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    iD . 4 ' ARTIKENT
.I.r44 . l4lF,VeKalt_Tentie.
.:>sf ; illrizAriNW . Ai . fir. :jutxx.
'iPear S'ir: ,:f u ffiY, raft let
ter e ment ion of .the great meadow of
4 , :ar*, _
.tial aouma v ot its formation, and
its. 4, A l i‘l l .. - , 1-i .fr-• ,- --Thie m e ado w-muck
...,‘ , ...ffnm*eted. as 'Argus sic SW* in a
a . , "
pcai rj and, itiilaried in eoil Without
Tr ! .Plichricial change, it w ith
act' 1 3 . '' • der.' As Compared with well
i ,, , pcisedstable-manure, it bears the same
Alatioptinstscsarkrout does to cabbage. If
:f : .be be ,buried'under the surface of 1
flthanuth, 'it will remain for many years un-:
altered, while cabbage under .similar .treat- 1
70,nt - siould be iy decomposed. If the 1
,iistinai l ,of said be first removed fromkrout ; it
will ilinr - i deoompose as readily as cabbage,
4aint:i*lr ;the . earns causes. • The muck, as
MiArtht'nrylast,is composed of the lighter
1 , -..Mate of suremoeliot . A . 'carried to its present
tylsi the rains'; . after being satur4,M
4 1 .1 11 eutirwithsalt water, its decomposition
a encirts4 and .under this new (minis*. a
11 . 41 *** 111 1 e : peculiar tO`nrarshes takes
4risriiiilon of its stifle* These grasses
continually adding the carbon which they
-receies:froni the atmoeph&e in the form 9f
E :. , ,me acid gas to themuck as the PrinciPtil
~.-: ... ,at' their decay, and thug the muck rs
. .. . to contain large amounts of carbon
-46em matters. - When muck is exposed to
l irtitt frosts, the ultimate fibres of the de
icirrOosed roots it contains are torn asunder,
.ruaLthe mass is thus rendered pulverulent.-
111114 state it is fit for easy decomposition.
'lllalluidity.of the grasses is much better on
l ir),esin which have been ditched for the
eisi; of stipplying muck and thus part of
Akin/a Of procurement is paid by the im
-165414 11 . 4 . mtn g s • '
MuckArlay be decomposed inVarions wires,
**lll always produce beneficial results
ilia* uiredidter decomposition as a manure.
Anon' Mixed Intimately with wood-ashes,
Abbe ionised orindeaehed, it forms, one Of
the beat; manures for fruit-trees ; and while
pre-, qtrantity;of common salt it contains is
bent to injure the peach, it is sufficient
lici iinve
highly serviceable to thcqluni ;
ilffile its large porportion of carbonaceous
Mai* renders it capaye of receiving and
titian' ing - the ammonia of the atmosphere
. until 'required for the use of the roots.—
Mu* is not it protection against the peach
' worm, hut, trees, the trunks of, which are.
auSiled by it, are less liable to their
'Meeks. Muck, when .mixed with ashes,
readily :receives moisture, and, if water be in
grail excess, the mock will for a long time
pretrtmt the land from souring or the water
! front beaconing fetid.
'When ihe urine of animals is mixed with
: kaarnOpuck, it readily nndpgoes decomtio
l'iiioo‘azia the msultusglasses are retained.
Alne-tsmth part of stable manure, welllnixed
...vials , aim* will be fonnd sufficient to cause
lihe*ies to beat niadilTand become as clear
i" ,'" : ,in Anis use. If muck be placed
E t
t . ones, cows, horses &c., and covered by
d* heading, so that their urine will pass
- 2 the bedding and combine with the
,' Asia :WNW it contains the animal warrrith,
ihiiiiiii, inch will be decomposed, and the
-warinth, of, the body of 'the - animal while
--, Asap* Will materially assist the &comp°.
' Man._
,The solid manures remaining atop of
Iles briddhig' should be removed each morn
:An, . be .mixed with new portions -of mtrck
.-in -the preparation before stated formutual
shsciorgiosition If the liquid manures from
,liss be led- bygntters to &Arens an& when
J eoWpinnped upon muck, it will not aecoin
.. poor one-half the quantity as when applied
while containing the animal warmth. 1 Each
el l , horse or cow, will supply the means of
Cconiverting one cord of muck per week into
name equal toordinaty barn-yard mane g;
whII the readily pulvemlent; character of
theLmass tenders Such compost much more
pasgy ale during tillage: Large quan
tal* of muck may be thrown with advari
. tap into the hog-pen, and new quantities
ihreildbe added as o ft en as any odor can be
-_, pieneivnil' *Jibs from the surface of the pen.
-11wiC need large quantities of muck n these
notion's, and have found it advantageous to
liaill*e sad renew the muck of the stables
and hogisen.every ten days; always placing
It under mantireeheds to prevent its expo
, sera to useless is ost& of air, for evaporation,
gild to ambit Ithe limn in maintaining 'en
equable teniiserature, to assist its decompo.
