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JUDSOk HOLCOMB. l rnopurcro r,s
.CHA.S. H. ALLEN, Assoriatc Editor
- - -
"Reasonable fazes, honest expenaiiures, corn
relent ctlieers, and no stealing." Harpers
W Entered in , the Pod .otllee'st Tonanil• as
It is stated t_lt the Chinamen in New
York are preparing for a maks meeting
thank -the President for his veto• '
The Crawford Journal, published- at
:Meadville, the home of Mr. S. B. Dick,- de
clines to support his candidacy for Congress
man-at-lante. - •
George M. Chileot succeeds Henry M.
Teller as United States senator from
rad°. He-is a lawyer, and has served sev
eral terms in She state legislature.
The 'Japanese coveriunent, with that
re:oy . adaptation of all useful and 'Valuable
inventions and dfseoveries, has sentio this
- country for large quantities of --aceine
points, -
The reports of the damage to the fruit
crop in Dela Ware, Maryland and New
Jersey are greatly exaggerated. Late ac 7
counts pronounce the damage as very
The Senate on Wednesday of ink wCelt,
confined Hon. William B. Chandler ; as
Secretary of the Navy, by a vote of 28 to
16. The Senate also confirmed Hon. Wil
liam H. Hunt as Minister to Russia.,
The State of Vermont has a law allow
ing women to vote for schocil directors, and
to be eleCted to that office, - and yet it is
ported that at the recent elections in that
state but five women voted in the. entire
te Ant.-llourbon movement in .(ieorgia
sc - citis to be gaining ground steadily and
surely. Its leaders do not make much
noise, but they are quietly at work and
succeed in attracting the_ attention of the
people. '
Don Piatt, the eccentric editor of the
k;,l y Capita/ at Washington, sarcastically
burlesques the people of Missouri for lion
ising Jesse James, the outlaw, robber and
niurjeier. by christening hiiii • ", Saint
. 4z.enis to be fast dying out
in lowa, notwithstanding the efforts of es-
Congressman Weaver tol keep it alive.
Only two or three: of the thiay or forty
organs of the party that were started in
recent years survive.
Cut loose from bad leaders and lie Repub
licans'from principle. Principle's are int: ,
mutable. They are as sacred and valuable
under bad leadership as under good. Stand
by right principles. and deal with bad lead
-4s opportunitY is afforded. •
Mrs. Garfield has received 'as a present
from a Dresden artist a portrait on ponce,_
Lain ofher late husband .. The inscription
rends: i ..`James A. Garfield, President of
respect and admiration, by L. Sturm.. The
:22.0Sth p6rtrait, Dresden."
The great iinmigration movement of Ger
mans, which is expected even to exceed ,in
1852 the volume it attaineddast sear, seeins
to be starting in earnest: ; The steamship
Ohio. which reached BaWiner° last week,
brought over thirteen hufidred immigrants
Most of then started directly for the West
It is now announced that an improve- -
ment has been made by -which the commu
nication through a telephone can be made
operative hunAredS cf miles, that a person
in Philadelphia could hold converse with
one in Chicago with as much ease as they
can now a feW miles off. This will indeed,
revolutionize the later and telegraph-meth
ods of communication.
It now; looks us though Berks county
could have abundant reason for throwing
overboard the Democratic -majorities and
monopoly of county offices„ The Prothono
tary has been charging fees that the law
does not allow, and it last County Treas
urer has skipped out with a: .shortage of
about ! $50,000 in his'accoants.
, The cause of dissensions in the Republican
party if any there be, is , chargeable en
tirely-to the utivise and arbitrary action of
ambitiiius leade - rs. The massbs of.the parks:
would be all:right if their leaders would let
them. The remedy willbe found in, stand
ing by the party and helping it to depose
the men who :ire leading to ruin.
. The sub•eommittee, of the House Com
mittee on Banking to. whieli was referred
that portion of the President's message re
lating to silver certificates, reported to the
full committee Tuesday recommending the
passage Of the bill suspending the issue of
silver Cortifkates.and limiting tho coinage
of standard silver dollars to the requite
.inentsof the people.
The retiring members of the Maryland
Legislature cleaned out the State, House at
Annapolis so thoroughly that not even
10 file was left. Some of them wanted to
take their desks and chairs and one actual- .
walked away with aspittoon. It is un
necessary, perhaps, to inform our readers
that the "retiring . members" were demo
cratic I.y a large majority. • - -
• The Democratic organ's Are eloquent over
what they call the gerryintinder of Virginia
by the Eeadjusters, says thd Tribune, but they
say nothing about the inquius gerryman
. der in_llississippi. besides , they ignore the
fact that the Legislature ivhich redistricted
Virginia was chosen art honest majority,
while the Democratic Legislature which
'redistricted Mississippi was elected by sup
pressing a Republican majority of 30.000.
The Democratic organs in the South' are
beginning to recognize the importance of
the colored element in the politics of that
section. They are`-Publishing; numerous
articles, the drift of whiCh is l. to try to
prove to the colored people the folly of re-_
maining with the Republican party when
the Democratic parfyi is disposed to treat
7 them with much more liberality. This' ,
one fruit of the Independent movement in
the Southern States. , '
Of the twenty-five state senators who
hold over, twenty „are republicans and five
- are democrats. Of the twenty-five to be
elected this year thirteen are republicans
and twelve democrats. It would be a very
bad managenient that could make the next
senate democratic. It js hardly within the
bounds ofipossibility,'aftd certainly outside
the damaiii of probability. It looks as if
the republicans would make a clean sweep
of the legislature,
Mr. James !Fallen, an influential nde
pendent Redublicrufef tills State, has writ
ten a letter, in which he refuses to aid in
defeating General Beaver if he receives the
nomination for Governor. He thinks that
the fact that Beaver is well qualified for
the office, and that his nonination is evident
ly desired by a Majority of the party,
outweigh other consideration's. .
hp sacs, "has become a high: art, and the
professionals in it shrewd-and wary, and to
counteract mischievous work We muse learn
their skill rind with it oVerthrow those who
do evil. To make Our work efficient, •we
roust remain in the party to help purify and
elevate it, and not by decrying attempt to
destroy. Our Work must not bespasmedic,
but with constant vigilance Working togeth
er for good."
States will hold elections
this year.. Rhode Island leads off next
month for Governor and other State offi
cers and a Legislature. Oregon elects in
June ,Kentucky will elect a clerk of the court
of appeals in August, and in the same month
Tennessee and Alabama will elect Govern
ors and Legislatures. Maine will elect a
Governor and Legislature in September,
which will have the election' of- a United
States Senator in the place of Mr. Frye,
now filling Mr. Blaine's unexpired term.
In October Ohio and lowa will elect some
of theirquinor officers; Colorado will elect a
Governor and Legislature, wad West Vir
ginia will choose a Legislature; which. will
elect a United States Senator to succeed
31. r. Davis. In November Bminecticut,
Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mich
igan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire,
Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas_ and
New York will elect Governors, while Illi
nois will elect a successor to David Davis.
In a number of the States electing in No
veinber other State officers beside Govern:.
or will be elected. Pennsylvania Will elect;
besides a GoVernory a Lieutenant Govern:
or, Secretary of Internal .t\ffairs, a Supreme
Judge, a- 'House of Representative:4.' l one
half of the 'Senate, and Congressmen.
In polities, our attachments for then
ire as nothing, compared .. with the
preservation, and promotion of the
traditions upon which the Republic,
secured by the blood of our revolution
ary fathers, was originally established,.
The rights of the individual to the ex
cruise of - the liberty of conscience; both
in respect to religion and politics,
dependent of personal rule or bossism,
is one - Of the fundamental principles of
our, government. Enunciated in the,
Declaration or - Independence, guarah
teed by the ConstitUtion, it is the duly
'of the citizen, as well as his right, to
see that the ambition of party leaders
does not draw us away -from, these
first and underlying principles ;of a
free government, "by the people, e l f the
pc9ple, : ..and for the people.", ‘N hen
the, ambitions and selfish designs of
men cruise them to forget the primary,
principles of free government, it rests
with, thepeople to cry, halt ! and in their
primary capacity - ,to bring filch; .leaders
back :to _a full recognition of they. rights.
This is just what the present . struggle
between the people and their political
bosses means. The bosses will be wise
if they heed the warning in season to
ay ea*. taklunit of_ ; _adefeat, \Ve
confidenee in the principles of the
Republian party, -in their integrity, and
propose to stand firmly and squarely
by our wells ettled Convictions,: but our
•eftorts shall be sternlidevoted to cor
recting - themisuse of ipower by partv
leaders to the end that success may
attend thei party .in holding the political
supremacy in the administration of the
Government. e
Editorial Correspondence
Wnsail:GroN, D. C., Aptil 17, 1882
The 20th anniversary of the
. proclamation
of emancipation issued by President , Lini:oln
falling this year on Sunday, the colored
people of the District of Columbia, celebrate
their deliverance, front the bondage of
slavery on to-day—Monday. These anni
versaries have annually been observed by
the colored citizens since 1862, with gloater
or less display according to the degree of
enthusiasm felt by the colored race and the
means Iyhich they are able to command.
