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    Arrangement of Mails.
A rritles; Depatu
linkhatmock, (Datiy,) '7OO m 121 b m
- .
liontrots-e Depot,(Daily.) • 600 p m 20 4
New milfora, ....1000 ain Si)pt m
Wyaineing• am, no I) in
Fri t anisville,(tri weekly,) " 600 p m sw u m
:loettlth Station.(tri weekb 'zoos 100
am .
Bi figlimutpe ;vie S. Lake,(triAveel4ly).. '6OO p m i ) 00 p m
st ,,ooppen,(tri tree k1y,)..... • 1000 a m 400 p m
The New York, ((via :Montrose Depotj.getvlitilford i ,
runkhatmoek;aud Wyalusing are
I , tie Conklin Station mall rims 'Ptiestlaya, Thnradar,
and Saturdays: •
Tate iiinghvnton mall, (via Silver - Lake,)rune-Tues-.
i lt pl„Thuradays. and Saturdays, ,
t t i tty
rie: . dsville rims Ttieaday/I,Thuradaya,and Sat
The ..‘loshoppen mat l ru ut3 Mondays,Wednaodaye, Lind
• i
A Stage leaves daily for Montr se Depot a' 1 tn,.and
returns at p. m
Stage leaves daily for New Milford 41.730.
and recurne at 830p.m. •
s:.a. FO I RDRAM, P.' X,
Montrose Railway Time Tab
arrangaient or Trains. To take effe ' _on Mondayi
Aprlll7, 1875. . , • - '
Down Trans. ' - Up' Trains
solnitwa tb ••• NORTHWARD
545 10.15.-- ....Montrose . '
555 1015 845 , 545.
558 10 2 8.... ... .8 90 ' 448''
605 - 1032 ' Hunters • .:.885 444 ,
608 1030 ..Woodbourne...f. ...... 830 ' 440
612 10 40... .... Dimock :.8 .,.825 486
617. 10 47. ...... —.Tyler's. ". ... 815 428
625 1057... 420
630 " „.. 755 412 .
645 11113. Avery's 745 ' 405
653 11$8.• ... ...Lemon ` '735 00
703 11 ... .. .
.4.L0beck..... . ...725 345
715 11 45 Marey:'s 715 "337
720 12 00.. .... 700 822
Tinins will run on Lehigh Valley time as kept in the
Of or P. &N. Y. •RH at Tunkhahnock.
All trains connect at Tunkhauuock with P. &N Y.
R. R.going north and South.\ •
JAMES. 1. 81, AKBLE.II, Prea't.
Mauch Chunk. April 17, 1876. F '
List of New Advertisements.
Sheriff's Sties.
Taylor's Medicines. I
Grove 'Meeting.
Taylor's Medicines.
State Normal School.'
Night Route for Shipping Batter, •
Cigard. Tobacco and Confectionery—James
Zerfass. .
Democratic VlgilanceoComittee.
Democrat votes are annually lost in, this
connty by a neglect to comply with the re-;
quirements of. the law relative . to assessments
and payment of taxes. All persons, to secure'
the rights to vote in Pennsylvania, must
.be as
sessed two months before election,'and have
paid a state orc'ounty taX (either will do). within
two years. In case the tax is paid this year it
=At be a month preceding the election.
Foreign born citizens 'wishing to vote next
November must take out their .naturalization
papers a month before-election. They must al
so be's.ssessed two "months, previous to the day
of voting. L
The electinn will be held on "tile Tues doy next following the first 3lonci ay of November,"
being this year the:7th day, of the month..:
Mundsy, September .4, is thelast day for he- -
kg assessed. • -1 . •
Tuesday, Octobers, is the last day for secur
kg naturallzatien papers.-
Tuesday, October 5, is the last day on which
tares can be paid iu legal time to. vote. • \
The above dates should I carfullY remem
bered and ticked on by: all voters. )
Three persons have been appoptted in each
election district of the county whose 'duty in
conjunQion with the memberlot the .county
committeefor their district, is ti) see to it that,
the above requirements are complied with and
"let no delinquent escape."
The, following are the names of. the County
and. Vigilance Comfuittee i in each township and
bob ouch in the county respectively .
Sw'isuer. ViGILANCE COMAIITTE'E, Abe "..1
IVm LinabeFy, Patrick Cavanaugh. • . •
ApoLacoN-'=-Co.„ Patrick %alsh.
Rytib, Charles Ragan, Richard Rooney:— •
L 0 Baldwin. Vig.,T J
Chatincy Avery, Wm Boskett..
13atooEvrATEn—en.; 0
• P Bi!ebe. Vig.,'C J
Curtis, H S Searle; J Dfliutiter. . •
P H H. Tiffany. Vig . ,. W
Crandall, Joseph Oakley., J 0. Dullard. • • .
