The Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1876-1878, August 02, 1876, Image 2

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    tHE AT
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National Democratic Ticket.
ESSAIttr. • I ,
Change is absolutely necessary for the
promotion of the welfare of wrerythirig
in nature either animate or ininimate,
both in the animal and vegetable king
dom. This 'proposition no one will op.
pose for the eiidence is conclusive from'
personal observation. The same rule
bears sway in all i hnman mechanism
whether of the arts land sciences or of
political'economy and / national govern
It has been absolutely demonstrated
from the Patriarchal governments down
to our Republic, from Moses to i Grant.
that along continuation of power, either
in the hands of individuals or parties ;
universally has engendered corruption,
and that change has ; been .the) inevitable
From these general propositions which
are axioms in theinselves, hence . are
selfeildent and need no .demonstration,
we will come down to out national affairs
and to a time within the personal knowl
edge of the greater portion,of. our read
ers. I
General George Washcigton, the first
President of the United States, 'was in
augurated in 1789 and from that time
until 1861,`a period of seventy-two. years,
the Democratic party ruled this liation t
with the exception! Oa few years.
1860 and for a few years before the be
lief obtained, among the majority of 'the
people, that the
, gevernment was•
administered corruptly.(and more for the
benefit of party politicians, or rather sec
tional advantage, than for the welfare of
the nation and enoughiof those 'who had'
formerly acted with the peniocratic par
ty united with the oppodition and. placed
the control of. the nation in the hands of
the Republican party, and 'that party
has held uninterrupted sway .from that
time until the present. Riiht -here we
desire to ask all those who have the wel
fare of our country at heart, to 'decide
for themselves whether the evidence of
party ,Corruption is not stronger against
the party "in power to-day than . it was
against the old Democratic party ? Is
rot the inevitable demand for a change as
, important, if not .more so, as it, was' in
1860 ? Was ' there a hundredth part
of the high-handed official ‘corruption
and ring stealing then, as now makes
every true American, be he -Repnblican
or Democrat, hang his ,head with shame
for the. honor of his county, and with
'apprehension for its future The facts
say no, . and most emphatically so. 'lf
change. wf:44 needed.% 18611 a it not need
tkpoitlx;;' ,There were no Itelknapi,
socks nor any of the long. line; of coy
*iota felons to diegrace the Democratic
party... • ,
We can 'hardly , find a Man, - even iii the
Republican . party, who is not _ready to
admit all that we Charge against it, but
the , politicians attempt to further en
slave the masses .
with the .cry that they
should be allowed-to continue their pow
er to plunder and omiresti the I)eople with
sings and taxation, "be6ause. they , saved,
the country -in time
. Of rebellion." Is
there a man who claret to inSult the lila
tory and intelligence . of
_the people by
asserting the : Republican party.
Which elected its President in - 1860 saved
the.eountry from - rehelpon ? Such a
Joan may :be writteti Tdown,, as' either: a
knaire or a- fool. the' pariotic
,• ,
peoWef:the country iriespective o ar
ty, .and:west, that saved
the nation' and'the'moseinfamous of
. •
=all -robbery • for , • any -. political, party to
• .
chin:L.o4 hOpor.eiclOsively, to RBA:—
We Miz4t,*4j,"greater :propriety-aild
trutiii:4alar,that. 'the:pemoOratie party
•is entitled - to all the credit of the-. Revo
-lution in threWing off British, tyranny.;
and : giving us an independent;.-nation.—
Wa - can claim; that
,under:.. it's; festering
care' this natl4 - ii grew r with • :Unequalled
.prosperity for labont sixty yeara. All :this
:ery'from Radical office- holders ant* their
'subsidized presk, is but the cry . 'of politi
cal. hypocrisy'for :Partisan purposes, \ and
can . Only- he feud for fanaticism and par
ty :bigotry. , .
The simple. Unvarnished faCt is this.--•
The Republican Administration, of na
tional affairs Alas 'fallen into
. the hinds of
the Most corrupt ring
-of ."-machine" pol
itielatia. that' has err di racedany
country- and the - whole PartF manage -H
merit, from : President .to .poSt-master, is
',under, ,their.contreli and the only retnedy
is a complete cleansing of-:the "Augean
`stables,' a change, absolute and complete.
Dtenoften r read.of national . : affairs . and
hear thern..diieussed - they • seetri so
Aar off that:they are inclined ,to. - think
that they are not ao 'much :interested - and
their aPpreliensiona by the false
'doctrinathat they can . escape the penal
ties:.,- This its not-. so,, but that we may
the•more Onphatically. bring -the matter
hethe WI our readers -we 'will come right
dOwn to, our own county affairs.
