Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, June 20, 1900, Image 4

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    w two.
.Wo tw assks htsM nf any nUes wa
- W tw lad J7 la any Una of wscV
Or If th carta la clothed is Moota or
If summer days iavlt, or bleak winds
What rflsrUrs ft, wCrwv ar tocethert
Wo two, wo two, wo mako oar world,
oar woathor.
Wo two Bad joath renewed with crerj
' dawm;
Bach 4a heUm omotbiac of am um
kroWB gtoe-r.
W wast no OuMgbt oa grief or pleasure
Trkkod oat Mko hooe, Hm load na on
and oa.
And thrum npon Ms aarp new soag or
Wo two, wc two, w and tka patka of
We two make hcavea her oa this little
Wo do not aoed to wait for realms
. W tnow the use of tears, know sor
row's worth.
And pain for us la always lore's rebirth,
Our paths lead dosely by the paths
We two, w two, we live in love eternal.
years old and she had never re
ceived an offer of marriage nor
llad a lover. Her two younger sisters
were both happily mnrried Gertrude to
a young man who had adored her from
childhood and Lottie to an elderly wid
ower who bad fallen In love with her
at her coming-out parry. Gertrude had
refused three offers before marrying
John Kelson; Lottie, who was a born
coquette, had received homage from al
most every man Ue knew from the
time she cculu talk.
Alicia was serious and rather
haughty. Her friends called her "in
tellectual," and this same Intellectual
ity made her unpopular with men, who
were generally her Inferiors in ber cho
sen style of conversation. If not In
depth of thought. - Until now Alicia
had affected to despise the other sex.
Lottie's flirtations and Gertrude's con
quests had seemed frivolous to her. But
she wished to be a well-rounded woman
and it suddenly occurred to her that
she knew nothing of love, although It
was one of the chief things of life. The
fact that she was different from other
glrla and their Inferior in one respect
waa brought home to her by a medita
tion on love and matrimony which fol
lowed the receipt of a letter announc
ing the engagement of the only un
married one of her classmates. To be
sure, AUcla was younger than the other
girls, but she had come ont the same
"It Is all very wen not to marry," she
aald to herself in conclusion, "but it Is
add not to attract a single suitor. There
must be something lacking in me. I
have always known that I didn't like
men, but it Is strange that men don't
like me. I can accomplish almost any
thing If I make up my mind to it I
will have a lover. I need not marry
him, of course, but I will have him des
perately In love with me, so that I shall
Save an Impassioned offer; then I will
afuse him."
Alicia cast about her list of male ac
amalntances with a view to selecting a
anl table man for ber experiment Fi
nally ah ohose Reggy De Greve. Reg
gy waa a year younger than AUcla. He
Sraa as frivolous as any girl and de-'
SOedly effeminate In his looks and
pray. He had been one of Lottie's n ti
met ops admirers. In an Impassive wny,
bat he had never gotten up courage to
propose to her. He had not been sure
that he wanted to do so. Now he came
to the house rather because he was u -eil
to coming to see "the ladies," once In so
often. Alicia's mother waa fond of
him, for she had known him since he
was in dresses and she regarded him
' as a boy. Of Alicia he stood somewhat
In awe.
"Reggy will be a good one to begin
, with," thought that young woman. "He
will be easy 'to Influence. After I have
refused him I can try some one more
Thus Miss Wellington began her ca
reer as a flirt Thatevening Reggy
came to the house. He found Alicia
wonderfully Interesting. She talked
about cotillon figures, pretty girls,
fudges, and golf. Reginald waa lu de
mand as a cotillon leader, he was a
chevalier des dames, an expert chafldg
dish cook, aad an aspiring golf player.
"Gwaclous, I never thought she knew
so much," he said to himself aa he left
the house. But this was only because
Alicia had displayed knowledge of the
subjects with which Reggy waa con
versant for he had always kiion u u.i
she was "intellectual."
It was scarcely a week before Regg.v
again presented himself at the Welling
tons'. He asked for Miss Wellington
Instead of for "the ladles." He was un
conscious of the neglect of Mrs. Well
ington, but wary AUcla smiled wUc;i
she, alone, was summoned to the draw
"Oh, Mr. De Greve," she said hereto
fore she had called him Reggy "I au
so glad to see you. I know you car
help me solve something that has been
worrying my poor brain."
She took a seat beside the young man
and submitted the "something" that
had been worrying her. It was only a
charade, an Intricate one, however, tc
which Alicia knew the answer. Reg;
Aid not suspect tliat and he was gooi
at puzzles. He solved this one easily
and explained the elaborate process to
Miss Wellington.
"Thank you, Mr. De Greve, you ar
so clever," aald Alicia, exactly as slit
had heard Lottie say the same word,
to different men at cat a hundred
u TIM leaning asj-! iso awn bl
5 g
I Alicia's Experiment.
rft- j I., I, rift
brsUadaat IMclTSft
la the conra of tlaa Alicia
itesjar that ah waa aa
ty, agTeeabl. not too wis. aaa alto-
getaar chaxmlag Jast th wsssa
presld over his boo aa4 klp
spend hi rather larg patrlmoay
also conTlnoad him that h wm
looking; clsvr, witty, and ataal. In
deed, under tb ran f kr approval as
grew wonderfully unfll h waa quit a
different Reggy.
