The Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1876-1878, July 26, 1876, Image 2

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Punth .
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:::„SA.IU:EtJ,"4..TILDEN,.. ..,'_
La us reason together for 4 .. 11 brief time
We desire to do so with truth 'and sober
Bess and we will open the subjectlby ask
ing our readers a few plain questions
- and we simply ask them to divest them
selves of all prejudice when they steal
consider them.
ie tbere.'anything wrong iu the admin
istration .of governmetital. affairs? If
am who is responsible for it ? The party
in. power Or , the. 'party out of 'power.?---
Will you remedy it by continuing' the
Same. class of rulers, or by. a radiCal
change and by a general and coinpletp .
overitioWof :that Cabal' oC, official
detels who have beau iobbing the nation,
both of
. its_fina , lcial resources and its sa•
cred honor-? • Is there one , instance in'
• .
the whole History . of - the world where a
empire or - a\ republic, haS,
iallen. into the,.•hands of, corrupt . ruler=,
. .
, . .
that •it has ever ,li \ een : rescued,-. -ex
cept .by ~ the ; complete overthrow of
thOse'rdlers,not only otthe nominal head;
but of the . Whole official power . in' Minute
a-tali:P.'. 'We can say even .without ' fear,
of contradiction (as no , one will / . desire
to put . in a geteral , denial to the 'fact
which blazes all thiouei the ffagess-,of
bistory)that not a single ,Loch - instance, is
recorded. But on the other hated, if Con
tinued in power they have universally
gone froni bad to wors?, until the people,
from the 'very necessity of their oppres
sion,,have been oblii,ed to iebel and rise
in th , ir might and emancipate thernsavet3
fromconsequent tyran iy, either,by lwace-
Lai' or violent revolut t n.
LA us come right dOwn to the simplest
point and take -a retrospective , View, of
our home matters in Susquehanna coun
ty. The:people of this \ county ; aside
from ' ofice hOlders and' offic . , seektrs,
hilVe been ready' to, admit, for several
yars, that a corrupt Rinehad been form
ed in the, dominent . plity of the county
and that they have rled \ with an iron
hated f?r their own personal benefit and
agmndize,ment, to the detriment: of the
true interests of the county. ,,ln 1866
' and for years . before, tle people' of this
county were oii r y taxedsl6,ooo per an
num with the same number of officials
that they now 'have.l
: Since that time;
by clandestine Jegislation ; and Court
House iting rifle, they have been taxed
on an average, $31,000 per annum:, an in
crease of $15,000 per annuin. This for
ten years. amounts •to ; $150,000. What
bave,the Court [(louse Ring to show for
this:- money'? -
~.:Why, they *nape a
which cdst.:,4eis, , ,tha6 837,000, and ahe
4 . ' ''''''''anfroad . -
'Boa Atru - county
brid intaind repairing of county bdild
. „ 1
ings, which will not aggr i egate very much
• - more than in, former years. At the be
ginning of the year 1875, :according to
their 'last county statement, they bad a
Aebt , upou the people of this county in
bonds and interest, of over J 1124,000 which
was accumulating , interest at the rate of
8 Per cent. per annum. . •
, Thus , it will ;be
iieen,at a glance ,, that at the end of nine
years the county owed ,nearly as . Much as
the jail cost, notivithsts‘nding a - "five
mill :jail tax" had' been i levied eieiy year
for the payment Of to s jail debt' .and
which 'could . I:9t 'by' ltitt e used . for any
other,purpoad. , Hence: the, people , . saw,
lag .fii,ll,;wh en theit littentloti , was Called
to it - thiCkagh .the 'Diitobikt' that - "So'me
' thing was rotten. in`_ Dennitirk,". sand
-enousiiO m f the nuitek.,wi,th;the Detnoe
- racy`npon; the oniy. - ,priction.l Principle
,reform - acid - kniected:it - sheriff and 'a
county 'treastiiWr. - 'Whiit? aie: the 4rac4'
ticalleocitfi 040 ~:, Iley. - 4re tlie. e,:--.!
We 4yothe tilksil:44o:of -treasurfir•:trang,
acted, lox ,s6OO - instead:: ofirequiring:: two
aottsaa ! ..We.,'h*.: a ‘Olnlaill3BlCiikeeB
clerk at the reduced salary o( 0790 in
steadvf sl,ooolwhich would haVe been
only. $5OO if th,e .Democracy could have,
controlled. it: We have one commission-
. - - • i.I
.er.(the;l:Yeatecratic) - who will only re
ceive s2.soper' tiear for his service instead
Of 450 or $5OO. We have about. $9;000
of the bonded. debt paid;ald . a part of ,
the' reniainin $15,800 .on: interest at.
only 6
. per . cent.
c. We are also ,;assured
that the; whole debt.wilt be liquidated in
lese than. a year, with the satne - aniount
of taration,-'after. which . - the- "five mill'
jail tax" will.e removed.: ,All this le the
fruite of .a partial victory:. for the \
-- •
cratic refornritn
~our .county and ..these.
