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    Arrangement of Mails.
rrives. Depar k;
10^Ithannock, (Daily,) ....L 700 p In 1215 m
Montrose ..... 600 p m 620 Li'A
New Milford, (Daily,) ;.....1000am 180pm'
o wyalueing, (Daily.) 945 am 200 pm
Friendseille,.(tri weekly,)... . • . 600 p m 800 am
oonklin Statton,(tri weeklY,) . 700 am 700 am.
B i n ghamton ,via S. Lake,(tri weekly)..•6oo p m 700 p at,'
atio ppen,(triweekly,) a in• 400 p m
" The New York, (via - Montrose Depot,) New Milford,
raulthannock,aird Wyalusing are dal. •
h e omiklin Station mail runs Tties Thortidaya,
d Saturdays. • ,
end Bingsamtort,lnsil, (via Silver Lake,)runs Tneli;
j o ys, Thursdays. and Saturdayil.
Frlendsville mail runs Tnesdays,Thuredays,and sat
urdaYE. • .
The l'eshoppeo.mall runs Mondays,Wednesdays, and
A stage leaves daily for Montrose Depot at 1 tri.',aad
r `t stage leaves daily, for New Mi ford at,780 a. at.
d returntat 3 30 p.m.
11; C. F RDHAM rP. M.
, •
' • f
Montrose Railway Tinto Tablel
Atranguaent otTralns. T eir
o take et on Monday,c
April 17, 1370, • , , ,
.. ,
Down Trains.' .
_, '-' :' '
!OtiTHWARD. t Up Trains
' , 1
A. P. X.
1.1,5 10.15.... . ....Montrose ....9.00 4.52
5510 25 ' A11en'5......, 845 ! 545
. 1028. ....COW'S '-'4 ' - ' 890 4'48
605 .1032 Hunters ~.835 444
60S 1030 ..Woodbourne 830 440 '
612 10 90— .... . .Dimock ' ) 525. 436 :
• 617 10 47 . '' - 'Ty1er'5.......... :815 928
625 1057.... ..... bpringville.. ... ... ~ ..805 - 420
630 11 05.. .'. ..... ....Lynn 755 412
615 11 I_l3. - .. Avery,'s r 745' 105
653 1128 . ...". Lemon . • 7 354 00 i
703 11 .53.... ..... .Lo beck..
~..'.7 2.5 345 ,
715.. 1195 ' - Marcy's - 715 337
72012 00. ..Tunkhannock . 700+ 322
T: Ili iis will run on Lehigh Valley time as kept in the
OLlke of P..t, N. Y. RR at Tunkhahnock. t;
All trains connect at Tunkhannodk with P. ..16 fol Y.
3, it, going north and south.
JAMES. I 'i s
AMES. I. BLAB LEE, Pres't.
Mauch -Chunk. April 'l7, 1876. ' '
. >iist of New Advertisements,
Br.'cbe Shawl Lost.-
Profession6l Va , rtl—E E Snyder. •
Annual. Statement of . Oibsort .
I' Township.
Financial, Statement of . GibsFn School Dis-
trict. '
Plowing Match
County Inqnute
Religions Notices • •
Fresh Oysters-0 Q Hill "
Meeting of Rough & -Ready
COURT P 1 OCEEDLNGI3.--Thil3 court commen
cing Aug. 14, 1876, was held expressly tor the
trial of criminal cases. Hon. F. B. Streeter
and Associates Cook and Chapinh presiding.
The Grand Jury' organized by 'electing Capt.
Geo. L. Stone, of New Milford Oorough,
Commonwealth vs James Normilo. Judiet
neat assault and battery . .'
.pefenclOitk4ve . b.ol
in the sum of $2OO . for. his appearande at he
next Court of Sessions. , .
'Cow' at vs Laura Thonias. Defendent enters
bail in the sum of slo+l
Corn'th vs. Wm Allen. indictment arsen.—
Verdict nut guilty. • •. •
• Coni'tli vs John Daffy. Cake,- surety of the
peace. Detcndent not appearing 1 1.14 F. bail was:
,i. , clrtred forfeited. • •
Coni'tli s A .H "Harvey.: Indu4nent;
treating a child. On motion of
Blakeslee, Court directed defendeut: discharged. •
,Com' th vs J D Ilogort; Indiatinent; deSer:
&n. Prosecutor not • appearing defendant dis
charged. • .