..It will
be remembered
.. that during - the latter
part of Dernocratio rule in thiacountya
"Fire Proof Clique" sprang up- in it, and -
a portion of
: the party united with - the
opposition to overthrov' it and this re
sult was tautly accomplished.. But we
ask the,peOple if the "Fite - Proof Clique"
during its worst history.. can be charged
with' one tenth part of the-corrupt trans
actionsjof :the' "Court Horse .of
.the, Republican party :of . 4:day ? Did
they DaSs ring laws doubling official-fees,
levying "jail , tuxes" etc. • eta.,., enveloping.
themSelvei in such a clop() „olnorruption
as was 'exposed through the dAumns of
the DEMOCRAT . last fall Vas the
one hull the necessity for
.a thange at
that tune that there is now ?
We Say that a complete chant: is. de . -
manded.. ;The people of this connty, as
the dernonstrated last 'week, are rraping
great* betilts from.. the partial ..zhange
inaugurated laSt fall, yet it is impossible
'for any party to institute full reform or
even do itself justice .-without lull, to n'4
trol. • This was plainly demonstrated in
tie eiripleYinent of commissioners
when a s7o.orone: was employed instead of
one for.' 4500, The . .Democracy Can not
be held responsible for, what they,are un-'
able to do. It the merest, folly tn.dea
troy much of the goOd.. effete of 'reform
.by retaining a neutralizing eleMent of
the old Dings.. When a- new hand' is
emploYed give him full controrand then .
demand faithful action at-his hands. Is
there any, One ready to ..say that change. i
not demanded in our county affairs
Has not every: proMised= reform been car
reed out the Reform • : party • that. they
haVe been able -to', bring about ?' You
.have no untried experiment as you had
at the laS.t election. :We can see plainly'
that honest men of .the opposition ; .niay
have .deernel it best not to surroder full
power to the refOrm party until they .had
had an earnest of its . Wnig administered
fore you
That evidence is now be=
fere you'And we
.believe that What was
left incomplete will be fully completed
• .
on the seventh day of November - next: •
The Pottsville:Miners' Journal (Rep.)
in eorrECting a statement of the New
York Herald ascribing credit to the Re
publican 'state ituthorities for breaking
up the murderous organization known as
Molly -Maguires, Makes the' following ex=
traordinary' statement :
"From all-accounts the .state' authori
ties have been more disposed to" profit
politically by the . existance of this mar
derous organization. There are some
scandalous stories afloat around here,
*filth May come, to a head. before, this
society.ii uprooted. In that event some
holly At Harrisburg will bave some pow
erful ezplaining away to do: . The cred
it of whilt has been done in tlie of
destroying the Mollie gang belongs
Mr. 'qowen and the . ctiylkill.county au
The Pittsburg Post says : "Tilden
made a world. : j wide reputation 'and. won,
the':Denocratic nomination by 'achieving,
aiivictory in a five. year,L war. 1.1p,0n the_
thieves , of his own party." raves won
theAepuhlicau nomination by aiding his
patty" to fill the pnblie service with 'Official'
thieyes,jagainsi 'whose elevation ,he:ut?er,
once'prCtested.during the ten Years while
they were plundering the 'country before
tasAYelo' 'E A - "
. _
.. - .opl4iolon.ed: . in . ;:Ne.Ori-York ...91i ilfondLlY.
I l it . lit - 11.f . ...'. - :: ;:- .rt:,..'; :..-'-;i'''_.`;'',::',:=,.:l,....-i-,:.'-,.;.--;:.,
Hon. F. B..Gqwen, iii.hiS'g.reat'apeech
nefore.the jury. in the linqiey ease; at
Pottsville, pat(' the followtnii language :
. have seen this organization - wield a
political-power in the state which has
controlled the. election, of a great Coin
toonwealth ; I have, received. .the rinfor
,Mation of *meetings between some' of the
-highest - officers of i•the state; and the
chief of - .the' murderers, - . at - which, large
sums -of money were , paid to secure the
votes of thiB infernal -assoCiation t.) "turn
the tide of testate electiOn. - God r ctie‘ws,
aevel .sinee the world begair was there a
revelation'-.48 - deep anddamning . ,!as that
now laid ,open to the People of the corn
monwealth for the first tittle: "* '* *
Then we Could say to Pat Conry, .691n
iMiSSIOfter..0 . this County.: The time has
.when Governor" of this 'state
dates to pardon . a Mollie Maguire ; you
have had youtlast pardon."
The.Mauch Chunk Democrat, in com
menting on this bold and startling dec
laration., asks : "What' does 114 mean ?