would - have !1) en . : greiter had 'the -victory •
.been-tnide . MOre complete.; Is there any
(Mein Sirsqiieli i anna . .eehrity who believes
'for hi'incim - ent that ~these retrenchments
would have ..taken place, ; had , the,. ring.
ticket' . beeti . l4ccessfiil as - -heretofore ?- 7 . -
Seri:der' WsteUn, General Jessup, ',awl
"the boys".' whoh . echoed their twiddle,'
- ..: A • • . - -
fully ansWerei: ,
this in.- the negative - last
• fall. when 'they I ehrieked . in' . the different
school - hou-eesi - of ',our' County, - that it was
' bribery" forithe 'Democrats to lay down
such a platfortn,and 'that they could , not.
carry it out, ox the "constitution" would
'net allow of 1t.... Had the people contin
ued the Court HOuse Ring in - full ' power
by their voteso last fall, they would hate
t. :.• • i. - . .
found, to their sorrow, as they have, in
i , •
the . Grant, Adininistration- since 1872,
that inetead
. fif reform, corruption would
lave become. ibolder. Harvey .-it-:Sher
•l• , • •
mn was not clet(-ated . .becau - se he - was
Harvey IV Sherman, nor' becauie he .was
. , 1 • I
corrupt or 'guilty of . any of the dark
transactions of the Ring. But - because
his election, let him be ever so honest,
.was only a.) further ' lease . of 'power 'to the
Ring and a I quasi-endorsement of their
.past record. - It would 'simply have been
the itilendin of• an . old rotten garment
with rit new patch. Had there been two
conimteiionerielected , s,i. ae to have given
lulf.control to the party of reform, we
'should litt I.4ve• had the Court 'House
Ring `civil Istyice reform" of a *7OO
when equally :as. good; if : not better till
'apt, could 11 1 ve bean employed 'ar, - $500..
• What is It he of county - :administratiOn
is true . of tate and eational. ' General
Grant recei hie second lease of*Power
. .
beciv - se of 'the cry of ".reform within the
party?' and
. the result 'is before pop. Is
General Gre l ait the only. guilty man in
'the 'Radical Adthinistration ? Will his
, '
removal cu Off all corruption ? . It is all
Ws!) to uttii .. such nonsense. It' is not
General- Gr l ant 'that has niade his admin
istration a stench in the 'nostrils of . the
people,t but that cabal 'of 'corrupt potiti
cal thieves who hold fall . control,not only.'
of him,but of the wholetiolitical admin
istration of the party. If a: man of the
knoWn will and independence of. General
Grant could. ilk control' his -adininistra•l
Is itO be epected. 'of General
11l he be . elected ? - It is not
ant , that the peqle- desire to
givernnient control, So much
cormorants who - control him.
e J3anie reason it is not Gener
ilk, wohld. rule this nation if
ilt this. same band who effected.
Itioti, whose property he•must
;he people patch up this, old
.. .
inent with' - - him. . Any man
ice for Hayes In 1876 with any,
form, Would
. have voted for
3.72. - Yes, and might as
r.'Grant in 1876.
__. , . • - , -- 1-
tion, what
Haves shoe
General Gi
expel from
24 it is the
And fo th
al Hayes
elected, bu l l
his nornina
be should t
rotten (Tar
who cap. vc
hope .of
Grant itt . l
well vote ti
ZACK. CH#NDLER and his National
Committee, who ha7e charge.of the. Haves
oampaigni l are said
,to be dumbfounded at
the, news Which reached: Washington
a few clays aio, to the, effect that the Ger- -
Tans . in Mi4li i igau,. who have heretofore
acted with -the Republicans, are going
over, in l'arge bodies to Tilden.'. Their
patiencei l ia at last ex usted, and the,'
possibility,. et con ti nu i n Grandam' under
another.niime, has completely disgusted
thim, as it has thousands of others not
biinded by panisan.zeal. . Whac is true of
Michigan is equally so of Ohio, Wiscon
siri,Jowa,'lllinoip,_ Minnesota, and other
States where the . German, element is in
fluential and ilidependent. It: cannot be .
con trolled by' .inercenary managers and
self-constituted leaders, who * strut about'
on the stage of public affairs, and assume.
to own the German vote. '`That thiy,has ,
passed, as Mr..l Schurz and some -others
have - found out. When - last heard from,.
Zech Chandlo wag pouring 4tit thi: ""v ials
of biswrath Ofil the heads of the '‘ii.aferoal -
Dutch . "-as he Calla the, Germans—and'
swearing lu,Stily, _that. the campaign would,
cost twice 4,4,iLinuali money as : WaS expe.ot
led, owing.t6 this rebellion . : He listen&
Oliing command personally,. iii Michigan
„.. .'f;cir . a time,in: the hope of suppressing this
Oaireetion end :of:- patching' -iip- some
truce -by . _Which thel•stimpede ~i nay be-
stopped. He will find, all his efforts in
this direction to be , frhitless. A member
of `Grant's Cabinet, whom - hiS'own peo
ple in Michigan ignominiously ,rejectt-d,
and whoia notorious as among - the - most
reCkless and loose, of the. Itepublican
leaders, is hardly a fit missionaly to con
vert an intelligent people, , who are bent
Upon reform and who mean to have a
change of parties'and
Tlie late Cincinnati Ginvention. plat
foriii-dclared that the present Adlinitrig
tratiun :merits hearty commendation,.and
that Grant 'deserves especially hearty
grUtitutle.:...,An.exCiiange asks fOr. What
For crooked. whisky frauds'.
