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THURSDAY. SEPT. 22. 1881
To Our Subscribers. .
Examine Your Label !
It will show yoa the month and year np to
which your subscription to paid. 4.f your stab r:ription is soon to expire, please send Us:
ouo doUar.for a renewal at once, that we may
_send you the paper right along. Bend i n
enewel without delay.
—L. A. Wooster is our general agent, 110110.•
tor, and ciillecter, for the southern and west•
ern portion of the County.
Don't forget the Coup ty Fair on Wediep
Thurs3ay and Friday. of nest wegit.
MiEr. Anna E. Culver, of Roma, weal, to
New York on . B4.turday last to spend a few
weeks in the commercial metropolis, _
Titusville bas a tobacco dealer wlto will not
sell young hive tobacco or cigars. It would
be a good idea for eome Towanda
. firma to
follow hte example.
To expedite, and economize time in the ar
rangement c( articles and stock for exhibition
ou the ti:,', - day of the Air it is necessary tc
hare your entries made before _ the Fair: It
will save von and the
. Secretary much time
and trouble. -
sendrdist of your articles for exhibition to
the Secritiry at Towanda at once.
31ace . Schnieder, a Barclay brakernin fell
from spell train in the Erie Yards,_at Waverly
on Saturday evening and a gondola wheel
over his ankle, crushing it badly.. Re
was brought to Dr. Pratt's office and hie
wound dreised there.
The officers of "the Agricultural SoCi l tty,
bare .secured excarsion rates over L. V.
for the County Fair, Sept. 28th, 29th and Sik.h,
between Sayre and Laceyville, to ' Towainda
and return.
All penning wishing to attend the Fair_ ban
secure excursion rates over L. V. AR., at all
stations between Laurille and Sure,• or.
Sept. 28th, 29th and 30th. to Towanda and re
turn. '
The Wyoming County Agricultural Society
has our thanks for a complimentary to their
Fair, which commenced on .Wednesday, an
will continue Thursday and Friday of #bis
We regret to learn that the wife of William
Myer, on of Hon. E. Reed Myer, died in
Elmira, - N. Y., on Tuesday evening last. Do
ceased7was a daughter of Hiram Davenport
of Wysos.
lion. J. G. Patton, as will be seen from ; his
altertisement in these columns offers the
American Hotel, Bridge street, Towanda, rot
sale on easy terma. 1
In spite of dry weather, the Fair of the
Bradford Couty Agricultural Society, com"
mencing, on Wednesday, Sept. 23 and closing
on Friday Sept. 30, promises to be a decided
success. A full report will be given in fhe
Mad the new advertisement of Messrs.
P.mll S Co., in these columns.. They are
now prepared to serve their customers with
the latest styles of all classes of goods for the
Fall trade.
Bradford Lodge I. 0. 0. F., will meet for
the annual election of officers on Monday
(yelling nest. The Odd Fellow's Hall _Asio
ciation will elect trustees on the same even-
Don't fail to attend the County Fair on the
lith, 29th ,and 30th.
We are indebted to the Untan Agricultural
Association. of Canton, of which Jay White
head is l'resident and J. H. Shaw Secretary
for eomplimentariee to their Fair which will
be held on Weditesday Thursday and Friday
October 5, 6 and 7. We hope their exhibition
may prove a grand success.
The ladic s of To wanda aro invited to place
en exhibition in the main building articles
for premiums an d display. . Take over some
of (hose tidies, pin cushions, lap robes, scrap
bags, rugs, stockings, quilts, etc., etc., you
have been making, and get a premium.
Church of the Messiah (Universalist), Rev.
Wm. Taylor, Pastor, at 10:30 a. m., Subject.
"Some lessons from the life and death of
President Garfield." No Sunday evening
s:.rviee until October. Conference on Thurs
day evening at 7:30 p m.
Mr. 11. A. Colds has found it necessary in
order to supply his rapidly accumulating or
ders for his excellent .crackers, and other
baking, to put in a steam ingine as a motiv ,
power for his machinery. He has now an en
gine Pet up and running, which greatly
creases his facilities, and will enable him,
promptly fill all , orders, either wholesale or
retail. -
The Twenty - Ninth Annual Exhibition of
the Badford Agricultural Society will be held
Sept. 28th, 29th and 30th. Wednesday, thurs
day and Friday, of next week. Are you going
to have anything on exhibition ? If you are
make your.entries with the Secretary, J. A.
Wilt . at once and save yourself and him much
trouble on the first day of the Fair: If you
can't come to Ake your entries in person,
you can do so by sending a list of articles ac.,
to the Secretary.
The Court being in session on Tuesday
morning, on the announcement of the death
of President Garfield. - a committee was ap
pointed to draft resolutions expressive of the
deep sorrow felt by the Court and Bar, for
the death of the Chief Magistrate of the Na
tion, and the Court adjourned for the day.
On the convening of the Court on Wednesday
morning the committee reported resolutions
%Lich were adopted and ordered entered
upon the record. The resolutions not being
received in time tot_ this issue, they will hp
par next week.
Bring Something for exhibition at the Fair
wick, and help make it a success.
The Sunday Te:egram's account of theier
rale accideht on the New York and Erie
lt.ilroa.l at Chemung on Saturdaylast, in
three men lost their lives, con
tains. the following compliraentiry notice .
of Mr; Silas Clark ant family, of Charming,
and 3lrs. M. E. Wilson of this place, for their
humane efforts in behalf of the suffer - ers:
'Great credit is.dne the family of Silas Clark
Rho resides in the vicinity of the accident.
Though poor people they placed all theii of-,
fects at the disposial of the railroad offiCials,
for the relief of tlie sufferers, with - out reward
or any hope of reward. ,Mrs. M. E. Wilson,.
of Towanda, who was on board the Lehigh
train, also deserves great credit for her
Christian kindness and charity in admirds
triug to the wants of the poor wounded mjen,,
brides washing the bodies of the dead be
tore ht-ing sent on to their friends." I
A. D. Dye 1 / 4 Co., will make a large and; fine
cibibititin of hardware at the Fair next week.
