Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, September 06, 1899, Image 2

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John F. Ehrenzeller.
Stiles K. Boden.
M. R. Beashore,
J. W. Hostetler.
George L. Hower.
W. N. Keister,
David K. TJlrich.
The wheat crop in India is 16,
500.000 bushels smaller than that
of 1898.
The SDanUb war has given Auier
Scans a better opinion of the Span
iard than was entertained before tbe
war, but at tbe same time it has less
ened his good opinion of the people
of Cuba and the Philhpiue islands.
The regular term of Court con Ten
ed on -Vondav, the 4th inst., with
Judges Lvods, Swart z and Sterrett
upon tbe bench.
Tbe Constables made their quar
terlj- retnrns.
Tbe Grand Jury was called, charg
ed and sworn-
Constable Unas. AlcUurmick was
appointed to wait upon the Grand
Jury, and Constables Arnold and
Duiqiq vcre appointed to wait upon
tbe Court.
The constable from Fermanagh
township, reported the roads in Slim
Valley in bad shape aud a number of
index boards down.
Constable from Turbett reported
the birth of a bastard child, and the
constable from Milford reported in
dex boards missing
Forest tires were reported by the
constables from Delaware and Tus
carora townships. The returns were
placed in the hands of the District
Attorney for investigation.
Willerforce Scbweyer, Esq , filed
his report as auditor in the estate of
John B. Woodward, late of Tuscarora
township, deceased. '
Samuel Lapp was granted a license
to act as a detective. j
In the estate of Alexander Bogps,
deceased, R. H. Patterson, John R
Vaughan, and Geo. Fleisher, were
appointed appraisers and inquest
awarded to value real estate of said
Id the estate of Robert Furner, de
ceased, appraisers were appointed to
eet apart for the widow the property
of decedent, it not exceeding three
hundred dollars in value. ,
on petiti-"" v- -af.
'quest T was "awarded" to determine
whether or hot Catherine Love is
compos mentis or not. Said inquest
to be held Saturday, September 16,
1899, in the Orphans Court room.
B. F. Burchfield. Esq, was ap
pointed guardian ad litem of fiarj
and Walter Boggs, minor children of
Gilson H. Boggs. deceased.
In the estate of Peter W. Swarte,
deceased, return to order of said de
cedent's real estate made. Said real
estate sold to Samuel K. Swartz, for
Catherine Longacre was appointed
gurdian of Mary Ellen Longacre,
minor child of Isaac Longacre, de
ceased. Geo. L. Hower was appointed guar
dian of George w. stoner, a minor
child of Sarah C. Stoner, deceased.
Dr. W. II. Banks was appointed
guardian of Jesse C. and Florence M.
McCool. minor children of William
McCool, deceased.
In the estate of William Henry
Trout, deceased, appraisers were ap
pointed to set apart decedents estate
to the widow Catherine Trout, said
estate not exceeding three hundred
dollars in value.
Iu the estate of Elizabeth Klinger,
deceased, a citation was awarded up
on John Klinger, o e of the executors
of said decedent, to show cause why
he should not file his account in said
Appeal of the directors of the poor
of Lancaster county. From an order
of removal of Baldwin Pyle,a pauper
from the poor district of Monroe
township to the said poor district of
Lancaster county, filed in open Court,
and John J. Patterson, Jr., was ap
pointed a commissioner to take testi
mony. B. F. Burchfield, Esq , filed his re
port ah auditor in the estate of John
Aicaael, deceased. He also filed his
report as auditor in the estate of N.
JL OkesoD, deceased.
In the estate of Matthias Gemberl
ing, deceased, order for sale of dece
dent's real estate made.
In the estate of Solomon Seiber,
late of Delaware township, deceased,
order to sell decedent's real estate
Wellington Smitu was appointed
guardian of Amos G Storffer, minor
child of Amos Stouffer, deceased.
John Stouffer, as executor of Amos
Stouffer, deceased, was ruled to show
cause why he should not give bond as
uch executor.
In the estate of Jacob Frank, late
of tb borough of Patterson, deceas
d, petition of Charles Doughman, a
grand son ol said decedent, waa pre
sented, praying tbe Court to order to
oe paid to the petitioner certain
oione j s which were coming to the
petitioner out of decedent s estate.
-and which on account of absence of
petitioner were paid into Court. Af
tor being identified to the satisfac
tion of the Court the money was cr
tiered to be paid to him.
E. O. Meloy and Jacob Anghey
were appointed auditors in .Milford
township, the first to fill a vacancy
caused by the resignation of Charles
Meloy, and the second to fill a vacancy
caused by the death of John A Robi
aon. In the assisrned estate of J. F. Hock
sn berry, the assignor was ordered to
aMhinMw In tnidaatriffnaa. all oroDsr-
ty real and personal remaining in his
hands unsold.
The directors of the poor of Hunt
ncrdon oountv were awarded a rale
on the overseers of the poor of Mil-
ford township, to show cause why
said township should not pay costs ;
and ehsreres incurred by Huntingdon
county in taking care of iresaie ana
Annie Carter, who are alleged to oe
charges upon Milford poor district.
Subpoena in divorce was awarded
in the case of David M. Fogleman vs.
Annie B. Fogleman.
A rale was granted upon the
school directors of .Milford township,
to show cause why they should not
be removed from office and others be
appointed in their stead.