Poor Masters of Great Bend 'Twp vs Poor
Masters of Great, Bend Borough. jOase, settle
ment of n, pauper. Case dismissed on grou nds that justice had no jurisdiction whenorder of
relief was given. I
Cin'th vs John Preston. Indietnaent,break
in;, entering, and stealing Bill igo3ored.
Coach vs Lewis -Van orsdale" and Albert
Ilugebbutn. Indinttiiint i burglary. Verdict
not guilty.
Corn'th vs Le*ii Smith ig,nciredo—
Prosecutor topay costs. •
Cum't., vs Wrd Allen. Indictment, breaking
jail. True bill 101611, I
A. similar Was returned by the
Grand Jury in the, ease of Wm- 0 Mattice ; y,rn
Pought and Geo LaceY, who, it:Will. be remem,
bud, broke jail - a short time agd. , . '• ''
Cam'th vs James Kelley. Indiettnent, as:
wilt - and battery. Bill ignored; i 'County- 'to
Pay casts.
Cum 111 vs Noah Lindsley. Indiettnent, re
moving land narks,. True bill found; '-
Wm C Mclntosh appoinedlassestn;a. for the
borough of Great Bend Y4 l a g l P• :..•--- ' z '
i f
Concth vs John T . Hillis. Indictinent, lap ,
ceny,by bailee, &c. Nolle prosequi entered. pn
Payment of costs, $25 62. 1 ' I
Comith vs Joseph Beaumont and Friend
9vi3. Indictment, conspiracy to defraud True.
Bill Verdict of jury not guilty. .
Wm Mien, George Lacey and Wm Bought
indicted for breaking jail v i fere brought into
( van, plead
,_guilty, sentenced reach to, -. pay :ft
tne of sloo' and thirty daYs' Imprisonment In
ttienty jail
Nirt appoint E 11' Smith - constable of,Fran
in isvp.
Court appoint James *E - Carmalt auditor in'
the estate of Henry Manzer. '
Win .r Philliin,esn," i membe of the ' Neiv'
York: bar was admitted to practice In the courts
of this county. 411 ' i
Ira l H. Thomson esq, ,461
,Bradford- county°
irdr was admitted - to practie l e - intihe courts of
ibis county. - •
Com'tli vs Benjamin Gegory. Indictment,
Tippling Houser 13ail entered 4n the sun) of
1200 for appearance at Noyember Court, , . 1
eutaftit vs Georg,e Littimer. ' Indictthent, 1
Larceny. Verdict riot guilty, •
I .toni'tli vs David Stew - att. ' Derendent not
t prle!aing, INtil iki"orfeito.l. 4 :l6- ',3l , :zr. .-- j -• •
Coa l th vs ..fohn Piundan. , ssault and Bat
t'ay, certified to next Oyer„and Terminer
Conitii vs WM Hotted. Indic6nent,l3teal'.
in g• Bill igaored.l
Corn'th vs George A. Phelps. ,,
c ' ar qing concealed weapons r l 4W ,prosequi
Entered op ixtymini of oiati. 1 - ,n
(loya l
vs Edward A Gillett: Indictment,
a•gery. Nolle '.pr os q u a a tote' red ion 2 a meat
C cl oCn st ' s t . ll vs Pairick !laid atur E ' dliviiid Rand.
I ndictment, FeloneOus Assault,.`' kale PrlqUi
entered paym t
Breaking .:J.ail.
pay a 'fine of $1
hiprisonment in
, Com' th vs
bail in the sigh o'
Com'th 'vs %V
gave bail in the
Com' th" vs Ge
'ceny. \Verdict
property, pay
meta in tthe cou
Fire Company
,t . _ .. _ . - I''''''THE:DEMOCAT:; - .,FAU:gr - 1:7:5! 7 ,1'..: - '.2;''-1016 .
nt of costs.
ward A. Gillett, Indictment,
Plead guilty.. Sentenced to .
and costs of prosecution and
the county jail for thirty days.
inns Kelly. Defendent enters
ashinglon Gow. Defendent
-um of $lOO. •
rge Lacry. Indictment, Lar
guilty. Sentenced to• return
osts, ' and undergo imprison
,ty jail for the Period of three
rue Lattimer and David Stew
find True Bill.
P hiarcey. Indictment,
Humphrey Marcey proseu
find True Bill.