Tu - r_the innumerable railroad jobs and
swindles.' • :
For the Leet and Stocking Murphy
custom house frauds,. '•
--For the post office straw bid frauds.
For the navy contract frauds.
For the Freedmen's Saving Oank
For the secret service frauds--plying
.Davenport thousands of dollars,
from the people's treasury' to elect the
Republican ticket.
Fiir the Schenck Emma mine frauds
and disgrace.
For the Belknap- soldiers' Gratestone
frauds. . • -
For the Belknap post traders frauds.
- For the District, Ring "Boss Shepherd"
fraudi. •
For the Indian Ring frauds.
For the safe burglary villainy and
Babcock and Harrington. ,
-For the Credit Mobilier infamy:
For the St. Domingo job.
For "Landaulet" Williams and-his in-;
For Casey, Orvil Grant &Co, .
For fraud in the sale of arms to
For corruption in , every department of
Che Federal -govern me ti t. • • '
For it CrcaSing
_tile salaries of :the Presi
ident and, other• public officers. •
For increiising the burden of tax. pay
ers, and blocking every effort to retrench=
ment and- reform.•
These , are some of. the reasons ',why the
people, should. commend the 'Republican
Administration, and. remember President
Grant with hearty gratitude, and staud
by , Hayes and Wheeler.._ -_ • ,
A portion -of the Reptiblican press is
at present engaged to trying to imress
the country - with the idea that the eke
tion of a Democrat; would be dangerous
to the interests of .lin,iness. We heard
something of thieduring the Grant cam
. when Jay' Cooke, Elenery Clews
and ,other bankers - issued a campaign
warning \capital that if : Greeley
:*as elrctecl ;: there would - be a panic
.consequence al , an effort - to - return to
'specie Nyinenta. Factdry. fires svoulil be
quenchtgl, .1a hor snApplicat-?.: for : work aid our streets, for all of which.
the: Democracy ; was. to he responsible..
The paniC camr.;all, that . was predicted
,happen, bait then the Republican
managers mitst not, be held- reSponsible,
.although they, were • perfectly Willing to
.looge it against ..the Democracy. COnke
and Clews have the floor - esSay
upon—What ia• sauce for. the gOoie is
Saftiee 'for the.kandi , r, is in order.;--Pitts-
burg Post. - "
The IL-public:ins Propose to elect
Hayes Presidentein place of Grant. . The
whole number of : public officers, is esti-,
mated to 1 .4 e eighty thousand. One is to
be changed, and seventy-nine thousand
nine hundred and nlnety-nine left in T.
,One drop in the pail of sour milk is to
be changed ; will that make' the Whole
pail sweet ?
Whereas, if Tilden is electe4 the ma
jority of the public officers will stand not .
upon theorder s of their going, but, go of
once. This w ould be civil service reform
in earnest ; not a reform of one-eighty
.thousandth part, but a reform of the
whole body,
Thii view of• the matter makes it very
plain how electors who want to give their
'support to reform should 'vote. Thoge
who desire one eighty-thpuiandth part or
reform can vote' for 1145.; - while
who ue for entire. reform will vpte for
So-says' the. Suit: and Ea think a
majority of the-people. , -
Ei:-.Q-overuor Austin Blair, of:Atehi
gap, is in faii,r of. Tilden andliendricks:.
lie thinks' pO sincore.reformef can do
otherwise-thawfollow - his example": Itia
published letcer he ,Says'i,
-Tilden nOt:6illy a leader, - but. he is a
.gold. r and aggressive :Re *makes ma!
._cninpromise•With corruption': 'and -- -noitir
seeks -to avoid „ the - en niity As
eteneeSthence by lande of 0. Ranahm 'north.' d ,e ess
attar 54 !oda and 20 links. to the place of beginnim e s ere
taining 3S, acres and 115 rode of lane . . be th e taiir r„,„”a"
o Acne.: .*.The second piece beginning ate p s ill
*toner, a cierrier•ln line of William R. Gerstner tot, ei
the east side of public hienway, thence part I y alo tie the -
road and .a )ne dividing this from a part of the lot in be
deeded to Lucy Cox south 25 degrees (test 93 and eight
tenth potties to nett and Stones, a corner reseal(' divis.
ton; thence by the same at, nth 89 degrees east. 39 perch
es to r corner in the west line of the same lot POI , i to G
A. Grow, thence by Said line north one decree east 49
and four-tenth perches to a hue of a lot Getter. toM
Oita West, thence by said lot north 44 degre e ,. 1 . 5.
