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    ilendrick 9 i Letter of Acceptmtec.
SARAToei, .Aug. 4 - - --The _Mk*
ing is Ilendrick's letter of -trenevance,
:which was furnished forputtlioatiOn.
• .-. iNtirANAPo4s:,; - Jti1y44,181764
• GEN'TLEON—J lurave.:the honor 4,0 . .a0
kani - iledge the receipt of- yOur
cation in which you have fOrinallv
ed me of my-nomination by the National
.I) , .mocratic Convention 'at St. Louis, as
!their •: Candidate for .the . offices
'Preiiident of • the' ` ' United States.
is a rioniiiniti•on which Iliad neither-expected nor desirLd,and yet I recognize and
appreciate the highliquor done ine, by.
the - convention. The Ipoice of such abr,dy,
bndy, pronounced Wit ' such unusual
unauthity and ,aceornfianied;, gen -
erods 1W express oil of , !eiteertm — and . con-=
fidence, ought to ,ontWeigh , all , , rnerely,
personal desires and . pref•erences of
own.. It is with this feeling, and 'I truer
also, from a , deep sense,_ of • public„thity,
that I new-iiekept-the - iremitiation,••.and•
shall abide ; the judgment of my country
men. • - • . . •
It wonld,haYe: - . :Ven forme.
to accept the neriiiiiitibn - Fif I 'could - not
heartily..endorsed - the platform of the
convention . ..,. lam -, gratified therefore to
be able :iitiecitiiYocally to declare; that I
agree in the principles, 'approve the;poli
cies and,,,synipathize with the purposed
ennin6ited in the platform. The insti
tirtions of our cnuntry: - haie heeh . sorelv
trie.l by
s the exigencies of civi,l . war and
since the peace by the selfish and corrupt
management of
.public affairs, which has
sham , d us before ;mankind t. By unwise
and partial legislation .every industry and
interest of - the people . have been, Made to.
suffer, and in the executive department of,
tlitgi . Jvernment dishonesty, rapacity and
NARtlity have debauChed the public ser
vice; men known to.' be_unworthy have
been promoted, whilst; others have - been
.degraded for fidelity to I official duty.
Public (Bee has been Made 1 the - means
of private profit, and' the Country has
been offended, to see •a class of Men-who
boast the friendship of the sworn pro- .
tectors of the State amassing fortunes by
defrauding the Public Treasury and by
corrupting the servants of. the people,
lii •such . a crisis of the history of the
country I-rejoice that the, Conyen tio.n . at
Si, Louis has so nobly raised the standard
of reform. Nothing can . berWell with its
or with our affairs until the - pnblic,con
sciene,.., 'shocked -by ; the, enornions e7ilis
and abuses which prevail shall haie de
manded and compelled' an unsparing re:
formation of our national adininistration.
in its head and in its members. Oh such
a reformation the . reMoval of.' a single
officer, even • the 'Preeident, ,is .coMpara
tively ..a
,•trilling..„matter if, the. system
which he - retiresehts,,and which has hi;
ter , d it, is suffered to retrutin . • •
Titre Presidentt - alone miittnot
. be‘inade
the scapegoat for the_ etiorrnities .of• the .
sy tern which infectt 'the publie . Se:'vice
and threatens the destruction of our iii
stitutimis. :In some respects, I•hold• that.
the present Executive . has ben . . the' vie
tim, rather than the' auther'of that - vic 7
jails-system. Congressional ' and__ party
leaders have been stron g er than therPres
ident.-; no one . man
.'eoul4 -have created
it, and no i.moval of onelman can 'amend
it. It is thoroughly corrupt,' and must
be swept remorsvlessfy away oy the selec- ,
thin of a government conlposed' of de;
mentsentirely new and pledged to rad.i 7 ,
cal reform. The - first-. work 'Of Vefortri
must the restoration of the
• normal operatiOn of the Co . nstitution of
the United. - Stales, with
.all its
merits. The peccesteities of, war cannot
be pleaded in a•tirne - of peace. The right
of local .self government as guaranteed by
the Constitution of the Union .must be
everywhere restored, andl the centralizA,
,la 111 , in personalimperialism whiCh has
been, practiced:Must bo dotie.away With
or the first principles of he repablic will
• be lost.
