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.% DSON HOLCOMB. Pitorvirross.
'C.' , IS. L. TRACY, I
CHAS. U. ALLEN, Asiociato Editor.
"Reasonable taxes,lionest FlTenditures, com
petent ofticfrs, and no stealing.',— harpers
•it Entered in tine Post 04llee at remands is
Republican, State Ticket.
FOR oorza.xon.
Opor. JAMES A. BEAU EH, of Centre Co
WILLIAM T. DAVIES, of Bradford Co
dolphin. -
JOHN M. 'GREER, of Butler Co.
Republican County Ticket.
(Subject to deciaion of Congressional Conference
E. J.-AYERS. •
The Democratic convention at Laporte
last week made the following nominations
Senator, James Deegan, of . Laporte ; Rep;
resentative, B. S. Collins, of Dushore
District -Attorney, A. Logan Grim, oi
Laporte.; Jury Commissioner, John Ifullanl
of Elkland. , _
The great west is
-big in all ita attribute
and, commercial enterprises, and even its
amusements appear to attain to mammoth
proportions. The Denver merchants have
just entertained, four thousand merchant
guests at a barbecue. It must be. admit
ted that this was a sizable supper party.
The Maine election, taken . in connection
with the pending one in Oregon, seems to
show that the complexion of the next
Congress is not likely to be so . certainly
Democratic as some of the reactionary jour
nallof the middle States had beef' Jakin.
foe granted. The State of Maine affords a
good test of the tone of the national senti
ment, and has long done so.
The Republican victory in Maine grows
larger as the returns Como in and" the gains
made by the party are: simply immense.
Such a whirlwind and general overthrow of
an opposing party as the Republicans have
brought about is an omen which gll true
Thipublicans in Pennsylvania cannot fail to
obierve without a feeling of confidence of
like success in November. Success will
come, and Maine but speaks the signal of
increased Republican unity and strength.
There iS ; probabirnorailroad in course of
construction in this State that has shown
such a heterogeneous mixture of workmen
As the Pine Creek road. Hungarians and
Sweeties, Italians and Greeks,. Scythians
andllarbarians, the Hittities - and AmoriteS,
Mongolians and Malays, Caucassians -and
Ethiopians, have all been pressed into the
service. We now learn that negro women
dressed in male attire are also swinging'the
mattock. At least - one such case has come
under our ncrtice. She is employed under
the Malone Brothers'contract, and goes out
with the pick anti shovel with the boys and
does her (lays work With the rest. Malone,
the boss, declares that she,is one of the best
men on the works.-11 - illiAnispirt Sun.
The Lewisburg Chronicle, published at
the home Of Charles S. Wolfe, says: "We
have conversed, lately,' with ; a number of
staunch republicans, hitherto supporters of
the Independent movement, and unswery
lug persontil friends of Hon. Chas. S.
j Wolfe r whd have, after mature l l-and calm
deliberation; made up their minds to support
the regular Republican ticket;:: Their
reasons are,,that a vote for the Independent
ticket will be an indirect vote for Pattison,
and the., triumph of our mutual political
foe. Thfs is the correct view of the matter;
and while We do not charge intentional
duplicity on the part of any one who may
vote the Independent ticket, we' ask all to
look the issue squarely in the eye, and see
if our view is not the correct one. Unless
a change takes place in -favor of the Jude
pendents abSolutely miraculous in its char
acter, they cannot hope, to come off victo
, rious in November. Their entire vote will
be just that many taken from the Republi
can party and checked off to the credit of
the Democratic party."
If the Independents are a minority of the
Republican party, as they have officially
proclaimed themselves to be, it is difficult
to under:4lnd by what, title they claim the
right to control the organization. If they
are a majority it is equally difficult to see
what advantage they gain by . placing
themselves just where the bosses want then . ;
outside the party, and sacrificing all the
advantages of position. So long asiparty
machinery was used to prevent a fair con
test inside the party, revolution . was the
only . resource ; but the mere dread-that a
fight inside the party might not lead to full
success at once, does not justify . revolt.
Lasting reforms are slowly made. If the
Democratic party is too hopelessly corrupt
to be worthy the Independents open .sup
port, and: the Independents have always
declared that this is true, it would seem •to
an ordinary intelligence as though their
only hope lay in the remodeling of the Re
publican party. If this is their piirpose
they-seem to have gone one step farther
than the old philosopher, who, while sure
he could move the world, wanted a place . to
stand on while the feat was performed.—
Delaware Republican.
The Deliartme Of Agriculture in its
September reportfVestimates the Winter
wheat crop of the country at 380,000,000
bushels, and the Spring wheat at 1:10,000, •
000, a total of 520,000,000, or 22,000,000
greater than the yield of the season of 1880.
These figures are from a conservative source
and probably too low, but with a wheat
yield of no more than 520,000,000 bushels,
and the of lower prices in foreign
markets, owing to the improved expecta
tions of the crpp in France, Germany, and '
Hungary, it will not be in the power of specu
lators to forcej wheat up to- $1.50 a bushel
this winter. Some who live upon the re
turns of more or less successful "operations"
in the 'produce market are asking whether
great crops and low prices are an, unmixed
blessing. It is safe, to say that the workers
and producers of ' the country, even the
grain producers, have nothing tolear from
such a combination of circumstances ; and
so long as the laws afford no protection
against the evils of speepktivo juggling
with articles of prime necessity, there is
cause for general satisfaction that this
wholesome end is reached through the over
flowing bounty of the earth.-
1 ' ',
It appears that discusskin of the
question of c the rights of Bradford
County to elaim the nomination for
Congress fOr:the coming term, is not to
be tolerated by certain local Republi
can leaders. I NVe have said nothing in
our 'columns that we were not warran
ted in saying by the acknowledgement
of the Bradford County candidate him-'
self. His complaints of us are extreme
ly unreasonable andi witbimt -just cause
or provocation. '
We Are informed that. unfavorable
comment has been made by Col. Over
ton and his friends, upon the non
appearance of Cot Overton's name - at
the head of our columns as the choice
of Bradford county for Congress. We
assure all such that the fact; hai no
significance whatever, so far as we are
concerned. The omission was entire
ly an oversight. Our attention laving
beciallled to it, we now place it there,
and 14pe we shall hear no more com
plaindon that score.. ,
Wq-have received a communication,
on thci subjeet of the management of
the affairs of the coint7 making grave
charges, inferentially, against the Board
of County Commissioners. As the
chargesiare nOt speciffe, and only in
direct, we decline to publish the com
munication. If however, there are
proofs upon which - charges of wrong
can be established, they should be
made over it responsible signature.