and eight-tenth perches to a corner, thence nerth 4 4 .e 7 st -
greeeSeest fies perches to apoet corner of a, lot deededdte
W. it. West. thence by eaid lot north one degree tlO
and three tenths petchcs to a post and stones turnerau
cher ce by the same north ' 89 de green west 1,,,ti ne '
to a post corner. thence north 44 degrees weft 57X ii • i p e : I r.
chap to &poet . and stones cornet-In the line of W
R. Ganiher lot aforesaid, and thence by the same month
47% decrees west 35 perches to the pie(; of heginanltett
containing 81 acres and 60 perches', more or ters e ...Tr
third piece: North by lands ()IN. E. (Serener, east la;
lands of said lea Cox and Pulaski Chamberlin etinth by
land of W. M. Cox
.and lauds in posti.sion of Willie -
E. Howell, usef
Halistead, and wes by lands of Mrs. Adam Miller, con
taining :10 acres, more orlese, [in all about 404 aer
60 acres i mp roved,) with 'the appurtenances , . 1 team;
house, 8 frame barns , and II orchards. ISetzed and ta
' execution at the suit Of W. M. Cox, nee of Joha
1 Stuart. vs. Ira G. Cox, and Wilber -
John Stuart, vs. Ira G. Cox,] .
ALSO-All that certain piece or parcel of lend situ.
ate, lying and being In the Township of Bridgewater.
Suequeliatna county. Pennsylvania bounded and de
scribed as tollows, to wit: On the northeast by lands
of S. R. ThatcSer, on thesstoutheast by lands of N. o.
Passmore,and on the west bet the north and south road
leading to Hart Lake, and containing about X acre,
more or less, with the appurtenances. 1 frame dwelling
house and all improved. [Seized• and taken hi men.
don at the salt of Samuel Smythe!. W. Hewitt.]
ALSO-All that certain piece orparcel of land situ
ate, lying.,and tieing in the township of Jackson'. Sus
quehanna county, Pennsylvania, bounded and (lentil?.
ed as follows to •wit : ' On the north by land. of Nor.
. man Nye, on the east by lands of Norman Nye, on the
south by lands of RoyalThayre. and on the west by
lands of James Y. Potter, and containing 04 acres and
94 perches, more or less, with the appurteuances;l
.frame dwelling house; 1 'frame barn and outbuildings
and fruit trees. [Seized and taken In execution at the
snit of Zilpha Morstesys. Anell H. Belcher and Annie L.
Tanner vs. Ausil H. Belcher ]
ALSO-Lit that piece or parcel of land situate in the
. borough of Great Bend Village,• Susquehanna county,
Pennsylvania, hounded and described as follows, to
wit . : On the north by lands of Rhqda Decker, on the
1. east by lands of W. D. Lusk, on the south by lands of
U. S. Hanna, and on the west by the public roador
I Main street s containing about .200 square feet, with the
lappurtenances,l two-story frame dwelling, 1 e d a half
story .building used and - known as Great Mid Betel,
t blacksmith, and barn. [Seized and taken In execution
1 at the suit . of George Buchannan vs. H .D. Barner and
1 T. J. Berner 1
ALSO-All that piece or plot of land sitnwte, lying
, and and being in Brooklyn, Susquehanna county, Penn
:: sylvania, bounded on the north by lauds of Tiffany &
I Cramer, on the east by public highway, on the south
by lands of Tiff:tr e y 4 - Cramer, and on the west by lands
1• of the wean. et A lbertAlcrichalec'd, containing 1 acre
lail impeuved. with the appurtentincee, a (remit dwelling
house (Seized and taken in execution at the suitor
J.l) Nuit .‘s. .1. D. Iticherdson.] .
ALSO-All piece or plot ef land situate on Grand
I street it the. Borough of susquehenea neon!, Smelt's
, tumid count , renew. lviona. wielded eine described as
follows, to wit : ? On the north' hr Grind street, on the
1 east by lende of Wm Cerakine wi the ..eitith ta mutts of
lA. Farah :in, anti Ori the_ VI est by lands of D. ..i. Vhare,
containkt SS acre,:nore or less w th the appurtei, aced
. .
- : 1 two.story :none Awe:Ring house. Lee z d and taken
. .
_„,,, ~, • , I. in execution at the roil in l'avid B. Cook ve . Hiram
t 13 ..1 , %
S HER 1 4 1 4 :S . /A : LES:- -BY ' VIRTUE OF Bush] ' - ' ' .... ; . , .
