Bradford Republican. (Towanda, Pa.) 1875-1892, April 13, 1882, Image 3

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It will show you the month and year up to
which your subseriptiOn is paid. it your oak.
striation is soon to expire, please send us
$1.50 for u renewal cif once, thit we may
sen d -you the paper right along. bend 111
renewel without delay.
A. Wooster is our general agent, ,olio
tor, sad 'collector
ADVANCE IX PRIG OF sprasellutr.
The undersigned, publishers and proprie
tors of the Bradford Zeporter. Towanda
Journal, BRADFORD Itzermacax and Brad.,
ford Argus. published in Towanda,hay
ing.suffered severe loss in the publicati.a of
their respective papers from ttie heretofore
extremely low price per annum, hereby mutu
ally agree to make the subscription price of
respectively, eac h of oar papers on and after
the First of January, 1882, Oue Dol lar l And
Fifty uent . per annum. And wo hereby
agree and pledge ourselves to each other,
open our one honor as business men, thAt we ,
Rill _strictly and invariably adhere WI the
terms of this understanding. To make this'
arrangement legally binding, we haveentered'
into bonds; with penalty and forfeiture for
violatiOn of the terms o: this agreement, .
All subsciiptions paid prior to January Ist
next, will be taken at the former rate. hates
of advertising in all cases to be indepeudEnt
of subscription.
D. M. Tomas. Journal.
Do not be deceived but 'buy the White
Sewing Machine of , M. C. Wims.
Fancy goods of miny kinds fur 'lisle at
reasonable prices at Cross' store.
—Fresh lake fish and salt water fish u$
C. M. dyer's market, Bridge Street.
Buy WALL PAPERS at Cross' %Store
Finest designs at most realm nable pricey.
. —Go to C. M. Myer's market, Bridge street,
for the best cats of fresh meat. May 19-tf
—D. B. Rogers has a large - stock of Sash
Doors ,and Blinds, also Moldings, and is
selling Cheaper than any other establishment
in Pennsylvania.
Geo. L. Ross, will soon have two fine
grocery stores one on Bridge fit , opposite J.
K. Bush's clothing store sod the other on
the corner opposite H. C. Porter's drug store.
The two stores will be connected by Tele
WINDOW SHADES at beautitil du+ig.l'e at
Cron' Store. Mrl
--(1. L. Boss can sell Groceries 'very cheap
because his expenses are very light. his
customers shall - havi the benefit by buying at
the First Ward Store.
Easter ,Cards
Oh, how beautiful! is the the exclamation
- orallirho hare seen thoie hamisomo Easter
Cards in the window of Rfbitcoibb's book
store. -
Clpver and Timothy Seed.
Steven and Long have on hand a large
stock of Clover and Timothy Seed selected
from the best new crops an.l warranted true
to name. They have also a full Stock of Gar
den Seeds in "Bulk" and in packages, s..ylect
ed from the crop of 1891. Together with ao
assortment always complete of all goods iu
their "line," all of which are offered at the
lowest market prices and Warranted to give
satisfaction. , ale 7.1-4.
• Will mike the season of 1882, at his owner 4
stable in Milan, Bradford Co., I'4. .
Tarim-415 to insure mare with 1041; insur
ance money due April Ist, 1889,
At a test of the qualities of' !navy liqrsti4
made in N. Y. City. in Aug. 1891, thu eai I
test by request of the western breeders be
fore the following named 'committee. the-
Norman French horse far excelled tbeelydes:
dale or any other large horse, on act of feet,
action, en :urance, ease of keeping, ke., kc.,
and bring 'in th e marked from* $5O •to 2100
moreihan the Clyde. Farmers were advised
to breed nothing _but Normans. "Signed by"
J. H. Dahlman, A. M. Wien, Y.lCity; H.
Newman, S. Richards, Brooklyn, N. Y; F. J.
Berry, 7. D. Deoter, M. Newgass. Jas. Lamb,
"13ambetta* is a dapple gray Eight years
old, 16 hands high, and weighs 1450 lbs., with
Anti ..tyle and action. His colts 'are in good
deinand at big prices. •Ho is owned by
Milan Pr.
i Corser's.
Beside our job tette shoes that we are sell
ing at about half the regular price, we ere re•
ceivin,q a large and very fine line or Limits and
sheenier spring and summer trade, which we
are offering at very 100 prices.—MarlG 4w
,Traveler's Story
After _spending m onths at European and
American watering places and thousands of
dollars looking for health;_ I 'returned home
disheartened and wretched. I had consulted
the best physicians and traveled far and-near
without benefit; and expected to die. A
friend urged a trial of Parker's Ginger Tonic.
Three bottles and carefaldiet have worked
wonders and brought' me excellint health
and spirits, and von matl publish toy e xperi.
ence for the benefit of similar sufferers—A
Cincinnati lady. - • Mrl4-4w.
In the first symptoms of this disease when'
Yon are aching and haring painful sensations
in the limbs upon rising from bed iu the
morning, a stiffness in the feints accompa
nied at times by swelling and redness, all
physicians recommend the application of an
external remedy; something penetrating and
soothing. ' an article that will sot as a cura
tive agent to the •parts affected. Dr. Rosati
ko's Rheumatic Cure gives instaut relief up
on the first application. Nlame back, pains
or strains it is an inralaat la household fen:la
dy. Ask your druggist for it. Price 75 cepts.
Manufactured by The Bosanko Medicine
Company, Piqua, 0. - For sale by Clark B.
Porter, S. End Ward House Block.
Jane 2-Iyr.
—No charge for delivering, awl done
promptly from C. M. Myer's market, Bridge
street. ' May 19-tf
Buy your BTATION.4.IIY at Cross' Store, in
room formerly ocppied by Poke Office.
This steam power mounted on wheels hi
portable and may be easily hauled' with a
team to any . desired •point. It is adapted to
the propulsion of .Titazonixo MACHINES,
wood - sawing, feed critters, portable saw
mills, or any other light machinery. It is of
simple construction, durable and ' cagily
managed. Manufactured by Charles Perrigo
4, Co., Groton, Tompkins County. Y.
Ulster. Pi.. July 21—w
t'-READ Tifts.--ilaving purchased
the Steam Saw Mill of J. G. Saxton, located
in New Albany Borough on the Sullivan and
State Line Railroad, I am prepared to furnish
luoihcr of every description on short notice.
Bill omit!' a specialty. •Rates reasonable.' Or
rs FOHefted.
1 win also proprietor of the New Albany Ho
to, where all persons desiring accommoda
tiebs can find them at reasonable rates. Good
stalling. J. W. %Leos.
Ntw Whiny, Jan. 90;1889.—Cm
Pik's" are frequently Preceded by a lense of
w,tiglitin the back,, loins and, lower part of
the abdomen, causing the patiept to,suPnowle
hs has some affection of the kidneys or
uEighbonng organs.' At times'symptomi of
indigestion are present, as flatulency. uneasi
ness or the stomach. etc. A moisture , like
P,ergPirstion producing a very disagreeable
"ching, paiticularly at_ night after getting
warm in bed. is a very common attendantt
Internal, External and - Debi Piles yield a.
once on the application of Dr. kW' Pile
Remedy, which acts directly upon the parts
affected absorbing the Tumors, allaying the
intense Itching, and affecting s permanent
cure where all other remedies. have failed.
Do not delay until the drain on the
Produces permanent, disability, bir'=
and be cured. Price, 50 cents. Ask your
druggist for it. and when you cannot obtain
it of im, we will send it, on n 440
of price, The Dr.
_ Iffedlothe
uomP qua, Ohio. OW by auk 13. Porter,
13. sal of and Zoom Mock.
Jane 2-11 s.
limps lied u 7 t` wt er‘it.ts yet?
Bop, there ire several eitvoses 'poli?ed
Ibis way.
There is wiaige vioctot deracterl will' in
airoatiqkn. ' -
&today exelaisleue=to the winds trlll soon
be indliged In. I•
Sunflowers will be raised for *meet* the
Coming summer..