Is becomtng a fine art, in the best siinse of
the ward. If you want to see what can be so=
cotaplished by artistic taste and cultlVated
skill, call at the photographic gallery of Day
ton k Rockwell, one door south of C. P. Welles
cent store.
- At the Pittsburgh Exposition and Pennsyl-1
ram : State Fair last week. The Silver Medal
was awarded the "New Davis Vertical Feed"
sexing machine for best double thread sew
ing machine. First Prize for best plain sew
ing• First Prize for best fancy sewing. First
Prize for beit silk embroidery. This award,
is the: more noticeable as there was the
Whee:tr r Wilhon, Home, Singer, White. Do
zneltie, New Home, Wilson and Household
lire. E. J.Mingcsi. is . - the city -
Pnrcbasing additions to her' sup Ply o
faAiouable millinery goods, Wide nee ollB lrY
by tier rapidly increased sales sinCe her ie
cent opening of new goods. Heinen!, Bolen
tions will be received early next week, when
tile will be prepared' to satisfy the
for any articles in the lino of millinery and
Lilies fancy goods on call. The attention of
tlfb la 115 5 is especially directed to her stock
of lasbionable hats, bonnets, ribbons, flow
YU. /Le
Do not forget to call at A. D. Dyo & Co.'s
building on the Fair ground, next week, and
tuniine their line of stoves, granite ware,
tin ware, Etc.
Kendall's Spavin Cure ix the best liniment
human flts4 in the world try it and be
Convinced. Read their Advertisement.
- Hundreds of clergymen, doctors and others
tare used Sendsli's Spavin Care with the
bell succehs. Read their advertisement.
—dire. D. W. Scott, entieiin . JOhnnle fume
gone to Ulster on a visit: ''e •
-31re.1. F. Coraer and 'ion Johnny base
no to Portage, N. Y, to speud some time.
—Colonel and Mrs. Mesas bare returned
from Sullivan county.
—Mrs. William Scott r, is spending a h
Weeks with friends In Treiand Canton.
Gen.-Madill and son Harry, were i
hairs on Wednesday last.
—Hrs. Dr. Pratt Las gone' . to . Mianespolia,
Hinnesota, to visit her son, Dr. D. L. Pratt.
Hr. J. H. VanNess, of Franklin, raises Itho
gust onions in tho county. .
—Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Dye, Mr. and Mrs.
A. B. Smith, and Mrs. M. L. Burns • were In
ttendanco at the Elmira Fair last week.
—ollie Bennett, of Fitch's confectionary
store bas been visiting - in -Pbiladelphia this
T. M. Santeci, of Hazleton, is visit
'og her mother, Urn. tlooarich, at the Ward
Bailey, of Rochelle,
.p., 'is visiting
her brother, William Lewis, sq., Comm
sibners' perk.
, —Hiram Rockwell of 'Roaring Branch, 14
been ‘isitingltiends in ttiwn and returned
to his home yesterday. ".
--Capt. James W. Mercur; H. 8. A., Super
intendent of soathern.coast fortifications was
visiting friends in town last week. • •
-Mr. William Joneiof the. N. C. Railway
ffice Elmira, is visiting at R. W. Patrick's on
•1 in Eit. '
J—Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Baxter and child,
of Philadelphia, are visiting friends in T.
wanda and Burlington.
—Mrs. H. A. Holcomb and her sister. Miss
Martha Churchill were visiting friends in To
wanda on Friday and Sattirdklast.
—Policeman Dimmock, who was alarmingly
ill last week, is so much better as to 4o out
on the Streets again. .
—Mrs. M. P. Brown is seriously ill at the
1.1(AM) of her sister—Mrs. E. Horton. at Horn
—Mrs. Coe of Lock Haven, has rented Mrs.
Peet's house on ITbird street,- and 'with h
;rand-dang,hter (Miss Woodward; will oc
py it.
—Capt. G. V. Mier and family have return
ed from their month's sojonrn at Ralston
grins. The Captain's health is apparently
Much improved.
—C. D. Camp EN., late editor •of Tank
hannock Republican was in town last week.
Hs made the ToWanda REPUBLICAN a pleasant
call and wo were glad to find that his health
is improving since ho is no longer confined t
newspaper office. c -
—Will Woodward. the popular conducto
on the Elmira and Wyalusing local train, ha.
been having
,a course of fever; but a
last accounts vaa convalescing'. lie is at hi- ,
.ome inileshoppen and has beer under the
care of Dr. Wells.
—Mr.Alexander Beard, a yoUnk gentleman
recently from Scotland; and now employed in
the store of Medsra.F.,D. Fetch a Co., as a
clerk, preaches regularly every Sunday fo ,
the "Brethren," who bold services in the hall
over the Five cent store.
—Miss Carrie Backus and the Missed Hal
lock, of Savannah, Ga„ Who hild.been spend
ing some weeks here; vieited Watkins Glen
.n Thursday and, from thence proceed to
their home in They were escort
ed by Mr. Schley, of Georgia,, who has been
sojourning at the Ward House for some time.
The business wilier the county will haye a
good chance to advertise at the Fair next
week by placing go(?Is on exhibition.
In consequence of the death of the Nation's
Chief Magistrate, the Annual Parade of the
Towanda Fire Department, will not take
place on Thursday -(this week) but is post
poned for two weeks, 'and wiU therefore come
on Thursday October Gth, when the exer
cisea will take place according to the publish
ed progranime, CLARK B. POLITER,:
A Saint Bernard imported , slut recently
presunted by Ex-Governor Robinson to Mr.
Lyman Buck. residing near Barton N. Y., had
a short time since, 17 puppies, all healthy and
it last• accounts doing well. •
ridorous old 49e.
