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    How' do you Ulm it? •
Friends and patrons of the Register, let us intro
. ducelo you our new, enlarged, and improved sheet.
' The %bi - 'promi_ . ged improvement is at length tic
compikliN **et 4ist ~tritinner I could afford it—
thousiitresiblLTay. nott
suit the y taste of ever
one among various t astes to 'be consulted.—
Some wished to see the Paper enlarged tolho,size
!!9 . lls*!•"WmWrat". 9f thip,..phiev r or a little
with correspondingly huge type, forth° purpose: l °f
` . !lii*tegnitt Shirr in sire , itc.,WhiehiWould have
Mad:Fold' ft necessity ti . purchiiie a new rreis; of
4 haw ititte;hl addition to the cost of 'type, and
othermateriabytequiring . in all an •outlay of near
,s369oVitud-aretti . deal of time. and talk has been
-••• i k dfithig thefitiat winter.alti;utiaising,',,,by
.`tau 4 pthirktunting the Whigs of the county. eaten
"linfilttiitcooniplisti all this; after the ,manner
. 11tath i Ptins - ting eitablistinntr have Wei* Tit -u by
iltel4:inlitY of publie spirited citizens seveial
of,* 4141jacent counties. ()there at the same time
tae counselled that so large a sheet for a there
Attik , ,rwaa ithuroertluelus undert3dring---that it ire
itliaM "s eft 'sheet, isriritat on ft wpipact l ;blt, gvd.
• and clear-faced kind of type, was altogether .stitli4
tient in a place like this, Whereadvertising-pitron
armlets not very exterrkirtre; lintlq=ince the attempt
to robe so ,large; it sum . Crean The ,liberaliV of per
sons in favor of Audi.= ejaterprise, was found tp
ifitprietimblephere, where Whig:Presthag
erto been kept up by the
,individual enterpri4e
r itiellieter 'Without taking the lili;rality of eth.-.
ers.rhg,?aY•*itch Cztfj&arth4flari...ilid hr their
littionii.thii plat was at least worthy of c‘avidera-i
AnzioT44`far as .possible to. Meet, the, wishis and.
lcxpeotatiansof. all, and yt...4 reselvtal to du tom,
sysigin thelvay.of. impetweisent without tier fur-
Ilitirlielay*ither than waste' time in fruitleiis talp
-1/9 abotft an 'intfirevement list' and m y In•es .
I' determined to enlarge (for the balance of this
year at least) only to such a size as would -co .tv
*Milk the rapacity of the' Press :now in 121i0 1 .., the.
gearing of which I have jiist•Ot i repaired for the
PAlpoli; but *fuller to be enabled to furnish as
ruidsveadingmatter as' any other country paper
around us,iselecthl for the Main proportion a s kincl of .
'44to a close and compact bogy (though with
a comparatively large, clear, and plain face,) as you
*se - tee:in the selected matter of thi and' the fa,t.
page, the' difference between which and g tlIC
'generally" u ed in country papers (called font'
,r) will be seen by comparing it with the agricul
tend matter on the fourth paqe, and some articles
idso on the thirtl, haA hr . ; procured a small cpiantity
't;rtlial tn. the sake of variety. [For the itiform: -
that of those readers who are not printers, it atupld
No remarked that the type in this and other-original
:aides is of the same size (called liveries.) as the
~ eyd matter on the first page, the llues being merely
leaded apart with thin leads,ts is the generul cus
tom in all papers, to distinguish original freak select
ld It will be seen by this hew- kiri c a
quantity of reading matter we are able to compress
it type of. this body, which is a sort of medium Is.-
vireenthe small type of some of the city papers,
and that twist comilmely used in the country. •
rrepeat, how tip pet like ill I sin not
.that fawns of trozoim notorietA and
will not presume to say it is the very handsomest
t psi' i'ver published in - tlitr.c I
leave it to the taste of the readers generally, to Say
if this kind Of type which I have chosen does not
makeorith this sized form,about as neat and prat y
tvi4reet-ae , Ntitthern Pennsylvania ever -
bf approve of this size, form, and va
nety,4'..type irhic4 I liave.adopted, please to Mani
fest it by railing the right band-4 from the pocket,
if •yea please.'] thom who wjuld prefer that,
.at. the close of the present volume, a netv:andlirg:
erlYeliF44 l l more ;of di, L l r g e loud o f type lowd
be Procured, so as to afford a larger and nitre shoo - 7
Nor thrift ever litifc!re.-printed here, pleahe to
it' by- - -shelling' out 'a. suitable cent:rib' MIMI' of itpiaall4eAt!ner
RualLl,b• Sustained?
. .- i rhiitwfomited to the lailaribio - public fipiit t of
..:yeral friends in this county for their liberal 'nil-
Ilincinackaiiti iii) the imp:wen:lent just accdartsll
- bare with Out any loud
,and long
. iiit xth ed, 4,,p:iiif.ii . sais of what they were going i . o ? .dri,
.imianitly.ut:,quietly furnished. their aid.whenTac
tpsiiiteitliiival loom' red,' the, materials :to. a great
ritantimlU'rtrra rtuspotisibility, - wbich :in ray situ
-44-i#inat 11 1 61 P / o* at6 o il/1 4: q
4}KittisiLefflr:l4o*t ' 4.ekr:ifd patronage 04
inmilabkr.taisintain some presses, itinetes
.o.4, 'that, Moabd be trizitiddy patronised by the 6-
**1,9f..#48 county 6 sPir44 l ,Y,l ; c l , , Ostala lac inthe
0.44*9 i. 41 , f 1 04 a - Ale - 40_42=Y - it throngh fix.
tend ally. If *dairy, perseverance, and iuditing
uffnetirtogiVe.tidlifaction can merit enecirmtget4.nt,
Vilidui lijitiiiipiiii'lci'dOserve it, by iny.ilseiddis
to print a neat a nciliandoine, as well as alefili t ipil
it&reThltingl - paper.: But besides the ontlity , upon
tibrelf Ilatve,trittirett in procuring thesl nutted
, the 001' iSiohig, to cost •nearly half :Us Meelt
in theadditiottalilabor, of, alarger sh . cei - and
handler type w furnithing as much mom readingMat
kt`nOt irilt'iiimbVeek.. , :,'Of course Fought to!ex
04* #74 0 :: ii o'4 ;l # ei k , oilir 44...e,' - gi. x
ca . smin, live by -,it,, Shea, Wc for it in yairituttong 1
an able and intelligent community, such as:go:du 1
h up in this my nativetoudyf - .