The reason the rule was granted is
that the inhabitants of the northeast
ern end of the township complained
that they were without proper t-chool
Mommodatione for their childr a.
some of whom bad to travel two and
one-half miles to the nearest school
Muddy Run and that the directors
had neglected to provide them the
accommodations tbey beluved they
were entitled to
Upon petition to the Court of
Common Pleas setting forth the facts
Judge Lyons in vacation appoints 1
Wellington Smith, an in-pictor of
schools for Milford township, to as
certain tbe facta and report tbem to
the Court.
Mr. Smith ea inspector made an
elaborate reoort. finding "that the
directors of Milford township have
refused, neglected or failed, without
valid oaue for such refusal, neglect
or failure on tbeirpart to provide and
maintain Bmtahle aud adtnuate ac
commodations for the school children
of the district of Milford township as
tbe law r quires
R. W. Patron, Esq , of Lewistown,
was admitted to practice in tne sev
eral courts of Juniata county.
George L. Hower was appointed
guardian of Bertha, Laura, and Maud
Stonar. mmor children ol oar ah
Catherine Stoner.
Commonwealth vs. Chas. T. 8 eber,
charge, fornication and bastardy.
Prosecutrix. Annie L. Fry. Settled
bv the parlies.
Commonwealth vs. John Peck.
Charge, assault and battery. Prose
eutor, H B Lafferty. Not a true
bill and tbe prosecutor sentenced to
pay tbe ccsts.
Commonwealth vs. uiiam and
Chas. Carl. CLarc. cutting timber
without consent of owner. Prostcu
tor, W. II. Zetf ers Settled by tbe
Commonweal to vs. s P. Itobison.
Charge, threats. Prosecutrix, Mrs.
8. P. Robison. Settled.
CommonvveaUh vs. Oscar Marsha II
Charge, adultery Prosecutor, Poilp
Bishop Case continued - because
witnesses for Commonwealth sre
quarantined on Water street, in tbis
town, where diphtheria is prevalent.
Com. vs. AHrt A. Mealman. Charge,
trespass and cutting timber on lands of
auotber. Prosecutor Joseph It. Palm.
A true bill aud case. Settled.
Com vs. George W. Dobbs. ' Charge,
Fornication aud Bastardy, Prosecutrix,
Bessie Rambler. Child not belnp horn
thHe was i"" "'
Fornication and bastardy. Prosecutrix; r.
Emma George.'-Not a true bill and
county to pay the costs. - '.
Com. vs. John Watts. Charge, forn
ication and bastardy. Prosecutor Daisy
L. Sliottsberger. A true bill. Bench
warrant issued to bring defendeut into
Com. vs Robert Palm. Charge, Lar
ceny of timber. Herbert Meaiman,
Prosecutor. Not a true bill and pros
ecutor to pay the costs.
Com. vs. W. Elmer Harris. Charge
non support of his wife Annie Harris,
who was tbe prosecutrix. Tried and
defendant discharged. Costs put upon
the prosecutrix.
Com. vs. A. J. Fisher. Charge, forn
ication and bastard-. Prosecutrix Mary
E. Burns Settled by the parties.
Com. vs. Clinton Varner. Charge,
seduction and fornication and bastardy,
Prosecutrix. Jennie Varner. Case con
The case that occupied the boardsall
afternoou Monday was that of the Com
nioiiwealth vs. Augustus Schropp. Mr.
SchroPD was chanted upon ath of
James 1). Williams with assault aud
battery; carrying i-oncealed deadly
weapons, and with wontonly pointing
a revolver at the pnsecutor.
From the evidence it seems the de
fendant and his wife were at one time
on the stage in the cajmcity of actor aud
actress, i They then became profession
al musicians and tiring of that drifted
into Juniata county where they are now
fanning and raising poultry. The pros
ecutor and defendant at tbe time of the
trouble lived neighbors in Fermanagh
township and had had trouble over the
trespassing of prosecutor's cattle on de
fendant's land Tbe consequences
was bad blood between the neighbors.
Tbe defendant and his wife when on
tlie staud gave evidence of their stage
training. Mrs. Schropp was partk-u
larly bright and smooth upon the staud
and her repartee to questions of Com
monwealth counsel on cross examina
tion was entertaining to the audience,
who are not often treated to an eloen-
tionarv entertainment iu the court
room. The evidence showed defen
dants had penned up 12 sheep belong
ing to prosecutor and which were found
tresitassinir on defendant's land. De
fendant notified prosecutor to come and
set his sheep and pay the damages,
When the prosecutor came he demand
ed six dollars before he would allow the
sheep to leave. An altercation follow
ed, and while the evidence was very
contradictory, it was not denied that
defendant bit tbe prosecutor a stinging
blow at the base of his right ear, the de
fendant contending that he struck the
prosecutor while the latter was trying
to get into the stable where tbe sheep
were locked up, and the prosecutor
claiming be was hit while his back was
turned aud he was iu the act of leav
ing defendant's property in pursuance
of an order to leave. After tbe prosecu
tor received the blow, he announced
his intention of whipping the defend
ant and made an effort to take, off his
coat, when the defendant drew a revol
ver, and in tbe language of Mrs.
Schropp -flourished it in the ah-," but
did not point it at tbe prosecutor, who
Immediately left tbe defendant's prop
erty at the sight of the revolver apd af
terwards recovered his sheep by writ
of replevin. Tbe jury found tbe defend
ant guilty of assault ami battery and
currying concealed deadly weapons
Mr. Schropp was sentenced to pay., a
fine of 910 and the costs of prosecution.