IT T'acker. - Indictment, Ern
, ignored. Prosecutor to pay
Co&th vs Ge. l
art: • Grand-ju
Com'th vs Ze
Burning a Barn
tor. Grand Jur ,
Coufth vs W
bezzlement. Bil
costs. •
•ard Turner. Indictment,Lar
ry found True . Bill. Virdict
Lindsley and others. In-
This case grew out of a dis-
Ownership of land. Dorcas
. Verdict against Defenaenta
•sts. •
Coalltla vs Ed
ceny. .Grand J
OfJury not gull,
Com'th vs IT
dietment, Riot.
pute about the
Burch proseeuto l
for $5 fine and
13 iness Locals.
ted at this office on subscOp-
ajr OATS wa
Lion. -
the Keystone SS
tioual Bank, La•
s have cotninenced arrivin.; at
!loon, one door above first Na
ement. Drop in and see.
Montrose, Au
, The First U
ty of Montrose
next annual in t
at 3.p. m. Bus''
acted. Let all a
litontrose, Au!
iversalist Church and SOcie-
I : ix! Bridgewater will bold its
i reting at the - church Sew,. 4th,
of importancelo beqrans-
I tend. ,1
23, 1876
tma Association of Universal=
next annual session at Benton,
ept. 6th and 7th. Service
duesda3r, at 113% a. m.
nen, from abroad are, expected.
t hat every church and sticiety
A. 0. WARREN. Clerk. ;
The Busqueht
ists will hold its
Luzerne county
commencing W
Several eltrrgy
It, is important
be, fully represe
August 23, 1811
`' ,Tlie•setni-aun
Fire Co., No. I.''
4th, 1876: •
. The tunehdir.
Rough & - Read
Aug._ 18th, w.)111
Ist,. All tuenah ]
• Aug. 23, 1876.
.. ,
1 iii . election of.Riigh & Ready
be'held Monday:eve, Sept.
Lilts offered at a - meetini 'Of
, Fire ' Co. No. 1, Friday eve,
[e . atted .npon Friday eve,. Sept.
!r are:- requesteci . to be present:
• • • .- '34w2,
A plowing m
ty Agricultural
farth ot John
on Saturday, Se
First pr
Fourth Mo
. _
The full pre
pear next wt ek
Aug 23,1876
tell of the Susquehanna Conn-
Society .be held on the
Sonth Bridgewater;
t 2d.
.. .. .. $8
1- , : ---- • •
, • '
Es S TYLER -...-
him list : of the. Society will up-
pTß—AtZiontrose, corm:llene
(?f Monday,- August: 28; as be-
ing 'at 1:30, p-m
fore announced.
ng, Lecture by Rev J } Chen
jibe Reciprocal `lnfluence`. of
gi . i hia Labore."
!vening, Lecture,, "Self made," '
lutb, of: Lock Haven..
shire. Subject
the Teacher an
by Prof A
,N .-R
Thursdity .ev;
lic and \Pr iva te?
Swarthrtiore Co
Admission - to
:each. We ask
'lectures to aid i
and believing
. .
ning, Lecture, -. ."litinesty,Pub"
by Miss , Maria L. Santo - M t -of
1: * two _ lectures twenty :cents
it full' .attendance'
_upon- these
Ittif;'.enenSea.orthq Institute;
will be interesting. ;and
- , Ti r TktEN,
County. Sdperintendent...,
; _123; 187.0 - • ' .1-
Alont:rose, Au
d1:91 . p . r• side 'at.'(.ll#oe4tlten
OLD xo,re§pa
Cents pei doien
HANDBILLS f r Auction Bales, - t te.i" printed
at he Di uci . office. in first‘viii , mtityle and
lwxeasonable p ices.
,ot .summons and ,subpoenai
• fs Oft)ee. ° 'Other blanks in pro
red with care.
teW 1(
just, printed at,t
rusionotll prep;
. 1 ---Pictures`taken hi all thelat.
ictures copied - and- enlargedi
Ilt)t of frames for sale: cheap,
1 at G. W. DooLirrix's.
est Styles. Old
Also a splendid
MOntrose, <,l
Houge and 4.
of J: B. McColl
May 31, 1876.
rent;ttn in Montrose, Epquire
I .
carpets; .
01,.09thsi mAtting,
&C.,j ust receive,
lioncrose, Ap
il 12, 1.876tf.
.13J1K. Hats, felt and cur. •BOy - S .