Their preparation for display in theirturn
outto-dff is on n grander scale than usual.
They maintain in Washington a 'umbel; of
civil societies. These will be represented in
their parade in their various regalia. Tho
processi'on will be undei the directieu of a
chief :marshal and his' aids all dreed in
uniform and mounted. The music will be
furnished by several inStrUMental bands
composed entirely of • colored members, and
a gala day for the colored people will be en
joyed. In the evening there will be speak-
Mg at i Lincoln• Hail by lion. Frederick
D inglass and Other distinguished colored
men. '.President Lincoln, whom the colored
people revere as a patron saint, said in
closing-his proclamation of emancipation,
which resulted in bringing general freedom
to all slaves on - January 1, 1863: " To this
act, sincerely believed to be an act i 4
justice, warranted by the Con4titution upon
military necessity, I invoke the - considerate
judgment of 'mankind, and" the • gracious
favor of Almighty God." • Twenty years
of history has dispeled every doubt of the
wisdom of the act of President Lincoln, to
the execution of which at the time heap
proaChed withthe profoundest convictions
of its justice, thOugh he entertained doubts,
of its approval by a cilia; of the American
people. The artni, - , composed largely. of un
disciplined yeomn,nry, fresh fyOm the
ranks of 'the people, and inspired by the
highest motives of patriotiSva; saw sooner
than, the President the necessity of freeing
the slaves before the rebellion ;could be
brought to - a- final and suecessl'ul, issue.
llence, when the proclamation of emanci
pation!came, it infused new life, vigor and
courage into ,the rank's of the soldiery. be
cause they realizild that the war was being
prosecuted for the maintenance Of the in
tegrity of the republic upon 'principles of
justice to all men, without regard to race,
,color or condition. From that period the
success of, the; Union Army and the sup
pression of the rebellion was assured.
I •
The Democratic party show evidence of a
lively hbpe of success in 'the next fall
elections, based upon apparent dissensions
and divisions in the ranks of the Republican
party: The Democratic Congreasional Com
mittee, having its headquarters here, is or
ganizing for active Work. 'Philip P. Thomp
son, Secretary of the Committec, has
actively canvassed the Democratic side of
,the House within the past week fur contri
butions for campaign expenses, and liberal
contributions have been made. The pur
pose, of the • Committee is to devote every
possible effort to carrying all the close Con
gressional districts now represented by Re
publicans and thus gain the ascendency in
- the House, as they -wllthave in the Senate,
in the next Congresi. If -the Republican
p ar ty would avert :Such a result; it must
heal its internal fends and show a united
front to the old enemy as of yore. Whether
the Republican pally, in' Pennsylvania
especially, is •to succeed next fall will de
pend much upon-the course of the national
Administratiols , If all. federal appoint
'meats are conferred upon the advice of
Senator Cameron, on his special favdrites,
and the larger and more powerful portion
°lithe party:' who do the voting is to be
iitiore& and spat upon, there is little hope.
of success in Pennsylvania: Senator
Mitf.hell is represented by the Washington,
correspondent of the New York Tribnge
saying : ' It has been my ambition during
the year that have been in this office to
convince Mr. 'Cameron of the need of a
change in these matters: I have had many
plain talks with him. I have wanted to see
justice dOne to both wings of the party. I
have been waiting 'for • a year in the hope
that something could be accomplished, sub
mitting-in the meantime to misrepresenta
.tion and 'ridicule: It was even telegraphed
over the country when I secured Senator.
Teller's seat that I did it through the pre
science of Senator Cameron. It
~ s eems to
be thought that I have no consciousness of
my own, no , capacity or mind apart from
Senator c;aineron— I hate certain prinei;
pies "—and here the Senator 'spoke with
great positiveness—" and when Senator
Cameron gets in the way of them from-thus
time on he must get out of the way. • I have
steadily opposed many of the appointments
made in Pennsylvania since I came into
this office.' Mr. Cameron knows this, and
the authorities making these appointments
know it." ,
When asked if he had formed any plan of
action, for the future the Senator said :
" Nothing further than to speak my mind
in these natters, and give the advide I
think proper. I lave no time to spend in
organizinc i political inoyements. I could
not do •it Avithput neglecting my official
duties; -but if there should be-any popular
movement by Republicans to carry Out the
ideas - I,have expressed I should not hesitate'
to join it, for I believe such a movement
necessary to the salvation of the Republican
party in Pennsylvania." • - - -
Such a condition of political affairs do not
afford a hopeful outlook for the success of
the Republican party in Pennsylvania. In
spite of itself, while the attachment of the
masses of the party to its doctrines and
traditions are as, true as ever, and they
would gladly vote to sustain them; the
party is likebi, to be offered a sacrifice to
the madness of its leaders. The remedy is
not to be found .in deserting the standard
of Republica l pism and going over to the
enemy, but sustaining the party and
biding our 'time to correct.existing' evils.
White party leaders are engaged in a Kil
kenny cat fight to destroy each other, the
masses of the party should asstu;iie control,
and at' the first opportunity depose the men
who arc dragging the Party to ruin, and
fill their. places with better and truer men.
The Democratic party in - Congress , have
determined to oppose further legislation to
restrict Chinese immigration. They, be
lieve, that as the bill to suspend inimigra
tion for tWeniy years ha. - been vetoed by a
- RepUblican President, that the policy of no
legislation is a political trump. card for
I them. ; They expect to hold the Republican
party responsible, and be able upon such an
issue 4) carry all the Pacific states, and at
the Rune time rally all the labor-tinion'
elements to their support. They think that
ast.lie:Wrey letter forgery helped them in
teuePon'tneim•tintibtlagfralf*m - fie*
them in 1882. the issue comes they
will be likely to have their - past sins held
up to view in such a light that They can ilee
themselVes as Others see them. i I
The protrricted debate on,the;
will close early this week, and the bill mill
pass the House, though it will be generally
opposed by the Democratic members outside
of 'Pennsylvania. ".A tariff for revenue
only " is theestablished doctrine and policy
of the Democratic: party. J. H. •
—The Freethinkers' National ConvOitkai
will be Watkins Glen, begin
ning August t.).3& . .
—The New York General Term has rot-,
tiered a decision upholding the right
,:4)f a
married womad to sue her husband ':for
—There were produced in this- country'
during the year ending ; Tune 30th last,
720,190,000 gallons of spirits, and 57,000
gall Ons were lost by casualties. • .
—The Chicago Presbytery '.passed reso
utions thanking the President for, Vefoi i ng
ho Chinese bill, because it . would prevent
he conversion of the Chinese to Christian-
—The Breckenridge, Ky.:, News says t
Mrs. Mary Board,, now living in Dayies
county, is forty years - of age and the - law-
Sul mother of forty-three. children, ;the
youngest is a babe at the breast.
—Charles M. Davenport, one, of the
ablest lawyers in Vermont, died yesterday-
at Brattleboro, aged fifty-one: He was a
prominent Democrat, having twice her the
nominee of his patty, for Governor ,'
—George W. Morse, of Washington, who
holds that he is the Original juventor of 'the
modern metallic' caiiidge breech-loading
system of firearms, has put in a claim for
$200,000 compensation from the gotNrn
-1 meat. ;
—lt is said • that Secretary Teller *win
make. a number of cluanges in the Interior
Department, including Assistant Secretary
.Bell and Chief Clerk Lockwood. He may
also remove Commissioner ' Price, ,of the'
Indian Bureau.
:s.lassett, a farmer living near
Cambridge, Ohio, Wednesday shot his' son,
John E. Na..s.sett, and 'then shot *himself
through the head, causing instant. death.
The eldest Nassett had been violentpward
his family for years.
—Thal'resident oii the 12th 'nomina
ted George Money, of Tennssee,
Minister and Consiii-lienend to Bolivia;
Wm. L. Scruggs, yor Minister to Columbia;
and C. C. Andrews, of Minnesota, for
Consul-Gdneral to Rio Janerio. •,
—Few persons have any idea of the_'
amount of horse meat which is annually'
consumed in Paris. Last year a report
shows that nine thousand horSes were .
served up in frica.sse, rligouts' and' steaks:
There are forty shops were nothing but
horsy meat is sold.
—Jellies Isom, who in the war of 1812
carried on the manufacture 'of saltpetre for
use in making gunpowder for the American
army, died at Richmond, Kentucky, a short
time ago, aged 102 years: Ho conducted
his business,in a mountain cave so as to
evade the danger of discovery.
--on Thursday of last week, nine steam=.