.1 •
• writs !I mined' by the Ccurt of Commene:Pleas of i ALSO-All that certatn• farm or plot of laud el nate
Isusquehanrie Count v and to me directed. I wil* expose lying and being iu the township of Clifford, St-que
r henna comny, .•..nnsyivanin, bounded on the te,rth by
to sale by Ohne venduel at the Court House-in A unt
on ii , t , I ! „. . landscd E. Crandall and lite& of,Clark'e eetete, on the
. . Fri ay, Au 4ust. 11.1, 4111. P.,18f6,
1 , i t e iv as ta by laudeof Win Tinker. on the south by lands of
and John Thikereand on the We-t by fields ofJohn
t Tinker containitrY shout 15 acres wlth•lhe
ati o'clock. p. tn., the following pieces or: parcels of e -' - cr• 11 . - h 2' • PP -a
land, to wit.: . , '
i nances, 1 frame we in., ouse, frame barns, an or
, • I chard - , and nearly all, improved. [Seized and taken in
All that certain pare.el of land -.: , ittiate in Lenox,' Sue- : execution at the snit of Sarah Richardson,use of C. C.
quehanna cOunty. Peenieleania, b'o'nded and describ-.1 church. assigned to AS I,ltwser vs Charließurdick, and
ed as followts, to wit : Oh the nerth by lands of William ' 'Mellen Loisa nurritt vs Charles Burdick.] .
R. Gardner, Charles Tingley 'and Mrs Rood, on the east i ALSO-All that certain piece or plot u: land situate
by lands of Mrs. Itood,lWilliam It. Gardner. and 1101. in Auburn .Towehip, Susquehanna county, Pennsylye-
Robinson. Ote.the south by lands or William Barber , Le- nie, and described as follows : Bounded on the netitla
vi Chambetlin and George Conead. and on the west by' by lauds of Henry Imemore and marettail Crisman, on
lauds of William. Barber, Charles Vngley • and Horace the east ty landsef Thomas R. White. °tithe south by
Tingley, containing 225 itcree of land, be the same more : lands of J. c.'llifenbury, and on the west by lands of •
or lest, with the - appurtenances, 2 'dwelling houses, 4 1 Emmett Tewksbury, containing 44 +mei. anent 3d acres
barns two 'orchards. and about 150, acre. improved.- 1 Unproved, with the s appurtenancee. 2 frame houses. I
((seized and taken in execution at: the suit of Andrew frame barn, 1 stew, cider, and feed' mill.. [Seized and
Hallsted, use of Grow Weathers vs. Entry Harding.) I taken In execution at the kilt of James P. Beunieger,
ALSO-All that certain piece Or plot 0,1 land lying and'l use o M. S. Wilson, (4 write) vs L. C. Swisher.l
- in Oakland, Sueqdehauna Ceenty, Pennsylvania, I
ALSO-All those- pieces or plots of land situate in
bounded - and described as • follows, ti? • Wit : . On the
Milford Towneh.p, Susquehanna county, P
north by la ids of Levi M. WestfalLoe the meat by West- I•Nes. w.. 1 piled and d .-cribed foll ows,
'fall Aveutuf, on the sleuth, and west by lands Of J, 31.. entsyl-
Nania l 3 C 3 . o be mine *:it. ao I s tti to
wit: The '
NVestfall containing, one-half acre of laud more or iees, Il i r''t Prentljoinfne land ti P'' e southwest corner
with the' appurtentinces, 1 frame dwedlitg-honse-all e. • heretofore conveyed by C.C
\NI: t i ;ht to O. &
cast 15!1
A.Pratt, ;hence along the ..ame i.ortli
perches to etones coiner, thence
improved. 1 [Seized r andi taken in execution at the suit
of John Persns. use of Richard Muiluering.vs William I Miss' degtees 155
to . A post .41 the borct ,
Manneringand Hiphard ,Ilanneriw.) . . • t south 43 degrees and.s2X perches
i , erof - East Lake, thence by the , same coarse acmes the
ALSO,AiI that certain piece or pirceL of Intid site-
said Lake;di eta. ce about 66 perches to opposite' shore
'Me. iyin7. - liud beinl in the Township of Dimock, Sits- ! s
i of the same, thence by the same course 8' ,ti remit. a to
quehanna county. Pennsylvania, 'hounded and describ
poet and stones corner, thence .south 47' decrees west
ed as foiloWs; to wit • 'On the north by lands of Jonas
1 ariu perches to poet. and stones corner in line of lauds .
A., Gray, oh the east by lands of Jonas A. Gray and Gen
conveyed to said Pratt.. nce north43,t.i ch-gn es west
1 'he
placref bejn n lug, containing 195
Gates, on the south by highway and by lande of A. Bur- t
dick, on the west tip 1 urns of Gaorre Fowler cud E. O. 1 '202 perches to • the
Baker. cotitairong .--. aches, niers. or less. with the ap- 1 acres,' more or lese : .... T te second .piece nr pi, tls situ
purtenaneas. two frameld welling- 'tii - .d one frame barn. I atene aforeeeid.beeen ,
mire at the southeast corner here.
[Seized attd taken in execution at the suit of Jonas A. iof post h - . t
and stone.; thenee north 43 deer. - welt 145
(-fray vs A. P. Gray.] ' . . st Lake , , s
I perch-step the order . o . . . !hum alone the
' ALSO--Those two- pieces or parcels of land, situate, 1 te.eterly shbre thereof in
,a nor herly direction about 70
more or to a corner by 3 maples, thence
lying, and tieing in the town-hip of Jessup, Susqueban- I perches.