Our financial system of expediency •
must he refortried.; gold and silver are.,
the_reitl igantlard:,.-4 value, bur tus,
tinnal • currency'` will, not. be - a perfect
medium of exchange' until it
slialrbe convertible at the pleasure of the
hold• , r, As
_I have' heretofore said;'-no
one deSires . areturn •to, specie • pappente
more earnestly than I.' diN: but fl. not
believe that it -can be reached in
PP by artificial measles or-a:it-connect'
of ':the currency'a)y*re
cart be created' by= inflation l'of the cur
eY,•-• ,The; laws •of :finance 'cannot bf . '
dkregarded with impunity. • -•
The - financial . policy,pc:t4gpve.rn.tiet4,
it indeed' it, deserves the:name of policy
at all, has been 'iii 'aiiregatif of - the laws,
Hint therefore has disturW commercial.
and business confidence; .as well as-hin=
tiered a'rettirri•totinecie.:payenerita. --. lofie
• feature of. that policy, was the resumption
ewise'of the act of - lks;,ivhi'eh hae em
• barrasted the -idountry, by. the • aptiCipit 7
.a compulsory restiniption; • for
which no preparatiop* has-. &nen., made,
atl ,, injr-faissurinee thatitA - would
lit practihie. The repeal', bt•thatelause:
- 11 , ,cesary that the_natural !operation, of
thwielai laws may
,be . restorekthat , the
b .u''i'les4 of the countrY.,may . relieved;
fro m its distuibin4 depressing-it!=.'
• finence, and :that a return specie pay:
tlient may be : facilitated by the substitu-!'
tier,, of, wiser and mort . e . , prudetit,Aegisia .
1 ;10. , , which shall : - mainfr relyOn
system of _public ecOnomieS•and offi•A
rifl retrenchments,_an 0
d.ibeve E 9n-the
P rl notion.o.f - ,prosperifY.'44:all4hk:in - ilu .
People; •
tio not tinderstaddtbe, IfTeasi of Ole
r. „ timption clause. of the act of 1875 to
be a backward step in our return tos.sraie
'ptiyineats bu :the recovery of a false step ;
and . altliotigl the . rt-pal. may for a time
be'preventA . - vet the 'det,rininatiOn. of
. -
the Democratic party on this subject has
now been. _ i . stiriptly • cleiilared„ : : There
shenld be•.fiol, 'hindrances - .put_ in th6,,way .
.of . ..axettirtrtspeale pAyments;,"As:Attch
haidratice.','.'. ayS 'the st: ..Lonis:- - Obiiiien:
Lion, "we d tounce the resumption act
Of .1875, and demand Iti repeal: ' - •.
I thoroughlyi believe that by public
economy; by, oiliPcial„retrenchtneut v .apd .
- . by wise_finanee, - : enabling us to aocittnu-,
',ate. the 'Weious.lmetila.resurription . at an,
early period is possible without , producing
au artificial scarcity: of cnrreecy or dis:,
turbing-pub to or, commercial credit, and
that these 'erorms, , together with the
~: t . a pure., government, s will
test - gene a.l . confidenee; enoouragetho'
useful inves..inent of capital' furnish' em
ployment, to labor'and - relieVe the country
from - theliakalyaii orllard . times. , •
. Witti the industries of the' people there .
have'. been frequent,- Our
.platforni truely says that - - Many indlistrieS
have been i s mpoverished ;.otir commerce
,has been degraded to. an inferior . position
ou..the ,high • sessl, Mafinfactories - . have
:beeii - ':::.dithin!Slied; - agriculture., haii'••been
entharrasise4 and the distress - - of the in-
dustrial clases demandsd that these things,
shall be reformed. The burdens of the
people must also be lightened by a great
change in our system of public expenses:
The profligate expenditures . wii - =in=
creased , i .tax4tioirfrom . five dollars- per.
capita in 180'0 tci eighteen dollars in 1870
tells its.ownistory of our need of fiscal re-.
form.', i -
Our treatjes . with !the foreign . powers
shoUld also_ be revised . and amended,. in
io far as they leave
,citizens: of foreign
birth in an 24 particular less secure in any
country on. earth than they would be if
they had been borne upon our own soil ;
and the iniquitous .coolie system , which,:
through thet agetiey.of . wealth companies .
imports Chiliese bondmen and establishes
a species of !slavery .and interferes . • with:
tne.just rewards . of : labor on our •Vacific
coast, should be utterly abolished: ~.:., . . .
In the reform, or Our Civil Service 1
most heartily . endorse that section:A - if the
platform which declares that the Civil
•Service•Ong t not to be subject to change
.at every ele lion and that it ought not to
be made. th i brief reward of 'party. zeal,
hilt ought tO be awarded for proved com
p . ten cy and:held for - fidelity it the public .
euiploy, . I'ope never 'again- to, see- the
cruel and r morseless , proseriptionrfor pci;
litical opini , lig, which bas disgraced the
administrat oh of the last' eight years.
Bad as the Civil Service now is, 'all know
it hits some Men of real integrity and
proved ability.; and such men only should
be retained 'in office, but no man should
be retained.oh any consideration who• has office to the purposes of
partisair intimidation - or coMPulsion, or
who has fu fi nishediiioney tOoorkup.t the
'elections. Thia is: done and - has. been almost every country of the land;
.it is. a..b1l ht upon the morals of the
country an o ught to be . reformed
: of
sectional , c ntentions. _- . -
And in r.
