Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, April 05, 1899, Image 3

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Burklen's Arnica Salve.
Pr. Kind's Nw Life Pills.
Mrs. T. J. Middagh has been ill
for seTersl days.
John Nixon, of Newport, ia risit
iog JoLn Hayes.
W. F. Slagle leaves Monday for
Bloonisburg, Pa.
Rev. Mr. Daren pott moved to
Robersdale on the 1st.
Grant Thomas, of Phillipsburg,
visited Geo, McDonald.
'Libt week's weather discounted
the coming wheat crop.
;Lcriilurg men t.-a talking about
starting a starch factory.
Gertrude and Lottie Schott spent
iuursaay in ijewisiown,
W. S. Arbogast and family, were
in llarrisburg lnursday.
Walter Henderson, of Lilly, Pa.,
pent a lew anya at iiome.
Dr. King's New Discovery.
Gertrude Schott entertained
few friends Saturday evening.
- Parker McMeen was at home from
Philadelphia fur Easier vacation.
,Suire .niiiiiirer, of Spruce Hill,
Bpetit Saturday in town, on business.
The m-amery at Newton Hamilton
recently destroyed by lire, is to be re
The KLT8tone Hotel in Patterson
. , - a .1 i . . -
is Deiug put turougu a state oi re
Janics liower left Monday for
Huntingdon, where he will attend
Mrs. Sterrett, of Spruce Hill, was
in town on 31oiiday callirg on
Jarces Mathers, of Altoona, visit
ea nit ucc:e, u. tu Atkinson, over
l.ivcrvinan .iouu isergv soiu a
couple of Pert'heron horses on
Diur hm county fed and housed
over six thousAud t. ampa during the
year 1898
Mr. Jaiuei T. Alter, of Blooiufield,
has K-en veiling at the home of Hon.
Janie North
SSuWribe for the Juniata Senti
iii. and Kki'cbi.ican, the bent paper
In ths county.
Charles Howe, of Washington, D.
U., is vit-iting nis parents and rela
tive in town.
John S. Graybill, Jr , is visiting
his si.-ter Mib. Dowd Crawford, on
Cheiry street.
JSaniuel I. Stoner, of Altoona, is
pending some timo with his parents
in Fermanagh.
Professor Donally, of Everett,
pent Kaster Sunday with his par
ents in this place.
Mrs. Irvin Dimm and daughter
HeleD, of Lewistawn, visited at Capt.
McClellan s lust week.
llmkien's Arnica Salve.
Miss Davis, of McAusterville, spent
part of last week as the guest of
Mus IJorie Kiuffman.
Thomas Diilman, of Dickinson
College, Carlisle, is spending his va
cation with his parents.
Mrs. John Thrush, of "Washing
ton, D. ('., is home visiting her
mother Mrs. Allison.
The 1st of April passed quietly
and with, most people financial mat
ters were not distressing.
t'huice white Ohio and Penn
sylvania seed oats, for sale at
Maiibrt-k & Nelson's mill.
Wnliaia Stanjbaugb, of Altoona,
accompauied by a fnecd, visited his
mother in Fermanagh township.
Fon Hunt. To a small family, a
oomfortable house Call at this office
for information if you want to rent.
Newspapers from abroad report
the post Wfc(-Vn wenr.livr oa twine
destructive to the growing wheat
The sowing of oils will be late
t.isjcar. Young men can tardly
believe it that oats sowing time used
to be in March.
Dr. King's Sew Discovery.
C. D. Graham claims he won three
!g at Moytr'-s fchootiug match on
the Strays farm a mile east of this
Plxce on the 31t of March.
Knock down in pike for sale bills
!.. for a iuuiii;r one half sheet bill,
ith notice of hale in The Juniata
8VriNKI. AXl. ItKITlll-K AX.
The bribery committee of the Legis
lature, ha aKked to have their time to
make a rt jKrt, extended to the 7th of
April. The time was granted.
-Mi. Wilberforce Sthweyer and chil
dren, with her rister Mim Pidjre Pattoii,
ye gone to Washington, D. C, to
"it relative and friends there.