In the estate of Ralph EDobba, late
of Tuscarora township, deceased, order
to sell decedent's real estate granted.
Mary A. Cart vs. J. W. Carl, No. 41,
September term, 1899. Feigned issue.
Sheriff's interpleader. Settled.
James A. McMullin vs. Sarah B
Moore and Benjamin Moore No. 19,
December term, 1896. Assumpsit; Plea
"Non Assumpsit." Settled.
John Reader vs. Emanuel Reader,
defendant, and Smith Kelley, Garnish
ee, N6. 9, February 'term, 1899. For
eign attachment Assumpsit; Plea;
"Non Assumpsit." Settled.
A Soldier's license to hawk, peddle
and vendue was granted to W. W.
Samuel K. Zeiders waa appointed mi
nority inspector of elections iu Green
wood township to fill vacancy caused
by removal from tbe district of Lucien
W. Wilemaif.
D. W. Beashore waa granted a license
to peddle.
Reports of viewers laying out a road
in Tuscarora township, beginning at a
joint on public road at Calvin Palm's
land and ending in public road near Ir
win McGaughey's house.
The report of .viewers vacating public
road leading from Mifflin town to Green
Lane in Fermanagh township, confirm
ed. On Tuesday morning the court took
up the case of the Com. vs. James A.
McMullin of Lack Twp. McMullin
was charged with attempting to Influ
ence Cyrus Jacobs a grand juror at tbe
February term of Court.
At that term of court a case M as pre
sented to the Grand Jury in which John
Clark of Lack was the prosecutor and a
man named Lauigau was the defend
ant. Juror Jacobs received a letter signed
by John Wilson of Lack Twp., urging
him to use his influence with his fel
low jurors to have the case against I.aii
igan ignored and the costs put upon tbe
Mr. Jacobs called the attention of the
court to tbe letter. An investigation
was instituted. John Wilson whose
name was signed to the letter, denied
that he wrote it, claimed it was a forg-
ery and bad McMullin arrested charged
witn emnracery ana iorRery. i w wiiw iicseis wiu oe soici aunng ine -con-were
framed and the grand jury at the I tinuanee of the Exposition and wi!l
April term found true bills in both cases.
The commonwealth put up a strong
caxe against McMullin although it was
entirely circumstantial and the defense
onsited almost entirely in an attempt
to show that the defendant McMullin
was unable to write. The case went
to the jury on this Wednesday morn
ing. At 2.30 p m., the jury rendered a
verdict, "not guilty, but pay tbe costs."
The Sheriff's deeds were acknowl
Court has adjourue d.
Every person Ess some special fac-
ultppwnlch if properly developed will
- rt . A 1 . L 1
.oome pronciem in mat tugmiuu.
Hm not God given a talent or tai
nts to everyone? Unto one he gave
five talents, to another two. and to
another one; "Ti f very man accord-
ins to his several ability. God bas
created every person for some pur-
pose, but woe to tbem who bnry
their talent or talents in idleness.
In my travels I bad an opportuni
ty to speak with a man, which sug
gested' the above title. Hearing of
him among some of his neighbors I
went to see him one evening. He
greeted me very friendly and invited
me in By bis appearance one wouia
suppose him to be among those who
seem to be unnoticed in tbe wona.
He lives all alone, being a bachelor,
in a large stone house. Entering the
house I found no carpet on tbe floor,
but to my surprise tbe one side of
the room was almost filled from floor
to ceiling with books, magazines and
papers. He is a graduate in civil en
gineering from one of the colleges in
Philadelphia, and served as a naval
officer for many years, but now lives
a retired life.
Any literary man would enjoy
spending hours inspecting the var
ious old books. Some dated from
the ninth century and the most pop
ular magazines in print with others
now almost unknown all carefully
arranged and preserved. In other
rooms be showed me many ol nis
oldest books, which be had b to red
sway. On the floors of these rooms
were numerous daily and weekly pa
pers neatly arranged from the date
received. Some of these papers are
so old that time has faded the print
almost beyond one's power to read
them. Having spent some time in
showing one bis collection of books
and papers, I enquired about his
manner of living, since his appear
anoe showed signs of delicate health.
We then entered another room
where I was shown enoagh canned
fruit to last any ordinary family
many years. By this I knew his
principal diet was fruit. He attends
bis own garden, does bis own noose
work, which some women would be
ashamed to compete with only for
tbe want of carpet, and cans most of
his fruit
In education and knowledge of all
tbe great modern subjects in life, he
is equal to many ol our great men.
His conversation is very forcible aod
glows with power of clearness in the
explanation of any difficult subject.
With all bis education and weaun ne
seems to be satisfied that it was all
given for self gratification and makes
no effort to use it lor tbe beneni ot
mankind. I questioned him as to
the responsibility resting upon one
so talented, bat be gave me no satis
factory answer 'and cared little to
speak further of it.
As I left this man the parable of
the talents given by Christ in the
twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew flash-
ea across my mina.
In such thought and prayerful
meditation I send tbis little descrip
tion forth on its message of warning
to some wayfaring man, who may be
following tbe example of this man.
Sketches bt thi Wat.
Every Friday night tt 10 35 p. m ,
a through Tourist Oar for San Fran
cisco, carrying first and second-clsst
Dassengers, leaves tbe Cbicairo. Mil'
waukee & St Paul Paul Railway
Union passenger Station, Chicago,
via Omaha, Colorado Springs aod
Salt Lake City (with stop-over priv
ileges at Salt Lake City), for all
points in Colorado. DUD, jnevaaa
and Califoruia.
