Bradford Republican. (Towanda, Pa.) 1875-1892, October 12, 1882, Image 2

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Cl.l Pi.
4tVIP6ON HOLCOMB. Eititor). ---
CHAS. H. ALLEN, Associate Editor..
‘` ReasostaW iays,honest cfpenf:...iturrr, corn
j",f•Oent ' (Arra.. and no steay.rtg. ' Harpers
sir ratan is the Pad Ogee at rcaraads as
Republican State Trekv'it:
' ros Govxmots.
JAMES A. BEATER. of Ceotreo.
c 7,
WTLTIAM T. DAVIES, d Bradford 430.
Var . 4 TAM HP MY
_BAWLS, of Pane
JOILV , Y GREZE4 of Butler Co
, - COSG
For Congress.
_Reptebtie,an County Ticket.
cow - Arm
At Towanda, : October 24. Speak
era—Gen. James A. Beaver; Hon. W
H. Jessup and others. '
The decrease in the public debt (using
Seiltmber 04,805,911.
A quotation for Col. - oi:erton:
"Vaulting ambition oft'irnes 04rleaps
itself and falls down on tother side."
For bitterness nothing could exceed the
little remarks Which are interchanged in
New York by the rival factions of the same _
lion. C. C. Jadwin' record is made,
he is opposed to political bossism in all
its forms by whatever party exercised.
There - were thirty-three accidents in the
mines of the middle distiict of Luzern dur
ing the month of September, eleven of
which were fatol. •
What atl - outnige. __The k d says 'the
clerks in t 1 office of controller Pattison
have been assessed fifty dollini each to as
sist the Democratic party Conducting
the campaign. And thetyr managers
are-opposed to political asigt!isments.
Mr. Jadwin's friends in Bradford re
frained froin attendatce for interferenCe
at the conference, because.; they relied
upon Mr. Overton tO: - redeem his
pledge's., It ia unjust to ahem to say
that the.);,intekered against Mr. Over
ion at the conference. Relying upon
his pledges they 'kept away.
• 2411 the United States Court i at Pittsburg,
Monday, Judge Trunkey decided that a
• Tin Triad comrsoy must honor its tickets
whosoever sells them, and that therefore
the ticket on its face entitles the holder to
the rights of • a passenger between points
named on theticket . This opinion rever
ses the judgment of the lower Court, and
biys down the law / in ak interesting way
upon one phase : of-the ticket-scalping both
Ron. C. C. j :JadNiin; Representative
in Congress of this district - has shown
that he is the servant of the whole peo
- pie, and note a mere tool of party,
' While carefully guarding the material
• interests of the whole, he has been true
to his principles as a Republican. He
deserves well of the people of his dis
-;•'-trict, and will be elected.
Mr. Blaine, ,in his great speech at Port.
(find, /team, August 29thqsaid: "No can
al man believes. that a • protective tariff
would be upheld for a single year if the op
ponents of the Ileptibli4an party should
come into power, 'and by just so Much air
any voter helps to elevate the free trader's
to power, by so much he aids toirciperil the
manufacturing and agricultural interests.'.'
We commend this to the careful comiderl
ation of our Independent friends.
It is unjust to Mr. Jadwin for Col.
bverton's friedda to say that ' "if Mr.
Jadwin had remained at- home and al
lowed the Republicans of Bradford to
manage their own affairs, he would
have been nominated." Mr. Jadwin
came here at the written request of Mr.
Overton with the assurance that hi,
(Overton,) desired his' nomination and
he could promote his interests by corn
ing here. •
"As nearly as:;ee an get at it," says the
Burlington Hat&ege, "abOut all the Penn,
Sylvania independents ask of Mr. Cameron
is that he p out of politics and permit them
tikmake the nomination's- This is reason
stbk-gh, in all conscience. We don't
see hosfi Mr. Cameron can hesitate a minute.
It isn't that the independents are irrecon
cilably opposed to the machine. They only
want to put some new. caStings on it, and;
they are the castings." I . .
The following changes will be: made in:
the management of the Northern Central.
railroad, in consequence of the resignatioU
of A. C,assatt froth the vice-presidency:
Frank Thompson will be made vice-presi
dent; Charles E. Pugh, general manager;
G. C. Wilkins general superintendent of the
Baltimore division; and , Alfred Walter,
superintendent of Shamokin division with
office in Sunbury, in the place of F. L.
Sheppard, who Will, hereafter be superin
tendent of motive poWer, with office
tonic Mr. Ciuss4 mill continue to be one
of the directors. -
It is unjust to Mr. dadwin and rtis
friends for Col. Overton's adviserS to
says;."the men who opposed his noini=
nation in the convention and favored
other candidates &c." WhO opposed
Col. Overton's 4 !notnination in the con
vention?" Wee not all the deleicatei
given to understand by the friends of
both that Mr. Overton's candidacy in
Bradford meant Mr. Jadwin's nomina
tion ? Mr. Griffis and many others
imadeit Oak special business to assure
delCiates that ,such was the ease.
The diagreesional Tale Osaimbei**iti
its lesion in the southern Steles, beam'
conned there ea abumienee ef„ientintept
in farm of high priteetimi'eutise for the
. of domestic zussedeotaree t
parently no active leManient of.
free trade, which is tether strange, whim
we remember that the majority sefeouthern
Congressmen harelleetiOmtive free-landem
It would thereforethat iminirshat of
change has came overt the spirit of their
Certain Republican leaders in -this
county have always. Pursued the policy
of girusting aside every me they eotdd
not , mold and make 'toad to their km
'periwig commands. Then ia no limit
to their machinations; and their heel is
raised -:to stamp the political head
every fellow who refuses to obey OrderS.
Jadwin mimed sa Chicago aid
stood for t'dominint sentinitht of bill
I districfe has ref' usedin loesl mat
ters in this county to oberWebb &co.
-Head he is troddeU upon. -
t •
'-,"Daring Ike past year . newly ferty-i!ive
ihumand letters cootsithog mom' or lts
equivalent in drafts, Checks,ifitc., reached
the Dead-Letter Office of this country. It
i~. hardly posalle to realize the amount of
carelessness which aghast Gni 'state a eV
fairs, bcit easy to nn sad the
amount of worry and - ammo* to Which
post-office employes (were subjelit. 4 the
reckless ccerespmdeoti as those expect-'
sat of the missing remittances. It is, of
course, difficult to frame rewslaticess puni
tory for such annoyances , and inconveni
ences of the public Iservice; yet f it,.weuld
seem• that some sort of staznAsmalty should
attach to those who Carelessly use up more
time and freight chisilre, than their Mires)
cents fee was adculitod to vover. .
The recent decision of otir Supretne.e4urt
that a railroad company is • bound to ISMor
its tickets although the passengeri press
lug them may have purchiss4l them' from
imantliorized vendeis„ Ctiluomuit able
with equity,: expediencysuul common sense.
As between - the passenger and the company
the source from which a genuine ticket has
been ottained ie properly immusteriaL The
ticket is the evidence of „contract made
bathe company tolearryiltike,perans who
presents it a specified distance. That con
tract is an absolutef one, and to' make - it
anything else, to impose ; upon the traveller
the duty of satisfying ,himself - about the
secondary validity of the . ticket which be
buys, would be to lay is great-burden upon
the travelling
~ public, ar# ,consecmciitly to
injure the busmessitif thiiiompany; which
is interested in madn' g__travel as may and
attractive as possible. ;• •
Says the Philadelphia - Wortlt Anterior*
"The resolutions adopted at the Ming o f
the Geiznan Itotium Catholic Central Ro
ciety ilt Milwaukee leave. very little to the,
inniginationus to the movement -which. is
o r s £in that seCtiolfatleast. Withdrawal.
of -their children] from ..the State publiC
schools, organization for political pgrposes
and kindred efforts are very plain hidica.-
tions of a policy at Variance with the non
lienominational character of this Republic..
