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Ham' la '2" oit-crsram
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• , •
National DemoCratiC Ticket
bili.EL -J.
Some of the professiOnal reformers
says the Harrisburg Pctiriot, affect to be
delighted with the promise of reform
which Gov. Hayes makes in behalf of
hLmself atd his party. earl Shurz says
the view's of. Gov. Hayes form the "Most
comprehensive," the' "moit clearly de-
fined," and "most satisfat ry pro
ae,':of civil service r 'for ieyer ut
tered in a few words." But aft r all th, y
are only" "words."„Againa tnese "few
words" of ,Gov. Hayes which have cap-
tivated a modern reformer the country has
the many and , splendid achievements of
Gov. Tilden. W ith an i
.iitelligent peo
ple which shall weigh the Most, the , deeds
of 3ttinnet J. Tilden or the words of
Rutherford B. Hayes ? Will' they have a
man of deeds without "words.", or a mu
of "words" Without deeds ? While a pri
vate citizen Tilden boldly encountered
and aided in crushing t o r most
ful Ring of public ' plund refs, except that
under Grant. that was 'ever formed in this
N;lr was he Jett red fi;in this
work by the
,consideration (that this:gang,
of robbers. belonged to his own political
party. In the' office of. gOverno of '.NOW
York he next encountered and broke up
the' can al ,ring . which had successtpliy 're
sisted or act;ed in collusion. with so many
preceding : state administrations. - The re
sult of this labar to the plople' of 'Nei,.
York wa s the reduction of the state :tax
from r t
1,060 000 t0.*8,000,000. There
is not a tax payer iu th 6 state of Ist i ew
York' who does not how experience.
benefit 'of . this 'work of reforpi::Wliat.
hai9-tiv..)layes to set off to t h is, - record
but the beautiful "programitie;! 'of re
form which . has ,*oti . , the•-•adm irati . 0. "
Marl Sbuit - ? .
It would_ he- . well for GO. Haves it . he
bad no more, record on ,. hid lisue re
form than his empty letter of. acceptance.
But- unfortunately for him he has made
a rvcord which too plainly belies the,
beautiful promises of his letter.. During
Gov. Httyes' first term of office ,there ex
isted in Ohio a
.system of swindling by
rings-Of county official's by means of
constructive fees. The report of the
state auditor, of Ohio in 1874 shows that
the fees of county officials amounted to
about fiVe times the cost of \ the entire
state government.' We knpw something
in. Pennsylvania about the abuse of the
fee system.: Here was an opportunity
tor- Gov. Hayes to meet the demands, of
the people of his state by reforming this
abuse But he neglected it ; When GM%
Allen iventOto office he at once called
the attentiOn . - of the legislate to the
subject - 041d `by his personal elf4is a law
was passed making an annual redtintion
of nearly $200,000 in . the compensation
of county Officials.
In 1875 Hayes went into office' again
bnnging with him a Republican legisla
ture. The county rings' who "saw their
opportunity. in .the election rallied
strong force at Columbus imd tiecur4d
the repeal of the act While the legisla
tine in obedience to the rings was re•en
acting this exorbitant fee systeM
Hayes did not lift hand to prevent the
wrong. Here. was a ,small -opportunity
for., a :reformer of the - of G;ov.
'Hayes but heriroved unequal to it `4
was not to be expected , that he • could
shOw the *vigor and-- capacity of *a man
like Tilden, hut...he out tO ,have had
serve,enongh to,resiat. this ring of ,petty
county officials: 'He doubtless
,owed the
smallmajority4'by 'which ,wie.eleeted
to this comhicatiop -"o qua od'tcials,
and the least =Could, dO :. in,Otittru
to silently ,contive_•at , their_ conspiracy
against 4he people:0,0mo: m l i s s. tile
great reiiirriier whO' prom see to restore
the eovernment to ite fermer
This is the man whose "comprehensive"
and "clearly defined paegramme pf re-:
form'' has wOn 'the admiration of Carl
Simon Cam, ron the worst old-politi
cal rascal i l l, the United States. That is
saying i o:eatl deal; but the fact can not
be! qnestioned4 A I Republican House of
Representotivps branded him by resolu
tion when he was secretary of war in
Lincoln's time,- and he has been growing
older and more wicked ever sinee.' Cam
eron and Grant naked their forces to
nominate . .114yes. We commend this
fact to . the atientin of . Carl Shurz, deo.
Wm. Ciirtis,4d those Liberals, who want
ed a Reform 'candidate. One of the Re
publican newspapers which . is trying to
like the nomination of Hayes adniits
that"he is not the man to go. far out of
his way to fi'ud wOrk, but can, be trusted
to do it well if it comes in his wlq." In
other words,says the New Haven Regis
ter; you want your potatoes dug bring
them along 4nd 3,1 r. Hayes will , dig
The times demand a. different sort of man
in the presidential chair. No quiet, Miss
Nancy kindiof ad easy-going person will
reform and imprOve matters at Washing
ton.. That ,headianarters of official cor
ruption andj extravagance mast be thor
oughlyloverhauled,, and we have an en
ergetic Maul to take charge of the work:
Hayes' is altcgether too light for the
place. ,1
The chairmixii of the democratic state
central comnitte:e, of Ohio, sent the fol
lowing cheering - telegram to the,president
of the Tilden and Hendricks ratification
meeting atincinnati_ on Saturday night.
