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    -UONTI..OE_, PA.; J1T . 4)'41.:3', i 877,.
Z;ite Jo i 1 totho,
Toirauly's Cousqns.
Tommy had , been Cross 'all `day. - He
bad pulled lobbies hair, and taken his.
pea• nuts faun him. He Sad ' Sat -down
qusie's lovely' 'doll , and flattened her
Dose. and he had put the kitten on top
of the'. book•case. He had seVi.n., beep,
a lley and 'hateful to his dOar i ammo,
when she, asked if her quite
well, or if his long visit to;-the Apiarium
yesterday had, ~ tired Instead . of.
;an swering pleasantly, TomMy bad bunch
ed up his shoulders, shoved out his elhoWS,
and snapped
"No aint tired, ...and- I itint' dross
either. ,
Every one was --glad when bed-time
came, and Matter , Tomnly was taken
"I do declare, - Maiter Tommy you'll
turn into .a. Pa4t.Yi ' .B6 aPPY • , tnrtle, .ior
crab, some of these, nights, When you're
so cross," said nurse:.
a POOh I " said Won't." _
"Well. something wahkipen• l you'll
Bee it. it don't. .. I've read, .of'just such
things coming to - boys :in,' books," said
nurse, as she tneked hilt into his bed.
Nurse thought" ;he , : . bad, become very
quiet all at onee, mut as she bade him
"Goodrnight," she wondered,-.:if he was
up to 'more mischief. But he was alreadY
snoring as She reached the'dobr.
AS soon as she had gobs down -stairs,
Toqimy got out of bed, and felt under the .
'bureau for the piece
, - of mince-pie he
bad hidden there. He had taken it froM
thepantry shelf,
,that evening,, a good
big : quarter of a toie 2 -' It was rather
dusty, but tasted 'good, and Tommy sat,
up in bed, and Ate it all -in ten bites.
Then he curled dOwn among the
blankets, and wished he was a crab.
"I'd-arawf,right down and , bite nurse,"
he thought.' "I wonder how it would
feel to be
. a turtle, (;i• a crab, or a—a—"
"A yery fine . speCimen indeed," said a
gruff, strange voice.
Tommy .looked around. lyilere'was
be ? 'Where was his bed, and his room
with paper on the Walls
"Oh, my ! what is. the matter ? 7 i - diied
Tommy. He was sitting upon a, obit
of sea-weed, in agree, glass case full of
water, and a red-nosed man in spectacles
was looking at him. • .
"A fine specimen of fresh-water uichin,"
said the red-nosed man.
aint a Urchin," cried: Tommy, in ,
"See him open. Ili3 mouth I How ugly
he is !" exclaimed a arnail - boy beside the
red- nosed man.
Tommy looked around far something
to throw at him, but right at his elbow
Sat a huge hermit crab, who stretched
oat four claws, and said:
"Shake hands, cousin I Glad to see
"I'm not sour cousin,' said Tommy,
drawing himself, up.
"Oho I He says he is not my couain !"
squeaked the hermit crab, so loudly that
fill the skates came to see what Wasthe
matter. -
"You're a horrid ugly thing ., r scream
ed Tommy. "I saw you yesterday pinch
ing a poor little crab, and poking your
old claws into his shell. I'rit not your
cousin." ' .
"Now, just hear that ?" said, thiher
mit crab, with a wicked smile. . ."Here is
an urchin who pinches his little brother,
pulls his hair, and takes his pea-nuts
away, and vet he declares ..he is not my
cousin ! Nonsense I Of course you are.
Come along."
He was just stretching out his O&ws to
drag Tommy of the bit of • sea-weed,
when two little sea-urchins came rolling
along, and said :
"Why, here's cousin Tommy . . ,3
"Go 'way !" exclaimed Tommy. "I
never was such. an ugly, prickly thing
like a chestnut bur."
"Ugly, prickly thing, indeed !" cried
the sea-urchins. "Didn't *von pain
your poor mamma with , your naughty,
prickly temPer,—you ,ugly little fresh
water orchid!" And both the sea-urchins
gave him great pokes with their sharp
spiny sides, and then rolled away, laugh
'lag at his pain.:
They had no
.tooner gone, than up
came a, whole family of thin little alliga
tors,_ and with them a whole family of
fat little seals, giggling, bouncing up and
down, and eating mine-pie.
