Juniata sentinel and Republican. (Mifflintown, Juniata County, Pa.) 1873-1955, July 13, 1898, Image 4

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While baby sleeps
We cannot jump, or dance, or sing.
Play jolly games or do a thing
To make a noise. The floor might creak
If we should walk! We scarcely speak,
Or breathe, while baby takes s nap,
Lest we should wake the little chapl
A strict watch nursie always keeps
While baby sleeps!
When baby wakes
Bat little gratitude be shows.
When other people want to doze!
At night, when folks hare gone to bed.
He rouses them all up instead,
To wait on him. Ma lights the lamp,
And warms milk for the little scamp!
Pa walks him up and down the Boor,
Sometimes two hours and sometimes
And nurse comes running in a stew,
To see what she for him can do!
And Will and Harry, at the row.
Call: "What's the matter with him now?"
And I'm waked tip at all the clatter .
To wonder whnt ou earth's the matter
Such uproar in the houxe he makes.
When baby wakes!
Ro if a!eep, or if awake,
The house exixts hut for his sake.
And Htic-h a tiny fellow he
To he Ikirs of this family!
AS he glad? Was
he sorry? Did he
f-el triumphant?
Did he feel bitter
ly ashamed?
Will Spencer
asked himself
these questions
over and over.
wearying of the
repetition and yet never able to end It
l.y saying lienrtily that be was glad
and triumphant, or bitterly that be wus
sorry and ashamed. The plain face
stared lii in in the face, that Helen Itay
moiKl did not love him and that Mrs.
Kay m.ii.l hail nrseil his suit, and ex
erted her maternal influence and clo-
iiu. m e until Helen bad consented to
l.e his wife, tellins hiiu very frankly
that her heart was iu the crave of her
lover. ticorge Yiinliorn, who had been!
killed In a railway collision nearly one
jcar hef ore.
"Mo! her was never willing: I should
marry Ji-nrp-," Helen said, sadly, "be
cause he was poor and we have suf
fered all that poverty can Inflict lie
was on his way to Colorado, where his
brother had liecn successful, when lie
WHS killeil.
Will Spencer winced, for he was rich,
very rich, but the, he put to the wound
that soothin- salve, "I will win her
love wh. .. si... is ,nv wife" thnt ,1:1S
wrecked so many lives. It may conic,
this love that will not be hidden, to a
man ami wife, after they are bound
together for life. luit the risk is great
and Will Spencer knew It.
Yet he cherished the delusion that
love lu the end would win a return,
and he knew his own love to le strong
nnd enduring. He had stepped back
when CJeorne Yauhorn was met with
such a smile, as he could never win. j ""'i'""-
had kept from pressing 1,1s suit when I , wUI "7" .WIU
the name of Helen's lover appear.! on ! '"I1'" eU?i 'Uf'
the list of the killed In the account of letter, "but she shall not be cheat
the railway collision, but after the laps out ot wha' "" nPPnW life may
of several months l.e had won Mrs . hold for her' '
Itaymond to his side and so, by prosy. 1 , IIe wrote- to' ? Ra,d' '
wooed Helen nnd won what? a
reluctant consent to be his wife.
Yet she was not cold, this girl of 20,
whose heart had been crushed ever
6lnce the day when George Yanhorn's
name was recorded as dead. He could
have told how her eyes could soften
with love's tenderness, her cheeks burn
with love's blushes, her low, sweet
voice tremble with love's whispered
words. He had won what all the Spen
cer gold, the riches of long generations,
could not buy.
Before that fatal railway collision she
was a bright beautiful girl, with large,
expressive In-own eyes, a voice of
music, the step of a fairy, singing as
n hlnl sliiirs. from sheer InvnusncMS of
heart, bringing a jest to all the house- j rIsk nlng Helen's life by binding it
hold worries, laughing merrily over her to u'9'
own blunders in the culinary depart-' "h" 8,,e wwu,(1 cry' "whllt am 1 t0
nieut, turning old dresses, renovating Reserve the love of two such men?
old bonnets without a complaint living Mother. It humbles me to think how
on love and hope. , the7 ' mo-
After that day she moved about slow-' And by this love her courage wat
ly. her eyes were dull and weary, her sustained through the three months
duties met with a rigid mechanical pre- whon 8he and her mothcr smoothed
clslon. her lips compressed, her checks -s'rge Vanhorn's path to the grave,
pale, as shadow of her Joyous self. : Such happiness uld be hem, she
Mrs. Kavmond was often afraid that knpw thnt she owed to Wl" 8Peo0e,
she would yet miss the golden prize she w,, showed his love only by bis care
had partlv won. nnd heartily seconded of ,Ue Invalid. He never spoke of Iov
Will In his preparations for a speedy i tn hor' sMug her up entirely, but npos
wedding. It w as Mrs. Raymond w ho I 1,r loT"r he lavished every kindness
went with him to open the house that ' wcalth cou,d procure, or friendship die
he had Wight to adorn for his bride. tate; He fave n,m "" devotion
who aided him lu the selection of car- nut11 the la8t Partln? cam nd vvhen
pens, curtains, furniture, and gave him ' he WBS lald ,n the cemetery. Will Spen
Instructlons regarding tho kitchen de- i "r took IIelen nd Mrs. Raymond
partment. of whose needs he was as ig- back to thelr home 111(1 ,eft them,
uorant as most young bachelors. It ' U was three year" later wheB
was Mrs. Raymond who received nn came norae from a European tour and
anonymous letter containing a liberal ; PHed on Mrs. Raymond,
sum. whl.-h she quietly appropriated "Th8 ,d lady slr' ls dead." the ser
for a trousseau and a suitable dress for vant told him, "an' Miss Helen's llvln
the bride's mother. j ,n street Maybe yees didn't henr
She was a woman of rare tact Hav- i s,1"'s 'ome Into some money from her
lng won Helen s consent to be Will i"'le. !r. and Mrs. Gandy, she's took
Spencer's wife, she never bothered her honse. sor."