Mure. am iftitioil ways
,ttt, trltich sub
~ A ai
iilOTlkihrgr‘no:Ant.-I..ittay.heititstidnUd, aia; 4
ntingatianiandlniableittnltiffecta remuneration of
time Who de **ITS - 46+1v bf life riiiiikt - ' i l ei I
01,2 9 Ftgirr !t i.v. :‘Wit e ; te,Wi4kt .to
f3pay in a satin manner manner tikit4 i lulenrnw,
itiirrce any di*. caned -the purchases- I - 've
; 4.1
4iz;;;I:B. ,"7 , 4s:**Li: J. .r: ...:,' , 14 1•" T .', , A ,- i • .
.1 - 4 1:0451,1(11::. 1 , 1 e:.2:. 1 .; '.-.:4-41A, j,i•f_o± i .1 - ‘t
Air afmw..usy up; eap•Ce: gr,
.900411094 4 168ing.WINI - Ae444 A#7llol:*.f4 i ,
• 4 1 ****Iftelq ; d e: ! liilaritbi:d whitl 4 hti
arn)thte, and could'easily afford to contributn - thrk
'46N4l 4 on4 Ki f*i.( 44 W .lo4e : o * -Aoll
#iiiii4lo#iii r s4 - . 0.10: .Aiirtli 4.p:wig*. (1010.
04101141041411114, iri*-1100Ch 'flier skinaldi - re:
(14e $-e34rsabOi#lii*Wei&iiii4ti fti;..Ofigigii; ,
9.7,M00.0.4,04,04**1411-4:**4ltr.. 449,
I.Oitii*.444lMtanunit4eit role utial . ttio L iroe
!knii o,3ir4i. ifrailtplitig ibey.t4
_inchyjdunl eommtheing now, may also have
gl i Pi:, ' .peirra,, ltiso, f 1
van '') • ~!i1 - . r
ere • one ts , • 4 u 4aindi : . 1
nitf . ~.•']:..,*,':- . e ' ' 'raz e ; :
,v t
it pay kw copl , -0 •,I , ,1 t. -
P. a, 4- - .% , . .)..:.=.-
rind'wo" .o • , iteipbers at . ~a or more
sluiet. Will each este Ilyrthia plan. forthwith #
W' We shall send this first number of our im
proved sheet to several old subScribers who have
. • I
heretofore paid
. uR .to discontinue, but of whom
;eriMiit.TYheltidticeitirtmlgain, 417,774 see
ioat int, inipmvement ire-haielearle,'* Should we
send still another number to any one Ilkho,iloes not
wish to continue, they will .pleas® signify: LIT re
turning both, by mail or-otherwise, to this 'office—
We May also send this one number to some distant
friends and acquaintances,inerely to let them Sec
what we are doing in this age of improvement: -
rff - Some:persons who have taken the:Register for
a long time without tuay.thing for it, must
not be surprised if this is the hilt number they re- :
'iir..:o &melt's. After expending so ;nth foe our
iinprovemont, we cannot afford to ,print rt paper for
1..011t ;iv atty . longer. ' t I
Vir‘Ve;are unavoidably delayed some two days
be and date this week iu gating out The first mina
-oic.Fteri,ister on The now type, dc. ; The
terialS, anixed liixe late our Saturday might, when
instead of having one side of our paper printed ' as
ustial„ eti Monday moving ire bind to commence the
whole' natter anew=--standing Antate4 even, all to
be renewed, after unpacking and arranging in eiiyt.
all the sorb of new type- -fitting all the new rules,
rimaiture, Ito., and cierpleting repairs about the
gearing of; the presS, bur - reers
Alowever, doubtless be reconciled-to the delay, an The
appearance of the impmved new sheet, which we
hefewill liesout in better season again next week.
Mr' Net only all our;raiding matter, brit all Vie
adiertis(Mi,ents. (*excepting neatly two columns of
sten• o t3Teti nx:dical advertiseinknts, furnished by
the advertisers, whose contracts for their insertion
have not 4pired,) are set up in fiirtire new type.—
h throwirg out alt the advertisement not net.x.sstay
be continued, we may possibly hark - omitted eon. e
which should bu continued, and one or two' new
ones intended for last 3veek, which were accidental
ly%mislaid may have escaped attention hitherto.
1„27 - While commending the fair appearance of .
orr new typo to our readers, it is but justice to the
nuntufneturers, to say to our brother printers, that
they wereproeured from the type foundry of Jens
T. WitrrF., pt cuff' st, r. •We MUM whiittiel it
superior article: can be found in any other I%tathrgii
tu4ut, nor can there be fmind more gentlemanly,
fair and accommodating dealers.
ThOugh we du not intend as a general thing
to 'till our first or mikellaneous page with tales of
ficli 7t, aria especially such, as arc ,continued on
weekly, we have eonusenced quite an amusing one
this week, which w ill be concluded in our nest. In
our endeat;ors as far as consistent, to gratify the'va
rious tastes of all our readers, We may occaiionally
select matters of this kind Sur their amusement,
while we aim to give a due share of such matter
a s is more' substantially useful and Instructive.—
Valtiahle agiieultau - al Eelectitats will be found on
.our'fourth Page. -
We intended to-have given a brief notice of
our rtzentAurrieti trip over the Railroad to the ei--
tyi of 14othim anti of •the admirable mannerin which
the arrangements appear to be now carried out by
tVe'Pakrolid trains, the gentlemanly and attentive
treatment ;We met with from the Railrolui Conduc
tors and others entrusted with the management of
the litie snifar as we saw (Er:, but we have been so
hip - licitly engaged in aßtherequisiloArratigements
fur our iniProve4 sheet, that we ,have had no time
to Trepardiany iatic4etory -tioxamt. of' ,events ore
netted Itits this frisk and pleasnnt journey this
t, •
ACtlCTlaCTl:.*LE6rrar..—According to an an
.. .weeks ago, an address wa.s
delivered On 4sit subject of agriculture ton respect
able audisnte Convened at the Court House, on
Thexd a y e*ebinit of Court, week, by Ifir. Abd Cos
siedy, a very intelligent practical Farmer 'of Dimock
township. r Though unable tolear it. for ourself as
it 'was befdre our arrival home, we hear the address
highly 9-Nlieh of by those did, and . We under
stand it ww resolved to hare, it published.
