Bradford Republican. (Towanda, Pa.) 1875-1892, May 11, 1882, Image 1

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. . •" . -.: .- , lib.
, . •
• . . . . . , . , . .
. . .. . , .
. , . • . _. -
ii0L('010 ii 4 TRACY,‘Publlsheri. .
. .
. .
. , • , • ...,--:- !
. , , , • .. . , • . . ,
VOL. VII.. - • ~ ~ . ,
. . .
- 1
. .
- - , . .____
. .. .-*F.---, ......, ....---.. , -,.....4 1 04,04, , ,,ribi . 4 abt . -„,..: - -,.
• - 9- , .. „,.
. 1 ,.
. . T4EES EFFECT . JAN. 1, 1882.
, , , •
. . . ___._____._...-;.
• 'f , ' 'TRAINS' '
1i , ,
' ON 11.111.. 1 1 1
‘,... Is niiilishe - Every 'thursday, . , ,- i . _ , ; SOUTH.
10 l3ll STATION S,. ' . 1 3 I fa • `--.
,-., ' l ,
• - Way Ace' ~."- 1 , ... . I Ace' 0.,18 - aV
- - AI' TOWANDA, Pa., BY . • Alan. Vont
... ition.imit4
, _,....;::_ , .
P.M. A. 11.1 • ' - .. , . . 1.84111,11', 31 -
r ir - 0i 0 .) - Sr , TRACY
- 0.20 9.20 Ai. ... Taw:tads ... Dept 6.171 3.15
. 4 6.03 9.051Dep.•.... Monroe.... Ar. e.351' 3.30
• 6.021 9.641 Ar. -.M0nr0e.... Dep t 6.111 3.31
$1.5() Per -lnituni, in Advance. - 531 8 . 591'" -.. Ilasoutown .. -" • 6.47, 3.35
-4, 5.53 8.541•" :.. Oree.tiwood... "-( 6.521 3.40 - 1
. 5.46, 8.46 , " ....Marlton. ...,! .. i 7.00' •3 47
*5.35 4 8438" 4 '
Adeertising hates -8 1 % cents slime fur first . 5. ._ *., ....:Ematrait....- , " 1 ' 0 7.111 1 :L54
oo 0.35 44 ...- ..L0nt0ka....,. 4, • *7.15;e3.68
ilc•ettion , and five cents per line for all Butp.e. 531 8.31 „ Lon . ayspeyjuno , , _ ~ 1 7.10 4
• • -is insertions.' Beading notice adverii-ing 5.201 8.15 Dep. . Foot, of Plane. -Ar. 1 7ffi7l 1 4 4.16
I li cents
line. Eight lines constitute a
- s' Indicates that' (reknit do not stop.
• 0 and twelve lines ;an tech.,' Auditor's
.., 1 %; ~, 1
~,,veea .4t . .t.50. Administrator's and Esccuior's 2t0r82 '' F F. LYON,
Supq and Eng'r. "Barclay, Pa.
• ~,,t i c ef f, f•loo, Yearly advertising $150.00 per - - ,
Tar. lixectadcan is published in the 'I lacy,
M. - ore and Nobles Block, st 'the corner of Matit NEW YORK RAILROADS.
and lin'? streets,. over J. P. Career's Boot and
s:-.'"c st'orc. Its circulation is over 2000.' As an
a‘irertisiug medium it is unexcelled in its ire , •
lit....liate , t l t. 4l .
.' . .
. -
•,- :warr:.3. Busliazza Dirzv:ry.•
• .?..:,.._, -___:_- _ ---,_-,,=-..=__, STATIONS. : 1 iti r 1 17 */
• -' A TTOR3 EFS-AT-LAW. • • ,, au l u i ..
--- , - -- i -i-- . 7 , ;--- -" •
_- -___ • f. - Pat., , A.41..A.M. P.M.
, ,I.EVEL AND /. IIeDOVERN, (E.- .I. Cierciand Niagara Falls. t • 2. 05 1 7.20 1 ..... 7.15
C.., 1 1 Win. McG,:rfreo., canton, Bradford . County, Budhlo - 2:601 8.25! 9.20
.... l'a, All business entrusted to their care In Rochester ,.•:. 5:15110.05' . ;.-.......
Wl,..teru ISr-01ot - dm - ill receice prompt attention.' Lyons ^ ' 6.40005! ..,
•;, - .pr- , 2-ly . Geneva. 1 6.551#4 .
.351 ..... ....
..--: lthaca. ./....1 8.331,1.00'
,oilrit a: tIILLIS. - Attorneys-at-Law; CLOIO : Auburn ' - 3.15 11.05 1 ..,
over Powell k Co. - i . ' 0weg0...". ' .?. 8.50 1
_ -
(-ix; iFT, J. N., 011 ice in Wood's Block, south Waverly - .. -*-, 9.45; 2.10 9.40,
LI First Satiunal Bank, up, stairs. jun() 12,'.8 A t T
hreens - ' " 110.10 i 2.30,10.001
__ _ - -------- -. '
_, t '10.15 1 2.34u0.051
... - pi, , lsr.ZE k. soS (NC'Elsbree anti 1.4 Elsbree ) Whin 110.15,1..
:,:./. office-in liercur Block, Park St. niayl4.7B fluster -
~,( 1, - 1 ,10.251.
_ ----- fotranda 040 4613.00 10431
DUCE x oVERTON (Benj .11 Peck and D A Over- iVysanking ~ . `'.i .- 10.54. .
a. t,n‘. O ffi ce. over Rill's Market , 45- 4 73 Standing Stone • • • - ~ . ...1..... 1'1.031.,
. _. -- - I. ..... 11.10 1
i• - •,,v1 - .ltToli /,.• SANDERSON (E Overton and Jrhn Frenchtown• ~ - 11.194.
%,-/ F Sanderson.) Onice in Adams Bleck.julys'7B Wyalusitig ' - 3.ii:;11.361 ,
- -...,-.. , Laceyville • 1// 1 - 42 3.67 1 ,11. 6 0 i (
.1 ISWELL, IVNI. Office over_ Day on a Store Skinner's Eddy .. ........ . !.. t . 111.5311
IVA • ' . iaprill4,7t3 Ileshoppen .1
' 4.12'12.101
- ----------Ilelloopany 1 112.16
ILT, J. LNDiZEW . Office in Mean's Blo ck , i'unkhannock 1 r
12.231 4. 35 1 1.00
wi ImPr 14 ." 1 „ I.nOrange - i .1..." 1.10
, ' • 1 . 1.24
rix\ --- LES. CARNOCHAN ,A. HALL. (IV' inatii%•,s. 111//a -
a t‘ .... , 11 J_u a nctton .• . . ..... i 1.45
.1..1 - wII Carnd:lian. Ldi Hall.) office in rear
.., ...v.-mre.... • ........ • . 2.20
: Went !louse. Entrance on Poplar St• (1012.75 Stamen Chunk ..... ... ... ...1 4.50. -
-- - ----- ---,--- Allentown 1 -5.33
I /TIN:CUR. NODNEY - A. Solleltor of Patents.