Tbe Easter bonnet rime into view
tat Sunday, but the bonnets and hats
that come into sight later on in the
"n will appear just as attractive.
Dr. King's New Discovery.
The sunrise meeting of the Pres-
tVV XP- S- C- E- w well st
aled a,,d each one present was
Rented with a beautiful carnation.
La1J??7' Mr St"J
Z , M V McAli8tervill., came to
in , uel StJr who has been
J ,a"WI. David and Samuel
ryer are brothers.
!';, ,JUie "'lellau lost a pair of
k Uha Ko,d thin attached,
mewhere on the sidewalk, between
ber home , the east end, and her busi
nws P'oU Main street.
mn.'' f freiBht traiM. run-
11 ki?,rf. ' nd trPrtation of
1 ,n,,, ""ruber of hours.
Israel Yeakley ana brother Xi, of
-Hum county, spent
.tu.u.y na CMinday with the family
1M m town. Mrs. Luck Is a
-ier oi ine Yeakley brothers.
TnHf. n ... i .
""hi "uur. or unout. d
died of pneumonia, on the 29th dav of
v"- ooay was cremated in the
Luncamer crematorium on last Fridav
InH Ik. n-1 . -
" uct piacea in an urn
A number of people who used to
" wuimiown, but who now live
u,.Mrref!i, iney miss the pure wat
er of this t .wn. Some of tbem have
ui io mem in kegs and barrels.
Lest week the irregulars In the
Legistature voted for Dalzell for
ociiHror, this week
iney are voting for Stewart
Stewart is a republican only when
vm iuc tlfJla,VJl.
nere uncancel for in the
ricrvou poet uniee tor the doaa of
, ending April It, 1899:
m. Jicuiay. JWrs. Ralph D.bb.
IT 1". v,ncni TortoriM,
"iwisaDeueMchweier, returned
-uucweu university last week
to continue th rVkiio
Her sister, Miss Annie E., accom-
pouicu aw ana remained till Mon
day, when she returned home.
David L. Martin, of Oakland, Mary
uu, wmppea ms wife. An old law
was looked up against wife beating,
w uuuer mat law his bark was made
bare, and he wait tied to a poet and
given JO lashes across his bare back
John Kirk, w ho moved to Lancaster
to mi an official appointment, was in
town all last week looking to his prop,
erty interests here. This is his native
place and it Would not be a wonder to
see him return for permanent residence.
Buekleu's Arnica Salve.
ora on the farms has been kept
back by the late spring, which is some
thing that everyone realizes here, but
which is information to ieople who
live in other iart.t of the United States
w here conditions of weather are differ
-Fob Sale. The Board of Di
rectors of the Farmers Mercantile As.
sociation in Patterson, limited, offers
xor Faie, or rent, their Store iu Pat
terson. Tei ins eas For particulars
it qu:re oi v. ?f. Sterrett, on the
premises. By order of Board,
Aug. 17, 8t. Lewis Deoak, Sec.
Fifteen freight cars, loaded with corn
and coke w ere wrecked at Homing's
crossing near Dcnholm, one morning
last week. A tramp riding in a coke
car was buried quite a while uuder the
coke, and to the surprwe of every one
present, he was rescued unhurt.
The next ant.ua! gathering of the
uerman Baptists is to be held at
Koanoke, Virginia commencing JW.iy
23,1899. The distance from Har
risburg to Roanoke is 308 miles. A
train leaving Harrisburtr at 5 o'clock
in the morning reaches Roancke at
4:15 o'clock afternoon.
At the Musical College. Freebunr.
Snyder couuty, Pa., none but the best
methods are used, so that to-dav it is
recognized as one of the foremost schools
or music iu the country. $33 will pay
ior a term or six weeks, instruction and
board. Spring Term will beet n Mav 8.
For catalogues address,
Hexky It. Moyek, Director.'
A. singularly, painful and face dis
figuring accident overtook farmer Harry
Ryder, living two miles west of Pboe-
nixville, Pa., last Friday. He was
trimming trees in his orchard. He
bung the saw he was using on a cross
limb and descended the ladder. As be
was going down he glanced upward
and the saw fell at that moment and
hit Ids nose, cutting it oft his face.