"Tommy, how d' ye uo ? How d' ye do,
Tommy ?" said they all. -
Tllev looked so - mischievous, and
big, that Tommy began to cry'
"Cry, baby,--cry ! Haven't any pie r
Bang all the fat little seals and thin little
. alligators, jumping at him and trying to
bite' tiia toes, till Tommy was frightened
half to death. - •
Just as be made sure they were going
to eat him, something, wonderful happen
ed. A'beautiful sea-horse, with a silver
bridle, came floating down, led: by the
loveliest little mermaid that ever was
teen. And as she came close:to TommY,
she said,l
"Poor Tommy! Come with me. Mount
my lime friend here' ' and we will take
you away from these tormentors."
So TOmmy 'got upon the- sea-horse's
back,—and he just fitted there nicely,
Which surprised bim; till he.lemetabeied
that Eine he, had become, a freth-water
urchin; he had exiiin, very SthilL
They pianeed away from' the seals= and
alligators. arid all, the skatea,smiled pleas-
Rudy- atiigey Passed. Soon they came to
the mermaid's hotte,,--a large pink couch
shell, with - sea ! wied climbing over it, and
a long avenue, marked by: rows of pink
sea-anemones, leading, up 'rhe sea.:
anemones bowed,' and waied their fringes
to the Mernaaid, and- w6lcomed her:,home:
"I'have here a poor- littl6 urchin Who
has• been puttished,; now - 'he
good,;: and,.happy,"? said the mermaid.
-Then they went into the conch-shell,.
and tifolllle. and around, and -up- th e
spiral stairs that were pinked at every
step, - till at ' last the 'mermaid -put tomiriv_
into a little bed. like a rosy pink Onset
and kissed -him goodnight;
-"Yon wont want. tc; get up and look
for pie again; *ill you ?" _said she •
"I - just" guess not. !" answered Tommy;
and then he fell asleep, while she sang to
him songs about the eetl:: . • ;
When hp - v.roke up the sunshine Was
streaming over him. - , -
"I did, think of giving him some pare
gorio,-ma'i-im," nurse was saying. "But
after a -little' while he Cstopped .crying, so
1 did not get up:" •
"Why I must Kaye dreamed it I" said
Tommy to- himself. Just then he looked
dOwn and saw some pie"-cruit,,crumbs in
his -bed.. "I 'don't know, ihoughi", he
."Marbeit was 'true. May be
I really was—a 7 - , urehin."—St. Nicholas.
for s 7. ne: .
e farit .4it#.:,-,,,!,4.
How to Plant a Tree:-
When - planting- never' dig t!,:- hole like a
bowl cistern, but only as the soil,
and loosen the soil below. Then, as,soon
As the tree is planted, throlit in first an
inch lof real good fresh soil ; set the tree,
holding it with one band,while on your
knees you'spread its roots - carefully with
the other ;let an aSsistant drop the dirt in
upon, the roots as he - would ,if-:be had e a
,sieve, and as it is dropped ' in,,
who hold the tree, .upon. your bended
knees, work every root carefully out
straighton a leyel line with, the point or
junction of it•with the main' stem ; .use
the flugers outspread in mingling- the
roots, and be careful thatian,air space is
left at the bottom, and also that the earth
upon thelower roots is packed the-hard
est or tightest of any. vAs, , you reach the
upper loots- only see that- each root is
surely surrounded with earth, 'and then
let . the last four inches' of, earth be
sprinkled on with 'a spade or shovel, with
out pressure of foot or anything else ;
do- not even flatten it ,with the shovel,
and be sure and keep your own and your
assistant's feet off; for every pressure will
destroy the natural position of the root
A Wonderful Specter of the Cotton
,•A cable dispatch from Londom_to one
of our daily papers says .: "A remarkable
discovery has been. Made in. Bent by
Signor Giacomo Rossi, Austrian 'Consu
lar Agent at. Alexandria. He has found a
new cotton 'Plant, which is so wonderful
ly prolific that it may prove a dangerous
enemy to the American cotton raising
interests. Signor Rossi, in. his report of
the discovery says that about two years
ago he accilentally came -across the new
1 plant on the property of a captain in the
Menulia district, who collected the seed
and sold it to his neighbors at twelvefold
the price obtained for the ordinary. kind.