In such case we will publish them as a
matter of duty in public interest.
Our democratic opponents, says the
North American, seem to' have done
all their rejoicing in advance' over the
calcilation as to the prospect of their
carrying a majority in the next Con-
gress. and the prospect now appears to
be slowly and gradually unfolding that
the Republicans will be able r to hold
their own in the lower flou'se and
tain a clear majority in t itle Senate.
As usual, therefore, the Democratic
politicians -let the cat out of the bag
too soon, and thus spoiled their own
The Republican State Committee is
organizing a vigorips campaign to be
prosecn , ted- inchistriously up to the
leection. Chairman CoOpel. - announces;
that Senators Frye land Hale, of Maine,
Secretary Chandler, Senator. Logan,
Senator Allison, (and other eminent
t i
speakers w`
ill speak in the State for the
Regular ticket.. A Eina'nce Commit
tee composed of tWo members from
each county has been appointed,and held
their first meeting at the Continental
Hotel, in. Philadelphia on Tuesday last,
to make arrangements for the prosecu
tion of the ;campaign in their respective
counties. Hon. Edward Overton and
Capt. B. M. Peck are the members
from this county.
Tile Honesdale (citizen of Thursday
last, republishes an' ediforial from the e
Scranton Republican on the subject of
the Congressional question in this :dis
trict, and•makes the following temper•
ate and fliir comments upon it:
Elsewhere we re-publiSh an article from
the Scranton Repitb/iccin ' on the congress
ional nomination in this. district, and Mr.
Jadwin's claims to a
,secend term. As the
editor of the Republican is 'also a member
of the present Howse, he has special oppor
tunities of knowing the nature and extent
of Mr. Jadwin's official duties, the manner
of their performance, and the full measure
of his services to his constituents. On these
points, therefore, his views are entitled to
great weight.
As between Mr. Jadwih and his competi- r
tors in the other counties of the district,
the Republican presents the case as it nat
urally appears to one outside the dictrict.
We have reason to believe, however, that
this competition, especially on the part of
Bradford, is apparent rather than real.
The presentation of Col. Overton's name
was undoubtedly for the purpose of sus
taining his prestige as against rivals in his
own county, rather than 'with a view to de
priving Mr. Jadwin of the re-nomination to
which he is justly entitled, and reducing
Wayne to the grade .of a congressional
"yearling.'", The Republicans of Wayne
are unwilling to believe otherwise, and will
be slow to do so until future developments
force a different conviction upon them. At
the same time, they are not a little disap
pointed to find Bradford lacking in the ap
preciation which they regard as due to
Wayne, in view of the past relations be
tween the two Counties. Mr. Jadwin ex
presses the utmost confidence that Bradford
will act in good faith toward Wayne, and
join in re-nominating hini. He certainly is
in a position to know the "true inwardness"
of Col. Overton's candidacy, and his views
of ;the situation should be accepted by his
friends, until the appearance of conclusive
i l ,
reasons for regardin i t as erroneous.
The coin tents of the Citizen,
present the.situati n as we are given
to understand it. ' We feel, that fol
lowing the usages of the' party, Mr.
Jadwin' is entitled to a second nomina
tion. In saying this, we do not wish
to be understood 'as being personally
hostile to Col. Overton. With us it is
only a question of what will be best
for the interests of the party .in the,
present juncture. If the nomination
properly belonged to Bradford for, the
coming term Col. Overton would melt
1 •
with no opposition from .us. He i ac
quitted himself honorably in'Cc' Ingress
and left a good Mcord. , He stands
high in the estimation of his fellow
members, and his services are acknowl
edged and appreciated by his consti
tuents. But there are Strong reasqns,
founded in justice andtight, why Mr.
Jadwin should not be tlitt off with one
term, and Wayne made a "yearling.
_lf Mr. Jadwin had failed of his duty ! as
- a Representative, or had so cenducied
himself officially as to render him , dis
tasteful and, objectionable to his non
stituents, no law or isage would 0 1-
gate them to ' re-nominate him. cßut
no such allegation is Made. On the
contrary, he is 'swathed the credit
throughout his districtind outside of
it, of being an efficienit lindustrious;
and painstaking inember.l That his
votes have been uniformlfr right, no
one will deny. We say ohly, that it,
would be unwise to ove 4 rst4 the usages
of the district and defeat Mr. Jadwin's
nomination. In saying this, we cast
no reflections upon the individual mer
its of any other Candidate. We tire
assured that there is no'' disagreement
'or misunderstanding- between Col.
Overton _and M. Jad*in, and that
their friendly relations are not disturbed
in any way by the candidacy of 'the,
former in this county:
,W,e pave. hat
confidence in all the candidates prften
ted, to think that they would ilot steop
to any dishonorable means to achieve
a nomination unfairly.; The gentle
men named as conferees froin Brad- ,
ford are intelligent and hon'rable men
who will aim to so act as to protect the
interests of the Republican: party and
insure success in the district. They
'canna fail to know how public send
went, stands 'in this county on the
ConOessional tplestion, and to fully
realize the consequenceof disregarding
it. No action should be taken by candi
dates or conferees thit cannot be de.
fended upon principles of right and
justice. He who attempts to dictate
or advise any other course, hazards the
success of the ticket, and not a true
friend of the Republican cause. Ban
ish, Prejudice; banish biekerings, and
misrepresentations poured into the ears
of candidates to stir up anger. purgue
the straight road , of justice and right
and be well in the result.
The work of dredging the river betweeni
Wilkesbarie and Forty FOrt having been
finished, the survey to the State line will at
once be proceeded with. John pager,
Government engineer, has charge of this
survey, and' has opened an office in Pittston.