Mr. Harry Clark, of Home, 75 years of age,
has chopped four acres of heavy timber and
leared it off the land during the present
summer. •
Prayers' for the Pres4tent.
Bishop Ryan, of - Buffalo, on Sunday last sent
a pastoral to the different parishes in his dlo
ese, asking them to unite in prayer for the
President and for rain.
Northern Bradford Musical Association.
The Third Regular Meeting of this Agana'-
. tion will convene on Taesdarevening, Oct.
tb, continuing day and evening, Wednesday,
humday and Friday, Oct, sth; 6th, and 7th,
losing with a grand! concert Friday evening.
.11 menibers are earnestly requested. to be
present Tuesday evening at the opening
.f tht - A — ssociation. Prof. 3. 8. Ellsworth will
act a Musical Director. Board can be ob
tained at ressonnbfb rates. For terms see
Death of 'Mrs. Dr. Mosstanye.
ToWANDA, l'a., Sept. 17,1881.
At 2:30 P. to-day, Mrs. Louise D.
Biontanye, wife of Dr. Lester D. *Montanye,
ied of consumption, aged thirty-two years.
Mrs. Montanye .Was the beloved and only
daughter of Win. A. Chamberlin, Esq., and
er last days were spent under the parental
oof. Everything that the beat medical skill
cculd devise or' loving hearts suggest was
performed by willing hands for her relief.
'he leaves • a husband and two interesting
children to mourp their irreparAle loss; and
hosts of friends who will weep tears of heart
felt sorrow at jh a death of one so young,
loyely and beloved. Mrs. Montauyo had a
remarkably .pure; . clear, sweet voice, which
had received:careful culture, and the gift of
song was accompanied by, rare- personal
• aces and mental accomplishments. She
had a annoy disposition that Stied her
- to
adorn the social,,cirele of which she was a
petted member. Alas, with so many rare
_Me, the beautiful physique was too, frail for
.the ambitions spirit that inspired her to effort
when she needed!rest.
'About two years since a difficulty of the
throat and lungs :compelled her to quit sing
ing entirely. She spent some time in the
dirondacks, and received relief for a time.
Last spring she Wont to . WIMIPItCOII. Will., and
spent the summee.with her cousin, BIN. Dr.
Eyro. ''At fist tlio climate seemed to benefit
her, buta few weeks since she became alarm
ugly ill, and was brought home" by Dr. Eyre,
to die among kindro and friends.
Her death has cast a gloom over the whole
community, for here she had always lived—
; here we were all proud of her talents and ac
complishments, and here her sweetness and
gaiety had won the loving regards of all. If
sympathy can comfort her bereaved (muds,
they will receive l it with unstinted measure.
—Dm Ira Advertiser. - M. L. it.
The world trembles over the 'great misfor
tune that has befallen our President, James
A. Garfield, and at the news which now pr
vails in Towanda, Pa., about the Great Boston
Clothing Rouse, which has. een_ just opened
in Mean's Block, Main street' Towanda, Pa.
The news of the opening of that concern is
lipreading like a wild fire all over the county.
Remember this establishment is a branch of
a largo wholesale house in Boston, Mass. By
having many steres all over the United States
and by selling immense quantities of - goods;
they can afford to undersell all other dealers.
People from 25 and 30 miles aro now rushing
into Towanda, to that establishment to supply
thentselves with clothing, boots and shoes fo
men's, boy's -
_and children's wear. Never
since Towanda was incorporated has
ing. boots and shoes been bought so ex
tremely cheap as they aro offered at that con
cern.; The stock of clothing, boots, ladles
and childrens shoes is the most elegant ever
seen in this section. Remember- the Great
Boston Blothing House just opened in Mean's
Block, Main street Towanda, Pa. .
Madaen's 1111U/eery. -
Mrs. Madden wait to Now York last Week
and has returned with a large stock of season.
able milhnery goedi." We would call.especial
attention to the Clew and fashionable articles
for Wiles neck wear;tbst may be found at Mrs.
en's store.
—ln Tuscarora, Aug. 11th, at* the
residence of her uncle Wm.. 5 1 ; Coburn.
Marion E. daughter of B. 8. and E. O.
Tears, Aged 18 years, 5 months and 12 days.
Rados was one of our best loved .young
ts, hiving the faculty of gaining the of
rection of the little ones as well as those of h •
own age, she was loved and minded by all,
both old and young. She was a *member o
the "Obristlan Association" ,of this place
.m the time of its erlisnization,caud will be
Wed by them as well a 6 by her class la the
otherless girl, and since that time her aunts
have taken a mother's place toward her
early u possible. Not stigng physically,
she has required their constant card, and has
• dly within their hearts, so prone are we
to allow onr heart strings to entwine round
the objects of our care. Possaised of an
Sable desire for knowledge her ambition,
in that direction was greater than •he
trengtti. She eXpected to enter an Academy
this fail, there to complete her education.
List April she left this plaits for Leßoy, h
former place of residence, expecting to span
this summer in teaching there; whe accord
• :ly commenced her school; May• Ist, and
taught with good success four 'weeks when
use obliged to leave her school and re
turn to her home. Where notwithstanding
- was done for her that loving kindueu
oulii suggest, ske faded day dy day until the
last parting came.
On Saturday Ang 13th, her friends, and
acquaintances, met together in the home oh -
loved so well, and after listening to au
•zcellept sermon by the Bev: Mr. Fuller, from
the text, "Remember now thy Creator, in the
of thy youth," we looked our last upo
the, face so deaf to us. Our sorrow was great!
yet we said in our hearts, ahe she is 'not
end I But only left off this material
that the spiritual body may develop itself.
oat its the calyx- of one of these begat
dowers, - by which she is serrounded, drops
way from the coral giving the petals a
bance to "
_Unfold and develop into pirfeet
And when he sees a smile too bright.