by complaints about her Iistuess ludlf- Come Into some money! Well, she did
ference to lu-r lover or her future pros-! not need him. He would wait awhile,
pecta. She simply made all the ar-' Bnt In a few days a little note reached
rangeinents for her, without once ad- him:
mlttlng a possibility of clmngo. The' "It was unkind to let me hear of yom
betrothal was spoken of on all occa- return by accident Will yon not com
elons, the preparation of the house, tho to see mer
((election of the trousseau referred to, ! Would he not? And when he wenl
In matter of fact words thnt made Hel- , he conld not keep the lore out ot his
en feel, as it was Intended she should, , pyes or his voice, and she at last! Her
that she had walked Into a net from Pyes drooped under bis gaxe, her cheeks
which there was no escape. j blushed for him, her voice faltered
And Will Spencer know It all. and . with tenderness. He had won his bride!
writhed under the knowledge, being a j And he had no secret hidden from her
frank, loyal man, whose Impulses were loving eyon. no treachery he would
generous nnd honorable, and who loved . dread to have her discover. By the
Helen with nil the strength of his heart I frankness he had thought would alien
Often he asked himself how he could ! ate her forever, he bad won her true.
endure life, if he found his wife a faith
ful slave, instead of the happy compan
ion he had hoped to make her.
"If she never loves me," he thought,
bitterly. "If all my love fails to win
hers, what will my ltfe be?"
He did her justice. He knew thnt 11
his love failed to win her heart, his gold
was powerless to make her happy. He
knew that If her mother died or could
not be benefited by her marriage, she
would rather beg ber bread herself
than be his wife.
While matters stood In this unsat
isfactory state. Mrs. Raymond made a
suggestion: "I want you to go away
for a month," she said to him, "and let
Helen miss the constant devotion that
she has had ever since your betrothal,
I.et her feel thnt a void has come Into
her life, and how- dull and cheerless It
would be If she lost you. The wedding
day is set for June 10. and this Is April.
Stay away until the 5th or Cth of June."
It seemed to him good advice and he
had business In the West that would fill
bis time profitably. It gave him the
first really happy moment of his en
gagement, when Helen said gently, yet
with a shudder:
"I cannot bear to think of you on rail
way trains. Will. Write often, that I
may know you are sare.
lier lips nie us in a tengej nressura,
snch as a loving sister might bestow,
but with far more affection than she
had erer before aiven him. Wea he
winning bar? The hope mads tola SB
expected absence endurable, and for
two weeks Ufa held more pleasure thaa
It had done In all the days of bis court-
Then came a blow, sodden, sharp,
overwhelming! He was In a Ursa
Western city, when, after Bight re
turning to bis hotel, a man on crutches
asked for charity. The voice was fa.
miliar, and. In a shock of horror, tha
face struck him. One gasping cry a
caped blm:
"George Vanhorn!"
The man would bars hurried away,
but be followed easily.
"Let me go, Spencerl" the crlpplsi
man pleaded. I did not neogala
joul Don't you know I ass dead?"
"I know you are coming In here witk
me," Will said gently, substituting his
arm for one of the crutches and enter
ing the hotel where he bad a room.
"Steady now!" and he led him. feeling
' bow be trembled, until ho had him
I seated In a great arm-chair In his room,
I and felt his heart stirred with deepest
compassion at the havoc pain and pov
erty bad made.
He would not let bis guest speak n
tll he had ordered a supper and made
him comfortable. Then, turning to
him, be saw be was weeping.
"See what a woman you make ft
me!" the poor fellow said. "Yov
thought I was dead?"
"Yes! All your friends think so."
"It was a narrow escape, and I won
der why I was spared. Nina mouths
In a public hospital have left me crip
pled and Incurably 111. They would not
keep me after I could get about on
crutches, but I have begged or starved,
and It will not be for long! I would not
let anyone know for fear It would get
to to Helen V
"You want to bide from her?"
"Yes yes! What would her life b
tied to mine? You will not betray ma
"But you may recover."
"No. I should only be a wreck If I
iuli. but I cannot. I have Internal
j Injuries that tne coia ana nunger or
j btst winter have Increased fatally-.
ayemer meraiiy coiuu noi pea.
This man asked of him only the al
ienee that would give blm his wife.
Could be let Helen remain in Ignorance
of this strange, adventure the memory
of her old love might die away in time.
When he could speak again he led th
conversation to Helen. Be was very
frnnk. telling George Vanborn bow
truly he hud been mourned, but saying
nothing of bis own hopes, and It was
I eas' to 8oe how George had loved her.
! 1,ow "crl' self-sacrlflclng his silence
i h,,d ,n- To 8Pore her P1- 08 had
kept from her aU knowledge of his ow
But his pride yielded to Will's en,
treaties to be allowed to befriend him.