1 Nave - on
judgment t
ion controv
The Comm
control of \I
neither `set
of :thelund
1 regard' th
tional - ani's
his . country'
.his conntrv,
speCt to our comtnort . schobla
,this to say; • that in - my
e. man' Or •party that - o'odd
schools in political or'aebtar
;ray. is an enemy to the schools.
schools are safer under the
o party .or Seat they must be
tarian nor misappropriation
for.their support., Likewise
man:who 'Would . ..aroilse sec- .
:ad tiea &au tagontsm among
inner as a.-dangerous enemy to
All the p•ople must be. made •to feel
and know r hat once more there is es
tablished : purpose and ix hey 'under
which all, citizens of every condition race
and color will be secure in the enjoyment
of whatever rights the 'constitution ai,d
taws deciao or recogniz- ; and that in
controversies : that may arise the-govern
ment is not a partisan, but within its
constitutional authority the just and
powerful 'guardian of the rights
ty of all, he strife= between the'sections
and between races will cease_as soon as
.the power for evil is taken away from a,
party that makes pclitical gain out of
:scenes and between races will _cease as
soon as the power for evil is taken away,
from a party that makes polltictit
out of scenes of Violence and bloodshed'
and the constitutional authority is placed
in thehands.of men „whose political' wei r
'fare-requires-that peace and good. order
shall be preserved everywhere.,
It will~be seen geotlemen, that lam
`in entire accord with the platform of the
con ventioni by• which lam nominated as
a candidate for the office of Vice President
of the-United States. Per it - me itt :con
clusior; to . express my satisfaction 'at be
lug associated with' a candidate for the
PresidenCy l who is:first among his equals,
as a representatiie of the spirit and,the
achievement cr,refOrM.-
,his official
career as the Executive of the great State
of New Yiirk, he has, in a comparattv , ly
Snort period, returned _ the public ,service
reduced the public murders so as to
have earned at`once, the gratitude of his
State and the admiration of the country.
The people know him to , be -thoroughly
its earnesti Ef.e'has - shown himself 'to be
possessed of, powers and qualities which
fit him in an eminent degree for the great
work of reformation: which his country
now needs, and hetshall be chosen by
the - peoplei to the high office of-President
lof the; United States, believe. that the
day of inauguration -will be. the be
* gitilning,,of a new era of peace, purity
and prosperity in all the departments of
our goyrilinent. , I .'am gentlemen, your
Obedieutservant.. = -
(gigned) THomAs EL Anniiricirs.
To the Bkon., John A. MeOlernind.
THE DEMOCRAT: - 'ATTW(TOi: .- '9, ' 1.8.70.-
A rnoVenif , nt haS been started, in . West, I
ern Texas' in favor of f,)rming .that por-i
bon of the .State., into a new oOintnon , :
Wealth: *This-nOtiOn •is based :upon - the I
agreement *entered :into. when the Lone
Star was put upon the Ainerican flag,
that wh;.never, any-part- of - TexasposseSS•
ing sufficient area of terr Holy and; amount
of population-should apply •ior admission.
to the Unimi,• and - --that application was
properly endorsed by the - State
nue, that the new State should be reCog
ttiOd..' It is cliiined that in pOpulation
and territorial expansion Western. Texas
is ample endowed at' this time, j and: the
Loglslattire at its. ; 11ex.t....sessionl. mill 'be
called upon to endorse 'ithe;desire. - :of
people: .of that. seetion'-'tir,.separate
litical existence—incorpOration !into the
Union. .This true, and yet we.
are afraid that the earnest proni l oters of
division,. If suco.ssful, • will turn 'up at
the top of the *list: of. asprants - for the
new 'Seats- in . the Senate chamber: The
t hatterof.;admitting'additlOnal Otates in
to •the' Union it, One that - requires great
care.and deliberation, and should Wit be
Made, the
.yeh!Cle,- by which. ambitious
men of any party. can ride into Power:—
- Some or the later: admissions have. cer
.tainly been made. through the effort)e of
such men, and the Senate doeS not re
,o ui re, the addition ':;f. any such members.
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eTply 5, 1876.
The nnditraign ...„ . , -;—'-''''''';:'. '
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their it : 64 - t i h n e g te
to. Satisfaction guaranteed. ' • .' . attended
Vriendsville, Pa...A.Pr' 1 - 7, 18P7.5.11r'1t B.