The Tourist Car berth rata from
Chicago to San Francisco is only
$6.00, and the sleeping car berths
should be reserved a few days in ad
vanoe of departure of train.
Through tickets and sleeping car
accommodations can be secured from
any agent in the east or by applying
at the Chicago. Milwaukee St St.
Paul Depot or City Ticket Offices in
Send for our free illustrated Cali
fornia folders. Address Geo. H.
Heafford, General Passenger Agent,
Chicago. Ill . or John R. Pott, Dis
trict Passenger Agent, Williamsport,
The National Export Exposition,
which opens at Philadelphia on Sep
tember 14 and continues until Nov
ember 30. will be the most interest
ing and important event occurring in
Philadelphia since the Centennial
Exhibition of 1876. In addition to
its valuable commercial exhibits it
will present many features oi popu
lar interest and amusement Tbe
United 8tates Marine Band, Sousa's
Band, tbe Banda Rosss, Iones' Band,
Damrosch's Orchestra, and other cel.
ebrated bands will furnish music al
ternately, and a Midway Plaisauce,
equal if not superior to the famous
Worlds Fair Midway at Chicago,
and comprising a Chinese village,
a Chinese Theatre, acrobats and ens.
touts; an Oriental Village, London
Ghost Show, Hagenbeck's Wild Ani
roal Show, Barney Castle, and many
other unique presentations, 'will
furnish abundant and diversified
amusement. Arrangements bave al
so been made for Mandolin, Gnitar,
and Bar jo Concerts, and for a grand
chorus from the German singing so
cieties. For this occasion tbe Pennsylvania
Railroad Company will sell excur
sion tickets from all points on its
line to Philadelphia and return, at
rate of fare and a third for tbe round
trip plus price of admission. These
be good for return passage until No
vember 30.
For ppecifie rates and additional
information apply to nearest ticket
ageut- sl5.
Ttitittltt One Mnn More A boat
Horse M II r Klew Before.
This Cass avenue tvs!d-i:t knows
Attout as uilicb of horses as he loes of
the technic of tlcr limninj-. but a
few weeks axo lie paid jt'.tlO for a ?100
horse and since lliat lias looked upon
biuiself as nn equine authority. Sun
day afternoou fcs ."iis iu the luiy win
dow cnjo.vlu;; his morning paper and a
clpar. Hearing a cllekety-cllckety-click
on the asphalt, be looked out.
glared, dropped bis tapcr and eye
glasses and dashed out as though he
were going to pull a lira alarm. -.
"HI. there! Stop, that teemr he
shouted. "Halt!" And all tbe prome
naders on tbe block obeyed, but tbe
horse trotted along. "Ten dollars to
tbe man who brings me that horse
dead or alive!" whooped the cltlsen,
now too much excited to be lucid.
"That Infernal liveryman bas hired
him out, and me paying tbe highest
price for his keep. I'll show blra! Ten
dollars. Head or alive." In Itlcuard III
voice, "for that horse!"
A lusty bicycler grasped tbe situation
and two minutes later bad caught the
bit of tbe bone. Tbe man In tbe buggy
protested, swore and threatened, but
the grinning wheelman trotted the
whole outfit back to the excited cltiaen.
"Unhitch blmr he shouted. "Home
body will pay big money for this! Call
a patrol wagon. What's your name!"
Then tbe cltiaen turned pale and
"Three white feet! My horse bas but
two, and he's smaller. My mistake,
gentlemen and ladles," for there was a
crowd now. "Beg pardon." And he
started for the house.
But tbe man In the buggy Jumped up
and wanted to flght. Tbe bicyclist de
manded bis $10, aud the crowd Jeered.
A policeman came In time to referee.
Tbe wheelman got his $10, the real
owner of the horse accepted a humble
apology, and the liveryman raised the
board tbe next day. Detroit Free
Tfeo Corloos Seats Tbat The Imaje
ftovo Ineoets Coooiraet.
A curious species of Insect Is the
trapdoor spider, whose uest consists of
a tube excavated in the earth to the
depth of six or eight Inches. It Is al
ways lined with silk, and it Is cloaed
with an ingeniously constructed door.
One sort of door closes Into the nest
like a cork In a bottle, another Is as
thin as a piece of paper.
In all cases tbe door opens outward,
and when tbe nest is placed, as It usu;
ally Is, on a sloping bank. It opens up
ward, so that there Is no fear of its
gaping. The object of -the trapdoor Is
to conceal the nest, and consequently
It Is always made to resemble the gen
eral surface of tbe ground. Sometimes,
however, sn enemy attempts to open
the door, and then the Inmate braces
Its legs against the sides of the nest
and holds It as fast as possible.
Still other spiders have Inner doors
besides outer, so tbat If their first de
fense be carried they may have anoth
er behind which to retreat. More cari
ous still Is the Ingenuity of tbe branch
trapdoor-that Is to say, a door tbat
opens from tbe main tunnel of the
nest Into a side branch, which tbe
stranger could discover, since there is
nothing to distinguish It from any oth
er part of the main nest. So, then. If
an enemy should effect an entrance
the lawful occupant of the nest can
quietly slip Into the side branch, close
'tbe door and there remain In security
while the Intruder wonders what has
become of ber. Our Animal Friends.