The plant has a long stem, and being
without branches much space is saved:
It bears on'an average 50 pods on each
- hush, while the usual yield of the plant
•is about 30. A smaller quantity of seed
is needed, bnt the great drawback in
Egypt is thaf it requires ' much more
water, which necessitates the alternating
of the crops with grain and vegetables.
In the sea islands =of the Atlantic coast
or along tne. lower Mississippi it would
prove wonderfully prolific. •
Giasses and Forage Plants.
After many years of growing what are
called "tame grasses" in the West, in Con
tradiction "to those growing wild on the
prairies. timothy, Kentucky blue grass,
Orchard•grass and red top leave few kinds
to be desired by the farmer who is seed
ing down for mowing ; if for pasture
the fescues would be added.,
and for curinglat Winter use, red clover,
oats, rye -and 'maize make: excellent for
age crops ; some add Hungarian grass
and 'German millet. Cornprey, a coarse.;
leafed; succulent plant, is just now talk
ed much about as forage - for cows. It
has been tried in England, but soon after
its introduction it grew into neglect.
About Fences.
Farm fences are a great tax upon their
owners ; there are - ten times as many
fences' in this country as are weeded;; :
none are absolutely required, except those
about the pastures and
,:a- few hundred
rods of moveable fen& to enclose garden
spots or a feedicg spot for calves or some
pet animals, The objection to fences is not
only their great cost but also the valua
ble land they occupy and the harbor
they form for weeds, briars and vermin.
While we do not advise removing good,
substantial fences already built, we do
hope ,that farmers will hesitate befOre
spending their' time and money in such
useless outlays in. the future. '
Dr. 4t. C. Ayer with a fortune estimat
ed =at $l.O, 00E06, is doomed to gend his
tim e i n an eastern insane as i lum. Conn
sel on both side's ha v e agree to hie reten
tion, there for an indefinite period.
Tenic, and. Mandrake - • These Ine,dicines
kaye. undoubtedly- perforined more cures of,
consuniption than any, other - Terhe44y known. to
the' American public. They 'are compounued
of veketable ingredients, and, reentaiti nothing
which can be injurious to the human constitu
tion. 'Other- remedies advertised aa cures for
Col2sur4ption,prohably contain opiup),.svilich
is -a somewhat dangerous ging in all cases;, and
if taltert freely . by - consumptive 'patients; it
must do greit injury ; for its tendeney is to
coi4ne the morbid Matter in the system, which
of ,cOurse, must make a ^eure-imposSible.---
Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup is warranted:not to:
contain a, particle of opium ; is comphsed of'
powerful bu,t, harmless herbs; which act on the
lutigs, liver, stomach and blood, ',and thtis tor
reel all morbid secretions, and' expel. all the di
seased matter from the body. These are the
only means by which tonsumption: can: be
cured, and as Schenek',s Pulmonic Syrup, Sea
Weed Tonic;'arid Mandrake Pills , are the only
medicines which operate in this way, it is ob
viouS they are the only - genuine cures for Pul- .
monary Consumption: Each bettlea of this in
valuable medicine is accompanied , by'rull'des-
Options, Di!. Schenck -is professionally atthis
principal office, corner. Sixth',and Arch :streets;
Philadelphia, evety Monday, where all letters
for advice must' be addressed.
. •,, „ . • - •
. ..• .
• • r.`., • - , • "
- • „
Pr 6
"The„ Proprictor of abo - *e well
known 'Hotel
the following described property, on, ten
year's . credit Secured 'paytnents:
Farm Con taining-113 Abres:
Farm No, 1 contains 113 acres, and is situated most
ly in the Borough of 1.4 '
ontro-e has three orchards, two
bearing fruit. four barns, is well watered and fenced.
-house And 3 A•erpo. .
"arOne house and' 3 acres of land,, in therßor
ough of Montrose. House nearly new. •
Farm Containing 50 Acres.
Farm No. 2, contalne 50 acres, situated In Bridgewa
ter township, one mile from the Conrt House, in Mont
rose. ls`•acres plowed land, l 5 acres In meadow,' the bal
ante in timber, well watered and fenced. • •
Farm Contaflung 215 Acres.
Farm- No. 3, contains 215 acres, located in the town
of Smithville, Chenango County, N. Y.. 150 acres im
proved. well suited for a dairy farm. Good bu;ldings
And an orchard of grafted fruit, -
Home And Lot.