Owing to the bad weather during the
mouth of February, I have concluded
to continue the reduction in cabinet
photos, until April 1st, in order that all
may have a chance. Remember you
buy your ticket for $1.50 which entitles
you to 1 dozen first class cabinet photo's
of yourself, or family group at the same
price, and you can take your sitting
anytime during the year. Resp't.
Joseph Hkss
Clovd Spicher, a young mau
aged 21 years, was found in au un
conscious state in his room at liar-
risburg, last Friday morning hav
ing lieen overcome by gas which
was not properly turned off. He
died on Saturday, llis remains
were brought to the home of his
father Mr. David Spicher at East
Salem on Suzday. Interment on
Miss Bonner, a inonologist, im
personator and ventriloquist will
give an entertainment in the Pres
byterian church on Thursday
evening, April 6, 1899. People
who hare attended her entertain
ments speak highly of them. Ad
mission 20 cents for adults, child
ren 10 cents. The entertainment
is under the auspices of the
Y. P. S. C K.
The potatoe crop in the Uuited
States last year, was not large. The
cold weather froze many that were
stond away and thn result is the
price is high tbw ppriog for g d
potatoes. They are being shipped
into the country from Canada, bat
there is a duty or tariff of 25cts a
bushel on Canada potatoes and that
keeps np tbo trice. Michigan had a
large crop, which are being shipped
east at 87 to 90cts a bushel
On tbe 28lh of .March a steamer
arrived in New York City from San
tiago', having the bodies of about iuu
American soldiers that bad been rais
ed from their graves in Cuba and
Porto Rico. Twenty four of the
bodi.s were those of Pennsylvania
A imii. No. 33 some by this place
on Wednesday morning west carried
60 of the bodies. There are 1900
dead American soldiers in Cuba and
Porto Rico that are to be brought
hon to tl United States.
A wreck on tne railroad at Newton
Hamilton involving a locomotive and
twenty some cars took place last Fii
day. The coupling of a freight train
broke and left a number of cars. A
locomotive was put to work to above
tiiA fnnuknn cars- Bv some onac
countable way the cars that were be
in shoved were run across on u.
other track in ihe way of a eoming
fniirhf train. Before tne locomotive
of the approaching train struck the
cars, engineer and fireman leaped off
and ran into a field. Tne wrec u ;
molt r.lwi can better be imagineu
than described from a long distance
a Drousr thin' for ma.
have an ambition to get along with
the most capable people, bat if bv
the force of circumstances or bv hi'a
own incapacity he is not capable of
doing much, how well for him if he
can see attaira in their right light
miu uppmiani ana laoor on honest
lyauu contentedly, it iB a thou
sand times better to make an honest
living in a small wav than he a beg
garor a pauper. Last ytar Dauph
in f. .4 1 .
tin nun Dousea over six
inoasand incapable, doless tramps,
meu wno are lazy enough not to do
ior themselves because they cannot
do some easy or prominent work.
Huntingdon Journal, March 30. An
elusive character of thia town, who has
been given the appellation of "Jack the
Hugger," and has recently annoyed
members of the gentler sex, tackled the
wrong girl Saturday night in the vicin
ity of Tenth and Mifflin streets. He
was promptly collared by the fair
Amazon, who at once proceeded to ad
minister to him the punishment he so
wen merited, meanwhile calling for
help. It was with great difficult? th.t
he finally broke away and fled, leavlnr
behind a handful of dark hair as a
trophy of tbe maiden's victory. It is
claimed his lace was badly scratched
and that numerous punctures bad been
made iu various portions of his anatomy
oy a nat pin, which the irate
lady used with telling effect.
v juniiTA COUUTY,
vt EATLEilEX: In iHiraiintwo r Ih.
loriy-mira section or the act of May 8.
1854, you are hereby notified to mwt !
i - ... US
convention, at the Court House, in
Mimintown, on the first Tuesday in
, ... ... ..., .. j. iu., uciug me
day of the month, and select ir
A. it. 1899, at 2 p. m., being the
van. bv a majority of th wl.io mv
iwr oi directors present, one person of
merarv and wMmin mm ixnuni.
and of skill and experience in the art
oi icacmng, as uounty superintendent,
for the three succeeding vears: nni r.
tify the result to the State Superinten
dent, at Harrisburg, as required bv the
inirty-iunth and fortieth wr-timm f
said act. Uesxv M. Maksh.vli..