Tsmt ThrsBras: fleaelache
Would qnlckly leave yon, il tou ased
Dr. Kiss's New LU e Pil'n . Thousands of
sufferers bave proved their matchless merit
for Sick and Nervous Headaches. Taey
make pore blood and tronr nerves aod
build np your health. Easy to take. Try
tbem. Only 26c, Money back if not
eared. Sold by M. P. Crawford, Druggist.
September 7 and SI and October,
S and 19 are the dates of the remain-
ig Pennsylvania Railroad popular
ten day excursions to Niagara Falls
from Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Washington, and intermediate points.
TtMU Mg , .-wwHor return
... Mxmlar train, exclo-
ten days, will no soiu v"-"
B". .-'7 . . u. Waahinif
rTnXpoinor-tn. DeUwan.
vi; $1125 from
$9.60 from J?8
toonaand namsuuxg,
Anbury and WUkesberre; 5 75 from
Waiiamsport; and at proportionate
rates from other points. A stop oy
er will be allowed st Buffalo Roch
ester. tOanandaigna, and Watkina
within tbe limit returning.
A special train u .
- 7 l ;il tut ran
ears sua aay ooauuoo
with each excursion. An extra charge
will be made for parlor car seats.
:A tnnriat amnt and
chaperon will accompany eachexcur-
. . . j- 4; in tho Thnn
sand Islands (Alexandria Bay) will be
SOia irom xiwwmww -
... - ai.mlar 7 ana
Wlin exeurniuuo wi j" -
. i . TT .L nnl ,,W Kl
21, good to return w
Cansndaigaa via Syracuse within five
a. f k cn
Tickets for a side trip to Toronto
:n ..M t Niagara Falls for VI.
WSSa B-rw ww r-
00 on September 23. In connection
it. t KantamhAr 7. tlCfc'
ets will be sold to Toronto and re
turn at reduced rates account Tor
onto Fair.
t.. ntiamnblnta civinir full inform
ation and hotels, and for time of
connecting trains, apply to nearest
.- . -AAw Ann. W
licaet age" w
Agent, Broad Street Station, Phila
delphia. 5.
Could not express the rapture of Aaaia
v. Swineer. at 1125 Howard strM, Phila
delphia, Pa., when aba found uiu ir.
King's Sew viscevery ior uvHinn
had completely cared ber of a hacking
coDgn last lor aiany yean uoa uwo
burden. All other remedies and doctors
conld give ber no help, bat she mts of this
Royal Care "It soon removea mo poia in
mv chest and I can now sleep aoandly,
something I can scarcely remember doing
before. I feel like sounding Hs.praiaea
throughout tbe Universe." 80 will every
one who tries Or. King's New Discovery
tor any trouble of the Throat, Chest or
Lang. Price 50c slid si. Trial aotues
free at V. P. Crawford' Drug Store; every
bottle guaranteed.
The editor has a black tabby cat,
that is a rarety in the feline family.
Upon a number of occasions the edi
tor and members of his family,
found large cat-fish near tbe pig stye,
where tabby has a family of joung
kittens At first tbe supposition on
our part was tbat the cat bad stolen
the fish from some of tbe neighbors,
but diligent inquiry failed to give
us any light on tbe subject, while tbe
frequency of tbe occurence led us to
the conclusion that she caught the
fish by some means or other, and
when on Monday morning we found
cat and kittens regaling, themselves
oS a large green bull-frog, we were
more convinced than ever, that our
theory was correct. We at once
made inquiry and learned from
Charles I Miller that he . frequently
ssw a black cat up at the old basin,
which is beta? filled no and which
contains a number of fish. .There is
no donbt bat that puss sits on the
bank and watches until a fish comes
out in the shallow water, when she
pounces down on it and carries it
home to her little family. Selins-
grove Tribane.
the Grave
A itartlint Incident, ot which Mr. Jon
Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the subject, is
narrated by him aa follows: I waa in a
moat dread'fa condition. My akin waa aL
sut yellow, eyes sunken, tongue coated,
paia contios lly in back and sides, no
appe-ite cradually growing weaker day
by day. Three physicians bad given me
np. Portnnately, a friend advised trying
Klec'ric Bitters. aad to my great joy aad
surprise, the first bottle a decided improve
ment. I continued their naa Tor three
weeks, and am aew a well man. I know
tbey saved my life, aad robbed the grave
of another victim." No one should fail to
try tbem Only 60c, guaranteed, at M. P.
Crawfori's Drag Store.
W beat . ..... .....
Corn in ear
Ck" tirseod . .... ....
Lard. ........ . ...
Sides ,
Timothv seed........
Flaxseed ,
SEP. 6, 1899
new sac, old 66
new 20
... 15
.. $2 toS2.60
u. .........
......... cv
....86c to 90c
......... 60c
Ground lu n Bait....
AmericanSalt.... ..
Philadelphia Markets,
September 2, 1899.
Wheat 72c: Corn 36c; Oats 28c;
Live chickens 7 to 12c; eggs 16cts;
butter 13 to 22c; potatoes SOcts a b.;
sweet potatoes 25 to 30c ts a basket;
Pennsylvania tobacco fillers 8 to 12c
-14 to 18c; wrappers 40 to 60cte;
Pennsylvania wool 2G to 30cte; broom
corn 4 to 7c; coffee 9 to 21c a lb.
Mobaritt. On the 2nd inst, at
the home of her grand parents Mr.
and Mrs. A. B. Fame, AnnaMorarity.
aged 5 years of diphtheria. Interment
in tbe Presbyterian cemeterv on
Swales On the 31st ult , at Alex
ico, Mrs. Swales, sged 69' years, of
consumption and dropsy.