The people of this; country are very , tolerant
of parties, as a rule, but it is dOubtful
whether the forniation of a vigorous Ger
man Catholic party. as a political element
would be viewed 'with indifference. There
is no disposition to forCe the Catholics to
send their children to the pal& schools;,
I but, on the othar hand, there is no disposi
tion to allow them or any other sect to im
pair or divide the schtiol fund approptig
thins, alter their 'established. distrandkaiux
interfere with the taxation sotirces-Lrom
which such funds are derived.
It is very true ] , as the Providence Journal
remarks, that the chid reward of ,the sol
diers who crushed the greet rebellion is in
the security, progress avid p
,:ty of the
nation which theY rescued from destruction;
yet at the same time it is just and' proper
for the nation to give to them some sub
stantial acknowbidgment of their services in
the shape of pensions.
This has bcen'emphatically n comet year,
and aftei'the meteorological fagaries wl4ch
have distinguished iv; it svpi be more Aril..
cult theitevel to dispute the" old suyiajai
tion that these erratic heavenly iiiiitors
-For reasons partly 'stated in the pub
.pmeeeldings of the conventionctf
the\Republicahs, and aiass-meeting of
citizens of Wayne county; we declite
to 'indorse the nomination -of Co t
Overton es the choice of the Repub.
RAS of Bradford county and this Con
gsional district for. Congress.• We
join , with the 1 Republicans of Wayne
county in preSenting ; the of Iton.
C. C. Jadwin; as the choice 'sof the Re
publicani of the distrielt-;-.And as the
candidate entitled, by the precedents
of the district to the nomination, :and
which have lbeen dishonorably disre
garded in the nomination of Col. Over
ton, with theifull knowledge of the dis
astrous effect of such action upon the
interest 4 of the Republican party of the
"The reasons governing our action will
be.more fully stated next week. The
lateness of the - time of : receiving the
reported action of iVayne eimnty, ,pre
eludes a fuller statemegfildi week.
If-there were no other reasons, Col.
9verton!s personal siatements
. to us
prior to the convention, of his motives
and intehticuis in aikiiwthe convention
of this county: naive `him for Con
press, would' govern :Lois action. - . lt is
due to the itePublic,aus of thiscounty '
ind the district that .these in mime-
Lion with al full iiiitcr rry of the case
should be giyen. We attach no' blame,
to the Bradford conferees. We have
the fullest confidence in their integnty,
and their desire to act right.
The respcmsibility for the embaras
sing situation in which the interests of
the Republican .party of the district are
phieed, "rests "entirely with Col. Over
ton, and we:do not intend he shall es
cape it. 'There is one honorable escape,'
for him. The path of duty ii plain. 4:
he chooses to walk in it and withdraiii
his candidaey, he will be , protected.
But if he
: chooses tti be urged,tm to his
politicaliriiiri by James H. Webb, whir
in a county, giving ordinarily a Repub
lican majoritiof frem 2,500 te, 3,000;
had to make a draft upon, the Demo
eratie party of 'the : amity of 'oils
thousand votes or niiire toLeket
ihe office of Register and Recorder by
a majority of iborit 360, ,and a few
other men of the party ea- rruib ita tie
in executing their purpaseA against the
papilla" will, he can take that
ed course, And in the end have hhilbeit
to blame.
.'' ':::„liiiittletiioo,-E,::::,_
/LEI ra AIM IS liNta
ar ,aramo- arixvicitX
*AM 10 tss nuniscs. 1201.
'Under the foikeeing edt, the--43eptiba
out county COUreitiXt -4:1 -Wayne County
ins reconrenell on 'Wednesday eveni*
October 11; :1882:
.sys at Wan. °own.
1111, -
S.J. TAvass., _ _1- '
CSeirese ;Zoe/Wadi rie'*le Pp/atter 'et
Inlet Ciestr; fr
Tr» lisamsiplAisraii: isofissacas‘tuk
basal must tams Seale it .
Isassu no Iressblesa Coast" Chasemittas
at as iiiiiSpessleellib ow. let the wipes
el estaslikitlieseliae44 6 te s =ssisasst
aerstesss eaA lost at October
ea. ti~!. sat sswaltely Os sates et as eau.
Sims sepsseisttme Wgrs• pawl, ia eta Caw
MMUS' Mltliii4l:ll4
lahl turv et7lllSMON.
00Z 111,111.4111 D,
ilossmat to Os forgrolai 44st, the 4.L.
otos sleeted iloPtomber 39 tkilit to arum%
the optiblioss voters
_of trot* tatty Co. o
vestige, No bisseal SOMA to mot to Coaves;
tias as this coat* Law la Nossidslo. Wsdass:
ase ~nem °etcher 11124 DIA et **tea °Wadi,
Ibr the purposes Isoottoesd to oda =. .1k
tall sttssmissoe Is dada& 11. J. T
Oct. 1,11.. Cloinsaii Esp. 00. Co.n
' In resp#,we tithe foregoing call the for
mer delegates sa officenv of the . conven
tion were all in their oasts. After the list
of delegates answered to their =we,
Judge Wilson of , one of the
conferees; stated to _the . excavation the
facts in relation to the nomination of Mr.
Overton, also the manner in which it was
smashiplitheal. The following statienmert
prepared by Mr. Jedwin was then stied to
the convention, - the telling tenths of
which were loudly 'applauded: - •
Shortly before Congress &hoisted, I
received s letter. from Col. Overton, sug
gesting that "My fences in Bradford might
need a little attention;" that 'Kr. • Searle
was there, and had so= hopes that he
owild carry the county; and advised me
to ca , me there es mom as I oadd • get away
from Washington.'
As soon thereafter as .my duties would
permit,.l went to Towanda, expecting that
Col..Chrerton'aattitade toward me would be
stated in- inbaniatially these terms: "You
and your'county I:aive given Bradford the
Congrenimml nomination for three
cessive terms, and for two 'of -these terms
it iris given to me. On this last occasion
your county, gave me a second. term.. by
directly naming me as its choice, and' the
conferees from your county firmly ,
concerted attempt on the part of, fluila
hsruia sad Wyoming to defeat _my mama
tion, followed by as organized bolt against
me. I now feel it my duty to return the
compliment by carrying Branford county.
for you."
meetingOn Col. Overton, I . announced
that I should not in any event be a candi
data against him in his own county. He
said that he - had not decided to be a can
didate, and should have no pomade object
in becoming one except to preserve his
prestige at home. If he ran, it would , be
for this purpose only, and not with a • view
to prevent mynomination. He had he
said, one or two objects in running. For
instance, any other aspirant who might
secure the nomination by the Bradford
convention would be in a position to con
trol the patronage of the county; therefore; .
mid he, I must prevent this by controling
it myself.. Then again, said . he' I must
keep myself in line, and keep others out of
line, for the nomination, when: it. again
comes to Bradford, some eight or ten years
hence, for I may then-feel like re-entering
political life. This conversation took place
Saturday morning August 19. It was then
agreed between us that we should meet on
the following Tuesday eveniag, and that he
should then decide whetherla would be a
candidate. Something, -however, precipi
tated his decision, for on Monday afternoon
he announced himself publicly u a , candi
date. On Tuesday afternoon wentet, and
he informed me of his purpose. He did
this in pecu li arly apologetic terms. -He
Said that he never felt meaner in his life
than at that moment, ineequence of
his conduct, that he was about doing the
most ungrateful and Memorable act of
his life; that his conclusion had .wholy de
prived him of his sleep the previois night,
but that he could not enter into 'any ex
planation, further than to say tharhe setts
inrolued in complications as to promises to
other parties, and must rea- "• I `- ,
Having heard his statement, I responded
that there was nothing for ' me, in this
situation; and after some further
tions in the same ye*, I said that' having
come into the county I could embrace the
opportunity of visiting some of my friends
indifferent localities. During the nest
three days I fotind a strong.sentiment pre=
veiling in favor ,of my re- nomination. On
the following Friday, and again on_ Satur
day he assured me that he had nb desire to.
go to Congress then, that he was only a
mutilate for the purpose of maintaining
his prmtigei and that aU his cOnferees
should be for me as their second choice and
he desired me to arrest the growing choice;
in my favor at ths candidate of the county.
by assuring my friends that we bad retched
an • understanding satisfactory to Myself,
and that he would guard my interests , in
rn respects.