Or heart too pure for taint and vice,
He bears it to that world of light
To dwell in Paradise.
Yet ever near no, though unseen.
The dear immortal spirits tread;
For all the boundiesi Universe
Is lire—there are no dead."
- •
,Surprtsi Party.
Eniron: :7 4)no those pleasant social
gatherings; known as a surprise party, 00
cured at the home of Mr. Hiram Vanness, in
tanding Stone, on Thursday- the Bth, inst.,
• ," .g the sixty-third birthday of ' Mrs. Van
. ess.
About eleven o'clock a. m.; two processions,
omposed of fifteen wagons, might have
been seen approaching fanner Vannesa's
hospitable dwelling, coming simultaneously
from opposite directions" and very soon the
relatives and intimate friends of Mr. and
Mrs Vanness were assembled.
The' complete surprise of Mrs, V. Pas great
ly enjoyed by all, as she had eo often remark
ed (and truthfuliV that "surprises were only
so in name, no one could surprise her Ac."
But when she felt the cordial band-grasp
.1 friends from Franklin, Towanda, Wysox,
Durell, Rome, Orwell, Wyalusing, and other
places, her faith in her hitherto arm opinion
was greatly shaken.
The meriti - of the excellent dinner which
our karmen wives know so well how to
pare were soon tasted, to the" evident
faction of all participants. • •
Peihaps we have become accustomed to
the intense heat, or have donned a suitable
apparel for' the sultry day. .most coital*
there seems'no barrier to our perfect enjoy
ment as we sit in groups on the pleasant
lawn, the vine-shaded porch or in the cozy
parlor discussing the political question, the
general news of the day, the latest fashions
and other matters both important and unim
portant. One of the most important features
of the decision was the presentation of gifts
by Mr. Geo. Stevens. Among the many we
noticed a comfortable rocker with- adjustable
shelf, a pair of gold-bowed spectacles, two nr
more handsome dress patterns, silver ; forki,
cake stand, savant pieces of majolica and
various other articles of utility and beauti.
And right here we must make note of the
delicious cake of maple sugar, provided b
some thoughtful friend, but which- grew
beautifully less In our fruitless attempts to
rescallop It. •
One peculiarity of Mrs. Van ness is her
aversion toy riding on the cars. Although
living but a short distanCe from the L. V. kn.
and having relatives, living In Towanda, Wil
liamsport and other places, whom she fr.
roundly . visits, she has never yet ridden be
Ind the "creating iron. horse." •
About .4 o'clock p. m., the company began
to disperse—ali - wishing Mrs. Vanness many
birthdays as pfeisant as the one just' cele
ted. - • PAIITICTiATEIt.
Chief Engineir.
East Saturday, the opening day of the BO*.
ton Clothing. Boot and Shoe Honso. was
• -at success in every respect. Crowd; of,
people were thronging to that establishment
from early in the morning until late at night,
and every one seemed happy, except those
who could not be • waited upon. We, can
honestly say that never before has such
fine stock of Clothing, Boots and Shoes been
offered at such extremely low prices. We
see that the Boston Clothing Honpe are doing
business on a very large scale and are always
doing as they advertiie. They will keep in
their stock none but first class goods; and
will have one price to all. They are sure
they can sell the best goods a great deal le
than many morel-ante can buy them for.
Everybody seems to appreciate their efforts
and are learning that the place to, buy tb •
best Clothing, hand made, Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps, Gents Furnishing Goods, do.,
for a very little, money is at the Boston
Clothing House, just opened In Mean's Block,
Hain St., Tovrandsi Pa.
W. L. &ZNEEDEUG, Prop'r.
Sept 15th, 1881-2 w.
wrote an Illinois girl to her Eastern relatives.
"She took bitters fora long time but without
any good.. Bo when she heard of the virtues
of Itiduoy-Wort she gotti;trox and it haspoto
pletely cured her, so that she can do as much
work now as she could before we moved West.
Since she has got well everyone about here
is taking it." See adv.
All the latest styles in Ladle's Hate, Bon
nets and other Ladies Fancy Goods at Mrs.
J. Mingos's Fashionable Millinery Store
•pposito the Park.
In the first symptoms of this disease when
on are aching and having painful sensations
.41 the limbs upon rising from bed in the
orningot stiffness in the joints accompa
. led at times by swelling and redness, all
.hysicians recommend the applidation of an
external remedy ? something penetrating and
thing; an article that will act as a cura
tive agent to the parts affected. Dr. Boum
ko's Rheurbatie Care gives instant relief up
n the first application. I% lame back, pains
or strains it is an invaluat is household reme
. Ask your druggist for it. Price 75 cents.
nufactured by The _Dosanko Medicine
Company. Pins, 0. For sale! , by Clark D.
'orter, 8. End Ward Hence Block.
Jane 2-lyr.
ere's a beautiful, beautiful home pm,
Wed with the sunshine of Jean's love,
Filled 'Lib the glory of grace divine,
I h 1 may that beautiful home be Mine.
6 streets are paved with gold so bright,
those who dwell there know no night,
Crowns are set with gems so fine, .
Oh may that beautiful home be mine.
M. L. ScitxzenEaa
: • autlful elq, of purest gold,
Whose glory, "the half was never told,"
Filled with Heavenly love divine,
Ohl may that beautifil home be mine.
Angels with golden harps , are the there.
Loved ones have elimed the golden stair,
ass le waiting. in lave divine,
bat beautiful home will soon be mine.
Xartois L. Misr*.
bath School.
Five years — ago she came among no, a
a _consequence ensconced, herself more
"There is no death! An angel form
Walks o'er the earth with saint tread,
He bears our best loved forms away, -
And• then ma call them dead.
„ Mother has Recovered,”
itheu aunts m.