B less, L
na county , renutvlvanta. hounded : and described' as rot- ! north SI bto a corner in line of land of Peter
thence south 4' d t '
low-, to wit : The dreti piece on the north by public 1 biceollum,3 de (yet along same
h to•chestnut sr 1
road, on the east by lands of Lucius Smith. 6 the south 1 about 135 perc .. a .t ..ap ing. theree south 47
by land of Said Lucius Smith and Jo celebitnon: and on 1 degrees West about leo perches to the. placeof begin
the west bylliinds of ' L ID . . White, containing 134 acres.. ning, containing 100 acres 'more or lees, excepting al
more or let-P.:with the . !appurte maces, 1 house; 1 barn, 1 ways, ueverthetesS , from the past describer: piece of
and all impel:Wed.. ..Tlao second piece is boundedon the land, 2 tierce •of land heretofore conveyed by I'. C.
northland eiust: by land Of Lucius Smith, on the south by 'Wright an" Wife to ---- Meacham by deed recorded
public road; anti wet let land of Citheriue-Waruer.con- .in Deed 1300 k NO; 40, huge 4 7, &e•l[Seized and taken
i gluing- threeleurthe OV an Here. mere or less, with the in executionat the, ,suit of C. c. Wright vs Joseph It.
appurtenances, 1 barn, is blacksmith shop, and *'ago''- Sutton.l'
snop, and nil improved! [~Sized anti t .ken 'in elecution I '
- ALSO- Alrtbat ceetalu piece or plot of land sitnste
at the suit Of. Jaceb Rainer:on and Harvey Slaweun vs. I n
1 the To wnsinip of Oakland,Sttsqueliatina coup ty,Peen-
Lucy. N. Lake and Joh.adi. Lakeee .. '• ' 1 eyiyania, bounded on the west by cave,on the northeast
ALSO-All that certhiu pieceor plot of land eituate, ,
t by n pub, ic road, Mid on the southeast by a public road
tying, and tieing in Xritiat township, County of Stitzque- : being a. • triangle lot •containing . about one-sixth of an
henna, and State of Pennsylvania,: bounded and deecrib- I acre. and known - and described on the Map of Survey'
ed as foliovits, to wit : QII the north by lands of Danford I of " North Susquehanna," made by Wm, Vv entz, as lot •
Hine, east by laud. of ;Thomas Bosket, south by lands . No. 154.-01 improved, and having thereon a three-=fury
of Charleeor Rufus Barites• sod west by highway-ad- 1 frame house. frame' burn and other outbuielines. It
joining lan
dso ,u of Then* Burman, containing edeint 53 was formerly used as a hotel,• Dud known as the '-nak
acres, morr less, meetly improved, with the uSpiirte-
.1 land Howie.' (Seized and token in execution at ills
natives, 1 flame house. t o frame barns, and an o chard.- I t suit of Thomas J. McNamara and Mary Ann McNutt's.'
Seized anditaken in expention at the suit of C. C. Worth• , Ili, h i s v-ife
' -v5...-quire .1, Cafmar.l
ustogne :, to Margaret Milliken, vs. Don. A. Walker ;.C.' .ALSO--All tied plot oflaed situat
Worth a e:ln Gibson Town-
C.seigned to i Margaret M illiken . Vs. DA. -- 'ship, (South 'Gibson) Susquehanna -county, Penn4vlet•
. Walker, anti S: A, Pettis, assigned to Margaret Milliken rile bounded on the north, east, and south by Iseiis of
*vs. Don: AS Walker.
,• . the estate of Reese Priceeind weal by public road lead
.. ALSO-All that certainpiece or parcel or land, situ- l lag to Clifford,coutaining X acre, with the appiirtenan
ate, lyingelind being ire the township of 'Lenox, &ogue- ceeet frame dwelling house, fruit and ornamental trees•
henna county, Pennsylvania, bounded and described as .[SUized end taken in execution at the suit of 11. L. at
followi, to wit :- ' On-the north by land of James Con- neer, assigned to L. G. B nnett vs, 11. D. Bennett and
rad, Etiltidge Sr!ydere 'hillier Gardner, and Samuel Mc- . ,
Charles Bennett.]
Nalley. ease by laud of Judson Davis. and James Snye ALSO-All that certain piece. pane', or pint of land
der, south by lands of :lames Snyder, Eldridge Davis, s i tuate , lying, and being in the Townehip 1 Clifford,
Judeon Deets, Emerson ',Pullet; and Frank Pickering, county of Susquehanna, and State of Pennsylvania ,
west by Tankhannock Creek and Emerscti Fe let, con- ,
uonto.d eand describe asfollows, viz : Beginning at 3
raining about 125 acres'of land, more or les*, with the hemlock tree being theetoutheaist corner of the warren
appurtelcicee, 1 !rams! house, - 1 alone. barn, outbuild- tee t race in the name,Of Roger Harvey, thence north 45
log e, orchard, antiabout 1U acres .improved. [Seized
degrees cast 133% perches to a poet and stones cornet
andtaken - in execution at the suit of Grow & Bro. vs. thence South :5 degree"? east 60 perches to a post and
Henry Menzel*, S. Taylor v.. Henry. Meltzer, and James .- •
stones corner,
thence north 45 degrees west b, pcnw•
It. Lathrop, Cushier ' vli. Henry Manzer.l• to a poet and stones corner, thencessouthes degrees
ALSO-All that piece or parcel of land situate, lying. west 24X. perches •to a post and atones corner, thence
and oitiugi in Great Bend Borough and Great Bend north 45 de •rees west 50X perches to the place of be-
Township. Susquehanna county, Peet nsylvania, bound- .