Wilt. the Gazelle please . inform ue if the
report is. true that Jack ,Kehoe, tie lead
er of the Mollie' Maguires received about
$1:100 froth M. g.'Quay, and several Oth
era in the order slims ranging. from 8500
upward to influence their votes against
Judge Pershing last fall ? • Why did Gov.
.Etartran ft • pardon the . Mollie .Maguire
Commissioner of Schuylkill county
Was that part. of the contract ?". •
,A fortnight hai not elapsed 'since,
den was notified of his
.nornination, , yet
Republican journals are concerned - about
his reply. Hayes required a month and
:Wheeler-, six Weeks. 'to make' UP their
minds on the matter. Nobody
,Cared for .
their letters or felt concerned about the,
time they required, but there is anxiety
in relation to the -utiterances of the:Dern
- ocratic nominees. What they.inay have
:to d.eelare`will-have 'meaning
;and influence, and for that reason there
'is realconctl.n.felt in the public mind, to,
'hoar Irbin them.. No one doubts their
. 1 d -
acceptance, that, much .is settle, and We
presunie *will await; the final
action of Congress before he frames'his
reply, - He. will' .have the advantage of
'accomplished fipts'_heftire him. He will
not require the, I.ssistance - - of a' lat of po=
litical gamblers to'put it in shape, he will
not bejn the leading string of the Mtn
; ton's:Calitiron's - or" Lo.gans, or'swerve
• • .
hti I's bretidth from' his oft.repOated and
• •
practiced principloti:' His pleilges will
bestiaitforward 'and easily_ Understood,
awl he will when elected, carry' out every
prei,iisehe makes.. Who will be his att.-
viseql 'we know not but . one th4ig we are
no thief_ need apply.
The,RelinbliCaA organs say that Tilden
has_ stdenthirteen:different railroads and
has goe•them all secreted under his horse
barn. That. he Went • batik aftek the tele•
graph OiestS • and Grant, Belkiiitit, 13ab-.
peck & 0); were there ahead rid' him and
got awity':wtzil tht ni ' •4>i he • wdtnia nave
then Did ever.? -N'P I.neter
Mercy on\us, what. asinell !
.The Thmocratic party 'lei) . entered
. a Presidential campaign wild), .4 surer
certaiptypt: success. '1 ilden lank . Hen
drickS The people.' know
it. ....Hayes and mean a contin
d W I
nation of - Grantistn. And the people
know that too.
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Writs issued by the Cana of Common Pleas of
Susquehynna County and to me directed. I will expose
to sale by public rendue. at the Court licuSe, on. •
Friday, - Augtist 18th 11176,
at one o'clock p. m.; the following, pieces or parcels of
land to wit:
411 that certhilfpieee or parcel of landitiluate.
and better in the township of Thonisol t Susquehanna
county, Pennsylvania. bounded on the east by lands of
Samuel and Alden Hubbard, on the south and west by
lauds of George Wall ice. and ()Tillie north by lands of
the Widow W i Won, containing about !lo acres, more or:
less. shout 25acres imprOved, with the appurtenances,
.1 frame dwelling house, I:frame barn; and fruit trees. — Nelzed and taken in. execution at , the suit of
Lewis vs William IK.Bowen.]. _ 1 • •
ALSO I) that certain plece.or pardel of land eituxte
in the township of Auburn, Susquehanna county. Penn
sylvanlit.hounded on the north by read* leading from
Kennedy Corners to Carter Town, otrthe east by laude..
of J. P. White on the south by istitie:of Henry Dun-,
moreiand on,the weaby lauds of Martin . Wilcox, con
taining 58 acres, mostly unproved,. with'. the •appurte-!
'flariCea; /'frame . n :bon k - e, frain6 boil; and an
orchard. • [Seized . and taken - in oxecuiinn at the suit of
W.M. J. Mulford va. Bw4clihamtne,r,l .-- •
. ,
Tots /40T10X.-=All bide Must bei" arranged tho day! -
of .sale. • , •- . .•
-•-,... WALLIAM•.:WEDITE,Sherift.
Sheriff's Oflice, -. Minitrose; t1n1y . 28, - 1146,
kJ write etatteil by the .Ccurt of Common Pleas of
Stoquehanna County and to me directed, I wit" expose
to sale by public vendue, at the Court House in Mont
rose, on :
Friday, Aucrutd 111, All. D., 1870,
at 1 o'clock p. cat, the ibiloWing pieces or parcels of
land, to wit : :. :
All that certain parcel of land sittiate in Lenox, Sus
quehanna county.: Penneylvania, bounded and describ- 1
ed as follows, to wit.: On the north by hinds of William
R. Gardner, Charles Tingle y and Mrs Rued, on the east
by lauds of Mrs. Rood, William R. Gardner, and Hol.