Yesterday the men und l ex him entered upon
their duties. :They are' to be divided in
three squads, Working at, different points,
and expect to Complete the survey in about
two months. „An appropriation of $15,000
was made by the Goyernnient, through
Congressman Scranton's efforts, for the
further prosecution of tide Work, it will be
After the survey is completed, of coulso
a much larger sum will be required to dq
the dredging and 04'0,- ecessary vgfirk, but
if the project shall b e echied pdcticable,
this ought to be r :ly obtained. The
channel cleared beloW Vilkesbarre has re
mained open thus far, ind the government
engineers express pelect confidence that
the improvement will
.l e permanent: ) , ` The
scheme of making thT i Susquehanmi- navi
gable has been long To4el, with varying
opinions. Now that ‘i . is . being pushed,
with a prospect of early ciimpletioit, the en
terprise assumes additional importance,'and
much greater interest i$ manifeoed therein
than ever before.—PitistonlGazette. '
At Creedmoor on Saturday there were
four entries for the Hilton trophy, being
the Pennsylvania, the Michigan and,iNew
York teams, and a team from the division
of the Atlantic United- States army, ,Tbe
Pennsylvania tenni won by a score of 988
against 984 for the Michigan, the next
highest. ; For the inter-State military
.the Pennsylvania, Michigan and
New York teams contested. • The Pennsyl
vania team won this also, with a; score of
989 against 981 for New York and 965 for
'Michigan. For the two gold medals offer-:
ed by two leading business firms of New
York, one to the man making the highest
score in each team, the regulars and substi-,
bites of the American and;' British riHd
teams aide contested. In thS British team,
Callwell Won. with 172 points.l Dolan, of
the American team, won wittit: 85 points.
The Americans fired but Seven shots at the
200, 600 and 1000 yard ranges, while the
Briti'sh fired ten shots, which accounts for
the difference in scoring. ;
Tho 'contest at Creedmixir lips ended as
most people expected from the first that it
would end—in the success of the, visiting
marksmen. They hav4i won the match,
and they have Wen it by a inmAsome mar
gin. When at the close of the first day's
shooting the Americans we only nineteen
points behind, there seem to be, a-fair
chance that they would agreeably surprise
their desponding friends, and that even if
they did not win, they would make the
match a close one. • When it camp to the
long•range shooting the British marksmen
shot ahead, and at the chise of the match
they had 1975 points to their credit, as
congiared with 1805 scored by the Amer
The frauds in the voting list from the
FOurih and Fifth wards that have been
developed by the United States authorities
in this city, says the Philadelphia North
American, are in that portiOn of the city
bOrdering on - the commercial front of ihe
Delaware river which is devoted to sailors
boarding-houses. 1 While the names assess
ed pretend to include all the sailors Who
were in the habit of stopping at those houses
when in port, the real truth. is that when
election come; the sailors "fire personated
by repeaters engaged in the interests 'of the
Democratic candidates. .
That we have net been guilty of the least,
exaggeration as regards the rapid stiides ofj
the. city of Chicago toward commercia l
power and supremacy may be seen by a
statement contained in the
.report of. the
post-office agent who was sent from Wash
ington city by th( Postmaster-General to ,
investigate the condition of the Chicago
postal service. This agent reports the
tonishing fact that as is distributing office
Chicago exceeds in importande NeW York,
Boston and Philadelphia combined.; The
statement seems incredible, and yet it comes
from an official source..
It may be noted with excusable satisfac
tion that the share of these r anty
honors won by the American marksmen
last week at Creedmar were carried off by
he Pennsylvanians, who were victorious in
the Intei-State • match, open to the army
and to the National Guard, and who,;, also
succeeded in securing the Hilton trophy.
In view of this double victory, the superi
ority of their:nuAsmanship will hay be
Sir Garnet Wolseley has justified his boast.
He promised that the Egyptian campaign
should be ended on the 15th of September,:
and it was. Luck has stood by him to the,; Arabi is a prisoner ; the colonels hive
laid down alms ; the potables have assured
the lasilive of their loyalty ; the fellaheen
have returned to their ploughs ; Cairo has
surrendered, and the safety of its Christian
inhabitants is assured.
The Democrats of Texas have so reap
portioned the CongresOpnal.districts of that
State, for the purpose of carrying the whole
of them, that there is , a mere chance for
such a reaction a's may 'show that they have
overreached` themselies: It is said tluit
the 'Republiciiis will probably elect three
of the members by the aid of Independent
The Harrisburg. Teleigaph calls attention
to tho fact that w as the Committee of
One Hundred Who'discovered the almshouse
steal in Philadelphia, and not Pattison. To
be sure, it was Pattiso i n's business as Comp
ttroller, but he neglectiid it;and so the Com
mittee of One Hund • I - had to find it out
for Pattison.
The next House of Representatives will
consist of 325 voting embers, of whom a
majority will be-163. There,will be in that
House 121 Representatives frOm the solid
Southern States. Republicans must see the
importance of holding every Congressional
distridt possible in 'Pinusylvania.
Dr. 'Doane announces that ha is out of
politics and will not make any address du
ring the pending canipiiign, in favor of the
Independent.-- Williamsport Danner.
We are . keeping a sharp lookout for; a
gleam of Democratic sense, or some faint
indication that the leaders of the Demo
cratic party are not hopeless. —BOsion
Senator -Mitchell, should imitate the ex
ample of the Lewisburg Chronicle—repent'
and support the Republican ticket. It is un
wise, unpatriotic and suicidal to aid the
Democrats by voting for Stewart.—Potter
The declaration iu faior Civil Service re
form and the - prinCiples of Andrew
Jackson — 7 " to victors belong the spoils "—is
enough to make a .wooden Indian relax the
lineaments of his lumber physiognomy.:—
Scranton Republican.
The legislature'elected in. Maine Monday,
it is, said, will be one of the able4t the
Statii has ever had. Both parties, and
especially the jteptildican, nominated strong
candidates. This is one of the most gratify
ing results of a doubtful'canvass.
There is a delightful breeziness about the
platform of the -Lackawanna Democrats
that cannot fail to command the admiration
of Chairman Hensel if he' Will only spare
sufficient time from the arduous labor of
'the photograph campaign to study it. -
The Demucratic camp is marshalling its
forces and girding for united, warfare upon
the common enemy of the democracy, the
people and good gov,Ornment —Binghamton
Leader. The - abov4 must be read carefully
or more truth will be found in it thadthe
Leader meant.
The cheering report comes.from Pennsyl-
vania that several independent papers have
hoisted the Beaver flag. Good. • Now . let
the work of defeating the rampant and
toasting democracy go ,bravely on. Nye
want to sec the Philadelphia I Prsii put in
some solid work for Beaver.4-Einiira Ad
rerliser. •
, .
Republicans in ether States who desire
repeat the victory . in Maine will have to!
emulate the zeal showii there. - -The.State .