County Siifierinteudent of Juniata lo.
-March 24th, 1S!K.
Clll llll StIMEI.IXO. In LewiMtown
iMan-n -ju. josi. DV Itev. ,eo Jnxenha
Abraham P. Chubb, of Piles Valley.
lmupnui countv. and Marv M. Htim-
ling, of lhmmsville, Juniata count.
Martin Saylor. March 28 th ult..
by Rev Francis E Purci! at Concord,
fa., tiarvey 1. Martin and Annie M
Sayior, boto of Tnscarora township
Powley Stones. Ou the 30th
ult., by R-v. . E. Koonlz, at Patter
son, Juniata county, Pa., Charles D
rowlt-y or Milford towcsbio and
Ju.ia Ann Stoner of Lost Creek, Jun
iata couuty. Pa.
Kapffmax Miller Oa tbe 28tb
ult , by Riv. John H. Mcriimer, at
Mim ntown, Ar bur W. Kauffman
and Emma M. Miller, b th of Walk
er township.
Eheeszellee. On the 2Gth of
Aarch at hi-r home near Browu's
Mills, Mib. Mollie 6., wife of Giorge
Ehrenzeller, sgtrd 29 years and 25
Cabwell Ou the 2Sih of March
at tbe home of her parents near Mo
Alisteivtlle, Miss lfosa Viola Carwell,
aged 4 moi.tba and 23 days.
Dr. King's New Discovery.
Kansas Experiment Station. Man
hattan, Kan.
The recent cold weather has greatly
injured the fruit trees in many sections
of the State.
Heports indicate that in but few por
tions of the .State the temperature fell
as low- as iu this section, so it is prob
able that in the greater part of the State
tne iruit industrv has not received such
a blow as it has here. Where trees are
more injured, tbe real damage done to
the orchards will depend greatly uion
the treatment given them from this
time. Trees that are killed rhould be
removed at once from the orchard. If
they can be ued for firewood, well and
good: if not. tbev should be piled and
lint-tip, tu destmv sn v iiiMec'in nr dis
ease that mav infest them. Trees that
are partly top-killed are weakened and
deadened throughout, and should be
heavily cut back, the extent depending
upou the degree of injury. In many
cases it will be necessary to cut back to
the main branches or even to the trunk.
but where the injury is lei's severe the
utting mar be confined to tbe smaller
branches of the tree. Though the
tranches of an injured tree may not be
killed, it is advantageous to cut tnem
back, because the wood that is browned
and deadened can never perform its
life functions again. It becomes as
heart-wood, and must be enclosed by a
laver of new wood. The quicker we
can eet this deposit of new wood the
tetter. and the more oi u ine oeuer.
Bv cutting off the branches of the tree
it is reduced iu surface, and tbe new-
wood is more rapildy deposited ou the
. . :. rot... . l. , I
parrs mai remain- luvcuei ium
.... - ; I i . .u
pent 111 blossoming is biko mra 10 iu
tnwhv the severe pruning, it is ne-
marv to prevent the vitality of the
tree from dissipating itself in any way,
and to huslwnd and apply tt so as to
restore the treffquickly to us normal
process of growth.
I'TOieSSOr JNlliey, ylinri linnnuji
savs upon mis suojeci: mc iujci
treatment for frbaeu-back trees must be
determined for each particular case ;
but it should be borne m mma mai
the Injured portion is no longer of use
to the plant, whereas it may be a posi
tive detriment by accelerating the evap
oration of moisture, ine oesi ireai
ment for plants seriously injured upoh
tbe extremities is to cui inem w
TW treated Iu this way win rapiuiy
regain their vigor unless the injury is
very serious. They will also quickly
resume their normal naoit oi growm
and shape. Cutting back tne last year s
growth In the winter is especially bene
ficial to the peach, whether it has been
injured by cold or not, as Its branches
tend to grow long and slender, and iu
bearing fruit near the extremities they
break and split and are mined.