Particular attPution• ptid to business -in Bethlehem 6.05
Easton ' •1 , 6.40
fir,,hang' Court and to the 'settlement of estates. 11 8.40
0.,1 - I,:e in Montanye's Block • 4,345 Philadelphia .
New York , ,1 9.16
Air c Plit;litiON 4: YOUNG. (/. McPherilin and
/CL rOlalg.) Office south side orgerent's
rot) ,7tl
Vr.IDILL 14: KINSEY, Office corner Main and
ILL Pluest. NobWs block. second floor front.
Caliee•lous prosOtly.b.ttended to. febl SB.
VV 3," Angte and £ D Buffington).
ofilve west side 4 ,l\ltain street: twii doors north
‘ , l" lrges office. eft tustness entrusted to their
prompt attenttou. oct 2G,77
•.J eeys end Counsellors-at-Law. °dice in the
...reur Meek, . T. liirby's Drug Store:
• july 3, '0
Ili-NEV. J. P. A.ttorne,l-at-Law. Unice in
Niontanye's Block, Slain Street.
.St t.
triIoMPSON. W. H. and E. Attorneys-at
law..Towanda, Pa. office in Mereur. Block,
.ncr C. T. Kirby's Drug Store, entrance on Main
kqrk.4.t. tirst stairway north .of Post-office. All
t.u4iness proutptly attended co. Special atten
t:,H giv..n to elalins against - tbe United Statea
or Pensloi..s, Bounties, Patents. ,etc ~ and to
-liections and.sestletnent of decedent's estau.s.
April 21. ly
oieitur of roteulo. Government Maims at_
tended to. 116febel.
Toll.NSuN. T. 8., M.D. Ogico over Dr. H. C
Verters'e Drug Store. feb 12,713
LWTON, DrA . D N. CF.G. Office at P14431/113g
ou Diver Street. cornoryeatou St. feb 12.'
ADD, C. K., 11. D. °lnc, r4at door above old
Lbatik building. on llaiutAtreet. Special at
t”utiou given to iliac-um — cif the throat and
Woublll3B,S. 8. M., M.D. 'face and resi
uce. Alain street, north ot Nl.S.Churzh
Medical I:xaminer for Pension EirTsattinen i t.
tI:NE, E. D.. 11. D. Oftlee over - .•,unitanye's
Store. Office hours from 10 to 2 6.2. and
from 2 to 4 P. I!. Special attention given, to
liltil3sCB of the Eye.. and Dioceses of the Ear.
oct 20,Vi
TOWNER. EL L., 11..D..'
1:., , 1,1enva and office Just north of Dr. Corbou'!!
'dam street. Athens. Ps.
ESRY HOUSE Slain st., next'corner south
- 1 - 1 . of Bridge street. tiew house and new
lurniture..throughout. The proprietor has
sp:ired neither pains or expense to making
first-class and respecting, solicits II share
public patronage. !dealt-stain hours. Terms
t,asovabis.T: Larße Stable attached.
111,r z. 77' Wit. HENRY.
kTESINS POST. O. CS, G. A. It. Meets
C; r l
every Saturday eveuing, at Military Ball.
GEO. V. MIER. Commander.
1.. En-ramaE. Adjatlint. - fel) 7, 79
_ •
rt!trSTALIODGE, N 0.57. Meets at AI. of P.
1i2.11 every. 'Monday evening at .7:30. In.
iurance $2,04:0. -Benefits - $3.00 per week. Aver",
age 4u:tug cobti, 5 years esperieuee, $ll.
.1. R. not, Reporter.
t:E•r. WARDELL, Dictator. feb 22.78
11.1liFOltll LODGE:. 140.157, I. 0.0. F. Meet
in odd Yellow's Ball, every Monday evening
at 7 o'clock. WARREN HILL, Noble Grand.
lone 1%75
r. E. No. 32 Second street All ordere
V.lll receive prompt attention. June 12,15
prallo TERNE will begiu .Monday,
April 3, I sr•ri. For cataloguo or other . info' ,
!La address or call on the Principal. ' •
Towanda, Pa.
- -
VITILLUMS, EDWARD. " Practical Plumber
" 4 V • aud Oait Fitter. Flate'of bnainesa in Met ,
nexedoor to Journal aloe opposite
square. Plumbing, .oas Fitting, Repair
-I,urupoi of ail kinds. and - all kinds of Gearing
Llptly attended to. All wanting work In his
2. , 4 t“,-.llrl give kim a call. finly 27.77
Ressi.LL, C. 8; General i lnilurnuce Agency.
.)7.iinda, Pa.' Office in Whitcob's Book
Jly 12,7 G
- -
Alfred J. Purvis,
All work In big line done well and promptly at
loircet price.
Parties baring volumes in (templets , irill be fur.
nifihed with any missing numbers it cost price.
*All orders given to is i. Scanlan. Agent , for
I:radrord County. will be promptly executed sc.
cording to directions. 1 sep94l
/ NAME of the popular Liniment that cures
Ithenmatism, Nenralgia,Swollen or Stiffened
Joints, Frost Bites, rain in the Face. Head or
Chapped Hands, Bruises, Sprains, Burns.
Mosqnito Bites, Sting or -Bite of an insect.
Poison Vines. - etc.. for Man or Beast
vr3311 reliable; and almost instantan
eous In its relief. roaring an agreeable - odor it
is pleasant to apply. Sall by all druggists.
Price q• cu,
N. II —This Liniment received a Prise Medal
PA the State Fair. 1879.
ASA JONES, Prop'r, 1119 N. 3d St., Phila.,Pa.
Jan. 18,6-m. •
4 .-. ' .. -?. '--- -- . -:". '- -- ',- t - - 'f - _ -_ , -, - -, .-. -'.-,;.-- - - -,-.- -...-,- t.. ',-- 9' . .. :-_ -, . i-,-...4--e.
. .
. -
. .
. .
- .;,. . %...
,: 4 411 1 ;' • ..;.:-;.• - , . ...
_• , . .... •
- ,
i ..
- 11 —
, . .
, VM lv7/ 21f :144° :,fre&,. '4 - ;,,, ' -'• -. ; _ :-::_. --: - ',- ~- . .
.. , .
. ...,
)44-4,-,4 . Y. •
-lir• . „
. ...., ...
. .. .
.._ 4.. ___ ...................._.
No. 131 Genessee street;
; :>,UTICA, N. Y
A.ll:i p.ll
- 6.30, i 7.40! 3.40
• 3AO, i 9.60; 4.15
• 94C, ....110.151 5.50
9,50 ....•10.45 6.15
.....54 ( 24
.11:05 .
! 4.- ;,1 11 0 6.
.551 7.25
• 1.0817.30' 2.03; 9.45
....1 1,35; 8,01. 2.25;10.10
• ••••j 8.27 ...,'lO-.32
-.1 3.45'.
.. 1 40.41
2.15 8.55 3.01'10.52
9.20 ....11.22
• •...! 9.27, 3.27!11.29
Nianeh Chunk...
B Junction,
Skinner's Eddy
Laeeyville .
Rum merneld
Standing Stelae
Wysnuking „.
; ....
Aay ro..
rl y
Lyons .......