'was thoroughly cauvitisixl and the _Party',
completely organized. One of the deviceS
for getting out the vote ' in, Bangor was the
appeintmeni Of a rallying committee in.
every ward in the city.
Speaker Keifer thinks that the most the .
Democrats can do is to elect six of the ,
twenty-one Congressmen in Ohio. The
other fifteen he believes will be RePublictui.
The dissatisfaction with.the River and Har
bor measure is passing away and will have
little or'no effect upon the Congressional
elections. He looks for a small Republican
majority in the next Congress.
Tho receipts at the office of the Receiver
of Taxes in Philadelphia from the poll-tax in
dicate a large vote in November. The Press
rays there has not been much noise in the
canvas's but that the, people are thoroughly
aroused.' It thinks that "the intensity of
feeling has not been equalled, in the State
of Pennsylvania , since the days of Know
The Democrats in this State have decided
to try and elect a free-trader to Congress
from the Xlth District, i Their, nominee,
John B. storm, in a speech made a few
dais ago said. "I am for free 'tiadi3, if a
tariff for revenue alone . is free trade." The
district has a good-sized Democratic major
ity and is largely concerned in the produc
tion of iron and coal. •
The Anti-monopoly StateVonvention was
called to order at Saratoga,. N . . Y. „Wednes-
I day_of last' week, and Owl. Henry E. Tre
main was nominated for temporary chair
man. A roll call- showed 182 delegates
present. The convention was entirely a
State, affair, and passed resolutions in char
acter with the nature , of tho call.. No
nominations were made, and an adjourn
ment was taken, subject to • the call of the
chair. •
The Republican State Convention of Now
Hampshire in - et at Concord List week. Hon.
C. B. Jordan presided. Samuel W. Hale
was nominated for Governor on the fourth
ballot, and mad? a brief address of thanks.
EdWard J. Teriay, of Claremont: Benjamin
W. Hoyt, of 4ping, and Stillman Hum
phrey, of Concord,werii nominated for Rail:
road bouraissi+ers, and after the appoint
ment of a State Committee of 100 the Con
vention adjourned. •
Widow Callahan, of Texas, owns about
50,000 sheep on ranges in that State.
Ex-State Senator Barrett, of Tennessee,
is employed in the chain-gang at Bolivar. •
Representative Cal.tilde is convinced that
no Southernor will be President during
this generation.
Reuben R. Springer, of Cineinnntti,
played,more than three thousami games of
!euchre ; at Saratoga this season.
" Mrs. Lucretia Garfield last week, bougfii.
for $: - ;0,00fi cash' the Ralph WOrthington•
residence on Prospect street, Cleveland, 0.
]sirs. John Pratt; of Lapeer, Michigan,
is over one hunaed:and two years old and
her husband is living, at the age ninety-
Morris M. Estee, Republican candidate
for. Governor of California, is a native of
Pennsylvania and went to the Pacific coast
about twenty years ago. . •
McQuiddy, recently nominated by the
'greenbackers of California, for Governor,
was arrested kit week, charged with hav
ing conspired to obstruct the United States
Marshal in the performance of his duties
durink the Muzzle-Slough troubles two
years ago.
Mayor Harrison, of Chicago was quietly
married in London on the 22d of, August,
and the fact was only learned by his con
stituents last ; week. The bride was Miss
Margueritte Stearns, daughter of a, well
known Chicago capitalist, and the , secret
of their engagement and marriage was not
even communicated to their relatives until
after the ceremony had' been performed.
The Mayor and his bride are expected hope
about the Ist of October !Ind a rousing re
ception is in preparation for them. 1
The ReV. Dr. TbOmas, the `
.`heretic'' .
Methodist preacher. Of Chicago, considers
himself supremely l']klist in wordly affairs,
now thatite has .a limn° of his OWEI, an
dependent church to preach in, and a com
fortable' salary, together with a good busi
ness at writing and lecturing. "I have
saved a little money," he said to a friend
recently, "Mid 'have got a modest place
over on' the rtVest Side, where .I am Mighty
happy, I tell you ; because it is the first
home of my o‘l,ll, I ever had in my life.".
The copper mines near Fairfield, York
—.unty, are being operated night and *day.
Samuel Lehman, of Franklin county, has
a dock the works 'of which were made. in
1733. -
Lyman Price, of Duncanaille, has a hen
that can imitate the tree-frog, the Ameri•
can cuckoo and the guinea fowl to per
The defalcation of:cashier Craft, of the
Exihnnge Bank , Franklin, has been ascer
tained to be $208,000.- The stockholders
have paid in the full amount.
The Clarion county Court House was
burned on Tuesday morning of last week.
The loss is estimated at $50,000 upon which
there was insurance to the amount of $35,-;
The Pennsylvania Military Academy at
Chester opened Viredneeday of last week,
with - a largo timber of cadets, in the new
buildiajfereetall in place of the One des
troyed- in February last. • -
A religions feeling has broken OA at the
Lmmulter ersitytduisluxuse; and two aged
male inflates oft the house were immersed
on Sunday *the chaplain of the hospital.
A number of the inmates of the, prison have
also professed conversion.
The State.; Convention •of colored Odd
Fellows held in Reading closed Wednesday
of last week; With a parade and a picnic at
Lauer's Park, which was largely attended.
Mayor Rowe made an address of welcome,
Carlisle was Chosen as the„ place for hold
ing the convention next year. B. Mat
thews, of Philadelphia was elected, District
Master for the ensuing Year. , .1 •
While a wedding party was seated at the
supper table inLowistown one evening last
week the floor gave way, and they were
all preciPitated into ,the.cellar. the bride
was found : beneath'an, organ, thii newly
made husband was enveloped - ini the con
tents of an ice create bin, and the[rest
were promiscuously mixed • up with &alien
furnitpre, tableware; and the edibles Ipro-
Tided for the feast. Aside from a disloCat
ad shoulder and a few slight bruises, no
&Linage was done, and the guests adjourned
to a safer buildingovhere the festivities of
the ocasion were renewed. . I
Than, died in Delaware county one day
last week, a prosperous and generally es
teemed farmer, nearly one hundred years
of age, who for forty years had ,-never
spoken a word to his wife nor she to'him,
nor had any one of_ their rive - children, of
whom three, with their mcither are still
living, spoken a word to any other member
of the badly: And yet iheyall lived
peaee(ully'under ono roof end were in full
possession of their faculties. Party years
ago, it is said, the wife was bequeathed a
small sum of - money by a relatiVe, which
her husband desired use in purchasing
'farming impleinenta and otherwise improv
ing the property ,She said no. Ho vowed
that unless -he Was given the coney he
would never speak another wordiqo her.