- ers lauded a total of 6478 immigrants at
,Castle Garden. Nearly all of them -were
the well-to-clo'class and the prophytion Of
women and children was much la4er than
usual. One Derbyshire farmer exchanged'
ftt'the money office English gold and liank
notes to the amount of '55362 after which
he bought tickets and left for Detroit.
1 - —The
-highest mine M the United states;
and probably in the world, is 'the Present
Help, situated on Mount Lincoln, in the
main range of the Rocky Mountains, in
Park cruty, Colorado. According to PrO
i—:..r Hayden, Mount Lincoln has an
altitude of 14,297 feet. The Present Relp
boarding house, built alongxide of the
entrance to the main drift, is about 200
yards away from the , extreme summit of
the mountain and 140 feet lower down.
'This 14,157 feet above sea level,
and it is undoubtedly the highest inhabited
house in the world.
fire at- VanEtteriville, Chemung
County N. Y. on the 11th instant, destroyed
the Methodist church edifice, the residence
of the pastor, Rev. C.-, E: Mogg, and a
dwelling house owned by Mrs. Mary B.
Dressen.. The loss on property
. destroyed
is estimated at, $.5,000 , and $BOO on the
pressen property was all the insurance on
any. The fire is supposed to have been in
cendiary, hsving originateij, in the wood ,
shed in the rear of the cluirch.
—Washington, a small place in. lowa,
had a Federal private.of the war who win;
shot 'eight times. Seeking some corapanl ,
ions, he found a Confederate battery, and .
as captain' of , an imaginary company de
manded its surrFnder, Obtaining the ,com
numder's pistols] and sword. - He tamed
over the unarmed squad to General Rosen
cram (the story goes), received a compli
ment, has long been sick and receives a
pension of s'2 a month.
NV,, , ,,snixerwr, April 12.-1 petition
of Mr Scoville, asking'paY for the ao
fence in the Gniteau trial was filed yes
terday in the petition - 1)oz of the House.
In a letter to Congresiman Farwell,
Mr. Scoville says that the Gniteun
ness has nearly.ruined him, and suggests
that if Judiciary Committee object to
leaving the amnia of compensation to
the Attorney-Genetal, they might• limit
to the sum - proposed to be paid the
experts, twenty-five dollars a day for
the time actually given to the case, or
even less. Mr. Scoville says that he
will probably continue iu the case
though it is very hard to stand Guit
eau's abuse. He states that Guiteau
if again brought intii court will not be
p-rmitted to interrupt oe Court. Mr.
Scoville will nut argue the case tiNliess
Lthe assassin agrees to keep quiet
Another Colliery Explosion
SUNDERLAND, Eng., April 18.—An ex
plosion has occurred in the Black Horse
Colliery. It is feared that twenty-thme
persons. are killed. Several' have lick
rescued badly burned.
Four:bodies have been recovered fro m
the Black Horse colliery., - ;.Fourteen
are still missing.
SUNDERLAND, April Is.--lliilnight.
Thiity-iive persons were killbd by the
colliery explosion,
. .
Bill to Pensioti Soldiers.
WASHINGTON, April Io.—Among
the hills introduced in the House to
daj• was one by Mr. De Motte for the
relief of soldiers of the war of the re-
hellion who were con i fu,,ed 'in rebel
prisons. It provides that such soldiers
shall be pensioned at the rate of $8 per cases where the term of im
prisonment shall have been ninety days
and less than .one,year, $1 per month
additional for each full month of such
imprisonment in excess of , one year,
and S 3 perday for 'each and every
day's confinement in 'said Confederate
prisons, and that said pensions
shall .be payable in'the same maim&
a's other , pensions are paid..,
Violent ,Storm ii Louisiana.
• NEI;N: :Inr.BIA, La., April 14.—The
storm on We dnesday..night wrought ,
HouSes'were torn to pieces, the fences,
provisions, forage, furniture and every
thing previously saved from the floods,
were destroyed. Fifteen thousand
persons are homeless ; .and without
Means of support or shelter.
• The storm swept away 'forty houses
at Fansse Point, and We corn-cribs
floated off with their contents. The
cabins On Sanders' plantation were
blown down and floated off.
Destrgcture' Fire at Tituskitie-
TITUVILLE, Pa.,• April The
Parshall House burned early this Morn
ing. The'Had Brunswick was dam
aged: When the flames Were first
covered the fire could have been easily
suppressed, but the firemen refused to.
work under the newly
. elected Chief.
It was only when the Mayor induced
the;:ex Chief Engineer to take charge
that they went to. work,. Fireman
Hubbard Was fatally hurt by n falling
wall. The colored cook in the': Par
shall- House is missing. '
. "The loss iti estimated at $300,01:10.
The body of The cook has been recover- .
ed: The Hotel Brunswick was owned
by Senator Roberts. •
_ISAN FiAscisco, Arran 15. —Dr Led
yard who met Lieutenant Denhover at
Irkutsk, learned some details of the los
of the Jeannette from him 'which he Ipis
communicated to a friend here. 'Frpro
'the first fall,wlien they were caught
the ice in trying to reach Herald Islam'
they never took comae, but' were held
as in the jaws of death. Every timber
quivered; the vessel turned this may ind
that and was thrown about like a cork.
E% ery hour they were in anspeuse, never
knowing when the ice would close npou
them. _Throughout this strain the dew
were well and trying to be cheerful Work
ing very hard, for the engine Was bdiely
able to make the water act. They shad
to _pump a year and a half. On June
11th, 1881, the clisis came. The'ship
showed 'greater straining than-., before
and it was evident that 'she coup not
hell out much longer. The -men pre
pared the boats and made a c unip beside
the vessel. She lose and turned in her
cradle till the yards touched the l ice.
Then the rigging' gave way :and ,the
masts lay prostrate. At four o'clock in
the morning they parted and , all went
down. The cry of slain galled all to
escape from the crevice, in the ice. It
opened just through the captain's tent.'
.Then began the retreat. For twerity
nine days they struggled southward,.
and three hundred •miles of broken ice
were then passed over. Four miles a 'Any
was thought to be good fortune. After
one series of fourteen days they were
tweety•seveu miles further north than
at first. While working over the ice
and dragging three heavy boats, they
discovered Bennett Island, to explore
which they spent three-weeks ,of their
precious slimmer days, and . expended
much of 'their limited supply of food. To
this •detour those who suivived attribute
much of their suffering and the death of
their commander with nineteen men.
liter three months in this perilous
and exhausting work they came to
blue water, and then' with fait winds.
took a course for the month of the
Lena river.
Third of a Town Burned.
NEW AT•IMAN - DurA,Pa., April 18.—Afire
here last night raged _seven hours. 'A
third of the . town %%vas •bnrned and
several familis are'destiftite, The loss
is 825,000. - • -
Wonderful Discovery.
SIIILNGETELD, April 18,,—Presi
dent Linoolon's remains are, reported to
be completely petrified, thri form and
even the features being preserved.
Buy WALL PAPERS at Cross' Store
Finest designs at mosiressonable prices.
By virtue of sundry writs issued, out of the
Court of Common pleas of Bradford County and"
to me directed, i will expose to public sale, at
the Court Rouse in Tcrrindsßoroago, on
FlpllkT, MAY , '5 9 188'2.
at 1 o'clock; P. M.; the following describe 4
property, to-Wit :' - -
No. I. One let, piece or parcel of land. situate
In Towanda birough.,bounded north by lands of
Widow Lewii, east by River strut, south by
lands of John Sullivan. and west by lands of
Elsbree & Davies. and .other lands of B, A..
Chamberlin; being 100 feet front on Blvd ,
street, running back 100 feet, with 1 framed
house, framtd barn, and. a few fruit
trees thereon. Seized and . taken into
execntioh at the suit of Frederick Mercur; ex
ecutor of Sarah A. !demur, vs. Byron Chamber
lin and Dennis L. Sweeny.
- No. 2. ALSO—Defendant's life estate in a
lot of land, situate in Athens township.
bounded north by lands of .f A. 31eVaugh
(lot No. 5.), Miss Gray (lot -No. n igh'
and Hiram and Susan Thomas (lots Nos. 54 and
71); cast by lands of Hiram and Susan Thomas,
south by Sayre Land Company and month First
!street. and west by Thomas avenue. Excepting
and reserving' therefrom lot No. el sold to J. A.
Woodward. lo; o, 4 sold to Park - Wolcott: lot
No. 5 sold to A. IliVaugh, lot No. 47 sold to
Mrs. Anna Tuthill, lot No. 48 sold to--Flynn,
lot So. 50 owned by Norman Shaw. lot No. 52
owned by Mrs. Anna Tuthill, - and lot No. 53
owned by Andrew Zeller; being lots and parts of
lots No. 1 (emit half). Nos. 2; 44, 45. 46,4'4 . 51. 54,
71, 72. 73, 74, 75, 16,-and 77 according to a plot or
survey made. by Z. F. Walker for Thomas de
Tierce. June 23, A.D. 1873; all . improved, with
1 two-story framed house thereon.