ginning. containing about 59 acres of land, be the same
ed and described as followe, to wit: tin the north And more or- leas: with the appurtenance:l.l frame hone,
east by land of -.--1- Carroll, south oy public 'etreet. frame barns. outbuildings,and orchards.moetly know
known as Railway Street, and on the west by lands of ed. [Seized and to ken iu execution at the suit at J.& -
I'. 1). Estabrookeiontaiumg one-fourth of an acreenore - tof Pet ' , l3e t G rillof N.Pick-
Berniet , use er, nne t, ua an A.
°Heise, with the appurtenances. 1 one-story dwelling taring, "minor,"
vs. Catharine Pickering,'
house, 1 flame barn, Mao all improved. [Seized and ta- .7 '''
ken in execution ,at the suit rot Thomas Gillespie; as- ALSO- .11 that certain piece or paieel of land situate
• signed to A. C.TUrplo, vs Win. B. Welling] ' • in Herford;Stisquehanna county, Penneylvanta, bound
.ALSO-All that curtain piece or parcel of land situate ed . and described as follows , to wit :On the north by
lying, and betug in the Boridigh of Susquehanna, Sus. lands of Adam Miller and 11. M. Jones, east by the
quehanna wanly, Pennsylvania. bounded 'Lut deemet) • main street in flarford Village, south by lands of John
ed u* followe to.wit : 10,1 the north by .Grand street, W.llow and L. O. Tiffany. and weal by lends of A. G.
east by land of Hiram t Bush, South by land of A. Farr-' Barnard, containing about 12 acres of land more oriels
am. =Lon the west by lands 0f,U43 Bingham, con. with the appurtenances, 1 frame, house, barn, orchard,
raining AC of an **Lc - N.:more •or fess, with the appurte. and all Improved. ISeized end taken .la .execution at
minces, one 134 story &selling house and all Improved , the suit of H. M. Jones, assigned to William Glower
[seized and taken in execution at the snit of Win Skin IL B. Harding.] .
net vs D. b. Chaise ] i . . t . ALSO- all that Certain piece or parcel of land situate
' +ALSO-411 that certain piecefor parcel of land situate in the Township AI Harmony. Susquehanna county,
In Jackson: Township, Sasquebaunarvunty, eennsylva Penneylvantasbounded and described as follows : li•
uia wounded and deecribeu as fellows; to wit : Begin- ginning in the et titer of Summit road ut -, point where
hang at a beech in the: southwest cower of, tut see. 157, the boundary line died(' we.' the States of New York and
heivtofore'conVeYcd to Irene Low, and being also the Pennsylvania crosses slid read, west UR said State line
nortneorner. hereof, thence south. 4534 degrees milt by I to the Ere Railway. thence southerly' along the said
land- of John, Glover ( and. late or W. IfteLarrabee 158 railway to a stake the cernerof Silas Rood's tuna. it be'
Grebes to the north corner ut lot No 'lO2 of Mary my ale() the corner of . Catherine Ketford'ii lot, thence
ltholtPs eitate,, forint:oy occupied; by .Colvin Slocum, leasterly to the center 01 Cascade Toad about 10 rods,
thence by Westin:lu eonth 4:IX degrees,West ',V per Ches I thence nix; tuirl,V IP the center ..1 . Cascade road about 90
to stones the *clla corder of lot No. 104; formerly - eon. rods to a stake, thence easterly one line parallel with
reacted, tO Calvin DiX.and-nOW. ocefipied:ny William , -ta t , skid State hue .to the center of raid Summit road,
Pleketites,!thence by the
,same north 4.5).1 degrees... }vest . thence northerly along the center of said summit. read
156 perches to the southwest comer of tot Nu- lad hoW to the said state line Ind - plate of begi tat teg-re erlntg
tit .tamers More, thence by the seine north 43X degree!, , therefrom 1 acre lying In the southwest corner thereof
east le7 perchers to 't„e hegnining, cOnld nifig t In acres I, --;leaving It, acrett more or lesa,nearty all improved.w!th
h t
and 59 perches, more r lees. with the - oparcenidices.a' :Ole appurteuancee.- 1: frame dwelling house, I fratui
les entry flame dwell mg house, Statue tiara and eb•d, 1 barn and other outbuildings e and. fruit Mete l'•eisau
cruet trees and about! tit usedimproved- [Seized and ;end taken ix Ceeetition at - the suit of Lyons .t SteN(ll,
Aitken In e4eeution - at; the butt el Win. 'W. Isronstou vo,. tassigued to Christian R. Parto 'no vs Gi.leon Neale) , )
, .