This vow ho steadfastly kept to the end of
his life. The three daughters, then quite
i young, at first tried to reconcile their, par
ents, but failed. Then one sided with the
father, ,another with the mother, and the
third became disheartened with the whole
job. So they quarrelled, the two sons died,
and never again a word was spoken in the
household, save to visitors. The death of
the husband and father has made no change
in the situation, and 'the survivors move
about the, house as if utterly oblivious of
each other's presence. " • •
Puny; weak, and sickly Children, need
Browi's Iran Bitters. strengthen
and invigorate them. I .
Rev. Henry Vidziwr, Rabbi of "..the Con-i
gregation Sherith Isreal, Qt San Francisco,
formerly of Philadelphia, died 'Yesterday
morning, aged forty-nine years.
A can has been issued for the various
temperance ominizationsof N ow
,York to
send delegates to a State cons titutional
amendment convention to be held at Syra
clise, October 4.
' The State Labor Convention of Now York
which had beep in , session at fluffalo, ad
ijourned last week Wednesday. The ques
tion of putting a State Labor ticket in the
field was postponed,
John P. gorris, treasurer of Long bland
City, committed suicide Wednesday morn
ing of last week, by throwing himself into .
the Feist river at Astoria, near his residence.
Family troubles and the investigation of his
,Official !affairs by the Citizens' Committee
are supposed to have caused temporary in
sanity. • f
I •
. The fourth annual convention of the Su
preme Council or the Catholic Mutual Ben
efit Association was int session at Buffalo
last week. According io, the reports sub
mitted the association has a total member
ship of 5500, an increase of 1600 over the
past year, and has paid out $126,000 during
the past year on benefit certificates.
Information_ has been received by D. H.
Warner, of . Warner Observatory at Boches
ter.,N. Y.; that Professor E. •E. Barnard,
of Nashville, Tenn., discovered a comet
Thursday morning located, near the star
Lamda in the constellation , Taurus. It is
reported as being bright in appearance, but
the direction of-iis motion has not been Ob
tained. • 4 . • 1
The comet disco'Vered by riofessor , Barn
ard at Nashville was observed at the Dudl4
Observatory at Albany, N. Y.,-on Saturday
morning at three o'clock. Its position was ,
right ascension 7 hours 21- minutes 17 sec
onds, north declination 15 degrees 16.6
minutes.. Judging from a single observa
jion, it is thought that this is the Pons
comet of 1812.
An eVidence of the good workmanship
and superior quality of material Used by the
.old time mechanics will be exhibited at the
coming Convention •of Firemen to be held
in Cincinnati, in'the shape of an old hand
' engine made in England before the Revo
bltionary war. • It is,said to have done ex
' cellent service in:Bofton for more than
three-fourths of a century. j -
The annual report of *the Greenwich Oh-
Servatory for 1881 mai, attention tt,o a re
markable change in the motion of 'Sirius,
the dog star. During 1877 and 1878 this
star, was traveling through specent the rate
of about twenty-two miles a second, but
last year this rate seems to have diminished
to about seven miles a second. This rippar
ent decrease
i of speed is supposed to be due
to the movement of Sirius in its rorbiC
One of thestrongest evidences of an effort
to improve the condition of society in Texas
'has been shown by the taxpayers of Fort
Worth, who a few days ago fnvored the
levy and collection of a sufficient tax to
maintain six free schools for, en months in
the year. The 'population of the city is
12,00; and but eighteen votes were cast
against the proposed levy. This, is by odds
the higest majority ever given in a Texas
town in fawn. of the free-school System.
A heavy wind and rain storm swept over
Mexico, Oswego county,, N. Y., about 3 p.
m. Thursday. Y There were 3000 persons on
thei fair groundS, it being the list day of
tho county fair. The liberty pole was blown
down, Seriensly injuring several people. A
horse ran . away.and the women and chil
dren were panic stricken. The cupola from
the main tub:ling vs blown off. Thomas
Delmig, of . Medico,nd Fred !dinkier, of
Richland, were seriously hurt. Much dam
age was done to the fruit and crops.
A I story coming from Mflwaukee, which
will bear to be taken with 4 grain of allow
ance" by reason of its flavor of bachelor
jealousy, is inthe effect that a female law
yer of that city, while conducting a ease a
few days ago,! persisted ' `in repeating ques
tions which had been ivied ;out by the
court. On being threatened with' a fine for
contempt, the irate diaciple of 'Blackstone
and Chitty b u rst into tears, and gathering
_ 1
up her papers, flounced Out of theiroom,
and could notbe in duced to reappear { in the
Soon after;the regular mail triiin:On the
Richinond and Danville Railroad left Ame
lia! Court House recently, the engineer saw
a man walking on the track. A cautionary
whistle was blown and the Man stepped
aside, but when the train vas ,within
twenty-flve yards be( laid his neck sin the
railnnd the whole train passed over, en
tirely' deCapitating him. , He was well
dressestin ss I fni' suit, of blick, and from
papers in his pocket it isunderstoodihai he
was George C. Mouse, of Michigan.
COLLINOWOOD, Ont., Sept.:' -The
steamer.. Asia, of the Great. Northern
Transit company's line, whi4left here
on Wednesday evening for Trench
River and Sault St. 'Maitre, hasi been
wrecked. • Captain McGregor reached
Parry sound yesterday by a, tug from
Owen 'sound, end_ reported passing, the
wreckage of a steamer off Limestone
island. He nicked up a trunk, , door
and . pillow slips marked "Steamer
Asia." This morning .an Indian - boat
reached. Parry sound,ifrom Point Au
Barrie, thirty five miles distant, bring
ing Captain Tinks, of the Manitowaning
and Miss Christy Ann Morrigon, near
Ow, sound, supposed td 'be the only
sUrvitvors of the steamer. 'Ticks says: .