Man& When large quantities of manures
ailed than can be formed from - these
Aniairsk then new quantities of muck maybe
deonsipoeed - by the process, given in qiie
: lirOung Fanner.; page 4, under the head, of
Uataa a Manus.' By the use of the lime
and salt mixture as there described, any
amount of manure
„ fay readily be formed
. ''
" freih or salt muck mikes a goOd
diva foi - nighttoil, absorbing all the more
is4-pea4:and -A the same time rendering
Acmes, ,with the Slight, addition of two
bushels of plaster of Pans to the 4xodr•lni,-
tirely,brodortaL 1
, peed inktlllll, if ,cut ,up,_ into small'iiiiees
Anty itow 1 . to ).0 lbs.l etch) coating Ithektly
z-e*Wailidlo ll a thea *Ming them in moths .
w A , ,, or a la rt, the muck into a most powerful
_al . 'The waters. of gluefactoiles, slim.
gigerborsish: efiAloslAie 'go. trated , *Ma
y• in*" irapdied pounds - of paimahnstter. 101 l
`'‘eigivat i onicted Of izuktkint4i 'good inaa4e,
The -spent ley of theAc*Prboikra , i f - thrcilin
401nsackncson:CO'rerta. it into, availah*
.. , saiiiisineri clay ten -gallonaof e ails
in ' at,
6 4/
f a i letri_ l o l: O il - i tV2 7
' AlliOli **NA; to one hew er °
era ---.9*lo,hanorapigeonAung , -bon l
,-46.6441444 , iii t 5. ,, ,p0w_
.1 - bon i -iO4 ~ . lad.., „,,.. , L.
.* - 110*..00M0- ' ' - ' h iiii .
11 010"
'." .earth fr o m "Ad woods, pure luta
hea eT
d landsi arc may be similarly used, and if
of a chancier-not, containing sufficient car
bonaceous ',. tter, add charcoal-dust. Some
have objec •• . to taking _the surface-earth
from sr, .. , under the impression that they
would im ' verieh the soil; .hut if they will
replace the value in lime and salt mix
ture in p ' of the surface taken, the woods
wilt - genet+ , gain by the exchange.
When rn i uck composts are. used on sandy
soils they e rendered more tenacious, and
when mix with clay soils, by overcoming
the, tenaci4 properties of the c la y, this soil is
also rend more valuable. In my next
commani4 'on I will treat of my experience
in the effet produced by deep and subsoil
plowing. i e facts stated above in relation
to inn& a 4 its compounds are in strict ac
cordance jth the results obtained in my
practice, and may be depended upon as cor
rect. I Iremam, Sir, yours respectfully,
11 J. J. MAPS.
Under Drains.
The argunients in favor of the advantages
arising from under drainina.,, have been me
terialy added to since the publication of
*big'sAgricultural Chemistry.
Liebig has clearly shown that ammonia ex
ists in the atimisphere, and that it is absorbed
by rain. He - has also shown that water
entering the soil parts with its ammonia by
its being absorbed by many of the consti
tuents of the soil and manures, as well as
by the groing ,iplants.
Heavylawns:and clayey soils are unable
to absorb rains with great rapidity, and in
i iss
consequensuaface the.rains run over the of
such soils, ing away,- to the rivers, with
out partin 1 with their ammonia. When
land is properly under-drained, it is free
from excess of water, and readily receives
rain water, which, passing down through the
soil, is carried off by the under-drains, leav
ing the ammonia and other matter in the
surface soil,Svailable for the use of plants.
Soils naturally wet, cannot be worked early
in thespring, unless under-drained, and the
close approiimation of the ultimate particles
of soil, caused by being continually wetted,
will prevent their disintegration by the
plough. Whereas, when properly under
drained, they are readily made pulvertilent
and fertile. 1
The atmosphere supplies he soil with
carbonic acid and ammonia, and therefore
rho sail should htl in a state to receive these
necessary ingredients for vegetable growth.
In the :km of soils before named, this can
only be done by underithining, which, in
addition to ltdmfitting air, also encourages a
circulation Or change of air, thus bringing
new iquantities in contact with the soil, and
with the molts of-plants. The most effectual
method of under-draining is by dus use of
tiles ' known , as draining-tiles, made of clay
and burnt Without glazing. These tiles are
shaped like the letter U reversed, and by
being 'placed against each other, form a con
tinuousle. 'a ' rbent tube for carrying off the
water. AV
,understand that Mr. Rey Mee- -
ker, of Ne 4, New Jersey; has established
a factory for the manufacture of this article,
and we cannot doubt but that he 'Will meet
with a brisk demand for his wares.