Coo DistecE..— -We understand the Locofoco
cow) , meeeting held here on Monday evening of
Court week, to appoint delegates to a State Convel.-
fon, inftrniqed them in favor of the ncnniniticn of;
Col. Aa P4moek i late of this qounty, as a eandidatit
fur Canal:POD' ;Asian . er. i . •S.
tier Our neighbor of -the Democrat in spell - in;
of thh I3ili to change th&Judicixtry Districts week
befor last, said that* whole
,indiad districts of
the tats were changed ii thice dais. • This is a
inis -e. 'The Bill had been before the House for
some time. before, finally acted on, and instead of
the Nihole; it did hot effect but aborit one quarter of
the diitii*, iituf / those most inconveniently arrang
ed. The - increase of -three new ones makes no
Mere in proration to the population and amount
of businesk than ssisted when the districts were
List arrangisibe4tre. Aid as for Ole special Courts,
which are.iinentioned as being necessary .by the re
appointinent 'of At' resident Judge. tit' this district,
they are tint nea.f so frequent a whet! Judge Jes
sup was first appointed, and are antinaiky:becaming
,still kits flioqueni as the time grows. more. xemOte
`Since ' he 1? aS~ acting '. as' an. Attorney at; the Bar
1 ~1 - . ~... : • ,
fiComter-lbaelevarePmzer BEwAirrzo—abe right
Af*YriYo.:#4 el*P l , l ?tkrin',
genious ale:I
Gently perehas 'ed by Win: 4513redles; era
ahurcleill,i of Great Bend; therefres foe male town
slop right* in nit Overtisculo4 3 4 # 11 . 1 fill*Oy
prepared fore nest ba ee4 96t
tea in et* bust.lthiecilurry wit:too:We ibis week.--
" 0 1 thpienIaving token Minns eye view- al
the left. ivithl."Etitiidge;!ef - thi43!
.14W1 14 40 4 du, 1 ,040c1ize44 0 ,n4fp1*,2f rig '
. PestikidsWe tket we*:
,Wptive r
ottloadfirlttAt.",rom.,) wealy , Afacrfry,. pub
lizled coo. Nii , ltneloywho was seeriungly hnt
Yogitirdikyja-seripling - piinter boy ill this jam& How
they cuing up..
Post Office Changes. _
Though a most doleful
t lis nriW litho'gr;
press at the . > • es t hie beenmadthius
,in Pact Offices: ~ ghlMt Ai Iltrioni
. 14111
- gave to be a greany miogilaefotie . I - I ' , _ hie
:....a. 4. I
-Ah equiliqrium alit' f4rmeg'm thedis ;utionlcf
1.1 .- i&e offices, liiifaii . kiiii been nearly4ll on one
-ter-fearapost--- The Dermorst • • I I
week, as awundorful outrage, the appointment of
G. G. Pride as Postmaster at Haden', in this coun
ty, in Mace, of S,a.a Saymotg ,Esq, r
the office kt a great many yearn, hetthilg Arig
ileadoge!.—No.anehdiarrible-entotions - wereinimi ,-
tested, by the Locus, when Whig Postmasters have
been removed by their party, with quite as little
cause for the remoVabastl6, wherein both the ins
and outs were worthy men as in the present in
stannce. •
- B. T. Cooke, Esq:, late editor of the Broolueße
publiam, has been appointed Postmaster at Bing
hamton, iii place of J. 13.-11. Park, to 'hake rooin
for whom T. Robinson (Barnburner) was recently
oust 4 by the Honkers, Mr. Cooke having been
misted to give place to the latter in his tum some
years ago. So
. this is only a restoration bf - a Whig
Postmaster, and a good one too. •
Henry M. C t ollier, of Binghamton, had Ipeen.ap
pointed Mail Agent on the Railroad, in place of Mr.
Anderson, late Agent. '
The Mail Robbery. !
In the hiirry and bustle of getting out our . lat
per,•we neglected to vecatiou the astopndiag ltajl
Robbery which had just been detected in: the Great
Bend Post Office on the eve of our leaving'for Neit-
York the week previous. Letters enclosing money
and drafts had limit repeatedly detained r lost en
tirely, during the last few months between this
place and New l'Ork, and Mr. -Bale a confidential
agent 'of the Department was sent here toferret it
.out, who with the aid of Mr. Webb, the postmaster
at this place, succeeded in detecting George :Bald
v. in, Esq., the Postmaster at Great. Bead, on the
mortan,g of the I th inst, when several; purloined
letters and packages were found upon hint, and the
proof being so glaring he owned up and isubtnitted
to an arrest, and was committed to jail in!this place.
The affair created 6-eat excitement for a few days,
but. he ha§ since been bailed under bonds of 43,000.
Mr. Baldwin was a well educated Lawyer by
profession, and . had- been chosen County Auditor by
the Locos'of this county recently, besides! being pat
in the Post Office by that party to the exclusion of
a good Whig.. or Wonder if the cry of " Pro
scription" will be raised at his being turned out.—
Obr neighbor ought to have mentioned his case as
the ".pirs!.
For the Suniochanna. Ilegiiter
.1. W. CHAPMAN, Esq.— Thar Sac: Will you have
the goodness to give publicity to thaollOwing note,
and oblige OW of the subscribers to the Register,
which has ever battled boldly and fearlessly fur vin
dicating those principle=l and measures calculated to
.benefit the great mass, as well as adding to the
common stock of Mformation that _must ever tend
to elevate and sustain a repres&tative "govern
meat I,
We observe in the Montrose Democrat of April
19th, a peace headed " The Agony °err: quoted
from the Luzern° Dethocrat, Which says, "Rumor
tells us th 4 the Hon. William Jessup 14 appointed
Judge of this district," and honorably adds, "we
have nothing to say against the Judge. He 6
a learned lawyer and a man of good meals." But
after saving this, it has no hesitation in saying that
Judge Conyngliath was the choice of tltht county,
by all parties, and would, had the matter been sub
jected to a rote, have received the popular voice
of the Aople ,of that county. We presume he •
might, and can testify to the fact, in saying that
Judge. Canyugbara is a gentleman in every respect ;,
a learned lawyer, a popular Judge, and a gentle
man of high moral worth ; an efficient public offi
cer, and tel a private citizen he hai feiv superiors.