Swabtx On the 30th ult, in Mil
ford township, Mrs. Wm. Swsrlz, ag
ed 44 years, 4 months and 10 days,
of consumption. A husband and 4
children survive the seemingly un
timely taking away of the mother.
NotU is herebv (riven that the lot
lowinn account has been filed in tbe
Prothonotary's Office of Juniata eoun
tv. and the same will be presented tor
confirmation and allowance to tbe
Court of Common Pleas or said county,
on Tuesday the 19th day of September,
A. D.r 1899, when and where all per
sons interested may attend if they
think proper:
Ttu first and final account of C W
Graybill and 8. S. GraybUI, ajalgnees
in trust for the benefit of the creditors
of C. S- Graybill or Monroe township.
W. H. Zstdbrs.
Prothonotary's Office, Protbo notary
Mifflintown, Pa.
Aug 19, 1899.
K. arises. J-V, -
w,mL m Taw
OmoO- Mala street. ta f!a
deaeeofLonlsB. JTSm
Bridge street.
OT-CoUeeUag aad Ooaveyaactag prowf
y attended to.
aarCollectionB and all legal busi
ness promptly attended to.
MxaAWfoa,.aAawnt stxaawroa.
TXB. D. at. OBAWroiui ,
have formed a I-Haf"'" f
of Medicine aod
Office at ow siana, our - ,.
aare streets, atlffllntowa, Pa. One or Dots
" tbenTwUI be found at their office at an
nines, unless otherwise proreionlly en
gaged. April 1st. 1896.
Graduate of the Philadelphia Dental
College. Offioe at old established lo
cation, Bridge Street, opposite Court
House, Jtfifiuntown, Pa.
35- Crown and Bridge work;
Painless Extraction.
All work guaranteed.
Schednle in Effect May 21,
Wav Passenger, leaves Philadelphia
st 4 80 a. m; Harrisburg 8 00 a. m;
Duncannon 8 So a. m; New Port 9 05
a. in; Millerstown l a. m; uurwom
9 21 a. m; ThompHontown 9 26 a. m;
Van Dvke 33 a. m; Tuscarora 9 36 a.
m; Mexico 9 40 a. m; Port Royal 9 44 a.
in- Mifflin 9 50 a. m: Deubolm 9 53 a.
m: Lewistown 10 13 a. in; McVeytown
10 38 a. ra; Newton Hamilton 11 00 a.
t iTnin,, 11 nft a. tti : Huntine-
don 11 32 p. m; Tyrone 12 20 p. m; Al
toona 1 00 p. m: Pittsburg S SO p. m.
Mail leaves Philadelphia at 7 00 a. in;
Harrisburg at 11 4 a. ra; Aiimiu 1 11
S. m; Iewistown 1 30 p. m; Hunting
on 2 29 p. m; Tyrone 3. 12 p. m; Al
toona 3 4.1 n. m: Pittsbunr 8 40 p. m.
Altoona Accommodation leaves Har
risburg at 5 00 p. m; Duncannon o 34
p. m; Newport 6 02 p. m; Millerstown
6 11 p. in; Thompsoiitown 6 21 p. m;
Tuscarora 6 30 p. m: Mexi-o 6 38 p. m;
Port Royal 6 38 p. m; Mifflin 6 43 p. m;
Deubolm 6 49 p. iu; Lewistown 7 07 p.
m; McVevtown 7 30 p. m; Newton
Hamilton 7 50 Tt. m: Huntingdon 8 20
p. n Tyrone 9 02 p. m; Altoona 9 35
p. m.
Pacific Express leaves Philadelphia
at 11 20 p. m; Harrisburg ai a w a. m.
MaryHville 3 14 . ni. Duiicatinon 3 29
a. m. Newport 3 52 a m. Port Royal
4 25 a. ni. Miftiin 4.80 a. m. Lewistown
4 52 a in. Newton Haniiltou 5 33 a. in.
Huntingdon 6 03 a. m. Petersburg 6 19
a. m. Tvntne6 52 a. m. Altoona "40 a.
m. Pittsburg 12 10 a. ni.
Ovster Express leaves Philadelphia
at 435 p, ra. Harrisburg at 10 20 p. m.
Newport 11 0f p. in. Mifflin 11 40 p. m.
Lewistown 11 08 p. m.; Huntingdon 12
55 a. ra. Tyrone 1 32 a. ni. Altoona 2 00
a. in. Pittsburg 5 30 a. m.
Fast Line leaves Philadelphia at 12
25 p. m. Harrisburg 3 45 p. ni. Duncan
non 4 10 p. m. Newport 4 30 p. m. Mif
flin 5 02 p. m. Lewistown 5 22 p. m.
Mount Union 6 03 p. m. Huutingdou
6. 22 p. m. Tyrone 6 59 p. m. Altoona
7 35 p. m. Pittsburg 11 30 p. m. -EASTWARD.
Altoona Accommodation leaves Al
toona at 4 40 a. m. Tyrone 5 01 a. m.
Petersburg o 25 a. in. Huntingdon 5 37
a. in. Newton Hamilton 6 01 a. m. Mc
Veytown 6 17 a. ni. lewistown 6 38 a.
ra. Mifflin 6 58 a. ni. Port Royal 7 02 a.
m. Tbompsoutown 7 17 a. m. Millers
town 7 26 a. ni. Newport 7 85 a. ni.