- AT.TBIII-718.-.:.
writs .ssued-by ; the Ccuri of Common Pleas of
tsnNueltannit Coup t y'ana to directvd,i
to sale by nubile vendee{ at the Couit House in Aluut-
roee, on •
at 1 o'clock p, m., the . following pleeesl or inkret 11 of
;and, to wit
All that certain parcel of land sittiete in Lenox, Sas
quell:mile county, Peunio leanta, bounded and dc crib
ed as follows, to wit: On' the north by-feeds ot
Repardner, Charlet , 'llkley rain :Mrs Wed, on the : east
by lands or M re_ litiod.' Gardner. and Hof.
Robinson. on the south Eby land* of William Barber ,Le
vi Chamberlin and Genige Courit`d, and, on the west by
lands of ‘Villiatu Berber, Chart. seetngley and llorece
Tingley. contain; rg 225 acres of land, he the came more
or less, with the apptiatenancee, 2 dwelling houses, 4
barns two orchards. aud about 15ti acres improved.—
[seized and taken in eeecution at: the suit of Andrew
Hall:nee, use ul Uro etrothere vs. timely Harding.]
ALSo—Ail that eertani piece or plot of land lying and
being in Oatilaud, tetreenteletuna Cut; oty, Pennsylvania,
bounded and ueeeribe.d ae followe, to wit: On the
north by laude[ of Levi M. West fellem the east by West
fail avenue, up the eolith, and west by lands of J. M.
Westfall containing one-half acre of land more or less,
with the appurtenanees. 1 frame ,dwelling-houee—all
improved.. [Seized and taken in execution at the suit
of John Persons, use:of Richard Mannering,vs Wihiam
3lannering and Richard Mannerlng.]
, ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situ
ate, lying, and being mete Township of Dimock; Sus
quehanna county, Pennsylvania, bounded and describ
ed as follows, to wit : t On the north by lands of Jonas
A, Gray, 'on the cast by of Jonas A.,Gray and Geo
Gates, on the south by highway and by lands of A. Bur
dick, on the west by lends of George Fowler and E. G.
Baker, containing- tierce, don or less, with the ap
purtenances. two frame dwellings and one frame barn.
[Seized and taken in e*ecution at the suit of Jonas.A.
Gray vs A, P. Gray.] •
ALSO—Those two 'gnu or parcels of land, situate,
lying, and being in thelownship of Jessup, Susquehan
na county, Pennsylvania. bounded'and described as fol
lows, to net: The first piece on the north by public
road, on the east by lande of Lucius Smith, oe the south
by land of said Lucius Sraith and Jacob DimotLand on
the weeteby.lende of. L. D. White, containing 134 acres,
more or lees, with the appurte maces, 1 house, 1 barn,
and all improved ....Tn
e second piece is bounded on the
north and east by land Of Lucius Smith, on the south by
public road, too west by land of Catherine Warner.con
taining three-fourths of an acre, more or less, with the
appurtenances, 1 barn 1 blacksmith shop, and wagon
situp, and ail improved. [Seized and Oren in execution
at the suit of Jacob Robertson and Harvey Slawson vs.
Lucy N. Lake tied John 11. Lake.)
ALSO—AII that certain piece or plot of land situate,
lying. and being in Artirat township, County of Susque
hanna, and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and describ
ed as followe, to wit: On the north by lands of Danford
Dine, east by lands of Thomas Bosket, south by !slide
of Charles or Rufus Barnes, add west by highway ad
laud of Thomas Burman, containing about 53
acres, more or less, mostly improved, with the depute
nancee, 1 frame honsei2 frame barns, and an o
Seized and taken in execution at the suit of C. C_ Worth
aesegned to Margaret, Milliken, vs. Don. A. Walker; C.
C. Woath assigned to' Merguret Milliken vs. Don. A..
,Wsiker, and S. A, Pettis, assigned to Mergaret Milliken
es : Don. A. Walker. •
ALSO—AII that cestain piece or parcel of land, situ
ate, lyine, and being in the township of Lenox, Susque
hanna county, Penneylvania, bounced and described as
follows, to wit: On the north by land of James Con
rad. Eldridge Seyder, : 'svilber Gardner. and Samuel Mc-
Nancy, east by Lied of Judson Davis, and James Sny-.
der south by lands oftJamee Soyaer. Eldridge Dayis,
Judson Davis, Emerson Folio, and Frauk Pickering,
wait by Tanklianeucki Creek and Euler:n Fo let, con
taining about 125 acres of laud, more or less, with the
appurtenances,) frame house, 1 lame barn, outbuild
ings, orchard, and about too acres improved. [Seized
and taken iu execution at the .suit of Grow aL Bro. vs.