At last th schamod for proposal teak
plac. Katlsfled wlU Massif and mtica
mor than satlaflsd with th aeera
pllahd AUcla. Regry aakad nr to b
his wife. Alicia foreaaw the emla
offer, of coots. Bh mad rady to r
fox It She eren cboae her next vic
tim, William Oil, a l.wyr of skill
and renown. He would be difficult t
enthrall, but a foe man worth of ber
But ah did not think of William
when Reggy proposed. Sh watched
"the boy," aa she called him in bet
heart, with a curious pride. "How well
lis does It," ahe thought. "Lore baa
i::ade a man of him. He is desperately
! ! earnest; he ia charming h la adora
ble." i "Why, Reggy," ah aald aloud, to bet
( wo astonishment, "I believe I do love
you. Tea, I will marry you, after all
yes, yea I will."
The happy Reggy did not notice the
peculiar wording of Alicia's acceptance
of his heart and fortune. He had won
her and hla Joy seemed complete. No
one but his wife ever knew that he had
been the subject of an experiment.
Chicago Tribune.
Queer Imprisonment of a
Hunter la
tne NortkwMt
A party of scouts from the stations
on Bledsoe's Creek, in Sumner County,
was over In Wilson on a tour of obser
vation for Indian signs, says the Port
iuad Oregonlan. As they prepared to
camp late one winter afternoon Capt
Jennings, who waa on of the number,
ti.utvd out to kill a buffalo from a herd
which was near by.
There was a heavy sleet on the
ground, and he found It difficult to get
a good range on account of the noise
of his feet on the crackUng lc, but af
ter following th game for several
miles he at last killed a very large bull.
Fearing that the meat might be In
jured if left until the next morning, he
skiuned the animal and took out the
viscera. By the time be was done night
had tome, and he decided to remain
with his meat instead of seeking camp
in the darkness. So, wrapping the hug
hide around him, flesh side out, he lay
downand slept very comfortably until
morning. On waking be found himself
tightly Imprisoned In the hide, wh!oh
had frozen hard and now resisted all
his efforts to escape.
Hour after hour rolled by In agony to
the captain. He yelled at the top of
his voice for help and strained and
kicked with all his might at the raw
hide inclosure, but it proved stubborn
to the last degree. He doubtless swore
many a bitter oath, for he was of too
Irascible a temperament to submit
tamely. 'He expected hla companions
to search for blm, and they did, but
with a great deal of caution, fearing
that he had been killed by the Indian.
His prolonged absence could be ac-
counted for in no other way. He gave
up all hope of extricating himself as
the hours wore away, but help which
he hnd not thought of was to save hlin
from a death which would have been
extremely mortifying, at the least to
a man who had escaped Indian bullets
and swam Icy rivers like a beaver. We
will let htm relate the Issue In his own
words: "Well, the sun came out In the
afternoon, and this softened the bide
on the top so I could get one arm out.
ard when I got one arm out I worked
.Ike plzen until I got my body
Archibald Forbes.
The recently deceased Archibald
Forbes' entrance upon the career of
war correspondent was. It Is said, de
cided by chance. His first step was to
enter a cigar shop at the bottom of
Ludgate hill, where he bought a cigar,
and threw the names of the four o
five principal dally newsspapers int.
his hat before drawing lots to decld
which of them he should first ap
proach. The name that he drew ou
was that of the Dally News. Wlthou
delay he Bought out Mr. (now Sir J. R.
Robinson, whom he then met for th
first time, and was promptly engaged
Economy in Wireless Teles rmptiy.
Tn one case $266,000 has been saved
awing to the establishment of wireless
telegraphy between the Kant Goodwin
lightship and the South Foreland.
Ia a Mextoaa Rome.
Aa all cooking Is done with charcoal
and ovens are practically unknown In
private houses, very few families bake
bread. The small, hard-crusted loaves
of French bread are delivered all over
the city in great baskets four feet
across that are carried In the hands of
. The arrangement of furniture Is
much more formal than In the United
States. It Is a very common sight to
see a splendidly furnished parlor with
a row of straight-backed1 chairs, all
aUke, with their backs against the
wall, and as close together as they can
be placed clear around the room.
A good Mexican cook relieves th
mistress of the house of worry and re
sponsibility In a manner that Is almost
unknown in the United States. The
cook Is given so much per day, and
with this amount she will purchase
each morning all the provisions of the
day, Including even the staples that arc
usually bought In large quantities In
other countries. On a dollar a day a
cook will provide a very good table for
a family of three or four, and gel
enough beans and torlllas and chile t
set the servants' tables besides. They
can really do better than their mis
tress, because they can usually drive
sharper bargains with the market men
of their own class, and they have mors
patience to haggle over the last penny.