But every leaf hath two sides : a ghmcq at the oth
er side will not be out of place, friend pf the La
zerne Democrat. We sincerely ask the question :
Do the many noble traits of character in Judge C.
detract from *the public and private' virtues of
Judge Jessup, who is composed of the same un
flinching material, and in fine possessed of every
natural quality which adorns a gentlemen I And
in return we have no hesitation in saying that hi'
lives as sincerely in the hearts of the citizens of
Susquehanna as does Judge C. in those of Luzerne.
And we challenge any gentlemen for' the proof,
that he is not equally consistent, and as free froth
carrying polities on to the bench, or mingling with
them in any way, which would derogate from the
character of his office. Itirtme any branch of i'n l
dustry, or public , improvement, calculated to aid
the sulvancement •tif the interests of the citizens of
Susquehanna, which has not received a marked
encouragement froth the Silage. Equally prompt
is he in adininistering justice to all early life
he took an elevated stand at the baround has main
tained it as a lawyer and Judge to a, considerably
advanced age. 4 Thorough acquaintance is his
better recommend. As to the political decapita
tion-of Judge C., We have only to say, this is the
naturalcxthsequenee, and fruit. of political chang
es. In Judge J.'si appointment Goventhrintinstad
has done credit to himself as well as to this judi
cial district:
Dimock, April .2s, -1849. ' **
Tasrmos.- -By the following order from.
the Adjutant Gen6rars office to the Brigade haspecl
tot of this Division, it will be seen that there wi,ll
be no trainiogs this year. The ; Volunteers
will probably be called out as usual! !I
• kturturr Gmarra's OFFICE
" 'Harrisburg; April VI, 'lB4l.
General Order's Ka I.—You will Immediately
colptorrnund tile hider !Moly imituc:(l . byi you toettli
'arid iiigpectiou A.' copy Ff
the'r'evisedlffita!Laar will be fiirwurtled to ytsll
early iU rheonsuirigwecic, •
I You*at, ' AV. W. IRWIN, '
.„ .
Gen. P&'
•' ' I
__, • -c! , I , i
'Tut Oar Car 111,0Sconnicm.;-Were .wry to judge,
trait:the tioiwadd ceaseless Cry Of thei Union tind ,
Peuntrybanian, 4, might , be supposed that 'every hr.
caeca head; , winkh never enjoyed the Shelter den
office, hadleearhoppedaf, and heweito atana.—= ,
But the fact is, scarcely anything has been done sal
yet: , Of the I'ooo liostniasteni in the country(
less•tban 200 , ve been supereeded,i including A-
Jafge tsiimber 4 po inted , to :fill vacate' ies. This ;, when Wig known tit:is at least tinee , fmwthS tit
the whole numbeirleotrie. within:Oen. Taylor's role,
is nothing at aIL, We infer, however, that simnel,
thing handsome Will be done in due Season, in • •
likely very soon. , ' I.
'l,4 e C #-. •
, ..
, M an en4 3 ; $: fgri i rd.:lS:we-le : '../
~.. • • - 44 • i , . 1 '4 ,, :I
i t„
i, ; o e i xciteXto - ors 141. empty tr 4 a
~ _ fiz*im et . dMX iiripro
,fable_ il llinfi ~, 11We4i . teltiya:, .. -
unquestionably t leading design of our so4t,
lcirdifTsiifilipie iiialile'flEZTriffrieireelit'
theeocistY'shout be extended and visibly felt; tool,.
and upon every acre of territory in the county;
ithat every ,acre thereof„ should,* some Tray, be
reprented at our coviity fairs., and should obtain
lirraringr — at the sitine: Butitnmst be obvionsthat
tionipetition far prerniumrt naturally intercepts, all
the lower grades of our soil, whereby many Veci-
Wens of cultivati n, excellent in the'- kind, dcr not
become general y )mown, as they ought ;--that
many metluxia o tillage, independent of the barn
yard, a fact Whi the face of our country imp&qes,
and which should not be overlooked in the, / a&r , kid
tura' estimate, axle passed by. The crops; -on the
slopes and inclined plains, of our county, where
manures cannot profitably, as it respects laborl be
introduexl, should obtain ahearing, as welt as those
grou a upon our creek bottoms and tablie land:,
Which are annuafiy wining fertility from the atlja
dent hills 'and slopes ; but which have hitherto been
intercepted by -the application of manures itudlati
mulauti, to the sobs of more eligible and accessi
ble.loo.tions. To obviate this, audgive the ,yuck-,
um of reprmterrbttion to every shade of Iticality, a
corresponding secretary has been vcryliudiciondy
provided by your, ~society,, to hold corrtspondtmce
Iwith you, on evnrY topic of the tigric+ural kind.
That office having - been conferred on me, it was
with much diffidence that I consented ti) serve you
1 ,
i l l :bat impoi tank and resposible elapse i'ty. . There
fore, in pm-aunt/cc of the duties involved, allow im
to invite you severally and colltztively,,ito a cotres
: pandenee, at the same time toksering 3iou, that 1
on do nothing ,tv, ithout your iedividmil co-opera-
ptopU:os to every member to keep a diary or
'registry of his system of management, noting doivn
the kind and quality of soil, the inatniut of ptpti
ring it for the seed s the quantity and dual of ma
nure introduced, if any, and the result; and; also
whatever may Cottle to his knowledge of agricuf-
Sultural consequ,,ence, whether in, his own course of
practice or that of others; together with such gen
eral remarks as circumstances shall require do be
Made, or as he may please ttl uffer; and deriosite
the same a short time previous to out 'annual exhi
liition,.at some place iu Montrose, wtlch I shall
hereafter designate. Remember we tire all plain
Men, engaged in a'. plain andlaborions pursuit; and
flint we -are engaged, not to make a literary show.
but on the other hand to obtain facts in a plain and
practicable way, and to disseminate them in an
form for the benefit of all. Hence it is
hoped that no,une will be heard to make excuse
When called upon to hand in his report, that the se
tretary may hitve something entertaining, .instruc
tive and profitrible to offer at your nett fair.