The egg trade was a lively one on Ptlday
sod Saturday last _
The soot► . bill boards soon be covered
'J111110.114 posters. •
_ A. roger, of Waverly, Lu Jorenell a cloth
ing hones in Atheni. •
Deeds. Illortgeeee. Beads. Leases kc., at,
the Itervauchm office.
No man is so perfect that be does not need
the charity of bis fellows.
Our regal•? Editorial Witibington letter
will be resumed.nest week. : "
Boon we will no erijosing the open alr t eotto
certa of tho Germania Band.
There is.coneiderable - atektiesi is Oanton
sad 'vicinity at the mseat time.
Dr. Murdock, of Darlington. lost a valu l ible
horse last. week. ' It died of IPinkeyo. ••
Quite s number of persona will go West
from Burlington, within • feW Weeks;
The Lodge of Knights of Honor at Athens
is, rapidly inerepsinz in membership.
The Editor. In-chief °Unto Itg.Punucatt re
tnrned to Washington on Thesday het:
Hiram E. Bull, surveyor, has retaoved hls
ollleo to rooms over C. P. Welles' store.
B. A. Pates sprained :his wrist quit badly
by a fall in Geo. Boas' store on Monday last,
It is said that'the open of "Ls idameotte,"
sill be; presented at Mereur Hall, on the 25th
Dr. Pratt is enlarging his residence corner
Main and State streets by building thereto an
Oue of the barbers in Athens was fined la:st
week $4 for having kept his shop open on
The festive young onion and the Succulent
radish hare made their appearance in our
. .
It is said that Easter fell this, year on the
Ramo day .of the month as the resnirection
And now Oleg° wants a board of trade and
doubt ere long will insist on tia'sing_
"hoes" railroad.
This is the'peason of the sear when . treks
have a fashion of setting in chairs with their
sharp ends up.
large line of legal . blaulta, for We of Jun.
Mee of_the Peace. CoOtables ko., at the Itg
rtmLicia taco.
Handriek's tannery, at Springville, &mute
haulm county, was destroyed by fire od San;
day morning hat.
The dwelling-honao or John Thingheity, in
Dionroeton, was sornewhat damaged - .by fire
one day lad week.;
- Tistaig a good month fir otlitors an H or
yers who dediro to attend church, theril bei.ig
fivo':Stindays in it. ."
Dogs delitro3edyk whole flock of sheep, be
longing to Simms PIK of Athens township,
oOe ri4lit last week.
The Spring term of the Ausqnehanua
1.-giato inaiitate'opets with a largely iticres4-
eil number of pupils.
ho Musical Society will meet at the house
of Mro. Da B. Huniphrei. this Thursday.
April 13. Boale, D minor.
It is unnecessary to inform thrise_Who had
laid *aside their flannels, that Monday was
more like a day in February than April.
The Mite Society of the Baptist church
hid a very 'enjoyable Sociable at • the resi
dence of Abel Barney, on Friday evening.
\ Locwes itFreimnth have a - five cent Ewe
atlthens, and have recently moved Into one
of,the large stores in the Esistabrook block.
' Ctinrctt of the MeailahlUniversalist), Rev.
Mr. Burnell of Cleveland, will preach morn
ing and evening next. Sunday tLe -16th inst.
This is the season when the application o f
s coat of white wash to the.fences and out
houses makes a Property look 50 per cent.
B. F. Garrison, an employee in the Csynta
Whbel Factory, near Sayre., was qnite severely
injured one day last week by a- heavy wheel
tolling on him.
i Now is the time to spread &little bone dust
Or'gronnd plaster over lour taws and then
give the ground a rolling. We see suideef our
citizens are doing it.. S.
Judging by , the large number , or ,thinks
on our itreeta on Friday last, we shiittld say
that our merehauta Must have i had a large
"trade on that day. _ •
'A game of base ball between the second
nine of Sayre, and second nine of. Waverly,
played tatAtirday, was won by the Bores with
wierre of 11 to 7.
• I
We observe that several ot our citizens have
already commenced gardening. Lying
about early vegetables will • not commence
Ulan about the middle•of Juno.
Now is the time to clean up the_ front yard
and fix up generally, all of which racist be
don so that the big rush of city (malty may
be received withl clean door yards. -
General Agent
Pelptears ' atill'the suave.
An' English Fiume' &Sues the
.E iglish'
sparrow as a bird that whips fill the /hoari
er small bird Creation. We define the En
g isli 6parrol as an infernal little nuisance.
1 ..
The display , of goods,iti some of the "show
windows," orithe stores or our village 14 very
fine. and in nearly every case the arrange.'
went of.the articles evinces excellent taste.
A good substantial stone crossing - should
at once be laid scrops Blain street Vilma the
Post Office. Such a crossing would be an
accommodation to &largo number of people:,
linbscribers to the REPUBLICAN who have
recently changed their residence. should
form this office of the fact at once. Other
wise they may not get their papers promptly.
.1. F. Greer, a Valley brakeman. who but a
finger while coupling care at Waverly last
week, is a member of the Iron Hall Society,
and will draw therefrom a weekly bent of
Rouse cleaning is at its Intl height in - To
wands now, and a good woman to i .
walk and
scrub and a man to shake the carpet", fwill
have steady employment for severs! weeks
to come.
Fanners complain that the grubs which
destroyed meadows in so many places 1114 fall,
ars not injured by the winter. Malmo !lint
ravages cease, pasture cud meadow hints will
be raise L
The Presbyterian church of our Rester TU.
lege of Waverly conkibuted MS fa *Undoes
during the raist Year. Tee largest cOntriba•
Hoe for this object ever girenby thatcher*
in one year. •
Oeo. Rots now occupies, the store corner
Main and Pine streetA, tortnerly oaMpied by
Buirdell i s market: A handsome new sign
,above the door inform' the passer by that
c .... , is there. '_
The Line oillerdic coaches began, cunning
between Warmly and Athens on Wade/ of
last week, Wine the plies of the line of
daps that had been rowing the maw route
kr the Nat two years. _ -
- diatoms% b1a11t0,,.„: tho:oge of
bessoters of school iwas kiviecositsnik
on hand it taw itinusgua peke.
- The flopeuie- Court on* )(MUT. tiPkillN4
the dirastion of the Cloort . bebv.- to the - ON.
of.Tordan vn =Lott, from this elinuty:
. Bump,
.Heniskirithh . SS
*dug and improrlug6N bit 1111141: 8s b
ate of Herrick 's progresilve tsrmer. . — `"
The 4aptiste :Of New AlbrAY are Malang
preparations to' erect a substantial &rn%
building. The foundation wall is aim*
The portable saw mill on Wyslaslag csnek.
owned by Ut. Squires, was totally tiostratod
by tire. one alight lest week. Thom . inks 110
tainwance: - '
Each tei.e of the Sunday Noboot scholars of
Cbtist chunk whaling, present at tits Easter
taeroiseo; was pren o nted with a hawitsgmely
colored egg. - .
Howard Barnes. of LeltsysvUle. had the
thumb out from his right hand by a cholla
saw, is the mill of Johnson a Son's, in that
village one day recently. -
The live brother*, sone of the late Marlin .
Moleoinb, of Leßoy. weigh in the aggregtte
1,010 pounds. Albert 185, Hugh M. 212, 0.. D.
265, J. W. lBO, and M. A. 168. .
Frank Eipy, of Minium'lshii has been ap
pointed by the County Coniininioners,l3a.
perintenderit, of tho'ltiestio Department of
the. Poor Howse se Darlington. "
The snow that covered the ground on Taos
day morning, and the cold North wind that
prevailed all day, reminded owe forcibly of
a hlmleriag day in December.
The goof people connected with the Bsp
tiit church in Towanda no great workers,
liberal givers, and ore fining much in bnild
lug up their church orgsaizttiou.—Zetßaya
nine Adoertiser.
New.and improved besting apparatus will
be put into the Susquehanna Ildlagiate
atltute building diving the 41111 htuur vlostion.
and the bedding itself will trterg4 quite
extensive repairs.
If wo had not needel the help , of an extra
hand daring the past week, It would not have
tioThabled us In the least to hive secured one.
But as wo have ...needed 'one badly of course
he was not to be had. -
Robert Davenpork; an employee in the
-Athens Bridge Works; had his left hand very,
badly mangled on Wednesday of list week,
by getting it caught in the krge shears
used for;eutting heavy iron.