Philadelphia Inquirer.
Aa Aaeodot of 8taals
When H. M. Stanley was writing
"Through the Dark Continent" h waa
In the hatolt of spreading his maps aad
charts upon the floor. One day his fa
vorite cat went to sleep on a chart
spread out oa the hearth rug. By and
by the chart was wanted, and on of
the assistants went to turn pussy away,
when Stanley stopped him. "Dont dis
turb the cat" he said, "we ran get oa
without the chart until she wakes up.
If you only knew how good the sight
of that cas was to me, you would never
let her move from where she is."
After his trials among' mcivUlad
tribes the sleeping cat was to ban the
symbol of datneatk peao aad comfort
fclryBWBWgaaV I
Oaalat mmrimm Cat last th
Littt ,
mm Prtas Bar Car AU Other I4S-
There to really a reason nowadays
srhy children should not bar play
aonse of their own, far portabl struc
tures fr lawn and garden na are
I-One bona of this sort Is e reet
inches wide, 9 feet 6 inch long and S
feet 9 Inches tall from the floor to the
point of the gable. This boos has one
loor and one window. The window la
Uvlded vertically la the middle, the
two halves opening back on hinges al
the side edges. The door has a glased
sash In Its upper part, and It baa also
1 lock and key.
Thee houses are built In sections,
and they can be put up In different
ways; that is, they can b set up with
the door In the front and the window In
one end of the bouse, or they can be set
up with both the door and the window
in front; the sections are lnterchange
lble. There Is provided for use with the
douse a veranda roof, which Is made In
sections of the same width as the sec
tions of the bouse Itself, so that these
reranda sections can be put up to-
(tether, making a continuous reranda
ulong one aide of the bouse, or they can
be put up one over a door and one ovet
a window.
There are made also, for use with
these playhouses, if desired, outside
Minds and screens for doors and win
lows. The gable ends of this house,
auder the roof, are shingled; the side
n ails are of matched pine, aa la also the
loor, which Is made In two sections.
This house can be put up and taken
lown In a few minutes. .
All sorts of furniture In suitable
imall sizes can be brought for the fur
lishing of these houses. Including
.hairs and tables and settee and varl
us other article In wood and In wick
rwork. handsome little desks, and
verythlng needed for parlor or library
r dining-room, and there can be
sought for kitchen and other uses the
jiost complete outfits. Including stovee
it the most modern description ana
kiuIkikkI with every sort of cooking
' ateiislls, and there can do naa aiso unic
washing machlnea and Ironing boards,
tnd so on.
I The playhouse, in fact whether It be
f one room or more, can be furnished
jis completely as a house of ordinary
ize. Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
A Cannibal Story.
In the long winter evenings, which In
South Africa commence in May, June
and July, the little Boer children sit
around the fires and listen to stories
tike this: .
There waa once a woman who had a
ou named Magoda. She became a can
nibal and .ate up all the people In the
One day her two nieces ran away
from their home and hid in her house,
hut they did not know her. Their cous
in Magoda came and talked to them.
Then they hid. The woman said:
"I smell something nice. What Is It
my son? Surely I smell fat children."
Then she went to the woods and com
menced to cut down a tree with an ax.
When the first chips fell a bird called
atengu sang: -Ntcngu!
Chips, return to your places!
Chips, return to your places!
Chips, be quick!
The chips then went back to the tree.
This happened three times. 'Hbcn the
woman caught the bird and swallowed
it, but one of the feathers dropped out
f her mouth. She tried to cut down
the tree again, but this time the feather
sang the same song, and the chips flew
back to the tree.
The two nieces had been hiding in the
branches of the tree. They saw three
dogs as big aa oxen. These they knew
belonged to their father, so they called
to the dogs, who'ate up the wicked
woman, and so the girls went back to
their father singing the song of the
feather. '
Saved by a Doll.
An exchange gives a story told by an
Indian agent of the manner In which a
loll averted an Indian war.
Oa one occasion Gen. Crook was try
ing to put a band of Apaches back on
their reservation, but could not catch
them without killing them, and that he
did not wish to do.
One day bis men captured a little In
llan girl and took her to the fort She
was quiet all aay, saying not a word,
but her beady black eyes watched ev
erything. When night came, however,
she broke down and sobbed. Just as any
white child would have done.
The men tried In vain to comfort her,
until the agent had an idea. From an
tflicer's wife be bortowed a pretty doll
:hnt belonged to her little daughter, and
when the Apache was made to under
stand that she could have It her sobs
'eased and she fell asleep. When morn-
tng came the doll was still clasped in
her arms. She played with it ail day,
tnd apparently all thought of getting
back to ber tribe left her.
Several daya passed, and then the lit
tle Apache girl, with the doll still In
ier possession, was sent back to h r
(H-ople. When the child reached the
Indians with the 'pretty doll In ber
.-hubby hands It made a great sensation
ttuong them, and the next day the
mother came with the child to the post
ihe was kindly received and hospitably
rented, and through her the trine was
: rsunded to move back to the reserve
ion. Old Story, bat Good.