"The mostgratifying intelligence from
various parts of the state has. been 're
m.' red by the committee to. flay of large
accessions to, the, party since the St. Lou
is .cotiv, , tittini. The Committee • - is •
fled it is t o i ! the power of the Democratic
party to Carry Ohin for Tilden and Hen
• •
dricks. As a !means of attaining this
desired result the committee have deter
mined to, inaugurate .a bold, • energetic,
and aggres i siv-- canvass.. Our Democrat
ic bretbred in other states i;itY rest
sured, thatl the;. Democracy of Ohio are
liarinonionoy united and
,determined ou
the achievfiment of. Victory .on the - sec ,
and Tuesday 4 October. Tile, tact that
such reforters Hassaurek; Stall° and
badly -e - part in . your ratification
I .
• meeting trig-tit tuaar ;be regarded as an
index. to the .popular current which has
set in for Tilden anil -- reform.. •
. ..
. . „
1 ,
The Hon. Qintrles Francis, Adams, the
distinguisSed • igrEintirn a the second
Presidentf the - United Sates says : ~.,
"With; Mr. Tilden and, this ;platform
i i
the. Democratic party stung betterom.r
allY, before the people than does 601'.
puldicun party' Hayes is nothing ; fes
pectible nO doiibt, but
,wkiliout any rec-
Il i
ord as a r for mer. "Elden is in him s elf
a plat,for . He bas , Made his' record.--
Of `the-two -I would! infinitely .prefer to
see Mr. Tilden in the 'executive chair.—
\Gov. Tild'en Will recieve the support ol
the opponents: of corruption who desire
to gee thelreal work accomplished.: The
issue of ; the cafripaign with Tilden at
the bead of tliedern'ocratic party is made
'very doutful. , It - will be' a hard, fight.
Tilden's war record is a eood one: 11,-
is all ri4ht there. 'As President,. Mr.
Tilden would sweep away corrupt met
and abuss"
One sorl the great issues in the prevent
csiitest it . the. reform , of the revenue eye
tern-an44he relief of the people from an
odious aid: intolerable weight of taxa
tion. Pr Democratic party is pleclg,4l
to this reform oy its platform and its
candidatts, and the Democratic hbuse
has prepared: the way for its complete
accomplishinent by reducing the expen
ditures' Of government for the present
year to the amount of nearly $40,000,-.
-With rverse ingratitude the Repub
licans flatly refuse to acknowWigeGrant's
services rn appointing Tyner or In . iliana;
postinaster general_ and removing Corn
missione. Pratt on 'the same day. They
assert that Grant's deliberate,purpose
to injure' the , party, and that the removal
of ,Pratt l has cost Hayes four votes in In
diana to ;one that he has gained by the
,appointtnent of Tyner.
, Undii a mere change of name the ad
tainistraion ,of Hayes would, only be an
extension . Of thatk of Grant.:. Grant le.
energetiully engaged in filling up the
offices :with his friends, and :Hayes is
plOgO. pi 1114; letter of
.acceptance not to
remove (hem.
THE.- - - DEMOCRAT, -;„411.14T :: - Va - ,. :1-.8.17,.6
Presideht Grant's househOld organ in
Washington declaeps that . Gov. Haft7l3 l
letter of accet4ance is all that his most
earnest friend.; Could have desired. The
organ at the sine time earnestly favors ,
the pardon ofl/I.l'Donald and the rest of
the imprisoned -whisky thieves. - Dier's
removal is acciepted as an indication i.f_
Grant'm pnrpose to issue an early pardon.
Chairman Chandler ought to be able
to extract a heavy campaign fund out
Grant's officel holders since his demand
for blackmaillis backed by the assurance
froin Gov. Eiayes that their tenure of
office, will remain undistu s kbed in case 0
his election. J . •
'Go closet.l in New York, on Monday
at 1.111
~ . .
I ,
The School Dlieetors, of B. Idgewater Township. will
let•the building Or a new school building in the O'Brien
District, at the Torben House, Montrose, on
Saturday, August .12th, 1876,
iit one o'clock T. m. Plan and specifications can' , be
seen at the store of Wm. B. Boyd & Co., Montrose.
ALSO, at the s a me lime and place, the old sabot
building will be Old to the highest bidder.
By Order of th. Board. „. _
- - 1 E. H; PICKBRING, Prestdent.
Attest—W. C. URTIB, Secretary.
July 19, 1816. '
Anna C. Merri ew by her next friend Abel 0. White.
vs. CteSter` Men Thew. In Court of Common Pleas of
Susquehanna COunty. January Term, 1876. .