;jest °petted .at 7 ; i
; Ert fititiziritAtrm &
SPRING Elqle: 1
Centettni4 , Ha_d
_ Gu
April 12,.1876
agon Shop - a fine lot of Plat
&Buggies lull trimmed. Com
lass in every respect for„Sale
O nik Wagons a
pleto and that
thesp for cash.
e .7, 07(4
:.orttiient. the latest. tvid
"visiting and business cards
this; office.. - Call. and.see them
Isewhere, .
beatest styles
just received . ,at
before oraeribg
num need complain that be
dvertiee when he can get the
printed at the'Dsm
three dell4a per thpusand,aild
foportion. .
No business
is "too poor to ti
lateit style basil
ocRAT ottiee for
other work in p
II WrAiris by . :l he, sett
,ur yard,
Napkins, towels, and House
great variety , at
411 12 ' 1876tf. - ' '
-. : , - : . -
Tail* Linens,
keetAng goOds
ontrosc, aA •
1 •
jut el‘etors of Brooklyn are re
at the house or - J. O. Bullard,
Qt. 2d, between the hours of
p, in., to elect two delegates to
in Cciunty Convention.
• J. O. BuLLARD.
The Democ
Amsted to me
SatUrday v e
and 9
represent them
Aug. 16 187
A i
bll MANINTRIOENT lot of fine Cloths and CUM-
Meres, Coatings and Sultings for custom work
just received;•call and leave your measure for a
ne* suit at • •
'April 12, 1876tf.
illaving bought Louis . Knoll's stock of. Cigars,
Tobscco and COnfevionery, I, can urnisla
first-class articles for the least money.; Fine
summer drinks ;for the thirsty.
;Montrose, July 26, 1876. 1-
LOST.-At the Grangers' Picnic, at Hart
Lake, on Thursday 'evening last, a gold sleeve
bUttori. 'Hie tinder will be paid tor his trouble
o leaving it at the .D.gatunnaT '
ITROMMEIeS Celebrated Extract of Malt, Wm.
Mmsey. Co.'s Philadelphia Ale at M
on's Drug Store. s .
Montrose, Aug. 9,1.87 G.
FOR Puns. Drugs and Itedieines, Fine Toilet
Ailicles. Jewelry and Perfumery, go to M. A.
L on'a Drug: Store. •
Montrose, Aug. '9,1876.
JEWETT'S Pure White Lead, Hall Wadley &
's. Lead; White Zinc, .Ready. 31ixed PahltB,
bored Paints in Oil and Tine Graining Col
s, tor sale at, M. A. Lyon's Drug Store'.
Alontrose,•.Aug. 9, 1876. - •
lt .
ISITOAS to 91e Centenotal ean . find, : gOod ae
! thodations . within it mile of . ine~Cen , tennial
'rounds, 'on line Of. street railway, at reasona
e prices. Drop a postal
. car•i.l a Week lor ; two ,
lore.coming,:to Secure'rooms. :-* ' 1 .
3847 Havertord St., West Philadelphia, Pa.
May 3; 1876tf.
I The sale ot Taylor's Family Medieines is
eadily on the increase: l ' The sales of the pSst
.ar being -more than double of any previous
ear. The' reason of this is on account ot the
enuitie merits of the goods themselves and
an.d impartial manner in whiCh they
e sold. - . ,
. . . -
July 26,1876. • - • • _
IThe Tunkhannock Marble Wprks of Burns
& White are doing a good business and are
goting out some very tasty jobs of Head
Stones and Mmutnents. A.,8. Burns,,of the
Eagle Drug Store, is their authorized agent for
Montrose and vicinity. He has designs of
llead Stones and Monuments. Any orders' left
with him will be promptly filled by Burns &
I Tunkhannock Feb 1876tf.
There is no subject that requires so much
sudy and experience tislho treatment of Ch ron
-14 diseases. The astonishing success . and re
inarkable cures pertormed . by . , Dr,. Butterfield,
are duelo the gift of eltiirVoyance, to the life
long study of the constitution of man, and the
curing of diSeases front riatitrairemedies. ' Cures
tbe worst forms, ot Scrofula. Catarrh ; Piles ; ' Fe;.
Male WeaknesS,.Asthma;,Kidneyi , or 'Bladder
.Will be at the Cafferty House, Binghamton
Thursday, and - Ftiday, Sept...7th and :Bth.