A difference In opinion exists as to
the best time for cutting back injured
trees; some growers prefer to have the
work done before the leaves open;
others choose a later time; but the
safest way is to do it early.
Rebbe4 tfce CI rave
A tarllinc incident, ol whtcb Hr. John
Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the sabject, is
rrstrd bv him as follows: 'I was in a
BMt eraadra condition. My jkin was al.
aott yellow, eye innken, tongas coated,
pain eontina llr in back sad sides, ao
appetite gMdaaly growing weaker day
bv day. Three i-hyaiciana bad giraa m
np Fertnnataly, a friend advised trying
KJectric Bitters.' and to my ureal joy sad
surprise, tbe Oral botila a decided improve
meat. I continued their use for three
weeks, sod am new a well man. I knew
they aaved my life, and rubbed the grave
of another victim.' No one should lail to
try tbem Only 50o, guaranteed, at M. P.
Craw for J ' Drug Store.
Dr. King's New Life Pills.
When the minimum school term bill
was on final nasaam In thm 8nhi
Aiarcb 28th, Senator Hertzler voiced
the sense of the larger percentage of his
constituents by voting aeainst the bill.
Erevious to the' taking of the vote, be
made speech against its passage as fol
lows :
MR. Ml'llT't l-K Mr lraaitini
am opposed to the passage of this bill
for tbe reason that the law today en-
auies any scnooi aw met in the Com
monwealth to have seven months
Mhnnl if IHnr a HmIm ...1 , l.A
ditions are such that they are able to
nave it. Personally, I am in favor of
seven mouths and more than that, for
1 am certainly in favor or education,
but I desire to say that the district
which I represent ia not able to nave
seven months in many of their school
districts, i nave round upon examin
ation of the latest school report of the
Superintendent of Public Instruction.
with reference to the number of months
various counties have school in their
districts, and for the information of the
members of the Senate I will present
those figures to you. Iu looking; up
this matter I find that in the county of
Adams, whiph has wivntr-tnn whonl
districts, at least seventy-live per cen
tum of those have six months of school;
in the county of Armstrong the same
condition exists; iu Bedford county
possibly eighty-five per centum of the
scnooi districts nave nut six montns;
in Berks county over fifty per centum;
in iwair county it is exactly liny per
centum; in Cambria county they have
about fifty-live per centum; in Centre
county they have seventy-live per cen
tum; In Clarion county about seventy
five per centum; iu Clearfield county
they have over fifty per centum; in
Columbia county they have oyer fifty
Cer centum; in Dauphin county they
ave exactly fifty per centum; in Fay
ette county they'have fifty per centum;
in Franklin county they nave about
seventy per ceutum; iu Fulton couuty
they have one hundred per ceutum; iu
Greene couuty they have twenty out of
twenty-three districts; in Huntingdon
countj' thev have seventy-live per cen
tum; in Indiana county they have
thirty-four out of thirty-nine; in Jeffer
son twenty-three out of thirty-three; in
Juniata twelve out of seventeen; in
Lycoming county they have thirty-five
out of fifty-four; in Mifllin county they
have fifty per centum, in Monroe
county they nave fourteen out of the
twenty districts; m Montour county
they have fifty per centum; in North
umberland county thev have fourteen
out of the thirty-four; m Perry couuty
they have twenty-two out of thirty; in
Potter county they over fifty per cent
um; in Schuylkill county they have
almost fifty per centum; in Snyder
county thev have sixteen out of the
eighteen districts; In Somerset couuty
thev have thirtv-six districts out of
fortv-one: in Sullivan county they have
sewn out of twelve districts; in I nlon
county thev have eight out of fifteen
districts; in Venango county they have
thirteen out of thirty-three districts,
and there are other counties equally as
high in the numlier of districts that
have but six months.
I find that these districts are rural
districts and I don't think it will be
right to impose uiton them a larger
numlier of mouths when they are not
able to bear the additional burden.
don t know what conditions exist in
other districts, but in the county in
which I live, although the mill rate
does not apiiear to be large, yet the
valuation is large.