A little girl was permltuSl one bright
Sunday to go to hear her papa preach.
Now, It chanced that on this special oc
casion papa's sermon was of the "wani
ng" order. After a moment of breath
ess surprise and horror the little Us
enet's soul was wrought npon with a
;reat pity for the poor mortals upon
vhom a much wrath was descending,
ib ros excitedly to her fact, and, ber
vide reproachful eyes Just peeping over
h back of the seat, called eat, ia
so.par - rv-.--v
What aTsst attaa T vtti
"How to It, rrank, that you're lata
aom nearly every afternoon T"
"Why. you see, mother, we'v got
such a big clock hi oar school."
"But what has the clock to do with
" 'Can It's so big it takes th hands
an awful long while to get around. If
w had a clock Ilk papa's Uttle one
I'd get homo a grat deal quicker."
Patd for His Haass Aotto.
Assistant District Attorney Osboraa,
Mf New York, who won notoriety by
his energetic prosecution f th Moli
neux case, tells this story:
"Some years ago I was spending a
vacation at Rhlnecllff, N. Y trying to
recuperate my shattered health. I
stayed at a farmhouse which waa the
property of a man named William
Travis. He was often subject to fits
of melancholy, and hi that condition
was wont to say that be was tired of
his Ufa of drudgery and toil, aad was
almost tempted to end bis wearisome
existence. Things went along smooth
ly until one night he went out to attend
to the stock and was gone rather long
er than usual. I thought he might have
met with some accident, and started
for the barn to look for him. My worst
fears were realised, for there was Trav
Iss hanging by a harness trace from a
"I hastily whipped out my knife and
cut the trace, picked blm up and car
ried him Into the bouse and ran two
miles Into RhlnecUff for a doctor. He
recovered, and gave his solemn word
that he would never try to commit sui
cide again. I left there two days after
ward, and upon asking for my bill
Travlsa named an amount Just S2 overti
what I was sure I owed. Upon asking
an explanation of the added f2, Travlas
" 'Well, Mr. Osborne, don't you re
member the buggy trace yon cut the
night I tried to hang myself T
"I paid up and went away for fear b
would find I owed him the doctor!
Wheat Land to B Opened.
The alarm about the early exhaustion
or Insufficiency of the world's wheat
supply may be somewhat abated by the
facts In connection with an application
for charter of a new Canadian railroad.
The title of the proposed road Is the
Quebec and Lake Huron, and Its route
Is from the mouth of French River, on
Georgian Bay, across the Ottawa at
Mattana and the St Maurice at
Grandes Plies, to Quebec The distance
is 440 miles, or 135 miles shorter than
from Parry Sound. Included In the
line la a great plateau, embracing
3,000,000 acres of forest and farming
lands, now out of reach of railroads,
and said to be capable of easily sup
porting a population of 500,000.
The region through which the new
road will pass Is well adapted to wheat
growing, and the plan Includes great
grain elevators for the accommodation
of this resource. Incidentally the
project calls attention to the fact that
Canada has other large tracts of unde
veloped territory adapted to the grow
ing spring wheal.' This area, added to
that about to be opened by the Trans
Siberian Railroad, will certainly post
pone for some years the shortage pre
dicted by Sir WUllam Crookee. Mean
time the wheat farmer Is not receiving
a price for bis product Indicative of any
popular fear or speculative belief In the
failure of the supply. Pittsburg Dis
Railroader's Good Keaaon for Not Re
laUaa Train Kobbera.
"When I bear people boast what they
would or wouldn't do under the per
suasion of a six-shooter," said an old
passenger conductor, "I am awfully re
minded of am experience of mine years
ago on the Iron Mountain Railroad.
."I was station agent at the time at a
little town near Texarkana, and had
been summoned up to Little Rock on
some business that has nothing to do
with this story. I was In the first day
coach, well up to the front and in the
next seat was an express messenger
who had attracted a good deal of at
tention from the fact that be wore his
hair long and had a pair of enormous
revolvers stuck In hla belt The rest of
the car was well filled with a mixed
crowd. Including perhaps a dozen wom
en. At about 9 o'clock at night while
we were going over a very desolate part
of the road, the train slowed down sud
denly, and before we could Inquire
what was wrong the front door flew
open and a masked man stepped Inside
with a sawed -off shotgun at bia shoul
der. 'Sit still,' he yelled. 'I'll turn
loose if airy soul moves a finger! As
he spoke another masked man stepped
around blm with a cocked revolver In
his hand and started down the aisle,
looting the passengers as he went
When he came to the express messen
ger he burst out laughing. 'Ton
scarecrow r be said, 'what are you do
ing with them guns.' and he snatched
one of the pistols out of hla belt and
hit him over the head with the butt
Then he took the other, mad him hand
over hla watch and money, and passed
on. The messenger wiped the blood
off his face and said nothing.
"After It was all over and the robbers
had disappeared the messenger waa a
target for numerous sneering remarks.