The trestle work of the Sinithbore: and
Nickels bridge across the Susqnebanne, that
was carried away by the Toed in February,
has been replaced and communteation is
again open between-the two towns.
The young people of 'the West Burlington
M. E. - Church. had a very anpyable warm
augar party in the basement of their Church
on Friday evening last. The precise& were
lithe large and were for the benefit of the
Church. •
It is said that the open winter just pts4ed,
has demonstrated thetenellts of using a drill
in patting in winter wheat. ' The grain l
badly trona out. but that which was sown
broadcast is much worse than where a drill
The annual elect!on of Vestrymen fur Christ
church took place on Monday kat. The fol
lowing owned gentlemen were elected: - J.
F. Mi , aits:: M. C. Herein, H. C. Hildretb, H.
T. June, Dr. T. D. Johnson, W. G. Tracy, R.
AL Mercur, J. T: Hale. , *
Opr neighboring vitiage . of Wavorly has
sir. hotels, nine Saloons, two wholesale liquor
stores, and two-beer bottling establiibments.
It is not to be wandered at that a map was
sent to jail from, there last week on a charge/
of boating his wife and abusing his family.
As E.:B. Horton, of Eisttlanton..was driv:
lug along the road at the foot of Bouttillonn•
tan, a iew days Mane, z gust of wind upset
his wagon, throwing Mr. H. out and braising
him considerably. and causing his horses to
run away and badly demoralize the wagon.
A little daughter of • Win. Haughwout, of
South Montrose, Busqmhanns county, was .
attacked by a large bail-dog, belonging to a
neighbor by the name of Loderick. on the 2d
instant, and so badly bitten. that it is thoight
that one of her limbs will have to be ampu
The Borough Connell. of Canton organized
last week. by eleeting the following named
gentlemen as officers: - -
Vice Burgess—A. D. Williams; Clerk—C. E.
Bullock; Treasurer—Deo. W. Griffin.. Ell P.
Dickwell was appointed Boro. Tax Collector
and Johli E. Rockwell. Street Com:nie•ioaer.
There is.said Mtie - it very dangerous coun
terfeit silver dollar in 'ciraulstion. It is
beautifully executed, and the sub-treasurer
has prOnounced it .the best silver-Plated
counterfeit yet made. Ii cannot !be detected
by the application of acids nolessthe" surface
be scratched.
The revival tneetina that closed' at the
Troy flautist clinrch.on Monday of Tait week;
have been very auccaattil. They were dm
ducted by Rev. W.' IH. Unribat, of Obio:
Nineteen ',metier,' were baptized on ~the ! 2d
instant, by the pastor of th s e Church, rlltrif J.
B. French.
A conespondent asserts that thoru is s
three months. Ohl baby at Milan that PI bless
ed with live grindincithen sad fear grand- -
fathers. What a lot of paregoric that; poor
Cabe will be comneddd to talcp in order to
appease the numerous anxiety , of teb , tirmh
grandmother. i-
Miss Julia Hunt will appear at Mercer Ball,
on tbe evening of April 27th. in the chs4cter
of "Florinel." Miss Haut is supported by
one. of the best Dramatic Companiev: that
ever visited this place, and our people will
no doubt be 'glad to again see . her in the
character of "Fieriest."
A barn and several smaller • building'', be,
longing to Geo. Lawman, and situated in
Wellsburg. were destroyed by ftre on Wednes
day, of last week. They were filled with hay,
grain, farming implements. eta. Thole° is,
thought to haie been the work 'of an
diary. The lons is estimated at 45,000.
The burning Of k small house near the coat
pockets at Sayre. on Wednesday evening of
last week. threatened the destruction of con
siderable property fora short time, but by
active work the flames were soon got under
control and the spread of the fire prevented.
The damage was but slight. The. Are was
accidental. _
A Waverly correspondent of the Owego
runes says that "honies were never so scarce
in that village' as at Present." When we state
to our traders; that 70 years ago Waverly did
not contain a single bonte., their sympathies
will no doubt go out to the three or four
thousand people who are forced to live lo a
homier' village. -
An o:d gentlemanly the name of Michael
Welch, a rtsideni of Towanda tom:whip. was
quite badly out about the bead and face, on
Wednesisy morning of 'last week, by ami
de:Haiti' falling down the steps leading
from the roadway to the East Towanda
Depot. Dr. Lyman &Mendel to his injuries
and he is doing well. •
.The following named gentlemen have been
installed by D. D. D. 0. H. Craft, as Moen
of Athens Lodge. 1.0.0. F., of Athens, for
thewsurent term:
N.' G.-.W. O. Denniston.
Secretary—L. Anson.
Asst. Seeretary—R. B. Jolly.
We . ask's little hilulgeote from our readers
for this wsdt,• sad goal* slut. A rush of
extra work in the jobbing hue and a scarcity
of help, a chugiof mason, Ida, has aot
only delayed the Itawtraucart for the, put
two if SOU. but we have sot bees able to give
it th..s attention that we deign. Homer,
is the course of a few dap We hope to be oat
of the nib led bard the balsam of Sooting
raatly is paw,.
A candePosakel of Ole Trot - RW* O . WS
Slll 194 41 1 11defSt 'l llll- :# MS
ihniikdk Searr 4110 .sathe011100. st AS&
4 d41101. - Igith os **4 flow Vat ass big
laadi of oat; many of Ms kindras baths is
taw no th." Aiwa cook! l!so t 110=4 His •
1 110 P 80417 sum, assistPisilyean,
Akan one or tkiii tbnaiiAkateda. , , •
- •
Hlstrorl- Ox e the Aid Ponmeit settle
ment in sUe minty. etter Ole Ilerolutionary
War. 4 that of Grin tipaldiag. in Sheelrequlto.
in the year;l7B3. and the on. hundredth an. •
strawy of such wW emir In
Nay offnext year. Our -7.nelghbor; the
Reck* *Mai* the anniversary ought- to be
torinneinorated by a celebration. We think
ineendisry attempt' ems made oe Elattm;
47 4vViDinit last, to lire the w o od baitikag at
the rattier of Cbtirt sod Front streets occu
pied as, a coal office by Simi limenr, and
by Edward Welker lumber dealer asan office.
A light of glass nee broken, and a bundle of
0 / 11 1 1 8PV1 11 stuffed Waugh and Jodie& „For
tunately the Ara was illiScovared'in time to
prevent a conflagration.
The following named ;mama hare been
elected (Aileen of Prism Lodge, No. 247. I. 0.
0. F.. of Tro7, for the Garton, term, and are
to be instilled to•inglyow Friday. evening, by
Der. David Oran, D. D. 0: .1
N. Manley.
V. O.—W. F. Baker.
Secretary—J. It Willow.
-• Amt. Beeretay-o. ► . D. Leonard.
Treasurer—Liston 131i45.
• Trnetee-AVarren Case.'
We bave received a commtialoatto3 from
Granville In reply to an article published /n
the Canton Sentinel. As the previous articles
have all appeared in the Sentinel, our come=
pendentcan readily see why the article sent
us - stionid also stopeai in that paper: Had
the itmomuczaw at anv time been a party to
the controversy,' the commtmiesuon would
bavoieceived attention, as e - everal points in
the article we fully endorse, and believe them
well taken.
JohnCoyle. a young man of South Waverly,
had hia arm broken and his head badly cut,
on Tuesday evening of last week, by falling
from the Side .% alk on Fulton •street where it
entiv at the new railroad, a distance of about
eight feet. The: place where the accident
!happened is a very 'dangerous . no. and the
father ,of the young man has commenced
suit against the Railroad Company for dam•
ago., The ypeng man still lies in a very
critical condition.
Jabes Daugherty, of Wysox, has won his
suit against the Erie Railroad for dainages
by reason of hie receiving an - injury while
working en the track at Hornellsville, in
1878. The Supreme Court hut week
affirmed the decision of the Court below,
and Mr. D. will now receive the sum of
about $5,000. Patrick &• Foyle were the
attorneys who conducted the case for Mr.