Ina future number we .shall give a full
account of the methods for forming under
drains` with the cost, &c. \The experiment
is fairly in use on our own 'farm, and the
compAnitive results before and fdter draining,,
will be given, as soon as accurately ascer
tained. We are fully convinced of its use
fulness, but 'do not think it advisablej te•offer
results as proofs, after a single year's (trial`
[Bowes's Farmer. '
, -
MAK*G 1 31 - arta Sroka.—The following
is the prpcess of making maple sugar, as pur
sued in l , : i vfacturing the premium sugar of
the - Nest Y irk State Agricultural Society.--
First the pan and manner of tapping the
th iserteci
trees is Wi . a half inch or 5-eighth augur,
and a spile ' -in the hole, and pine tub
to catch the r sap from each tree- Much pains
is taken in cleansing the buckets, and in
having the apparatus perfectly clean. The
sap is boiled in sheet-iron pans, placed on an
arch; after $t becomes syrup, it is taken 'to
the house and cleansed with milk and the
white of • .._4. For 50 lbs. of sugar, the
white of ff ee eggs, 1 quart of milk, and
half an oun of saleratus, well beat up, should
be nixed in the syrup. It is then boiled !n
kliettle un . it will grain, and placed in pans
to cool." hen cool, it is pi,t iu boxes to
drain. Th: boxes converged to a point, so
that the mo settles to the bottom. On
the surface i f the sugar in the boxes, damp
flannel do - are placed, and these cloths are
washed err- day in clean cold water, to ex
tract whate , er of coloring may be absorbed
from the _ . This process is continued
until the .;lorin,g matter is extracted and
ate sugar ..ines white.
ing, of NeOurg, N. Y., has recently intro
duced a new mode of grafting, the object., of
which is t 'lust the quality of fruits raised
from the seeds, in a much shorter period
then is requisite ire the ordinary way. His
Method is to put the top of a shoot from a
seeding tree, when it is desirable to, procure
specimen immediately, on the te - p,or shoots
of .a thrifty fruit.beaimg tree of middle age
process being simply , to take thrifty
of about one-fourth inch diameter,
aisof cut them ins standing direction so as to
ifetacitabOut four incltiesof , the tap from the
rest, making the line of and angle about one
inch, the stoek - being cat intheasme manner.
Tlie bixcloi are then ~ a llisOrately. United, and
amfined bylarn, hr bass ;mattii?g, and the
whole covered with mud or. graftmg- wax ;to
exclude the air. It is confidently asserted
that in this way fruit may' 'behbtained in a
short.timo he of emticti hehig almost in
, variably auccesful;-0/iae
yirpot l . 7 -It bas bell/ 0130/04'1;y ;* 'most
exPerieneediwol-growers, that the 441 the
sheep. Ithe lees fine -the WOOI. , The wool is
said to be the best quality when the sheep is
from tvo to five:
Mr. 'Blanchard; ofl New York, states that
he has known floalca that yielded wool that
sorted number one when young, when older
drop down to nuMber two or three.
Those who wish ihe first grade of wool
should keep young sheep. Some go so far
as not to use a buck after he is four years old.
Cure for Jealousy.
The affair of 3ruce who was murdered
and found by the aid of a clairvoyant, ac
cording to the accounts, induced a young
married man wiici was on - a visit to the city, to
call on one of these' seers and ascertain in
whit occupation his wife was engaged at her
residence some ninety-five miles away.
"She is sitting in the parlor," said the
lady, "and every-Loace in a while she looks
out of the window, as if she was expecting
some one."
"Strange" said the gentlemen," "who can
she expect ^'
"Some one entering the door she siezes
him and caresses him fondly."
"It can't be; it,isall a hoax; my wifehis
true to me," interrupted the gentlenum, whck
was nettled and Worried by the green eyed
{'Now he lays his; head in her tap, and
lo4ks tenderly-intolier eyes."
"I swear that is false ; and rll make you
pay dear for this slander."
"Now he, Wags his tail," continued the
sleeper; and as this explained the. story, he
vamoosed, and reSolved never nein to be
inquisitive in regard 0 his wife's doings.
To Farinektukd Dairynient.
rirHE subscriber purchased the right of ,
1 manufacturing Ond vending Crbwell's Patent
Thermometer Churn, would cordially recommend
them to every farmer and dairyman as the best
churn o'er introduced to the public. The princi
pal advantages this chtirn has over all others, are
these,: is cow tructed in such a manner that
the tiip can be taken of -so as togive free access to
the interior, which rtak6 it perfectly convenient to
put in the cream and take oat the butter—;-the pad
dles can be taken out, Utaking it still more conve
nient to clean. 2r4 a thermometer is attached to
the churn so as to ghoul the exact temperature of
the cream, whiche ence shows should be from
60 to 62 degrees. sd, a chamber or space is lir
ranged around the ho tom of the churn for the
purpose of admitting ld or warm water so as to
bring the cream to the ight temperature without
mixing the water with e cream. It is well known
to all butter makers t cream too cold when
a..... 1, btumiacii 1 r time in churnine than
when at the proper te , perature—besides, a por
tion of the butter is! left in the buttermilk. It is
also well known that warm water mixed with
cream is always injurto' ras and very often Toils the
butter. The thermOmeter churn effectually reme
dies all these evil 4. tit churns equally well in
warm or cold weather. , There is no such thing as
having the cream too cold'or too warm in this churn
if it is properly managed. An examination and
trial of this churn i 4 alone deemed sufficient to re
commend it to public thvor. It has been fairly tes
ted in this and in Ober plazas, and wherever it
has been used it hasp never failed of giving the
mast entire satisfactions
Montrose, m 5 ' ' WM. K. MATCH.
Gold this Midge of California!