In my district we lost heavily iu the
flood of one thousand eight hundred
and eighty-nine and all our bridges in
the Juniata river were swept away
well as many of the bridges spanning
the streams throughout the county .and
the commissioners were compelled to
double the valuation of property in or
der to raise fuuds for the rebuilding of
thee bridges. It baa come to my
knowledge that many farmers, because
or additional burdens imposed upon
tbem by way of taxation, have come to
tbe commissioners and tendered tbem
their properties if they would give them
the amount that their properties were
assessed for the purpose of taxation
Uur counties are not able to have longer
terms of school and I appeal to tbe
memliers of the Senate not to impose
this additional burden upon tnem be
cause or their inability to bear any
further burdens iu this direction.
I have always, as a member of this
Senate, leu willing to respond to the
requests of the Senators from the cities
and more wealthy districts and voted
for or againKt bills which were shown
to be injurious to their constituents and
not for their best interests to have them
passed, and I now appeal to those who
are able to have seven, eight and nine
mouths of a school term in the year not
to impose this requirement upon those
districts which are not able to pay this
additional expense.
A Frightful Blander
W ill often ciine hnrriMe Burn, Scald,
Cat or Uniise. Bucklcn'a Arnica Salve,
the beat in the world, will kill the pmn and
promptly be il it. Cure. Old Sre, - ever
Sorts. Ulrera, Boils, frelona, Corni, all
Skin Eruption. Bent 1'ile euro on earth
Onlr 2"c, a box. Cure euarantved Sold
br M. 1 . Crawford, Drugirist
4 A blnck blauket shawl on April
P M , 8 mi t where between the al
ley bel w Mr. Wo dinmi's and Rob-
isou's & Wagner's shops. Please
leave at this office white a reward
wilt be given."
A cang of shark lumber dealers
located near New York city Las ben
engaged in fleecing Blair county tan-
mill men and lumber iner.'tieut.s.
Their plan of operatiou is to send an
order for lumber to n country mer
chant. Tbe order ia neatly type
written on lithographed office sta
tionery, and closss with the promise
to pay within thiity days after re
ceipt of the merchandise. The
country merchant, without making
any inquiries as to tho financial
standing of his customers, ships the
lumber, and finds out when too late
that be has been victimized by swind
lers. Two lumberman iu this sec
tion recently lost over $300 through
this d ceptiun, Tbo moral is, 'He
suie of your man ai d p t, before
you ship 3 our goods." Altoona
An exchange classifies them thus:
In the beginning Uod created the
heavens and the earth; then he
made the editor, the liberal adver
tiser and the prompt paying sub
scribers; and it was good. The
next day a blizzard set in and he
created the man that didn't believe
in advertising and another that
didn't take the home paper; then
he rested. Then the devil got in
to the moulding room and he
created the man who takes the
paper for years and fails to pay
for it. After completing that sorry
job and having a few lumps of
mad left be made the excuse for a
man who settles his subscription
by instructing the postmaster to
I mark the paper 'refused.' "
Dr. King's ifew Life Pills.
a - - - . i , -
Mtutim MumBUmgPu JUarwfto Xmmjt fraqmeatly earee mi
neabers of a family. While k is considered by taaay te be a KMaey
Bladder Medietas, it ia just as certain to car Dyspepsia, P itineti . 1
inausm, crofula and Easema. This
wntuuoa, so iney can sort all imparities from
Healthy bleed practically raeaas a eoenpletaly beeltfcr
Here Is a letter front. Mrs. Capt. Paraa tUcr,ef
N. T. : fy husband was troubled with bis kidneys,
fearfully with shooting paint through Us back. He
Mwna .nmay emroritm Fesafo aad
u w well and stroar. Althena-fc . -
soreaty years of age, he is as hearty as
" aaaay years younger. I wi
troubled with Dyspepsia that it
painful for me to walk. '
My food did me no good,
as my stomach could
not digest it. Somebody
recommended Favorite
Remedy to me, and after
taking two bottles of it
I was completely cured,
and am feeling splendid
now. We both attribute
our good health to Favorite Remedy."