CRoCoNIIT —Co.i , David Stanley. Vig: i X: :4 Djnl~, 1I -
J Golden, Christopher.. Byrne.
CLIFFonn—Co., J C Decker. , . Vig.. John
Stephens, henry
Datock•-•-•-co.; C. 0 -.MAW. Vig., J W
l as -4 7 1
C France, John W Tyler. •
DUNDAFF—Co., T. .P Phinney. J -C.
Olmstead, J Rivenburg, Charles Wells 4
FoREsT LANE—Co:, John Bradshay. Vig.,
Isaac Strange, Michael Grifiln,.Elislia Griffis.
FRANKLIN—CO.i . 10 M Hall. '-Vig.,, Witt am'
Shields, J L Merrintan, F : W 'Smith. - ".
• FRlENogvriax: , --Co., John Hagan. V ig.,
John Foster, E L liandrick,lThomas Mathews...
GinsoN--7C0., it M Tingley. Vig., charles.
T Davis,
,Wm Claflin.
GREAT BEND TVO7.--' CO., WM Deakin. Vig.;
IV 8 Barnes, T,:l - .) Hays, 3 M Hasbro Ck..: ;.:
GREAT BEND BORO.—CO., V Reekhoiv: Vig.,
C. Cimis Gilbert, J Dusenbury, Richard
Stack, . .•
Timothy' ShannOn, J :Brown, F S
Barnes. . • • .
lIERRICK-CO.', Henry . Lyon. Vig.,
Westgate, E R Barnes,lsrael Myers.. : -
HeItMoNY-Co:, t. R.: - . McCoy i Vig.,
/08 tin, 0 D Weeki, Stephen - Jennings.
11 e.nronn—Co., J A Williams: Vig., Horace.
Sweet, 'W E Ostaonr John W Gtiw.
J ACIMN—Co., H W Tyler. Vig., Austin
Benson, E Morse, L Gregory,,,
J.EiiSUP—Co. George:4 Harvey: Jos.:
Steiger, John . Sinith, George Miaeeby. - •
• LENOX—OO4 A:J HI W C onrad,
E Bell, Th o s Payne. • • ••
tena. , p—Co., E Tiffany, Vig.„'':4l2tliel
llrrrill Lyman banderg-;$ B quick;
Linisarr s
Y—Co. Isaac cothsweg. Vig. R
l lstalriek,.jacob B Chalker, .J A. : •
LITTLE 31EADOW —CO., .1 )- .84(inner.y.'
U Doud,D .R.Gar,tield,.Patricit ShObrte..seY„,..-
B'- Hawley,' 'Yi.g;.l:2 4-
Ittlyngorti s Weonley, John Doyle...',
O'Donnell. V ig. ,
this Itiss, TimOthv . M- ynibair :Laivrence Cur ;
- •
• ..ILA V imILFORD T*P.--cd., WM Harding: 7 —
Bist)ee, :S F
.31 iLtoitn E De 94..
Cyril,: U i rloiv, Henry - -1:111.001.:...4 iii ~irn.
Ti aki , wn-Co., Morgan
ii.....(3o....E be tt COlib ..•• : =? Vt.k4 , Jaf,nes./i.. 0 6 , -,
Wrn T Geo' HarveY. "'
'Fiib! .
Smith, James K
• 6 esQvunsiati*,
john Fitzsimmons. - . W. WAnn—Co„ James
Burns. Vii.; Jilin Donohue, Pill Furey, Wm
.11 Langford., .;
SiLvER LaxEH-CO., Lorenzo Stone," Vig.,
Win Heavy, Thomas_ • 'Buckley, J, J 31cUor-.
Mick. -'" '
'hug) s N—Co.; L S aldrirh. Vii;., J 31
Wrighter, J W Brown, S Van Horn.
Builness Locals.
Having bought ;Louis Knotrs stock of rig ir3,
TObacco, and 'Confectionery, 1 can turnish
first-class articles, for the last money.' - Fine
summer driuks for the thinay.
• Montrose, auly 26, :1876:' ' - .
The stile of 'Taylor's s is
steadily ou the increase. The sales of the past
year being 'more ithait double of any previous
year. The reason ot this is. on account of the
genuine merits;ot: the goNs themselves and
the fair and impartial manner in which they
are sold. ' .
Julk* 26,1876: 4 -
The second Quarterly Meeting of Ruih
coif ` will bej•eld th the grove at Elk Lake, on
Saturday and Sunday ; July. 29th and 'Both; the
first service commencing at 2:30 on
Rev. L T. Walker, P . . E., and , several other
preachers will be present. All the people are
cordially invited.