'If I had made a break,' be aald to me,
quietly, that feller at the door would
have blazed away with his sawed -off
gun and kiUed half the women folks
In the car.' At the next stopping place
he got off, and one of the women stuck
her head out of the window and
screamed "Coward!
"Two daya later 'that same messen
ger walked up to a little cabin In the
mountains, kicked In the door, shot two
of tn robbers dead In their tracks, and
captured three others, all slnaie-hand
ffd. I often wondered whether the
awrcw wnMru onni ox
that Incident" Chicago Inter Ocean.
tUrtaa; Baohel th Go By
The town of Oivet, la the Ardennes,
Is taking steps to put an end to the
depopulation of France. Hereafter la
all town offices first fathom of more
than thro children and next married
men will be preferred to bachelors.
Prises of S will be awarded yearly to
those parents who have sent the larg
est number of children to school regu
larly, aad scholarships la th national
schools will bo lassTvod for fsmlrlsa
only of more than thrsa children. Fath
ers of families shall also hav the
preference for admission to almbouse
and old people's homes.
If afflicted wtta
nnTi. - r mi. a
nwltCZpiTt Wl Ht.3r
HJS seven thoo
tA allont one
were worth mora
to Elijah than the
shouting boats of
CarmeL .
Deciding to do
light IS th be
ginning of a fence
that God will
help you to build
to keep th Dvll
The richest man
la not the ene who
has th most bat th on who can be
most thankful for th toast
Every Christian life ought to be such
that If all men were living It th result
would be a heaven on earth:
' Th church needs men who will get
out and do the chores even though
others are raising their snores.
The human heart to like a grapbo
nhone crllnder and th sweetest records
are often cut by the stylus of pain.
Many a man says the Lord's prayer
every day who never thinks It worth
while to try to hurt th Devil with his
Salvation doesn't depend so much
upou what the head thinks about God
as upon what th heart to doing with
God Is not worshiped In spirit and In
truth In the church that has to go Into
the show business to raise money to
pay Its honest debts. ;
Many a gifted preacher can find time
to read a new book every week, who
couldn't find- the parable of the prodi
gal son without a concordance.
In patiently tolling a hundred and
twenty years without making a con
vert Noah pleased God as well as Peter
did by having "about three thousand"
aa the day of Pentecost
Mad rortuaa by Beaains la Different
Countries Acroa Seaw
In Austria a man who was without
feet or arms seven years ago, lacking 1
two months, sentenced to hard labor
for that terms of years, to said to be
well and hearty and with sager longing
looks forward to the day when be shall
be liberated. Simon Oppaalch la bla
name. Born legless and armless, be
managed In the course of fifty years
to make, purely by begging, $00,000,
and this hug sum be was In the habit
of carrying about with him by day and
hiding In the wall of the cellar where
he alept by night He got Into trouble
with the Austrian police by declaring
that he was destitute and taking an
oath to that effect
Lately In England died one Isaac Gor
don who bad been a professional beg
gar, and when be was picked up lifeless
out of the street It was found that be
had 119,000 on his person. And a writ
Ing was likewise found that signifies
that be bad made a will. Volunteer
heirs are coming forward In numbers.
The miser of the story book usually
boards his money In good red gold
under the hearthstone or In some such
uncomfortable spot Real misers of to
day seem as a rule to prefer bank notes.
They are certainly more easy to handle.
Tori, a notorious Italian beggar and
miser, who died a Uttle tlmegago, sfter
a life of griping want and misery, left
$400,000, all of which was hidden In
boxes, tins and behind the tattered wall
paper In bis room. It was slmost en
tirely In paper money. Another man of
the same type who died at Anxerre, In
France, In 1808, left a large sum In
bonds, but most of his wealth be bad
invested in rare wine. No less than 400
bottles of one very choice vintage over
eighty years old were found In the cel
lar be lived In. This he must have
bought bottle by bottle. It wss prac
tically certain that he himself had nev
er so much as tasted a drop of this liq
uid gold.
A Serum for Leprosy.
Some success has attended the treat
ment of leprosy by the Injection under
the skin In various parts of the body of
the antlvenene of Calmjtte. The case
was a woman SO years old, and In three
months she received forty-seven Injec
tions. As a result she was much Im
proved, having lost her leprous expres
sion and the Infiltration In various part
of the body disappearing. The bluish
color of the face changed to a healthy
red. Some ulceration that was present
disappeared with several tubercles.
The skin became softer and fairer and
she gained fourteen pounds In weight
Th Anglomanlao.
Tom I suppose Cbolly Saphead Is
still pro-British t
Dick Oh, of course. He has a new
wrinkle now. Have . you heard blm
speak of Joey Chamberlain lately? .
Tom I haven't seen him of tote.
Dick He refers to blm as "Camber
lain." He beard somewhere that the
British never could sound their "h's."
Philadelphia Record.
Early Intelligence.
Sunday-School Teacher (finishing the
narration) And that Is the story of Jo
nah and the whale.
Johnny Isn't It strange they knew
what a Jonah was that long ago? Har
l m Life.