Grocery, Ccnsf iostary and Oyster Arc:loot
TRErtir°ad being completed. I now have, and
keep a general asesortmentol groceries cheap
—such as sugars, nioliessesi rice, coffee and teas, of
prices and quality such as will please. Also, nuts,
raisins, candy aria 16 kinds of fruit the market can
furnish my buyers to suit Also, fresh clams and.
oysters received in the shell, fresh fish ton, this
weather—they keep very well—l shall get by the
railroad a weekly supply—to please all mrcusto
mere' tastes ',shalt try. .Good oysters on hand,by
the keg or the ilish-erved up either raw or cook
ed, as you wish. All needed refreshments prepa
red at a wink—call in all ve hungry, and plank
down the chink. ' inf. F. BRADLEY.
Great Bend, Feb; 131
Railroad FrOight and Commission
rE subscribers havqng completed their-arr,ange
ments are novi ready to receive all kinds of
produce al\the mill depot in Binghamton and
forward it th,,Ncuo York and make sale of the
Capt. Willinm \ clark (who has had a number of
years experience iii . ‘the sale - or produce in the New
York market) will attend to the sale of all prop
erty entrusted to - onr care, which will enable per
sons forwarding by; this co`tnprany always to recover
the highest marketi price for`their produce. ,
Our chargesover the, regular freight will be a
small commission Air sales.
The returns will' paid at the' store of U. 3L
Stowers in Binghamton, or in New York if requi
red. U. M. STWERS,
Binghamton, Jail. 1 ,;1649. ': —e
Admhzistator's Notice.
A LL persons interested* the estate' of Joseph
Matte.son, late of J> n, deceased, are re
quested to tnake inut4liate pavtnent, and all those
having demands against said estate to present
them duly attested for,' settlement.
Jackson, all
Far for Sale,.
Situated near thelorka of Snake Creek containing,
104. acres, 80 of which is improved land, together
with a framed house, framed barn and saw mill,
with excellent water power. For further particu
lars, apply to WILLIAM WYNN.
Idcattrose, al2
Latest y e t, per Railroad.
ANEW and d stock of spring and sum
mer goods, entirely for cash at the ve
ry lowest rates and se acconlingly, at the store
of J. LYONS.
PRINTS at 30kfiteire ss yard ; French ginghams
124 cents; brim patterns at $1,25--call
OOTTON . yarnl land Litt% groceries' and bard
-Ik.) ware just oirepedland for sate by ' •
- L
CIROCIERMS-4a u, supply, with the cheap
est teas in tot Or sale by J. LYONS.
dm.going p 1
()LOVER S' loi
V/ and , timothy
GARDEN ‘S)y . '
k..JI and for fy
T IMOTH Y ETD or sale by
C ' .1
‘...l''for 'Hide by
Oder f
Napier's HoteL .
of age ; afte,r .that it
artificial flowers, rtusheaoic,
t the store of J.-LYONS:
the large aad awillumitinda
far sale by
'e stock, jost opened
and fancifiag'fileat Th
chaii* -
'ts tin diop,- two doom above
. 6
-sin '
b 1 g pacßeo — ger i o to reach New York the same eve:
Returning, leave Great Bend. on the arrival
the cars from New York.
Careful and #ccommottating drivers and first rate
teamss are employed on this route—and the propri=:
etors pledge themselves to use every exertion to
make their IMESpeasant and expeditious.
for seats app y at Searle's Hotel, in. Montrose.
jr29 A. MORGAN tt. CO.
Sears' Itelir Pictorial Works' for
i • 4849.
G.rOt chance for Book Agents to clear from $5OO to
$lOOO a year.
Sear? Neir 'and Popular Pictorial Works, the
most splendidli illustrated volumes for familiessev-,
er issued on the. American Continent, Containing
more than /oral thousand engravings, designed ana
executed by the:snos-t eminent artists of England
and America. 1,
The extraordinary popularity of the above vol.,
tuno in everyi section of the Union, renders an
agency desirable in each of one of our principal
;owns and villages. Justpublished,
Scars' new and popular Eidorial Description of the
• Visited States!
Conttaining en rtceonnt of the Topography, Settle . -
meet, History, IleYolutionary and other interesting
events, Statistics, Pt-ogress in Agriculture, Mann ,
factitre; and Population, So. of each state in the
Union illustrthed with two handredevranings of
the principal cities, places,.buildings, scenery, curi
osities, seals of the states, &c.,•&c, Complete in
one octavo volume of 600 pages, elegantly bound,
in gilt, pictorial muslin. Retail price, $‘4,50.
The Pictorial Family A nnual •
400' pages octevrcand illustrated with 212 engin
cles*ned as a cheap and valuable prestAit
for parents arid teachers to place in thp hands of
young people, ' t in attractive bindings.
The Ilistory of Palatine, front the Patriarchal
Age to the present time. By John lCittp, editor of
the London Pfctoriol Bible, &C.
New Editions of Bears'.
Pictorial ELI of kthe Bible—Pictorial Sunday-
Book—Desch 010 n of Great Britain and Ireland—
Bible Biograp#ty---,Scenei and. Sketches in Conti
nental Europe-Information for the People-=Pie
torial Family Library—Pictorial .history of the
American 'RevOlation. An entirely new. volume on
the Wonders of the World.
Pictorial Family Bibk.
Each volume is illustrated with several hundred
engravings, and the Bible with one thousand
Bears' Pictorial Family Magazine, for 1849, pub
lished monthly in parts of 48 large octavo lames,
at we dollarper year to advance.