F. A. DONY, Pastor, ="
-July.26, 1876 1•
• CO., PA. , •
The Fall Tm will open Wednesday, August
30, 1876. Ample and most excellent accommo
datiOns for boarding and day students, a facul
ty of experienced teachers, and terms lower
than found in other schools. i State appropria
tions are still continited and re/I*e the expenses of
the' students. POI. catalogue giving full particu
lars, or admissiOn to the school, apply to Prof.
Charles fi. Verfil4 A.. M., Principal. •
'July 26. 1876. 80w2
BUtter by their night line every night whether
they have one pail or more. Butter shippers
who patronize this Company secure tor every
hipment a niiht route.
We have better 'facilities and a cooler route
than you ever 'had 'offered you before.'
Patronize your hor ie road and make-U sUe
cess of an enterprise • that has and will benefit
you' aIL _
Montrose, July 2t3, !876tf.•
A MAGNIFICENT' hit of fine Cloths and Cassi
meres, Coatings and Suitings tor custom work,
just received, call and leave your measure for a
'new suitnt
April 12, 1876tf.
The executivOcoMmittee of Pomona Grange
N 0.7; P. of H., have : a War ot - -plows in
September. nest., 4atiufaetiirers wishing t(
COmpete are requested to give notice ' by the.
20th 01 Augiist.; 'This wilt' nut 'be a : ploWing
match, but an itnpartial test of plows on their
merits, all things Considered., ~ Notiee of time:
and Nice will be gived. in due timgg.: Address.
• :P. Xi ACK,
1 ' Lathrop, Susifa Co., Pa., -
July 5, 1.876.• ,
The Turikhannsfek: • Marble Works of Burns
White are *doing: -a good businesi and are
getting .out , .sonie tasty: Pins of Head
Stones and Minuments. • A. B. Burns, of the
Eagle Drug Store,. is:-their authorized agent.for
Montrose and vicinity. He haS designs of.
'Head Stones and MOnuments. Any orders left
with him
: promptly , filled -by Burns'tt
White. .; .
Tunkhannoek, Feb.. 1.0.3tf.
. • MU' IST;TEC 1.13.1 E. TO, PAINT.
Lead and Oil cheaper than they have been
hi/own for years. • Burn'? ,Eitgle Drug . Stoiv is
the place to buy anything In. the PAnc and
Duro line at the; very lowest figures. A Jarge
assortment of Brushes and VktniShes eonstant=
ly ire stock The celebrateo . Hall, Bradley, &
CO.'s Pure White Lead constantly on hand, for
whichBURNS Somr. AGENT for Montrose,
and vieinity.. •
. •
•,MontroSe; April 1.0, Ig76tt. ••
. .
PitiNtrtriG.' - •
We have just; received a . very large stock
plain and fancy enV,elOpeS, letter and
_note pa-.
per, plain.and lane) , bill head_ papers, car& of
all sizes.and.lcolorS,colored - -poster papers,-etc.
all of which - - we can afford to print cheaper
than any office in thiS or neighboring counties,
and. in as goad sty le. ••• Work done in black and
•colored inks. It you think. there. is 'any that
can beat us, gi% 6 uS - a -trial, lip(1, we will shotv
you what we can do. All kipds of blinks on
hand Or printed to order. _ . '
Mr. Geo. C. hill Wishes )to ',inform the pep
ple of Montrose and vicinity, and the public
generally that hp has re:tnewed_ from hiS old 16.
cation to Searle'S new block, where? he has 'bet
t,er facilities Mr entertaining the ,:public; He
"Ms, 5.15,0 added &emu ew -features to his . fOrnier
buSineSS, noticeable 'amor.g which is his ice-.
cream . parlor, *here, particular attention will
be. given . tolarge or! stnali parties: . The .best.of
cream:always on hand. Confectionery, nuti,
cigars,' tobacco, . etc., etc., as - .usual Also pick
les; sauces, etc.- ! GEO. C. HILL.
DlOntroe - , July 19, 1876—tt • •
Wyalusing Distriht Camp Meeting will be
held; Provldence permitting, at Dimock, Susq'a
County, Pa., commencing August ,3d,..1876,
and continuing nine (9) days. The people of
the county know thkigrounds are pleasantly
located on the ,Montrose rail road, at Dimock
DepOt... The water ,supply is plentiful and pure.
Theemilinittee have provided fora good board
ing tent to be kept 'on the ground, and the us
''ual supplies for persons and horses can be ob
tained at reasonable rates. '
"Ho ! - Every'one that thirateth, come ye to
the water I" ' •
bal l . WALKER, Chairman.
J. H. WitsToN, Sec:. of Com. Arrangemenp3.
• Brooklyn, Pa , JMie 28th, 1879.