Duncannon 8 00 a. m. Harrisburg 8 32
a. iu.
Sea Sliore leaves Pittsburg at 2 50 a.
m. Altoona 7 15 a. m. Tvronc 7 48 a. m.
Huntingdon 8 SO a. m. McVeytown 9 15
a. 111. Ijewistown 9 35 a. m. Mifflin 955
n, i. 1 ...-., 1 ft id ... 'riw.t.i t-, ...
' . . It . ..III . . i .1.1
luwn iu n n. 111. .iiiiierstow 11 iu a.
ni. Newport 1132 a. ni. Duncannon 10
54 a. 111. Marysville 11 07 a. m. Harris
burg 11 25 a.m. Philadelphia 3 00 p. ra.
Main Line Express leaves Pittsburg
at 8 00 a. 111. Altoona 11 40 a. ni. Tyrone
12 03 p. 111. Huntingdon 12 35 p. m.
Lewistown 1 33 p. m. Mifflin 1 50 p. m.
Harrisburg 8 10 p. m. Baltimore 6 00 p.
m. Washington 7 15 p. in. Philadelphia
6 23 p. ni.
ail leaves Altoona at 'l 0o p. m. Ty
rone 235 p. ni. Huntingdon 3 17 p. m.
Newton Hamilton 3 47 p. in. McVey
town 4 20 p. ni. Ijewistown 4 33 p. ni
Miffliu 4 55 p. 111. Port Royal 5 00 p. m.
Mexico 5 20 p. m. Thompsontowii 5 18
rm. Millerstowii 5 28 p. ni. Newport
89 p. m. Duncannon 6 08 p. m. Har
risburg 6 45 p. m.
Mail Express leaves Pittsburg at 12 45
p. m. Altoona 5 50 p. ni- Tyrone 6 20
p. m. Huntingdon 7 00 p. 111. KcVey
town 7 44 p. 111. 1ewistown 8 06 p. m.
Mifflin 8 26 p. m. Port Royal 8 31 p m.
Millerstown 8 57 p. m. Newport 9 05 p.
m. Duncaunon 9 29 p. ra. Harrisburg
10 00 p m.
Philadelphia Express leaves Pitts
burg at 4 80 p. ra. Altoona 9 05 n. m.
Tyrone 9 83 p. m. Huutingdou 10 12 p.
iu. Mount Union 10 32 p. m. Lewis
town 11 16 p. m. Afittiin n 37 p.m. Har
risburg 1 00 a. m. Philadelphia 4 80.
At Lewistown Junction. For Sun
bury 7 50 a. m. and 3 40 p. ra. week
days. or Jniroy 1 So, 11 45 a. m. and 3 00
p. ra week-days.
At Tyrone. For Clearfield and Cur
wensville 8 20 a. m. 3 20 and 7 20 p. m.
week-days. .
For Bellefonte and Ib llav
a. m. 12 30 aud 7 15 p. ra. week-days.
For further informatum annlv
Ticket Agents, or Thomas E. Watt.
rassenger Agent, Western Division.
Corner Fifth Avmiw Sn.irt.AiJ
Street, Pittsburg.
ueuvrai Mn g r. uenerai f ass'r Agt.
MUtt mmt m.m. ... JT-f r
nasv sn Mm ix 1 ttih -r,,., , , .
..AicAgce, i-TtosTmS
Tnaoc Ma am a
hvamkm la srokaMr Mtwitable. rotnaanicZ
Uom Mrictlr maitaaUIIuKibnnk an eSSSl
y.ft V2' afmT tor mmnng pmtMullr
Sctntic Jirtiicia
Alulimiilf SI liSrt w My. l.nwi -1
kU( mi irnmin ymramL rSSTm
1 1 n. ""tZrsT,
rawmoa "eed
1 I
New Stock of
JKIeyers, Big Stores,
0 0 0 0
Men's and Boy's New Spring Suits,
These Hen's suits are triclly all wool and we have them in all tu,
and we bave them in single and double breasted at $4 C2. Now m
fall into line and secure one of these Pine Imported Dregs SniU, in
all shades and colors, and made perfect to equal merchant tailor
prices. Wortfc $18, for only $12. These Frock and Sack 8aits
have them in nil sizes and styles, snd we guarantee to give you a per.
feet fit at $6.50. Ton can take yourpick and fit from 372 fine dran
soils, which are made in Sacks and Cutaways, we have them in all
shades. Suits worth $12 we sell now at $8.75. We start tbe lWi
department from $1 87 to $8.50. The assortment includes hundredi
of doable and single breasted suits. Many of these suits being an
wool and they are all in the LATEST 8PRINO PATTERNS in
brown, plaids, checks and plain colors. These are all well made and
trimmed, and run in age from 10 to 19. Immense assortment to
select from.
Our Children's Department.
The largest display of Boys' pants in Juniata County, and they are
all made of strong material. The sizes run from 3 to 16, and sell
from 18c. to 50c. 300 Children's Suits, sizes from 3 to 16, at 90b.
265 splended Vested Suits, at $1.25, would be cheap at tbe regular
price of $2. 567 Children's Suite, in Double Breasted and other
styles. Tour choice at $2 38. 375 Children's Suits, this is a grand
line strictly, ell wool, Double Breasted at $3 88, whioh should be 5.
A grand new line of Spring Hate and Caps and Gents Fr
ni thing Good, of the greatest vslues ever offered, A car load
of Trunks snd Satchels at low prices.