1 ~.
„ .
. ~
_ . . . ..
tIi.IE,ANA) PLACE i • -- - , .. • *: -''. '
Lead and Oil cheaper than they have been
kI 'own for years. Burn's Palle Drug ' Store is
the place to- buy anything in the PAINT and
DRUG the very lowest figures. A. large
aisortment of Brushes and Varnishes constant
1i in stock. ' The celebrated Hall,'Brfidley, &
Co.'s Pure White Lead constantly on hand, for
which BURNS is the SOLE AGENT-for Montrose
and vicinity..
Montrose, April 19, 1876tf. • ,-, .
They _
haye been. entering .liouses-antl knock
ing down men after dark on the back:, streets,
hut at this time of writing , the police think
they lay& a :clew 'that. may lead:to the entire
"capture .of :the- gang. • :The firm of Rine &
Sholes haye been
: trying .to stop this reign 'of
- terror by; Mirk-hag all of their summer
down at.cost thereby giving all a elianCe to:get,
an honest-living: A few of those fine - tlarasOls
and summer silks left. -They -are offered at less
than cost. They also . keep tan hand the largest
and.cheapest • line of black E ilks in the 'city.—
Alourning Roods of all kinds a specialtY. Send
fOr'SampleS. No trouble to show-goods:::
- •
33inghtMit!M, Aug. 2 ,1876. •
• = - - ' ' A. •
i The book of which we made mention last
N'veek, brings vividly to ; the mind ot the.gener=
10_eadqf the great historic events of the one
bundled years of our national existence in a
complete and interesting form,
Each tact , and , event, as well as invention
and-discovery dr'improvement, is complete in
itself.: Its classified ii,cicx makes it, invaluable,.
to all as , a ready. , work • ofreference-11'A 'the'
e,vents touching our first century may there be
found ay .a glance.; . • ' -
• •
I.For its convenience and informatibn .:it.
should be in
every'family library, handy for.
tbe young as well as the old. In paper, letter,
ress • -illustration, - and price it is among the
b } eBt subscription books I have seen. '. -1 .
1 i • ~s . ,
', . , - • • •MONTROSE. Pa ,`Aug . *, "M.
Ilhave. eiamined, with Much. care. so mu l ch of the
volume entitled "Our First Century" as has given
tor inspection, and can , honestly say that itkives th,t
promise of a volume of remarkable interest We, all.
desire accurate information respecting the great events
Of the first centnry of our "Nation, and I kubs , of no
work that gives information *as well. I have'also seen
that the work is highirrecothinended by Rev.lDr.Datir
Ping, of Honesdale,and his recommendation Is 'a pledge
Of the great value of OA book. .
. ' Pastor Pres. Ch.;MOntrose.
. .
' IdowinosE, Pa.; Atig.l.l; 3876.
I coincide with what Rev. J. G.• Miller says abont•the
York above mentioned, and recommend it to those de
siring such an addition to their libraries. .
l• - ' l W. H.:ESSUP -
1 _ Counselor at Law.
MONTROSE, PA.. Ang.lB, 1876.
a"Onr First Century:' by. Professor R. M. Devens. is
n extraordinary book. It presents to the reader "Me
morable Events" in the history of our country, includ
ing Political,. Military, Mechanical, Social; Scli_antitle:
and Commerelal Facts.. Frlfil the specimen copy, I
believe it will be a very interesting book it is very
liandsomely printed and elegantly illustrated. 'I feel I
Must place a copyon the shelves of my library. As a
book of iefereute It will be invaluable. The selection
Of topics appear to be admirably made. I have every
reason to believe that this 000 k will be appreciated by
ill intelligent people: Already it has , been very exten
tiively ordered through the agents who are selling it. I
cheerfully give it a cordial and earnest reconimenda
upo, ' - JOHN E. CIJESSWItE,',
i - - :. I • Pastor Baptist Church. ~
Mormon', PA., Aug. 2, 1876.
1 From a brief examination of the sample pages of the
book eutitled . "Our Fire , . Century,"• and considering
what it promises to be when fully completed.' consider
'it valuable • for Its extensive information re atieg to
facts which form the annals of`our national history dur•
]owns first century. Its Classified "nowt makes it val
uable as a ready book for reference. It will be a value
ie addition to every famllilibrary.