No. 3.. ALSO—Defendant's interest in a lot
of land situate in Athens township, bounded
north by lands now or late of 811 a. Fotdham;
east and south by lands of Bullet, sod west by
the Susquehanna river; contains 42 acres, more
or less , . about 10 improved; the said land having
been contracted by Wm. B. Pierce, U. W. Thomas
and Howard Elmer to Elijah Vangorder, by con
tract dated Jan. 31.. 1876, with a two-story
framed house thereon . Seized and taken into
execution at the suit of Hiram Thomas' use vs.
Wm. B. Pierce.
No. 4. .141..50-LDefendant's interest in s lot of
land situntebin Towanda borough, bounded and
described as follows: Beginning at the south
east corner of lands of H. C. Porter in the
centre of. the highway; thence westerly' along
'the south line of H. C. Porter's land 3G rods to
scorner; thencenoutherly along the lands of
Joseph Powell 9. rods more or leas to the corner
oflot of the rector vestry and wardens of
Christ Church; .thence eastwardly along' the
north line of said church lot to west corner of
W. 31. Watts' lot; thence northerly along the
west line of said Watts' lot to the north corner
of said Watts' lot; being 12 feet south from south
line of said Porter's land; thence eastwardly
'along the north lino& said Watts' lot to. a cor
ner in the centre of said highway; thence along
the centre of said highway - 12 feet to the place of
beginning; reserving nevertheless the right to
said W. M. Watts, his heirs and assigns, to use
the 12 feet in width betweenhis north lin and
said POTter'4 south line from said highwa run
ning west to said Watts' lines. an alley. eing
same land c onveyed by B. S. Russell an ! wife
to Barry Mix and John D. - Slontanye, deed
dated October 1,1865, and recorded in Recorder's
Oglze for Bradford County, in deed book No.llll
page 35, Sm., all improved, no buildings.
No, 5. ALSO—One other lot, piece or parcel of
land situate in Towanda borough, bounded and,
described as follows: Beginning at a point on'
Weston street the northeast corner of a-lot now
owned by M. A. Shaw; thence easterly along
Weston.street 41feet to a corner:thence souther
ly-along lands of .T. V.. Wilcock'. about 55 feet tO ;
s corner on land of estate of Mrs. H. C. ward:
thencoalong lands belonging to 'estate of Mrs.
11. C. Ward 41 feet to a corner, being southeast
corner e pf Si. A. Shaw's land; thence northerly
along hinds of M. A. Shaw about 55 feet to place
ot beginning; said' lot being 4.1 feet strict
measure, on Hub of Weston street and on line of
lands of Mrs. H. C. Ward, and about 55 feet deep.
Being Bailie piece of land
_conveyed by J. Y.
Wilcock; and wife to John D. Montanye by deed
dated June 2.01573. and recorded in Recorder's
Office for Bradford County, in deed book No. 117,
page 37..-4:c:,"; all improved, wiell 1' hosed barn
therecin. Seized and taken into execution at the
suit of William Stevenson's use , vs.- Jno. b.
Montanye's administrator, widow rind child.
No. 6. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate in
Athens twp., and being in the' tonthwest cor
ner of lot No.'s in South WaVerlyiasdistinguish
ed on a map made for Wm. W. shepherd and
'others, commencing in the centre - of Bradford
street in the west line of said lot No. 8;,. running
north on said west line 80 feet '; thence east and
parallel with Uradford street 5u feet and 3
inches; thence south and parallel with the west
line of lot No. 8, 80 feet to the centre of Brad
ford street; thence west in the centre, of Brad
ford street to the place of beginning; be the
same more or less. Being the same premises
deeded by party of-lirehpart hereto to party of
the second part, by deed dated the 12th -day of
Atnii, 1877. having a two-story framed dwelling
and outhouse thereon; all improved Seized
and taken into execution at the suit of Eithel-
Brock's use vi. Caroline 1; Decker.
.No. 7. ALSO—Ono other lot of laud, situate in
orwell township, .bounded north by lands of G.
.C. • Friable and Caleb Allen, deceased,
east by lands of Caleb Allen, deceased, John Bing
ham,- Leander. Maynard and Aurora Robinson.
south by landi of Ralph Pickering, John I. East
man and S. A. Chaffee, and west by la ms of S. A.
Chaffee and Geo. Friable; contatua 133 acres.
more or less, about 125, improved, with 2 framed
houses, 3 framed barns, sheds, other outbuild-
Riga and fruit trees thereon, and being the same
land ai'described in deed recorded in Bradford
county deed book:0.13, page 23,4 c. Seizd and
t.kait intoiererotbio-st -the suit of Ruth AT./1
Mad at the suit of Ruth 'Ann lloyst'fi use vs.
David Ford. -
N 6. 8. ALSO. One other lot ofdand, situate in
,t 1
L , iTZP.
The Jeannette.
Legal_ 'Adyertisements
Monroe borough, bounded north!, by lands of B.
B. Holiett, east by Main street,' land eolith and
west by lands of Henry Tracy: contai Ile. 3 acres,
more or less, all improved, with 1 iramed house.
1 framed barn, and a few fruit trees thereon: •
No. 9. ALSO—One other lot of laud. situate in
Monroe township, bounded north by lands of
Dr. Newton, east by the turnpike, south by
lauds of Zack Northrup, and we by lands of
Joseph Smith: contains 15 acres, more or less.
all improved; no buildings. Seized and taken
into execution at the suit -of Rowena S. -Kings
bury's use vs. John Daugherty. Also at suit of
N. N. Betts' use vs same.
No. 10. ALSO—One other lot of land. situate
in Canton township, bounded and described as
fellows; " Beginning in the centre of the high.
way in the east line of Murrey's lands; thence
north 36 dogs. west 40 perches to a post; thence
north 51 degs. east 8 perchetto_a. post; thence
south 3G dep. east 40 perches to the centre of
said highway; thence along the centre-of-said
highway south -5 4 dogs.: west 8 perches to the
place of beginning; contains 2 acres, all im
proved, with an orchaid of fruit trees thereon.
Seized and taken - into 'execution at the stilt of C.
C. Manley vs., Wm. N: Gregory.
No. 11. ALSO—One other lot of land •I situat e
in Canton township; bounded and destbed as
follows: Beginning at a post and sto es the
northeast coriu.r of a lot of. land now occupied
by N Smith; thence south 88 deg& east 45 C-10
rods to a post and stones; thence south 2 degs.
west 218 perches to a post on the north bank of
Towanda Creek; Atones same course to the cen
tre of said creek; thence up the said. creek as it
now runs, to the southeast corner of a lot of
laud now occupied by 'said N. Smith; thence
north 2.degs. east 232 perches to the place of
beginning; contains 76 heree, more or leas, all
improved, with 3 framed barns, 1 framed - house,
other outbuilding'', and au orchard - of fruit trees
thereon. Seized and taken into execntiolilat the
suit of J. L. Meeker's use vs. J. S. Manley.
No. 12. ALSO—One• other lot 'of land, situate
in Towanda township, botinded and described as
follows; Beginning at the northwest corner 'et a
lot fomerly owned by G. F. Mason; 'thence
north C' dogs, east along the east side of the
public highway leading into Towanda 53 feet to
a corner; thence south 84.1; degs. east 187. feet
to a corner; thence south 6 3.4 (legs. west 63 feet
Ito the northeast corner of said G. F. Mason Ist
aforesaid:: thence along the line of said lot north
14434 degs. west 187 feet to the place of beginning.
with 1 two-Story framed house and several trust
trees thereon. - . - '
' - Nis, 13. ALSO—Ono other lot of land, situate
in Towanda, Borough, boundel north by lot of
John Griffin. east by Main street, south by lot of
Petri& Kennedy; and west by' an alloy running
parallel. with Main street; said lot being 50 beet
lin width, and having 1 two-story trained dwelling
house thereon.' i
' No. 14. ALSO-000 other lot of *laud, situate
in Towanda borough, bounded north by lauds of
Geo. McCabe's estate, east by lands now or for
merly of Win. - H. Morgan's estate, south by
Washington street. and west by lands of John
Pine; being 19 feet Ifrout on. said street by 42
feet deep, with one-half of a framed dwelling
house thereon. Seized andlaken into execution
at the suit of James' T. Hale's use vs. John J.
Griffith. ' .
No. 15. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate in
Orwell, township, bounded north by lands Of
Alanson Lung, east by lands of J. W. Park and
Lynes Robinson, smith by lands of Lvnea Robin-
I son and C. S. Davis, and west by, lands of J. W..
i Parke and A. J. Taylor; contains 140 acres, more,
or less; about 115: improved,, with 1, framed'
I house,. I framed barn, and 2 orchards of fruit
trees thereon. Seized and taken into execution
'at the suit of D. II: Coon's use vs. Alexander
Keefe and H. L. Parks ' ". • .