I It. R. ARRANGEMENT for State-Tetteliera' As
eociatitin.--The following ;;. have Centen
nial Excursion -tickets on ,eale at the, principal
stations, without 'orders : North Pennsylva
lila--Lehigh Delaware--
Danville, Hazleton, a‘l4 Wilkesbarre—West
Cheeter and ‘I• Philadelphia--PenisYlvahhk--:
Philadelphia and Reatling—C'atawissa and
iVilliatusport--.Northern Central—Philsdelphia
and Erie.: - , •
Persons who pay full sfare in-going 'over the
Delawaraand 'Hudzion can procure ptteses
the. meeting to irethrn free.
For Cards of.;lleirrberistip, which will secure
reduced )tel . ntleSj . enclose nne dollar, ".with'
stamp; - . •
For °Met., apply (stamp enclosed) giving
railrbads - and,names of StatiOnii, befcire August
15t;1876. FIitTCHER SIOKEEJ,
Ticket Sgt.': State Teachers' Assodation
• Germantown Pa.
July 110876-46.
T-Htl -- ,Dr.40.CR, - ;,: . ' - :JULY - :'..26 . ,.': '1870:
OLD Newitpapers for salo at this,t;ffice - at ten
cents pet dozen. • •
HANDBILLS fur Auction Sales, A tv., prigtecl
at the DEmecn
-AT office in ftrst , style and
at reasonable prices.
Dn..N MACKEY. removed; his of from flopbottom. to *pringyille, Susq'a cos t
respectfully solicits imtronage..- . .
flopbottOni, July.llr,'lB76. . ,28w4
Mr - A, cew lot ot sum mons atM subpoenas
just printed at-this office. Other blanks in pro•
fusion, all prepared with care. •. • ,
NOI ; IVE is hereby given that. thiseeininis are
in the hands' of Ansel. Merrill,vl , llophottom i
for collection. All indebted ; will
,pl..ase call and
settle, by - note . orotherw!se.
N. C. '3lAkEi, -- 141..D.
Itopbottotp;luly 12;1876.: - - 28w4..'
PrtaronnArms. 7 -Pictures taken in all the lat
est styles. Old pietureg copied and enlarged.
Also a Eiplendla lot of frame' for sale cheap,
• .
at G. V. DooLtnueit.
Montrose, June 10,14.--tf. •
To REbrr.
• House and Lot to rent in MoritrOse, - Enquire
of J. ,B. McCollum. • , ' •
May 31, 1870.-tf. , ,
NEW STOCK of carpets, 911 cloths, mattit , g,
&c.just.received.- - • • •
Montrose, April 12, 1 1,876tf.• - -
SPBINO 'Styles 'Stla Hats, felt and fur. Boys'
Centennial Hats, just opened at ,
Aprlll2, 1876tf. •
AT PURDY'S Wagon Shop a fine lot of Plat
form 'Wagons and Buggies full trinuned. (113i
plete and . first-class in every respect for sale
cheap for cash. •
Montrose, titine 7, 1876tt
A LARGE assortment , of the latest a l nd
neatest, styles of visiting and business cards
just received at this office. Call .and <see _them
before ordering elsewhere.
No business min need complain. that he
is "too poor to advertise" when he can get the
latest style business ,cards printed at the DE.I
- office for three dollars per thousand,and
other work in proportion.
NSW LACE CURTAWS by ihe sett or yard.—
Table Linens, Napkins, towels, and noun
keeping goods in great variety at
3lontrose, April 12, 1876t1. •
VMTOIIB to , the Centennial can lind good ac
,;ommodations within a mile of the Centennial
Grounds, on line of street railway, at reasons
bie prices. Drop a postal card a week or two
More coming; to secure rooms.
3847 flaverford St., West Philadelphia, Pa.
May 8, 1876tf..
, .
There is no subject that • requires.-ao ni t aelt
study and experience as the treatment of ebron
ic diseases.' The astonishing success and : , re:
markable cures performed by Dr. Butterfield,
.are due to the gift of 'clairvoyance, to 'the life
long study of the constitution of man, and
curing of diseases from natural remedies. Cures
the worst forms of Scrofula; Cittairh; Piles, -Fe
male Weakness, Asthma; Kidneys or Bladder
Will be at the Cafferty' . House, Binghamton
Thursday-, and Friday, Aug. 3d and 4th:•
Dr'. Butterfield Will be at the celebrated •Mi -
era! Springs at Rua), Pa. on a 'visit; -arriving
Tuesday evening, A ug..tst,. at 6 . o'clock p. ,
WedneschtY, Aug.-2d, at 4p. in.
E TAKE pleasure in calling the tittention . of
our readers to • thel \fact that the popular Dry.