- • •-• , ' Pieter Montrose ' . .il. &Church: -
iUpona review of the prospectus of c'Our First Cen
nry" Ido 0 . 94, hesitate to give• a hearty recOaimeada
ion of the work, believing the same will be a valuable
addition to any library. , , , i
1 ' Co. Sup't ol- Pub. Sch. Montrose, Pa;
I • I have examined the work entitled "Ottr First Celt tn
try ' aid find it worthy of approval ;Jor comprehensive
ness o r plan. clearness mid brevity of gym and rich
hems of lilustrations ltsupplieti a much neettod treasury,
Of infortaatiott for the great Centennial perioa of our
'history. i give ntrorder , fora copy. - •
Presiding Elder M. E. Church, .
Honesdale District Pa
Monitose, • Au6,lll, 1816tf. r!
Tira Cara naL BiI'RESS ComeaNy fOrward
Butter by their night, line every night whether
they have one pail or more: Butter shippers
.who patronize this Company, secure for every
bipment a night route.
We haye better facilities and a cooler 'route
than!you ever had offered you before.
Patronize your tome road and make a suc
cess of an enterprise that has and will benefit
you all. ,
Montrose, July'26, .18 7 6tf.
We'bave just . received a very, large stock of
plain and fancy envelopes, letter and note pa
per, plain and fancy bill bead papers, cards of
all Sizes and colors, colored Poster 'papers, ttc.
all of which we can ,afford to print cheaper
than any office in 'this or neighboring, counties,
and in Ogood style. Work done in black and
colored inks.' It you think there is any that
can beat us, gig e us = a trial, and we will'show
you what,. we can do.' , All kinds of blanks on
hand or printed to order. • -
WE TARE pleasure in. calling the attention of
our readers to the fact that' the popular Dry
Goods house of C. F. Swam kt Co., Bingham
ton, are now receiving, an unusually large and
complete assortment of new spring goods. Not
withstanding the cry of "Lard times," this
house informd us that their trade is larger than
at any former season. This is easily accounted
for by the fact than they always offer the most
reliable coods at the same-prices that many
houses sell a very inferior grade. All tht. nov
elties ot the season, both of toreign and_ do
t:nestle mantifm:ture, may now be found upon
their shelves, and a visit to their store,will con
vince anyone that that iA the place to trade. • .-
Sirby'S Cough Balsant,a very . palatab:e Com
pound, for the various affections of the throat
and lungs . . • Used
,with : great. success la case of
s and
and triinoati4 . It is prescribed by the
physicians and endorSed. - by the people.. Wa
rranted to give entire' satistaCtion 'Or money iB
- •
Kiiby's Nagle ; Relief fur the :instant cure of
severe' and acute.palus....
Kirby's Tasteless .IVbrru . Lozenges.
safb and effectual. ' • •
Kirby's Condition Powders for quality, quan
tity and purity are superior to any Powder for
stock nianufactured. • •
Kirby's Camphor, Ice for.chaped bands or
sunburn.' '
For sale by all Druggists in Montrose, and
Dealers in Medicines throughout the country.
June 28,1876y1.
To Solon DiliacTons.—The attention of
the members of: the gPsveral Boards of School
Directors,in Susquehanna and adjoining Conn
ties,is invited to the Ibllowing testimonials and
endorst.inents by the leading Educators and
School Officers of this Nonst.-th DisTiticr, iela
tive to the .•, '
published in an appeal to - their patrons. only a
short time since, on the occasion of 4, determ
ined vflart,simil io the- one now: being made
in this county, by agents of. rived ptiblishers,to
displace these books:
The undersigned ; residents of :the' sth• Nor-.
mal District of Pennsylvania; comprising the
Counties of . Bradford, :7Lycoming Potter, Sns,
quebanna; Sullivan,Tioga,a}itl.Wyoming,would
respectfully represeut;rthat since -
have been quite generallyAntroduced into and
are now in use as a whole,
or in part, in a large
majority of the Public Schools:of this Normal
District, and believing, as we do,' that these
books are Standard TVorks of Sterling Nerit,ansi
among the very best published ; And, seeing no
sufficient reason fora change, would earnestly
advise any who may be tempted; interested
Darties, to displace these books, to'exercise ,great'
caution, and to be Cully satisfied of the superior
merit of :the hooks proposed as substitutes, be
fore subjecting the Patrons to . the additional
expense of purchasing neto.books, as Well as the, to the great inconvenience and troublefn-:
cident to the Introduction or displacement „of
Text-Bo )ks—besides thereby preventing it*
fornzity so nearly atialnoi, in this District. . ::;
F Allen, lustittite ConduotOr and fornfer .