Henry. Mauzer, S. Taylor vs. henry- Mintzer, and James
R. Lathrop, Cushier, vs. Henry Munzer 1
ALSO—AII that pietie or parcel ot land situate, lying.
and acing in Great Mend Borough and Great Bend
Township. Susquehanna county, Penusylvania, bound
ed and described as fellows. to wit.: On the north and
east by land of ---- south uy public street.
known as Rahway street, and on the west by lauds of
T. D. Estabrook.conteinirg one-fourth of an acre.more
I or lees..with the appurtenances, 1 one-story dwelling
house, 1 frame been ' artuell improved. [Seized and ta
ken in execution at the suit of Thomas Gillespie, as
signed to A. C. Purple, vs Wm. ii. Welling.]
ALSO—AiI that certain piece or patted of land situate
lying, and being in the Borough .of Susquehanna, Sus
quehanna county, Pehns.ylvanitt, bounded and describ
ed us follows to wit: Oe the north' by . Grand street,
easeaty laud of illmna Bush, south by land of A. Fam
am. and on the west by lands of 0. S Bingham, con
taininieX of an acre, more or less, with the appurte
nances, one 1X story.dwelling, house and all improved.
[Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Win Skin
ner vs D. L. Chase '
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of, land situate
in Jackson Township, Susquehanna county, l'ennsylva
nia. wounded and deacribeu as follows, to wit : Begin
ning at a beech in the southwest corner of lot No. 157,
heretofore conveyed to Irene Low, and being also the
north corner hereof„ thence south 4534 degrees ellet by
lands of John Glover and late of W. E. Larrabee 158”
perches to the north corner of lot No. 162 of Mary
Rhoad's estate, formerly occupied by Calvin Slocum,
thence by the same south 43x degrees,weet 127 perches
to stones the south corner of lot No. lien formerly con
tracted to Calvin Dix, and now occupied by William
Pickering, thence by the same north 453 w degrees west
158 perches to the southwest corner of lot ,No. 158 now
of James Mere, thence by the same north eI3X degrees
east 127 perches to the beginning, conta ning 118 acres
and 5e perches, more °ricer, WWI the appurteuances,a
IX story frame dwelling house, frame barn and *heti,
fruit trees and about 60 acres improved [Seized and
taken in execution at. the suit of in. W. Brewton vs.
B. W. Dix.)
ALSO—AII those pieces or parcels of land situate in
Lenox and Clifford eownships, Susquehanna - . County,
Penneylvania, houndect and described as follows,to
First piece beginning at a heap of stones near the road,
,thence by lands of Nathan Bell and east 65 rods to a
stake, thence by lands of P. W. Chamberlin south 43X
degrees east 51 rode and 10 links, thence by land of
Emma Potter south 47 degrees west 13 rods and 19
links to a stake. thence by the same south 43X degrees
'east 18 rods to heap of stones, thence by lands of Jas
per Bell and along the centre of the road south 51 de
grees west 31 rods and 17 links, thence by the same
north 71ee degrees west, 83 rods and 7 links to a heap of
moues. thence by lands of 0. Ransom north 4 degrees
east 54 lode and 20 links to the place of beginning, con
taining 39 acres and 115 rods of land. be the same more
o less.... The 'second piece beginning at a post and
stones, a corner in line of William R. Gardner lot, on
the east side of public highway, thence part lyalong the
read and a line dividing this from a part of the lot to be
deeded to Lucy Cox South 25 degrees east 93 and eight
tenth perches to pest and stones, a corner for said deris
ion, thence by the same sent h 89 degrees east 89 perch
es to's , corner in the .west line of the same lot sold to G.
A. Grow, thence by said line north one degree east 49
and four-tenth perches to a hue 01 a lot deeded to Ml
caael West, thence by raid lot north 44 degrees west 5
and eight-tenth perches to a corner, thenee north 47 de
greetaeast 534 perches to a post corner of a lot deeded to
C. M. West, thence by said lot north one degree east 10
and three tenths perches to a post and stones corner,
thence by the same north 89 degree,* west 13X perches
to epost corner, thence north 44 degrees west 57X per
chee to a post and stones corner in- the line of William
R. Gardner lot aforesaid. and thence by the same south
47X degrees west 35 perches to the place of beginning,
containing 31 acres and 60 perches, more or less., ..The
third piece: North by lands of N. E. Gamier, east by
lands of said Ira Cox and Pulaski Chamberlin. south by
land of W. M. Cox and lands possession of William
Iluitetead, and west by lands et Mrsi Adam'Miller, con
taining 30 acres, more or less, [in all about 106 acres,
60 acres improved,] with the appurtenances, 1 rrame
house, 3 frame Inane. and 2 orchards. [Seized and ta
ken tu execution at the snit of W. M. Cox, use of John
Stuart, vs, Ira G. Cox, and Wilber E. Howell, use of
John Stuart. vs. "Ira G. Cox.)