I therefore parted from Col. Overton with
! this assurance, and with the conviction that
miervass required no further attention
Bradford county. On my return home,
'many of my friends were skeptical as to
Col. Overton's' purpose of being a candidate
in my behalf. I need not here -repeat the
current comment on the subject. I declar
ed my full confidence in Col. Overton's good
faith-440 authorizing the publication of
my views on this point in the Honesdale Cit
{un--and-did all in my power to re-asnre
the Itepublicaur of 'Wayne conity,io this
Between the date of my return and the
meeting of the conference,
inventing excuses, I learn
ed that Col.• was nventing excuses,
and ' at every pretext, however
tri ' for • au attitude of hostility to
me; and that he assumed to hold'ine reopen
'ibis forevery view that found expression,
in any form, adiiorse to his candidacy.
litirertheles4 went to Tunkluunuck ex
pecting to be nOminated at the Ara session
of the conferrince. But it soon became
apparent that my confidence in CoLOverton
was umphiced. His conferees were mani
tartly gentlemen of higkchrinicter, Wein
gem, and indepemkmce, hieing at heart
the befit interests of the Hopublicans of .
Bradford. The terms of their appointment
bound them to support Col. Overton while
he remained a caluhdate; but they all
• me of their !rapport as soon as he gave
the word releasing them from their obliga
tion to him. None of them had been given
to understand by Cot Overton that he was
not an earnest contestantior the nomination
and there wan nothing to indicate that the
."prestige" theory _had ever been presented.
to them as . the foundation of his candidacy.
On Friday,Col. Overton assured me that
he would that morning give the. Word for
his conferees, to vote for me. • But,it was
not given. —At a later hoar he *nixed
when the afternoon trains left, and propos
ed that my nomination should. be made so
that we:could leave immediately afterward:",
Before the afternoon minion, ,however, it
became manifest that theSusquehanna `
conferees had in some manner
been won over to Bradford. I was the more
morimednt this, as I had received numer
ous letters from prominent Republican" in
Suarehinna county assuring me that under
no evinnstances could Mr. Semis carry his
Mamma over to Bradford. CoL Overton's
conferees asked me whatl regarded aa their
duty in view of this impose on the put of
Surquehanna. I told , v theceo that if CoL
Overton had selected them' with the under
standing that they wernto stand by him
until he withdrew, it -wank,' be infamous
for them to desert him. At the iifternoon
sestina Col. Overton was accordingly noin
hutted by the votes of Bradford and Sus
(*hams. -
The.Conventkm then on motion resolved
heel' Woe mass-meeting, and the follow
lag resolutions were passed tuardimusly
maidst antimissile applause:"
Itestawd, tss tke Rapkikiimas of wen* SeuMy
la coarsatioa amsomai
ltur—Tbat Ossetia' et we aosboyse or ibis
ocsisty. rod= u tocibe ammattea
Its. Overton at taw moat Oostris
'Joust Costasece. Is gystmMll.
Socom—lllmo boadas of Mc Ovules- to
dbapytoved for tbs balenringlss—lt
Ins impoorsb by trick bad eosceibuit. 24-4118
Orsstslas lisailltasfi saf isa Ihree
1 1010 Id Seim aid Is me Is Wpm.
samitillisr Is Weis assillp vas mos.
slayeaslsclei as Ss or afiglit
seslosSos' So Net Jsilsos' -
las 11S- 4 / I r. aids, , rostlaisbet
Sas. ' "* C.." - CLlSirls A r is em eby ib t
on. sMas-lalllMmiftri
stalitridssis *Mats cl ussahatiak mato
his notr bribe ,ocesityyspies:-sal tbr
Me Miss is Itskrsbr frossriled6
mos Otitis lhostblos , putt ta Iltalsitsosatt e
mot to wrippoat Mt. Ovarian si the ssaillists tot
COMMIS; Isms to adopt,* truss !separatist*
rith Jandallimeltr. .
The feregaing' t iefguticis were
51:e folleenqcoltend by C.. S,
-rePreeenteir. a aitimeas!.
„ _ _ , „
Warne% enseect the Itapetakial Party
e: tosesitedl to
_gm!, •
.IPoowummiono s Nomad
allatesarellitelleleitalateelielheis I
secs se japtlysiorited .ikie enrols' of lei coal
saturate; Axe IlraanteAtategraost
the Nos. Ct. C. tha Saa so esateeteit
host[[ solo Ida its *amid sot__. 'snits
palatal DiOadollot. stioatiae
Alheeteet, That ere swat the supottiotton of
ILL aidois by theOosignosiosol Coohooso *416 1
moot= WM! 70Pos rillito of tho Tolosita•
11, de Mahe 4032,,5ty; sal that we sill ems]
by ear vow
.aelppon Ovenakeor belp-has
esta* the *Mee to betty ass hills.
Me indigo sea areoatests et the
WV. Ma „ot yid& Col. °mks mainstay wk.
to depetee' Ida '.4ast,, steases
oral vs sew oiltotrOto fOr Col; Qoalon.
aseiset, That - the lios. C. Jodula
Visoloi to ellow the TopaaWW, et the dioteick
to on asabeis sisattlasto ismas'sod
usttedlyideitga 011111111= to •91 - Ida by
our *otos sad by stlA the Mimes' ire ate
i=m:i - ANNwolv
&me dap' since. Chaim* , Esq.,
Secretary at the Oonstittdienal Antendnient
widnseted. the Imre - ;can&
Otto for theleesktani in this -county, re-,
questing their views on the subject of Our ,
stitutkasallikelitiim. "Thai fallowing are
laths repthin Ilia hare thus far been 're r
calved: •
118.. 0 J. pitman:lt, Towanda-4%1n
Sri:: I ebsTurea fully - the 'resolution puma ,
by our recent convention, and 1 . enffarse
hereby this sentiments aid . faits set fourth ,
in your letter, and whether is - the legible
hire or out of it I should feel it a, i ce sis
well as a reirgioturAuty to use my
not for the individual desires. or ,
ests of any man or men, hut for the general
good of all our people. In other wads, I
believe that no individual, company or cor
poration hes any right to legislation or pro
tection looking to the manufacture, sale or
traffic °tally commodity that breeds only
crime, immorality and danger to our great
I am, sir, verytruly yours,
B. B. Macaw..
Onwang.,, Pa., Sept. 80, 1882:
Ma. . 0. J., Corresponding
Secretary Bradford County Constitutional
Amendment ' Asiociation Dna Sm.:
Please inform the Association that the pro
position to,so amend the, Constitution hue
my heartyapproval; that I fully endorse
; the declaration of the - convention• from
aLAiichl had the honor to receive the
innatm• Ithet it is the duty of dark
lature to submit to a vote of the , ' e"
such a prop?sititm; and whether e or
I shall he glad to aid in the adoption of ,
such an amendment.. Yours truly,
} J. P. Ccomas: '
. . ,• ,
Macznora.a", Pe., Oct. 8, 882.
O: J Cumniccx—Dzsz. Sts: YoUr cotra
'sunniest/on received in relation to Prohibi
thin, I amity favor of the resolution idoPtedi
by•the RePublican Convention held at To- I
wands September sth last, and hem which
I received the nomination as a candidate
for 'the legislature. That it is the duty of the
legishrture to submit, to a vote of the people
a proposition to so` amend the constitution
of the State as to Prohibit the manufacture
and sale of intoxicating liquors except for
medicinal and mechameal purposes.