Robinson. on the south by lan& of William Barber,Le
vi Chamberlin and George Conrad, and on the west. by
lands of William Barber{ Charles l'Pngley and Horace
Tingley, containieg 225 acres of land, be the same More
or less. with •the 'appurtdnances. 2 dwelling houses, 4
barns, two orchards. and about 150 acres improved.—
(seized and taken in exepution at: the snit of Andrew
Hallsted, use of Grow Heathens vs. Emery Harding.)
ALSO—AII that certain Piece or plot of land lying end
being in Oakland, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania,
bounded and described -as follows, to wit:.On .the
north b) lands of Levi M. Westfall,on the east by West
fall Aventie, on the south, and west by lands of J. l M.
Westfall containing one-half acre of land more or less,
with the appurtenances 1 frame dwelling-houses-all
Improved. [Seized and taken in execution at the suit
of John Yereons, use of Itichard Itanneringeva 'William
Manuering and Richard Mannering.)
, •
ALSO—AII that certain! piece or parcel of land situ
ate, lying, and being in the Township of Dimock, Sus
quehanna comity, Pennsylvania, bounded and describe ,
ed as follows, to Wit • On the north by lands of Jonas
A, Gray, on the east bylatids of Jonas A. Gray and Geo. '
Gates, on the south by highway and by lands of A. Bur
dick, on the west by linde ot George Fowler and B. G.
Baker, containing —• acres, mon or less, with the ap
purtenances. two frame dwellings and one frame barn.
[Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jonas A.
Gray vs A, 1, Gray.]
two pie* or parcels of land,
lying, and being in Ihe township of Jessup, Susquehan
na county, PennetYlvanta.lbounded and described as fol
lows, to wit: Tao Bret piece on the north by public
road; on the east by lands of Lucius Smith, o . the south
by land of said Lucius Smith and Jacob Dimon, and on
the west by landis of L. D. White, containing IX acres.
more or hire, with the appnrtettances, 1 house, 1 barn,
and all improved.— The second piece is bounded on the
northand east by, land ofLucius Smith, on the south by
public road, and west by iland of Catherine Warner.con
raining three•fourths of in acre, more or less, with the
appurtenances, 1, barn, le blacksmith shop, and wagon
enopsand all improved. [Seized and t 'twain execution
at tee suit of Jacob Robertson and Harvey Slavin= vs.
Lucy. N. Lake and John fi. Lake.l
ALSO—AII that certain piece or plot of land situate,
lying. and being in Ararat township, County of Susque
hanna, and State of Pennsylvania, boded and describ
ed es follows, towlt ; On the north by lands of Danford
Hine, east by lands of Thomas Bosket, south by lands
of Charles or Rufus Barnes, aid west by highway ad
joining land of Thomae Burman, containing about 53
acres. more or lees, mostly improved, with the appurte
nances, 1 frame house :1 frame barns, and an o chard.—
Seized and taken In exeeutiun at the snit of C.C. Worth
assigned to Margaret 51illiken. vs. Don. A. Walker; C.
C. Worth assigned to lilargaret Milliken vs. Don. A.
Welker, and S. A, Fettle, assigned to Margaret Milliken
vs. Don. A. Walker.
ALSO--All that certnin piece or parcel of land, situ
ate, lying, and being iuthe township of Lenox, Susque
hatuni county, Pennsylvania, holm nett nutl described es.
follows, to wit s, on thii north by Laid of Janie-- uu•
rad. Eldridge Sikyder,, elilber Gardner, and eatnuel Mc.
Nalley. east by land of lJudeon Davis. and James Slay-,
der, south by land" of James Snyder, Eldridge Davis,
Judson Davis, L'mersoni Pellet, and Frank Hekering.
west by Tnnkikati eutk Creek aud Fanereou Fo let, con
taining about 125 acree of land, mire. or fess, with s the
appurtenance., 1 Inllllo ;hurler', 1 mane burn, outbuiltl
lege, orchard, anti alitn4 100 acres improved. [Seized
, and taten in executien ;at the 'nit of Grow & Bro. vs.