ALSO—AII tnattertain piece or parcel of land sine
ate. lying and being,, in the Township of Bridgewater.
Susquehanna county. Pennsylvania. bounded and de
scribed as lotlows. te,wit : On, the uorthcast by,lands
of S. R. Thateeer, on .the southeast : by lauds of N. 0.
IFiliemore,and on the west by the north and south road
leading to. Hart. Latta, and containing-about el acme
more or less, with the appurtenances 1 frame dwelling
house and all impiewed. [Seized and takan in execu
tion at the suit of Samuel Smyth vs. W. Hewitt.]
ALSO—AII that. certain piece or parCel of land situ
ate, lying and being in the township of Jackson, Sue
quehanna county,, Pennsylvania, bounded anddeserlb
ed as follows to wit;: On the north by lands of Nor-.
man Nye, on the cast uy lands of Norman Nye, on the
south by lands of Royal Thayre, and on the west by
Lends ot Janiee Y. Potter, and containing 64 acres and
94 perches, more or !ess with the appurtenances, 1
frame dwelling houfse, 1 frame barn and outbuildings
and fruit trees. [seized and • taken In execution at the
suit of Zilpha Motu vs. Aural H. Relent. r and Annis L.
'Tanner Ausil H, Belcher '
ALSO—AII that piece or parcel of land eituate-in the
borough of Great' Bend Village, Susquehanna county,
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to
• wit : On the north by latale of Rhoda Decker, on the
east by lands of W. 1.), Lusk, on the south by lands of
S. Datum, and on the west by the public road or
Blain street, eontairang about 200 square feet, with the
appnttenances,l two-story frame dwelling, 1 a. .d a half
story building used and known as Great Bend Hotel,
blacksmith, and barn. [Seized and taken in execution
at the suit of George Buchaunan Ye: H', D. Ramer and
T. J. Barrier 1
ALSO—AII that piece or plant' land situate, lyiug
and and being i u Brooklyn, Susqueltinina county, Penn
sylvania, bounded on the north by lauds of Tiffany.&
Cramer, on the east by public hihway; on the south
by lands of Tiffany& Cramer, and en the' west by lands
of the estate of Albert Alerich,dee'd,containing-1 acre
all improved, with ttielippurtewinces, a frame dwelling
house, [Seized and taken in execution at the suit of
J.D. Vail vs. J. Rieluirdsori.]- . • 1
ALSO—AII that piece or plot of land mitate on Grand
.street it the Borough of taleauettanna Depot,,Einequee
henna county, Pennsylvania, bounded and deteribed as
follows; to-suit re o,u the north Ay,
_Qratl ;street,' on the
east by lands, of Win Conklin, on the southoby lands of
A:Farnham, and on the west by lands of. ItelieChate,
containing X 4 acre,more or less with the appurtenances
1 two-story frame dwelling house. [Seized _and taken
in execution at the suit of David B. Cook vs, Hiram
Bushel - ' _ • .
• A LSO—AII that ,certain farm or - plot of land situate ,
lying end being in the, township of Clifford,, Stieque
ha era county, Penne:Oven's, bounded on the'north by
lands of IS: Crandall and lands of Clark's estate. on the
eas by lands of Wm 'Tinker. On the south by lands of
Wm and John Tinker, and on the wept by lands ofJohn
Tinker, containing about 15 acres, with the appurte
nances, 1 frame dwelling house, 2 frame barns, an or
chard and needy ell improved. [Seized and taken irs
execution at the suit of Sarah Richardson, nee of C:
church, A. Hawser vs Charles Burdick, and
Hellen' Lulea l3urritt vs Charles Burdick.]