Kiaboacbere Made It Worse.
Loss of the privilege of making an
occasional use of Italic type to a depri
vation which some of us have bad the
hardihood recently to lament hut a
story about himself which Henry La
bouchere tells In Truth brings a sort
of consolation for the inconvenience
Imposed by the new methods of com
position. It seems that Archibald
Forbes one wrote an article for Truth
In which there was a statement so vig
orous concerning a certain person that
Mr. Laboucbere waa afraid to print it
He therefore obtained the famous cor
respondent's permission to cut the
dangerous sentence. This done, the
editor drew his pen through the words,
or rather he tried to do so, but In his
haste he made the line lower than he
had Intended, and the compositor
thought that the sentence was under
scored instead of suppressed. The con
sequence was that It appeared la Truth
Italicised, and the man to whom It re
ferred, who might have pardoned an
attack la ordinary type, fell Into a great
rage over an accusation made with
such emphasis and brought a libel suit
against the paper.
Ito proprietor thought the matter
over, decided that the presentation of
the facts to a Jury would not only fall
to secure belief, but would wok like a
clumsy and sneaking attempt to avoid J
respoauDiuty ana setuea tne case ou
Jthe best terms he 'could obtain which
were not particularly asy smbv M
York TIbms.
1 .1.; "L . "u ne same time
Irtp kSTaat CreatUre"- th gos-
tee aaa tells what is Aid for Mar. .
Dbab Mas. PijraHAM i 1 hav sa
so many letters from ladles who were
eurd by Lydla E. Plnkham's rsmodiss
that t thought I would ask your ad vie
la regard to my sodoiuub,
X hav been doctoring for
four years and nave
taken different pat
ent medicines, but
received very littl
benefit. I am
troubled with back
ache, in fact my
whole body aches,
stomach fsels sor,
by spells get short
of breath and am
werv nervous. Men
struation is very ir
regular witb severe
bearing down pains.
cramps and back
ache. I bop to hear
from you at onoe."
Clara Korr, Book port,
lad.. Sept 87, 1898.
"I think it to my duty to write a
letter to you in regard to what Lydia
E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound did
for me. I wrote you some time ago,
describing my symptoms and asking
your advice, which you very kindly
gav. I am now healthy and cannot
begin to praise your remedy enough.
I would say to all suffering women,
Take Mrs. Pinkham's advice, for a wo
man best understands a woman's suf
ferings, and Mrs. Pinkham, from her
vast experience in treating female ills,
can give you advice that you can get
from no other source.' " Ct-ARA Korr.
Rockport, Ind.. April 13, 1899.
Traveling Speed of Sound.
Sound passes through the air at the
roWitv of 1.142 feet , per second:
through water, 4,900 feet; through Iron.
Beqneat for a Providence Park:.
By the bequest of Miss Anna H. Man,
Providence is to come into possession
of about $200,000 for the maintenance
of Roger Williams Park.
Jell-O, the few Denser,
Pleases all the family. Four flavors:
Lemon, Orange. Raspberry and Strawberry.
At your grocers. 10 ota.
The pleasures of vice are as poison
while the pains of virtue are ever
T Cnre a Cold In On Day.
Take Iaxatitb Bkomo QtmnKS Tablets, ai.
flrurirtoU refund (he money It It fails to cnre.
K. W. Gaova's alsaatare Is an each boy. 8e
The trouble with rolling stones Is
not that they gather no moss but that
they climb no hills.
Mra. Winslow'a Sxthing Svrnp for children
teething, softens the sums, reducin&r inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic. 2."c a bottle.
Not every one that sayeth "Brother,
brother," but he that liveth for an
other. FITS permanently cure 1. No 6t or netvons.
ness alter first day's use of Dr. Kline's Ureat
Nerve Restorer. $2 trial bottle and treatise (ree
Dr. R. H. Klimk, Ltd., Wl Arch St., Phila., fa.
Many who are too prudent to sou
tares, sow nothing, ana therefore reap
H. H. GbkbiTs Sous, of Atlanta, Gi, are the
only successful Dropsy Specialists ia the world.
See their liberal offer in advertisement in an
other column of this paper.
It is Impossible that an Ill-natured
man ran have a public spirit tor how
should he love ten thousand men who
has never loved one.
Dyspepsia Is the bane of the human
system. Protect yourself against its
ravages by the use of Beeman's Pepsin
Virtue will catch as well as vice by
contract; and the public stock of hon
est manly principle will daily accumu
late. H. M. Norton. St Paul, Minn., says:
Please send me one bottle Frey's Ver
mifuge for enclosed 25c. I cannot get
a bottle in this city.
What an absurd thing It Is to pass
over the valuable parts of a man, and
fix our attentions on his infirmities.
Piso's Cure the best medicine we ever used
for sll affections of throat and lungs. Wm.
O. Endslbv. Vanburen, Ind , r'eb. 10 1WU0.
There has never been any great good
done for mankind but what was at the
expense of individuals.