Yours truls,
.-„:„. E. J. ATSZS. -‘,
ezivros, Bradford Co., Pa., Oct. 8, 188
Ma. 'O. J. Cauetircx—Dzaa Sts: In rt.- -
ply-to yours of the 27th ult. I will sayi that
about a year ago I signed a petition Ul fa-
Vor of the proposed constitutional 'anend
rnent ion speak of, viz: Prohibiting the
sale and manufacture of alcoholic drinks
except.for medical and scientific purposes,
and am in favor of submitting its adoption
to a vote ofthe people of Pennsylvania As
early as practicable. I em in sympathy.
with every manly effort of the temporise*
people to suppress drinking habits by . .
and fair measures, without violating the
right, and principles of other law -abi ding
and tax-paying citizens. Most respectfully
Sew; Jas. DAVISON.
Warr FRANKLIN, Pa., Oct. 9, 18E.e
0.. J. Cumezcz, Eeq.—Dain Sin: .As to
the question of prohibition of the manu
facture and sale of alcoholic liquor and the
amendment of the constitution of Permayl=
vania for that purpose rheartily, approve,
and should I ever have the, opportunity , no
effort shell be lacking on my part to bring
about the much deeired object.
Very truly yours, E. IL Ca.trroX • ,
• Roue, Oct, 9,18,82.
O. J. Cunesccx--Dasa Stn: Your letter
is at hand asking me to pledge myself : for
temperance if elected. That is not zniees,
sary for me to pledge myself ' anew, . as I
am in favor of prohibition, and have been
for a good many years, and if elected will
do all in my poser to further the teiuper
ance cause. . "I'_ , •
Yours respeckfully. D. R. Woonsuas. •
LzIteveTILLE, Pa., Oct. 9,1882-,
0..1. CHUBBreli, ,ESg.—Dzas. &a: YoUr
favor of the-27t4-41t: received, and I *-
sire to say in reply that an individual who
accepts,a nondiurtion assumes the position
of a servant wro should seek to suhierve
the will of tlki..people; consequently, all
questions path - Sung to the fulfillment of the
duties of a representative Position are enti
tled to a candid and unequivocal answer.
I em in favor of a speedy submission of the
proposed constitutional amendment to a
vote of the people, and any other measure
that will conduct to the elevation • and
[practical benefits of the masses; and if elec
ted will-in my legislative action serve the
people to the best of *fray ability, aspiring
to no higher encomiums than the approba
tiveuppreciation of an intelligent constitti;
- Yours respectfully, Joint M. Lams.
The opening exercises of thilli-Centenn-,
bil celebration of Pennsylvams, will very:
properly be held at Chester, 'elie ,Monday,
October 23d, 1882. The citizens of the
thriving city of Chester, and of Delaware
county have been actively at work , tor some
time arranging an' appropriate 'form Of
celebration to take place where the great
fomider'nf the Conunonwealth, William
Penn, first set foot upon Pennsylvania. soil,
and the committee having the matter in
charge have announcediprogramme which
be muumallg-inberesting and, strews
that. Chester doeenot propose to be far be
hind tor,,buye _neighbor' in, uumiondisin' g
the great event. Monday of the BiCen
tennial week was fortunately left open for
Chester to begin the celebration, for it was
in'that old, now famous elk", that Penn
first landed, and held his first 'Aiseembly in
this State, he afterwards going to Tbiladel
phis where imwesingcerensmies will begin
on Tuesday and continue four days. Peo
ple whewish to take advantage of the low
excursion rates on all railroads by going to
Phileuleliddes on the 21st to hear the, ser
mons on Sunday, can Blip down to Chester,
only fourteen miles distant; on Monday and
see the grand opening demonstration' at
thit place.
The exerciaes will begin at 9:30 a. in.,
with .the landing of Wm. Penn, on the
acrniz. seer where Penn. landed, Oct. 28,
1684: English, Dutch, Swedes and luaus
will be present in costume of the period to
receive Penn who lands with his 'essociates
am)" meets Capt. Markham and Robert
Wide. The incident of , the naming 01
Chester, at that time called Upland, a bilk
with Tamanend, Chief of the Lanni Lenape
Tribe who lived in that vicinity, and of visit
to the Essex Bowe_, the neskleime of Robert .
Wade and to the well from whiel Penn
drank in the yard of the Essex boinii which
is still in use, will form someof the features
' , Of the landing. The house on Cheater creek ,
iirbiere Penn lived is still Standing and no
doubt will be - visited by a large number, of
Peofdec' •
Isar, PA., Sept 30; 1842.
At 1:30 a. #7,i meeting at the' grand'
stand where an appropriate oration will be
delivered by the Hon. :ohm Broomall,
to be foll Owed by: singing the Bi•cenbannial
ode by 2000 school children, =sic a
*2.044 'vend puredeleill Ink.
o w Th e s o wes * w ar seehrice - 164
twnsi .L,
ii . mi,l*--fdkiiiiint;piks - 0, *Stu*
#4 l PlAlittiAll*ifirdSlT;Ch." l o" l "''
tiba - sad - Sides digchlY eFiglitiPic the
lirallbigieif ilis various trades, Itatthen ik
fq*frativ_and. iiipi; ether interesting
t'suil'i; said li figt rigged model' of the
tteaniiiip"l7m of 'TAW which ,erea as
ab l eet i_Ha Omit .ffiterPok 4 1 the. Petiole. et
Gras 9 P I II V, 11 / 9 1 4 41 0 1 ; 16 11 /4 1 404 11 1 14 a 1
he' in tba iitierit3C l in An,. there lem be
_0•440- - P•orhk' is Alto - 0; 1 0 1 0*
Petetellt Meant ever witimesed in :Dela.
ware ummtp., ' t. ' ' ' - .i 1 • 1
At 7.1111 ix M.; a azeilptilleent eanditiaa
of Itiiiiriliewein which will, display-
ed e'member of large, end beautifil Omn i 1
cliiiiiii with icolkied figure of WM. Penn
, and the iddiWelcoMe.
,1 , !
`:.The b rhid& places in the city, about
thirtyla numier, Among! thin' the :Owe
where **et - Amembly - met will be ap
*lately wed 4 There trill alao be a
free, exhadtion of Jo* articles in the City
Hen bent ielni.: The North • etlantie
fkpemirmr.vailiter. _anchored in the river.
The eit' Jr will be in holiday attire, and a
large number of dietinOthel, gaeste will )
be present. 4 There is ample aimmumoda.
tiettet f thehetelki eon the citizens intend
heeo ll B-ePt4... _ hele* that day, 40 that there
1 0 11 he eleeadae: - 4 entestainment for visitera
$ 43 one begikthe tiiii and 111811 iii should
omit a via *43heimer on this omaskin. -
General Vr: ,
It Data was hat week .
nominated for klongress by the Thanocrats
ot the &math district.
General Getty's promotion to be ' a brigs
dier general is advocated warmly by both
General Hancock aid. General Sherman.
.EthSecretegr,, Jeunes G. Itlainesent Sena,
tor r ieseph Bream list week $5O es . his soh
scription tothkllen Hill Monument triad.
Icossuth celebrated the eighti-
Bret anniversary of his birth amithe thirty
third of his cOuleranatien to death as a
- - •
George Scoville filed iietiikin in the
County Court at . Chicago Thiirsday asking
that Mrs. Scoville be adjudged insane and
be confined in , an asylum for lunatics: On
Making oath that he I,Was without money,
Scoville was illkkaisl to file a petition with;
out payinent of the mud court fees.
General Alexander Moulton, an Ohl-this
Governor of - Louisiana, predicts that New
Orleans will gain the whole trade of the
Ong:of:Mexico, Said he with :poetic fer
vor:l ACM dorn a tree on the AzuMon
river sad one at St. • Paul and they will
meet somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico."