ALSO—AII that certain piece or plot of land situate
in Auburn Towship, Sinignehanna county, Penneylva
nia • anti described us follow* : Recorded on She north
by lands of Henry bui;inore and Marshall Crisman, on
the east 'y lands of-MOMS; H. White on the south by
lands of J. C. Rifenbury. and on the west by lauds of
Emmett Tewkehnry, containing, 44 acres. about 30 acres
improved,.with the 'appurtenances 2 frame houSee. 1
frame barn, 1 saw, eider. and feed mill. [Seized and
taken In execution at the suit of James P. Bennieger,
use o M. S. Wilson, (S. write) vs L C. Seneher.l
ALSO—AII those pieces or plots ofland situate in
New. Milford Towneh•p, Susquehanna county, Peueeyl
venni. b +ended and described - as follows, to ;wit : The
Ursa piece beginning at, 'a poet the southwest corner
hereof, adjoining, lauds' 'heretofore. conveyed by CSC,
Wright to O. it E.' A.Pratt, thence along the same nortk
4e34 degrees - east 158 perches io stones corner, thence
south 43 degrees and 52X perches to a post on the bord
er of East' Lake. thence by 'he flame course across the
said Lakesdittai ce, about 66 perchts to opposite shore
of the same, thence by the same course 8534 perches to
post and stones corner, thence south '47 degrees west
152 perches to poet and stones corner hi line of lands
conveyed to said Pratt, thence. Wirth 431( degrees west
202 perches to the place of beginning, tontainhig l 9s
acres, more or less.... The second piece fir plot ie situ
ate ant affireseid,be,einning at the snutheast tomer here
of at post and stones .thenee north 43. degrees west 142
perches to the border of East Lake, thence along the
easterly shore thereof in a nor' herly direction about 70
perches, more or leed,,to a corner .by 8 maples, thence
north 81 degrees, east to a corner to line of land of Peter
McCollum, thence south 43 degrees eistalong same
about 135 perches to a chestnut sapling, thercesonth
degrees west 'about 100 perches to the place of begin
ning, containing 100 acres more or less, excepting al
ways, nevertheless, from the past described piece of
land, 2 acres, of land heretofore conveyed by C. C.
Wright am wife to --- Meacham by deed recorded
in Deed Book No. 40, page 47, [Seized and taken
in execution at the suit of C. ts. Wright vs Joseph it.
ALSO—AII that ceetaln piece or plot of land situate
in the To Wllehip of Qakiand,S,uequebannaeounty.Peen
sylvania, bounded on the west by cave,on
on the northeast.
bya public road, and on the southeast by a public road
being a triangle lot containing 'about oneseixtli of an'i,
acre. and known and described on the map of Survey
of "North Susqnehanna;" made by Wm. Wentr, as lot
No. 154—a1l improved, and basins thereon a three-story
(name house, frame barn and other outbuildings. It
was formerly used as a hotel, and known as the ""Oak-
land House." [Seized and taken in execution at the
suit of Thomas. J. McNamara and Mary Ann McNama
ra, his 'wife, vs. squire J, Carmar.l ' •
A LSO—.IIII that plot of land 'situate in 'clibeon Town
ship, (Stroh Gibeon) Susquehanna county, Pennsylva
nia. bounded on the north, east. and south by Wide of
the estates& Reese Pricesind west by public road lead
ing to Clifford,containing Sie acre, with the appurtenan
ceesi frame dwelling house. &Mean ti orna men tat trees.
[Seized and taken in execution at the suit of H. L. Bar
riger., assigned to L. G. Bennett vs. IL D. Bennett and
Charles Bennett.] •
• ALSO—AII that certain piece. parce', or plot of land.
situate, lying and being in the Township f Clifford,
county of Siesquehanna, and State of Pennsylvania,
bouneedand described as follows, viz : Beginning at a -
hemlock tree being the southeast corner of the warran
tee tract in the name of Roger Harvey. thence north 4.5
degree& east 133% perches to a post and atones corner,
thence south L 5 degreei east 60 perches to a post ands
atones Omer, thence ninth 45 degrees west 834 perches
to a post and stones ;corner, thence south 45 degrees
west 24ss perches toes post and stones corner, thence,
north 45 de!rees west 503¢ perches to the place of be
ginning, containing abeut 50 acres of land, be the same
more or less, with the appurtenances, 1 frame house,
frame barns. ontbuildings,and orchards.mostly improv
ed. [Seized and to ken in execution at the suit of J.R.
Bennett, use of Peter Bennett,.Guardian of A. N. Pick
ering, ..minor." vs. Catherine Pickering.,
ALSO— .11 that certain piece or parcel of land situate
inHarford, Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania, bound
ed and described as follows, to wit : On the north by
lands of Adam Miller. and H. M. Jones, east by the
main street in Harford Village, south by lands of John
W. Gow and L.. 0. Tiffixes. and west by lands of A. G.
Barnard, containing about 12 acres of land more or lees
with the apPurtenances, 1 frame house, barn, orchard,
and all improved. "Seized and taken in execution at
the snit of IL M, Jones. assigned to William Gow tie.