To Chester Merrihew : Whereas a Subpmna in Di
vorce was iseneil to January V rm, 18'76, which wasilu
ly returned non test inventua and thereon an alias sub•
prom was Issued returnable to April Term, 1876, upon
the return of Which proof was made that the said Ches
ter Men-thew could not be found in my bailwick.
This notice, therefore, IS to require you to appear
before our Judges of the said Court • on the second
Monday of August next to answer saidHlTE' complaint.
WM. W," Sheriff.
• Montrose, July 19, 1876
R. M I-A0961.
The largest stock of Trimmed Hats to
befound in the city at the lowest prices.
The Nteeit and mosty Stylish Hats and .
Bonnets in the city at ROZELLETI.
The LARGEST and CHEAPEST stock Old La-,
dies . Capi out side of New York city, all to
be found at; ROZELLE'S. Don't forgot it,
that ROZELLE is selling the very , lowest he
Discount* -all the . \ rest of the
97 i BINGHAMTON, 137
Conti St. l l N. Y. I • Court - St.
Binghamton April 19, 1876.—1y.-4i
t , eis hereby given to #l.l persons concerned in
the f owing Estates, to wit :
Es to of Alvin •Spr nger lat ;of Springville. dec'd, S. le e
Thomai. Ndininistrator. - t
Made Of ilorace :%eyntour. late of New Milford, dec'd,
Franklin Seirmour. Administrator.
Estate of Timothy Downs, late of Ohoconut, dec t d.
Philip O'connell, Adminitrator. . .
Etitate of Abram Brandt, late of Great Bend, deed, Al
rcenia Brandt, Administrix. '
Estate of Klijah Westfall; late of Oakland, dec'd, Gay
lord Curtis. Executor.
Estate of Milton B. ~ .pafford, late of Middletown,dec'd
8. J. Davis, and Lucy Spofford, Adm'rs. • -
Estate of Simeon Van Fleet, late of New Milford. dec'd,
*.llicst Aldrich, Executor.
Estate or Roxanna M Snyder. late of Lenox, deed,
Henry T. Davis. Administrator.
Estate' of E. Everett, Martha Emily, and Walter G.
Thotnas. minors F. B. Chandler, Guardian.
Estate of C ant Tingley, (late Clara rotter,) • minor. B.
D. Potter. Guardian. •
Estate of Clarence Ward. minor, Elliot Aldrich. Guard-
That the accontants bare settled theieacconnts in the
Retril=ter's Office in and for the coanty of Susquehanba,
and that the same will b , ..:,presen:ed to the Judges or the
Orphans' Court, on Tnureday, the 17th day•of August,
1876. for cootirm ,tion and 711lowance. ' .
H. F. BEA:4DSLEY, Register.
Register's Office, Montrose. July 19,18'+6. •
11 / 4 - , for DM, 'as audited June sth and 26th,1876.
To amount of dup . licate...
State, approp riation
By exoncrations ..., -• • . •• • .. . ..... '. $ , 275 37
Collector's percentage , 95 82
Trcasurcr's " .........:,.. - 32 61
Orders paid .
Debt from 1874 ~... .
.. I.BZ
4 :38 7
$2,300 33 $2,453 25
152 92
. • ZitINSIC TAX'. Dr. Cr.
To Balance In Trenenry June, 18.74.4 202 87
By order,' paid .. ... ... . .
Balance in Treasury '
$ 202 87 $ 202 87
DOG Dr. - Cr.
To amount of duplicate $ .436 00
By exoneration, -
• t 186 00 $ 186 00
We. the auditors of Springville., having examined ,
the above ACCOVIDtb find them cur:vet. '
July 19, 1876w1.
Now Church Music Book ;by L.O. Emerson. $1 8$
orlia per dozen. •
(Nearly ready.) For Singing Schools. Bit.. O. Km-,
erson. 75 cts., or $7-50 per dozen.
AL. SONGS. Patriotic eouge of all nations. 'Paper 40
cents. Boards 50 cents. ,
song Book for Sabbath Schools. By PerkiAs.
Price 35 cents. .
• •
Whittier-Paine. 80c. 8 vo. form for Societies, 10e
Arr. for Orchestra, $l . OO. '
Gov. Hayes' Oran/March. -With Portrait 400.
Tilden &Hendricks' G'd Mel. With Portrait 400.
"Roll Along, Roll . Along." Campaign Song 400.
"Hayes and Wheeler are our choice." 30c.
'Emerson's Chorus Book. for Soeiettes.
Whippoorwill. Song Book for Schools..
Male Yoloe Glee Hock.
Any Look or piece sent. post.:Psid, for 'retail price.
C. & Co., j. E. Moon & Co.,
. - Itt..llroadway. _ Successor to Lev,.' Welker',
New York. Phila.
ents New This Week,
enllectoit's pertentage
TreAsurer's ." . . ...
Balance in Treasury
July 5, -1.876.