Niagara Falls
No. 32 leave's Wyaltising at6:ooi A. M.. French
town 0.14, linMinertleld 0.23, Standing Stone 6.31
Wcsauking 0.40. Towanda 0.53, Ulster 7.06,
Milan 7:10, Athens 7:25, Sayro 7:40, Waver.
ly 7:55, arriving at Elmira 8:50.. A. N.
No. 31 leaves; Elmira 5:15 P. IL. Waverly 6:00,
Sayre 6:15, Athens 6:20, Dlilan 8:30; Ulster 0:40,
Towanda 6:55, 'WysankingStandin Stone
7.l4;ltutomertield 7:22, Frenchtown 7:32, g
ing at Wyainsing at',7 :45., P. 11.
'lrwin 8 and 15 mitt daily. Sleeping cars on
trains 8 and 15 between Niagara Falls and. Phila.
delphla and ; between Lyons and New York with.
out changes. Parlor cars on Trains 2 and 9
between Niagara Falls and Philadelphia N% ith
out change, and through coach to and from
Rochester via Lyons.
. - Wll. STEVENSON, Supt.
SATRE, PA.. Jan.:', 1882. !a. A: N. Y. R. B.
Lafayette House
Corner &cow( and 1.1 sheets Northwest?
near Penraylvania Avenue.
I, C .
Within a square of the Capitol. Street cars pass'
• near the door to all parts of the city. Conven
ient to the depots. This is just the hotel for
Pennsylvanians visiting the 'National Capital.
Rooms well furnished, and the clearest and
' best bedtf in the city. Table first class. •
Booms and board flout n to $3 per day.
gedaced rates by thc; week or month.
Late of tile Conereaiional Hotel, Capitol HilL
Towanda 4t. Store
MAIN srrnk.Torr,
s prepared to - offer a complete assor
Crockery, Glassware,
Latest designs and patterns of
. .
For the coming Spring 'Wade, we
adhere as heretOfore to our established
principlethat a qpici; sale with a small
profit. is better than a .slow one with a
large ,pi.Ofit=and therefore our prices
in atly: line of goods - will compare
favorable with the prices of any other
S6rWe endeavor lo sell the best
article finqbe least possible .money.. FREIMUTH I
.'". -- , A. N. NELSON
. ,
.• 1, ' a JEWELER . •
of every rariekroakd Spectacles. sir Patient
kteution paid to repairing. Shop in Decker
Vaught's Grocery Stare. Wain Street, Towanda - ,
Penns. -- - : - 11,1489
Wgzellmiens 7Advertta**
R.. M. - ..IWELI,F,S,
~. •
-1 • incilesalei: and Basil Deal. /:-
'',,,_ . •
Unexcelled and unequaled for thbrough prepara
tion of MI ploived ground 'for Crops. They will
cover broadcast 'grain nearly as well as a drill
will put it in, and should precede the grain drill
in preparation of the soil. It should be used, by
all means, upon fall plowed ground. They are
remarkably adapted to rough and stony, as well
si for smooth soils. Send-for Circulars; Town
ship agents wanted.
These are the very best chilled plows in the
market for general purposes, and upon all kinds
of ground:
1 ask for fair and thorough test-Vials for
these plows in competition with the other lesol
chilled plows. The Wiard Plows are warrautbd
to be decidedly the beat, and greatly superior to
all other plows for hard and stony . ground. I
believe nearly every farmer will buy these plows
when he becomes acquainted with' their real
merits. 4 •
Farmers' Favorite, Champion, and other
Cirain Drills. It you want the beat and cheapbst
Drill, give me a chance.
With either-thimble skeins and Wood axles, or
best whole-piece! •• Anchor Brand' iron axles.
well proportioned, well ilnished, and painted,
easy running; best in quality, cheapest good
wagons in the market, best brake s and warranted
in every respect. Call atid sciithem.
Enterprise Acijnstsl3le aut . ' Other
3 1 1. .. 45 5 5 ,
4.441 840
5.00' 8.45
6.56 10.40
A. 111• P.M.
f yon want a first-elassChurn rower adaited to
. ycur ^wants I can supply it. Powers delivered at
any railroad station.
. .
These 'cultivators are unrivaled for coliven- I
once and utility. Are,of nay Mantitacture. For
sale ; wholesale and retail.. •• Buy the -Best."
"The Best is the Cheapest."
• '
Thomas Saworlbitig Harrows. Acinne
- Harrows.
• These are valuable implements and cheap.
' XX Slur Hyidrumlie Cement, -
By the barrel or car-load. Good and cheap.
imported Imperial Portland Cement.
*is is stronger than the boat American co.
meats by three to eight times. For sale in tiny
desired ipiantity. . • 7...
auilil. - 440ved
Plows, Clipper Wt•st,
ecitiO ' awl other tirst,.-eht , qi
Bevel - Able .
: - WIRE.
The attention of farmers is called to this
pe superior Barbed Wire. It is .fficient, yet not.
.15 dangerous. It recommends itself at sight. Send
.23 for specimens and prices, it •
BUGGIES, of best stylecited make. All
GY TOPS. Good snit very cheap. •
,00 Good and cheap.' Easily get. eend for prices.
40 MIXED PAINTS. First quality, cheap; war
any'quantity wholesale and retail. - good and
' cheap. •
1 8130 2 12
.1"....: 9.43, ....i.l.
3, 3.0& 9.50, 3.461
' '....!10.14' 4.03'12.
.+,l - l io.ln .... 1 12.
' 110.37' ... 1 12.
t - C • - ; 10.44 .... , 12.30
••, •••, 1u.54.. X 12.37
.'..:1•.59,4105: 443'1''.46
~ ..; :11.17 , 4.55112, --
• ' '11.'26 ....-.*
' 1.,
.. ! I 4.301 1 . 3 . 5.1 C 1 1.
.., 4,40'11.41; 5.20 1.
.. i 445111.50! 5.50 1.
, 5.25 1 .12A0 6.15 2.
. • 1 1 .291 . -... I G. 25, 4
..1 8.1'..0, ....-; 9.35 ':.
. 4 6.10; ....I 6.40, .!.
... j , 7.41' ' . - ... 14 4:141 ..,
. ~I. 8.40: .... ..
; 840
...1.:9.50! 6.10 9.40 ..
. 11A0:' 8.10'12.05 8,
...: 1.03; 9.25 1.08 9 ,
. Y.ll. P.M. A.M. A.
Pulliam's Wagon Bolster Springs
very &rirable.
. •
• • -'
Of beat and leading- kinds. Mcinitor Traction
Road Steamers, Millet's New Model Yibratiiig
Threshers and Cleaners, .Ilarder's. Wheeler's
and Gray's Horse Powers, Threshers and Clean=
era. I would call the attention of threshermen
to Gray's machines. `
Best Guurn Powers
For either one or: two horses and interchange
able. Thtse takes have no atiperior, and aro
adaptedlo a greater variety of work than any
other. They are well made, durable, easily hand
led, and good in every particular. , Warranted to
give satisfaction. 4 .
N. deliver free of freight the most of
my goads at any railroad station.
Call and seamy machinery; or '-nelad for circu
lars and price. ,(''
It.. M. ' WELLES.
' towanda, March 22, 1882.