H. B. Harding.) .
• ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of laud situate •
in the Township of Harmony. Susquehanna county,
Penneylitania, bounded and described as follows : Be
ginning in the cf nterof Summit road at A point where
the boundary lino divid ng the States of New York and
Pennsylvania crosses said is ad, west on said State line'
to the Elle Railwey, thence southerly along the said
railway to a stake the corner of Silas Hood's along
it tie
ing ale° the corner' of Catherine Kefford's lot, thence
easterly to the ,center of Cascade road about 10 rode,
thence, northerly in the center( f Cascade road about 24
rods to a stake, thence easterly on e line parallel with
the said State line to the 'center of said Summit road,
thence northerly along the center of said Summit mid
to the said state lice and place of beginning—reeerving
therefrom 1 acre lying in the Southwest corner thereof
—leaving 25 acres more or less;nearl y all improved.wlth
the appurtenances, 1 • frame dwelling home, 1 frame
barn and other outbuildings, and fruit trees. pieized
and taken in execution at the snit of Lyons & McNeil,
'assigned to Christian B. Parsons vs. Gideon Neeley
ALSO—AII that piece.or parcel of land situate in Len
six Townedip, at Lenoxville,Suequehanna ceunty,Penn
sylvania, boundedon the east by lands of Hiram White
on the south by lands'of /Bram White. on the west by
lands of A. Chnrchill.aud on the north by the Turnpike
road, containing one acre, all improved wita the appur
tenances, 1 dwelling house, 1 out house, and one-half
dozen fruit trees. [Seized and taken in execution at
the suit of Messrs. Grow Bros. vs. Andrew Hallstead.l
TAKE NOTICE.--All bids must be arranged on the day
of sale. -
WM. •WRITE, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Orrice, Montrose, Jaty 19,1876.
Just published, a new edition of Dr. Culver
well's Celebrated 'Essay on the radical cure •
(without medicine) of Spermatorrbcea or Seminsi
Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, Impott n
cy, Mental and Physical lncspacity. Impediments to - .
Marriage. etc. ; also, Consampuen, Epilepsy and Fits,
induced by self-indulgence or sexual extravagance, ac.
tar - Price. In a seafed envelope, only six cents. •
The celebrated author. In this admirable essay. dear
ly demonstrates. from a thirty years' successful prt•c
lice, tbat the alarming cousequences of self-abase may
be radically cured without the tiangerons use of intern
al medicine or the' application of the knife ; pointfug
out a mode of cure at once simple. certain. and effectu
al, by means of which every sniferer, no matter what
his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, pri
vately, and radicagy.
'This Lecture should be In the hands of every
youth and every mania the land -
Sent ander seal. in a plain envelope, to any addrees,
post-paid. on receipt of six cents or two post stamps. ';,
Addiees the Publishers,.
• .
Brugutazt & Son,
41 Ann St-, New York ; Poet Otllci Box, 4J$.
July 12, • -
The Scho- , 1 Direetors, of Br Ideeiratet*Toivrahip,
let the building Qf li.l2ew.tichaol building in the O'Briea,
Dlatiict, at the ntrbell Bourse, Idontrope, on
_ . .
Saturday, August 12t L tt i 1876
at oil% o'eloek„ , p.ta_. Plan and specillcatione can be
seen at Dn./Store of Win: 'll. Boyd & Co.. Meintrose.:
ALSO:at: the lame: iinact and place. the. obt . ochoot - ..
building will be Paid, to the highest bidder.
• '
By Order of the. Board, _ ° .
•.• E. H. PICKERING, - Yreiltdet.
Attest—W. C._CIIRTIS, Secretary. ' -
July 19, 1576.-
pROCLAMATION... ~ , ' . . ,
Juni C. Mere hew by la ef next friend Abel V. Virh I te.'
i tti
vs. Mester. Merribew , In Court of Commit 'Plaskett,
Susquehanna. County. January Term, 1878 1 'kt%
To chaster Merrihew : Whereas a" Stikke In Di
was issued to January TErm.,lB7o, which s dit-
ly rettirned non at inventus and thereon 'an alias Bab
pcena,was issued returnable to April Term, 1876, upon
the return, of which proof was made that the said. Ches
ter Merrihew could not be found in my bailwick. '
This notice, therefore, is to require you to appear ;
before our :fudges of the said Court on the second"
Monday of Atigust next to answer said complaint.
WM. WIUTE, Interiff.,
Mimtreie; J 1 .1 19 19.1876.
F A R M. FOR SALE. -, ' ,
, • . .
Tbotubserlber offers hi e "br .
farm for sale, , situate 1n
Forest Lake, containing 66 acres 00 improved. -WM
keep twelve cows, and a team, 'Well watered,,ls also
a good grain' farm, Bas•a'nlce young orchard. ' Terms ,
,will oe mfdo , easy. , For farthex.patticulara enqu i re 9r
address,' ' AARON REYNOT4Ds,_ ' .'
~,' ~ or tit R. ROGSR:,/__, -''
Feb. la, i6.—if Montrose, Pa
jest cortimenceion the first Tieedayomit
ber. tall term .clones On -theytTw. -ft.ty IH.torr
Thankagivlng.' The winter tad cotortwat-r .on tha
first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. 001.pfti, ftt
fall and complete. Expellees moderate. For e,itato3z,ne
or Information address, JAM ES RE Al:,
Jane 14, 11376.-41 a roctoryville. Pa,