Good's house 01 C. F. StSsox . & Co., Bingham-.
ton, are now recciVing. an unusually large and
complete assortment of new _spring goods. -Not-:
withstanding the cry of "bard • times," this
house informs us that their trade is larger than
at any former gßasOn...:Tbis.i4 easily accounted
tor by the fact, that they always offer themOst
reliable goods •at the, sot:ne prices thait many
houses sell a very inferior. grade, All tht.nov
cities of the season, both of toreigtC and -do
mestic manufwAtirc, may now - :be : found upon
their ShelVeS, and , a visit . to - their con
:vince anyone. that, I hat is the place - to-trade: •
. .
• The latest news in - Binghamton is that Hine
Sholes, of 59 Cohn Street, have just received
their third Fall and Winter stook \ of Dry Goods
Which is now complete in all departments.
The best'Silk. The best
,Jilack :Cashmeres.
The best Alpaca... The best Merinos—Empress
—Plaids. of all descriptions. The hest Shawls,
Kid • Gloves,. Ettibioideries, -- Ribbons; Ties, &c.;
in tact everything :that is kept in a firFt-elass
Dry Goods Store at . bottoni figures: - Another
important item !chi f known mayhe essential
to the : people of Montrose, Nclw, Milford and :
surrounding - country, that "Geo. B.,lMcCollinn
And C. C. Faurtit would tie. most happy to see
all of their acquaintances • and . 'show theni the
bargains-that.Htne'& Sholes are now- *prepared
to rive. •
Bingliamtim Dec. 1,1875.
Kirby!s Cough Balsatu,a very palatab:e coin=
pound; for the. Niatiotts offectiotts of the throat
and lungs. Used with great success in case of
.A. , thrna and BronchitiF. It is prescribed by the
.physicians. and endorsed L by the , people. ,War
ranted to give entire satisfaction or money
Kit by's Magic Relief for, the instant cure ot
severe and acute pains. •
Kirby's rasteless Worm Lozenges. , 'Sure,
safe and effectual: " '
Kirby's Condition Powders for quality, quan-,
tity and purity are superior to any Powder for
stock .manufactured.
Kirby's Camphor Ice for chapel hands or
simburn. • ' .
For sale by all Druggists in • Montrose, and
Dealers. in Medicines throughout the country. •
June 28,1878y1., ..
MVXAL3pI.*i244.C4XIO. , -
FRANTZ—S3IITIL—At the bride's home in
Franklin, on June 22d, by Rev. Wm. Sbelrt,
Mr. A. J. Frantz, of Dailies , tu'Misi Pbeiina .
Smith, of Franklin,'
2Nuvrox--WirrEits-f--In Ceritremoreland,
June 25tH, by Rev, Wric.4` slieip, 41 - Onalt Nultop,
of Dallas, to• Nary Winteis, of rrauklin,'Lu
zerue co., Pa. • , -
. .
.. . . , , .
. ~ kisurAutu-r--DRAKE--In Ceti treuilartila rid . ,
AV yumink eo:, J uir `4i4, by : Aim:
.win- Shutt . ),
Hopi" Killpaugh .4i3lary- Drake; 01 of EtttOn,
-)Viginiug co., .Pa. - -.. ,
~ .
LowE r KELLEn---,A.t the residence of' the
officiating ciergyzuen. , iu ; Kingston-. July 2, by
Rev.-E. H. Snowdo!►,:E. A. Lowe: Hof Kingston,
Luzerne county, Pit., W. Jeannetto Kellar, of
-- •
. ,
AL _
VMGM—In Auburn; Susquehanna County,
pa., on the evening of Friday June 80th, 1870,1
. .
Dr,_. Virgil ; aged 52 years,
Dr. Virgil Was born hi Virgil. Cortland Coun-.
ty, N. Y. He had been a sufferer for many
months froth; a cancer. in his right side. For
nineteen days before- death his only nourish
meet was small quantitie6 of crust coffee. His
tunernl was attended at Jersey Hilt on. Sunday
July 2,1876. Rev. Wrigley preached the fu-,.
neral discourie to a large concourse Of people.'
-,•• ' ' •
AVERY-Oh Timrsatty morning, July 2011, ,
1876, Mrs Harriette. Avery, wife, of Charles..
Avery, t'aq•,' aged 78 years.
31oxitit—in New ,1 1 11illord, May 11," 1876,
'Harry E., inflnt son or W„ . 11. and A. T. Slt4-
ley; aged 10 nlontbs Seta 1 day.;
• -
TuTTLE7-In Elizabeth N. 4... July 16, 1376.
.LizZie Erneline, dauglitr, fit . Jerome.and N 'u
tile Tuttle., of illi;twOurg, .itntl :grid-
'daughter of Friend Tuttle, of Elizubetb,.N,;
'aged 8 months. •
The ilitrkets.
New Iflork Pr‘duee
RePorted Eveil , WookJ3zpressly for Tax Mormon;
imulociva by Hayden &Ditelcworth,Prodace Com
minion_ Mad/anti'. 825 Washington litreet.