No. 16. ALSO—One other lot of land,eituato in
Smithfield township, bounded north and eset by
other lairds of Marshall. Bullock, south by the
public highway •running east and west the ough
Smithfield Centre, and- west by lands of Mrs.
Nancey E. Fivie; contains ..,- of an acre, more
or less, with 1 framed - house , I framed store, 1
framed storehonse.and a few fruit trees thereon.
Also the right of way from the highway to the
storehouses as contained in deed of James H.
Webb to D. Bullock, in April, 1877, and being
the same property conveyed by said Webb to
said Bullock by the aforesaid deed. Seized and
taken into execution at the suit ci: JaMes 11,
Webb's use Ira. Marshall Bullock.
. 1 , ., No. 17 . 1 ALSO—One Other lot 'of laud, situ
;ate in Standing Stone towmihip, bounded and
described as follows: Beginning in the. cen
tre of the public road leading from Towanda
to Wyalusing on the line of Henry Fisher,
south 76% degs. west 15 rods on sail road to
a stake; thence south 21.1 dgs. west 10 6G-100
rods adjoining lands of Myron Kingsley;
thenceltiorth Ili N degs, east 15 rods by the
same; thence north 2%, dgs. east 10 66-100 rods
along the line of Henry Fisher to the place' of
beginning; contains 1 acre, strict measure.
Seized and taken into execution at the suit
of Jonathan Stevens vs. Jared Hart,
No. 18. ALSO.—One other lot of land situate
In Canton borough, bounded and described as
Plows; lie-giuning in the centre of at
thenortheast corner of ThomasHori gala's , lands ;
thence mirth 81 deg. eastalong the centre ofsaid
street 5 4-5 perches to a corner; thence south 3
deg. east 20 5-10 perches to a corner; thence
south 81 deg. west 7 perches to. said liorigan's
line; thence north 3 deg. east 20 1-1 b perches -to
the centre of said Union street, thej place of be
ginning, containing 130 square perches of land
more or less, with 1 framed hopile, 1 framed
barn and fruit trees thereon, and y ing same lot
of land as described indeed record / In. Bradford
county Deed Book No. 111, page 466 etc. Seized
and taken Into execution at the suit, of George E.
Bullock vs. Leroy GranteeF. , 1 .'
No, 19. ALSO-One other lot ofand, Ciliate
In Windham township bounded no lb by lands
of B,4:lrby estate east by lands f Lot Shoe
maker, sleuth by 'lands of Samue Shoemaker,
and west by lands of J. S. Madden, With 4 dwell
lug houses, 1 framed burn with eh ds - attached,
I wagon house, granery, and afe fruit trees
thereon; contains 210 sexes, more r less, about
170 improved. .-.-
No. 20. ALSO—One other lot of land, situate
in Windham township, bounded north and ;rest
by lands of Charles Johnson,• east by lands of
J.'S. !Sadden,- and south by lands of Milton
Johnson; contains 15 acres, - more 'or 'leas,
• ,
tseil and ten into:execution at the anti of
JamesH. Codding, iuigneo, and-Poraerog Bros.
s. $. D. Madden and d.B. Madden: -
Sheriff's 011 ice. Towanda, April 12,1882.
. ,
By virtue of sundry • Write iseut4l out of the
Court of 'Common Please of Bradford County
and 'to me directed; I will export+ tii public sale ,
at the Court liouse-in Towatids Borough, on
.. . .
, •
THURSDAY, A . PRIL 27th - 1882,
at 1 o'clock, p. in., the following described prop
*erty, to wit:
• • No. 1. Onolot of land, situate in Wysoz town
rhip, Bounded and described' as f011owa; Being
lots Noll. I end 2 - of ,Morgan lk WOodY's sub
division of East Toaratida, as- wil p nore fully ap
pear on a map made by Wm. H. s.lnrgali, and re
corded in thOnfliee tdr recording deeds in and
for said county, in' Deed Book No. 110, page 13:
bounded north by let No. 3 sin the name
of John. Illilla, apt by ilium Avenue,
south by Wyeaulting street, 'tied west by
lands of John E. Geiger; being game • lots con
tracted to Juo. H. Orcutt on the 28thi day of
July, 1875. Seized, and taken Into execution at
the suit of Richard Binitin vs. Warren F. and
Illary. A. Squires.
No. 2. ALSO.-One other lot of land, eituate In
Ulster township, bounded north by Hawes' lands
east by the Wm. Gibson property, south bydands
of Bridget Meale and Richard Mellale„andavesit
by binds of VanDsike and- Bowe; contains fl ,
acres strict measure. Being land described in
deed record in Bradford County deed book No.
113, page 50, Am. Seized and taken into execution
at the suit of J. 0. Frost's Sons vs. Michael
No. :1. Ak.4l--One other lot of lend, situate in
Leßoy townit - hip, bounded as fellows: Begin,
sung at a corner in' line of land of Edhriain
Anable; thence north 79 degs. east along lands
:if (1. C. Shoemaker 133 Perches •to a corner;
- thence south 15deits.east:48 pernbs to a corner;
thence south :11 degs. West 5:1 perches to a stake. 5ee.,..,, _
aud stones for a corner; thence north 87;1 degs.
• wes t along lauds of E Utley and Reuben Stone
115 perches toe steak and Atones for a corner; p
thence north 1 de. east 58 perches to place- of :
beginning; contains GO acres, more or less, with .
2 fumed louses , barn, outhouses , and fruit •
trees thereon. 'Being the name land ay deeerib- ,
ed indeed. recorded in Bradford County 'deed ,• C
book No. 133, page 575, ke. Seized and taken into .
execution at the suit of B. (1., Bullock's use vs.
Payne Steelmaker. -. ,_,..
' No. 4. ALSO-One other lotofland. situate iu l. '
i Athens township; bounded anti described as
follow Being lot No. 52 on the east side of
ltiver street in the village of Sayre. as described
on a map made by Z. r . Walker. gienuary 23, lets,
which said map is recorded Billie office for re
deeds. &c., in and for said county, and
is known as the Thomas' ' and Pierce allotment.'
P-Peized and Leann Into execution at the suit of
Milton C Chapman vs, F. C.-Tothill and Anna
Tothill, T. T. . .
No. 5. ALSO--One other lot of land, situate in
Albany township, bounded and described as
follows: Beginning at the soot west corner of
an original lot conveyed to Daniel Burdick by
Cathrine W. Morris; thence by lands of James
Ditchbnen and B. Ayers' north tifi degs east 141.
perches toe steak the corner of lands of Charles
Schmeekeubecker; thence by the same south 79b
degs. east 124 perches tp a post; thence by the
same north 70.1 degs. east 26 perches to a t post
"the southeast corner of lands of the said Bch,
‘meckenbeeker; thence by lands of Thomas Dee
gan and Richard Cumnmiskey south 29;‘ degse
west 103 perches to Mrle: Bentley's curlier;
thence by lands of Mrs. Bentley,' Thomas Bent
ley and Russell Miller west 162 perches to the.
place of beginning; contains 101 acres and 78 I
perches of land. more or less. Seized and taken
into execution at the snit of S. D. Eiterigere, ad--
minietrator of Daniel Burdick, deceased, vs.
Ralph Stevens. . . 1
No. 6, ALSO-Ono other lot of land, situate iu
Burlington borough:bounded and"described as I.'
follows: Beginning at the Berwiek Turupihe and 1
running in au easterly o mil) 10 perches to a I ,
post; thence in. a .southerly •course 4 perches -
and 12 feet-to a stake; thence in a - westerly i .
course nil perches to sail Turnpike; thehce in a 1 ,
northerly course 4 perches and 12 feet to the 1
place of beginning-bounded north by laude of ' R REGISTER'S NOTICE. - Notice
A. J. Morley, east and south by lands of Mrs. 1 ,is hereby given, that there have been Sled
'Minerva Hill, and west by the Berwick Turnpike. .
• in the office of the Itegfatkr 'for' the Probate of
Being the same lot deeded by Charles D. Br .1 Wills and granting Letters of Adminislion in
and wife to W. H. D. Green Sept. 21. 1670; all -- and for the County of Bradford. State d Penn
improved, with 1 framed house. 1 framOd bar n, r /sylvania„ accounts o administration upon the
and a few fruit trees thereon. Seized aud to lfn '
t following estates, viz :
into execution at the Si.
suit of S. . Dickera 'a ;
Tho IL E
final account Of I. Luther,
use ••).,(4eo. C. Hill. 1 -. • tar of the estate of Polly Luther. late of But-
N 6. 7. ALSO-One other, lot o f laud known P.FI i lington township deceased: ,
lot 'O. 40 -'according to a map and survey made • ,
the final account of Allen White and Alice J.
by ' . F. latter,. Juno 23, 1573; said dot tieing,
i .