Hon, Robe:: L. Canuther died at Le.
, .
banen, Term.; On' Monday of last, =,week.
He was . boirnin 111880, wiis a Member of tire,
Tennessee :LegislaWre 18&i, presiden,
tial elector in 1845, 'Lk repreitentative in
1811-13;4nd was for urany years. a, judge
of the thipier#
,Corirt 4. numerate. He
was in the Confederate' Cowries, and was
a member of the, reaci)Convention of 1861.
. Governor gob2l L.- Haretow,, Of Vermont,
e .
was inauguratea at Montpelier Thursday.
Hill inaugural albinos states that the debt
of the State is . i 209,583. - It - reconunemis
the creation Of the of of Attorney
Generel for the State. It - anuidets the
subject of railroad legislation at length; and
says that the plower of the State to regulate
~corßorations cannot be denied,
though it should .be used with cantien.
favors a raihead. commission. , •
• John H. Swift, formerly a merchant of
New York; died in May, 1881, leaving, is
will whereht ha made bequests to Sedatives
iustfriends; end also gave to various reli
gious and educational societies bequests
amounting to nearlf $1,000,000. • Last
week a suit Igo begun in the Supreme
Court for a judicial construction of the
The estate Will not realize over $200,000.
The action is brought in the , nanies of the
executors under the will against a large :
number of defendants.
The mutibffity of human affairs has sel
dam been more strikingly illustrated !than
in the case of 'Governor Sprague, who but
a few years s ince was an nutectat in Rhode
Island, and was yesterday refused member
ship of the Providence &Ord of , Trade.
It is true , there were a majority of votes in
his favcr, but not the necessary three
fourths. A decade ago it would'have been
deemed almost a treason to have 'refused
Sprague anything within the Sinks of "14t
tle Rhody."
Crul's comet, which during the past
three weeks' has caused, numbers #of
Philadelphians to keep remarkably late
hours, is speeding out of sight at the
rate of abont two and a half Million
miles a day: The announcement. made
yesterday that the nucleus had sepera
ted into three fragments resulted in
some little Speculation as to whether
the fragments would scatter anctimvel
in different directions, a performance
which is not unknown to comets. :As
in this event the chances of collision
with some of those panets which lead
less 'vegabOnd hies would be multiplied
by three, the question was thought . , to
be important. •
Professor Sharpless, of flaverford
College, remarked that he '; was ;not
certain whether it had ever been Seen
before, although it very much resem
bled the comet of 1643. It ; had -not
caused any change in the temperature
of our atmosphere. As it is \ rapidly
caving the earth -the chances of ; its
doing anything to distinguish itself
before it is entirely lost to sight are
rather remote. "Technically speaxing,”
he said' "the position ()Utile visitor is:
Ascentioni 10 bouts 34 minutes; de
clination, V degrees south. Its distance
from the earth is one hundred million
miles, or, in other words, ten million
I miles further than the sun., Far as
I this may seem , plenty of stars exist one
thousand times as many miles away.
It will probably be visible far two or
three weeks more. After this time. it
may disappear, never to be seen main
by the Inhabitants of this globe,_ or it
may pay Us another'Aisit or
three years and then fall, into the :Sun.
At present the farther it gets from the
sun the iebwer it goes. On September
II it ealne within ninety million miles
of the earth and within one hundred
thousand 'miles of the stm. This is the
neareit; it has been to -either - of these
bodies: It l it is conjectured 'that it
were 41 be drawn into the sun a great
deal of-h4t would be felt on, the-earth,
but this amnia be spoken of with 'ea*
tainty. - As for its composition, it is
made uplof Sodium, carbon and a num
ber of other elements. It may be one
solid mass Or a collection of (solid
lumps like stones, attracted to one
centre. ;It is not known if it reVolves
on its own , aids - like. the earth. The
beit time to see it is between half-tast
four andfive o'clock in the morning.
The brightnesit of the tail is not. ,con
elusively Accounted for
however is a sort of atmosphere on
which the 'light probably, shitie.s."-!,—.The
Tintes. '
If rat Are Mims. take Dr. lieree's
"Pleaeani Paigative Mete," the, original
"little Liver Pills." Of all tniggista.
- .GNF,1,4410LF . ,i,N!N5;.;„,, t ': ,
oonspany of Icon"
O* Impend, are now , in ifarm‘ghani;
'forthe poi* of boiling aacnber
lean furtuice. Thin mainn-iv.
03,11,50A111) invested in the su,.—
pig iron in the firminglaon. district, .
The toini of Pawtasclukft. L, his refas
ed-Veselq charter by a makirity of
' iiirtety-six sliest. Pawtucket has a popu-
I latio', aof over 20,000 sank, and is the lar
-804 tows 004e!' town St!irinuPS'ln."#,
Bost* dispatch says that the +=tem
. - iirtmicsi of veterailli.:Of thiAliikoif
OnzOinnitor armies enamel at gulp's
g ia.ed
CemeterF Hilh, I 3 ett/liburSl called kir
the 17th and 18t1iiinstanti_has ;been poet
paned with nest year.. - 1-1 ; . 1 .
Therretunis of the vete ii:..itiuqSePtenriber
electiozi in Arkansuon t48 .. -itqlior question
have been- received by - the Secretary of
State from all but one small cOurity, as fol
lows: For license, 7S, -.:,' ; %Nut . license,
4,5,951. Orily tw,elve out ofteri:ray-four
cramties voted against licenso. - I.
Telescopie ,obarrirations - 7brike • great
comet made Sunday morning by Professor
Brooks, of the Bed House Observatory at
Phelps, New York, show the recent distur
bince in the head to be subsiding. .. The
*nucleus is now condensed and pear-shaped.
ilie tail appeared brighter then usual, with
a 'length of fifty millions of aides.• , .
- George M. •Ilmitingtori, Of Ankeshury.
Mass., his wife and four children were caw
sired fns sailboat osi thePturn Ward river,
jon Saturday bretrocq, and alf were drown
' e 4. Huntington was a carriage painter,
r -
and quite a prominent r o an . in Amesbury, a
member of Warren Lodge of Free Masons,
the knights of Honor, and was 'foremen of
Merrimac Engine,Couvany. :_ -
-The empty court at Chatters:4i, Tenn.,
last- week iricreased the reward for the
Taylor brathers, whomurdered Siteriff Cate
and his chief deputy two weeks ago, td
$7.506, which makes the total reward now
outstanding $12,500. The State .will also
increase its rewarl. The men are thought
tube hiding in the mountain ; , seventy-five
miles north of Chattanooga .1;i"
Friday Mr. Stephens, the newly-elected
Governor of Georgia, sent to the Gkri-ernor .
: his resignation of the office of Congressma n
from the Eighth Georgia district, which was
accepted, and an election to fill the vacancy .
'has been ordered for November 7. Gar:
trell, the defeati4 candidate for Governor,
will contest the election, not with the hepe
of getting*, but to show alleged frauds
and intimidation, and he hopes thereby to'
keep. Stepliens out till Mix next.
The free-trade journals profess to haVe
diacovered a western iron-worker . who al
leges that, a new process has lately been in
vented 14 which iron and steel Hammered
inAtablodm can be produced from-the ores
forty per cent. cheaper than .by any . other
method now in use,, but that this marvel- "
ions in invention is kept-out of practical use
because it would reqture eapensive .Cluinge
of plant, which the manufacturers: do` not
want,to spend
,nioney on. The object of
the story .is too - apparent.. -
• At the marriage, of a iir. and Mrs. George
Harris at Mount Meridian, Va., the bride"
refused • to say "Yes" to the qu estion
whether she would obey her uusband. She
said that she saiv no reason in such a pro
mise, and he concluded that no'hiirtnwould
be done by committing it; sincelietintended
to "make her mind anyhOw." Tvio years
elapsed, and a. few dais ago the unsettled
question arose again. George ordered his
wife to fry a chicken for dinner, and she in
sisted on roasting it. ,He brought in a
horsewhip, and declared that he would flog
her until she obeyed. She shot Ord ' •
Thirty-five thousand people attended the
York County Fair in two days. .