And had 0
• - "-EUREKA
:0 1.
r fif
_ 7 4
Iles Marble Works located at Depot 'near o
Ploilet's Brick Store. and is prepared to far
nish as goOd quality of Marble as there
is in the country. li3rl manufacture'
' Grave Yard Posts, Railings, &v.
And I sell fifteen per cent.- cheaper than travel.
ing agents do. ooOd satiataction guaranteed,
and all jobs put up properly, ' 1
I can furnish all kinds of American and foreign
marble. lam enabled to sell very muCh cheap.
er ,than any other firm because, 1 - do my own
work. Those wishing anything in my line are
invited to call and see for themselves.
Feb. 16, 1882
HOTEL 'FOR SALE.—I• offer the
American Hotel property for sale at I great
tairgain. The Hotel may be seen on the corner
oftiridge and - Water streets,ist :Towanda borough.
It is one of the best and most *antral locations
in the place. There 'is a gm:Wilma connected
with the 41roperty. The. tree -bridge and new
depot near to it make this zotei desirable for
say one wishing to engage in ;he business. A
good active min with a small captal can pay for
the property in a short time from the profits.
It was papered and painted', new last spring mid
is now in excellent h condition.
Towanda, Pa.; Sept: 22; 1881-tf... • _
t• • " •
- • ; - ".•
Lora carne . to Floss Wang for stto*or ' 1
4 1takwould of flowers be undisputed queen,
-424 lily and the rose long. lonchadb:en
Strati for *it high honor—Bards orpower
.111 ad sung tbeir chants: ' -.The rose can never
, tower l '
• / Like the pals lily with hp! June mien." •
"But is the lily lovilier ?" Thus between
Flower factions rang the strife in Psycho's'
"Give me a flower delicious as tho rose, ,
And ststely swthe lily in hsr pride."
"But 'of what color? "tote red," Love, 'first
Then prayed: "No, lily white, ot both
' • vide," '
And Flo;* gave the lotus, neared dyed .
And lily winte, the gseenliest flower that blows!
—Pros Lrgends ef Hiadoastan.
Elbe gave me a rose at the ball to-night,
`. And I—l am afoot I suppose,
For my heart beat high with'a vague delight;
Rad aho given me more, than the rose?
• thought that skis had, for a littio,while,
Till I tiaw her—fairest of dencersyr
Give another rose; with the same'sweet
To another =so, iu tho Lancers.
Well,-roses aro plenty and Mulles not nee;
It is really rather audaalous
To grumble because my lady fair
is to other men kind and gracious. •
Yet who, can govern his way Ward dreams?
And my dream, so precious and bright,
Now foolish, broken and worthless seems,
As itlades, with her:rose, to-night.
rallt .
ic e
I garo him a rose a re' at the hail to-night--
A deep red rose, with fragrance - ) dim, 1
And the - warm blood re hod to my .cheeks with
I could not, darn not, Itoh at Lim
For tho depth of my soul be seemed to scan;
Ills earnest look I could not bear,
So I gave a rose to another man— . •
Anyone else-4 did not care.
And yet, spite of all, be has read, I know,
My message—he conld not hays mitiseil it:
.For kin Faisal held to nay bosom; to,
And then to my lip,, while I kissed it. •
—Bessie - Chandler in The Centu?
It Was — a large, sombre :apartment,
that old library, and :long bercrti the'
darkue . As had closed; Without,. hhatiowh
were gathering in it.:; and
corners. • There had Been a r-liniver,iand
the.ivy, which had fir Live years climb•
Unchecked about - i the north' gable,
now, weighed down by the hurtle:, oi
rain-alropv, hung in G a glistening ina;s
over the bow wrthiow.. O.t •ine ai , :e
late-hlrmsoiniag I-Oat:knish". bent across
the panCs, with osiL single
. rert?ttinitig
pile blossom drooping from its steal.
ia the green
mortice. , library-eh:lir, hail been,
hit tinele'r; gtiz:ng around - the once
fantiiiar reran. Nothing .was changed
.thia-tine years lie. •
It w as jute there, to the left, that
Hitt( had stood, with the mingled
and bit atuiut on her golden
hair, and lighting np her sweet, pute
faee. A gruceful*irk, fait. and sittul e r lily, geasamerichitk, and
with no ornarnet t, idphaelted
a alustur of thirst! roses and plaeed.them
• -
in her hair.
He remembered the aot, and the blush
his whispered words canted
uer cheek. And then suddenly ha..l
chile a rustle of Bitt: and a gleam of
je4ll, and Miss Lester had .f.i.Scinated
hiM with her'superb beauty, and had
`s t at.i.daa off to the waltz with scarce - a
WOO Of apology. to Lilian!.
She was only a poor clergyman's
10:tughter, acc.mtpanying her invali 1'
!I • •
InOther to this neighborhood for; the
of its healthfulness, and there was
n9 -necessity for a brilliant belle, such as
laabei Leiter, to --stand •on ceteMony
with her,
Alas for Gilktert's thist"pure love uuder
theiutluence i of this new..euchantruentd
He thought new of how she had. kept
him beside . he.r throughout !Oat even--I
ing—had cattiel hint away, next day,
to the gaieties of thecity,_and had there
held a
to her arts, ; until
suddenly the spell was - broken by her
rejectiug his offered hand for'that of tin
infirm old man whose only 'recommenr
dation was that his wealth far exceeded
his own.
Then hiS (Ice had been 'op:lied—lie
had seen hi: idol of clay —a,a, `with .a
bitter regret and • reniors:c his lit•art
went back to his yIJ love. .1- •
At first,: Shame- is\til withal him, but
when he could uolcinger restrain him
self he wrote to Lilian.
;The letter wai .uuopeued,
with the information that Mrs. Ashley 11
and her daughter had left Easteliff. . • '
tie subaeunently succeeded iu tracing
them, but. only to again lose sight of
them. Mrs. Ashley. was dead, and hi , r
daughter hail - gone abroad" as English
governessliti - some educational inatiture.
In the adjoining apartnieut u bright
lire blazed, and a cozy tepast awaited
the appearance of "the moster."
Suddenly the ivy_branche-were swept
' I
Aidelica - te White' hand reached
up and drew down s , the,reSebush, and
when it sprang to its former position
the pale, pink blossom was gene. '.
Gilbert arose..and stepped to thik win-;
dow.. Could- he be 'dreaming ? •
A woman's form stood amid the wet
weeds without and a fair, sweet ,face
looked up at him. with startled, ey es.
It had not the fresh, girlish look that
he rOtenibered; but still it was Lillian's
lace-LgraVer, tweeter and more matured
in womanly loveliness than five years
ago. Gilbert threw open the window..
'Lilian Ihe exclaimed, breathlessly.
almost doubting the reality of the vim ,
ration... ,;
e of
siChOjERIOUNT OY THE PEOPLE BY.Tai -1 1 , 2011,Z irm-FOR PEOPI4E."
She colored up to her teniples.