Henry Manzer, S. Tayldr vs. Henry etanzer, and James
IL Lathrop, Cashier, va. Henry Manzer)
ALSO—AII Una piece; or parcel ot land situate, lying.'
and tieing: in cheat Bean Borough and Great Bend
Township. Susquenautia county, Pennsylvania, bound
ed and describell tts ioßuivs. to wit : On the north and
east by land of e---------i i!arrotl, south ity public street.
known as Railway stre'et, and ' on the west by lands of
T. D. Estabrook eminilnieg one-iburth of aacre.inore
or less, with the appurtenances, 1 one-sto y dwelling
house, 1 frame barn, Liao all linprovi-d.- [Seized and to
in execution at the suit sit Thomas • Gillespie; as
signed to A. C. Purple.; vs: Wm. it. Welting.] ,
ALSO—AII thin curtain piece or parcel ot land situate
lying, and being in the, Borough of Susquehanna, Sus
quehanna county, Pennsylvania. bounded and dente')
- ed as follows tas wit : Da the north by Grand street,
east by land of Hiram ;Bush, south by land of A. Fem
ale. and on the. wes .by, laud* of O. 5 Bingham, con
taitiine ess of ati ace .ore or less.
y welling house and all improved.
less. with the appurte
nances, one 11X
• [seized and tease in e ecution at the suit of Wm Skin.
net eel/. L. Curie 1 1
ALSO—AII that eertliin piece or parcel of land situate
in Jackson ToWnship,i Susquehanna eouuty, : enn-ylva•
nia, sounded and deeeribeu as follows, to wit : Begin
ning at a beech' in thesouthwest cornerof lot No. 157,
heretofore conveyed t Irene Low, and being also the
l a
north corner hereof, hence south' deee degrees east by
lands of John - Gloved aud late of W. E. , Lterrabee 158
perches to the north corner of lot No 162 of Mary
Ithoaces estate; formerly occupied by Cal Vin Slocum,
ehence by the same %tenth 4334 ne t ,47rees,west 127 perches
to stones the south corner of lot No. 164. formerly con
tracted to Calvin Ht.*. and now occupied by William
Pickering, thence by ithe same north 45, degrees west
158 perches to the southwest corner of lot N 0.453 now
of dames More, theno by the same north 43 - ,X, degrees
east le7 perches to the beginning. conta wind 118 acres
and 59 petchese more ior less, witu the aopartenatices,a
lx,etory flame dwelling house, frame earn and shed,
fruit trees and about 60 acres improved (Seized and
taken in execution at e the suit of Wm.-W. Broneon vs.
B. W. Dix.) i .
ALSO—AII those pi,eces or parcels of land situate in
Lenox and Cliffordtownships, Susquehanna County,
penasyiesnia,tioundOn and described as follows,to wit:
First piece begiuntu,* at. a-heap of stones t.'ear the road,
thence by lanes of Nathan Bell and east. 65 rods to a
stake, thence by lands of P. W. cliumberlin south 43X
degrees east 5i rods and 10 links, thence by land of
Eraetus Potter south? 47 degrees west 13 rods and 19
links to a stake, thence by the same south 4334 degrees
east IS rods to' eap !of stones, thence by binds of Jas.
per Bell and alone the centre of the road south 51 de
grees west 31 rods and 17 links, thence by the same
north 7134 degrees west- $3 rods find 7 links to a heap of
stones, thence be heeds of O. Ransom north 4 degrees
east 54 tods anti 20 li like to the place of beginning, con
taining 39 acres end 115 rods of him , . be the same more
o "less... _The second piece beginning at a post and
' stoma. a Corner in Dee of William It. Gardner lot s on
the east side of pnblic highway, thence p ally along the
road and a line , dividing this from a part of the lot to be
deeded to Lucy Coxl:outh 25 degrees east 113 and eight
-tenth perches to pot= and stones, *corner fur said divis
ion, thence by the Owe Beath 89 degrees east &I perch
se: to e corner in the west line of the same lot bold to G-
A. Grow; thence by said line north env degree cast 49
and four-tenth berches to a line ot a lot deeded to 311-
cltel West, thence by.snid lot north 44 degrees west 5
and eight-tenth perehes to a corner, thence north 47 de
greeeeeast 53s perches to a poet corner of a tot deeded to
V: M. West, thence lay said lot north one degfee east 10
and three tenths perches, to a post and stones corner,
thence by the Blameborth 89 degrees west 13X perches
to a post corner, theince north 44 degrees west 57X per
chee to a post and stones corner in the line ofe Willem
R. Gardner lotaforetiaid. and thence by the same south
47X degrees West :3$ perches to the plate of beginning,
containing 81 acres iar.d 60 perches, more or lesti.....The
third piece: North by, lands of N. E. Gardner, east by
lands of said Ira Ctlx and Pulaski Chamberlin. south by
land of W. M. Cox. and lands in possession of William
Halletead, and wee; by lands of Mrs. Adam Miller, con
taining 30 acres, mitre or less, [in all about 106 acres,
60 acres improved,) with the appurtenances, 1 rrame
house, 3 triune bares. and 2 orchards. [Seized and ta
ken in execution at; the snit of W. M. Cox. use - of John
Stuart, vs. Ira. G. Oox. and Wilber E. Howell, use of
John Stuart, vs. Ira ! G. Cox.) ,
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situ
ate, lying and being In the Township of Bridgewater.