The Juniata ' Tribune complains • that a
marrying epidemic has broken out among
the children of that-neighborhood:
The valuation 4 taxable property in
Erie county aggregates $30,000,000,. an . in-'
crease of twenty-4ve per cent. over the
PkgUres of thre'n years ago.
A grain of cornlodged in a child's nose
six weeWago near Hanover, York county,
and whin'" removed last week it had begun
The Young Hen's Christian Association:
of Wilkesbarre are organizing a school to
give frne instructions in pennmanshikk and
book kJepini.
The entire' route of Venderhilqs new
road,' knoWn as the South Pennsylvania,
and extending from the Slisquehainut at
Harrisburg to the the Youghiogheny, 'has
been surveyed. ,
The office of Internal Tax Collector Bry
ant in Bcrinton was entered lad .„ week
during the absence of the occupants and
nearly $3OO was abstracted from the safe.
Entrance was gained through the transom
over the door.
Among the,reeent changes made )in the
post offices of the larger ; cities an additional
force of twfilvsnlien lut , been allowed at
the office' at Pittsburg; and the allowance
for runningi - expenses has been increased to
$57,110 dating from thalst of October.
huruzlments were found Friday at 'Wil
liamsport against the thiee ex-Commission
ers of Lycoudrig co . untiin a case of forgery
~It ust
and of perjury each; also in a case
of conspiracy • them as CammissiOn
era and anothe *nst them as `individ
The Brodrick colliery at Mill Hollow,
Luzern° couty, whiCh has been, full of
water for the last two years, and was pur
chased by Swoyer last Ju?e ' has
been 'Sipped out, and mining of co at in
samovill be c o mmenced at once. This
will give work to a !mire nuniber of men.
At 81ate hour ou Saturday, evening a
man named Huekshot, residing
dash; fired into . a.crowd.•of boys who had
bean annoying him, dangerundy ivounding
one and slightly injuring another. Buck
shot wail arrested and locked up for a
Mrs. Howard died iu Allegheny . on Wed- I
nesday morning of last:, week, at tha ad
-iiurced age of 106 yawl. She retained all
her faculties to the last and was sick but! a
few days before her !death._ ' Her oldest
surviving child is eighty-five years of , age,
and another son is still living at the age of
eighty years. _
The ossesiaga ust the en-Catrunis4ers
of ' , Polling county, who , on
Friday for forgery, perjpry and conspiracy,
were called up on Saturday, and the L ,
fembints filed a petition for a change- of
venue. ,The petition will be argued here
after; and the eases *dinned from the
present term. I
Francis Snyder, a p r ominent - farmer - , of
townshiN Lycoming county,
was found dead on Friday near his borne,
his wagon rust team baying Ibsen
tated down arc.erabauknumt, and Stlyder
when found bet* under the overturned
peon; fifty-sir years old and
married. • SnYdet was , intexieated when
In the cases against the Mayor 'and
Councils and the. city .of Williamsport a
cominWinise has been agreed 'upon by which
et ninal prosecutiom win *Pr and a Wt.
dame win he nakod tar, Coancilf agrgtllls
lto . fili) an answer admitting that the * streets
are, out of condition. The Civil. Court w il l
then decide as to whether the .city or the
prOperty-owners should pay for street
reran. -
—Damn c. n, at* - 11 .4 church
stifortirNabil a
i, evealio
boys au
-prsiocath* ,Tall4 ll ll
endai,-he Pnb/44 rer i l aaa a la Slll4ther l
*nig amp for thit sane offencs and the Minister shore the youth out of ehttreh.
A panag lady aerauests years of age, the
daztelter of a bawl' county
, fanterr, was
robbed of *magnificent heel of hair' one
tsight recently, : by some sneak thief who
made kis way into hermits and ad o it off
Yid* she was asleep. - The thief left a
,trot bebiad eying that the hair was all
ha *lofts!. There is no efte to the perpe
'be Stale Millers' ieisiiiation met in
OIL TalPdaY for
the discumka of toweling improvements
in Omargot . Mr. Eckert Orlin
abaw, at this city, will deliver the fifth an
imal address on Tuesday even' . •There
are over 2500 millers in • be
ing more than in any other Shift,*about
one twelfth of the entire number -in'-Vie
The liquor deale Serantosi held a
meeting at the Scranton House isest week
and organized an emaciation, called the
Personal Liberty Protective Association.
liesolu6xm were passed caidenoing the
action of the temperance unions and de
iouncing-the Sunday law and the law re
ferring to minors as unjust. The members
alio pledged themselves only to support and
I'vote far'time candidates for politicid office
who were not sudi to their rights
1 sOd PrivaehelL
Mrs. Caroline Korb,* acarfiaa, visited
Johnstown last week and ' . after careful in-
Tau cmuseniing the boy killed at that
place July 6 last, and subsexpiently taken
to Bristol for burial, arrived at the con
clusion that he was her On. She will.
Proceed to Bristol for the purpose of further
investigating, the ease. This boy bit been
variously identified as Johnny Skelley,
Willie Woalhead, Eddie Seaburn and
Prankie Daniels, while the indications now
point to his identity as the sou of Mrs. Korb.
The New York republican State platform
deelares against monopolies in much the
same language as the thuflocistic platform
in that State. This seems to show that the
anti - 4Y plank is destined to fad a
place in the national Algoma of both our
great parties in- the Presideiltial canvass
of 1883.
Young,lniiiiße aged, or old men, suffer
kig from nervous debility and kindred
weakness, should send two stamps for large
treatise,l r giving snCeessful treatment.
liFouteir Dismicsimir Mimic/L. Asixict/-
-tws, Buffalo, N. Y. ...,
An Irish Republican Club, numbering 32
meow, has been organized at Scranton.
A. good medicinal tonic, with real merit,
is Brown's iron Bitters, so all druggists say.
eolcked marching club has been organ
ized in 'Pittsburg. under the: name of, the
Beaver Guards.
*Lynn; Mass., always was a goo& place
for health, but it has become a 'modern
Bethesdit since Mrs. Lydia E. Vinkbam, of
'43 Western Avenue, made her great dis
covery of the Vegetable Compound, or
Tanabe& for the principal ills that affl i ct the
fair creation. This differs, however, from
theancient scene of marTelonseureain this
important particular: The healing agent,
with all its virtues:, can be seat to order-ly
express or mad all over the world.
The Democratic papers now begin to
speak well or Gen. Butler, the Democratic
nominee for Governor of Mass. - Those
editors eat crow with a relish truly won
"derfuL—Traverly Advocate. .
Relief in five minutes in every case:
patifying, wholesome relief beyond &money
mine. Cure begins from first application,
and is rapid radical and permanent. Ask
for Sanford's Radical Cure. Complete for
A Republican club bas been formed in
Cbambersburg, the home of candidate
Stewart. A majority - of. - the Republican
.voters of Mr. Stewart's ward are members
of it, and already over' 306 names are on
the rolls.
O*ly Vero Bottles.
Messrs Johnson, Holloway Co., Co., whole
sale druggists of Philadelphia, Pa., report
that some time ago a gentleman banded
them a dollar, with a request, to send a
good catarrh cure to two army :officers in
Arizona. Recently the same gentleman
told them that both the officers and the wife
of Gen John C. Fremont Governor of Ari
zona, had been cured of catarrh by the
two bottles of Ely's Cream Balm.
How the Democratic' papers like to mag
nify, the size of the so called ; Independent
Repybliean meetings. They expend more
lahor on the latter than they do on their
own. A word , to the true Republican wise
is sufficient
Cream Balm reduces , inflamation.