Specimen copies of the Magazine, 'to procure sub
scribers with, ;will be furnished to all who wish to
engage_in its chtulation, If requested (post paid)
at the rate of twelve numbers for ono dollar, or
ten-cents for single copies.
Agents tearded, in every town and county through
out the Uhion to sell " Sears' .New aq Popular
Pictorial Woas ;" universally acknowledged to be
the best and dheapest ever published, as they cer
tainly are the most saleable. An active agent
may dear $5OO or $lOOO a year. A cash capital
of at least t”5 or $5O will be necessary, Full par
ticular's-of, the principles and profits of the agency
wilFhe given on application, either personally or
by letter. The postage must in all cases be paid.
Please to address,
"ROBERT SEARS, Publisher,
128 Nassau Street, New York.
9- 3m ,
Dirtion Clark & Co.,
RagroadFrelght.and Commission Line from Great
AE Tsu 'berg having completed their rir
• rangcm nts; are now ready to teceive all
kinds of pmd at the. railroad depot in Great
Bend, and, forWarti it to New York =nutlike sale
of the same..
Capt. Wm.. Clark (who has had a nprnbet of
ye= experiehee in the sale of produce in the,New
'York market) will attend to the sale cif all prop
erty' entrusted to our care, which wig enable per
sons; forwarding by this company always to recetvp
the highest market price for their produce. '
Our charge over theregulkr freight will be a
small commi*tion for sale.
The return: will be paid at the store. of Wm.
Dayton in Great Bend or in New York if requited.
Great Benkj`..,9
Village Lots for Sale. '
THE subscriber offers lots for sale in the town
ship of Gfeat Bend in the village of Green
ville, and directly opposite the village of Great
Bend, located on' the Depot of 'the New York and
Erie railroadi real the Great Bend and Coehecton
Turnpike, in the valley of the Susquehanna river.
The railroad Crksing the said turnpike, thence riin
nin,g in a carted line nearly parallel with the same
at the distance of a few hundred feet, with the
grounds gradiuilly rising above railroad and turn
pike, overlooking' the river and the beautiful val
ley, compared with its healthy climate, renders it
a mrAt desirable location for building,—
The depot griaind of the railroad company being
ocated m tbOtentre of a rich and eat nave agri
cultural district, surrounding it on every side • with
its many rocuis , centering in, and all other advanta
gesl\ cord fined } afford every advantage to, a business
poputatio . . • ,
n Extensive Water Power -
can be biough from the Susquehanna', ad
joining the depot _ • unds of the. said rail mad, Ind
ficietst for the, erec ' • of all manufacturing estab
lishments, or 'ny ~. .1 ry required. ' '
Cleat Bend,s2yl . L GREEN.
. 1,110 'rose Select School. -
SS A. 01. FRASER will open a' school,for
young taklieS in the
on the 16th inst.
w nmary id epartment will, be under , the direrpp
tiptilot Miss C. S. Bowman, and competent teach
etS provided 4 the ornamental branches.
Teri* per quarter_ of 11 weeks.
Primary stadlea, • . _
ql-togniphy, li z i r ammar and Arithmetic, Al
bra, Geo try, Astronomy, Ph il osophy,
any, Ott
and French,
Music on the o , (extra)
Lessons in S' . ' , do
Use of Pianoi- ; do
Drawing and iFainting, do
a 9 t ' .
H i ' Notice. ~- ,i'
~:•:. ~, would respectfully Wolin
I. -their . -
' , • and ii t i he public. that they have
fonified a• , • rilliip the Tanning; Carrying mid
Shoe-makug,f •.. .. They flatter themselves
that t by strictlattention to business to merit a 'share
of lublic patrnnage. I - •
.. :
• - . - ' KERWIN T. 4..A3MRICK.
Sininifvillel Village, a '. , ,
Laved myself tif this opportunity toisay to my
irstt old F f ustomeri, 't .1 shall require an ircomedinte
1 ent yip the time of partnendiiii.Cl I hope
. tia
wil l
" - beyond the'VflfirCt:
''C'HAIiPf May
. ...,
d Clover Seed„ fortub3t,tliy?
207 Math-- •
Veget*le Lith
rrHIS celebrated.
A. tamely tbe Marry ea
It has noW , beecede the Ina
is pa/titularly • •
1 . DR
all wages of thill complain
xi' of how long standing,
This disease is as:rightful;
dreadful propene of tho
degree which renders the
Ammo °deaf ite mat dist --
it now yields to this remi
Hely and privately with pt
has ever had a symptor
keep this article by them
to peiferat4 tits systems es 4
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painful menstruation'.
except this which amid
It may be relied own as
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as proof of cures in this
See pamphlet. Ali lird
from the effect of metr„ir
this article to act immedi
eradicated 'from the syste
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manifest then:selves
aunpoutgi. for tpedsix4
head this paragraph.
taw north of Etre*, a
which in nil diseases or
effected a cure. This
Bound •in large quantiti
stands without an equal
in the preparation, whi
ever given , to a debilita
terra will be restored to
will And the alterative •
and drive such diseases
for testimony of turn in
an advertisement will I
devoteghie them gouty;
cams of higteeharacter.
of the pectdiar features
to benefit in airy ease,
build upon. Id tAltalu
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and keep taking the me.
provemeht. The propri ,
against a number of
heed of
as cures for Dropsy, Ora.
lag, and concocted to
Their invent= never . 1
this aeticle had done ft.