Susquenanna 'county. Pennsylvania; - bounded and de
scribed as toiltiws.ite wit: (In the northeast by lands
of b. H. Thatct•er, on the southeast by lands of N. G.
Passmore,and on the west by the north and south road
leading to Hart Lake, aud containing about X acre,
more or less. with The appurtenances. I frame dwelling
bowie and all improved. (Seized and taken in elects
don at the suit of•leamuel Smyth vs, W. Hewitt.]
ALSO—AII that (certain piece or parcel of laud situ
ate, lying and bettig in the township bo of ed Jaektien. Sue
asba I n o l l i rom c' 7 3 s u l n o ty g• en l o a l i ge nt n a tirth u ty d lands li ' d :f t lio i e
man Nye, on the east uy lands of Norman Nye, on the
south by lands of Royal Thayre, and on the west by
lands ot James. Y.;Potter, and containing 64 acres and
04 perches, more or less, with the appurtenances, I
frame dwelling Weise, 1 frame barn aud outbuildings
and fruit trees. [belied and taken in execution at the
suit of Zilphtt Morse Vd. Ansil }L Belcher and Annie L.
Tanner vs. Ansil H. Belcher ] - •
ALSO—AII that `piece or parcel of land situate in the
borough of Great Bend Village, Suequehanna County,
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as . follows,- to
wit : On the north • by lauds of Rhoda Decker, on, the
east by lands of W. D. Lusk, on the south by lauds of
11, S. Huntiaranti! on the west by the •public roador
Alain street , containing about 200 square feet, with the
appurtepances,l tivo-siory frame,dwelling, 1 a d a half
story building Used and known as Great Bend Hotel,
. blaceernith, and born. [Seized and taken iu executien
at the suit of tleotge Buclianitali vs. H.D. Barnet and
T.J. lierneel 1 • ' -
ALSO-All:, -Mt piece or plot of land situale,lying
and and being in brooklyn, Susquehanna county . , Penn
sylvania, boundee on the north by lands or Tiffany&
Cramer, on the east by pubdic highway, out 'the 'south
by lands of. Tifilley 4 Cramer, and on the west by lands
' of the estate of Albett Alerich,dectd, containing 1 acre
ail improved, with the appurteuancee, teframedwelting
house • (Seized Mad taken in execution at tile stlit . ef
J. D: ' Veal :vat J. D. iticharoson.l , - , . . -
ALSO-411 that piece or plot of land situate on Grand
street ii the boreal:lv-of Intennehauna Deno, NOStltie
,littntiat minty; Pelineyleatilek, bounded ttlid-ditscritied as
tonows, to wit : Pa use north by Grand street, on the
east by,lands of Win Conklin, on the 'south by wide or
A. Furnhatn.andion the weet by land* of D. L..Chare,
wbulinlog hf acrtl,mor't cir lege lOW the atiptitten4lleins
1 ill o-story irarnd dwelling bowel. tSelz.ei Mid taken
In execution 4 i i lbi stilt 01 David B, Conk ytt. Hiram
- Bush.]
s estate, ALSO—AII that certain farm or plot or land s i t„"„
lying aid bzing is the township of Ciii;orti, ‘; 41(17,Z
hanna county, Pennsylvania, bounded on the e'ouritil-y
lands of E. Crandall and lands of Clark'
vie by lands of Wm Tinker, on the south by
Wm and John Tinker, and on the west by land* orJoho
Tinker, containing about 75 acres, with the apu:
nitrites, 1 frame dwelling house, 2 frame bar an t 0
chard and nearly all improved. [Seized and taken i r- si
execution at ,the suit of Sarah Richardson, nee or c.
Church, assigned to A. Hawser vs Charles Butdick, and
fleilen Luisa Burritt va Charles Burdick.)