It ia prescribed with unfailing success for Nerve
Troubles, and for the Liver and Blood tt at a specific.
It has cured many that were beyond the aid of otber
"T:: t! . zslst to iu
m coat you si.oo tor
If yoa want to try Favorite Remedy before buying, send year full pest.
rrr- "7 win sena
This genuine offer is made to prove to
Great Mill End Bargain Sale
Schott's Stores.
Commencing April 6th and con
tinues until April 30th,
0 0 0
Fine bleaebed Muslin and fine Cambric-, worth lOe, at 60.
Shaker Flannels, worth 9c, at 5e.
Overall Denims, worth 14e, at 9e.
10 ounes Overall De&ims, worth 17o, at Pile.
Coveat Clou, worth 15e., at 9c.
Percales, worth I2io, at 80.
White goods, worth lOe, at 6c.
Table Linen, worth 38c at 25c.
Caliooei, aot lets than 10 yards in one piece for 3le.
A full bale of very nice unbleached Muslin, was delayed in the
mill, is now worth 6e.t a yard, 10 yards for 45o.
10 yards of Hill fine bleached 4x4 Muslin for 60a. is new
worth 8e. a yard.
Lancaster and Amos Keag Gingham for 5e. a yard. --
Slightly stained Gingham, a few yards left at Sic : '
Indigo Blue, or blaek or fancy Calicoes at 5o. a yard.
Ladies skirts in patterns for 25o.
Boys shirt waists for 15 aad 25s.
Men's and Boys fine white uulsundered shirts for 39o
Cevsrts, Serres, Cheviots, W hip Cords, Broadcloth, Vicuna Cloth, Mo
hairs and Brilliantine, representing maay shades to suite all tastes and
ideas of good dressier and seld at smaller margins than any large
store in New York or Phi.adelphia ean afford to sell.
and Coat Suits, Spring Jackets, Silk aad Cloth Capes, Silk
Waists, Percale Waists, and White Pique Waists in
great varieties, and our prices are the lowest.
Our grand Spring Exhibition of Carpets -in Axminister, Velvets,
Brussels and Ingrains. Home made Carpets and Fancy Striped
Carpets for 12te, 20c. and 25e. None in tbe country to beat oar
prices. Mill End of Lenoieums and Oil Cloth at half prices.
Window Shades and Lace Curtain?, the greatest
assortment and lowest prices. SHOES by the
thousands at Manufacturers prices.
Schott's Stores.
1866. ESTABLISHED. 1899.
Special Invitation
To attend the Attractive Sale of
It will
Who nave money to invest to
It is truly marvelous to See
of Suts and Overcoats at the
His prices leave all Competitors in the rear, so don't f jil
so give mm a can 11 in neea oi
T). W. HA RLE?
is because h irst awta the rinse is ia
yL Hsdseri,
sRM I A&4sMaBMQ6
1 -t j took Or.
"d iMirt P totting ft. Doa t take
a regular fuU-sised bottle.
Bottro Froo
uhnidt (.oaroaATiON. Kondout, N. Y.. and
you a free trial bottle, all charges prepaid.
everybody what a wonderful msdicwe ttisv
To The Publu
Clothing that goes on daily
examine the Stock of Goods for
Wonderfully Low Prices.
uiouung. . -
ollobaugli & Son,
Spring Clothing and (-)
(-) Gents Furnishing Goods
Now ready for Inspection. They have no Competition ia
their line. Their goods are Cheaper than the Cheapest, Bet
ter than the Beet and Later than the Latest KrvW irri h
others. If you want the Latest Rtvle Suit.
boy's or children's, they have it.
Do you want the best
and Most Fashionable Shoe on the market f They have a full
line of the Celebrated Douglass Shoes.
Will you
of the very latest black, in either Stiff, Crush or Straw, here
is the only place you will find it. .
(:) Ask any Man (:)
who wears tbe latest stvle Shirt. Collar nr T! u ..a
them, he will answer at HOLLOBAITfiH SON mr- i.- -
finer line of Shirts, Neckwear and Collars than we ever carried
before. We have lately put in an entire new line of Collars, the
best and latest the market can afford to replace the Curtia
Collar which we are now selling at 10 cents. We handle a
child s Collar to be used with Vestee Suits We sell the best
shoe in the market, the Douglas, and have it in all the most
fashionable lasts, every pair guaranteed to give satisfaction.