OM is earnestly solicit
Agents end all who se,
gratuitously. Put up 1111
at It each—the larger
bottles. Lock ort dad a!
Us has "Vaughn's V
blown upon the , glass,
Vaughn" on the di - eed.
arnapat OP SAP wk.
byl)r. G. C. Vagghni a .
, Main Wed, Bufalo. at
lion given-to letter, Intl •
Uri/ antra:Wed Age
verbal coannunientiatia
tended to, wain. For
the United ilatidell and t•H
Also by ;
(Wholesale and
127 Maiden lane, •
Agents in this vi.
Bentleyh R..
IL ihnritt.
Wm. F.: B
431.• O. Pride it
N. Y. de E. Rai
Seephen4 and Thong
Gteizt Bend—:
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George W. fltophe
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and toy this returns
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ntriptle ,Mitture,
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outdid= for family use, and.
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Sec Pamphlet for testiotosy.--.
as Cuoparte., and the, slow and
tiady, Wonting the *tens to a
patient ottorty nudge to Soot,
using features.
:y—and Physicians use It pub
. t success. Let any one who
of Dropsy, of any character,
d if they would avoid be
let tke accifili.deted.o Eder foe
and finally rad is a dreadful
is remedy in season, and a re
ry it atany stage of this disease,
ey will' give it a fair trial.
Lary organs; tar these distress
* ; no other article cap relieve
niece the most
,tlaint. and fan
are gravel , when
calculi—and yet
be stone in the
Alt but the last
ier does chief,
eau.sed by it
of years stand
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to cured by thil
is else Stale of
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the Great West
ts prevail Able
iiztare, it cures
, and does not
,nis disease, that
remedies ate now
3n, safe; (far it
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daily curing its
the entire eon
istinct vegetable
'thli article It itt
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.ottles of this nits
. grog' the action of this
more likely to he pernMttent
gm eiternal remedies.
Ie Kiilneya, Ice., or inflainma
, ly relieved by a fete days vas of
I always a result of its use. it
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ro article /Ms' seer been offelred
Itch this Huth of dereogemerds.
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I s ist d reg low ng , Z i btre:t f el tmn c pl ts i gt — ss
, will End the bracing power of
tely. and the poisonous mineral
its which compose this ankle,
;calmly in the application a the
lug claim of complaints which
Here kw bee. used ii
neements of the female frame,
peisfia =outrun:titres. Ike. has
is indigenous to our soil, and
and as a medicinal property
)t forms one of the compounds
as a whole is the beet remedy
female; it is sure, and the sys
-• Ith by its use.
operties of this article
m the system. Sea penapklet
aU diseases, which the limits of
et permit to he named
Mi here.—
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and alcrspget
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AS, SUMPS. 6,1.4
I ? i g ee e u . nw T a tt y yareguodifor mono
I .tight °tearing such diseases till
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I the ankle are
,t • t
1 - oz. lxittles, at IP/ 12 oz.' do.
'ding 6 9z. more than two small
I.: get Imposed' spine. Every hot
table Eithontriptic Mixture."
e writtkli signature of "G. C.
; and "G. C. Vaughn. ItutTato,"'
',one odic!' hre genuine.. -Pre.
-Pre .
sold at the Principal :Office, ••
bolesala and' retail. No at*
i • post paid. Orders from re
excepted. Pot paid letter',
soliciting :Wilke.. promptly,
e tiy all respeoabla-Draggists
I ' ) Olcott, ligKesson it
rar York city. •
. troNa, ,
1 11 4 Milford
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1 0 2 , Hanford.
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J oD Townsend
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:and Financier of 11
ti alle New Jersey
as be I understand,
for thi nee of his I
Inirana lambing' us
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OW Ige MIS ,0 • .1!
Column carefully.
4, Staler sate it tlie.;llfropationt
Towiwisl's Sarsaparilla.
giazil; . Thit itetersititi
, timid ' 'has expinded-esei,
i n advertising ha SiriaparillaorSieh
Iter and repetistlon
greater pan, ortbelworliai•
milidity bfeertaht IT:Zed ask .
I has - beeti eagerid,ie -dbeeP
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iumberof years. Tit '; : atati'l - mule
He applied to a Umber of moue
'to aelfthe use of hh m a ma tope*!lP
reapatiOa, stating: tbe latias! Salt
E ded ia tallithim; as ad laaieliee' eat
oubteai; Moue - UNA, be ingfifal- '
4 Esq. Haut at ate Jaubiat Putesee,'
" e ti t t itii)L priet t i l e 4. 4INDIREILPIA._
PH • P.031KR0t . i i i7. 1 4 1,1:
e broken Blilallteue at s e w.