He was very weak, very 111, and ha al
lowed Will to get him a pleasant room
In a quiet boarding bouse, to furnish
him with necessary clothing, to engage
a doctor, and to take a brother's place
lioslde blm.
And then true, unselfish love trl-
to grind her teeth, but which she obey-
' ed. packing her trunk and accompany
lug Helen In the journey westward.
It wns Will Spencer wbo met the two
at the depot and accompanied them to
the boarding house where be kept Mrs.
liaymond In the parlor after sending
Helen upstairs, alone. It was Will
SMncer who smoothed away every dif
ficulty, engaging rooms for mother and
daughter and quietly effacing himself.
It were far too long a story to try to
record the three months that followed.
George Yauhorn was resolute on one
poiut He would not marry Helen. lie
had no hope of recovery, but If the un
expected should happen, he would not
faithful love, a devotion aa entire as
that she had given In her girlhood to
the man he had so nobly befriended.
New York" Ledger.
Bitting tbe Nails.
A simple and very effective way to
euro children of the bad habit of bit
ing their nails la to wet the fingers
with quassia tea and allow them to dry.
When tasted It will be a bitter remind
j er to cease the practice. It there art
' no sore places on the finger tips, a very
' little colocynth powder, which ls In
tensely bitter, may be dusted ovet
them. When, however, dipping the
finger ends In some bitter tincture falls.
as It sometimes will, each linger end
ought to be Incased in a Stall unni in
propensity ls eradicated.
No flace lor a Kentuoktaa.
"Yes, sah;l desire to enlist, sab. But
there ls one promise I want to exact
from you, sah."
"Well, what Is Itr
"I'm a Kentuckian. sah, and I point
edly object to being sent to the Dry
Tortugas, sah."
ln faclng our avy the Spanish fleet
meets with ataay hardships.
tar U-irl with licztroos Finger Caa
Carry Oat This Idea.
rut a small circular table In the
.outer of the room. and. after draplne
it with silken American colors, make
an "Uncle Sam" hat out of pasteboard
and nil it with flowers that represent
our country's colors. The band around
the ha should be of blue, and the start
on ht ahonld contain miniatures of our
bvtter-day heroes. This sketch shows
the result obtained by following tbe
above Instructions. Any girl with dex
trous fingers can carry ont the Idoa.
Bpaaiarda Have. Peta m Warahlpt
Baama aa Da Amerleaaa.
The Spaniards have animal mascots
aboard their warships the same as do
American man-o'-warsmen. The pet
of the Vlxcaya. It seems, ls a mau-
moth cat, with an unpronounceable
name and very bad manners. This
Spanish feline has a disconcerting
habit of sleeping Inside the big guns
i . ,
she has been literally dragged from
death at the cannon's mouth.
The disability of an alien to Inherit,
Imposed by tbe laws of a State, Is held,
In Opel vs. Shoup (Iowa), 37 L. It. A.
&S3, to be removed, so far as the sub
jects of the king of Bavaria are con
cerned, by a treaty between the United
Stale and Bavaria.
The bolting of a vicious horse from
the track during a race while ln charge
of a good and expert rider, causing In
Jury to a bystander, ls held, iu Hally- I
burton vs. Burke County Fair1 Asso- nian In cbnrge had not seen the United
elation (X. C), 38 L. B. A. 15l, insuf- states flag for a long period, and never
fit-lent to render the owners of the having previously seen a gunlniat so
horse or the fair association liable. If near, lost his presence of mind, and
the horse was not known to be vicious fired one of the 1.000-poiind powder
and there were suitable railings be- tanks when the gunboat was at least
tween spectators and the race course.
A parol sale of growing timber Is
held, ln Leonard vs. Med ford (Md.), 37
L. R. A. 449, not to relate to an Inter
est In lands within the meaning of sec
tion 4 of the statute of frauds, and If
the purchaser Is placed ln full posses
sion, and commences performance of
his contract, this Is held sufficient to
prevent repudiation of It by the seller
on the ground that It Is within section
17 of the statute relating to sales of
other property above a specified vulue.
Implicit reliance upon representa-
t Ion H Af ft Keller la TinM In Panrn ll .1 a
Light and Coke Company va Fargo j
Gas and Electric Company (N. D.), 37
L. R. A. 593, to be proper, and the fact
that their falsity could have been dis
covered by Investigation will not re
lieve tbe seller from liability for mak
ing false representations with Intent
to deceive. With this case ls a note
collecting the great number of cases
on the tiirht tn rclv inuin ri.tiresentf,.
tlons made to effect a contract. I
.... . ......
Although an electric light company
Is not bound to keep tbe Insulation of,
Its wires on a pole ln good condition as
against a bare volunteer or mere tres
passer. It Is held. In Xewark Klectrlc
Light and Power Company vs. Gar
den (C. C. App. 3d 0.1, 37 L. R. A. Ti,
that an employe of a railroad com
pany which has wires on a pole used
also for telephone and electric light
wires Is not, while transferring wires,
is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the California Fio Syrup
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
true and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrnp of Figs is manufactured
by the California Fio Sirup Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other par
ties. The high standing of the Cali
fornia Fie Stkup Co. with the medi
cal profession, and the satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of Figs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company a guaranty
of the excellence of its remedy. It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without irritating or weaken
ing them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company
bah naaoisoa, caL
Daughters Should be Carefully
Guided in Early Womanhood.