- The Waverly ddrocate i rises to retnark:
"The new railroad is trying to change the
venerable. name of 'Johnny Cake' to Willa
wanna —at least that la what they call that
station. Now gee thing can't be did. • The
people have , always stood by Johnny Cake,
and Johnny. Cake has stood by the people,
and the old name will stick as long si corn
grows and' the women know how to
make Johnny Cake.' Bat then, Kinney,
maybe, Willawanna in the Indiana dialect
signifies Johnny Cake, or Johnnycake Willa
Generally abodt the first of April, and: in
fact from the first of January of each year,
busineis men tear around and become ex
cited. *belt really there is no occasion for it.
Of cotirse thi4 will happen in the best of
regulated families and among ill -kinds of
men; but_now that the first of April is over,.
with riKiti't* enough for all to . meet their
obligitions that were due. we once more set
tle down to work with clear beads and the
prospect of a good year for business of all
kinds, as the factories, the workshops and
all branches of industry are on the boom.
We agree most emphatically with a cones
penitent who *rites one of our exchanges
that one of the chief 'attractions of thio thrifty
vaitage erseyre is the uniform boanty and
elegance of its buildings. and the absence of
the natal old tumble-down • affairs. The
machine shops, depot, he., are handsome, as
welt ai substantial brick structures. The lar
gest aid most expensive residences would be
an ornament to ens city, while the.nnmerous
cottages are models of architectural beauty
and finish. There is probably not another
village of its size in the State that • can com
pare with it in this respect.
A Division of the Bons of Temperance was,
instituted at Leen', on March 29th. and the
following named persons were - elected and in
stalled as its °Mears for the current term:
W. P.Ain:laid Leonard.
W. A.--Iliss Jane Eaton.
P. W. P.—lsaso P. Doane. • •
W. o.—Alex Kennedy: a
W. A. o.—Mrs. R. Guild.
B. S.—ltolland Shelton. '
A. R. B.—Oren Harkness.
F. B.—Ritner Guild.
W. T.—Miss Rose Leonard.
I. o.—Miss Martha Johnson.,
0.0.-,Tames Greenfield.
W. 0.-Litay. 0. N. Roberts. -
A correspondent Says that at a regular
meeting of the SotAt Waverly council held
oa F'Sday evening, a resolution was passed
authorising the Burps, to " notify the D.
L & railroad compiny to comply with
the condition and requirements of the con
tract agreed upon by the company and the
Borotigh;" in July last. This ecmtmct calls
for 'liftable wagon and foothildges ,gt the
crossing of three of the priMipal streets,
and the new heard are determined its pro !
visions shall be complied with.
The alleged spread of agnosticiim and re
religions indifference has no effect whatever
sport the observance of. the festivals of the
Christian year. Indeed. it is a matter of
general' remark that the celebrittion .of the
great days on the ecclesiastical calendar is
growing more and more general. Let any
one recall the manner in - 14dd' Christmas or
Easter - were kept. or rather were not kept.
twenty years ago and compare it with what
take' place to-day. Tho'ieritiniscence will
illustrate the
There were few
(Intakes in the cotmtry in which Easter was
not remembered and honored on Sunday last.
in some way, and fewer istiU which were 'not
'inert; than nanally thronged with worship
Editor Hinton in the Athens Gazette of last
week; pays the following well deserved com
pliment to the military company of this
place: "ruesday evening, Company "A" of
the 9th Resintent. was inspected at their
armory at Towanda. by Col. Reynolds. Lieut.
Col. Emit and Adjt. Moore. Lieutenint 0.
D. Lyon. commanded the Company in its
evolutions, which were of the most satisfac
tory kind. After the inspection was over
Col. Reynolds expressed his gratification in
a complimentary speech which must hive
made the ofilcers and men of the Company
justly glow with pride over the proficiency
they have Attained. Captain Wilt and ;lout.
Lyon, are old "vets," and know just bow to
mines tie right military spirit in a Company
to make theca shine."
The following named gentlemen were in.
stilled by District Deputy Craft as dicers - of
Disdlest Lodge LO. 0. F., Of this place. for
the current ton; on Nondav eyening of Last
N. Z. Chubbnik.
Y. P: Welles.
Ass% —G. P. Wood.
Tesseerer—J. &Adis*.
N. G. B. A. Wilt.
N. G. L. 8.-4. iL Shaw.
Warden—G. 8. Smith.
Oondustor--1. G. Newton. t
B. 8. 8.-4. Manion.
L. Jones.
O. G.-4i. Blaisdell.
Browning ~
- V. G. R. B.—Harry T. Gray.
V. G. L. B.—George Brown.
R. S. gdiniston, of Milan, left on
Tuesday of last week, for the west, to
purchase another Norman stallion. Mr.
E., now has one of the finest Norman
horses in the county, which has attract.
-ed horsemen from all parts.
:-;,....;-::.'_-..: .-' , .:: - -!.. , :-: , /sitasseirati;'. , ',k•::': , ;',: , -. , ":•:• , -..i;.:'
~ - ., -,,. ::::::- : :::'.- ,„ , ; . ::, 7 4:::::•,.,,.:, . .-.-, : .. _..
w*:LL: - 111 11 41 1 .144.thtr'betwil** - W
... ~ „
.. . . .
. ...... . . . . _. .
4as. P. - Tbut, "oit -Virdwing, died of
,-Oxamkakabar Rum:4 sofforkagfroon
as attack of catarrhal fever. .
-Muses Ida and COM Iforeea.of Olio OW.
are **Atlas Mead"
, .
Muter Itivr7 ikreo4 . hallittriNit school
~t Wi ke.Barret'ot a Ilbifiviiciatbms
- • •
41 hgaannie.Seeindi of - listhngni,
the tuest. Of her eider,. LL C. F.-ernes,
—NW lk*h ikeidei fun retUrned lane
fraara phlih*Oleit to triendt - st Attain.
—Walls Ystrobild„ or the Wind Ilona Thu
'orbit Parlonk, was ontheutok flat tut week.
WM Dean his pundiesed a farm in
Idryidinizor, and wilt binsiiins a - resident of
that town. • •
'—John P. Morrow is borne from college Jo
spend the Easter vacation with his parents
in lids place. .
Mr. and firs. Doolittle, of Ontario. N. T., are
visiting nevi_ sad firs. C. X. Wright at the N.
Parson*. , • -
—Mrs. R. A, Packer, of Sayre, was quite GI
last week, but is now rapidly itigainisig her
usual good health. - _, 1 _
Ettie Adams, of this place, his ac
cepted a teachership in the Graded School
of Athens &rough. _
—Mrs. Lewis, the estimable wife of'Wni.
Lewis, Eag.; of the Commiss'ioners' Office,
is ill of catarrhal fever.
—Mrs. Q. M.
. Sill, formerly of this place, has
Jost returned from a visit to her brothers at
Auburn and Genova, N. Y.
Madden hes returned from New Ton
where she has been searetaelng a large stock ot
tasteful and etylloh 111111110111100411.
-.Rev. Wm. Tayier.„late
_pastor of the
Church of tbo Messiah.' this place. has ' ac
cepted a call to a Chureb at Troy; N. Y.!
—Jobe Allen,-of Trey. has purchased so
ilderest in the steam flouring mill at Canton.
and will become a citizen of that vida4e.
- -The Troy Gagite says that ex!iiheriff J.
AI. Bluish, is improving. but slowly. and is not
getting along as rapidly as his friends could
—Alfred Head, Iraq., of this county acted
as Stenographer at the Impala) term of the
goegoehannaVounty Courts hild at filontroae
last week. . •
—Mr. - Chas. Kellogg has been elected a.
member of the Athens School Board 45 plan e
of D.C. Grey, who recently moved= oat of
that village. - • .
—Mrs. Moore, wife of T. B. Moore, of Pas.
sells, died quite suddenly on Sunday after an
illness of but a few daYs. She was about 70
years of age. • _
-Bev.. C. T. ffalloviell, • of • the Baptist
chareh. exchanged pulpits on Sunday; last
with Bev. G. P. Watrous, of `pie Baptist
antral]. Athens.