S. A. NEWTON, Cur. Seey. •
Brooklyn; pail 28.
List of premiums to be awarded by the SuScine-
Fuma County Agricultural Society; at the airmail
Fair to be bell in October 1849.
!B est acre of vr;nter wlPUtt, 65 00
2nd beet, do. Joluision's Aericilltural Chemistry.
Wiest acre spring wheat 1-5 00
;Ind best do. Joiiston's Agricultural Chemistry.
Best acre 'of corn, 5 LW
ff.nal best do 3 Of)
Best ,acre of ryc,
best acre of Oats,
'Pest firkin of hatter
21id best . ' do
,- - - -
;Best of any qiumtity not less than 15 pounds, '2 00
2nd bust do . do • du I 'oq
1 1 Bet cheese, ' 3 'OO
2nd best do • i 2 00
Best c0w..5 . 0Q
. 2nd bast do • . . '5 00
Best heifer, '- " Don tic Animals," by Allen.
Best stallion, 5 00
2ntlbo'st do i '3 on
Best breed;ng mare, '3 00
,2nd best do " Yountt on the Horse."
Best pair geldings raised in the ;Co., "Youati''do.
Best pair 3 years old cults, broke to luirnes, '
"lda.son's Farrier and ; Steed Book."
Best bull, - ; • 1 .5 00
!that best do ' , i 3 00
Best pair ;me i' ; ; 5 00
'Best pair 5 ; yetus oh! steers, - ; - -
" Youatt's Cattle Manual"
test fine wool back, ~ 1 3 ; 00
'Best coarse do -,f: 3 00
Best, flue wool ewe, 3 Uo
Best coarse do • 3 00
1304 lot of lambs not less than 5 in number, 3 00
Best bear,
2nd best do F
- Best SOW,
2nd 'best' do •
biseretionary premiums on all root-crops, and on
- Diseretinnary . iirenlitnas will be awarded on do
rrte is and needle work and the Ex
ecutive Conurlittee !iv-pedtfully aok the attention of
fhb ladies to ibi.4 honorable'braneh of industry.•
,319nttose, April 21; Exe&rave'Cortimittee.
Mntacutocs tsc.tra.---On Monday Ate 2d inst.,
says'ihe Cathon Democrat, as Mr. Charles Packer,
of Iresquelouing, in company withiur otherverson,
was descendhxg the plain of Messrs. Packer & Dou
glas, above this place, with a train of truck., they
hem,de somewhat unmanageable, and commenced
moving. with isasiderable rapidity: Mr. Packer's
a.s.4stant becoming frightened, leaped off, leaving
their entire nianngement to himself.
.0f course, his
powernuegtial te the task, and they came
thundering &twit threatening destruction to evcrY•
thing below. When near the bottom they ran off
the track o runi striking a piece of wood at the very
vete , of a preciPice; was throws from' lus
pbstbott over 'ibe; wall, and 'simpler to relate,
alighted, solue twenty-five feet below, erect on 1 4 .1
feet, On an upright s. inch plank.' With great pres
eke of ;mink alaig: thei.truckl above = were
a'bontrenta*,ddw him;mmther f botmd placed
hiii4'bey harm's. The cars, however,
renfaihed' °lithe iverge of • goiatp ovet. -Of coarse;
the alttiki-afihir,iwaibut the work Of a, mortient.
Fiera' i tieplace he descended, every.
polled thathe must :literally be
, • , 'treat .was • their:joy • And , eur,
.11&44 unharmed,in ,the least
;particular. -is Me 4;ouratuast.eitima.
,dke.with, hisOl,W,Y ; friends
Vex • t. ! • 1
OtQr4 1:7 ..
, •
j_llolll, DSIIIW,
.97. O.
1 93 •• a 4 5, , - 24 4
Apnikeill4lf 40;44Prep
+ioualAy volg liNgs."
~. * w-York• iiii. ,
itshifTei c e r ii line;
lipho• _:O4 ' 4Ying ..
' ** --4 •Tor rite t .
4to rdimi .. L'.
1 / 4
an tifice- .
we understand the coil
here to furnish at
„ dim
stockholders heMtmders
lished by the Company
th e B-roemeßepubfican.,
er in operation from Ne
This line is now wor
tent of nearly 450 . miles
nia—liut The company
by the appointment of I
definite arrangements
tween the old and ne
meanthne the old Corn'
.share of the receipts of
The Tine is very &dist-
No. 9 cast iron and g
the rode and costing
the Hudson river about
the -wires' ex l iending fres
fastened to the rocks
the Cwill .l l3.4:tis ;1
Peekskill; C4d_Sping;
town, NarroWsburb H
rose, Binghainton,'
Dansvilte, Nunda, Pike,
--22 m , an' •
No °Effete 'litre yet'
PeekskilVeneSitig Sinri
that every thing'veill
a short time---and that.'
proarpy . daily and irate
York by good Tepotters
Mr. Clay and
A very considerable
fe-ises w tepid the
Qaramoutit of ject of N.
ride{ into variouS sect.
offensive 'action; moth!
defensive and only `ol i
powtr or jr , istlietion o
Nyfirli the ove,
stitution; a third sect
tion, hut is even inure
its hostility, insisting e l
shall be d;ssolved in o
the' guilt and shame 0 1
These thtee!sects, the
in its dectun6ations of
tnainteinfoti the preset
alliance, all unite in di
who do.not:wear thei
and enitorse the wrist'.