.; :41,992 33
308 00
$ 14805
19 00
73 5
2 30
.52 00
50 05
P E BRUSH, 1 ,
Al 5 SHELDON, Auditors
'sit:Mete thence by lands of 0. Ransom north 4 degree,
s '
east 54 lode and 201 inks to the place of beginning, - e -
taining 89 acres and 115 rods of lane, be the eamimore
o' less . ..'. The second piece beginning at a pi st a
?tones, a corner in line of William R. Gardner tot, On -
the east side of public highway, thence parilyalone the and a line dividing - this from a part of the lot tohe
deeded to Lucy Cox south 25 degrees east ea and eight-.
tenth perches to pretend stones, a corner for said divis.
ion, thence by the same at uth 89 degrees east 39 perch
es tote" corner in the west line of the e ime lot eald to 0.
A. Grow, thence by said line north • no deeree east 49
and four-tenth perches to a line of a lot deedec to tf,
chisel West, thence •by kid lot north .44 . degrees *re j t i
and. eight-tenth perches to a corner, 'bailee north 47 de.
greesteset 5$ perches to a post corner of a tot deed e d to
C. M. West., thence by said lot north one degree east 10 '
ee r r •
and three tenths perches to a post and stones come .
thet ca by the same north 89 degrees west 13 3 f Perch
to a post corner , thence -no ih 44 degrees we 573 e p e e"
chee to a post and stones corner in the line of Wlilian;
R. Gardner lot aiou eesid, and thence by the same south '
47% degrees west 35 perches to the plat c of beginning
comaining 31 acres and 60 perches. more or less..... The
third piece: North by lands Id N. te. (intoner, east b y
lands of raid Ira Cox and Meek' Chamberlin south by
land of-W. M. Cox, and lands in pow-Aston of William
Heiken& and west by lands of Mrs. Adam Miller, con.
tabling ea) ems, more or less; [in all about 106 acre,
60 acres improved,] with Ole appurtenances. 1 trams
house, 8 frame barns. and 2 orchards. !Seized end ta
ken in eaecution at the suit of W. M. Cox. use of John
Stuart, vs. Ira G. Cox, and Wilber E. Howell. use of
John Stuart, vs. Ira G. Cox.]
ALSO-All that certain piece or • parcel of land situ.
ate. lying and being in the Township of Bridgewater,
Susqueharna county. Pennsylvania bounded and de
scribed as iollows. to wit: On the northeast by leads
of S. R. Thatclier. on the southeast by lands of N. 0,
Paeemore,and on the west by.the north and south road
leading to Hurt Lake. and .containing about X acre,
more or lOss, with the appurtenances. 1 frame dwelling
house and allimpreived. [Seized and taken in execu
tion at the snit of - Samuel Smyth vs. W. Hewitt.]
ALSO-All that certain _piece or parcel of land slit
ate, lying And being in the township of Jackson. Sure
qiaehanna county. Pent sylvania, bounded. and &tarifa.
ed as fellows to wit : On the north'• by lands of Nor.
man Nye, on the east by lands of NnrmanNye, et" the
south by lands of Royal Thayre. and op the west by
lands of James YePetter, and containing 64 acres and
94 perches, more • or less, with the appurtettanees.'
frame dwelling house, 1 frame barn and outbuilding*
and fruit trees. Caeized and taken in execution at the
suit of Zilpha Morse vs. And) H. Belcher and Antes L.
Tanner ve. Anti! H. Belcher ]
ALSO-all that piece or parcel of land situate in the
borough of Great Bend Village, Susquehanna county,
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to
wit : On the north by lands of Rhoda Decker, ou the,
east by lands of W. D. Lusk, on the south by lands of
11, S. Hanna, and on the west by the public reader
Main street, eontaluing abaut 200 square feet, with the
appurtenancee,l two-story frame dwellina. 1 a d a half
story building used and known as Great Bend Hotel,
blacksmith. and barne [Seized and taken in execution
at the tint: of George Buchannan vs. II D. Banter and
T. J. Berner 1
ALSO -All that ptece or ph tof land *halite. lying
and and being la Broceilyn. lausirtehato a county. Penn
sylvania. boundetfon the nor h by beds of Tiffany.
Ceamer, on the e tat by putolc highwev , on the south
by lands s.f a :ftaay & Cramer. anti on the west by lands
of the estatii,ot Albert,dee'd. containing liters ,
ad improved. with the appurieminve-. a frame dwelling
house. [Se , zeti and taken in execution at the suit of
J. D Vail re .1. D. Richeresen.] .
ALSO-MI I httl.plece or plot, (bind s'ltiate on Grand
street it the norouga•of a weatiebetime Depot, Sneque
haniat con et .Pi 11111.1!Ivali lA. t 0 1 ,1.1141 dan described is
follows. to wit .:• ,Oat to north bt fir :nit • /rect. on t h e
east by I Inds of Wm -(unkt!p, on the nulls be lands of
A. F:1,141111, anti olt``he 'west liy lint 4 il 11. L. Chase,
1 contateiog X at reanore oir less with tie -ippiirteti meet
• • .