' —Will Lewis, who had resided in tb, West
for a number of years l pult, has ratan:M(l and
taken a position in the - hardirare establish•
went ot
.A. D. Dye &to.
—Mr. Joseph Doty, the pioneer of Doty
Hill, agegl. eighty-two 'years, is losing his
eye sight; being totalliblind in ono eye and
the'other badly affected.
There is a rumor 'prevalent that Aesistant-
Postmaster-Geoeral IL A. Elmer will resign
his position to accept a $lO,OOO insurance
presidency in New York. .
—E.F. Goff, Etq., formerly of this place,
has been elected corporation attorney for
the Borough of South- Waverly, and also
clerk to the Board of Coiiticii.
—Dr. E. A. Rockwell. who has been a rea
dout of EJeuvilla, Mich:. for the past eight
years, will spend the coming summer at his
former home, Stevensville.
• —Among the appointments that have been
oMcially annonnced.i from Pennsylvania to
the Military Academy at West Point, for this
year. we notice the name of our yOitng towns-
man Robert M. Williamt.•
Ez-Sheriff 'Dean. gave our sanctum a
short visit on Tueaday'.. We do not know
. a
man in the whole range of our acquaintance
that eau makes gamma:Ler visit than Peter
himself. Come in again. - •
The Elmira Free Press says that C. T.
Smith formerly of the belavan
,hous3 . there ,
having given up the hotel business has taken
a &nage at Asbury Pad:. where he will enter
tain guests during the !coming season.
—Little Fannie, daughter of Mr.. and Mra.
Perry Decker, entertained a number of her
young friends, on 13starday afternoon last. it
being the anniversary of her birthday. The
little folks ray they had an enjoyable time.
—S. H. Davis, of Leßaysville, bas received
notice timi Uncle Samuel expects his assir
lance in dispensing Justice u a junk at
term of die United States Court to be !rid at
Pittsburg, commencing on the 24th instant.
NSre observe by a late copy of the Louis
ville Courier Journal, that our former young
townsman, Dr. W. P. Griffiths, was elected a
member of the State Medical Society of Mb
soul at the Socigty's recent meeting in
Louisville. '").
• T,
—U. Elmer. Second Assistant POstmaster
General, 'and Col. J. Jameson, Gen'L Snit. or
Postal Railway Service, were in town on
Friday last, and looked in at our Post Office.
They pronounced it one of the best arranged
and well ciinduerted ‘riatant. -
There is a rumor current that Charles G.
Bateman, late editor of the Elmira Adcertiser
may, under certain , contingencies. be the
Republican candidate for Governor of New
York, next fall. If Charles is a candidate we
shall cheerfully supp ort him. .
—FraniE. Here, formerly of Shesheqnin,
this county, in company with a gentleman by
the name of dee, his started a paper at
Canby, Eine. It headed the Canby 21-i.
Lune, is neatlipitrited, well edifed, and Re
publican in polities. We wish it anal its pro
prietors unlimited suecess. ,
—Carl a Morse of this place, who has been
connected with the N. O. R. W. as telegraph
operator for several years . past, has received
a prominent and lucrative position in the
superbitendent's office at Elmira. True merit
is always appreciated, and we predict for him
i successful career. —Canton Sentinel.
H. B. McKean hat been chosen
Chairman of the DemOerstio County Com
mittee for the ensuing year. Ho will be.pit
ted against W. J. Young Esq., Chairman of
the Republican County Committee. The con
test between the parties next-AU will be
sharp and esrneit. With the largest party
to back him. weipredict -that Chairman Young
will come out farillead in the campaign race:
Seders Had.
As Major Seeley already Lisa wide reputation
as an aecomplisked caterer. we believe that a
description of his reherche hotel will interest
the madam of the Ithrtnumme. We were shown
through the house a few days sines and found
everything in "apple pie" order from cellar to
attic. On the ground floor are the (dice sad
reading roma, a gentleman'i lunch room. a bo
dies' luneh room. a Skiing-roam, butlers's pan
try, kitchen, laundry. store roomiest* ice closet.
The dining and lunch rooms have an attractively
emit appearance. with their tables spread with
snowy linen. glistening chin and polished
sliver. The kitchen and laundry are line. well -
lighted and spotlessly clean: Even Seeker's
dainty meals would be still More appetizing
could the partaker seen we did with what deli
cacy and skill they areiprepared.
There are about thirty alevsdng rooms on the
sewed and third floors. many of them with two
beds and all reds *earth! by - ample windows.
There are - bath rooms with hot and cold water.
and **whale borne is implied with me and
all the modern ingrVements. the second
floor la a Aesnilsoi**grifinite dining-room, fitted
up with - every comndinc• for serving male
promptly and gulag/. '
If the' time star nines' when "ere dad our
warmest wakens at inn." and that inn is
Avelefs. ire shall make no plaint over our fate.
A. D. I,lrfre
Would Worts Wady aiunerous piteous that
Oaf otlar for Gals as imams stock of "apical.
turd Imidaminits sad dud wan tools. luck Is
boss, cultivator tostb.stselkirdui rakos.siSides.
widths fork% latriPinomen, Utopias% shovel
Wows sad Wow points. Maims sad
ardour* will do mkt* call it this reliable
eitsblishanot tame shasiaa ehuwbere . It
L too sun is use baying sad harvesting tools:
but the thrifty kniteutdinsa knows that atlas
ths bast burgling ars seensettryantldpsting
imeman i "A wind to the wise is soileient."
r • ••
Ma is renovathig and beudifyiag the
idarkir:otbig conhotkm4*.tore-,•f .
•. •
Therouit nwirsostthit about to the
effect this* laige'pateat medicitio 'maw
factory is icon to be , started et Warrerly.
Archibald Foto, thelllleve eat `
Wit, will relate nine of Ids roost
- amosiieg experience in "lactnring in Two
71 .emiellteellt" in "The Ce,IIP7 Vim"
for;310;', -
James Griffin, a 'rendant of liorest Lake,
thweiehatuni, county, was killed by kee fal
ling uciOn . him while he "was at wnrk the
woods, now his reshbineii, :on Friday of last
week was about thirty-eight years of
egi s and leaves a tinnily to mourn his death,
=dad convention will be held by_ll.
Ganison at Highland , awnnienehtg April
19th, at 10 o'clock, a. closing with
a concert Friday evening. Prxemis of .
concert, for-the benefit of the Sabbatb
The Germania Hand' will give Its Third
Annual, Hop at \literals Hall, on Friday
evening, April 21st. The Band will for.
nish the tannic for the grand march, and
the Gernuinia Orchestra of seven pieces
will furnish the music for dancing. Ticketi
are but $1.09; and - every body ; ought to
Carlyle's posthumous work, "Rendniscen
oes of my Irish Journey,"•will be, begun in
the May "Century," and completed in June
and July. Those who have had access to
the manusCript and advance sheets of the
work, descrile it as being as characteristic
of the author as the famous "Reminis
censo" which a year ago made such a swum
lion in literary circles.
DA. '
- -
- The sublime troth of the resurrection of
the dead and the immortairty of the soul so
emphatically declared in the bosk of Job—"l
know that my Redeemer liveth"z—was cele
brated on Sunday last with all the pomp •of
swinging censers, the beauty of blossoming
flowers, the joyous carrels of little children
and the grand harmonies of Easter anthems.
Jews and Geniile alike celebrate the blessed
Passover. 'Who Jew commemorates the
ilverance from physical death; and the Christ
ian celebrates the 'salvation J lfrom spiritual
death by the blood.sprinkling of the Paschal
Limb. The very name of. Easter is signifi
cant of joyous emotions. Our Angio-Suon
forefathers - worshipped the goddess or Ufa
and spring. Eostre, and held_ festivals in her
honor as this season of the year. As our
Tel:to n t:ancestors rejoiced in the newness of
life*fasted by •the springing verdure,
swelling bads and unfolding leaflets of the.
vernal season of the year, so all Christendom
nowijoins in singing pains of victory because
Christ our Lord bath risen from the dead
and become "the first fruits of them that
The Catholic Church was btaatifally deco-
rated with ffoners, plants and lighted candles.