, g i b i , wm
r the name or THONPOONAuI;
mowed Oita old mad,, 101 l !vim , I
o pay bleat "ever dolbtrit Oat !rift,
ame. ' , The* aim bt pe tra :malt,
In all possible Pinar If . t tie itotald
•v ht' -' -li de,
oedipal/ Medieisi in the World i
up im it is itizlinif
Cr; Amin aided reeseisete '
It osier tritium! soeutuss,
sickerou se
ativ Patititi.l4 t
end•, superiority his lersepe
medicines ice• ;that 'bile it era&
TIT- most situ
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very beat
Ayer known; it ot only 'puritan the whole argot,
laded atiengtheas t e person, bat it create" new, per"
fraud rich blood ; aOower posseued Go ether Medi.
„rehire: Anil thi s ( lies the grand sferet of ite wonder
ful rtier.ers: It h ' performed within the lent two yawn;
Friore than 100,000 urea of severe ease: of disnatia: at
Hleest Ii5„000 wean considered loenrahle. St has, inrysii
the lire, of more ban 10,000 children the pest twit sem
eons hi the City o Nair York alone:
1 ',1111,00 1 0 ria.e• of dlittasertall Debility
4- • • wine, ri It menu.
' 'Dr. Tow usewls : amnion ilia iiir !aerials. thn whaler's..
:tea painattentlyt Vo those who horn hut their.mut
erlir en e rgy, by I e 'effects of medicine hr, ieglisereirais '
.eoinniitted in yogi• or the anceuiverindligenea if thi
passiona, and brou
_hi on by physical priaration of the
• r system, I . itnile. - wan oriulitic". (*tin' --
neneatidnia prams, ute • data*" anti 'dee fair biassing
3owsrer that Gaul disease Coneuneption.osin be elit_frely
:teitnred by titslpte aaaaa tea.dy. 'This Sarearistila
vu far superior to tiny
~ . .
Ilia vilypotrititegg Cotiliall
, .
! As Is renews esuliavigoratlis an system 'twat whit*
to, the limbs, endd strength_ .to ,tawninelior
;"‘lii a . rrit,tiaseeiettnona.,
.. .
0" - . " •. .
-criiluessauitirsai Caeca.
P. fllsasiss mad Streigthru4,Cerumwria,ri can k it in .,, 44 •
Bronchitis. Caiummptems, Liver aimplairat. 0444
~,, . Clatarrhellwag fi ts. Arthnia, Spin*, hieetl, &Knew
is the Chest, clic lOWA, Mit:he:Sweiete,. Dijiiiill'ey 's
f Projaise Expeciorstiser, Asia ay as aids; itc4'hall
, Ism sad cam Sul - torsi* - . '. il, ,
• Dpitt*, 11114.4. '
c: Nara r er, 4 11,i April 118,„Iflini,
1 Di.
D Towson D.—l yerity - believe your, Beisapiw ,
Ali .
f. rim, has been th means, throngh Providenee. of Saving ,
t my ilk, ' I have I r several years bad • bad Coves. 111
'i - beams worse ad worse. At lab I raised , lug"
quantities of bloo , had film sweats, and srps greatly
. i
debilitated lad re aced, feud did lot gaped to lie,. l .1
l have only sued your ihareapasilla •a short woe, mod
there has a wouderful "gauge heas wrought is we. , 1
lam nor mile to Or 'BY over the . city. I . 1%44 Re
' blend suit: toy e ash MO left me: Too. are lire° be.
helm t
that !I am auk 1
for rime salvia. Taut ahisk •
ri ls
' disat imnialt„, ,
W . RUSBELI, 6,5 CetharleeeL
- • -- - - _, -
. - s,-_-_- ‘..-.. !-...--,------- --.....,...-----*._. , ,
le or lOre than Coat thnusaint iiisiii`et
r,e4c are
oretorsß r era w sp e n e r k l y ta i h ra r%eer t ert . j
y winder.'
a. Emit one of the amistanta li ,the
RlnchWelrs Wood, is the gentleireu
how My letter. .
Blackwell's Milord, filept.lll, Min,
Dear Sir: I hare suffered -terribly
the - tllionnetisto; ',eousiderible ofiAir
t, steel tor walk. I had the merit di./
my limbs were larribilt: 'wallet .1
tleitoC ' our Bo rsa patina, and theY bort
a that sand dollars Worth orgoinli I'linf
"deed am entlrelysidiered; ,-. Tole hvii
bis for he beeehtof the afflicted.:
re reviled - MO; JAMBS Cyll/1111P10,9
i .
ThlsTis oral rof,
I !themdative i gat
The t sere s •
i t by its straoriline
t Ja Cesunio
I Lima 'Asylum,
ispok of la the
Dr. Townsend I
for O sysers_ohl
Bate eoubt note i
i t tress `pains„ au
i hare need fourbo
r. di,i)etne more the
l' : so 'luck better=- ,
I at liberty to use 1
i - Too
insitle filleiicitme. ' • - . •
Sarseparilla is ri ~sorereig ned.rpcla
oiaot !Constsinpoda, Barre. min, Pro"
allies of the Wiiiiti, Cirativa els; files;
.lies,Obstructed iv difficult Menistrup
of Urine, or involentary dimbene
he gedeml prostmition of thesyitem
the result of inherent tunas, or mires
lariti, Muni or , eceident. Nodded
:sing thenitalirtrigerating effects imam
gersiins of all wenknen and Intuited,
ace become robust and fell of energy
ce.. It immediately
. couniereelti the
the "Ililimala freme,erhic* is the peat
less. ',' It ill not ,be expected, of mi,
rate a.asture,,to exhibit certilliiiites nil ,
but ire can. assure the alrlieteiklhis.