I - New York.
Newt York July •22 1876.
, %. • BUTTER.
State, dairy pails, select' 26 @ 27
State, dairy 'pails, prime... 24. ID 25
State, dairy pails, fair t g00d....22 al 28
State, dairy pails, poor ,to lair. ...AS .(0 21
State, creamery, Select itrvoices.'..27 @ 28
State, sweet cream, choice-25 (0 26
State, sweet cream, good to prime 23 *qt 25
State, sweet cream, lair to g00d...20 sgi 23
State Firkins, choice yellow , 26 , (027
State Pirkins, good to Prime 24 -e 25.
State Firkins, fair to god ... 22 igt 24
_ •
• 0' 11/11311E. • - ,•
State Factory, fine to 'Wiley. 9Qt 9%
" gQod to 8 ,0 83,1
" " ........ 7 0
State farm Daily, 8% 8". f:
good to pritne.... ... 6%0 %,
tail' to goutli 5%0 0-;: s .'
.• EGql3. -
State& Penn l9 20
Western. prime.. , .;. 18-
. „
Spring lambs,'Jersey, Mate 8., 834
Spring limbs; State, goOd. .... 7. 7%
Live calVes. l .State, &wilt° prime. - 7 . (4'
Live calves. State,. Heir to good:, .6%0 — 7
Hogs,- cikydressed.. - : .... :83 , 1 1
, . .
`Spring cLickens,Def&J'. ',per
.11).. 21g. - 22
Spring chickens, wester
,; per lb..' ,
Fowls, Jersey, - perllti:, .. .. •:..‘ 170 18
Roosters, : per lu • ~:12
Turkeys, Jersey, per lb,l ..
.18(4 l5
Turkeys, western, - per .. 10(4 ' .15
pucks,:Je.rsey; per .... 500 1 fix)
.Duck. 4, western - , per pair! . • S(J 70
GeeSe,'Jerse3i, perpair:.:.. . . .• .. 00Q 2 'so
Gec%e,,westerg, per. p.irri. 1 25(4 1 75
• •
Apples; State, sliced. 8 @t 81,4
Apples, State, quarters 740 8M
Peaches, peekd, fatiey.. l .........12 Q . 13
Cherries, prime' .. ...13@, 15
Plums, State • 12. @ 13
Raspberries _ 24 og 25
P l Q:r Mitu.tterp!
h„ nrt
gije- i-mtra , 6 k , ss -
AirP Y
Are delivering hater via hiontxase It. R. and L. V.
R. R. frOm Miintrose to New York
Two flours Ahead or. Any Other Route.
ArriVt'S in New York by this route at 8:29 o'clock
A hr. Sy any other route!from' this place. lies in
Scranton two hours. madder New York it:3U a. m.
Arrives in Newark al- 8 o'clock A. 111.. per Central
Express. By any other, rot(' e Ilea •in Scranton two
hours, reaching Newark at or , about 11 o'clock a, m.
Arrives in Pkibidelphia St{ 6:45 o'clock A. • 21 , Per
Centraln Express. -
Thus it will be seen we are Two flours, and more,
ahead, avoiding the heat of the day, which is intense in
the cities. - • - •
Butter received ,up to 5 o'clock p. m,, will •leaire the
station Lai 5:45 o'clock p. 104. reaching destination as
above. It received later, can t be stoned in a'cool Vellar
until nest day. • ' •
. •
A convenient place to unload at the • • •
, •
A cool cellar •ter store _butter in Until Shipped, -Carted
only three-fourths of a mile! to ,the railroad.- Ectipty
pails-returned free—kept 'Weide. of o ffi ce until Called
for, the same care given there , 10 any matter—and
as low a rate as any route. i - _
ta?rl'ateunizi3 your home r - I,in which all are large
ly interu,t 1
.0, R. RVIVIOSFORD Agent.-
3lontrose. July 6,181611. ,
BTI'I"fER , ,
gr l e added to their Express fatejlittetz a
leaving Montroire Borough' at 8 o'clock in the eiening
and conveying the butter Withoutstchsnge of ears to
New York and Philadelphia i in the night. Butter dt -
livered at it:80 In the evening .
Also. leave at 6 a. tn., and 11 a. m., giving shippers
choice of train.
We have an ice houseto keep the butler in on deity.
ery here until it , starts :foil the cars. Mar rates re
main 'the same and vee hope! to receive Your patronage.
Montrose. June 28 1878tf. •
_ - •
it is a conce d edd met, and mnet be kept before the
people.the SE3C.' 114E0 OcoMlbas beats' them
uitin tht; munutactoro ot - tto4 above gmNin.