What suffering frequently results
from a mother's Ignorance; or more
frequently from a mother's neglect to
properly instruct her daughter I
Tradition says "woman must suffer,"
and young women are so taught
There is a little truth and a great deal
of exaggeration In this. If a young
woman suffers severely she needs
treatment and ber mother should see
that she gets it.
Many mothers hesitate to take their
daughters to a physician for examina
tion; but no mother need hesitate to
write freely about her daughter or
herself to Mrs. Pinkham and secure
the most efficient advice without
charge. Mrs. Pinkham's addresa is
Lynn, Mass.
The following letter from Miss Mabtb
F. Johsson, Centralia, Pa., shows what
neglect will do, and tells how Mrs.
Pinkham helped her:
"My health became so poor that I
had to leave school. I was tired all the
time, and had dreadful pains in my
side and back. I was also troubled
with irregularity of menses. I was
very weak, and lost so much flesh that
my friends became alarmed. My
mother, who is a firm believer in your
remedies from experience, thought per
haps they might benefit me, and wrote
you for advice. I followed the advice
yon gave, and used Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and Liver Pills as
you directed, and am now as well as I
ever was. I have gained flesh and have
a good color. I am completely cured of
a trespasser In setting his foot upon a
cross-arm bearing electric light wires
Imperfectly Insulated.
Exploded Too Soon to Destroy a Fed
eral Gunboat.
Mr. H. O. Crowley, formerly electri
cian of the Torpedo Division. O. 8. N.,
contributes to the Century an account
of "The Confederate Torpedo Service."
After describing the organization ot
the first torpedo service. Mr. Crowley
Having our system now perfected,
we established a torpedo station, some
five or six miles below Richmond, by
submerging two Iron tanks, contain
ing one thousand pounds of powder
each, ln twelve feet of water, leading
the wires ashore, and connecting them
wkh a galvanic battery concealed In a
mall hut in a deep ravine. From the
battry-hoiise the wires were led to
an elevated position near by, where
the man ln charge could keep a 1 wk
out for passing vessels. The position
of the torpedoes in the water was Indi
' -u
et spart on the bluff, and In a line
cated by two sticks, planted about ten
with each other and the torpedoes; and
the watchman's Instructions were to
explode them by contracting the wires
aa soon as an enemy's vessel should be
on a line with the two pointers All
this ltclng prepared, we awaited the
approach of a Federal giinIont. As
was usually the case, one came when
least expected, on a beautiful clear l
day, when our entire force except the
man stationed as lookout was absent
In Richmond, preparing other war ma
terial. We were apprised by telegraph of
the rapid approach of the gunboat, and
Immediately hastened toward our first
station: but we arrived too late.
twenty to thirty yards distant. A great
explosion took place, throwing up a
large column of water to a consider
able height; and the gunboat by her :
momentum plunged Into the grent j
trough, and cntiKht the downward rush
of a wave on her forward deck. The j
guards were broken away, half a dozen
men were thrown overboard, and other i
damage to the gunboat was caused.
The steamer then turned alwnt as
quickly as she could, and prepared to
retra-e her route down the river, after
picking up the men who had lieen
wnKhd overloard. There was a brll-
tal destruction by firing the remaining
torpedo as she passed back over It.
But alas! the man had been so astound
ed at the first explosion that he had
fled precipitately, without waiting to
see what damage had been done, and
the guiilioat was thus enabled to re
turn down the river In safety.
, ,,?,,'T F"'-K--,
t"JW'"" l" hiibko in me snons. ir yon '
bavestuarting foet or tight shoes, try Al- t
ln's Foot-Ease; It cool the feet and mitkea
M niKiiiic oiiay. mmi swollen itnil hwiwI tiff
feet, blisters and callous spots. ltellnves I
corns and bunions of pain and gives rest and 1
eoimort. -yty It to-day. Hob! by all ilniL-L-i-ts
ml shoe stores for25. Trial pai-knge KKEB.
Address. Alien 8. Olmsted. Le lioy. Jj. tf.
Spain expics.- the I'liyli-h ,f
pania, a vmil founded upon the Punic
"ian," a nil. I. it. owing to (lie number of
wild rabbits found in the Peninsula liy
the Carthugcuians.
Ta Care ConMlpatlon Foreirrr.
Take Cararet4 Caady Cathartic 10c or 3V.
If C- C. C. fail to rule, drugtfiau refuotl money
Drought bus lnude sheep fodder so
scarce in Australia that thousands of men
are being employed in the various ilis
tricts cutting tbe boughs of oak. apple and
other trees for food for tbe starving an
imals, and in skinning the sheep that
e!'ish in the mud at the falling water
t me Guaranteed by DR. J. H. NATKK. toil
AIU I1 T I Hll.A.. 1'A. i-:ai at once, ul
CI eratlon or delay Irum buainem. Consultation
liee. iDdoneoieiiU of phyaiclana, ladiea ani
IioDilncnt diueua. ht-ud lor vircuiu& onto
ihiattA. ki. lot f. M.
Our Consul Ceneral at Shanghai,
China, reports that 420,000 spindles are
now in ojierutioii in and about that city,
and that of this numlx-r all but about 3a,
000 have been put in since the Japanese,
war. Though no new mills are being
built, 50,000 new spindles are shortly to
lie put in at one of the Shanghai mills.
