:ice, at least that poi.;
Lion of the continent whence my experience
ad that of your readers is drawn, is scr.
tainly the Paradise of women, but they sel
dont or never appreciate the fact until after
baying seen a little of woman's lot in other
countries. German wives and sisters hear
with surprise that with us the husbands and
brothers do not, rule blur atheists in the
household, that a woman may travel alone
the length and bnadth of our great country,
encountering everyihere not only freedom
from insult, but courteous and respectful at
tention, and thp when a man marries he
does not look -l out for a 'working bones ,
keeper," but for a companion of his leisure
and a presiding genius in his drawing-room.
. Peuricar. min Druarano.--Old Gimbals
went to some English opera,_wherrhe 'wasin
Chicago, of the Alice' Oates — Variety. He
came home a very wrathful man. "Don't
tall to me any more; ; about , givin' woman
the ballot," he roared. - "If ever tI. catch a
wife or daughter of mine domino in a nec)a
late and a pair of slippers, somebody% have
to read.the riot act before the ballot is half
over, I don't care who tries to' stop me."
And the Goodman girls. haven't dared my
"women suffrage" or wear bangs from that
day to thin,—Barlingto'n Hatekeye. ,
/to Ikea sox WOHDIL—As a great "cai4or
who saajestiodly approaches the - peroraticto
finds with eruie the words to express his
linuaibmghts, so does the man whola the
dark tumbkeever'a rockier ' gin vent
to beguile nitable to the - ergeney .
Y. Cbanurtgal addeertirsr.
• - •
. ,
r _...
..;-. - =::"•:...'%-', -,- , ,. ..: 4 '.
t 94