'Mr. Steele !, I did notlinow—l bad
no idea of you being here!,'_
The coldness of he: tone revelled biro
to hicuaelf. '
ariived only this morning- ,I - have
had no time to make inquiries, and was
as ignorant of your presence in . Easteliff
as you of mine.' ' . -
'And you think, doubtless, that I
have taken a liberty in - trespassing on
your, premises,' she answered with a
smile. 'But, returning from a walk,
the rain overtook 113 e. and! ventured to
ems these grounds, Ilia a short' cut to
the village.' 1 •
Was this all ? She made no allusion
to.the rose which she held,earelessly in
her fingers.
. : , "_. , :,:1 , . , .;,•; - 'l ,- ;_'',;' , :;. , :`.!_i ; ';',.: 7 . - ,;' : : , * , , , :: , E?: : t . .;. , ‘ - : - : -.l', :t i. :
;-" - X 0111 ! lie to' fie 0 0 0 ew
Oriel& this gtoeuliar,i. Le said; as , she
gistbered up her are" frees , the damp
weeds and grass.
So they walked again along.tbe path-,
way - Where they 'hid lingered - together
on happy moonlight nights long ago.
• Ektfinddenly and unexpected was the
situation, that Gilbert, at least, cotild
searely realiz3 it. It required a strang
effOrtto keep - dowik his feelings, add to
speak in the cold, conventional tone
_which his companion assumed.
He could not blame her for forgottiug
or ignoring the past. Had he. not de
semi it, by his weakness and folly ?
Yet looking upon her now, is her
fairlaud young wonianhood,•he realized
m're that ever - what he hadlOt.
qinutierlidood long ago, that you had
left'Eastoltif;' he romarked.
'Yes, Iso l a returned only some weeks
since. My -sister's health required u
change of air,. and, remembering,. how
my dear-Another had lima betrdittiql by
the place, Ave came hither.' .
He put aside a laurel t.raucb which
dropped over the pathway. But a twig
swept rudely aerosi Liliah's haul undi .
tore away the petals of the rows Which.
she held. •
'The last of the -summer roses,' she
said, dropping the f e .,fleisrstrw,
'Not so,' he answered, almost eager
ly. 'There are still buds left upon the
branch. Let Me replace this with a
fresher `bloom.' .
wade no answer. They walked
quietly - along the lane, 4inch now
merged into the village street.
'Laura will wonder at me
.being so
Lidau said, as she paused at .a lit
tle wicier-gate, in -front of u potty,
vine-covered cottage. •
'Miss Ashley.' Le said, with some hesi
tation, 'I prowis,d yon Some roses.
May . t bring them.'
She raised Ler eyes b i ttadeniy and
_ .
'Perhapl you Lot 1i ow. I atn
not now Mis-i Ashley, but Lilian
ui lieu-t, but a Snionieut before so
bright with a new-boru hope,uow eAuk
like 16141-; but lie auawered quickly:
'No; I had hot beard of your mar,
.. •
Aulthen bu . fouud Linraclf.stauciug .
alone ou !the street, wl.itig vacantly on
the door whieli bad closed upori
an 3 awakened dreams of
happiness, •
A woLoi .with it basket ou her arm,
stopped at the gate and looked at him
. 'ls it M. Warring that .yon'in want-,
inri sit she inquired resptetfully.
be answered, abruptly.
tho seivaint paased iu, and closed
tln. gate after 'her. • ,
A4igltt shone suddenly from the loam
er 'win4ows, where until now 'it had
been dark. The curtains Wqe not
drawn, and from Lys .position outside
I the garden-paing, Gilbert bad a view
He saw Lilian take - Off her hat, and.
Standing ir. front of the ,ifift; with her
hand resting upon Abu low mantelpiece,
gazt dreamily. dowilward. It was the
attitude he remembered of old; . 'and the
light lit up' her fair face and golden
hair as on timer/eta:lOn the how-wiu
doW, when Fie: laat been her.
• A door opi : ned and she turtle(' quick.
ly. Theie entered -.a, ba4clsome,
lied gentleman . I.;apers in his hand.
He smiled O 4
1 teeing- her, and she
i him an easy chair, and
turned' to the Windows to draw the cur
t3ins. ~• •i - -:
• • • .
Gilbt•rt liieole, With one - lingering
igliince at the. Liee which he felt that he
must nev - 0 again look upon, turned
away and rbtraeen his *steps to hissoli
tary hothe. :;: V : ,
. Days passel: r .The old housekeeper
and servant..;who had•heen, congratulat
ing thenaselv'ea on their young, master
; having eatne home 'for gond,' :Were sur 7
prised to find that he was again `making
preparations' for going abroad. If ho
would stay, and settle down and
get 'parried, he would be happier, tti v ey
s;lid. . . . .
It was 'a dify of Indian summer when
lieidapted for-a. last solitary stroll about
iii4 , grimudgustinetively his footsteps
inio the pathway which he andt Lil
int; had travelto togeth*.but on bear
log the village-lie ttirnepff into a re
fired and bowery laueeiiiiich ran be
tartan two-rows of gardena bordering
parallel strezts, Soft gi•ass tufted the
ground, and branches-of tress; laden
with autumn fruit, appeared above. the
In one of these gardens., us be idly
pasxed along. Gilbert beard the merry
TOMOS of children. Suddenly, iu the
midst, c me a note of distress.
511.1, MAMMA ! 1 can't get down
—4 can't move I. My `hair is caught on
the apple-thorns 1
Gilbert looked up: ' Seated cm the
low brunch of a tree in great tearer and
distress was a fair-haired little boy,
who, ou seeing.him, : called eagerly :'
'oh, please help me down I' IPleptse
open the gate and help me 1' t.
-The gate was instantly opened, and
as Gilb_rt hastened to' the assistance of
the child, he fonnd himself face to faCe
with Lillian.
It was no difficult task to break the
light twigs on which the child's long
curls had been caught, and to lift him
to the ground. With deft fingers Lilian
untanglet the golden mesh.
- 'Now thank Mr. :Steele,- you little
Absalom !'she said, playfully, 'and don't
again venture to climb tre . as until that
golden tteec' of yours is shorn.' .•
will go and tell, Ininams,' said the
child; and he ran off:
to Gilbert found bitaself *gain' in the
presence of her whom hebad resolved,
for his own peace of mind; never again
to see.
- think .I must bid .you adieu b,ere,
Mre. Warring,' be said quietly. '
leave to-morrow iorEnrope:'
,Talso leave to- . motrow;' silo answer
ed, in a voice as calm as his owe, for
He held out, his band; bat when she
gar btra,his fingers involuntarily dot
ed upoiritwdth a firm. strong clasp.
-i:.: ; *.TU:Tk.D4Y:, - ,X4T , 'L , ..1. 7 L.158‘4.
up, and ner,eges, moist
witb team, Met bia. That glance un
manned hint.
he' exi4l o -, passionately, 'I
would gWo ban of my life to be able to
undo thepast five years.'
Spine one coming down itie Outlen
walk tailed: - „
! 'where are you ?'
'lt is your husband,' said Rabat,
bitterly; ati he caught sight of the gen
tleman approaChing, 'There—go, and
. , But she looked up with a gaze of aux ,
price, which arrested him.
husband ?' A deep colored flush
ed her cheek as she added! hus
band died two years ago.'
She r could almost have heard the
great throb of his heart.
'And you, Lilian—yori are free ?'