ALSO—AII that certain piece or plot of land situate
in Auburn Towship, Susquehanna county.. Pennsylva
nia. Ana described as follows : Bounded on the north
by !elide of Henry Duunfore and Marshall Criaman, on
the east et , lands of Thomas R. White. on the south by
lands of J. C. Rifenbury, and on the west by lands of
Emmett Tewksbury, containing 94 act me about 30 acres
improved, with the appurtenances. 2 frame houses. 1
frame barn, 1 saw, cider, and feed mill. [Seized and
taken in execution at the suit of James P. Benninger
nee 'o. M. tee Wilson, (i write) vs L. C. Swisheel ,
ALSO—AII those pieces or plots of land situate ie
New Milford Towneh p, Susquehanna county, Peuratyl
yenta, bounded and described as follows, to wit
first piece beginning at a poet the southwest corner
hereof, adjoining lauds heretofore conveyed by C, c,
Wright to 0. & A.Pratt, thence along the same north
46K degrees east 150 perches to stones corner, thence
-south 43 ~degrees and BN perches to a post on the bord
er of East Lake, thence by the same course across the
said Lake, distal ee abontl36 perches to opposite shore
of the same, thence by the` same course 85x perches to
post and stones corner, thence south 47 degrees west
152 perches to post and stones corner in line of lands
conveyed to said Pratt, thence north 43X degrees west
202 perches to the place of beginning, contai n i ng 196
acres, more or less.... The second piece or plot Is situ
ate as iforesaid;beginning at the southeast corner here
of at post and stones, thenee north 43 degrees west 145
perch's to the border of East Lake, thence along the
easterly shore thereof lila nor herly direction about 70
perches, more or less, to a iorner by 3 maples, thence
north 81 degrees east to a corner to line of land of Peter
McCollum, thence south 43 degrees east along sa me
about 135 perch( s to a cheettitit sapling, thence eoutb 47
degrees west about 100 perches to the place of begin
ning, containing 100 acres more or less, excepting al
ways, nevertheless, from the • past described piece of
land, 2 acres of land •heretofore conveyed by 0, C,
Wright anc wife to Meacham by deed recorded
in Deed Book No. 40, page 47, &c. [Seized and taken
in execution at the suit of C. U. Wright vs Jose - Ph B.
A LSO--"All that certain piece or plot of land situate
in the Township of Oakland,Snequebanna county,Peen
eylvania bounded on themest by cave,on the northeast
by public road, and on the southeast by a public road
being a triangle lot containing about one-sixth of an
acre, and known and described on thellapof Sirvey
of "North Susquehanna,". made by Wm. Wentz, as lot
No. 154—a1l improved, and havleur thereon a three-story
fre me house, frame barn and other outbuildings. R
was formerly' used as ahotel, and known as the "Oak
land House . ' [Seized and taken in execution at the
suit of Thomas J; McNamara and , Bury Ann McNama
ra, his wife, VA. Squire J. Carmnr.l
A.L50.....An that Wet of land situate in (.41heon Town
ship, pion th Gibson) Susquehanna county, Pennsylva•
nia, bounded on the north, east, and eon . ; h by lands of
the estate of Reese Price,and west by public road lead
, in; to Cittibrdscoutainins;K acre. with the apptirtenan
ces,a franie dwelling house, - fruit and-ornamentaftrees.
[Seized All taken in execution at the suit of H. L. Bar
tiger, assigned . to L, G. B nuett ve. IL D. Benaett and
Charles Brunei t.]
ALSO -All lb 1 certain ;title. „puree .or plot of land
1,.!".i and I), nnz in the rowustoP f Clifford,
county ofAsquehanna ; "nit of Pennsylvania,
bounued and described as folows. viz : Begun:l2oz at it
hemlock tree bet,,g the ”out beast corner of the w-trran
tee trait nt tiie name of ititeer ilarvey, theece north 45
deereee a-t.•1333e perches. to a post and stout-s corner,
thence south 5 (levees tette lei pit: cleat to a post and
stone- corner, thence north 45 cegrees west 8)4 perches
to a past and enema coraer, thence south 45 tie,grees
west iI4N perches to a post and stones corner, thence
oe sees west 50X perches to the place of be
gionritting. containing about 30 acres of land, be the same
more or less, with the appurtenances, 1 frame house,
frame berme, outbuildings,and orchards.mostly improv
ed. (Seized and taken In execution at the suit uf J.R.
Bennett, use of Peter Bennett, Guardian of A. N. Pick.
"minor," vs. Catherine Pickering.;
11 that certain piece or parcel of lend situate
er A in ui g.
in 'Buford; Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania, bound
ed and describe(' as ftilloWs, to wit : On the north by
lands of Adam Miller and 11. M. Jones, east by the
main street in Ilarford Village, south by lands of John
W..Gow and L. 0, Tiffaey and west by lands of A. G.
Barnard, containing about, 12 acres of land more °fleas
with the appUrtenancee, 1 frame house, barn, orchard,
and all improved. ISeized end taken in .-xecntion at
the suit of IL M. Jones,,assigued to William Gow re.
IL B. Harding.)