One hon se and, lot ow Whitney, near Carroll street,
City of Binghamton. N. Y., now Occupied as a tene
ment house by three families. Small barn on the lot.
53 Acres' of Timber Land.
gair33 acres of timber land one mile from Cor
bettsville; Broome County, N. Y.
Farm Containing 180 Acres.
180 acres in . Oakland township. adjoining the Sus
4nehanna River three milee from Basqueimina Depot.
House Afid Lot.
One house and lot near Brookdale, Susquehanna
County, Pa.
Salt Springs And 19 Acres of Land.
13,19 acres' of land in Franklin township, Sus
quehanna County, Pa., includes - a water power, and
known as the Salt Spring property. Has on it, a salt
block with 50 kettles. steam power, for pumping brine,
engine house, vats and all the conveniencies for mak
tng salt.
aOO Acres of Land.
, 500 acres in Great- Bend township, adjoining the
Basquehtpua River. • T4is tract is so situated that it
can be dttided to make three or four small farms if de
sired. 'I
_ -
Montrorie, Jan. 10, 1877.
larEstablished In 1863.aipl
The only place in Montrase.Pl,,to buy Spring Goods for
2.20 c6SirmleB 6 ,lrwilectiex: wrim
eta, and a nice 80x,.a1l for $1.60. •
The largest and beet assortment of Con
fectionery,,Chocolate, and A B
goods in town.
A good live of Canned Goods, FrAits,
Fish, and Meats ,
irw'Raving made waltab4 arrangements with some
leading firms in the city; lain prepared to order
from lists, thus givmg my customers the latest styles at
New= York prices. Call and examine catalogues and
lists before purchasing. •
S. Main St., 'Montrose, Pa.
iday 9th, 18TI. • -
The undersign ~..,"l - ' - - :„.'' ;4; - i,.. 11 ,2' ed will reeks
Undertakin '" '.
04 ),,,,m a Speciality
in the ir . : business
All needing their services Will be pronrptlyetten r d
'to. tiatistaction guaranteed; •
. 16• P a B MATTHEWS
Priendsville. Pa..P rt.! 1.187 i ' ' .
AT Tale orna,mer -
• (8trec8es0•11•To Bola,. it CORWIN,.
,:.;,-..,.,,, • - :"i'., - .1 - :.. • i,.. - . ~:-.,;,;-:;,,,.);•-li,::::,.,:-:
CoOk - StotrO
r•H iiit Stiiiretii
.. • • . .
. • .;,a s ON -, TIME-, , 1 -'..-: . - :
leilie name of a new Oek Stove', just nut, ontalning
a:new prinCiple in akink, and is destined ; to , tnake a•
revointion in the -onetrnetion of Cook titoves,_, Opine
'in - unit'. ' - ' ' -' - 1 - ' ''.. -
Ae a heating etove stands without 'a rivet
durability and economy. ' l, Come and side
and get names vi "parties now uaing
tt ti a
GI p„
. tq g
0 .4
We take special, pleasure in offering to th - Wholesale
and'Retall Trade, our desirable minall yof Tigware. We ,
ass none.bat the beat of charcoal plates.
And we defy any to , proauce better - g - Oeds for less
• LAMPS. -
A full line of Lamps of beautiful design. Also Chim
neys of every deemiption. • ,
• . SIONE. - - WARE.
Flower Jars, Haogiog Pots, C4lllllB, ißutter Jars.
Preserve Jars, Jugs, Stove Tubes, &c.
Butts and Screws Locke'and Knobs, Latches, Ca
Doors, Sash, Blinds: Glass, ' Building Paper, White
Lead, Zinc. Oils, Varnishes,' Paint Brushes, Spirits of
Turpentine, Paint cf any shade desired.! Also colors
for mixing paint. J . .
• BOLTS. • t
A fall assortment, of 'Philadelphia Curia& Bolis, had a
fall line of Iron Axles; Bar Iron, Boreal, Shoes, Nails,
NAILS. ' - •
We purchase in Car-load lets, therefore Jean sell to the
trade hikes quantities - as cheap as any house in the
Montrose, March 15, 1876. • , •
eWa aid call the' attention of the :Palkic wanting
Elrßeing the only Marble Works inch¢ Comsty,,Alf
All Work Warranted as Repreiented
Sneq's Depot, Ps-. April 14. 1815. . ' •
Ui~TgH T°°
BUR - Ng - Sr .WAITE
• -
Manufacturers of and Deale4 in
_ „
ILMIX AND 81.0. 1 1% LBS.:
_, ~
. ~, - A., specloir; . 1 -I
Preeniiter. Lots 'kap:44oo.i
- -, , ,i.H . , 0,1
aim r. MUTH
Tankhapock. Ps. Am. If. 1876.-11'
f .