THE BEA urrper, HOME.
sets whose maul; are pure and sweet,
ow along the golden street,
which beareth fruit so fine,
h t many that beautiful home be mine.
Com vs WM. Carter—am settled
meat ofoods. -
Com vs Orlando Campbell.
Com Chas. Carrier—Assank and
Court direct notkprosequi to be
payment of costs in each case.
Com vs Elanatiel Davy—Surety of t
eft. ordered Ic pay the costs
the stint of $lOO for his good beki
Com vs Draper Terry—Verdict not
Com to Julia Blake--Dert. ordsret.
the costs and enter inkt a !mob=
100 for good behavkir.
. Com "vs Orrin Wetember— &mull(
yuy. Don. plead guilty. &totem
ane - of $5 Mats of prOsecution and
the, sum- of of $lOO for good bast
In the Matter of the petition for
ver Bentley Creek in Ilidgbnry twp.,
knots, Irvine Burgess, Sheldon'
. Tracy. Diton Phelpi and 0. C. 0 "
.inked viewers.
In the matter of taking the. bridt
wt. Bridge Company at Athens.
omas, Thos. McCabe. S. It. Her)
EL Vandyke. -L. P. Stalford and A.
er appointed viewers.
' Com va Wm. bkene—LsroenY.
• tt'y. Panning and I. N. Evans Eag,
th and Hillis for deft.—Verdh
t 7. •
JamesSlodget vs Lydis Blodget.
Wm. Balmer vs Marietta Balmer.
Geo. W. Lenox.vs Eliza Lenox.
Court direct subpoena in diroree to Lane
, -
Sally 0.-tillady vs Prank Tallady. ' Divorce
ecreed on payment of costs.
Margiret Wells vs Melvin Wells. Court di
rect allies subpoena to ism.
Eituni Orally vs Chas. Crud!.
L N. Hayes vs Isabel' Hayes. •
Mary Clain vs --- •
Elmer Pearsall it Gertrude Pearsall.
----Huntley vs— Huntley. \-
Court direct Sheriff to make proclamation
' each case.
Celoath) El. Dhainletei re Nathan Edminip
Eduard ?di'beim vs Jessie MiUheim.
Rexford v Beton].
-Maggie rngle vs Henry Angle.
Each case referred. to L. Elebree Esq.,
Muter and Examiner in divorce cases.
Hinton Hewitt vs G. H. Malin°. Rule gran
, d to open judgment as to all in excess of
$1.095 and let deft. into a defense.
Lydia, Wheeler vs P. J. Stevens.
Wilson's Ex's. vs Leonard.
Buie to open judgment and let deft's. into
a defense in both cues.
W. W.• French vs Bartley Dunn.
Elizabeth Height vs does. Denjunie. Gas
hee. liaise made absolute tp eaoh case.
A. E. Benjamin vs LN. Vargas on. Rd
0. J. Allen vs G. P. Ward. Buie granted
to quash espbn.
Mrs. F r O. Baird vs Edwin Drake. Buie to
. et aside Sheriff sale.
In the matter of the alleged lunacy o
ehael Hannan. Bide confirmed finally.
In the matter of the alleged lunacy of Geo.
Corbin. Izquisition filed and confirmed ni
S. B. Bogus vs W. B. Hilton. Auditor'
Report filed and confirmed ni at, report re
committed tci the Auditor. -
Pomeroy 'A Rockwell vs L. J. Andrus et al.
A. L. Cranmer, J. B. Smith & H. C. Tracy ap
pointed viewers to usess daMages.
Merrick Crandall vs Daniel Lapped. iE. 3.
ilevelind Rub, appointed Auditor to dis
tribute'money in Sheriff's hatids. . •
Cannon vs Cannon. Sheriff directed
make proclamation.
W. B. Waterman• vs *ands, Waterman.
Rule to open judgment.
0. K. Bird vs D. Bullock. Court orde
satisfaction of mortgage to be entered,nf re
Tenitierance Smith vs M. W. .Wheelock.
Garnishee. Foreign attachment. I I Letter by
deli. confessing judgment for $5OO. and costs.
Lois S. Wood use vs A. J; Layton. Tres
Pass. Settled. , • •
David Foley et al vs Wm.-B. Atores. Troyer
and Conversiiin. •
John Randall vs Sally Davidson Admr. o
r. Davidson et at.
Both cases discontinued. •
I. P. Kirby use vs D. IL Blackman: Ilene.
McPherson Esq., for plff., R. A. ?demur for
deft. Verdict for plaintiff $220.09. Reasons
Bled by plff., for now trial.
I, J. 0. Frost vs John Holmes and L., W. Dim:
(ark, TT. Seine Facias. Overton and Ban
. arson for ply, Patriot and Foyle for deft.
peofid verdict.
B. S. Lane use vs E. 3. Ayres. deft. E.
Mercer and• J. P. Keeney 11803., -for plat,
Madill and Kinney for. dell. Verdict fo
PIS.. $109.20.
John Holmes vs Wm. B. Shiner. Trespase.
u. Wood and J. T. Hale Esq's.; for plff.,
mith•and Hillis for dell. Verdict for deft.
H., L. Parks vs 0. E. Thayer and H. S.
• Replevin. No appearance for puff.,
D'A. Overton and R. A. ?lemur Eggs., foi
deft's. Verdict for 0 E. Thayer $189.75.
Ellen B. Madill et al vs D. Coo:
Ellen& Madill et al vs J. 0. Ft
Fwo cases tried together. Mai
ney for ply, E. L. Hillis and J.
• ~ for dolt. Verdict for pill's.
Tunszi,E, Olciuoeste
I have used Dr. Clark :ohs
Blood Syrup for Dyspepsia, end
• e the best medicine in use for
Clear head and voice, easy
eet breath, perfect smell, test
mug, no cough, no distress. Thee
Lions brought. &borut in'catarrh b,
ord's Radical Cure. Conil
ent for $l.