Who is the man of suck renown
- - - wbom'allotbetsboO-makeris frown, •
• , •11ecantke !lei:sepal:del prices &IWO, 1
• 1 1 - B. 3 il-• COMAS ,
• P, S. Repairing none needy;
Jackson. PA., bla 2 - 14.871.T 1, - • L
the und ° riign•ed wilt maki
Una‘ rtaking a Speciality
ifltheir - - busineis,
All needing;their servieee will pe promptly attended
to.- - 83itida,etiokgaaraateed.
P NAMIiWO r , „
Frt Pl.44pril; iivm; 14.41
J OIt W°ll :l4S TH:18.41/011201pW
13 - CrTT.E R
county Busitkeoit Directory.
Two Main tills Directory, one year, $i.EO ; each• ad
ditional line, ZO cents.
Stater: _Wholesale and Retail
dealer in all lil.nds of slate rooting. slate paint; erc..
Roofs repaired with Plate paint to order. Alto, slide
paint for Bala by the gallon of barrel. Montrose.:
BILLINGS STROUD. Genera), Vire . and : Life Insur
alea - Agenia, also, sell . Railroad and Accidental
.• Tickets to New York and Philadelphia. °Almon.
door east of Wm. It Cooper Co's bunk. .
WM. 11. BOYD & CU. Dealers in Stoves, hardware,
and Mona( stares of Ttn and Sheet-Lon Ware, cor
ner of Main and Turnpiko street.
A. N. Ballard, Dealer In Groceriee, Prosielone,.Book •,
Stationery and Yankee Notions; at the head of Pub
lic avenue. . ' _ • '
WH. H . COOPER it CO., Bankers. Seil Foreign Pao
sage Tickets and .Dralts Oa England, Ireland, and
Scotland. - • -
wM, L. Ota, Harness maker and dealer In *Wadi
cles usually kept by the trade, opposite the bank.
JAMBB E. C&BDIAL I T, Attorney•at-Law. °nice one
door below Tarboll House. Public Avenue. ,• •
H. ROSENTHAL, Auctioneer. Care,B,,Fillman a Co.,
Montrose, Pa.
NEW 11411111iRM'
• ,
interest on all Deposita. Does it ,
_general .Ranking
beakless. ' S. 'B. CRASH & CO.
H. GARRET & SW?, Dealer in Floor; F'e '
ed,'' Meal.
Salt. ,Lime, Cement, Oroc.ories, and Preriaione, on
Main Street, opposite the Depot.
N. F. KIMBKR, Carriage Maker. Pictnre Pratikeriatid
Undertaker, a few rods from ,Phinney's Rotel, near
31 R. Church.
H. P. DORAN,lierehant Tailor and dealer In Ready
blade Clothing, Dry (looda, Gronerlea add Provision.,
Main S: net -
Cot' Real 2111mirtate.
Notice is hereby given that in .parstiance and by viz- •
'.ue of an order of the . Court ii Common Pleas of Bus.
4uehanna county to Iltl directed,' we will expore for sale
st public vetaitie in lirdokdole, Liberty.townahlp, fiat
quelianea county; ou • '
Wednesday, July 26, 1876
at 10 o'clock a. m . the followin; described pieces or
parcels of I nd. the estate of Ala nsun Chalker assigned
for the benefit of his creditors, viz : The first eitnate
in Litn•_•rty township: Susquehanna enmity . bounded as
follows. : On the north by 'lands of Knight and Man
son, on the east by lauds of Wm. Jessup and D. J,
Murphey, on he Ruth by lauds of P. P. BattejMr.
Gaige and • the Riney creek, nu the west by laws or
- Liblne Rope and Crum Ross P. P Butts lnd the turn
pike road ;, Containin one :hundred and fifteen acres
of land more or less, '
on which id a dwelling Louse,
barns, and'about one hundred acres improved. ;
The second situate in- the same township bounded
as follows : .On the north hy WO of, Wm. Wilbur, on
the'east by lands of Wm. Wilbur, on the south and
west 4y lands of P. P. Butts, containing twenty-eight
acres, more situate about one half improved. t'
The third in the same toweship, and bound
ed as fellows • On the north by the Riney creek road, •
on the east 'by lands of P. P, Butts, on the eopth by
lands ot Mr. Travis, on the' west by lands OU'3, W.
Travis, containing four acres, more or less, about one- , ,
half. improved.- '
The fourth situate ; in the same township, being an
eqnal undivided one-fourth interest in the following ,
described land, known as the Kirby and Law survey or
their Snnke creek purchase, tin the map thereof made.
by John Beers; a euryeyor, as lots No. 5b..59, 60, and 74.
excepting therefrom 60 acres, more 'or leis, sold' and
.conveyed to Newell Bailey from off lot 66, and also
reservieg the oak and • heinlock teneark on said tract,
the same having been jireviously sold. ,
TERMS OF SALE.— l'he Seat, piece 's2.i.'oo down.