. .. , 1 1 two-2tory - rune de citing mime , ismer, it and taken
SHgRIFF'S 5AL14.7.5.- ? -BT atTRTUR OF lin execution ,it tlia'ettit'ul late-d li. took ve. Hiram
write' :esued by the Ceuta. of Common Pleas of i Bush ]
a. nequehantia I oanty and to me directed. I wil expose ALSO-All that: certain farm or plot of Ina situate s ,
the, toweehi of Clitfor6 Sus nni
to - sale by public vendee, at the' Court House in Mont- Laing null
bell in
P d
d b : q
rose, on- - henna rune y, . enneylvattle,!tone e ou . t• rfirth by
lands of hi Crandall and laud- of Clark's estate. on the
Friday, Amami, 11, A: D., 1876, - ens by lands of Winqinkee. on the south by lauds of
at 1 o'clock 'of
p7m., the following pieces or .parole of Wm and John Ticker, and ou the'we-t by lands John
land, to wit : , „ . . . -
ain parcel of land situate in Lenok, Sus-
Tinker, containing about 'l5 acres. with the emirate.
All that
minces, 1-tram( dwelling house, 2 frame beret., an or
quell:lrma county. Penns lvania. bounded and describ-
chard and needy all improven, [Seized and taken lit
execution at the suit 01 Sarah Richardson, nee of C.C.
ed as follows. to wit : On the north by lands of William
Church, assigned to A. .H tout e r VA Charles Burdick; and
R. Gardner, Cherie-t 'I :salty and Mrs Rood. on the east
by lands of Mrs. R R
!food. William . Gerdnereand•liol. Hellen Luisa Burritt vs Charles Burdick.]
ALSo-All that certain piece or'e plot o• lane' situate
Robinson, • on the eolith by lands of 'William Barber.Le- in Auburn Towehip. Susquehanna • county.Tennsylva
vi Chamberlin and George 47onrad, and on the west by
nia.ana deecribed us follows : Bounded on the north _
land* of William Barber. Charles Tlngley and Horace by land* of Henry Dunmore and ‘iarehail Crlemarenn
Tineley. containirg 2% acres of land, he the same more ,
the east iy lands of Thomas R. White mettle south bi
or less , with the appurtenances . 2 dwelling house*, 4 lands of J. e, Rifenbury as d on' the west by landed
barns two orchards. and about 150 acre 4 unproved.-
Emmett Tewksbury , containing' 44 Ilexes about 3ancres
[Seized and taken In execu..lou at; the suit of Andrew , .
Halleted, use.of GroW ktrot hers vs. Emery Harding.) I proved, with the appurtt nancei. 2 frame t• .
ALSO -All that certain piece or plot of laud lying and I frame barn, 1 saw, sutler , nuo feed mill. [Seized and
being in Oakland. Suequehnnna Cot. nty, Pennsylvania. ! use e . 1n... M• s. at tile suit of James P. Benni tea,
ex s. Wilson, (I writs ) vs I. c. swathe:el
bounded mid described as follows, to wit : on the .: uz'c
north by lande of Levi M. Westfall.on the east by M .
' ALSO-All !thew pieces or plots of land situate in
fail Avenue, on the south and west by lands of J. M. I
,New Milford TOwnsh p, Sut*elianna county:Pent:ll
- ia bmindeo and described as follow s, [ ti wit :, The
Weetfall coati Una one-ha'f acre of land more or less an i
with the • appurtenanees. 1 frame' dwelling-house-all 1 first piece beginning at 'a pe-t the sonthWeet corner
improved. [Seized and taken in , execution at the suit ; het clef, atijoiiit.g lauds heretofore conveyed by C. 0,
of Jouu Verson*, use 'of Richard Mannering,vs WiLtiam t. t . yright to 'tea E. A.Pottt, , hence alo fig' lhe -lune tank
re perch •it to atone's ccnner, thence
, iitkif uegteesst A . t
Mannering and RichardeMannerineal
ALSO-All that certain piece Or parcel of land situ- south 43 degteest and 5134 perches to s poet ial tile:bora
1 er of East le ke, t belies! by 'he send) course 1 erfiss the
ate, lying, and beim; in the, Townehip of Dimock, Sus
quehanna county, Penneylvania..bouoded and deecrib- i !aid Like, dilate • ce shout 66 perches to opposite shore
ed as follow*, to wit : On the north by lands of Jonas l of the same. thence by the tame comae 8. 34 perch , ato
A, Gray, on the east bylauds of Jonas A. Gray and Geol poet and stones' corner. thence south 47 tee: tees west
Gates, on the south by highway and by lands of A. Bur- I 152 perches to post cud stones curlier, in line or Linde
dick, on t h is Weft by 1 tn.haof George Fowler and E. G. i conveyed to said Pratt, - hence worth 43M degrees west
Baker. containing, --acree, mon or less. wiat the ap- 202 perches to Ile place of bee ' feting. contateing '9S
purtenancee. ewo frame dwellings+ ar.d one frame barn. i acre more or ic "" " I* ee seen" P ivce or pl . t its situ"
[Seizd and taken in 'exectition at the suit of Jonas A. 1 ale a; a forest.p.beeluning at. the seethe lei turner here-
Gray vs A. P. Gray.]