The altars that
- bad been draped in the
symbols of mourning on Good Friday, were
lighted up witli;bright-hned blossoms, and
ornamented with borders of costly lace. High
mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Kelley in
richly embroidered' sacerdotal robes. The
music was exceptionally Pee. 'Several of:the,
solos were sang by Antis Irish of the Dublin
ComediTrotipe, and others were rendeted
by the organist, Miss'Anna Dann, in' a very
effective manner:
Father Kelley explained the symbolism of
the long wax taper, called the Paschal candle
which is kept burning until Ascension Day,.
as a type of Him who was the light of the
world. In the evening he preached an elo
quent sermon on the orig in and progress of
the church of Chriit ; shOwing how He who
was despised and rejedted of Metihad bec9me
the chief corner stone of tved's earthly temlle.
The decorations at -thie chucks
handsome as, well appropriate. The read
ing desk was removed, from the platform and
in Its stew.* on evorgreen cross. lavishly.oroa
mented with flowers, was placed. A bank of
moss and bright blossoms furnished the
seeming support at the foot of the cross. A
border of potted plants extended along the
front of the platform and the effect of the
whole was very fine. On Sunday was the
quarterly meeting of this charge, and at 9 a.
an. was held the , Agape, or love-feast. The
rite of baptism was administered by Rev. C.
H. Wright to , about twenty candidates, and
several persona were received into full mem
bership.., The sacrament of the Lord's Sup
per, was then administered. Tho Pastor
preached no sermon. but the services were
conducted with reference to "the gad resur
rection morn." Appropriate hymns 'and
anthems were chosen and sting by the choir.
OBUOCII OP 111 Z 111281.1111.
The chancel of this handsome Church was
transformed into 'a bower of beaitty by the
tae teful arrangement of the floral decorations.
An cross-at the left bore a cluster::
of blood-rid lilies it its centre. and at its fodt
a mass of scarlet, geraniums thrown into re
lief by a background of velvety green moss.
Perched on top of the . croas wits a snow white
dove, witkontspread pinions ) AS it poised for
flight. To' the right of the desk was placed
kgmall stand supporting a pillow of magnitl
oept callas—that wondrous flower which
opens its golden heart under the warm sun
light of a Syrian Apia, and has been rightly
christened the "Easter Lily." In baskets,
vases and pots were arranged a profusion of
roses, -caMelias, geraniums, fuchsias and
In Ifni absence of a regolu pastor, Ilov. F.
W. bailey of Brooklyn, preached 'an hlstrnc-
live discourse on the lessons of the Resur
rection, His to was founded on lst Opr. 15
Chap., 47, 48 and 49 verses._ The choir sang
the" Easter itnthemes" compbsed by Rev, Dr.
Taylor. The solos were rendered by Miss
Laura Smith in excellent taste. The exer
cises in the Stmday-ichool, conducted by the
Superintendent, Mrs. 0. D. Kinney, consisted
of recitations and carols by the scholars, and
reflected credit upon Mn. K.'s faithful
traing and the pupils industry. Surely
nothing iould be, sweeter than to hear from
thedips of innocent child hood the glad lid.
ing that "Christ our Lord bath risen today
It would not be possible - to , describe the
elaborate and beautiful dotal adornment that
was the faint expression of tbe Easter Day
gladness at this church. Crow*, crowns,
mounds and baskets of flowers lighted op the
chancelmith their glowing colors while their
perfumed censers filled the air with fragrance.
The mule and services breathed the 'Wit
of the joyous Raster festival: The discourse
of the Rector, Rev. LA. Enos, was on the
theme of the Resurrection of the World's
Redeemer. Themusio was especially adapt
ed to the occasion.
At 3 p. m. the anniversary exercises of
Christ Church Sunday-school were hold.
The services wer(4 conducted by the Super
intendent, :AMOS T. Hale, Esq. Thb soh&
era formed into ;Ina and marched into the
church. The presbntation of offerings, sing
ing of carols and briet address of the Hector
made up' an interesting program. Each
paid! was presented with a handsomely color
ed Pasch egg.
Roe. Dr. liewart, the pastor, preached an
instructive 'sermon on the glad tidings of
great i joy 'which a woman's tips brat con
veyed to the aorrowiug discipiis on the .,
morning of the!tbiid day ; when Mary Meg
daleiie came and mid them she had "semi
the Lord and be had spoken these things
onto her." The cleuvh was not decoraied;
bat a handsome vase of flowers was placed
on the reading desk; - -
4.D. Pro ! Co.
• This enterprising firm ban ',lmicatly made
lugs additions to their already Minimise stock
of mrtisp had wagon pokers' supplies, such a
wood work of all kinds, spokee, hubs, rims,
wheels, shafts, poles, iron and steel, skein, sad
bones, springs and ages, eternises irons of all
kinds and of all the Most desirable patterns : .
Mrs. Frilick, for many years in
charge of the toll•bridge at Athens, re-
tired last week from the position and
was succeeded by lir. Cleo. Parsons. ,
Vitr'*ktdthlield eatiespondent ands us
the ilihriring under date of April 10tin
On &WWII moraine . our village . was
thmiliinto an; excitement kir the rumor
tifal eenond headwind been entered the
pro icut by lawless palms usually
Uyled hurgluX. ..Two 4thebuilding,were
private houses and the other four were
Vim' .. ` -
A Mrs. whelives over Mr. Phelps'
drug store, Nays that. she 'heard some one
enter the store about half past one o'clock,
mid at tint suweal it was the druggist,
but soon beeanio convinced that there were
thine. p 'Tg +immt,and was aci frightened
that she dui not make a Wit or give any
alarm. They took whiskey from ekes and
'Mr. Pile* fottud it dripping in the *morn
ing. He thinks they did not take much
else. • .
Mr. Charles Biggs' store was entered and
a Mexican dollar was all that is miming ex
cept little chew. The postotlice and
Mr. Yenta hardwire store are in one hand
ing. A revolyer and some pocket knives
were stolen from the letter place and a few
take front the 'rxtotlice. At the house
of Charles-Webb some cold victuals were
missing but none of the inmates were
awakened. -
About two o'clock Dr. Moody and his
nip; were awakened and heard a noise in
the direction of the krimh ti They arose
lighted a lainp and started toward the
kitchen, having to pass through a long room
to reach it. The Dr. being quite lame
could not move along as fast as his wife
did' and she awned he was following - her
when she. entered the kitchen, but ho had
turned to go into a front room' for his re
volver. Mrs. Moody disiovered that the
noise was caused by some one working at
the lock of a door that opened into a back
room, the windows and blinds of that room`
having been left open, which is usual in
fair weather. Net desiling any sort of an.
encouuter with a burglar she thought best
to scare him (or them) off, which she suc
cessfully did by placing her mouth near the
door and giving an unearthly yell, which
caused a very hasty and noisy retreat
through the high' window. Possibly the
poor fellow thought it was a sudden sum.
mops from the infernal regions. The
tracks of three different men were found in
the garden: backof the house. -
Most people are very sorry thatthe shoot
ing did not take place. It, is easy enough
to be brave when there is no danger at
liand but women 'Usually prefer safety to
There are some worthless, drinking
fellows living in town that are suspected
but no arrests have been made. It is prob
able that the effects of the liquor dulled
their brains somewhat or they would have
stolen more from the stores. .The whole
amount of their plunder, so far as is
known,iis estimated at ten dollars, which
was not a very paying nights won* con
sidering that night labor Commands high
wages. -
It is to be hoped
.that people. will hold
themselves ready to give unexpected visi
tors-a warm reception. • I
CARBON RUN, Pa. April sth, 1.84. ,
The voice is hushed the gentle voice,
That told us of a saviours love,
And made our hearts and souls rejoice
In hope of heaven our home above.
At a meeting of members of the M. E.
Church of Carbon Bun, held in the church
Monday April 3d 1882, the following reso
lutions were unanimously' adopted: _ ;
Wm It has pleased God in hiS in-.
finite wisdom to call to a better home our
beloved Pastor Rev. David Williams, who
departed this life April 2d, 1882, at his
residence in Elmira N. Y. Therefore be
it ' ' _ . _
Resolved, That while we bow in humble
submission to the will of our heavenly fath
, .r, 'we deeply grieve over the loss of one
who as a minister was unflerible in his
christian ' integrity irreproachable in his
character a faithful worker for the master
and devoted to the church of his choice.