ili W. Utz:"] • • I -- - . ' -A LSO-All that mete or parcel of land si wide in Lea
ALsite-esell Mae:pieces' Or pareele of lend' situate ta . i - or Tow riedip:44Lemaxiitle,susquehenne county,Peure
Lenox. And - Clifford , ttiwilishipe, busquelmumi Velu _ i syleatila. bounded °DUO emit by lends of II helm' White
Penney ieatiia; boundeh and describedai folleevs,te wits I on the south oy . 14}Mit 4.6 1 . illram White. on the wort by
lonst-pleed beginning et a heap of suittoo near .the.ruad., rt: lands of A. Charchlitand on the north by the 'I itatelke
thence nee lame of Nathan- .8011 and east 64. gons toe, road,S eseitaleteg ()nester!, all improved wit:' the teem:
etaleS. thenee.tis landi Lit l'.'WeChiateltertine Suitt! :43J • tentinctaC 1 dwelling kOnse,, 1 out hous.., and one-half
iiegreus: ea'st.-At i Ode!' and -1.0 - .llnk.S, theneebylund of •'.ldozen, tt eh treed.. [Seized and taken in - exec ati nu at
'so 147 ciegreea ',wpm 13 rods find 19; the suit of Moore: Growßros„vin Andrew Ballston/4
links-tii:a -- iltake:' , ttiento by the same :south 43X 'degrees. i se e , ;,: .' ~. , S t . •• r' - -
reitet HS 'Nitre tO •heap. iii. rtOnei t :thelled. by tannage! Jags I •-sTCTC.II WEloit...:-,10.1 hide Owe 4 ettanged on the day
per Bell and akeigehe centre of the, toad eistith 'l5l. de-st4f *ei,.. ,N ;
~ .
greed WtriV;:3l: - - roils OS- 1 1 lint* theuea tryllm.-same;!!. -- :,. - ':.,,- .-. .;. i , : .' ' t-- , ' - WM. WRITE, Sheriff*
north 'fl degices Wrist e 3 rodb shut V-ltuhst to a inntP of . - Wet lire Mice, Montrose, Juty 19, 18711.
. . '.
a practical reforrinr Oie has ;led the way
to the rest4ation honest .`and:econom
ical governmept in' ilie_only . WAY pbosible
by a irig(rolis assanlj,;upon the> , powerful
combinations nf ptienhisors' who
htive posiessed theniselv , -s of the refine . of
Government.' Lie ein!)..dies W 1! him
self both anAl p-"-actices of
gerittine,,rtiforni. Believing that
_at present ;the great; need of the'country,
not,hiltate a Moment in my c loice
between him and the Repubtiean candi
date." "
AdverOsemeets New . 1 01 s Week.
It is a mettles' preyaratloo ; the chemical .conthina
tion of which is such as Ito neutralize untieturol pro
perties when tip lied to Man or beast. .
What is it for ? '
Forthe curb of.any kind of pain.latneneds,or wounds
or for anything requiringi an outward appllcation.
Is it as good as other linaments for those purposed ?
Yes, ind better. , ,
What guarantee do you give of tnis ?
If it does t'ot, prove eo alter using all the medicine,
return the empty bottle Where you got it get your
Who are agents for the kale of this - medicine.? •
Alt the drigista and Osiers in medicine in Montrose
and throughout the country.
July 36, ltrid. • '
writs issued by the Court of Common Pleas of
Susquehanna County and to me - direeted; I will expose
to sate by publle , vendus,!at the Court Reuse, on
Friday,, August nth, 1876;
at one o'cloclt p. m., the 'following pieces or parcels of
land to wit 1
All that certain piece or parcel of lam] situate, lying ,
and heir:tin! the township ' of , Thomeoa,S 1
county, Pennsylvania. b blinded on the ea-t 1)3, lauds of
Samuel and Alden HubNird, on the south and westby 1
lands of GeOrge Wallace; and on the conk by lands of
the Widow Wilson. containing about 60 acres, more or
less. about /*dams *minim& with the appurtenances,
frame dwelling house,l frame barn. and ani t.trees.—
[Seized anti- taken in execution at the suit of G.
Lewis vs William D. Boiven.] •
ALSO—AII that. certain piece or parcel ofland situate
in the tnwnShip of Auburn, Susquehanna county. Penn
sylvania.bcitinned on the north by road: leading from
liennedy Corners to Curter Town. on the east by lands
of J`. P.. White. on the sbnth .by loads at Henry Dun
more, and can the west bY lands el Martin. Wilcox. con.
taming 58 ares. mostly 1 mprovcd. with the - 'Opiate.'
minces, 1 frame 'welling boupe.rl foone 1)41u, at.i: au
orchard. [Seized andlititen in exernt ion at the suit-of
W,m. J. Mulford - ve. Philip Bwarkhammer.l
-TAxi Norcz.-- .11t bids must be arranged on the day
of sale. •
Sberifra clfftee. Montro se, July 26, 1576.