Sores lathe nasal passages are healed in a
few days. °Catarrhal headache is dissipat
ed. Sense of smell, taste and hearing are
restored. Price 30 cents. Apply into
ncstrels with little finger. -
Notwithstanding Mr. Stephens's large
majority in Georgia the vote cast, appears
to 'have been unusually. light. In some
places less than 50 per cent., of the voters
went to-the polls. The greatest indifference
was shown among the colored men.
"Lodita Tosic."
The Great Female Remedy is prepared
by the 311Teenen's Medical Institate of Buf
falo, N. Y., and is their favorite prescrip
tion fer_ladies who are suffering from Inv
weakness- or complaints common to the
sex. it is sold by druggists at $l.OO per
bottle. Ladies can obtain 'advice free.
Semi stamp for names of - those who have
been cured. ,
;;The Executive Owimittee of tile New
York State Labor party has ordered a meet
ins of the whole committee to be held in
cnecity of Rochester on Monday, October
9, for the purposeof agreeing upon a cam
paign, with the view of electing member's
of Assembly.
.Fear Not.
All kidney and ;urinary complaints, es
pecially Bright's Disease, ,Diabetes and
Liver troubles, Hop Bitters will surely and
lastingly cure. Cases exactly like your own
have'been cured in your own neighborhood,
and you can find reliable proof at home of
what Hop Bitten has and can do.
The Denwmatic - Organs all over thO conn
tii are in a torah) state of treViciAtioP fPC
fair the party will not take advantage Of
eta present opportunity to get back into
power. They urge the promising of; all
sorts of reforms, and beg indiscreet leaders
to keep silent for a short time. Their
eagerness foi the spoils is pitiful to behold.
Ferried Performance.
Mau/ wonder bow Father's Effinger Tonic
can Perform such varied cures, thinking it
essence of ginger,. when in fact it is made
from vahable medicines which act bene
ficially on every diseased organ.
The canvass of Wal E. English for Con•
great in the Vllth Indians Wet it not
prospering% so well as was expected. He
has Wade a bad &lire as a speaker and
his had totrost to others to talk. for him.
P044e4 1 1 0 41 4 Is4llki 1 440 to.contend
with: itr. Peel* the lietodaicoq c4n4l
- is makings line canvass) and wgl be
reelected unions overcoats by the emyypt
use of money.
-*first 1114eieerhurt of he,retumers
tot heeklip sufferekl# : thacWies
mender, -in-Ate
and' f 4 the Indepebdea
:eles selft Wiultraliaphittr st
Met the ethii - 4sy' Senater'Steirsirt
Rijiblicon'asnait,h4 iceleeer
nce;iiieente iloentbueieetielik
sicced eloquence that he struck.. the large
knuckle cilia little fin* with next force
upon the table before him. Next .day it
began to pain' him, and a surgical eansi- ..
nation revealed the
_feet that the ksitetkle
! had been broken by the blow. It was at
mace set,
.Imt it'or some time the Senator
have to emphasise his remarks by gestures
wit.~ 4- 1 !,g404 Ya4d:77PE1...k554,5;
llew tIS!r itS.
`,, •
1 ,/AK
Absolutely Pure.,
Mitt powder never series.- A 'marvel oipority.
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in
competition with the multitude of low test. short
weight, alum or phosphate powde . rs . sold only
in cans. Haub DArtllo POWDZR Co. 204 Wall
street Wijuirs2
14 1 A.R3,1 FOR, SALE. Containing
G 2 acres, 47 welt iinproved, comfortable
buildings, plenty fruit, •good , water; l); miles
from the village of Tarrytown. 3 miles from
Wyalnaing station on L. V. R. B. Apply to
Oct 5-ew' Terrytounißradford Co... Pa.
AZ .4.--3;. . .•, •
. ~........,,,,,....
, •v.,........: t-..1.',#4,'"...."-:::--; - : - '
.11‘- .Y. --- '::,..: - . - ‘. ::. 1 . '
1 . 4 •('--- -. . 4- ,, t -R
1_ • . i ,:. vp...:'-...t. ) 4:y
1.- V v . t" ;;•-• ' ' ..-y 7 r! i
\,.., ... 1: !: c - . - f,..71 r , 1 .:,, ! • - -..,- -- '
OPERATES WITH ENEtioir, u - rox.rnE KID
The cause of most human ilia, and curing when
physicians. hospitals, and all other methods and
remelles fail. Scrofula or Ring's giro. Glandular
Siedlings, Ulcers. Old Sore*, Milk Leg, Mercurial
Affections; Erysipelas . Tumors. Abscesses. Car
buncles, Bolls, Blood Poison*, Bright's Disease,
Wasting of the Kidneys and Liver, Ithenthstism,
Cqnstipstidn, Piles, Dyspepsia, and all itching
and Scaly.
of the Skirt and - Scalp.--such as Salt :Rheum.
Pactitssia. Tetteritingworm. Barber's Itch. Scald
Head, Itching Piles; and other Disfiguring and
Torturing Humors. from a pimple to a' scrot
alittc ulcer, when assisted by druccriza and Car-
Soap. the great Skin Cares. :
A sweet. unchangeable Medicinal Jeiley, clears
off all external evidence of 7Dlood Humors, eats
away Dead Skin and !lath, linitantly illays Itch
ing and Irritations, SoftenriSooths. and Heals.
Worth its weight in gold . Sur all Itching Dis
eases. • .
An F.xquisite Toilet. Bath, and Nursery Sens.
tire. fragrant with delicious Sower odors and
healing balsam. Contains in Is, modified form
all tho virtueslif Cynctsk. the great Skin Cure,
and is indispensible in the treatment of Skin and
Scalp Diseases, and for restoring, preserving,
and beautifying the complexion and skin.' The
only Medicinal Baby Soap.
CL-riCtite. Iticars.Dres are the' only real cura
tives for diseases of the Skin. Scalp ,and Blood.
Price: Cerrunak litzkokvmar, $l,OO per bottle;
Cusursa, 60c. per box; large boxes, $1.00: Cirri
trek Mamma. To/um -- )Sok..v. eralcraa
Mzoicksal. Sukcinu Soap. iBZ. Bela everywhere.
Depot, WEEP k POTTEIL Boston, Mass, .
Sanford's Radical Curg.
For the Immediate Relief and Permanent Cure
of every form of Catarrh, from a vsinfple Bead
Cold or Influenza to the Loss of Smell, Taste
and hearing. Cough. Bronchitis, and Incipient
Consumption. Indorsed by Physicians, Chem
ists. and Ifedicel Journals throughout the
world, as the only complete ellernalaud
nal treatment.
One bottle Radical CUre, one box Catarrhal
Solvent and Sanford's Inhaler. all in one pick=
age, of all druggists for $l. Ask for Sanford's
Radical Cure. WEEKS & POTTER, Boston.
Gentle jet Effective. united
i< with Beating Balsam. ren.
• , f . hundred times superior to
-.'- all other plasters for every
--• ._ Pain. Weakness and,lzitlato!.
gPtice, 25
c ents.
Sold. everywhee. .
- .
presents for thi, inspecflon,
_of buyers, the
Rewly,Made- Clothing
To be found in the market: His stock is select
ed from the best makersin the trade; fs of the
finest quality and cannot be surpassed in ele
low yenta.
minie of
hei styles
Bei enibl ng
edf, leea to' give buyeted on a by
rs the ad =street at
vantage of this in low paces. - -
HIS STOCK consists df every grade of Hews
The 11123 T LLNIR ever offere
I ; 4 8.
Clite.—the largest line ever opened in To.
trawls. A Inn line et
lea's 11 ndervear apd Fainisking Goods
J: Gloves and Mltteniii Trunks, Tray
elhtg Bags, Umbrellas, dte.,&e.
w. invite, inspection. ;onfldent that we au;
piesse the Ocnseit
I.P, 91.