i hard bens- reported to 'us. Timis.
there t unnies . hare been !lithium sii*
i ferribottlea of toii invaluable . Vied&
ti, essail.Seith.fine, health'? elfaiiiiiif. Ii
1 priMared fie reference to &MO OM
if If 40 . lies reason to aappiare,..she is
critidid period, k 7'hi Wu 410."
take t, sr It is is" tertiiin"prehantive
nitrinte cud horrible direaies, is stitch
rt, - aqtlila time of life. .Thht. eternal •
' AT reerral L stars Ay Saint. this insiti
. valn'able for these Who are akirnich
it iiii ealeilated.i ioi• thilti.risiturii , by
and itivitroratiog tliireystomi In=
ine isftinvolualife foir all the ililfeate
woinib are , sebieet. .
lareel'ekfiellries; " • ' '
Deer Siv.-1 have the Memo is In
rtin of t My children hoe beees . wed et
the ohe oryeni excel et 'reedidue.
1 .1
d'req. shrerely with. hat* , 11410iir
•11 41014 there Alegi, for eldlidkViedt
lat obligation. • 4 -,
. . 1'". r., respectfully,., . .. • . -,
iSA iCW.' CB Otte; 104 le'eeetiiii-sa
ifetee of elleyeielleiso.. , ;*: :,; , a..,: ; •
1 Weirdest dolly, ;seeirina.lodow"6.o
rent ate of be flulalli. .:,,,-, 7Ln,
lfy til:Oit irc the madeeekiiid, :Ma.
l'uf Albiq, have- liceimeseitielieileii
pop u ii,d's liistexPatiller.-41Cilefiginal
; RH * riduadde.prepitittioeCitkelpflege.
F I.t
i, 1.1.1t,': 3. W11.§011; 11.114 1 .1e ; -1%
, E. 14.111ENIM)11.P.ALILV,,';.
. , - .t
-, ii.. ~ .. -...,4 1 ‘, 1 1,4440. 1 %
1 .c4,llprooln't
itiiii 142•••••••ial•kiiii•i'itit,:iet
0•41,•,' • ariambeCitimiliteur nu
l ie r. 10tve ‘ esivi - neemewed ; olol4llt
Elilxit,'k., Hater., Extealtx ',ft, PIIIP
Sa"i'llit. , Put it twiiiiiievetke,*
Hite' tir.theat le.verltetlit' lilt tetWet/
Is, -thii, fire; Oil, - eferihilisit,
ided:',None paulue nalesii nifeeso, by
• i ' - - '• '
,-- . ,' ... , 1 ,
`,l 4 sl3ll.Tait MINI, ::, 1 10 1 !.1V‘"
Iles :ils' Co.,' Clititin' Xtelutc,".o•44 oll 4
;,; N,,,rii, s.,e,,pd ..trs.ll,,:—.P.woilid*
xtv,t, ifidomarks !,1!, IC 94 04 4
_. .
t;q:, )47.1 Chhittes. gireeoN.ll).:‘ 'A
0 Albany ;:and bY nil the pfin..itef
celainfr'eatinially IliioUghtifti. the ish
l!s! 3, ft'„eP 4 0 '
lie ; , ;;Pi.: -.q , ;'
7 4p, ligen . tek .. - iii4''llliiii.o;
} Dr. Townsend'
. i y core for sue,
~ pals 'Uteri or I"
I fmiscorrhtea. or !I
i don, Incontinent!
thereof, and for dl
no matter whethe
produced by. irt
can be More sump
theltiman limo
'., from taking it It.
1; ander its =floe
t elfurveterinelis of
-I. cause .of arre n I
! is cares of so del
c caret'', performed
;:, hundreds ofmmei
sends of cases 4
dren, After Mang I I
! eine, have been It
1 kas beenexpresal
;plaints. No rem
;, approaching that
,`should neglect :t
1 for any of the fit I
females are
. 1,1;4
say be itelapd
'1: rime Nor is it 1
lug wonosobood,
I. quickening the b
fi deed, tuns meth i
3' diseases to Ishii.
Dr. Townsend
Iturir ypirt4ni th
litho Scrofula by
Miley Sierivelfliete
hikes four bottles
E myself under fre
• n ' -44 1
wt . • . rusq
ryol4lsni in 4
rr 'his iI to
• , '.eirtes - of' the C
E: imperilled. U.
to he Amu of t
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. . , -U: T. 4 , tlt.tri!
•' Miley to the
Irotoosood's idles!
ow t i o nlistly 011, AV
r flook,,lte. They.
iv,. 'join advettistmool
Famt should avi
1 , 8: roirusead.
r:14661'A1 Qlll'
- .1414, N." v.; ;tad
Dyott k Sons I:
. FAL IL films's, Ds
j i lea; Wright Si . •
south Pearl Stre
I- 'o4oltilits and II
1 :LW. dudes, W 4!“