The gentleman--=' the same that he had
seen through the- parlor . window—now)
came up, and Lilian introduced them.
'My brother-in-law, .Mr. Warring.—
Oily, this gentleman is an old friend of
mine—Mr. Steele, of Lester Manor.'
Gilbert shook haude with' an unwont
ed cordialty, which at once ' made
two fast friends. It is wonderful how
suddenly, upon occasion, our ,feelings
will change towar3 a person. .
'He learned that evening how Lilian
had been induced, by the advice of
friends and her oivn pride and despair
in losing Gilbert's love, as she i thought,
-to wed one who loved her, and wii'mn
she tried to lov.i in return—the brother
of her sister's husband. Blit she hui
never been able to forget her Bret love.
Gilbert Steele did not go abroad.
New arrangements were made. Thu old
manor, bongo assumed a bright an'
cheerful aspect; and the last rose that
blosslined on the bough before the li
brary window was worn • on, the breast
of Gilbert's bride.
want you to wear it, dear,' he
wish you to look as you did on that
evening so long ago, and we will forget
all the iioliappy years since,'
And she, looked up, fiaid, with almost
an expression of awe:
'Had. we parted a moment earlier,'
Gilbert, we might both have been un
happy forever. One fate turned upon
that lastmoment.—Saturday/ Eight.
Coffee vs. Lager.
The following item from the Carbon
county Democrat carries a lesson with it
to those who are laboring in the tem
perance cause. Eternal vigilance is the
Price of reform: "Intense was the ex
citement created by the temperance'
crusaders of Catasanqua. In the hope
of promoting the cause and doing good
the crusaders resolved upon an - earnest
effort to defeat all applications for
hotel and resturant', licenses, via to
this end remonstranees were circulated
and signed by many men, women- aid
children, and a lawyer wita•craPloyed
to present them to the Lehigh i County
Court. And a number of ladieS \
teered to make coffee, in , abundanc::.,l
and furnish vlunch. and carry it to the
men employed at Alio furnaces, every
morning about 10 o'clock, hoping thui
to convince Them that sort 'of refresh
tuent is healthier and better than beer
and sweitz4. After carrying on the
coffee-eampaign for a little while 'the
ladies, gradually, one by one, became
tired of it and dropped out of the ser
vice, and one by ono.the men renewed
the habit of going for their beer lunch.
On Monday last the Catasanqus lawyer
put the remonstrances against granting
licenses into his overcoat pocket and
proceeded to Allentown. His coat eon-
tabling the big remonstrances was
hung up in' the !Lite! whera he - stepped,
but when the. Court House bell wits
ringing and.when he was going to. get
the precious document out of his boat
pocket it ;;wasu't there—solve;.. wicked
onefiad stolen it, and there being no
remonstrance and no: witnesson baud,
the Catasaugna licenses were all granted,.
beer was victorious and bufft4e 14,43 pro
nounced a difficult beverage is the
borough of Catasariqualt
Relies Found Ia a Roman Tower.
A Roman Tower, discovered ,iu the
Sablon quarries in Lorraine has been
partly unburied and searched to the
depth of about five metres. Tina walls
ere is a good state of preservation,.
being constructul of white stone and
held together by tP,-five red -cement,
harder than the stone itself. Anuinber
'of interesting relies have been found
.among three rains. Outside the tower
iasonae fine sand to the depth of 1 en.
50., while inside a layer of dark earth
contained some large pieces of tile at dl
bricks of rather extraordinary
sions. Ai the Romans paid• taxes
according to the number of their titles,
they destne.l it wise to have them made
as large as possible, and these sped
menh measured from Om. to 15 Om. 20
iu length, and 003. 3 to Oni. 10 iu thick
ness. :They are in splendid "Audition,
being Of a bright red color, and having
a metallic sound which indieates the - ex:
cellence of their manufacture. The
Romans exposed their tiles to the air,
allowing them to dry before placing
them is the ovens, where they were
subject to the highest heat, which,
however was only reached in sloi and
progressive stages. France ivas well
wpoderlduring the Roman epoch, and
for that reason the manufacture of tiles,
and bricks presented, no difficulties. A
number of 'statuettes and coins and
ins:Oriptions to pagan , deities hav,b been
brought to light,-and they tend to show
that some of these relic; belonged to the
legions stationed is Lorraine from the
year 50 to. 300 of the Chri.dian, era:
The tower io vaulted; and-is supported
or masonry in the forM of four arches.
—American, .Register. ,
My daughter. was that not rather a
trifling present you gave pout father?'
, Why, papa you know you' could have
had anything you were wi lling to pay
fort,---Boston Transcript.
John, said , the teacher, l I am very
sorry to have to punish yon.
then said Johnny,ceanse it always - caskets
me feel bad,-too. Then ;we'd both be
,sorry, you did it. Lowell Citizen.
Come op - to COot
One evening. above Lewisburg, on
the Mississippi, ,began Captain Pat*
Boyton, was on the lookout for .soma
place where I could atop, or for some
persOn from whom,r could obtain in
formation, when, near the bank of the
river, I discovered smoke issuing . from,
the chimney of a small cabin. I hauled
to and blew my bugle. For some time
the smoke issuing from the chitn:pey
was the , only sign of life. Finally a
teen came walking down leisurely, 're
girding me curiously. 'How far is it
to Lewisburg?' I asked. 'Ws a putty
good 'distance.' But how far do you
callitr.'l don't call it.' I Confound, it,
man! is it two, three, or four thodsand
miles?' 'I reckon its one of the num
bers.' Then I realized that I had met
a kinsman of the Arkansaw traveler.
My-irritation, which had an first been
I exhibited, subsided, and, desiring . to
get as much information as possible, I.
asked, poiuting to a bar, 'Which side
of the channel shall I taker Eiiher
side you please.' Which do you _con
sider the better?' am not attending
to . other , peciple's business.' Which
side do the steamers take?' It's owin
to what paptain's atioard."Well, bring
ing the thing down to a point,. hot long
wilt it take me to get to Lewisburg?'
ter•hoa>fast you travel.' My
fri'and, Ithink you are the d—d'at fool
in ArkanFas.' 'An' stranger, I think you
are the devil coma up to cool off. Go
A Texas Wedding..
Edwards keeps a restaurant . at Mon
run's p.finp:or Tunnel No. 1, • near the 1
Pecois. - :Adair is a Brackett saloni
.111 Wards hasia daughter wholl
is also the bride of The viyed
cling toole,Place clandestinely Monday)
evening last: . the bride returning quiet
ly to.her borne after . the .ceremony..
Thursday Adair desired to claim his
wife. but the 'old man had heard. of tile
wedding, and ` seas waiting around with
a Witichef.der rifle, which • rather com-
I plicated,the situation. During the clay,
however, the bride eluded the vigilance
of thd 6141 gentleman, and joined her
husb4d, who was whititi'g near by,
with e bhggy, and the, two started'
away; but , the irate iatheikla-law was
close- aller ' thetr —so . - e., 1 :134 that) ; one
&hot!from his Winchester lad ,the horse
in his tracks. anothcr imbedded - a bul
let in the buggy, and two 'others whis
tled uccOmfortably close to the happy
couple, who started- to run away cn
foot, the groom firing a salute at the
old man as 'he retreated,' Vie young
lady was finally captured. and Pdwards
and Adair;retreateld with • the
consoling thought and determination
tp,get even with the 011' !ma through
ittie Melinm of a charge against him of
`iia'sault witlOntent Anio
rito Express'
Impolite as Get Ot.