Hair Oatarrh Onre is a liquid anil Is taken
Internally, and acts directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Write for tes
timonials, free. Manufactured by
F. J. Cbbwbv A Co- Toledo, O.
It is a poor wit who lives by bor
rowing the words, decisions, mien, in
ventions and actions of others.
A7 T -w
II 1
I I - II
you naturally and easfly and without eripeTaJrl -V7
a week and help the lirer clean up theteTc St.t?Ht-one tablet-keep it op for
face look clean, eves brihJnlt ? t?! will ft rfeht, your Mood will be rich.
cured or satisfied 'you et youTrnoyb LJf ,U ?
kw V av .av AT saw J naneaaaaaaaaaVW-"-----. -sav--
oc7 IT
fa, Arsraaera Was Oeod, bat th Ft
rri.. in overalls was partaking of
his noonday lunch on th shady side
of a high board fanes, when a tramp
sidled up and sat down oa the end of a
stick of timber about a dosen feet
away The tramp bad nothing to say,
but seemed to be absorbed ra watching
the workingman devoar a hug wedge
of pie. la which he almost hid th low
hir nf hla face at every bite. It was
evidently very good pi. Finally the
tramp spoke.
1 was Just thinking" he began.
That never makes any callous
places on your hands, does It? laughed
thm man In overalls, good-naturedly.
but the tramp paid no heed to the inter
"I was Just thinking,'' he went on,
"what a wonderful country this Is of
"Yes, and It'll be a heap sight won
derf uller when we get through expand
ing it" suggested the workingman.
"No doubt of that" admitted the
tramp. ' "But think of Its extent and
wealth, now. Why, did It ever strike
you that we have under our star-spangled
fence, as it were, two thousand
million acres of land, and our wealth is
equal to seventy-five thousand mlll.ons
of dollars? Think of those stupendous
figures, sir; and we are only as yet in
our Infancy the youngest nation of
any Importance on the globe."
"It's a loo-too," was the strongest
thing the workingman could say, but
he said It fervently.
"Yes," continued the tramp, "and
think 'that for those seventy-five thou
sand millions of dollars there could be
furnished to our people one billion five
hundred thousand million pies as big
as that one you have Just got away
with, and yet I haven't stuck a tooth
into a piece of pie In six months. I
haven't help me. Dick Robinson."
The man In overalls looked at him
"Well, you ought to be In better
luck," he said. "I eat one like It every
day. So long." And he went back to
work, leaving the tramp on the end of
the stick of timber still thinking.
Washington Star.
What's In a Nrme?
"I suppose," said a government clerk
to the man across the table, "that you
have heard of the Vlrgina family of
Derby who spells its name E-n-r-o-u-g-b-t-y,
as well as the Chumleys of Eng
land, who spell It with a G and an b
and an o and an 1 and an m and an o
and an n and a d and an e and an 1 and
au e and a y, besides a lot more of the
same kind of astonishing orthoepical
effects from unexpected causes, but 1
came across one the other day that I'll
bet a hat you never heard of. The sub
ject of the sketch was a Virginian, or
I claimed that he was, and he was so
' youthful and unsophisticated that I
guess he was telling the truth chil
dren and fools, you know, having a
weakness In that regard. I met the
young fellow on a train between Rich
mond and Petersburg and we struck
up quite an acquaintance. He told me
his name was Tolllver Oliver Tolliver
,-and I very naturally asked him If he
spelled bis name ns did the famous
F. F. V. Tallaferros, and he said be did
and seemed to be proud of it I was
rather proud to be friendly with one of
the name myself, and made myself
extra agreeable. When he left me at a
way station and told me good-bye lie
tendered me his card and told me he
hoped I vaould not forget him. I didn't
look at the card till he had gone, and,
would you believe It the young fellow
had his name spelled to match, as it
were, and It appeared thus: 'Mr. Alla
ferro Taliaferro,' which In my humble
opinion was getting Oliver Tolliver
down pretty fine.- Don't you think so,
too?" -
Carton Effect of I.yddlte.
The vapor given off by lyddite when
It explodes has au extraordinary ef
fect on the hair and face. When the
British troops took possession of Cron
Je's laager the Boer children, of whom
there were about twenty-two, present
ed a curious appearance. Through
the effects of lyddite their h?.lr and
faces hnd become quite yelloiv.
Even the engagement ring Is the out
come of a trust, and the wedding ring
Is the natural result of coniblnatlou.
Good and evil go close together now
just as they did In the Garden of Kden.
It Is doubtful if any man yet spent
a whole day of unalloyed happiness.
If one mind feels much It moves the
thinking atmosphere of the universe.
Puffs under the eyes; red nose; pimple
blotched, greasy face don't mean hard drink
ing always as much as it shows that there is
BILE IN THE BLOOD. It is true, drink
ing and over-eating overloads the stomach,
but failure to assist nature in regularly dis
posing of the partially digested lumps of food
that are dumped into the bowels and allowed
5frc " what causes , all the trouble.