ALSO—AII that certain pleceor parcel of land situate
in the Township of Harmony, Susquehanna county,
Pennsylvania, bounded and, described as follows : Be
ginningin the ct titer of. Summit road at point where;
the boundary lino div id ng the States of New York and
Pennsylvania crosses said read, west on said State line
to the Bee Railway. thence southerly along the said
railway to a stake the corner of Silas Rood's lane. it he
bet Mete thc corner of Catherine Ketrord's lot, thence
easterly to the center al Cascade road about 10 rods,
thence northerly in the, center 14 ' Cascade road about 20
rods to a. stake, thence easterly one hue parallel with
the said State line to the center of said Summit road,
thence northerly along the center of said Summit road
to the said state lice and place of heginn ing—re-erving
therefrom 1 acre lung In the southwest corner thereof
.—leaving 25 acres more or lees,nearly ail improved.with
the uppnrtenanceee 1 frame dwelling hon., e, I frame
bare and other outbuildinge, and fruit trees. (seized
and taken In execution at the suit of Lyons &McNeil,
assigned to Christian H. Parse ns vs Gilema Neeley j
A LSO—AII that piece or parcel of land situate in Len
ox ToWnsdip, at Leinaville,Susquehanna county.Pertn•
sylvania, bounden on the east by lands of Hiram White
un the south by lands of :Giblet White, on the west by
lands of A. Churchillatid on the north by the unlink°
road, containing one acre; all improved with the nppur
tenartees, 1 dwelling house, 1 out bones-, and one-half
dozen fruit trees. [Seized and taken in execution at
the snit of. Messrs. Grow Bros. vs. Andrew &distend.)
TAKE NOTICE.—AII Ms mild be arranged on the day
of *ale.
, WM. WHITE, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Mantic:4e; Juty 19, j8;0.
Just published, a new edition of Dr. Culver
well's Celebrated Essay on the radical CuP,
(without medicine) of Spermatorrheea or Seminal
Weakness, Involuntary Seminal Losses, Impoten
cy, Mental and Physical Incapacity. lecament4 to
M .• also, etc. also, Consumption, Epil pry and Fits,
indnced by self-indulgence or sexual extr, I.:Tepee, &c.
,"Price. in a sealed envelope, only sit cents.
The celebrated author. in this admirable essay, clear
ly demonstrates. from ,a thirty years' successtul prim
dee, that ttie alarming cousequenceti of self-abuse may
be' radically cured without the dangerous use of intern
al medicine or the application of the knife ; pointing
out a mode of cure'at once simple, certain, and effectu
al, by means of which every sufferer, no matter what
his condition may be, may cure himself cheaply, pri
val(A. and radically.
gew - - This Lecture should be in the lands of every
youth and every man in the land
Sent under seal. in a plain envelope. to any address,
poBt-paid, on receipt of six cents or two post stamps.
Address the Publishers,
F. Bruen:lan & Son,
.41 Ann. St., New York ; Post Office Box, 4581
July i2,lbliz. .
The School Directors. of li•idgewater Township, will
let the building of a new school building In the O'Brien
District, at, the Tarbell Rouse, Montrose, on
Saturday, August 12th, 1876
at one o'cloek p. m. Plan and specifications can be
seen at the store of Wm. H. Boyd & Co., Montrose.
ALSO, at the bathe time and place. the old school
building will be sold to the highest bidder. '
By Order of the* Board
B. H. PICKER ING; President.
Attest—W. C. °urns, Secretary.
July 19,1878.
Anna C. Merrihew by her next friend Abel White.
vs. Ciester Merrlbew. In Court of Common Pleas of
Suoquehann a County. January Term,. IMO.
To theater Merrihew : Minna. a Submits in Di
vorce was termed to January Term. 1816 which was-du
ly returned non est inuntus and thereon tin altar ob.
pmna WAS issued returnable to April Term, DM, oven
the return of which proof wait made that the said Ches
ter Merribew could not be found in my bailwick.
This notice, therefore, le to require you to appear
before our .indges of the raid Court on the eecond
Monday of August next to snow er said coMplaint.
WM. Sheriff.
Montrege, July 19,1876
The subscriber eat his farm fee olteste Is
Forest Lake, containing 65 am; 60 iMproved. • . Will
keoplweive cows, and a tea n, Weil watered, ie also
a good•grain farm, His a nice: young orchard: Termi
will be made easy. For farther particulem
- • o r S. B. utiosißS,
eb:ll3, M.-4f - Montrose, Pm
ICRYSTONE AbADEIti Y.The eightb'
AA, -year coMmences on the Pat Tuesday In Septets.
ber. The tail term elopes on - Um Timone,. before
Thanksgiving. 'winter term correneuers on the
Ara, Tuesday after Thantegtving. Cerullo , of :Andy
MI and complete. .Expensee moderate. For esteNwl
or information midmos t JAMES FREAR.
11111")", 18113.-41 a rsctor) . vino, PS.