. .
Thq . olter . day on the. G4ntral Rtil
;way we sat next to a cdttrse voiced
:woman; with nose and eyei - which look
d as if made exprersly foing ; into
other neople's : basiness, 4 7.4(*a form.
which indicated that she - 114.d found, the
business a thriiing one. oppositc sat a
. handsossio young lady is an elaborate
sage green, with an eleggut copy of
alemarch on her lap. The sharp voiced
woman stared at her very huy3,
id' a good deal, and leanito , over coba
mehced a conversation idthis way.
'Byok agent, I see! Have good luck?'
'You are mistaken, madam, I 'am no
agent ' ' (much astonished), -
`Ton go to school, per'aps?' .
• 'NO,' (with a smile).
•iit i mi don't? Thought per'aps
you di i ti ' and looking her over as if
stie thought she was not making pro
gresi, he spied ; a heavy gold ring on
herlthirdlinger'of the left Land anti
commenced again:
`Yes.' `- •
'17?.- - Vt, with a' glance 'at. a tall gen'tle
man,wl.o stood at the rear . end of
car, tallamg with the conductor. •
`Ohl and these . are your wedding fii
ingsil. Might have known it,' running
her eyes from the jaunty hat down to
the "dainty French kid boots.
Akins and forehanded?'
•114 - usband has the same numbfer of
hancs t y Ot,lier people, imidam,' said the
, vt-ry sharply, making the 14st of
tier way to a vacant. seat at the other
en;l of the car, while the inquisitive
woman settled back as if she was-wrong
ed at übt having met with her usual
success; and exclaimed: 'Some pi:ople
do act as irnpelite as get out.'
White Specs in Butter
A 'good deal of trouble is niet with in
win*r dryi l ug from the -presence of
whiteOpeeS of curd. in butter. One
cause qr these is the too long keeping of
the . befere it is skimmed and the
thickeViug o the milk that is mixed
with kfte crehm. The pieces of - curd
becoard and solid when the cream
is.viarn preparatory to churning, anti
these floating in the buttermilk are tak-(
en out-or mixed with the, butter, add ,
spoils:its appearance unless they are
laboriotisly picked out. 'Another b.. use
is the forward state of pregnancy of the
cow. me cows only will have these
curdy pirticles iu the cream, but will
al ways; \ 9ave them when within three
montlor i of calving. It would to well to
disposer the milk of such cows in some
other way thanby *tiring it with ibe l
other To avoid the first cause
the t4peratnre of the milk room
shouldibe -kept at about GO degs, and
the' milk should be skimmed,the third
day after setting, at the latest, and
churned no later than the fourth day.
A few4tours before the churning the
cream jar should be set - in a lub of water
at 8o °IVO degrees_and be warmed—be
stiriedlo warm it evenly
---to 70' degrees. Three hours of this
temperature will thicken and ripen the
creaktn'and bring it into good condition
for Al t h:011g.l Before churning it should
fall degrees, at which temperature
it shod go into the churn in the winter
season 4 -
',Row to Dateet-Arsenie Esters.
'Whenever you clap you eyea cm a
woman us plump as a partridge, with a
whitencs,- of complexion, ' puffy
;eyelids and swollen shin, you've. found
_at *intim of the habit,'says a .phyorciau
of Cleveland to a reporter, in alluding
to' the growing nse of arsenieamong the
billies of that city: 'lf there is a deli- the city. Young women were-
cafe tinge of red on the cheeks, (1)1 " ted to marry, at will, if they chose to
be deceived. Paint, nut . nature; is re- do so; but before they reached the rag
sponsiblo for the,bloom, made hide ous ged edge ofold-maid-dom, they
and ghastly by contrast with the cormy obliged to marry whether or not. To
whiteness of the rest of the face. The secure this end, they used to. have a
arsenic eater is rarely downcast or des-. yearly auction of all urmiavried young
pondent, come what tnay; for the drug women of a certain age. The most
not onlY'affects the skiu, but produces beautiful woman of the company was
mental. ezhilaiation. The plumpness first put up for sale to the highest , bid.
produced by arsenic 'is not natural. der; thee followed the neit in loveliness;
plumpness, but rather a dropsical con - - and so on down the scale. When the
dition of the skin, Cessation of the zero point was reached they stilt . kept
.habit causes this water-distendod . skin ou with the sale; but instead of the
to collapse, and wrinkles 'and sallow- k buyers payiug -for such quality of
Bess are the inevitable results. or wives, they were. given a premium for
course no woman is willing to submit to: taking the stock off the - .Market, and
this ordeal when it may be. prevented, struck off to the man - who would take
at the d mere sacrifice of health and in- them for the smallest bonus.. What
tellect, by a confirmation of the use of , was made on , the beautieS was - used . to
the drug. The inevitable results of the 1 even up on the ugly. If anything."was
arsenic habit are hideous and incurable 1 , 4 t; it-went into the city treasury."
cutout:ins eruptions and loathsome dis
eases of the scalp, falling. out of the
hair, dropsy and oftentimes insanity.
But what care the footlight favorite, or ,
-the society belle for those trifling oftei
hicOnveniencies so long as they cau
l borrow illusive charrias and fictitious
beauty for a flitting•day by the use of a
;deadly drug?'
The Value of the Roller.
It has always been. a belief of ours
that the true value of the roller as not
beeli_understood, and,*e have received
considerable credit kom our coutetu-
poraries for our efforts at various times
to have this implement bitter under-
Stood. What we have bald of it in the
past has chiefly had referenCe•to its -119 e
in the spring iupassing it ove,r the grain 1
and grass and pressing hack• the plants/
to their normal position, where
have been disturbed by the action of
the frosts; but as we see farming C• 31 1-
ducted during the, znmmer,- we arc .
tempted to inquire whether even 'still
more use of the roller might not he made
with advantage. We know how
great is the value of a - well pulverized
soil, but we have come to regard mero
stirring with a cultivator in summer ii.s
pulverizing. It is to a certain extent of
course. No matter how roughly done,
it is better than a hard baked snri•intl.
Under this condition the soil dries very
rapidly. Still the lumpy coarse . way is
whkii the cultivator often leaves the
ground is anything, but puivrizition:
We see a tendency in some on trters to
favor hard - raclted earth; • biit the
,thorough puls , trizition we! recommend
I is a very different thing from A
soil thlt is . thoroughly crashed fihe will ;
not:dry oat near so fa,t its one which is
coarse and lumpy, and this preventation
of the escape of ° moisture is as well
- worthy of attention as the manure (Ines
tion; or any of the numerous ones which
are gentrily uppermost.
It is,not perhaps easy to carry out a
'plan fi after we know it is a good one; - bat,
argly something could be done to keep
`the soil from being so coarse and lumpy,
as we see it so often aiter oar cuitiva i tors
have been over the ground. There r is
something wrong either with the soil
. implements. We want a elod 7 crush6t}
as a boo-harrow; let it be in the form'afc
a roller or what it inay.---gernzuntow4.