We are agents for the Sweet Orr Overalls and'have sizes from
the largest to the smallest.
Fine Trunks, Valises, Hand Bags,
Suit Cases etc., also Umbrellas, Combs. Cuff Buttons, Hon
bupporters, Cuff Holders, and every thing that goes to make
up a first class Gepts Furnishing Line. Call and see our Stuck.
116 Mam St., Patterson, Pa
and House-Furnishing
O oOo OT
Things sre sever dull here; never stupid. Tbe fall life of the i-tore sl
wsjf. hss s cheerful welcome for all comers, sod shoppers are quick to decide
in uvor oi tne ureit sines to ot louna
Neat, Stylish,
Get a food paper l-y tnbacritriiie: ior the
SnrrntM. aan Karcawcan. I
"77" is Dr. UumpLreys' fiimouej
Specific for the enre of Grip and.
Colds, and tbe prevention'of Pneumo
nia. All druggists, 25c. j
Subscribe for tbe
REpimUCAH. a. Darter
Skstisex, and;
tbnt containri
choice reading matter, full of inform ;
tion that does tbe reader good, and
in ad Jit ion la tbnt all local news than
sre wortb publishing Cud places in!
itn columns. If.
No. 1 Cures Fever.
No. 2 " Worms.
No. S " Infants' Diseases.
No. 4 " Diarrhea.
No. 7 " Cough's.
No. 8 Cures Neuralgia..
No. 9 " Headache.
No. lO " Dyspepsia.
No. 11 " Delayed Periods.
No. 12 " Leucorrhea.
No. 13 Cures Croup.
No. 14 " Skin Diseases.
No. 18 " Rheumatism.
No. 16 " Malaria.
No. 19 " Catarrh.
No. 20 Cures Whooping Cough
No. 21 " Asthma.
No. 24 " General Debility.
No. 26 " Sea-Sickness.
No. 27 " Kidney Diseases.
No. 28 Cures Nervous Debility.
No. 30 " Urinary Diseases
No. 32 " Heart Disease.
No. 34 " Sore Throat.
No. 77 " Colds and Grin.
Da. Hi'MPBttEis' Homzopathic aLurtax.
or Diseasbs Mailed Fsee.
Small bottles of Dleasant itellelii. fit th vest!
Fwni pom oy arnsaiMs, or arat Drepaia a poo
receipt of price. 25 cento, eieept Nos. S. and Si
are made $100 size only. Humphrey, Medi
dne Compauy. lit William St., ew York.
... . . . .. i
fFBie-Menial or tatenia!. BUaderl
riMnlala Abo: luiilmnr Blonilns of the
The relief Is Imnedtetu the cure ccrtala.
raioa, M ots. trial size, as cts,
Sr41 jf Byimttu.or it t ,i-ri'l mlft of , i,
sKBnunrsLcs.cn.. m a iismuta at., Rweaat
have a Hat
in our new
A Specially Seleoted S lock
Ranges, Ccok, Parlor and Shop
Horse Ulankets and Lap Robes.
LAMPS, large and small.
Como in and look around. We'll
make jou feel at borne.
We have tbo largest Stock and
Store in tbe county.
Money Loaned at Lowest Bates.
arch S, 169N.
Juniata Valley
National Bank.
T. V.
. . . . wo.ooo.
ATKINSON, Preeldeutw
IRWIN, Cashier.
Louis E. Atkinsou.
Jobu llertzlcr.
H. J. SliellenhrKer.
T. Van
W. C. 1'omeroy.
J. L. Barton.
W. N. Sterrett.
Interest allowpd on time dejwalU at
the rate of three per cent, per auouna.
January 11, 18W.
Th SarM of Hood's Sirsapsrilla
are the largest in tbe werld heesase
he -nrs by Hood's Sarsaperill ars
wonderful, perffret. perwanapt.
Hood's Prtti are tbe bsst fmrfij
.atharttc and Brer medicine. JAr.