Resolved, That we tender our heartfelt
sympathy and condolence ` to the bereaved
widow and children of our deceased broth
er, ti uiting that he who . tempers the wind
to the shorn lamb, may m mercy look upon
them and sustain them in their great sorrow;
let them remember that our brother is not
dead but sleepeth, and that his memory
wilVever be green within the hearts of his
many friends and brothers. '
Resolved, That the church :be draped in
mourning for the pace of thirty days in
token of respect for our departed brother.
R4soired, That these resolutions be read
in the public congregation a copy sent to
the family of our late brother and that they
be piiblished in the county papers.
ersatz. =Elf moxnAT Iran.
C. M. Manville's use vs. E. E. Buffington
Rule to open judgment discharged.
F, Mattocks et al vs. Mattocks et al. , Judgment
anrired for plaintiffs for two fifths of the Asia
In question and for defendant three fifths, non
obstinate verdict.
0. H. k U. W. Middleton vs. Chas. Johnson
0 al. Exceptions to auditors report dismissed
and report confirmed
f ;Avis Saner ♦s. J.ll H. Ward.
May & Stern ♦s. M. Randleman. - New trial re•
inked in each cue.
W. A. Cash et al *a. James Wood. Injunction
Madre& and bill dismissed at cost of plaintiffs.
IL C. Barris n. C. Bunticker.
W. M. Barrington vs. E. F. Brant.
Rules discharged in each cue.
Jackson Lewis vs. , Wm. Whitney.
Betsey - A. decor vise vs. Elisha Atherton's.
pus. New trial granted in each cue.
• In the matter of the petition of Ellen Pitcher
for the benefit of her separate earnings. Court
grant payer of the petitioner.
Orweal Twp. vs. N. D. VanOrman. '
Goo. W. Edminster use vs. Emms E. Nelson
Rules to open judgment in, each awe.
N. C. Harris vs. W. J. RobinsonsAdner
Rule to set said..
Elianor Thnnton vs. Orange Schrader—lssue
H. N. Williams &J. W. Mx Digs. for plaintiff.
Smith & Billla for defendant. Verdict for de..
.1. P. Kirbre vie n. D. U. Blackman—lnane.
I. Ifforliencm Esq. for plaintiff. R. A. Mar=
Esq. for deltadant. Verdict for defendant.
Lewis t Brown Ts. Band Whippleo—Plalntlen
take non snit.
B. Kirby re. H. C. Carpantericiinfm
Judgment for plaintiff for an undivided % inter ,
est MA. land.
N. =sr 7s. J. Pepper et al. Appeal. 8.. N.
Little Esq. for plaintiff.. No appearance for
defendant. Verdict for plaintiff $lOO.
Pearson & Co. vi. Lott Pulkiason—Appeal.
U.D. Vangalder W, 'H. Sherwood—Tres
pass. Settled.
C. N. Clapp vs. J. W. Hollenback et al—Debt.
Patrick k Foyle and Overton & Sanderson for
_Davies & Hall and D. A. Overton Esq.
fbr defendants. Verdict for plaintiff for 51087.50.
Hanington vs. 8. G. Towneand et al
colas, David Warner vs. - samo (*Us. Both
cues settled.
Patrick k Poylo es. Sally Davidson—Electtnent
Elliman Smith and IL 11. Williams Eus. foe
plaintiffs. D. O. Nardi and L. Y. Hall Deli. for
defendant.- Verdict for defendant.
N.. • Noma: AVAIL /0.
Ann M. Nell vs. Ifichesd Vali—Divorce decreed.
• li. W. Cobb vs. N. B. Cobb—Ejectment. Geo.
F. Grant vs. Olive Elliot—Debt. • Both cases
S. M. k Wm. little vs. J. P. Xlrby. earaishee
of Jobe Bennett—Attadaaent Itmention. J 31;
Loomil vs, Lockwood Thompson—Debt. Plata
MI take nos milt in arch cue.
43; 0. Atwood Is. I. N. Parbs—seire
Judguast for pklatiff $10113,13. - -
Li. Friaidley vs. Daniel Dunluuni Appeal.
ha. H. tJ. A. Coddles for plaintit. No appear.
sacs for defendant. Vesdist for plalnt.llr. $201.40
W. Y. Mallory vs. Junes T. Clerk et et—eject
meat. -
Elebiso* Hon and H. N. WLUimhs, Esq.. for
plaintiff. - J. F. finders= and E. Emith. Esq..
ins defendants. Verdict for plaintiff for one un
divided belt of the land in quostion.l
' Amos vs. U. Wilsou— tape. William
_ .
limn% Iraq., for satatilt. D. A. Overton, Zsq.,
ibr dassdast—tadkst forplabsift. - •
A. IL Parsons ss. A. T. Ls:11011.-TroDAIIL
J. Tilden is convalescing from
a brief illness, - •
Mr. Jimas Waldron has purchased a
house and lot of Mr. David Forrest near
Seaward &Cow, and. bhnself and family
have.taken pasemion. - ,
Mr. 0. Varney and wife have removed to
their new home on Athens Avenue.
lire. John Bird and Children are occupy
ing a pert ot r idr. Cons' holise. - -
Mr. E. Blakeslee a former landlerd of
this place has moved intathe' house owns&
by - Mrs: Angie Gates..'
MissElay Butler of .Minnesota is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Parknv whole onthe sick
The nest meeting of _the Cl. L. 8: C. will be
held at the residence of Mrs. I.E. Hitch° ock
on Pine street, Friday Aplil,l4, at 7i30 p. Ett.'
The lesscurpf the evening will be a review of
"Art of Speech" froin page 57 to 116. Ques-
tions and answers on !‘Art of Speech" from
No. 25 to No. 51. A full attendance of mem
bers is cordially invited.
Dye & 'Co.. having secured the service* of
competent and experienced plumbers and gas
fitters, are prepated to do Arst-claas work in
that line. They will take accurate measurements
of buildings or rooms , and make careful esti
nnites ot the cost of puttins in gas or water
pipes and fixtures, also the latest and most ap
proved styles of steam-bUting apparatus. It
has been charged that plonibers• bills are always
unexpectedly large. so A. D. &Co. offer to give in
every cue an approximate estimate of the cost
to each builder or house owner before any ex
pense is incurred: Believing also that sitesm
heaters pones. many advantiges over the hot
air turnace. they invite attention to the fact that
they are prepared to supply the 'best and most
economical 'item-heating appaiatos, which has
been thoroughly tested by responsible parties.
Those who do -cot perfectly understand the
principle upon which_ steam-heaters overate,
will have all their inquiries courteously answer
ed by calling upon 'A. D. Dye k Co. for informs
All the'magazieea, daily and,weekly paper
at Cross'.
OVEIIXON—RITCHIE—In Liana, Pa., March 22c1
by Rev. Orlo N. Roberti, Mr. Alfred Overton
of Monroeton. Pa.. and Kin Hannah Ritchie'
of Olen Union, Pa. No cards.
BOWMAN—HUMAN—At the residence of L,
Stevens, of Bentley Creek, Pa., March 22nd.
by Bev. P. S. Everett, Mr, F. A. Bowman, of
Wells, and Miu ankitts , Thiperaan, of South
Creek. Pa.
STEOPE—ALEXANDEP,AB Burlington; by the
'Rev. B. Garrison, MarCh 29th, Mr. Albert E.
Strops of Burlington to Miu Alice E. Alex
ander of the same place.
BOWERS—WHITAXIM-At the Baptist parson
age„..Wellsbzurg N. Y. April 2nd, by P. IL
Everett, Mr. Jacob Bowers of South Creak,
and Miss Susie C. Whitaker, of Baldwin N. T.
.AYLOB DOOLITTLE —At the residence, of
Leon Smith, Skinner's Eddy, March 26, IEB2,
by Rev. G. M. Righter, A. E. Taylor. of Pike.
and Treaste E. Doolittle, of Stevensville, Brad
ford county, Pa.
SKITR—WELCOXAt-the residence of Harrison
Ross,in Manville Centre, Appil .2d. by C. B.