In the Sttate of K
more than half s cent
history noted liamq
poor attorney; wit •
in a narrow sphere, a
fitly yearwitgo, Kent(
State lt;,lons_titution a
p...0p1e were nearly
'relight up amid Sla
ders, and amorally it
tion with favor. its
oped and exposed as
African Slave-Trade
sanctioned by the pa
participated in by
stmiclino and piety. 4
tv, andliati•been no
tion, except in St. D,
result, as then rep
well calculated to 11l
liortw. Yet, in the
Henry Clay did not
People of Kentucky
advocate of its extiu.
to be formed. He •
Short-sighted and to .
interest and conse_qu
considerations of Ha
Slavery was recogn
Constitution, aud no
ation. The effects o
pable. Kentucky
gmts, while.' Ohio,
hundred while fain'
immigrants till sour
is far inferior in ch
Cages, has twenty-o
ble the number of
disparity is ! every y i
Mr. Clay; perixiivi
against hint and the
see fit to persist in
discernmo utility.
3 00
3 00
3 00
2 00
policy of the State,
citizen and in the p
Senator, which he
which he served ma
inence. Yet ;I 18
American Colonizati
most emphatic man
unwise and wrung, ;1
nutte extinction.
—ln 1843-4, a fo
L,ng been silently a
dCrelopment. The
mean that influence 1
Slavery as a signal.'
perpetuated i/t all
t r i gn ing for the Ant
of Gen. Harrison an
Cabinet had throw.
contpletely into the I
cidental President v
its master spirit, • ••
struments filled the
Treaty of Annexatic
cret conspiracy be
official Instructions
our agents. in Texas
ening and perpetua
of Annexation. '1
dealing , interest w. •
, ricious madness by 1
and high prices for
the South hardly a
nefarious 'scheme.
Yes, there wns
Winter of-18,134 in
nexatiou interest'.
Union; idle there
was at hand. •He
to him by Patti
put forth a calm, dt
Annexation, in eit
great influence we
That it was barely
contest was no_ faul
profess such zealo
the Extensitimiif tI
than acted with an
this prot enee;
hounTyler, Welke
liest and most .thor
and Slave Extensi
-of the last four ye
in•blooilraud'lour .
Seventy-,five ••to,s
would now be out
tel needful
manta But, while-
Power really pred
&wirier' Of Antiex
- Moat and persister
as much nn
tieveteo to the in
wbn;4lcited this
Tr* with
Debt, are now nicx;
l l i r.elelPgraP h •
x . ~,
oii it hie been in tt,
q . ,•••
• _ nce4iiand fro through
I orffg itiffi .ostesil
...t ous he ,''for the wmit,
& hccf4a-thii place, will&
inult . eskect, the : citizen!
own expense, • whil - e - 'Ne
bbl that was to be 'e.4ab-
Ry the following from
t seems the line i 3 howev-
I-York to Lake Erie.
'ng through i a r whole ex.
from New-Yorli fo Fred&
.not yet been organized
esident and toirectors: No
velet been lierfected be,
Companies- -but in the
I •
any has its proportional
ie bizainess.
tinily built of heavy wire,
I - poles to
o a mile. The lino erosseu
7 miles below :Newburgh;
13reakneok to Butter Hill,
staple. ` ~lis offices ort
'Parrytowm , Sing
otOborgli, GoShen,
I:nesdale, Cerbondale, Mont-
Jefferson, Bath,
'Springville, Lodi, Fredonia.
1 1 ..tnbli4lied •at Springville,.
4 4 43 .; .
.'," Itgespepteci and ho
!.-'o.atisfaetorilSr arning
lino of the results b c •
eating veports from New-1
arkl•operntnk. • •
e Mew of One Idea:
lbolipea t y in our (viery pro
tion a SlAVery 11.. , the.
. tiohal ' , solicitude. It 14 . 41i'-
.. one insisting on positive,
. r - preferring Ito stand on the
pose any extension of the
Slavery, trusting to natural
throw of the dete,ted • in
eprecates all Political
weepingthan the others in
en that the Federal Union
E der to rid the Free States
their, pnt rese connection. -
I• - t vehement anitunsparing
he two former, which two
t a precarious and difficult
ounciog as Pro-,Slavery:all
badges, follow their ways,
i ns of their respective incul-
Lucky there hag lived for
ry a man not unknown to
CLAY. ho was eyoung and.
, the time when, mere than,
eky first undertook to form a
d set pp for hemlf: Her
all, like himself, Virginians,
.ery, ninny of them Slaveliql
r dined to regard 'the institu
vils had not then been devel
they 'have siOce been. The
was in papipeotis activity,
is law of Christendoni,lual
eia eminent for mercantile
Tll4O was no Abolition par
nstances of extensive Aboli,-
ningn, now Hayti, where the
seated and utderstdod, was
every mind with aversion anti
'ace -of all these influences,
hesitate to Stand before 'the
e enemy of Slavery and an
don by thv Constitution then
as overruled and voted down.
taken -calculations of personal
nce prevailed over abstract
vanity and enduring
ed and Shielded by the State;
irovision made for its termin-!
'that vote are now very . ,pttl-1
s ten Representatives in 'Con
hich had not at that time a
es,. did, not begin to attract,
years afterward, and whichl
eand other natural advan-1
Members, or more than don
i, • 'elder ' neighbor. And this'
tar increasing....
g the question thus decided .
opportunity gone by, did not
agitation of which he could
1 1.. e , conformed to the settled,
1.1 th in his private capacity of i
bile one of Representative and
successively , attained,, and . in
iy years with unsurpassed em i
7',. in an Aildrem before thel
it Society, he reiterated in the
er his 'aversion to Slavery as,
id his arifent hopes of its ulti-,
I •
it:fable conspiracy, which had, reached the point of
Slave .Power--by which we.
In our Union which regards!
blessing, to lie. extended and
' ra.zards- -had long been in-!
exation of T 4 xas: The death.
the hreakin .up of the Whig
the Execu 're Government 'bi
Iluthils.of thiqmier. The Ac-i it
as its biol., Olui' C. Calhoun, iti
of St:ate; iti in
of the InrnL A
tell; tuuk the se
t struggle. The
•ts Secretory
I was north
no an ope
Depottment to
cen the Stet
ied the strength
to be a chief mid
iirg of Slaver.