Theunderslgned wishes to the thai he
Irp repa r ed to do all ktnde ot
• = . 1
COACIL aamacL i r, WAGON : & salon
-•- -
on short notice,- in the best 141% eivi at eiiemptabl
sn a ps l. At Bop_ ea' Pairings Feeto4.lleeharde Avenue
I At, msek's Wagon. Shup Ttnnpiltelitreet.
• , •4 . BIOS.
Montrose,s s efit:44 UM
i i
~.4- . *
.._, 4,.
--il K c
!-,-tis--:- 0 '
lii 1 15. i s:. -
_- '- .ATTlso
,-..,;.,,,.:,,.. •„ - ....
Ranges, Heat-
k ,
By calling on:ne.
WILLIS Del-03[16.
M.A. COMTLN,? gent.
. . . .
wnY:_, .. , - . FLowsl3 : §.,.* ? BL : Off[::. IN
. , ... ..e... .
.:11.0T,N1g,-.; YVAN 4:1.01_,- - -
Are yoif aware that you can obtain Summer• beat• in
January 1. That, you cimAmpart balmy', air Ito you
families that you,'can spontineout growth to
plants and,Flowcrs, l and that you cat , make home a
Little parade by, prtrcbasieg ,ohe of B. Saylos }lot-
Air Furnacea 9 'nese Furnaces are nOw constructed
With VAPOR . PAN ,by,.-which the atmospheric is tem
'perad.l6 thatlesernbling Summer heat. i • I
11 1
:,, TUBE-7N° MORE , CRY;: •.-',
... ,
-:. - . -,- • HUSKY - MAT: _ r 1 •.
And, the , time_has come, when consumptive :1 may re
pica in coal dreg: Thesb TurnaCes are sold en tirely up
-01:4 their ovyn merits, reed are -now .the ieading Furnace
'in this part orrhe genntry• All Furnaces are- warrant-.
,ed to give entiretisfaction, or no sale; ' 1 1 ,
I -
. I
-'I keep competent men on the r oad who are, well ac
quainted with the Furnace business and ti:vire con
stantly putting up these Furnaces. Teir - work is war
ranted to please, These Furnaces are
ecattered in
thefollowing towns Iltid cities:" . 1 . ' '
. , - I Willi 'l '
Binghamton, Scranton, Providence,' esl3 arra,
>Kingston, %Pittston, Elmira. Waverly, Williamsport,
Great Bend,' Suspnehrnna Depot. Bancoek, - Delhi,
Downsville, Andes, Ria4garetville, Franklin& Unadilla,
Owego, Notthumbeiland, and many other to*na, —
. , r•
Any person wishing a recommendation frnal'any one
living in the above named _places.. I kving. ll ol l Y-Coireli•
pond,with them, giving , Names of parties now using
theise Furnaces.: '- . - , . , -' - , -% - t - ' -- «:
Manufactured by. I
_- :- ~ L. '
in beauty,
Montrose, Dpcerabeetid. 1075:
Sitve your dollar by ISuying'yodrgoods of
- • Will. 1121AVittEN,1
who has just received the large 4 and. best .
. '-selected
. stock of
ever offered r ill' , this
consisting='of Dry Goods, H t. , F 1 •G aps,
Boots arid-Shoes, Ready - . 1
'Clo - thing, (for childr6;
men and= boys) L i
Yankee` Notions'' Hosiery, Fabey donds,
• • 'etc., etc.
Ofrer my stock the. vc-ry lowlegt Pries,
Call and examine for your
lion ; as my goods are all 'cheer.
' fully stiotvn, free ot
ell'arge - and
' ' sold '
j 131 r I T C H E I S
O A F p - c
12 OTHER '3LA..19K,16
fl New pletes sheet umile,retaila for $1.75, sent for ii
ct l a okstatap.Cheso Music Co.,Aliddleoro,Masti.-25
SUN ELEGANT CARDS all styles. with pante 10e...