Mints. now Burlington, Executers of the last i „,,
will and testament of t.B. MinWlate of Herrick I
, Hags, George . . `,2 19
ilitu red n the south side of Sayre - avenue,
betv.eullhomasaveuue and River street; sai d
i township, deceased. 1711 2, Barelay--Cmartingham; D. H. ' . $l2 84
• Hiltzimmer. Jacob 20 28
lot tyliSi. t between a lot of the same size sold to , 15:
- Elmeelluble and one sold to Gee. IL. Burrows; ;
• The final account of • Thomas E . quick, de- 'r .
ceasea, Guardian of Viola Winslow (now Hun- 300. • badly, Andrew
39 15
4(5) Ladly.•Peter . , " - Rie 40
said let being 50 feoLfrout on Stayre.r.rol.l)lC - . - and 1' singer) minor child of Allen. Winslow, late of the i badly, Joseph 43 07 ,
running back at right angles with. said. avenue i
150 feet, and being of the aame width iu the rear • township of Wilmot. deceased, by .his Adminis - 330 '
, traders. J. S. and P. A. (emelt.. . 212 Stuart , Walter • . ` - '27 fB
- 34 G 2
as in trout: contains 7,:.ea square feet of land.. • •
Seined and taken unto execution at the suit of , The first and final account of George C. Shoe- i 265
, maker and Meylot M. Yanleyke , Administrators 1 „..,
200 Leßoy-Beck, Henry
• . - • Stuart, Deborah -
' l9 ;35
Brutes. Frederick . ' 19 5i
Payne ez Co. vs. Jas. Ibietron, Jr. -.' ;of - William Rigby, late of Leßoy Township de- ''''
No. H. ALSO-One other lit of laud, situate in ceased. - l9l Mohroe-Anderson. Jacob •'', o
- 5
Ithighury township. hounded north by lands of ; .Tbe final account of G. M. Tozer and Ralph To;! 3" Benner , Jacob
Benner, Jacob, Jr :. •'. 32 75
Patrick Cain, east by laude 'of Timothy t rkii
month by lands of Michael Driscoll, and west by
2 ' l-- -i • I zer. I::xecuters of the last will and testament of 330 '
i Guy Tozer. • late of Athens township. deceased; ' .:,.. • Castater, Fred; , 6 fol
other lands of Daniel Driscoll; contains 55 acres, ' "the final account of J. F. and Efile Whalen, '" • Caetater. Hannan -3 OS
more or ices, about, 40 improved. The above de- Cunningham. D. 11... •
3 es
Executors of the last will and testament of-John :17 . •
'le ' Gray 'William • a 10
ecribed laud being the . est half of lot No.- 2...• of
--; Metal, late of Warren. deceased. • - :•,
the Corkin land as surveyed by t n:son Hickey The final account of William H. Rankin. Ad- lig '' Hampton; Peter . 14 n 3
4'37 • . Hampton. Thomas .'. 36 7_
for;II. W.:Patrick, and being
~laud described hi ! Iniuistrator of the estate of S.' S. Halstead, late . ' • 420
, 50 l ' Hopkins: Robert
- deethecorded in Bradford. county deed book No, .
• of ltidgbury Township, deceased. . 5'37
el,Tage 114, &e. 0 ; Ham Peter .
. i The tidal account 'of E. -T. Fox and Gboige
...64 ' 17 03
i ILadly. Samuel •
No. 9. ALSO-One other lot of land; situate iu • Stevens, Administratora turn testawnto annexe 2 tr•l
, Ridgbury township. 'hounded and described as • '4.adly, Hugh , 14 45
'of the estate o f Joseph 1). Montanye, late of the • 1 72
• . 36 . 29
follows: Beginning at;a white oak tree formerly I borough of Towanda. in Bradford county. Pa. 4 3 i MeAdares, 2 Ephrlsm
33 '6O
it,being the southeast corner of J. - li. Evans' , The second and final account of ET, Fox. Ex- 400 Nolth, Peter.
farm; thence west along the 4 lirie of said faru 00 i 93 I 4
~ ecutor ot the last will and testament of Nathaniel _ - N o rth. James f. . 33 50
. • • -
perinea to the centre of a Itiehway and a• set- ;Bennett, late of North Towanda, deceased 144 . ,
i '; Stewart, Walter • - 12 10
- 23 ii 2
ner of lilies Carr's farm; thence eogth along Wallace, Nancy -
i The first and final account of Sophronia Smith. - • - . 1 f t ) .:
the centre of said highway to a lot of land-known , Admiuistratrix of the. estate of George Smith, • A:Be Wallace, Sa m ue l • 13 - 52
ia . Rose, David . .. • • 633
, as the Stringer lot to a.ppat aud
~_s tones;_ thence
t f lute of time towiiship of Monroe. deceased. -' . . Bigger. Robert . 3 6 -
I ' 0 ' 602 0 .400 VI baiMti ' llaiL?. t ?R e li.. - MtV a iT . E1..?!."1' 1 x .„ll„meLflest, i apel naiti,4ldecopejariNbi,bieltiAm : 1 :/: 0,, , , ,,,_ D ,._ . n...,
0 01 11. •Sl. -
42 24
I more or less, about 40 improved, withl framed .
W. Clark, late. of Canton borough. deceased. 343 Betz, .John 42 24
barn and a small orchard of fruit trees thereon.l -Betz, Joseph 42,24
It being the north half of lot No. of, the llavid. The final ac count of A. &Christian, Executor - 343 •
of the last will and testament of John N.'•Christ- 343
'Bull tract, and described ,in deed recorded in- fan,. late of Tuscarora towuship, deceased. . 'Betz, James , 42 24
f Bradford couty deed book'NO. 137, page 249. &e. 1... 400
Ihe final aechunt of Chandler W. Brink, Ad- B'3 Dyson. Henry • 49 2 0
• Castater. Harman 44 70
Seized and taken tutu execution at the suit of i minietrator 'of the: estate of'-Benjamin, Brink,
Thomas Driecoits use vs. Daniel Driacoll. - 400 - Cooler, Joshua • 49 20
I late of the township of Pike, deceased.' ' 49 Castater, Joseph, • ''49 20
• NC. 10. ALSO-.Ono other lot of land, situate in.: The final account of Dennis O'Brien ,?Adiuluis- 313 Edge, 'Peter • 42 24
Athens Borough, bounded north by lands of! .
Mrs. Saltmarsh, east by Slain street , south by a • trator of the estate of Timothy O'Brien, late of 313 Fritz. Samuel • 42 24
; the township of Athens, deceased. . '3OO ' Hag:). George :hi e 0
street leading from Main street to Chaining 1 The first and final account of ltiohard Bedford, 400 ' liege, Nathan - 49 20
river bridge, and west by lands ofJustin Morley:
having about 73 feet front ou Main street by_ Executor.of the last will and testament of the 330 liege, Peter - •41 :13
1 estate of Joel Barges, late df the township of 400 ' • Hardy,eSamnel 49 20
about 55 feet deep, with a two-story framed i
Overton. deceased. . 1 375 Hardy, James 46.09
dwelling house and a few fruit trees thereon.
with the right to use the alley on the north side - i
I - The fi nal account of I. B. Coburn, Executor of . 223 • Hardy, Henry 27 73
the last will and testament of Wattled. Coburm• • • • 396
of said lot in common with any othei parties, I later of the township of Tueearora,deceased. Harris , Ann, -. • •47 94
' . •'' Hollingsworth, Stephen .49 20
their 'heirs or assigns, who may have or acquire 400
an interest therein. Seized and taken into exe- 1
• The alert and final account of'E. - T. Fox . 228 '
tor Of the last will and testament of, James 100 • • badly , Hugh • 28 Os
cotton at the stilt of Wm. Moore id Vs. 0. al'. 1 Quigley. late of the township of Towanda.-1' 375 - badly, Andrew • 12 30
Moore. George . 45 09
Angier. I deceased 400 ' , Seeley. Peter • - 49 20
No. 11, ALSO-One other lot of land, _situate i Thehrst and final
,account of JASepli Marsh, 19') - Palmer. Thomas ' - 12 . 30
in Canton township. bounded north by lands of I -Administrator of th estate of A. .1. Lloyd, late 400
0. F. Spalding, east by lands of It. 13. ' Li'ley. Seeley, Henry ' . 49 20
south by - lands of•alurray Watts and Worthing- I of Wyalusing. sleceased. , '375 .