Ica't Tobacco Salt sad Smoke Toar Life Away
lo quit lobarco easily and foreyer, be mag
netic, full of life, nerve and viltor, take NoTo
Bac, tbe woniler-vnrker, that makes weak men
ttroaf. All druggists, 5ne or 1. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and sample free. Address tiler
ling Kennedy Co., (.hicaa-o or ev York-
Four residents of Seattle, Wash., are
about to undertake si journey of 37imi
miles from Seattle to Kanipurl City in a
twenty-four foot bout, sailing and rowing
all the way. Thirteen hundred miles of
the trip will lie across the open Pacific,
hundreds of miles from land, and 700 will
be through Uertng Sa.
Mrs. WinsbiWsSooiningfeymp tor children
teetbtne, Fotlena tbe puma, reducing Inflamma
tion, allaya uaio. cures wind colic, ex. a bottle
A law recently adopted in Italy re"
quires that every employer shall, at bis
own cost, comiensute his workmen for a 11
accidents the consequence of which lust
more than five days.
e-Ta-Bac Vow Fifty Ceata.
Oaaraataed tobacco habit cure aaakaa weak
geaa strong, bleed pare. 50c, $1. all druggist.
The man in a crash suit is not always
the one to be heard from.
Qaalat Sarins and Cute Dolnna of the
Little Folk Everywhere, Gathered
and Printed Here for All Other Ut
tin Oaaa to Kead.
Mother Goose Up to Ca vita.
The queen of Spain
Blew up the Maine,
All on a winter's mora.
Tbe knaves of Spain
Made loud acclaim,
, And shouted "Pigs!" in scorn.
Then Uncle Sam
With shot and ram
Did thrash the knaves full sore;
And mads old Spain
Make good the Maine
And vow she'd blow no more.
-New York Press.
rortnaal'a Heir Apparent.
There is now and then a "Little Lord
Fauntleroy" ln real life, says the New
York Herald, and Portugal boasts one
of the most charming. Tbe parents of
this winsome youngster have been
prodigal lu the matter of names, for
he Is burdened with no fewer than fif
teen, fairly putting to shame the old
puritan sea cnptnln wbo was christen
ed with a scripture text. lie Is known
to the world, however, as Luis Ftllppe,
duke of Brnganza a big title for a 10-year-old
to carry. But, then, be ls
helr apparent to the Porttifcuese throne,
and the scions of royalty have to b
put In training early to locirn to Iwar
the weight of tholr dignities with due
That a child of so tender an age
should be made the subject of matri
monial negotiations certainly scorns
strange to Americans, but the ques
tion of his marriage ls alrcaiy eagerly
discussed by the Portuguese diplomats,
nnd much regret Is expressed that he
ls too young to be considered as pros
pective husband of the Spanish Infan
ta, the princess of the AsturUis. The
boy himself, however, ls probably more
Interested ln a gymnasium which has
been fitted up In the palace for his spe
cial benefit,
Three Queer Cltlea.
The city of Ghent, In BeJgium, is
built on twenty-six Islands. Thewe Isl
ands are connected with' each other
by eighty bridges. The city has three
hundred streets., and thirty public
squares. It Is noted for. being the
blrtbplnce of Charles V. and of John
of Gaunt, whom Shakspeare called
"time-honored I -a waster;" and as the
scene of the pacification of Ghent, Nov.
8, 1570, and of several iusurrectlons,
sieges, and executions of well-known
personages. It Is associated with
American history by the treaty made
there Dec. 4, ISM, terminating the
second war between England and the
United States, known as the war of
Amsterdam, ln Holland, Is built on
piles driven far below the water Into
the earth. Tbe city ls Intersected by
many canals, which are spajuied by
nearly three hundred bridges, and re
sembles Venice In the mingling of bind
and water, though it ls considerably
larger than that city. The canals di
vide the city, which ls about ten miles
ln circumference. Into nluety Islands.
The city of Venice ls built on eighty
islets, which are connected by nearly
four hundred bridges. Canals serve
for streets ln Venice and Ixutts, called
gondolas, for carriages. The bridges
are, as a rule, very steep, rising con
siderably In the middle, but have easy
steps. The circumference of the city
Is about eight miles. The Venetians
Joined the Lombard league against the
German Emperor, and, ln 1177, gained
a great victory, ln defense of Pope
Alexander III., over the fleet of war
vessels headed by Otto, son of Frederic
Barltarossa. In gratitude for this vic
tory the Pope gave the IHge Zlanl a
ring, and Instituted the world-famous
ceremony of "Venice Marrying the
Adriatic Sea." In this ceremony the
Doge, as the chief ruler of Venice used
to be termed, with appropriate cere
monies, dropped a ring Into the sea
every year, ln recognition of the wealth
and trade carried to Venice by tbe
he Wim't In It,
Little Johnny Streeter, who had only
seen four short summers, was very
nntifihty one afternoon, and his mam
ma whipped him.
Johnny was very much offended with
ber for this mode of procedure, and
treated her with the strictest silence
for tbe remainder of tbe day, eutlne
his supper without deigning to notice
her ln any way.
When his bedtime came she called
him ln and undressed him for bed, he
till maintaining much dignity. He
knelt down, as was his custom, to say
his "Now I lay me down to sleep," and,
after asking God to bless his papa,
grandpa, grandma, aunt, and even the
servant girl, he turned to his mother
and said with emphasis, "You ain't In
It," Boston Journal.