"I tent aboard the Asia at Owen
Sound about miCnight, on Wednesday,
in company witli%iy uncle, J. H. 'rinks
and H. B. Gallagher, of the Mantto
waning. The . - steamer was crowded,
all the state rooms being full and many
passengers lying on sofas and on the
cabin floor. All went well until ; 11
o'clock on Thursday morning,' when .a
'storm struck lg. I was in my berth
at the time. My uncle jumped rip and
said the boat was doomed. Dishes and.
chairs were flying in every direction.
We left:the cabin and found difficulty
in getting on di ex. The boat, was
rolling so heavily that I put: on a life .
preserver. The ' boat went into a
trough of the sea and would, not: obey
her helm. She rolled heavily for
twenty minutes, when she was struck
b'r heavy sea and foundered, going
down with her engines working. . The
Asia was pinking for' French river, and
had men,,: horses and lumbermen's
supplies for the shanties. I saw three
4ats ioaded. I was in the first,
About eight: were with me at first!.
More got in until the boat was over
loaded and turned over twice. Parties
were hanging op to my file' preserver,
which I had displayed, and . I threw it,
off. I then left the boat .and swam to
the captain's boat, and asked John Mc
E,ougal to help mein. He said it Was
little use but gave one his hand.
When I got in there were eighteen in '
the.boat, and a still larger number got
ih. Some ',clung - to the boat - I had left.
If' knownothing : of the fate of this boat.
Our boat rolled
. over and I remember
Missing / McDougal a . few minutes after.
People were clinging to Spars and other
'arts of the wreckage. Our
. boat was
full of water ; , and the sea Was. constant
ly breaking over •us. A 'cabin boy
was dying, and being supported by
One man when u wave washed, him
pverbOard. The next •to 'go was a
boat hand, who jumped out. Two 'hf
hur number died before reaching
beach. Captain Savage Was. the last
19 die, about midnight op Thursday.
John Little, of Sault Saint Marie, Mate,
McDonald ; and two others,
'iaines,.,Fe unknown,. were among' the
;victims. The boat finally f ! itranded
!near Point au Barrie about daylight on
Friday, with
I Miss Morrison and myself
Old) , surviving. I put the bodies out
'on the Wadi.—
The seamer Northern Bell has left
Parry sound for the bodies. There
iwas pr9bably 10,0' persons aboard the
_Telegraphic communication
with Parry SoUnd is interrupted. This
intelligence reached here by a tug. ~.
Heartily lteeotatarnded.
Don't condemn a good thing because yon
hope been deceived by worthless 'nostrums.
Ginger Tonic has cured many in
section of nervous' disorders, and we
recommend it hesirtily
. to such sufferers.—
Netcs. • • I t.
• ;
A Clarion' county physician settled in;
Pittsburg about two weeks aio with the in
tention of building up a practice, but finds
ing the inhabitants in such a.e rfectlr heap
;thy condition that his service s*ere not in
' ; demand, he'secured the position : of conduc,
Or on a street car, and is whiling away 14
;time until an epidemic strikes the city and
brings his professional skill into demand. .
,if Varied 'Performance.
Many winder how Parker's• Ginger Tonic
can perform such- varied cure's, thinking it
!essence of ginger, when in fact it is made
from valuable medicines which act bene
ficially on every diseased organ. -
A native assistant surgeon to the British
troops' stationed in Afghanistan, reports
that be has found the diluted juice of with:a
leaves to be an effective substitute for qui
nine in the treatment of intermittent fever.
Sparklipg Eyei.
•1 •
Rosy, cheeks and clear complexion only
accompanying good health. Parker's Ginger
Tonic better than anything, males pure,
itich blood and brings health, joyous, spirits,
strength" and beauty., Ladies try it.—
klazar. .
Italian papers announce the discovery at
borgali, in the island of . Sardinia,of a great
Stelecke cave. Fifteen galleries have( been
already traced. In one of them there is a
row of pillars like, white marble, and the
floor is smooth, resembling the finest basalt.
Annoyance Prevented.
dray hairs are honorable but their prema-,
ture appearance is annoying. Peirker's
Hair Balsam prevent the., annoyance by
restoring the youthful color.
Ah ! you have a headache Why don't
you try Ayre's Pill ? They will relieve the
stomach, restore the digestive organs to
healthy action, remove - the obstructions that
depress neryes and brain, and thus cure
your headache Liennanently.' , For sale by
Dr. H.C.` Porter & Son, Towanda, Pa.
A valuable fibre ea lied pita or bromelic
grows wild in Honduras. It is said to loe
the strongest fibre known, and can be used
half and half with silk or wool." Machinery
has been made to prepare it for marifac
turing purposes, and it is said to be worth,
when ready for market, $lOOO a.-ton.
*The term hydra may be used to repre
sent any manifold evil. If you would bat
tle successfully with this many-headed mon
ster of disease yon will -find it expedient
to keep Mrs. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound always at hand. Ennuing. ;
Since 181 . 4 the French goCernmeni has
authorized the organization of 330 scientific
missions, of which, 108 were to operate in
Europe, 54 in Africa, 48 in Asia, 38 in
America, and 24 in Oceanica. Most iof
these missions are still at work, and acconr2
plishing important scientific results.
Bright's Disease, Diabetes.
Beware of the stuff that pretend to cure
these diseases or ether serious Kidney, Uri
nary or Liver Di ensei;-ris they only relieve'
for a time and make you ten times worse
afterwards, but rely, Epley on Itop Bitters,l
the:rinly remedy thifit will surefy, and per,
manently cure you: It destroys arid re- 2
moves the-cause of disease So ',effectually
that it never returns. •
From analyses made by M. E. Reyer, - it
seems that the bronzes used for weapons by
the ancients contained no lend or zinc, but
were alloys of copper and tin with small
quantities of nickel, iren, phosphorus, and
occasionally cobalt.
Aleck McClure isn't selling out the Land
League as much as he was.
Nearly Dead
after taking some highly puffed up stuff,
with long testimonials, turn to Hop Bitters,
and have no fear of any Kidney or Urinary
Troubles, Bright's Disease, Diabetes or
Liver Complaint These diseases cannot
mist the curative power of Hop Bitters ;
besides it is the best family medicine on
New Advertisments.
AbSoluiely Pure.
This powder Aver varies. A marvel df purity
strength and wholesomeness. More ecenomical
than the ordinary kinds,ltnd cannot be sold in
Competition with the multitude of low that, short
weight, abun or phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans. lIOT4L llama POWDZat C 0..; 106 Wall
street., N. Y. 2ejulyB2:
_ead. Agreeable
to use. Apply by the little Anger Into the nos
trils.. On receipt of 50c. will mail a package.