$7OO with interest on Feh. - l; 1tia74500 and interest Feb.
1. lets, ssot)ipid t ere st Feb.l. 1379,000 and interest•
Feb. 1, 1& 4 0, end balance with interest Feb. 1, 1631.--
The.second. third and ton rth !pieces, one-fourth (town,
one fourth on final corarmanon of sale and balance
six months thereafter, with interest from final confir
mation. amount unpaid on giving deed , to oe secured
by first Judgment or mor.gage lien on the "premises
L. P. •FITCII, t A
t Pigaees.
H. C. KNICiiIT. f
July 5;1676.
Of 30Leal Mieltebte,.
Notice is hereby given rhit in purimance and by vir
tue of an order, of Ike Conn of Common - Pleas of Sus
quehanna county, to - u r directed. we will exposolor
sale vendiie on the premises • ‘• -
Wednesday, • Aug. 2,1576, .
at 2 o'clock p. m., the following described pieces or
parcels of land, the estate of James Martin, essigued
for the benefit of his creditors. ' The first piece in'lltm
oat township. Susquehanna .County bounded and
described as follows, to wit : ' Begliminr, at a post and
stones the north west corner of hinds conveyed to Roy
al Tyler, thence north 89 degrePs. west 16. rods to a Kist
and stonee corner being.' the: south east corner of lands
conveyed to George Mom ry, thence by line of said lard
north one degree east It 7 rods to u corner, thence east
49 rods to a corner. thence south 67 and four tenths'
rods too e:lrner t thence 'south 30* minute.= JeaSt 138 rode
to a corner. tbeiice west 131 rods to a ooruer. thence,
north one degree east' 34-and four tenths rod 4 to the
place of beg,tilning, containing VI acres, 113 rods., More
or less.
The second piece in the-eel:cm township, °blinded and
described as follows, to wit : Beginning at ,r, poet and A.
stones corner in line of lands of J. 11 - . tnenee
along said line south 30 miputes'efisi 116 - rtids to A: •
corner,.thence west i/oX, rocs to a corner. thence,north
116 rods to a corner. thence east t,934 rod to the place'
'of beginning, containing 63 acres and 4ilrodi , , more or
lees. • .• _
The third pima in the same. towfirhip, inimaded as
foliows: Beainning at p poet anti st ,nes the factl l th
west corner - of lands ofistitd Martin. thence by raid,
lands south 87 degree!. east 7,3.6 rods to a comerohence
by lands now in porsesSion of Jesse and William Eten-
IT, north fax rods to a beech tree, tin nee south' 45 de
grees wetit,BB rods to a corncr, thence, south, 3 degrees
west•l4X rods to a corner. thottce south degrece ens.
5734 rows to ithe place of beginning, containing 4•t acres
and 60 rods, mote or less All tlr: co piecee lying in a
contiguous body and cousticating one Wm, on which•
is a: dwelling house. barns. out houses. ote.' .
Ti'ltMS 01" 5A.1.ii%4200 down, f•;208 on . finai MEM.-
Mation of sale. one, half- the balance in - oneyear, and .
the other half in two years from final confirmation
with ,interest from final confirmation.
Amount unpaid on final confirmation and giving deed
to be secured by first Judgment or mortgage lieu oa
pfemises sold. • •$• ,- - . - • • - '
July 5, 1870.
The firm of E.& Bacon 00. having' been dissolved, ,
will emitiDUe the
Confectionery Busines,
At the old stand. lam prepared to furnish
all kinds of
11"5118 4WD ZVI*,
At wholesale and Retail Prices.
eonatintiy on.haud.
Monti*, may 9d, 1876.
13 11 ' 11} L&IET`m
ii6oK:).BonEii* , -
P. A. HOPEINS* SONS, Thioin,io(),
- No. 41 Coe. Street, 2tl Floor, Binglimtor!, Fr ! T,
. , •
ALL 'STYLES Or BINIAJNO:' ;• - - . l .l
AND:i . :,".BLANK:-.::-.6001CL - ..MANUFAOTORINB'
, lill : lLlC4,Bo)Niißrig pil(51i8::: ; i 7 ': . !
: 'BlPEiliain**l47-'341£0.;-10i11;i:;:; ,f. il?',;:J.-,.':::::,::,"1-'
N r c !'il En E urzum
.'Ortcanalt****:4 2 , 4 4ll,
, z:. • „..t •
tais'opaicra - shop VelreatiOri
'Public - Mottle; wnere Zia Is ready. to - do am kinds of
workiniusline f Can easel La nevi lyork, sadrapair
witlineatneas and despatch; - • • -
• • J 41145 =Nat
E. L. COOL -
A 6 "tinidell•
, • • = 111w4 1. ••
f ~~t~'~fit t' r ...