• The nual a• count of W.A. Wetmore, Adminis- AO . Seeley, Jonathan 46.14 t,
Siddens, Andrew - 49 20:
ton Wright' and west- by lands of C. Landon
estate; contains 72 acres, more or less, -about trator of the estate of Jeremiah, Barnes, late of 400 _ - - -Siddens. George • " 49 2 0 1'
the township of Herrick, deceased. f -400 , ' Seeley, Joseph 49 -20
70 improved, with I framed house, premed barn , The final account of W. A. Wetmore,; Adminis- 1 29: 4 Temple, Peter 36 0•I
and an orchard of fruit tr -es thereon. 4 Seized trator of the estate of Luke Dolan, late of the 400.,Temple. Samuel . - 49 20
and taken execution at the suit of L. 11. Fitch's township of Herrick, deceased ' ~ 1 .56 • Tuscarora-Field, Henry - 5 21.
use vs. John Burritt. The final account of 1.Y. - A. Wetmore, Adminis. 1 100 i ' Hunt, Job ..- • • - 9 30
• No. 12.. ALSO-One other lot of land, Situate in l trator of the estate of Mary . A. Reinhart, late of 33 . • Porter. James 23
Athens borough, bOunded north by lot No. 4. :
'east by lot No. 10 and land of the Px. A: N. Y. ' the township of Herrick, deceased. 5e Wilmot-Allen, John 6'9o
' The final account of W. A. Wetmore Adminis- 7 : 49 ' ' Butler. Polly •- - - 'J 56
ICanal & It. It. Co.. south 'Offish). Company's land trator of, the estate of David Reinhart, late of 75 ,- ' Ifollenback. John , 928
'and lot No. 6, and west ny Main street; being
dot No. son a'plot or survey made by• 7.. F. the township' of Herrick,, deceased 97 .. ' Marsh, Samuel ' 11 96
''' The partial account Of ratharine B. Williston, 2 0 0 :,
3 the Smith
Walker, April 11, 1872 (kuowfi 9 ~e. Ely Stowell, C. S. • 21 Cal
ono of the adminietrators ef ttiemstmte of Horace 250
and recorded In' Bradford county deed Stowell, D. B. •'-30 74
plot), an
Williston; late elf Athens borough, deceased. i 231 Terry-Ross, Elizabeth • 24 31
book No. 117. page 1, and being 225 feet on the I •
north, %bent 57 feet on the east, 192 fret on the file final account of George Litaelmiu, Execu- i l 401. Morris, Israel .22 27
tor of the last will and -testament of Jefferson AL I 2 •''
south, and 43 feet on the west, w ith I framed Henr y. 'eahy, John •- - 151
,y. tete of Most Burlington, deceased. I F Morris, Benjamin ' 444
house,' outbuildings. and fruit „trees thereon. 1 , - And the same will be presented to the Or. ,
Seized and taken Dail execution at the suit of i phans' Court of Bradto - rd county, at an Orphans'
The Bradford Elan and lioniding•Asgociation of 1 Court to be held at Towanda for said county, on
Ath l ane Townshtp,
-.emias vs. Frank Ca`c and Thursday, the 4th day of day, A. D. 1882, at 2
,Lauretta Case. ' , ecii:ek p: in.. for confirmation and allowance. ,
.• No. 13. LSO-One.othcr lot of land, Situate i
in Wysox township, bounded north by lands of i -Register's Office, Towanda, Pa., April 3. 1852.
W, 11. Coyket.dall, east by Ompublic highway _
leading from J. E: l'iolet'a to Pend 111114 south I
by lands of Chap. J.R.• Martin; aol west by lands
of Chas. Wnrtemburg.aud E. G. °WWI; CiT trine
22 acres; more or lees about 20 acres tin.;
proved, with' large frame dwelling house, 1
framed barn with 3 Pained sheds attached, • I
.frame cider mill building with the fixtures 1
frame granery building. other outbuildings, and
an orchard of fruit trees thereon,
No. 14. ALSO-One other lot of lend: situate
in wysox township; bounded and described as
follows: :Beginning . at a corner in the centre of
the public' highway leading: from }quiet's to
Pond Hill; thence south -21 ~i' dogs, west 45
perches to a corner; thence north :1S?; degs. east
22 perches to a hickory tree'in highway; thence
along said highway north 76 degs. east 51 perch
es toe corner; thence north 287,i degs. west
354-10 perches to a pine stump corner of V: E.
A: J. E. Piolleme thence south 53 (legs. west lie-5-1
110 perches to the place -of beginning; contains.
11• i acres and 26 perches, more or less, nearly all
I improved, with I pear and apple orchard, 1.
peach orchard, and other fruit trees thereon. , •
' No. 15. ALSO-One otherlot of land, situate hie
1 Wysox township, bounded north by the public
' highway leading from - the farm of Benjamin
Knyrendall westerly past the of r: 0.
Owen, east by lands nog;: or - late of V. E. $c J. E.
Piollet, south by lands now or late of Frammis • J.
Allen and 'V. E. & J.. E. Piot:et. and • west by
land nosy or late of Francis J. Allen 'and the
public highway leading from, J. E. Piollers to
1.01)411111; contains 151; acres, more or leis. ell
improved, with 1 framed barn 1• - grape orchard,
1 pear and apple orchard, and other Bull trees
thereon. Seized and taker: into 'execution at
the suit of A. K. Lent vs J. J.. Webb, adminis
trator of 31. B. Owen, decetieed, and F.,11. Owen.
. NO. 16.-ALSO-One other lot of land, situate
in Athens - borough, bounded north by termite now
or late impoisession of N. P. Chaffee, east, by
Main street, south by lands - how or late in
posSession of Isaiah Potter; and wes t• by Elmira
street; Laving a front of 50 feet, more or less,
on Main street, and running back to Elmira-st,
with a large framed double store and ontbuild
lugs thereon. Seized and taken into execution
at the snit of The_ Bradford Loan and Building
Association . of - Athens ;TOWnship vs. Patrick
Curley, , 1
Sherifra Cffice, To . wanda) April 5, IEIB2.
Le head. Agreeable
to nee. Apply
.hy the little finger into the nos
trifi. On receipt of Giar. will mail a package.
Sold by 11. C. Porter si Son, Druggists. Towan
da, Pa. _ *
ELYS' CUCAM BMX. Co., Owego, N. V.
Am 118. •
NAME of the popular Linament that cures
libenmatisin, Neuralgia, Swollen or Stiffened
Joints, Frost Bites, Pain in the Face,„ilead or
Spine, Chopped Hands, Bruises, Sprains, Burns,
alosquito Bites, Sting or. Bite of Jpll insect,
Poison Vines, etc., for Man •or Beast
AlWays reliable, and almost instantan
eous in its relief. Having an agreeable odor it
is pleasant to apply. Sold by all druggists.
Price 25 cts.
N. B.—This Liniment received a Prize Medal
at the State Fair, 1879.
_ ASA JONES, rrop'r, 319 N. StiaPult,
. .
- =
is now open in 116 Mammoth Double Store with a HI, fresh
coniplete stock of fashionable
Suits of all Q-ra . des' for Men
Boys uths' and Children.
.Our rents having been obtained on the most favorable terms; and
our current expenses reduced to the lowest possible rmininmm, we
propose to give our customers the benefit of these R AN±TIONS by
putting our prices at l i owEn FIGURES' than any other Clothing House
in Towanda. lye invite a careful examination of our stock and
prices, whether Avishing to buy of not. We can satisfy the closest
buyer of the TRU L TH of WHAT WE ,SAY.
Cail and we will satisfy, you.
Remember, - Nos. 1 and 2, Bridge Street.
Towanda, Pa., Atiril . l(), ISS2. yr
Now Advertisements.
Estate of William Bunyan, deceaaed,late of the
township of Granville, Bradford county, Pa.
Letters of administration having been issued
out of the Orphan's Court of Bradford county to
the undersigned upon the estate of the above
named decedent, notice la therefore hereby
Riven that all persons; Indebted to the estate
above named must male immediate payment,
and all persons having :claims against the same
must present them dui authenticated - for set
tlement to me.
• Aprill9, ISr2-Gw*
r I LEvELms-D S mcGovEnN, (E.. J. Cleveland,
lrm. McGovern). Canton, Bradford County.
Pa, An business entrusted to their care in
Western Bradford will receive prompt attention.
Will make the season of 183.1, at the farm
of the snbseriber n:n• of She village
of Ea,lt
liotli,Sire and DATU imported, bred by Win.
Crozier, Northport, 13 , 11)g , Islan...e As W 3 give
breeders natile and .adiress we can assure
patrons that we are not offering the services
of a grade hors~. TERNS:-$l5.