Themoet marvelous showing of up to date Furniture ever attempt
ed. Everything new in design, no old stock Nothing but tbe very
best makes by the best manufacturers with such forsightedness that
we o ffer "Beautiful Furniture at just ote half the regular value.
We just received end unpacked the grandest design of new and
upon -date Furniture. Our three floors are packed to the utmost ex
tent for your inspection. A grand select ion of Parlor SuHp, Fphol.
tered Rockets. Conches, Lonnges, Sofas, Extension Tables. Hall Backi,
Side Boards, Bed Room Suits in numerous styles. Office, Dining Room
and Kitchen Chairs, Spring Mattresses, Cote, Cribs and Cradles. In
fact everything kept in a first class Furniture store.
Ferd Meyers,
TnBOarora Valley Railroad.
No.1 No.3
A. M. P. M.
Blair's Mills Lv. 7 25 I 45
Waterloo. 7 31 1 51
Leonard' Grove 7 37 1 57
Ross Farm 7 45 2 05
Perulack 7 52 2 12
East Waterford 8 05 2 25
Heckman 8 17 2 37
Honey Grove. 8222 42
FortBigham 8 302 50
Wsrble 8 39 2 59
Pleasant View 844304
Seven Pines 8 52 3 12
Spruce Hill 8 55 3 15
Graham's 9 03 3 23
Stewart 9 063 26
Freedom 9 093 29
Turbett 9 12 3 32
Old Port 9 18 3 38
Port Royal. . . ; Ar. 9 25 3 45
Tratni Nos. 1 aad 2 connect at Port Royal
with Way Paaseajrer aad Seashore Express
on P. S. R., aad Noa. aad 4 with Mail east
M. IP. M.
Port Koyal
Old Port
205 05
2715 12
335 18
36i5 21
39 5 24
Spruce Hill
Seven Pines..... .'.
Pleasant View
5 46
Fort Bigham. ......
Honey Grove... '.
6 00
6 08
6 13
6 25
6 38
6 45
6 53
East Waterford!"..!
Boas Farm.
Leonard's Grove!!!
6 59
7 05
niaws Mills. A.
T..I. . W m . .
-j-" 77-,"TB coe M Blair's
Yalta aa RK .7 . . "
- --oii, j.inea.
eaa yai
ai oi:
KOCMIO MKO. CO Chleaco, 111.
L7S. lallli . sjs
Spring Clothing
0 () () 00
115 ami 117,
Bridge Street.
Tbe following acbedale went Into efftd
Nov. 18, 1896, aad tbe traiM will be ma
ibl a. m
Leave Arrive Lifi
Daacaanoa 7 64 1 S
llDf Mill 7 41 IS
Snlphnr Sprlogi 7 4 IU
CormanSidins 7 41 111
Montebello Park 7 41 2I
Weaver 7 40 ! II
Roddy 7M !H
Hoffman In III
Rover 711 2
Hthannv 7 28 209
Bloomfleld 7 23 1 41
Treacle 7 09 IM
Nellnon 7 04 111
Dum'e 7 01 1
Klliolnbnrg 616 IS
BerDbeial'i 611 IX
Groon Pwk 6 48 111
HoDtnur June (!) Ill
Laodisbnrf 6 28 I M
Arrive Leave a. f B
80 9 00"
4 89
9 11
9 14
4 46
4 46
4 61
9 19
4 64
4 66
9 24
4 69
9 2T
6 10 10 43
6 16 9 49
6 21 9 64
6 24 9 67
6 27 10 06
6 82 10 07
6 84 1017
6 87 10 80
6 02 10 36
p. m a. m
Traia leave Bloomfleld at .6I a. ,
and arrive! at Landiabnrg at 6.21 a. a
Train leaves Landiabnrg at 6.08 p. mn mi
arrive at Bloomfleld at 6.40 p. m.
All sUtiona marked () are flag aUtieii,
at wtalcfc traiaa will come to a lull atop
Csas. H. SaiLSf, 8. B. Bags,
PreeideBt. SbbU
ley Railroad Company. Time
of naaarnirer train, in effect 00 MofAtTi
Stay 181b, 1896.
Buffalo Bridge
Juniata Furnace . . .
Watr Ping
Bloomfleld Jnnct'n.
Valley Road
Green Park
Fort Robeson I
Ciana'a Ron
Blaia .. .
Mount Pleasant . . .
New Germant'n ...
D. 6RINO, Preaident l
C. K. Hnuaa, General Ageal.
Variable- Friction Feod
Ijax Center Crank bp
IUpM, aocurale, mrong wul lmpl.
w "J-JS? s"i
Hill, ,1
mrnUlr. MLTll
A wondcrnil tocww" W.rfTlatlwfajf :
Weat- Bait- i J
ward. wart.
l.!L -L (
r a ! a a a ' ' '
6 05 10 85 8 80
6 0819 38 8 27 II f
! 6 1210 42 823 II
6 15 1045 820 II ,
6 2510 62 816 II .
6 22 1101 811 II i
6 81,11 09 808 II i
6 89 1109 8 00 IB :
661 1121 T I f
6 54 1124 7 40 II !.
7 06 11 86 8 J :
7 ll'll 4 72 1"
7 15 11 46 7 If if : .
7 2H1 61 T '
7 2711 67 7 W IB ',
7 36il2 05 7 08 i .
7 411211 lf J
7 46112 166W l; I