-,All.the latest styles in La&
ther fancy goods for 'the ladies
llingos' fashionable Millinery
treet, opposite the Park.
Mrs. E. J. Mingos, opposite the Park, Main
treet hu received a fall line of Fall styles of
es Hats, Bonnets, Ribbons, and other
ery goods. Call at once.
• LE—DELANO. —At the residence of the
bride's parents, in Towanda on Wednesday.
Sept. 14, 1881. by Rev. J. S. Beers. Mr.
Wm. 11. Poole, of Wilkes-Barr_ e Pa., former
ly of this place, and Miss Hattie, eldest
daughter ,pf„ T. O. Delano, of the firm of
Powell & Co.
IicORANEY.—In Leßoy. on Tftupulay,
15, 1881, of pneumonia, Mr. James
Grapey, aged 55 years, 10 months and 5
OBDON.—At hie residence in Rim
Stone, on,Monday evening Sept. 19..
Mr. Hiram Gordon, aged 77 years,/
and 13 days. `.
MONTANTE.—In this borough, Siti
afterßept. 17, Louise wife of Dr,
- ter p.-1114.tinoe and daughter of Mt
hamberlin, aged 32 years
3 months. Funeral from residence o'
A. Ciftimberlin, Taes nay morning jar
a. 111.f'-
wilischl.—Sept. 17th, 1881 of membrm
croup; Lattle Andrew Wilson
_aged' t
years, son,of Erastus"and Eliz a Wilson.
Although the little ono is saved from
oriels frisk "And temptations, the tei
.rds of the parents hearts are deeply wr
ed, and we sympathise with them, in
FEBBY.-At Evergreen Sept. 17th, 1881
memeraneons croup. Loyd Terry. eon %.
John and Flora 'Ferry. aged nearly twol
Fear!. 4
Just as the bad was enfolding the Sari°
him to his arms.
" West Terry,' Sept. 15th. 1881,
of membraneous croup Jen nie Wilson
daughter of Erastus and 'Elizabeth Mao
aged 13 years, the day she died.
The death of this young lady is a great
slimily and if most severly felt by her
grants, brother and sisters, and — by her rola•
ves friends and acquaintances, OM
and - affectionate by nature
•ntering upon the threshold of I
with acoomplishments that would
tatioi. And we trust that-while
al form his enshrouded in an -(
her spirit has been borne by Any
through the golden gates of
31e thinks I see her Angel - fot
and you now and hear hersay,d4
a do not weep for me, dry yot
et not another pang pierce your boss
am happy now. lan noilSave - then
bodes, but will wait at the Hear
to meet when Jesus calls you.' Aril
grandma do not mourn the lots
Used one. A little while and yet
y joys when we shalt be'requiltet..
whose inhabitants know no Wino
Of death, and where "tears - ,
all eyes."
lulu boiler, else 4 3 ;4 by 14,
4 blob flues. Address or Inquire of
Aug 25-4 w. E. O. OWEN • Wyss% Pa.
--1‘ B. Roden has & bzto stook of Saab,
rs and Blinds.. also • NoMinga. and is
-Bing cheaper than any other establishmen
n Pennsylvania. -,
--G. L. Boss can sell Grombis very ches
manse hisexpenses are very light. r'
=tomer" shall have the benefit by buying
the /Tint Ward Store.
—Choice hams at C. M. Myer's marks
Bridge areal. - -. _
—Fresh lake fish ahl• salt wider fish a
11. Myer's market, Bridge street. •
314 1.9-tf
—No charge for delivering, and done
promptly from C. M. Myer ' s market, Bridge
treat. May 19-tt
—Go to Op N. Myer's market, Bridgu street,
for the best cats of fresh 'meat. May 19-
-Mrs. E. 1. Mingos hay all the latest styl
ru Millinery and Fancy Goods. apl 1
—Mrs. ELI. Mingo' has returned from th -
By with all the spring styles in Eats, Bon
nets, also a full line of zephyrs. apl 1
"A word to the wise is sufflcient." Au ef
fective and agreeable remedy remedy for the
treatment of Catarrh, Bay Fever and Catarrh
il is Ely's Cream Ban. A. sure
Oream'Balm effectually cleanses the i t asal
passages of catarrhal virus, causing healthy
.oretions, allays inflammation and irritation,
teats the membranel linings of the head
from additional colds, completely heals the
res and restores the sense of taste and
ell. Beneficial results are realized by a
few applications. A thorough treatment as
directed will cure Catarrh. As a household
, medy for oold in the head it is unequaled.
e Balm is easy to use and agreeable. Bold
druggists at 50 cents. On receipt of 50
cents will trail a package. Send for circular,
with full information.
Ezv's Canax Bu. Co., Oirego, N. Y.
For sale by O. T. Kirby, 0, B. Porter, Tur
er & Gordon, and H. 0. Porter.-815-2w.
To sell Dr. Chases Recipes; or Informatio
for Everybody, in every county-in thq United
totes and Canadu., Enluged ,by the pub
lisher to 648 pages. It r contains over 2.000
household recipes and is suited to all classes
and conditions of society. A wonderful boo
nd a household necessity. It sells at sight.
Greatest inducements ever offered to book
sots. Sample copies sent by mail Post
d, for $2. -Exclusive territory given.
Agents more than double their money. Ad
dress Dr. Chase's Steam Printing House.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 015-Bm.
A Card.
We take great ploaanre in calling- ! the at
tention of our friends and customers to Dr.
: . . Ws Cough and Long Byrup which is
perfectly harmless, pleasant to the taste, will
not nauseate, and gives relief, almost instant
y. It matters not how severe your, :Cough
~. y be, how many cough medicines you have
tried, or how many physicians you have con
ulted, the tonic, soothing and healing pro
!. -rties of this' medicine will loosen it and as.