~ , ':IIAOPLAT K. 11,.T1N1 - MAKE.
liol4 t
Way Am"
Mkt: Vast
_ .
9.30.A.r....T0wanda, .
.... Win ro4i.
9.44 . tur. Monroe_
5,188 8.59 , •••• Kastoritovra
8.54 " Grt.nrirocief
5.4 C! 11.4.6 "
eSA eWSir "
" ' Lastoks„..
4413 X 21... LoniValleViant
,3.30 t l Der. :Toot of Plane.
• ladle Ates that trains do not .
• F. Y. LlioN
)3tp . t atd ya. r, 1-.4r t „ .7. h
TO TAKE tiercus JAR. lit,
• .P.M. A..x. A 4.
insissrsl'alls _ 2.f).s• 1. , k, .... i ,..
T ,..
Build* • -• 1 Sc.) 5 .3
Rochester 0.15 if.,:.,
. j. . ;
Lyons " - .... ..
Clesiera.. 6.36 1: .., ..
Lthscs.. ' 8.33 1 J.....
..... .
Latour:l 5.1 s 31.f, - ,
% mo o.. .... -.... ........ ....:, r. :•O 1 ::•', .... ..
„ . .
-9.1 k, i.C. ~,o , 3. i . ,
WaArtaly . ...... 9.45 2.1 , ~,,,, 4l:
Sarre , :i9.2 , / 2.".... ;., 4. .. 1.
... /0.35 2.,.4 ;...7 4 ..... 4
Athens ..
••;:.% ... . .
ter/sada _
,104 f. 3.001043 sgs
gryssirktmg ; ..... IG.c4 g m
Iltsadteir fitosee . 11.,......
Frenehtown - •••• 1...... -
/ , , ...
Wyslusing 4.. %''. 11.30 543
LACeyviner: .._. .... ....... ... 1.1.42 . 3.1.7L.f , 4.a
fflatlleril eitd y ........ ....,... , :1;- t. ,,,...
Kesboppen ' -4.1'1 1.1(.. c-;,z,
Meboopany ..... 1:,I., s . ,p 5
Tanklivinoek • •12..fts' 4.,:z : ..-1.. -:1s
LaGrange 1 - .10 7 ,...,,,, •
Palls 1.. i -71;
L. & B Jnactson .. ......... -1.05 5,2., 1.4 , .. 4. , 4
Wilt-. - 44.Itarre 1.3.5 5..2.1 - f ,-
3111,CLCEI f.lhlilllll • 3.45. :.:1.7. , lig'
Allentown • 4.44 15.'.'J L'...4 1:2,1.4
Betbietsen .... 5.0.5 5.4:. E.... 4 13.::
Easton.' . , 5.30 ..,..! ~ 40,1 !: ,
Philadelphia -, • #.5.5 11.1.40 ..4. , ..24
Mew York • 5.c.)5,.•- ..... ~...r.,1, "
-- A.M. P.M. i ,. .11.P.11.
- -
bie;ii Tort.
L k 8 Junction 1,3-5 n.u: 2:22,1u
Falls ... . -.27
Timkbannocit .......
iiehoOpany.... ... -• 9.'21; ....
KelitiOppen • . ?.27 - 11.3
atitiner's Eddy.. 5.4.;
LeCeriine ,^4 ..
Wysluting ...
Stgifdptitone:..: .....
Wyss ng -
Towanda - •
171 stet
Athens ~.
Mara .
Siigara ......
No. 31.1eaves.Wralasing aVicV.P., A. M.. Frau.
tnwa. G. 14, Rn.tamerlield 6.23, S,tand I ra
Wrgautingt6.4o. Towanda
M144 1 -.7c,1..6.; Atheas 1:25, &iyre.
ly 7455; attiring at Elmira 5:50.. A. M..-
. • re: 31 leayeal7lmlrs 5:15 P. 11.. 'Wzverly
81111)7136:15,;Atbana 6:20. 111.1 art
Towanda 6:55, Wysatik.ittg 7:45, Star es
7.14, kumiaertield 7 :23, arr
Mg at Wyalusiog st . 7 :45.. P. M.
tirattun3 and 15. inn daily. tilefFangcai
trains e and 15 between Niagara Falls sad I
delphis and-between Lyons and New York
out changes. Parlor cars on Train,
between Niagara- Palls and Philadelphia • .
ont change. and through coach to sad' '
Rochester via tyona.
Just received a car -I.Oad of superior him
Nog is the time to bu* the belt harrow put
ossw for preparing your. Wheat grounds. 0
I will pay for itself in one season
The Improved Kalamazoo Floatinz. Adjai
Tooth and Plated tiarro* is the very best
J. K.. BUSH..
xos.l and 9, Bridge St.
4 11,11raad Thr.e;•Table::
TAxts EnicT 1,2
- -
15 9 i ;
.. -6.30
..... .
... 9.5,) 4r.7
• • .. .
- •
..• 4AS
5.2.5 12.40 2.1 i
5.3 v
. 6.IU ....
- f.r.s(k 4.1 C
11.4 t, 17.. , :t •
- 1. 0 73 9:25
P.!11. P.ll. 4.M.
Hem; Pa.. Ji.n. 4 2; 15142. Da. k N, Y. IL L
lesale.and 'Retail Dealer
T O.IV ANp 4, P A
Spring Tooth Harrov
Miller's Sulky Spri
Tooth. Harrow.
Wittiand• w•ithgnt SEEDER ATTACIiIii.V:
This is the very best Sulky 'Spring Toot)
row in the market. It is well worth tile
nion of farmers, and no one stoultiluyt
harrow before inspecting this. It !tag . 1E4 4
advantages over ali others, an 4
Seeder and Malay Harrow is wati, , ut'A
Send for eircularkand piices. •
•TSE _
Wiard , Chilled . PI(
This splendid plow has' invariably L.
this season in.coispetition with ttli.. , tt,
tng chilled plows, fultrjestified all, that
claimed for it.
COlt.firtl)*(ohio) 131
gees: ;4
I am agent for these superior
vite attention to their claims-.
Call - and see my Whitney_ Open and
ides, Gorton Carryall, and PlatlortY
have wagons as noodisolon can get mutt
der. and et much less prices. All war'
be Annable " whale:bone" wagons.
Auburn Farm WaL,
,best Farm aml, Lumber IVII; 0,1
mutat. 1.
;Grain Drills.
ranters' Favorite and - Far teu Grits V!
sty timers-wish
.to buy s ao ,, a. '
the wholesale price of other drills, 1
moilste them.
Special' inducements to cash toyerg
goods in u line 1
• car load of Fresh Cement.
Braiding Paper'. Vermin Proof car
• WM. lot prices and eirculirl.. (pr
ins ,"
j .
R. M.: WEL
To*lda, Ps , Anent /5,./,'ie2-ttr
-Who but had 21 jearseiperienc., iv th ,
business. has opened a ator:‘ and i•evail
In Nutters Block. Fret war 4. .I
fileCabe's marble ••isr.ii) and s6lielts th ,
age of therphblic. lie has been In the
Ilessri; Frost for the part eitzliteen. )
feels cquildent that be eau give rutin
( WAX filtd.ritteE. .-
_..a keep a stock of Ness'`Goi
Aran r catalogue for customers st
vanes tn Vannfacturers wicee. C
Me at tato ere in want of U• 2 l 4 iri gi
GOOdkd -
24ini82t SETWOVE
7i;c1;c:: -
vit Tn.
,3 9 Vs),
tlGa maz
? Y-
ANT %..1 L .
Pep. C.. 41 1 ,,
C - 47
1 '44
.:1 *3; 4
.42, 1
LA : r. , 4.7
; 8 30.
1u 54.....
3.a9 110:. .4 43
. • 4.ari .
4.4 u 11.41 r,