Sold by 11. C. Porter & Bon, Druggiata:Mowsn-
-(From the Dodos Wobe.l
aroma Mors:—
i - ' • '
The above is a good likeness of Ilea :Lydia E. Pink•
ham, of Lynn, Masa, who above all other batman beings
may be truthfuni callaitho "Dear Fri* of Woman,"
as of her correspondents love teiCall her. She
is zealously devoted to her work; which Is the °oleo*
of a Ilfootruiy, and, is obliged to I tee p six lady
assistants. to help herankwer the large to rrespondenue
which daily pours in upon her, each lan:thins special
burden of sabering,' int joy at' release froarit. Her
Vegetable Compound lea medicine for good and not
evil purposes., / havepersonally anvestigated it and
am satisfied of the truth of this. _
'On account of its proven merits, it is neminnended
and prescribed by tho best, physicians in the country.
One says s "It works nko a charm and saves much
• pain. It will care entirely the wont form of falling
of the uterus, Vettownwers, irregular aid painful
Menstruation,all Ovarian Troublca, Intlanurratkni and
Incention, Yloodings, all Displacements and the con.
isguent spinal weakness, and is especially adapted to
tbe Cluing. of Life."
It permeates even portion of the system, and gives '
new life and vigor. It remores fro •+..a, flatulency, _
destnns an craving for stimulants, and relieves weak
ness of the stomach. It cu Bloating, headaches,
ti t
Moons Prostration, Cone Debility, Sleeplessness,
Degreniop andludigestion. That feeling of bearing
sterwn;catudng pain, weight d backache, is always
permanently cured by its It will at ll times, and
under an circumstances, act harmony with the law
that governs the female n ul l:.
'teens only lit per bottle six for ~ and is sold try
druggists. Any advice see as to special eases, and
the names of fanny who ha e been restored to perfect
health by the use of the Ireetable Compound, can bo
obtained by addnnsing,ilra P., with stamp for reply,
at her haute in Lynn, Mass. 1
For Sidney Complaint of either sex this compound is
unsurpassed as abundant testimonials show.
"Mn Pinkham's Liver Pills," says one writer, "are
the best in the world foritho cure of Constipation,
BMousness and Torpidity of the liver. her Blood
Purifier works wonders in its special line and bids fair
to equal the Compound in its popularity.
- . All most respect her as an Angel of Mercy whose stole
ambition is to do good to there: • _ .
Philadelphia. Pa. _- (d) Mn. A. IL D.
. ,
. , .
- 1 ,
efirtit A V... atiOni3/ Vault,
~ ...1. .
, .
. • .
. TO\likZ l A Z-..!..
SURPLUS PC • 80,000
• .
Tilts Bank °tiers unusual facilities for
the transaction of a ; general
banking business.
N. N. BETTS, .
1 -,
\50017114 KNOW
t---; .
Bides That by Me lifdes of the , Patent Quice
l o procure
. • %.(
Models are not neceseary unless specially called
Send drawing and specification, upon
of -which we will in fro examination at the Palma
Office, and advise a to patentability. A
Send for PAMPLILK4 of livs - nmextemi, free to. 2.y
address. ... . HALSTEAD k CU..
Washington, D. e.
Publuhers of the Congretriunal Reporter__
, lanuary, 5, 1882.—tf • i
Witt.make the season or 1893, at:" - the farm
og the enbsiribei one tittle west or the village
of East Smithileht
Both Sire and Dint imported, bred by Wm.
Crozier, Northport, Long Island. As wa give
breeders' name and address we can assure
patrons that w•e arelnot offering the services
of a grade horse. TERNS:-$l5.
HOTEL FOR offer the
JUL • American Hotel property for sale at a great
bargain. The Hotel may be seen on the corner
of Bridge and Water streete,in Towrincla Borough.
It is one of the best and most central location■
In the place. There is a good barn connected
with the property. The free bridge and new
depot near to it make this Hotel' desirable for
any one wishing to engage In the business. A
good active man with a small captal can pay for
the property in a short time from the profits.
It was papered and painted new last spring and
is now in excellent condition. -
Towanda, Pa., Sept. 22. 1811-tt. .
done at short notice and reasonable rates
Who Itioruntmax Mee.
A. Da: - .OTE & -CO.
AI effectually
ies the nasal
tea of tOstarrh
lens. causing
ly secretions,
Its the; mem
front addl. -
t colds, corn
y hails the
and ireatorea
tense itf taste
;men. Bonet
results are
.ed byi s few
feat ns. A
tugh treatment
cure Catarrh,. r
?ever, 4c._
R. M.
ed for !colds In
Spiing Too h :Harrows
Just received a car load of superior harrows.
Now is the time to buy the best harrow you ever
saw for preparing your Wheat 'groin:l4la. Ono
will pay for itself in one season.
The Improved_Kalamasoo Floating Adjustable
Tooth and Plated Harrow is the_ very beet in use
Miller's Sulky ,
- ,
To(sth Harrow,
With and without SEEDER ATTACUMENT
This is the very best Sulky Spring Tooth dlar
row iu the Market. It is well wOrth.the atten
tion of farmers, and no one sholrld buy a srilky
harrow heforo inspecting this. "I4lis important
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Seeder and Sulky Harrow is without a, ;rival.'
Send for circulars and prices;
• - • • • ' r
Wiard Chill cl 7
s- f .
This splendid plow has Mvariably in all trials.
this season in compitiiion With We other lead
ing chilled plows, fully justified all that have
'claimed for it. I
~ .
Columbus (Ohio) . 311
~,,- 'i
• , •
g1e.... . .
• •
~. I am agent • for these superior isati,Cus*, and in
1 Yite attention to their claims.'
Call and see. my Whitney Open and Top Bug-.
gigs, Gorton Carryall, and Platform Wagons.
hare wagons as good as you can get made to or
der, and at much less prices. All. warranted to
be durable " whale:boue " wagons..
Auburn Farm Wag Ons
The beet ,Farm and Lumber Wagons in the
market. • .
Farmers' Favorite and Pax ten Grain Drilla. If
any farmers wish -to buy a gcrotl drill at about
the wholesale price of other drills. I can aceam
rriodate‘thein. -
Special inducements to cash buyers of all,
goods iu my line !