Kenyon, Esq. , C. N. Smith, of Mclntyre, and
Mrs. Phcebe C. Wilcox, of Granville, Pa.
NORTHRUP MARBLE—In Troy, Pa..l. at the
house of Hon. Delos Rockwell, March 30th, by
Bev. a P. Oates. of Canton, Wallace Northrup,
of Canton, and Miss Phecebe Marble, - of Troy,
• Penna. •
FOWLER— HORTON —At Camp town, April 1,
1889, by Rev. E.-E. Quick. Mr. Edward Fowler
and Miss Mary Horton, both of Stevensville.
CUIVENGS—BOWERS—At the Baptist Parson
age, Weikel:meg, N. Y., by P. S. Everett, Feb.
1882,-Mr. Orlando Cummings; of Spring
field, and Miss Alma Bowers; of Hector, N.Y.
BROWN WEST—At the Baptist-Parsonage.
Wellesburg, N. Y., March 19, 1892. by P. S. Everett. Mr. Steven Brown and Mrs. Jennie
West, all of Wellesbhrg, N. Y.
ABIIItS—DZWEY —At the Baptist Church of
Ridgbury. Sunday evening,. March 28, 1882. by
Bev.. P 8. Everett, Mr. West Abers. and Miss
Hattie Dewey, all of Blder/17, Pa.
Wm. .Tomrso,r,
The cheese factory opened to-day
- April 10th. - •
z:11. O.
Plumbing and Gas rifting.
Notices - of death inserted ; free; bed, when ac
companied by remarks beyond six lines, either
in prose or poetry, said addition will be charg
ed for at the rate of eight cents per line. Eight
words make a line. .
N. B. Persons serultnY obituary notices for
pubitcation please accompany the same
with t/Wpay at the rate of one cent for each
word in excess offorty-eight Words.
WHEELER—In Troy, Pa.: illarch 25. of
general Debility. Sarah Ann, wife] of L. D.
' Wheeler, aged 67 years.
CALKINS—In East TrOy, Pa., Maicii 25, of
inflaniatory ineumatialo, Lucinda, wife of
Joel Calkins, aged 41 yearn:
HAllllll3—ln Tro,y, Pa., March 28, of pnen
, monis, Daniel Harris, age 4 60 years.
GRANP—In Laddsburg,Apritl, of diphtheria,
Aggie. daughter of John and H. Grant,
aged 7 years, 7 months, 3 days.
STEVENS—In "Canton, April Ist, Mrs. Ben
jaminStoyens.aged 72 years.
WILDER—In Bpringfleld,Centre, March 31st,
of pneumonia, Dr. Theodore P: . Wilder,
. 'aged 76 years.
cOLELUND—at Columbia X Roads, Marcb
31st, Norris P. eon of Caspar McClella nd aged ltieon.
CLARIL,At thil residence of her . daughter,
Mrs. Nelson, in Burlington, March 23th,
Mn.Nebecca Clark aged 81 years. .
GOLDGreet chance to mate money._
Iraewhgo alwa
ood ys take
hances roadrvantati:
money that are offered,generally become wealthy, -
while those who do not improve such chances re
=lain "poverty. We want many men, women;
boys and girls to work for us right in their own
localitfec Any one can do the work properly
from the start. The business will pay more than
ten times ordinary wages. -Expensive outfit fur
nished free. No one who engages falls to make
money rapidly. Ton can devote your whole time
to the work, or (only your spare moments. 'Pull
information and all that is needed sent free.
Address. . finssow Piirtland, Maine.
Dec 157-Iyr
Candies,_ fruits,
Failey Groceries,
Wines and -Liquors.
We employ no t4veling salesmen. All gaadssald \ through price currents.
• 112 KNOW
.11y this:system. Write for Price List and compare, with present prices. If we
don't - save you money don't order. 3• _
Impoders, Manufaers & Commission Merchants,
.Npw Yoyk,
.. •
• .
Use Lawrence Martin , * •
i c il lr
• .
4 k. ' \ k0.41141.: k .-- fa e •
Has al ways been one of the mew import:in t
mazo .. as wielded by the MEDICAL FAC
the en•aehnsents of COUGHS.OOI.IN,
PALIAMI-nl!ft mid 0141m1and all diseases of the VI RDAT. CI I EsT
and LUNGS. but it has - never been so
i sp ron tyMeumpeunded as in the TOUT. NOCK and
EYE. Its soothing a propectles a diffusive stimulant and tonic to build tip the
system after the has been relieved. Quirt site bottles, Price ;too.
KUM! I l l n ki lree be orliz
Iselt o bzm i rhA r l to angtign i Llyit
ate be
wadi br ti I N I
i n
mi tt= =Die 1.
aid = " try Stamp on eachbottle. which
The TOW, ROCK AND - RTE 00. 1 Proprietore, 41 River St., Chicago, M.
Hew AdvertbsamFats.
R. M:
Whokale :and Retail Dealer, _
Vim:celled and unequaled tor thorough_prepars- ;
lion of all plowed ground for crops. They wl/1
cover broadcast grain nearly as well as a drill
will put It in. and should precede the graft Aria
In preparation'of the soil. It should be used, by
all means, upon fall plowed ground.. They us
remarkably adapted to rough and stony, as wall
as for smooth soils. Send for Cirtmlan. Town
ship agents wanted. •
These are the very belt chilled plows In the
market for general purposte i and upon all kinds
of ground.
1 ask for Ihir and thorough test-trials for
these plows in competition with the other lead
chilled plows. The Wiard Plows are warranted
to be decidedly the best. and
superior to
all other plows for hard . and stony ground. 1
lbellave nearly every farmer will buy theseplows
when he becomes *equals' with their real
Farmers' Favorite. Champion._ and other
Orkin Drills. If you want the beat snd cheapest
Drill, give me a chance.
With either thimble, skeins and wood Axles. or
hest whole piece Anchor Brand" !Ten axles.
well proportioned, well finished and painted.
NAY runnlng, best in quality, cheapest good
wagons in the market, best brake, and warranted
in every respect. Call and see them.
Enterprise Adjustable Track and Other
r Best Olinril Powers. •
If you wants firstoclassCharn Power adarited to
ycur wants I can supply it. Powers delivered at
any railroad station.
These cultivators are unrivaled for conven
ience and utility. Are of my manufacture.' For
sale wholesale and 'retail.. '• Buy the Best.”
"The Beet is the Cheapest•"
Thomas .13moothing Harrows. Adams -
These are valuable latpleibents sad cheap.
XX Star Hydraalk Cement.
By the barrel dr car-ll (Good and cheap.
Imporied Imperil/ PortLuit Cement.
This IS' stringer than the best American ce
ments by thriie to eight times. For Pl. In any
desired quantity. .
Bide-hill and , liaproyed Reversible
Plows, Clipper Chilled, West Oil
emits, and other first-class
, Reversible Plows. •
The attention o ffmer! is owed to °this
superior Barbed Wire. It is Oldest, yet not,t
dangerous. It recommends ittelfat sight. Send.l
for specimeni and prices, ,
BUGGIES, of best styles and inake. All
" warranted:
OY TOPS. Good and very cheap. 4 -
Good and cheap, Fully sit. Send for prices.
MIXED PAM'S. First quality, Cheap, war•
any quantity 'wholesale and retail,' good and
Palliam's Wagon Bolster Springs
R very desirable.- •
Of best and leading. kinds. Monitor Traction
'toad Steamers, Killer's New Model Vibrating
Threshers and -Cleaners, Hardin's, Wheeler's
and Gray's Hone Powers, Threshers and Clean
ers. I would call the attention of threshermen
to Gray's machines.
For either one or two horses and interchange
able. These rakes have no superior. and are
adapted to a greater variety of work than an
other. They are well made, durable, easil7 hand
led, and good in every particular. Warranted to
give satisfaction.
N. B.—Will deliver Mil) of freight the most of
my goods at any railroad station:
Call and seemlmachinery, or send for circu
lars and prices.
i t R. M. WELLES.
Towanda, )larch 22, lan.
And had One Of His
Cigars, Cigarettes,
. Mbaccos,