!bit the Throat and Lungs to expel the offend
ing matter. leaving them in a healthy con
. Win, free from irritation and the lair
i pea
k!s clear, besides invigorating: and
strengthening the general system. Price 60
, ants. For the positive cure of Consum
tion, Coughe, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Dr
Hacking Cough, Loss of Voice Irritation o
the Throat, Soreness of the-Chest, I Pains in
the Lunge, Spitting of Blood, Croup. Influ
enza, Whooping ()earth and Lung Fever. we
n l itin
recommend this medicine above others.
Yours truly, Cut= B. Pon
one 2-Iy. II; End Ward House ock.
Why suffer snob unspeakable tOrtnres.
• enmatism has been conqnered, Kendall!'
zparin Cure is the victor. Mead the idyl.
.Correctedivery We4needay
Corner of Wein end Pine Streets.
Perm. SrLuso.
$6 0068 50
1 60®700
r. 100. 41 60
el 1 2501 SO
0 75
550) 50
1 604192 00
80@ 90
IR bushel.. 30@t0
a. •
ed Ift b
Fkrkins. 227
11 bushel..
No. 40 South Third St. Philadelphia.
lock.bought & sold either for Cub or on Margin
S. 6'x.1881, Est. « 101% 101
, Curresey, 6's .. , "130 - • 132
' s's.
n lBBl. new. E5t......... low - I
-434, ew ltsig . 31
' Vs, " 11734 ii
isylvania 8.8 .! 6414 65 .
abilphia and Reading A. 8...:- 31% %
, ti Valle, B. II 1 61% 62
h Coal and Navigation Co—. 4434 •34
lAalt it and Coal Co .. 191 1 • 192
Irn Central It A Co.. 8/. 34
vilte Pass It 11 Co '' 21 . 22
tttsbnrgb, li West A 8.C0.. 2114 %
=rtation Oo - ' ,42
ci. ikon - 39 - 34
0 Pretd 78% 78%
Pennsylvania A 11 60 1-
'.., dr Erie 1111;... 22 %
9914 '. %
N0T10E.,411 re-thi
ot•Julla _anal_ account of Geosge
ulla Van Allen, now J olla
reigned. an auditor appointed by the
Int of Bradford County to , dispose
'one to the dual acennt of sal
I gives notias that he will attend
.. his 'appointment at the office o
Fag , in. the Borough of Athens,
f, th ei 13th day of 00TOBBIL 1881,
m., when and where all persons
required to be present.
Towanda, Sept. 1881-4 w. Auditor.
To 16]61,T.4
as the rich, the old is
is wet fa the
Y well as Am yaw mod. the
a bar; may pet in Anil sun
omploymou ..10 if
and wait for k others to SOD I
t giro you teMlomnant, an the
roar spars VMS only; travel
\ naghbortiood, among
itancen i;
rf a t r r' ou do not minable In in
/ of cost.. i
ut.. t wril east you
ttal cud to writs for our Pros
• be the meani,ut mating you
• Ilds 0 14 0 011 1 m 1 17. Ton do not
biro own ofotodoy, sad run I
Wt. Ton wtX may see that
natter to mho from SIG. to
Abibliab Inonittvo, and tads
, houorablo, otaohthitorward
Attend to tido matter XOW. to
/X IT On 01/ who cogs with,
prise yawowdyoW will woMal
wrote to in work Ws Xl=
1111111. Adams
mum wro co.,
Sid Dearborn, 81
towlsdems a ours etc
, arms antilop lb,
walk swt on
not able to o help b._
itindreds of remedial,
Ja ease hopeless; pow'
cored by the Calk =s Remedies.
H. E. Carpenter. Esq.. Henderson, N.
ed ,of Psoriasis 'or Leprosy. of twr
by the Concuss itisomer
and Ctrzunine. and Comas Soar est
••• ost wonderful case on record. Cure
to before *justice of the peace and r
•• tisane. Alf Afflicted with Itching
d es should send to us for .this
• • .
•: I •
_DISEASE......r. Drake. req.; Dedrol. such., mi
rood aU description from a akin dims
ppeued on his hands head and face. a
g bis eyes.l,The most careful
lamed to help him. and after AU had DU
ad the CII2SCIJA REOLVIXT illtolllJay.
0: eqternally, and was cured, and has
ad perfectly wall to this day.
Hon. Wm. Taylor, Boston, says: "After
months' use of the Curtomu Rzwlnzzs , ani
airs of as constantsuffering from humor ol
face, neck and scalp as was ever exidnled, I
that sam cured and pronounce my cast
... oat remarkable on . record. I have been at
ted with my success that I have stopped men
.n the street who were afflicted and told th
to est the Cuticum Remedies and - they would
• • them.
Mn. B. E. Whipple, Decatur, Michigan, writes
that her Rice, head and some parts of her bod
ere almost raw.. Read covered with sales an
res. Suffered fearfully and tried evez7thing ,
• rmanently cured by Cuticura Remedies.
I CURat -
1: ei are for sale by ail druggists. Price o
•' a Medicinal Jelly. small bos;so° ne .
- bo ,xes $1; Chrricuat Essosvinn t h e
ood Painter, 1$ per bottle. Commas Ilfsni
OINAL Tottarr SOAP, 250.; eirrininu. Ifsnicin
s: s vino Saes.. 150.; in bars for barbers and lug.
consumers, 600. • Principal depot.
WEEKS Ss PMTER. , Boston, Magi.
jitAlltaallpd free on 'receipt of price.
to every other
PLASTOISI appliance hetes
no. They
Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint.