A car load of Fresh Cem•ut. Sheathing and
Building Papers. Vermin Proof Ca - rpet Lining
Papers. . • • •
Write for prices and, circulars, or call and see
1• .: It is better to iollow .. .:
sos. rowEit,
• , tab. 1.'78.
The old and I:eliable•Dealer in s . .
Ready -Made Clothing 7
From his old slam). (No. 2.. Patton's
Block,) to Lis NEW LOCATION ie.the
large and commodias store; NO. 123;
Main Street, fornzei•ly ocennied
E. Sollomen k Son.. (one door , north
of Feich & C 0.,) where Leis now open'
•with a full and Complete Stock of
B 1' 'S . - Y(..kTII'S and
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suits of all graldesprieus: •
. ,
' While he aims to leuit the trat:( , , Le
asks his old friends and ego ry hotly (•Isil
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early. _ . . - , • .•
_Pa., April -6,
- W. A. WOOD, •
April 6-4m.10
lIIINDREDB OF PERSONS • front all parts of
the world have been cured of this much dreaded
disease and are new living witnesses !that they
have been r escued frotri a terrible and unt.roely
death. Doctors; Ministers and the Poor treated
Frtio. Write for aCI remiss giving full particulars.
Address Di?. , GEO. C R ANE & RUM: BROWN
Addison. N. V. Elept.3o.lyr.GPltar,
mnricon . sims
113radh;rd county Fair
, •
P. 71 27th, .28th mid 29th.
This will afford people from all sections
a fine opportunity to their selections
of Heating or Cook Stoves.
A. D. DYE & CO.,
Main iSt.
Wholesale and Eetail Dealer,
Grain Drills.
Towand, Pa . August 15, l',38:1-tf.
,L 4 NOTE HEADS,- hib. printed• in the best sty] e
of the art at the REPUBLICAN omce. - -. •
. •
1 i ' • -- .
Way ;A
Mai;.! tsar':
- _
t. 51. 1'..1
6:zo p. a Ar. TOWILIda .t.krp •
6.63; p. 05 Dep: Moil - roe .... .Ar, ,;: 4 7
11.02 - Ar. p.e,41
• 5 . ,7,*4 5.5;1 .-. Masontown ;-
5.53 '• Gre-rnwoc.4l ••
5.46 ; :8.4; ' ....Westor4s •• 7 . ,.,
*11.411i F.B-3.4 .• •••
*5435•1*8.315 '
5 31' 8.141 •• LongValle7..l4zll4: 4
5.211: .n..4 . 1.1i1ane.• Ar. ,
Indicatts ;bat traits donr,t
F. F. LYk).N. :
Su7't atid I.:artlay,!
2m r 32
Niagara Falls
Rocheat or
Towanda.. .. ....
%Vysauking °
Standing Stone.
Skinner's E‘ldy
Mehoopany •
i. 'Junction
Slaticu Chunk .
Allentown •
8,AI:110:ern ....
New Vs:irk
Ilanch - Chunk.7
L l B Junction
Falls ..... . ran g e
frunkLanuock .
!Skinner's Eddy
Laceyville 4.. .
Standing Stone
1 . 1111'311d a.
Milan .....
Sayre.. 4
Waver,ly -
OWego .. .
No. 32 leavcs-AVyal using at :09. A. M.. Fret' , .
Anwn 6.14; Rummer:lod 6.23, Standing StOce
Wvsanking 1%40.. Towanda t;.F,3.
Milan '`7 , :16. Atluiux 7:23, Sayre 7:lc,
ly 7 arriving at Elmira 5:7,0., A.
leaves;Elmiras:;s P. - M.. Wav,.rly
Sayre 6:15, Athens 6:20. :Milian f•:::O. plater
;Towanda 6:55, Wysaukinl 7:05. Standizg
17.14, Iluiumertleld Ftenebtown
ling at Wyalusing at 7 :45..1'.
Irons $ and 15 run daily. Sleeping
itraini a and 15 between Niagara Fall; :Ind- i l l'.
delphia and between Lyons and Nov York
out changes. Parlor cars on Tratm
between Niagara .Falls 'and l'hilzlelrLis
out 'change, and through-coach •to sal it
Rochester el l s. Lyons,
2. I:it-2. Pa. s: N.l. P.. IL
• •
NEW -1471 - i - NITURE: AN) R . E.
.7,E 1
1-1 T "
-1 A1.()Iii It 1111.1.11.
Who has.had 21 y.e 4 arsexPerfetwe in theft:nulz
tisinesi, his opened a stora .and repairing
in. Bentley's Block, Frst ; Ward. OPP" :
McCabe's marble yard) and solicits the pair::
age of the public. Hs bas been in the enipl , l . "
Mesara. Frost for the past elghteenyearLY
feelA confident 'that he eau give et:lire satici
I shall keep. a. stock
,of New (ino.lg . ,_ano •
order per catalogue for cbioniers at a tenalli:
Vance front manufacturers prices. .1-aft and ,-
ruc all who - are in %%ant ( - .t Repairing vi
~ 24augs2
DEciv - Ell
Livery and Boarding
Stable, -
Therhest rigs to bp found IR any
stable t
country, furnished at reasonable rates.
ligessn will givo the business Lis prri—
attention, and invites big friends to till she''
want of livery.
INSTITUTE. The fall -term 'of the tar' 3
ninth year will begin • MONDAIr - ,
Tint faculty has been enlarged.
thqsofighly refitted - and aceotutuudaue m :
creased, and the school fitted to a:.", , - '
its growing , patronage. The attenda=ee. t
nearly doubled in seven years. Per - eels'-''.
catalogue, or other tartieulars, addtc 34
Principal. EDWIN E. (tUINLAN.A:
a specialty at the
T(iwalida :
TAKEi EFFEA:rr JAN: 1. 1,-4
P.M. A.M. A.ll
. 2.0 z
.1.1 lu .. •
I .
, •
46 3.001013 5
..... 11. th
" ''''""• • • • • ... • .v,
12.7.3 4..7.7 i 1
1.1.: 7...
1.::4 :
1.01'5.r! 1.1 : • I
3.15 . ...
5 . 3 0 ti.4A, • i !••
u SS 11).1,/
S. 30 Y:
.m. 1:•
.... 10.1.1 4.0 t ::
I 10:, 4 43
4.311 11.3 2.
4.411 11.11 •
5.:;7, 12.4"
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Washiti, , ton Street, below 31aii
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