of at post and stonet.thenee north 43 deur tte west 145
ALSO-Those two pieces or parcels of land, situate, I aoreer 01 Ea-t Lake. thence along the
; easterly shore thereof lit a nor heilv direction about 70
perch at to the
lying, and being in the township of Jessup, Susi:in:Man
-1 etches mote or leas. to 3 Lurnor by 3 maples, thence
na county, Peutotylvtinia, bounded and described as fol. i P a . •
north 81. uegrees es ua t.
t I n urser .ii line of land ot Peter
lows, to wit: The first piece on the north by public 1 ~ coma,
Dwain :with 43 t.le.srees east akin.: same
road. on the east by lenda-of Lucius Smith, o the south I• al
i'about 135 etch sat unassisted sapling. theeeesouth 47
by land otsiaidLuclus Smith and Jacob Diimin.and on i
P b t 1 elpercherto the placeot begin
degrees west ao i i
the west by lands of L. D. White, con Laining 1% acres. ,
sing,containing, 101/ acres more or less. vac; tiling ai
ming or !eye. with -the appurte tomes. 1 house, 1 barn,
way - , bevertheiess. 'from the past descrier: piece of
and all improved.... The second piece is bounded on the
1 (I . • 2 acres of I Anil , Inge , ofore conveyed by V. C.
north and east by land of Luelll Smi•h, ou the south by 4 Wri g hta an
wife in _
I— Meacham by deed recorded
public road, anti west by land of
‘ Cathetine Warner.con- w
inDeed Book No. 49; page 4T. ate , (*lna mid taken
raining three four. hi ot itn acre. snore or less, with the i a
appurtenances, I barn, 1 blacksmith shop. and wagon- • innxecution at the soil of C. te Wright Vd Joseph R.
shop, and al improved. [Seized and t then In execution' ailiela- 1 • . • .
at the Etli of Jacob. Robertson and Harvey Slawson vs. ALSO- All that ee"taiii piece or plot of land situate
Lucy N. Lake and John H. Lake.! ' ' '' in the To witehip of Otiklituil.Sui.quelianna t ortuty.Pren-
ALSO—AII that certain piece or plot of hied situatea i .sylvania, hound , ti,oit• t le west by ca: e.on the, nor th e ast .
lying, and being in Ararat townehipecoutay of Susque- i by a public rotd, and on the soath• list or a !indite road
henna. and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and deecrtb- being a triangle lot ti bunt one.stxth of an
ed "an follows, to wit : 'On the north byelands of Danford acre. and Itnawri and di-ter:heti ou , the Map lit surrey -
Hine, cast by lands:Of Thomas Boeket, south by land of "North Susiquebanna,r trewie iiy, Win. N 1 ehtz. as lot
of Cherie- or Rufus .Barbes, and west by highway ad- No. 154-all improved. anti haven; rhereen a i llrt e-story
joiniag land of Thrimas Burman, containint. about 53 frame house, franie bit n end other onibuilditfizs it
acres, more or lees, mostly improved, with theappurte- was. formerly ueed as a hotel, asst! a 'town at aaaak
rtauces, 1 frame house. 2 frame barns. and an o-charde- land House.' [seized stud taken in t xecutiti; . at the
Seized and taken tu'exeaution at um suit of C. C. Worth suit of Thomas J. ateeirna; a awl. Malty Mill MeN.aus
assigne !.to Margaret. Milliken, vs. Don. A. Walker ; C. ra. his wife. vs. -quite .1, Cannar.l .
a, Worth .assigned to Margaret 'Milliken vs. Don. A. 1 ALso-Ail that pl 4 of ii Hi situate in iillsott Town-
Welker, - and S. A. Penes; assigned to Margaret Milliken ship', (South Gtbsiiit)Su-qiiviiiinita want' , rehnsy tra
ys. Don. A. Walker; nia, bounded tin the two It, east. and seui h by lauds of.
ALSO--All that derLain piece or parc44 of land, situ- the estate of Reece Piiceonti wee by public road lead"
ate, lying, and being in the township of Lenox, uni=que- ing to Clifford.couteilthee ,ati :tete. with the sppurtenste
henna county, Penneylvania, bounded and described us, cee.a frame dwelling I" nee, fruit and orbamintal item
follows, to wit : On the north by land of James Con- [Seized and taken in excel' tikdi at the stilt of H. L. Bar'
rad. Eldtidge Snyder, eV Mee Gardner, and Samuel Me- rigor. assigned ,to L, ii. B want vs. 11. D. Bennett and
Nalley. east. by land of Judson Davis. and James Sny- Charles. Bennett.]
der, south by lands of James Snyder, Eldridge DaVis, ALSO-All that, ceitain Were. parce l. or Pieland
Jed Sou Davis, Emerson E o llet, and Frank Hckering, situate, lying and' being , at 'the - township f Catierd.