•ing and 'negro )
;.med to ava
'near markets
le Throughout
ed against the
he prospect
etigrtiat .. sta
of was
.sn.l Henry. Clay. spent 'the
NeW-Orleaw s ; the 'focus of :An-,
great Aare-mart of the;
ed that .1s perilous crisis' ,
leid on die Course prescribed
an 'the loci of Freedom. 114,
I • forcible argaruentaonia4
shape: His .ntinie and
to the 'Anti-Texas ca
overborne in the succeetlin
othis.r Halt -those who
and all-absorbing hostilit
.Slave 'POwer..l. in our..,n
approach to consistency k
iil(port 4 f . of_theni' •
& Co. to elect one of tho;
ugh.ellarivions - rof Arius • T
~ to :the. Presidency; . the , #
rj , would votliave been wiz
1' ovelaunerik irtsteml o 4l2o';
! !Hundred •Milliotim'or. - ,W 7 .7
f debt after drive*. .., .
HiverquodAbutot:Auip • , e.
• V:ery_Slatiriamithit the , , ve
,ImatUe Netealfor -Polk , , .th.:
i '
_thin, liatei lark, 't Indial 1 2 4 11 eaj
' ied foi. him 14 MeanA a enu4
It assert{ons that Mr. (ibi wa.
7 tieidat,as . Polk. and •as i.O
! .. - . of Slavery 1 : And item,
11 ' 8111 4 and thus; breught. ukatt . ,a.
Pi . i . 4 Fq_n e dgg Var"and.ltatis
I,ver.iletrs. cur Free . Soli 1,1, d
'...bir. Claybas . eince retN_Metl in. retirement, hard
liTi. cb . . aftrit'sreept once in tom
elkflationlPf 'AV 6 r 40 , W*leo and in earnest .
: e f , l '' lfr ` ":-.. /04 ,. . ucetYcithithis'PVO**4,*cit.,,ilndtoetdOilothwitour
, a n t s v had t e ll : ti o c i Pe t P il e ter a...... l- f .
r?:. t on gthetr tato litution. That C onv •
-,3 Kt i o-bi l chiLvri"lit of course' preserna a
'crisis in NV , an effortbrnay be made ti.,,minst the
"65 i n g thin r ch6-161arm'e5r : 1, f an o l r d7 . 17 t h h t ,t, tre:44 1 : 1 ? f Th i r i b eri q tu zi l- O n fl an :i s
s i t tiM e mti te te lY tion of it ca unavoidable. Mr. y
ai, ai th i 6 d ix re t!m o ta, ,,, re e insur st e l 7fLoW: l2itmoor tt h i: ttmivrance . 4 li f ixii"tak e r*S e L e •e 6 n lethisyneedft ' ude. ..
....- ,
Wi a s te let f t m er gL it h6 •cal 44 *-nioderabi titiar •
in its
bone; but no Om ion fail to See : 'Chile' ..... te d
to exert it-greater intiukoceadverse,toln kv 4. s , ;not
Mime ilf Keiitticky but Oreuglaiut, fie South,
allthdt has been writte4i and said by Aboliticitur ft
nod iliOnctive Tree Sellers since they were borii '
• :True, Mr. Clay dome not, view the subject' Pie.
cutely us they nor we db ; but what of that I Does.
. ady sober man..believeihat his letter, . if written to
the. dittatied of William Lloyd Garrison,or Eitanit.
Sinith, would itiVeliaill .1. better effect throw**
theSlave•States i Is therti a well infornixitnr4
wiardesireS timextinction of Shivery more ,their -tit
aehieve notoriety anti power by ,opposing Slavery,
who would prefer thatiAr... Clay, had tahen,ultns
',o4iiiiid f We all do UMW' that be is,in the better
sense of the term, a "Cii&eriative, hostile fo sicideis
and violent changds in Oistituticets and ~ , public poll
cy,and belleting tlini,'..#neipragriLls Mast resemble-
' timt of a tree or, , ,,othetlivnig .ormnism, which is•
effected throtigh imper litibleOradationsof growth:
cratherfhanliksirdtlen a' pito& arid . t.
T r,
I eeist if ydli Will that fl etel4 a de4iieephilotiOpliy,
bid remember thail*Clar streaks to a•r.lasii of
natids that y-otbetuniot-Iftch , nn wields an' it'll
' mice that yea should.prize, the more' because it is so
different from yours. before inSistitgithat he 'shall
-pronounce your Shibboleth de, eon
sitior whetherlis'abiliq to serve the eauie of Free
dom does not dope:rid edtirelY • 'or'mainly• Ott those
vVry qualities which ydu fegardcwith sueli MicrSion.
—l. he l moral of the' iipiettaele presented by the'
attacks of the ,A.butitior(pre„sseo4 Mr. clay's letter
I 14- -Be not the slave of tt hohby 7 ,-Ile. lAA men of one •
I idea- If the idea Is a good one, embrace it; bA. do
not ht it run away wi di you ; do not itilag,itic that
nothing else cats be irmertant or righteou s but that.
Opposition to Slavery right ; but the use made
`of it t.) elect Polk, and t us involve us in Annexation
nod War, was not right, and never can be made so.
We made no "choice; kq' evils" in supporting Mr.
Clay in 1844, but wenttfor the greatest attainable,
good, which is the hestifure know how to do: f Anti-
Slavery is right—so is free -Soil ; so is Lind . Re
form; so is hostility tocWar i so are -a- great Many
other things. But no rime of them is erhliutively
right, nor exclusively iteportarit ; and whoeyersur
renders hiniself utterly itti an yone is, id( W a ger of
depriving hinvelf of op )In.banities to de good, hind'
even of culpably negl o ling publie 0144 .;-4.,044..
°TverY truth,.a: a :,,giT4,4•! . ..o4cll.ittlik' ,44 ght ; 'and,
1 itl order to iltrio,,reanilain, &position .of just,itide
-1 pendeneeiindscalm coasideration. To-Day,•has its
Own round of canes ; do themi. but be': iu;it:scr en
tangled in any one the you. Gannet 4'rsettaigp with
perfect freedom gel iitiparthility all those of To-
Morrow.- -N. Y. Trib'utie. • •
. The Exe mption Law.. •.