. eland Kidney and Urinary DiftlCl
Slay be worn over the pit of the
the kidneys, or any. affected
ants. Sold everywhere. WEEKS
of Albert Judson, late of Wt
radjurd Minty. Pa., deceased.
tary under the last • will and
the above named decedent; Myth(
to the undersigned upon the
ed, notice is hereby given that.
indebted to said estate must melee
PaYment, and all persons having
the same. must present them dui:
for settlement. , to the unde
Wells, Ps., August 21, 1881-6145
The press of visitors st the Poor"
ecome so great as to SOTIOIIIIO
pc/into:Went in the proper disci`__ ___
duties, it becomes necessary to make some staid'
regulating the admission of visitors. Hereafter
the following regulation and rules will be ea.
iced by the Superintendent:
Visitors will be admitted on week days from
o'clock to 11 o'clock A. w., and lg o'clock to
4 and at no other time.
*No admittance on Sunday.
Liquors. both intoxicating and malt, is forbid.
den to be used in Dr about the building or on
the premises. J. W. HURST.
M. F. RANSOM; . .
Commissioner's °Mee,
Lw Towanda, Aug. 30, 1881
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned, upon the o
AL B. Owen, late of .Towanda Borough, deceased
oboe is hereby given that all persona Judah
to said estate are requested to make immeule
• • ent, and all persons having claims against
estateantut present the same duly authen
ticated for settlement. J. J. WEBB,
North Towanda, Sept. 3, HAL
Sept. 8-6 w:
For Sale or exchange for unallerulace. a valu
able improved farm with comfortable buildings.
plenty, of fruit, water, aca« containing eighty
tour acres, situated in Burlingtombiwnship, ad.
joining Burlington Boro. • !
For further particulars address or call on the
proprietor. IL M. WEBSTER.
Bradford Co., Pa.
Sept. 1-4 w•
, 22 00024 00
140 ,
APITAII PAID IN e $125,111
• LIM FUND - 80. II
5 0006 ISO
3 25@3 40
2 7583 00
90041 00
- • . Cashier.
Of every mist:Y.lod Sped " lee. sr Particular
attention paid to repairing. ',Shop in Decker &
Vonght's Grocery Store, Rain Street, Towanda,
_ mil* 0
. variety of - Paper,
White and Colored Cards, and other
terial, for executing first-ohms Jo
! • . bug, at the Office of Tan Brian
1 .ED Itaptandour .- All orders promptly
1 - -, , tea, and at the lowest earth rites '' '
Now proposes to knock the bottom ont•of highprioes, - and for the next 80 de
• offer bb immense stook of Spring Beady -Made Clothing for
now feel oonfldent of moms in this line as I am turning out deny the bud
. soznest and best finished garments in town..: Don't forget the Plans.
Towanda,lifarehl, 1879. S. E. RIM:ENFIELD.
* * * *-/- 1 --: i-c * F 0 P. -it 4( * *
•- I I: - A ci n zi ' • BUTTER'COLO
~Buttertbeeltedgedledir the ' '
Niue, ”Ibe lama Defter Bolen
:01111ands of Dignioal.- gel litlO- . Vasa Wealth, best iNeamedes.rn . ' •
—. .. Dipioinsat,N y.,Datryniw.- tamorinitato . irtmthis. ,: .
eestsorhoesesit. toot I • do , .-.-
* • ' L * .••
-• * • • .* . • * :' •'* . ' ' * *
Seidy Diiiimuiv6Sciret
461flis Meets, Old
as Agencies
' 6111 n, Scalp and
lo tutorial two of %.
Blood Parillor. and
:maims, sod ammo SoAr,
and Giaaay Skin use .I
site toilet. bath and mu
with delicintia dower
•x$ ` z atioual fault,
Bank offers unusual facilities f
the tranfiaotion of a general
r banking, business.
Gents' FlArnisailng Goods,
the voids can be bought in any.other house in the minty, and every one
whether they need egotWng or not, should not mien this great (opportunity,
as -it - will pay - you to buy for the coming sown of
, '-:,:m4ommar _ --
4 - -- . -Alg-,.-...:*.1.,L - .Ei!
.led by any other contrivance for :the
gb preparation otall plowed . ground to
eroPs. ilicr be will cover braniciat vain
as well sa t gain drill will pot Ms
odd precede the grain drill in. prepare
of eons. No - termer abohld be Wilmot
.4 the best chilled plows I
Jr general s se, and all work. ohs
Js and thorough trials with them te l
Mon with the other leading
They are the very best plows for bard,
stony soils, end lighter in draft, doing
t work, running steadier, hotter points
wy may -
Priors from $l5, $22 to $3O, sad up.
ZZ Sr Hydraulic Cement.
it load Just incelved. - • Uneaten! anti cheap.
sale In any quantity.
either Thimble Skein Wood Axles or Bai l
le Piece "Anchor Brand" Iron Axles. Pint
best in quality, cheapest and warranted Lai
/ XraPact•
aatlorm Wagons, Open and Top Buggies—l
nt class, excellent. and low priced.
Good and cheap. &ally set. Bend for prices.
In variety, sizes and prices to snit:.
Excellent azaLeheapest • common lead paint.,
ted to .gtve sattafactioa.
Horse Powers and Threshers.
Herder's. Wheeler's; Mors. Ellis. Monitor
Portable Traction Steam Engine. Canton (Ohio)
Vibrating Threshers and cleaners. ire:
arriving daily in immense quanti
lis at
where the largest, finest and "tallest"
e of Suits and Overcoats can be
ound at lower figures than any Cloth-
House, in-town.
Remember Ido not sell you Shodd
d Cotton for all Wool.
No. 2, Patton's ,Block.
Feb. 98.1880
And had. One of His
feb 211.=
Favorite- Grain Drill
the best drill in the market. It will
- Iparison and competitive trial.
as it. For sale a new Champion
Lister Brothers; Stockbridge and
Send for circulars, prices lists and,
promptly answered.
. August 23t6.
(Established 1865)
- -
The attention of our customers is called to oar unusually fine display
W!iitequils Table "Linens; Apkins,, &t,
Pc, Sept: 15,11181._
v. ( 4- 419
Are now receiving a, large stock of