Postisli . J. B. HustweNassan. Rena. Co.N.Y. 21-43
Beet bargains In America.M. A 1 - 2•52
Mapsend Catalogue freo4l'
D@OE' • 0 isi utrodtot
. B et e is e r h lilitva °n aPilic s s ( r ) S z eiliHWl.lll'Bl
NEW ficait P-BOOK.. Apply, with statrip, t:. 4,Tohi) K.l
Ilalosil, 139 East giamat i gtrp
Eight s i
t., New York. i
►2:3- •
BLUE AND BED • Dr. Pancoast's great work is;
• LIGHT. now ready for 'agents. The only;
book: practically treating this now universally ahsorlol
ing topic. Sh,ows how to apply , the treatment, and:
,tees of many successful cures made by the use of.thial
wonderful medium. Oircultys and best ! terms to'earlyi
applicants. 1,
J. Pd.. STODDARD tt, Co.. 723 Chestnut St Phila. 20-24
By H:N.Maguire, who has spent 12 years in the re
gion. Latest accounts of Gold and Silver' protpecta,
Agricultural and grazing resonrcos, climate hunting,
fishing. Indians, aceri settlers' adventures with 'thew,
'mining and wild weatern life, the waterfalls boiling
,beysers, nobly scenetiy, immeuse gorge'. . etc. With 27
tine illustrations, and one map. Price only lOcte. sold
gy all newsdealers, or sent post-paid fdr 12c. by DORI
NELLT, LOI D & CO., Pubs., Chicago, 111. 94
A Safe, Sure and Cheap Destroyer
01 ttle,
POTATO. 11111, cons .
"RIM . t , n . et 41 1 44 1 1 / sleds h '
R I Madras is wflea,
asia to spelftkloil. SIM dna. Ito dpi to Tioftio, aka Woo,
, Oath U costa oft ono. I Semple mallet tor 30 cuts (14 RN boa.) Send
• ' Re Chou* with. hoeftbofts of toitimoilgo. Dliomell is Oft trod&
I K Cortbaft Sty Now Took Ift
?or tatleby B. S. Andersson, Lanesboro..
} _
, , . . ' E t.,
13: SAYR
from ' any source.'
I :1
WM., HAYDEN. • ;
New M.lllord. May 21i3d.18T7.—tf.
,• •
The Tip Top Package la the lasest emit
best selling out. FOAD /NV IN&
. 1 4 I
.8 Sheets Note per, 1 eve otelle
- ; Pencil. Penholder, Ocoltiera P.n.-S.IMR%. ,
ghat Gold Stone Sleeve Buttons, Sot* -
lathe George Diamond Pln , Amethyst Stone Ring !Meld with
gold, Amethyst Stone -Scarf Pin.„ Gold-plated Wedding Ithm
Bet Rosebud Ear Drops, Ladles Flowered and Silvered at Pb;
Ladles Fancy Set Pin A Drops, Gold-plate Collar Button, Gent,
Gold-plated %Vetch Chain and Set of Three Gold .rlated Bauch.
The entire Lot sen tpoo-pout for 50 :
Placer; p
Clinton Pia ow York. ' N
ItEAli THIS I! L 4 I
A 811
L ,,..
chance for .0 Icake.or- Have Inciney,l
AND OE? TUE TOT GOCIDS L'l THE . AulialqlT. ;.l 1
guittaz AoTnim,- .A.„,
. \ , . -,
sold at iblirer prieen Ithan the name qualities can
bought at any other ,honee in this country. Ali, '
gueranteed to be satisfactory atui as ropteseuted, !fir th
go 4
money will be refunded on return of the goods. which'
may be done at our expense. . i 1
The reputation of Or house for ielling standar d •..
at Low . Prlee.i. (for 80;yeara.) has given us a star.din
in New York. City end vicinity, that la • not enjovcd by
any otherlouse In the trade. After mature delihera.;
tion we have determined to , offer. our__goods to honso
- keepers in the interibr. at the Lowest WhelesainTsade
Prices, when a Clutp i ls formed' large enough to IMke a
suntil case. Pe as to avoid coninsfon in distribution-4
9ocids will , be sent by Repress to collect on delivery
All wishing to save money by purchasing bunny auf k .i
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