What Any Boy May Do.
A teacher once refused to take the
advice of tbe committee and expel a
bad boy from school. The boy, know
ing his teacher's confidence, began to
do better and continued with such per
severance that he afterward became
eminent. He was thrice elected Gov
ernor of New York and once to the
United States ' Senate. He was also
under one President Secretary of War
and under another Secertary of State.
A word of encouragement proved to be
tbe turning point ln tbe life of William
L. Marcy. How many have failed be
cause of the lack of such a word! De
troit Christian Herald.
Wonder It this isn't the same weather
we had last summer, warmed over?
A Fatality Aval dad.
Prom the Democrat. OoMhen, Ini.
- When neuralgia is accompanied by a doll,
heavy pain near the heart, frequently be-eomlna-
Intense. It generally terminates
fatally. Mrs. Nancy Flyan, who Uvea near
Goshen, Indiana, survived suca an sua.
and her advice Is worth heeding.
"la the fall of 'v2," she said, "I began
to have trouble with my heart. There was
a sharp pain ln my breast which became
rapidly worse. The doctor was puzaled
and put me under the lnflaeaoe of opiates.
These sharp attacks followed one another
at Intervals aad I became weak and had a
haggard look. I was constantly ln pain,
seldom slept and had no appetite.
"At the end of two years I was confined
to my conch most of the time and the doc
tors agreed that my death was only a mat
ter of a short time.
I noticed in
a newspaper
an item
about a
woman hav
lag been
e nr ed of
neuralgia of
tbe heart by
Dr. Will
iams' Pink
Pills tor
Pale People
and 1 con
cluded t o
A Serious Time. try tnem.
- "When I had finished one box I noticed
an Improvement ta my condition, and when
I had taken twelve boxes I was completely
cured. 'Those pills bave done for yon
what we could not do.' said one of my
physicians, 'they have saved your life.
"That was two years ago aad my heart
has not troubled me sinoo. I believe I owe
my life to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pala
People, and I take pleasure la telling oth
ers about them."
Among the many forms of neuralgia are
headache, nervousness, paralysis, apoplexy
and locomotor ataxia. Some of these war
considered Incurable until Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pain People were formu
lated. To-day thousands testify to having
been cured ot such diseases by these pills.
Doctors frequently prescribe them aad
all druggists sell them.
The Apple Tree's Secret,
The enn and the rata ln a treetop met.
And the spring wind, murmuring, said:
"I know
That those dainty drops so bright and wet
Pretty soon wUI turn to snow."
And sure enough, at the warm day's end
The treetop glistened so white so
And the apple tree whispered: "I Intend
These blooms for a dear little maid's
Juvenile Jokea.
A visitor wbo was trotting 4-year-old
Freddie upon his knee, remarked to
the little fellow's mother: "Do you
know, there Is something ln this young
man I llkeT" "Say," exclaimed the
precocious youngster, "who told you
that I swallowed a penny 7'
Little S-yenr-oId Mamie had been lis
tening attentively to the story of the
massacre of the children at Bethle
hem, and after It was finished her
mother asked her what she thought of
it "Well." she replied. "I think God
was awful selfish to save his own lit
tle boy and nobody else's.
A little girl of 4 had learned the Bible
text, "Love one. another," at Sunday
school . She repeated It after returning
home and ber mother asked her If she
knew what It meant. "Why, of course
I do," she replied. "It means that I
most love you and you must love me;
I'm one and you're another."
Nellie, aged 3, was out walking with
ber father one evening, but she soon
became tired and he was obliged to
carry her. "Is I vewy heavy, papa?"
she asked, as he set her down a mo
ment to rest. "Indeed you are," he
replied. "Say, papa," continued the
little miss, "Isn't you dest awful tickled
eat I ain't twins?"
Little Mabel was visiting in the coun
try and saw some little pigs for tbe
first time. What attracted her atten
tion most was the twist in their tails,
and after looking at them ln wonder
for quite a while, she asked: "Say,
grandpa, does the piggies' mamma put
their tails up In curl paners every
FMa permanently cured. Ke Ufa or bp r root
" aler flrat day's use at Dr. Kline', Groat
Nerve Ketlorer. $2 trial bottle aad treat tao I rao.
1K K U. kUNK. Ltd.. Ml Arck bt.. rbUa. ra.
lhe present output of powder in tlie
t'nited States amounts to 16,000 pounds a
lay, of which 12,(Ki pounds is furnished
by one Eastern firm, and the remainder
liy a Pacific coast concern.
Branty Is Blood Deep
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without it.Cascarets.Candy Cathar
tic clean your blood and keen it clean, by
Mil ring up the lazy liver and driving ail
impurities from the body, begin to-day to
lianish pimples, boils, blotches, black
heads, and that sickly bilious complexion
by taking Carcarets beauty for ten cents.
All druppista, satisfactioon guaranteed,
H'c, : 6c. 50c.
i ono uico was aiscoverea In 1493 Dy
Columbus, but was conquered by Ponce
do l.non. 1!Wa'A- wh.. it ia m!J ..nl
600,000 natives to slavery. They were
afterward exterminated.
To C lire a Cold lu One Day.
lake Laxative Promo gi inine Tablets. All
IriiKfflttiefund money if itfaiistocure. iSc.