E;vr April C-6m.*
;Head Qua*ters'
tunitiES nalisioxs,
:1 •
C &SET: PA.II) forDesitable Pro-'
deice. Fine BUTTER and EGGS
a. specialty,
• . .4W 29 ly
L M 'effectually
macs the nasal
sages of Catarrh
virus, causing
filthy BeCretiotta,
iys inflattanatton,
)tects the mem.
the from addl.
mal colds, cern
stelY heals the
res and restores
3 sense, of taste
id, smell. Benell-
Sal results are
eallzed a few
p`jilic&tions. A
borough treatment
til cure Catarrh,
Fever,,tc. Un-
ualtil for colds in
OAT.ELeric.FHOotRe I p S ropert E y *for I nl o e ff et e a r
g th r z t
bargain. The Hotel may be seen on the corner
of Bridge and Water s tree ts,in Towanda Borough.
It is one of the best and most central locations
in the place. There is a good bona connected
with the property. The free bridge and new
depot near loft make this Hotel desirable for
any one wishing to engage in the business. A
good active man with a small captal can pay, for
the proPertya short MO from the profits.
It was papered 'and painted new last spring and
is now in excellent condition. -
Towanda, Pa., Sept, 22. 1881-U.
Nos. 1 and 2, Bridge Street.
K. B
UNSEATED LANDS.—In pursuance of the
Acts, of Assembly hiving reference to the assess
ment of taxes upon unseated lands in this Com
monwealth. and the sale of the same fox nbn
payment, there will he exposed to public saltiat
the Commissioner's Office in the borough of To
wanda, on the SECOND mastomr OF JUNE. A:
D.. laB2, being the 12th day of said month, at I
o'clock p. m.. the tracts of land assessed' under
the following warrantee names. unless prior
payment of taxes and costs be made:
Warantee Names
ALBo—There will be exposed,to public sale at the same tithe and place, the' followim.;
pieces or parcels of improved or seated lands. situate as hereafter sot forth, for non-plymeta
of sundry taxes assessed in the years lollf and 'IMO. as the same have.been duly returned to the
County Commissioners by tho Collectors of the several districts:
George . Ompa •
a: F. Mason
Mary Ann McAllister
10. F. Mason
L. A. Cane.- estate
H. C. ISlnhlenbuig.... ~.....
Churchill Strait
Wm. Kinch
W. P. Caae
W. P'..Case
. 1*
Raleigh Williams
LI. C. Sluhlenbarg
Sarah A. Dorsey
Benny' lialleck..
Henry . Benjamin
Charles Perry - .......
Stephen Taylor
Charles Perryt •
Stephen Taylor
• 11 - /TUN urs..
Robert Stewa
Reuben McClellan '
(leo!ge Hemminger •
Delainsr Tayler
Athena Building and Loan Association
Henry' Pepper estate
Jouithan Dimond
Luiti , Dolan estate
Patrick It. Quinn
Mrs. J. L. Johnson .
Michael Hannahan •
'Martin Mack
Holmes & Kirby
A. 8. McDonald
William Henry
George W. Hiatt.
(George E. Stedgo
.1. J. iavansugh..
W M. Browning.
W. W. Browning..
James Boyle
D. N. Newton
Nettie McGill
Patrick Sullivan
Satterleo & Russell
/ernes harp
Isaac Lamoreux
0. E. Harris
Isaac Lamorens...
George Emery ,
Wilson -k Bator:
John Owens
,R. F. Rugg
'Gorihen Manning,
.Norria k Sri Fargo..,
Itierahen Manning.. ...
R. F. Rugg
John Owena
1 44
Waltman Weir
M. H. Limning...
Edward Hornet.
Owens & Lantz....
10ella Whalen s
John Willie
Wm. Hewitt •
Gale tt.: -Lewis
!Utah A. Keene...
'Thos. Waltman. Jr
. B.—Notice is hereby given that an amount sufficient to pay laies and ec.sta I'lll
be req
ry csse when land is sold at Matt= of sale. and unless these tents are Le w i
!Übe again exposed for sale.
EDEN i n t izi, Tres
In eve
times Ofce,Aprtl G. 1882,
LICENSES.—NotiCeis hereby given
I_J that applications for hotels. eating - liainiee.
and merchant dealers _have been • filed in tu,a
office, and will be 'presented on Monday, Mayl,
tea, for the constderation . of the Court:
E 113373
sotrru *
°TWOS, r.
L. Bull, Monroe Borough. ;
Morris Kellogg.. Albany herough
P. D. Wilcox, Township. ' -
James J. Hannan, Overton, Township. H
Mal tin Crowley. South' Waverly Borough
I'. C. Landmesser, Standing Stone Township
James A. Elliott. Itidgbifry Township. ,
D. S., Kennedy. Wysox Township.
James 11.Nonnson, LeMaysville Borbrigh. -
J, Morgan Brown, Wyilnsing Township.
John It Wright. Wells Township.
J. U. Daugherty. Wysol Township.
•George Z. Slotry,Mo.nroe ToWnship.
Elizabeth Carr, RidNoury Township,
Wyo. Henry, Toivanda Borough, lat Ward
Charles 11. Seeley, ,do do
Asa W. Dimmick, do . do
Redmond Caten. • do „ do
D.-S. Redfield, South Creek.
J. P. Rogers, Sheshequin..
Chas. Rice: Athens Borough, Ist Ward.. •
A. J. Noble. Troy Borough.
J. P. Strong. Columbia. Township.
Thomas B. Jordan, Towanda Boni., 2nd Ward.
J. S. Thomson, Wyalusing Twp., (Camptown)
Ornell Kellogg, Towanda Boro., `rid Ward.
u. IL P. Disbrow, do Ist Ward
S. B. Tidd. do , 2ud Ward:
B. W. Ennis. o do
Daniel FtrOttl2. Ulster Township,
Henry Barrett, Towanda Bore.. Ist Wards
John N. Wolfe. Canton Borough.
Warren Smith, Columbia Twp.. (Ans!Lville.)
Win. Barrett, Towanda Boro. < Ist Ward.
John Lists. do do
James Finnan, Canton Borough..
A. J.Beers, do • do
John N. Wolfe, . do do
B. F. Myer. Barclay Township.
Washington-Pitcher, Athens Townihip.
M. B. Calkins, Burlington Borough.
James Curomiskey, Towandt Borough, Ist ll
C. W. Beardsley, Canton Borough.
H. W. Noble, - Towanda !Boro., Itnd Ward.
John Griffin, do • lit Ward.
Towanda, Pa., Avril 4, lat 42. -__•
. ,
NOtice-isdiereby given that' an application will
be made under the Act of the Assembly of the
Commonwealth of ,Peunsylvania, entitled Aa
Act to provide for the incorporation and regull'..
tion of Certain eotTorations.!'ipproved
29th, 1854. and the supplements thereto, for
the charter of an intended corporation to be
called "The Independent Fire Company, .o. I. of
Cant on Pa. 1.1,0 CK. •
J. 0.
110 NAN. •
Cant, , Pa., March 22,
'iitate.c.f Jacob DeWitt, lato, cl . .Towanda 1) , :r
ough, deceased.. In the Orphan's Court of Bral
ford county.
ndv Auditor ay
The undersigned, an_
Court to dispose of exceptions to the tr:al se
count of the: Administrators of said estate. sill
attend to the duties of his appointment at Ms
office . iu .Towanda borough, in said county.
TUESDAY, APRIL 25th, IsS.2, at 10 o'clock a. ca . ,
when and where all , persons interested m Bald
exceptions may attend if they think proper.
. J. P. KEENEY, Auditur.
Towanda, ra•., March 2% 1t 42. fw
: C CD
e 67
1 4:
4 *2O
. !
. 1 1 4
1 I lot •
.... 1 6?
.. i 2 3
4 6:
4( 2 2'
it ,
1 • ......
. . • .
1 40
2 1.
1 ::
.!3 lots,
I 1 lot
1 lot
1 lot ,
1 lot.
1 lot .
e l lot!
_I I lot
4 lots
1 lot .
.1 1 lotl
, Hot
: 4 2 lots'
1. 2 lots'
1 lot
100 1 1 84
1.0 1 , 1 4X
tO I -04
100, 1 St
100 2Ot
4001 6IX
ec rum Mee
ointed by guki
P ! ..j' a' i a
0 , , a K 14
: . K •
$ 4 LO
§ 5 0
, .1.
2 '2 3
lit ,
2 1u',..::
2 4 5
7 ct
5 50. 5 4 4t;
1 '2 5 1 1, 00 • •
150 Lii
5(1u.0 0 4
145 '1 C 11 , ..
4 71!: 4 7k. 3 ••
1-1)0. 0.
1 •20 , 1 (j.l :•••
3 bi
1 10 4{
41 1
55, '2.
224 1 `.-
pt.; -t...... • •
1 1)1; Is,
tllu '2 .. ....
Uto 1 ...... •
.0.5, 1 tn , : • •
7*2 ...... .•
a 8:
I I(
1 2!
1 2(
it no. 14 St'
3 1:00 3 14,
14 Sl
3 IX
2 7!
1.24 .....--3
3 Oi
juo .....
4 w...... • •
2 tx) ...... • •