~ •
The folloaing is tl; act recently phased by the
Legislature, to exertip threohundrod dollars' worth
of personal property tpout sale on execution'or dis
tris for rent; ' •?; ~• ~
AN Acr to exempt pitperty to the value 'of three .
inualred dollars from levy and sale on execution,
and distress for rent
SEC. 1. Be it exiaet,lby die Senile? .irnd MOW of
Repreentatives of the Ponnanonealth of Pemaylva
itia, in General Assembly met, and it is lierebyvnact
t.dby tlor authority of
i te Rams, That in lieu of the
property tow mtemp bylaw from levy anti stile
ou execution issued dpon any judgment Obtained'
upon •contract, and distress for rent; property to
the value of three•huddred• dollars; exclusive of all
Wearing, apparel of t e defendant and, his family,
and.oll)ihles and sel( - ks in use. in The 'l:un-'
1 )
ily, (which shall ren n 'mien:pled as heretofore,)
and no more, owned by or in,possession pf imy
debtor, shall be even t from levy mashie .on. ex
. ,
ecution.or,by distress r rent..
SEC. 2. ?that the Sheriff, Constable, or other offf
eer charged with tht execution of any Warrant
issued by competent ti thority, for the levyin„:;:i4i
en and selling the•property, either real or personal,
of 'tiny debtor, slialLiif requested by the delittif,
three disinterested awl competent personik
who - shahbe sworn r affirmed, to appraise. the
tiihpertir which the • d debtor mayelect to retain
under the provisions f this act, for which service 1.
The said Appraii , ers. si 111 be entitled to receive fifty
'setts etch, to beck as part, of the costs of the
p*xieedins, and pro erty thns chrken .and'ap
praised 4 to the value rf three hundred dollars, shall
!be exeinpt from levy
,and mile on the said' execu- '
Ven oflwarrimt, excepting warrants for the collec
tiOn ofitaxes.
s• a. That in anylaise where the property ley
;led nas aforesail shall consist of renlestate
iof g ter value than !wee hundredtiollairsaindthet
'defendant in such slut. elect to retain real estate
amoniniti,,,. in value t the whole sumer three -Mai
-1 fired thillars, or any I s snin, the -ittopraisots:aktre
kraid built determine hether, in•theif - opigio in
• , - ithe
said ival estate care divided without. inkrty to''ot
spoiling the whole an' if the said appraises 'shall
ideti line that the mill real estate niii befiliiided
as . oresaid, then the shall proceed "to .set ' , ltKi : nt.
401 itch thereof its it their.optnion shall 'be 'iniffi
id , to•afismcr the re uiretnent - of the' defendant
A .ICII case, desil„Tati , . 1- the mine by proper metes
al bounds, nil of Iwh i preeeed*shillt be ierti ,
ie in writing: by! the:plaid appraisem.l ot'ainajori ,
;3 1f them, under! hnt :Proper' hands 'and - sealOn
:h sheriff, under sheilf, :iir coroner, 'charged with
: IA
'execution of the ' in'' such •cascr-Whoi. shall
ke return of thh . , d' hi'thelliropet cortrtfrom
ich•the writ WM in -i totineetiou. with' the : And
' 't: 'Provided, That US section shall not; be don=
•_ . ued to effect 'or lin air the liens of the bonds; t'
3rt. , ,tageß, or °Oki; c4iiitactS, for the pufeliale ..:
of the real 'stater' f insolvent debtor; ; •1- ''''T'''''-
' Sec. 4. That npon
he fotfinaltiiarW4the - writ
oresaid, with . the procilees theieer4- the *
.intiff in the ' crOe Oludr -he entitled t.eharti - his
• ' 't 'of - senditioni'exiiontEs, as in' othercaSes, to inn
e 'residue of theltieal' , osMte included-in thelevi ,
iferesaid; if the app iserkaferftd&shalt have de;
Ichniiiednpon a Ili • of the said reaVeitate,
biit if --the said app . era sturH iletennine)
ic 4 ilivishin of Saul r 1 , estate,•the plaintiff ,
hairdWiit of venditio 1' exponaslo sell - tbk , whole
Of :the' real estate ' ' Mle& in7lneklevr.'tind it - '
Shill and may be. la . in 'the'latier ease,. for this
werenahnt tit ;thostx nook:*i'recivb•lrbillibio
Weriff 'or other,ofged iif tge Pares 411%0r such
as much as he would /tare received at the lappiall
bed value, iiadtheitualtrestestate'lAnt diva a.
Sge t 5.; Thikt.ll* , tvlo.Wijxt4isCet.i 9 l l .l4-,',0 0 ;#
eiwa rioos
Waled,' " All aet .. -rehliwgi*P•Xeeuo 74Lpiillipil
iixtee. nill.Jpop., rte 1611 - 41 4 P4lie-440.. '_passed
llOrty,six,.aud ti NY 4;0 , glikhilli,',#,..„ 3 pf
an act edited " An A t in iegaki ticer.f.ip-,;4#4,A.
..i t il ( *erg, in the city fYigebnirglN.:liiiit .0 1 0 1 * 10—
tt ru l / 2 Milting of she if's sales, andler,ethktan . -
" ,
passed lly,ent .lk•A•pril:,•.4.o**ni,4 lo4(l
44t.h1A4rP4 Iln4 fn y-4 takd ialiithiOPl!4#6,4l
- Ni ,. '4it. 11 4..... .14P, and the* 6 l".A.9*-,
. .
py , xeraind,, 4, ~, ; r .i • ,0 r. . , 1 . , .;.... -.' :, - . i f•-• "Ili \
, ;!5 1.40 . 0 '.' Illat I tile- Yißic a37 o -11113 rK t !t i.11,4.'Rt
6ke.- - ,effect imllklies,fiTA"laY-4 41 Y0: 1° X -.40
'.hall apply to 61;tS tkitffiletCl,l"4l4;, •
',date .
• the iaiti -- iir We ii,6oiitie .
Ail old Indy corn. !.., -
ing iohnbited, re . M with enarbasis that the
!idea was -ini*dihl it...tke l sitad A% u l*-1 11 4 -be
, :coma of tho peoille ' the offixiiioowli,*qelo,i
;pothingleftot.itlni a li,tpe,stroisk te :""
`.; •