Principal of 'State Normal School,, - Mftnsfield,
' • Chas H Verrill, Principal of Mansfield statC
Normal School. • ;
A. A ,Keeney, Co. Supt. of ;Bradford
.Elias iforton,
." `
d. IV' Allen,' ;" •• :Potter "
W C Tilden; !:''- SuSquelliinfa
'r F Glaban, - • i `,`, • 's Lycothing ",,
Thornpsint • " Wyotning," :
.1 T Ree - d, !Orme!, !‘ 1_
H. Hutton; former Principal' Troy Grafted'
Schbol.. l •
E Pitcher, , forreer l Pridcipal To wanda Public
Sehopls. •!. . t .
A H Berlin, farther P rincipalMontrose Grade d.
' School.
F ill Smith,.Teacher 3iatlis!, &c., 'State NOi
'ma:, School; Mansfield. ,
Letiauel Ammerman, Teacher Lang., &c., State
Nor. School,' Mansfield. ,
Alonzo Ammerman, Prinp.:slf pppa, pep., State
Nor. 'School Mansfielff.
The County Superintencfeiiii above named,
With two excPptions,'arii ( litill iietitig as such
their tespective , cOunliet, have expressed
themselves as having uniformly oppoSed chang
ing the above mentioned hooks fur ,the reasons
stated in their appeal to their, patrOns.
-The'eublishers desire to say to any not fa
Millar with then boolis,that they most cordial:.
ly invite attention 'to the. following, as among
the many points of superiority and Oxcellence
Me Paper, 1)1pe, Rinding, ,Illaetratienkand
idechaiiical execution'. , 1
.77if Gradation and Progrrive :Character iir
the Peries. •• . 5,,,
The lugh, unexceptionable moral tone of the lel
lections in each book. , _ ,
The cheapness as compared 'with other sillies
res Pe tr to qUUlity, number of pages, quantity
of read' matter„ &e., ae. -
N-R—Sample . copies for examination:and
compari4un will .be ..furnished gratuitously, on
application to W. B
. Deans, M on t r o se,
, or ,the
publishers, '• -
' • - 138 - 64 140 Grand Et., New York.
• .
In regard to an exchange-of School Readers
in this county, at, present; Lhave' 'nay to say
that think Abe: wants- of thq - eountj , , in 'this
respect, 4 not:cleFnandA ctiangeqn these hare
times for Money.- ,
consider.'l Sanders' Read9is riming
r" - '
TfLDICii; co.. Supt . ,
Montrose, -. •
:Presidential. Ofimpalgt.
caP cams 46
Send for Illustrated 'Circular
and Prlca
204 Church Street,- Philadelphiii.
August 2 * 1816m8.
11 X.Eh..1.016G1r331/3.
HAYDE.I4-JACESON-At the 'Presbyterian
parsonage, in Franklin, - Aug. 9, by Rev. J. H.
Dominus, C. T. Hayden to kaloraette '
both of Nevi Milford. -
TIFFANY - -TEWICSIMBY--At the resieenee of
the bride's father, Aug. 16, by Rev. G. IL Wee....
ton, G. P. Tiffany and Hattie. E. Tewkabur3r,
only daughter of . L. R. Tewksbury; all of
Brooklyn, Pa. •
HAButs—At Auburn 4 Corners, July, 23d,
Bishop - Harris; in the 47th year of, his age. .
For a number Of years he has been slowly
passing kivay under the ban of censumption.
A. delegation o) six from 'the Masonic.Fratertii
ty of ..liieholscia attended his funeral at Jersey.
Hill, July 26th; ind with a large number of -
friend§ and relatives listened to au able dis
course' from Rev. A. O: Warren, of Montrose.
He leaves a wife and datighter to mourn , his de- -
parture. , -Com.
• VANTIOTkIi —ln Bingbatnton, N. Y„ on the'
10th inst., Eva .Julietteovire of Norman Van
boten, formerly of ,Liberty, Susquehanna coun
ty, pa., aged 22 years, 8 months and 20 days.
County Basiutioo Dtiectory,
, -
Two lines in this Directory, one year, $1.5 0
_; each-ad
ditional -line, 50 cents.