"She says it means more tandem rides
and ice cream than the last one she man
aged, or it will lie broken off."
Kdncate Toar Bowels With Caacarela.
Candy Cathartic, rure ronstipatioa forever.
10c, 25c. If o. C. C. fail, dragglata refund aaoney
lii-idges are the part of a railroad tys
tern that need bracing up.
P. K. Oobnrn, Mitt., Cbwrle SciU, wrltea : "I
find Hall's Catarrh Ouna a valuable gatnedy.
Drmatioto Ball it. 75c
To bis clients, the detective is often
a friend in disguise.
After physicians had jrreea me am, I was
saved by Plso'a Cure. Raxjra i WUV
Uamsport, Pa, Nov. 23. 18BX
' Married a Vase.
Mlas Hsu, ofSoochow, recently mar
ried a red flower rase as a substitute
for her betrothed, who died before the
wedding day. He was a son of Ln
Jen Hslang, Vice Chancellor of the Im
perial Academy at Peking. The young
woman having determined to marry no
one else, adopted this means to enter
her betrothed's family and so be treat
ed as a widow. The people of Soochow
are talking ef building a stone arch ta
commemorate Miss Hsu's vlrtuea
New York Sun.
The Oynle's Coarfaaalon.
1 cant engage la useful work. I cannot
even stag.
To benefit my fellow man I cannot do t
Since from other occupations I, alas, cant
take my pick,
There's nothing left except for me to set
tle down and kick.
Washington Star.
When- there ls a story "on" a man,
bow he wishes he could censor the.
news, as the government does at Key
After a man has eroressed his onln.
Ion he often whines be had Datronlzd a
alow freight.
as lies
TtM Great Naval iscnciaa
the Caaee of the Dleaarer.
Oapt Alfred T. Mahan contributes
to the Century an article on "The Span
Uh Armada," Introductory to longer
paper on the same subject by WiUlanr
Frederick Tllton. CapL Mahan says,
among other things:
The Armada entered the English
Channel on Jury 80, and on the 6th
of August anchored off Calais, having
traversed the Channel successfully ln
a week. Three several actions had oc
curred. None was decisive; but aU
tended generally ln favor of the En
glish, who utilised tbelr adTantages of
peed and artillery to hammer the Tot
with their long guns, while keeping oot
of range of his muskets and lighter
cannon. Tbe Spanish losses In batUe,
by a Spanish authority, were six hun
dred killed and eight hundred wound- j
ed. The English loss, from first to ,
last, did not reach one hundred. Such j
a discrepancy tells Its own tale; but It
ia tA ba remembered, moreover, that
men slain means sides pierced and
frames shattered. Shot that fly wide,
or that cut spars, sails, and rigging,
kill comparatively few. With hull,
thus damaged, the Spaniards had t
confront the equinoctial gales of tbe
At Calais, a friendly town, Parma
might possibly Join; but there was no
harhor for bla- shins, and It was tin-
reasonable to expect that he, with tha
whole charge of the jsetnerianoa on
hia hands, would be waiting there, lg-,
norant when the fleet would appear, or j
whether It would come at ail. aieaina
Sldonla sent him word of his arrival:
but It could not be hoped that the En
glish would allow the fleet to occupy
that unprotected position Bndlsturbed. 1
The wind belnc to the westward, they
anchored at a safe distance to Wind-,
ward, and on the night ef August 7
sent against the Spaniards eight Dre-
shlps. The ordinary means of divert-,
Ing these falling, the Spanish admiral
vt niutw nr. In this one ration the
fleet drifted nearer the shore, and the
wind next dav coming out strong from '
tha nnrthweet and setting- the ships
bodily on the coast he, under the ad
vice of the pilots, stood Into the rsortn
Sesu Had Flushing- been ln their pos
session. It might, with good pilots, have
afforded a refuge; but It was held ty
ti.e Dutch. The enemy's ships, more
weatherly, drew up and engaged again;
while the continuance of tbe wind, and
the clumsiness of the Spaniards, threat
ened destruction uoon the shoals off
the Flemish coast The sudden shifting
of tbe wind to the south saved tnem
when already In only six or seven fath
oms of water. Here, again, was no
bad luck; nor could It be considered a
misfortune that the southerly breeze.
which carried them to the Pent land
Frith, changed to tbe northeast as they
rjassed the Orknevs and entered the
Atlantic being thus fair for their home
ward course.
The disasters of the Armada were
due to the following causes: 1. The
failure to prescribe tbe effectual crip
pling of the English navy as a condi
tion precedent to any attempt at Inva
sion. 2. The neglect to secure before
hand a suitable point for making the
Junction with the army. Combinations
thus Intrusted to chance have no right
to expect success. S. The several ac
tions with the English failed because
the ships, which could exert their pow
er only close to the enemy, were neither
so fast nor so handy as the latter. Only
those who have the advantage of range
can afford Inferiority of speed. 4. The
disasters ln tbe Atlantic were due
either to original unseaworthiness, or
to damage received in action, or to bad
Judgment In taking unweatherly ships
too close to the shores of Ireland,
where strong westerly gales prevailed,
and the coast was Inhospitable.
Turkish Octroi.
Most Turkish towns are surrounded
by walls, and officials are usually sta
tioned at the gates to collect a tax on
everything that cornea ln for sale. A
recent traveler tells a story of a peas
ant who wanted to take a cheese Into
town, but finding that the tax was
beyond his purse, he sat down and ate
the cheese, whereupon be was allowed
to take It ln tree. New York Evening
The Sheriff Was Caught Napping-.