west by Tankhannock Creek and Emerson Fo let. con- county of Suequebaillei, and etete of l'entallvenia,
tanning about 125 acres of hind, more or less, with the bounced and deesdribed as ticelows. viz : nighttime at $
• appurtenencee, I frame house, 1 trams barn, outbuild- • hemlock tree beteg ttie strUllmaAt corner of the wa roils
ingti, orclutril, and about 100 acres Improved. [Seized tee tract in the nano- of Hoger flat vey. !bocce north 45
and taken in execution at the suit of Grow & Bro. vs. degrees east 13331 perches to a post and emu, a cornea
Henry Mauer, S. Taylor vs. Henry Manzer, and James thence south • 5 deserve-.teas' 60 perches to a petit sad
R. Lathatp, Cashier, vs. Henry Manzer ] ' stones corner, thence north 45 i:egrees west N. perches
ALSO-Ali that piece or parcel of laud, situate, lying. Ito a post and stones corm, thence south a 5 degrrell
and oeing in Great Bend Bough and Great Mend west .24,X perches to a post :.nil orioles e , titer, more
Townehip. Susquebanna county, Pennsylvania, bound
.north 45 deerees west 51 , 34 to rip. place of ate
ed and deacribed as follows. to wit.: On the north sad, ginning, continuing rixeit nacre* °flied. be therein.
east by land of -- Carroll, south uy public street. more or less. with the alum rtet•as.rer, 1 ammo hermit
knowu as Railway street, and on the west by "ends of frame barns. onthulldi-gs.and orchard- must y iniprov-
Th D. EatabroUlc,ecinLitnieg one-fourth of as acre.more ed. Vitixed and ta ' , en In PIINIAII nat Lite dull al J.B.
or less, with the tippurtenincee, I one-story dwelling` Bennett, nee of Peter Bennett; Gnat ohm of A. N. Pick
house, 1 frame , bun, :musli improved. Named and ta- ering. -minor." vs Cat hariue Pickering 3
ken in execution it the suit in Thomas
,Gillesple, as- ALSO- II that certain piece or part et 01 !ti e d ' , Rasta
signed to A. C. Purple; vs Wm. U. Welling.] in Harford,l3uequelianna county, Peenayarenia, boom-
ALSO-All that egretia piece or parcel of land situate ed sad described as f 11. ae. to wit : On the uorth by
lying, and being 10 the Borough of Susquehanna, Sus. lands of Adam MI ter ac's N. M. times. ma by the
quehanna county.iPeunsylvania. bounded and demerit) main street in Harlem! VI line. ropily by hoots or Jebel
ed as follows to wit: 104 the north by Grand street, W. (low and L. 0. Tiflatee. mid wee* by 'lends of A. 0.
east by laud of Bream Bash, south by land of A. Fart-' Barnard, containing stem 12 ttere- of land morn or less
am. and on the west by landed G. 3. 'Bingham, con- with .he appartenances. I frame !muse. barn. orchard,
tailing Xof an here. more or teas, with the appurte- and all improved. [Seized end t limn in -solution at
nauces, one 1% story dwelling house and all improved. the suit of H. N. Juifee..assigaed 'to William tiew vs*
[Seized and taken in execution at the spit of Wm Skin el, a. Harding.]
uer vs D. 1.. Comte.] •
ALSO- NU snot certain piaci-or parcel of land situsal
ALSO-All that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the Township f tierntony. Stemlnehaniya county.
In-Jacksod Townebtp, Susquehanna county, renneyeins, Pennsylvania. houtaled .•nit it, omitted a. fellows : is
ale• oounded and deecribeu as follows, to wit: Begin- ginning in the! C. Midi Suttrait road at point where
Wog at a beech in the ; southwest 'corner or lot No. 157,the bountlaryliur divid n •: the S. , t r, sof New York sad
heretofore conveyed i I
o Irene Low, Bed being also the Pennsylvania Cros4e4 said r ad, we iun said tits a line
north corner hereof, thence south 453; degrees earthy to the Erie Reilly.... theom .entteteeie along me said
lands of John telovea and late of V. 8, Larrabee 158 railway to a stake trio couture! Silas Rti t .'s lane it he
perches to the north corner of lot No. 162 af Mary at/ lug also ths come. of catneritte Ketf rtt's tot, thence
tthoul's estate, formerly occupied by Wein Slocum, .easterly to the center ol Onset it' et :d Amu lit redo,
thence by the saute south 43% degrees,west 127 perches thence nor belly i it' the tenter f Vesta le r. ad abort 2d
to stones the *meth career of lot No. 164, formerly con- rods to a 'Rake. thence e :aterly On --. ~.10 it:panel with
(meted to Calvin, Di.t..and now occupied by. William the said State hue to the lent.-1 of .iikl,i Summit road.