W HAGEIWOUT, Stiter.' Wholesale l 'and Retell
dealer in all kinds of elate roofing. i3lete paint, etc,
Roofs repaired with elate paint to order. Alio. elate -
paint for sale by thd gallon at barrel 4 liontroee. '
BILLINGS STROUD, General, 'Fire and -Life Intim.:
wage Agents, alne s lel! Railroad and .Accidental
,Tickeis to New York.and Philadelphia. Otliceone
door east of Wm Cooper x Co's bank. •'.
WM. IL BOYD . Cu. Dealeis in Stoves, hardware,;;_
and: Mann cturers of Tin and Sheet-Lon ware, Tor.
ner of Main and Turnpike street. . , •
A. N.- Bu i lard; Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Book*, •
St.itionery and Yankee Notions; at the head of Pub
lic Are-nne.-
WM II .I.IOOPER & CO. ' Bankers. Sell Foreign Pia- •
sage Tickets and Drafts on England, Ireland, and.
Scotland. .
WM. L. COX, flatness maker and dealer , in all arti
cles usnally kept by. the trade. opposite the bank.
JAMES:E. CA RgALT, Attcirney•at-Law. Oilice one
door below Tarbell House,' Public Avenue: - -
11. ROSENTHAL, Auctioneer. I Ciinr S. & Co.,
Montrose, Pa.
Montrose, Pa.
SAVINGS IsANK, NEW MILFORD': Site per eent..
Interest on all Deposits: Does a general. Bankingi
business. S. B. Cklitbit & CO.
H. GARRET it SON, Dealer in Flour. Feed, Meal. ,
Salt, Lime, Cement, Groceriis and Proyistons, ••
Main Street, opposite the Depot.
N. F. ICIMBER. Lir-I . lBp ,Maker, Picture Framer,and
Undertaker, a few rods • from Phinney's Motet near •
.M. E! Church. • - , „ •
, .
GRIMM BEND. ' • ", ';' • •
' •
, ,
R. P. DORAN. Merchant Tailor and dealer in Ready,. •
.Made Clothing, Dry Goods, Groceries add Plaistow.
Main Ei.ret. • ;.. . . '. ' ' ' ;•,'
all at bottom prees,- by • -
Mon.rose, Aug. 16. 1876.,
, • • • I,
The undersigned - Iniving entered Into CoiSlirtnerebip
under the Arm name of . • • . •
dotpg hn'elne . se at the citdfand
• -keep cOnstantly on hand a general assortment,of
• / "
plc.', all of Which will be aold•at the loiireak .
`r`~ i
•N: persons indebted 4o 'rne.sre recinested
Aettl6 tlie„.tian;te inplic4iat_4l7.pi , cash : or a9te.: .
New Milord,. Aug. , 111. 1816. - `,84w4„ -, • •
3 1 - 1 •
I hare litmo►e$ _
G49:c44 - -y i :sT,t) . {,g•'::.
to the building 'tour doors above the : Pirpt, Nations
Hank, Public Avenue, (formerly Occupied
'tamp,). where 1 haveeolarged stoc k, • : ;
I invite competition bcith in quality and pike:
give me a call and be co _ I can dojo good. : .
. .
Montrose, April 46.1876.--yl.
No. 41 COait, Street; id Floor,' Bingham tan; ii."1". ; '71
. ,
AT 41111,80NABLO. P140119'. ; :,
Binghamton, May 341.1876. - -4-itil : ,;
VATHA'2 , iS :TAY 1.40.4'§ 04IIA
TN Ili) BLECTIO6 Oft, t '
It is i.tpfAtc , "l iirsyirsttofi.;: the' chenitcsi combisa
tlini or which to incti as to . neutralizeuiitilired - pro•
perties when' applied to manor beast.' •, •
Willa IS it. for ?
For the cure of any kind orpainAarileneet,or wounds
error anything requiring an .outward application.
- Is it as good as other limments farthest, purposes t.
Yes. and better.
What guarnatee do you, give of. tnis ?.
- lt does not prbve so, after -using all the medistnel:
return the empty bottle - vihere you got it and get.yetag. ,
money back.
Who ere agetits for= the gale of this inedicirukt
All the druegiste and dealers in medicine 141NOUUNO,
and throughout the'eountry. - •
July Ilk , ;• - ,- '
Such as
juk, P'"?