At Mississippi City, Miss., where the
sheriff ls also tax collector, thieves
pried open the window of the sheriff's
bedroom on the night of the day he
made his tax collections and with a
flshllne caught his trousers, and, pull
ing them to the window, rifled his
pockets. The sheriff slept with a light
ln his room.
The average man is ready and willing
to die for bis country of old age.
Will Div Ior.
"lie may not always be rich. The es
tate he inherits lias a strinj; on it"
"Yes. A string of race horses." De
troit Journal.
Tlie Macbelor'a Joke.
"Another reckless hold-up," remark
ed the bachelor, as he ruefully gripped
his waist band.
He remembered that he had pinned
together his burst suspenders, and the
pin had given way. Cleveland Plain
Qui I Pro Qua.
The Junior Partner Did you see
Grinder about extending that note?
The Senior Partner Yes. He said he
was willing to extend the time If Ave
would extend the size. Cincinnati
PUBLISHERSand printers
The Gentral Newspaper Union, Ltd
6,4 CHESTNUT ST.. Philadelphia.
Furnishes Machine Composition
In English ana Gertnan.
"1! !o; fi
A )o Photo-EngraTing, Line and Half Ton vnri, .
and in Colors, quickly at Reasonable lUtes. Printing in BUc
"a Fair Face
Hlain f!itl
a-auiu VJ11I U Out! USeS
Baaa'a lara Sonada Warming- Nate
to the tlaredeaoad.
I homes are tha
Two nothings
should never
Starving t h
aeul to feed the
body, makes lean
The bard places
ln Life are never
made any better
by growling.
Only a good man can see good things
In others.
A little tombstone may cast a very
long shadow.
The ball room ls a poor place to
learn self-denial.
If a sermon pricks your conscience
It must have good points.
Most flowers require attention to be
made to grow. So docs gossip.
God never gave any man authority
to say, "Join our church and be saved."
Tribulations and sorrow are the only
bleaching agents that will whiten the
robes of God's people.
Have you learned the sweet lesson
that you can get much out of every llty
tie you receive with a thankful heart?
Unless we have our spiritual posses
sions recorded by our Father, the devil
will get a mortgage on them.
Hammer Toes.
Another one came Into the room, ne
passed muster at first all right. "Take
oft" your shoes." Off came the fellow's
shoes, and It was found he had hammer
"You'll never get through with ham
mer toes," sail Capt Baker. "Never
ln the world," repeated Capt. Hogan.
"I'm sorry for you," said Capt. Baker,
and the boy's face grew to be three
feet longer as he spoke.
"Hammer toes, what's them?" he
asked. "I never heard of hammer toe
before. They don't bother me none. I
can walk ten miles quicker than any
man In this room."
"The only thing you can do ls to get
that hammer toe cut off If you want to
got through," said Capt Buker.
The boy's face grew a shade palet
and he left the room quickly and with
out further remark. Perhaps he In
tended to get the hammer toe ampu
tated. Hammer toe ls the name given
to toes which turn downward at the
dps. Portland Times.
The banister of life ls full or splin
ters and mankind slides down it with
considerable rapidity.
"I have need your valuable CASCA
BET and find them perfect. Couldn't do
without them. I have used them for some time
for indigestion and bilioueneHs and am now com-
Sletely cured. Recommend them, to every one.
lice tried, you will never be without them ln
the family.'' Eow. A. Marx, Albany, N. Y.
ma of mass asetSTsaco
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Ms
Good. Merer Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe, 10c. 2jc. Sue
Sfllag 9my Caiay. Cfclwa. hrtnl, K.w Tarfc. 3S1
MaTA.RlP 8o,' aud KJiarantwd by altrtru-
11111? irniwi
"S! brminionaof mothers for their
children while TettlBforvr Fifty Years. 1
It MMthe tht cbtld, cilens the gutti. allay 1
all pala, curr wtud colic and is (he best
wnedv for diarrhoi.
TWeitVaflft CmIb at Ratlla
t.P.Sa.aaaaiaaa lggTgfgfWfVVAArrXJJ.
fine Singing Canarie; Mock in it Birda,
miking Parrot and all other Fancy
Cage Birits, Fine Bred Fowl, Fancy
Pigeons, GOLDFISH and Globe. Tho
largest ard best aolocted stock of first
elass G ods at low prices: send for Cata
lagnfa. Birds can bo delivered to all
parts safely by express.
N. W. vaMLC. SIS Markat St.. 4 . 9th it,
.i.? Thompson's Eye Water
A Select Crowd.
"A big crowd went up t th.it lii.liiin
town lu Cattaraugus County i:i New
York State last week to see "the
corn daute."
"We hud a greeu-apple dance up at
our bouse a night or two ago, but there
were no outsiders tvresent oveent tti
1 doctor." Cleveland Plalndoaler.
Well, Hardly.
Maud Jack nnd I were out driving
Inst night, and I I,:,d to drhe all the
Clara-Why, what was the mntter
with Jack?
Maud-Nothin- Vo., ,wt suppose
he could ,:rive with his feet. vu?
Yellow stories are not confined to the
war: you can hear a yellow story on a
man, particularly a married nmu, any
hour of the day.
IfCL. ir J '
Wf JfTFK sn