CASCARETS will help nature help you, and
will keep the system from filling with poisons,
wffl dean out the sores that tell of the sys
tem s rottenness. Bloated by bile the figure
becomes unshapely, the breath foul, eyes and
skin yellow; in fact the whole body kind of
nils up with filth. Every time you neglect t
help nature you lay the foundation for just
such troubles. CASCARETS will carry the
"i -jr
inf - ) ffltnlfr
wwers afths fi.i.i .
Th digestive powers of tosl-V.
have long ago passed wto ,
the birds wlU swallow almost lojlu
that they can get Into their bealritJ'!
are amusingly greedy, and win 7
dowa whole oranges more rapiji
they can take them Into thsir itoaatJ
so that half a dosen may be Kn,?
rag down their long necks at the LUt
time, each orange producing a
looking protuberance. When vittbtl
stand near the fence of one of tbai
closure The birds will peck in a !
persistent manner at any bright obw.
such as the head of an umbrella
walking cane, a watch cualn, loJ
brooch or button. It does not nrJl
us to be told by the attendant that t
digestion to the prevalent n,,
among ostriches, and usually u remoJ
sible for their death. It Is said tuati.
attempt Is sometimes made to reliers
aielr systems of an accumulation of i.
digustlble matter by administering hiM
a gallon of castor oil tn one dose.
As a moss gatherer the roiling Jok.
heads the list.
Do Your Feet Ache and Burn?
Shake Into your shoes Allen's Foot.
Ease, a powder for the feet. It tnakn
tight or new shoes feet easy, cure.
Corns. Bunions. Swollen. Hot. Smrtrtlni
and Sweating Feet and Ingrowing Naiu
rtom uy au aruggiats and shoe stores.
Z5 cts. Sample sent FHEK, A-torei
Allen 8. Olmsted, LeRoy. N. T.
Brotherhood Is not In filing kind
ly toward all men, but In acting toward
them in love. "
Wh aaall W Have rer Dessert,
Tula question arises In the family dully.
ns answer It to-day. Try Joll-O, a dollcioui
aud healthful iessnrt. Prepared In 2 cnln. Sj
boillnttl no baking 1 Simply mid a little bat
water A set to cool. Flavors: l.em.iu, Grimes
Kasp berry and strawberry. At grocers. l(
The mill does not grow fat on the
wheat it grinds, nor do nin on th
truths they simply reason over.
The Bast Prescription Tor Chills
and Fever la a bottle of ftKOvs's Ttii
CanxTomo. It Is simply lruu sri gumm. H
a tasteless (oram. Mo ours uo pK frl.-sfcla
You may disguise the allny In youi
character, but you cannot prevent Its
debasing its coinage.
The strongest and finest naturfs have
the sharpest contrasts in th.-lr chart;,
Style Is only the frame to hold our
thoughts. It is like the sash of a win
dow if heavy it will obacure the lig'at
It is a good sign when a young person
honestly believes In himself, tor since
he best knows himself, it Is a sign of
trustworthiness and promise.
Feeling to knowledge, in your mlnda
Is like the match to a Tire in a grate:
knowledge without feeling being at
cheerless and impotent as fire enlight
ened. The mind requires not. like an earth
en vessel, to be kept full: convenient
food ailment only will influence It with
a desire of knowledge and an ardent
love of truth.
aTHl-aT I
For ytmr fkmllj si comfort
aauu juur CJWO.
HIRES Rootbeer
will contribute mors to It than
sons or los and aa-ron of fans.
sauona tur 2 cents.
1 fcv Hat W analaas Snv4
, oaAai.cs a. amcsc.
aiircn, 1'a.
bss been used by nilllWinflOf mother fir
- IbWr children while Teething for over Ktrt
Years. It soot ikes the child, soften, iuj
auiua, allays all pain, run wind culic. ul
la tbebnt remedy fur dlarrhuw.
. Twanty-fiv Cants a Bottlv
Mi Stop Tobacco snl.
It injures nsrvons aystsm to do so. inn niiss
Is tlis on It core thai Keally Cares OlbU-bUlll
aud notifies yon when to atop. MJ wits s
iruarsntee that three boxsa will cnre aur rs
B1CD.CUR0 ' b, nd tiarmlCTw it hu .
?. ., cured tbonaanda. It will ran
At sll aruRsists or br wall prepaid. tll.iXI buc
I boxes. 8S.AO. booklet free. Write LlliEal
CHEMICAL PP.. La Crosse. Wis.
Va M quiea r.tt.' and-our wjnl
c Suua of testimonial, aud 1U days' lra.ua. 4
l- rsa. Sr. a. a. BSaa'S SOBS. Sea s. alla.14. St
BnOlfCf SAMPr.KSt.ro .HOVrral
UUrtOI Interesting bo. b worth
ai.SO, and illu-traled Cataloi: -' t lossy
' address for SO cn Is. Mumps Try uv
W.A1DEBH H, 43 M est 3811. t . S. -
uu pcrinaiienuy
r.-- 1 1
. , fc aovcrunmcnt and paper.