Pickering. Om*, by 1 the same north 45X degrees west thence northerly atom: tie; etititei of said Summit r. ,, d
15$ perches to time sotithwest •cornee of tot No. 158 now to the said • tate litettinel 111a,•0 ut tiegointng-ie•erv. l 4
of dames More, thence by the same north 43% degrees therefrom I acre Oleg lit elieasetithwe • t coriier43:erecif
east 127 perches to the begiuning, mita nibs 11$ acres -leaving 15 acres mew or les:tete .r y all tut pioetel.wlth
and stt perches,,morieor lee*. wti.ll the appnrittuances,* the appurtenal.ces, I frame dweliln.i h. u. , -. t crime
1% story flame nwelling house, frame wee and thtd, bantamd other otitleiltioli .1.. emi mutt rites. 1 sized
fruit, trees and about tlit acres improved [Seized and and taken In-er.e Idiot to lite set i tit i.yons it 'iteNc i ii.
taken in executian ut the snit of Win. Webroneon Ti; assigned to (licist`an ii. Pa - ee Ile v•• 0 1 I l'it ‘"" rIV Y i
B. - W. Dix.] " 1 - • ' t ALSO-All that twee or p . ireei ut land situ de ill Len-
ALSO-Ali those pieces or parcels or land altnateln i ox Toieeeetp, at 1,0.... xv 1 tic,,- ii-gtivi , tuna coulv:• V e"
Lelia and Clitlaird townenipe, nuequebanna County, Sylvania. bounden ou t .t.t ea.., ity Woo- if i lintel 14 bite
' Pennsylvania, hitCndea and described as follows wit,: on the stunthbe laini- of :!train Wed ,- MI 111 ,- * "ertbj
FII . I/t Woe W01)111101;14 a heap of stones Leer the road,' lands of A. elhorchill anal ie., the' Pont' hy lee 1 lea; i ke
thence by lanes of /Nathan bell and`-.east 65 rod* to A road, e t attati t iog one ;Acre, ,b hap e tees; .Nit.. iha weer
atiiite, thence bilande Of P. W. Chamberlin' south 48% e'lentiteetak - 1 (Imelda: laill-r. 'I
nuttiest- "WI "h""if
ttegaveri east 51 :rods and to halite. thence by land of t-dos s eu 't ' $ [• i i i ' ea wiition at
tit 1, triine. • 31 4er In,. a..en +n a
naiietuts reface aouth 41 degrees west, 13 rude itUa 19 1 tit ' i I Jl. • i C 0 .11 •ty v Aitow II ill:eyed.]
links to a'etake. titmice by ttat Same south .13X del,' , rees ‘llll
I ° t 1'1"
. 4r
w 1°
* l'. '
, -
cart 18 'rude . to heatil of stontra,i.hence by , lauds ot Jaw-, ',:'raga Oatelf.'" Auf beie into(' Le.etrop4ed on' the d 3,1
, peritell and titotig the centre of tilt road south 51. do. of 7 . * ' . ' • '''
tete. ' •
gretes west at rods and - 17 inks, %notice by the some .-
mirth 7134 utgiets West 83 tette and 7 lipke to a heap of
, , •
The underAgned 'executor of the estate of. Simeon
Van Fleet: deed. offers for sale the farm of eaid deced
Ent. oae-foahl mile forth of the Moxlev church, Now
mirord sowbelitp, Pa. Jt contains about. 112 acres,
wail watered, fe . ..ced,and order a good state of cultiva
tion. 1 mtist.dlepose said fa.m, and will sell on
For Purther particulars inquire of the sub Scriber at
P. 0. Address, NeW Milford, Pa.
July 19,"18761f. ' • ' •
Erg National Bmi of introse,
At the close pt lowliness. Junetil). 1876.
Loans and discounts..: , . $148,618 78
Overdrafts.... . 1,79206
U. b. Bonds to secure circulation.... ... 90.0141 CO
Due from apy:oven reservt agents.. - 6.732 28
Due from other National Banks—. • . ; ..... 4,541 51
Due ;row. SiJiie Banks and Bankers ' 1,758 81
Real estate, furniture and fixtures... < ' 8.816 15
Cn••reat expenses and taxes paid 1.40490..
Premiums nald • 14,0(000
Checks and other cash items . .... 1,85160
Bilis'of other National 8ank5........ . ..... , 680 00
Fractional currency (*.nelnding Mles) . 145 96
Legal tender notes.... ~ , - 1,66200
iteuemption fund with 11. S. Treasurer (5 per
cent of circulation) ... •
Total $286,658 06
Capital eta k paid in ... $lOO,OOO 00
Snrnlus fund _ . 6.09000
Other undiv;ded profits
National Bank nate outstanding
deposits subject to check.s 4 7,2 4l 45 __
Demand certificates -deposit... _ Be,b/9 88 130.871' 28
Due to other National Banks 7,1b2 04
Due to State Banks and Bankers 6585 t 5
Total $ 286 , 658 65
1. N. L. Llili/MC Cashier of the above named bank
do solemn'y swear that the above statement is true to
the beat of my knowledge and belief,
N. L. LE NHEIN Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 14th day of
July, 1876.
L. SEARLE, Jr., Notary . Public.
Column—At te W,‘l. J. TUP ft ELL. -
A,J:GERRITSON, Directors.
'Montrose. Jtlty 19,1876
-.... 4,650 00
81,000 ®
W II( Styria'.
Bltet liinnirosel, July .9, 1816,