- ;,
thy New York lady who has been a semi
invalid fcir some years, and who has
been by the seaside and on the mount.
tains all through the summers, has filled
ono room, or rather its walls, with, all
the. variety of , nests common to our
AMerican birds. She has a 'numbr Of
nests sent her from foreign countries,
her hobby being widely knoWn among
her friends. The 'room is es pretty as
- it is a study. The *its are covered
with French blue paper, ' having a deli
cate vine of white, and on them, in all
directions, hang nests of all sorts and
varieties. Some are filled .with eggs,
caters are arranged on the twigs on
which they were found.
ABOUT ALT.SCIATOBS,-7The alligator's
mode otobtaining.a living is thus tics
cribed: 'He is - a lazy dog, ,and instead
of hunting for something to eat he lets
his victuals hunt for him. That is, ho
lies with his mouth open, apparently
dead, like the 'possum. Soon a bug
crawls into it, then a ily; then several
gnats andacolony of mosquitos. The
alligator don't close his mouth yet. He
i 3 waiting fora whole drove of things.
He does his eating by wholesale.r A
little later a lizard will cool hithself
under the shade of the upper jaw. l'hen
a few frogs will :hop up to catch , the
mosquitoes and gnats light on the frogs.
Finally a. whole village of insects and
reptiles settle down for an afternoon
picnic. Then all at at once there is-an
earthquake. The big jaw; falls, the•alli•
gator slily' blinks one eye, gulps ,down`\
the entire , menagerie, and' ' o pen s his
great. front door .again for more visi-
Tyndall makes pUblic in London ,the
results of experiments made by . Dr.
Koch, of Tioston, on Tubercular disease.
It was known before that the disease
was communicable, but Koch has ascer
tained the exact nature of the parasite
which causes consumption. He has
propagated it artificially, and killed
animals with parasite .thus prodnced.
Matter expectoratCd from the fugs of
consumptive persons has lieen . found"to
be swarming with parasites, which are .
highly infective.. Tyndall's object la
to protest afresh against legislation
which prohibits in England experi
ments such as enabled . Koeli to Make
these discoveries, but it is hoped that
Koch will develoPe a harmless form
of the tubercular parasite, which by
inflect:dation may prevent consumption;
and thus check a mange which accor
ding to Koch's calculation, carries: off
one-seventh of the human race.—.X. Y.
$1.40 a Year s in Adnutce.
.Tn Woirax Qmsnosr.--New Eng. •
lanti is overstocked with women,,*bilo
Una west bask corresponding `excess of
the other sex. A writer in a Peoria
paper suggests the revival of an ancient
Assyrian custom to epialize matters.
te says:
"In ancient Babylon they - used to
make it a rule to have no old maids in -
A Maseachusetti paper says: - The
law permits you to fish for trout now,
but it does not guarantee that you'• will
catch any. However, it does not 'pre
vent you from lying.'
Sophrotiia—'Can - the weather pro
phets foretell sudden 'rainstorms, in
summer ?' They could - could, probably,
lif they knew the dates on which Sun
day-school picnics would be held.
Sonierr i Ile Journal.
Adolphus, let us leave the avenue
and stroll along the margin of the river.
Not any, Evangeline. -No margin for
me (Adolphus bad been speculating in
futures that week.):—Courier,Journal.
The editor of the New York nnes
says that Oscar Wilde'a rhymea_ are fit
only for the readingof seetatie
The mit-liners nil endeavor to got even
st:iliug the editor's wife an. bonnet.
—Cuterier—JourAal. •'
'He blew out his brains after bidding
his wife farewell! with. a gim."trect-•
red to the memory of John
accidentally shotas a mark of affection
by his brother.' 'A piano for sale by a
!Ay about to croSs tho Channel in an
Oak case with carved
„ .
•7C , ,insideration: Mistress (on. coming
hor4e trim the seAside)—Why. lane,
what's bec9ratt of the bullfinch? Jane
-Well, you s-e, it didn't 'say
and loOked aroopite like,. so
.coos pui it out of its misery, an; I 'ad
it . stull'ell for my 'at. —New York Post.
When reprimanded by hii employer
for absenting himself :ram the office for
two entire days, Fogg very calmly re
piiel that he believed in the office seek-
ng the man and not the mau seeking
the cflice.-;-Bosion Transcript
Griswold' fells of a Denver:editor who,
when offeed a book called 'Hours with
Shakspeare,' for a half column adver-
tise'meut of it, replied. in his paper:
'We never take ours with Shaltspeare;
we take our with sugar.'
The Kato. Liana syllabary, made up of
forty -eight characters, is the simplest.
form of Japanese written laiagnage, and
is-used in telegraphing, Messages cal . : , t
be sent in the character cheaper in jaPiin'i
think they conkt be sent inNew England
ia 1876.
Two women called on a Maine dentist
simultaneously, one to have a!1 her teeth
extracted and, the other only three: The
dentist mistaken-Iy, put the latter under
the induenie of the and rendered her
toothless. A. jury 'wilt try to estimate
A boat, destbied to be propelled
solely by electricity, has been complet
ed in France. The owner, Mr: Trellier,
intends to launch it iloulcgue, and
to cross in it to Folkestone, in company
with ufriend. - The boat is about eigh
teen feet long, by about four and a half
feet wide.
Amateur Printer—There is no regular
pastry cook connected 'with a
printing office, although sometimes
.when one of the hands makeda little pi
ha makes the foreman-a little tart, anti
then, perhaps, the latter complains of•
being 'out of rt 3. —Boston COMM:ITN!
Bulletin. •
A .young man in Grayson, qoanty,
Virginia, recently, while working in a
hell of new,ground, struck a bonanza,
in digging up silver coip and
$358 in gold,'supposed to have been
hidden by some one daring the war—
a part of that, perhaps, said to have
been lost froin the Canfederato money
bais vrhen'its army went up in 1865:
For the - navy primer; Here is another
young man. what has the young man
in his hand? The - young man has in his
hand a marriage license, Has the young
man, plenty, of money? No, the young
inan has not plenty of money. What Jwill
the young man do? He will board
with his mother-in-law.—Courier
nal. '
Glasgow, Scotland, is the second city
in point of :population, of Great Britain
having 750,000: It has upwards of 14f
miles of public' streets, the largest ship
yards,tind the ~ l argest chemical works
in the world, and two ohimnyes—one
450 and the second, :400—which are un
equaled in height by any ever. built.
Gen. GOrdownow receives considers
.ble attention from the Georgia papers.
Among the many hits of gossip about
him is an anecdote, the point of which
is as follows: When he was about to
assault Forts Steadman and Haskell be
and General Heth went into a little
building to pray. While they were
kneeling is a corner saw Adjutant
General Sol Beth standing a little `way
off. Gordon beckoned young Heth to
join theta. The latter LAid up his can
teen and, shaking it said: 'No. , I thank
you; I've . just got held/ Of some.
"Wells' Health Renewer" restore* health
and vigor, cares Dyspepsia, Impotence.
Sexual Debility. $l. • - -